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I’m working on an article to post tomorrow or Thursday. I bet that should get some folks saying “Oh Crap” 🙂 In the meantime I’m bringing forward some of the most recent posts for discussion.



  1. gmanfortruth says:

    V.H. says:
    March 11, 2013 at 10:00 pm • Edit

    Obama Resists Simple Fixes for Sequestration Cuts

    Byron York

    Mar 11, 2013

    Obama Resists Simple Fixes for Sequestration Cuts
    The little secret of sequestration is that the Obama administration could fix much of the problem pretty quickly. But it doesn’t want to.

    Congress tells executive branch agencies how much money they can spend and how they should spend it. Sometimes the instructions are broad, and sometimes they are quite detailed. Cabinet secretaries and lower-downs are bound to work within those congressional directives.

    But if Cabinet officers want to spend the money differently, there is a long-established process for doing so: They ask Congress for permission. It happens all the time, with lawmakers routinely giving the executive branch the OK to spend money in different ways than originally planned.

    That could be happening now. All those Obama administration officials complaining about across-the-board cuts dictated by sequestration could come up with plans to make the same amount of cuts in ways that would create fewer problems for federal workers and services. Then they could ask Congress for permission to do so. Lawmakers would say yes, and things would be fine.

    But it’s not happening. And the fault is not with Congress.

    In recent weeks, House Republicans have been virtually begging administration officials to ask for permission to move money around. If one program could be more easily cut than others, those Republicans say, just ask us, and we’ll let you do it.

    “We sent out on Feb. 28 a letter to every Cabinet officer asking them what changes they’d like to have — pluses, subtractions and so on — to give them an opportunity to show us at least one program they would like to have cut, which would then save on sequestration,” Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said in an interview recently. “We did not receive a single answer.”

    Issa explained that Congress can allow Cabinet officials to “reprogram” money to ease the burden of sequestration. For example, the sequester requires the Department of Transportation to cut $2 billion from its budget.

    “If they were to come up with, for example, $500 million in cuts, their remaining sequestration would drop by 25 percent,” Issa said. “If they were able to come up with $2 billion worth of things they wanted to drop altogether or reduce, then they would have no sequestration.”

    In other words, Obama Cabinet officials, if they chose, could have an enormous amount of flexibility in making the required budget cuts. They just don’t want to. “We’ve had zero answers,” repeated Issa.

    At a recent committee hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan asked officials from the Transportation and Education departments a simple question. Since they’ve known about sequestration for a long time and also know they have the ability to ask Congress to reprogram money, why haven’t they responded to Issa’s letter offering help?

    The officials had no answers. “Those wheels are turning,” said the man from the Education Department, indicating that, whatever crisis sequestration presents, the bureaucracy will take its time to respond.

    It turned out that the officials had done little or no preparing for sequestration and instead focused on drastic measures — things like closing down one of the two air traffic control towers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport — to deal with it.

    “I would think that most public servants would want to do what’s in the best interest of the taxpayers and the public, and not try to do things for political gain,” Jordan said in an interview later. “But let’s be honest. Some of the statements we’ve heard from the administration run counter to what we hope public officials would do.”

    In the meantime, the administration continues to advertise new job openings for decidedly nonessential positions. (For example, why is the Federal Aviation Administration looking for a couple of “community planners”?) “What’s going on is total tone-deafness from the administration,” says one frustrated Senate GOP aide. “They are posting for new, low-priority jobs while announcing furloughs. If they have money to make new hires, why not use those funds to prevent furloughs? It’s absurd.”

    Sequestration is still in its early stages. There is still time for the Obama administration to have a change of heart and try to enact cuts in the least dramatic, least obtrusive way. Certainly, Rep. Issa remains ready to go. Congress can move very quickly on something like this, he said, making an open offer to the administration: “If you find programs that you can cut altogether or programs that you can combine, the authority for it would be only hours away.”

    I’m assuming this is true??

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I have read several articles similar to this. The Dems want to spend, not cut spending, so of course they will make it noticeable so that people will not want more cuts. It’s quite a stupid idea, since most people are used to dealing with some periodic spending cuts in their lives.

  2. gmanfortruth says:

    V.H. says:
    March 12, 2013 at 2:16 am • Edit

    Wisconsin Education Officials Want Students to Wear ‘White Privilege’ Wristbands

    Kyle Olson

    Mar 12, 2013

    Wisconsin Education Officials Want Students to Wear ‘White Privilege’ Wristbands

    The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction runs several programs that heavily emphasize racial issues in public schools, has been finding.

    Some feel that one of those programs – an Americorps operation called VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) – may go a bit overboard by encouraging white students to wear a white wristband “as a reminder about your (white) privilege.”

    Geared towards high school students, the program “seeks to build capacity in schools and districts serving low-income families to develop an effective, sustainable, research-based program of family-school-community partnerships,” according to its Facebook page.

    That sounds reasonable enough.

    But the program’s approach becomes a bit suspect when one reads the Gloria Steinem quote on the top of its webpage: “The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.”

    The webpage also offers a series of suggestions for high schools students to become more racially sensitive. They include:

    · Wear a white wristband as a reminder about your privilege, and as a personal commitment to explain why you wear the wristband.

    · Set aside sections of the day to critically examine how privilege is working.

    · Put a note on your mirror or computer screen as a reminder to think about privilege.

    The Wisconsin DPI also sponsors several similar programs, including CREATE Wisconsin, an on-going “cultural sensitivity” teacher training program which focuses largely on “whiteness” and “white privilege.”

    EAGnews will be exposing more about that program in a film documentary titled, “RE-CREATING AMERICA: Cultural Sensitivity in Wisconsin Schools,” along with a two-day written series on the same topic, beginning Wednesday.

    Will DPI’s obsession with race and “white privilege” actually translate into better educational outcomes for all students? Not likely.

    But it will continue to divide the state by race and income status, and allow bureaucrats to make a case for more government funding so they can create a different type of America.

    Wisconsin taxpayers really ought to be paying more attention to how their education dollars are spent.

    Good Grief-it’s like telling them they must wear a badge of shame for being white-Scarlet Letter anyone.

    Anita says:
    March 12, 2013 at 6:49 am • Edit

    Exactly. I wish ‘they’ would just leave stuff alone Weather there was a problem or not before hand, once ‘they’ step in…there’s definitely a problem. They run around with solutions to problems that don’t exist, so they need to create the problem. It’s bullshit.

    That’s it V. I’m getting off here. You pissed me off already and it’s not even 7am yet. 😉

    • gmanfortruth says:

      This may cause some serious backlash. Not surprisingly, those who promote this racism don’t see the dangers. Will those in Wisconsin begin seeing “White Power” wristbands? Maybe T-shirts too! Actions always have consequences, these types of actions could cause violence.

      This is pure racism, IMHO 👿

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Sounds like something Charlie Stella would support fully.

      • Not sure about the wristbands, JAC … but definitely sure about this for most of yous in here: “The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.”

        Yous all need to be de-programmed …:)

        • Deprogrammed from what Charlie? Why should I or anyone be ashamed to be white? It’s racism pure and simple it’s just being directed at another race and this is ok with you?

          • Kristian, I must have missed the part where I stated you should be ashamed to be white. Please, fill me in. You know us liberals … we just don’t see the same things as some of you enlightened rednecks. So, please, point out where I said you should be ashamed to be white … can’t find it, huh? Maybe it’s in Iceland with all those communists. 🙂

      • JAC…..I will have an article ready in a couple of days pertaining to “perceived racism”. The left won’t get off it. And I agree with Charlie…..we need to be deprogrammed away from all of this “poor me” diatribe. we need to be deprogrammed that being first is NOT bad. It is ok to have winners and losers and successful and unsuccessful. It is ok to be independent and it is not a “white privilege” (that is so full of bs)….it is ok to have rich and poor. it is ok to fly a plane or have a Cadillac or a Humvee……we need to be deprogrammed that the government needs to be mommy and daddy……….

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Good points and I agree. All this poor me crap has to go. People need to get off their ass and figure out what the problems are, then work to fix them. Govt is the problem, not the answer.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Good morning Sir, hope all is well in the Republic.

          That sound you here is my Standing Ovation…………….Well said.

          Now lets see how long it takes for you to be accused of belonging to the Rand Cult.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Yes, that is some of it. Have you noticed lately the number of stories or articles in other media that repeat things shared on SUFA months or even years ago?

      Nice to see the rest of the world finally waking up. 😉

      By the way, I don’t think this is JUST Mr. Obama. I think Harry Reid likes this method of operations as does Pelosi. Just remember that EMERGENCY is the marching band for the Progressive tactical play book. It has been since the late 1800’s.

      • Don’t you wonder about the goods they must have on Reid? Talk about a washed up, decrepit human being, trying to play the role of a leader. You can almost see the marionette strings attached from his mouth straight to Val Jarett’s office.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          You may have the puppeteer identified incorrectly.

          Reid is a powerful, spiteful and dangerous man. He may not appear to have a cogent thought anymore but he is still powerful, spiteful and dangerous. Pelosi is right there with him.

          Want proof. Do you see any Democrats getting out of line??? Do you see disaffection like the Republicans are suffering???

          • I’m guessing there is a good deal of blackmailing and threats all the way around. Or the left is truly that bereft of even the basic of basic moral standards. Either wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. Gman or USW….. I will have an article ready on “perceived racism” in about two days….will post it in the pending section.

  4. gmanfortruth says:
  5. As you probably heard, the press was not allowed in to the recent Gridiron gathering, but word got out that Jindahl dealt some zingers. While they call these his jokes, they actually are truths.

    • I guess, I’ve lost my sense of humor, because I hear the Smart Ass but the humor, not much!

      Obama Jokes About Transparency, Press Is Shut Out of Gridiron Dinner

      by William Bigelow 10 Mar 2013 102 post a comment
      It doesn’t get more ironic than this: Barack Obama, who boasted of how his administration was the “most transparent in history,” cracked jokes at the Gridiron Club annual dinner Saturday night about his transparency while the event was closed to outside press. Obama said:

      Now, since I don’t often speak to a room full of journalists — (laughter) — I thought I should address a few concerns tonight. Some of you have said that I’m ignoring the Washington press corps — that we’re too controlling. You know what, you were right. I was wrong and I want to apologize in a video you can watch exclusively at (Laughter.) While we’re on this subject, I want to acknowledge Ed Henry, who is here — who is the fearless leader of the Washington press corps now. (Applause.) And at Ed’s request, tonight I will take one question from the press. Jay, do we have a question? (Laughter.) Surprisingly, it’s a question from Ed Henry. (Laughter.) “Mr. President, will you be taking any questions tonight?” (Laughter.) I’m happy to answer that. No, Ed, I will not. (Laughter.)

      The Gridiron Club is a group of 65 journalists, and the juxtaposition of those journalists holding others at bay has some in the press unhappy. Ever eager to grab some crumbs from the White House table, though, the press assumed their usual position as lapdogs. Howard Mortman, the communications director at C-SPAN, said, “We are obviously disappointed particularly considering the President is attending this year. We continue to believe the dinner should be open to media coverage.” But then he continued, “Because the Club is permitting a pool reporter, we will make lemonade from lemons and discuss the dinner on air using the pool report, b-roll, and aggregated tweets.”

      POLITICO called Obama a “puppet master” in February and complained:

      With more technology, and fewer resources at many media companies, the balance of power between the White House and press has tipped unmistakably toward the government. This is an arguably dangerous development, and one that the Obama White House — fluent in digital media and no fan of the mainstream press — has exploited cleverly and ruthlessly.

      Yet the same outlet took pains to suddenly defend Obama’s Gridiron Club shut-out of the press, and spoke for the entire press corps by saying, “The rest of the press corps — grateful for a concession, if not wholly satisfied — will make due.”

      Obama’s history of treating the press with contempt hearkens back to the initial years of his presidency. In 2009, POLITICO reported:

      Veteran CBS newsman Bill Plante was one of the most vocal critics, questioning the White House’s handling of Wednesday night’s second swearing in – which was covered by just a four-reporter print pool that didn’t include a news photographer or TV correspondent. He also asked new press secretary Robert Gibbs why ABC, which paid millions to host the DC Neighborhood Ball, was granted the only inauguration day interview with President Obama – a move he equated to “pay to play.”

      POLITICO continued:

      “It is ironic, the same day that the president is talking about transparency, we `were not let in,” CNN’s Ed Henry said on the air Wednesday night after news of the second swearing-in broke.

      And this:

      Before Gibbs took the podium, reporters were given a background briefing under an agreement to only attribute information to “senior administration officials”—a policy some news organizations object to as a matter of policy.

      And then, in 2010, POLITICO issued a blistering story that reported how non-transparent the Obama Administration was:

      Day-to-day interaction with Obama is almost nonexistent, and he talks to the press corps far less often than Bill Clinton or even George W. Bush did …The ferocity of pushback is intense. A routine press query can draw a string of vitriolic e-mails. A negative story can draw a profane high-decibel phone call or worse. Some reporters feel like they’ve been frozen out after crossing the White House … Except toward a few reporters, press secretary Robert Gibbs can be distant and difficult to reach … one paper — The New York Times — enjoys a favoritism from Obama and his staff that makes competitors fume with gift-wrapped scoops and loads of presidential face time …

      And this:

      The correspondents association recently met with Gibbs to discuss, in the words of Bloomberg’s Ed Chen, “a level of anger, which is wide and deep, among members over White House practices and attitude toward the press.” A few days later, Gibbs said at one of his briefings, “This is the most transparent administration in the history of our country.” Peals of laughter broke out in the briefing room.

      The derisive laughter over Obama’s supposed transparency has turned into obsequious laughter now. Obama treats the press like trained seals, and they’re all too willing to bark on cue.

  6. gmanfortruth says:

    A good example of failed socialist policies and why the only way socialism will work is through violent force and the end of a barrel. No Thanks Charlie 😦 You take take your socialism somewhere else brother, we ain’t buying it here 😆

    • “A good example of failed socialist policies and why the only way socialism will work is through violent force and the end of a barrel.”

      And Lord knows, G, capitalism has never been the cause of violence anywhere near socialism. Native Americans — wiped out … Slavery … exploitation of the third world … and those middle east wars we’re still not done with … that was to spread democracy, right? Nothing to do with oil …

      SUFA, you become a bigger and better comedy act with each new rant … 🙂

  7. gmanfortruth says:

    I am still disturbed by this subject. Re: Wadcutters

    • gmanfortruth says:

      It seems that the DHS is now buying Predator drones, built to military standards. More info to come! WTF!

      • gmanfortruth says:

        n a report from CNET, the organization has learned that the Department of Homeland Security is in the process of building a whole new fleet of Predator B Drones that will be deployed throughout the United States. These new Drones, which are being built by San Diego-based General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, will be able to identify American that are armed, spy on cell phone conversations, and possibly even launch deadly attacks anywhere in America.

        CNET, who uncovered an unredacted copy of the Department of Homeland Security’s drone requirements, is reporting that these new Domestic Spy Drones are being built with signal interception technology and the capability to identify people on the ground. They also found out that these Predator B Drones are being built to accept “targeting and weapons delivery” systems.

        Don’t worry folks, this is just a conspiracy theory. Pay no attention, nothing to see here!

  8. gmanfortruth says:

    Centralized economic planning doesn’t work. Well, it works to centralize power over the economy in the hands of a dictator, but it doesn’t work to make the economy thrive. The government can’t ever be a catalyst for economic growth, because all it does is interfere in the economy by taxing and regulating businesses out of existence and granting monopolies to the big corporations which write laws benefiting themselves. Of course, that’s what liberals like Matthews call “leveling the playing field.”

    I have no trouble at all giving Obama credit for this economy. But we don’t have an amazing economy unless you live in the White House or work for MSNBC. As for Americans, many are struggling to make ends meet, many are underemployed and many more have given up looking for work. Those things are natural consequences under socialism. When’s Chris Matthews going to give Obama credit for those things?

    Read more:

    More about the failure of Socialism. I think this is becoming a trend 🙂

  9. gmanfortruth says:

    Another subject that peaks my curiosity concerns the 4th Amendment as it interacts with the Castle Laws of the various States. If a cop, as in the link I will provide, enters your home without a warrant or invite, do the Castle Laws apply if the homeowner shoots the cop (or any other govt puke)?

    In my opinion, a badge is no longer the power to do so. What say you?

  10. gmanfortruth says:

    The awakening is working 🙂

    A new poll released by the Pew Research Center has found that a majority of Americans now see the government as a threat to their rights for the first time ever.

    A total of 53% of Americans view the government as a threat to their “personal rights and freedoms,” with 43% not believing it poses a threat and 4 don’t knows.

    The poll also found, “Only 26% saying they can trust government always or most of the time, while 73% say they can trust the government only some of the time or never. Majorities across all partisan and demographic groups express little or no trust in government.”

    • Bottom Line says:

      …is encouraging statistics.

      How many are ready for something else?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Bring it on my friend 🙂 I like new stuff (if it’s new to me, you’d be surprised)

        • Bottom Line says:

          What I mean is that it is encouraging that so many people realize government isn’t their friend.

          So, how many of them are ready for a new and improved way of life? And how many of those are prepared to make it happen, to fight for it?

          And that doesn’t necessarily mean violence, but rather whatever actions will make it go away and replace it with something better. …Ya know, like a big unanimous tax protest, or election boycott, etc… new programs and methods to bypass the forced ‘option’…

          What would happen if 150+ million Americans just simply ignored government, found other means, and agreed to fight it’s insistence?

          Revo – what?

          • gmanfortruth says:

            IMHO, we will be forced into this type of action. Forget about 150 million, we’ll be lucky to have a 1.5 million in the beginning. That’s OK! 1.5 million pissed off well armed Americans can overcome anything! Including a lame Govt that we can destroy the will of their fighters faster than they can say “Oh Shit” ! Send this message to them, everyday! Fear is not an option! It is a tool however 🙂

  11. I’m not sure if this was posted. Question – what about HIPPA (or whatever they are) laws? How did this happen? Does the hospital report to government officials that this woman was treated?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      There are many issues within the story that fail the govt sniff test. First, how can a nurse put someone in a mental ward? Beyond that, I think it answers some questions for some.

      1. Why registration will ultimately end with confiscation.

      2. The ultimate corruption of Psych doctors. When the govt pays them for a no gun determination, the game will take a new path, because we are expecting this to occur.

      3. HIPPA will be subverted when it comes to many things. They are tracking what you buy at the grocery store and selling it to insurance companies. Why? To determine your cost of coverage based partially on what you eat. Remember that the next time you use your Giant Eagle card. All those nice savings you are getting is what the companies are paying them back for your info.

      • I refuse to get one of those store cards. What I buy is none of their business and not necessary for them to track. They have their inventory control programs that do that. As for HIPPA, it is strange that in order for one doctor to review your records from another doctor, you have to sign a paper. But here in CA, pharmacies send your drug use information to a state database which a doctor can check to see if you are doctor shopping for controlled narcotics. They now want to expand the search capability to police. HIPPA is meaningless. With the advent of the new healthcare national database, your medical records are no longer private. Just think, the next Obama can not only publish his opposition’s sealed divorce court records but will also be able to publish their medical records.

  12. Anyone on SUFA watching The Americans? Started a few weeks back on FX (not sure what channel that is…..). Saw some previews before it started and so we’ve been DVRing it on Wednesday nights. From the Reagan years, it’s about KGB, nuclear plans, etc. Not sure how historically correct it is, but entertaining. We don’t do much TV here, beyond sports and FAUX NEWS, of course(!!!), but this show has been good. I believe they periodically replay all the episodes, so you can catch up.

  13. Any SCians here? Lindsay Graham might be getting himself a primary opponent! YEAH! Bruce Carroll, who authors the GayPatriot Blog, has decided to look into his options for running. Here is a brief interview with him. Sounds like someone who has his act together. Can you imagine the head explosions from the left? SC – the state with a minority, female governor; with a black conservative Senator and now a gay, conservative Senator! WHAT?! Let us see their so-called tolerance out in force!

  14. gmanfortruth says:

    Another toy gun incident. This is getting to the point that maybe the kids should be teaching the adults in the schools.

  15. gmanfortruth says:

    Here is an interesting story. I have been saying for a long time that the US funds terrorists. Is anyone denying that?

  16. gmanfortruth says:

    Just for fun 🙂 When I was a kid, I always liked Sci-Fi movies and one of my favorites was Journey to the Center of Earth. The boring machine they used to go through the earth always intrigued me. After all, what young boy didn’t love tunnels? We used to build them in snow drifts 🙂 Check out the pictures of real boring machines!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I would still like to have about 4000 sq ft about 100 feet underground! That would be cool and easy to keep warm!

  17. gmanfortruth says:

    Holder should be hanged from a lamp post. He is a liar and a fraud. The corruption in DC is so clear only a useful idiot can not see it!

  18. gmanfortruth says:

    Many of you know of Daniel Manning, the young Army kid who released all the embarrassing cables to Wikileaks. He has not had a very good time in jail from what I have read, I dare say, cruel and unusual punishment may be warranted.

    While I don’t agree with violating the oath, I have wondered if that is the case in this matter. I follow this, out of curiosity, and most importantly, because he has already been convicted in the minds of many. I do not agree with that mindset. An American has the right to face his accusers and defend himself. That is the American way of life, denying that, well, I would find shameful.

    With that said, Private Manning was in court recently, here is what is claimed to be the voice recordings and transcript of that hearing.

  19. Charlie, my good friend and class warfare guy extraordinaire, I have an interesting obituary here for you.

    I don’t think that there is any doubt that this was a 1%er, but, nonetheless, he certainly did not start out that way. Is this one of those divine-right oligarchs who run the country? Always easier to paint with the broad brush than to pick out the details.

    • Stephen, my better friend and defender of the divine right of kings (1%, too) … cherry picking success stories isn’t going to do it. Think about all the billionaires out there today (and how many of them did it from scratch) … and how many of their kids will have to do the same … always off the backs of others. Always. They may be geniuses or multi-talented or super athletes, but the bottom line is NONE of them do it alone. That is a fantasy (or the fantasy) many here need to erase from their brainwashing. The fact of the matter is, it takes a village. 🙂

      • Lots did it from scratch, listed a few on a previous post.

        Yes, you can have the idea for the better mousetrap but someone usually has to produce it for you. So, you are correct, sort of. The key is to share ht you have built with others.

        • I agree in the sharing … even at a profit for the inventor/producer … but not at the absurd profit margin that leaves one person with the lion’s share (which then goes down the line) while other do the actual physical producing. Something more equitable seems appropriate … the hedge fund clown making $1.4 million an hour a FEW YEARS AGO (god knows what he “earns” now for all he’s “producing”) … that’s just absurd and can lead to nothing but disaster … which it is, slowly and surely.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            I do often wonder how we got to the point of paying the insane CEO packages they got. That started a longtime ago too. I guess the only way to change it is to invest in a company and become a board member. Isn’t that nicer than a Communist govt guy with an assault rifle making that decision? 🙂

  20. gmanfortruth says:

    However, I would like to provide a word of advice to Democrat legislators in Colorado. Remember when the British made similar attempts to doing what you people are trying? If you don’t, read this and then understand that you are enemies of the United States Constitution and the people of Colorado, though you have been duly elected. Understand you will be the first people to face your constituents should you want to continue your traitorous actions in the Colorado State House. You will only micro manage free men’s lives so much before you push too far. My suggestion is to exercise wisdom in this matter, but with your actions it’s quite telling that you have none.

    Read more:

    I would agree that the Dem’s are about to be tasting their feet real soon.

  21. gmanfortruth says:

    Here is a list of just some of the crimes NY finds less offensive than owning a standard capacity AR or Glock magazine (a class D felony).

    If you believe that owning a magazine for a common gun is worse than anything below, please kill yourself at once.

    120.70 – Luring a child | E Felony
    121.11 – Criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation | A Misdemeanor
    125.10 – Criminally negligent homicide | E Felony
    130.20 – Sexual misconduct | A Misdemeanor
    130.25 – Rape 3rd degree | E Felony
    130.40 – Criminal sexual act 3rd degree | E Felony
    130.52 – Forcible touching | A Misdemeanor
    130.53 – Persistent sexual abuse | E Felony (repeat child molester, must be caught and convicted in two separate cases before the charges even reach this level)
    130.65A – Aggravated sexual abuse 4th degree | E Felony
    130.85 – Female genital mutilation | E Felony
    135.05 – Unlawful imprisonment 2nd degree | A Misdemeanor
    135.10 – Unlawful imprisonment 1st degree | E Felony
    135.45 – Custodial interference 2nd degree | A Misdemeanor
    135.50 – Custodial interference 1st degree | E Felony
    135.55 – Substitution of children | E Felony (switched at birth type of thing)
    135.60 – Coercion 2nd degree | A Misdemeanor
    150.01 – 5th degree Arson | A Misdemeanor
    150.05 – 4th degree Arson | E Felony
    178.10 – 4th degree Criminal diversion of prescription medications and prescriptions | A Misdemeanor
    178.15 – 3rd degree Criminal diversion of prescription medications and prescriptions | E Felony
    220.28 – Use of a child to commit a controlled substance offense | E Felony
    240.05 – Riot 2nd degree | A Misdemeanor
    240.06 – Riot 1st degree | E Felony
    240.08 – Inciting to riot | A Misdemeanor
    240.10 – Unlawful assembly | B Misdemeanor
    240.15 – Criminal anarchy | E Felony
    240.20 – Disorderly conduct | Violation
    240.61 – Placing a false bomb or hazardous substance 2nd degree | E Felony
    250.45 – Unlawful surveillance 2nd degree | E felony (Hidden cams for sexual gratification)
    255.25 – Incest 3rd degree | E Felony
    263.11 – Possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child | E Felony
    263.16 – Possessing a sexual performance by a child | E Felony

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    A good read on the concept of “Natural Law” as it relates to women working vs. staying at home. But think a while on the idea of Natural Law itself.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      JAC, Good read! It reminded me when I was NCOIC in the USAF and had two new Moms under me. One was a Sgt and one an A1C. Both were hard workers and great instructors. They both had their respective newborns months apart, which had an impact on the workload for all of us in a small shop of 10. I am proud to say that not one man ever complained about it, not a peep.

      When both returned to work at their respective times, they were ready to go, but both still had many appointments involving the newborn and their own health. Still, not a peep from one guy throughout this entire time. Late in the first year, during a staff meeting, the female Sgt asked to say something off subject. I opened the floor, only to hear her apologize for all the time she missed from work the last year, due to her newborn’s birth and related medical appointments.

      I knew that she meant it from the heart because that was the kind of person she was. I also saw the looks in the guys eyes, she didn’t need to say that. After she finished and sat down, I just asked the guys if anyone felt she really needed to say that for being a good mother. No one spoke up. I thanked her for speaking so freely and told her that we don’t think it’s a crime to be a mother and no one will ever feel that way that works with us! We had a great Bar-B-Que the next Friday afternoon, and for the first time, the fathers came to join in celebration. What a great time and a great moment in my life.

      Good memories are fun to relive! thanks JAC! 🙂

    • Good article. Have never thought about the stay-at-home vs. career mom in this light.

  23. gmanfortruth says:

    A short note. I have been watching the HAARP and where it’s focused for quite some time to see if there is anything to the CT. Heavy readings in the SW US the last few days. Let’s see what happens!

  24. gmanfortruth says:

    Interesting article from Colorado. Is this how Democrats work to get their way?

    Let’s change the rules so we don’t have to listen to the very people that pay our salaries! The Leftist mentality, go figure!

  25. gmanfortruth says:

    Ouch! This is a long read but very educational. Todd mirrors this in many ways 😆

    • I love this:

      Buckley: “I had to flog myself to read it … “

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Buckley: “I had to flog myself to read it … “ Like watching his video’s? 😉

        • Love them … especially the debate he had with James Baldwin. You can watch it on youtube … the topic: Has the American Dream been achieved at the expense of the black man? Guess who won?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Clever, but so typical of those who don’t understand Rand’s theories.

      She would have castigated Ryan for continuing the Entitlement programs, military spending, and for continuing to expand the Govt burden.

      The Ryans of the world are a strange lot, however. Extolling the virtue of Free Market Capitalism while endorsing polices that are contrary to the concept, all in the name of “compassion”.

      By the way, I forgot to ask last weekend how your skiing has been this winter. Seems I recall you folks getting some pretty good snow this year.

      Best to you and yours

      • Is it really all that strange, SS etc. are such a part of our Country-we can’t just get rid of them. Not being able to remove all those knives at once has been a major point throughout all our talks.

      • JAC,
        The winter started slow with not much snow, and we’ve had rain 3 times, but the snow has been pretty good in February and March. We got 10″ Monday – just got home from grooming for the third night this week.

        How’s your PC doing? Did you try MS Security Essentials?

  26. gmanfortruth says:

    Nice letter to another politician (Mayor) who thinks that banning assault weapons is wise. For the record, I do not.

    Lincoln, NE –( OMAHA, NE –( Today, the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA), responded to Mayor Jim Suttle’s recent campaign ad threatening an “assault weapons” ban in Omaha.

    Why is Mayor Suttle focused on an “assault weapons” ban?

    In the past, Mayor Suttle has said, “In Nebraska we strongly support the Second Amendment right to bear arms, but the overwhelming majority of law-abiding gun owners know that with rights come responsibilities.”

    Yes, Mayor Suttle, we, the law-abiding gun owners of Nebraska, understand that we have responsibilities. What comes as a surprise to us is that you’re focused on further infringing upon the rights of law-abiding citizens rather than on catching criminals.

    Mayor Suttle has also said, “Legislation that keeps illegal guns off our streets and out of dangerous hands is the responsible thing to do.”

    We, the law-abiding gun owners of Nebraska, couldn’t agree more. The great news is … those laws already exist. Unfortunately, you, as mayor, have done a rather poor job of enforcing those laws.

    We, the law-abiding gun owners of Nebraska, would like Mayor Suttle to know that these so-called “assault weapons” (a purposely confusing and inflammatory term invented by politicians and gun-control advocates) are used in fewer than 2.5% of murders nationally (2011 FBI statistics).

    Why not focus on something that would have a bigger impact on reducing violent crime in our city? Why try to ban rifles when hammers and clubs were used in more murders in 2011? (Approximately 4% of murders in 2011 were committed with hammers, clubs and other blunt objects.)

    Even better, Mayor Suttle … perhaps you could expend as much effort (or more) on an innovative plan to eradicate drugs and gangs from our city. Hint: More officers on the street is not an innovative plan.

    Mayor Suttle, we realize that not only do rights come with responsibilities, but so do positions of authority. Unfortunately, you’re using your position of authority to push a nonsensical, anti-Second Amendment agenda rather than focusing on real-world plans to reduce crime and improve our community.

    Law-abiding gun owners are happy to accept the responsibility of handing you your pink slip in May.

    NFOA Mission
    Nebraska Firearms Owners Association is organized for the purpose of voicing the opinion of its membership to the Nebraska Legislature and other law making bodies within the state as well as Federal level, as it pertains to firearms. NFOA members will also make it a priority to educate residents on firearms related issues.

    On the web: or email: for more information.

    Andreas (Andy) Allen
    Media Contact and Chief Lobbyist NFOA
    P.O. BOX 419
    Syracuse, Nebraska 68446

  27. Wow…you gotta love the audacity of the government……can’t open the White House but you can give…..are you ready for this……$1.5 million to a research firm to…….” determine the “biological and social factors” as to why LESBIANS are obese. The NIH has allotted $1.5 million to Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital for its research.”

    It boggles the mind………they could have asked D13 who says……back away from the table…… charge.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      They can send me the money! 🙂 The answer is simple, Lesbians EAT too much :lol

    • Hmmmm-read several articles about this-trying to figure out what the results of the study will be-They are depressed because of how unfair society is to these woman. But some articles say the study is to find out why lesbians are supposedly fatter than gay men. So which is it gonna be discrimination against woman alone or discrimination against gays. Ah, who knows, I suspect they will figure out a way to blame both.

  28. gmanfortruth says:

    What name will new Pope take? Pius XIII ?

  29. gmanfortruth says:

    The continued stupidity of the Public School System. This may be related to union membership but the Feds won’t pony up the 6.5 billion to study it 😆

    • Just A Citizen says:


      STUPID on steroids in fact. Apparently the ASS-HAT doesn’t know WHO invented peanut butter.

      One more year and I’m out a here. I have never seen such a large population of STUPID people in my life. It is to bad because there are some really nice people in this area. Most just go along with their lives, shaking their heads.

      Of course, none of them want to give up THEIR free cookies.

  30. gmanfortruth says:

    A question to ponder. Are Liberals mentally ill?

    Gives a list of things that apply, thankfully, I’m free of them 🙂

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    Gman, thanks to your post I did a quick look see on Wiki regarding “sliced bread”. My oh my, the gems you can find hidden around from time to time. NOTICE the BAN imposed by the PROGRESSIVES.

    And of course, maybe the STUPID Portland teacher should do some research before spouting off. Without the sliced bread and the peanut butter there are no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And of course we see that sliced bread is used around the world.

    “Sliced bread is a loaf of bread which has been pre-sliced with a machine and packaged for convenience. It was first sold in 1928, advertised as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped”.[1] This led to the popular phrase, “the greatest thing since sliced bread”.

    Chillicothe Baking Company’s building in Chillicothe, Missouri where bread was first machine sliced for sale
    This photograph depicts a “new electrical bread slicing machine” in use by an unnamed bakery in St. Louis in 1930 and may well show Rohwedder’s machine in use by the Papendick Bakery Company
    The multiple cutting bands in Rohwedder’s 1928 slicer are shown in this diagram from his patent

    Otto Frederick Rohwedder of Davenport, Iowa, USA invented the first loaf-at-a-time bread-slicing machine. A prototype he built in 1912 was destroyed in a fire[2] and it was not until 1928 that Rohwedder had a fully working machine ready. The first commercial use of the machine was by the Chillicothe Baking Company of Chillicothe, Missouri, which produced their first slices on July 7, 1928.[3] Their product, “Kleen Maid Sliced Bread”, proved a success. Battle Creek, Michigan has a competing claim as the first city to sell bread presliced by Rohwedder’s machine; however, historians have produced no documentation backing up Battle Creek’s claim.[4] The bread was advertised as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped.”

    St. Louis baker Gustav Papendick bought Rohwedder’s second bread slicer and set out to improve it by devising a way to keep the slices together at least long enough to allow the loaves to be wrapped.[2] After failures trying rubber bands and metal pins, he settled on placing the slices into a cardboard tray. The tray aligned the slices, allowing mechanized wrapping machines to function.[5]

    W.E. Long, who promoted the Holsum Bread brand, used by various independent bakers around the country, pioneered and promoted the packaging of sliced bread beginning in 1928.[6] In 1930 Wonder Bread, first sold in 1925, started marketing sliced bread nationwide.

    As commercially sliced bread resulted in uniform and somewhat thinner slices, people ate more slices of bread at a time, and ate bread more frequently, because of the ease of eating another piece of bread. This increased consumption of bread and, in turn, increased consumption of spreads, such as jam, to put on the bread.[2]
    1943 U.S. ban on sliced bread

    During 1943, U.S. officials imposed a short-lived ban on sliced bread as a wartime conservation measure.[7][8] The ban was ordered by Claude R. Wickard who held the position of Food Administrator, and took effect on January 18, 1943. According to the New York Times, officials explained that “the ready-sliced loaf must have a heavier wrapping than an unsliced one if it is not to dry out.” It was also intended to counteract a rise in the price of bread, caused by the Office of Price Administration’s authorization of a ten percent increase in flour prices.[9]

    In a Sunday radio address on January 24, Mayor LaGuardia suggested that bakeries that had their own bread-slicing machines should be allowed to continue to use them, and on January 26, 1943, a letter appeared in the New York Times from a distraught housewife:

    I should like to let you know how important sliced bread is to the morale and saneness of a household. My husband and four children are all in a rush during and after breakfast. Without ready-sliced bread I must do the slicing for toast—two pieces for each one—that’s ten. For their lunches I must cut by hand at least twenty slices, for two sandwiches apiece. Afterward I make my own toast. Twenty-two slices of bread to be cut in a hurry![10]

    On January 26, however, John F. Conaboy, the New York Area Supervisor of the Food Distribution Administration, warned bakeries, delicatessens, and other stores that were continuing to slice bread to stop, saying that “to protect the cooperating bakeries against the unfair competition of those who continue to slice their own bread… we are prepared to take stern measures if necessary.”[11]

    On March 8, 1943, the ban was rescinded. Wickard stated that “Our experience with the order, however, leads us to believe that the savings are not as much as we expected, and the War Production Board tells us that sufficient wax paper to wrap sliced bread for four months is in the hands of paper processor and the baking industry.[9]
    Around the world

    Because of its convenience, sliced bread is popular in many parts of the world. In Ireland, the most popular bread type is known as “sliced pan”,[12] sold in 800- or 400-gram loaves, wrapped in wax paper, with the slices conveniently sized for making sandwiches and toast.
    Thickness by country

    The usual thickness of sliced bread varies by country and company. In Canada it is usually 10mm thick. In Britain, sliced bread is sold as either “Extra Thick”, “Thick”, “Medium” or “Thin” varying across the 5-20mm range.[citation needed] This is similarly done in Japan, although the same loaf of bread is labeled by number of slices rather than the thickness of each slice.[13] Popular variants are 4 or 5 slices although 6 sliced loaves are also common.[citation needed]

    In the United States, Texas toast is a type of packaged bread which is pre-sliced at double the typical thickness of most pre-sliced breads.
    In popular culture

    The phrase “the greatest thing since sliced bread” is a commonly used hyperbolic means of praising an invention or development. A writer for The Kansas City Star wrote that “the phrase is the ultimate depiction of innovative achievement and American know-how.”[1]”

    P.S. Did ya’ll notice the names of the 1%’rs who “invented” sliced bread and the mass production process? I don’t think they were from the old “English” stock of the original colonies.

  32. A Puritan Descendant says:

    Where do these people come from?! Certainly not America! To think this guy could be Maine’s next Governor with his Agenda 21 type crap is sickening. First his type tries to make it impossible or illegal to make a living, turning Maine into a Welfare State, then they want to move us to Portland Maine! What a Whako! The only way this makes since is if he plans on shutting down major Routes in the State and converting the towns for wild use only. Stuff like this almost makes me happy to be getting older!

  33. A Puritan Descendant says:

    try once more, would not post

    Where do these people come from?! Certainly not America! To think this guy could be Maine’s next Governor with his Agenda 21 crap is sickening. First his type tries to make it impossible or illegal to make a living, turning Maine into a Welfare State, then they want to move us to Portland Maine! What a Whako! The only way this makes sense is if he plans on shutting down major Routes in the State and converting the land for wild use only. Stuff like this almost makes me happy to be getting older!

    • Shades of Vietnam! What shall we call them, strategic hamlets?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      This guy has no business in public service. Geez! I hope you folks don’t elect him. At least he openly admits he wants to herd people into the cities, they are getting more open about their intentions.

      • A Puritan Descendant says:

        I just clicked on the link to that article again, and my browser asked me if I wanted to allow “Bangor Daily News to track my physical location”, even though I don’t post or have an account with that liberal rag to begin be with………… The world gets crazier everyday!

  34. gmanfortruth says:

    This is just amazing that it even happened. It seems that everyday, it’s something else that is telling us to get ready for war, cause it’s coming to your house!

    • Have no idea what this woman did or didn’t do-but I find the use of the word “terrorist” in these situations, rather scary-they have even used the word to describe the actions of 5 or 6 year old’s when they have made the mistake of crossing the currant gun prohibition going on in our schools today.

    • Ok Buck, time for a legal opinion.

      If she did not say those things and can back that up, what are the chances she can bankrupt this Assessment company and at least one of its employees. Seems to me she might just have a case. Odds are, she is already on some watch list. Even if she is cleared, this will dog her for years. Anybody who has any interest in doing this sort of thing in the future is warned to tape it, audio, video, whatever. It is a public hearing, I have been to them and they probably can’t stop you from using a recording later to defend yourself. u

  35. gmanfortruth says:

    Pope Francis from Argentina. Isn’t that nice! Congrats to all the Catholics on having a new Pope!

  36. gmanfortruth says:

    To all conservative (right wing) white male gun owners,

    You are now being depicted as the new terrorist in the USA. This will be instilled in the sheeple via the media. When TV shows/movies start depicting this, there will be a false flag event and it will be blamed on white male conservative gun owners. This will be a precursor to gun confiscation.

    What the attack may look like! This is also a precursor to the race wars they have been pushing for years now, so expect any false flag to involve minorities. Possibilities, a nuke explosion in a major city, the mass murders of minority women and children in several cities, a major hacking of JP Morgan that shuts down the govt assistance cards for weeks nationwide, any one or all the above may occur.

    Watch for this to be repeated on the left wing rags and MSM. Chris Mathews might even get another funny feeling up his leg talking about every night 🙂 Time will tell, and the signs will also tell. Anita, get your popcorn out ! 😆

  37. gmanfortruth says:
  38. gmanfortruth says:

    Shumer had kept the bogus “background check” bill under wraps, only putting forth a shell bill with no specifics. Well, he applied the text through an amendment at the last minute, before it passed. John Richardson has the details, including the text. I’ve only skimmed the details, but here’s the key problems:

    If you left town for more than 7 days, and left your gay partner, or unrelated roommate at home with the guns, you’d be committing a felony. This should be called the “denying gun rights to gays act.” Remember that the federal government does not recognize gay marriage, even if you’re state does, thanks to DOMA. 5 years in prison.
    Actually, even married couples are questionably legal, because the exemption between family only applies to gifts, not to temporary transfers. The 7 day implication is if you leave your spouse at home for more than 7 days, it’s an unlawful transfer, and you’re a 5 year felon. I suppose you could gift them to your spouse, or related co-habitant, and then have them gift them back when you arrive back home. Maybe the Attorney General will decide to create a form for that.
    It would be illegal to lend a gun to a friend to take shooting. That would be a transfer. 5 years in federal prison.
    Steals the livelihood of gun dealers by setting a fixed fee to conduct transfers. The fee is fixed by the Attorney General. What’s to prevent him from setting it at $1000?
    Enacts defacto universal gun registration, because of record keeping requirements.
    All lost and stolen guns must be reported to the federal and local government. This means everyone will have to fill out the theft/loss form, and not just FFLs. You only have 24 hours to comply. If you lose a gun on a hunting trip deep in the woods, and can’t get back home to fill out the form in 24 hours, you’re a felon and will spend 5 years in federal prison.
    Want to lend a gun to a friend to go hunting? It’s a 5 year in prison felony.
    No exception for state permits. All transfers must go through a dealer or 5 years in federal prison.
    UPDATE: Teaching someone to shoot on your own land is a felony, 5 years, if you hand them the gun. Not an exempted transfer.

    We will go thermonuclear on anyone who votes for this crap, and that goes double for Republicans. It’s nothing more than an attempt to put more gun owners in prison. Schumer was wise to keep this under wraps, because his bill is truly draconian. I not only expect the GOP to vote against this piece of crap bill, I expect them to filibuster it. Let’s see if the Democrats can get to 60 without any Republican support, and let’s see how many of them want to lose their seats in 2014.

    This bill has nothing to do with ensuring people who are getting guns are law-abiding, and everything to do with getting backdoor registration, and creating a patchwork of rules and laws that will land anyone who uses guns, and isn’t a lawyer, in federal prison for a long time. Lots of otherwise law-abiding people are going to federal prison if this ends up passing, and I’m convinced that’s the whole idea.

    The Democrats really don’t want our guns, do they? I wonder if Shumer has stock in private prisons? Great way to fill his coffers, put more people in jail.

    • gmanfortruth says:
    • gmanfortruth says:

      I have trouble understanding most of the arguments that come from the liberal left. I finally figured out why. The general principles of the liberal left agenda exist in the absence of personal responsibility. They simply will not and cannot admit that people are responsible for their own actions. If they do, the agenda begins to crumble. The entire foundation rests on completely ignoring personal responsibility and the consequences of one’s own choices.

      Let’s take a few simple examples.

      GUNS: People don’t kill people, guns do.
      ENTITLEMENTS: You are not responsible for the series of events that led you here, big business and the rich have caused your misfortune.
      FORECLOSURE: You didn’t buy a house you couldn’t afford; the bank should have never given you that loan. It’s their fault.
      PREGNANCY: Instead of taking responsibility for your actions, here is an easier way out.
      BUSINESS: You didn’t build your own small business, someone else did.
      AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: You can’t do it on your own merit, you need special privileges.
      IMMIGRATION: It’s not your fault that you’ve entered the United States illegally; you can have all of the education, health care and benefits of our legal tax-paying citizens. Sorry if you were offended while illegally crossing our border.


  39. gmanfortruth says:

    I’ve been following the La sinkhole story for awhile now. Interesting stuff:

  40. gmanfortruth says:

    V.H. and all opposed to abortions, this is similar to drones. By taking the person away from the act, it removes normal human feelings from the act as well. Desensitizing is big business right now. I’m against any form of this, whether it be from flying drones or preforming abortions. I hope you can see what I see here!

    • It’s pretty obvious that the abortion business is trying to make abortion more acceptable and to make that supposed hard decision not hard at all. But in this instance-I believe it truly is dangerous and stupid to allow such an act without any personal interaction between the doctor and patient. How does the doctor verify how far along a woman is-if all he does is talk to her by computer? How does he know she is even pregnant for sure? How does he know anything-is he supposed to take the word of what might be a scared kid on the other end of that impersonal and completely devoid of needed, verified information over a friggin computer?

  41. gmanfortruth says:
    • Bottom Line says:

      He has a point.

      If anyone cares to read into the stories of the royal family and what happened to them, it is apparent that their treatment was inspired by senseless envy and hatred. Why else would the revolutionaries have tortured and imprisoned innocent children?

      Interestingly enough, much of the economic issues that triggered the French Revolution were, at least in part, a result of aid to the US Revolution from King Louis XVI.

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