A Different Vision

As I go through all the different news and opinion articles, it’s hard to not see just how bad things have become in our nation. We no longer control our government. There are two voices of government, as you all know. The Democrats (known as Liberals for some reason) and the Republicans (known as conservatives for some reason). We, as a people who are politically in tune, follow one or the other. The Democrats are considered left of center, the Republicans are right of center on the fantasy political scale.  I stand on the right of center, but I do not consider myself a Republican.  I attack those on the left, because I disagree with them.  It’s quite simple, really.  My beliefs really aren’t in agreement with the Right, either.  This is what will try and focus on in this article.  The Republicans are just as much the enemy as the Democrats in the United States of America!  This is my best attempt to prove that, so pay attention and open your minds!

What I can say, is that the Republicans in government, those who have been elected, are no less corrupt than anyone else.  They are just lying a different way to keep the fantasy that there are two different sides within the political spectrum.  There is only one side when it comes to those who hold Federal government positions, that is to stay in power.  That is what our government has become.  These public officials, as they are called, all know that in the event of a catastrophic event, they will be safe.  Their families will be with them.  It don’t matter what the event, you and I are on our own, they will be underground and well protected.  The sad part is that they may be the cause of the event.  Feel better yet?

The Republicans, who are thought of as the saviors by many, are simply part of the problem.  They play the division game, all the while working with the  Democrats to screw the people.  Don’t believe me, read the Patriot Act that has become a law that basically destroys your rights to privacy.  The Patriot Act also seems to allow the government to kill at will, if they think your a terrorist of course.  Don’t laugh yet, if you support the Tea Party, your on the list of potential terrorists.  Bet that makes you feel good.

So let’s talk about the Republican lies to those who support them.  It’s not hard really.  Subject: Abortion,  Abortion is still legal, after all these years since Roe vs. Wade.  Despite the pro life stance of the Republicans, just look at the reality.  Subject:  Privacy,  Ya think you have any privacy anymore, do some research.  The Republicans, under G.W. Bush passed the Patriot Act, with lots of Democrat help as well.  Obama has ensured it remains in effect.  See, they are the same, despite what they tell you.  The government is building a facility that can keep all of our data, regardless of where it comes from, or the subject, like your health records.  Forget about online privacy, it don’t exist, including your private emails.  Cell phones are equally involved.  You texts and calls are all recorded.  Yep, the Republicans have protected their constituents quite well!  That’s a laughable claim.

The Republican Senators are simply whipped puppies under the whips and chains of Harry Reid, or so it seems.  No budgets, as required by law, have been passed since Obama took office.  Yet our debt has exploded by around 6 trillion.  Just how does this happen if the Republicans are so damn conservative?  Answer:  I can’t.  Wake up people, the Republicans in the District of Criminals are walking lockstep with the Democrats, there is no real difference, except for the lies they tell.  They are psychopath lying control freaks who don’t give a rats ass about you or I.  We didn’t get 17 trillion in debt because of the Democrats.  If you believe this to be true, you are just as brainwashed as those that post their leftist crap on HuffPo.  Shame on you!

Not too many who read this will have too many nice things to say too me after this article.  That’s OK, we can’t always agree, so fire away.  I’m not quite the Anarchist that many may think I am, but I can see a corrupt government just as you can.  Many think we can fix this through elections.  When the government controls the elections, how can you fix it.  The Democrats and Republicans are monopolies of American politics.  This is not what a Constitutional Republic was intended to be.  When I think of the purpose of the 2nd Amendment, I never thought I would have to actually live it for real, but we are very close.  Our government, both sides, have divided us as a people.  We can no longer deny that.

I know that the readers and posters here are smart people.  Can those on the right wing admit that the Republicans are just as much to blame as the Democrats for the problems in this country ?  I bet the answer is yes.  Can those on the left wing do the same?  I’ll bet yes again.   Unless we, as a nation, realize that it’s the political parties and government, and yes, along with the rich bastards who own them, are the problem, we are doomed.  THEY ARE the PROBLEM!  We can’t fix the problem until we can fix the swinging door that keeps allowing  corruption to enter the system.  That door right now is elections.

In closing, I ask that everyone think outside the box for a change.  The real Mob  is the Federal government, they run everything that you think is bad.  Drugs, local prostitution, gambling and even the MSM are run by your elected people.  Do you really think that Reagan was for small government and freedom?  We the people have to put aside the left/right paradigm and come together real soon, because the govt will have us killing each other, while they sit back and watch, to weaken any thought of fighting them.  Wake up my friends!  Your life may depend on it.


  1. Good Morning SUFA 🙂 Best of wishes to all of you this fine Monday 🙂 I left a lot open for discussion in the comment section, let’s see if the questions I imagined will be asked. Fire away!

  2. Think outside the box, you say? How about Dennis Rodman and N. Korea. Jung -un wants Obama to call him.

    Hey! I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my number, call me maybe? Next thing we’ll have Kerry doing the Harlem Shake with the Egyptians…

    • 🙂 Rodman got beat with an ugly stick and lost, ugh. Maybe Obama should call the little Commie. They can go out dancing and talking about the best way to run a Communist country. 🙂

      Kerry and the Harlem shake, that would be funny if it were mixed in with “Walk like an Egyptian”.

  3. And here is why everyone in here should stop their whining (sound familiar?) about Mr. Obama … his bailouts did EXACTLY what the 1% wanted … don’t protect workers and this is what you net: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/04/business/economy/corporate-profits-soar-as-worker-income-limps.html?hp&_r=0

    • WHY? Obama is bought and paid for just like Bush. We have every right to complain and even more so because he’s the President. Is is the Mob boss right now, and complain I shall 🙂

      • Oh, G, sometimes … most times, you make zero sense:)

        • Charlie, do you think you can put all the personal attacks in your pocket and discuss the topic?

          • Probably not. I’m a lefty … we aren’t one eighth as smart as you geniuses in here. 🙂

            Seriously, brother, the point of the article I dropped on your doorstep was to show how the 1% owns it all … and you’re constant complaining about Obama and/or the government you claim you hate so much (yet you admit it is owned by the 1%) you want to disband so the 1% can rule without any regulation. Think about it … it’s why I have to question why so many here adore the military (that serves the government they hate, that is owned by the same 1%) … the hypocrosy is mind numbing … think it through …

            • Charlie, we agree that the 1% basically own both political parties. Your idea to take from the 1% will simply never work. That has been proven in the past. Besides, it’s not just the 1% in our nation that the problem is limited too, so how do you propose we deal with that aspect?

              IMHO, if you want to fix govt, ya have to remove those who are corrupt, fix the system and reboot. The 1% will no longer have any power, then we can concentrate on the economics of things.

  4. Ok G and Charlie……without elections……what do you propose? Open insurrection?

    • Good Morning Colonel 🙂

      Nothing that I propose will ever have enough people behind the idea to work. Far too many are stuck in the left/right paradigm and will vote for one or the other. Their monopoly is unquestioned in American politics. The average citizen who may be a great representative will never see the light of day in national politics, unless he/she caves to the desires of the parties. That’s where the money is. Even the wealthy (think Perot) can’t get it done.

      I plan on telling the Fed’s NO at every opportunity. I do write these people often, I also have telephone contact with my local and state reps. Many have said to start locally, I agree. I will not waste my time voting in the Federal elections until the political parties are no longer in charge.

      The solutions are as plentiful as the problems today. I’m guessing the Fed’s have already ruined the nation economically, so I wait for the final days when the dollar is useless and food is scarce. It is not as far off as many think. If enough people get get together, nationally, that understand the problem, we may be able to avoid a repeat.

      What is your suggestion Sir? I always like hearing from you, you do type your thoughts well, something I have difficulty with.

    • It sounds to me, Charlie, that you want workers to unite. Are you preaching that they take something by force? (Pssst…this is a yes or no question). G, you want everyone to recognize that both parties are corrupt….ok. I recognize that. BOTH parties are corrupt…although it appears that this administration makes Nixon look like a piker. SO…they are corrupt. It sounds as if you are wanting open insurrection….an armed takeover. Without elections, what do you have? How do you accomplish it? There are a variety of great ideas out there but on the bottom line…..when it is time to harvest…….how do you get the assholes out of office or change the office…if voting is gone. I only know of one way to do that.

      I know everyone on here gets tired of hearing this old Texan spouting off Texas mantra…..but it seems to me that the place to start is the State. Local and State government. BUT THAT IS STILL VOTING. If the workers wish to unite…..then by all means UNITE !!! No one is keeping them away from the voting booth. If the so called “workers”……the 99% as Charlie likes to say wants someone in there…..then put them in there.

      Texas is not perfect….yet. But we have started something that I think is scaring big government. We have elected people on the local level that we like. We kicked out an established politician and put in what we hope is a rebel……Cruz. The Caucasian’s voted for this non Texan Hispanic in droves…..we shall see. Don’t like Obama care….don’t take it….Texas did not. Don’t like the immigration policy…..make your own…..Texas did. Don’t like heavy spending…don’t go outside your budget….Texas does not. Want to grow your state, don’t over tax the people….Texas does not. Want to stop high insurance rates, change the law to loser pays….Texas did. Want to make sure that the worker’s compensation does not create a bloated corrupt system….do away with lump sum settlements..Texas did and the lawyers left the state in multitudes and the insurance rates dropped like a homesick rock. Want to rid your state of malpractice premiums that skyrocket health insurance,,,,,,limit jury awards. Texas did. Texas does believe in rights and freedoms and is restoring the same on the State level. We do not have to have a “castle doctrine”…..we take care of our own property and rights. Everyone down to a newborn carries a gun…..and I am not sure that newborns don’t have one hidden in their diaper. Want to come after Texas guns?………come on down and take them…but bring plenty of help. One Texas lady is a better shot and worth more than any 10 Federal agents any day. Texas has decided to go its own way and is beginning to thumb its nose at the federal Government. It is beginning to show its independence once again. We still have a ways to go…..but we are headed that way. Each State needs to take its own road…….do not take Federal money….Texas is weaning itself away from that in greater and greater strides and it is about time we did this. Don’t want EPA drones over your property….shoot them down. We do….that is those without warrants and even Federal warrants are not carrying very much weight. To enforce them, it takes a sheriff….try to find one that does not say…”you want to serve that warrant Mr. Government Man…go ahead and serve it.” Then find a property owner that opens the door and say come on in…..good luck.

      We are not advocating taking over a government by force at all….we are simply going our own way. Baby steps and then bigger ones….but we are doing something.

      • I like Texas! they can be a model for many others to follow. I’m not even thinking of armed insurrection, that can wait till it becomes an act of self defense. But, not everyone lives in Texas, so we have to deal with things in our local areas. But I will continue to say, as long as people follow the left/right paradigm, the problems will never go away.

        • You are correct, sir…..but if Texas can be used as a model…..then perhaps there can be a plethora of models out there. I see that Kansas, Louisiana, Wyoming, and even Michigan is beginning to adopt some Texas ways….open shop states, tax incentives to bring a bigger tax base to the state….things like this. Some of the “progressive” states are beginning to lament the fact that producers, high income earners, corporations, manufacturers are leaving their utopia to seek other places. You do not have to move to Texas….or live here….but emulate it or some parts of it. As I said, we are not perfect…..YET. It is a mindset….let me give one other example.

          Deadbeat dads…..Texas is very hard on them. It is a mindset. We work very hard to bring deadbeat dads to the table….very hard. Have a child? You better take care of the child or Texas will hunt you down…..you will not get a driver’s license, hunting license, concealed carry permit, state ID, license plates, car registration, etc…..we take care of our own. They can run for awhile and they can hide for awhile…..but we will get you. Because we do this, a very small portion, less that 1% percent of our budget goes to child welfare in this particular issue. This is a direct budget item…Another thing that we do…..we verify and refuse any form of state welfare to people who do not get off their ass. You may get Federal bucks….but you will not get state bucks without identifying and verifying need. And when we find someone that is sitting on their ass…we notify the Feds about it. The result…..very low state budget that is going to welfare type recipients.

          On the horizon….along with Cruz and others……identifying children in public schools that are not citizens. Find their families and offer them a road to becoming citizens. Refusing aid to non citizens but offering a road to paying jobs and ease of permits to be in Texas….we do not care about the Feds…….Texas has already established with the private sector, a road to job fairs and improvement to undocumented (ie ILLEGALS). Texas is going to expand this to a STATE work Visa and a STATE ID…..in conjunction with the private market. Texas will then enforce a strong commitment to finding employers who bring in undocumented ILLEGALS….pay them substandard wages, and sweat shop conditions, and CLOSE THEM DOWN. Result….fewer people in the emergency lines at hospitals, a broader (not higher) tax base from employers, children in schools that do not have to hide and run from a green uniform, creating of an environment where families can live without fear, and….voila…a more productive and independent environment. We already have laws on the books….creating more will not solve any problems. We do not want or need Federal involvement. We live on the border down here and we know what is going on and how to handle it.

          • Colonel, I will post a reply when I return from my PT session. Be back soon, keep the chat going 🙂

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Looks to me like Texas is FINALLY adopting some of Idaho’s ways. Just like you Texicans to think you started everything. 🙂

            Oh, and before I forget. A hearty Good Morning to you Sir.

            • Ahem………I believe we were around fighting independence 40 or so years before you sir.. 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:


                We were ALREADY independent when you guys were still thinking about it. I will grant you this. There were not many of us European types at the time, but there were some and we were FREE as the wind.

                Our enslavement came much later, AFTER yours.

    • Buon Giorno, Colonel! Cannoli man doesn’t have an answer, sir. I say let’s give something else a try! Something far more equitable and realistic. A hybrid of capitalism, if need be, but we cannot continue down the road of 1% rule. We all agree how corrupt this government is, both Democrats and Republicans. They are OWNED and owe their asses to corrupt parties (every bit as corrupt as any communist government). So why not change the rules? Why not let citizens have actual participation in their lives, rather than holding to a document and concept 200+ years old that was put in place by the 1% back then? However you want to define capitalism today (government run and/or pure), it isn’t working. If it ever was a truly free market, it obviously led to the mess we have now. Read the article … corporations run the show … workers take less and less … workers attack other workers (some of you in here attacking public worker unions as if they are the cause of our economic problems). It is a joke to blame public worker unions in this atmosphere (reread the article again if you must). Yes, unions have corruption built into the system … the same as management has corruption … so why not try something different? Why permit the 1% to strengthen their stranglehold? Because they “earned” it? Please … sell that bullshit story to someone dumb enough to believe it.

      • Mexican policymakers are reeling from the arrest last week of Elba Esther Gordillo, the mighty boss of that country’s largest teachers union and a significant player in Mexican politics.

        Gordillo is accused of stealing millions from union funds to pay for two houses in California, plastic surgery and pieces of art, according to The New York Times.

        In power since 1989, Gordillo is called simply “La Maestra,” meaning “The Teacher.” She is a sharp political kingmaker known for delivering votes to key allies, including former Mexican President Felipe Calderon in 2006.

        Gordillo was re-elected president of the teachers union in October without a single vote cast against her — a demonstration of the tremendous power she wields.

        The timing of her arrest appeared suspicious to some observers, as it came only one day after President Enrique Pena Nieto signed off on a series of education reforms designed to weaken unions’ control over schools.

        Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/03/04/arrest-of-powerful-teachers-union-leader-sends-shockwaves-through-mexico/#ixzz2MadAr97J

        You want corrupt Charlie? Look for the union label…Workers unite!!!Because it’s easier to steal than to work for a living.

  5. On election night, November 2, 2010, Rep. John Boehner said in his victory speech:

    …While our new majority will serve as your voice in the people’s House, we must remember it is the president who sets the agenda for our government. … [emphasis added)

    What is wrong with what Boner said? Can anyone figure it out? This is a test by the way, to find out just how brainwashed everyone really is 🙂

  6. Matt Lockwood says:

    Colonel- if we could just get more people to realize what gman has stated here, then maybe we would have a better shot at making a difference at the polls. What I have found unfortunately is the following- I’m talking to a democrat, and he’s agreeing about what’s wrong with the country and what needs to be fixed, and then taxes get mentioned and he swooshes off to the left on a tangent and is gone forever. Or I’m talking to a republican, and the same, they are agreeing on whats wrong and everything, and then abortion is mentioned and they swoosh off to the right, never to be heard from again. I don’t know if it’s people being too buzy, too apathetic, too narrow minded, too much control freaks, whatever, but most people are so dang partisan these days that if you don’t march lock, step and barrel with their ideology, then all of a sudden you’re an idiot or the reason why everything is wrong in our country! I don’t know that we have enough free thinkers in this country to get it back, without it ending up some kind of insurrection, which I’m not sure would have a very good ending … for any of us!

    • Matt…agreed. G man is not wrong but there is no solution except to take the government back. I think it has to start at the local levels and all this partisan fighting on both sides has to go away. I, too, have found Republicans that will throw everything away for ONE single stand on abortion. I may not agree with abortion, but I am not going to stay away from the “voting booth” because a candidate has a stand on one thing that I disagree with…..I have to look at the whole picture. I, too, know very liberal minded people that when taxes get discussed, they are so against those that are wealthy that they would rather starve their own to nail a rich person to the cross. It is ludicrous. One thing that has been very well done by the so called progressives……they have been very patient and inundated the universities and schools and media….and have created an entitlement society and there are multitudes of people…..the 53% that put them in office…..that wants a government to be the answer. NO ONE wants to take responsibility for them selves, any longer. And this is the sad state that we have allowed. It does not work in Europe (and I have been all over that continent) and it will not. A lot of people say…look at Finland or Denmark or even England……they are doing fine. But fine is in the eye of the beholden. I have been to Finland and Denmark and they have no sense of freedom and can barely make a decision. I see people not wanting to work…not wanting to be a millionaire and waiting in line for their allotment or dole. It is very sad.

      Freedom is being lost…and the song is correct. “Freedom has a flavor that the protected will never know.” Want government to be controlling….sit on your butt and allow it. Sad.

  7. There are many questions as to why our Federal govt does things. Why do I worry about them so much? Here’s one reason. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/03/obama-dhs-purchases-2700-light-armored-tanks-to-go-with-their-1-6-billion-bullet-stockpile/

    • Gman…..you need to see why these purchases are made. Look at who is selling the items and then look at the donor lists…..it will amaze you. What is more upsetting to me than purchasing these items….is that there are very smart people out there that refuses to see this…and still supports the regime.

      • You bet I know that Colonel. Just like the body scanners in airports, it’s all about money. The rest of your statement I agree with. Now, if Bush would have been President, would the silence continue?

        • Bush is Texan……this is fact. He owns a ranch…this is fact. Bush is a politician….this is fact. It would not have changed….this is fact. Potomac Fever…..is devastating.

          • And, he has pissed off Texas aviators…Commercial and private. There is a TFR in East Dallas over the Bush residence. (TFR= Temporary flight restriction) this means that you cannot fly over this area in private or commercial planes. His ranch also has a TFR. Now when you look on the air maps, his East Dallas residence is right in the pathway to Love field and Addison Airports. We have to deviate 1- 2 miles around this flight restriction. In total IFR weather and rough air….deviations, while not dangerous, can create real nasty course corrections over an metropolitan area. He may be Texan, but we are finally getting this “TEMPORARY” restriction removed. I am sure they are STILL worried about some magical bombing run on his residence….but he will need private security beginning July 1….same for his ranch. No more wasting taxpayer dollars for scrambling F16’s to chase recreational pilots away.

  8. Matt Lockwood says:

    gman- you mean how he just totally aced out the legislative branch of government- by basically saying-he sets the rules, we can’t(won’t) do anything about it?!

    • Matt, Hope today finds you and yours healthy and happy 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words above. Actually, it’s even simpler than what you say, but I’ll wait for some more folks to try to answer. I think you will like what I have to say on the matter!

      • I think he controls the “bully pulpit”. He is recognized as the “leader of the free world”. It is fair and pretty accurate to say he set’s our agenda. That does not mean he has the power to achieve his agenda.

    • There should not be an agenda of our government. there duties are outlined in the Constitution and those elected are charged with governing within those perimeters. There is nothing written that says they govern based on which group of the paradigm is in charge. This is just more brainwashing, giving the people the belief that somehow, one side or the other has a choice in the direction of the country. That’s BullDookie!

  9. The only time anyone I know, sounds like they think either party is great, is when they are arguing with someone from the other party. But not voting isn’t gonna change anything or force the parties to actually do what we want. A massive increase of voting is what would change politics IMHO.

    I’m curious what you G, and others take from this article:

    Americans’ reaction to sequestration might change course of politics

    By David Lightman | McClatchy Newspapers

    WASHINGTON — The fallout from federal spending cuts over the coming weeks might alter the nation’s political landscape for years to come.

    Already, a decade of budget deficits run up in war and economic crisis has saddled the government with a $16 trillion debt, a bill that will force the country to come to grips with how much government it wants and how much it wants to pay for it at the very time the aging baby boomers put new strains on the budget through such vast programs as Medicare and Social Security.

    Now the government is about to start cutting spending in some programs, offering a first look at how the American people will react.

    If people feel the sting of the so-called sequestration with fewer teachers at their schools, more time in airport security lines and smaller checks for people without jobs, they might rise up and send a clear signal that the country really wants to keep all of the government it now gets and perhaps feed a demand that the government charge more in the form of higher taxes.

    If, however, the majority of Americans don’t feel any pain from the cuts, if they either don’t see an impact or don’t empathize with federal employees enduring unpaid furloughs, they’d likely invite more moves to cut spending. That would bolster the Republicans.

    Either way, it’s a high-stakes gamble for the two major parties, with the winner likely to dominate the debate and perhaps elections for years.

    So far, Americans aren’t paying much attention. Just one in four were following the news closely last week, according to the Pew Research Center.

    That amplifies the urgency for the parties to try to define the budget cuts on their terms. It also explains why President Barack Obama spent the last two weeks pushing the idea that the reductions are cruel and thoughtless. He needs people aware and angry to bolster his argument for more taxes and fewer spending cuts.

    The $44 billion that‘s being trimmed over the next seven months is a less than ideal test for either party.

    Created by the Obama and Congress in 2011, sequestration was meant to be painful. They thought that the threat of automatic cuts would force them to find a better alternative. It didn’t.

    Democrats insist on adding tax increases and leaving more spending untouched. Republicans want the same amount of spending cut, but would prefer it in different places.

    Led by Obama, Democrats are betting that the American people will hate the reductions and demand tax increases instead.

    The danger is that they might have overplayed their hand. First, some of the most extensive and popular federal programs, such as Social Security, won’t be trimmed. Second, the cuts will take effect slowly and might not be felt in time to affect the debate over extending government funding past March 27 or whether to raise the government’s debt ceiling past May 19.

    There might be an eventual payoff, though. As the sting of cutting spending intensifies, Democrats think, so will their electoral prospects.

    “This is going to be a slope, not a cliff,” said Sen. Benjamin Cardin, D-Md.

    Democrats also will point to the alternative spending cuts that the Republican-run House of Representatives passed twice last year. No Democrats voted for the plans, which would have made deep cuts in some of Obama’s key initiatives, such as a fund to implement the 2010 health care law, as well as housing and food stamp programs.

    Democrats are aware that their strategy has perils, chiefly that the reality won’t match the hype. “People will see long lines at airports, but they always think the lines are long,” said Rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J.

    Republicans, who didn’t want these exact cuts, now prefer to keep them rather than leave spending levels intact or raise taxes in addition to the increases in Social Security taxes and income taxes enacted in January. They’re gambling that the impact is being overblown.

    “We can’t absorb that kind of impact in our spending levels?” said Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y., a favorite of the conservative tea party movement. “People will not buy into this idea there will be dire consequences.”

    Though Obama’s current proposal involves eliminating corporate loopholes and subsidies, Republicans tar his plan as big government’s latest reach into the pockets of the embattled taxpayer. “We’ve already started to feel, in our states, the impact of consumers having less money in their hands because of the payroll tax having gone up,” said Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who was in town for a governors’ meeting.

    Republicans also know that their tactics might backfire.

    Pew found last month that 62 percent saw the party as out of touch with the American people and 52 percent branded it as too extreme. Democrats had far lower numbers. And Obama has the bully pulpit: No Republican is as recognized, and no one Republican speaks for the party the way Obama speaks for the Democrats.

    Somehow, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said, “we have to find ways to cut spending, but do it in a way that’s seen as reasonable.”

    The parties do agree on one point: Both sides face the risk that their stubbornness will further alienate already-weary voters.

    Voters have demonstrated their impatience in recent midterm elections. Democrats retook the majorities in Congress in 2006 and lost the House majority four years later. That suggests that swing voters don’t feel loyalty to either party, but instead are skeptical that either side knows what it’s doing. Now the stakes are even higher, because Washington’s decisions will be keenly felt, perhaps for years.

    So under the bravado, politicians are nervous, knowing that their positions might cement their parties’ images in the public’s mind for years to come.

    Be careful, Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said during a visit to Washington this week.

    “Here we are in Washington, and we’re all obsessed with government,” he said. “But people back home are worried about what the economy is doing.”

    Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2013/03/01/184621/americans-reaction-to-sequestration.html#storylink=cpy

    • V.H. Good Afternoon!

      What I take from the article is more of the same political crap that we are constantly being fed by the media (which works for the govt, who is owned by the wealthy, who own the media). Just like Obama claiming that the sky was falling in late Feb, it’s all theater to continue to brainwash the public into believing that these corrupt punks work for us.

      You and I deal with 2% spending cuts in our spending all the time. A sudden rise in gas and food prices that lasts awhile serves that purpose, but we don’t go crying that it’s such a big deal that everyone in our family goes on a sky is falling tangent. Politicians did just this, it’s a big lie, all of it. They don’t represent or work for you and I.

      • Well, I was hoping that you might notice that the politicians were watching to see how the people reacted and that how we react will effect what they do to some extent-or at least how they talk to their base. But as long as we vote like we’re a Country that is split down the middle-they will govern like we are a Country that is split down the middle.

        • V. When the President get’s in front of the people and blatantly lies, they are no longer governing and they really don’t care what we think. The MSM mouthpieces want us to believe that for some reason, those in DC actually give a crap about the people, they don’t. They only care about their psychopathic desire for power and wealth, and will have no problem destroying your life or mine to achieve that. Please, please wake up my friend!

          • That may all be true G-one point doesn’t cancel out the other. We the People hold a lot of the blame for where we find ourselves.

  10. The Republican party has no substantial difference to offer over the Democratic party. Both will rig the system to gain and hold power. The Repug’s only claim to any high ground is they will spend (therefore steal) less than the Dem’s. Watching Fox & Friends coverage of the RNC convention creepy, no hint of credibility, just gushing praise. Fair & Balanced, We Report, You Decide? What happened to the other guy?


  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Here is a FUN one to read. There are several that are VERY interesting.


  12. Just A Citizen says:

    Short HiJack, sorry Gman.

    Way back I commented over and over that this Administration DID NOT know how to GOVERN.

    I was attacked/criticized for providing nothing but anecdotal proof. Well here is some more of the same;


    This is exactly the behavior I was reporting on their handling of OTHER agencies and programs.

    • Not really a hijack, it just adds to what I have been saying all along, they are all corrupt and are engaging in activities that they really aren’t allowed too.
      Peace JAC, Hope you and yours are well today 🙂

  13. D13, Took my time and thought about your posts. It seems to me that we really don’t need the Federal government for a whole lot of things at all. Most issues can be handled at the State level or lower.

    SUFA, this is part of what I’m getting at. We really don’t need a Federal government nearly as much as they want us to believe. I would say a vast majority of money spent Federally, is a huge waste and unnecessary. Go back to what Boner said in the earlier post and apply this, then rethink! 🙂

  14. I found this funny, if only for the reason that in a way it has actually happened. 🙄

    My driveway and the roads throughout the neighborhood beyond became all at once a post-apocalyptic wasteland of a profusion of potholes, crumbling curbsides, and the skeletons of automobiles stripped of their tires, doors, and dignity, their paint jobs replaced by rust, and more than a few engulfed in flames. Dead birds were strewn about the dead lawns in front of houses whose windows, overnight, were shattered and then boarded up.

    The sequester had hit.

    The state of the outside world such as it is, I dare not wander beyond the refuge of my own threshold.

    Thankfully I still have Internet.

    It was on that Internet that I saw a security video (from last summer) of a 63-year-old man named Samuel Williams use his gun in a heartless, gutless attempt to slaughter two young black men who were only trying to rob everybody in the Internet cafe in which the incident took place.

    The two would-be robbers had weapons of their own–one a gun and the other a baseball bat. They burst through the front doors of the building, presumably shouting harmlessly for everyone to put their hands up (because that’s what most everyone in the video does when they see the men enter). They both looked like they had just stepped out of a rap video.

    One of them sweeps his handgun over the room of unreasonably frightened patrons. No one is being hurt. And then from the back corner of the room, an old fat man, presumably a right-wing nut-job, whips out a gun of his own and runs towards the gun-armed man and starts firing–attempted murder! (And racist, because the two men he was shooting at were black.)

    The two victims of society trip all over their baggy pants as they scramble for the doors and flee from this madman, Mr. Williams, who dared to risk his worthless life to save the dozens of lives in the room praying that they would get out of there alive to see their families again, a prayer that this old man almost prevented from happening when he started shooting the two other armed men; why, he could have killed someone with that assault handgun of his!

    To the liberals and Democrats, I must offer my condolences that the two black men were not able to successfully rob and kill the Internet-cafe patrons, and I feel your pain in seeing two black youths so unjustly mistreated.

    And to those Internet-cafe patrons I must say this: You were all about to be robbed, and who knows how many of you would have gotten killed, but I must apologize for the fear you must have felt when that 63-year-old racist started shooting at the armed robbers. Sure, he prevented a bunch of you from being killed and robbed, but he could have accidentally hit one or two of you with his gun. But you’re safe now. In the meantime, I’ll be writing letters to President Obama and congressional Democrats to pass new gun laws (or executive orders) that will, in the future, prevent men like Samuel Williams from having a gun in such a future scenario. That way you will feel much safer the next time you are robbed at gunpoint, knowing that there isn’t some right-winger with a gun nearby to save you.

    Read more: http://politicaloutcast.com/2013/03/63-year-old-racist-uses-gun-to-stop-2-armed-robbers-saves-dozens-of-worthless-lives/#ixzz2MbAC7IGf

    Yes, it is inline with the left/right paradigm. This should serve as an example of how dangerous the paradigm really is to all of us.

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Another little gem supporting my prior claims about how the DEMOCRATS change their spots on war faster than I change my socks. AFGHANISTAN ……….. The GOOD WAR. Bwahahahaha.

    They have NO HONOR.


  16. This still confuses me. Who let these illegals go? Does a “high level person” within the DHS have that authority? Wouldn’t a judge have to let them go? Who physically authorized someone to go to a cell with a key, unlock the door and let everyone out? And why was no one notified?


  17. What do we need to identify as a hurdle to overcome to fix the problem?

    1. The Media: They are either bought and paid for, or pander to the left/right paradigm. Our voice has been taken from us, except for the internet. They are trying hard to own that as well, so time is short.

    2. Preconceived ideas that we need the Federal govt. This is a huge lie and they know it.

    3. Any notion that wanted ti fix government as being a form of insurrection. that is totally false, as I do not want to overthrow the government. I want to end the corruption and, as a beginning, bring the Feds back inline with their Constitutional powers. We need to quit pretending that it means something it don’t.

    4. What can we eliminate at the Fed level that we can assume at the State or local level? This is easier than thought.

    5. Unions representing govt employees is stupid, they need to go! At all levels! 🙂

    I’ll stop there.

  18. A sad story and another reason things need fixed http://politichicks.tv/column/disposable-soldiers-medical-command-given-congressional-order/

    Bring our folks home where they belong. This has gone on long enough and we certainly don’t need our troops guarding the CIA poppy fields anymore.

  19. V.H. says “Look at the left-they are winning this battle-what are they doing.”

    I don’t see them winning this battle at all, it just happens to be the voice that most people hear. Gun stores are getting the best business ever, all across the country. These aren’t folks on the left doing this. This is a silent message, telling the Feds that they really don’t understand things like they think they do. We are heading towards a very violent time if it can’t be headed off somehow.

    The thing about gun owners that the left don’t understand, is that we don’t want violence, but we won’t back down either. Who is more resolved? The gun grabbers like Feinstein or the gun owners who are emptying the shelves. That’s an easy one. I fear that the Fed’s and the left want violence, that’s why they have stockpiled so much ammo and equipment. Time will tell.

    • Bottom Line, my brother, says “The real winners are the ones not battling.”

      Well, they are the ones who know nothing. Their minds are at ease and all is well in the world. Until…..

      • Bottom Line says:

        What I meant by that is that having an ideological battle by proxy of government is a zero sum game.

        By all means, prepare to fight for your rights, …but so long as people think that trying to use government to do so is gonna get them somewhere, they are going to lose out on something, …if not everything.

        I don’t see a way out at this point. Most people are unwilling or unable to make the necessary changes in order to fix the mess humanity is in. Even if I am wrong, it would have to happen in a big hurry.

        I fear it is going to get messy.

        Order out of Chaos

  20. Hey, more lies that we can all choke on, how about that! http://lastresistance.com/1525/affordable-care-act-allowing-irs-to-collect-billions-from-health-insurers/

    Buck, where are you? Todd, input would help. Charlie is trying, bless his little commie heart 🙂

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Government is NOT corrupt. But by its nature it is “corrupting”.

    You cannot get corruption out of Govt entirely. You can only limit its influence and impact.

    First and foremost, you have to change the HEART of America. If you do not create a moral and ethical set of Core Principles that MOST of us agree with you will not get any GOVT that works for you.

    That is the problem. The PEOPLE do NOT SHARE the same core values any longer. So it matters not what you do with Parties, term limits, etc. Until the philosophy problem is addressed you’re just putting fingers in the levee.

    Which is fine for short term crisis management. But it does not fix the problem.

    • Looks like Mr. Obama is doing a fine and dandy job to me … I just don’t understand what you’re problem with him is … especially since you’re so supportive of all the green those billionairies make by the collective sweat of their brows 🙂


    • “MOST of us agree with” … surely you speak of those in SUFA 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:

        They are included, yes!

        You on the other hand I have no hope for, so I don’t care.

        You can be the new 1%.

      • Hey look, Charlie speaks 🙂 Obama is a puppet to the 1%, That’s just a part of this article. We have to remove the puppets to fix the problems.

        • They’ll only replace him with another one … and you’ll support their right to do so … oy vey … you have to remove capitalism … at least enough to make things more equitable … see the graph at the bottom, G 🙂

          • Saw the graph. Not to worry, Obama is taking the whole thing down. It’s not Capitalism Charlie, it’s corruption at the highest levels. The problem with the graph, it showed socialism’s big lie. No different than todays DC politics, just lies to drag people in to make it easier to control. NO THANKS!

    • JAC, Bullshit! The Federal government is corrupt to the core. Denying that fact is just being in denial. We cannot limit anything they do, period. Any belief in that is also bulldookie!

      The people are brainwashed and don’t know what their values are, because the corrupt government owns the voice known as the MSM. The goalposts have changed so often, young people don’t know crap. Many don’t even know what clothes to wear or what bathroom to use. The people in the Federal govt are corrupt beyond the core, they are puppets to their donators, the wealthy.

      On the subject of values, you do have a point that needs discussed.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Do not confuse an institution or organizational structure with the PEOPLE in that institution.

        And even then I would say the entire Federal Govt is NOT corrupt to the core. I would say that the American People are Corrupt but then you have to tell me by what standard you are measuring “corruption”.

        You also seem to be mixing Congressional people with those people who make the Govt run every day.

        • My apologies, I should be more concise. I am only speaking of those who are elected at the Federal level and those who blindly follow them. The latter being another issue all together.

          Better? 🙂

          • I agree with JAC. It’s not the government, it’s us. We elect them, we deal with the fallout.

            • Anita my dear, you get to choose from the left/right paradigm, those are your candidates. How exactly is that a reasonable choice in a truly free country?

              • There are more than 2 choices GMan. The right could support a libertarian or constitution candidate but it doesn’t happen. It’s on us to change our mindset. That goes for all seats, Fed, State , Local.

              • Anita, to those of us who are aware, you are right, to the 85+% of the nation, they get the Well funded Republican choice or the well funded other choice of a Democrat. That is what I’m trying to explain, you don’t have a choice on election day, you get to pick which corrupt person will hold office, nothing more. Just look at what the 536 elected one’s are. Do you see any Libertarians or Communist party members? No, it’s all Republicans and Democrats, all funded by the wealthy. None of them hold these seats without the money. Stop being fooled by them, they are all liars once they hit DC.

              • Bottom Line says:

                If there were a Libertarian candidate, it wouldn’t be under this system as Libertarians are against coercive government.

                Keep it local and only local, and it may actually work.



              • I’m not fooled GMan. Change happens all the time. 2010? Big shift to tea party candidates. You seem to be in a waiting mode as opposed to trying to find a different route. Where there is a will there is a way. Texas comes to mind.

              • I’m down with decentralization. Or nullification. But I think those would be harder roads to hoe.

              • Bottom Line says:

                It’s gonna be hard either way.

                The best case scenario that I can come up with essentially means everyone suddenly doing a 180. (ain’t happenin’)

                I don’t think in terms of how to fix the mess we’re in, but rather what to rebuild after it all crashes. Ya know, a New Order out of Chaos. 😉

            • I’m sure everyone knows what I think is coming, I have made no secret of that. But I still have a small amount of hope that it can be reversed. The hope candle is getting real low though 😦

  22. Convince the public there is a crisis and then come riding in with the solution. Our savior is just looking out for us again!


  23. Down her Anita, LOL! 2010? really? Nothing at all changed in DC. The only thing 2010 did was give the media something to talk about. Media ” Hey, things are changing” Reality, Status Quo, Business as usual. If you can show otherwise, please do! 🙂

    • This Thursday, the HoR, and their leader, Mr Boner, will vote on whether to fund Obamacare. Let’s see what happens and how easily it passes, then all will know what I’m talking about!

  24. @D13, You guys seem to be makin the news lately 🙂


    • Kinda funny in a way cscope will not be around long. At this same school, two Muslim students were required to wear Wester Clothing in the same manner for the same reasons…..and the Muslim community yelled racism. They learn quick.

    • No doubt that wealth is a mess, but the chart about socialism is total fantasy bullshit. I’m amazed people believe this absurd crap. This doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, it never has and never will. Why it’s even presented makes the presenter a foolish clown. Give me a break Bro! Bring some real solutions to the table 🙄

      • You know, G, it’s usually the loudest carnival barker (calling people clowns) who turns out to be the biggest clown … somebody say Bozo? 🙂

        • Charlie, if that’s all you got, I rest my case 🙂

          • In case you haven’t noticed, G (and you probably haven’t) … most of us lefty, whacko, commie, dreaded soclialists have rested our cases in here a long time ago. The fodder in here could only be funnier if Jon Stewart had the chance to play with it … it’s amusing, my brother. It’s like watching a pack of paranoid misfits at a McCarthy hearing … you made fun of the fugazy crisis from sequestration, yet fail to realize how most of you in here act exactly the same way as those you call “sheeple” … except you do it for your king (the 1%) … it’s actually quite funny. Have a good day, my brother 🙂

            • Yes, Charlie, you rested your cases (or at least you did). After presenting some known facts and lots of fantasy, you haven’t convinced one person that your case holds any merit. So why is that?

              You have a great day too! I’ll be glad when Spring gets here and this dang snow goes away. Looking out the window, life really is white, black and gray 😉

              • “haven’t convinced one person that your case holds any merit. So why is that?”

                Could be you’re all brainwashed … usually, when people refuse to see options, they’re either brainwashed (i.e., sheeple) and/or too rigid to change …

                Or it could be you stopped growing at around 18 years of age …

                Then you write white, black AND gray … and that’s what gives me hope, G, with you … that gray … because it suggests you can see more than the black and white and maybe, just maybe, you too can change 🙂

              • At least you don’t quit 🙂 Actually, I had to do a lot of reading on Socialism and Communism in my early days on SUFA. While I see a form of government, you see some form of economics. I have not found one Socialist country that mirrors what you claim can occur economically. All I have found is that everyone is equally poor. Having been overseas to Communist Iceland, I can say they have a similiar distribution of wealth as we do. They have the same classes economically as we do, as far as I could see.

                I really haven’t seen any major changes in class distinctions in any form of government that I have visited. The Saudi Monarchy has a significant rich class and a large poor class. The rich are Saudi nationals and the poor are the service workers who came in for jobs.

                Simply put, I have not found anywhere, ever, that matches what your desired “Utopia” (for lack of a better word) that has existed. It’s not brainwashed my friend, it’s study and experience. I have asked that you present such a place, you have not.

                Now, we agree on a lot about the corrupt government and the 1%, but not everything. You want to punish the 1% for their success, take what they call their’s and give it to others. That won’t solve anything except to relieve the incredible amount of “envy” you hold. While causing them pain for being those that have corrupted our system sounds great, it will only serve as very harmful in the long term to all Americans. If we remove their ability to corrupt, then we can fix the economic side of things. At least that is my theory 😉

  25. Here’s another good question. Are Federal gun laws, any of them, Constitutionally legal?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Registering your gun does NOT “infringe” on your right to own or bear arms.

      • JAC, there is no Federal law requiring registration of privately owned firearms.

      • History will show that registration has most always led to confiscation. I’m totally opposed to it and will never abide by such a stupid demand!

        • It did in NY City. They knew who had the M-1 Garands and any other Semi-auto and they came for them. In the scheme of things the NJ Firearms ID card is probably the best. It merely establishes your eligibility to own and possess. Predates that Federal Instant check so, in a way it is redundant but it does not provide the government with a registry.

  26. “All the kids make fun of me,” the boy cried to his mother. “They say I have a big head.”

    “Don’t listen to them,” his mother consoled. “You have a beautiful head. Now stop crying and go to the store for ten pounds of potatoes.”

    “Where’s the shopping bag?”

    “I haven’t got one — use your hat.”

  27. Meanwhile…..in Texas………there is a new race at the Texas Motor Speedway….the NRA 500….winner of the pole position wins a rifle or shotgun as does the winner of the race. In addition, true to Texas lore…the winner of the race will fire six guns in the air in celebration.

    • National Rifle Association sponsors NASCAR Sprint Cup race

      • NASCAR has done well in staying away from all the politically correct crap. I do watch sometimes and haven’t missed a Daytona 500 since it first aired on TV. While I’m not huge fan, I do enjoy a race every so often. Loud cars, fans that like beer, country music and old fashioned racing. That’s how I hope it stays. 🙂

  28. One of the problems with the left/right paradigm is the lies and untruths being told. I usually find that when a subject attempts to hit on one’s emotions, it is rarely true. This is from the National Memo, a left wing rag and mouthpiece for the DNC. I will also try and find an example from the right, who are equally as guilty.

    • I don’t doubt that people will be hurt by the sequester-that was the plan after all, was it not-the point is that it shouldn’t hurt anyone to cut back on a friggin increase.

  29. @Buck, We have not heard from you as of yet. I think I have shown that I have no problem attacking those on the right. Granted, I don’t agree with the left more often, but I can sure see the mess our Fed govt is in. What say you?

  30. I heard that Bloomberg outlawed coffee….Buck is in withdrawal unit. 🙂

  31. @D13, How well supplied are the State National Guard Units, when it comes to vehicles and such? Not sure if you would have this answer, but I can’t find the answer anywhere. All I have found is that some State governors are not happy that there equipment went to the ME and never came back. Any input?

    • Actually, quite a bit. Most State National Guard Units are what is called “round out” units. In other words, they facilitate regular Army or Air units that are short. Texas is a state that is stand alone and fights as one unit because of its size. Texas has 30,000 men/women in uniform in combined Army and Air units complete with support units. (Major maintenance). It is the only state that has a free standing army.

      This means that round out units and its equipment are subject to maintenance on an as needed basis after deployment. Active units have priority, then reserve and National Guard units. Since there are only four major maintenance facilities in the United States, there is simply not enough room for supporting the amount of wars and skirmishes we are fighting. Obama added three more to the ones already in existence.

      New York, Connecticut, South Carolina, and Michigan eliminated the maintenance facilities in their respective states leaving the four I mentioned. The one located here (Fort Worth) is booked until 2015 for major repairs. They repair Bradley’s, M1’s, and CEV’s. A lot of these units belong to reserve units throughout the country. No one is keeping equipment away…it is a matter of resources. Sequestration will probably extend that.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Would this not qualify as something GOOD done by the Obama?

        “Obama added three more to the ones already in existence.”

        Unless of course he was the one that closed the other four. 🙂 😦 🙂

  32. Don’t understand the reasoning behind this.

    ‘Freedom’ license plate banned in Washington D.C.
    March 5, 2013 | 9:56 am

    Charlie Spiering
    Commentary Staff Writer
    The Washington Examiner

    The word “FREEDOM” is among the list of banned vanity license plate slogans for Washington D.C., according a government file obtained by a Freedom of Information Request filed by the transparency website GovernmentAttic.org.

    Other banned phrases include anti-tax messages such as TAXKLLR and TAXRUS4 as well as any reference to the President of the United States such as “OBAMA,” “BARACK,” and “OBAMA44″ or “RONPAUL.”


  33. Just A Citizen says:

    I would like to address one of the comments yesterday regarding change in 2010. It is important because it relates to the broader subject of change.

    Gman is WRONG in claiming there was NO Change. This is a political war. Politics is part of the field of Philosophy. You are dealing with the changing of hearts and minds of the people. Then you are dealing with the People’s attention span or ability to stick with the battle for as long as it takes.

    Here is the real big barrier. It will take FOREVER. Not to cause significant change, but should we succeed to keep that change in place.

    This is a LONG TERM effort and you cannot gauge “change” by one or even two or three election cycles.

    There were some NEW people elected to Congress in 2010 who carry much if not all of the “small govt” values. They ARE having an impact. You would not be seeing the rumblings and problems within the Republican party if it were not for these people and the large number of folks who got them elected. There are going to be times they will have to make compromises. We live in a very “diverse” country. But if their “core values” are solid and they stick to those they will be OK, for a little while. But remember, they will need to be recycled to keep them from catching Potomac Fever.

    2012 was a SETBACK, but not a disaster. I say setback because the “teaparty” did not understand how they were hijacked and how badly their “brand” was tainted. So the identity crises continues. But all of that is CHANGE from what we had before.

    The hearts and minds of the people and the nature of Govt will change AFTER the hearts and mind of the “elite” change. It is the “elite” or the “intellectuals” who LEAD the masses. Just as it was the LEFTIST Intellectuals who dominated the 20th Century and the nation lurched LEFT.

    Now this is not to say that the masses cannot impact or change the direction the “elite” want to take us. They most certainly can. But usually it is not lasting or it is very devastating. Because the “masses” don’t have the desire nor the capacity to “Govern”. To some extent that is what you are seeing with the Obama Administration.

    You can make rules to weaken “political parties” but you cannot eliminate them. Nor should you in a free country. What you can do is eliminate their Govt Charters which allow them to control the game as much as they do.

    Another thing to keep in mind. What many of us see as “corruption” in Govt is what the other side sees as “good business”. The moral here is that we need to make sure we are explicit in describing what we deem as “corruption” and why. Yes, this gets back to the moral and ethical principles. That is the foundation for our argument.

    There WAS a major change made in 2010. The question is whether that change will last or if those in power will kill it in it’s infancy. Will the teaparty “movement” continue the war or have they become tired and despondent?

    Since I am on the subject of “teaparty” and the elephant party let me offer up one other thought.

    The major battle within the R party right now is NOT a fight with the Tea Party. It is far more a battle between “Conservatives” and the “moderates”. Those who identify more with Tea Party need to recognize that the “Conservatives” have basically hijacked the name and the “brand”.

    So one huge question going forward is whether the “Conservatives” will be willing to compromise on their “social issues” and move more towards the “Libertarian Wing” of the party in order to advance the larger cause of Liberty. If not you can expect the R’s to continue losing major National Elections.

    • JAC, I am NEVER wrong 😆 😉

      • Never is a long time, so let’s take a poll. Did the Elections of 2010 change (for the better) the way the Fed govt operates? If yes, please use an example. Peace 🙂

    • “the “Conservatives” will be willing to compromise on their “social issues” and move more towards the “Libertarian Wing” of the party ”

      Very doubtful-but then I could ask the Libertarian Wing the same question.

      • V. I’m positive that there are many things that can be fixed by those of us NOT in DC. You and I could compromise on many things. Buck and I could likely do the same. They, in DC are on the same team, they just say different lies. They are bought and paid for by big interests around the world, not just here at home. The level of corruption is my problem. We can’t sit back and let it just continue. I have ideas, maybe for another article, but to sit back and say that elections will work 50 or 100 years down the road is nothing more than accepting the status quo and giving in to it. The fence is built and the gate is closing.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yes you could, and you would be right to do so.

        But I doubt they would move to accept your “social issues” either. So how can those be resolved in a way that would allow your views to WIN elections?

        It well may be that the two parts are NOT compatible. Which means that the R’s will have to dump one or the other. If that happens it is hard to see the R’s winning very many National elections. Especially the Presidency.

        • I don’t know JAC-but I think we’re going through the process to determine that answer right now. Which is why we lost the last election IMO.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I am not sure the large number stayed home over “social issues”.

            I think there was a general feeling Romney wasn’t going to tackle the DEBT head on.

            Notice that nobody has ever produced a poll or any other data dealing with those 2 million plus voters to find out WHY they did not vote.

            I will agree though that the infighting was detrimental to Romney and to other key Congressional seats.

            But it didn’t have anything to do with a State like Montana that kept its R legislature while electing D’s to the Gov and open Senate seat. Both of which were in my view, lost because the R’s ran the same candidates. The GOOD OL’ Boys who had EARNED the right to be next up.

            This system is harming the R’s as much as the infighting in my opinion. It is also the source of the infighting in many cases.

            • I don’t know-seems to me it is a combination of all the above- We’re both angry about the republicans not being fiscally responsible enough. And we both want a smaller government. We’re both tired of the Good Old Boy network. Our differences center around the social issues. The party its self doesn’t seem to represent either group.

              But from everything I’m seeing they seem to be leaning towards dropping the social issues from the platform, which will cause the conservatives to rebel. Not at all sure it will bring them any kind of loyalty from the libertarians because the libertarians will still want them to be more liberty minded than they are. And I’m real doubtful that dropping the social issues under the premise of State rights , will work to get democrat votes.

              I watch the democrats and with all their differences the one thing they do is support their party-come what may-they organize and they push to change the party and push it further to the left-they may not get everything they want quickly -but they are getting it-because they support the party.

              We attack our own-vote for a third party or don’t vote at all-and get nothing.

    • Right on JAC. You make a good point that even with the emergence of the tea party we still have to keep turning them over. We don’t need term limits if we just keep our eye on the ball. And yes, change does take time. It has taken taken 50+ years to get us where we are today.It’s going to be slow getting out of this hole. No matter what sequestration does today or tomorrow, we still have 16T to deal with. It’s going to take many years, generations, to accomplish. That’s where I think GMAN is a little far out there. I think he wants change to happen yesterday and he doesn’t have the patience needed to see things work. It’s not going to be straightened out in our lifetime. But I don’t think it’s going to come to full out overthrow.

      Conservatives need to start talking about conservatism more. I don’t think it’s going to come from the politicians though. It has to come from people like Rush or Levin or people from the conservative think tanks. Skip the politicians..go straight to the people. The more the message gets out the better it will stick. Be straight up with people, that it will take time. Once the seed starts sprouting, then work on the politicians. Be like Texas and start changing things in states. Then stand up and shout it loud how well the change has worked.

      For the moment though compromise needs to happen. GMAN? What are you willing to compromise? Let’s start with gun registration. It’s not going to affect your ability to own a gun. What if they would scratch the Patriot Act (just an example) if you registered your guns?

      …and now I see that some comments have already come in while I’ve been typing..so Gman what say you?

      • Anita, I will not compromise on my natural rights for a small amount of fake security. Gun registration has always led to confiscation. So, no, the government needs to heed the words “shall no be infringed” That means to stay out of our business. For you to even suggest that allowing govt interfere in any way with your rights to self defense, is nothing more than giving in to the psychopathic control freak Leftists. Sorry, I’m not giving an inch on my natural rights. If you choose to do so, do so at your own peril. Peace 🙂

        • They are not interfering with your self defense. I’m trying to get you to see that compromise is needed. Let’s try another subject. Immigration. You don’t like the use of drones but they have certainly helped at the border.

          What areas are you willing to compromise on?

          • My dear Anita 🙂 Now we can talk. Immigration is really a non-issue for me. If people from other countries come here and live their lives without harming others, then come on in.

            Drones, concern me because I’m a privacy person. I also don’t trust the Fed’s. Now, I can think of some fun uses for the smaller drones, but I think that they should be a military asset, not a law enforcement tool. They make too many mistakes to give them anything that can fall from the sky, LOL 🙂

            Gun registration: There is no logical reason for the govt to know what law abiding citizens own. It will not fight crime. Therefore, they do not need to know!

            What else would you like to chat about? You’d be surprised how easy I am to compromise with.

            • To add on the immigration issue, one of my neighbors up the road is a Mexican immigrant. They have 6 kids and they are the most polite kids I have ever seen. He works very hard as a carpenter and they are fantastic neighbors. We share eggs with them regularly at no charge.

              Having lived overseas, I don’t see any reason to stop good people from coming here and becoming part of our big melting pot 🙂

            • I dunno G. I see you post you beefs daily, like we all do here. I just think that you have thrown in the towel. Whenever a solution is thrown out you jump at it saying it won’t work. Something has to work. Something will work. Things have worked. You’re a fighter. You have the right ideas. Now you just need patience and perseverance. We’re not going to get anywhere if the answer is always ‘they’re wrong’ or ‘it won’t work’. Knowwhatimsayin?

              • I hope to meet you one day and share a cold beer and a campfire! 🙂 We are doing something about it, everyday. They are watching and reading, We know that they are corrupt. It amazes me that this President was all over the TV last month, blatantly lying to the American people. It seems he gets a pass from the Left, but not from me. Obama has no credibility. He has proven that over and over.

                I say things that millions of others say on blogs and comment sections. It’s on purpose. I’m patient, I’m in waiting. I just hope I have prepared adequately. I don’t take to kindly to liars and thieves, that’s what they are. What ideas do you have that I may not have considered?

              • Also, the folks around here are very angry with the Fed’s. they don’t like liars, they ain’t giving up any guns, forget registration and the word war is often repeated. I’m just waiting to see who shoots first, the govt or the people. Funny how things have broken down so much that people are thinking about having to fight their own govt. That doesn’t speak well as to how they are doing their job in DC

    • displacedokie says:

      I was explaining this to somebody just the other day. The problem with the “conservatives” is that they’ve fallen into the left’s trap of “nationalizing” every issue. I get that people are against gay marriage, abortion, etc…, but what they don’t realize is they basically doom the GOP by fighting these battles on the national level, when they are state issues in the first place.
      If you ask me the best chance for the elephants to win is to promise a return to federalism (versus the increasingly ‘National’ government the left has been promoting) and invite in the liberty people.

      • Oakie, Do you think that the RNC is as corrupt as the DNC? I feel it is equal. They are both too powerful in politics. That’s one of the big problems that I can see.

        • I would agree, G. But the rise of the TEA party in the GOP ranks does give me a glimmer of hope, though as long as the likes of Rove, Crystal, and the other Statist/corporatists are in charge of the final decision making in the party nothing can change.

          Also, I would like to thank you for keeping this blog going, I don’t get to come here as much as I’d like but I do like that there are always fresh topics or open mic’s so often. Thanks.

          • Thanks for the kind words Oakie! I consider all who post and read here as part of my extended family in so many ways. This is what America, at times, really is, people expressing their opinions and hearing the opinions of others. The best part is we all don’t agree and learn from each other on a daily basis. Sometimes it gets off track, but we can all work together to fix that.

            Politically, well, I think we are all screwed. I have a ton of evidence to support my position, and I post it constantly. I just watched a 2 hour documentary from 1993, that has really affected me and I’m going to post the link tomorrow morning as part of the next Open Mic. I can not explain how much stuff I read and watch that leads me to my conclusions, and rarely does something literally scare the crap out of me, but it will hopefully be available for all in the morning.

            Peace and God Bless!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I agree. I have often pointed out to Conservatives in the Elephant party that their greatest CONTRADICTION is pushing for State’s Rights on all these issues, but then they want Federal laws banning gay marriage and abortion, and of course a Federal AG SUBSIDY.

        We need to nullify or at least modify the Supreme Court’s application of the 14th Amendment.

        Under their current interpretation there are no longer any limits to Federal Power.

        • I agree 100%. Although, I will admit that getting people to not be against something on every level, when they are personally against it, seems to require more cognitive ability than most of the zombified masses are capable of now a days, 🙂

          That said, if a dumb cop like me can personally be against drugs, abortion, and all manner of other trivial things, but still vote to stop any federal intrusion into them….there may just be hope for the other average folk, lol.

          • Trivial things-I think that may be the problem-I don’t think they are all trivial. But our Country is certainly well on it’s way to making them all trivial and Acceptable.

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    New Item, re; Sequestration.

    This does fit the topic a little in that it shows how our existing Fed Govt is included in so much and why it will be hard to reduce it.

    Two nights ago a story on the local news showed the commercial fishing fleet is possibly going to be “grounded” due to sequestration.

    Apparently EACH boat must have a Federal Officer on board when fishing in Federal Waters. This is to assure FEDERAL fishing rules are followed.

    Now lets keep in mind that these rules were established because of OVER FISHING when NO REGULATIONS existed. The classic Tragedy of the Commons situation.

    So if we want the Fed power reduced you need to come up with a SOLUTION to this issue.

    1. How do you protect the fishery from over fishing?

    2. How do you assure compliance?

    After that thought experiment move on to “food safety”. The reality is that most of our food is produced in MASS PRODUCTION facilities. We need to deal with the fact realistically. We are not going to see the country fed from home gardens.

    Happy thinking to one and all.

    • 1. How do you protect the fishery from over fishing?

      Conservation is everyone’s responsibility. Once again the States can manage this the same way they manage fishing and hunting. The proper use of biological findings that protect the fisheries from over fishing and educate the fishermen (which I’m sure they are).

      2. How do you assure compliance?

      Same as above, the use of State conservation officers, proper record keeping by the fishermen and an educated profession will ensure it’s future. Conservation is not hard, it just needs practiced. Remember JAC, you live in the land of treehuggers and eco-nuts. They place unneeded pressure on the locals and Feds. Get the Feds out of that business and let the states handle it.

      Just my humble CORRECT thoughts 😆 😉

      • Just A Citizen says:


        A STATE Fish Cop has NO authority in Federal Waters or in waters of another State.

        The fish populations were being decimated under Private and then State Control.

        • Do you what was being caught then vs. now? It seems with todays technology, this would be an easy fix. Then again, that’s the left coast, maybe things aren’t as easy as I think 😉

    • Here’s an interesting article on sequestration and well, fishing too!


  35. This video is quite interesting. It seems a person can refuse to do anything at a checkpoint. So the question I have is why do it? D13, your input would be awesome!


    • So are these checkpoints at the border or just at random spots in the US? One guy it said 20 miles in, but not sure of the others.

      • All were, as I heard it, well within the borders. I don’t think that citizens should be stopped and asked anything by anyone. A clear invasion of privacy and illegal.

  36. Anita, Down here 🙂 I think Charlie Stella has 1000000 times more credibility than Obama. I may not agree with him, but I respect the honesty!

    • I agree with that. We need to invite Charlie to the bonfire. I don’t play when it comes time for fires..mine have been known to last for days! 😉

      • I have been discussing running for a County Seat position on the platform of replacing the property tax was some other form of revenue maker. What could possibly be done to do that without taxes? Any thoughts?

        • Don’t think that will work. Reducing the tax yes, but eliminating it? That’s a state decision, not county. Unless you can cut the size of your county government, meaning less services, then you’ll just be rearranging the chairs on the deck. You’d have to cut the size of your government then maybe apply fines on things to help with extra revenue. Ex. Drunk driving. Mich has a driver responsibility fee you must pay to get your license back. Make a fine for your county as well. County fines for dumping or littering? You could fine or fee them to death, which causes it’s own problems. It will take convincing the residents of the benefits of volunteering, which could lower the prop taxes. Maybe create a log of hours volunteered then pro rate their state/prop tax accordingly. Good luck with fighting the unions on that though. That’s about as far as I can go with civics.

          • Great thoughts. Our property taxes are not a State issue, just county, so something can change. Unions are not an issue here either. I live in the only county that doesn’t have red light in it. That might say a lot. I have to research, but a sales tax might be an idea, as we have a good vacation and hunting crowd during the seasons. I will be working on it.

            • Another thought..will take time though. A guy on our council had a vision 10 or more years ago. He wanted a new dog pound/animal control building. He gathered his small posee and they worked for years raising money..a yearly bingo at the city festival..bowling tournaments..donations from businesses..he just kept hammering away..showing his books all the way..then got the city to donate the property and had locals build the darn thing. We’re happening now with a state of the art dog pound..fully paid for..it just took time. It’s not the same as an ongoing property tax..just mentioning that things can happen.

  37. The DHS caught spying again, go figure. http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2013/03/missouri-lt-gov-kinder-dhs-plans-backdoor-gun-registration-through-drivers-license-renewal-video-2498992.html

    Missouri Lt. Gov gives a good radio interview on the matter. Why don’t the Fed’s just tell us they want to stuff a small computer up our ass’s s they know what we do all the time?

  38. We talk about how we can come together to figure out this mess that we are in. But can we? I’m not sure I want to co-exist (to steal their language), with people that are this batshit crazy!

    You’ve all probably heard about the boy that ate his pop-tart into the shape of a gun and was then suspended for it. I mean, yikes! right there. (or is it…..sigh!).

    But then, students upset by this incident are offered counseling. What have we become? If this was my kids’ school, I would immediately pull them out, as I would not want them around anyone that was so DAMN STUPID! Ughhhh!


  39. Just heard Chavez died-May the Lord have mercy on his soul!

    Wonder what effect this will have?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      If he does I will never speak to him again! 🙂

      Should we send Charlie our condolences? Another hero bites the dust.

      • Considering the economic mess that country is in, you’d think Charlie would see the light. I do doubt the country will be in any better shape, once the scurge of socialism is in place, it takes a lot to get rid of it. You know, like cock roaches 🙄

    • Just saved us the trouble…..is all.

  40. Is it just me or has the new SofS gone blond and had some recent injections? His face doesn’t move! What’s up with that?


  41. US is training Syrian rebels….with boots on the ground and weapons. Another mess.

    • The weapons that we transferred from Libya, ala Benghazi? See, we were just getting weapons there in advance of the boots. That is all.

      And btw, what difference does it make?

    • I thought all the democrat doves were against nation building? Lol.
      I have noticed how the great and powerful Ozbama has no problem giving $60 million and training to the Syrian rebels and another $260 million(although I’ve heard $1 billion) to the Egyptian army, while cutting the pay of the federal employees and military of his own country…well he DID profess to be a citizen of the world, I guess he meant it…

    • Krugman is an idiot! I can’t really say anything less! Watch for my link in the morning. It will leave your mouth agape for 2 hours. It may make some break down into tears.

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