Racism – The Dichotomy

BY:  D13

The very first thing one has to do is to define racism. So let us start there. Webster defines racism as a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial difference produces an inherent superiority of a particular race. Like the era of Hitler where he wanted a master race of blond haired, blue eyed behemoths. Pure blood, so to speak, and that any other race or ethnicity was not acceptable and, consequently, inferior. Many times racism and slavery are linked but history has shown that slavery and racism only share a small link. Slavery has existed since 800 BC and it was COLOR BLIND. Slavery usually was a by-product of war. History also shows that Caucasian and Asian slavery was more prevalent than black slavery prior to the 18th Century. It was not until the Europeans needed cheaper labor, that African slavery became prominent and this is when the racism began to appear. It was commonly thought among ALL PROGRESSIVE nations of the world in the 18th and 19th and 20th centuries that the native African population was considered not equal or substandard. Why? Simply because they lacked behind the rest of the world in development. Nothing more….nothing less…as it was cheap and easy labor sold into the slave trade by their own black brothers. It is often thought that the North American continent was the forerunner of slavery and racism when it was not. Over 90 percent of the slaves from Africa went to South and Central America, long before their introduction into the United States. Therefore, for the purposes of this article, slavery is only a small part of the issue of racism.

So, racism is as the definition says it is…..the belief that one race is inherently superior to another race. D13 is of the belief that no race is inherently superior to another race. It does not matter what color you are or whether or not you have three eyes and a horn in the center of your forehead. It was wrong to enslave people for any reason, whether by military conquest, indentured servitude, or just plain kidnapping. It is equally wrong to believe that any one race is superior to another. The era that I have grown up in has taught me many things. I remember separate drinking fountains being labeled colored and whites only. I remember separate eating sections labeled colored and white only. I remember when the “colored” rode in the back of the bus and even a pregnant “colored” had to give up their seat to a white person. I remember sections of town that were labeled “colored” town and I remember when the “colored” had separate doors to see doctors or to go to movies. I remember not seeing “colored” in the schools that I attended and that the only employment available was menial tasks as dishwashers and laundry attendants and servants and gardeners. I remember my parents calling them “darkies” or “Negroes”. I also remember men of the World War II era referring to “slant eyes” or “chinks” or “slopes” when talking about any Asian person. I also remember those same men talking about the “Jew Babies” or “Kike’s” when referencing the Jewish population. I remember when the Jewish, which are predominantly Caucasian, were not allowed hotel rooms or membership in clubs or were always made fun of in school. Even a “darkie” could get an unheated back room in a dingy hotel over that of a “jew”.

Likewise, I remember, that as a lad growing up, I did not understand the division. I did not care which fountain that I drank out of or if I ate food at a counter that was for “coloreds”. It simply made no difference to me. I also remember the civil rights era and Dr. King’s movement, which I supported. I supported Dr. King’s movement because I did not understand why the color of skin should make a difference as to why a child could not attend a public school, or fly a plane, or drive a car, or vote. It did not make sense. Things had to be corrected and because people were so blind, it had to be corrected by law….which is the travesty. But, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“giving all Americans the right to be served in facilities which are open to the public—hotels, restaurants, theaters, retail stores, and similar establishments,” as well as “greater protection for the right to vote”) did change things in this country dramatically. I remember it well as I was in the 11th grade at the time and I remember very vividly sharing a hamburger with a black friend in an eating establishment that previously had denied him food. Then came the voting rights Act of 1965….and the Civil Rights Act of 1991. It is interesting to note, the most fervent opposition to the 1964 bill came from Senator Strom Thurmond (D-SC): “This so-called Civil Rights Proposals, which the President has sent to Capitol Hill for enactment into law, are unconstitutional, unnecessary, unwise and extend beyond the realm of reason. This is the worst civil-rights package ever presented to the Congress and is reminiscent of the Reconstruction proposals and actions of the radical Republican Congress.”

So, redress happened….equal protection established…problem solved. Not so fast…..it is D13’s opinion that the issue of racism has now become a battle cry among the Progressive Movement….not because they are interested in equality but are more interested in keeping a divide to retain and increase political power. What was a proven failure with the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, was the evolution into the Affirmative Action Program. This was a program designed to somehow force racial equality on the basis of percentage of population (reparations) regardless of qualification. In other words, if 15 percent of a particular area was a minority, then there must be 15% minority (as defined) to “equally” represent the demographic. It made no difference in the education level or the qualifications of the individual, the minority would get preferential hiring or treatment over the more qualified. This was somehow considered fair and equitable and it ended up becoming a disaster.
Take education, for example…..minorities were afforded opportunities to go to public schools and college free of segregation , as they should have been afforded, provided they could meet the requirements to get into those schools. There was an obvious divide between the educated and the uneducated. Instead of allowing the Civil Rights Act to redress the issue by allowing equal access to public schools and allowing the children to become properly educated, opponents complained that this would take a full generation to accomplish. But instead of taking a full generation, it was decided to dumb down the test scores so that more applicants could qualify. In other words, lower the standards instead of bringing people up to the standards. A romper room reject even understands that lowering standards is a mindset. Quality becomes no longer an issue. This is just one example….there are dozens of others.

So where is the real racial issue today? Is a minority refused a right to eat somewhere on the basis of his/her race? No. Is a minority refused service or entrance into any public place on the basis of his/her race? No. Is a minority refused entrance to a college or public school on the basis of his/her race? No. Is a minority refused training to fly a plane, enter the military, be a firefighter, policeman, doctor, public service, etc. on the basis of his/her race? No. Is there anything out there that refuses a minority anything on the basis of race? No.

What about having a quota system that hires minorities on the basis of his/her race? Is this racial? If anyone receives favorable treatment over another on the basis of race…that is racism and our own Federal Government is the biggest culprit. There are quotas to this very day that require the hiring of minorities. Pick up any Federal Application and read it. There are plenty of preferential “points” assigned to your application. Are you Native American? Are you a Veteran, if Veteran, are you a recipient of the Purple Heart? Are you Hispanic? Are you Black? Are you Asian? Are you Female? Are you a single parent? Are you a member of any ethic or minority group? All of these are questions on various Federal applications. If we are all equal, then why the questions?

Is it a racial issue to say if you voted against Obama, you are racist? Why? If you do not like Obamacare (aka. ACA) Why are you racist? IF you are against entitlements, why are you racist? Obama became President in 2008. 43% of white voters voted for a black President. This would have been utterly unthinkable just a few decades earlier. Where is the racism? The sports programs at Universities and Professional sports is racially divided by participation….with minorities being the predominant participant and garnering the most money in total…..why isn’t this a form of racism? Why are there more minority sports scholarships than Caucasian at our Universities? Is this not racism? It appears to be because of the color of skin. Does the appearance of impropriety mean there is? Or is it just that perhaps they are better and more qualified and received something on their merits.

D13 submits that racism does not exist as an institution any longer. It is a battle cry. It is a cry among the Progressives to “rally” the troops. Does the entitlement program encourage racial division? Yes, in my opinion, it does. It makes people unaccountable. It stifles and prevents individualism. It creates lethargy and it creates votes. It is no longer a safety net, it is a set of bars and chains designed to keep a “class” of America down…………….and THAT is the travesty.


  1. gmanfortruth says:

    Great article Colonel 🙂

    Overall, I think we as a country have widened in our divisions, regardless of what name is attached to the division. I also think that this was intended.

  2. “It is equally wrong to believe that any one race is superior to another.”

    I’m reading no further … but instead I’m wondering if this applies when you and others at SUFA ask (paraphrasing): “Why the hell can’t they get their act together. Why can’t they pull themselves up from their bootstraps like the rest of us? Why do I have to pay for them so many years after slavery was abolished?”

    This video “might” help you to understand my question better … probably not, but it’s worth a try 🙂

    • Charlie, answer this. Why is it that Asians and Jews are overrepresented in our universities and research institutions. Are not they also a “visible” minority as much as the blacks are?

      • T-Ray, I’m wondering if Asians and Jews “In America” weren’t considered chattel for better than 400 years … but your question is very appropro of my question above.

    • You should have read the article. Ok Charlie, I listened to that debate again, which I have heard before. But to answer your question first……..get over the slavery issue…..it is dead and it does not extend to today. My point is, when you address reparations, you create the very thing you are fighting for…racism. If you are a proponent of reverse racism to “pay back” what happened over 100 years ago, then I wish you would come out and say it. Because that is what I am hearing from you and I really thought I understood you better. So to answer your question, dwelling in the past does not correct the future. All of the steps are there now to take. No one is holding anyone back. I know of no institutionalized racism in today’s world. If a parent raises a child that the white is not to be trusted because of the past…..then I submit that they are mired in racism worse than the 1800’s. They should be teaching their child that racism did exist and it was terrible but that they fought and won the right to be equal….as it should have been. Somewhere, the string has to be broken.

      Reparations create inequality. Fix the problem but do not exacerbate it by making statements that ” I am owed a living because of the past”. Fix the problem and leave the standards high…..do not dumb anything down. The problem has been fixed for years but yet, we still have a generational mindset that is counter productive. I firmly believe that the Progressive mindset today, is to keep these flames being fanned. If you continue to brow beat someone telling them that the “white man” is still bad or continuing to be bad, that is not lifting anyone up….that is tearing something down and keeping the minority mired in archaic thinking and for what…….votes.

      Another great example that I will use, as I have first hand knowledge of two things as it pertains to your pet peeve and that was the treatment of the indigent Indian population of the United States and the continuing mistreatment of the Indian to this very day. Reparations is continuing to keep the American Indian down. It has made them a low class of person, lower than shoving them on reservations 125 years ago. YOUR progressive government is keeping them down by entitlements and handouts that creates the mindset of sitting on the porch waiting for the next morsel. Case in point……the Jicarilla Apache Reservation located in Farmington and Dulce New Mexico. The government has said, since you were mistreated 125 years ago, we will give you money, pick up trucks, housing, health benefits etc……and this Progressive movement is still doing so. There is no incentive for Chief Wannapapa to get off his butt and go out and work….why should he? Reparations are fine in the short run, but generational dependency is what reparations create. And dependency creates racism and divisiveness. The other example is the Indian Nations in Oklahoma. The government has created a new tribe of Indian…..the Drunkard because they all get a new pick up truck every three years, government entitlements and no incentive to get off their butts. Why would anybody get up and work….when they have become lethargic to do so.

      Now what has happened to the American Indian, the Federal government has given them license to create casinos and tobacco and alcohol subsidies…..that dies what? It created an Indian mafia now that is exploiting there own people and keeping them down.

      This is where I would say….there is nothing keeping the minority down except lethargy. All of the building blocks are in place now and have been since the 70’s. There is no excuse except keeping the flames of past racism fanned…….

      The Asian community figured this out long ago and now are on top. They banned together as family units and used the building blocks over a generation to become among the smartest and most productive of American citizens today……why? Because they recognized the pitfall of entitlement and did something about it.

      • “My point is, when you address reparations”

        I’m not doing so. I’m trying to explain why “I think” some here at SUFA are either unaware of what I see as their racist attitudes …

        • It’s not our fault you are racist and see racist attitudes where they do not exist. You should really get help for your racist perception issues.

    • The question isn’t why do we have to pay for them-the question is why are continuing to use policies that haven’t worked-that have in fact hurt the black community more than it has helped?

      • That’s a much better question, VH … I’d suggest it’s because an underlying racism in America consciously precludes “them” from progressing … but there are changes coming within their communities (charter schools, etc.) that are proving very effective. Whether white society (the powers that be) will do anything for them once their in the workforce is another story … although the change in demographics may sooner than later find the shoes on the other feet.

    • Charlie, I’ve watched your debate in the past, interesting, but full of shit. You can’t handle the truth about racism because the left needs it to keep their unholy grasp on those in the poor minority class. They, the Democrats who have been their leaders for a very long time, need to keep them poor, uneducated and living on the govt dole. That is the only way they stay in politics. If the poor, inner city minorities, mainly blacks, could educate themselves enough to see this, they would quickly break the chains that are holding them down, left wing ideology.

      You need only look at actual crimes stats as to where the majority of crimes are committed (inner cities with a poor minority population, with Dems as there political leaders) to educate yourself enough to see this. If you think that the Dems are doing a good job, then you are just as much a racist as them.

      • “If the poor, inner city minorities, mainly blacks, could educate themselves enough to see this, they would quickly break the chains that are holding them down, left wing ideology.”

        My man, G, proving my point once again … love ya’, G 🙂

        • What point? You have no point, nadda, zero. Your point is a fairy tale. It’s nothing more than left wing Progressive propaganda that is nor more fact than your novels. Back at ya 🙂

          • His point being that a white man trying to have a meaningful “conversation about race” only shows that the white man is in fact racist when they try to argue in favor of personal responsibility.

  3. Good article D13. I too remember much of this era. I lived in the north. We did not have segregated, colored vs white facilities. Where I lived it was monochrome so it was not necessary. The population was mostly northern European, German, Dane, Norwegian, WASP. I do remember hearing slurs directed at black ball players and such. Attitudes have changes significantly in our life time.

    A few years ago here in California, a member of the board of regents of the University of CA by the name of Ward Connerly went on a campaign to eliminate color quotas for admission to the UC system. Ward was black himself and took a lot of grief from the black community. He succeeded. The UC system here includes Berkeley, UCLA, Davis and several other well known schools. Their standards are higher than most universities especially Berkeley which essentially requires a 3.95 high school career. The result of the rules change spearheaded by Ward was a decrease in the admissions of blacks and an increase in the admission of Asians. So the effect of the affirmative action system was to actually suppress the number of qualified Asians that previously were allowed to attend.

    Now the diversity crowd could not let this stand so they created new rules that also considered the local region the applicant lived in. Thus students from “poor” or historically under performing school systems were given preference over more qualified students. As far as I know, this system remains in place.

    Connerly also took on the state contracting system which gave preferential treatment to minority businesses. He himself ran a minority business that did work for the state. During all of his battles to eliminate color as a criteria for success, he got tremendous resistance from the progressives. His success was amazing considering that the Democrats and unions run this state.

  4. We need to stop separating people by “race” as we are all part of the human race. Sure some of us have different skin pigment and different heredity, but that does not make us difference races.

    I loved it when one of my favorite pastors, Voddie Baucham said: “I do not believe in inter-racial marriage. My daughter is marring a human no matter what people say.”

    As long as someone identifies themselves by the color of their skin they are perpetuating “racism” on themselves. We need to remove “racial” identifiers from out lives and face the truth that we are all humans and not seperate races.

  5. Good job D13! I personally think entitlements are used to keep blacks repressed. Low income housing is the worst of them. A little reminder of early slavery.

    The Jewish holiday of Passover celebrates the liberation of the Jews from slavery in Egypt, which is thought to have occurred about 3,300 years ago. It is celebrated for 7 days (or 8 in the Diaspora) from the evening of the fourteenth day of the month of Nissan, which used to be the first month of the year in the Jewish calendar. Passover is called Pesah (Pesach or Pessah) in Hebrew. The final “h” is a guttural sound, somewhat like Scottish “loch.”

    According to tradition, the Jews were made slaves in Egypt, about 1700 BCE or earlier, and were freed under the leadership of Moses. Pharaoh refused to let the Jews leave Egypt, but was forced to do so by a series of divinely inflicted plagues. The last plague struck every first born child in Egypt. According to the bible, the Lord told Moses to tell the Jews to put the blood of a lamb on the doorways of their houses, so the angel of death would know that their house was to be spared, and “pass over” it. Hence the name Passover.

    After the last plague, Pharaoh finally agreed to let the Jews go, but he changed his mind and chased after them. The Bible relates that the Lord parted “Yam Suf,” possibly the Red Sea, to allow the Jews to escape, and then closed the passageway, drowning Pharaoh’s army.

    Passover is a spring holiday, a holiday of renewal and of freedom, and may actually have replaced an older holiday of the vernal equinox. The story of Passover was taken up by the African slaves in the United States, and became symbolic of deliverance from slavery by the might of the Lord.

    • “The story of Passover was taken up by the African slaves in the United States, and became symbolic of deliverance from slavery by the might of the Lord.”

      You forgot the Union Army … and that noted slave hater, Lincoln … 🙂

    • LOI….the thing that really bothers me is that we have moved well past the old time worn discrimination and racist issues. That is not to say that there are some hot heads out there…Black Panthers, Aryan Brotherhood, some remnants of the Klan, Asian gangs and Latino gangs…..but they are a refuse,

      When I brought this up before, I kept getting from the left, the time worn…..where I work discrimination still exists……I hate that…and I am sure that there are some stupid people out there but it is not a “southern thang”……not anymore. Those days are gone.

      I am convinced that the Progressive Party Movement intends to keep discrimination alive by using racist terms where they do not exist. There is such a thing as generational training and I believe that in the black culture. We can point directly to the Asian culture as an example….more discriminated against than the black culture. More shot up in the 1800’s, more persecuted and harsher treated. They were hunted by dogs and kept in chains as well but out West…it was not a plantation thing. But, the Asians have surpassed just about everybody because they recognized that the potential was there and they got together as a family and have proven themselves.

      If you look at the welfare and entitlement roles……Some 61 percent of welfare recipients are White, while 33 percent are Black, according to 2010 Census Bureau statistics, the latest figures available. It is a misconception to label otherwise….However, the 33% represents a population of 12% of Americans. Where are the Asians? They also have a 12% population figure and less than 1% of the entitlements go to Asians…..Why is that?

      They had the same issues as the Black population but their culture is so strong than they band together and support one another. Of the 33% black population that is getting something from the government, almost 47% are single mothers with no family support…..the highest in our nation. So the issue to me is cultural and not racist nor discrimination. Those times are dead and those times are gone……

      The new term should be reverse discrimination or reverse racism that is seen as “pay back”…..a poor misconception and a poor excuse for not grabbing the ring now that it is available to grab. To say other wise is to bury one’s head in the sand.

      • Truth doesn’t matter anymore 13-all some people look at are the consequences-they are totally blind to the cause. So they double down and make the situation worse. They encourage hate-while they scream racism and fairness-but all they’ve been doing for the last 60 years is promote free love, reverse racism and the murder of millions of babies all in the name of fairness and equality. What the hell have we gained-single mothers, gangs, and a lot of people hating on a lot of people and for what- political power.

      • “The new term should be reverse discrimination or reverse racism that is seen as “pay back”…..a poor misconception and a poor excuse for not grabbing the ring now that it is available to grab.”
        ” To say other wise is to bury one’s head in the sand.”

        I have to disagree with your closing remark. If we were dealing with honest people it would be true, but a thief will lie to try and escape being held accountable. The Sharpton & Jacksons will lie to try and steal from us. Pelosi will lie to keep her agenda alive, which means keeping welfare roles not just full, but expanding. The liberal media will lie and promote their agenda. This is why modern slavery prospers in America, people choose to live on what the gov. will give them so they will vote to keep them in office….

  6. MSNBC’s Toure Neblett last weekend mocked Dr. Benjamin Carson as a token “black friend” to Republicans admired only to “assuage their guilt” for past racial indiscretions.

    On Fox News’s America Live Tuesday, Carson struck back at his liberal media critics saying that he’s no “Uncle Tom” (video follows with transcript and absolutely no need for additional commentary):

    Read more: http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/03/26/dr-ben-carson-strikes-back-msnbcs-toure-neblett-im-no-uncle-tom#ixzz2OkkrlKIH

  7. Okay, Cololenl, I’ve read the entire post … what you don’t address is how the upper echelons of the powerful (Wall Street, big law firms) have only token black representation (and I mean token). Why is it that a large firm only has the bare minimum of black partners? Do you really think it’s because blacks don’t qualify? And let’s face it, if there wasn’t a quota system by which they could be sued, many wouldn’t have any (or a number far below what they perceive will cost them in court). This is but a tip of the iceberg of my potential rebuttal but I don’t have time to go through this again … and again. Connoli’s on me, Colonel … but you’re not seeingthe point at all.

    • Quite the opposite, my Cannoli friend……but it is not the tip of any ice berg….and you are zeroing in on wall street…….why is that? Wall Street does not represent the United States. I do see the point very well. But you need to get away from numbers. I could say the same thing about our sports industry…..are there “token” whites on the teams? Why are you saying “token”? Are you saying token simply because there is perceived impropriety simply based on numbers? HOw do you know there is any race based discrimination simply because there are not enough partners? No reputable company is going to turn away a more qualified individual….it is not in their best interest. I so want to see your side very badly but I do not think your side of it exists…….you are quite right about the laws…..there is a pathway that exists to fight perceived or actual discrimination based on racism, age, disability etal……and it is NOT a matter of money. If you are classed as a minority you get FREE representation…..Free. It costs nothing if you go through the EEOC.

      I do not want to get into what the past did either…but the past is gone. So is the institutionalized racism and discrimination….and there is no excuse for not grabbing the golden ring….it is there but it will take work. Like Pavlov’s Bear…..the more you give, the more you take, the less you work, the will goes away.

      • By the way….just what the hell is Cannoli? Does it have Jalepeno’s?

      • ” No reputable company is going to turn away a more qualified individual….it is not in their best interest.”

        Colonel, I love ya, brother … but, man, you need to come out of the bubble.

        Speaking of the NFL … black players are a premimum (for their white owners) … and black coaches? Well, I guess they aren’t qualified either (or the owners would hire them)?

        Come on, Colonel, you’re way to smart to believe that nonsense.

        • There are plenty of black coaches Charlie. Over the years some have been very successful, other not so much. How many are there? Coaches come and go every year, it’s hard to keep track. Are you claiming that because there are no black owners in the NFL, that it is because of racism? If you are you really are drowning in Progressive propaganda, BWAHAHAHA! 🙂

          • G … you’re a man of a thousand idiocies … but I love ya anyway 🙂

            Proportion of black players to black coaches to all white owners?

            Proportion of black partners in big law firms?

            Proportion of black CEO’s on Wall Street and/or partners on Wall Street?

            It’s a good country, America … and if you’re born white and privileged, it’s a GREAT country.

            Not to fear, demographics are changing fast enough … soon your hero 1%’ers will be flying to another land so they can exploit this one from afar …:)

            • So what are the statistics and how does it show racism? You make claims with no supporting facts, is that because you can’t prove your claims? If you don’t like it here, why haven’t you moved to your socialist utopia? Oh, I forgot, that doesn’t exist 😆

    • “how the upper echelons of the powerful (Wall Street, big law firms) have only token black representation (and I mean token). Why is it that a large firm only has the bare minimum of black partners? Do you really think it’s because blacks don’t qualify?”

      Yes Charlie, it is because they don’t qualify or there are more qualified applicants. How many blacks graduate HS? Don’t apply for a mail room job there if you didn’t. How many graduated college? That’s a start, grad school? MBA? GPA? Call them & me racist, but they wouldn’t hire Obama without looking at his school records. You want a job that can pay millions? Show them you are better at making money than the other thousands that want that job. WS might discriminate by color, but the color is green, not white or black….

      • Yes Charlie, it is because they don’t qualify or there are more qualified applicants.

        LOI, occasionally you surprise me by saying something intelligent … then you ruin it. Sweet Jesus, you’re an ignorant SOB.

        • It’s easy to see when a Leftist is losing his ass in a debate, the revert to calling names 😉

        • You invoke the name of the Son of God to insult me and call me ignorant. Think about that before you respond. Maybe between the two of us, you are picking on the wrong idiot. And what does it take for a black man to make it to WS? You won’t admit he’s a good example because he went to work for FOX. Another SELF made man!

          Charles Payne is a Fox Business Network contributor and co-host of “Varney & Co.”. He joined the network at its launch in October 2007. Payne is also a contributor to the Fox News Channel, frequently appearing on shows such as “Cashin’ In,” “Cavuto on Business,” and “Bulls and Bears.” In addition to his work with Fox, Payne also hosts his own daily syndicated talk show The Payne Nation, by Sun Broadcast Group.[1]

          Early Life Charles has said while on-air that he had ‘two childhoods.’ The first was on army bases in ‘beautiful homes’ whereas the second was in New York City’s increasingly upscale and prosperous Harlem neighborhood. He said that even as a child, he noticed the difference. He also commented that he grew up in an environment where getting a GED (“General Education Development,” a high school diploma equivalent) was considered a sufficient career ambition.

          Payne also has claimed that while his “friends” wanted as a birthday present a ball or other toys, he wanted a briefcase. He always wanted to be a capitalist.[citation needed]

          Career Payne is also the chief executive officer and principal analyst of Wall Street Strategies,[2] an independent stock market research firm he founded in 1991.[3] Payne began his career on Wall Street as an analyst at E.F. Hutton in 1985.

          • He’s with Fox, it’s a real good chance he’s the token business consultant … but why didn’t EF Hutton make him a CEO? interesting, no?

            Now, that’s one black man, token or not … try and find me some more in the Wall Street echelon … or any of the top tier law firms … go’head, knock yourself out.

            The son of who? Tell me you’re not gonna wing that religious horse shit at me now.

            • Pass Charlie. I’ve provided an example. You want to prove something, you do the research. As for slinging religion, forgive me for pointing out again, YOU HAVE THE VALUES OF A THIEF. Jesus, the Son of God is about forgiveness, not insults. You belittle yourself for using his name while hurling insults. If you must use insults since you don’t have an intelligent response, leave God out of it. Is that understandable? You could also invoke some other gods and make it funny, Loki, Norse god of mischief might be a good one for you to use there chuckles….

              • Pass Charlie. I’ve provided an example.
                About as weak as they come, by the way

                You want to prove something, you do the research.
                No need. The stats are there. They’re too much for you to handle.

                As for slinging religion, forgive me for pointing out again, YOU HAVE THE VALUES OF A THIEF.
                And your point is?

                Jesus, the Son of God is about forgiveness, not insults.
                Charlie, the Son of Hope & Tommy, is about fairness and equality. How’s that Son of God sit on gay marriage by the way? Is he as two-faced about that as his church is about gays?

                You belittle yourself for using his name while hurling insults.
                Honestly, LOI, “sometimes” you too fucking stupid to not hurl an insult. But you can always tune me out. I come here to have fun now … and you, like G, are often funny. Maybe I should switch from insults to calling you funny. How’s that work? Okay, my bad. I apologize for all past insults. You’re a funny guy.

                If you must use insults since you don’t have an intelligent response, leave God out of it. Is that understandable?
                Only to those who give a flying fuck about what you believe is a God. I don’t.

                You could also invoke some other gods and make it funny, Loki, Norse god of mischief might be a good one for you to use there chuckles….

                Ever see Dogma? Funny, funny movie … and I’m pretty sure Loki had a starring role 🙂

              • Sweet Jesus Charlie, why do you find your self in such a higher place in life that you can claim that anyone is “too fucking stupid”? What are you, a fucking brain surgeon? Are you, in your little Communist mind , that much more superior over others, even though you can’t produce a single fact to support your position? PLEASE, Try living on earth 🙂

            • Good grief Charlie-you’re the one who is disrespectful of minorities-obviously if they succeed-it’s only because the white man is using them as a token. No one is claiming that black Americans aren’t behind when it comes to economics-we are simply pointing out that they have been given the tools to combat this problem for years and too many are not using them for that purpose. And ignoring that consequence and throwing more and more money at the problem, which has helped to destroy the family unit which is and always will be any humans real strength- will not fix the problem. The mind set has to change-they have to realize that government can only help them so much-the rest they have to do themselves. I understand the anger-but demanding more and more with the attitude of I am owed is hurting them and their children. It is a demand that no society has the resources to fill.

              • VH, How many times has a successful black person, who is not a leftist, called a token Uncle Tom cracker lover by the Left? Watch MSLSD and you will see how they treat successful black people, and then realize that the racists are on the left, not the right. The KKK were left, as are the Aryan Nation and the Skinheads. Those who cry racist are really looking in the mirror, because that’s who the racists really are!

              • Good grief Charlie-you’re the one who is disrespectful of minorities-obviously if they succeed-it’s only because the white man is using them as a token.

                Never said that, V.H. Just pointing out a FACT of capitalism. All football players are commodities in the NFL … the fact there are so many African Americans speaks to the market, if you will. But one of the geniuses here tried to turn the cake upside down and argue that because there are so many blacks in the NFL, whites are being discriminated against. I merely pointed out (quite accurately) that whatever number of blacks in the NFL today are there because they merit the paycheck of their white owners—no other reason. They’re being used the same way the white players are being used, for profit.

                Now, the fact there are so many proportionately, and have been for a number of years now, kind of makes one wonder why there aren’t as many proportion black coaches. Are they also less qualified (like LOI and G seem to think about black attorneys and investment bankers?). I think not. I think it’s a good old boys club of owners having their way. And remember this, if not for self-imposed NFL sanctions on interviewing black coaches, there would be even less today (same goes for Wall Street and law firms; they only hired the amount that will keep them safe from lawsuits). That’s called institutionalized racism and to deny it is to walk around in a fog.

                No one is claiming that black Americans aren’t behind when it comes to economics-we are simply pointing out that they have been given the tools to combat this problem for years and too many are not using them for that purpose.

                Watch the James Baldwin video all the way through (you can get it on Youtube); it’s a debate with William F. Buckley, Jr. Maybe you’ll understand better how saying something like “they have been given the tools, etc.” is a pretty naïve way to look at the issue. If you examine it seriously, I think you’ll realize what I’m talking about. Maybe not.

                And ignoring that consequence and throwing more and more money at the problem, which has helped to destroy the family unit which is and always will be any humans real strength- will not fix the problem.

                I’m not suggesting for a second more money be thrown at the problem. I’m suggesting there is inherent institutionalized racism still very much alive in the good old US&A. There’s no doubt welfare exacerbates some of the problem, but what is really being done about education and job opportunities? Christ, you all cry over a teacher getting a benefit or raise, never mind putting up schools and providing good education in bad areas. You’d all shit your pants.

                The mind set has to change-they have to realize that government can only help them so much-the rest they have to do themselves.

                Easier said than done, especially when helping themselves requires a few years of baking chickens at some KFC. Doing for themselves … how can so many of you be so blind to this wonderful bumper sticker? Because you “made it”, everybody can? Even if you didn’t start out in the same place (and I’m talking about all the odds lined up against you, including institutionalized racism, etc.).

                I understand the anger-but demanding more and more with the attitude of I am owed is hurting them and their children. It is a demand that no society has the resources to fill.

                A good start. At least you understand.

              • Are they also less qualified (like LOI and G seem to think about black attorneys and investment bankers?)

                I have never said that or even implied that 👿 Take it back!

              • I don’t have much time-so here’s a quick answer-Everyone understands-you are not privy to some earth shaking information we do not possess. But the problem here seems to be that you think we think it’s easy and fair-we don’t -we just know it is necessary-unless you want to be arguing the same stuff for another 60 years. I don’t believe most people who are poor right now -want the next generation or maybe the next to be sitting here yelling that they are where they are because of slavery and unfair economics.

          • “Another SELF made man!”

            I guess he sewed his own clothes, socks, made his own shoes, caught or farmed his own meals, didn’t bother going to school because he could “self teach” himself becuse he was a “self made” man … hey, I just thought of something. Maybe you should be worshipping him instead of your religious icons … he’s “SELF MADE” … didn’t even need a virgin birth!

            Like I said, Sweet Jesus …

  8. Sorry Colonel, I’m going off topic…this is good news isn’t it?

    Justices poised to strike down entire healthcare law

    • Ummm Anita-you did what I did once 🙂 -this was written a year ago.

      • She had a Charlie moment, living in the past 🙂

        • Sucks to be me right now. 🙂 Carry on!

          • 😀

            Did you hear Izzo being interviewed on the Mike & Mike show? His son (Mateese?) was talking to him about fillng out his bracket and Izzo was giving him advice about using his head vs. heart, blah, blah.

            Izzo said, “then the damn kid picked Duke”. Hilarious!

  9. Austin’s Great White Defendant gets sentenced
    Thomas Lifson

    There were three fatal hit-and-runs in Austin, Texas in the last few days, and at least two of the drivers were young and drunken Hispanic men (drunken illegal immigrants). But guess what everybody is talking about?

    Nestande sentenced to 180 days in jail, 10 years probation

    Nearly two years after Courtney Griffin was killed in a hit-and-run collision, district court Judge Karen Sage on Monday ordered the woman responsible for Griffin’s death to serve 10 years probation, six months of which she must spend in Travis County jail. (Source: statesman.com)

    AT readers will remember David Paulin’s dissection of Nestande’s case a month ago:

    A “privileged, wealthy, and a Republican. Blonde and preppy looking, the Baylor University graduate…became red meat for the trial-watching mob and prosecutors in Austin — a politically liberal mecca in a conservative red state. She became, in Tom Wolfe’s words from Bonfire of the Vanities, Austin’s own Great White Defendant.”

    The Austin media have reacted with lavish attention to the case. So, did Nestande’s “white privilege” earn her any special treatment (beyond abundant media attention? According the Statesman, the jury recommended no jail or prison time, yet the judge gave her 180 days in jail. David writes:

    Interestingly, the Nestande verdict and bloodlust it’s arousing comes among an upsurge of hit and runs. Who are the culprits? Well, lower class Hispanic men whose antics are not sparking public outrage.

    Here’s one of those hit-and-run stories. Interestingly, some media outlets are failing to report that the guy was an illegal (something you can figure out by going to the Travis County Jail records, click here to go to those records and do your own search.

    And here’s a Statesman story about that surge in hit-and-runs in recent days. No mention in that article that Osvaldo Galarza-Najera is an illegal, as a search of jail records show that I did. The article states: “Police are now investigating three hit-and-runs that occurred Friday through early Monday morning that left two dead and several others injured.” In two of those accidents, young Hispanic men here illegally were responsible. The other hit-and-run driver got away.

    Lead paragraph rewritten to clarify one drunken driver is unknown.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/03/austins_great_white_defendant_gets_sentenced.html#ixzz2OlTWNGh2

  10. Great article D13. I also agree on the Native American shambles – we have casinos here in WI and how this whole situation has been handled puts the young generation at such a disadvantage in life – totally opposite of the intent (I think?).

  11. When I look at problems that involve large numbers of people, I always try to find the one common denominator that everyone in the problem area has. In the case of today’s America, the problems involving crime, govt assistance, and even racism, it usually comes down to one thing, that if removed from the equation the problem would fix itself.

    In the case of how the minorities are kept poor and uneducated, thus falsely portraying racism, the common denominator is just one thing, government intrusion. While I don’t believe that there is widespread racism, at least the kind that the KKK and Aryan Nation spew, there is and always will be racism, and it will come in many forms.

    I do not dislike blacks as a whole. I have many black friends that I consider fantastic people. I don’t know many Latino minorities, except for one or two who are hard working, friendly members of our community. Unlike just a few years ago, I don’t live in a high crime area. It’s those areas where racism seems to be much stronger. Blacks don’t like whites or Latino’s, whites don’t like blacks or Latino’s, etc. But it all falls around mentality, rather than skin color. I know black people that despise niggers, and Latino’s that hate spics. Then all us white folks are crackers and gringo’s.

    There have always been derogatory names for different groups of like people. I grew up when the Mafia was big and ran all the illegal activities in Y-town, Ohio, that is historical fact. Back then, the Italian community were called Dago’s. Though not deragatory, it is still a name. We had Pollack’s, nerd’s, Hunkie’s, Slav’s, nigger’s, wetbacks, Clover’s, etc. Noone really cared back then. Nothing has changed, go to a bar in Y-town and just listen. The only difference now is that everyone is packing heat!

    I’m past all the hate. It’s not worth all the effort. Now, back to the problem, govt! How do we solve this problem maker?

    • “I do not dislike blacks as a whole.”

      Well, I’m sure the ones you do dislike, will be glad to hear it!”

      • I haven’t been attacked yet, unlike George Zimmerman 🙂

        • Well, you’re well prepared, like George Zimmerman. You have weapons and chances are, you’ll meet up with one of those you don’t like (as opposed to those you don’t dislike on a while) … Oy vey, vey iz mir …

          • as a hole … I’m so flustered by the shit you right, it boggles my ability to remain coordinated. 🙂

            • HEHE, Fun stuff? Don’t ya think? I’m not very likely to meet a violent criminal where I live, which is a good thing. I’m not sure what will happen if the economy really crashes, but I’ll eat good and be safe, as will my family and friends who will come here if needed.

              Charlie, I don’t think you understand racism very well, maybe you should read up on it some and get back to me when you have an ample amount of education to post factual thoughts, instead of more Progressive propaganda talking points that you seem to believe in so much.

              Love you too Brother 🙂

          • OH! Dislike is really not an issue for me. It may be for a criminal, it may be for a Liberal, and it may be for you, but not me 😉

  12. Let me extend my apologies to the ladies for my poor use of language in my above post. Although I am well versed at throwing F-bombs, I try not to use foul language out of respect. I goofed 🙂

  13. RICHMOND, Va. – Gov. Bob McDonnell has signed legislation into law that will require voters to carry photo identification with them to the polls, starting next year in Virginia.

    Virginia joins four other states that have strict photo ID requirements in place for elections, an action Democrats decried as a Jim Crow-era tactic to suppress the votes of the elderly, minorities and the underprivileged.

    “This is merely a continuation of attempts by Republicans to suppress the vote of individuals who are not likely to support their right-wing agenda. I guess it’s true that if you can’t win elections the right way, cheat,” said Sen. Mamie Locke, D-Hampton and chairman of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus.

    Read more: http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/ken-shepherd/2013/03/27/ap-attributes-ill-intent-republicans-passing-new-va-voter-id-law#ixzz2OmHU8QPu

  14. Toure prefers to go only by his first name. But henceforth, perhaps the MSNBC contributor might wish to append to his name the prefix “Young Fool”—for that is what Rush Limbaugh repeatedly called him today.

    Rush was responding to Toure’s characterization of Dr. Ben Carson as a token, a “black friend” used by Republicans “to assuage their guilt.”

    Read more: http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/mark-finkelstein/2013/03/27/rush-repeatedly-rips-toure-young-fool-attacks-dr-ben-carson#ixzz2OmHs7boT

  15. Why does a moron like this post shit like this? Because he has other morons supporting his killer brother … yahoos on the right actually sending money for his brother’s defense of killing an unarmed kid who “may have” kicked his ass when he thought he was robo cop.


    • Why did NBC alter the 911 call to make it look like Zimmerman was a racist, when he clearly isn’t. His brother is an idiot, acting out of anger. Maybe he is sick of reading about violent black youths who are constantly committing crimes. I know that I’m tired of hearing about it too! The Govt obviously can’t stop it, so what exactly do you propose Chuckles? It’s OK for the race pimps to go off on false information, as in the Zimmerman case, isn’t it? That is racism at it’s worst and you Chuckles are a racist of the worst kind. Shame on you!

      By the way, Hope you and yours are well 🙂

    • Because George Zimmermana nd his family are Democrats, racism is rampent in the Demcoratic party.

  16. One major national firearms retailer, for example, has been under fire for more than two years from the Obama administration’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It seems the company won’t hire convicted felons, which the commission claims amounts to illegal racial discrimination. The federal government these days argues that policies that have what government lawyers call a “disparate impact” on racial minorities amount to impermissible discrimination – even when the policies themselves were not put in place for discriminatory reasons. Thus, the government argues that a higher percentage of minorities within the felony population than in the population at large means that any policy that discriminates against felons as a class is discriminatory because its impact falls disparately on minorities.

    Company officials pointed out to commission investigators threatening to charge the company with discrimination that they couldn’t hire felons even if they wanted to, because federal law prohibits federal firearms licensees from hiring felons. The investigator’s response was, according to a company official I talked to: “That’s your problem, not ours.” These are investigators and regulators who can read between the lines, know their bosses are anti-gun and will do anything they can to please them.

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/27/us-agencies-join-war-against-gun-owners/#ixzz2OmgdujjV

    What kind of BS is this? This is just one more example as to why the govt needs to go the way of dinosaurs.

  17. Slight Hijack for a song. Many of us know the much shorter version, this is the complete version of “The Silence”. We know the short version as “Taps”. This 13 year old is amazingly talented! Enjoy!


  18. Alabama lawmaker’s email: ‘Slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, snaggle-toothed kin folk’
    George Talbot | gtalbot@al.com By George Talbot | gtalbot@al.com
    on March 27, 2013 at 9:07 AM, updated March 27, 2013 at 6:58 PM


    mitchell_j.jpeg Rep. Joe Mitchell

    State Rep. Joe Mitchell, D-Mobile, had an outlandish exchange via email with a Jefferson
    County man who asked him and other lawmakers not to pass any laws that would restrict gun ownership.

    Eddie Maxwell sent a mass email to state legislators at 10:54 p.m. on Jan. 27, warning them that even attempting to introduce a gun control bill was, in his opinion, a violation of state law.

    Mitchell responded from his public, ALHouse.gov email account at 11:59 p.m., telling Maxwell: “Your folk never used all this sheit (sic) to protect my folk from your slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, incestuous, snaggle-toothed, backward-a**ed, inbreed (sic), imported criminal-minded kin folk.”

    “That’s not the type of reply I expect to receive from a state legislator,” Maxwell replied on Feb. 11. “I’m not a racist and I find your reply to be especially offensive considering the position you hold.”

    Copies of the email exchange were provided to AL.com by state lawmakers who were included in the correspondence. The emails are printed below, edited only to remove the specific addresses.

    Mitchell, who is black, did not respond to email and telephone messages from AL.com seeking comment this week. He told the Associated Press today that he was explaining that citizens who descended from slaves and were disenfranchised by the state constitution have a different view of history and the constitution than white citizens.

    Maxwell, who is white, verified that he wrote the messages sent from his email address and said he was “surprised at the racial tones” in Mitchell’s responses.

    He said the exchange was the first and only contact he’s had with Mitchell, who has served in the state House since 1994.

    “It just makes me more determined that we the people need to stay involved,” Maxwell said in a telephone interview today. “It’s up to us as citizens to watch our government.”

    Maxwell, a retired coal miner, said he’d heard from two state lawmakers who told him they regretted Mitchell’s comments. One of them was state Rep. Patricia Todd, D-Birmingham, who said in a Feb. 11 email to Maxwell that “this member hears you loud and clear.”

    “I just received this chain of emails and wanted to let you know that I am with you on the gun issue and am saddened by the tone of my colleagues email,” Todd wrote, copying all members of the legislature, including Mitchell. “All of us have suffered from the racism of the past and I thank you for your civic and thoughtful response.”

    Maxwell said he hoped that legislative leaders would discipline Mitchell for his comments.

    “I think (Mitchell) needs to be called in to face his actions. I think he at least needs to be questioned about it,” he said.
    me2.jpg Eddie Maxwell (photo provided by Eddie Maxwell)

    Here are copies of the emails, as provided to AL.com:

    From: Eddie Maxwell

    Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2013 10:54 PM

    To: (all members of state legislature)

    Subject: Gun Control and our Constitutions

    Can the officers of our state government change our constitution when the change is forbidden by the people? The Supreme Court of Alabama has ruled that it cannot in an opinion dealing with another matter where change is forbidden. You have sworn to support our constitution. You have defined a violation of an oath in an official proceeding as a class C felony (C.O.A. Section 13A-10-101 Perjury in the first degree).

    Do not violate your oath of office by introducing additional gun control bills or by allowing those already enacted to remain in the body of our laws.

    From: Representative Joseph Mitchell

    Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2013 11:59 PM

    To: Eddie Maxwell

    cc: (all members)

    Subject: Re: Gun Control and our Constitutions

    Hey man. You have used the word ‘except’ when I think you mean somethin’ else.

    Hey man. Your folk never used all this sheit to protect my folk from your slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, incestuous, snaggle-toothed, backward-a**ed, inbreed, imported criminal-minded kin folk. You can keep sending me stuff like you have however because it helps me explain to my constituents why they should protect that 2nd amendment thing AFTER we finish stocking up on spare parts, munitions and the like.

    Bring it. As one of my friends in the Alabama Senate suggested – “BRING IT!!!!”

    JOSEPHm, a prepper (’70-’13)

    Mobile County

    From: Eddie Maxwell

    Sent: Monday, February 11, 2013 2:23 PM

    To: Representative Joseph Mitchell

    cc: (all members)

    Subject: Re: Gun Control and our Constitutions

    Rep. Mitchell and other members of the Legislature of Alabama,

    That’s not the type of reply I expect to receive from a state legislator. The lack of response to your racist comments from your fellow members speaks volumes about the state of our legislature as a whole.

    I’m not a racist and I find your reply to be especially offensive considering the position you hold.

    My parents and grandparents taught me to love God and my fellow man as myself. My father was threatened by members of his church back in 1954 for inviting a black family to attend the church he pastored.

    My father-in-law was threatened when he hired a young negro man to work in his shop back in 1968 in a community where several neighbors were members of the Ku Klux Klan. He didn’t allow those threats to keep him from treating people of all races equally.

    In 1969, I was a draftee in the US Army and bunked with a young negro man named Earl Shinholster at Fort Benning. Earl later became a prominent leader of the NAACP back home in Georgia after serving with me in the Army. When I received numerous racist threats from negroes who knew I lived near Birmingham, Earl warned me of the knives they carried and cautioned me to be more careful around them. Earl had been watching me and he had come to know and respect me for my Christian values. Earl and I became friends and he helped me get through some tough times there.

    Racism is not exclusive to my own people. I learned that before 1955. It is just as ugly now as it was then, regardless of the race of the person who is consumed by it.

    I love my country and my state, and I vowed to support and defend our constitutions. I expect you and all of our representative to do the same.


    Eddie Maxwell

    From: Patricia Todd

    Sent: Monday, February 11, 2013 4:41 PM

    To: Eddie Maxwell

    Cc: (all members)

    Subject: Re: Gun Control and our Constitutions

    Mr. Maxwell:

    I am Patricia Todd, a member of the house. I just received this chain of emails and wanted to let you know that I am with you on the gun issue and am saddened by the tone of my colleagues email. All of us have suffered from the racism of the past and I thank you for your civic and thoughtful response.

    We all have different life experience that shapes our values. I pray that we can all respect, and, celebrate, our differences. That is what make America the greatest country on earth, scars and all.

    This member hears you loud and clear.

    From: Representative Joseph Mitchell

    Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 5:09 PM

    To: Eddie Maxwell

    cc: (all members)

    Subject: Re: Gun Control and our Constitutions

    Eddie. I grew up in Albany Ga. I was a military brat for most of my youth. Air Jump Master and DI USMC. Because I preference my issues with the values that I learned in ‘the heat of battle’ during the mid-fifties through the ‘70’s and into today might tell you what and who I am. I find no need to define it or explain it to you because you can identify with the threats of reprisals against your folk for helping somebody of African Descent. I know ol’ Ft. Benning and Columbus like the palm of my hand.

    Where were you during the Albany Movement? Oh…. You shoulda been there. I am certain that your experiences through how your kin folk ‘helped’ colored folk would have helped us a lot when we were bombed in Albany, Leesburg, Newton and Sylvester.

    I apologize for the restless nights your folk endured out of fear of the Klan. At least as they stood on the sidewalk watching my cousins and me get beat up by some of your neighbors they were able to push you out into the street to physically intervene. They did do that didn’t they? Oh …. Well, I rear where you were one of the first to integrate the all-colored school to prove your parents point.

    Do you that your fathers ‘black’ friend was unable to get FHA benefits? Knowing about those knives and stuff were of benefit but did you know that colored military typically carried knives to protect themselves from folk who looked like your father? Historically, violence on Black folk was committed by White folk. It’s a fact but is it ‘racist?’ It is ‘racial.’ I had seven uncles and three aunts who served in three different ‘encounters. My father was Regular Army.

    Eddie, a person without the power to exercise a threat cannot be a racist because he or she will be eliminated. A person who can, by merely stepping back on the sidewalk’ ore being quiet can support racism and benefit from the ‘first hired,’ affirmative action, preferential treatment fostered by systemic racism and bigotry.

    It is unlikely that I, through sharing my many experiences on the receiving end, will convince you of your errors. For that matter, you will never convince me that our discomforts were comparable. Let the next generations resolve this continuing story.

    Lock and load.



  19. Here’s the biggest racist in the country, agitating in Detroit. 🙄 Couple good comments following the article.

    Rev. Al Sharpton and National Action Network to file emergency financial manager lawsuit

    Read more: http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/rev-al-sharpton-and-national-action-network-to-join-emergency-financial-manager-lawsuit#ixzz2OpiPrgCe

    • Sharpton and Jackson give the title “Reverend” a very bad name. Let’s change the title to Racist Al Sharpton and Racist Jesse Jackson. I think that is far more appropriate 🙂

  20. Good morning, Captain Cannoli. I have a question for you. Please describe for me please sir….what is a “token” any color. Are you describing a “token” simply on the basis of numbers? The appearance of impropriety means that there is? Is someone like Bill Cosby a token or “traitor” to his race? Is Colin Powell a “token” general? I can speak for my family business acumen……we do not care a whingy diddly squat what color someone is…..we will hire the most qualified person we can find that will better our position. So will Wall Street.

    • I think there are several interpretations but the two I’m most comfortable with (i.e., accepting of) are: 1) When a company, government agency, et al, hired a specific number of minorities (of any kind) to offset potential lawsuits. It may be to meet a required quota, but it doesn’t change the fact the hiring was done on a need to have X amount of minorities. 2) When a person of whatever ilk joins ranks with an organization, company, etc., for the sake of opportunism; wherein the organization, company, etc., need a specific color/ethnicity and someone is willing to switch a prior allegiance to take the job. I doubt Jonathan Capehart would take a job at Fox, even for a raise. If he did, I’d have to wonder if he sold out his principal beliefs to be a token minority there. It’s hard to understand how any minority could work at Fox, quite frankly.

  21. Captain Cannoli

    “The Bible as substance … ”


    “… like I keep saying, you’re a funny man.” Thanks chuckles & back atcha

    • Oh, well, then I guess it’s true … there was a garden of eden, Eve really did come from Adam’s rib, Noah really did build an Arc, all the animals got on by pairs, etc., etc., and Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead …

      LOI, I promise you, if you put a tooth under the pillow tonight, coin will appear there in its place tomorrow morning. 🙂

    • Bottom Line says:

      Emmanuel means “God is with us” or “With God” or “El with us”

      Yeshua means Joshua

      Jesus means Iesous; son of Zeus(God of healing).

      I wonder why the third secret of Fatima hasn’t been revealed.

      And who is the shroud from? Is there a way to compare the DNA to a known line from Solomon or David?

      • Bottom Line says:

        Iesous literally translates to “hail zeus”

        As I understand, it was supposed to be a son or grandson of Zeus, and something to do with Constantine.

  22. D13, Great article and a great experiment in getting the truth to the surface. Racism is inbred in the Left and all who follow them. We all get it, now to educate those like Charlie to seeing their own misgivings. Charlie proved he was a racist, by his own definition. Most Democrats are racists, as shown by the Alabama Democrat and his racist rant email.

    I will no longer tolerate being judged by a bunch of hypocrit racist pricks and bitches, so guess what? Yep, Fights ON!

  23. This subject seems to be making people angry, perhaps we should talk about gay marriage 🙂

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