And Next…. The FCC Will Pass a Drug Trafficking Tax

I know, that headline got your brain moving in a really weird way first thing in the morning. The words in the sentence simply don’t fit together. I mean, what the hell does the Federal Communications Commission have to do with Drug Trafficking regulation or taxing? The answer: Absolutely nothing. But it would be a heck of a revenue generator for the organization. Can’t happen, right? I would normally say no. But in light of what I am about to share I am beginning to question that premise. I used to think that an organization couldn’t simply randomly decide to tax or regulate something that it has nothing to do with. Then I ran across an article tonight on Fox News with the headline, “World Health Organization Moving Ahead on Billions in Internet and Other Taxes.” You read it right. I am not making this up. The World Health Organization, in an effort to both raise revenue and further redistribute wealth from countries like the US to poor countries, has decided to move ahead with an internet tax. What?

When I read the headline, I thought that this certainly must be some sort of mis-print. I mean what does the World Health Organization have to do with taxes or with the internet? So here is how the article began:

The World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations’ public health arm, is moving full speed ahead with a controversial plan to impose global consumer taxes on such things as Internet activity and everyday financial transactions like paying bills online — while its spending soars and its own financial house is in disarray.

The aim of its taxing plans is to raise “tens of billions” of dollars for WHO that would be used to radically reorganize the research, development, production and distribution of medicines around the world, with greater emphasis on drugs for communicable diseases in poor countries.

The irony is that the WHO push to take a huge bite out of global consumers comes as the organization is having a management crisis of its own, juggling finances, failing to use its current resources efficiently, or keep its costs under control — and it doesn’t expect to show positive results in managing those challenges until a year from now, at the earliest.

So quick summary here. The World Health Organization cannot seem to run its ship budget neutral. They are spending money faster than they are bringing it in. They have become a gigantic bureaucracy, which means that there is being money lost, wasted, and “frauded” away at unacceptable levels. Because they cannot run the organization correctly, they need more money. Their proposal is to levy a tax on all people throughout the world on internet usage. They would use the new revenue to fund research and treatment in poor countries.

Fox News initially reported last January on the “suite of proposals” for “new and innovative sources of funding,” prepared by a 25-member panel of medical experts, academics and health care bureaucrats, when it was presented of a meeting of WHO’s 34-member Executive Board in Geneva.

Now the proposals are headed for the four-day annual meeting of the 193-member World Health Assembly, WHO’s chief legislative organ, which begins in Geneva on May 17.

The Health Assembly, a medical version of the United Nations General Assembly, will be invited to “take note” of the experts’ report. It will then head back with that passive endorsement to another Executive Board meeting, which begins May 22, for further action. It is the Executive Board that will “give effect” to the Assembly’s decisions.

What it all means is that a major lobbying effort could soon be underway to convince rich governments in particular to begin taxing citizens or industries to finance a drastic restructuring of medical research and development on behalf of poorer ones.

The scheme would leave WHO in the middle, helping to manage a “global health research and innovation coordination and funding mechanism,” as the experts’ report calls it.

I find it very fitting that the word “scheme” was used here. Because that is what all of these actions by the completely corrupt and illegitimate organization, the United Nations, really are. They are schemes, designed to bring forth the progressive vision to the entire world. Don’t like income redistribution at a national level? Well, then we will really piss you off and do it at an international level.

In effect, the plan amounts to a pharmaceutical version of the U.N.-sponsored climate-change deal that failed to win global approval at Copenhagen last December. If implemented as the experts suggest, it could easily involve the same kind of wealth transfers as the failed Copenhagen summit, which will send $30 billion a year to poor nations, starting this year.

The WHO strategy involves a wide variety of actions to transfer “pharmaceutical-related technology,” and its production, along with intellectual property rights, to developing countries, according to a condensed “global strategy and plan of action” also being presented to the World Health Assembly.

The UN sponsored Climate Change deal failed to win global approval because the previous global climate change deal, the Kyoto Protocol, was proven to be an utter failure. Tack on to that the fact that the world is beginning to see that the facts as they were presented were lies and manipulations. Climate-Gate was a first step in exposing climate change for the fraud that many of us already knew it was. Upon realizing that their initial plan for global income redistribution was disappearing along with the original climate data at East Anglia, the United Nations knew they needed a new scheme for income redistribution. They are finding it with the WHO. How long before the WHO decides that it must pass global health care coverage similar to what the US passed this year? I mean, after all, just think of all those tribal folks in central Africa that are being denied adequate medical coverage. And the fact that they are waiting on WHO to provide them medicines raises the costs for all of us. Global health care coverage will reduce those costs by implementing preventative health care……

And take note that they specifically mention transferring “intellectual property rights” to developing countries as well. As much as some folks like to operate under the false idea that there should be no such thing as intellectual property rights, this is a direct affront to private research and development, which is the major driver of all medical research. But fear not, their idea is to move all R&D into the WHO program. That way there won’t be pharma companies spending billions developing new drugs. So there won’t be money lost by stripping them of intellectual property rights as soon as they have a breakthrough. Of course that also means that there won’t be very many breakthroughs. Think we are slow in finding cures and treatments now? Just wait until we are forced to wait on government to do it. So much for curing cancer or AIDS.

Do you really think that their problem is a lack of RESEARCH?

The rationale for the drastic restructuring of medical R and D, as outlined in the group of experts’ report, is the skewed nature of medical research in the developed world, which concentrates largely on non-communicable diseases, notably cancer, and scants research on malaria, tuberculosis and other communicable scourges of poor countries. It cites a 1986 study that claimed that only 5 percent of global health research and development was applied to the health problems of developing countries.

(In dissecting contemporary medical R and D, however, the expert report glosses over the historical fact that many drugs for fighting communicable diseases in developing countries are already discovered; the issue in many cases is the abysmal living and hygienic conditions that make them easily transmitted killers.)

I found this to be very interesting, even though this was the only place in the article where they touched on it. This is a prime example of how screwed up these groups can be. First of all, the World Health Organization, which aims to take the lead in health research, is relying on the data from a 24 year old study. How ridiculous is that? And we think that these folks are going to lead us into the cutting edge of medical research and treatment? And as a means of persuading everyone of the need for this plan, they intentionally omit the reality from the topic. Only 5% of research is dedicate to this area. See how horrible things are! But they mysteriously forget that there are already drugs developed to treat the communicable diseases that they are discussing. Sounds like politics as usual. They have been taking lessons from Congress.

What truly concerns the experts, however, is how to get the wealth transfers that will make the R and D transfers possible — on a permanent basis. The panel offers up a specific number of possibilities.

Chief among them:

  • a “digital” or “bit” tax on Internet activity, which could raise “tens of billions of U.S. dollars”;
  • a 10 percent tax on international arms deals, “worth about $5 billion per annum”;
  • a financial transaction tax, citing a Brazilian levy that was raising some $20 billion per year until it was canceled (for unspecified reasons);
  • an airline tax that already exists in 13 countries and has raised some $1 billion.

And here is the real thing that throws me. What right does the World Health Organization have to levy a tax on internet activity? What right does the World Health Organization have to levy a tax on international arms deals? What right does the World Health Organization have to levy a tax on financial transactions? What right does the World Health Organization have to levy an airline tax? What right does the World Health Organization have to levy ANY TAXES, ON ANYONE? Am I crazy here? Am I missing something that makes me have egg on my face? Who gave the WHO the authority to tax anything? They have as much right to levy a tax on something as I do. I hereby declare that I am henceforth collecting a 10% tax on all Photon Torpedo installations on Pirate vessels. I have every bit as much authority to do so as the WHO.

For that matter, what right to impose taxes does the United Nations itself have? Since when, in the United States of America, do we find it within the realm of reality that we are required to pay any international taxes that are not put through our legislature? Since when are we required, as taxpaying citizens to pay taxes for a service or good that we cannot benefit from? If you think people object to paying taxes for welfare recipients in our own country, how well do you think paying taxes for welfare recipients in all the other countries is going to go over? Want to see what a real Tax Day Tea Party looks like?

As follow-up, the experts suggest that WHO promote each and every suggested approach for new financing, along with “regulatory harmonization and integration” in the developing world, “research and development platforms in the developing world,” and new “product development partnerships” to kick-start the global medicines program.

Just as big an issue for WHO, however, may be whether it can adequately manage the money it is already getting — or trying to get — for its current planned needs.

Other budget documents intended for the World Health Assembly, and obtained by Fox News, paint a picture of an organization where:

  • spiraling financial demands are beginning to outstrip the ability of member-nations to pay;
  • outsized headquarters budgets, in contrast to the regional and country networks where WHO’s public health work is largely done, are rising even faster than the overall budget; and
  • efforts to control onerous staff costs are just getting underway.

The rest of the article does a fairly good job of describing the current fiscal situation that the WHO finds itself in. They are a typical gigantic bureaucracy. And while they are only making small incremental fixes to their budget problems, they claim that this is all that they can do. The bureaucracy is simply to big to make any drastic changes to the way they manage their money or perform their activities. They claim that they would fall apart as an organization. And you already know what I say…. GOOD! I hope that they do fall apart. If the World Health Organization cannot operate efficiently and effectively; if they cannot make the drastic changes necessary to become more fiscally sound, then they should fail.

That failure is what is needed. If there is a need for an organization to replace the World Health Organization, then the market will provide a solution on its own. There is never a shortage of innovative new people who will help provide solutions to the world’s problems in order to make a dollar. And before you begin decrying the evil horrors of corporations and how they will be corrupt and harmful, I charge you to remember that there is not a corporation that you can offer the name of that has ever operated as inefficiently as any government organization. Corporations may be bad and horrible entities to many of you. But they still always do a far better job at whatever they are doing than the government could do.

So what does everyone else think? Does the WHO have the right to levy taxes on a global scale? Does the United Nations? Should it be the responsibility of the United States to further carry the burden for developing countries in any way, shape, or form? I really look forward to the discussion on this topic. You can view the rest of the article I am referencing here: – World Health Organization Moving Ahead on Billions in Internet and Other Taxes


  1. Cyndi P says:

    USW: Since when, in the United States of America, do we find it within the realm of reality that we are required to pay any international taxes that are not put through our legislature?

    CP: What makes anyone think OUR legislature will do anything but support it? The UN does not and should not have authority to do anything, muchless tax anybody. But who’s going to stop them?

    • Morning CP!

      Just posting for comments today. As it’s too early to effectively post a proper opinion, I will simply say that this discussion should be quite a humdinger 🙂 This kind of subject is akin to stirring up a big hornets nest!

      Peace! G!

  2. I’ll start nicely : Good Morning Everyone! Now………….


    Sorry if that offends any of the progressives on this site.. but at what point is enough enough…Don’t we all..I’m talking about everyone in the world…have enough on our plate already that is not working?

    Like Cyndi said abaut Jan Brewer: Nice that a woman had to put Obama in check about the boarders.

    Looks like we need a woman to start spouting to the world that this shit will not work


    • Good morning….Anita….ummmm…are we a bit snippy today? 🙂

      • Yessir Colonel..Had to shut this machine down and get lost for a while. Tired of stupidity.

        I’m good now though. 🙂 Happy Day !

    • Afternoon Anita!

      I’m with you. Would you Progressive, Leftist Assholes, just shut the hell up!

      I have had just about enough of listening to left wingnuts and Obamaites spout these crazy ass ideas.

      Like U.S., I also read that article and had the same reaction. I also thought the same thing Cyndi did. OUr Government as it stands won’t do a flippin’ thing but support it, to the point of passing a law to make us all pay it.

      Well not me jack! If I have to pay some global tax on internet usage to pay for some shmuck in another bass-ackwards country to get freebies, I just won’t have internet.

      These bastards will continue until they start a Civil War or armed Rebellion.

      Jeez, Louise!!! November can’t get here quick enough!!!!

      And if it don’t change after then, Whoa Nelly!!!!!

      • For some reason I think we’ll hear a whole bunch more crap that we’ll have to pay before November gets here. I still say lets impeach him. Biden has a big mouth but I think we can stuff a sock in his mouth and still be OK. Even if that leaves Nancy as VP at least she won’t be Speaker any more. Sounds like a win/win situation to me.

  3. I hope this isn’t too stupid of a question but who actually owns the internet-how does it work in relationship to different countries?????

  4. Don’t want to change the subject-just another example to add to the others we have talked about lately. 😦 Personally, I want the teacher FIRED!!!!

    Student: Teacher Called Flag Pic Offensive
    Obama Pic Praised, Parents Say

    POSTED: 4:49 pm PDT May 10, 2010
    UPDATED: 7:00 pm PDT May 10, 2010
    [EMAIL: Student: Teacher Called Flag Pic Offensive] Email [PRINT: Student: Teacher Called Flag Pic Offensive] Print
    Bookmark and Share
    SALINAS, Calif. —
    A simple art project has turned controversial in Salinas after a student said her drawing of the American flag was deemed offensive, while another student’s picture of President Obama was praised.

    Tracy Hathaway said her art teacher at Gavilan View Middle School told her daughter she couldn’t draw the American flag, calling the picture offensive.

    Hathaway said they were floored when they heard the news and met with the teacher and principal at Gavilan View Middle School. When asked what she thought was offensive about drawing an American flag, the teacher didn’t answer, Hathaway said.

    The Hathaways now want an apology.

    “From her teacher to just say ‘I’m sorry for offending you’ and saying this was ‘offensive,’ just a heart-felt apology is all I’m asking,” Hathaway said.

    The Hathaways said the issue isn’t about race, but that racism has crept into the discussion after the school received more than 200 e-mails and phone messages, most of them containing hateful and racist comments.

    “(Messages say) that we have violated that student’s First Amendment rights and the so-called teacher needs to ‘get the hell out of my country,'” said District Superintendent Mike Brusa.

    Brusa also said another meeting is planned this week between the teacher, parents and Hathaway, and that an apology may be in order.

    Although Brusa wouldn’t discuss if any disciplinary action has been taken, or will be taken, the teacher involved wasn’t on campus Monday.

  5. This stuff makes me want to throw up. Or pick up a rifle. Best keep those two in check….

    The idea of an internet tax would be a logistical impossibility, but it would be possible to tax a lot of it. I don’t think we are at the point of jumping on board with something like this unless it could be hidden from the population. It will be an add-on to some treaty that has nothing to do with health or funding, like a nuclear proliferation treaty or a last act of the climate change people or something like that. We need to watch out for what our President flies to the UN to discuss for the next however long we have a progressive in office. I could see it being part of some 2,000 page treaty document that sounds all wonderful. It will probably be covering something that is already covered.

    The UN is a menace, we need to get out of it and all similar organizations. I am leaning more and more toward the Monroe doctrine where foreign affairs are concerned. I get that we are a global economy and technology has shrunk the world, but that does not mean we should just blend in. I am leaning more towards solidifying our borders just to make sure there is a defined line where globalization of government stops and freedom starts. Of course, we have to actually have freedom or that won’t be relevant.

    As far as taxing unrelated fields, that is no surprise, that’s been going on for a while. The schools in this state get money from the lottery and cigarette taxes. Vices seem to be the easy target for whatever government group needs money or can get away with asking for money. There are enough internet vices to get it thrown in to that mix, mark my words.

    I do think you are on to something USW. The WHO may indeed be the ship all the progressives jump to from the sinking climate change ship. It may well be the hammer that drives the nails on the coffin that climate change built. We need to keep an eye on that one.

    • Jon….Throwing up is icky and tastes bad….picking up a rifle is sustaining and less messy on your part.

      Come on down…we have lots of territory that you can let out your frustrations on.

      • I usually take out my frustrations on a bag or with a good sparring partner. Or occassionally on a tree with my knife or axe (throwing). I don’t seem to get the same thing out of a rifle most of the time. If I pick one up I am either training or targetting.

        Been witout my heavy bag too long tho, no good place to hang it in the van, lol. I much appreciate the invite, might take you up on it one day if I am able.

    • TexasChem says:

      Jon stated-“The UN is a menace, we need to get out of it and all similar organizations.”

      TC:Yes indeed sir I agree with you 100%.The UN has been assimilated by the OIC and is now used as a means to further their agenda.

  6. The nature of violent power is that it is its own reason – violent power needs more and more power and it will overwhelm the People in its constant and growing demands.

    Until the People finally relinquish the legitimacy of evil – evil will continue to grow until it extinguishes the People.

  7. Sorry, I promise I won’t post another off topic story-but I really needed a happy story today-thought this one might make everybody feel better.

    Son Carries Flooded-In Mom To Safety
    Woman Trapped In Home, Recovering From Knee Surgery
    Reported By Dennis Ferrier

    POSTED: 4:44 pm CDT May 10, 2010
    UPDATED: 6:02 pm CDT May 10, 2010
    ›› Email
    ›› Print
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A woman recovering from knee surgery was the last person to be evacuated from her Pennington Bend home during the floods. Her house was in such a bad spot that rescuers couldn’t even use motorized boats to get her, but that didn’t stop one man. After all, it was his mother.

    Watch This Story | Special Section: Flood Recovery

    Susanne Anhalt knew she was in trouble, trapped by water and her own recovering body. All she could do was call 911 and wait.

    “Everyone was gone. I was the only one,” she said.

    Her closest relative, her son George, was in LaVergne. Anhalt’s neighborhood was closed six blocks in every direction.

    “I saw him coming. I was so happy,” said Anhalt. “I looked at him in the water and said, ‘Oh my gosh, George.'”

    George, a 39-year-old truck driver with a bad back, waded in to her before going back out to find a rescue team with a raft.

    “He got up and he said, ‘Mom, it’s Mother’s Day, and I don’t have anything for you. What can I get you for Mother’s Day?’ I said, ‘I don’t want anything for Mother’s Day.’ I said, ‘You rescued my life,'” said Anhalt.

    And so Anhalt was carried to safety by her son who just has one regret: that he hadn’t bought her a Mother’s Day card. She said he earned himself a free pass this year

  8. Bottom Line says:

    Q: USW – “So what does everyone else think?”

    A: That we’re already about a hundred years overdue for a tax revolt.

    Q: USW – “Does the WHO have the right to levy taxes on a global scale?”

    A: USW – “Who gave the WHO the authority to tax anything? They have as much right to levy a tax on something as I do”…”I have every bit as much authority to do so as the WHO.”

    Q: USW – “Does the United Nations?”

    A: USW – “They have as much right to levy a tax on something as I do”

    Q: USW – “Should it be the responsibility of the United States to further carry the burden for developing countries in any way, shape, or form?”

    A: No.

    ~ (And Next…. The FCC Will Pass a Drug Trafficking Tax, 3rd Narrative,3rd sentence)…

    USW – “They are schemes, designed to bring forth the progressive vision to the entire world.”

    “progressive vision” = New

    “entire world” = World

    “schemes, designed to” = Order


    • Oh my, where is Cyndi. 🙂 🙂

      • she’ll be here..garaunteed…vindicated

        • Think we should put out a tornado warning 🙂

        • Bottom Line says:

          Hey Sweetleaf, 😉

          From yesterday – Does Miranda Help or Hurt Us? – Post #15:

          Anita – “Saw several SUFA topics on Fox today– Miranda on O’reilly and Beck..Michigan school about racism on Beck…LaRaza video on Beck.. They’re watching us..imagine that !”

          Weapon once mentioned that SUFA gets 5000 readers a day, and that staffers for congress persons read it as well. Who really knows who’s reading this.

          Although I have yet to confirm as such, Bill O’Reilly and others at FOX are likely regular SUFA readers. I have heard O’Reilly parrot SUFA comments almost word for word, on COUNTLESS occasions.

          Of course They are.

          Why wouldn’t they use SUFA for talking points? It’s perfect. Why not use the thoughts of all these smart American folks from all walks of life? You know they’re into that sorta thing. Look at all of their polls.

          What I think is funny, is watching it go from SUFA to FOX commentators, then to the liberal media as a reaction to the FOX commentators, then someone posts it back in here.

          And I wouldn’t doubt it if the NSA,CIA and White house are reading it too.

          People like O’Reilly have their phones tapped, just because.

          Big brother is watching them, and watching them read us, therefore they are reading along too.

          Half the crazy shit I say on here is JUST FOR that possibility. You know…pushing buttons.


      • Cyndi P says:

        Its 3:50 am…I’m just out of bed and have seen my name here twice! 😆 I see Anita waving a red flag at the SUFA libs. “Cyndi said….” 😉

        • You’re lucky we didn’t just come banging on your door when we got up!!!

          • Cyndi P says:

            Idle Threat Alert.

            It’ll take you two grand, and two days of traveling in a flying sardine can to get here, not to mention that if you can’t show the correct ‘papers’ you’ll go straight to the jail on Ebeye until they figure out what to do with you! HAHAHAHA! My sleepy time is perfectly safe!! LOL!

            BTW D13, I’m in the Marshall Islands, Central Pacific….

            • D13 is going to fly me & Kathy by Stealth technology.. we’ll be there at 0350 tomorrow banging our way in

              • Cyndi P says:

                Without your papers the only thing you’ll banging on are bars on your jail cell! LOL! I hear they don’t even feed you!


                • I think asking for our papers is “Nazi Germany” “racist” and “profiling”

                  • Cyndi P says:

                    This is a US Army base. If the Federal government does it to its subjects, its a-o-k. Its only when when someone OTHER than the fed wants to do it for good reason, that its Nazi behavior. Get it?


        • Where are you located? 0350? Getting out my time zone book…..locating Cyndi…..*beep beep beep*

  9. USW asks: “Does the WHO have the right to levy taxes on a global scale?”

    D13 says: “No”

    USW asks: “Does the United Nations?”

    D13 says: ” No”

    USW asks: “Should it be the responsibility of the United States to further carry the burden for developing countries in any way, shape, or form?”

    D13 says: “No”

    Thus endeth the discussion.

    The question of…should the United States be part of the UN or WHO or even NATO…was not asked…but the answer from D13 will be NO.

    Thus endeth my reasoning.

    @JAC….Esteemed Sir…..I answered your questions on yesterdays post…#20.

    • D13

      Good morning sir. I hope all is well.

      Reviewed your answer to yesterday’s questions. I think more discussion is needed to gain clarity. I still have problems with to much flexibility in some of our definitions. But I think I will hold off on remaining questions until later. Have some chores this morning. Digging dirt is a good time to think.

      Also getting ready for trip to Bozeman tomorrow for Special Olympics.

      Top O’ the mornin to ya.

      • Diggin’ dirt….hmmmm. I have been trying to fly but the winds are making it not fun. Today…23G37…yesterday the gusts were over 45 kts. Have to make IFR check ride x country tomorrow.

        Bozeman and special olympics…are you a spectator? Official? Family member entered? None of my business?

        • D13

          My son is a participant and we are spectators, and fans of course.

          Seems the winds have been strong across the entire country. Sun has come out last couple of days but still in the 50’s. We are supposed to hit the 70’s for two days early next week then back to the 50’s.

          That means more cold air flowing southeast toward the plains states and Texas. I am guessing more storm events as our cold air collides with that warm gulf air.

          If your doing X country training I see no reason why you shouldn’t land here in Montana. You’ll have to bring your on DP though. We don’t have the good stuff.

          • I could get there in a hurry today….strong winds from the south. I fly a Baron 58P…but training to go to a King Air. When my contract runs out with the DOD and it is time to leave the nasty stuff with the younger guys, I plan on flying some charter along with my anti-aging company that I started. I am in the process of going from private pilot to commercial rating..(no, no jets)….and as big as I want to get is King Air class. I like fixed wing. Winds aloft today at 18000….190@54. getting there would be fairly quick….getting back…well that is another story. The DOD is taking more time because of the border but Texas is doing good things on the border finally and we are getting pretty tough with it plus making it real tough on the employers…so it is easing a might. We also have a zero gang tolerance policy here. Let another state handle them.

            Good luck tomorrow and I am sending positive vibes to your son to kick ass…no sense in taking names…just kick some ass.

            Have a great one, my big sky friend.

            • See Kathy? D13 is a mobil anti-aging shop. He can fly to DTW to pick me up then we’ll be on our way to come get you. You’re sitting in back. 🙂

          • Murphy's Law says:

            Give your son a big hug and tell him good luck from me, too……I love going to Special Olympics events when I can.


  10. USW…to answer your questions, refer to D13’s response. Further, I have 0% confidence that the current administration is the least bit opposed to this world view move. In fact, it sounds like the current administrations rhetoric.

    IMO, governments everywhere are exploring every available alternative to invent new revenue streams to further their political adgenda. With every new revenue stream that is pushed through, they gain more power and the people lose…

  11. USW and SUFA addicts.

    USW has once again used the term “rights” in association with government.

    I realize this is a technicality to some but I think it is critical to changing our mindset about the relationship of Free men and women and that of this thing we call government.

    Government does NOT have “RIGHTS”. It has AUTHORITY to use POWER. In the USA the people granted the Federal Govt certain POWER and thus granted the Authority to execute that power.

    I know we think of State’s Rights but in reality we are talking about the Authority of the State to execute certain Powers. The idea of Govt Rights leads to confusion between those things granted to the sovereign people by fact of their existence and those things granted to government by people, or those taken or assumed by government without consent of the people.

    This is how we begin to change the paradigm. We maintain accuracy, truth, and clarity in our use of words. When WE THE PEOPLE fully understand that ONLY PEOPLE have rights, we might change the way we look at governments role in our lives.

    The UN and WHO will NOT impose a tax on anything as neither have the authority or power. Our govt will impose the tax and then give the money to the UN or WHO.

    • JAC: Can our govt just impose the tax as though it is fact or would there have to be some form of referendum? Please answer something positive for me !

      • Anita……………………………………………….no referendum. (don’t hurt me!!)

      • Anita

        Not a referendum in its purest sense but Congress would have to pass a new tax to impose a tax on the internet.

        Or they would have to authorize the FCC to impose some type of user fee.

        Either way you will supposedly get to have a say.

        Hows that?

        Now the bad news. Our govt could simply give WTO the money from other EXISTING sources of revenue. Congress may or may not have to approve depending on the money source. Generally though, Congress would at least have to approve via the budget approval process.

        So while bad, you still get some say in the matter. At least to the extent you can get Congress to follow your wishes.

        • Well that’s a better answer than D13 gave me. Thanks for the lift JAC 🙂

          • JAC is being nice.

          • What JAC did not elaborate on….extensively…is that you will not get the option of voting for a tax issue for the WHO or UN national referendum…however, your congressional rep can be contacted…and you can heap untold misery misery upon his or her office. Stick pins in VooDoo dolls and the like….even ask me for a slice of para-raptors….we can even send in Thor’s Hammer with a sub-rapto-marine escort for some havoc….but a true referendum….soooorrrryyyyy…..

            JAC is quite correct that there will be something paid out of an already existing fund somewhere…and then a new tax or increased tax here not related. Stealth taxation…

            I think I coined a new phrase..

            • Stealth taxation.. I like the’s the stealthness that they always seem to get away with 👿

            • Murphy's Law says:

              I think you did just coin a new phrase…….

              Wonder how long before O’Reilly or others use it?

          • Anita

            Even the smallest ray of sunshine is after all still a ray of sunshine.


  12. I’m so sick of this shit.

  13. I warned SUFA this would happen….

    …few listened (or were unable to act)…

    Now, here it comes…

    40l(k)/IRA Nationalization Quietly Moves Forward

    The U.S. Treasury and Labor Departments will ask for public comment as soon as next week on ways to promote the conversion of 401(k) savings and Individual Retirement Accounts into annuities or other steady payment streams, according to Assistant Labor Secretary Phyllis C. Borzi and Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary Mark Iwry, who are spearheading the effort.

    They want to “get people to invest their 401k’s and IRA’s into annuities, or likely into U.S. T-Bonds….

    • USWeapon says:


      I also wrote an article about it early last year. Not good. Not good at all.


    • Cyndi P says:

      Hey Flag,

      Can you provide me with the link? My Lib boyfriend mocked me openly last night when I mentioned this. If Rachael Madcow doesn’t mention it, then it didn’t happen. I need a link to a website the Libtards acknowledge as ‘news’. Do you have one?

        • Cyndi P says:

          Thanks……I suspect he will still deny. Talk about a ‘bitter clinger’, LOL!

        • Judy Sabatini says:

          What’s the point of having one now, if they plan on snatching that away from you along with everything else they have already taken?

          Hope you don’t mind Flag, but I put this up on my face book wall to share with those who might not have seen or read it.

          • Cyndi P says:

            If they’re anything like my significant other, don’t waste your time…. 👿

            I’m so pissed at him. He just refuses to see what’s being done by his ‘president’. How can he be so stupid? How can so many people be so stupid? Last night at dinner, some folks were complaining about the IRS and how much money they’re having to pay for PREVIOUS years returns. All of a sudden they are being contacted by the IRS and told the owe taxes, in the thousands of dollars! The Obama voters are not able to put it together, but are confused and angry. To the rest of us, its plain as day.

            • Judy Sabatini says:

              No, no they’re not, in fact, they are so complete opposite, they don’t have one thing good to say about this administration at all. Just like with one on my brothers in law, he voted for this change, and there are times, I’m so tempted to slap the back of his head, but I don’t. When ever I ask him how he likes this change, he just chuckles and walks away. Kind of wonder what he really thinks.

      • Mathius says:

        Hey Cyndi.. perhaps we could shy away from terms like “libtards”? How ’bout it?

        • Cyndi P says:

          Are you a libtard? If not, then I’m not refering to you. I refer to my boyfriend as that.

        • Bottom Line says:

          Hey buddy,

          You leave my Sweetums alone.

          “Lib-tard” doesn’t necessarily mean all liberals…just the slow ones.

          • Cyndi P says:

            My heeeroooo………. 🙂

            • Cyndi,`yo’ boyfriend don’t sound like much. Why is he still your boyfriend?

              It don’ sound like he has two brain cells to rub together.

              • Cyndi P says:

                Surprisingly, when we aren’t discussing politics we get along great. He lives his life like a conservative person does, and understands human nature very well. I think his problem is that he was indoctrinated early on (late 60s), and has never really suffered hardship. He’s almost 60 and the thought of what’s coming terrifies him, so he closes his eyes and mind to it. Sometimes I can catch him off guard and find out what he really thinks about the world. I usually find a very frightened man in those few seconds. Of course, there are limits to my patience, and if he insists on going off a cliff for his president, he’ll be going without me.

                • Well maybe he is just one of those who was indoctrinated so deep in the hippie liberal philosophy, he just can’t see the forest for the trees.

                  He can’t see the hoax and chains of the Obama machine for what it is.

                  Also, a lot of older people can’t see that the Democratic party they have been a member of for life no longer exists. For that matter, neither does that old Republican Party.

                  Now they are BOTH just different sides of the Progressive movement.

                  The bas part though Cyndi, is that when Obama goes down and takes our nation with it, we’re ALL going down.

                  • Hey Esom 🙂

                    Glad to hear from ya! Carefull though, some of us “hippees” are on the right side of things, LOL!


                  • AH G my man! I am a reformed hippie myself. I’m of course talkinfg about the hippies who are now running the country. Those like Clinton, who avoided the draft by hiding in law school and are now running the damn country. Some of us hippies were just in it for the fun.

                    • Us American hippees still give a damn, the wantabe hippees were chickenshit cowards!

                      Hope you are well my friend, we miss ya here!


                  • Cyndi P says:

                    you’re right!

    • I have been waiting for this to happen as well…BF you may have even been the first to warn me of this. The government can’t stand to see that much money and not be able to get their grimy hands on it.

      • Its not just that, they need it to support the debt. They want the money in securities and bonds to keep their spending up without putting more on the world market and losing value in the dollar.

        Another shell game to keep the dollar from collapsing without spending any less money. In the end it will annihilate the remaingin wealth of the middle class.

        • Cyndi P says:

          I just got an earful from my boyfriend about how Obama is THE greatest president ever, and that this talk of 401ks is just right wing lies and gullable brainwahing on my part.

          I’m begining to hope that he looses everything. He’ll have no one to blame but himself.

          • You have my deepest sympathy Cyndi…best of luck!

            • Cyndi P says:

              Thanks. Looks like I’ll be a free woman in the not to distant future…..I don’t see how the relationship will survive the destruction of America. I will not live in Obamazabwe.

          • Hi CP,

            Tell “Hopey Changey” that we all said hello!


            • Cyndi P says:

              LOL! He doesn’t want to hear it! He’s oh, soooo much smart than us.

              • I would love to debate him then. I love debating smarter people than me, almost as much as I love destroying the arguments of those who think they are smarter, lol.

                Seriously, I would be happy to debate him one on one if he has the guts to do so. I can do so without it becoming and argument (at least for my part) and without being disrespectful of his views. If he is so smart, he should not mind at all.

                Let me know if he wants my email.

                • Cyndi P says:

                  He’s not even speaking to me at the moment. LOL! I’ve tried to get him to check out this site and he won’t even look at it. It ‘stupid blog shit’. He doesn’t have the courage of his convictions to debate. I’ve known him a long time (almost 10 years). He’s afraid to be wrong, so he’ll do anything he can to avoid it. Thanks for the offer though. Its nice to have some back up!


                  • Anytime. I can debate by phone if he has something against blogs, lol.

                    I get the whole “afraid to debate” thing. I know a lot of those. People that just want to think what they think and refuse to even discuss it. I cannot imagine being that close-minded, arrogant, or fearful with knowledge. It represents the epitome of unenlightenment.

                    • Cyndi P says:

                      With him, its fear. I don’t have time to explain it now (I’m at work boss is present, lol). If I can email you, let USW know and have him give you my email…..

                    • Hi Jon!

                      I’ve tried several times to engage in debate with those on the left, and after I posted, would never even get a reply. I figured that they couldn’t handle real debate so I basically gave up. At least here, I get a reply from are friends that lean left, to their credit, at least they have the courage to engage and argue their position.


                    • Understood Cyndi.

                      USW, Cyndi can have my email. Hell, any regular poster here that wants it can have my email.

                      G, I have had the same experience. There are only a few blogs where I have found leftists willing to stand up and defend their ideals on open debate. Here and a blog I used to frequent called samizdata, which I should check in on, were the only two of note that had left leaning persons who would respond to a decent questioning of their beliefs. In most cases, those who stuck around ended up switching sides.

    • Birdman says:

      Black Flag:

      I was aware of this and listened to your advice. I took all my money out of my 401(k) plans. I’ll pay the penalty and taxes. I’m not going to allow the government to conviscate it under one of their plans. I’d rather lose the money myself with my own investments than let the government have it.

  14. I think I scared every lefty away before 8 am . Sorry everyone..I left us no one to pick on..

    • Maybe you could come on a little earlier tomorrow!!!

      • Mathius says:

        I’m still here.. watching.. waiting..

        • I figured you were lurking…posted that just for you!

        • No no…Matt does not lurk….even with his fear of raptors, he has learned well from them….they do not lurk…they watch…wait…plan…

          • So that’s why he has been so quiet today…sorry Matt, I stand corrected…again!

        • Matt, you’re no lefty, your reasoning is awakening. It is just a matter of time for you as long as your reasoning is alive, you will not be able to stay to the statist left.
          Sorry 🙂

  15. Judy Sabatini says:

    Off topic here, but thought I would share this with you all. I find this act totally disgusting. Isn’t anything sacred anymore?

    • That is totally pathetic. They lose in the court so they take matters into their own hands and destroy it. Sounds like some left wing loser. If they can’t have their way, they’ll fix it so no one wins.

      Since my granddaddy fought in WW1, this especially offends me.

      • Judy Sabatini says:

        Hey Esom, where ya been?

        That is pathetic isn’t hurt. It’s slap in the face for all who served and died for this country. My dad and his brother was in the Air Force during WWII. My dad was in Europe, and my Uncle was in the Pacific.

        • My grandaddy was born in 1895. He fought in France in WW1 and was wounded in a gas attack. It damaged his lungs for life and he died in 1972 from Emphysema. His unit broke through the Hindenburg line. 30th “Old Hickory” Division.

          My daddy was born when he was 47. The ninth of ten kids.

          My Uncle, daddy’s oldest brother was in WW2 and Korea.

          My daddy was in Vietnam and I was in the peacetime Army.

          For someone to destroy a war memorial especially pisses me off!

          • Judy Sabatini says:

            I’m with you there Esom. My husband was in the Army in the 60’s, my brother was also in the Army during the same time. My youngest son is a former Marine, but now in the National guard, my oldest son has been in the Guard now for 7 years, and plans on reenlisting this Oct. Plans on making a career out of it.

            I just hope who ever took it, can live with them selves now. No respect at all for those who served and died for this country, none,none what so ever. It’s a slap in the face for those who have served, and I think still serving now, and will serve in the future.

          • someone to destroy a war memorial

            As long as we continue to glorify war in memorials, war will never end.

            If it was up to me, I’d bulldoze every war memorial, Arlington, European war graves, etc.

            They are monuments to stupidity.

        • Judy Sabatini says:

          Didn’t make any sense what I said. Let me try again here. Meant, it is pathetic isn’t it. Don’t know where the hurt came from, but it does hurt though.

    • Unfortunately CA is full of nutcases like that. I know where that cross was located and have been by it many times. I left CA five years ago and haven’t been back unless I have had to. People in this country had better start waking up and get something done or we won’t have a country left!

  16. Okay, now for MY two cents worth . . . 😉

    Does anyone remember the so-called “pandemic” about the swine flu virus announced by the WHO last year? It was just after our esteemed all-bowing “messiah” visited Mexico. Here in Arizona the MSM (including FOX) was all over it and warning that everyone should get the swine flu shot or they could be in danger of dying. I am one who is deathly allergic to influenza vaccines (used to have a red dogtag proclaiming such when I was on active duty), so I did not get the shot. I am still alive & kicking, and I did not get the flu – swine or otherwise – and then we heard (over the TV news) that the actual effects of swine flu were no worse than the average annual variety. Also it was noted that simple normal hygiene practices turned out to be the best preventive measure for the swine flu.

    After all that, the so-called “World Health Organization” (aka WHO) has lost any and all credibility with me and mine, which wasn’t much in the first place.

    Anyone who has read anything I have ever written in the past knows exactly what I think of that most impotent of all corrupt organizations called the “United Nations”, so I won’t bore you with stating my views again today.

    USW – You are about to receive an e-mail in the next few days containing links to some video’s that are posted on Utube. Thought you might want to look into this guy and what it is he is ranting about. A friend of mine put me onto them last week, and I just cannot make too much headway as I am busy with some other projects that require my attention away from the old homestead.

    • G.A.

      I work at a hospital! There was literally a panic with the employees to get this vaccine, which I did not get, and have refused all vaccines for since the late ’80s. Amazingly, I did not even get a common cold, much less the flu (any version). I have not had the flu since my last flu shot (1988). I agree, screw the WHO, they are useless and serve no purpose except to enrich those that fund them.

      Good post!


      • Note to USW, If you do not have time to investigate G.A.’s videos, forward to me and I’ll help out, with G.A.’s ok of course!.


    • USWeapon says:

      I look forward to seeing the videos G.A. Send them when you can.

      • Sent the links a couple of hours ago, as I am staying up late tonight. Will be out of touch the rest of this week and am looking forward to what you think.

  17. Cyndi P says:

    Question for Black Flag,

    A friend of mine here and I were talking about the 401k and IRA confiscation. He mentioned this:

    I have a retirement system plan from the State of Nevada. They sent me
    a letter that I received yesterday. They offered me a one time payment
    of $57,000 to allow them to buy me out of the plan. That would be ok
    except, in my payments alone I have put in $175,000.

    I told him I’d put it to you and get your take. My take is that he shouldn’t take it unless he thinks they’ll default. I’m wondering why they’d offer back roughly a third of his contributions! Looks like he looses either way. He can loose 2/3s of his contributions or he can loose every penny. The fund must be in pretty bad shape if they think any sane person would take this deal! I’m going to send him the link here so he can see what you say.


    • I don’t know much about Nevada, but hear that they are in dire straights for money, thanks to Harry Reid & his ilk. Since the big crunch in the housing market dropped through the basement, Las Vegas has many construction projects – including the U.S. 93 widening to the new Hoover Dam Bridge – that has either stopped or been delayed or severely altered. I hear that the state finally broke down and instituted a tax system to boost the gambling revenue that Nevadans in the past used to brag about (“please come gamble in our state to pay our state taxes” is what I used to hear from my friends and relatives who live there . . . I don’t hear it anymore).

      If the state is trying to renege on 401K’s it must mean that they are worse off than I thought. Your friend is in our prayers.

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