Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

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Merry Christmas SUFA! I hope that you are all enjoying time with friends and family!


  1. gmanfortruth says:


  2. Judy Sabatini says:

    Merry Christmas everybody, I hope you all have a wonderful day with family, friends & loved ones, & I hope everybody will have a great coming New Year as well. Take Care.

  3. Merry ho ho ho…..

    • Colonel, you’re not allowed to say that! Punishment…listen to three Obama speeches without cursing 🙂

  4. Merry Chrimas y’all!!!!! Got my 17 year old son a 7mm Magnum for Christmas and went deer hunting with him this morning. LIFE IS GOOD!! 🙂

    • Way to go Esom! My son got a 12 gauge from his dad…omg!…he’s lovin life too! You boys never grow up 🙂

  5. Fixin’ Ham and Chicken Dressing and Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans and Collard Greens and Corn and ALL kinds of other stuffs fo’ Christmas Dinner now. So good it’ll make your tongue slap yo’ brains out! Mmm Mmm Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  6. Buon Natale!

    Gman for President (so long as I can set policy) …

  7. gmanfortruth says:

    Is the so-called War on Christmas real, or just a bogeyman fabricated by conservatives with overly acute senses of victimhood? Well, tell a liberal “merry Christmas” and you’ll get your answer.

    To the school in Pennsylvania that prohibited fourth-graders from handing out Christmas cards, merry Christmas.

    To the school in Massachusetts that permitted students to make Christmas cards as long as there was no nativity scene depicted on them, merry Christmas.

    To another Massachusetts that changed the lyrics in “God Bless the U.S.A.” to “We love the U.S.A.,” merry Christmas, and God bless you.

    To the school in Georgia that removed the word “Christmas” from its school calendar, merry Christmas.

    To the school in Minnesota that prohibited the performers in its Christmas play from wearing red and green scarves and from wishing a “merry Christmas” at the end of it’s Christmas play, merry Christmas.

    To the school in New Jersey that prohibited a second-grader from singing “Awesome God” at a talent show, merry Christmas.

    To the counselor at a Colorado school who changed the Pledge of Allegiance from saying “one nation under God” to “one nation under your belief system,” merry Christmas, and God bless you.

    To the school in North Carolina that censored the word “God” from the lines “He prayed to God for peace. He prayed to God for strength” in a poem written by a first-grade girl to honor her grandfathers who served in Vietnam, merry Christmas, and God bless you.

    To the school in Texas that prohibited a football coach from bowing his head or kneeling while his team said a prayer, merry Christmas.

    To another school in Texas that prohibited a child from handing out candy canes with Jesus’ name on them, took away a girl’s pencils because they had the word “God” on them, and prohibited Christmas cards being sent to overseas troops from saying “merry Christmas” on them (because troops worry about that kind of thing), merry Christmas, and God bless you.

    To the Rhode Island school that removed a prayer banner that had hung in the auditorium for 38 years without a word of complaint, merry Christmas, and I’ll pray for you.

    To all the Cross-burners, the religious-tract-prohibitionists, the Christmas-song-silencers, a very merry Christmas to you and yours. May God’s glory shine brightly upon you (unless that sort of thing would make your skin break out into sizzling boils).

    (These incidents were summarily reported two weeks ago by Phyllis Schlafly.)

  8. The Moonachie Green Team … a.k.a., Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets … travel north this Sunday to face my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills in what has been labeled by Temporary Knucksline as “The Toilet Bowl” … oy vey.

  9. Gonna be an extremely busy next few days for me, but hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (or Happy Hanukkah as the case may be) and will have a happy and healthy new year!

  10. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year to everyone at SUFA!

  11. gmanfortruth says:

    I hope everyone had a good Christmas! 🙂 We did here as well, now, the snow is falling heavily and we are expected to get 8 to 16 inches by tomorrow morning. THis is great, once the wind dies down some, it’s back to bow hunting 🙂

    THe gun control issue is hot again, as the progressives are crying very loudly. I’m against any more control, I’m for ending the “no gun zones”, it’s obvious they don’t work. I don’t think we need cops or guards at schools, that cost money that most school systems don’t have. I am for allowing teachers and all other school employees to conceal carry, on their person at all times, if they so choose. Replace the “no gun zone” signs with “employees are armed” signs and let’s end the massacres. I’m sorry to tell the Progressives this, but their sissy gun control crap don’t work, and that has been proven over and over. You can’t stop nuts who want to kill with a smile and some political correctness, because the nuts don’t really care about Progressives or anyone else. Guns, used by trained citizens, stop nuts wanting to kill. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the ONLY answer. I challenge anyone to dispute that 🙂

    Peace and Happy New Year!

  12. gmanfortruth says:

    I signed the petition and hope (but doubt) they deport his big mouth back to England, where they have plenty of gun control, and are the most dangerous country in Europe. 🙂

  13. gmanfortruth says:

    No election or elections will solve the problem that Government does not respect the natural and guarenteed rights of the people, especially the 4th amendment. The 5th Amendment isn’t getting much respect either. So, how do we the people fix this?

  14. Late but sincere, May you all have enjoyed the Merriest of Christmases and the happiest of the Christmas Holiday Season. God Bless you all in the coming New Year, the first of the new Imperium.

  15. Just ate the last piece of peanut butter fudge 😦

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I always enjoy the traditional holiday foods. All the different cookies that only come around during this time of year. Today, is winter storm day, 4 inches and counting since 11:30 am. Now it sounds like it’s mixing with sleet. Fun times 🙂 Fun times indeed 🙂

  16. gmanfortruth says:

    Good Morning SUFA 🙂

    After a fresh blanket (about 12 inches) of snow, the cleanup begins. But first, I can’t help but to bring an example of Liberalism gone mad.

    CNN’s Piers Morgan, who has come under fire for his vocal support of gun control and his strident opposition to gun enthusiasts, one of whom he denounced on his show as an “unbelievably stupid man,” has stepped in another hornet’s nest.

    In an interview with evangelical pastor Rick Warren, Morgan asserted that the Bible, like the Constitution, is “basically inherently flawed” and that, with regard to gay rights in particular, “it’s time for an amendment to the Bible.” “I do not believe the Bible is flawed,” Warren responded. “What I believe is flawed is human opinion, because it constantly changes.”

  17. gmanfortruth says:
  18. OH MY! The Brits are really over the top Liberals, and this may prove it.

  19. Hospitals are so messed up now it is ridiculous. My mom-in law had to go to the hospital right before Christmas with very acute pain in one of her legs. She has had this problem before in the other leg and we had a very hard time getting medicare to pay for it. But they finally did. She is in her eighties and has a very hard time walking, the strain has caused the muscle to seperate from her bone at the hip. With rehab and rest it repaired its self enough, that she was able to come home after about a week.

    Now the other leg has done the same thing. So we take her to the hospital-first they must put her in observation for at least 24 hrs before she can be admitted to the hospital-then she has to have an MRI to verify the problem. Then the problems start-she can’t be admitted to the hospital because the hospital can’t fix her problem-so they try to find a rehab that will take her-can’t find one-because they insist she must be admitted to a hospital for 3 days in order to qualify for medicare and they won’t let you come if you don’t qualify for medicare. Now they have finally found a place that will take her without being admitted to the hospital for 3 days-but there is no guarantee that medicare will pay for it. they think they will pay for it-if she shows marked improvement after going through rehab-if not-she is just stuck with the bill. So here we sit-4 days in observation which medicare has to pay for-instead of the hospital just putting her there days ago as soon as they knew she needed to be there. So if medicare ends up paying for this situation, and they probably will-they have succeeded in nothing more than making her suffer through at least 3 or 4 extra days in the hospital, causing the bill to be much more expensive than it would have been.

    So, in order to get any type of rehab payed for by medicare one must by what I’m learning stay in the hospital for 4 days-whether one needs to be there or not. And if the hospital can’t fix your problem-rehab isn’t paid for-unless ????-and you have no way of knowing until after you are legally responsible to pay for it -out of your own pocket. And they have to cause an 80 year old woman in major pain, fear and extra anxiety to boot !!!!!!!!!!

    • Coming soon, Obamacare. When it’s fully implemented, the elderly will be sent home with some pain pills until a group of government folks decide if the problem will get fixed. A person in the 80’s will likely suffer with nothing more than pain pills to help. Get ready, when the govts in charge people die. Just like “gun free zones” where only govt employees can have guns. Nice job of protecting our school kids, jackasses.

      Sorry about your Mother-n-law VH, nobody should have to suffer if help is available. Leave it to the Govt to make that happen. 👿

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    D13The Colonel

    Good day Sir.

    I have a strange vision of a BEAVER chewing on the nose of a Longhorn Steer. The Beaver finally brings the steer down and chews through his jugular.

    Longhorn killed by a Beaver.

    Premonition? Wagers???


    Boise State was the only Mountain West team to stand in the winners circle this bowl season. Although their nemesis Nevada did well. Suggesting that perhaps the Pac 12 picked the WRONG teams a couple years back.

    Hope all is well in the Republic of Texas this fine day.

    Best to you and your kin.

    • Funny…my vision is that of Bevo pooping on a beaver pelt.

      • I don’t drink but a friendly wager could be in store….what do you have in mind, Sir JAC?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I knew you wouldn’t want booze but perhaps something else may interest you.

          You got any ideas?

          Perhaps a Dinner with our Spousal Unit Leaders? Or a fishing trip, or a Six Pack of your fine Cane Sugar Dr. Pepper for something here you may like?

          I would offer up some of my fine homegrown beef steaks but I haven’t raised beef since moving to the land of fruits and nuts, and of course outdated hippies who ride their bikes neked!

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Colonel. Good day sir, I have come up with an idea on my end.

          Dungeness Crab season started today. So perhaps some fresh Crab should the Beavers fall on their face, like UCLA did last night.

          Now what might you have to offer?

  21. Cowards and traitors exist now as in Adams’ day; cowards willing to surrender their weapons to a tyrannical state and traitors willing to surrender the rights of other Americans.

    But the rest of us will overcome these individuals and resist the efforts of a corrupt government to enslave the American public by refusing to obey any law which further intrudes on our Second Amendment rights. Be it a ban on ownership or attempt at outright confiscation, the duty of Americans will be to fight, not comply.

  22. In the coming year, California Senator Feinstein will be bringing forward for a vote a draconian gun control law. Since she doesn’t seem to understand the phrase “shall not be infringed” it is time to have her tried for treason. Sign this and tell these idiots in DC you are paying attention.

  23. Is there anybody out there?

    • Hey Gman, Yes it is a quiet site isn’t it? Are you shoveled out?

      • Hi Kathy, We are fine. THe snow is a common issue and we are expecting 3 to 5 more inches tomorrow 🙂 I don’t mind it. I’m going deer hunting in the morning, I love hunting when snow is falling. It is so peaceful and beautiful, it has to be experienced to appreciate. Hope your Christmas was a wonderful one, ours was great.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    A woman has been arrested in connection with the shooting ambush of those firemen the other day. An excerpt from the story follows:

    “”She told the seller of these guns, Gander Mountain in Henrietta, N.Y., that she was to be the true owner and buyer of the guns instead of William Spengler,” he said. “It is absolutely against federal law to provide any materially false information related to the acquisition of firearms.”

    “It is sometimes referred to acting as a straw purchaser and that is exactly what today’s complaint alleges,” he said.

    The federal charges carry a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment, a fine of $250,000 or both.”

    Now wasn’t this what the Feds did when they allowed the Straw Purchase of guns and their shipment to Mexico……Fast and Furious?????

    Did I miss something or did these Federal Agents get arrested and sent up for ten years or fined $250 K ????

    Yes that was sarcasm…..sorry, just couldn’t resist.

    Guess this lady was just working for the wrong CRIMINAL.

  25. @ JAC…….doing some serious research on mass murders and comparisons to “assault weapons”. Finding out that of all the mass murders committed……since 1900… half of one percent have been with “assault type” weapons. Will be posting shortly.

    • Just completed a ride through Texas. What does the FM mean on the road signs over there? Also I loved the 75 mph speed limit on the rural 2 lane roads, who needs Interstate Highways when everyone is doing 80 mph on the back roads.

      • Hey there, Bama……..speed limits? Whas’ that? FM means farm to market roads. Our FM’s are better than most highways nationwide but you can thank the oil industry for that. We built our own inra-structure without Federal Highway funds a long time ago and we maintain them today without Federal Highway funds. The only Federal Highway funds we receive go into the interstate system…which we really do not need down here. Had you jumped on the road from Abilene to El Paso…you would have seen 85 mph speed limits and a soon to be 90 mph in South Texas.

        • One other thing, Bama……we also have RR’s…which means Ranch Road. Back in the 40’s and 50’s, when the oil and gas industry was booming, as it is now, all of the oil companies were looking for places to dump their sludge and refuse from the wells. What they soon discovered is that the sludge, mixed with water based asphalt, made a substance that does not wash away in the storms and flash floods. So, it was a situation. The ranchers wanted something other than dirt roads and the oil companies needed places to dump. So a deal was made. The oil companies added an asphalt mix to the sludge and rolled it onto the dirt roads that existed through out the ranches and farms in Texas. It cost the oil companies almost nothing and provided a service to them and it cost the ranchers absolutely nothing. To this day, these roads exist and the oil companies and the ranchers still have these agreements in place. The EPA is beside themselves but cannot stop it. So….all improved roads on Texas farms and ranches are provided for (private land) and the Federal Government can say nothing at all…..we would not listen to them anyway. The end result is the ranchers have roads that are improved, do not washout, do not freeze and crack and will sustain the weight of cattle trucks. So, there are ranch roads that connect to the FM’s and the FM’s connect to State Highways and the Interstate system.

          • To elaborate just a bit…..the farm-to-market road system was established in 1949 in Texas connecting rural farms and ranches with market towns…..we Texans are quite proud of our road system which was way ahead of its time. I remember as a kid traveling with my family that even if we missed the sign saying (for instance) Welcome to Louisiana, we knew we had left Texas because the roads were suddenly so….uh…crappy. The stark difference in the roads made an impression that is vivid to this day.


  26. Me & Momma Stella … More Foreign Flicks … Last Rants … Happy New Year … Back to School …

  27. Good Afternoon SUFA 🙂

    We got another 6 inches of snow this morning, How nice 🙄 It should be clear that I have a major issue with the gun control crowd.
    maybe it’s because we have a government squawking loudly about gun control, all the while they have bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and are pre-positioning them at numerous ammo storage areas throughout the country. I know, I worry too much 🙂 But who is going to be shooting all these bullets and at whom will they be shooting at? Are we going to be invaded? Or are the bullets for us? Here is some of my crazy info that even I have a hard time believing

    I will be adding more to go with this. The info (even the crazy stuff) is getting unusually numorous. I’ll try and post the believable stuff, 😆

  28. Happy New Year y’all! Go Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Let’s see if I can predict the outcome. THe scientists (probably believe that man-made global warming is real) will claim to have found a gene that is consistant with other murderers that have been tested. This, of course, will be all bullshit. Then they will want to test living murdrers for the same gene. THen they will test anyone that is taking any meds for a mental problem. THen they will want to test everyone that is arrested or takes a drug test for a job, ect, ect.

    This will be one way to deny gun ownership to lots of people over time. There are many people that think the CT shooting was a CIA op, and some evidence to support that. just thought you’d like to know that 🙂

  30. @ JAC……….****ahem**** I am sure that this calls for some sort of smart ass comment but being the gentle, non smart ass Colonel…..I will just look up recipes for crab….er…..Dungeness Crab, that is. Hook em Horns!!!!

  31. USW…..Please send JAC my email. Thank you…….keep yer powder dry, sir….I still have your six.

    • Just sent it to him.

      Hope your new year will be a happy and prosperous one. Still so much work for all of us to do to start reclaiming the liberty that is being given away…

  32. Will the Left ever figure it out, or are they that brainwashed that facts dont matter?

    • “Fixing” the Economy New York Times Style: Raise Taxes and Raise Taxes Even More

      Bill Anderson
      The LRC Blog
      December 30, 2012

      According to the editors of the New York Times, the way to “fix” our economy is for the State to take even more of our earnings. Of course, they refer to shoving higher taxes at us as “reform,” a watchword for all Progressives who believe that “reform” comes only via expansion of the police powers of the State.

      What is needed? Why, raising capital gains rates, income tax rates (for people in the highest brackets), carbon taxes, a value-added tax, inheritance taxes, and, of course, higher business taxes. The editors assure us that “tax reform, done right, could be a cure for much of what ails the economy.” The NYT declares:

      Higher taxes, raised progressively, could encourage growth by helping to pay for long-neglected public investment in education, infrastructure and basic research. More revenue would also reduce budget deficits, helping to put the nation’s finances on a stable path. Greater progressivity would reduce rising income inequality, and with it, inequality of opportunity that is both an economic and social scourge.

      So, there you have it. Progressive “wisdom” from Mid-Town Manhattan. Such actions, they assure us, will define President Obama’s “economic legacy.” Indeed, the man already has a legacy: depression. I guess that the NYT editors just don’t believe the current downturn is bad enough.

      They must think we work to give our earnings to the State. 🙄

  33. ??????????????????

    December 30, 2012
    How Chicago and Obama Globalized Voter Fraud
    By Michael Bargo Jr.

    Chicago has a long tradition of padding its vote totals by placing homeless and deceased persons on its voter registration list. Jim Laski, who once served as the City Clerk of Chicago, second in power only to the mayor, noted in his book My Fall From Grace that fraudulent voters were registered to addresses that included cemeteries, municipal buildings, and taverns. The taverns, at least, are understandable: politically connected city workers spent so much time on bar stools the Board of Elections thought they lived there.

    Other voters who had died or moved away were also on the voter registration list. Once again, the tendency for the dead to vote in Chicago
    can be easily explained: the dead cannot be expected to walk to City Hall and remove themselves from the registered voter list. Everyone in Chicago knows they can only walk as far as the local polling place. This tradition was verified in 1983 when the registered voter list was examined and it was found that 3,000 had either died or moved away.

    Since 1985 Chicago has pioneered new ways to promote illegal immigration. After 1990 the illegal immigrant population in Chicago and the nation skyrocketed. As illegal immigrants flocked to Chicago, a method was needed to get them on the registered voter list. Although 80,000 illegal aliens voted in 1982, the old-fashioned way, through vote fraud; by 2005 both Cook County and the state of Illinois had moved to allow photo I.D. to be given to illegal immigrants by passing matricula consular laws.

    By allowing the matricula consular to function as an official photo I.D., Illinois and Chicago can say they are conforming to any Voter ID requirement. But the Cook County law (most Illinois illegal immigrants live in Cook County) also allows the consulates of Mexico and “any other Latin American country” to issue the consular I.D.s at their discretion. In effect, Illinois has enabled foreign countries to decide who votes in U.S. elections.

    In 1983 an alien born in Belize stated to the Chicago Tribune that he and his two sisters were never required to show any identification when they registered to vote. The matricula consular enables people to reside in Illinois, and once they reside there, they need no ID to register to vote. This “globalization” of voting rights is clearly a violation of the U.S. Constitution, yet has never been challenged in any court during its ten year history. This supports the idea that Chicago’s goal is to attract large numbers of undocumented residents from all countries.

    How Barack Obama enabled illegal immigrants to get on voting lists is the heretofore missing story of the actions he took in the 1990s to help expand the number of Hispanic voters.

    Political analysts who have researched Obama’s policy history found that he voted “present” over 100 times as a member of the Illinois State Senate. So he was not actively involved in much legislation. The clues to what he did do in his early days are to be found in his community organizing work. A review of these activities reveals that he was focused on expanding “voter participation.” In 1993 he helped run a voter registration drive for ACORN called “Project Vote” which registered 135,000 new voters and was crucial to the election of U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun.

    Obama’s activities took place within a national context: Bill Clinton won the election of 1992 by such a narrow margin that he immediately set out to create a larger voter base for 1996. To do so he passed the Motor Voter Law, which contains a loophole stating that a potential voter does not need to have an ID in order to register to vote. Expanding the voter base was so important to President Clinton that the Motor Voter Law was the first bill he signed into law as president.

    Barack Obama, as a U.S. Senator, was also a vocal critic of Voter ID laws. In 1995, the first year the Motor Voter law was to be implemented, Barack Obama represented ACORN and successfully sued the Republican governor of Illinois, forcing the state to implement the law.

    After he became president, Obama had his Justice Department sue Arizona for passing SB 1070, claiming that immigration is a Federal issue and that SB 1070 would interfere with Federal procedures. Of course he has never sued Illinois for enabling the matricula consular to function as a valid state ID, or sued Cook County for allowing the matricula consular to function as a “valid passport” when a Latin American returns to their native country.

    These two actions have the effect of enabling illegal Hispanic immigrants to cross Arizona into Illinois and other states, and vote. From 1990 to 2000, the number of Hispanics of voting age in Cook County, IL increased 54% to 689,383.

    Enabling foreign nationals to vote in Illinois allowed the Democrats to manipulate not just local and state elections, but the presidential election as well. This is because the electoral college is not based on votes counted, but on population. The 2000 Census found that in 19 of the 100 largest U.S. cities the only part of the population that is growing is the Hispanic segment. Mexican families have twice as many children as white families. And children are also counted by the Census Bureau to determine the number of Congressional Representatives. The larger the population a state has, the more electoral college members it has. States that are solidly Democratic can continue to extend their influence on the Presidential elections by extending their Hispanic populations. Today, one in four children born in the U.S. is Hispanic.

    It has been 27 years since Chicago started sanctuary policy for illegal immigration. Since that time Chicago, Illinois, and other cities and states have expanded the illegal immigrant population by stretching the envelope of immigration through Sanctuary Policy. At the same time they have stretched the concept of voter registration.

    The notion that foreign nationals can influence elections is no longer a possibility but a reality. The first president to both actively participate in that process and benefit from it is Barack Obama. These actions prove that President Obama is not a socialist or a Marxist, he is an old-fashioned Chicago Democrat who is focused on padding the voter registration list to get elected.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  34. Many a moon ago, I wrote an article on FEMA camps, which at the time was considered a “Conspiracy Theory”. For those of you who thought that way, check this out:

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Nothing has changed. These are temporary camps for emergency housing.

      The fencing is to provide security, which the govt is responsible for while the camp is active.

      Many sites have been identified for pre planning as staging areas ans sites for camps in case of various emergencies.

      The guy writing this article is like all the other conspiracy people. They can find one in the way the sun comes up each day.

      Now despite my confidence this is no big deal and this author is a KOOK, I will keep one eye focused on the cup, so the tricksters can’t hide the pea.

      • The Kooks are coming out of the woodwork lately, 😆 Maybe everything that I hear and read are just a LONG line of coincidences and are not related (this comes from many, many kooks). I don’t think they are hiding anything at this point. Remember, it was not long ago that FEMA camps absolutely did NOT exost and it was the kooks who were crazy to continue to pretend they existed. Today, regardless of the reason behind them, we have FEMA camps (with names no less). But they don’t exist, so they really aren’t there 😆

        • Bottom Line says:

          ” The Kooks are coming out of the woodwork lately, 😆 Maybe everything that I hear and read are just a LONG line of coincidences and are not related (this comes from many, many kooks). ”

          Be a ‘kook’. Press on in the interest of truth and knowledge. When you see a connection or a contradiction, question it. Ask why. Share your findings with others.

          How many coincidences have to exist before they are no longer really coincidental?

          How many dots do you have to connect before a picture starts to form?

  35. Why I fight so hard for my right to bear arms!

    In San Antonio a couple days after Sand Hook shootings a man opened fire in a theater and was taken out by a woman with a legal concealed carry gun. He was only able to shot two people and both will recover. You notice that the MSM did not report this. Nor did they report a few days later in Phoenix when a 14 year old boy babysitting his three siblings shot an armed intruder. In 2009 in Columbia, S.C. a gunman attempted an armed robbery when one of the people he was trying to rob pulled out a legal conceal carry gun and shot him. The robber was the only one hurt. Think about how many did not die in the theater in San Antonio. That the 4 kids were not hurt by the armed intruder in Phoenix and the how many did not die in the robbery attempt in Columbia, S.C.

    America is number one in individual arms possession and we have the lowest per capita murder rate of any nation in the world considering the amount of arms the individuals own. I have not been able to find an account of a person with a conceal carry permit using his gun for a mass murder, not one. To declare that more conceal carry permits will bring more mass murders has no basis in fact. Creating more gun-free zones will create more mass murders and that has a basis in fact; Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora theater and Sand Hook.

    We cannot let the left wing politicians in Washington and the people like Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo steal our rights and privileges that will force us to become victims of the lawless. Stand firm, your life may depend on it.

  36. THings that truly make you wonder.

    • I can see the outline of a novel now. Congress threatens to impeach the president. Riots break out necessitating the declaration of martial law. Obama dissolves Congress. The economy totally collapses thus creating more turmoil in the streets. Maybe we could start a tag story. Each person adds a new sentence to the saga.

  37. Obama Seizing Sole Authority for US Defense

    by William Bigelow 30 Dec 2012, 4:37 PM PDT 55 post a comment
    In an attempt to seize total control over national security and bypass congress, a frightening new step by the Obama Administration is coming into play. As noted in Friday’s Wall Street Journal in an op-ed by John Bolton and John Woo, a State Department advisory group that is run by former Secretary of Defense William Perry is advising that the U.S. and Russia both reduce nuclear weapons without a treaty, as a treaty would require ratification by Congress. This would allow Obama and his executive branch to unilaterally cut our nuclear weaponry and ignore the treaty clause of the Constitution.

    As Bolton and Woo point out, the US has a greater global responsibility than Russia; Iran and North Korea, neither of which is far from Russian interests, can only be countered by U.S. military strength. In addition, they note that Russia is not a trustworthy partner in weapons reduction; it has violated many arms-control agreements, such as the 1991 Presidential Nuclear Initiatives.

    Some of the inherent problems in the seizure by this executive branch of decision-making power is Barack Obama’s desire to deeply cut our nuclear forces. A joint decision with Russia would place long-term limits on our cache of arms, thus placing constraints on us catching up if Russia decides to go ahead and build and the blurring of the lines deliberately drawn by the Constitution’s Framers separating the executive and legislative branches power.

    Obama has made no secret of his desire to dismantle our nuclear capacity; the New Start Treaty he championed in 2011 forced the U.S. to observe a ceiling of 700 strategic delivery vehicles and 1,550 strategic warheads, and this past March he stated his desire to cut our arsenal further:

    “ … a step we have never taken before – reducing not only our strategic nuclear warheads but also tactical weapons and warheads in reserve.”

    It is naïve to assume that Obama is simply blind to the results of his actions and trusts the world around him to act with generosity. There has been too much evidence of Russia’s support of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and Russia has cunningly avoided supporting sanctions on North Korea for its rocket launches; in December, Georgy Toloraya, Director of Korean Research at the Institute of Economics, simply said:

    “In Russia we believe that resolutions must be observed and UN decisions must be implemented. We think that North Korea has the right for space explorations but only after all the issues linked with the UN sanctions banning rocket launches with the use of ballistic technologies are settled. It is necessary to divide two aspects – we support the discussion of the rocket launch issue by the UN Security Council but we don’t think that this must automatically mean tougher sanctions against Pyongyang.”

    Obama knows all this. His step-by-step evisceration of the United States is not confined to its economic system but its national defense as well.

  38. Report: Women in Cuba, Kazakhstan, Pakistan Better Off than U.S.?

    by Joel Griffith 30 Dec 2012, 5:24 AM PDT 5 post a comment
    The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently released its annual Global Gender Gap Report. Faculty from Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley collaborated on the project which ranks Cuba, Nicaragua, and the Philippines ahead of the United States as “role models in dividing their resources equitably between women and men.” The forum expressed hope that this report inspires policy changes on a governmental level.

    Just how did the United States fare so poorly? One must delve into the report’s quantification methods to discover why. The WEF ranked countries on the basis of the following four separate criteria: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, and Political Empowerment. For each of these four main criteria, subcategories are used to quantify the overall level of gender parity. A look at where the “objective” analysis placed the United States is quite alarming—until one actually takes a close look at the data.

    Let’s look at Economic Participation and Opportunity first. The United States ranks 8th worldwide—behind models of productivity Mongolia and the Bahamas. How did Mongolia earn 1st place although 39% of its population lives in poverty and its GDP per capita ranks 154th? The subcategories used to determine the rank don’t favor the United States. For instance, the United States ranks 55th place in the female: male labor force participation ratio. Ghana finishes first in this category, even with its meager $3,100 per capita GDP. The United States fares even worse, 61st place, in the “wage equality” subcategory—finishing behind Zambia, Guyana, Kazakhstan, and Kenya. Keep in mind, per capita GDP in Kenya is just $1,700 a year—compared to $48,300 in the US. The report fails to mention exactly which policies of Zambia Kazakhstan, or Kenya should be adopted by the US.

    Although the United States managed to tie for 1st in the Educational Attainment category, it’s no thanks to our literacy rate! A 99% literacy rate for both females and males in the United States only earned the US a ranking of 21st. Contrast this dismal performance with 2nd place Jamaica—where just 91% of females, but just 82% of males, are literate. Does something seem off here? Women attain lower literacy rates in Jamaica compared to the United States—yet rank higher on the literary subcategory? Which Jamaican educational policies should we follow here in the United States to remedy THIS situation of nearly universal literacy? Should Jamaica really rank higher on literacy even though the literacy rate in the United States is significantly greater?

    According to the report, the United States also falls far short on Health and Survival. Our 33rd place rank places us behind Guatemala, Kazakhstan, and Uganda—just to name a few. Apparently, the female to male sex ration plays a large role in this dismal ranking. In this subcategory, our 41st place rank is far behind Kazakhstan once again (1st), Kenya (4th), Ethiopia (8th), and Nepal (29th). We barely managed to tie Iran and Mongolia! The United States fared even worse on life expectancy—finishing 55th. Females in the United States can expect to live 72 years here—compared to 68 for males. But this is nothing compared to the Russian Federation, which ranks 1st. Just how much better is it for females in Russia? In Russia, women have a life expectancy of 65 years compared with just 55 years for men. To reiterate- Russia earns a rank of 1st place in the “healthy life expectancy” subcategory, not because females live longer in Russia compared to the United States but because males in Russia die so much younger on average than their American counterparts on average. Does this qualify as perverse logic? Fortunately, the report provides no specifics about how the United States can alter policy to mimic the sterling Health and Survival results of Russia, Kenya, and Kazakhstan.

    Lastly, the report ranks the United States 55th in Political Empowerment, behind communist Cuba, sharia law based Pakistan, and quasi-dictatorship Venezuela. Just how did WEF reach this conclusion? The subcategory of “women in parliament” is one factor. Cuba ranked 1st – compared to 32nd ranked United States. According to the WEF, apparently being a member of a puppet parliament with proportionately more females is more indicative of gender equality than being a lawfully elected member of Congress if that Congress contains proportionately fewer females. In the subcategory “years with female head of state”, the United States falls short of both Pakistan and Turkey. Which policies of Pakistan and Turkey should the United States implement? Should women across the country should be relieved at the omission?

    Although the WEF report indicts the United States for its alleged lack of gender equality, a close look at the report shows a different picture of female quality of life. Literacy rates, life expectancy, and poverty rates – to name a few—all show the United States offering women more opportunity and comfort than a precursory glance at the WEF report suggests. Is Russia’s 65 year female life expectancy really indicative of better “health and survival” versus the United States so long as men fare even worse? You decide.

  39. Part One of research into mass murders and weapons used.

    How did people commit mass murder before the advent of automatic weapons?

    Often with fire. Revolutionary War veteran Barnett Davenport is widely considered the first mass murderer in U.S. history. On the evening of Feb. 3, 1780, Davenport burst into the bedroom of his employer, Caleb Mallory, and began to bludgeon Mallory and his wife with a club. When the club broke in two, Davenport beat the couple to death with Mallory’s gun. If Davenport had stopped there, he would be remembered as just an ordinary killer; most criminologists define mass murder as the killing of at least three people in a single incident. After beating the Mallorys to death, however, Davenport burned the house down, killing their three grandchildren.

    Hundreds of other mass murderers have perpetrated their crimes without automatic firearms. Frenchman Pierre Riviere killed his mother, sister, and brother with a bill hook in 1835. In 1932, Julian Marcelino, a Filipino immigrant of relatively small stature, managed to kill six and wound 15 on a Seattle street using only a pair of blades. In 1915, Monroe Phillips shot seven dead and wounded 32 with a shotgun in Georgia.

    Guns aren’t even the most lethal mass murder weapon. According to data compiled by Grant Duwe of the Minnesota Department of Corrections, guns killed an average of 4.92 victims per mass murder in the United States during the 20th century, just edging out knives, blunt objects, and bare hands, which killed 4.52 people per incident. Fire killed 6.82 people per mass murder, while explosives far outpaced the other options at 20.82. Of the 25 deadliest mass murders in the 20th century, only 52 percent involved guns.

    The U.S. mass murder rate does not seem to rise or fall with the availability of automatic weapons. It reached its highest level in 1929, when fully automatic firearms were expensive and mostly limited to soldiers and organized criminals. The rate dipped in the mid-1930s, staying relatively low before surging again in the 1970s through 1990s. Some criminologists attribute the late-century spike to the potential for instant notoriety: Beginning with Charles Whitman’s 1966 shooting spree from atop a University of Texas tower, mass murderers became household names. Others point out that the mass murder rate fairly closely tracks the overall homicide rate. In the 2000s, for example, both the mass murder and the homicide rates dropped to their lowest levels since the 1960s.

    • One main thing that I have found about mass murders since 1960……less than one percent were killed with assault type weapons. Most were killed with hand guns with 9 round clips where reloading was done several times.

    • from John Lott’s blogsite, Columbine’s false narrative via media

      1) The guard at the Columbine High School attack did delay and that allowed many students to escape out of the building.
      2) The guard was only able to delay the killers for a while because they had homemade grenades. The guard was hiding around a corner in a hallway, but when the two killers started lobbing their grenades down the hallway his position became untenable. Despite the claims to the contrary, it wasn’t the “assault weapons” that were important in making it so that the guard had to back down. (Some information is available here.)
      3) Finally, the officer at Columbine was there because he was such a bad shot. He was not given regular duty and was assigned to the school because it was deemed that his ability to properly shoot his gun wasn’t thought to be an issue.

  40. Craigslist sperm donor forced to pay child support to lesbian couple despite giving up parental rights to daughter before birth

    Angela Bauer, 40, and partner Jennifer Schreiner, 34, placed ad in 2009
    Donor William Marotta relinquished financial responsibility for child
    Kansas state ordered Mr Marotta to pay after lesbian couple applied
    for welfare

    By Daily Mail Reporter

    PUBLISHED: 09:14 EST, 31 December 2012 | UPDATED: 11:36 EST, 31 December 2012

    A sperm donor has been ordered to pay child support for the biological daughter he fathered to a lesbian couple who found him via Craigslist.

    Angela Bauer, 40, and partner Jennifer Schreiner, 34, placed an ad on the site three years ago for a donor which was answered by William Marotta.

    ‘We are foster and adoptive parents and now we desire to share a pregnancy and birth together,’ Bauer wrote in the online posting.

    Mr Marotta provided sperm which was used for artificial insemination by Ms Schreiner. In return, he gave up parental rights including financial duties for the child.
    Battle: Angela Bauer and former partner Jennifer Schreiner (right) are supporting their sperm donor William Marotta in his fight against paying child support for their daughter

    Battle: Angela Bauer and former partner Jennifer Schreiner (right) are supporting their sperm donor William Marotta in his fight against paying child support for their daughter

    The three signed a legal document which stated Mr Marotta, a married mechanic who fosters children with his wife, would have no rights to the child.

    Bauer and Schreiner updated Marotta on their daughter’s well-being occasionally but he has had little contact, according to the Kansas City Star.

    The arrangement changed earlier this year when Ms Schreiner, the only parent registered on her daughter’s birth certificate, applied for social welfare.


    Family of pregnant American missing in Afghanistan pleads for her return
    Father who allegedly went on the run with his two young sons is found after police release images of them captured in Walmart
    High flying females: Women are more likely to pursue top careers if they fear they might not find a husband

    Ms Bauer had been supporting the child but was left unable to work due to ill health.

    On October 3, 2012, attorney Mark McMillan filed a petition on behalf of the Department of Children and Families seeking a ruling that Marotta is the father of Schreiner’s child and owes a duty to support her.
    United: Ms Bauer and Ms Schreiner celebrating their same-sex union. The couple adopted eight children together during their relationship but have not been given the same rights as straight couples

    United: Ms Bauer and Ms Schreiner celebrating their same-sex union. The couple adopted eight children together during their relationship but have not been given the same rights as straight couples

    It said the department provided cash assistance totaling $189 for the girl for July through September 2012, and had paid medical expenses totaling nearly $6,000.

    Schreiner had allegedly been put under pressure to reveal Mr Marotta’s name so that her daughter could continue to have health care.

    The legal agreement that the three made in 2009 was deemed invalid by Kansas state because they did not use a certified doctor for the insemination.

    Ms Bauer and Ms Schreiner, who separated in 2010, plan to help Mr Marotta fight the state’s decision, saying they are ‘forever grateful’ for the child he gave their family.

    Ms Bauer, from Topeka, told this week: ‘We’re kind of at a loss. We are going to support him in whatever action he wants to go forward with.’

    Hannah Schroller, Mr Marotta’s attorney, argued that the case was consistent with a 2007 case in which the Kansas Supreme Court denied parental rights to a man who sought them after providing a sperm donation under similar circumstances.

    A licensed physician performed the insemination in the 2007 case.

    Schroller wrote that Marotta took the same actions as the man in the 2007 case did, and he – like that man – should be considered a sperm donor, not a father.

    She stressed that sperm banks regularly ship donations for the intended purpose of artificial insemination within the United States and abroad to both residential and medical facility addresses.

    Schroller argued in court documents that if a donor is free of parental responsibility only when a doctor performs an insemination, ‘then any woman in Kansas could have sperm donations shipped to her house, inseminate herself without a licensed physician and seek out the donor for financial support because her actions made him a father, not a sperm donor.

    ‘This goes against the very purpose of the statute to protect sperm donors as well as birth mothers’.

    Ms Bauer and Ms Schreiner had been together for eight years and adopted eight children. They ended their relationship in 2010 but continue to co-parent their sons and daughters who range from three months to 25 years old.

    The state of Kansas does not recognize same-sex unions, so each of their children was registered for adoption by a single parent.

    A motion to dismiss the state’s case will be heard in Shawnee County District Court on January 8.

    Angela de Rocha, spokeswoman for the Department for Children and Families, said that Kansas law prevented her from commenting on the case.
    Moving on: Jennifer Schreiner posted this picture with a man believed to be her new partner since the end of her relationship with Angela Bauer

    Moving on: Jennifer Schreiner posted this picture with a man believed to be her new partner since the end of her relationship with Angela Bauer

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  41. Here is what some people in the District of Criminals want to do. I wholly doubt it will ever pass, unless they do another false flag event worse than the last one.

    The Gun Grab Cometh
    December 31, 2012 by Bob Livingston

    PHOTOS.COMWhether the gun grabbers orchestrated the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre or just saw it as the perfect opportunity to rip the heart out of yet another Constitutional amendment, before the bodies of those slaughtered babies were even cold the 1 percent were signaling that 2013 is going to be a tumultuous year for gun owners — and liberty.

    Senator Dianne Feinstein (Fascist-Calif.) announced on her website on Dec. 17 that she was introducing a bill in January to “stop the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of military-style assault weapons and high capacity ammunition feeding devises.” It will ban 120 specifically named weapons, including handguns and shotguns, and strengthen the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, which expired in 2004.

    According to the outline of Feinstein’s bill, it will grandfather in all legally owned weapons, but it will require they be registered and the owner fingerprinted. It will require a $200 per weapon tax be paid. The guns will not be transferable, meaning that upon the death of the owner the guns will become the property of the Federal government. It will allow the sale of 900 specifically named weapons, but none that can accept a detachable magazine that holds more than 10 rounds.

    She and her fascist cohorts in crime — New York’s Senator Chuck Schumer and Representatives Carolyn McCarty and Jerrold Nadler and West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller, among others — are calling for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and any weapon that uses high-capacity magazines. Unfortunately, a vast number of the unwashed masses — in a fit of emotionalism resulting from the thought of all those dead kindergartners — are buying into the lie that one more law would have saved those innocents. The above-mentioned 1 percenters all indicated they would steal everyone’s weapons and magazines, placating themselves with the rationalization that it’s a gun and magazine buy-back program, if they thought they could get away with it.

    Never mind that purported shooter Adam Lanza broke a half dozen or more laws before he ever shot the first child. Never mind that Connecticut is ranked fifth of the 50 States in gun control laws, according the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence because the State “has strong gun laws that help combat the illegal gun market, prevent the sale of most guns without background checks and reduce risks to children.” And never mind that, according to FBI homicide data, rifles of all types are the least-used guns when crimes are committed.

    Of course, Feinstein, Schumer, et al. care not a whit about children, as I explained here. If they did, they’d be weeping over the hundreds of children killed by President Barack Obama’s drone attacks, those killed in car accidents because of corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards and government-mandated air bags, and the 2,000 aborted every day in America.

    Instead, they try to turn reason on its ear by equating law-abiding Americans — who own certain semi-automatic weapons — with terrorists. So their answer is to add more layers of laws, bureaucracy and expense on the already burdensome exercise of acquiring weapons for protection (and yes, it can be burdensome in some States).

    But you don’t need those scary-looking so-called “assault weapons” to protect yourself, they’ll say. Or, as President Barack Obama reminds us in typical straw man fashion, military-style weapons with high capacity magazines shouldn’t be in the hands of civilians.

    Tell that to these men who were left to their own devices during the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

  42. This documentary exposes the blatant trampling of the Constitutional rights of Americans during white collar crime investigations by the Department of Justice and the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service.

    This documentary is not about the guilt or innocence of the business owners involved.

    It is about the increasing number of unconstitutional, para-military, gestapo style raid tactics involving two agencies of the federal government.

    These are white collar crime investigations where heavily armed, hostile government raids by 40 to 50 agents are being utilized as opposed to a few agents entering the businesses with proper search warrants to acquire the financial records sought.

    Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the tactics, the Constitutional rights of citizens who work in these businesses, yet have nothing to do with the financial transactions of the owners, have been undeserved victims of these frightening raids … unlawfully detained for hours, intimidated, interrogated without the presence of a lawyer and their personal property confiscated.

    Read more:

  43. RE: Fiscal Cliff

    I think that NO agreement will be made by midnight. This would mean higher taxes and a huge spending cut on military. Don’t be fooled by what Obama is saying, he wants this to happen, then blame the Repukes. THe Dumbocrats are all about “Tax and Spend” and wants major cuts in military spending. With all that said, what does everyone else think will happen tonight?

  44. Well now, The Revolution may be beginning after all. This is an interesting article, and they do need arrested, all of them! 🙂

    November 5th 2013 we the people will march on Washington DC peacefully and unarmed to arrest all members of congress, the president, and all supreme court justices where they will be held without bond until a full independent investigation and trial have been completed. We must re-elect our government within 90 days in order to stave of unrest.

    The rEVOLution to Restore the Republic of the United States

    First of all please know that this is not a Protest!!!!
    …This is a Citizen Action.

    We need to organize a citizens arrest of all parties involved in the various criminal acts that have put our country as well as our world in jeopardy. This is going to be a lot of people but none the less it must be done. Hopefully there are some Sheriffs, US Marshals, and military personnel that will remember their oaths to this country upon the taking of this action by the people and lend their support and expertise in bringing known criminals to justice.

    • Maybe-but I suspect since it is Anonymous and they use the word Occupy to identify their Revolution-it isn’t a revolution we want to join!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Two quick notes.

      1. CPI does NOT measure INFLATION. Not the traditional meaning of inflation nor the current meaning. It is the increase in a basket of consumer goods. Each method of CPI calculation is intended to give data for differing purposes. Just as the employment data is intended for different things than everyone is trying to use it for today.

      2. I have not seen the calculations to justify the 90 trillion plus Present Net Value, or Net Present Value, of future obligations. Generally, when you calculate NPV you get a SMALLER number than the future value. The proper means of calculating NPV would require discounting all future payments on a monthly or annual basis, depending on accuracy, to the present. So if you were calculating the NPV of say the next 50 years of payments you would have to do two things, if the inflation rate going forward differs from the discount rate you use going backwards, that is to the present. If we assume the payments are annual then each payment must be run forward using the inflation rate, to the year it is due then discounted back to the present. This could mean 100 different calculations for an annual payment.

      The only way to get a NPV higher than the future payments total is if the inflation rate going forward is substantially larger than the discount rate. Govt uses Discount Rates of around 4% for these types of analysis.

      What this means is that if the NPV is 90 trillion then the future value at year 50 of that 90 trillion at a 4% interest rate is 639 trillion. This is 100 times larger than any numbers I have seen for the future unfunded obligations.

      Short of it is I am suspect of the NPV numbers being thrown around. They are essentially meaningless at this point. A better way to look at this is to calculate the payments required in today’s dollars at an interest rate that is reasonable to pay off what we know is the future unfunded obligation.

      If we do that we get about 60 trillion of total debt due in 50 years. So at an interest rate of 2.5% we need to make a payment of 2.3 trillion per year to pay that 60 trillion off by year 50. Now if the interest we must pay on the bonds goes above 2.5% the size of the annual payment jumps drastically.

    • Instead of banning guns, let’s ban public schools. Education can be done much better when the people run things, the government can’t do anything right. GUN FREE ZONES is a prime example. The Left must think that a “gun free zone” sign will scare criminals away 😆

  45. Happy New Year SUFA! 🙂 It’s gonna be a wild ride 😉

  46. Bottom Line says:

  47. Russian News Outlet Pravda Prints Surprising Opinion Column Warning USA: ‘Never Give Up Your Guns’

    Posted on December 31, 2012 at 3:45pm by Erica Ritz Erica Ritz

    Russian News Outlet Pravda Warns Americans: Never Give Up Your Guns

    Back in November, the Russian news outlet Pravda (formerly the official press of the USSR), surprised everyone when it published a scathing opinion column labeling President Obama a “Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so.”

    And they appear to have done it again, this time weighing on in the gun control debate currently gripping the United States.

    Written by Stanislav Mishin, the opinion piece, titled “Americans, never give up your guns,” begins:

    These days, there are few few things to admire about the socialist, bankrupt and culturally degenerating USA, but at least so far, one thing remains: the right to bare arms and use deadly force to defend one’s self and possessions.

    Mishin has rocked the boat before, writing in 2009 about American capitalism being “gone with a whimper.” Like the current article, it was originally published on the author’s personal blog before being picked up by Pravda.

    By and large, he uses Russian history as a warning for what could occur in a worst-case scenario:

    One of the first things [the Soviets] did was to disarm the population. From that point, mass repression, mass arrests, mass deportations, mass murder, mass starvation were all a safe game for the powers that were. The worst they had to fear was a pitchfork in the guts or a knife in the back or the occasional hunting rifle. Not much [to worry about] for soldiers.

    Mishin also reminds that retired military officers and other armed citizens were initially promised that if they stayed out of the way, they would be left alone. When they objected, many citizens were asked to “register their weapons” and were “promptly shot.”

    The article continues to examine the continuing denial of the “basic right” to self defense roughly two decades after the fall of the Soviet Union:

    While President Putin pushes through reforms, the local authorities, especially in our vast hinterland, do not feel they need to act like they work for the people. They do as they please, a tyrannical class who knows they have absolutely nothing to fear from a relatively unarmed population. This in turn breeds not respect but absolute contempt and often enough, criminal abuse.

    For those of us fighting for our traditional rights, the US 2nd Amendment is a rare light in an ever darkening room. Governments will use the excuse of trying to protect the people from maniacs and crime, but in reality, it is the bureaucrats protecting their power and position. In all cases where guns are banned, gun crime continues and often increases. As for maniacs, be it nuts with cars (NYC, Chapel Hill NC), swords (Japan), knives (China) or home made bombs (everywhere), insane people strike…

    The excuse that people will start shooting each other is also plain and silly. So it is our politicians saying that our society is full of incapable adolescents who can never be trusted? Then, please explain how we can trust them or the police, who themselves grew up and came from the same culture?

    No it is about power and a total power over the people…Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns. Oh, no, they do not. What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step of their ideology. [Emphasis added]

    The surprising article concludes with one last warning to Americans: “…do not fall for the false promises and do not extinguish the light that is left to allow humanity a measure of self respect.”

    Click here to read the entire article, which originally appeared on the author’s personal blog.

    I’m sure posting this is a waste of time-mainly because those who support gun control will deny that the end game is to take away our guns completely-so they will poo poo this warning as not relevant to the US-we of course are only regulating not attempting to deny the right to bear arms completely-unfortunately they seem to be blind to the truth of slippery slope arguments.

    I still have the same question, which no liberal as ever been able to answer-is there a point at which You are gonna say No, to the expansion of governmental power? Must we be bankrupt and basically slaves to the political elites before you say Stop!

    • V.H. Happy New Year ! Most Liberals are so Obomawashed they cannot see the facts. They only see what they are brainwashed (Obamwashed) to see. Facts be damned, they want gun control. I can say this about myself and the members of my community, we will give our guns to the govt. We will not register our guns and we damn sure won’t pay any amount to own a gun. In this case, the govt will be told to “Go to hell”. Then we will see what happens 🙂

      • Happy New Year to you to G and everyone else too!

        Did you read the Long but interesting article I posted? I found it interesting that the liberals fought economic oppression but they seem blind to political oppression.

  48. Some interesting statistics about mass murders. During Bush’s 8 years in office there were 8 mass muders, 3 were at schools. Since Obama was elected, there have been 17 mass murders with 4 being at schools. Of the 17, there was enough questions left unanswered that some people claimed as a false flag event (government sponsored). Even the CT shooting has issues with more than one shooter that has been covered up. After that nice show of force long after the shooting by the Fed’s, did the Fed’s use this event to send a message to the sheeple?

  49. Planning on Cuddling Up by the Fireplace New Year’s Day? Not if You’re in San Francisco

    Posted on January 1, 2013 at 12:56pm by Tiffany Gabbay Tiffany Gabbay

    Planning on Cuddling Up by the Fireplace New Years Day? Not if Youre in San FranciscoIn a city that has led some of the nation’s most stringent bans on everything from trans fat to smoking in public (and, not-so-public places) and then some, San Francisco has done it again, nixing one of the few festivities people of all walks enjoy on New Year’s day: cozying up by the fireplace.

    Yes, even on the holidays, Bay Area “regulators” never seem to rest, issuing their first “Spare the Air” alert of the season which bans residents from lighting wood fireplaces and stoves on Tuesday.

    According to weather reports, a cold, low-pressure weather system in from the West is perfect breeding ground for a stagnant, pollutant-trapping air.

    “Current weather conditions are expected to allow air pollution to build up to unhealthy levels on New Year’s Day,” according to a written statement from Jack Broadbent, head of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

    “Sitting by the fire during the holidays may conjure up fond memories, but it’s important that everyone forgoes burning during this alert so we can all enjoy a happy, healthy holiday.”

    The system is could remain hovering over the Bay Area until the weekend, according to Mark Strudley, with the National Weather Service. “I don’t think there will be a lot of cloud cover.”

    Temperatures are currently in the low 50s and high 40s, but a freeze warning has been issued for the area. The system will stay over the Bay Area until at least the weekend, Strudley said.

    “There might be a very, very small chance of showers north of the Golden Gate in the later to midweek, but that’s pretty tentative,” Strudley said.

    Good Grief!!! Outlawing HEAT!

  50. The Atlantic Frets About Obama Assassination

    Email Article
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    by Ben Shapiro 1 Jan 2013, 7:18 AM PDT 32 post a comment
    Yesterday, President Obama delivered a bizarre statement to the press at the White House. Flanked by ordinary Americans – whom he uses as a backdrop to his highly-partisan politics on a regular basis nowadays – Obama dropped this doozy: “I’m going to be president for the next four years. I hope.”

    The media immediately went into paroxysms of anxiety. Elspeth Reeve of The Atlantic hand-wrung: “it was, to be sure, a strange moment. Could he actually have been joking about assassination? …. Maybe Obama just let all those comparisons to Lincoln get to him.”

    The media can calm down. It was a weak joke laced with arrogance – Obama’s staple these days. But look for the media to continue to paint Obama as a victim of an enraged right wing as his second term commences. After all, they’re not going to report the President using Americans as props and abusing his bully pulpit.

    Why would Obama say, I hope? I don’t believe the man says anything, like the above by accident. Just what is he trying to promote now?


    This is interesting if for no other reason than to try and understand the politicians way of thinking. Do this because it will have this effect on the people- blah, blah, blah.

  52. Back to our regularly scheduled program 🙂

    I do have some questions from those who are wiser than me on some subjects. I believe that martial law is unconstitutional. Correct me if I’m wrong. I also believe that a nationwide claim of martial law is really an act of war against “we the people”. If this were to occur at some point in the future, it will be very bloody. No wonder Obama is compared to Lincoln by the Media. There is something scary about the Lincoln thing, is it a warning?

  53. If ya’ll remember, I posted about the theatrics that the Feds were doing at the Sandy Hook shooting. Well after the crime was over and secured, videos of armed Federal agents were broadcast over and over on the news coverage of the event. At no time has any pictures been shown of the crimescene, no videos, nothing. All we got were names of those killed and lots of other coverage. There are many who think this was a false flag event planned and perpatrated by the government. Here is the list of victims:

  54. Left-wing authoritarianism has had the same effect in Venezuela as in Obama’s single-party home town Chicago:

    Venezuela, the most violent country in South America, recorded a new high of 21,692 murders this year along with a surge in kidnappings, prison riots and random shootings.

    The number of victims was up by 12 per cent from last year when there were 19,336 deaths, the Venezuelan Violence Observatory said in its annual report.

    What is causing all this violence? Drug wars? Insurgents? Neither:

    Unlike other Latin American countries Venezuela is not involved in a drug war or on-going battle with guerrillas.

    The problem is an authoritarian government more interested in redistributing wealth to its supporters than in performing its proper functions. The result is a hybrid that combines the worst traits of dictatorship and anarchy.

    The Observatory said: “Killings have become a way of executing property crimes, a mechanism to resolve personal conflicts and a way to apply private justice.”

    Not to worry, the same Big Government whose suffocating omnipotence makes it impossible to do business in Venezuela is on top of the situation:

    In 2010 when the newspaper El Nacional published a picture of a dozen murder victims at a morgue, a court ordered the newspaper to stop publishing images of violence.

    Venezuela is ruled by socialist thug Hugo Chavez, whose “Bolivarian Revolution” is barely distinguishable from Obama’s “Hope & Change.”

    Venezuela’s murder rate has soared since Chavez took office in 1999, growing from 4,450 murders in 1998 Criminologists expected the rate to fall with decreasing poverty, but income inequality has fallen dramatically and murders are going up.

    Well then, it must be the lax gun laws that characterize leftist regimes. Just kidding, of course. Private ownership of firearms is banned in Venezuela.

    Gun ownership is as close to banned as liberals can manage in Chicago, until such a time as the Constitution is officially discarded. Consequently, the city recently celebrated its 500th homicide of 2012 and is off to a fast start for 2013.

    On tips from Ghost of FA Hayek and Spider.

    2013-01-01 09:00:42


  55. Just A Citizen says:

    Badgers……………..beaten by a Color whose mascot is a tree………………….bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. What gun control has gotten the Brits 😦

  57. JAC…..are you still smarting? I still luv ya man.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning Sir. Yes, it still hurts but only a little. The Beavers played their normal game, unfortunately. The players did their job but in my view the Coaches failed miserably. But at least it was a good game, unlike many of the other “bowl” games. Stanford did help me out yesterday though.

      I got your email and will send you a note as soon as I can capture some of those crabs.

      On your note to Buck, I met a guy from Maryland who got hit with the “escape” tax when he moved to Montana. He took a major hit on his real estate, due to the crash, but then got hit with a surtax by Maryland on the gross proceeds because he had moved to another state.

  58. @ Buck…The Walla-man…..

    G’Morning, Counselor…..hope this day finds you well and Happy New Year. Have a question for you…….. I was listening to a news report on XM radio while I was flying the other day and it astonished me. Considering the fact that I was talking to Air Traffic Control and had to isolate the radio to establish proper landing sequence, I did not hear the end of the broadcast. But it was talking about California, New York, Oregon, and New Jersey and the exodus of the more influential people in those sates (influential in income, that is). This broadcast was talking about “exit taxes” or laws saying that people moving out of state and failing to pay some sort of tax, could be classified as tax evaders. The crux of the argument was that people moving out of the state to avoid the increasing tax structures of those states “owe” something to the state. It was at this point, I had to change transponder codes and sequence into the arrival procedures so I did not get the gist of it……I heard it again mentioned the other day on TV in passing but there was no follow up……is there something to this?

  59. Good Morning SUFA! The holidays are over, now it’s back to normal. As we move forward, things are gonna be far from normal, as you will hear here:

    I can’t help it 🙂 The conspiracy theorist in me won’t let me. If the theory turns into a true conspiracy, you can’t say you weren’t warned 👿

  60. Interesting synopsis of the so called budget deal…….Warren Buffet gets a 300 plus million dollar tax break? ( He owns a tremendous amount of stock in a railroad company that gets the break)……Hollywood producers get several hundred millions in tax breaks? Interesting…….

  61. And this from the ” I cannot believe it department”………”A Brazilian court has ruled that a 36-year-old woman can legally masturbate at work.

    Ana Catarina Bezerra Silvares, 36 suffers from a chemical imbalance that triggers hypersexuality that makes her masturbate for 15 minutes every 2 hours while she is at work.

    Her imbalance happens to be a condition called ‘compulsion orgasmic’, characterized by the near-constant desire to achieve orgasm. It causes her to suffer extreme levels of stress, if she is unable to masturbate.

    She is undergoing treatment that has reduced her needs, currently she is allowed to watch porn on her work computer.

    Her doctor, prescribed tranquilizers that reduces her masturbating from 47 times to only 18 times a day.

    According to reports, it is unclear whether Bezerra told her boss about her needs or if she was caught relieving herself at her workstation.

    • So a woman who obviously has a mental problem-is now protected by her government-by allowing her to publicly degrade and humiliate herself. If that is true compassion-you can keep compassion. But I suppose it does let the government off the hook, by forcing a business to pay for her obsession. Between masturbating and watching porn-I wonder when she has time to actually do any work. Course that is all written with the Hope that this really isn’t true because I too, am in the I can’t believe it department, surely this is so out there it isn’t true. Wish I could be sure-but the world is so nuts these days who knows.

  62. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong……The Bush Era Tax Cuts…..that every democrat and progressive hated……is suddenly something good and championed by every democrat and progressive……did I miss something here?

    • You missed nothing. If it fits their current narrative they will use it. These are the actions of compulsive liars and pschopaths. Speaking of taxes, where does Congress get the authority to tax at different rates?

    • No, you didn’t miss anything-but I would add that using the “going back to Clinton era tax rates” is nothing more than a good Sound Bite. This has nothing to do with what Clinton did. If it did, they would return to all of the Clinton era tax rates and they might even consider going back to Clinton’s spending rates in 2012 dollars, too. Not to even mention the fact that a lot of other taxes are going up which will make the “Clinton era” tax rates on just 1 or 2 % of the people Much higher than the 36/39.6 rates they are using. And they seem to have kept all the loop holes in place so the truly rich can avoid the taxes but the not truly rich, like small business owners will still have to pay them.

      Did finally figure out why Obama went to $400,000 instead of 250,000-in 2012 dollars $400,000 is the same as $ 250,000 back in Clinton’s day. Gotta keep that talking point. Clinton’s name is just too good of a selling point for Obama not to use it.

      And yes Democrats the republicans do the same with Reagan-but it is still the truth. Obama isn’t Clinton and even Clinton acknowledged that he raised taxes too much. So it seems the Democrats actually like Bush’s tax rates better than they like Clinton’s.

      • Obama’s Tax Evaders of the Year

        Michelle Malkin

        Jan 02, 2013
        Click if you like this column!

        Obama’s Tax Evaders of the Year

        President Obama will kick off the new year the same way that he kicked off the old year: by demanding that the wealthy pay their “fair share” in taxes. But while millions of small-business owners, struggling entrepreneurs, inventors and investors brace for a double whammy of fiscal cliff tax hikes and new Obamacare taxes, the class-warrior in chief’s richest pals are getting a pass.

        It’s a Golden Pass for liberal millionaires and billionaires who support higher Obama taxes for everyone but themselves. Meet the Democratic tax evaders of the year.

        — Google. The left-wing Internet giant provided Silicon Valley’s biggest campaign finance boost to Obama, with individual employee donations supporting the tax-hiking candidate by a ratio of more than 31-to-1. Google rank-and-file workers pitched in some $800,000 to Obama. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, Google cofounder Sergey Brin, Chief Legal Officer and Senior Vice President David Drummond, and Google Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf are all vocal Obama supporters and top donors.

        In December, Google’s Netherlands subsidiary disclosed in a tax filing that it had shifted nearly $10 billion in revenues to a Bermuda shell company. That’s “almost double the total from three years before,” according to Bloomberg News. In response to criticism, Google defended the scheme as a legal response to government incentives. “It’s called capitalism,” Schmidt snarked defiantly.

        Wonder what all of Obama’s operatives and media lapdogs who bashed evil, selfish Republican offshore tax havens have to say about that? Cue crickets chirping.

        — The Washington Post. Speaking of media lapdogs, this newspaper sanctimoniously supported Obama for president and singled out his support for “revenue (tax) increases.” Its endorsement editorial castigated Mitt Romney for embracing an America “in which an ever-greater share of the nation’s wealth resides with the nation’s wealthy, at a time when inequality already is growing.”

        The privileged wealthy barons at The Washington Post, however, increased that inequality at the end of the year when they joined a growing number of companies who are giving 2013 dividends in 2012 to protect investors from paying higher Obama taxes on dividend income. It’s “proof positive,” my friend and guest-blogger Doug Powers noted, “that no matter what happens in the negotiations, the country is definitely going off the irony cliff.”

        Bonus irony: The $70 million year-end dividend payment will be a windfall for other “higher taxes for thee, but not for me” Obama supporters, including donor Warren Buffett’s firm Berkshire Hathaway. According to The Associated Press, “Berkshire is its largest shareholder, with an estimated 1.7 million shares, which means it could get a roughly $17 million dividend payment.”

        — Costco. The mega-retailer’s co-founder, Jim Sinegal, is a lifelong Democrat and top Obama fundraiser. He crusaded aggressively for Obamacare and sent out a campaign dispatch defending his candidate from criticism over his “you didn’t build that remarks.” But while Sinegal purported to speak for beleaguered small-business owners, his company was availing itself of rarified tax avoidance strategies. Like The Washington Post, the Costco board of directors voted to pay special $7 per share year-end dividends to avoid higher taxes. In addition, Costco will borrow $3.5 billion to finance the payout, according to The Wall Street Journal. Higher taxes, more debt. They built that.

        — Facebook. The social networking giant’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, told Obama in 2011 at a town hall forum that he was “cool” with paying higher taxes. But neither Zuckerberg nor his many Facebook execs are actually down with following through. Co-founder Eduardo Saverin renounced his American citizenship in a blindingly obvious bid to evade nearly $70 million in taxes. In addition, Zuckerberg and a half-dozen Facebook insiders are all skirting hefty estate and gift taxes on their family Facebook shares held in annuity trusts. According to Bloomberg News, the legal maneuver is called a “grantor-retained annuity trust, or GRAT,” and the total Facebook tax avoidance sum adds up to at least $200 million. A “cool” $200 million, that is.

        — George Lucas. The billionaire Star Wars director called Obama a “hero” and parroted his candidate’s capitalism-bashing rhetoric in a January 2012 interview with PBS dinosaur Charlie Rose. “I do not believe that the rich should be able to buy the government,” Lucas lectured. He does, however, believe in shirking higher taxes the one-percenter way. In October, Lucas sold his film company to Disney for a whopping $4 billion in cash and stock to evade anticipated capital gains tax increases and Obamacare Medicare surtaxes on investment income.

        — Andre “Dr. Dre” Young. Forbes magazine named this California gangsta rapper-turned-music industry mogul the highest-paid musician in the world in 2012. He raked in an estimated $100 million, mostly from sales of his Beats headphone company, along with concert revenue. Dre’s music electronics company was co-founded with Jimmy Iovine, who also founded Dre’s parent record label, Interscope Records. Interscope was funded by “progressive” billionaire Ted Field, heir to the Marshall Field retail empire and one of the nation’s biggest Democratic Party donors.

        Dre boosted the careers of prominent Obama hip-hop cheerleaders Eminem and 50 Cent. But overseas, he’s rolling like a Romney supporter. The rap mogul is now using a County Cork, Ireland, tax haven to protect his global headphones empire subsidiaries and avoid high U.S. corporate tax rates. The Irish Examiner newspaper explained that the elaborate structuring “allows for money to be (channeled) between the separate companies in the form of royalty payments or (license) fees to artificially but legitimately reduce profits as a means of reducing tax liabilities.”

        To paraphrase Dre and his Obama-endorsing rap partner Snoop Dogg: Ain’t nuthin’ but an E thang. Elitism. Exemptions. Evasion.

        It ain’t the rates people-it’s the loop holes. All that’s happening right now-is the semi rich, the middle class, and the poor are being hurt.

  63. Does anyone here have an explaination as to why Emilie Parker is in a picture with Obama after she was reported as killed? I would really like to hear what ya’ll think 🙂

    • Don’t know what to think-the idea that a family would falsely claim their child was killed is almost unbelievable and wayyyy to easy to prove was false. What would they do-leave town and get new identities? So, no, I have no answer for your question-Just more questions.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      How do we know the picture with Obama was AFTER the shooting?

      I was far more bothered by the supposed Father’s behavior during the Presser. Laughing one second and then getting himself worked up for the cameras. Very creepy.

      • That picture was in a series of pictures of his visit when he spoke. Had he been there previously and had that picture taken, I’m sure the media would have pointed that out. As far as the father, yes, real creepy, or, just acting. THis is very interesting, no pictures of the crime scene, no videos from the security cameras, nothing. What we did get, over and over, was alot of video of the Fed agents with all their guns and equipment, long after the scene was secure. While this may sound crazy, if one looks at the pictures from the news helicopters, it shows fire trucks and ambulances basicall blocked in by other vehicles, very similar to a movie set! I also think the number of Feds that showed up so soon was odd as well. Just too many things that say “ask more questions and investigate”. If this is all just a big lie and nobody really died, but rather made a movie, the govt was in charge, and we both know they can’t do anything right. 🙂

    • Bottom Line says:

      Yes,…but I won’t explain in any direct or clear and concise terms. Aside from yourself, I don’t think SUFA cares or wants to know, and I’ll just be told I am mentally ill and should get my head checked.

      When people see reality, the vast majority are missing a key part of the equation. If you keep an open mind, dig deep and practice good logic, you can see it. But you have to really think about it. There are tale tale signs, and you and others have apparently caught on to one.

      I kinda don’t want to say. I think I,instead, will try and predict another one, …perhaps prevent more baby killing. I was a little late, but I have already predicted one that was stopped in Home Garden Ca. I figured it out as one of the next, then researched it to find that a plot was stopped about a week or so ago. A teacher apparently found out and called the cops. Good.

      I suspect there will be others in Camarillo and/or Aliso Viejo, Ca.

      If I am correct, God help them.

      • OK – you’ve got my attention. Have family in Aliso Viejo. Can you elaborate?

        • Bottom Line says:

          I don’t want to cause anyone to get worked up over what may turn out to be nothing, nor do I want to be too specific as it may adversely effect things and innocent people…

          I’ve recognized somewhat unique circumstances, patterns and correlations between these recent massacres. When continued/extended, it shows places that have and have not had issues with shootings.

          Camarillo and Aliso Viejo are two areas I will call ‘possibles’. I am basically making a strange type of educated guess, but I think it is worth taking precautionary measures as children are far too precious to risk it.

          (with all of these whacko shooter incidents, why aren’t all schools equipped with an armed guard?)

          I thought about telling the schools in that area, but I am not sure they would listen to a ‘hunch’.. Maybe an anonymous, ambiguous or vague tip/warning may be in order.

          • I would say that any “No Gun Zone” could be a target of any number of nut cases. If one looks back at some of the thwarted so called terrorrist attacks, you will see that the FBI had total control of the situation, to include providing the explosives and fake detonator. THat should scare the hell out of people. 👿 I think ya’ll get my point!

      • BL, I do believe there will be another false flag, and guns will be used, possibly to a much higher extent. Obama cannot get what he wants without lots of dead bodies or the illusion of lots of dead bodies. I’m sure there are plenty of nuts controlled by the FBI who will kill, unlike past FBI patsi’s. THey have been practicing for quite awhile now. Where this occurs is just a guess, but I bet it’s at a “No Gun Zone”. Those magic signs are really a magnet for death.

        • Bottom Line says:

          More false flags? …probably so.

          We all see the inconsistencies and unnatural circumstances and such. Everyone that looks deep enough into things knows there is something going on. I question why people tolerate it.

          I doubt there will be a successful gun grab though. It’d be a blood bath. They may restrict sales and such, but there are already too many guns out there to have much effect. I think they know this. And as that article you posted points out, many of ‘they’ are ‘we the people’ that like guns too.

          People want their guns. Thus people will have them as no government is more powerful than the will of its people. Their control is an illusion. They only have what the people give them.

          A big problem is this bullshit dualistic division of the people. It works to government’s advantage as one ‘side’ can still vote to use government force on the other, thus legitimizing it’s existence and growth.

          • This year will be interesting. Many are saying economic collapse this year will lead to Martial law, and a gun grab while everyone is in disaray and unlikely to organise. THis maybe true in the largest cities for a short while, but then it’s on. I’ll be watching on TV as the riots in the cities explode. How easy would this be? Simple, a cyber attack on JP Morgan thats shuts down EBT cards. Then the zombie apocolypse begins. Oh, all those Obama phones will be shut down too! Can’t let them organize, now can they. It’s an evil bunch in the District of Criminals, I put nothing past them 🙂

            • Bottom Line says:

              Very interesting indeed

              Having chaos isn’t really necessary though.

              I instead propose we build an army of about six billion people and take over the world together.

              As the system implodes, replace it with non-forceful more efficient means.

  64. I think it is amazingly funny that the Newspaper that created a map of gun owners in a county in New York-have resorted to hiring a company to protect them with those horrible guns they detest so much. Wonder if they will give out the name and addresses of their guards. The friggin hypocrits. We don’t need guns, our children in schools don’t need any kind of protection against crazies with guns-let them call and wait on the police to arrive. But somehow this newspaper, that put other people in danger- it can’t rely on Just the Police to protect them.

  65. January 2, 2013 4:00 A.M.
    Bush Reconsidered
    We’ve reached the point for some perspective on the much-derided 43rd president.

    By Victor Davis Hanson

    George W. Bush left office in January 2009 with one of the lowest job-approval ratings for a president (34 percent) since Gallup started compiling them — as compared to Harry Truman’s low of 32 percent, Richard Nixon’s of 24 percent, and Jimmy Carter’s of 34 percent — and to the general derision of the media.

    At times the venom accorded Bush in popular culture reached absurd — and even sick — levels. Alfred A. Knopf, for example, infamously published Nicholson Baker’s Checkpoint, a pathetic riff on shooting Bush. Gabriel Range’s unhinged 2006 “docudrama,” The Death of a President, focused on an imagined assassination of President Bush (imagine the outcry should any filmmaker today update that topos). A sick Charlie Brooker op-ed in the Guardian called for another John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald to kill Bush. Jonathan Chait of The New Republic more or less permanently ruined his reputation by writing an adolescent rant on “the case for Bush hatred,” one that began creepily with “I hate President George W. Bush.” Try substituting another president’s name for Bush’s and see what the reaction of The New Republic would be.

    All that hysteria once led to Charles Krauthammer’s identification of “Bush Derangement Syndrome” — a pathology in which the unbalanced seemed to channel all their anxieties, frustrations, and paranoias onto George W. Bush. And yet, following 9/11, Bush had calmly led the nation and enjoyed one of the highest positive appraisals of any president since the advent of modern polling, when for months he registered a 90 percent approval rating; indeed, he averaged a 62 percent approval rating over his first four years.

    Yet, as with all presidents, with time and a successor come perspective. So it is not hard to see why the out-of-office Bush’s likability ratings are slowly inching back up — most recently to 46 percent. For reflection on Bush’s eight years in office, take a look back at the six aspects of his presidency that harmed his popularity most — Iraq and its attendant controversies, the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, the so-called Bush-Cheney anti-terrorism protocols, the September 2008 financial meltdown, the chronic budget deficits, and the general impression that Bush was singularly inarticulate and prone to embarrassing gaffes.

    “Bush lied, thousands died,” was a popular mantra that followed from the absence of stockpiles of WMD in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq — the chief casus belli of the Iraq War. But looking back, quite apart from the politics of the moment, we now remember that Congress had approved 23 writs authorizing the removal of Saddam Hussein. The pro-war speeches of John Kerry and Hillary Clinton were simply amplifications of President Clinton’s signing into law of the 1998 “Iraq Liberation Act,” in which were outlined in graphic detail the dangers of the Hussein WMD arsenal. We do not know what exactly happened to those weapons, but perhaps the end sometime soon of the Bashar Assad regime in Syria — amid rampant rumors of a sizable WMD depot — could shed some light on prior cross-border traffic between Assad and Hussein. More important, Saddam Hussein’s oil-rich Iraq never became another North Korea or Iran. His removal also had a salutary effect in convincing Moammar Qaddafi to dismantle his own WMD program, and may have helped to convince Assad to leave Lebanon. In any case, Saddam was the first of many Middle Eastern strongmen to fall.

    The 2007 Bush decision, opposed by most in Congress and many in his own party, to implement the surge proposed by David Petraeus and his advisers saved Iraq — at least in the sense that at the time of the abrupt departure of U.S. troops at the end of 2011, Iraq was a mostly quiet country, with a burgeoning rate of GDP growth, and that it escaped the violence of the Arab Spring. For all the conspiracy talk of “No blood for oil,” the United States seems to have ensured both that Iraqi petroleum bidding was transparent and that American oil companies were not much involved.

    Barack Obama in 2008 ran on Iraq as the “bad” Bush war (he had called for all U.S. troops out by late 2008), while supporting Afghanistan as the necessary UN/NATO–sanctioned conflict. Yet Obama’s tenure coincided with an enormous upswing in American deaths in Afghanistan (630 total fatalities during Bush’s eight years; 1,543 during Obama’s first four), with relatively light fatalities in Iraq (264 deaths) from 2009 through 2012. Indeed, Americans were to die in Afghanistan during the Obama administration at over five times the monthly rate during the Bush years — for a variety of reasons still poorly understood.

    Such data are not to suggest that the occupation of Iraq between 2003 and 2009 was not flawed, or that Afghanistan could not have been better managed from 2001 to 2009 — only that challenges as diverse as intelligence about WMD (whether in Iraq, Syria, Libya, or Iran) and putting ground troops anywhere in the Middle East plague any president confronted with them. The Obama “lead from behind” strategy in Libya, for example, did not result in a more stable, more democratic nation, but began a chaotic trajectory that led to the murder of an American ambassador and three others in Benghazi, amid mayhem in a country overrun by Islamic insurgents.

    Few cared to hear the arguments that there was more to the Hurricane Katrina fiasco than Bush-administration incompetence, despite the fact that next-door Mississippi, for example, seemed to employ state and local services far more effectively than did the largely incompetent New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin and Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco. Both botched the evacuation and the recovery, well apart from the inexcusable and chronic lapses of FEMA. The recent Hurricane Sandy response reminds us both how much an effective governor, like New Jersey’s Chris Christie, can do in a natural disaster — and, again, how sluggish and unresponsive are federal agencies, whether overseen by Bush or Obama.

    Little more need be said about the hysteria over the Bush-Cheney anti-terrorism protocols, other than that most of their critics went silent when the former critic President Obama, quite mysteriously, embraced or even expanded almost all of them — apparently on the post-election realization that something that had prevented another 9/11 for a subsequent seven years should not be summarily ended. Guantanamo is still open. Renditions and tribunals remain in effect. Predator-drone missions vastly increased under Obama, and are such a part of the current landscape that the president can joke about siccing drones on any potential suitors of his two daughters. The Patriot Act and its subsidiaries have become institutionalized. Meanwhile, early grand talk by the Obama administration of trying arch-terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court, indicting CIA officials for enhanced interrogations, and moving detained terrorists from Guantanamo to the Midwest all have come to nothing. Perhaps the chief anti-terrorism difference between the Bush and Obama administrations, at least as it has pertained to the vast majority of suspected terrorists, is that the former sought to capture and interrogate them, while the latter prefers blowing them up — along with anyone else caught in the general vicinity of a strike — through remote-control Hellfire missiles.

    Over four years after the September 2008 financial meltdown, we are beginning to sense just how Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae empowered Wall Street greed, by guaranteeing profitable but risky subprime loans in an inflated housing market. The cast of culpable characters involved in that tragedy is now well known, including, on the congressional end, Representatives Barney Frank and Maxine Waters, and Senator Chris Dodd, who not merely demanded more federal guarantees, but also berated any who doubted the viability of such massive borrowing. Dodd is now gone from office and Frank soon will be, and Waters remains under suspicion of influence peddling. Their careers are bookends to those of parasitic hacks and cronies like the Carter and Clinton retreads Franklin Raines, James Johnson, and Jamie Gorelick, who occupied the top jobs at Fannie Mae. None of the three had much if any banking experience, but all three walked away with millions of dollars in bonuses after all but destroying their agency.

    The Bush administration was not culpable for creating the mess, though it may have been for not more resolutely trying to stop it — an effort, however, that would have been caricatured in the liberal Congress as an insensitive attempt to deny the poor their God-given rights to buy a house. We also forget that Barack Obama did not take office on September 21, 2008, but four months later, when the stock market was calming and the panic mostly over, while the federal TARP mechanisms for stabilization were in place and found useful by the incoming Obama administration.

    What helped to sink Bush’s ratings among conservatives, however, was the chronic budget deficits that over two terms added more than $4 trillion to the national debt. Barack Obama seized on that profligacy, calling Bush “unpatriotic” for it and promising to halve the Bush annual deficit by the end of his first term, while blasting the “Bush tax cuts” that supposedly were the source of fiscal shortfalls and had only benefited the rich.

    But Obama more than equaled Bush’s eight-year borrowing in just four. Apparently, he also conceded that the once-derided Bush tax cuts had actually increased federal revenue while spurring the economy, since he soon insisted upon retaining them for all but those making over $250,000.

    A comparative analysis of the Bush and Obama deficits between 2001 and 2012 proves disadvantageous to the latter: George Bush averaged a 2.7 percent ratio of deficits to GDP (less than those of Reagan or George H. W. Bush), Barack Obama so far 8.9 percent. Under Bush, quite excessive federal spending reached about 20 percent of GDP, but under Obama it has already grown to 24 percent. Such comparisons are controversial, given that budgetary responsibility for presidents includes incoming and outgoing years, in which they are not fully in charge of spending. Yet whether we count Bush’s responsibility from 2001 to 2008 or 2002 to 2009, and Obama’s from 2009 to 2012 or 2010 to 20012, we are nevertheless arguing whether the latter doubled or nearly tripled the Bush rate of borrowing. As far as unemployment goes, every month of the Obama administration has seen jobless rates higher than they were in any one month of Bush’s eight years.

    All this is not to defend the irresponsible Bush deficits, which grew federal spending astronomically and diminished the reputation of his tax cuts, which had raised greater revenue. The cataclysm of, and reaction to, 9/11 and the 2008 meltdown accounted for some of the expanding debt, as well as the Democratic Congress after 2006, but in the end the Bush administration devalued the reputation of conservatives as fiscal hawks and enabled Obama to borrow as never before.

    Bush was often awkward in public expression, but his “nucular” seems no worse than Obama’s “corpse-men.” He mangled sentences and aphorisms, but Obama has more than trumped that with his bows to foreign monarchs and strange pronouncements, from referring to 57 states to mocking the Special Olympics. An Internet search of Bush and Obama gaffes yields comparable results to a search for those committed by Bush I, Reagan, Carter, and Ford. Bush’s time-off chain-sawing on his arid Texas ranch was a far cry from the Obamas’ vacations in chic Costa del Sol or Martha’s Vineyard, and Bush ceased playing golf in 2003 in deference to American soldiers fighting and dying abroad. In contrast to Bush’s 24 rounds of golf in eight years, wartime president Barack Obama has now played 110 rounds in four years.

    What is different is not the degree to which the two Harvard alumni at times seemed confused in the limelight, but that the partisan media were determined to suggest that the similarly accruing lapses were incidental to Obama’s genius, but a window into Bush’s imbecility. Scandal-wise, Bush experienced no Watergate, Iran-Contra, or impeachment. The Scooter Libby media circus — a trial for a crime that was not a crime, and to which someone else had earlier confessed — seems minor in comparison to the secretary of the Treasury’s avoiding his taxes, the HHS director’s being mired in several controversies, the EPA director’s using an alias to hide official communications, and assorted lethal scandals like Fast and Furious and Benghazi, along with the tawdry GSA and Secret Service disclosures.

    Bush’s aid to Africa to combat the AIDS epidemic saved millions of lives. He was a strong proponent of increasing gas and oil development, and he made good appointments to the Supreme Court. The work of Justices Roberts and Alito so far is more impressive than that of Justices Sotomayor and Kagan.

    Obama’s “millions of green jobs” has led to boondoggles like Solyndra, the cancelation of the Keystone pipeline, and inane administration quips about wishing for American gas prices to match European ones and for skyrocketing rates for coal-produced electricity. In his debates with Mitt Romney, Obama did not refer to his wind- and solar-power subsidies, but instead took credit for increased U.S. fossil-fuel production — although oil and gas companies had found huge new finds on private land despite, rather than because of, the Obama administration.

    George W. Bush was not as dismal a president as the popular culture and media once assumed — a fact that will grow clearer as the age of Obama continues.

    • Just remember, and remember well. without the ineptness of George Bush and his gang THERE WOULD BE NO BARACK OBAMA!.

      • Exactly!

      • No doubt!!!-Bush helped Obama get elected. But lets not ignore the value of the Democrats, all-out, over the top extreme attack on Bush, it deserves a lot of the “credit” or Blame. They learned pretty quick that attack, attack, attack the children, attack business’s, attack advertisers, attack everybody, truth doesn’t matter, being extreme doesn’t matter, just attack, attack, attack, because for some reason it works.

  66. Rep. Tom Price: We Need ‘Red State Leadership’ in House

    by Mike Flynn 2 Jan 2013, 8:53 AM PDT 43 post a comment
    Rep. Tom Price is a respected leader of conservatives in the House. A former chair of the Republican Study Committee, the in-house caucus of conservative legislators, he has long been at the forefront of crafting conservative solutions to our nation’s policy challenges. Appearing this morning on WMAL, Price told Breitbart New’s Larry O’Connor that it was time for “red state leadership” in the House. The statement will likely send shockwaves through the GOP caucus.

    Breitbart New’s Matt Boyle has reported extensively on the growing rift within the GOP after the disastrous “fiscal cliff” negotiations. There is a growing sense among conservatives that current House Leadership isn’t forceful enough in standing up to Obama and the Democrats’ push to raise taxes and boost government spending. There is little public engagement on how conservative alternatives could boost economic growth and begin to fix our nation’s debt crisis.

    Price’s statement is the first sign that the rift is spilling out into the public. He is the most senior lawmaker to voice discomfort with Leadership’s direction. His call for “red state leadership” is telling, as all current Leaders hail from states that voted to reelect Obama and send Democrats to the US Senate.

    The new Congress convenes tomorrow at noon. The first order of business will be electing a Speaker of the House. John Boehner remains the favorite for reelection, but Cantor’s move yesterday to publicly split with Boehner on the Senate “cliff” deal and Price’s statement this morning indicate that a challenge is brewing.

    Price’s statement suggests today will be filled with lots of political maneuvering. 2013 is not arriving quietly.

    “all current Leaders hail from states that voted to reelect Obama and send Democrats to the US Senate.” Hmmmm-I wasn’t aware of this-must do a little research!

  67. Al Jazeera to Acquire Ultra Left Current TV

    By Geoffrey Dickens | January 02, 2013 | 17:00

    According to the New York Times’ Brian Stelter, Al Jazeera is about to acquire Al Gore’s ultra-leftist and low-rated cable outlet Current TV. Stelter reported: “If the deal is completed, Current will provide the pan-Arab news giant with something it has sought for years: a pathway into American living rooms.”

    However, the move may not mean a complete overhaul for Current TV as Al Jazeera may retain some staffers but the very small number of regular viewers should expect to see a lineup change. According to Stelter the channel’s “schedule of shows will most likely be dissolved in the spring.”

    The following is an excerpt from Stelter’s online January 2, New York Times article:

    Al Jazeera is finalizing a deal to take over Current TV, the low-rated cable channel that was founded by Al Gore and his business partners seven years ago.

    If the deal is completed, Current will provide the pan-Arab news giant with something it has sought for years: a pathway into American living rooms. Current is available in about 60 million of the 100 million homes in the United States with cable or satellite service.

    Rather than simply use Current to distribute its existing English-language channel, called Al Jazeera English and based in Doha, Qatar, Al Jazeera will create a new channel based in New York, according to people with knowledge of the deal negotiations. Potentially called Al Jazeera America, roughly 60 percent of the programming will be produced in the United States while the remaining 40 percent will come from Al Jazeera English.

    Al Jazeera may absorb some Current TV staff members, according to the people, who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. But Current’s schedule of shows will most likely be dissolved in the spring.

    The plan will bring Al Jazeera, which is financed by the government of Qatar, into closer competition with CNN and other news channels in the United States.

    Read more:

    Hmmm-I don’t like this-I almost feel like Al Gore just committed treason-but I’m not sure why I feel this way-it seems to be a gut reaction-an automatic emotional response!! Talk to me people!!!!!!

    • V.H. The Sheeple are already brainwashed by whats on TV. Is this a real TV channel, I don’t have it. We have much bigger problems than the Arab Boogiemen.

      Have a great night! 🙂

      • Read the following on another site about the same story:

        “Update: “I really don’t like the idea of an extremist propaganda outlet that seeks the destruction of America airing on U.S. cable. Fortunately, sounds like Al Jazeera’s about to get rid of it,” Allahpundit deadpans.”

        Heheh he 🙂

        • Al Gore is a thief and should be arrested as such. Al Jazeera ain’t so bad, it helps when we can get news, instead of the crap the sold out MSM gives us.

        • You can’t make this stuff up! Al Gore, the all time biggest blowhard of climate change and higher taxes, ie fair share, sells his network to big oil and rushes to close deal in 2012 to avoid paying higher taxes.

  68. Can anyone confirm this? If this is true, the push for total control by the govt is on, and so is the 2nd Revolution,

    • This already exists in NYC. Has for some time.

      • As long as the residents accept it, it will remain.

        • In NY, they do not know any better. The way Gun Control (rifles and shotguns) started was insidious and took over 30 years to become the way it is now. It was always, just something more, just a little more compromise. The next thing you knew they had banned and were trying to confiscate registered National Match M-1’s.

          In ’65 I could buy a rifle and go home on the subway with just a plastic see-through bag over it. Every Public High School had a rifle team where the student took the rifle home and brought it, again on public transportation, to the meets.

          Something went awfully wrong with this society in the past 45 years.

          • One would think that with all the crime, things would have changed. Instead NYer”s elect a psychopath control freak with a big mouth. Either the majority of the voters are idiot Liberals or the election is rigged (or both). Can it be challenged in court like in DC and Chicago?

            • Nobody wants to bother. The City council is something like 52 democrats and 3 republicans. The semi-auto ban was passed back awhile ago and I think it was passed over a veto threat.

              The sheep believe what they are told. back when I was a resident, I had a rifle manufactured in 1884, in 11 MM Mauser caliber. There was an “exemption” provision in the Rifle registration law in the City regarding antiques where ammunition was not “readily available” . The law required that I present the rifle to the ballistics section of the NYPD at the Police Academy and receive a determination. Just for the hell of it (I did have a permit at the time) I decided to test the law. So, I dragged it down to 23rd Street, properly encased, presented it to a Detective who was an “expert” and received the official police position, that I could,( get this), have someone manufacture the brass for me on a lathe and have the bullets cast and then loaded. That, to a fascist, is the definition of “readily available”.

              That old bumper sticker, “question authority” is a joke, it should be “Don’t trust authority”. Anyone in authority has the power to become a petty tyrant. Funny thing about that. Several years ago, the DMV in NJ went private with appropriate dire warnings. Since then, my visits have been if not pleasant, at least better than tolerable. Lines have shortened, people are friendly and efficiencies introduced. I can’t help but think that this is a result of the guaranteed sinecure being removed. Many of the same faces mind you but now they smile.

  69. Just A Citizen says:

    Austrians are not Austerians
    By Daniel J. Sanchez
    Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

    Robert Wenzel makes this important point.

    [Krugman] writes:

    Has there been anything comparable on the Austrian/Austerian side?

    Why would any economist who knows anything about Austrian economics and bankster austerity programs link the two? Austrian economists have never supported any plan to suck dry the masses via taxation to payoff banksters holding government debt, which is what austerity programs are all about. As the leading Austrian economist, Murray Rothbard, put it:

    I propose, then, a seemingly drastic but actually far less destructive way of paying off the public debt at a single blow: outright debt repudiation.

    This is the exact opposite of austerity programs, which are designed to prop up sovereign debt and insure the banksters are paid.

    • You better balance the budget first before defaulting on the debt since no one will loan you money afterwards. Or better yet, just inflate the value of the currency and make the debt go away slowly. One part of the debt that could be written off today is the SS “Trust Fund”. This is money (~$2.7T) we owe to ourselves collectively. Writing it off does no harm to anyone. Debt we owe to foreign countries or to individuals is real and should be honored as should be debt to commercial banks and corporations. I am not sure where to place debt owned by the Federal Reserve. I suspect it could be written off as well.

      I am not so much concerned about the debt. More important is the deficit and the unfunded liabilities.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The idea that debt is not a problem because we owe it to ourselves is seriously flawed.

        First of all, “we” don’t owe it to “us”. Our Children will OWE the money that we took to pay our benefits.

        The SS Trust fund is the pot from which SS is paid. So if you don’t pay back the loans, with their interest, there is not enough to pay the benefits. So you will wind up simply using general tax funds to make up the difference.

        The impact to the Fed Budget and to the tax payer is identical. So simply defaulting on these debts does absolutely NOTHING.

        Defaulting on the other debt would actually eliminate the debt and the transfer of wealth from tax payers to investors.

        But this could only be applied to the 16+ Trillion of what I call our “Operating Debt”.

        And yes, we would need to balance the budget first.

        However, none of this was the point of the article. Which is that Krugman constantly misleads the public, and his stupid followers, on what the Austrian view is on economic issues.

  70. Joe,

    Congratulations on your appointment to lead a presidential commission to end gun-related violence.

    As a National Rifle Association board member, husband, father, grandfather, law enforcement officer and genuinely concerned American, I too want nothing more than to see evil, senseless massacres stopped. I concur with the president and caring people everywhere: It’s time to end these slaughters.

    As you gather your team to study massacres and how to stop them, I offer to you my services and a lifetime of expertise on guns in all their implementations. While I strongly differ with President Obama on many issues, I agree with him that we must work with all we can possibly muster to end these tragedies.

    As you begin to formulate your thoughts on how to proceed with your task, I hope your starting point is to provide the president with the facts regarding these slaughters and to offer him common-sense recommendations that are void of a political agenda and will actually make a meaningful difference. If the American people smell a political agenda here, that will only bog down our efforts.

    In the spirit of goodwill and a deep desire to end gut-wrenching, incredibly sad and senseless rampages, I offer you the following recommendations:

    I encourage you to persuade the president to lead this effort by providing a number of public service announcements. The announcements should include watching out for each other, encouraging parents to be more involved in their children’s lives regarding entertainment choices, and knowing various indicators we should watch for in people who are unstable.

    Clearly, the focus on solving these mass murders must be on the mentally ill. In almost every instance of mass killing, there were ample red flags and warning alarms that either were avoided or were not acted upon by mental health professionals, family members, friends and acquaintances. While I deeply respect an individual’s privacy and civil liberties, the American people need basic awareness of what indicators to look for regarding potentially violent, psychotic people. Our collective safety begins with being collectively vigilant.

    You will find in your assessment that all of the massacres have occurred in gun-free zones. What gun-free zones create is an environment where good people are unarmed and virtually defenseless against an unstable person intent on committing mass murder. Gun-free zones are modern killing fields. I implore you to recommend that Congress pass a law to ban gun-free zones immediately.

    Just like your full-time, armed security detail, qualified citizens with authorized, legal concealed-carry permits should be able to carry weapons virtually everywhere to protect themselves, their loved ones and innocents.

    I also implore you to strongly consider recommending that trained school officials have access to weapons to protect students. Just as airline pilots may have access to a weapon to prevent another Sept. 11 mass murder, school officials also should be trained to stop shooting sprees at our schools.

    I don’t encourage you to recommend a ban on any weapon, magazine capacity or type of ammunition. That won’t accomplish anything other than prevent the 99.9 percent of responsible, law-abiding Americans from enjoying these modern weapons as we do now. We should never recommend or develop public policy that restricts the rights of the good guys based upon what evil people do or might do. If that were the case, alcohol still would be banned. As you may know, drunk drivers kill an estimated 12,000 Americans each year and hurt tens of thousands more.

    I encourage you also to keep this misnamed “gun violence” in perspective. While all deaths are tragic, the vast majority of gun-related murders and violence are committed by gang members who do not use guns that look like — but do not perform like — military assault weapons. The majority of crimes that involve a firearm are committed with handguns. I concurred with you back in 2008 when you stated, “If [Mr. Obama] tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem.” I trust you still maintain those sentiments.

    Again, I offer you my services and a lifetime of expertise. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Ted Nugent

    Read more:
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

  71. Good Morning SUFA 🙂

    Some good news this morning, 2.8 million guns were sold to law abiding citizens yesterday 🙂 In December, there were over 8 million background checks done by the FBI for gun sales. Sneator Feinstein should be charged with treason, found guilty, and spends the rest of her life in a dungy prison. She is a traitor. In closing, something I found hilarious and want to share with you.

    • Bottom Line says:

      That IS funny…wrong number to associate with statism though. Does she/the writers not understand the term “lawless one”?

      I have a feeling Obama isn’t exactly what people think he is, either. As a guess, both he and his wife are closet Anarchists of the Communist variety. Maybe he’s here to wreck the system in preparation for a New Order. If so, I think he is doing a good job of it. So let him do the dirty work and take the heat.

      Thesis = Functional government
      Antithesis = Wrecked out of control government
      Synthesis = New World Order out of Chaos

      Hell, Europe is a step ahead of the USA.(especially France)

      What do you think about a New World Order as Libertarian free market based, with a decentralized network of voluntary communism for social programs/benefits…time credit being the new currency? (Try to inflate it.) It all boils down to time anyway.

  72. Clinton faces surgery after fracturing arm in a fall
    By Mark Landler
    New York Times / June 19, 2009

    WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will undergo surgery to repair a fractured right elbow, caused when she slipped and fell on her way to a White House meeting on Wednesday evening, the State Department said yesterday.

    Clinton, 61, was taken to George Washington University Hospital, where doctors determined the break would require an operation, said a State Department spokesman, P.J. Crowley. “She is at home, resting comfortably, or uncomfortably,’’ he said.

    Crowley said Clinton was reading papers and making calls. But she canceled her public schedule, which included an appearance with actress Angelina Jolie at an event marking World Refugee Day and an awards ceremony at the American Foreign Service Association.

    The mishap occurred as Clinton was walking to her car in the basement of the State Department. She was headed to a meeting with President Obama, accompanied by the administration’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard C. Holbrooke.

    After Clinton fell, Holbrooke said, “She struggled to get up to go to the meeting, but the pain was very intense.’’ Still lying on the ground, she instructed Holbrooke to go without her and reminded him to brief the president about a visit to Afghanistan planned by the State Department’s new ambassador for women’s issues, Melanne Verveer.

    “She said, ‘Go to the meeting, that’s an order,’ ’’ Holbrooke said. Clinton’s surgery has not been scheduled, officials said, throwing her travel plans into doubt. She is scheduled to go to a meeting next week of foreign ministers of Group of Eight countries in Trieste, Italy, as well as a European security meeting on the Greek island of Corfu.

    Wow, This is either the biggest con in awhile or we should really start worrying about Clinton’s health.


    What can I say that Obama didn’t say himself-when he wanted to be elected.

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      It makes me feel so much better when I read things like this. I’ve talked to many of my daughters friend and none of them seem to be for abortion, except in the case of rape. Unfortunately several of them did get pregnant before they were married or really old enough to take on the responsibility. But they did take on the responsibility. The children really aren’t lost, they are simply paying for the stupidity of our current social norms and the BS they promote. But they are learning from these mistakes, maybe, just maybe, they will teach their own children what they learned.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Mr. Obama is claiming in this statement that HE personally believes many provisions to be “unconstitutional”.

      Yet he has gone forward with signing a bill that HE personally believes is unconstitutional. This of course is a violation of his OATH.

      He also provides as his only remedy to simply ignore those restrictions placed on him by Congress, alleging the Constitution’s separation of powers as his shield. Apparently not remembering that ALL Authority of the POTUS essentially comes from Congress.

      • I don’t think he cares-The last I looked, a number of Democrats , including Mrs. Obama was celebrating going around Congress. I think he studied the Constitution just so he could figure out ways around it!!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Kathy and V.H.

      Important question ladies.

      Do you support Sex Education in schools as a means of reducing unwanted pregnancy?

      • ….and Anita 🙂

        I support the sex ed I got at St Aloysius Catholic School in 4th grade..the kind that says she has this and he has this and they join together and with God’s blessings they create a baby. That’s all I was taught in school, that’s all hundreds of kids were taught, that’s all that needs to be taught.

      • I want to but No, I don’t, at least not what they are teaching today. I used to support the idea but then I read the course outlines and was rather shocked by the content. I would rather like for the basics to be covered but I simply don’t trust the schools anymore to do so without making it an indoctrination lesson. I’m not at all sure the current lesson plans don’t increase sexual activity instead of reducing it.

      • How about you, JAC, do you support sex education?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Yes, I do.

          However, I also share your concern that in some schools the curriculum is looking like “adults condoning sex” rather than trying to discourage but then prepare the young to prevent pregnancy.

          I don’t know how you teach sex education, including contraception, without creating the appearance of “condoning” casual sex. At least not to the more rabid “conservatives” who think the whole thing should be banned.

          It seems to me if we want abortion outlawed, then we should support efforts to reduce unwanted pregnancy.

          That does not mean GOVT funding but it does require Public Support.

          • They might start by determining what their goals are- to give the young enough information to help them make good decisions and to protect themselves if they choose to ignore the negatives. Or do they want to teach the kids everything about every possible type of sex that people may choose to participate in-with the intent to make everything okay.

            It really wouldn’t be that hard if they were more interested in the first.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I agree. And that is the role of the School Board………to make sure that curriculum deals with HEALTH.

              Namely, prevention of unwanted pregnancy and spread of STD’s.

      • Again, being sixty plus and conscious of politics since I was sixteen, I think sex ed is a huge failure. It has been around, certainly in liberal enclaves like the big cities since the ’60’s. It was supposed to be this brilliant move because the children did not understand sex or how to avoid pregnancy. By all rational accounts what was produced was a “how to” manual which resulted in more pregnancy, more abortion and more STD”s.

        My dad used to say that children are like animals, they will figure out the “how” on their own. Regarding pregnancy, his opinion was explain the consequence. But today of course, there are no consequences. Get pregnant, have an abortion, get pregnant, have the baby, go on welfare, get 10 girls pregnant to show your “manhood” (it IS done in the inner cities) and walk away scot free because you have no assets to garnish. (Personally, workhouses sound pretty good to me for guys like that. That plus the snip, snip.) Get an STD have it treated for free by Uncle Sugar even if it is AIDS which today is perfectly preventable and where the treatment costs over $ 125,000 per year!

        Earlier generations, like my Dad’s grew up around farm animals and knew the score from an early age. they showed considerably more restraint than our youth but then again, people like my high school biology teacher in the early ’60’s who taught sex ed or “marriage” as it was called in Catholic High Schools then, knew what was coming and predicted it when the “pill” hit the market. Anybody remember that ad campaign about how it was supposed to eliminate unwanted pregnancy and the stigma attached? well, it failed at the former and more than succeeded at the latter.

        To start another rant, found out yesterday that NYC pays approximately $ 7,000 per year per pupil bussed. That is more than twice what LA pays. NY, of course, has neighborhood schools within walking distance but has expanded “opportunities” requiring busing. It seems according to the unhappy Bd. of Ed member who finally went public (he’s new) that between the bus drivers union and the connected busing companies, no competition in bidding is allowed. New entrants never get selected. This came on the heels of me reading a TR biography yesterday morning wherein TR blasted both rapacious corporations and rapacious unions in the same breath. 100 years later and counting and things are worse.

  74. For anyone who would like to express their opinion on the names and addresses of gun owners in NY by a newspaper, here’s the info on how to contact said newspaper:

    The Journal News can be reached at 1-800-942-1010 or 914-694-9300 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Sundays. They can also be reached by email at and by U.S. Mail at:

    The Journal News
    1133 Westchester Ave. Suite N110
    White Plains, NY 10604

    Their leadership and staff may be reached as follows:

    Editor & Vice President/News: CynDee Royle, 914-694-5001,
    Janet Hasson, President & Publisher, 914-694-5203,
    George Troyano, Vice President/Sales & Marketing, 914-694-5157,
    Kathy Moore, Local Content Editor, 914-694-3523,
    Local Content Editor: Joe McDonald, 914-694-5099,
    Online Ad Director: Eileen Zaccagnino, 914-696-8463,
    Director, Marketing and Client Solutions: Tessa Garcia, 914-694-5188,

    Let’em have it, I certainly will! 🙂

  75. Bottom Line says:

  76. When the order for gun confiscation comes down from Obama (which will be illegal), cops like this deserve what they get if they follow the illegal order. I won’t be shedding any tears for the likes of this Nazi with a badge.

  77. This is just the beginning of the pushback and it stats in Pa> 🙂

    2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance

    AN Ordinance, which shall be known and may be cited as the “2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance.”

    To prevent federal, State or local infringement on the right to keep and bear Firearms, Firearms accessories or ammunition ; nullifying all federal, state or local acts in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States along with section 21 “Right to Bear Arms of the Pennsylvania constitution.



    The Governing body of the Borough of Gilberton within the state of Pennsylvania finds that:

    A. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows, “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Along with Section 21 of the constitution of Pennsylvania which states, “Right to Bear Arms.” The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.

    B. All federal, state or local acts, laws, orders, rules or regulations regarding firearms, Firearms accessories or ammunition are a violation of the 2nd Amendment along with section 21 of The Pennsylvania Constitution and in violation of this ordinance.



    A. The Governing Body of the Borough of Gilberton within the state of Pennsylvania declares that all federal ,state or Local acts, laws, orders, rules, regulations – past, present or future – shall be in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Pennsylvania are not authorized by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Pennsylvania and violate its true meaning and intent as given by the Founders and Ratifies, and are hereby declared to be invalid within Gilberton Borough and all of its boundaries , shall not be recognized by this Borough or within all of its boundaries within the state of Pennsylvania, are specifically rejected by the Borough of Gilberton and within all of its boundaries within the state of Pennsylvania, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in the Borough of Gilberton within the state of Pennsylvania.

    B. It shall be the duty of the Governing body of Gilberton Borough and within all of its boundaries within the State of Pennsylvania to adopt and enact any and all measures as may be necessary to prevent the enforcement of any federal, state or local acts, laws, orders, rules, or regulations in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States along with section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution or any violation of this ordinance.



    A. This act takes effect thirty ( 30 ) days upon approval by the Governing body

    2710 MAIN STREET

  78. Every American should watch this video, to the end! @Charlie, do you have the cahuna’s to wacth it that long? @Buck and Todd, You might learn something important, so pay attention, you are going to be schooled! 😉

  79. Here ya go GMan:

    Error affects 85,000 Bridge Cards in Michigan
    (WXYZ) – An error within the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget has left 85,000 food assistance recipients in the state without loaded Bridge Cards.
    DTMB says that cards for clients with account numbers ending in “0” were not loaded and they are currently working with vendor partners to fill the benefits overnight and throughout the day on Friday.
    “DTMB understands the hardship that this situation has caused Michigan families and the inconvenience to the businesses that serve them,” said DTMB spokesperson Kurt Weiss in a statement. “We are working around the clock to correct the problem as quickly as possible and we will determine why it occurred.”

  80. THis is some really disgusting DHS propaganda. Basically telleing people that they need to rely on Govt for their protection and be cowards in the process. Notice that the building the shooter goes in is a “No Gun Zone” ! This is so sickening. This is what gets innocent people killed.

  81. Bottom Line says:

  82. Good Morning SUFA 🙂

    Let’s start today with some laughter, since none of us can stuff Senator Feinsteins head in a poopy toilet 🙂

    > She desperately wanted a pair of beautiful alligator shoes.
    > After becoming very frustrated with the attitude of one of the
    > shopkeepers, the young blonde declared, ‘Well, then, maybe I’ll just
    > go out and catch my own alligator and get a pair of alligator shoes
    > for free!’
    > The shopkeeper replied with a sly smile, ’Well, little lady, why don’t
    > you go give it a try?’
    > The blonde headed off to the swamp, determined to catch an alligator.
    > Later in the day, the shopkeeper was driving home, and spotted the
    > young woman standing waist deep in the murky water, shotgun in hand.
    > He saw a huge 9-foot gator swimming rapidly toward her.
    > With lightning reflexes, the blonde took aim, shot the creature and
    > hauled it up onto the slippery bank.
    > Nearby were 7 more dead gators, all lying belly up.
    > The shopkeeper watched in amazement as the blond struggled with the gator.
    > Then, rolling her eyes, she screamed in frustration ……

    >Didn’t see that coming did you ?

  83. THe Spanish folks are in big trouble in the near future. THe question is: When will we stand up to the theft by govt. in this country?

  84. Deterence is the best way to get the whackballs not to kill kids in schools. It is quite apparent that the magic “No Gun Zone” signs just don’t work. (I wonder who came up with that brilliant idea?) This is the first step to achieve the end of school shootings resulting in mass murder.

    • I do not recall any events that were questioned as much as the Sandy Hook shootings. I will also say that I thought something was fishy on day one. Here’s some videos that I’d like opinion on!

      • Disclaimer: I also think some things about Sandy Hook are fishy.

        Assuming that all the people who spoke were actual family members of the victims, I’m not surprised by their reactions. This story went worldwide instantly. Media all over the place. You’re going to react differently in front of the camera than during the funeral service. I’ve just been through two deaths in my family. All different emotions come out during those days, from extreme laughter over old stories to extreme grief, and the emotions can change in an instant. That’s with no cameras present. You have to wonder how much editing was done before airing these videos. My thoughts while watching were that the video maker is looking for a problem to fit his answer. I didn’t see the problem with the families.

        I’m still wondering if the shooter actually killed his own mom first…….

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I am with you on this one. With the exception of the creepy Dad who was laughing and obviously worked himself up for the cameras.

          My biggest beef is the way the media people are deliberately playing on the emotion. I would not have put it past them to let the family members know they would like to see some “emotion”. Even if they did not, they are trained to get emotion from the avg person.

          That is why they get so pissed off when a politician or other “trained” person does not fall for their garbage.

          There is also the fact that for this to be such a ruse then there are way to many people involved to keep it secret. “Actors” would have been revealed by now as NOT FAMILY. We are being asked to believe that the ENTIRE media, the Govt and the FAMILIES were all in on a fraud.

          • Bottom Line says:

            ” We are being asked to believe that the ENTIRE media, the Govt and the FAMILIES were all in on a fraud. ”

            How many FAMILIES watch NORAD track Santa Clause on the NEWS every year?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I sure hope that was intended as humor.

              • Bottom Line says:


                I say a lot of things with an element of jest. But I am also making a point.

                If I interpreted your comment correctly, it was to suggest that it is a somewhat ridiculous notion that such a conspiracy could take place as it would be a complex endeavor requiring too many people, organizations, planning events, secrets, etc…

                Yet, there are clear examples to the contrary. Therefore we know it isn’t really THAT far fetched. (I am sure I can dig up a few more, but you get the point)

                I guess I am trying to open your mind a little, to suggest not being too dismissive of other possibilities.

                I mean really, look at what your seeing here…We are all human beings who by order of evolution of our natural interaction have become able to read the subtleties of body language and pheromones and such, etc… And we all clearly see something unnatural in the reaction of the families of the victims.

                Granted, we are likely seeing cherry picked examples of ‘faking it’, and as has been mentioned, people react differently to different circumstances, it could be they are motivated by the media telling them to ‘show emotion’, etc.. (all good points, and a very important in the process of discerning truth via deduction.)

                Nonetheless, we are clearly seeing a pattern of something unnatural, and any dismissal of it is likely a result of rationalizing it out of the comfort zone of what we are willing to accept.

                The real question is “Why?”

                Why would ANY of them fake it? If you are in a stunned emotional state and unable to cry, why not be stunned, or in a solemn mood or whatever? There is usually one or two drama queens in a group, but why so many in this ordeal? Small town social phenomenon? Why would so many be willing to go along with or tolerate media asking them to fake it/’show emotion’? Seems kinda rude if you ask me, or at least a tactless request.

                Something is off and we all see it. Go look back through footage of other tragedies…look at the people’s reactions. Compare them.

                Something else, for ‘conspiracy wackos’ especially, to keep in mind is that if there IS a secret being kept, it may not necessarily be a bad thing.

          • JAC, I certainly see your point. This is tough to believe that it could be done. THe Liberal media could certainly be blind to all of this, or in it. They are, after all, in the tank for Obama and the Dems. Convincing the real families that this is an important event to finally get gun control, could be achieved if they vet the right families. I posted a set of pictures earlier here that clearly showed the supposedly deceased daughter of the creepy fathe who was laughing, then getting his crying face on to speak to the media.

            How often do the cops threaten anybody with arrest for teeling a different story other than theirs?????? That is huge to me. Then, they have the head coroner for the State of CT there, who says without a doubt that all the woundse were caused by rifle shot, but couldn’t tell what gun killed the shooter. Really, if he is that good on the rifle wounds, he could certainly tell what caused the shooters wounds. He was way to “matter of fact” for my tastes. The father, the coroner, the huge show of federal force, the threat to arrest for telling a different story, a dead girl posing with Obama after the shooting, the lack of tears in the interviews, despite the appearance of crying, and Gene, who was so emotional about the whole thing and seemed quite comfy in front of the camera.

            I smell a rat and it stinks to high heaven.

      • OK, some weird things there. Creepy dad, very creepy medical examiner, and this Gene guy? I don’t understand the families even wanting to talk to the media – but that’s just me. I’m more private and pretty much despise the media, so sharing anything with them about my “child” wouldn’t happen. Some of the family members do seem to get caught up in their story??? I don’t know though. Pretty hard to pull this off.

  85. Great news: Federally-permitted lightbulbs a cancer risk
    posted at 1:01 pm on January 4, 2013 by Ed Morrissey

    Legislate in haste … repent at leisure. In their haste to rid Americans of the unconscionable plague of perfectly safe if somewhat inefficient incandescent lighting, politicians in Washington have forced us to adopt more expensive technology in its place. Compact flourescent lighting (CFLs) are already known to be a considerable disposal risk, thanks to the mercury used in them. A new study reported earlier this week by Miami’s CBS affiliate warns of an operational risk as well — ultraviolet radiation that can cause skin cancers and even acute burns (via Katie

    Every time you turn on the lights, you may be putting yourself at risk, according to a disturbing new study.

    Energy efficient bulbs are eco-friendly and can save you big bucks, but experts say that some could also have a dark side.

    Actually, they’re not all that eco-friendly, as even the government acknowledges. The EPA wants to argue that the release of mercury from CFLs in disposal is less than that released from the burning of the amount of coal one saves by using them. That may well be true overall, but not if one breaks in your house. At that point, you need to conduct an hours-long cleanup — and even if you want to dispose of an unbroken CFL, it takes special disposal in most jurisdictions due to the eco-unfriendly nature of CFLs.

    And now, it takes special instructions to use them, too:

    Money saving, compact fluorescent light bulbs emit high levels of ultra violet radiation, according to a new study. Research at Long Island’s Stony Brook found that the bulbs emit rays so strong that they can actually burn skin and skin cells.

    “The results were that you could actually initiate cell death,” said Marcia Simon, a Professor of Dermatology.

    Exposure to the bulbs could lead to premature aging and skin cancer, according to doctors.

    “It can also cause skin cancer in the deadliest for, and that’s melanoma,” said Dr. Rebecca Tung.

    Well, these are just the defective CFLs, right? The outsides are coated to block UV radiation. And that’s true, but …

    In every bulb that researchers tested they found that the protective coating around the light creating ‘phosphor’ was cracked, allowing dangerous ultraviolet rays to escape.

    So what can you do? Stay away from them:

    Stony Brook researches advised that customers exercise caution and stay two feet away from the bulbs at all times, while storing them in an overhead fixture or lamp.

    Gee … maybe Congress should have thought to check this out before regulating incandescents out of existence.

    Stay 2 feet away from the lights in your home-huh-cancer-oh my goodness-Premature Aging-well that settles it, not buying them anymore!

  86. Another One Bites the Dust
    By Eliana Johnson
    January 4, 2013 1:46 P.M.


    It was less than a year ago that President Obama praised Lincolnton furniture as an “insourcer” of American jobs. “These companies are choosing to invest in the one country with the most productive workers, the best universities, and the most creative and innovative entrepreneurs in the world, and that is the United States of America,” he said. He went on to recognize the company’s founder, Bruce Cochrane. Cochrane also sat with Michelle Obama during the president’s State of the Union address and participated in a conversation with the president and business leaders about how to create American jobs.

    The Miami Herald reports today, though, that – in “a move that caught the attention of North Carolina officials and those in the White House” – Cochrane’s furniture company has gone out of business. The Herald’s story quotes Cochrane’s uncle, who told the paper, ““I was surprised that they stopped the operation this quickly,” but added, “[S]tarting a furniture business now is very difficult in this country.”

  87. Cuccinelli: The EPA would do well to remember that we’re a nation of laws, not men
    posted at 1:51 pm on January 4, 2013 by Erika Johnsen

    The odd-year gubernatorial election of what now feels like a solidly purple Virginia (…dagger) could potentially serve as a bellwether of which way the national attitude is trending after almost a year into President Obama’s second term, and conservative Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will be facing former DNC chief Terry McAuliffe in what will likely be a pretty rough race.

    One of the items on which the Obama administration has already started moving “forward” in the more politically safe second-term-secured atmosphere is all of the regulations on which they were rather conspicuously holding back before the election, with the Environmental
    Protection Agency’s many determinedly zealous ideas for regulating our air and water figuring largely among them. The Clean Air and Water Acts have so far been some of the biggest legal boundary-busting culprits employed by the Obama EPA, and AG Cuccinelli just pulled out a major victory leading a case in which he argued that the EPA was trying to categorize water itself, rather than just the sediment in it, as a pollutant in order to further expand their authoritative whimsy over both it and us. Winning:

    A federal district judge Thursday shot down a “novel” EPA attempt to regulate the flow of water as a pollutant, stopping dead in its tracks what otherwise would have been a major regulatory expansion. …

    Cuccinelli personally argued the case before O’Grady on Dec. 14, warning the EPA’s attempt to regulate the flow of water into state waterways would amount to a “tremendous expansion” of its regulatory power. …

    Assuming the judgment withstands appeal, it would spare Fairfax County an estimated $300 million in compliance costs. Nationwide, three other lawsuits against the EPA’s recent assertion of its authority to regulate water flow are pending. …

    “EPA’s thinking here was that if Congress didn’t explicitly prohibit the agency from doing something, that meant it could, in fact, do it,” said Cuccinelli in his statement. …

    “You know it’s bad when a partisan Democrat board of supervisors, like Fairfax County, will join us to sue the EPA,” he said. “That’s how bad it’s gotten.”

    Governor McDonnell was definitely on board in support of both the lawsuit and Cuccinelli’s efforts:

    Speaking about the ruling, Governor Bob McDonnell said, “The Commonwealth has just saved taxpayers an estimated more than $300 million by prevailing in a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for unlawfully attempting to regulate water itself as a pollutant. The EPA tried to regulate water as a pollutant in the Accotink Creek watershed. This would have required the Virginia Department of Transportation to spend at least an additional $70 million to retrofit its existing facilities and redesign new projects to comply with the regulations. Fairfax County would have had to spend more than $300 million to comply with the EPA mandate. Over time the regulation would have impacted numerous other projects, costing even more and having a negative impact on future job creation. …

    This ruling today is a testament to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s good work to fight back on economically harmful, and unnecessary, regulations. The ruling will save millions of dollars now and much more in the future. It is a positive victory for the taxpayers of Virginia.”

    If there’s anything that can get grassroots conservatives fired up for an election, it’s the federal government’s persistent displays of simply trying to do what they want, when they want, the economic and personal costs be damned — and Cuccinelli having spearheaded takedown will almost certainly be an excellent selling point on his gubernatorial-race resume in the coming months. The EPA is constantly raining (reigning?) down on businesses and communities with their bureaucratic ambitions that are based not so much on accurate science as political science, and a local-level example with bipartisan support like this isn’t a bad win to have in your back pocket.

  88. Catching up:

    1. Badgers suck

    2. Packers better learn how to tackle AP by tomorrow night or they might suck too

    3. My kids each sat through sex ed, with our permission, and it provided a good opportunity to expand on our previous discussions. I asked for curriculum outline to be sent home and then went over it with the kids to see what was said. The presentation seemed responsible.

  89. Soooo many things I could say, but none of them nice, so I’ll just post link:

    • HAHA, This is Liberal thinking at it’s best. THis is what the next Civil War will likely entail, the Liberals and their violent tendencies vs. the rest of America with their Bibles and guns! I wonder who would win that? 🙂

  90. After a newspaper decided to provide the names and addresses of gun owners in NY state, some are thinking about doing the same with women who have abortions. Any opinions?

    • Two very different things, and you know it. One is information that is a matter of public record, like it or not. The other is a private medical decision.

      • I don’t agree with invading anyone’s privacy, regardless if it’s public record or not. Apparently what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. Note: I am not part of the “some who are thinking about…” crowd. 😉

      • Just A Citizen says:


        And WHY is that information a matter of “public record”?????

        • Because the law makes it so — don’t like it, seek to change the law.

          I’m withholding judgement on whether or not it was a good idea to print this map, but fact of the matter is that any one of us could easily have requested this same information which, per the law, must have been provided.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Exactly. So WHY does Govt make one group of information available and another secret?

            By the way, this information is considered off limits to public review in many other states.

  91. This is for everyone who thinks abortion is murder.

    But they aren’t alive till they are officially born, so the Liberals say. HMMM 😉

  92. JAC, from our discussion of debt above.

    First Krugman is an over educated idiot. I have not read him lately but when I did (long before this website and its extended class in economics) I did not agree with him at the time. Nothing appears to have changed. He reminds me of a “Beautiful Mind” but off the drugs. Good movie by the way, they got a lot of things right about mental illness and the impact of the drugs used to treat it.

    If I borrow money from myself and spend it, I am out the money and must re-earn it. Repayment is just a feel good thing and does nothing more than that. The SS trust fund has been spent. Paying ourselves back with interest is nothing more than a feel good effort. We still need to raise the money via taxes or real borrowing from third parties. Forgiving the SS trust fund lowers the deficit by $2.4T thus making the cliff look smaller. It simply moves the obligation from the known debt to the unfunded liabilities. Either way our kids pay. Any debt we owe to a third party, be it another country, an individual, or a corporation is real. Welching on this debt will do harm to those parties. As for the current debt, I would hope most of it has been rolled over to a low interest rate. So current debt should be good for a few years. Hence it does not concern me too much.

    It is future debt that is the problem. If we do not achieve a balanced budget in the next 5 years, we run the risk of the deficit and then the debt consuming all revenues. Already entitlements and debt service consume all revenues. The actual operating funds for the government is all borrowed money.

    I think we are in basic agreement.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      It appears we are. My purpose of the comment was to attack the concept “we just owe it to ourselves”.

      This argument has been raised by the people, like Krugman, who use it to try and confuse the public into thinking the debt is no big deal.

      They make the same argument for the rest of the debt. It is absolute insanity.

      But per Mathius’ Law, far to many people are STUPID.

    • I have heard that the photographer was paid over 150K, took over 1000 pictures with Obama doing around 40 poses. No wonder our debt is out of hand 😉

  93. Good Morning SUFA 🙂 I see I have graduated from just “batshit crazy” to a “conspiracy whacko” HEHEHE! THat’s OK, I have lots of fun with conspiracy theories. More often than not, the theory isn’t proven right or wrong and just lives forever, like the Kennedy Assassinations. I do enjoy how the skeptics go off, to watch that in people (face to face) is rather fun. I’ve seen folks get down right mad, which is silly, to resorting immediately to name calling. THat’s OK with me. Conspiracy theories tend to be quite entertaining, and for a long time too. Now, I have to go back and take another look at some things, I’m way more awake and my eyyes aren’t tired. On a final note, wasn’t the “Gulf of Tonkin” lie after the Kennedy Assassination? How many people kept that a secret for decades? Just some food for thought. 🙂

    • Bottom Line says:

      I’m glad you got that I meant that in jest. Indulge me if you will, G…

      Imagine you live in a small village with a large college for blind and/or deaf people. The town is thus developed to accommodate handicapped folks, as they make up at least half of the population.

      You’re eating outside in a public place one day and notice someone about to walk into moving traffic. What do you do? Well, the right thing to do is to assist them. I wouldn’t recommend risking your life by diving into traffic over it, but if you can help, you should probably do so, and perhaps expect to have other similar experiences in the future. That’s the responsibility that goes with living in such an environment.

      I can imagine it would be a rather interesting experience living in such a town as there’s be a lot of interesting interpretations of things like color and angles and texture, etc for someone who was born blind. You can try to explain it to them, but until they see, they won’t really understand.

      Imagine being born blind, ignorant of all that comes with sight, including some of life’s greatest simple pleasures, …like looking at a beautiful woman and admiring her curves, or perhaps the contours of a sports car, or the beauty of a flower, etc….

      Now imagine being given sight as well as the ability to give it to others who are so inclined.

      It’d be mind blowing. You’d want to help, give it to anyone you could, right? Or perhaps not.

      How many could handle it? How would the investors respond if the demand they are supplying no longer exists and they went to less expensive colleges and/or libraries? You live there too…would your employment position go away as a result? How would it effect things?

      What would it be like to go from being a conspiracy nut/wacko/kook trying to figuring it out, to actually figuring things out?

      Ignorance is bliss. Hell is a state of mind. And Frankly, this world scares the hell out of me.

      • BL, All is well and I got a good laugh out of it. THis is truly a scary world. Here we are, a US senator has already broke her oath of protecting the Constitution and many people are happy with that. I see her as huge fan of Hitler, and is trying to emulate him. She should be tried for treason, just like any other elected person who agrees with her.

        I am still beside myself at the pictures that I linked to ealier this week. I’m even more concerned about the lack of comments on it here. Is it that hard for people to see first hand just how evil our govt is? Do they not see the absolute lies that the whole country was handed about events that I now question as even happening. I believe that our govt would kill children to pass an anti-gun law.

        I believe that the ‘No Gun Zone” law, passed in 1990, was not to protect the kids, is was to set them up as victims so the govt had cause for gun control. I believe that the pschotropic drugs that people are taking are part of the problem. I don’t believe there was one shooter in the Aurora shooting, the Sihk temple shooting, or this last on. I believe they were all govt sponsored with gun control in mind. Fast and Furious was their undoing, but the media will not call them out, they will protect and help them.

        We are on the verge of war, right here on our own soil. I just hope our mid level military leaders might the right decision, it will save many lives. Now, back to the investigation 🙂

  94. Woman Hiding in Attic Shoots Intruder Five Times to Protect Her Children

    Daniel Doherty

    Web Editor,

    Jan 05, 2013 10:30 AM EST

    It seems as though real life examples of guns saving — rather than taking — innocent life go largely unreported (or flat-out ignored) in the mainstream media. Therefore, I have decided to post the following must-read story in its entirety (via Cameron Gray):

    A woman hiding in her attic with children shot an intruder multiple times before fleeing to safety Friday.

    The incident happened at a home on Henderson Ridge Lane in Loganville around 1 p.m. The woman was working in an upstairs office when she spotted a strange man outside a window, according to Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman. He said she took her 9-year-old twins to a crawlspace before the man broke in using a crowbar.

    But the man eventually found the family.

    “The perpetrator opens that door. Of course, at that time he’s staring at her, her two children and a .38 revolver,” Chapman told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh.

    The woman then shot him five times, but he survived, Chapman said. He said the woman ran out of bullets but threatened to shoot the intruder if he moved.

    “She’s standing over him, and she realizes she’s fired all six rounds. And the guy’s telling her to quit shooting,” Chapman said.

    The woman ran to a neighbor’s home with her children. The intruder attempted to flee in his car but crashed into a wooded area and collapsed in a nearby driveway, Chapman said.

    Deputies arrested 32-year-old Atlanta resident Paul Slater in connection with the crime. Chapman said they found him on the ground saying, “Help me. I’m close to dying.” Slater was taken to Gwinnett Medical Center for treatment. His condition is unclear, but Chapman said he was shot in the face and neck.

    In February, Slater was arrested on simple battery charges, according to the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office. He has been arrested six other times in the county since 2008.

    Kavanaugh was the first reporter at the scene as deputies investigated. The victim’s husband told Kavanaugh he’s proud of his wife. He was on the phone with her as the intruder broke in.

    “My wife is a hero. She protected her kids. She did what she was supposed to do as responsible, prepared gun owner,” Donnie Herman said.

    He said he’s thankful for his family’s safety.

    “Her life is saved, and her kids’ life is saved, and that’s all I’d like to say,” Herman said.

    Of course, gun control advocates can speculate all they want about the intruder’s true motives. “Wait a second,” I imagine them saying. “We can’t be 100 percent certain he was prone to commit violence. Perhaps he was simply trying to rob the place!” But the fact is, because this woman was armed — and unhesitating — she and her two children are alive today. That is beyond dispute. Sure, it’s virtually impossible to know exactly what was going through this creep’s mind when he unlawfully entered a stranger’s private residence, but it’s fair to say that his intentions were not good. What if, say, he attacked this terrified woman and her innocent children with the crowbar he used to gain entry to her home, and she didn’t own a firearm? I shudder at the thought of what might have been — especially had this woman not exercised her Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and thus was unable to defend herself.

    UPDATE – A number of readers are wondering where this incident took place. It happened in Georgia.
    Click if you like this post!

    I’d say there’s not much doubt he wasn’t just interested in just robbing the place-the woman and kids hid in a small attack space-the man was obviously looking for them. I don’t think many valuables are stored in an attic spaces. And guess what, after 5 or was in 6 shots the man still had the power to get up and make it to his car. I’m thinking she needed more bullets-Thank the Lord there wasn’t more than one man breaking into her home.

  95. Bottom Line says:

    Is abortion nothing more than population control? Abortion is mainly in the inner cities, and blacks are affected by this in a big way. What say both sides of this argument? 😦


    All these people bringing up Lincoln when speaking about Obama should be A big RED Light. I have said in the past that the Elite tell us what their going to do in the near future. If that is true, then what is next?

  98. Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco, who spoke at a news conference flanked by other county officials, said the Journal News’ decision to post an online map of names and addresses of handgun owners Dec. 23 has put law enforcement officers in danger.

    “They have inmates coming up to them and telling them exactly where they live. That’s not acceptable to me,” Falco said, according to Newsday.

    Read more:

    In all fairness, is it not time to demand the names of those who had abortions in the last 5 years and have them printed. We have to be fair, don’t we? 🙂

    • Since the only real purpose for putting out the names of gun owners is to demonize them as horrible people, to try and win a political disagreement-I can see that doing either is wrong. Why can’t everyone else?

      • What the paper did was irresponsible and clearly backfired. Now, they have armed guards at their facility. Funny how guns are evil till ya need them. this is typical of the left and their liberal ideology. They can’t see past their noses before they act, then have to react and show how hypocritical their first actions were. Remember, ignorance is bliss. There are a great deal of very happy Liberals running around 🙂

        • I just wish some liberals would explain if or why they think printing these names and addresses is okay? About the only responses I’ve heard is that the Public has a right to know-and that it is public information by law. Well, why is it public information? And why does the Public have a right to know?

          If anything this newspapers actions and the fact that gun ownership information is available to the public-is just another reason that people object to registering their guns.

          • It seems like liberals continue to prove gun advocates right-if we let you know we have them-it gives you a path to try and take them away from us.

            • I find myself rethinking my original feelings that we should have “reasonable” gun regulations. Of course ” reasonable” is hard to define. But you Dems. seem determined to convince me otherwise.

              • I refuse registration for any of my guns. If the Feds make it law, it will be fought in court and reversed. The 2nd Amendment is not about self defense or hunting, it’s about ensure the populace is armed to defend itself from a tyrannacle government. This is a part of self defense, but written for the entire populace. In my opinion, whatever guns the govt has, we should have too!

  99. Hobby Lobby CEO open letter: “Honoring God is more important than turning a profit”
    posted at 1:01 pm on January 5, 2013 by Ed Morrissey

    Normally I’d be inclined to run something like this on a Sunday, when I like to explore more faith-based topics. However, today is Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day, where consumers who support the Christian ownership’s stand against the HHS mandate that attempts to impose a highly restrictive definition of religious expression can put their money where their mouths are. Since I don’t really have a hobby at the moment, I’ll instead offer a passage from the open letter written by Hobby Lobby CEO David Green, who explains why he’s decided to spend a lot of money and risk even more to fight the HHS regulation that would force him to act against his religious principles.

    We’re Christians, and we run our business on Christian principles. I’ve always said that the first two goals of our business are (1) to run our business in harmony with God’s laws, and (2) to focus on people more than money. And that’s what we’ve tried to do. We close early so our employees can see their families at night. We keep our stores closed on Sundays, one of the week’s biggest shopping days, so that our workers and their families can enjoy a day of rest. We believe that it is by God’s grace that Hobby Lobby has endured, and he has blessed us and our employees. We’ve not only added jobs in a weak economy, we’ve raised wages for the past four years in a row. Our full-time employees start at 80% above minimum wage.

    But now, our government threatens to change all of that. A new government health care mandate says that our family business MUST provide what I believe are abortion-causing drugs as part of our health insurance. Being Christians, we don’t pay for drugs that might cause abortions, which means that we don’t cover emergency contraception, the morning-after pill or the week-after pill. We believe doing so might end a life after the moment of conception, something that is contrary to our most important beliefs. It goes against the Biblical principles on which we have run this company since day one. If we refuse to comply, we could face $1.3 million PER DAY in government fines.

    Our government threatens to fine job creators in a bad economy. Our government threatens to fine a company that’s raised wages four years running. Our government threatens to fine a family for running its business according to its beliefs. It’s not right. I know people will say we ought to follow the rules; that it’s the same for everybody. But that’s not true. The government has exempted thousands of companies from this mandate, for reasons of convenience or cost. But it won’t exempt them for reasons of religious belief.

    So, Hobby Lobby – and my family – are forced to make a choice. With great reluctance, we filed a lawsuit today, represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, asking a federal court to stop this mandate before it hurts our business. We don’t like to go running into court, but we no longer have a choice. We believe people are more important than the bottom line and that honoring God is more important than turning a profit.

    It’s worth pointing out that the mandate doesn’t exempt actual religious organizations either, such as Catholic charities, Presbyterian hospitals, Lutheran schools, and so on. Why? That’s the crux of the issue: the Obama administration is attempting to redefine religious expression to only those activities which take place within the four walls of a place of worship, or those activities restricted only to those of a single faith. That means that Catholic hospitals would qualify only if they refused to treat and employ any non-Catholics, for instance. Can you imagine those lawsuits?

    The mandate for free birth control, which is already cheap and readily available for anyone who wants it (and has federal subsidies for Medicaid recipients already in place through Title X), is just a Trojan horse in an attack on religious liberty — and even more, for freedom of choice. If businesses want to offer “free” birth control (which will get funded by premium hikes), they can already do so; no one is stopping them. Same for schools, hospitals, and private citizens who want to donate money to family-planning clinics on their own. Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius want to strip that choice from Americans and force everyone to subsidize the procreative choices of everyone else, even those tens of millions whose religious beliefs have heretofore never had to be part of public policy. That’s the invasion of privacy, and it’s people like David Green who are being exploited.

    Update: Added a bit to the second-to-last paragraph, and also wanted to include Hobby Lobby’s online shopping website link. You can support the company from the comfort of your own home.

    It really is a shame this crap is happening -it is totally unnecessary and wrong. But if you want to support them and their efforts and can’t get to the store -the link is provided.

    Why You NEVER Trust The Media On Guns

  101. Just A Citizen says:

    Boy oh boy. Bison are far tougher than Bearcats…………………….

    It must be the C…..O…..L……D northern climate.


    And apologies to all our Texican members, for my braggadocios behavior.

  102. Just A Citizen says:

    Anyone up for a little Scholarly In Your Face Smack? The Academic version of Ultimate Fighting, or perhaps a good ol’ Cat Fight. From ElectricCity weblog.

    A Response to Professor Seidman
    Written by Rob Natelson on 04 January 2013

    Should we acknowledge that the U.S. Constitution is filled with “archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions,” and “extricat[e] ourselves from constitutional bondage” by cashiering the document?

    “As the nation teeters at the edge of fiscal chaos, observers are reaching the conclusion that the American system of government is broken,” argues Louis Michael Seidman, tasked with teaching constitutional law at the Georgetown University Law Center . And the Constitution, he asserts, is largely to blame.

    The Constitution, he writes, was adopted by a “group of white propertied men who have been dead for two centuries, knew nothing of our present situation . . . and thought it was fine to own slaves.” The Framers acted illegally in drafting the Constitution because they exceeded their power. Moreover, “[n]o sooner was the Constitution in place than our leaders began ignoring it.” And ignoring it is often a good thing: FDR did it for example, and so did the Supreme Court when it banned school segregation.

    Besides, “much constitutional language is broad enough to encompass an almost infinitely wide range of positions.” And while we should keep some parts of the Constitution—like regular elections and freedom of speech—the rest gets in the way of leaders who make considered judgments on the merits. We need to rely on other sources of legitimacy, he concludes, moving to an “unwritten constitution,” like that of Britain.

    That such a judgment was rendered is less shocking than who rendered it. The judgment is not unique because there always have been American Tories—people who chafe at restraints on central power and would prefer a British-style government. In recent years, as political “progressives” have gradually lost the scholarly battle over constitutional interpretation, some have stopped pretending the Constitution means whatever they want it to, and have begun to trash the document itself. A controversial example was the Time Magazine cover essay of June 23, 2011. (See my response to that article here.)

    But the source of the claim is more shocking, because it comes from one who has taught constitutional law for 40 years. And who should know better.

    Did the Constitution cause our present “fiscal chaos?” Quite the contrary. The crisis has arisen not because we followed the Constitution, but because we have allowed federal officials to ignore it. In the 1930s, the Supreme Court announced that it would stop enforcing the Constitution’s limits on federal spending programs. Without meaningful spending restraint, Congress became an auction house where lobbyists could acquire new money streams for almost anything—a redundant health care program; a subsidy for an uneconomic product; or a modern art museum in Indiana.

    It is hard to believe there would be a fiscal crisis today if federal spending had remained within the Constitution’s generous but limited boundaries.

    Consider, by contrast, the record of the United States during the 140 years in which the Constitution’s limits on federal power were usually respected. During this period of limited government and great personal freedom, the United States became the most successful nation in the history of the planet. Inflation was low. The budget was usually balanced. The foundation of the modern economy was laid. It was a period of unprecedented innovation and unprecedented advances in health, life expectancy, and living standards. It saw the end of slavery and astounding progress for women and even for the most disadvantaged minorities. In other words, it was adherence to the Constitution, not disregard for it, that enabled America (in Professor Seidman’s words) to “grow and prosper.”

    Professor Seidman seems to assume that politicians can be trusted to make “considered judgments” and act “on the merits,” and that the public does not need to impose outside constitutional restraints on their power (except, perhaps, through elections). The Founders were wiser. They knew that the entire history of humankind suggests the opposite—as, in fact, does the current fiscal crisis. If Mr. Seidman thinks the United Kingdom is a stronger, freer, less dysfunctional, and more prosperous country because of its unwritten constitution, he should live there for a while, as I have. Britain’s relative decline has been precipitous over the past century. Without the support of America, it is doubtful Britain would have survived as a free country.

    Professor Seidman likes some parts of the Constitution. He’d keep those, and disregard the rest. Doing so, however, is inimical to the rule of law, which requires that we follow established rules until duly amended, whether or not those rules tickle our preferences.

    Based solely on the assertions in his article, Professor Seidman appears to know little about the background of, and principles underlying, the document he is charged with teaching. The list of his historical inaccuracies and omissions is long. Following is merely a sample:

    * As part of an attack on the Founders, Professor Seidman repeats the ancient calumny that the Framers ignored limits on their authority by drafting a new instrument rather than merely proposing amendments to the Articles of Confederation. The truth is that when the authorizing commissions are read, not anachronistically, but in light of 18th century language and law, they show that 48 of the 55 Framers had authority to recommend a new document. Four of the remaining seven did not sign. One (Hamilton) subscribed in an individual capacity.

    * Those who adopted the Constitution, Professor Seidman tells us, were “white propertied men.” He is apparently unaware that the document was debated and ratified through one of the most democratic procedures conducted up to the time. All levels of society participated in the debate, and the electorate choosing delegates to the state ratifying conventions included (in some states at least) women, poor people, and free African-Americans.

    * He further attacks the Founders as men who thought it was “fine to own slaves.” In fact, the prevailing opinion among them was that slavery violated natural law, and was doomed to extinction. They backed up that opinion with action: In the 11 years between Independence and the Constitution’s drafting, eight of the 13 states had begun the process of emancipation, 10 had abolished the slave trade, and two others had restricted it. In urging ratification, the Constitution’s advocates, particularly in the North, emphasized that it might hasten the end of slavery.

    * Professor Seidman also writes that once the Constitution was adopted our leaders immediately “began ignoring” it. No one who has spent much time in early post-Constitution political debates can believe that. Those debates reveal much consideration of constitutional issues, and often a very high quality of discussion. Thomas Jefferson, for example (as Professor Seidman concedes), agonized over the constitutionality of the acquisition of Louisiana. He did not “ignore” the issue. Unfortunately, Jefferson had been in France during the Virginia ratifying convention, or he would have understood that the Constitution authorized territorial changes through the Treaty Power.

    * But what of Professor Seidman’s claim that the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 violated the First Amendment? Actually, the Sedition Act violated the Tenth, not the First (as then understood). But a single, fiercely contested law is little evidence that leaders systematically “ignored” the Constitution.

    * “Who cares?” In this phrase, Professor Seidman dismisses the constitutional rule that revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives rather than in the Senate. The Framers were better educated on the subject. The rule was suggested by both theory (the House would be more likely to reflect popular interests) and practice (long experience in the British Parliament). It remains today as a buttress against senatorial oligarchy.

    * Can Professor Seidman really believe that the Supreme Court decision abolishing school segregation had “no basis in the Constitution?” Perhaps it would help to examine the congressional debate over the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause—a provision that, unlike some others, was designed to respond to changing factual conditions.

    * It is odd that a constitutional law professor would erroneously define “originalism.” It certainly is not “divining the framers’ intent.” Originalism is adhering to the contemporaneous public meaning of the Constitution, and in some cases, the understanding of those who enacted it (the ratifiers, not the Framers). This is not an obscure concept; it is the same rule by which most legal documents are interpreted.

    * Professor Seidman states that it is “obvious” that “much constitutional language is broad enough to encompass an almost infinitely wide range of positions.” This can be “obvious” only to those unfamiliar with the contemporaneous meaning of key constitutional terms. To be sure, the Framers could draft a highly flexible phrase when they chose to do so, and in a few instances they did. But most of the Constitution is a reasonably precise document, relying on legal terms of art of understood content widely employed by 18th century scriveners.

    Although it is true, as Professor Seidman states, that politicians have violated the Constitution, it is rarely true that we have been better off for it. The breaches have included incarceration of innocent citizens during World War II, ill-advised attempts to micro-manage the economy through monetary and regulatory policy, and unrestricted spending. We have lived to rue them all.

    America performed brilliantly when constitutional limits were honored. As those limits have eroded, we have lost our edge: Economic growth has slowed, the civic fabric has frayed, and we have fallen into fiscal crisis. The fault, therefore, is not in the Constitution. It rests in politicians who disregard it and in scholars, jurists, and other citizens who encourage them to do so.

    • JAC, What would you like to discuss? IMHO, the Constitution is quite straight forward and needs no “Interpreting”. It’s those who want to read into it or outright subvert it that are the problem. Just like all the screamimg for gun control. For those who want it, forgetaboutit 🙂 It’s not up for discussion or negotiations. I just don’t understand how “shall not be infringed” is so hard for folks to understand.

    • A Puritan Descendant says:

      “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net…

      Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

      And many more quotes by our founders, on morality being required…

  103. Bottom Line says:


    I know that presenting facts to the left is silly and never works, buy I refuse to quit 🙂

  105. Hi Ya’ll,

    While watching the NFL playoffs, I’m have fun doing more research on the Sandy Hook shootings, I have found that there was a movie in 2000 called The Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre. Where are the pictures from inside the school? Why did the car the shooter drive belong to an ex-con with ties to the FBI?

  106. A good luck at why gun confiscation will likely never happen!

  107. Overheated rhetoric on Israeli settlements

    By Editorial Board, Published: January 1

    FACING AN election in which his most dangerous competition is from the far right, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has adopted a familiar tactic: a flurry of announcements of new construction in Jewish settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank. The predictable result has been a storm of denunciations by the United States and every other member of the U.N. Security Council, along with dire predictions that the new building would “make a negotiated two-state solution . . . very difficult to achieve,” as British Foreign Secretary William Hague put it.

    The criticism is appropriate, in the sense that such unilateral action by Israel, like the unilateral Palestinian initiative to seek statehood recognition in November from the U.N. General Assembly, serves to complicate the negotiations that are the only realistic route to a Middle East peace. But the reaction is also counterproductive because it reinforces two mistaken but widely held notions: that the settlements are the principal obstacle to a deal and that further construction will make a Palestinian state impossible.

    Twenty-five years ago, Israel’s government openly aimed at building West Bank settlements that would block a Palestinian state. But that policy changed following the 1993 Oslo accords. Mr. Netanyahu’s government, like several before it, has limited building almost entirely to areas that both sides expect Israel to annex through territorial swaps in an eventual settlement. For example, the Jerusalem neighborhoods where new construction was announced last month were conceded to Israel by Palestinian negotiators in 2008.

    Overall, the vast majority of the nearly 500,000 settlers in Jerusalem and the West Bank live in areas close to Israel’s 1967 borders. Data compiled by the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace show that more than 80 percent of them could be included in Israel if the country annexed just more than 4 percent of the West Bank — less than the 5 percent proposed by President Bill Clinton 12 years ago.

    Diplomats were most concerned by Mr. Netanyahu’s decision to allow planning and zoning — but not yet construction — in a four-mile strip of territory known as E-1 that lies between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim, a settlement with a population of more than 40,000. Palestinians claim that Israeli annexation of the land would cut off their would-be capital in East Jerusalem from the West Bank and block a key north-south route between West Bank towns. Israel wants the land for similar reasons, to prevent Ma’ale Adumim — which will almost certainly be annexed to Israel in any peace deal — from being isolated. Both sides insist that the other can make do with a road corridor.

    This is a difficult issue that should be settled at the negotiating table, not by fiat. But Mr. Netanyahu’s zoning approval is hardly the “almost fatal blow” to a two-state solution that U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described.

    The exaggerated rhetoric is offensive at a time when the Security Council is refusing to take action to stop the slaughter of tens of thousands of civilians — including many Palestinians — by the Syrian regime. But it is also harmful, because it puts pressure on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to make a “freeze” on the construction a condition for beginning peace talks. Mr. Abbas had hinted that he would finally drop that demand, which has prevented negotiations for most of the past four years, after the General Assembly’s statehood vote. If Security Council members are really interested in progress toward Palestinian statehood, they will press Mr. Abbas to stop using settlements as an excuse for intransigence — and cool their own overheated rhetoric.

    Alright all you guys who have continually told me Israel building settlements was a huge deal-what say you?

  108. Yes, Obamacare is working wonders on making healthcare affordable. It has been said before, but if govt touches it, it certainly will get worse.

  109. Georgia mother shot an ex-convict six times to protect her and her children after he apparently forced his way into the family’s home.

    The mom heard knocks on her front door Friday and assumed it was just a solicitor, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

    She told her 9-year-old twins not to answer the door and, when the visitor began repeatedly ringing the doorbell, she called her husband at his job and he told her to gather the children and hide.

    Read more:

    Well,what is wrong with this picture……how in the hell does a man survive being shot in the face and neck five or six times with a .38 revolver from six feet? This woman needs some good old fashioned Texas target practice….but at least she survived. In the world of Feinstein, she would be dead along with her children. However, the only thing wrong with this picture that I can see….besides missing something vital….she did not reload and finish the job. Next time, Use hollow points.

  110. Interesting article….

    We’re now one step closer to America’s coming civil war
    By Arthur Herman
    Published January 03, 2013

    Read more:

    Productive vs unproductive……is this the lesson?

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