A Video Worth Sharing

Thought some of you might enjoy this and others might need to give it some serious thoughts. An excellent presentation by a 19 year old University of Iowa student named Zach Wahls. If only there were more like him….


  1. Wow, it looks like USWeapon is channeling some “LEFT WING PSYCHOLOGIZING”.

    So how come he can’t “understand” Fox News????? 😉

  2. An Obama supporter before it was cool?

    Kids …

    If only he’d been a Ralph Nader supporter …

  3. Here’s our interview with Zach about how his life has changed after this speech thrust him into the public eye, what it was like growing up with two mothers, what led him to decide to go and speak before the House of Representatives, and what other young people can do to fight for equality and speak out against intolerance.


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