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Great article. Note, it is from the perspective of the writer. But the writer does not tackle the question of when the slide began in history. Only from the writers life experience. Being from that time, I agree with much of what he says about how the radicals were able to use the JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X assassinations to infuse their agenda into the mindset of the young and disgruntled. Sound familiar????

JAC has found an interesting article.

Global Warming Part IX?

Obama on Rick Perry: “Governor Whose State Is on Fire Denying Global Warming.”
So Obama and liberals make the claim Republicans don’t believe in science because they don’t buy the media/Al Gore position that the science is settled, consensus, etc…  IMO, science is never settled, you have a few “Laws of Science” with a LOT more theories(like evolution).  Does “global warming” cause wildfires?  Sure seems to me wildfires have been around a lot longer than global warming.  Again, IMO, global warming began around the time of our civil war, with the end of the “Little Ice Age”.  Perspective, when it warms enough the Thames river in England or the Hudson in New York stop freezing several feet thick, it has warmed! (In England, they had winter carnivals on the Thames, so very THICK ice from very cold winters) And I think Obama has done what politicians do, twisted words and meanings around.  I have never heard Perry say AGW is bulldookey, and damned few Republicans for that matter.  And wasn’t this Bushes fault a couple years ago????

A Heavy Heart…. The Penn State Scandal

I have gotten a few emails and messages asking my thoughts on the Penn State scandal over the last few days. It doesn’t surprise me that I am being asked an opinion. I am an alumni. I have met Joe Paterno and spoken with him. I am a staunch advocate for the University. I love my school. I will admit that this is all a little painful. Not only the treatment of Paterno, which I think borders on ridiculous. But just the overall black eye that it being given to my beloved alma mater hurts. But I won’t back down here from writing about it. And I won’t stop loving PSU either…
A Scandal that Hurts

America, Once Upon A Time by Plainly Spoken

Our American society is going through tumultuous times.  Politically the country is continuing the heightened battles of beliefs that have been exacerbated by ten years of war and unpopular governance by the party in power.  Acerbic demonization of the political opposition is daily fair for consumption by the people coming from the mainstream and social media in America.  The American economy has been beaten down with people struggling to maintain their livelihood, leading to comparisons with the Great Depression in the intensity of the difficulties.  Families are fighting to hold on to their homes, with a foreclosure epidemic still unchecked from years of suspect lending practices and inflated housing markets.
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