Happy Easter

Here we are, it’s Good Friday 2013. Easter is Sunday and hopefully everyone will be sharing a holiday feast with family.  After this week’s heated debate, we can head into the weekend and open up the subject line to anything that is of interest.  Happy Easter!


  1. 🙂

  2. This should not come as a surprise, but the Cyprus “bail-in” plan isn’t something all that new. It seems that Canada is now considering the same thing should a large bank have problems.


  3. North Korea. What an interesting people. Is the rolly polly Dictator dumb enough to pull the trigger?

    • What do I know about this kind of crap-but I suspect it’s just a lot of noise. Problem is-there seems to be a lot of noise everywhere. I wonder sometimes if the world’s economic problems are gonna lead to WW111.

      • Bottom Line says:

        I think it’ll be the combination of Economic, Political, and Religious systems breaking down.

        Economics and politics are already faltering, but haven’t yet manifested into global chaos and subsequent revolution.

        Fully reveal the third Secret of Fatima, compare the DNA of the Shroud of Turin to the line of David/Solomon and the general population, …and things will start to be called into question.

        When the world finally comes to the conclusion that it has something to do with ET’s, human DNA, spiritual endowment and some form of time travel, and that the truth is being kept from us…all hell breaks lose.

        Oh, and BTW, in case you didn’t catch it, …Jesus translates to Iasous, which means “hail Zeus”, and has something to do with Constantine’s politics. I could be wrong, but I suspect Catholicism/Christianity has been skewed and distorted into some form of Paganism in disguise.

        Who is Emmanuel?

        If Jesus is real and is to return to save us all, I wish he would hurry up.

        Happy Easter!

      • Currency war, trade war, world war. Where do you see the world at the moment? We past currency war, it is ongoing. I think we are also dealing with a trade war, mainly in oil and gas.

    • Let him pull the trigger….his missiles might get 100 miles….they do not have the technology to hurt us….the only hurt will be South Korea…….50000 artillery shells on Seoul per hour can happen….but that would last about 10 mins….then it is all over. The Pillsbury Dough Boy knows this……

  4. Revenge of the nerds: New Hampshire school district bans dodgeball
    8:54 AM 03/29/2013

    You probably assumed that the dark forces of political correctness and the general wussification of America had long ago wiped out the last vestige of dodgeball — probably during the Clinton administration or something.

    Turns out, that’s not true. As of last week, though, a school district in New Hampshire has banned the rite of passage that is dodgeball as a school-sponsored activity.

    As the New Hampshire Union Leader reports, the Windham School Board voted 4-1 last week to ban the controversial game as well as all other games involving human targets from its physical education curriculum.
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    Fear of the risk of concussions and other injuries appears to be the prime motivating factor.

    “In my opinion, the human-target games seem contrary to our goal of avoiding concussions,” Superintendent Henry LaBranche told the Union Leader.

    LaBranche added that the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) has declared that dodgeball and games of its ilk can also lead to upsetting experiences for some students and even bullying.

    School board member Stephanie Wimmer agreed with LaBranche on all counts according to the Union Leader.

    “I absolutely support this and we need to make some changes,” she said. “We need to take the violence out of our schools.”
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    Dennis Senibaldi, the solitary board member who voted against banning dodgeball, told the Union Leader that he believes there are better ways to address bullying. He “definitely couldn’t support banning these games,” he said.

    “This is dodgeball; this is American pie,” Senibaldi added. “You cannot deny that there are more injuries in football.”

    For the record, the Windham High School Jaguars field a football team. There’s also gymnastics, hockey, and Alpine skiing.

    Board members who voted for the ban observed that football players wear protective gear while dodgeball players do not.

    In addition to traditional dodgeball, the school district will now forbid 10 other games in which kids can be targets. An example of those other games is one that elementary schoolers play in gym class called “Rescue 911.” (There are two teams. There are Nerf balls. Players on each team throw the balls at the other team’s players. If you get hit, you have to freeze until a teammate unfreezes you.)

    LaBranche insisted that the risk of concussions is too great, even with Nerf balls.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/03/29/revenge-of-the-nerds-new-hampshire-school-district-bans-dodgeball/#ixzz2OwWySocl

    I wonder-seems to me that these games in a controlled environment-may well be a very good and natural way to let children “play off” some of their natural aggressions.

  5. He is risen!

  6. http://www.microaggressions.com/

    Interesting seeing how people think.

    • Good find VH!

      “It was Eve who ate the apple first. Would you really put Eve in charge of the whole country?”

      My mother when discussing female political candidates

  7. Reflecting on Christianity, I have to wonder if we are all racists & if da Vinci is to blame. Jesus and his disciples were Jews and would have resembled Arabs. Dark skin and hair, not blond and red haired.


    I do not think it matters what Jesus looked like, but wonder about how well we listen. God made man in his image. Why do we feel the need to remake his son in our image?

      • Trying to incite a riot or something? Too funny! There was an art gallery on Beale St that had the Last Supper painted with all black Jesus & disciples. I liked it & it made me think & re-examine my beliefs….

        • Hopefully no riots will commence 🙂 Anyone know what Clist means-having trouble looking it up?

    • I fully believe that Jesus and the disciples where Middle Eastern in appearance, more likely Egyptian than Arab because of the 400 years of captivity in Egypt.

      I always found it interesting that the bible never describes Jesus’ facial attributes or a detailed description. In fact, Judas had to kiss Jesus in order to identify him to those sent to arrest him. He did not stand out in appearance so those sent to arrest him could not identify him among other Nazarenes.

      What he looked like does not matter, what matters is that he was crucified and dies on the cross and then rose from the grave on the third day.

    • I am Episcopalian. We recognize the catholic church but are apart from it. Our priest marry and include women. I personally think celibacy being required for priest is a mistake and it’s not working out very well for them these days….


    • “I do not think it matters what Jesus looked like, but wonder about how well we listen. God made man in his image. Why do we feel the need to remake his son in our image?”

      And this is what you comedians call “rational thought” … Oy friggin’ vey! 🙂

    • Stephen K. Trynosky says:

      In the last two thousand years, the middle east has been overrun at least several hundred times. I doubt that anyone has any clue what they looked like 2,000 years ago. I am always fascinated by Native Americans photographed in the 1800’s. Many look Asian but a whole lot do not. Both Charles Bronson and Jack Palance ( “The Professionals” what a movie!) were Slavs from the Pennsylvania Coal region but their DNA must have been off the charts.

  8. Bottom Line says:

  9. Happy Easter Egg to all……by the way…..Everyone knows that God and Jesus are from Texas…. 🙂

    • Saw that but wasn’t going to post so as not to get you riled up………

      We enter the slippery slope that just absolutely will not happen, right?

      • Not gonna get riled-I am still on a time out 🙂 You guys feel free to discuss-I will remain quiet as a mouse. Not gonna be home in a few minutes anyhow 🙂 🙂

    • Strange how they will argue to kill a baby, then whine like hell about gun control when some kids get gunned down by a lunatic. I wonder if they realize how totally stupid they sound? Doubt it 🙄

  10. Happy Easter Weekend everyone! It is only 48 degrees here in southern WI – but the sun is warm and everything is melting!!! Yeah! I’m going running in shorts!

  11. There has been accusations of Christianity being under attack by our own govt. Is this proof? Does the word OBEY at the top bother you? Look very closely at the picture.


  12. Yo Charlie! As we celebrate Easter, I saw this and thought about you. You better hope He doesn’t exist. 😉 Duck Commander Phil Rocks! MSU doesn’t 😦

    • Commander Phil better hope Jesus has a razor … I could see flies in that nest of hair … 🙂

      • Whatever! He made his millions..alllllll by himself! Scratch that, God musta helped. There needs to be more families like the Robertsons. Interesting factoid: Phil was a starting quarterback in college. His backup? Terry Bradshaw. No lie. Bradshaw said Phil loved hunting more than football. He’d come to the practice field straight from the woods, camo on and all. Check out Duck Dynasty if you haven’t. That’s some funny rednecks right there. 🙂

  13. FLPatriot,
    Playing catch-up.

    Actually Todd, a study was done about income mobility and you would be surprised to see that those in lower income brackets increase at a higher rate than those in the upper income brackets.

    here is a good place to start: http://www.learnliberty.org/videos/is-there-income-mobility-in-america

    On a personal note. I grew up in a much lower income bracket than I live in now. I am earning much more than my parents did and I hope my kids are on the path to continue that trend.

    Wow, there’s a lot of percentages in that link. I thought you didn’t like percentages?

    Actually FLPatriot, there have been a lot of studies. I had already looked at this link – and a bunch of others. I guessed (and HOPED!) you’d pick this one.

    Here the first thing that jumped out at me:

    From 1967 to 2009, the real mean household income of the top quintile increased by 71 percent, meaning the rich became much richer. Over the same period. The real mean household income in the bottom quintile increased by 25 percent. This means the poor became richer as well. This measure shows that Americans in the lowest quintile could afford more goods and services in 2009 than in 1967.

    Do you realize how crazy this statement is? Maybe some real numbers would help. Using the 25% and 71% and the 2009 mean income for the quintiles, I came up with 1967 income and the change:

    (I hope this displays correctly!)

                  1967      Percent     2009      Income
    Quintile     Income    Increase    Income     Change
    --------    --------    ------    --------   -------
    Lowest        $8,992      25%      $11,240    $2,248
    Highest     $104,105      71%     $178,020   $73,915

    The Lowest Quintile went from $8,992 to $11,240. A $2,248 increase.
    The Highest Quintile went from $104,105 to $178,020. A $73,915 increase.

    This pretty much says it all. Does it really matter who moved from the Lowest Quintile to the Second Quintile? In this 40 year period, they fell $70,000 farther behind. They’re fighting over the scraps that are thrown to them…this pretty much defines the TRICKLE in Trickle Down Economics.

    If we look at the households in the bottom quintile in 1987 and follow those households until 1996, we find that about 45 percent of them have moved up to a higher quintile.

    How far up? 19% to 21%? Did they stay there? Did they continue to move up? And remember, for everyone that moved up, someone moved down (because these are quintiles – there’s always 20% of the population in each).

    If we look at the next 10-year period, we find that 40 percent of households move up.

    Same questions, but another little twist. Maybe these 40% where part of the 45% that were forced down in the previous 10 years? Remember, these are quintiles – not absolutes. For everyone that moved up, someone moved down.

    But the fact remains that the incomes these people were earning is in the $8,992 – $11,240 range. Maybe a little higher when they moved up for a decade – but they weren’t getting rich…

    Professor Mulholland also discusses income mobility from the top quintile down and across generations.

    The percentages up and down in the top quintile were similar in the video, and I have a lot of the same questions as above. Except this group was “fighting” over the real money in our economy. And income at the higher levels tends to fluctuate more with investments, job changes, etc.

    For the Generational change, this is the “basics” from the video:
    Rich – No Change in income (not bad – it’s nice to stay at the top. I mean $104,105 to $178,020 isn’t too bad)
    Poor – Income Doubled (Great, except $10,000 to $20,000 isn’t all that great)

    So, let’s review:

    you would be surprised to see that those in lower income brackets increase at a higher rate than those in the upper income brackets.

    I definitely would be surprised – if that were true. The lowest increased by 25% – $2,248. The highest increased by 71% – $73,915.

    Who increased at a higher rate – and at a higher amount – and at a higher percentage?

    On a personal note. I grew up in a much lower income bracket than I live in now. I am earning much more than my parents did and I hope my kids are on the path to continue that trend.

    Well, that’s great! It’s the American Dream! But are you catching up to the highest quintile? Or are you just splashing around in the middle?

    On a personal note from me, I’m NOT earning more than my parents. But my parents are in the “less than 1%”. I’m a few percentage points behind. Still not a bad place to be…

  14. FLPatriot,
    Here’s another look at Income Mobility from the Boston Fed:

    Click to access wp1110.pdf

    From page 1:

    In the United States, family income inequality has risen from year to year since the mid-1970s; given this rising cross-sectional inequality, changes over time in mobility determine the degree to which long-term income is also increasingly unequally istributed.

    Income mobility (or non-mobility) is directly related to income unequality.

    based on a post-tax, post-transfer concept of income adjusted for family size.

    So this takes taxes and welfare into account.

    By most measures, mobility is lower in more recent periods (1995–2005) than in the late seventies and the eighties (the 1977–1987 or 1981–1991 periods).

    So income mobility has gotten worse since the time frames in your link.

    Comparing results based on pre-government income suggests that an increasingly redistributive tax and transfer system contributed to rising
    mobility into the 1980s, but that its impact has since waned.

    Some of the income in your link was from government redistribution…

    Overall, the evidence indicates that over the 1969-to-2006 time span, family income mobility across the distribution decreased, families’ later-year incomes increasingly depended on their starting place, and the distribution of families’ lifetime incomes became less equal.

    Damn – more bad news…

  15. Happy Easter everyone!

  16. Forward, and downhill

    By: John Hayward | March 29th, 2013 at 01:59 PM | 6


    It is commonplace for liberals to sneer at “slippery slope” arguments – the fear that some infringement upon liberty will lead to further loss of freedom down the road. (For some reason, there seems to be little fear that “slippery slopes” can lead in the other direction.) Talk about the assault weapons ban leading to more stringent gun control, for example, and gun-control zealots will laugh at your silly concerns. Of course they don’t have a further agenda, once they get the American people accustomed to the latest Bill of Rights haircut! They’ll stop with a 15-round limit on magazine size, and banning rifles with two scary-looking features. Or 10 rounds and one scary-looking feature. Whatever. Just rest assured that nobody’s going to be pushing anybody down any well-greased inclines toward destinations that would be politically unreachable today.

    In truth, slippery-slope concerns are perfectly reasonable. They are a standard part of the “progressive” battle plan. A core tenet of progressivism is to take incremental, but irreversible, steps toward the total State. They hope that each new expansion of government will swiftly acquire a dependent constituency that will fight much harder to protect their favorite programs than weary taxpayers will struggle to terminate them. Diffuse taxation pays for specific benefits. Who knows where each dollar paid to the tax man goes? But everyone receiving a dollar from Uncle Sugar most certainly knows where it comes from.

    Also, the Left labors very hard to push the idea that government spending and regulation are the only way society can express proper concern about any given problem. Anyone who tries to roll back spending or regulatory power will therefore be accused of not “caring” about some vital issue, or actively “hating” some group of people. Knowing that all motion toward a state of higher liberty will be denounced as heartless disdain or disgusting greed, why shouldn’t we be concerned that movement toward the larger State is a downhill slide that will be very difficult to slow, let alone reverse?

    Our highly legalistic society is very big on the idea of building from precedent. It happens constantly in both the courts, and political debate. Every loss of liberty becomes a building block for the next expansion of government power. If the State can do this, why not this? If one thing can be forbidden, or compelled, why not the next? This strategy has proven effective at swaying both judges and voters.

    And government programs grow through failure. The importance of this process to the psychology of Big Government cannot be underestimated. An efficient program that delivers solid results under budget is going to find its budget cut. An agency that “solves” whatever problem it was formed to address will find itself stripped down or eliminated. The canny bureaucrat therefore presents his department as perpetually under-funded, while trying to grapple with ever more formidable challenges. Every agency is a plucky underdog doing a fantastic job on a shoestring budget against insurmountable odds… and there is always so much more work to be done. If there is any threat of a program’s original goals being met, it will suddenly contract an acute case of mission creep, discovering new problems it can address. This is a fertile environment for slippery-slope thinking. Government programs routinely end up exerting levels of authority, and spending sums of money, that would have astounded their original creators.

    The purpose of the Constitution was to establish a set of inalienable rights that would never be infringed at all, and thus could not be rolled downhill. There are supposed to be some aspects of individual freedom that are forever off the table, no matter how urgently benevolent politicians and super-intelligent regulators want to violate them for the “greater good.” Once concessions have been made from an absolute right, it is no longer absolute, and its further dissolution becomes negotiable. It is now common for these concessions to be extracted through executive action and judicial decisions, rather than using the amendment process provided by the Constitution. But for an example of a very slippery slope that began the “right” way, with a Constitutional amendment, compare the current state of the income tax to the promises made at its inception. How much government power grew from the concession that income could be directly taxed – just a tiny little bit, mind you, and only from the vast income of millionaires, never the hard-won paychecks of the working man?

    Today it seems as though we’re surrounded by issues that would have been dismissed as the fanciful delusions of slippery-slope paranoia only a few years ago. And of course, we are once again promised there will be no further developments, no efforts to take a political crusade in directions that today’s voters would never approve of. There seems to be little interest in exhuming the ignored warnings of yesterday’s critics, to measure the accuracy of concerns that were waved away. What receives less respect in today’s culture than the wisdom of previous ages? Tradition is inertia, mindless obedience to hollow ritual! And yet, those who insist on moving rapidly “forward” seem unable to consider the danger of racing down a decline marked with points of no return.

    Here’s an example, courtesy of the Weekly Standard, in which a Planned Parenthood official in Florida stands up for outright infanticide:

    Alisa Laport Snow, the lobbyist representing the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, testified that her organization believes the decision to kill an infant who survives a failed abortion should be left up to the woman seeking an abortion and her abortion doctor.

    “So, um, it is just really hard for me to even ask you this question because I’m almost in disbelief,” said Rep. Jim Boyd. “If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that is struggling for life?”

    “We believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician,” said Planned Parenthood lobbyist Snow.

    Rep. Daniel Davis then asked Snow, “What happens in a situation where a baby is alive, breathing on a table, moving. What do your physicians do at that point?”

    “I do not have that information,” Snow replied. “I am not a physician, I am not an abortion provider. So I do not have that information.”

    How many people who supported Roe v. Wade in 1974 thought it would ever lead to a conversation like this? What would have been said about Roe critics who proposed it as the destination lying at the bottom of the slippery abortion slope?


  17. Happy Easter 🙂

  18. Happy Easter to All 🙂

  19. Texas parents take on school curriculum called CScope….and won. Being monitored and discontinued. Parents PTA’s all over the state, using local jurisdictions, have denounced political correctness and throwing Progressive agendas out.

  20. Gman, you’re a man of the north woods. Have you ever made maple syrup?

    • I have not made maple syrup. Several Amish places make it and sell it.

      • I learned to do it in MA when I lived there and did it for several years in NJ. The kids loved helping me collect the sap. We used to make about 4 gal a year. The kids to this day use nothing but 100% maple syrup. Can’t stand the imitation brands. Great excuse to get outside in the late winter and early spring.

        • That sounds like fun! Took my Uncle out to our tree house to watch the field Friday evening. We were very pleased to see a flock of 53 wild turkeys walk through with some really nice long beards strutting their stuff 🙂

          • The neighbors thought I was nuts. One from SoCal thought I was feeding the birds or squirrels. Then I gave them a sample. After that I got to share crop their trees.

            • That’s great. I would like your recipe on how to do it all. That’s something I’d like to try 🙂

              • 1. Tapping is done at best when days first get above freezing and nights are freezing. So for your area depending on elevation in mid to late January and February. You can get taps easily at many places: http://compare.ebay.com/like/220970459158?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar
                2. The best trees of course are sugar maples. Black maples also work but these are only in the Midwest. I found that the small leaf mountain maples do not bleed well and are not worth the trouble. Sugar maples will product sap that is about 30-40 gal of water per gal of syrup. Most other maples are about 60:1 but will also work.
                3. Drill a hole about 1/2″ to 5/8″ in diameter into the tree at a slightly upward angle on the south side of the tree. The hole only needs to be deep enough for the tap to fit. The sap comes up in the layer between the bark and the wood. The tree must be at least 10″ in diameter. You can insert 1 tap for every 10″ of diameter. Drive the tap into the tree just hard enough for it to hold.
                4. For buckets, I used milk jugs. I would drill a hole in the cap and insert a snug short length of Tygon tubing. The tubing is then slipped over the end of the tap. This prevents rain and moths from getting into the jugs. The jug is then hung from the tap with a piece of string. A good tree will produce 2-3 gal of sap a day.
                5. When collecting, I just swapped jugs rather than try to pour the sometimes frozen sap out. Collection should be done at least twice a day, morning and night as sap flows both up and down.
                6. Boil, boil. The most economical way to do this is with a shallow pan over a wood fire. My Dad used a cut off gas water heater. I would advise doing it in a out building as it can leave a sticky residue. Final boiling can be done on a stove in the house with a good external exhaust range hood.
                7. Use a syrup hydrometer to measure the sugar concentration as you near the finish. This is critical. The target is 66% sugar. Any less, the product will be too thin and may not keep as well. More it will crystallize. Go slow as it is easy to scorch. It can be frothy and tend to boil over.
                8. When at 66%, pour into sterile quart preheated fruit jars and seal. No need to hot pack as the high sugar content is its own preservative. Careful as hot syrup tends to stick to skin resulting in a nasty burn.
                9. When the flow has stopped, pull the taps. I have seen mixed advise on plugging the hole. Some advice a branch from the same tree, spraying the hole with tree wound, or just leave it alone and let nature take its course. Always move about 30° from a previous tap site in subsequent years.

                That’s the short of it. By the way, you can also make birch syrup using a the same methods.

              • Just noticed the link showed aluminum taps. I would use SS to galvanized.

              • Thanks T-Ray. I printed it up and will find the right trees and give it a shot 🙂

    • A Puritan Descendant says:

      T-Ray, not that it makes any difference for sap collection, but I don’t know that that is correct.
      My interpretation of things I have read are that the sap rises within the “sapwood” which can be several inches across/deep into the tree. The sap rises up the tree/sapwood. Then later when leaves are on the tree, the leaves collect nutrients, sunlight… and ‘do their thing’ and return nutrients down the tree through one of the cambium layers near the inside of the bark to the roots, allowing root growth. (I am no expert! Just my perception of reality).

      Now as far as “syrup” goes, if you have not ever tried it, try making apple cider syrup!!!. I have made a lot of it for my own uses. It can also be bought on-line. Some will mention the “caramel flavor” as a selling point and it indeed can and usually does have such a flavor, buit for my tastes I try to avoid it IF POSSIBLE. I think/know the caramel flavor is just burnt sugar when trying to ‘boil’ it down. I have managed to avoid burning it in the past but most times I do end up with some burning/caramel flavor, which is ok and some might prefer it. It is super on pancakes/sourdough pancakes. It can also be a way to store it for later fermentation back to hard cider or whatever one would want to use it for. It can be boiled down in a simpkle pan/pot on top of the stove, or a double boiler pot. Or even at lower temps in the oven. The oven works best EXCEPT takes longer and the pot ends up with dried on crud so bad most people would discard the pot. But simply boiling apple cider vinegar in the dirty pot and a little/lot of scrubbing will bring it clean.

      Also, I usually boil/heat it down to 8:1 ratio and it is quite thick (about brix 74 in my experiments). 7:1 would probably be easier to avoid burning but would be runnier. One can taste less and less sugar as it gains the caramel flavor (burnt sugar).

      Anyone who wants to give it a shot, just buy 1 gallon of cider and boil it down to about 1 pint.

      Some day I will figure out a practical consistent way to avoid the burning, … maybe.


      • A Puritan Descendant says:

        forgot your quote that I am refering to > “The sap comes up in the layer between the bark and the wood.”

      • A Puritan Descendant says:

        a couple more notes for anyone who needs them, boil down sweet cider not hard cider, and I use stainless steel pots. keep in mind cider is quite acidic.

      • You have to drill at least 2″ into the tree so you will be in the sapwood. I’d advise against drilling too deep to keep from harming the tree. The sap does rise during the above freezing days and flows back down during the freezing nights. So you can collect both day and night. The first run sap is the best. One caution. Do not drive the spile in too hard as this can crack the bark and cause a leak.

        If I get a good apple crop this year, maybe I will try the cider syrup. That would be a fun diversion from sauce, pies and juice. I’ll have to find my hydrometer. Thanks for the hint.

  21. Colonel, is Texas going to the dogs? With all those gun in hand, you’d think the DA’s would be safe, no?


    • Happy Easter Charlie 🙂 Ya gotta love how the Lefties always try to include a ridiculous lie that has no basis of fact. In the linked story: Sources told CBS affiliate KTVT in Dallas that the DA was shot multiple times with what is believed to be an assault rifle.

      There is no way to know if an “assault rifle” was used without the actual gun being found. What a crock 🙄

    • Hi Charlie…..wait until the final investigation is complete. It will be shortly. No one knows the weapon used as yet.This DA was armed, always carried his weapon, his home was protected by a security company, and he had a dog. All this to say, that no matter how protected/unprotected a person is,,,,,,,,anyone can be taken out at anytime.

      We have a huge Aryan and Latino gang problem down here tied to Northern Mexico drug issue. This DA’s office has been one of the paramount offices in combating the ARYAN Brotherhood and its ties with the Latino gangs, both in prison and out of prison. The entire Kaufman DA’s office of prosecution has been taken out. These gangs are ruthless and no one is immune. They will kill a grandmother in a wheel chair just as fast as they will kill a 6 month old baby sleeping in a crib. If you remember the assistant DA was taken out 2 weeks ago in a parking lot outside his office.

      This is actually good in a way, as the Aryan Brotherhood and the Latino’s in prison have too many rights. There is a lock down in place as of yesterday, in Texas prisons (privately run) that no mail, telephone calls, unsupervised visitation, computers, TV, and unsupervised recreational use is in place. When you give prisoners too many bennies, this is the result. I also have it on good authority that the gang members (the prison ones) have now been isolated and the leaders placed in total isolation.

      I am quite sure that very shortly, the gang members and leaders on both sides of the border will begin disappearing.

      • One thing that will probably not appear in the main stream media, since it would fly into the face of the current administration and Napolitano’s insistence that there is no problem on the borders or in border states, are the ominous warning signs that are posted in the form of graffiti warning of terror threats and reprisals on all known people cooperating with law enforcement. You can be assured that we have a handle on this and it will be handled the Texas way……swift, silent, and deadly without interference from the Feds because they are not in the loop and will not be. The Feds are not to be trusted. Just keep an eye out and you will see.

        We had a huge Asian gang problem years ago…..it is now eradicated….the same here.

        • I hope things get squared away on this matter. If this were to leave Texas it may hurt the gun grabbers attempts at gun control, we can’t have that. They are our entertainment as of late, why stop a good thing 🙂

  22. Thanks to the Liberal Democrats, there will now be millions more Americans without health insurance. When can we lynch all of them? http://godfatherpolitics.com/10130/individual-health-insurance-to-increase-from-32-to-80-according-to-recent-study/

    Then we have those that think that govt is the answer. Will they finally admit they are wrong?

    • Our company costs went up 18% this year. the company still covers employees 100% but families now have to contribute. I my case just for my wife, it will cost be over a $1000 this year just for premiums. This despite having the highest deductible plan that is offered. I know others pay more but this just demonstrates the trend that is coming. When the Ocare was being debated, I stated that nothing in the package was aimed at reducing costs. Seams I was right.

      • Anything govt touches, it usually breaks. This is no different, and you were right along the the rest of us smart people 😆 I’m going to guess that all those Obamanot’s who supported this stupid legislation are feeling pretty dumb right now. It suck’s for everyone when Liberal stupidity is proven true. Dumb asses !

      • T Ray….the average rise in insurance rates here is between 30 and 75% depending upon the company and insurance pool that is selected. My insurance co pay for Veterans medical has gone up over 40% now….and even veterans with war related disabilities are now required, under O Care, to pay copay for treatment. Veterans prosthetics are now taxed and replacements are co pay…..

        In addition, another lie in the Ocare……….all this hoopla about being able to keep your current insurance….is a lie. Most are losing it.

        But look on the bright side………maybe there will be a backlash later…..as the new taxes have already hit the middle and poor class right between the eyes, the rise in insurance is hitting the middle and poor class…..right between the eyes…

        Perhaps this is the 2×4 characterization……..sometimes it takes one between the eyes to wake people up. It is a sad day when our wounded men and women now have co-pays. A sad day……..

  23. More Liberal indoctrination towards Communism. http://www.cnsnews.com/blog/kristine-marsh/conservatives-christians-fox-news-bashed-annual-taxpayer-sponsored-lgbt-youth

    The targets list is growing, they better hope it don’t get to that!

    • Yes, we’re so much more civilized using drones to kill people … oy vey.

      • The article didn’t mention drones, just these people lopping off the heads of other people. Then again, blowing someone into a million pieces is even messier, and dead is dead. I’m not 100% for the use of drones either, and killing innocent civilians is no different than murder in my eyes.

      • But Charlie………..the man you voted for and put into office……..the government that you support……has used more drones, started more wars and killed more people than anything that Bush has done….want specifics?

        • Facts would just confuse him Colonel, isn’t he bad enough already ? 🙂

          • Ya know Gman…..even Captain Cannoli is not stupid……he sees it and he knows it…..he is trying to figure out how to adjust to it. I really do think that he is a “closet conservative”….but his entertainment is in riling you and others………

            Sorry Charlie…….I figured you out a long time ago. However……..I LUV YA MAN.

            • The Colonel is always closest to the truth! Somewhat conservative … still a liberal socially and socialist economically, though … but I do love getting G going … LUV YA BACK! 🙂

              • I will agree with your liberal bend socially….I even confess to being pretty moderate on the social side…I do have my limits though……

                I do not really agree that you are a socialist economically…..I think that you are incensed at the disparity of some but not all…..I do not think you really believe that the government owns everything because even Captain Cannoli knows that government produces no income other than taking it away and that even a socialist government is corrupt.

                I do think that you are genuine in your belief that Wall Street is a huge problem but you are not alone in that belief….I share your sentiments to some extent. I understand your disdain with the large banks and financial institutions and you are smart enough to know that the likes of Soros, et al are just as corrupt as the Koch brothers. I also believe that you favor the idea of a healthcare system available to all but I also know that you believe that government is not the answer but in the absence of anything else and the fact that private enterprise is not stepping up to the plate, that even a bad governing body is better than no governing body.

                I also believe that your core principle on entitlements is not a give away program and I feel very strongly that Obama’s 74% increase in SNAP and his disallowance of drilling permits is driving the price of oil and gas so high it is hurting the very people that put him in power, is a source of irritation for you. Being a writer and author, I know you understand basic human interests and I also know you do not believe that all business owners are a pariah. Wall street fat cats and bankers are a source of irritation to the most conservative of conservatives……but the conservatives do not believe in throwing out the baby with the bath water. A bunch of laws will change nothing to the mass…you need to target the specifics…..and the 1% is NOT the normal business person.

                The only place you and I REALLY differ is that I do not believe that the fat cats and the bankers are targeting anyone on a racial basis…….I believe that everyone is the target…not just the black or the Indian….but everyone that is not an elitist.

                So…….the fact that you did not vote in this election or the last one is a testament that you are NOT a flaming liberal.

        • Colonel, I couldn’t vote for Obama with a gun to my head … he’s the worst president since Hoover (to me) … I voted for Bush twice … was VERY embarrased for betraying my core beliefs (but I hated what Clinton was and did) and then refused to vote for either party ever again … but Obama took the sting out of Bush for me … Bush was just plan stupid. Obama knows better … he’s just an opportunist … and useless as tits on a bull to the working man.

    • Anybody with half a brain should be dumping the EURO……..as I told you…..we, as a family, saw this developing……we dumped Euros long ago and I advised to do the same….The exodus right now is amazing and you cannot get a decent exchange rate now if you wanted it. The Euro is dying.

  24. Border states from Texas to California have long grappled with a cartel presence. But cases involving cartel members have now emerged in the suburbs of Chicago and Atlanta, as well as Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Ky., and rural North Carolina. Suspects have also surfaced in Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

    Mexican drug cartels “are taking over our neighborhoods,” Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane warned a legislative committee in February. State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan disputed her claim, saying cartels are primarily drug suppliers, not the ones trafficking drugs on the ground.

    As their organizations grew more sophisticated, the cartels began scheming to keep more profits for themselves. So leaders sought to cut out middlemen and assume more direct control, pushing aside American traffickers, he said.So far, cartels don’t appear to be directly responsible for large numbers of slayings in the United States, though the Texas Department of Public Safety reported 22 killings and five kidnappings in Texas at the hands of Mexican cartels from 2010 through mid- 2011. After that, though, Texas knows how to deal with it. So, they move North.

    D13 says: You will probably find that the DA murders are directly associated with the Cartels. Get ready for it. You will find that large money on the anti gun stances is also coming from Cartels……

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