Font Change

I apologize for the font change that happened this morning. I didn’t realize that it would make the font so small. I have adjusted the font size while maintaining the style. For those that were having trouble reading it earlier today, let me know if this works any better. If not, I will try something else.



  1. For me I see no change when I turn off the zoom aspect of my browser. It may just be my eyes are too old now and zoom is my new standard. 🙂

  2. Still hard for me too!

    Hey, Mathius always hates to be called out for his “youngness” – this is one time it might be in his favor!

  3. Me three, even with bifocals.

  4. Face up, USWep.

    You were merely separating the technically astute from everyone else.

    Guess which side I fell on?

    • Mathius™ says:

      I call BS! Everyone knows that you’re an AI – font makes no difference to you.

      Adding, is this about you? Link.

  5. @ Mathius…….I did answer your question, my friend. Sorry for the delay.

    • Mathius™ says:

      Took you long enough.. grrr..

      Glad the fire turned. I can just picture you out there with a garden hose defending your home, or shovel in hand digging a fire-break. I heard that John McCain starts a lot of fires.. have you contacted his office about this?

      With regards to your response, I’m going to wait to see what my bonus looks like in December, but if things go well, I may want to pick your brain a little more. What you’ve said is helpful, but I still feel like I’m missing a ton of pieces in the puzzle – I’ll have to put everything together before I would jump into something like this. (Insurance / tax effects / placement / brand-building / gas-supply / convenience store stock / employee(s) / etc etc etc).


      • There was no way a shovel and garden hose was going to work. We are set in the middle of very tall (40-50 ft) pine trees. We had, however, cleared the underbrush already several years ago but these forest fires get in the top of the pines and travel very fast.

        But, pick the cabeza anytime. I can probably give you good intel on insurance, tax issues, employees, structure….I would not be too good on retail. I can help you on gasoline supply and the pitfalls there and where to go. Transportation will be your greatest cost….you will not inventory your gasoline (no one does these days)…you will rely on just in time delivery. But, ring the chimes when you are ready. I will sit down with you (figuratively) and dump all the info that I have…..

  6. I like the font change.

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