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There is a lot of things going on in the world that tend to keep our minds busy. While we all have our own solutions to fix these problems, but can’t seem to find an agreeable solution that we can all live with. Let’s bring the fixable issues forward and see if we can agree on a fix.  On Wednesday, Life of Illusion has an article ready to go. 



  1. Re: Gay Marriage

    With this being a big subject as of late, how should it best be handled to please everyone. I’m not homosexual and I do not think that homosexuality is a normal thing. I believe it is a choice. With that said, a legal Civil Union can be applied to gay couples to solve all the financial and legal issues that are normally associated with marriage. What say you all?

    • Get rid of discrimination laws gone wild and have the importance of a mother and father to raise children codified in law. But at the risk of sounding negative-that ain’t gonna happen. We have gone to far in the scientific field in promoting having children without the benefit of sex-to ever return to what is natural and best for children-now rights only belong to adults based on their wants instead of what is normal and best for children. Want a baby rent a womb. Want a baby go have a doctor implant an egg. It’s hard anymore to know who is the actual parent anymore.

    • Civil unions have been rejectd by the political homosexuals because it is not about “gay rights”, it is all about watering down religion until they can get rid of it.

      Daniel Dennett: Religion is like ‘the common cold’ and said humans need to be cured of it. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-radio-and-tv-21947207)

      • I agree they want to water down religion. But all this argument is going to produce is the return argument-if your religion denies others their rights why should we care-and they have a point. The real argument is that it takes away individual rights to freedom of conscience and it also attacks the church’s freedom to teach their beliefs. The main problem is the use of discrimination laws. Having it codified in law that gay marriage is the exact same thing as traditional marriage is simply one of the tools they want to use to achieve both-then any arguments against them is moot.

        • The end point is that bilblical Christianity’s time is almost up in America. The majority of American voters no longer what to be one nation under God and it is only a matter of time before they find a way to “cure” the country form the “disease” of religion.

          I will continue to do my best to slow down that from happening, but it is a loosing battle (read revalation).

          Homosexual marriage will be made legal and acceptable, Churches will be forced to either marry same sex couples or loose their tax exempt status and pastors will be sued and/or arrested for discrimination. Ou ronly action is to delay and preach the gospal and pray that some come to Christ before it is too late.

          • FLP, Not so fast 🙂 The SCOTUS may send the whole issue back to the States, where 31 have already said no. They may also, in this case, say that the people have spoken, and that it’s a State issue, case closed. I do agree that religion is under attack, the question that I have is who is leading the attack?

            • You put to much faith in politicians gman. Democrats are working to get rid of state rights, wait until Obama gets to appoint 2 SCOTUS judges in the next 4 years.

              • I have no faith at all in politicians. I don’t think that marriage is a government issue at all. But if is, but under State laws. The decision will be interesting. I have wondered, why aren’t Atheist’s fighting for civil unions?

      • Civil Unions, being rejected? I would say “Too Fuc%!ng bad, take it or leave it”. That will solve the problem after the SCOTUS sends it back to the States. Then again, after it goes back to the States, NO is the correct answer, they should have taken Civil Unions.

    • “I believe it is a choice.”

      When did you make your choice for Gman?

      • I’m not sure of the question. If it’s why I have the nickname, friends gave it to me many years ago. If it’s about my heterosexuality, it just came natural with no decisions needed.

        • Sorry my mistake, it was bad English.

          I don’t know about you but it would pretty impossible for me to be gay, I am just not wired that way. I dont understand how people can make a choice about their sexuality.

          • No worries, We are normal, in a biological sense. I do not understand how people become homosexual, I know that they are not born that way, as they like to claim. At some point a choice is made, whether during puberty or later in life, to be gay. We don’t have to worry about that, so we talk about this marriage thing. Give them Civil Union’s, leave religion out of it. Everyone is happy then, I think 🙂

            • “I know that they are not born that way”

              How do you know that?

              • Because it is a scientific fact that sexuality does not begin until puberty.

              • So you chose your sexuality at puberty?

              • For most, it’s a natural event, men are attracted to women, etc. Some may choose gay at puberty or much later in life. How many married men with children go Gay in the later years? It happens.

              • You do realise that people can be attracted to men and women right?

                “For most, it’s a natural event”

                Explain what you mean by this.

              • Most men and women go through puberty without conflict (such as being attracted to the same sex). If you would like I can go into the vaccination issue, which I believe has something to do with the conflicts people are experiencing. But that is a full article, too long for a few posts.

              • But they must have urges that make them attracted to the same sex in the first place, something they cant control. Like I said before, I dont have any urges towards the same sex and that is something I have no control over. I could not force myself to be gay. That is the reason I dont agree with the “I believe it is a choice” statement.

      • So Bob, are you saying that homosexuals are forced to have sex, or do they have a choice to have sex?

        • Who is saying anything about force?

          I am heterosexual but there was no choice, no decision, no point of question in that regard. I am not attracted to men sexually in any way and it has always been like that so I cannot understand the “I believe it is a choice” statement.
          All that being said I have come to the conclusion that other people must be able to have different sexual orientations. Whether that is being homo or bi-sexual they must have had the same lack of choice that I had.

          • If a women in their 30s sees a 15 year old boy shirtless with a six pack and is aroused, does that make that person a pediphile? or is it the act of having sex with that child that makes her a pediphile?

            • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Pediphilia crime made up by man? Or is there a religious aspect to it? It is not a crime in other countries (Middle East).

            • I really dont understand where you are going with this.

              Do we have the choice which sex we are attracted to?

              • My example is to figuer out if you classify someone by their thoughts or their actions. So let me ask another quetion… Do we have the choice of who we have sex with?

                Along with that let me also ask, at what point do you classify someone as a homosexual, when they are attracted to someone of the same sex or when they engage in sexual acts with a member of the same sex?

              • “Do we have the choice of who we have sex with”

                Most people do, unfortunately some dont. Again I dont see where you are going with this and how this is related to who we are attracted to.

                If someone is attracted to someone of the same sex they are homosexual or bi-sexual.

              • “If someone is attracted to someone of the same sex they are homosexual or bi-sexual.” So you would say anyone that is aroused by preteens is a pedaphile? Even if they never act on it.

                Just because someone has the desire to do something does not mean they have to. It is a choice to act on those desires. Just like a pediphile, clepto or any other mental desire. Homosexuals choose to act on their desires, they have that choice.

              • Again what has pedophilia got to do with this? Why are you categorising someone’s sexual orientation as a mental illness?

                We are talking about which sex we are attracted to. I am attracted to women, some guys are attracted to men, some are attracted to both. What should I care what they do as long as it is between two consenting adults?

                Just as a little fun though:

                “So you would say anyone that is aroused by preteens is a pedaphile? Even if they never act on it.”

                As a religious man yourself, what does the good book say? Have a look in Matthew chapter 5.

    • “I’m not homosexual and I do not think that homosexuality is a normal thing.”

      Oy vey … G,YOU are not a normal thing!!!! We love you anyway! Stop being STUPID!

      • As usual, Charlie, you yell names but offer no substance. Try proving me wrong before claiming a higher intellect, which everyone knows is another fiction of yours. 🙂

        • Proving you wrong, G? You do that EVERY time you post something. You need proof that another human being is normal? As normal as you (but probably 1000 x’s more intelligent)? Are you kidding? Homosexuality is not normal? 10% (at least) of the population is abnormal? What about whites vs. blacks? Eskimos? Dwarfs? Giants? Seriously, dude, you’re friggin’ nuts. 🙂

  2. How do we solve this? Add in an “official” stop so we pay for the whole thing. So sick of the crap.


    • You know, I’m sure Obama isn’t the only one who has used government money to campaign but he has to be the worse. Has he heard of TV-if he wants to talk to the people- how about a fireside chat-surely that would be cheaper. And maybe that way he would still have time to actually talk to Congress or get out a budget on time.

    • How do we stop it? Not by voting 🙂 Those in DC are now a different class than we are. The whole political system has been corrupted, it is no longer ” of the people……”. The system must be crushed and a new one, with more controls over their power, implemented. It can not be fixed from within, just ask Ron Paul.

  3. I find it very distressfull that we have court battles now trying to determine who has the rights to a child a serogate mother or the people who supplied the egg and sperm. Court cases wanting there to be 3 parents. And I especially find it confusing to have at the same time, court cases suing doctors because they failed to kill their babies during an abortion. Or donors wanting the force serogate mothers to abort the babies that they wanted ohhh so badly. Our society is totally messed up.

  4. But before I get to ranting and scare you guys away from talking about this issue-I’m gonna go clean house. 🙂

    • V.H. You cannot fight abortion by using the moral argument. That has been destroyed already. Change who you fight by understanding what the fight is really about. The history of Planned Parenthood will take you back to Eugenics. This will also lead you to the population control of blacks. Start there, then you can prove murder.

  5. Bottom Line says:

    Whether it be heterosexual or homosexual, marriage/civil unions(or whatever you want to call it), …it is about love, affection,companionship, family, and religion, etc.

    So what does law have to do with companionship, family, and religion? Taxes, social security, insurance? Again, what does that have to do with it?

    Or is this issue an example of one group of self righteous people using coercive government to impose their values upon another group of people?

    • I have been clear on the issue long ago. I have no problem with what others do in life. If people are gay and want the same legal protections as a normal couple that is married, then why not? While Holy Matrimony is a religious event, those religions who do not accept homosexuality should not be forced to do so. So should a self righteous minority force themselves upon others using coercive government? It works both ways. We would not have this problem if government were not in every aspect of our lives. Time for them to go!

      • Bottom Line says:

        Take sexual orientation out of the equation altogether. Then what do you have?

        The point is that government has no business regulating romance or religion or family affairs(or anything else for that matter).

        If government is righteous in regulating romance, then why not regulate ALL issues of romance? There ought to be a law that people have to go on a date at least twice a week, have sex at least once a week, and never on the first date.

        If government is righteous in regulating religious events, then why not let government regulate ALL religious events? There ought to be a law that everyone worship Allah, get married in Christian churches, fast during Ramadan, and have a bar mitzvah for teens as soon as pubic hair starts to grow.

        If government is righteous in regulating family affairs, then why not let government regulate ALL family affairs? There ought to be a law that families eat dinner together EVERY night, that they see a movie every Friday, and all households with 3 or more persons must have at least two bathrooms.

        Hell, why not just let the government regulate the way you wipe your ass while you’re at it? There ought to be a law that everyone use exactly 6 squares of toilet paper per wipe.

        Sounds pretty friggin’ ridiculous doesn’t it? – Same difference.

    • “Or is this issue an example of one group of self righteous people using coercive government to impose their values upon another group of people?”

      You mean the way self righteous people used coercive government (man made laws, by the way) to decide marriage is between a man and a woman?

      Oy vey …

      • Bottom Line says:


        And it isn’t just marriage either. There are a whole range of similar examples. Our society is plagued with it.

        That’s what I mean when mentioning laws that are not of mutual/universal benefit. People don’t know how to mind their own business, and they use government to force their business onto others.

        It is disgusting if you ask me.

    • What it is -is a war. One can certainly make the argument that we are all intruding in other peoples business and we would be better off without a government. But, again, we not only have a government we have a very large and intrusive government. You either fight based on that reality or let those other self righteous people control you. Your choice.

      • Bottom Line says:

        ” What it is -is a war. ”

        ” You either fight based on that reality or let those other self righteous people control you. Your choice. ”

        I have no personal investment in this issue as I am not gay, nor will I ever get legally married, nor do I care how people define marriage. But, you make a good point, as it isn’t just the marriage thing that is the issue.

        Indeed it is a war. The answer then, is to destroy the government as well as the self righteous pricks giving it legitimacy and using it to force their will upon everyone else….either that or convince people to find a better way…and we know how that works ..err..umm..doesn’t work.

        And since the vast majority of people are either too stupid or evil to find another way, the answer is genocide.

        So how do you effectively kill 4-6 billion people?

  6. Excuse the interruption of your scheduled program but important breaking news report


    Judge: Stockton, Calif., Can File for Bankruptcy
    Text Size

    Published: Monday, 1 Apr 2013 | 3:48 PM ET

    A judge accepted the California city of Stockton’s bankruptcy application on Monday, making it the most populous city in the nation to enter bankruptcy.

    U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein said the bankruptcy declaration was needed to allow the city to continue to provide basic services.

    “It’s apparent to me the city would not be able to perform its obligations to its citizens on fundamental public safety as well as other basic government services without the ability to have the muscle of the contract-impairing power of federal bankruptcy law,” Klein said.

    The city of nearly 300,000 people has become emblematic of government excess and the financial calamity that resulted when the nation’s housing bubble burst.

    Its salaries, benefits and borrowing were based on anticipated long-term developer fees and increasing property tax revenue. But those were lost in a flurry of foreclosures beginning in the mid-2000s and a 70 percent decline in the city’s tax base

    The city’s creditors wanted to keep Stockton out of bankruptcy—a status that will likely allow the city to avoid repaying its debts in full.

    They argued the city had not cut spending enough or sought a tax increase that would have allowed it to avoid bankruptcy.

    Matthew Walsh, an attorney for the bond holders, declined to comment after Monday’s ruling.

    Attorneys for the city said the city’s budget and services had been cut to the bone.

    “There’s nothing to celebrate about bankruptcy,” said Bob Deis, Stockton’s city manager. “But it is a vindication of what we’ve been saying for nine months.”

    The Chapter 9 bankruptcy case is being closely watched nationally for potential precedent-setting implications.

    The $900 million that Stockton owes to the California Public Employees’ Retirement System to cover pension promises is its biggest debt. So far Stockton has kept up with pension payments while it has reneged on other debts, maintaining that it needs a strong pension plan to retain its pared-down workforce.

    The creditors who challenged Stockton’s bankruptcy petition are the bond insurers who guaranteed $165 million in loans the city secured in 2007 to pay its contributions to the CalPERS pension fund. That debt got out of hand as property tax values plummeted during the recession, and money to pay the pension obligation fell short.

    Legal observers expect the creditors to aggressively challenge Stockton’s repayment plan in the next phase of the process.

    By 2009 Stockton had accumulated nearly $1 billion in debt on civic improvements, money owed to pay pension contributions, and the most generous health care benefit in the state—coverage for life for all retirees plus a dependent, no matter how long they had worked for the city.


    All those liberal policies that were supposed to help the people. Now the government is just gonna say sorry-we can’t honor them. Left in much worse shape now that many are too old to make a better plan than depending on the government. Course they’re gonna concentrate on the evil of the bond insurers-instead of looking at the damage ridiculous governmental promises are going to bring down on the heads of the citizens who worked all their lives with those promises effecting their decisions and all the same business’s that will be put out of business because the cities won’t pay them for their work.

    • This is why Leftist thinking will always fail. When they run out of others money, the promises are soon to follow. I don’t think Charlie will ever grasp this, even though it’s happening all over the world. 🙂

  7. Just A Citizen says:


    Good afternoon Sir. Now back to that little dispute of Idaho vs. Idaho Lite, errrrrr I mean Texas.

    Click your little mouse on Idaho and then Texas. See which one ranks HIGHER on the FREEDOM index???? Bwahahahahahahaa


    • Ahhhhh….JAC…JAC….JAC………..sigh………………Idaho DOES have great potatos…or is that po-tah-toes? In reading the total synopsis…..it appears to be pretty close to the same….however, I will give it its due….the other graph on another site has Texas at 9th….BUT……I never said that we were not a work in progress. We had a female liberal governor once nicknamed Grannie Annie….(Ann Richards)….she ran state deficits so high….we are still climbing out……

      I noticed that this rating placed a lot on local municipalities and their debt structure. While our State has a balanced budget in our Constitution, our municipalities do not. Some are in trouble but are not being bailed out. The other thing on personal freedoms does leave out that the fact that we are dealing with a very strong drug issue and the arrest and detainment of such hurts this rating…..but that is ok with us……and noticed that strong enforcement of marijuana laws is considered a negative. We can live with that.

      I do wish we had an open carry law here….but we are working on that. We can open carry rifles and shotguns but not handguns unless they are Western style six shooters..go figure.

      However, much like keeping Alaska around for ice for our marguerites….we keep Idaho around for our spuds…..

      Your turn…..

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Good morning Colonel.

        YES………..Texas is a work in progress.

        A little late to the game, but at least your trying to catch up, unlike so many others.

        There are some clouds on the horizon for us Rocky Mtn folk, however. While Texas is working hard to catch up to our sense of FREEDOM, the demographics may cause Idaho and Montana to slip. So there is hope for ya in the long run. 🙂

        • No, My spud friend, Texas had independence long, before Idaho was a fart in a whirlwind. But….we had some brain farts of our own back when we elected democrats to the State Legislature……we have seen the error of our ways.

          Be cautious, young Padewan, for the infiltration of Progressivism, is a misnomer and very dangerous. Just think….you could end up with Captain Cannoli in charge…then you would be eating weird foods and singing Kumbaya…….

    • Judy Sabatini says:

      Oh, it’s okay to kill babies by abortion, but, not okay for homosexuals to marry or have a civil union or what ever you want to call it. Just who in the heck are they hurting if they do. And, by the way G, homosexuality is not just by choice, some are born with an extra chromosome that causes it, it can be a cause in uterine. My brother was gay, even though he tried hiding hit by having a girlfriend now & then, but, as far as I can remember, he always had female traits to him. If gay people want to get married, then so what, let them. Don’t they have a right to be happy just like any other married couple? Keep the damn government out of every damn thing there is. Just my opinion here.

      • No one is prohibiting them from getting “married”. We are refusing to change the definition of the term marriage to suit them. For thousands of years it’s meant the union of man & woman. How they join and what they do is their business except now they insist we treat them, the 5% as normal and the same as the relationship 95% of us consider normal. So half this argument is about the definition of marriage and changing it so as to not offend gays.

        The other half, they want equal treatment, most of which they can get legally already except where some governments are involved. Want your gay partner to inherit your property? Put it in your will. Want spousal benefits? Sue the government…..

        • ” For thousands of years”

          And what’s YOUR source for that line of bullshit?

          It’s a man made law … therefore, it’s malleable … change it so our “all men are created equal” line of shit looks a little less like the hypocrosy it’s always been.

        • Bottom Line says:

          The issue isn’t the definition of ‘marriage’. The issue is the legality of the definition, and that it is attached to religion, taxes, benefits, insurance, etc.

          The issue is a subjective standard being applied to a universal culture. Standard A according to group A is being applied to groups A, B, C, D, E, and F, etc.

          Take law/force out of the equation, …then what? …you define marriage as you do, and other people with different values define it as they do. Everyone that wants to get ‘married’ does so without issue.

          • If marriage is redefined, I could be sued for calling a gay couple partners and refusing to recognize their “marriage”. Hate speech if I don’t teach my children two men can be married and it is normal. Just wait until the animal sex people get involved…….

            • Bottom Line says:

              I didn’t say redefine marriage. I said take government out of the equation.

    • Judy Sabatini says:

      OH MY GOD! Then what in the heck are, or how in the heck are these kids going to learn how to spell correctly if they’re going to remove the letter K & L? What’s next? No wonder kids now a days so screwed up, they’re not going to know right from wrong anymore. Good Lord, first it was a pop tart, now you can’t even point a finger at anybody without being accused of forming your fingers into a gun. GEEZ LOUISE!

      • Hi Judy!

      • Hi, Nevada, how are things in the silver state?

        • Judy Sabatini says:

          HI Anita & T-Ray. Things here are going okay in the silver state. According to recent news here, unemployment has gone down, but, they don’t mention the fact, that a lot of people aren’t looking for work anymore either. Still in the 9% range. My daughter in law, is training for her deployment to Afghanistan in May, she’s at Ft. Bliss right now, then will be heading back to Ft. Hood, come home sometime in May for 4 or 5 days, then ships out for a year. My other daughter in law & son are expecting a baby this Sept, he’s finishing his 2nd year of med school here at UNR. I’m still taking care of my mom, who’s Dementia seems to be getting worse little by little, but, that goes with having it. All in all, things are going good for now. I do read along here when I can, even though I haven’t participated much. Hope you all are doing good.

  8. Mother delivers healthy baby and lawsuit after unsuccessful abortion

    By Phil Trexler
    Beacon Journal staff writer
    Published: March 15, 2013 – 09:25 AM | Updated: March 15, 2013 – 12:49 PM

    Inside an Akron abortion clinic was not where Ariel Knights wanted to be.

    But after much anguish, she found herself walking through those clinic doors, joining a sea of women filling dozens of chairs stacking the waiting room.

    “Every seat was full. People were standing,” she said. “It was pretty much like a slaughterhouse; it was like OK, next, next.”

    When her name was called that March morning a year ago, she walked into a cramped room and climbed onto a table, positioning her lower body above a trash bag. When the doctor finished, Knights, still woozy from being sedated, was handed her things and shown the door.

    Looking back on that day, Knights, the mother of a preschool-age son, said she did what she felt needed to be done to protect herself and her family. Afflicted with uterus didelphys, going through with this new pregnancy could put the 22-year-old woman’s life at risk, doctors told her.

    “It was a decision I made because my life was in danger,” she said. “I was put in jeopardy. And I have a son that I am supposed to be taking care of.”

    A week after the clinic visit, Knights found herself in an ER where she would hear the news: She was still pregnant. About seven months later, she gave birth to a healthy 6-pound girl.

    Knights doesn’t know what happened during the abortion procedure performed at the Akron Women’s Medical Group. She’s hoping for an answer as her malpractice lawsuit against the clinic makes its way through Summit County Common Pleas Court.

    She is seeking unspecified damages for pain and suffering and emotional distress. The lawsuit was filed March 4 and has been assigned to Judge Amy Corrigall Jones.

    Carol Westfall, the clinic’s director, declined comment when contacted by phone this week.

    Jim Gutbrod, an Akron attorney representing Knights, said the lawsuit is a malpractice claim that alleges the clinic and its doctor deviated from acceptable standard care. At the same time, Gutbrod, who is opposed to abortions for any reason, said he hopes the lawsuit serves as the impetus for change.

    “From Ariel’s description, you can see how poorly the clinic is run and how different it is from any other medical procedure that’s done in our country,” he said. “The way they do things is horrendous.”

    Genetic condition

    Knights, who is engaged to be married and works as a dental lab technician, said she learned she had uterine didelphys during the pregnancy of her son. The genetic condition results in a double uterus with individual cervices.

    She said her son was carried in the left uterus, which was healthy enough to carry the fetus to a near full-term pregnancy without complications and a C-section birth.

    In her second pregnancy, an exam in early February 2012 showed the fetus was located in the right uterus, which her doctor told her was unstable and put her pregnancy and her life at risk. She had little choice, she said, but to opt for an abortion.

    “It was a decision made because my life was in jeopardy. End of story. Point blank, that’s it,” she said.

    After leaving the abortion clinic in Akron, Knights thought her pregnancy was over. She is still unsure how or why the abortion failed. An ultrasound was performed twice before the procedure. She is unsure if one was done afterward.

    She is also unsure why the abortion clinic doctor believed the procedure was complete and what, if anything, was removed from her body.

    “[The doctor] said, ‘All right, everything’s good and clear, everything went well,’ ” she recalled.

    Days afterward, however, she said she was constantly ill and in pain. After about a week that included a visit to her family doctor, she went to an ER, where she was be seen by an obstetric triage doctor.

    An internal ultrasound was performed.

    “And the look on [the doctor’s] face when he found out, he was like, ‘Oh my goodness, honey, you’re still pregnant,’ ” she said. “My fiance and I, we both were kind of in shock.”

    She contacted the Akron abortion clinic and was told she could visit their Cleveland-area office. She declined.

    Instead, she contacted another abortion clinic, which told her, according to the lawsuit, it would not treat her for “somebody else’s mistake.”

    It was then, she said, that she and her fiance decided to forge ahead with the pregnancy. What followed were multiple trips to the ER, four hospital admissions that lasted three to five days, and biweekly visits with a doctor who specializes in high-risk pregnancies. The visits always included an ultrasound exam, she said.

    The concern, she said, was that the weakened uterus carrying her child would fail. The fear never left her during her pregnancy.

    “I can’t explain how I felt. It was just a sense of being overwhelmed, wondering what happened to the baby, wondering what’s happening to me and what did [the clinic] think they did,” she said. “It was just constant stress.”

    Birth of daughter

    On Sept. 20, she gave birth to her daughter. Again, a C-section was performed to deliver her child, a 6-pound, 20-inch girl. Although the child was in neonatal intensive care for breathing problems, the baby is now healthy.

    Knights, who said her medical condition makes her pro-choice in the abortion debate, hopes her lawsuit will prompt better treatment for other women seeking the procedure.

    In the meantime, she said she is blessed with a beautiful child she considers her “miracle baby.”

    The irony of the failed abortion, however, is not lost.

    “That’s a sore subject to think about,” she said as she became visibly emotional. “I mean, it’s just hard, thinking she’s here and thinking, if they would have done their job. … It’s just something I don’t like to think about.”


    • They are at least taking baby steps toward a revolution. I think it’s just a matter of time with this group of power hungry psychopath politicians. Anyone want to guess which group gets hanged first? 🙂

  9. Things are only secret to us little folks. When the decision is made to nationalize retirement accounts here in the U.S., there will be no advance notice that it will happen in a few days. You are being warned now! Keep your money in these accounts at your own peril.


  10. what were the true motivations behind the Civil Right Act of 1964 and the ensuing Great Society legislation? There may well have been a cynical ulterior motive driving such legislation. In Inside the White House, Ronlad Kessler quotes Lyndon B. Johnson commenting on the Great Society: “I’ll have those n—–s voting Democrat for the next two hundred years.”

    For better or worse (mostly the latter), Lyndon Baines Johnson is one of America’s most “transformative” presidents, leaving a legislative legacy of enormous import, overshadowing by far that of FDR and, as of today, Barack Obama. By happenstance or intent, the Johnson-era Civil Rights Act, Great Society, and Hart-Cellar legislation produced not only an inexorably expanding government, but also a captive, growing voter base heavily dependent on government entitlements, initially composed mostly of poor blacks but now reinforced by an exploding Hispanic immigrant demographic. Together, these two groups constitute a formidable voting bloc that threatens to dominate future national elections, placing in jeopardy the multi-party democracy essential for the Republic’s survival.

    The results of the 1965 Immigration Act bear examination.

    There are now more than 40 million legal immigrants residing in the United States, with about an additional 12 to 15 million expected to arrive over the next decade. Regardless, the United States still grants legal residency to more immigrants annually than do the rest of the world’s nations combined. Between 2000 and 2010, nearly 14 million immigrants were granted legal residency, while another estimated 5 million entered the country illegally. These numbers are so great that many immigration proponents now avoid even mentioning our fabled Melting Pot, now cracked and overflowing, because assimilation in many Hispanic areas has slowed and even halted, being dismissed by some Latinos and immigration proponents as almost passé. As a result, according to the Census Bureau, the nation’s current majority composed of whites of European descent will be relegated to minority status by 2042.

    Though European leaders are calling multiculturalism a failure, American immigration supporters are still promoting multiculturalism and diversity as laudable goals. No longer is it e pluribus unum — one out of many — but the “mosaic” and “salad bowl” metaphors that are increasingly being promoted. This does not augur well for America’s future because, though the melting pot can produce alloys tough as steel, the mosaic shatters with a sharp blow, and the salad bowl — well, one can just toss its contents away.

    The heaviest immigrant inflow is from our next-door neighbor Mexico. Unfortunately, according to Pew Research, 04/23/2012, Mexican immigrants are woefully less educated than other immigrants, 60% having less than a high school education compared to 21% of other immigrants. Only 5% have a college degree compared to 36% of other immigrants (and 65% for Asian immigrants). Furthermore, they possess few skills a modern economy needs, with many unable to read or write in their own language, let alone English. Because they’re generally qualified for only low-wage jobs, they’re eager for whatever government assistance is available.

    Unsurprisingly, Pew Research reports that 83% of first-generation Latinos express preference for big government, dropping only to 71% for the second generation. In comparison, Asian immigrants’ numbers are 57% and 47%, the latter much closer to the general public’s preference of only 39%.

    According to the Department of Homeland Security, in its 2012 Annual Flow Report, 65% of new legal permanent residents (LPRs) were granted permanent resident status based on a family relationship. That means that over 650,000 immigrants were allowed permanent legal residency without having passed financial and/or skills requirements. Though some of these may actually exist on paper, enforcement is minimal, as evidenced by broader statistics.

    Specifically, according to IBD, August 9, 2012, new census data reveal that 43% of all immigrants remain on welfare 20 years after arriving in the U.S., a devastating statistical indictment of our current immigration policies. Furthermore, in the case of qualifying legal immigrants, there are the additional costs of various assistance programs that should considered, such as Medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance, K-12 education, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and the tax child credit. According to controlling legislation, illegal aliens are not eligible for most of these benefits, but in actuality, these laws are easily circumvented — and if just one family member is an LPR, a lot of government services become available. Additional statistics come from the Center for Immigration Studies showing that we are effectively importing poverty from Central America, principally Mexico. The percentage of Mexican immigrants residing in America, in or near poverty, is a stunning 62.9%.

    The most distressing aspect immigration today is that Hispanics (unlike Asians) are not assimilating. They self-segregate into Hispanic communities to become part of a growing adversarial underclass, magnified by a Hispanic high school dropout rate almost twice that of the blacks. Tellingly, the third-generation Hispanic has a lower median income than the first.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/04/critical_considerations_for_immigration_reform.html#ixzz2PJi5Whtv

    • Eventually, the system will be overwhelmed and collapse, which it is close to doing in many states. When the free cookies end “FOR EVERYBODY”, the shit will hit the fan. But don’t worry, it will be us white guys (who support the 2nd Amendment) fault 🙂

  11. 26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”


    • That’s your proof? You really are insane, G. I mean it, no joke. The Communist Takeover of America? Sweet Jesus, you people should be registerd with all the other nutty militia’s in this Land of the Free and Home of the Brave … off the fucking charts insane.


      • I know that you didn’t read everything posted, cause if you did you would know that I have no problem with gay’s having all the same legal and financial protections as NORMAL married couples. As far as your normal problem, try reading a biology book, you that stuff we had to read in middle school that was supposed to educate us (you must have missed that boat 🙂 ).

        • Oy vey … 🙂

          • Although I shouldn’t despaire (I think I do that from compassion for you, G … want to see you grow into a “normal” person … with compassion and understand … and at least half a brain). I should be happy for site like SUFA … they guarantee your further frustration, presidential election to presidential election … because you’re just scary enough to keep losing. Go tea party .. yay, team! 🙂

  12. The perfect False Flag. 😦 http://conservativebyte.com/2013/04/u-s-on-alert-for-nuclear-blast-overhead/

    If we end up in a shooting war with NK, it could lead to much bigger problems. If China stops all exports to us in response, the economic collapse will have begun. Then the powers that be can blame the war. How convenient 🙄

    • No one wants a shooting war to start with NK, least of all China .

      • Bob, Don’t be so quick to say no one. There are many people who stand to make lot’s of money if war breaks out. They are probably the same people pushing all the buttons. On another note: One can hardly blame NK’s attitude considering that sanctions have a lot of their people starving. When people get desperate, they take it out on government. The NK governemnt doesn’t want this to happen, so their only recourse is war (in their mind’s).

        This is one reason why I think government’s are dangerous to the people, unless kept under tight controls. We tried that here and not done very well at the control part. Time for a “Do-over” 🙂

        • The US would not fare so bad I guess, but China and South Korea would do whatever they could to stop the break up of North Korea.

  13. Actually, I do not care who wins the POTUS…..states are not paying attention to them anyway….the power is Congress and governors…..

  14. Bob, Down here 🙂

    Why are some people gay? That’s probably a question that may never have a factual answer. Is it a special gene? Maybe it is. Is it natural evolution? Only for the extreme left 🙂 Really, no one knows for sure. But back to the original subject of gay marriage. Should traditional marriage be redefined to appease a small minority or should a Civil Union be legalized? I am OK with the latter.

    • Does a gay couple being married affect me or my marriage in any way whatsoever? I can answer that if you like, its a very short answer though.

      • The answer is no. But it may be very offensive to religious groups. I think a middle road solution would be suitable, wouldn’t you?

        • I guess compromise, or not wanting to, seems to be rather common, regardless of political views.

        • No, if they want to get upset that is their choice. Some religions find consuming alcohol to be offensive, would you welcome back prohibition? One does not like blood transfusions, if you get into an accident would you be happy if their was a law preventing one? Some dont eat pork, no bacon, gammon, ribs, sausage etc.
          Some religions find you offensive, would you allow them to kill you?
          That’s the problem with letting religions dictate what we should or should not do.

          For once I am in agreement with you Gman. There are two choices, get rid of state sanctioned marriage and have state unions for all or open up marriage for consenting adults.

          • There are two choices, get rid of state sanctioned marriage and have state unions for all or open up marriage for consenting adults. We can agree on the two choices, I prefer #1, get the govt out of our business and allow Unions to be a contractual issue. Each religion can then enjoy their freedom.

            Some religions do find me offensive, LOL. That has been well documented and expressed in person. They have also engaged in events to kill me and those like me. Despite that, I do not look down upon any religions, people should practice as they choose. However, religion is not a license to kill, I’m sure you would agree with that, yes?

            • However, religion is not a license to kill, I’m sure you would agree with that, yes?

              Depends where you are, some countries do it quite readily.

              I was just highlighting the dangers in having religions dictate what we should or should not do. Hurting a religions feelings is the last thing on my mind if their views and actions are causing people harm.

              • I’m here in the USA, I’ve been to the Middle East, not a place I want to live. Hurting feelings is not an issue for me either really, but I’m trying to compromise and make all parties happy 🙂 I often wonder, if gay’s can’t get married, because of religion, how can Atheist’s? The way they attack religion, they should be leading the fight for civil unions. 😆

              • Marriage is not a religious ordinance. Its handed out by the state. When you say “This group of people can do this, but this group of people cant” thats not exactly a good compromise. Isnt your country supposed to be based on freedom and equality?

              • A good look at marriage. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriage

                While it’s not “handed out by the State” in many places, to be legal, a license is required. But any couple can have a ceremony and be wed in holy matrimony without state permission.

              • Bob, Maybe I’m seeing marriage as a religious issue. That’s the way I was raised. We don’t have much freedom over here anymore and forget equality. Politics have ruined most everything, then the bankers have managed to just about finish the job. I really don’t much care what Gay’s do or don’t do as long as they don’t involve me. They are free to marry and be as happy as anyone else. That is the furthest of our problems on this planet. It was a nice discussion with you Bob, Thanks for being cordial. Maybe you can talk to Chuckle’s about his poor demeaner :LOL:

              • “But any couple can have a ceremony and be wed in holy matrimony without state permission.”

                So is that ceremony recognised by the state if they dont have permission? Will that ceremony carry over state lines? Are they classed as legally married?

                Gays getting married does not affect me, if it makes people happy then all the power to them. Thats why I support same sex marriage. Its coming anyway so at least you wont have to listen to stories of a same sex partner not being allowed to be by the bed side of her dying 18 year companion.

              • Sadly Bob, without the State license, marriage is not legal in any state. However, that is the problem, government interference in the lives of the populace. If we can remove that from our lives, along with a majority of taxes, life would be much less conflicting. 🙂

                We actually agree on the subject for the most part. I see this a battle between the religious and the gay’s. You can count the Muslim’s in this battle too. They just kill the gay’s over there. Not sure how the Jewish feel on the matter. Time too bring up a new subject 🙂

  15. I think Charlie been selling this politician some of that good LSD 🙂

  16. New subject: Mandatory liability insurance to own a gun! What say you SUFA? You know my answer, because this will lead to registration. But there are other issues I have as well.

  17. CARSON: Well, you know, they’re the most racist people there are because, you know, they put you in a little category, a little box. You have to think this way. How could you dare come off the plantation?

    Read more: http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/04/02/dr-ben-carson-white-liberals-are-most-racist-people-there-are#ixzz2PL1DKHEz

  18. SUFA needs BF and USW fast … you guys are deteriorating into cartoons 🙂

    • Maybe you could bring an intelligent opinion besides name calling and personal attacks. That might be a start to people thinking of you as less than a knuckle dragging Dago Leftist that lacks any form of credible debate. 🙂

      • OOPS! I mean more than a knuckle dragging Dago Leftist. Anything less would put you in the category of sewer slime. But I love ya anyway 🙂

  19. As usual, Charlie makes a false claim in an above post. Chuckie claims that Homosexuals make up 10% of our population. As usual, he has no facts to play with. The true number is 1.7%. Yea, quite lower than Chuckie’s lame left wing propaganda bullshit.


    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

    Not so far fetched now, is it Chuckles 😆

    • Do you have any idea how stupid you make yourself sound, G? It’s at least 10% … but you stick to the SUFA agenda and cherry pick (from lunatics) your sources … Patriot Update? Really? You’re a fool, my man 🙂

      • At least I have some sources that are of this generation. You bring nothing. Your belligerence is ignorant, you have nothing intelligent to say, and nobody respects you opinion. Sucks to be you 🙂

        • My heart is always deeply wounded when a moron doesn’t respect me 🙂

          I’ll do my best not to kill myself. In the meantime, how is USW letting you rant on like a lunatic for so long now. You do realize your “membership” (at least those willing to post) decreases daily? I mean, G, you’re on here 24/7 … maybe talking to yourself? I’m surprised none of the major networks haven’t latched on to your ability to enlighten us all …:)

    • Judy Sabatini says:

      OMG! I guess all us older people should just be put in a closet then & forgotten about. Yes, we’re all nuts, just ready to do everybody in, quick take me away. Where do they get their information from, do they go by just a few, then assume all older people are nuts, don’t have any intelligence what so ever. or how to handle a gun? I’d like to know just how many ” older people ” have weapons. Not all older people get Alzheimer’s or Dementia, not all older people have lost it completely like the person who said this & thinks this way. But, this is just my opinion.

      • Judy, This is what the leftists truly want. It’s population control and Eugenics, it starts with abortion and ends demonizing the old folks. Death Panels are real under Obamacare, I don’t care what the leftist minions think. OH, and it get’s worse. wait to you find out what money in a bank is really considered. I’ll be bringing that out soon 🙂

        Miss you around here 🙂

  20. Re Bitcoin: Any opinions on the Bitcoin issue. Seems to be going up in value as of late. I see this as a major scam. Any opinions?

  21. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/michelle-obama/9968376/Michelle-and-Barack-Obama-left-physically-moved-by-Jackie-Robinson-movie-42.html

    Can you imagine, this went on in the greatest nation in the world just 70 years ago? Racism in the 1940’s? Surely it’s all gone now … you guys explain it so all us lefties can be as educated as you all … 🙂

  22. Transgender Man Who Gave Birth to Three Babies Unsuccessfully Begs for a Divorce in This Odd Legal Conundrum
    Apr. 3, 2013 7:17am Billy Hallowell

    PHOENIX (AP) — A transgender Arizona man whose divorce request was rejected after his marriage was declared invalid plans to keep trying to get his 9-year union dissolved, saying Tuesday that he wants the three children to whom he gave birth to know their parents’ marriage was legitimate.

    Thomas Beatie, wearing a dress shirt and tie, said a judge’s decision last week to reject his divorce request was a swipe against his identity and could cause problems for him down the road if he decides to remarry.
    Thomas Beatie Begs for a Divorce in This Odd Legal Conundrum | Transgender

    Thomas Beatie, center, and his girlfriend Amber Nicholas, listen as attorney David Michael Cantor speaks Tuesday, April 2, 2013, in Phoenix. Maricopa County Family Court Judge Douglas Gerlach ruled, March 29, 2013, that Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriages prevents Thomas Beatie’s 9-year union from being recognized as valid. Credit: AP

    He also said the ruling underscores his belief that Arizona is unaccepting of transgender people, pointing out a proposal in the Legislature that seeks to shield businesses from liability if they ban people from restrooms that don’t match their birth sex.

    “This obviously is not Beatie versus Beatie,” Thomas Beatie said as he spoke to reporters at his attorney’s office. “This is the state of Arizona versus transgender people, human reproductive rights and fairness under law.”

    Beatie, who plans to appeal the ruling in his divorce case, was born a woman and later underwent a double-mastectomy and began testosterone hormone therapy to become a man, but retained female reproductive organs and gave birth to three children. He married his partner Nancy in early 2003 in Honolulu and became pregnant because Nancy was unable to have children. Thomas Beatie conceived with donated sperm. The couple eventually moved to Arizona.

    “Imagine what this is doing to my children,” Beatie said as he held the hand of his girlfriend of one year. “In time, they are going to look back and see that a court said that’s not your daddy. I’m sorry, that’s who I am. I am my children’s father.”
    Thomas Beatie Begs for a Divorce in This Odd Legal Conundrum | Transgender

    Thomas Beatie, and his girlfriend Amber Nicholas, speak at their attorney’s office, Tuesday, April 2, 2013, in Phoenix. Credit: AP

    Maricopa County Family Court Judge Douglas Gerlach ruled on Thursday that Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriages prevents Beatie’s marriage from being recognized as valid.

    Gerlach said he had no jurisdiction to approve a divorce because there’s insufficient evidence that Beatie was a man when he got married. The judge said the Beaties never provided records to fully explain what Thomas Beatie actually had done and not done to become a man. The ruling also noted that Thomas Beatie had halted the testosterone treatments.

    Shannon Minter, legal director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, which isn’t involved in the Beatie case, said the decision doesn’t set a precedent and instead applies only to the Thomas and Nancy Beatie. Still, Minter said the decision is legally flawed and demoralizing to transgender people.

    The ruling saves Thomas Beatie from paying alimony to Nancy, but Thomas said he was willing to take on that financial obligation because he wanted a court to recognize his marriage.
    Thomas Beatie Begs for a Divorce in This Odd Legal Conundrum | Transgender

    Thomas Beatie, and his girlfriend Amber Nicholas, leave their attorney’s office, Tuesday, April 2, 2013, in Phoenix. Maricopa County Family Court Judge Douglas Gerlach ruled, March 29, 2013, that Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriages prevents Thomas Beatie’s 9-year union from being recognized as valid. Credit: AP

    He said moving back to Hawaii to start divorce proceedings there was impractical. It would likely separate him from his children, lead to heavier living expenses and require him to find new employment.

    Michael Cantor, one of Thomas Beatie’s attorneys, said Beatie could remarry in Arizona, but he could create conflicts in Hawaii, where Beatie’s first marriage was viewed as valid and where he could later be accused of polygamy.

    David Higgins, Nancy’s attorney, said his client will likely join Thomas Beatie in his planned appeal of Gerlach’s decision. “She recognizes Thomas as a male and recognizes that her marriage is valid,” Higgins said.


    Example of a real life situation-leaving this issue up to the State will never work.

    Can’t help but note that this woman/man wants to be considered her/his children’s father-while he in reality is the children’s mom. Oh so many biological lies and hoops one must jump through to make the LGBT community happy.

  23. Hmmmmm!

    April 3, 2013
    Gay Marriage: The Left’s Great Shame
    Robert Oscar Lopez

    You wouldn’t know it if you spent all your time reading the American media dominated by the neo-liberal-corporate-industrial complex, but a street revolution is occurring in France, called “the French spring.”

    Bear with me while I tell you the tale. It might sound like something out of Victor Hugo.

    Over a million people stormed Paris on March 24. Similar events had happened on January 13 (just under one million people) and November 17, 2012 (several hundreds of thousands of people).

    The groundswell is coming not only from one sector of French society, but from the left and the right, as evidenced by the leadership roles of Socialists such as Laurence Tcheng and Jean-Jacques Ratteau. It is the far-right party, the Front National, which has conspicuously stayed out of the fray because of its fear of alienating powerful moneyed interests in its ranks.

    Homosexuals have attained important leadership positions in this street movement, with one of the three main ring-leaders, Xavier Bongibault, proudly identifying as a gay atheist, and with two other homosexuals — mayor Jean-Marc Veyron La Croix and Jean-Pier Delaume, an author of children’s books — taking the stage in Paris.

    Ancient religious feuds have been subject to a truce since last winter; Jews, Muslims, and Christians of all stripes have joined forces with atheists to challenge the new law, rammed through the French Assembly by a president beholden to benefactors such as Pierre Berge, 82 years old, who co-founded the Yves St. Laurent Corporation and wields enormous power over the Parliament.

    Laurent Balaine, speaking for some of the spontaneous organizers, says the breadth and ferocity of the movement is due to the French public’s sense that the law being forced through Parliament is part of “big money” trying to get its way on the back of the French common man.

    They are outraged at the undemocratic actions of the government, such as the president’s refusal of a referendum and the prime minister’s unconstitutional rejection of 700,000 signed petitions demanding a full report from the CESE, or Council for Economic, Social, and Environmental Affairs.

    The French street, buckling under punishing taxes and rampant unemployment, cries for social justice — not in their name, but in the name of helpless children. They are rallying against a law that they are certain would usher a new commerce d’enfant, or business of buying and selling children.

    Having been there, I can bear witness — this is a movement of the French Everyman. These are people who do not speak English for the most part; they are not cosmopolitan folks with access to the American press. They are fighting against big money, against a great lie being perpetrated under false pretenses, against the idea of buying and enslaving children.

    And what is the law that has caused the French spring? Drum roll…

    Gay marriage.

    It is important to study what has happened in France since last fall, for — though it pains me to say it, as an American — the French are ahead of us in exposing the great lie of gay marriage.

    Gay marriage is posing as liberation for homosexuals but really hiding the nefarious goal of commercializing procreation, turning children into commodities. Designer children will be a huge business in the future, but without “gay equality” as a smokescreen to distract people from the ugliness of what such a commerce entails, the market would come under massive criticism.

    Gay marriage eradicates the role of mother and father and institutionalizes a form of child-rearing that works by contract and purchase, which the government naturally controls and oversees in collaboration with massive corporations.

    It was the French man on the street who figured out the big lie — that this movement for gay marriage is really all about big money, about men like Elton John and Pierre Berge buying children and disposing of women (Berge said that renting a womb to make a baby is like renting a worker’s arms in a factory to make a product); that this movement for gay marriage is being pushed not by gay advocates, but by well-funded usurpers of gay rhetoric.

    And here, in the U.S.? The left is sleeping, betraying its own principles. Ironically, the left, supposedly poised against corporations and globalization, is glad to have the endorsement of multinational corporations who say gay marriage is good for business. (Of course it is; that’s why it’s so wrong.) Ironically, the left, supposedly against McCarthyism, enjoys the total suppression of dissent at universities and in the press on this issue. Ironically, the left, ostensibly the party of civil rights, is eagerly leading a lemming charge backward into the sale and purchase of human beings, and dragging gullible Republican collaborators like S.E. Cupp and Rob Portman with them.

    Shame. Shame. Shame.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/04/gay_marriage_the_lefts_great_shame.html#ixzz2PPu6UdCH
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