Mid Week Open Mic

Happy Wednesday SUFA! I’m trying to keep the loading times down to speed up the discussions.  Feel free to bring forward any previous discussions. I hope that those of you who are dealing with the violent weather in the South are safe and unharmed.



  1. I came across this and thought it would make for a nice discussion. Going back in history:

    Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights–not a list of constitutional amendments, but policy goals–was as follows:

    In our day these economic truths have become accepted as self-evident. We have accepted, so to speak, a second Bill of Rights under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all regardless of station, race, or creed.

    Among these are:

    The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the Nation;

    The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;

    The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living;

    The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;

    The right of every family to a decent home;

    The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;

    The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment;

    The right to a good education.

    All of these rights spell security. And after this war is won we must be prepared to move forward, in the implementation of these rights, to new goals of human happiness and well-being.

    • The sad part of these desires, is that the government is what stands in the way of most people achieving these things on their own. I don’t think these are “rights” per se, I’ll bet that the Progressives will never figure out that what they want is unachievable, using their methods.

      • Weather passed over us with very little damage. About 10K without power in the state, looks like Nashville may get hit. Memphis has flooding. A downside, there was so much build-up on how bad this storm would be and then nothing…Makes people ignore how serious this could be and leads to a “Katrina” like attitude to ignore warnings….

    • Not terribly different from the Four Freedoms. It is probably easier to call them a bill of rights rather than a bill of “what we should have” or a bill of “desires or wishes”. Certainly it works as a Bill of “goals” .

  2. (NaturalNews) An Indiana couple saved a wounded baby deer and nursed it back to life, saving its life and giving it a home. They named it “Little Orphan Dani.” When Indiana state officials got word of this courageous act of compassion, they ordered the deer euthanized. (Because government wants to kill everything you love.)

    When the deer “escaped” right before it was schedule to be killed — and yes, I think the couple probably set it free rather than have it killed — the man and woman were charged with unlawful possession of a deer.

    They now face $2,000 in fines and 60 days in jail.

    This is yet another example of the government police state gone wild, and it’s on top of seemingly countless other stories of similar police state insanity such as armed government raids on raw milk distributors.

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038874_baby_deer_police_state_jail_time.html#ixzz2JSfCf2TE

  3. I wonder if Obama will notice. He dwells on what a son he doesn’t even have would look like, what about a little girl, like his daughters. Most US gun violence is gang violence. None of his gun control measures will affect gangs and their guns….

    CHICAGO (CBS) – A teenage girl–an honor student who had just performed at President Obama’s inaugural–was gunned down Tuesday afternoon in the Kenwood neighborhood, just blocks from the high school she attended.

    CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports the victim, 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, was taking shelter from the rain with a group of 10 to 12 teenagers under a canopy in Vivian Gordon Harsh Park on the 4500 block of South Oakenwald Avenue around 2:30 p.m., when someone jumped a fence, ran up to them, and opened fire.

    Just days before, Hadiya performed with her high school band at President Obama’s inauguration.

    The park is near King College Prep High School — where Pendleton was an honor student, volleyball player, and majorette.

    A witness said the teens scattered and ran out of the park in a panic after the shots were fired. Pendleton and a boy who also was shot collapsed about a block away, in front of one of the upscale condo row houses that line Oakenwald.

    Pendleton was struck once in the back, and died at the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital less than an hour later.

    The teenage boy who was shot was struck in the leg. He also was being treated at Comer Children’s Hospital.

    Jennifer West lives right near where the victims fell. She said shootings are rare in the neighborhood.

    “We hardly … have any crime. There’s been a few break-ins over the past two years since we’ve been here, but nothing that’s ever caused alarm,” she said.

    Another resident, who called 911, said she heard six shots.

    Another neighbor was shaken by the eruption of violence.

    “There has to be an end to it. It’s just too much. The children cannot go to school. They’re in fear,” Bonita O’Bannion said.

    Police said Pendleton had no gang affiliation and likely wasn’t the intended target. Several of the teens with her at the time, however, were believed to be gang members.

    • Any idea’s about how you get rid of gangs? Seems like law enforcement have given up. Probably because we coddle criminals. But at the same time, I think kids in some of these neighborhoods are almost forced to join them which makes me feel sorry for some of them, or maybe that’s just propaganda and I’m being played-I really don’t know. But if they don’t crack down on them and get pretty tough with the penalties -how do you ever get rid of them?

      • Start at the 1:48 mark to get your answer, transcript below:

        “Did you know there has been a marked drop in thievery”

        “I did not know that, and how did you accomplish this marked drop in thievery?”

        “Me and the lads rounded up all the known thieves.”

        “For questioning?”

        “ah, no.”

      • You start by re-imagining the concept of “fathers”. As an interim measure, acknowledge that one or two generations are completely lost and lock ’em up. If that fails, you just get more of what’s below.


        • Certainly agree with the first part-and unhappily have to agree with the second part. But I would qualify the statement by using the word some-no matter how politically correct it sounds. I suspect there are many who can be saved if we could separate out the bad.

  4. 1) A number of Obama allies across the country have called on public employee pension funds to divest of any holdings linked to the gun industry.”City of Los Angeles pension funds should not go to profit companies that produce weapons designed to maximize carnage and death,” Mayor Antonia Villaraigosa vowed.

    Ok, go for it…..divest your pension plans from those banks. Let the California Democrats invest your pension.

    2) Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former Obama White House chief of staff, has made the same commitment and gone a step further. Emanuel has authored letters to Bank of America and TD Bank because they maintain multimillion-dollar lines of credit for major gun manufacturers. In the letters, Emanuel urges the banks to use their influence to “push” the manufacturers to go along with the president’s tough new gun controls.

    The answer: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, sent his own letter Tuesday, telling the banks, “Should Mayor Emanuel’s bullying campaign prove successful, I am confident that there are numerous financial institutions in Texas that would be eager to earn your business.”

    Texas has $12 billion in the rainy day fund plus a $20 billion surplus projected for next two years….a budget deficit that is being handled without hitting the surplus by controlling spending. A new state constitutional amendment being proposed to allow Texas to reimburse tax money to TAX PAYERS and not to people who did not pay taxes nor the government…(ie: property tax, etc) The list goes on.

    Texas loves the Federal environment out there……we benefit. The New Civil War does not require states to secede from any union. Not in this day and time because the states are becoming self dependent and are standing up to the Feds. If you think about it, what CAN the Feds do to the states for refusing to follow Federal guidelines that infringe upon state’s rights? The Feds can do nothing.

    Just out on the news……Amazon moving three divisions to Texas….over three thousand jobs coming here and hiring of 1,000 veterans. Remington Fire Arms seriously considering a move from northern New York.

    Jus’ saying………..

  5. Not to mention:

    Texas is a right to work State.
    Texas is an employment at will State.
    Texas caps litigation awards and reformed its insurance laws to disallow lump sum payments in the Workers Compensation, reducing the cost of doing business.

    I am proud of my State and it shows and I know it bores people to death…..BUT…..we are doing something right…..we are growing to the tune of 250,000 jobs per year, our annual budget was increased without taxes, we are running surpluses, our annual receipts are shooting upwards because of increased immigration of business and productive personnel from other State’s that are going the opposite direction.

    • Only problem is its too darn hot! 😉

      • Ya know, I always thought that too, but as I’ve already shoveled twice today and it’s snowing harder than ever right now, I may rethink my concern with too darn hot. Maybe a cabin in the north woods of WI for summer months but reside in Texas the other months?

        • That would work too! We’re still warm here but the bottom is dropping out tonight..back to 20s for highs and teens for lows.

    • hopefully, more state will follow the Texas method. I would count out California, New York, Wisconsin and Illinois. Maybe some others as well.

      • WHAAATTT? Do not EVER, EVER, put Wisconsin in the same category as CA, NY and IL! EVER! For any reason! Have I made myself clear?

        Besides, we are attempting to take care of our problems here, so we really aren’t in the same category as those other states.

  6. A number of groups are also suing the Environmental Protection Agency in an effort to force it to regulate ammunition that contains lead. To date, the EPA has declined, but critics say that’s because of political pressure from gun rights groups. The Center for Biodiversity is a party to the lawsuit, and its Senior Counsel Bill Snape says the move is only logical.

    “We’ve gotten the lead out of paint, gotten the lead out of gasoline but for some odd reason, the EPA decided that, no, with lead bullets – that’s okay,” he said.

    Let me see if I have this straight………..this guy thinks that taking the lead out of ammunition will hurt ammunition sales……ok, take the lead out of bullets. Serious shooters will love that.

    Ummmmmmmm……..does he not know that steel jacketed bullets will cause more damage and fly further? I love steel tipped bullets. Chrome is the next tip that is being experimented with…..Teflon, that is armor piercing is a fine tipped projectile.

  7. The Hypocrisy of Killing Children.

    Who has killed more children, Adam Lanza or Barack Obama?

    The president himself has more directly killed about 176 children in Pakistan by the use of CIA drones. These drones have been dispatched by him alone — not pursuant to any congressional declaration of war. At least two of these murdered children were Americans. But since the cameras were kept away, since all of this takes place 10,000 miles from America, and since the survivors are legally and politically helpless, no one here hears the Pakistani children’s cries of pain and anguish.

    His political party has dedicated itself to making certain killing legal. The Democrats have continually celebrated the abominable decision of the Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade, issued 40 years ago this week. They have championed abortion for the past 40 years. They have assaulted the greatest and most fundamental of human rights: the right to live. In doing so, they have succeeded in causing the government to permit the killing of more than 50 million American babies in their mothers’ wombs in the past 40 years — for the sake of convenience and sexual activity without consequence, in a manner that is antiseptic and lawful. And no one hears the babies’ cries of pain or anguish.

    The president wants to use Lanza’s horrific slaughter of 20 babies in a public school in Connecticut WITH A STOLEN GUN as an excuse to restrict the freedoms of all law-abiding gun-owning Americans, any one of whom would have stopped Lanza in a heartbeat with a lawful gun, before the police could, had they been in that school.

    Hypocrisy is alive and well…..power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    President Obama’s APPROVAL rating hits three year high, at 60%.

    • Among?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Americans-National Poll.

        These same “Americans” support his agenda of:

        Protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, etc, etc.

        They support the ideas expressed in his Inaugural Address.

        • AH, in other words, the useful idiots 😆

        • Hmmmm, thinking there wasn’t a lot of objective reasoning applied to the actual meaning of his words. Or maybe there was and that idea scares me a lot more.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            His words had meaning alright. They always do. The question is whether those listening actually heard what he said, in terms of its true meaning, or just what they wanted to hear, or how good they FELT about it.

            I am guessing the latter is the case.

            • I’m actually hoping it’s the last one. If people understand his meaning and the consequences attached to them and they are supporting him because that is what they want-well, like I said that scares me a lot worse.

              • Yes, they feel good about it and they think he is telling the truth but, they don’t KNOW squat.

              • Read an article it explained Obama quite well-he spouts all the Liberty rhetoric but he always follows it with a big old But, which makes the first point moot.

                And yes, Jac 🙂 I realize this statement shows the truth in the non contradiction rule, all I can say is if you are doing something that is obviously immoral, you need to go back and check your premises.

    • I sure have no idea why, however, the last time I checked it was at 52% (Pew & Rasmussen)

  9. NBC News Caught Using Deceptive Edits to Tarnish 2nd Amendment Advocates
    Filed under 2nd Amendment, Ethics, Media Posted on January 30, 2013

    NBC News just can’t stop with its ongoing crusade to deliberately and maliciously manipulate content in order to push Obama’s agenda. Just how shamelessly and desperately dishonest is the Peacock Network? Let us count the ways:

    1. During last year’s presidential election Andrea Mitchell was caught manufacturing a Romney gaffe where none existed.

    2. During last year’s GOP primary, Ed Schultz edited video of Texas Governor Rick Perry to make him look racist.

    3. In April of last year, the “Today Show” was caught editing audio of a 9-1-1 call to make George Zimmerman look racist.

    4. In August of 2009, Contessa Brewer sliced and diced a photograph so it wouldn’t look like a black man attended a Tea Party carrying a firearm.

    And just today, NBC was caught in yet another malicious edit, this time to make Second Amendment advocates look as though they did something as heinous as heckling the heartsick father of a child who lost his six-year-old son in the Sandy Hook massacre. You can watch the full video and NBC’s science fiction adaptation side-by-side here.
    Post Continues on http://www.breitbart.com

    This should not be a surprise to anyone. The problem is that people believe this crap that MSNBC spews. They are no longer a news organization in my mind, they are a left political cheerleader station. What a waste of channel space. 👿

  10. Obama caught lying again. No higher taxes for those who make less than 250K he say’s. Lying bastard 👿 http://www.prisonplanet.com/medical-excise-tax-on-retail-receipts-show-how-were-screwed-by-obamacare.html

  11. On January 25th, 2013 , Mr. Lyndon Larouche, a well respected journalist and political activist recieved word from his sources within the United States government that President Barack Hussein Obama has been indicted by a Federal Court. Details of the indictment has been ommited by Larouche but he characterized them as probably the greatest indictment he has ever seen placed upon a standing president throughout history. Watch the first 5 minutes of the video to hear this explosive news. WOW!

    I will try and confirm this with other sources.

    • Please, no LaRouche! Might as well start quoting Al Sharpton. This is the guy that thinks the Queen of England is the head of the Illuminati and the Royal Family has controlled everything for the last 400 years. Is he still in prison by the way?

  12. Is this a violation of privacy? Would you let your kid get tested like this? I have my issues and would not allow this with my child (mine are grown, but still). http://www.kansascity.com/2013/01/03/v-print/3993986/rockhurst-high-school-will-test.html

  13. http://www.naturalnews.com/038882_vaccine_deaths_children_India.html

    Question for all of SUFA. Is this Big Pharma engaging in human testing? Would you allow your child to get vaccines that are “new”?

  14. I posted this in the past, but the news is getting more intense. I watched a long video this morning from a respected financial advisor on this very subject. http://beforeitsnews.com/economy/2013/01/china-makes-move-to-collapse-u-s-dollar-announces-gold-back-currency-for-global-trade-2484718.html

    If this becomes reality, it will mean very bad things for this country. This is the collapse that many of us have been warning about.

  15. Interesting subject. My initial feelings support this idea, but that is subject to more thinking, 😆 http://www.9news.com/news/article/313505/222/Fort-Collins-students-read-Pledge-of-Allegiance-in-Arabic

  16. I have prepared questions ad nauseaum. Please try to answer some or pick on and give it your best. It is for personal reasons only. Thank you!

    1) Do you believe that the murderer at Newtown, CT had killing children on his mind when he aimed and fired?
    2) Do you think that the murderer was looking for recognition or some sort of fame?
    3) Where in the U.S.A. is is the concentration of people between the hours of 7:00AM and 5:00PM?
    4) Do you think it would be easier to slaughter helpless children than say, walk into a building downtown?
    5) As far as HUGE mass murdering is concerned do you believe McVeigh had the good idea?
    6) McVeigh as well as this nut in Newtown, CT did they have the same Modus Operandi?
    7) Was there that big of a difference between what McVeigh did as opposed to what the Nut of Newtown did?

    • 1. NO
      2. NO
      3. A school will always have a high concentration of people when in session.
      4. YES
      5. NO
      6. NO
      7. NO

    • Bottom Line says:

      1) Do you believe that the murderer at Newtown, CT had killing children on his mind when he aimed and fired?

      I don’t know what he had on his mind.

      2) Do you think that the murderer was looking for recognition or some sort of fame?

      Quite possibly, yes.

      3) Where in the U.S.A. is is the concentration of people between the hours of 7:00AM and 5:00PM?

      School, work.

      4) Do you think it would be easier to slaughter helpless children than say, walk into a building downtown?

      Tactically speaking, yes.

      5) As far as HUGE mass murdering is concerned do you believe McVeigh had the good idea?

      No comment

      6) McVeigh as well as this nut in Newtown, CT did they have the same Modus Operandi?


      7) Was there that big of a difference between what McVeigh did as opposed to what the Nut of Newtown did?


    • 1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. School, work, Public transportation
      4. Probably the same but not perceived as such
      5. Yes, Bombs or airliners do more damage
      6. No
      7. No

  17. This video of Miami is very tame compared to what they did here in Tampa about 5 months ago.

    17 countries working with the US military and the Tampa police staged a mock attack on the downtown city of Tampa in May. There were not only a large number of helicopters, but the military repelled out of them to the ground. There was a massive invasion of all kinds of seagoing vessels drive right up to downtown water district and there was a mock rescue of the Mayor of Tampa.


    Why would Russia and 16 other countries need to be in this international invasion force? Of course the answer is the New World Order getting ready to take control.

    This exact thing happened in Denver, Colorado in 2012 with a mock rescue of the Denver Airport. Again 17 countries were involved and Russia taking a major lead with the US.


    All of this is training by orders of leaders in the Illuminati. They now run the US military and government. Obama is just a figurehead. He simply does what he is told- a talking head!

    When Operation Paperclip occurred at the end of WW II, the Nazi scientists went to Russia and the US. So now Nazis (Illuminati members) are leaders in Russia and the US. So they are training in major cities in the US when there will be martial law.

    I live 5 minutes away from Central Command for all the Middle East. General Petraes, General Scwartzenagger, etc, lived just down the street. Last week, the General in charge of Central Command was fired directly by Obama because he said he refused to fire on American civilians. He was a marine. So Obama is going to get a general at Central Command who has agreed to fire on US civilians.

    Americans have no idea what they are in store for!

    They go through these sham “terrorist trial runs” in major cities when the US government leaders are the real terrorists! Now the military has the audacity to call these “mock invasions” attacking zombies. They really mean attacking civilians.


    • For your entertainment. I consider conspiracy theories as entertainment, because they are treated as less than intelligent. Imagination is a great thing.. 🙂

  18. Anita will like this 🙂 We all should take note to what is said. http://conservativevideos.com/2013/01/obamas-plan-to-take-down-the-worlds-last-super-power/

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Wrap Up for Today…….. some odds n’ ends to share.

    1. Listening to Michael Barry today, he played recordings of Harry Reid and other prominent Democrats speaking AGAINST giving “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS” citizenship, “anchor babies”, etc, etc. It was freakin funny as hell listening to them rail against those “illegals”. This was in the 1990’s.

    2. Portland, OR streets absolutely suck. People have been complaining for quite a while. They commissioned a “revue” of the city budgets to figure out why they don’t have enough money. Well I’llllllllllll beeeeeeeeeee. They did have nuff money. Fact they have increasing amount of money every year. But the “city father/mothers/transgender/gays council” has been using the money to pay for NEW projects they want. Like bike parking, new paths, transit stations, etc, etc. Taking road maintenance money and spending on Cap Investment. Of course the streets which are not maintained are on the National List of “Crumbling Infrastructure”.

    3. Woman in Houstan shoots one of three intruders in her home. They broke in while she was sitting in bed with her Autistic son watching TV. They were not “illegal immigrant”s. They were “undocumented immigrants” (see #4). Unfortunately, one of the bad guys got away with her gun. Two are at large and the third is in the hospital.

    4. Conservative Hispanic groups are telling the Republicans to STOP using the term Illegal Immigrants. Because it turns the person into an illegal instead of simply breaking the law. How strange, I could have sworn that those who break the law are the criminals, not the law they broke. So no longer call killers a “murder”. It will surely stigmatize them and they won’t vote Republican.

    5. Military Drills in US Cities should NEVER happen. Now having the MILITIA conduct such training would be another matter all together.

    6. Gabby Giffords…………The Democratic Parties own personal pet Gun Victim for when ever they need a prop. In MY personal opinion her husband is an ASS for allowing this to continue. Find another way for her to feel needed and like she is still “contributing” to society. Like I said, this is MY opinion and does not reflect the opinions of this blog site or its management.

    Now we return to your regular programming.

    • 2. No teabaggers on the city council?

      You forgot to bitch about the RINO Colin Powell doubletalking with O’Reilly, saying he voted for Obama because he didn’t agree with the others’ economic policies. O’Reilly reminded him that Obama’s policies haven’t been working for African Americans. Powell tried to switch the argument to racism. O’Reilly wasn’t having that……..

  20. http://pjmedia.com/blog/carrying-a-gun-saved-my-life-meet-ryan-moore/?singlepage=true

    I hope and pray that I never have to use my gun that i carry against another human. So far, so good!

  21. I want a DeWalt AR-16d 100 clip capacity nail gun. No permits needed. For more driving capacity an AK-20d is better.

  22. As a United States Army Officer who worked under Colin Powell on occasion and who saw his policies……..he is a complete ass and nothing more than an ass kisser….always has been.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I was wondering how much longer you were going to hold your water on that fella.

      I have thought for some time that he declared Republican after retirement so as to get a job with the Bush Administration.

      Another person who I had high regard for until I dug deeper and paid closer attention.

      • Sorry….almost as bad as Jay Carney, yesterday, blaming Republicans once again for the contracting of the economy. Republican headwinds, I believe the term was and not (1) raising taxes, which he also blamed Republicans for yesterday, (2) unrestrained printing of money, (3) unrestricted spending, and, (4) the fly in the buttermilk, Jay Carney’s blaming the Republican’s stance on gun control for the shrinking of the economy.

        First it was the Republicans, then the Japanese tsunami, then the, what was it he said, the “crazy Europeans, and now back to the Republicans. and as far as this supposed 60 percent………just proves no one understands economics.

        Where is Charlie when I need an “Oy Vey”

      • I’m just glad he didn’t run for President because I probably would have voted for him. I find it just stupefying that he will admit that the person who called Obama lazy isn’t a racist. Yet, calling Obama lazy is racist in an of its self because people perceive it as racist. So now we are to be guided by people’s perceptions even if they are wrong. Instead of people who hold these perceptions learning that they are wrong to do so. I get that there are a few words that have no other purpose but to convey a racist sentiment but very few.

        • V.H. If by calling Obama a lazy, ignorant Socialist pig who is purposely trying to destroy our country makes me a racist, please have someone send me a neatly pressed KKK hood and outfit. 🙂

          • Might be a bit harsh but I do not see it as racist. But I have been thinking about how many of the speaking heads for the black community complain about having to adapt to the white culture. I assume this means they think we reject their culture. But I find that I’m not even sure exactly what they mean by their culture.

            But anyway, I see that some words, music, and many things came from their culture and have simply become American culture. We have taken words from many different cultures or ethnicities and they have just become part of what I call American English.

            So why are words that come from their culture or history off limits. Why is it an affront to so many? Why is it considered racist instead of showing that they too are part of the melting pot we strive to have and keep.

            If I enjoy “Old Man River” am I being racist? a song I absolutely love by the way.

            Please read the article I’m attaching and tell me-what does he want-I read it and all I see is that we are unable to do anything which he will approve of-that will satisfy his need for what-justice, revenge.


            • Well, we could recommend a visit to a shrink. I’m sure they have some new psychotropic drug that could help him deal with his “blackness”. As he has clearly shown his propensity for violence, he should be added to the “no gun” list immediately.

              Now, turn up “Old Man River” and proudly proclaim that you are white and yell “Now Hear Me Roar” 🙂

            • Ritz crackers and cheese is….racist? I give up!

              • That’s kind of my point-All I get from the article is ” You, meaning white people, offend me” Where do we go with this, how do we get past the anger and hate?

              • No way to get past the hate. I would suggest to just live your life, let them live theirs and don’t worry. If your white and conservative, you are a racist. Just watch MSNBC and they will tell you. 🙄

  23. Bottom Line says:

    “Excusez moi monsieur je ne l’ai point fait exprès”

    ” Je meurs innocent de tous les crimes imputés à moi. Je pardonne aux auteurs de ma mort, et je prie Dieu que le sang que vous allez verser ne tombera jamais sur la France ”

    48* 48′ 22.22″ N. 2* 06′ 44.66″ E. —— 38* 15′ 25.33″ N. 85* 45′ 02.85″ W.

  24. Bottom Line says:

  25. Just for fun..This guy has too much time on his hands but have to give him credit. Helps to have seen the real video first

    • This brings up something I’ve wondered about but never bothered to research. How does one make money from putting up stuff on YouTube? Something about the number of hits they get or something. Maybe it will be worth the time?

  26. Who is now going to pay for Obama Care?

    Labor Unions have now decided that Obamacare is too expensive and wants exemptions. They will be granted.

    And the IRS rendering a ruling yesterday that anyone that objects to Obama care on religious beliefs will also be exempt.

    • Nice decision by the IRS. So much for any fines, I means taxes, for not having insurance. Maybe because they have no way of enforcing it had something to do with it.

    • Hmmmm, I’m trying to figure out the game plan-but No, got nothin.

    • I know you’ve already commented on this-I just think it’s kinda funny to see the Union repeating the evil republicans views-word for word.

      Union Leaders’ Epiphany Leaves Them Scrambling: Wait, Obamacare Is Going to Drive up Our Costs?
      Jan. 31, 2013 10:18am Becket Adams

      The WSJ Reports That Union Leaders Are Souring on Obamacare

      Members of trade unions join Occupy Wall Street protesters as they rally in Foley Square, New York, Oct. 5, 2011. (Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

      Imagine the following scene:
      A handful of union bosses crowd around an old card table, punching numbers into their calculators. They’ve been up all night. Someone puts on another pot of coffee and a few of the older bosses are starting to fall asleep. Those who are still alert and active scratch their heads and re-enter their calculations.

      “Oh, my gosh!” one of them shouts, concluding the all-night exercise. “‘Obamacare’ is going to cost us!”

      Yes, according to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, union leaders (i.e. the same people who campaigned tirelessly in favor of universal healthcare) are trying to figure out a way to avoid paying for the costs associated with “Obamacare.”

      From the WSJ:

      Labor unions enthusiastically backed the Obama administration’s health-care overhaul when it was up for debate. Now that the law is rolling out, some are turning sour.

      Union leaders say many of the law’s requirements will drive up the costs for their health-care plans and make unionized workers less competitive. Among other things, the law eliminates the caps on medical benefits and prescription drugs used as cost-containment measures in many health-care plans. It also allows children to stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26.

      To offset that, the nation’s largest labor groups want their lower-paid members to be able to get federal insurance subsidies while remaining on their plans. In the law, these subsidies were designed only for low-income workers without employer coverage as a way to help them buy private insurance.

      In early talks, the Obama administration dismissed the idea of applying the subsidies to people in union-sponsored plans, according to officials from the trade group, the National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans, that represents these insurance plans.

      As financial reality sets in, and rather than figure out a way to pay for the bill they helped pass, unions are trying to see if Washington will bail them out.

      “Top officers at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the AFL-CIO and other large labor groups plan to keep pressing the Obama administration to expand the federal subsidies,” the WSJ notes, “warning that unionized employers may otherwise drop coverage.”

      “A handful of unions say they already have examined whether it makes sense to shift workers off their current plans and onto private coverage subsidized by the government. But dropping insurance altogether would undermine a central point of joining a union, labor leaders say,” the report adds.

      No, really, union heads are acting like no one warned them that costs would go up.

      “We are going back to the administration to say that this is not acceptable,” said Ken Hall, general secretary-treasurer for the Teamsters.

      “I heard him say, ‘If you like your health plan, you can keep it,’” said John Wilhelm, chairman of Unite Here Health, the insurance plan for 260,000 union workers. “If I’m wrong, and the president does not intend to keep his word, I would have severe second thoughts about the law.”

      Why? Why? Why didn’t anyone tell these leaders about the costs associated with “Obamacare”?

      “It seems someone finally noticed that mandating benefits and imposing regulations has a tendency to … increase costs,” Doug Bandow writes for the American Spectator. “Increases which workers are stuck paying. Who would have imagined such a result? It’s not like anyone warned them, right?”


  27. I just saw a video put out from the Homeland Security showing how to handle a shooter in the office building. It shows people running and hiding under desks and advises to take out the shooter with……………..a pair of acissors. Their advice is that if hiding does not work…attack the shooter with a pair of scissors. Holy crap, Batman…….and they can keep a straight face on this. How stupid can anyone be. Not ONE single mention of a right to self defense using a weapon…..hide under a desk and use a pair of friggin’ scissors…..oh I forgot….those lethal scissors are a weapon. But anyone using them better be careful….they may be outlawed by a Feinstein rule. Unbelieveable.

    • As long as you don’t run with scissors in hand you will be fine.

    • D13, this is typical of the DHS. They want Buck and his office mates to think that those deadly “safety” scissors will protect them. All the while, they are buying 7000 “personal defense weapons” aka fully auto “assualt weapons”. Funny how they are “personal defense weapons” when the govt wants them. but deadly “assault weapons” that jump up and kill people at a whim when “we the people” own them. 🙄

      Buck, make sure you get those really cool carbide tipped ink pens to have around, you know, just in case some nut comes in with one of those deadly personal defense weapons they stole from an idiot Gubmint employee. 😆

  28. But seriously, even you have to laugh at this one…..with or without your coffee.

    • It is pretty funny.

      But I still disagree with the need to bring guns to work, as you well know.

      • Oh, I know that…..and hope you never have need of one….or anybody else. Hiding under desks offer better targets….there is no where to run.

        I am reminded of the restaurant shooting in Texas some time ago where people were trying to hide under tables…..they got killed…..22 of them. This was in 1991 before Texas adopted the right to carry. This guy was a mental person that did a 20 minute routine walk around the cafeteria shooting people as they crouched under tables. I will never be caught in a situation like this…..

  29. Bottom Line says:

    Ce 16 octobre, à quatre heures et demie du matin.

    C’est à vous, ma soeur, que j’écris pour la dernière fois. Je viens d’être condamnée, non pas à une mort honteuse – elle ne l’est que pour les criminels, mais à aller rejoindre votre frère. Comme lui innocente j’espère montrer la même fermeté que lui dans ses derniers moments. Je suis calme comme on l’est quand la conscience ne reproche rien. J’ai un profond regret d’abandonner mes pauvres enfants. Vous savez que je n’existais que pour eux et vous, ma bonne et tendre soeur, vous qui avez par votre amitié tout sacrifié pour être avec nous, dans quelle position je vous laisse ! J’ai appris par le plaidoyer même du procès que ma fille était séparée de vous. Hélas ! la pauvre enfant, je n’ose pas lui écrire, elle ne recevrait pas ma lettre, je ne sais pas même si celle-ci vous parviendra. Recevez pour eux deux ici ma bénédiction ; j’espère qu’un jour, lorsqu’ils seront plus grands, ils pourront se réunir avec vous et jouir en entier de vos tendres soins. Qu’ils pensent tous deux à ce que je n’ai cessé de leur inspirer : que les principes et l’exécution exacte de ses devoirs sont la première base de la vie, que leur amitié et leur confiance mutuelle en fera le bonheur. Que ma fille sente qu’à l’âge qu’elle a, elle doit toujours aider son frère par les conseils que l’expérience qu’elle aura de plus que lui et son amitié pourront lui inspirer ; que mon fils, à son tour, rende à sa soeur tous les soins, les services que l’amitié peuvent inspirer ; qu’ils sentent enfin tous deux que dans quelque position où ils pourront se trouver ils ne seront vraiment heureux que par leur union ; qu’ils prennent exemple de nous. Combien, dans nos malheurs, notre amitié nous a donné de consolation ! Et dans le bonheur on jouit doublement quand on peut le partager avec un ami, et où en trouver de plus tendre, de plus uni que dans sa propre famille ? Que mon fils n’oublie jamais les derniers mots de son père que je lui répète expressément : qu’il ne cherche jamais à venger notre mort.

    J’ai à vous parler d’une chose bien pénible à mon coeur. Je sais combien cet enfant doit vous avoir fait de la peine. Pardonnez-lui, ma chère soeur, pensez à l’âge qu’il a et combien il est facile de faire dire à un enfant ce qu’on veut et même ce qu’il ne comprend pas. Un jour viendra, j’espère, où il ne sentira que mieux le prix de vos bontés et de votre tendresse pour tous deux. Il me reste à vous confier encore mes dernières pensées. J’aurais voulu les écrire dès le commencement du procès, mais, outre qu’on ne me laissait pas écrire, la marche a été si rapide que je n’en aurais réellement pas eu le temps.

    Je meurs dans la religion catholique, apostolique et romaine, dans celle de mes pères, dans celle où j’ai été élevée et que j’ai toujours professée, n’ayant aucune consolation spirituelle à attendre, ne sachant pas s’il existe encore ici des prêtres de cette religion, et même le lieu où je suis les exposerait trop s’ils y entraient une fois. Je demande sincèrement pardon à Dieu de toutes les fautes que j’ai pu commettre depuis que j’existe ; j’espère que, dans sa bonté, il voudra bien recevoir mes derniers voeux, ainsi que ceux que je fais depuis longtemps pour qu’il veuille bien recevoir mon âme dans sa miséricorde et sa bonté. Je demande pardon à tous ceux que je connais et à vous, ma soeur, en particulier, de toutes les peines que, sans le vouloir, j’aurais pu leur causer. Je pardonne à tous mes ennemis le mal qu’ils m’ont fait. Je dis ici adieu à mes tantes et à tous mes frères et soeurs. J’avais des amis, l’idée d’en être séparée pour jamais et leurs peines sont un des plus grands regrets que j’emporte en mourant ; qu’ils sachent du moins que, jusqu’à mon dernier moment, j’ai pensé à eux.

    Adieu, ma bonne et tendre soeur ; puisse cette lettre vous arriver. Pensez toujours à moi ; je vous embrasse de tout mon coeur ainsi que ces pauvres et chers enfants. Mon Dieu, qu’il est déchirant de les quitter pour toujours ! Adieu, adieu ! je ne vais plus m’occuper que de mes devoirs spirituels. Comme je ne suis pas libre dans mes actions, on m’amènera peut-être un prêtre ; mais je proteste ici que je ne lui dirai pas un mot et que je le traiterai comme un être absolument étranger.

    Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna

    2 November 1755 – 16 October 1793

    • You are posting in French………..why?

    • Seriously BL, French? Are you serious? Don’t go all “coward ” on us now. 🙂

    • I went looking to satisfy my own curiosity. Found the words worth reading. So here they are. Now would you like to explain Why you are trying to make thinks more complicated than necessary? 🙂

      16th October, 4.30 A.M.

      It is to you, my sister, that I write for the last time. I have just been condemned, not to a shameful death, for such is only for criminals, but to go and rejoin your brother. Innocent like him, I hope to show the same firmness in my last moments. I am calm, as one is when one’s conscience reproaches one with nothing. I feel profound sorrow in leaving my poor children: you know that I only lived for them and for you, my good and tender sister. You who out of love have sacrificed everything to be with us, in what a position do I leave you! I have learned from the proceedings at my trial that my daughter was separated from you. Alas! poor child; I do not venture to write to her; she would not receive my letter. I do not even know whether this will reach you. Do you receive my blessing for both of them. I hope that one day when they are older they may be able to rejoin you, and to enjoy to the full your tender care. Let them both think of the lesson which I have never ceased to impress upon them, that the principles and the exact performance of their duties are the chief foundation of life; and then mutual affection and confidence in one another will constitute its happiness. Let my daughter feel that at her age she ought always to aid her brother by the advice which her greater
      experience and her affection may inspire her to give him. And let my son in his turn render to his sister all the care and all the services which affection can inspire. Let them, in short, both feel that, in whatever positions they may be placed, they will never be truly happy but through their union. Let them follow our example. In our own misfortunes how much comfort has our affection for one another afforded us! And, in times of happiness, we have enjoyed that doubly from being able to share it with a friend; and where can one find friends more tender and more united than in one’s own family? Let my son never forget the last words of his father, which I repeat emphatically; let him never seek to avenge our deaths.

      I have to speak to you of one thing which is very painful to my heart, I know how much pain the child must have caused you. Forgive him, my dear sister; think of his age, and how easy it is to make a child say whatever one wishes, especially when he does not understand it. It will come to pass one day, I hope, that he will better feel the value of your kindness and of your tender affection for both of them. It remains to confide to you my last thoughts. I should have wished to write them at the beginning of my trial; but, besides that they did not leave me any means of writing, events have passed so rapidly that I really have not had time.

      I die in the Catholic Apostolic and Roman religion, that of my fathers, that in which I was brought up, and which I have always professed. Having no spiritual consolation to look for, not even knowing whether there are still in this place any priests of that religion (and indeed the place where I am would expose them to too much danger if they were to enter it but once), I sincerely implore pardon of God for all the faults which I may have committed during my life. I trust that, in His goodness, He will mercifully accept my last prayers, as well as those which I have for a long time addressed to Him, to receive my soul into His mercy. I beg pardon of all whom I know, and especially of you, my sister, for all the vexations which, without intending it, I may have caused you. I pardon all my enemies the evils that they have done me. I bid farewell to my aunts and to all my brothers and sisters. I had friends. The idea of being forever separated from them and from all their troubles is one of the greatest sorrows that I suffer in dying. Let them at least know that to my latest moment I thought of them.

      Farewell, my good and tender sister. May this letter reach you. Think always of me; I embrace you with all my heart, as I do my poor dear children. My God, how heart-rending it is to leave them forever! Farewell! farewell! I must now occupy myself with my spiritual duties, as I am not free in my actions. Perhaps they will bring me a priest; but I here protest that I will not say a word to him, but that I will treat him as a total stranger. (Translation by Charles Duke Yonge)

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    I told you addressing mental health would not be possible.


    Please note that near the end of the article is a rational comment about the reality of either mental health screening or removing guns as a means of significantly stopping the violence.

  31. You just can’t make this stuff up!

    NJ Senator Bob Menendez:

    “right-wing blogs” causing his problems (where did we hear a similar blame on vast, right-wing conspiracy?)

    Waiting for the, “I did not have sex with that woman….err girl”

    And now he’s head of the FOREIGN RELATIONS Committee???

    Curious – we have some NJ residents on SUFA – have you contacted his office and applied any pressure for the truth to be told? If not will you? If no, why not?

    Some fun twitter exchanges:


  32. http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/01/alert-un-nato-martial-law-usa-video-2550104.html

    The music is great. I like trains as well, plenty of them in the video.

  33. Let me see if I have this correct…….Senator Feinstein on TV today……saying that if her gun control bill saves just one life…..it is worth it. To control anything that takes a life is worth the effort.

    Hmmmm….automobiles cause more deaths…wonder if there is going to be a ban on cars….

    Alcohol related incidents cause more deaths….wonder if there is going to be an alcohol ban.

    Of course, there is no cure for stupid.

    • “establish a grant program to strengthen salary negotiation” Now we get down to the real reason-more money-more attorney fees, more government power.

    • Good job by this guy.

      ? – why are assault rifles called such? Why are they not called defense rifles? Orwellian or am I missing something. Let’s pull a lefty – just change the name. Every time anyone says “assault” correct them and say it’s “defense”.

  34. I guess we really need to weed out these child terrorists. They are just so dangerous 🙄

  35. I don’t really think it is necessary to make every home a past President ever lived in a landmark. But I do think knocking one down and then using the land to honor another one shows a real pettiness in the people involved.

    January 31, 2013
    Paving over History
    Jeannie DeAngelis

    In 1970, Joni Mitchell’s song Big Yellow Taxi was a huge hit. Forty-two years later, it is rumored that the University of Chicago wants to raze Ronald Reagan’s childhood home to clear the way for Obama’s future presidential library, which brings to mind the lyrics “[t]hey paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

    Although Chicago isn’t planning on putting up a “pink hotel, a boutique and a swinging hot spot,” they might as well be. Why? Because next to Ronald Reagan’s quality of character, political philosophy, and love for America, Barack Obama is a chintzy imitation.

    The controversy over the location of the future archive started when Michelle Obama’s former employer, the University of Chicago Medical Center, disclosed potential plans to turn Ronald Reagan’s childhood home in Chicago into a parking lot for President Barack Obama’s Presidential Library. That was when it became clear that liberals will not rest until every vestige of conservatism is purged both figuratively and literally from the national consciousness and progressivism is all that remains.

    By honoring Obama at Reagan’s expense, the President and his minions would be acting just like the victorious Islamic conquerors who once built mosques over sacred sites. Think about it – as liberals endeavor to subjugate conservatism, what better way to send a message of conquest than erecting a monument to Obama over the boyhood home of Ronald Reagan?

    Chicago was chosen over Honolulu, Hawaii as the site for the library, which it is estimated may end up costing more than $500 million before it’s complete. The Hyde Park district, home of Obama prior to moving to Washington D.C., and now the site for his presidential library, is but a stone’s throw away from where Obama began his sharpening his community-organizing skills.

    Not only that, but besides starting his political career in Chicago, the President also attended Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Semitic church in Chicago, hung around with Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn in Chicago, and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago – a subject he has proven to be vastly unqualified to teach.

    Nevertheless, in anticipation of Barack Obama’s reelection, the Commission on Chicago Landmarks denied Reagan’s boyhood home landmark status in 2012 because it was deemed “not architecturally significant and the nation’s 40th president did nothing notable while living there.”

    Sorry, but someone should inform the Commission on Chicago Landmarks that whatever Ronald Reagan did at four years of age is likely a lot more notable than anything 50-year-old Barack Obama has done as the 44th president.

    But the worst of it isn’t so much talk of Reagan’s home being torn down to make way for Obama’s library. What is unconscionable is the plan to pave over the place where little Ronnie lived and played. Furthermore, placing a “Historic Landmark” plaque in a parking lot demeans the memory of a great president and sends a message to America that accommodating school buses takes precedence over preserving a valued piece of history.

    Moreover, leveling a historic site connected to America’s most beloved conservative icon would send a strong message of triumph for Progressivism and indicate a disrespectful dismissal of Conservatism. But then again, Obama’s dog-eat-dog Chicago attitude may be why the dog-eating President would allow his surrogates to assist him in using Reagan’s former home as a fire hydrant that he can lift his leg on to send a message to Traditional America.

    Four years ago, Chicago came to Washington D.C. and with it came Al Capone-style politics – political elitism, a persistent watering-down of the U.S. Constitution, deprivation of religious liberty, endorsement of collectivism in place of individualism, scorn for success, antipathy toward the military, and an elevation of government to a position of all-encompassing authority and provider. All those things, and more, are the antithesis of everything President Ronald Wilson Reagan stood for.

    So, as time marches on it seems inevitable that the memory of Ronald Reagan’s inspiring words are sure to be drowned out by the sound of bulldozers, wrecking balls, and jackhammers as the future/final home of Barack Obama’s Teleprompter is constructed. Meanwhile, for Baby Boomers who understand the travesty of liberals destroying history in order to manipulate it, the lyrics “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone,” have taken on a whole new meaning.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/01/paving_over_history.html#ixzz2JaY8sBb7
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

      • We seem to have a difference of opinion. But calling it a conspiracy theory, I think makes Daily Kos the one guilty of creating a conspiracy theory.

        Is the parking lot just a part of the college or is it specifically for Obama’s library. I think that question needs to be answered and the answer will make us lean more to one conclusion than the other, when it comes to intent. It will not be conclusive either way.

        BUT- I’ll bet you-the Democrats will start crowing about how they managed to reduce Reagan to a parking lot or some such foolishness-if the building is knocked down and a huge Obama library goes up.

        By the way, the only thing your gonna win is the thrill of victory. 🙂

        • It seems the conspiracy theorists are at it again, drumming up (yet another) Obama conspiracy out of the tiniest shreds of evidence. There are two separate things going on based on the DailyKOS posting:

          1) The University is planning a demolition of an area that includes Reagan’s childhood home to build a parking lot for the expanding University Medical Center; and

          2) The University is lobbying to become the home of the Obama Presidential Library.

          Based on these two facts, the conspiracy theorists are bridging the gap to say #1 is related to #2 — that there is some malicious intent behind the demolition plans in order to play towards Obama’s supposed hatred of the right and all things Reagan to gain Obama’s support (or worse yet, as a necessary precondition) for having the University be the site of his Presidential Library.

          • If you are sure of your information-that this parking lot is for the medical center. Than I will concede that they are making too big a deal of this. Based on the fact that I don’t see an apartment building that the man lived in for such a short time necessarily has historical value.

            But the bet stands. 🙂

            • Ok then, courtesy of Media Matters:

              “The “childhood home” is an apartment Reagan lived in for less than a year as a young child, and its planned demolition is part of an expansion by the University of Chicago that has nothing to do with President Obama’s presidential library. Obama hasn’t chosen which state his presidential library will eventually be in, let alone where people will need to park for it. Further, Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney has declared the story ‘false.'”

              Care to concede? 🙂

              • I believe I already did. As long as your information holds true. But if that parking lot just happens to become attached to the Library that no one knows where it will be-I’ll take it back. And as I said the bet stands.

              • As the SUFA Conspiracy Theorist expert, this issue does not qualify as an official CT. If no one suffers or dies as a result of the Theory, it cannot qualify as one. 🙂

  36. Just A Citizen says:
  37. Hmmm- Opinions?

    January 31, 2013
    The End of Neo-colonialism
    By Michael Curtis

    Outmoded political categories are prone to linger beyond their relevance to ongoing reality. One of these is the concept of “neo-colonialism,” a term coined in 1965 by Kwame Nkrumah, who became president of newly independent Ghana. For him, formulating a modern extension of the argument of Lenin, neo-colonialism was the last stage of “imperialism.”

    Inherent in this view is that the former colonial powers now use various methods to operate in other countries not only in the economic field, but also in the political, religious, ideological, and cultural spheres. They use innumerable ways to obtain objectives formally achieved by outright colonialism.

    Neo-colonialist theory was incorporated into the Non-Aligned Movement, (NAM) founded in 1961 by leaders of Egypt, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, India, and Ghana, and including the developing countries of the world. The movement was supposed to steer an independent course from either the Western or Soviet blocs in the Cold War, but its activity and policy pronouncements suggest otherwise.

    The last summit of the NAM was held in Teheran in August 2012. It involved 120 members including Palestine along with 17 observer countries, accounting for about two-thirds of the membership of the United Nations. Iran is acting as chair of the movement from 2012 to 2015. Not surprisingly, the most recent pronouncement of the group on January 2, 2013 was to condemn “the ongoing, provocative, illegal actions by Israel.”

    The concept of neo-colonialism and the purpose of the NAM was to ensure “the national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity” of the non-aligned countries. The call to France for help by Dioncounda Trare, the 70 year-old interim president of Mali, is thus a turning point in international relations, and a renunciation of the charge of “neo-colonialism.”

    Some international political problems are complex and difficult to solve, or even to go so far as to furnish obvious positions on the issue. Others are more simple issues for policymakers. Mali, Algeria, and the rest of the world are now aware that the fundamental threat to existing societies, developed and non-developed, is not the intervention or ambitions of “colonial” powers but the advance of Islamist extremists, both al Qaeda and other terrorist groups associated with it.

    The new era has dawned. Non-Western countries, facing the Islamist threat, now are anxious to seek direct Western participation on their behalf. France, which in December 2011 brought back all its military forces from Afghanistan, is now in the forefront of the international effort against Jihadism.

    The French intervention starting on January 11, 2013 with airstrikes and deployment of troops (now amounting to 3,500) was not an invasion by a colonial power eager to obtain the area’s oil, gold, and uranium, but a response to a desperate call to defeat the Islamists, primarily the group of “Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb” (AQIM), but also involving Ansar Dine and MUJWA (Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa) ,which had captured the north of Mali and were advancing on the capitol, Bamako. It was France, the former colonial power in the area, that moved to restore the territorial integrity of the African country. France, which in the past has criticized Israeli actions against terrorism from Hamas and Hezbollah, now understands the fight against Islamic terrorism.

    The French have apparently halted and even reversed the Islamist advance into central Mali. The French now control the airport and the surrounding area of the northern city of Gao, which had been occupied by Islamists since April 2012, as well as other areas. Those French troops are not mercenaries, but have a single mission, to defeat Islamist control and eradicate terrorism. They have acted because the army of Mali itself is not yet sufficiently effective for the task, and so far the promised contingent of troops from African countries has not acted. The African force under the banner of ECOWAS, (Economic Community of West African States) supposed to consist of 3,300 fighters, remains to arrive in force. It is noticeable that Algeria, forgetting bitter memories of the French colonialism for more than a century, allowed French planes to use its air space to attack the Islamic militants.

    It is unclear whether French forces will continue to advance north, particularly to capture Kidal, the last important town in northern Mali to remain in Islamist hands. President François Hollande, far from being a neo-colonialist, has indicated that this task should be performed by Africans who will help to re-establish the unity of Mali. Also unclear is the exact extent of the assistance to be given by the United States, which is now collecting information, providing air tankers to refuel French warplanes, and considering deploying unarmed drones.

    But two things are clear. One is that the American administration, while unwilling to become involved in the conflict in Mali, and the rest of the world are aware that Islamists threaten the security and even existence of other states in Africa, especially Algeria, which has been fighting terrorists for more than twenty years, and Mauritania, Nigeria, and Niger, a country with which the U.S. has a military pact. Moreover, an Islamist advance in Africa would constitute a danger to southern Europe, especially to France, which has more than six million Muslims some of whom have been radicalized.

    The second new factor is the experience of Islamist control of territory. Africans have been made aware of the consequences of Islamist rule in Mali, with its imposition of Sharia law and prohibitions of free expression in all spheres, including music and dance. They are aware that most of the population in cities captured by the Islamists, such as the 50,000 in the historic town of Timbuktu, have chosen to flee rather than acquiesce to Islamist rule.

    Events in Mali have made clear that a new era of cooperation between developed and developing nations is preferable to and has more to offer the world in peace, security, and tolerance than the perpetuation of the outdated rhetoric of “neo-colonialism.”

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/01/the_end_of_neo-colonialism.html#ixzz2JamDnUEh
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  38. No one really thought that all the great videos of the gun control hearings would go unanswered did ya?

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), unhappy with the witnesses slated to testify at Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing on guns, will hold her own hearing on her proposed ban on assault weapons.

    “I’m concerned and registered my concern with Sen. [Patrick] Leahy yesterday, that the witnesses are skewed to the anti-gun, anti-assault weapons position,” Feinstein told POLITICO. “He agreed that I would be able to do my own hearing on the assault weapons legislation which I will proceed to do.”

  39. Does anyone have a suggestion for an article? This weekend will be Superbowl weekend, so we will keep the Open Mic going till Monday (Maybe longer). But, having an idea of what we can discuss would be nice. I don’t think the gun issue can be beaten much more, so maybe I can write about some cool Conspiracy Theory! 🙂 Any thoughts?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I suggest you STOP with the conspiracy theories for awhile. They are beyond tiring.

      If you feel compelled then do some homework on them before posting. Like Buck did today with the leveling of the Reagan home story.

      Personally, I will be out tomorrow through Monday. MINI ROAD TRIP to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

      • No worries JAC 😆 Not only do I not have the desire to detail any CTs, there all quite gloomy anyway. I’m hoping to talk about some happier subjects, as I’m even bored with the gun control stuff. But, like you, I will be traveling this weekend to visit family and go to a big SB party.

        I supported Buck as you have seen! A none issue for real CT people.

        Enjoy your trip and be safe!

    • How about we talk about this. $20,000 dollars, are they out of their minds!!! this has got to be wrong.

      IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family

      January 31, 2013
      By Matt Cover

      (CNSNews.com) – In a final regulation issued Wednesday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assumed that under Obamacare the cheapest health insurance plan available in 2016 for a family will cost $20,000 for the year.

      Under Obamacare, Americans will be required to buy health insurance or pay a penalty to the IRS.

      The IRS’s assumption that the cheapest plan for family will cost $20,000 per year is found in examples the IRS gives to help people understand how to calculate the penalty they will need to pay the government if they do not buy a mandated health plan.

      The examples point to families of four and families of five, both of which the IRS expects in its assumptions to pay a minimum of $20,000 per year for a bronze plan.

      “The annual national average bronze plan premium for a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children) is $20,000,” the regulation says.

      Bronze will be the lowest tier health-insurance plan available under Obamacare–after Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Under the law, the penalty for not buying health insurance is supposed to be capped at either the annual average Bronze premium, 2.5 percent of taxable income, or $2,085.00 per family in 2016.

      In the new final rules published Wednesday, IRS set in law the rules for implementing the penalty Americans must pay if they fail to obey Obamacare’s mandate to buy insurance.

      To help illustrate these rules, the IRS presented examples of different situations families might find themselves in.

      In the examples, the IRS assumes that families of five who are uninsured would need to pay an average of $20,000 per year to purchase a Bronze plan in 2016.

      Using the conditions laid out in the regulations, the IRS calculates that a family earning $120,000 per year that did not buy insurance would need to pay a “penalty” (a word the IRS still uses despite the Supreme Court ruling that it is in fact a “tax”) of $2,400 in 2016.

      For those wondering how clear the IRS’s clarifications of this new “penalty” rule are, here is one of the actual examples the IRS gives:

      “Example 3. Family without minimum essential coverage.

      “(i) In 2016, Taxpayers H and J are married and file a joint return. H and J have three children: K, age 21, L, age 15, and M, age 10. No member of the family has minimum essential coverage for any month in 2016. H and J’s household income is $120,000. H and J’s applicable filing threshold is $24,000. The annual national average bronze plan premium for a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children) is $20,000.

      “(ii) For each month in 2016, under paragraphs (b)(2)(ii) and (b)(2)(iii) of this section, the applicable dollar amount is $2,780 (($695 x 3 adults) + (($695/2) x 2 children)). Under paragraph (b)(2)(i) of this section, the flat dollar amount is $2,085 (the lesser of $2,780 and $2,085 ($695 x 3)). Under paragraph (b)(3) of this section, the excess income amount is $2,400 (($120,000 – $24,000) x 0.025). Therefore, under paragraph (b)(1) of this section, the monthly penalty amount is $200 (the greater of $173.75 ($2,085/12) or $200 ($2,400/12)).

      “(iii) The sum of the monthly penalty amounts is $2,400 ($200 x 12). The sum of the monthly national average bronze plan premiums is $20,000 ($20,000/12 x 12). Therefore, under paragraph (a) of this section, the shared responsibility payment imposed on H and J for 2016 is $2,400 (the lesser of $2,400 or $20,000).”


      • V.H. Don’t tell JAC, but I know why all this is happening! 🙂

        OK, what did you expect from the progressives, anything cheap? What’s really gonna be fun is trying to find a doctor. If you manage that, they will be told what your treatment will be. By the govt of course.

        Now, after about 40% of doctors basically quit, and the premiums shoot through the roof, what are you going to do? I have a plan, one that will work, cost me almost nothing and I have no chance on being charged by the IRS. I did my homework, based on what was……
        you guessed it, a conspiracy theory 😆

        It’s not a CT anymore, so at least I was prepared. Now if you can’t afford the new premiums, and don’t want to pay the fine either, let me know, I can tell you how to do that and not get in any trouble with the IRS.

  40. I just thought I would let you know that the 10+ year fiscal crisis in CA is over. Money is rolling into the treasury. Our bond rating went from -A to A. Moonbeam Brown has declared the crisis over. See raising taxes retroactively does work. It is all sunshine now. We can start spending on the train to nowhere and on the water tunnel to move more NorCal water to flush onto lush lawns and estates in SoCal. See you conservatives just do not know how to make these things work. With our veto proof 2/3 majority legislature, we can maintain this success by ever increasing taxes and fees. No pesky repugs can interfere with our creation of the worker’s paradise.

  41. gman, SK was gathering information and ideas on immigration reform. Maybe a summary of those findings would make a good topic.

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