Just a Quick Prayer for the Miners

I am not looking to get into a political debate or a pissing contest over the fault of the owner or anything else. I just want to ask that everyone take a moment and say a small prayer for the families that have been torn apart by the mine explosion in West Virginia. There is a time for political discourse, and a time to remember that these are regular people who were working to support their families in a dangerous job. I have known several coal miners from West Virginia over the years. Every single one of them was as hard working as anyone I knew and as good-hearted as well. I cannot imagine the pain their families feel and I certainly cannot imagine the anxiety that exists for the families of the four that they are hoping to find in the safe room. It doesn’t matter who you pray to, just a quick moment for those families and a small prayer that those four missing are found alive. It is just a terrible disaster.



  1. Jackson says:


  2. Roger that.

  3. done

  4. May God bless, keep and comfort them.

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with them. Thank you for doing this USW.

  6. Grandpa was a coal miner.

    He always said my Mom saved his life.

    My grandmother had a difficult pregnancy with my Mom. It became so bad that Grandpa changed shifts with another miner to stay home.

    That night the mine exploded, killing hundreds of miners – including the man who switched with Grandpa.

    The mine never reopened.

  7. Murphy's Law says:

    I can’t even imagine what it must be like for those families……my thoughts are with them.

  8. You will never find a better person than a West Virginia coal miner. I pray for their families and hope that safety becomes as important as profit in the coal mines.

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