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Just a quick note that there is a new poll over on the left. G-Man put a lot research and writing into presenting a case against the government around Gulf War Illness. Late yesterday, he asked those who had read and participated to offer their own verdicts. I realize that some might be reluctant to offer the verdict publicly. Therefore I have created a poll over there to allow you to vote on the verdict anonymously. Please take a moment to let G-Man know what you decided after reading his evidence. Thanks G-Man and thanks to all those who participated in the conversation.



  1. I voted and I voted hung jury. I am not afraid of being public on this one. I have been very vocal at the VA Hospital in Dallas in meetings and writing letters. As stated before, I have been in the military for 40 years. I have not seen anything that suggests intent. You can throw all the pictures you want about the atomic bombs and it does not change my mind any. I have been in position to see reports and deal with specific agencies and sit on boards concerning the Gulf War and the various syndromes. The only thing that I have seen thus far, and I am a victim of A/O, is the attitude of the military…which is hard core. It took six different hearings before I was accepted as having A/O. It will be the same with any other affliction. Here is the rub….I know several Veterans that have claimed illness and they do not have side effects. So, it should not be accepted as automatic, but once determined, then there should be proper care and it should be long term.

    The other issue that I am against, is that if children of veterans are born with afflictions of some sort, it should not be an automatic response that it is DU or any other ailment that is there. NOW…where I do change is that if a specific ailment is a know side effect of…say DU or A/O….or is passed down as a know result..then by all means you take care of the children and the Veterans. My own son is afflicted with A.D.D. and a high anxiety level that requires medicines. I am a victim of A/O and he is the only one in the family (entire family) with such before and after, does not mean it is a A/O passed on affliction. My daughter and grandchildren show nothing.

    Depleted Uranium and herbicides and injections are a by product of the military. If the military KNEW of side effects, they are negligent. But, in all honesty. I would not have wanted to wait 50 years for someone to decide that DU was or is hazardous. It was a tank shell that probably has saved more lives than it will cost or has cost. My own tank has fired hundreds of these shells…I am not radioactive nor glow in the dark….not yet. But the round was worth it, in my opinion. Until you have seen a regular 105 mm round bounce off the hull of a T-80 or a T-72 Russian made tank where a DU round opens it up like a can opener and at ranges to 1,800 meters on a first round hit…you will probably not understand the thought of…”I would rather shoot a DU round and save my life today and gamble the effects later in years.” I do not want a 120 mm or even a 122 mm round coming at me after I bounced one off a T-72. That generally pissed off the folks in the other tank and they fire something back.

    So, I think that the military is negligent in some cases and in those cases, the veterans, and their families, deserve proper and long term care.

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