Dooh Nibor is a term for a reversed Robin Hood where a politician robs from the poor and gives to the rich.  Note that I have not done any real investigating, just noticed some things before the SCOTUS ruling on ObamaCare.  Intrade is usually right, but they missed this one.  Maybe we’ll find that Roberts placed a bet there himself or wanted to teach them betting on his court is a loosing gamble?  The stock market dropped before the decision with the usual talking heads saying it was similar to some bla-bla record/event.  And then it began making gains!  Saw a headline on the Daily Caller but didn’t read, that significant purchases of some health stocks indicated there was insider trading from early release of the Supreme Courts decision.  And then there’s that line from “All the President’s Men”, “follow the money”.

Fact, Obama met behind closed doors to gain support from the pharmaceutical companies.

Fact, Obama had multiple meeting with union leaders who were among the first to receive exemptions (including for “Cadillac plans”)

Fact, Obama promised no tax increases for anybody making less than $250K, but ObamaCare/ObamaTax does impose taxes directly on everyone who files a tax return and does not have insurance.  Depending on their income, the insurance could be “free”, or low to middle-income must have insurance or pay a tax that increases dramatically over several years.

Fact, 1% vs 99%, there are a lot more taxpayers in the 99%, meaning the majority of the tax burden will fall on the poor, not the rich.

I do like folklore, and the legend of Robin Hood is one of the greatest (idle thought, how many times have their re-made Robin Hood or the Three Musketeers movie anyway??last Musketeer blew IMHO) The first legend of RH had him as a simple farmer, then a minor nobleman, both wronged by the evil sheriff while the king was off fighting in the Crusades. (Richard wasn’t the first king named, nor Sherwood Forrest the first crime scene)  And how does that story play out if applied to our situation?  King Obama is not absent, except for non-stop campaigning.  Sheriff John/Eric Holder is happily enforcing any and every royal ObamaHood decree.  ObamaHood has stolen from the rich, given to the poor,( food stamps usage increased 100% since he took office(but don’t call him a food stamp president)).  You also shouldn’t ask about GE not paying taxes on huge profits while they outsourced jobs to China.  Don’t ask about a couple billion given to his friends in green energy (OK only 80% of that went to people with ties to him)  Don’t ask him why the poverty rate has increased, why the cost of goods sold increases faster than he can increase entitlements(funny it seems real close to how fast he’s increased the money supply).

(Mrs. O’s             $2-3 K outfit)

And what about our “Maid Marion”?  Ever loyal and committed to our hero’s cause?  Seems she needs to escape that horrible rustic forest that is a very old, white house quite often.  Might be we didn’t need any stimulus, just give her a credit card and the keys to Air Force One and watch liberal economics in action….  Robin Hood took from the rich and gave to the poor.  He took from the poor only what they offered, usually their silence and loyalty.  ObamaHood takes from (some of) the rich, usually with camera’s rolling while he explains why this is just, then gives (some of) it to the poor (and a lot of it to his wealthy friends).

You hear this line often, “it’s good to be the king”, and think how that applies today.  How great is it to be given control of the people’s money to use as you see fit?  To be “entrusted” with spending it well.  So far, over two billion of Obama’s green energy loans and projects have failed, most are in bankruptcy.  But the good side, most of the corporate officers were paid very well for a short time.  Many campaign contributions were made, with over 70% having ties to Obama.  And on the campaign trail, he’s still pitching the same bull about investing in green energy as the only path forward.

King Barack Obama

Most of us wonder about the person whose love cheats on them and is caught.  But they love them, forgive when the promise is made, never again.  And we all have seen this in high school and all thru life.  Police are frustrated beyond belief at going to the same address for a report of domestic violence.  Time and again, the victim changes their mind and refuses to press charges.  Is this the same mentality we are seeing in Obama supporters?  You may still share in his vision of what America should be, but what about the lies?  Everyone’s health costs have and will continue going up.  The one thing he has done is guarantee the hospitals and insurance companies profits.  They threw in with King Robin and will receive their thirty pieces of silver.

And the poor?  They will be given much, the new farm bill being considered in the senate has 80% of its budget going to the food stamp program. (some evil Republicans tried to force the food stamps into a separate bill for the other items)  But as much as the poor are given, their expenses will outpace the government entitlements and the poverty rate will continue to rise.  He will steal from the rich, those he doesn’t like, like coal companies.  But he has protected his rich allies.  With all his trash talk against Wall Street, they seem to have done pretty well under his rein.  The poor, not so well.  Come on King Robin, you promised the peasants times of plenty.  You have shattered all spending records.  Where was their cut?





  1. It’s vacation week here as we have lots of family guests. We FINALLY got some rain this morning, something that we are just barely getting enough of for the crops. Sweet corn is coming in next week (yummy stuff too!). Today, looks like we are going canoeing down the Alleghany River.

    On a political note, it’s not just King Obama, it’s the whole of D.C. (District of Criminals). THe next False Flag will be a doozy, hope none of you are in the way. Mayor Bloomberg is a moron! Enjoy Summer 🙂

  2. The penalty imposed by the Affordable Care Act on citizens who elect not to purchase health insurance will be at least $1,000 for most people, and more than $12,000 for high-income earners, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.

    “We can see that this is a big tax, particularly on the poor,” writes the Tax Foundation’s William McBride. “Higher income families generally pay a higher amount, but actually a smaller percent of their income, making this a regressive tax.”

    For example, the penalty for a family of four earning $20,000 will be $2,085, more than 10 percent of its income, according to the Tax Foundation — whereas a family of four making $100,000 will only have two percent of its income taken away by the government.

    Initially, the CBO projected that 3.9 million people would pay the tax in 2016, most of them low- and middle-income households. However, after the Supreme Court ruled that states could opt out of the Medicaid expansion that was intended to cover low-income uninsured people, the CBO put out a new estimate that there could be 6 million additional people dumped into the uninsured pool. Half of that 6 million is estimated to buy insurance.

    “That leaves 3 million people potentially subject to the tax, in addition to the 3.9 million earlier estimated,” McBride writes. “However, the CBO argues that few of them would actually pay the tax, due to low-income exemptions.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/25/report-obamacare-penalty-regressive-will-cost-most-uninsured-at-least-1000/#ixzz21jJdiNCX

    • Isn’t it interesting that nobody is crying about all those 40 million people who didn’t have health insurance (because it cost too much) before Obamacare, but now seem to be magically missing as of late. Let’s see, health insurance has gone UP in cost since Obama took office, unemployment is adding to those numbers of uninsured, but they don’t seem to exist anymore. Can anyone tell us where they went? Are they on the hook for the TAX? Hope and Change my ass 🙄

      • It amazes me that the poor have suffered most under Obama, yet he gets away as being their champion. How long can you claim you’re for the little guy while you screw him over?

        • Kristian says:

          You can claim it for as long as the little guy lets you get away with it.

          • There must be some major defect in human nature in that people see things the way they want them to be rather than the way they are. I am reading James Garner’s biography. An old style Liberal in the JFK mold, who supported causes like Civil Rights that I would have supported, he nonetheless cannot seem to recognize that after 1968, he really had nothing more in common with that party anymore. Dismissive of republicans across the board and especially hostile to “turn coats” like Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston, he is still an Obama supporting Democrat today because, apparently, he’s a democrat. For a nice man, who has done so many good and kind things in his career, to still have those rose colored depression era glasses on amazes me. He’s not much different than my Pennsylvania cola mining relatives who still think of it as “Mr. Hoovers depression”.

            So, the “little guy” is stuck in a rut, hoping for something that isn’t there and unable or unwilling to even consider an alternative. It has been said that the black population in the US has been 90% in the bag for democrats for over 70 years and all the democrats have ever been able to deliver to them is more poverty, more hopelessness and more failure. That of course is not to mention the complete destruction of the black family and the gradual but relentless shrinking of the black population through abortion. Margaret Sanger would have loved it.

          • Exactly Kristian. And how long will that be? Hopefully not too much longer. Maybe, if we’re lucky, till about January 20th or so.

            Truth be told, I am sick too death of the campaigning. On both sides.

  3. But the persistent disconnect continues.

    Complain about Obama and his particular government intervention into the market – but only because he is Obama.

    Champion other politicians intervention into the market because -this time- it benefits you.

    Consequence: growing government intervention into the market without end.

    • Correct, why I think the election is a waste of time. All the candidates are chosen for the people, and when they vote, it’s for the status quo, nothing will change. (I still think the election will not occur on it’s scheduled date).

      • I agree that if it looks as if Obama is going to lose, there will be something to occur to disrupt the election. If his election looks solid he will let it proceed. And I also agree that no matter who wins, things will not change much if at all. Oh, ObamaCare may be repealed (if Romney). But something will be done to replace it.

        But what really has me pissed off right this minute is the Politicks barking about gun control laws in the wake of CO shootings. I mean, come ON! Why don’t we instead enforce the laws already on the books? The problem is not that we need more laws. We do not enforce laws that are already there. And as far as Assault weapons; it is my right if I want to, to park an M1 Abrams tank in my yard if I so choose. I do not HAVE to even have a license to carry or own a gun. The Second Amendment is inviolate. It is one of those hardwired into the Constitution rights that are God given. NO ONE can take it away. The only reason the Govenment passes laws for licenses and controls is for the fees and taxes (i.e. MONEY) they generate.

        As for the tale that some tell that no one needs Assault weapons and that they are only good for killing other people, I say bulldookey! Some of us Rednecks get a kick out of just shooting our assault weapons. We love to and are perfectly content to shoot targets with them for fun. We even hunt with them sometimes. You can hunt with an M-16 (cal.223). You can hunt with MOST Assault weapons. But whether or not we hunt with them is irrelevant. It is our RIGHT to have them.

        The CO shooting was a tragedy that should not have happened. But it should not be used as leverage to add more laws to an already over regulated public.

        • July 26, 2012
          The truth about flash mob racial violence
          Rick Moran

          Keeping a lid on the explosive nature of flash mob violence in our largest cities is very difficult – especially since the fuse has already been lit. AT’s political correspondent Rich Baehr points us to this interview at Frontpagemag.com with Colin Flaherty, author of the new book White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It.

          A sample from the interview with FPM’s editor Jamie Glazov:

          FP: Colin Flaherty, welcome to Frontpage Interview.
          Let’s begin with what inspired you to write this book.

          Flaherty: Thanks Jamie.

          My brother and I were doing a talk radio show in WDEL Wilmington, Delaware when I read a story about something called a flash mob on the streets of Philadelphia. This was two years ago. Then it happened again and again. Finally I looked at it on YouTube, and the violence and mayhem I saw on video was totally different than the antiseptic account I read in the newspapers in Philadelphia. Everyone involved was black. So I asked a few reporters: “What’s up with this race riot in Philadelphia?” They said it was not a race riot and I was imagining things. “Did you see the videos?” I asked. “Well, everyone is black but race has nothing to do with it.”

          The riots kept happening, in Philadelphia and elsewhere. I kept asking people what was going on. They kept denying anything was going on.
          So I decided I would write a book for the people who denied the reality of this horrific racial violence and mayhem. And that was it: No explanations. No solutions. No apologies. Just that these things are happening all over the country and it cannot be good that so many people are so aggressively denying it.

          Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/07/the_truth_about_flash_mob_racial_violence.html#ixzz21kyRBg8g

    • You are correct. The level of corruption, payback, cronyism within this adm. is truly staggering, however.


  4. charlieopera says:

    Don’t ask him why the poverty rate has increased

    Capitalism, pure and simple …

    • No, Charlie.

      Capitalism is the reason why the common man has prospered.

      It is government intervention that creates the conditions of broad poverty.

      Prosperity Springs from Growing Abundance and Not from Contrived Scarcity and government writ and doctrines creates such contriving.

      Those who use force most freely are as a one-eyed race, with very limited perceptions, able to perceive dimly the immediate consequences, but not the more remote consequences of what they do.

    • Charlie, I want you to take a sabbatical and read:

      Niall Fergeson’s “Civilization”.

      If that does not straighten you out, nothing will.

      p.s. Poverty rate historically goes up and down, see “Great Depression” see “roaring ’20’s”
      see “post war economic boom”.

      • charlieopera says:

        Stephen: I’ve read several books recommended here, including Fountainhead (yuck) and Atlas Shrugged (pure garbage) … when you read the Intelligent Woman’s Guide To Socialism by George Bernard Shaw, I’ll read Civilization … 🙂

        The poverty rate for the last few years is headed in one direction and it isn’t likely to rebound in this global market … the chickens have come home to roost regarding capitalism …

        • No, because society will collapse and then there will be a new beginning. Depending on how bad and deep the collapse is, eventually, 20, 50, 100, 500 years later, there will be a new society formed that will try everything all over again.

          Ferguson’s book is non-fiction and is generally an entertaining difficult read on the history of the West. the sub-title is “The West and the Rest”. Lots of serious food for thought there believe me.

          • charlieopera says:

            Maybe after I’m finished with School, Stephen. Right now I”m reading a ton for school and don’t have the time.

            I don’t see this crisis going away anytime soon, although I also don’t think anything drastic will happen from the voting public because it is mostly (no matter which side you look at it from) mostly brain dead (not to be confused with stupid) … more focused on survival at all costs (including ignoring why it’s in the position it’s in) … and why it’s so easy for the right to scream about their loss of Liberty (yeah, right) and the left to act as if it’s making progress with a lose like Obama. I guess I’m pretty fed up with all of it these days and this (SUFA–aren’t all a’yous lucky?) is about the extent of my politics anymore …

            • In my more paranoid moments, I blame Chuck Barris, the inventor of the Gong Show. That plus the Newlywed game are probably the parents of every stupid reality show on TV today. Barris was a former CIA operative and one might wonder if his launching of those shows was not a covert attempt to destroy what was left of thinking in America. Just watch those people with I-pads, watch ’em twitter away. Gregor Mendel’s fruit flies had a better attention span.

              I guess that thinking has just become too hard.

    • A Puritan Descendant says:
      • Mathius™ says:

        Texan Capitalism: You have two cows. You teach them to fire guns..

        Californian Capitalism: You have two cows. They are happy.

        Jewish Capitalism: You have two cows. You set them on fire and they burn for 8 days.


  5. PeterB in Indianapolis says:

    Question: Where is poverty at it’s worst in the world?

    Answer: Take a measure of how capitalistic a society is (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH MERCANTILISTIC).

    Those societies highest on the “true capitalism” scale have the greatest wealth per capita.

    Those societies lowest on the “true capitalism” scale have the least wealth per capita.

    Why is Norway now becoming one of the richest nations per capita in the world? It isn’t because of “democratic socialism”, it is because, per capita, Norway exports more oil than Saudi Arabia. As a result, Norway has lower taxes overall than the US does, and it “taxes the rich” less than the US does. Norway has become the North Dakota of Europe.

    • charlieopera says:

      Go Norway!

      coalition between the Labour Party, Socialist Left Party, and Centre Party, took over government from 17 October 2005 …

  6. Let’s see where this goes on SUFA

    City of Boston vs Chick Fil A

    • Kristian says:

      Personally, I say they need to stand up for what they believe in. Just because it isn’t popular or politically correct doesn’t mean that they should change their stance. I am a regular patron of this company and will continue to be. I love their chicken nuggets!! And the honey roasted bbq sauce? OMG, that’s all I can say to describe it! LOL

    • Oh please forgive them for standing up for what they believe! I support them. If they did not take that stance on homosexuals then they would not be true to their Christian values. The Bible is very specific that homosexuality is an abomination in God’s eyes. They should not be drug out in the street and burned as in the Old Testament, but it should also not be supported as being OK. Or they were born that way (hogwash). It is NOT natural!

      It is a sin. It is wrong. Get over it. If you want to support homosexual behavior, have at it. If you don’t, same thing. People should worry more about what they are doing and less what others are doing. It sometimes amazes me how, if say, Chick-fil-a supported Gays, then everything would be a-OK. They would be allowed to support Pro-Gay groups. To some, they are not allowed to support ANTI-Gay groups.

      • charlieopera says:

        The Bible is very specific that homosexuality is an abomination in God’s eyes. They should not be drug out in the street and burned as in the Old Testament, but it should also not be supported as being OK. Or they were born that way (hogwash). It is NOT natural!

        It is a sin. It is wrong.

        All Righty Then …

    • This whole media storm is pure advocacy. They say they support the family as defined in the Bible. They made no statements against gays, but it’s either support gay marriage or refuse to have a position. You are either with them, or they are at war with you. Hope this backfires and their business booms! ((should not say boom, no bomb reference implied)damn, did it again))

    • Dangerous territory here. But, it fits into what is coming in this country. If you legitimately disagree and try to encourage debate on the issue, then you are EVIL, did I say that right, EVIL. There is no room for debate in Newspeak, God forbid that you financially support people who think like you do. The opposition will do all in its power to shut you down and if they could, and someday they may, burn you at the stake.

      One of my favorite predictions is that someday, the Catholic Church, if it remains faithful to its teachings, will return to the catacombs. It won’t have any other choice since being a practicing Catholic will become a hate crime. Further prediction… the government will encourage and then sanction through seizures, real-estate transfers and tax laws, the establishment of a competing “Catholic Church”. This church of course will be there to merely approve and encourage government policies.

      I don’t know why people are so foolish to think that things always get better or even stay the same. Society is quite capable of devolving which it has been doing now for the past 60 years or so.

      I hate chicken but now may start to eat it. So, Kristian, you say the nuggets are good?

    • Cmon out of your cubicles, lefties….

      ACLU? Where are you? Where are you going to come down on this? Private business person’s right to conduct business or heavy hand of the city govt? What trumps what here?

      • Okay, Anita my love. Here we go … I just read about this now (11:22 p.m.) do I have it right (the quote)?

        “If you are discriminating against a segment of the community, I don’t want you in the 1st Ward,” Moreno told the Tribune this week. “Because of this man’s ignorance, I will now be denying Chick-fil-A’s permit to open a restaurant in the 1stWard.”

        He also added that Cathy’s comments were “bigoted, homophobic.”

        I agree it’s bigoted and homophobic, but even I can’t imagine denying the permit. Just dumb stuff. I have no problem with boycotting the joint once it opens on whatever basis, but denying the permit seems illegal to me.

    • Thinking about it, there are probably five basic positions one may take on an issue;

      1. Condemnation (you are going to hell)

      2. Opposition (over my dead body)

      3. Ignoring it (neutrality)

      4. Acceptance (its there)

      5. Endorsement (lets all join in)

      I vacillate between 3 and 4 leaning more heavily towards 4 on homosexuality. One would think that in a free country one would have the right to take any of these positions, without retribution so long as violence is not encouraged or perpetrated but, in reality today, it seems that you are restricted to #5 and I see the violence issue creeping in. Sort of like we are headed to # 5 on Steroids.

  7. Obama declares: ‘We tried our plan — and it worked”
    Is this out of touch? From Obama’s speech in Oakland, California on July 24, 2012:

    But here’s the problem — we tried that and it didn’t work. (Applause.) It’s not what you believe, it’s not what I believe, it’s not what most Americans believe will actually make a difference. This country was not built from the top down; it was built from the middle class out, from the bottom up. (Applause.) That’s how we became the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. That’s the path that you can choose for America in this election. And that’s why I’m running for a second term as President of the United States. . . .

    Just like we’ve tried their plan, we tried our plan — and it worked. That’s the difference. (Applause.) That’s the choice in this election. That’s why I’m running for a second term.

    (from John Lott) (LOI) I’m wondering, this economy and unemployment is the plan working? Is this like a car out of gas, coasting down a hill? Oh, it still works, were still moving aren’t we?

  8. Obama has very little respect for average Americans. At a private fund-raising event with his liberal homeys, Obama described small-town America as bitter folks who cling to religion and guns and don’t like people who do not look like them. Thus, the president thinks a large segment of Americans is racist.

    A further display of Obama’s low opinion of Americans is his “give-away-the-farm” campaign to win re-election votes. Outrageously, almost half the country is on food stamps, and Obama is advertising for more folks to sign up. Obama is giving away free cell phones. With a wave of his executive order scepter, King Obama legalized millions of illegal aliens. His list of handouts and freebies goes on and on. Obama promises to punish and get even with achievers. Everything Obama does is designed to seduce voters by appealing to their lowest instincts. Obama obviously believes that a majority of Americans are lazy and entitlement-minded and that they resent achievers.

    As I stated, Obama has unleashed an army of really smart-sounding con artists to intimidate into silence anyone daring to disagree with our imperial dictator and to lay a white-guilt-trip on voters.

    A prime example of an Obama con artist is black former NY Times writer and NBC reporter Bob Herbert, who recently made the most absurd and offensive statement. Herbert said, “A majority of whites have never favored equal rights in this country. Never, ever, ever, ever. It’s never even been close — it is a fantasy to talk about the idea of a majority of whites supporting the rights of blacks.” Herbert also said most whites voted for McCain/Palin. Herbert further implied that all white votes against Obama were racially motivated.

    Mr. Herbert, if America is so anti-black, how did you end up as a reporter on NBC television and writing for the NY Times?

    Another example of an Obama con artist is Cornel West, professor of African-American studies at Princeton.

    On Book TV, West went on and on about institutional racism and how America is racist and evil.

    As a black conservative listening to West, I kept thinking, “Rather than filling black youths with victim crap, why aren’t you telling blacks to get an education, stop having babies out of wedlock, and get a job? Am I too simplistic? Is it more complicated and I just don’t get it?”

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/07/obama_keeps_on_conning_america.html#ixzz21kxWZoyt

  9. Iran’s nuclear program has been thunderstruck for the third time.

    According to an email publicly released by the Finnish digital security firm F-secure, a new virus has shut down part of Iran’s nuclear program and also blasts AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” at full volume in the middle of the night.

    RT reports that Mikko Hypponen, chief researcher at F-secure, released a letter he received from an unnamed Iranian scientist. The scientist, who said he worked for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, wrote that the virus shut down the automatic network at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran and a secret underground research facility at Fordo, southwest of Tehran.

    Hypponen published the letter on his blog, but cautioned that there is no way for him to verify the accusations. He was able to confirm, however, that the letter did originate from the AEOI’s servers.

    Bloomberg reports that the head of Iran’s Information Technology Organization, Ali Hakim Javadi, said Wednesday that Iran is calling on the United Nations to condemn organized cyber attacks against nations.

    Significant investment is needed for the creation of malware viruses such as Stuxnet or Flame, which previously targeted Iran, indicating that they were not produced by individuals, the Iranian official said.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/25/report-irans-nuclear-program-disrupted-by-virus-that-blasts-acdc-in-the-middle-of-the-night/#ixzz21lEQTKBr

    • But you guys are always complaining because Obama hasn’t started bombing Iran yet.

      The right-wing’s only solution to anything is military action.

      The left-wing intellectuals (that you hate oh-so much) have figured out a better way…and it’s just killing you, isn’t it!! 😉

      • Todd,

        For once you are correct.

        The Right is destroying the nation by believing that destroying OTHER nations improves prosperity.

        The Left is destroying the nation by believing that destroying its own economy improves prosperity.

        There is, in modern US politics, only two choices – thus, there is only one outcome.

        • Mathius™ says:

          The Right is destroying the nation by believing that destroying OTHER nations improves prosperity.

          The Left is destroying the nation by believing that destroying its own economy improves prosperity.

          There is, in modern US politics, only two choices – thus, there is only one outcome.

          If the choice is destroy our economy or the mass murder of innocents on the other side of the planet, I choose economic devastation over genocide. Call me crazy.

          • Mathius,

            You are crazy.

            You are stuck into destroying your Nation because you are stuck in seeing only government as a solution to your most basic problems.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Excuse me! I AM THE RIGHT WING and I have no desire to do either to Iran.

        Seems to me an attack is an attack, whether by bomb or digits.

      • Who wants to bomb Iran? Huh?

        And what the hell is a left-wing intellectual?

      • Where was I complaining? Do I object to Obama attacking Libya without doing it in the legally approved manner? You bet. Object to fighting everyone else’s wars? You damn betcha! Complain that whoever can sideline Iran’s nuclear program with AC/DC? That’s just too funny.
        If Obama is behind it, he might get my vote!

  10. LOI,
    You left out Smart Meters. How could you do that? Obama likes Smart Meters, that means they must be bad, right?

    Your “Big Bad Obama” post just feels incomplete without mention of freedom destroying Smart Meters…

    • naten53 says:

      Well last summer I got a mailer from my power company that they were doing a trial program for these, and that you only had to respond and you could get on the one year trial. Great? My biggest complaint about smart meters is that the companies will say that it will save you money by using less electricity during peak hours, but they did not explain what peak hours were or what the price differences would be. They did say that they would send you information about using less power during peak hours! Awesome, how about you send me information about my own hourly usage!

      It seems like this is going to be a great deception of the consumer. Before you could go out read your own meter, apply the multiplier and should get the same bill. Now how easy will it be to do that? Can you do that? Can the power company change the peak hours whenever they want? Will it be easier for them to hide the increase in your bills? I trust the utility companies just as much as I trust the cable company. They will do whatever sneaky billing that they can get away with, the less the consumer can figure out the better for them.

    • Comments are overwelmingly in favor of Chick Fil A. Dems and Repubs, blacks and gays..all in CFAs corner. So who, exactly, is the message aimed toward? Wish we had CFA around here. Next roadtrip out of state, I’ll be on the lookout.

  11. Obama backs race-based school discipline policies

    By Neil Munro
    Archive | Email Neil Munro

    President Barack Obama is backing a controversial campaign by progressives to regulate schools’ disciplinary actions so that members of major racial and ethnic groups are penalized at equal rates, regardless of individuals’ behavior.

    His July 26 executive order established a government panel to promote “a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.”

    “African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes, and they disproportionately experience school discipline,” said the order, titled “White House Initiative On Educational Excellence.”

    Because of those causes, the report suggests, “over a third of African American students do not graduate from high school on time with a regular high school diploma, and only four percent of African American high school graduates interested in college are college-ready across a range of subjects.”

    The order created a “President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African Americans.” It will include senior officials from several federal agencies — including the Departments of Education, Justice and Labor — which have gained increased power over state education policies since 2009.

    The progressives campaign for race-based discipline policies also won a victory in Maryland July 24.

    The state’s board of education established a policy demanding that each racial or ethnic group receive roughly proportional level of school penalties, regardless of the behavior by members of each group.
    Ads by Google

    K12 – Learn OnlineYour Child Deserves an Outstanding Education, Discover K12 Today. http://www.K12.com/Tennessee

    The board’s decision requires that “the state’s 24 school systems track data to ensure that minority and special education students are not unduly affected by suspensions, expulsions and other disciplinary measures,” said a July 25 Washington Post report.

    “Disparities would have to be reduced within a year and eliminated within three years,” according to the Post.

    The state’s new racial policy was welcomed by progressives, including Judith Browne Dianis, a director of the D.C.-based Advancement Project. “Maryland’s proposal is on the cutting edge,” she told the Post.

    Dianis’ project is also a law firm that litigates race-related questions, and it gains from laws and regulations that spur race-related legal disputes.

    “The combination of overly harsh school policies … has created a ‘schoolhouse-to-jailhouse track,’ in which punitive measures such as suspensions, expulsions, and school-based arrests are increasingly used to deal with student misbehavior,” claimed the group’s website.

    This “is a racial justice crisis, because the students pushed out through harsh discipline are disproportionately students of color,” the group insisted.

    The administration had previously advertised its support for the campaign to impose race-based discipline policies.

    In February, Attorney General Eric Holder claimed that “we’ve often seen that students of color, students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and students with special needs are disproportionately likely to be suspended or expelled.”

    “This is, quite simply, unacceptable. … These unnecessary and destructive policies must be changed,” he said in his speech, given in Atlanta, Ga.

    Holder’s speech did not, however, include any evidence of discrimination toward any individual African-American student. For example, he offered no evidence that school infractions by African-American students prompt stiffer punishments than similar infractions by white, Hispanic or Asian students.

    The progressive campaign to impose race-based rules on schools relies on various judges’ decisions, which penalize so-called “disparate impact” in hiring.

    According to progressive lawyers, “disparate impact” may occur when companies or state and local governments hire and promote people at rates different from their percentage in the local population.

    Because of judges’ decisions, juries can force companies and state agencies — such as city boards that hire police officers and firefighters — to pay heavy financial penalties to plaintiffs, even when hiring policies are recognized as color-blind.

    When facing a disparate impact lawsuit, employers have to justify their hiring practices, for example, by showing that the job demands special skills possessed by relatively few members of a racial or ethnic group.

    Progressives say the “disparate impact” claims are supported by the 1964 Civil Right Act.

    Critics, such as Roger Clegg, the president of the Center for Equal Opportunity, says “disparate impact” law is used to trump popular and effective color-blind practices, such as civil-service tests by governments and employment-suitability testing by companies.

    Another critic, David Rettig, head of the National Character Education Foundation, told The Daily Caller in February that apparently-disproportionate school discipline practices can be a reflection of local crime reports.

    “Outside the walls of the school, how many of these kids are coming from not just dysfunctional homes, but homes that are not supportive of their children?” he told TheDC.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/27/obama-backs-race-based-school-discipline-policies/#ixzz21oFTUjub

    I’m dumbfounded-this is so stupid-it has to rate up there with the most ignorant thing I’m read in awhile. Discipline by quota, instead of behavior.

  12. Union heads representing thousands of America’s immigration agents slammed the Obama administration Thursday over a policy they claim is forcing officials to ignore the law and allowing illegal immigrants to exploit the system.

    In a startling allegation, the president of the union representing Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers claimed illegal immigrants are “taking advantage” of a new directive allowing some undocumented residents who came to the U.S. as children to stay in the country. Union boss Chris Crane said the policy ends up allowing illegal immigrants to avoid detention without any proof — particularly so-called “dreamers,” or those illegal immigrants who would benefit under the “DREAM Act” proposal, which Congress has not passed but the administration has partially implemented.

    “Prosecutorial discretion for dreamers is solely based on the individual’s claims. Our orders are if an alien says they went to high school, then let them go,” he said at a press conference with GOP senators. “Officers have been told that there is no burden for the alien to prove anything. … At this point we don’t even know why DHS has criteria at all, as there is no requirement or burden to prove anything on the part of the alien.

    “We believe that significant numbers of people who are not dreamers are taking advantage of this practice to avoid arrest,” he said.

    Crane cited one case in which, he said, an immigrant facing criminal charges was let go under the policy. Further, he complained that officers are “under threat of losing their jobs” if they defy the policy.

    ICE didn’t respond to those allegations directly but said allegations of fraud and abuse will be investigated.

    The press conference comes just days after the Federation for American Immigration Reform, an anti-illegal immigration group, released a report claiming the administration has worked for the past three-and-a-half years to undermine immigration enforcement.

    ICE, though, defended its operations Thursday evening — noting, as it often does, that the agency is only funded to remove roughly 400,000 people a year and has to prioritize. The prioritization under this administration has been to fast-track for deportation those accused of serious criminal offenses and potentially give a reprieve to those who aren’t.

    “Because the agency encounters more removable aliens than it is able to process, the agency prioritizes its resources on aliens whose removal have the greatest impact on public safety and the integrity of the immigration system,” spokeswoman Gillian Christensen said in a statement. “ICE’s efforts to target the agency’s enforcement priorities are paying big dividends. For each of the past three fiscal years, ICE has removed more criminal aliens from the country than ever before and more than 90 percent of ICE’s removals fell into one of the agency’s enforcement priority categories.”

    She disputed the notion that the policy impacts public safety, but she said the agency meets regularly with union representatives “to discuss our goal of ensuring public safety by focusing on the removal of individuals who meet our enforcement priorities.”

    In light of the accusations Thursday, she added that “the agency will aggressively investigate allegations of fraud and abuse of the deferred action process.”

    The allegations from the union were expressed in unusually blunt terms Thursday.

    George McCubbin, president of the National Border Patrol Council union, said the Department of Homeland Security has made it impossible for agents to do their jobs.

    Crane said it’s led to disorganization and “confusion” at ICE.

    Republican lawmakers used the forum to continue their sustained campaign against the administration’s immigration policy changes.

    Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said the latest directive is without legal basis and “condones breaking the law.”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/07/26/ice-border-patrol-unions-claim-illegal-immigrants-exploiting-dreamer-policy/?intcmp=trending#ixzz21pJZfjNB

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    From another author:

    In Frédéric Bastiat’s brilliant The Law, he explains that “when plunder is organized by law for the profit of those who make law,” everyone eventually becomes involved in legislation. And when the masses join in, “they emulate their evil predecessors by participating in this legal plunder.”

    The illusion of democracy is that by voting yes or no to certain politicians or certain laws, the people can restrain the government. But “so long as legal plunder continues to be the main business of the legislature,” the people find themselves becoming merely the state’s accomplice.

    • That is why government can never work – it is predicated on plunder under the guise of law.

      “Thou shalt not steal” is the moral Golden Rule.

      But people desire:
      “Thou shalt not steal except by popular vote”, and thus suffer greatly under its immorality.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Good morning my pirate friend. If you liked that one, here is another. Some people can simply paint a clearer picture with words than I.

        ““With the socialization of the health care system through institutions such as Medicaid and Medicare and the regulation of the insurance industry (by restricting an insurer’s right of refusal: to exclude any individual risk as uninsurable, and discriminate freely, according to actuarial methods, between different group risks) a monstrous machinery of wealth and income redistribution at the expense of responsible individuals and low-risk groups in favor of irresponsible actors and high-risk groups has been put in motion.””

        –Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Democracy: The God That Failed

        • Professor Hoppe may one day win a Nobel Prize for Political Economics

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Seems to me that would require a change in the mindset of the Nobel Committees. I have not read his works as I have only recently come across his name. He will be among my stack of future reading.

          • Mathius™ says:

            You mean he might be chosen by the same panel which gave the Nobel Prize in economics to Krugman in 2008?

      • Mathius™ says:

        I thought it was “Do unto others…”?

        Maybe we should give a chance to “Turn the other cheek”?

        Then again, I suppose when it comes to government there’s always “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

        • Just A Citizen says:

          When it comes to Govt it is more like worshiping FALSE GODS.

          • Mathius™ says:

            Are you calling Obama a golden calf?

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Golden JACKASS would be more accurate.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Speaking of the Golden Jackass, here is a good OUTING of the political operative in chief. Let me add that the restaurant owner was given 15 minute notice and nobody can get from A to B in Portland in 15 minutes during that time of day. Except of course if you know the route in advance and have traffic stopped for you. HUNDREDS sat in traffic jam during the ONE’s visit the other day. Which was nothing but a fundraising event by the way.


              • Mathius™ says:

                You don’t say?!

                I’m so surprised that a politician would stage something like this!

                Well I do declare…

                I worked in Century City (in LA) when Bush came to give an ‘impromptu’ speech back in the day. He basically shut the entire city down – dozens of police cars blocking roads, detours, extra traffic, heavy delays, etc. Annoying as this may be, it’s nothing new or unique to President Obama. (impromptu, my a$$.. there were snipers on all the roofs hours in advance.. almost like the secret service suspected that he might make a stop there). So, if you want to bash this kind of thing, feel free to – it’s perfectly worthy of bashing. But don’t pretend that Obama is somehow different because of it. I’m sure Clinton, and St. Reagan did the exact same thing.

        • Mathius,

          You thought correct.

          “Thou shalt not steal” is a direct and equal consequence of “Do unto others….”.
          If you do not wish others to steal from you, you better not be a thief yourself.

          “Turn the other cheek” is a process of breaking the ring of violence. Tit-for-tat ends when one player refuses to “tat”.

          Government succeeds every time it acts – if increasing violence is your goal.

          • Mathius™ says:

            “Thou shalt not steal” – how do you derive your prohibition on violence from this?

            “Turn the other cheek” – when you refuse to retaliate, it sometimes breaks the cycle. Other times, it’s perceived as weakness and the other guy just starts hitting harder. I’ve given this one a shot more than once and it always ended badly.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              But only ONE guy gets hurt instead of two. Isn’t that the meaning of Greater Good? 🙂

              • Tit-for-tat ends when one player refuses to “tat”.

                Yeah, the one who becomes a slave …

                JAC, so you are an advocate of might makes right … doesn’t that kind of interfere with all that (now that we have everything, we’d like to abolish violence) philosophy of BF’s?

            • Mathius

              Thou shalt not steal” – how do you derive your prohibition on violence from this?


              Self-evident, not?

              “Turn the other cheek” – when you refuse to retaliate, it sometimes breaks the cycle. Other times, it’s perceived as weakness and the other guy just starts hitting harder. I’ve given this one a shot more than once and it always ended badly.

              Your experience proves or disproves nothing.

              But it is among the most powerful weapons against violence – Gandhi used it to shatter an empires grip on his people.

              • So Mathius’ experience proves nothing, but Gandhi’s experience proves everything? How does that work?

              • Mathius has a measure of himself – one person.

                Gandhi has a measure of 750 million people plus himself.

                Gandhi wins.

              • Mathius™ says:

                Ghandi’s case supports his preconceived notions, therefore that’s the correct answer.

              • Ah…thanks for the clarification.

              • Mathius™ says:

                History forgets all the ones for whom this didn’t work.

              • Mathius

                It is more than numbers – it is an act based on a moral principle.

                Your position is no better than an animal and there is no principle other than revenge. It is not civilized, it is not moral, it is not “good”.

                All principled action does not always end up with you “winning” – often principled men die holding firm to that principle – like dying for freedom or a cause.

      • Mathius™ says:

        We’ve got to keep guns off the internet!

        • Isn’t that backwards? Let’s have all our shootings on the internet. Digital violence only….


          • Mathius™ says:

            shootings on the internet.

            I think that’s called the Red State comments section.

            • If we finally want to deal seriously with multiple-victim public shootings, it is about time that we acknowledge a common feature of these attacks: With just a single exception, the attack in Tucson last year, every public shooting in the U.S. in which more than three people have been killed since at least 1950 has occurred in a place where citizens are not allowed to carry their own firearms. The Cinemark movie theater in Aurora, like others run by the chain around the country, displayed warning signs that it was prohibited to carry guns into the theater.

              So President Obama wants to keep guns like the AK-47 “in the hands of soldiers.” But these are not military weapons. No self-respecting military in the world would use them, and it is time for Obama to stop scaring the American people.


              • Mathius™ says:

                I like how you gloss over Tucson.

                There were police and armed security on the scene. Yet this guy was still able to shoot a congresswoman in the head and wouldn’t 18, killing 6.

                And before you point out that he arrested on the scene and that his kill count was much lower than Aurora, let’s remember that he was using a pistol whereas the guy in CO was using a semi with a drum magazine.

                I would contend that having an armed presence did not do much, if anything, to protect anyone from harm in that attack and that, had the armed response come from untrained civilians rather than trained police/security, it might have been much worse.

              • Matt,

                I posted an article, so Mr. Lott would be the one “glossing over” Tucson, not me. I kinda question his numbers, only one shooting of this type since 1950? You might want to check your assertions, there were no police or security present, deliberate on Giffords part. The CCW that was present was in the store, not present. So in reality, there was NO armed presence. Another fun fact, HandGun Control touts statistics on guns present in crimes. They include when someone has a gun in their car a block down the street. “Victim to three punks, “wait right here while I get my nine out of my car, we’ll see how tough you chicken-Fil-A’s are”…

                I’m also not big on having one or a few scattered LEO’s guarding an event. If someone intends a serious attack, they are sacrifices, not security.

  14. Great speech! Get government off everyone’s backs!


    • Mathius™ says:

      YEA!!! Get gov’t regulations off our backs!

      The rich should be able to endanger everyone else unimpeded by government!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Without Govt protection the people are free to protect themselves against immoral people, whether rich or poor.

        You still have a misplaced understanding of what “regulation” accomplishes.

        • Mathius™ says:

          How was that working out back when they were using lead paint despite the scientific consensus at the time that lead was dangerous? Or leaded gasoline? Or asbestos? Or CFC’s? Or DDT? Or fire codes? Or.. oh screw it.. I’m wasting my time.

          • A Puritan Descendant says:

            I have relatives who grew up drinking water from lead pipes and they are now in their 90s and in fine shape. Now we have Latex paint with mercury in it. http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00001566.htm

            • Mathius™ says:

              I have relatives who grew up drinking water from lead pipes and they are now in their 90s and in fine shape.

              Now we have Latex paint with mercury in it.
              So your argument is that regulations are bad because a lack of a regulation prohibiting mercury in latex paint has failed to stop people from putting mercury in latex paint?

              Let me see if I’ve got this right:
              A. People put bad stuff in paint.
              B. Government stops them.
              C. People switch to different bad stuff.
              D. Government hasn’t (yet) stopped them. (according to your link – as of March 1990)

              Ergo government regulations are bad?

              Oh wait… Government Bans Mercury in Interior Latex Paints (according to the below link as of June 1990.. just three months later)
              http://www (dot) nytimes (dot) com/1990/06/30/us/government-bans-mercury-in-interior-latex-paints.html?src=

              So your argument is that regulations are bad because a lack of regulations allowed people to put lead in paint, then when the government stopped that, they added Mercury instead. Now that the government’s stopped that, too (22 years ago), there’s no lead or mercury. Therefore government regulations are bad?

              Did I get that right?

            • A Puritan Descendant says:

              calm down mathius, it is the weekend.

              • Mathius™ says:

                Not yet… I wish it was… I’m going to be working late today. And then I have to gear up for month end. Plus I haven’t slept through the night in almost a month.

                However, there is a solution…


              • A Puritan Descendant says:

                Mathius, we get cold fronts up north here, and then I sleep like a baby. I hope u have AC.

              • Mathius™ says:

                Temperature isn’t the problem.. having a 1 month old baby makes it tough to sleep through the night though..

              • SK Trynosky Sr says:

                Matt, let the baby set the schedule. Feed right before bedtime and see how long it goes. Gradually as quantities increase, the babe will sleep later and later. Worked pretty well for our brood. By a couple of months old, they were all pretty much sleeping through the night. One daughter in law followed our advice and things went very smoothly. The other read a book. I don’;t think they got more than three hours continuous sleep for three or four months.

                Anybody else out there have ideas for our new papa friend?

          • Mathius,

            Your history is lacking.

            Lead was being removed from 98% of all fuels long before government mandated such.

          • SK Trynosky Sr says:

            Stop knocking DDT. Every time somebody knocks it they get the facts wrong. It is a very safe product, used extensively on and around humans. The problem was misapplication, over the counter sale and the theory, “if a little is good, a lot is better”. The banning of DDT and the refusal to revisit that ban has led to MILLIONS of deaths in Africa, Asia and South America from the resurgence of the Anopheles mosquito. It also has led to the resurgence of the bedbug throughout the United States.

  15. Mathius™ says:

    Oh the humanity!


    This is a terrible loss to the good people of DC.

    • SK Trynosky Sr says:

      Reminds me of an incident twenty years ago when a tractor trailer carrying loose potatoes split open on the Eastbound Cross Bx. Expressway. The driver got it over to the breakdown pull in and took off the plate, unhitched the tractor and drove away. For about a week, the Bronx folks were getting all the free potatoes they wanted. I would have expected the same of the beer video but I guess people just aren’t that creative in DC.

  16. Man Creates Working AR-15 with a 3D Printer

    Via Popular Science:

    Get ready. It’s now possible to print weapons at home. An amateur gunsmith, operating under the handle of “HaveBlue” (incidentally, “Have Blue” is the codename that was used for the prototype stealth fighter that became the Lockheed F-117), announced recently in online forums that he had successfully printed a serviceable .22 caliber pistol. Despite predictions of disaster, the pistol worked. It successfully fired 200 rounds in testing. HaveBlue then decided to push the limits of what was possible and print an AR-15 rifle. To do this, he downloaded plans for an AR-15 in the Solidworks file format from a site called CNCGunsmith.com. After some small modifications to the design, he fed about $30 of ABS plastic feedstock into his late-model Stratasys printer. The result was a functional AR-15 rifle. Early testing shows that it works, although it still has some minor feed and extraction problems to be worked out. . .

    He made the barrel, too? I can’t tell from the piece. — Greg Pollowitz


  17. Olympic’s Opening Ceremony is tonight. I always like to watch that. Here’s the schedule if you’re interested. USA! USA! USA!

  18. Mathius™ says:

    And here we go..

    Good luck with gun control now..


    PS: Holy shit…

    • Just A Citizen says:


      You need to go back and look at the comments. The article title is misleading.

      This tech has been in development for some time. Soon you will live in Star Trek land, with computers and printers making FREE STUFF.

      Then what is the Govt going to do about all the unemployed people?

      • Mathius™ says:

        I know the tech has been around, but I never thought about this particular application. I’m sure the gov’t will try to do something.. but I’m not sure what other than squashing the entire idea of a 3D printer.. but products like this can’t be suppressed forever. Also of concern would be patent violations – what about when I can just print out my own iPad? I assume that, while right now I believe it’s just plastic, they’ll find a way to use various materials sooner or later leading to a real replicator.

        Of course, for the later (IP concerns), it seems more likely that eventually a marketplace will open where you can purchase a one-time download/print of a given product. That’s little different than the iTunes store. Consider that, if you were so inclined, you could still find and download movies and music illegally, but it’s really just much easier/better/safer/faster to get them from the legitimate marketplace. So, while I image that you’d still be able to find schematics for pirated products, it’s far more likely that you’ll just buy the real one… then again, maybe not. Right now, my choice is the annoyance/hassle/time/viruses/quality-issues of bootlegging music verse spending a buck.. maybe that equation changes when I’m buying a $50 or $100 dollar product?

        For the former (weapons)… well… who knows? It’s going to be a wild ride.

        With regards to what happens to the unemployed people.. well.. that’s going to be a wild ride too. The first thing to note is that everything will get much cheaper in a hurry when manufacturing costs/delivery costs/supply chains/etc all vanish. My guess would be that people will shift to an overwhelmingly service-based economy. Our trade-deficits should vanish in the space of a few years as we will no longer require cheap manufacturing from China et al and there’s really no way to outsource, say, a haircut or massage (yet! There are a few things in the long-term pipe). Our only dependency will be raw materials and electricity. The real business will be in design and development of downloadable print-templates.

        Should be fun.

        But the real fun – the really good stuff – is going to be once we figure out how to transmute materials. An electron is an electron and a proton is a proton.. once we can turn two hydrogens into one helium, well.. all the doors open up, don’t they? But that’s a lot further down the road… just a speck on the distant horizon. (incidentally, we have made a few atoms of gold in particle accelerators out of lighter elements, so maybe this isn’t sooo far off..)

        • SK Trynosky Sr says:

          I can’t believe it. Heinlein was right again! I think it was “Beyond This Horizon” where the main character “printed” a .45 automatic. Same book that gives you the quote “an armed society is a polite society”.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    As I was sitting here paying all the backed up bills from my trip, I was thinking how nice it was that the Post Office decided to Print my VDLG Slogan on their new stamps.

    Freedom, Liberty and Justice.

    But then I noticed a fourth stamp…………Equality.

    Now I sit here wondering WHY this would be included along with the other three. Such a curious thing from this Administration, don’t you think?

    • Mathius™ says:

      We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men* are created equal**

      *White male land-owning citizens
      *White male citizens
      *Male citizens

      *US citizens

      **Equal means equal
      **Mostly equal
      **Somewhat equal

      **Some are more equal than others

    • We hold these truths to be true, that all men are created equal…..I think you are over thinking it, but this adminstration is pushing that equal thing everywhere. And equal gets twisted into socia; justic, etc…

      • All men are created equal – we all come from two parents and are born into the world.

        This does not mean all men ARE equal, nor does it mean all men SHOULD BE equal.

        Equality is a dangerous goal – to achieve it, it often means some men need to use violence on other non-violent men so to take what others have so to give to others who did not earn it. This leads to a collapse of social order – and with that, a collapse of civilization.

    • The third picture..with the fangs and growl..I’ve been to that point before! 🙂

  20. Chick Fil A update

    ACLU Backs Chick-fil-A Against Rahm Emanuel’s Threatened Ban
    Read more on Newsmax.com: ACLU Backs Chick-fil-A Against Rahm Emanuel’s Threatened Ban

    Good call ACLU.

  21. Good movie here, folks (Transsiberian) … mother russia?

    and some more Stevie Ray (for USW) …

    I don’t expect yous will like The Newsroom … but it rocks.

    SNHU MFA Graduate: Darren Cormier … Transssiberian… HBO’s The Newsroom … Rough Riders …

  22. gmanfortruth says:

    Reblogged this on Stand Up For America.

  23. gmanfortruth says:

    @Buck, One would think Emanuel would be more concerned with the murder rate in Chicago instead of chicken 🙄

  24. Is it possible that a socialist would dump on Obama AND government agencies?

    The FBI are very much seen as the villains here and there is a very strong, anti-federalist undercurrent – indeed much of the conversation is about the Obama administration and the heavy hand of the various government agencies.


    • SK Trynosky Sr. says:

      One of the most interesting things that humans are capable of is dumping on like minded people because they either do not go far enough, fast enough or do not approach the problem in the same way. It is counter productive to say the least.

      As an example I would use the Chic-a fil issue. Sure, the hardcore intolerant gay people would like to destroy the chain asap. Some favor direct action which is evidenced by Chicago and Bostons mayors. No doubt they were urged to say what they did by some very scary (and rich) supporters. On the other hand, the slow but steady crowd is cringing right now. All those non-gay middle of the road people, people who want to be fair and are generally in the corner of the gay marriage crowd are seeing the real face of the movement. The Asian way of patience is the way to get things done. Change can be implemented so gradually over two or so generations that people are not even aware that there was change. Rapid, radical change leads to backlash. What’s that old saw about how to cook a frog?

      If you study Soviet History, Cuban History or Chinese history, you will see the same thing. They are quite willing to eat their own if there is a disagreement on policy or tactics. I mentioned Niall Fergueson’s book, he kind of points out that this was the way the French Revolutionary leaders operated which eventually led to a melt down which then led to Napoleon.

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