This Week’s Schedule

This will be an odd week for me. I will be out of town for a day or two during the week. So here is how I envision the week playing out post wise. Obviously, tonight was a post re-hasing the discussion about moral law and freedom based law. Tomorrow night will not have an article as some of you will be returning to work and seeing tonight’s article for the first time on Tuesday morning. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning will be the open mic topics, which will remain the current article for two days. Thursday night/Friday morning will be a guest commentary. The following week will start on Sunday night with a new topic and the week should be normal from that point forward.  While I am writing this quick preview of the week, allow me to once again thank all of you for your regular participation on this site. My site is nothing without the discussions, which means that without all of you it is nothing more than the incoherent ramblings of a political junkie. As I get to the point where I am better staffed in my business, I will be able to post more in depth articles again and participate more. I have some great stuff planned for the coming weeks, along with some great guest commentaries from several different folks, some you are familiar with and others who have lurked here reading but have not participated in the discussions thus far.

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