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After the emotional gambit we all went through after the Boston attack, things are nor fully moving into the sorrow and mourning stage. Depending on the media source the one (s) to blame are as diverse as the number of victims. Regardless of the who or the why, it is a sick act of cowardice perpetrated by a coward. Claiming anything else is giving to much credit for the act.   With that in mind, feel free to post as usual. 



  1. gmanfortruth says:


    • gmanfortruth says:
    • Ed Schultz’s Advice on Dealing with North Korea: What Would Reagan Do?

      That month-long hiatus enjoyed by Ed Schultz since MSNBC put “The Ed Show” on hold has made him unusually perceptive, if only momentarily.

      On his radio show Friday, Schultz made a suggestion about handling the crisis on the Korean peninsula that will have many liberals spitting up their decaffeinated double lattes. (Audio clip after page break)

      Here’s what Schultz had to say while talking with John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation and daily Schultz radio guest (audio) —

      SCHULTZ: The fear here is a chain reaction …

      NICHOLS: That’s right …

      SCHULTZ: … the fear here is a misinterpretation, an overreaction, and the next thing you know we got several things happening, you know?

      NICHOLS: Well that’s exactly right and here’s the big scary part about it, Ed. You’ve got China which has nukes, we don’t even fully know exactly what capacity they have, but we know they’ve got significant capacity. You’ve got Japan that doesn’t have nukes but that has this incredibly close relationship to the United States and it’s a deep, deep commitment. Remember, Ed, we’ve got, you know, a lot of military on the ground in Japan as well as in South Korea. So, we’re tied into that region even if a weapon can’t touch, you know, Hawaii or the West Coast of the US. And here’s where it gets really complicated and ugly. The South Koreans are now saying they want nuclear capacity, that they’re saying, the answer to our problem is give us nukes so that if this guy threatens us, we can threaten him back. You understand what we’re getting here …

      SCHULTZ: Well, well, well, that would be …

      NICHOLS: … a nuclear proliferation moment.

      SCHULTZ: Now think about that, what you just said, John, and I agree with you, but that would parallel the United States, that’s the Reagan policy, peace through strength.

      NICHOLS: Hmm mmm.

      SCHULTZ: I mean, I mean, the South Koreans are basically saying what Ronald Reagan used to say, uh, you know, if they know we can hit ’em we’re going to be peaceful. Absolutely! Give the nukes to the South Koreans! You’re damn right! And put ’em right on the border. Absolutely! Peace through strength, right? Isn’t that what righties are all about? I mean, I’m about that right now, maybe that makes me a righty all of a sudden for the next 15 seconds, I don’t know. But look, if I’m in South Korea and I’m a citizen of that country and I’m relying on the United States, OK, I guess so, they got some ships out there, I want my own protection! Or am I wrong on that?

      Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/jack-coleman/2013/04/16/ed-schultzs-advice-dealing-north-korea-what-would-reagan-do#ixzz2QjOqDrXW

  2. gmanfortruth says:

    In mentioning the media, why does anyone read this crap? Every time there is a tragedy, the media people say the dumbest stuff just to get attention. There are several examples in this article. http://dailycaller.com/2013/04/16/salon-lets-hope-boston-marathon-bomber-is-a-white-american/

  3. How many times have people argued and still argue that we must have legal abortion to stop back alley abortion-now isn’t it about time for people to admit that making abortion legal didn’t stop back alley abortions-it in all probability increased back alley abortions. With the side effect of allowing millions of babies to be killed that wouldn’t have been killed if abortion wasn’t legal.

    Gosnell Worker: Toilets Backed Up With Body Parts From Abortions

    by Steven Ertelt | Philadelphia, PA | LifeNews.com | 4/16/13 7:14 PM

    Former abortion clinic worker James Johnson testified today during the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell and provided jurors with a nauseating account of the horrific conditions at the abortion facility.

    Johnson worked as a janitor, maintenance man and plumber of sorts and he was the common-law husband of 51-year-old Elizabeth Hampton, who is Gosnell’s wife’s sister. He told jurors some of the morbid details that appear in the grand jury report — including how he threatened to quit working at the abortion clinic because he refused to pull any more flesh from aborted babies out of the plumbing.

    His job was to collect abortion remains and take them to basement — but he eventually refused to participate and bags began piling up.

    He told the jury toilets backed up one-two times a week and said he opened the outside clean out pipe and fetal parts such as babies’ arms came spilling out.

    Johnson said he scooped up body parts with shovel and put them in a bag that was taken to rat infested basement. Johnson said a cat kept at the Gosnell clinic was there to deal with rat infestations that kept happening. He said the at pooped in plants all over clinic.

    The Gosnell clinic had a practice of making women dispose of the aborted babies body in the toilet and, as the grand jury report indicated: “[Patients] did not know inducing the labor and severing the spinal cords of live babies was going to happen.”

    The report stated that “All afternoon and evening, as patients woke and complained of pain, workers would continue to medicate them with injections of sedatives. Between doses, the staff would leave the patients largely unattended. This would go on until the doctor arrived, some six or more hours after the patient did, or until the woman delivered.”

    The abortion could take as long as three days, one staffer admitted in it.

    “If … a baby was about to come out, I would take the woman to the bathroom, they would sit on the toilet and basically the baby would fall out and it would be in the toilet,” testified Latosha Lewis, who worked for Gosnell for over eight years. “I would be rubbing her back and trying to calm her down for two, three, four hours until Dr. Gosnell comes. She would not move.”

    According to the report, “[Johnson] described how he had to lift the toilet so that someone else—he said it was too disgusting for him—could get the fetuses out of the pipes.”


    If the unborn baby hadn’t “fallen out” by the time Gosnell was able to attend to the woman, staff would push and shove on the women’s abdomen.

    “By maximizing the pain and danger for his patients, [Gosnell] minimized the work, and cost, for himself and his staff,” states the report. “The policy, in effect, was labor without labor.”

    Once delivered, Gosnell or a staffer would cut the spinal cord and then crush the skulls of the babies, who were often still alive.


    • Media lefty admits ideology suppressed Gosnell trial coverage
      Thomas Lifson

      The shaming of the mainstream media over suppression of news of the Gosnell trial has achieved another victory. A familiar liberal talking head, Professor Marc Lamont Hill, has ‘fessed up in a segment streamed on HuffPo Live, the internet television operation of the Huffington Post. The entire commentary can be viewed here, but the gist is found here, as highlighted by Erik Wemple of the Washington Post:

      “For what it’s worth, I do think that those of us on the left have made a decision not to cover this trial because we worry that it’ll compromise abortion rights. Whether you agree with abortion or not, I do think there’s a direct connection between the media’s failure to cover this and our own political commitments on the left. I think it’s a bad idea, I think it’s dangerous, but I think that’s the way it is.”

      I congratulate Professor Hill for his honesty, and hope he will take the role of cajoling fellow progressives to admit they have been filtering the news to advance their ideology.

      Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/04/media_lefty_admits_ideology_suppressed_gosnell_trial_coverage.html#ixzz2QjO0gQ94

      • For the most part-the left’s idea of covering this story is too do two things. Talk about why they didn’t cover it. and to claim that Gosnell is the fault of pro-lifers because wait for it -we want abortion clinics to be regulated. Say what-lack of regulations is what allowed this crap to go on for 30 friggin years.

        Have you heard about the Mother’s Day Massacre? Guess who was involved-Gosnell-and this was before abortion was legal but somehow he didn’t go to jail. Not only didn’t he go to jail-he moved right into running a legal abortion mill the very next year when Roe passed and ran it for I guess 40 years..

      • gmanfortruth says:

        We don’t need the media here, we have V.H. 🙂 Great job on this disturbing case. These are some sick people.

        • What is so eye opening is that all this went on before abortion was legal-they weren’t talking about first term abortions-even then they were after abortion on demand at any time during the pregnancy-they were already willing to experiment on woman and use poor woman to further their plans even it if killed them-they weren’t worried about back ally abortions-they were encouraging them and when they finally got abortion passed, those back alley abortionist and in Gosnell’s case-a man willing to experiment on people was allowed to actually run their abortion mills.

          If anyone actually looks at what has been going on for the last 40 years, yeah it will hurt them a lot-but I don’t know if that will happen and even then I’m not sure it will ever be destroyed. Too many people look at abortion and think but what if-lots of justifications going on in those what if’s.

        • (The “logic” of some people…Being against murder is just like being a mob member that commits murder….And an image is offensive but the act is OK????)

          Professors Compare Pro-Life Students to Lynch Mob
          By Todd Starnes

          Pro-Life students at the University of Buffalo came under fierce attack by a group of professors who compared them to a lynch mob. At least one professor was arrested after she launched a profanity-laced tirade directed toward the students.

          The professors were outraged after the Students for Life club received permission to display a pro-life exhibit that included graphic images of abortion victims along with Holocaust victims and victims of lynching.

          A half dozen history professors condemned the display in a letter to the student newspaper.

          “Anti-abortion protesters appear to have a lot in common with those who supported lynching,” they wrote in the school paper. “We feel it is imperative to speak out against this crass, uninformed and dangerous misuse of history.”

          The professors said they did not object to their protest – only to the content of their protest.

          However, Laura Curry, an adjunct instructor of media study, said she was offended by the entire display and began publicly berating and cursing the students.

          “Where does it say I can’t use the f**k word in public,” Curry screamed at students. “I can swear because that’s part of my vocabulary. That’s part of my First Amendment rights.”

          She was later arrested by authorities for disorderly conduct. An unidentified individual filmed the incident and posted the video on Creative Minority Report.

          “That image is profane but f**k is,” she yelled at police officers responding to the disturbance.

      • Marc Lamont Hill ought to get up off his ass and start worrying about the systematic destruction of the American Black race being perpetrated consciously by guys like Gosnell and unconsciously by white “pro-choice” liberals.

        Forget all your biases for a moment and think on the following:

        Percentage of black babies aborted

        Percentage of black babies born to single mothers

        percentage of black babies born and raised in poverty

        percentage of black male teenagers killed before they reach adulthood. (by everyone!)

        percentage of black males incarcerated.

        This IS a holocaust that no one wants to address, especially the folks responsible. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one, just one black leader who would take this on. There has been nobody since Malcolm and Martin who would speak for their race rather than their pocketbook!

        On a related issue, anyone know Gosnell’s financials? How lucrative has it been for him?

        • From what I’ve read it’s been very lucrative-if you think about it-in their support of abortion they seem to contradict everything they normally stand for.

    • The Gosnell case is an example (outlier?) of a sick and twisted murderer who shall hopefully be shown justice. How in the world do we make the jump that it is clear evidence of how legalized abortion has increased “back-alley abortions”? Puzzling.

      I’ll add that as a Philly-area resident this is definitely not covered to any extent in the local media.

      • My question to you-is how do you not?

        • I’d add to that. legal abortion has made abortion a “first option”. This is much the same as the introduction of the Birth Control Pill. While young people have always been horny, the fear of pregnancy dampened ardor to a great degree. Once you took that fear out of the equation, watch out. The worst part was, with the advent of legalized abortion, apparently the taking of the pill ,became optional due to the fact you could easily get an abortion. Understand, to me, this logic is insane but it is real.

          Abortion is a medical procedure. Somewhere along the line, the seriousness of that statement was lost. There are people I know who have had several and actually use the procedure as form of birth control!

          Gosnell is a legal back alley abortionist more interested in the almighty dollar than anyone or anything else. Tiller in Kansas was the same. The media and abortion supporters must defend him to death because there is no abortion they do not like. they have a world view in which abortion is paramount, at any cost.

          It would be interesting to compare the number of deaths in back alley abortions in the dark ages of the 1960’s to the number today. The argument against the comparison would be that there are far more abortions today than there were then. My counter argument would be that is exactly why there are more deaths. legality of abortion leads more abortions which leads to more deaths. If abortion were restricted and people knew it then perhaps they would be more likely to fall back to using protection. Babies die because someone is too lazy to take a pill or use a condom. Unbelievable and irresponsible!.

        • @VH – you’re making a broad generalized statement based on a single case.

          • First off Ray-you say single case-but this case has been going on 7 days a week for 40 years. And this isn’t the only case-it’s just the most sensational one. There’s another clinic right now that has been closed while they investigate why 5 woman have been sent to the hospital for botched abortions in a small amount of time and accusations by nurses who work there that the clinic is dirty and unsafe. Personally considering the fact that the officials ignored all the complaints against Gosnell’s clinic for years-I have no problem making an assumption based on past actions that it’s probably happening in other clinics and other cities. Absolute proof is hard to come by when the media chooses not to cover whats going on and those who are supposed to be regulating this “industry” aren’t doing their job- but this individual case helps to prove all of the above.

      • Let’s start here.

        If abortion is made illegal, women will die in back alleys

        In the late 1960’s advocates of legalized abortion used as their rallying cry the argument that “thousands” of women died from self-induced abortions or in the “back-alley” from illegal abortions. They mobilized around the image of the “coat hanger,” and insisted that five to ten thousand women died every year from “botched” illegal abortions. They used this argument (and still do) to bolster support for “safe,” legal abortion on demand.

        However, some of the best evidence that this was a myth has come not from pro-lifers but from advocates of legal abortion. Dr. Mary S. Calderone, a former director of Planned Parenthood wrote in the American Journal of Public Health, “Abortion is no longer a dangerous procedure. This applies not just to therapeutic abortions as performed in hospitals but also to so-called illegal abortions as done by physician. In 1957 there were only 260 deaths in the whole country attributed to abortions of any kind…Second, and even more important, the conference [on abortion sponsored by Planned Parenthood] estimated that 90 percent of all illegal abortions are presently being done by physicians…Whatever trouble arises usually arises from self-induced abortions, which comprise approximately 8 percent, or with the very small percentage that go to some kind of non-medical abortionist…So remember…abortion, whether therapeutic or illegal, is in the main no longer dangerous, because it is being done well by physicians.” This was written in 1960!

        Another stunning admission about the manufacturing of illegal abortion numbers comes from Dr. Bernard Nathanson, former director of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (now known as the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League – – NARAL). In his classic 1979 book Aborting America, Dr. Nathanson wrote, “How many deaths were we talking about when abortion was illegal? In NARAL, we generally emphasized the frame of the individual case, not the mass statistics, but when we spoke of the latter it was always 5,000 to 10,000 deaths a year. I confess that I knew that the figures were totally false and I suppose that others did too if they stopped to think of it. But in the ‘morality’ of our revolution, it was a useful figure, widely accepted, so why go out of our way to correct it with honest statistics? The overriding concern was to get the laws eliminated, and anything within reason that had to be done was permissible.”

        A powerful debating point is to explain to your audience that for 1972, the year before Roe, the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported 39 maternal deaths from illegal abortion. Those 39 mothers and their 39 children were very real tragedies that should have been prevented by providing support and care for the mother and her unborn child. The number 39 however is a far cry form those exaggerated figures of thousands, even tens of thousands, used by abortion advocates in their cause.

        It is also important to remember that women today still die. They die from so-called “safe” and legal abortions. According to the CDC and the Alan Guttmacher Institute (a “special affiliate” of Planned Parenthood) over 200 women have died from legal abortions since 1973. These numbers are also cited in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, vol. 171, no.5 (November 1994), pp. 1365-1352. Common sense would also suggest that it has never been in the abortion industry’s self interest to report all the deaths from legal abortion.

        Legalizing abortion simply gave the back-alley physician/butcher permission to put his shingle on the front door. Abortion remains very much the same today as it was in 1960, particularly regarding the first-trimester abortion techniques. The risk now comes from the huge increase in the sheer numbers of abortions done on a daily basis.

        In other words, what was once a horrible, but confined, tragedy has become a nationwide holocaust! Abortions are done in an assembly-line production in abortion facilities all over the country. Again, the evidence for this often comes from abortions supporters, as we shall see.

        Ask your audience this question: How can there be any real safety in an environment where the main concern is to perform as many abortions as possible in order to increase the abortionist’s profit margin?

        A related contention of abortion advocates for legalizing abortion was that “safe” legal abortions reduce the maternal deaths. The reality, as suggested by the numbers above, is that the number of maternal deaths had dropped dramatically prior to abortion’s legalization. The real explanation for the decline was the introduction of overall better maternal health care, particularly antibiotics and blood transfusions. These improvements, and the capacity of modern medicine to cope with emergency medical complications arising from abortion, were the real reasons why women’s lives were saved.

        Powerful evidence that it is really advances in standard medical care that saves mothers’ lives and not the legalization of abortion comes straight from the World Health Organization. According to 1994 figures the two countries with the lowest maternal death rates are Ireland and Malta, where health care is advanced, but abortion is illegal. Whereas the U.S., which has legal abortions, has a maternal death rate that is four times greater than Ireland and Malta.

        Common sense can prevail in this question if it is remembered that pregnancy is a natural condition, not a disease. Abortion is always an unnatural interruption of that condition.
        When you are discussing this with people, make clear that the bottom line is that every death from abortion is a tragedy. In fact, with every abortion, someone dies. Every mother that dies, every baby that dies – from a legal or an illegal abortion – will never exist again and is lost to society forever. Every abortion stops a beating heart – sometimes two!
        The underlying theme in all these pro-abortion arguments is that making abortion legal makes it safer and easier for women to cope with. But there is growing evidence from women who have experienced legalized abortion that it is anything but easier or safer. Legalizing abortion has not made it any less degrading for the mothers involved.

        Quote the real voices of these women when addressing those who are unsure of this position and even to supporters of abortion as well. One particularly stunning quote appeared in the Washington Post recently:

        “The counselor patiently explained that the reason this clinic can perform the Procedure so cheaply, a third of the price of other clinics, is its assembly line method. By the time the doctor gets there, everyone is prepped, counseled and waiting. He therefore has only to do Procedure after Procedure until 7 p.m., with a minimum of downtime. It seems brutal, but it’s efficient.”

        Women who have organized post-abortion support groups consistently state that had abortion been illegal they would not have sought one. It is important to point out that in poll after poll women suggest that the real reason they aborted their children was that they felt they had no option and that abortion was legal. Emphasis needs to be placed on the pro-life mother-helping centers that are available to these moms.

        Abortion may be currently legal, but it is anything but safe for either mother or child. Once again it is necessary to restate that in every abortion someone dies.


        • Good post! The statistic came from the same place that “A gun in the home is 12 times more likely to kill someone in the household than an intruder”. In other words, out of thin air. If the media were to spend any time at all covering the options to abortion which would include crisis pregnancy centers as well as prevention, I bet that abortion could be cut in half within a few years. Not gonna happen though.

        • The other area that this doesn’t address is the long term mental anguish and guilt by the would-be mothers. How does this transcend into their future lives?

        • I was optimistic that article would provide some statistical backbone to the earlier Gosnell statement, but it does not – perhaps anecdotally one could say that legalizing abortion merely made it legal for butchers like Gosnell to legally hang their shingle – the numbers of lack thereof just make it difficult to prove that legalizing abortion has materially increased “back alley abortions”.

          We’re really just debating then what you meant by:

          “making abortion legal didn’t stop back alley abortions-it in all probability increased back alley abortions.”

          I could suppose you’re lumping all illegal abortions (including abortions performed by licensed Doctors but done in a manner in violation of law or due care requirements) together versus the “legacy” definition to imply the coat hanger variety.

          Its almost as dangerous a statement as saying that outlawing abortion would result in more deaths due to “back alley” or “coat hanger” abortions.

          • The article wasn’t meant to prove my point-it was meant to show that the numbers used to address this issue are based on lies, which supports my point. And that people lie a lot when it comes to this issue.

            And your right I don’t consider back alley abortions -just coat hanger abortions and I don’t think the definition of back alley abortions is only substantiated by how many woman died. I pretty much consider operations that treat woman like cattle, that are intentionally unsafe and ignore standards of care the real definition of back alley abortion.

            I think my charge is backed up by a lot of information but almost impossible to prove beyond a doubt because that is the way the people in charge want it to be.

            But I truly don’t understand why you think making the statement is dangerous?

  4. Gun confiscation begins in New York
    Rick Moran

    And they didn’t even need black helicopters and Men in Black to pull it off.

    Derided as conspiracy nuts, opponents of the New York state gun law passed by the assembly in the aftermath of Newtown were ridiculed for being concerned that the law could lead to gun confiscation.

    Guess what: They were right.

    The story dropped over the weekend and then was blown away by the Boston attack. But it deserves all the publicity we can give it, as I told Jazz Shaw, author of this piece at Hot Air, on my radio show last night:

    We’ve heard it over and over again, particularly on shows like Morning Joe. Anyone who thinks that the government is “coming to take your guns” is a paranoid loon, watching for black helicopters and guarding their sheep from soldiers. Unfortunately for those formerly right leaning, Second Amendment minded folks who bought into this story, reality has come screaming up from behind well ahead of schedule.

    Following the passage of “The SAFE Act” in New York State, Big Brother got busy pretty quickly grabbing up the guns. Of course nobody was reporting on it very much until they managed to collect them from the wrong guy and a judge made them give them back.

    BUFFALO, N.Y. — Thursday, a state Supreme Court Judge ruled guns seized from David Lewis, 35, must be returned to him after he was incorrectly identified as violating the mental health provision of the SAFE Act.

    “We know that from the health care agency to the State Police, there was some kind of breach,” said Lewis’ attorney, Jim Tresmond.

    I don’t know how much more chilling that lede could be, really. This isn’t some worry about the government possibly confiscating guns. These are guns that were already confiscated by the government. But if you think that’s as bad as it gets, guess again. Here’s why his guns were taken.

    Tresmond says his client was ordered to turn in his weapons last week because he was once on anti-anxiety medication, which is a violation of the SAFE Act. Wednesday, State Police informed the Erie County Clerk’s Office that it made a mistake when it said Lewis was in violation of the state’s new gun law.

    For all of our more liberal leaning readers who continue to ask “what’s so bad” about universal background checks before we’ve even seen the specifics, this is your answer. In New York, you can be placed on a “list”of people with no Second Amendment rights on the say so of any doctor who has questions. And it already happened to David Lewis. Thankfully, he’s getting his guns back… for now. But what is the larger effect of this if we put it on a national scale?

    And that’s the point, isn’t it? Jazz asks how many other New Yorkers have had a authorities knock on their doors and demand their guns because they may have taken anti-depressants at some point in their lives, but didn’t fight the order like Mr. Lewis.

    Jazz calls it “chilling” and it most certainly is. The idea of keeping guns out of the hands of the truly mentally deranged is a good idea. But if the state is going to do that, there must be safeguards for the individual so that they can challenge any order to give up their firearms in court.

    Any law that allows the state to take anyone’s guns will result in mistakes like the one that happened to Mr. Lewis. And that is intolerable in our constitutional republic.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/04/gun_confiscation_begins_in_new_york.html#ixzz2QjSlkXYL

    • I cannot believe any New Yorker would open their doors to such…….much less give them anything at all..,,,,,,,law or no law. This is absurd.

      • As someone born and raised in NY, all though I escaped to sunny Florida, I can tell you that most New Yorkers have been lost to apathy. The only politcially active NYers are libs the rest have slipped into apathy.

        There are some patriots in up state NY, but there numbers are getting smaller and smaller.

        • “There are some patriots in up state NY, but there numbers are getting smaller and smaller.”

          Interesting perception. We think “WE ARE” the patriots … and if we have to be labeled, and not patriots (because it offends your collective sense of blind faith), we’ll take humanitarians … or parasites, whichever you prefer.

          And I’m not an advocate of gun control beyond some common sense regulations … the other thing I’m not is pig-headed 🙂

  5. The infamous “See Something, Say Something” and then get slammed for being a racist or worst. Yeah, this is working.


  6. Just A Citizen says:


    The Pay Off has been mailed. Should arrive in a couple days.

    I thought about sending you a Beaver Pelt, but could not find one. So I found a few OREGON made items instead.

    Live Free My Friend

  7. It is amazing how an event will jog your memory. Attached is an interesting Wikipedia link to the NY Mad bomber of the ’40’s and ’50’s. Outside of the really laughable police work, (come on, the guy told you who he worked for!), it is interesting that during this reign of terror, NY City just went about its business. I can imagine that had this occurred today, the city would have been in lock down for 18 years. I remember my parents discussing this at the dinner table since dad took the Subway every day and worked in the center of the theater district. .


  8. Just A Citizen says:


    Yes, it includes all that and more. That doesn’t change the TRUTH of my comment. All you talk about are those lost. But there were others who were saved. This is your perspective of history. Similar to BF’s. ONLY SEE THE NEGATIVE.

    “The anti everythings never think about how our sacrifices allowed those few “innocent soals” to make it to the USA to live FREE.”

    You do realize how absurd this reads, right JAC? Do you include in “our sacrifices” the facts we invaded a completely neutral company (where we dropped more bomb tonnage than on Japan in all of WWII)? That would be Cambodia (Kampuchea) … I’ll bet they just loved how we turned that country into a target range … never mind all the other “innocent souls” we killed as collateral damage …

    Yeah, we’re a great country when it comes to doing the math …

  9. “But there were others who were saved. This is your perspective of history. Similar to BF’s. ONLY SEE THE NEGATIVE.”

    Similar to BF? I’d have to shoot myself.

    This is similar to the white men freed the slaves comment; both absurd and factual … the problem, of course, is it was never the intent to free a few innocent souls …

    Drop a bomb on 100 people and a few might survive … perhaps without injury … I guess they were saved too …

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The point was not that people not killed were saved but that some people were able to escape to freedom as a result of our actions. Of course if we had WON that war they wouldn’t have needed to escape to find freedom.

      While we can find all kinds of negatives for our actions, including killing of innocent, the fact remains that our actions allowed some to escape Communist Tyranny.

      To those individuals it would be hard to say the price was to high.

      This is not as similar to the white men freed the slaves comment as you might wish it to be.

      • “While we can find all kinds of negatives for our actions, including killing of innocent, the fact remains that our actions allowed some to escape Communist Tyranny. ”

        JAC, do you EVER stop to “reason out’ what the fuck you say sometimes? EVER? So, to 100 people, say, who survived a war we started and lost, the 10,000 who were killed, say, were worth it? Or is about your absurd attempts to front “Liberty” as forever in jeopardy because you can’t comprehend the fact government will always be necessary? Communist Tyranny, huh? Seems to me the thousands who were killed by OUR bombs might consider it otherwise … And, yes, it is as dumb a statement as the idiot who tried to portray “white men ended slavery” … seriously, do you ever wonder why a loser like Obama kicked your collective asses twice now?

        • “you ever wonder why a loser like Obama kicked your collective asses twice now?”

          In case you’re unsure … it’s because you’re insane.

      • JAC,

        All you talk about are those lost. But there were others who were saved.

        Geez JAC, sounds like you’re talking about “THE GREATER GOOD”!

        While we can find all kinds of negatives for our actions, including killing of innocent, the fact remains that our actions allowed some to escape Communist Tyranny.

        Sounds like the “THE GREATER GOOD” again.

        To those individuals it would be hard to say the price was to high.

        What about those killed? Do they count at all?

        How is this anything but “THE GREATER GOOD”???

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Nice try. But ABSOLUTELY NOT.

          If any thing it is MINOR and INDIVIDUAL good.

          Another reason to eliminate Govt power over people. To prevent a few from acting for what THEY consider the greater good.

          The hypocrisy is with the left who always want to talk about the negatives only but then go around espousing Greater Good philosophy.

          Last I checked Dead People usually don’t have much to say about anything. It is the living that gets to establish the value of their death.

          • So the “killing of innocents” is MINOR?

            It bewilders me you’re making this argument…

            • Just A Citizen says:


              For crying out loud. Read and think would ya.

              “MINOR GOOD”…………… as in those few who escaped would be minor compared to those who died.

              The OPPOSITE of GREATER GOOD.

              • For crying out loud…If you want your comments understood, write complete thoughts and sentences! 🙂

                “MINOR GOOD” vs “GREATER GOOD” isn’t valid. It’s not the word “GREATER” that matters, it’s the concept – and you know that.

                This is your original comment:

                The anti everythings never think about how our sacrifices allowed those few “innocent soals” to make it to the USA to live FREE.

                I don’t know how to respond to this. “GREATER GOOD” probably isn’t right. It’s more like a neo-con justification for war: We helped a few people, so it was worth it.

                It doesn’t align with your declarations of “freedom” and “individual rights”…

                This was just a casual, off-the-cuff comment about your new “barber”. But those types of comments sometimes revel more than the carefully thought out “lectures”…

  10. Maggie … appreciated like no other broad in recent history.


  11. USA Today: The White House criticized Sen. Rand Paul’s comment Wednesday that President Obama has used families of victims of the Newtown school massacre as political “props.” http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/04/17/obama-rand-paul-jay-carney-newtown/2090759/

    How is this news? Of course the White House administration would be upset when called out for using victims as props to push their political agenda. If they don’t lik ehaving their hypocrisy pointed out then stop doing it.

    • FLPatriot,
      How are the victims “props”? It seems to me they want to be there, and want their opinion heard.

      Is it just that their positions disagree with yours?

      Is there anything in the Bible that supports your views on “gun rights,” calling victims “props”, etc?

      Maybe: FLPatriot 3:7-9: “and he declared we should all carry concealed weapons, and anyone who disagrees with us is an idiot who should be ridiculed…”?

      • What happened to those families was a tragedy and no one should have to experience that. But their experience has nothing to do with the legislation that congress was trying to pass. Stricter background checks would not have kept a gun out of the nutball’s hand that killed their kids.

        President Obama had them on stage with him as a plea to emotion for political gain, nothing more.

        If the legislation had something to do with protecting schools better or for mental health studies to identify trouble people before they shoot someone, then their presence may have had a real reason. But as long as they are supporting your idea then you are ok with them being used as props, right Todd?

  12. D13 – A Marcophone coming your way? Pray tell – do you and others not have access to communications there?


    • Kathy……..there is 1,254 miles of border in Texas. There are areas that have no cell hone coverage and there are areas that phone lines do not reach. However, all the ranchers and remote areas have satellite access, courtesy of the Texas National Guard.

      This Macro phone is a giveaway to illegals. I doubt that it will get anywhere.

  13. Kudos to this lone network reporter, who along with Fox, are the only ones interested in finding out the truth behind Benghazi.


    • “who along with Fox, are the only ones interested in finding out the truth behind Benghazi.”

      While they continue to broadcast bogus reports about a suspect in Boston … oy vey

      • Jennifer Griffin and Catherine Herridge of Fox have done a great job on Benghazi. Have you listened to or followed along on their reporting?

        See my post below. Everyone is making a mockery of the Boston situation, Fox included.

      • scuse me, Captain Cannoli…………..the first report of suspects came from CNN……live.

        • That said……it is a tragedy and it is terrible…..but it does not need 24/7 coverage from anyone. Hell, they are even having commercials about it. It happened, let the investigation go forward…..move on.

      • Fits into my “trust no one” mantra. Worst damned reporting I have ever seen, across the board.

  14. For your entertainment. If you’ve been following, there was a suspect, then there wasn’t, then there was an arrest, then there wasn’t. Now a Boston courthouse has been evacuated. Nuts! But this twitter back and forth regarding CNN is hilarious.


  15. They are making such a fuss over pressure cookers and bombs. Is there anybody on SUFA that does not know how to make a bomb from Walmart? It is easier to do that than it is to cook a steak dinner.

  16. So this lefty was actually trying to put some reasoning into the bombing and tactics used and had to admit it wasn’t a classic right-wing extremist type of set up, like it was Americans in general that were targeted. Good grief.

    Because yes, as a white, proud tea partier, I don’t place bombs often, but when I do, I always make sure to target gays and muslims and, well just about anyone with skin darker than mine.

    What a tool.


  17. WASHINGTON — The head of a group accused of illegally taping private meetings of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign visited the White House days before the group’s twitter account began actively attacking the Kentucky Republican, according to White House visitors logs.

    White House logs and the twitter feed of Shawn Reilly, one of two men at the heart of the McConnell wiretapping scandal, show he met with White House officials on December 5, just days before his organization Progress Kentucky began a messaging blitzkrieg against the Republican leader.

    Reilly and Curtis Morrison are currently under investigation by the FBI for illicitly taping a campaign conversation between McConnell and a handful of his advisors. During the conversation McConnell and his aides discussed the potential candidacy of actress Ashley Judd — including using her mental health problems against her.

    For days, Democrats in the state and nationally have sought to cast the duo as a pair of bungling amateurs who simply got in over their heads and made a series of bad decisions. But the White House visit suggests the distance from Reilly to his party’s leaders may not have been quite that far.

    The White House visitors log, showing Reilly met with administration officials Dec. 5th, appears to have been signed in by Victoria McCullough, a staff assistant to Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett.

  18. gmanfortruth says:

    @ Charlie and Todd, http://www.wnd.com/2013/04/police-buried-trayvons-criminal-history/

    Zimmerman is innocent!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      OH Yea! Charlie ! You mentioned the Seals and the Bin Laden Killing. I don’t think any of them who were there are alive today. Seems they were killed, many in a helicopter shoot down in Afghanistan. Kind of a rare event, other than that one, go figure!

    • So, the media is to be trusted after all? Interesting, G … 3 suspensions … yeah, the “crimninal” kid should’ve been shot soon as Zimmerman saw him …

      G, you really are nuts sometimes … most times.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Not exactly “main stream” media. Of course, if not for the main stream media playing the race pimp card and lying to the entire country we would not even know about this incident.

        Don’t worry Charlie, most of us probably don’t remember how you fell head over heals for the false narrative that the media presented at the time. Maybe one day you’ll admit you were duped 🙂

  19. gmanfortruth says:
  20. gmanfortruth says:

    Some thoughts to ponder. After 911, the Anthrax mail attacks happened. After the Boston Attack, the Ricin mail attacks. Go figure!

  21. Ray, do you live right in Philly? Not familiar with this site or its trustworthiness.


    • @Kathy – I don’t live in the city – about 30 minutes West near beautiful Amish country (minutes from where the Amish kids were killed a few years back). Mish’s site is fairly trustworthy – Philly is and has been in a terrible financial crisis. The wage tax to work in Philly drives many people away from working there (or, if you’re smart, if you’re company is there you fight like hell to work outside the city limits and meticulously document where you work). Anyway – Philly is choked by Unions, crime, inept leadership and criminals (mostly all Democrats). There are some great neighborhoods that are fighting to become the next destinations for hipsters to live – but Mish is spot on and it don’t look good!

  22. FLPatriot,

    2000 years ago…

    Sure, that’s true. So why don’t you post that every morning?

    In my church, Good Friday was about the crucifixion.
    Easter Sunday was about “He is Risen!”

    He also preached judgement and hell as a consequence of sinning…

    Right. But that’s what Jesus will do – Judge the Living and the Dead. There’s nothing in the Bible about YOU judging people.

    I always defer to the wisdom of God, He knows a lot more than I do….

    Yes. But you also pick-n-choose the parts you use and the parts you ignore.

    I reference Bible verses because they have greater wisdom than anything any of us can say.

    And you also pick-n-choose how you apply them and to who…

    They are also many times rather vague and can be applied to a lot of different things, in a lot of different ways…

    There’s also some value to “critical thinking” on your own. Just ask LOI.

    • Sorry Todd, don’t know what your Church teachers you but I don’t ignore any part of the Bible, I put it all in context. The Bible is only “vague” if you try and take it out of context.

      Just because you cherry pick what you believe in the bible and what you ignore does not mean you need to project that on me.

      • FLPatriot,

        I don’t ignore any part of the Bible, I put it all in context.

        So it’s your context/interpretation?

        does not mean you need to project that on me

        No, you throw it in people’s faces like quoting the Bible provides some kind of proof of something.

        Well, it does “prove” something, but I can’t post that because it would violate SUFA rules…

        • “So it’s your context/interpretation?”

          Read the Bible, the whole thing, and the context is right there. There is no need to interpret the Bible, it’s message is easily understood to someone who does not try to put there own ideas into it.

          Again, just because you twist scripture to fit your interpretation does mean you need to protect that on to me.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      He has actually mentioned this several times.

      I sure hope he hasn’t misled us because I hung my neck out good with the lefties over this today.

      • Gohmert in the past hasn’t minced words and seems to know what he’s talking about – certainly a rarity in Washington. I would trust his words on this too; I just had not heard about it.

    • Sounds like another scare-tactic to stir-up the base and HATE people that are different than us. I’m sure it will work out swell…

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Your response appears to be just more propaganda to me.

        You have the Colonel here who has posted about this situation occurring before.

        There are others out there who have done the same.

        But the REACTION by you and yours is “see dem dum ass rednecks are at it agin”.

        • Yeah JAC,
          But no one has ever provided any links, evidence, etc…

          But you believe it because??

    • Kathy…this is nothing new. We see it all the time. I have already posted on here of two Hezbollah training camps in Mexico. We know where they are, Mexico knows where they are, even the locals know where thet are……however, you can make them look Hispanic, give em haircuts, if you want….they have to shave their beards because Mexican genetics can barely grow scraggly goatee…….you can teach them the language….but you cannot take out the accent. They are extremely easy to spot. Hezbollah is training the cartel members in IED production and the Mexican army deserters that are part of the cartels now, are training Hezbollah in small unit tactics that we taught the Mexicans.

      But bear in mind, that this is the safest border ever because Napolitano says so……and I will probably be accused of spreading and stirring up things for a “right wing base”…..

      The one thing that I can say to the nay Sayers………..come on down…..take a look see.

  23. FLPatriot,

    let the Chrisitians discuss theology…

    Now you’re judging who is qualified to discuss certain subjects?

    So, Charlie is not qualified, and I don’t have the “cognitive reasoning” to understand this topic?

    Maybe you’d prefer we just leave SUFA? But be careful what you wish for – no one else on SUFA is responding to your Bible verses…

    If you want to know the truth about Jesus you let me know and we can discuss it

    Yeah, please BLESS us with your DEVINE preaching…

    you stick to whatever it is you think you believe in

    Hey, you too Flpatriot. You keep discussing theology, and the rest of us will talk about everything else…

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Todd says “Hey, you too Flpatriot. You keep discussing theology, and the rest of us will talk about everything else…

      As is normal with a true Liberal, Shut up and don’t express your RIGHTS under the Constitution, because they don’t think you a re worthy.

      So the real truth finally comes out about Todd too! Took you long enough!

      • Gman,
        That’s funny – because that’s exactly the point I’m making to FLPatriot.

        Apparently you missed FLPatriot telling Charlie to butt out:

        Charlie, let the Chrisitians discuss theology, you stick to whatever it is you think you believe in.

        So, does your little “Sermon” apply to FLPatriot?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Todd, The only thing FLP told Charlie was to discuss something he has knowledge of, instead of continuously making a fool of himself. That’s not being told to “butt out”, that’s just good advice 🙂

          • “He has risen.” … and I’m the fool …

            G, your priceless.

          • GMan, your wasting your time. Let them complain about me, as long as they continue to look up the verses maybe some of it may sink in.

            Todd, it is foolishness for a non-Christian to think they understand theology. (Proverbs 1:22) It is said several times in scripture that unbelievers can not understand the wisdom of God. If they do not recognize the simplist truth, the God exists, then they will not be able to understand theology truthfully.

            • FL, it is also said (on the streets–reality) that you can’t teach a moron how to think for himself …

            • FLPatriot,

              as long as they continue to look up the verses maybe some of it may sink in.

              Yes, I read (most) links posted here. I’m “intellectually curious.” I like to read other views and opinions. That’s why I participate here – and ask people questions – so I can learn more.

              You’re obviously not “intellectually curious.” Like others here you’re “intellectually lazy.” In your case, the Bible has all the answers and there’s no need for you to do other research, listen to other opinions, or THINK CRITICALLY for yourself. You just thumb thru your Bible for some vague verse that can be used to redirect or stop the conversation.

              You don’t answer questions that challenge you because…no can’t…they might cause you to question your pre-determined-views…and since you never answer any questions, any “conservation” with you is really a one-way lecture from you. But since you don’t do any CRITICAL THINKING, you provide nothing to the conversation. It’s a downward spiral into ignorance…

              (Proverbs 1:22) It is said several times in scripture that unbelievers can not understand the wisdom of God.

              Wow – imagine that – like every good CULT, yours has rules that say “anyone who hasn’t drank the Kool-Aid, won’t understand the literature.” Sounds like what the Jehovah Witnesses tell me (and I’m sure you’ll tell me next!).

            • Bottom Line says:

              ” Let them complain about me, as long as they continue to look up the verses maybe some of it may sink in. ”

              ” Todd, it is foolishness for a non-Christian to think they understand theology. ”


              Praise Iesius – Iasius – Iasion – Iasus – Iesus – Iason !


          • And I gave FLPatriot some good advice. What’s your problem with that?

            I’d give you some advice, but it would violate SUFA standards…

            No surprise Gman that your “standards” (if you could call them that) change depending on if the person agrees with you or not.

  24. Charlie,

    so where’s the tolerance? Or do we deserve to be whipped, too?

    k’tsh! k’tsh!

    Thank you Sir may I have another! 🙂

  25. Any thoughts on this?

    An independent task force issued a damning review of Bush-era interrogation practices on Tuesday, saying the highest U.S. officials bore ultimate responsibility for the “indisputable” use of torture, and it urged President Barack Obama to close the Guantanamo detention camp by the end of 2014.


    • gmanfortruth says:

      Those U.S. officials should all be arrested, charged and convicted of human rights abuses. I have no problem with that at all, bunch of criminals, all of them.

      Then after these arrests, they can go go to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and arrest the resident for the murder of over 170 children in Pakistan. Then justice will truly be served on the criminals in DC.

      • Now now Gman, Democrats are the anti-war party. There is no way the Obama can be guilt of war crimes, he did win the Nobel Peace prize you know.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Sorry FLP, what was I thinking? I shouldn’t talk bad about our Messiah …er…I mean President 🙂

          Todd, do you think Obama is equally guilty of crimes against humanity for all the killings of the kids in Pakistan?

    • Todd….my thoughts on this……..Keep water boarding. It works. But, I am sure you knew I would respond this way. I deal in the realities of the world.

      • Provide some evidence that tortore works.

        • Oh, lets play. You’re it. Meet the Colonel at the spicket……..

        • Todd…..this would not be a fruitful debate. I have seen the following work, personally.
          1) sleep deprivation
          2) water boarding
          3) total isolation
          4) nudity

          I would be happy to explain these, should you desire. None of these fit the definition of torture and until you and I can agree upon what torture is…..I do not think we would get very far.

          By the way, I could turn the question around and ask you to provide evidence it does not work but that would also be an exercise in futility.

  26. Hmmm, well this seems odd. The Saudi National who was a “person of interest” is quickly being deported? I wasn’t aware our system worked that fast.


  27. Why you can’t win … one reason anyway … this was the best you could do … this genius … so, please, please, please … run Gman in 2014! The world needs to hear his conspiracy theories … and his sudden trust of the media (see his latest whacko comments about Trayvon Martin … he was suspended from school, therefore he deserved to be shot) … you can’t make dumb shit like this up …

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Charlie, everything you post is made up stuff that has no bearing on reality. The video is just a little outdated and irrelevant today. Go take your meds or you’ll end up back in the Psych ward 😆

  28. Just a sole perspective – as hard as it was for my wife to have kids – and both of us for years being registered Dems and in a broad sense supporting abortion “rights” – I have to offer this relative to our first born. After many stops and starts and failures we at finally thought we were “golden” and had a sustainable pregnancy. The day before a routine checkup we had an issue – which – not to be too graphic – involved expulsion of what looked to be a “mass” – we feared the worst and were devastated. I collected the mass and in the morning we choked back a lot of tears and called the Doctor – she asked us to come in so she could take a look and do some tests. After a few minutes of probing and ultrasounding she turned up the volume – we heard this “noise” – had no idea what it was. “Do you know what that is?” asked the Doctor. “No” we replied – eager to get this over with and try and pull ourselves together. “That” said the Doctor, “is the heartbeat of your baby”.

    What was the “mass”? I dunno – maybe a bloodclot – who cares. To hear that heartbeat was pure happiness for both of us. I suppose by legal standards we were still within a timeframe where an abortion would have technically been legal (just for sake of argument here). There is no way I could imagine extinguishing that tiny little heart beat. NO FUCKING WAY. Suffice to say my views on abortion became far less certain and much more complicated. I struggle with this a lot and it disgusts me that abortion, as Stephen accurately put it, is plainly used as birth control nowadays. Tell me to my face that heart beat I heard that day was not my baby, my son, my child.


    • I’m with you on this, Ray. While I do believe (at any stage) abortion is murder … I still believe it is up to the woman’s choice … mostly beause she is the one who carries (and in too many cases will have to raise alone) …

      • At least you are honest-murder is A-okay -if one thinks it will make their lives easier. Dangerous reasoning to stand on though.

        • Something tells me (and I may be wrong, you’ll let me know) that you’re okay with capital punishment … but even if you’re not okay with it, we use far more dangerous reasoning to kill in this country every day … stand your ground, for one … 🙂

    • Hearing that first heart beat is always an amazing experiance, even with a second child. With the struggles you experiance Ray, I could only imagine the joy you felt after so much heart ach.

      Your story demonstrates why libs work so hard to keep untrasounds away from pregnant women before they decide to murder their child. Hearing is believing and once someone hears the heart beat of the child it is harder to kill them.

    • 🙂 I don’t normally smile when people make me cry.

    • Hoorah!

  29. By the way…….Ammonium Nitrate plants are nothing new. Almost every rural town has one right next to feed lots…in some form or other. So, the explosion in the town of West….is most likely an industrial accident. Do not even come up a conspiracy theory……

    There are two very dangerous things we have here….grain elevators and fertilizer plants have the potential to make big holes in the ground.

    The one thing we do not need is the Federal Government….especially FEMA……..stay away. We can and will take care of ourselves.

    Note: research Texas City in the 1940’s. 600 dead and an entire town flattened as a result of the same thing.

  30. Special note to Pres. Obama……stay in Boston. Do not come here…thanking you in advance.


    JUST REMEMBER, GENIUSES … ESPECIALLY all you liberty loving types who want the government off your backs … a version of STAND YOUR GROUND was used to Iraq and Afghanistan … and how’d that work out for you?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Charlie, your incoherent ramblings are making no sense at all. Did you take your meds this morning?

      • G, why not stay out of things you can’t understand. Seriously, dude, you make a bigger fool of yourself every time you type something in here.

        • Todd says:
          April 17, 2013 at 10:18 pm


          so where’s the tolerance? Or do we deserve to be whipped, too?

          k’tsh! k’tsh!

          Thank you Sir may I have another! 🙂

          charlieopera says:
          April 18, 2013 at 6:44 am


          • Well, you see, LOI … one can only have fun with fugazy names … I keep asking, but you all come up with the same bullshit story as to why you use fugazy names instead of standing up for LIBERTY and being proud to do so … nope, it’s easier to hide (because you know the shit you spew is regarded in the “normal/real world” as insane, maybe?) Could be … could be …

  32. Why don’t you guys call a truce-what ever originally made each of you angry has been paid back in abundance-now you are just refusing to move on and making things worse.

    And just as an FYI- getting on everyone else’s nerves.

    • When I get a decent answer in my analogy of STAND YOUR GROUND … trayvon martin vs. iraq & afghanistan … don’t laugh, according to G., Treyvon had a criminal past and probably would’ve done way better than our armed forces …

      • I don’t get it. What’s the connection?

        • We went to war in Iraq under the guise of taking out WMD before they were used on us (our lives were in danger) … STAND YOUR GROUND is essentially the same principle … and for the same reasons, it should be aborted forthwith (i.e., we attacked for no viable reason) …

          • Still makes no sense. ” taking out WMD before they were used on us”
            This is attacking someone before they can attack you, beating them to the punch.

            “STAND YOUR GROUND is essentially the same principle”
            Not even close. Stand your ground is a legal position based on the theory turning your back on an attacker and running is often a poor tactic. Laws requiring a victim to retreat were endangering people and caused a popular movement allow self defense with no DUTY to retreat.

            I have yet to see Zimmerman attempt to invoke this defense, and why would he since it doesn’t apply? ( I have seen the media bring it up frequently) His attacker was on top of him, attempting to severely injure or kill him. He had no ability to retreat. His defense is fear for his life.

            • “This is attacking someone before they can attack you, beating them to the punch.”

              So, our lives where threatened or not? Duh …

              “Stand your ground is a legal position based on the theory turning your back on an attacker and running is often a poor tactic. Laws requiring a victim to retreat were endangering people and caused a popular movement allow self defense with no DUTY to retreat.”

              So not going to war is what, attacking? Same principle, putz … turn our backs and they slam us with WMD, no? And we’ve seen that happen so often in the past, right? Ooops, not really … great way to engage a phantom life threatening situation.

              “His attacker was on top of him, attempting to severely injure or kill him. He had no ability to retreat. His defense is fear for his life.”

              That’s what HE (Zimmerman) says … and how convenient is it that the other “combatant” is dead? (not the FLP HE, mind you, so calm down with the Bible Verse, St. Florida) …

              Besides, I’m talking about the law, not the situation … stand your ground … and attack North Korea next!

        • I think it’s a talk fast and use one event to blame a totally unrelated event/person/anyone/anything you don’t like tactic. If you don’t like the Bush wars, it doesn’t matter if there is any relationship. If you think Zimmerman is guilty, again, it doesn’t matter. And for those who let the media talking heads do their thinking, what difference would a young man in prime physical shape delivering a near knock-out sucker punch to a man that knocks him to the ground, stunning him, bashing his head on the pavement matter when the “victim” shoots and kills his attacker? He should have taken it and waited for the police, ambulance, coroner, etc… Maybe Chuckles is just angling for a new job at MSNBC or CNN, like this clown. Police & FBI haven’t found the Boston bomber because of the NRA???

          MSNBC host blames NRA for law enforcement inability to find Boston bombing perp

          Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/04/18/lawrence-odonnell-blames-nra-for-law-enforcement-inability-to-find-marathon-bombing-perp/#ixzz2QpxKvNqY

          • EXCEPT, LOI, I voted for Bush and was a victim of his bullshit … i was all for both wars originally … it took me a few years to realize the LEFT had it right all along (not what YOU SUFA-ITES consider the LEFT–but the actual LEFT–the extremists) …

            No, chuckles is just watching your argument go up in smoke … like usual … and smiling ear to ear 🙂

            • If the left is right & the right is wrong, how can you believe either has a correct answer?

              I think most of us SUFA-ITES consider ourselves conservative/libertarian, not left/right (btw, you post here a lot, what does that make U?)

          • First of all, there is tracking of gun powder in the United States. But this guy needs to know and understand gunpowder. It appears he went to the same classes as the senator from Colorado when she said that a clip becomes useless once the bullets are fired.

            Black powder is traceable and purchases are recorded. Black powder is an explosive. Flat gun powder, on the other hand, cannot make a bomb. It is Not explosive in the same manner. There is a difference between black powder and reload type gun powder.

            In addition, the type of explosive used in the bombing in Boston has YET to be determined.

            • Page 61 of my high school chemistry book. Saltpeter, Sulpher and charcoal. A week after I drew the book in Jr. year of high school I was pestering the local pharmacies for saltpeter. Some experiments were spectacular. Some were, how should we say? A little stupid? My cousin took out most of a wood staircase.

  33. Wonder if Obama will get that union “seal of approval” for this….a $3K advantage for hiring a non-documented immigrant instead of a citizen…


    • Obamacare- seems that quickly written, not read, piece of crap legislation is causing nothing but problems-but that’s what happens when your trying to force something through the system.

      Obamacare Co-Author: This Puppy’s Looking Like a “Huge Train Wreck” So Far

      Guy Benson
      Guy Benson
      Political Editor, Townhall.com

      Apr 18, 2013 10:35 AM EST

      “Train wreck.” Say, where have I seen that phrase recently? A top Obamacare administrator warned last month that many Americans may encounter a “third world experience” upon the law’s implementation, and now one of its principal authors is speaking out, too. Remember, these rave reviews are coming from Obamacare supporters:

      Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus warned this morning that he sees a “huge train wreck coming down” as the Obama administration implements the health reform law. He sharply criticized the administration’s outreach efforts, telling HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in a budget hearing that people and businesses “”have no idea what to do, what to expect…I am concerned that not every state, including Montana, will have an insurance marketplace established in time.”

      This sounds like a man who is exceedingly worried about the political shockwaves of Obamacare and is desperately trying to blame the executive branch for the coming you-know-what storm. This also sounds like a red state Democrat up for re-election next year who’s hoping that his state’s voters will forget who wrote the law. We’ve been chronicling the reasons why he should be jittery for the last three years and counting (plus, see several of the links above), but here are a few more from the last 24 hours alone:

      (1) Wages lost, hours cut – “The nation’s largest movie theater chain has cut the hours of thousands of employees, saying in a company memo that ObamaCare requirements are to blame. Regal Entertainment Group, which operates more than 500 theaters in 38 states, last month rolled back shifts for non-salaried workers to 30 hours per week, putting them under the threshold at which employers are required to provide health insurance. The Nashville-based company said in a letter to managers that the move was a direct result of ObamaCare.”

      (2) More evidence of a looming doctor shortage – “With 30 million new people expected to enter the health-care system in 2014 under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, experts say a looming doctor shortage isn’t a chance—it’s a fact. “These 30 million new patients have either not gone to the doctor or [have been] going to the emergency room so that is putting pressure into the system. You have a foundational supply and demand shift,” says Mitch Rothschild, CEO of Vitals, a consumer tool physician evaluation company. He expects the shortage to hit the primary care physician (PCP) arena the hardest and explains that there is approximately one PCP for every 15,000 people in the U.S. but come 2020, there will be about 70,000 less doctors available to consumers as a direct result of the law.” That Fox Business story also cites a new national survey by Deloitte which reveals that roughly six in ten US physicians see the new law as a threat — and a similar number expect a spike in retirements due to the law. MKH has more.

      UPDATE – A pro-Obama union has officially called for the full repeal of Obamacare (via Erika):

      Our Union and its members have supported President Obama and his Administration for both of his terms in office. But regrettably, our concerns over certain provisions in the ACA have not been addressed, or in some instances, totally ignored. In the rush to achieve its passage, many of the Act’s provisions were not fully conceived, resulting in unintended consequences that are inconsistent with the promise that those who were satisfied with their employer sponsored coverage could keep it. These provisions jeopardize our multi-employer health plans, have the potential to cause a loss of work for our members, create an unfair bidding advantage for those contractors who do not provide health coverage to their workers, and in the worst case, may cause our members and their families to lose the benefits they currently enjoy as participants in multi-employer health plans…I am therefore calling for repeal or complete reform of the Affordable Care Act to protect our employers, our industry, and our most important asset: our members and their families.

      That’ll leave a mark. Reminder: The three quotes highlighted in this post are all from Obama supporters.


  34. This sounds interesting.

    Issa to CIA: Get your lawyers ready on Benghazi
    posted at 8:31 am on April 18, 2013 by Ed Morrissey

    Suddenly, it seems that the terror attack on our consulate in Benghazi last September may become relevant all over again. Yesterday afternoon, CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson reported that a number of whistleblowers had emerged to talk to the House Oversight Committee, in news that may have slipped under the radar of other emerging (and non-emerging) developments in the Boston Marathon attack story:

    CBS News has learned that multiple new whistleblowers are privately speaking to investigators with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee regarding the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on the U.S. compounds in Benghazi, Libya.

    The nature of the communications with the whistleblowers and their identities are not being made public at this time. But in response, the Oversight Committee yesterday sent letters to the three federal agencies involved: the CIA, the Defense Department and the State Department.

    What stories do these new witnesses have to tell? Apparently nothing too complimentary. Otherwise, Oversight Chair Darrell Issa probably wouldn’t need to remind the CIA to refrain from retaliation against these whistleblowers — or warn the agency to get their lawyers on standby (via Instapundit):

    “During the course of the investigation, numerous individuals have approached the committee with information related to the attack,” wrote Issa in the letters, which were obtained by The Hill.

    He asked agencies to provide details on how to grant outside attorneys the security clearances necessary for them to adequately represent employees discussing classified matters with congressional investigators.

    “Some witnesses may be required to retain personal counsel to represent them before the committee and in the event the agency subsequently retaliates against them for cooperating with the committee’s investigation,” he said.

    “Additional witnesses may be compelled by subpoena to give testimony to the committee and can be reasonably expected to retain personal counsel at that time.”

    Ever since the initial probe stalled a few months ago, many have wondered why the administration hasn’t made the survivors of that night available to House investigators. Some have also wondered why those survivors haven’t come forward on their own, but if they still work in intelligence agencies, they may not have been allowed to do so. These new whistleblowers may or may not be the Benghazi survivors, but clearly they’re coming from within the intel community — and Issa’s letter strongly suggest that they are pointing fingers upstairs.

    Four Americans were killed in that attack, and the US was forced to publicly retreat from an area we had claimed to have help liberate and safeguard. That defeat raises a lot of questions about US actions before, during, and after the attack on the consulate, and perhaps some of those questions will finally get answered in the next few weeks.


    • What the hell good will it do? See all the indictments over fast and furious? See anyone who was a “friend of Angelo” doing time because Countrywide Mortgage almost brought down the entire US economy? It is frigging hopeless. I have no idea if contempt of congress is an arresting offense or not but until someone can tell Eric Holder, or Hilary Clinton, or whoever else that they are going to jail until they answer the questions, nothing will,change. A reporter can be sent to jail for withholding a source but not these clowns.

      Driving down this morning to take my Grand daughter to pre-school, I was thinking on a phrase JFK said more than once. “We do these things because they are hard, not because they are easy.”. I said that a few times out loud to myself in my fairly good JFK voice and thought on how 50 years has changed this country. On how we will never again ever do anything because it is hard, things have become too hard for us to even contemplate. Accountability is one of those things.

      When the histories are written in the far future, when we are separated by generations from the events, I still feel that historians will marvel at how a $ 12.95 rifle and two 6 cent bullets changed the world.

  35. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

    By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | April 18th, 2013 at 12:20 AM | 39


    I remember it so clearly — a memory you can only remember so clearly when it is from sadness. You can’t let it go.

    I was sitting in the mud by the rear passenger side tire of my old Acura cradling my one year old in the steady, driving rain. I was sobbing doing my best not to fall apart in front of my little girl. But the tears ran. My throat hurt as I tried to suppress the guttural cries I wanted to cry there in the mud.

    RedState, which got up and running in 2004, was out of money. No one wanted to put ads on a conservative site after the Democrats had just delivered an absolute shellacking to the GOP. We were out of money. Christmas was a week away. I was out of a job.

    But that was insignificant compared to where I’d been that day. I’d just left the hospital where I had the task of telling my wife she was dying and there was nothing anybody could do.

    Then there I was one week before Christmas in 2006 sitting in mud, leaning up against a tire covering me in black, holding a one year old too young to know what was going on, and sobbing in the rain too shell shocked to even try to pray. Too overwhelmed to even think.
    Out of money, soon to be a single dad, no job, a one year old, and I was very overwhelmed.

    Let not your heart be troubled is not just something Sean Hannity came up with on his radio show. It is not just some trite expression people use to superficially aid and comfort others. It is a phrase spoken by Jesus Christ found in the first verse of John 14. “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.”

    My wife and I got married in 2000. Within three months she had a double mastectomy not because she had cancer, but because we knew she would get it. We waited five years to have our first child. We figured it would be smooth sailing after that.

    The Thursday before Labor Day 2006, my wife called me from her office. She said she was dying. She sounded like she was dying.

    We got her to the doctor who, based on her symptoms, diagnosed her as having either a pulmonary embolism or a gall bladder attack. He had me take her to the ER with orders to check her for an embolism knowing if it was not that it would be her gall bladder.

    The scan came back clear. It was her gall bladder. “Oh by the way,” they seemed to say almost in passing. “We found some spots on her lungs.”

    We went to the beach. Within twenty-four hours of arrival my wife was in the Emergency Room at the beach preparing for surgery. She had a blockage in her bile duct. She was in agony. She spent a week at the beach recovering while I took care of our one year old. When we got home we found a message on our answering machine from the local hospital we’d been to before our trip. They had discovered a blockage in her bile duct and it was vitally important we call them to schedule immediate surgery. Ahhh . . . timing.

    We finally got around to her going back to the doctor about the spots on her lungs the week before Christmas. I remember she came home with a scared looked on her face. Yes, the spots were still there, but they’d found a blood clot in her jugular vein. She had to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. While there, the doctors got worried about the clots plus the spots. They decided to biopsy. That’s when they told me she was dying. There was nothing they could do.

    That night after cleaning myself up and having help for the one year old I went back to the hospital. My wife and I talked as you talk when you know you might not have much longer to talk. In the course of the conversation the surgeon came in, told us everyone had now reviewed the biopsy, and they were sure it was not cancer, she was not going to die, and they’d send off the biopsy for more study.

    Turns out she has a relatively benign condition.

    Within a day or so, Eagle Publishing, Inc. called and offered to buy RedState. They’d keep me on as an employee. I had my wife and my job.

    Fast forward four years. I had not had a pay raise, we were dependent on two incomes to make ends meet, and my wife, given everything she’d been through, wanted to stay home with the kids. We knew it was the right thing to do. We just did not know how to make up the loss of income. We took a leap of faith and my wife left her job.

    Literally the next day, and I use literally intentionally as it was literally the next day, my boss called and told me I was finally getting a pay raise. It was identical — dollar for dollar identical to what my wife would be giving up. A week later CNN came calling. I would never have been able to do my job at CNN without my wife staying home.

    A year later, Cox Media Group asked me to be on the radio.

    My life is not all peaches and roses. But I write this whole story and highlight the ups, not the downs, because I do not believe in coincidences. I do not believe in luck. I believe in an active Creator. I have experienced too much in my life to lead me to think this is all atoms and physics and chemistry and coincidence. I have experienced pain and misfortune and sadness, but as much as those things too define me it is the joys of life I dwell on.

    There is a man upstairs. He has a plan. And while I do not know the mind of the Creator, I know this all works for the good of those who are called according to His purpose. I do not know His plan, but I have experienced enough in my life to know I should trust Him and that His plan, however confounding it may seem, is a good plan that will work out in the end for the best.

    So I raise my head these last few days and see liberals salivating at the idea that it might be a right wing tea partier who blew up Boston while conservatives are convinced it is a Middle Eastern terrorist. I see the wailing and gnashing of teeth over gun control, the evil of Kermit Gosnell, and the politicization of everything. Then there is the destruction in Waco, the dead and injured — it is enough to make you want to sit in the mud while holding your child close and cry.

    It should be hard to be optimistic, but I, a natural pessimist, I am optimistic. I have hope. I know that there is a higher purpose to it all. I know that there is not just the rudimentary day to day existence in which we live, but there is a master plan to it all. I know some of you do not believe that and you are entitled to reject that. But I have experienced too much in my life and see clearly in hindsight an active presence who leads me somewhere down a path I did not choose, but on which I walk.

    Choosing to let your heart not be troubled is not easy. It is often hard. We see bombings in Boston, planes flying into tall buildings, random explosions killing many at one time in Texas, politicians and citizens at each others throats and it seems the whole world has gone mad. But the world has always been mad. We are just more aware of it these days with bold events that shock the conscience.

    We are on a blue marble circling a giant ball of plasma that if we draw too close to we burn up as we and it hurtle around a black hole at the center of a galaxy scientists believe will one day collide with another galaxy. The world is a crappy, hostile place in a colder than ice dangerous expanse of vacuum, radiation, and sweet meteors of death. The thought that we exist as we do at all borders on absurdity.

    And yet there is a one year old who, though she knows not why her father cries in the rain and mud, pats his face to tell him it is okay. There are strangers who, instead of running from the blast, turn to it to help those who have fallen. There is a President some of us care little for who chooses his words carefully to bind the wounds of dark days for all of us regardless of our votes.

    The world is not meant to be fair. It is a maddening place filled with bad and evil. But the good shines through. The right overwhelms the wrong. The very real good slays the very real evil. The smiles break through the tears.

    You do not have to be mad in a maddening world. You can choose to be happy. You can choose to be optimistic. You can choose to let not your heart be troubled.

    I am a man who had to tell my wife she was going to die. By God’s grace she did not die, but is with me still.

    I can tell you confidently it is no easy thing to let your heart not be troubled. But I can tell you in a world where so many politicize everything, we yell at each other, and every hill is a hill on which to die, whether you choose to believe or not there is good and there is evil and there is a man upstairs who has a plan that while we may not know it we can be assured that all things, even in the pit of the various hells on this present earth, yes all things do work for the good of those called according to his purpose. He brings forth water from rocks and bread from heaven and you and me from the dust of the earth, stitching us together in our mothers’ wombs.

    So let not your heart be troubled. The sun still shines. The smiles are still there. The good graces between neighbors still exist. Bad things will always and have always happened. But love and good and right prevail even in the madness of the present age.


  36. @tHE COLONEL … CAPTAIN CANNOLI SAYS … “Absolutely, no need to attack North Korea. They are no threat.”

    Says you, Colonel … and I’m in agreement … except for that nifty (stand your ground) theory that permits us to claim our lives are in danger … (Iraq) … so let’s go bomb them to kingdom come … and it’s tough noogies when it’s over because we’re here to say how it was and they’ll be dust in the wind …

    I’m sooooooooooooooo clever sometimes … 🙂

    • Lol…..I am still trying to bridge the gap of stand your ground and Iraq…….it is difficult to grasp but perhaps I need a serving of Cannoli to “sharpen” my vision and understanding BUT……I also recognize your pot stirring techniques…….

      At any rate….Even Obama will not attack North Korea…..Reagan did not…neither Bush did not…Clinton did not……..and all were provoked.

      Now, left to me……I would inundate them with hundreds of tons of Cannoli and Coca Cola and let them die of cholesterol poisoning and sugar highs.

  37. @JAC………..your honor, sir, is intact! Thank you.

  38. gmanfortruth says:

    What a great day! 🙂 The weather was warm and dry, but a little windy. It’s going to change and tha stinks, but such is life. Worked on finishing the inside of my “treehouse” that we hunt out of. When I’m finished, I will post the pictures. I’m making good use of left over wood from other projects and some press board that the mobilehome builders couldn’t use.

    Now, I have to, once again, correct Captain Canolli who cannot seem to leave Fairyland long enough to get a clue.

    Chuckles 🙂 Iraq was a lie, through and through. That we can agree on. That has NOTHING in comparison with the “Stand Your Ground” laws. D13 explained that earlier, but I doubt you can understand. One, Iraq, was a “preemptive” attack (despite the lies). Stand Your Ground is “an attack occurring” . It’s rather simple, DO YOU UNDERSTAND the difference? It’s not that hard for anyone intelligent to see the difference. CAN YOU COMPREHEND!

    Now, Back to my great day 🙂

  39. gmanfortruth says:

    HMM! Pictures say a lot. I wonder who the patsy will be that they blame this on? Maybe more than one. Tea Party 2013! Yea, right. http://www.prisonplanet.com/fbi-ignores-men-with-backpacks-at-scene-of-boston-bombings.html

  40. gmanfortruth says:

    West Texas had one serious accident! The power of this is amazing. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/waco_plant_explosion_kills_criminal_HKroeaVUFAbVElwYRoRKHM

  41. Just A Citizen says:


    Colonel, here is one of your fellow Texicans that could use a tune-up.


  42. D13 & JAC,
    Another economic topic.


    I guess it’s not just SUFA. Even conservative economists have trouble with addition and practice “selective exclusion of available data.”

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Why do you call them “conservative economists”???

      • Their body of work and their support for austerity.

        • Todd…..your statement…….you cannot be serious. Your mark of a conservative is austerity?
          What do you call this administrations constant manipulation a of economic numbers……progressive?

          • Colonel,

            1. Do you have an opinion that differs? Is it backed up by something?

            2. Did you miss the “Their body of work” part?

            3. Your mark of a conservative is austerity? Yes.

            4. What do you call this administrations constant manipulation presentaton a of economic numbers……progressive? Yes.

            5. My political-bend. Isn’t that the SUFA standard? What did you guys think?

            6. And then right below here JAC pokes fun at “the PROGRESSIVE WAY”…while providing no analysis…

            Oh yeah, one more thing:

            your statement…….you cannot be serious.

            Just FYI – I would apply this to about 50% of what you post here…

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I wasn’t poking fun at anything. It was a very serious comment.

              That is the Progressive Way…………..Spend MORE and Tax MORE.

              Grow, grow the Gubmet’.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    Time to talk about Deficits, Debt and the PROGRESSIVE WAY.

    Part of article from DKOS…………. included are key tax proposals from another Think Tank….OXYMORON ALERT.

    It’s not that no good ideas are out there. For example, since 2011, the Congressional Progressive Caucus has presented three alternative budgets to the business-as-usual approach: The Peoples Budget for 2012; the Budget for All for 2013; and, the Back to Work Budget for 2014. Those alternatives to the budgets put forth by the White House and the GOP are better honed each year and getting more votes—84 this time around—in Congress.

    Another forward-looking alternative, this one devoted to tax reform comes from Rebecca Thiess at the Economic Policy Institute. She deplores the spending-cuts approach to deficit reduction that is currently the favored paradigm in Washington. “But,” she writes, “if political constraints do demand deficit reduction, reductions achieved through revenue increases—particularly progressive revenue increases—are far less damaging to economic recovery than spending cuts.”

    What follows below is a highly condensed version. You can read more details here:

    This brief explores eight progressive revenue options that are mindful of this context and should be front and center in upcoming fiscal and tax policy debates (10-year revenue projections for each policy are provided in parentheses):

    • Reform current income tax rates, create additional brackets for top earners, and tax capital gains as ordinary income ($1.6 trillion). These reforms would raise substantial sums of revenue and make the tax code fairer and more progressive, without unduly restraining economic growth.

    • Tax carried interest as ordinary income ($21 billion). This would close a loophole that almost exclusively benefits the very wealthy and that lowers the effective tax rates of millionaires and billionaires below those of middle-class households.

    • Eliminate the loophole allowing the wealthy to avoid paying taxes on inherited stocks and bonds ($452 billion). Closing this loophole would raise substantial sums of revenue and pave the way for capital gains to be taxed at a higher, revenue-maximizing rate.
    Cap the marginal tax rate on itemized deductions ($513 billion). Limiting the rate at which itemized deductions reduce filers’ tax liability would raise revenue, increase fairness and progressivity in the tax code, help mitigate income inequality, and improve efficiency.

    • Pursue international corporate income tax reform, including repealing deferral of foreign profits ($606 billion). This would target U.S. multinational corporations that engage in convoluted transactions to avoid paying corporate income tax. Such reforms would raise revenue as well as reduce incentives for firms to move and keep operations and profits offshore.

    • Enact a progressive estate tax ($160 billion). The estate tax, which targets large transfers of wealth bequeathed to heirs, is the most progressive element of the federal tax code. This reform would instate a more-progressive rate structure closer to what existed prior to the Bush-era tax cuts.

    • Enact a financial transactions tax ($830 billion). A small levy on Wall Street trading of financial instruments would raise significant revenue and dampen high-speed trading, while also encouraging more-productive investment.

    • Enact a carbon tax ($943 billion). Pricing carbon through either a carbon tax or the auctioning of pollution permits would lead to the reduction of greenhouse gases and yield significant revenue.

    Together, these policies could result in over $5.1 trillion in revenues over 10 years (excluding interaction effects among the eight policies). It is crucial to note that solving the jobs crisis should take priority over deficit reduction in the near term. However, pairing these revenue options with temporary increases in spending could simultaneously support near-term recovery and lock in longer-term deficit reduction.

    • Hell, JAC……there is not one supportable piece of data that shows this to be true…….

      • Just A Citizen says:


        There “proof” is the anecdotal argument that we had High Marginal Rates when Eisenhower was President. Some how they think there is a correlation between the early 1950’s and the economy of today.

        I guess they must want us to bring back the RACISM and SEXISM of the 50’s to go along with those tax rates! 😉

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Notice the key point: “could result in over $5.1 trillion in revenues over 10 years.”

      Current ANNUAL Deficit = $1.2 Trillion. Total Deficit ADDED to Debt over 10 years = $12 Trillion.

      With all those TAXES they can’t even get HALF way to balancing the budget yet they claim this will SOLVE the problem.

    • JAC & Colonel,
      These revenue increases combined with investments in infrastructure will get the economy going, which will create jobs, reduce welfare, and increase government revenues.


      If you disagree, provide your plan and examples.

      But like usual, all you do it point out “flaws” in other’s plans…OXYMORON ALERT indeed!

    • Oh yeah JAC,

      Part of article from DKOS…

      Why don’t you provide the entire article – and a link?

  44. 1 down, 1 to go.. GET EM!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Chechyan (sp?) Muslims. There are now a lot of Left Wing Hacks that are eating crow today. Seems to be a habit with them, they must really like crow, I wonder what it tastes like? 🙂

  45. • Reform current income tax rates, create additional brackets for top earners, and tax capital gains as ordinary income ($1.6 trillion). These reforms would raise substantial sums of revenue and make the tax code fairer and more progressive, without unduly restraining economic growth.

    Explain this one thing……..how does it make the tax code more fair and how would it NOT restrain economic growth when all the past indicators show otherwise?

    Oh, never mind, all I will get is a bunch of platitudes that will reek of class and wealth envy. We have all been over this before.

    Someone explain, if they can without envy and jealousy, why everyone cannot treated the same…..equal…..eliminate ALL deductions, have the same rate for everyone…..you pick the percentage or amount……..and spend ONLY in a balanced budget.


    • Colonel,

      how does it make the tax code more fair

      The current tax code heavily favors the wealthy and you know it. See Mitt Romney’s returns. 14%? And in order to stay at 14% for 2012, he had to skip some deductions. And we both know he filed a 1040x on November 7, 2012 to recoup those taxes.

      how would it NOT restrain economic growth when all the past indicators show otherwise?

      No it doesn’t. Austerity restrains economic growth.

      Someone explain, if they can without envy and jealousy, why everyone cannot treated the same

      Because that would be a HUGE tax break for the wealthy and a HUGE tax increase for the middle and working class.

      See FLPatriot’s (cough, cough) “Fair Tax”.

      and spend ONLY in a balanced budget

      If a balanced budget is so important, you explain why George W Bush, a “GREAT” Texan, started with a surplus and turned it into a giant deficit?

  46. gmanfortruth says:

    A Liberal man’s dog goes missing and he is frantic.
    His wife says “Why don’t you put an ad in the paper?”

    He does, but two weeks later the dog is still missing.

    “What did you put in the paper?” his wife asks.

    “Here boy!” he replies.

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    clip from Malken

    ” A labor union representing roofers is reversing course and calling for repeal of the federal health law, citing concerns the law will raise its cost for insuring members.

    Organized labor was instrumental in getting the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, but more recently has voiced concerns that the law could lead members to lose their existing health plans. The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers is believed to be the first union to initially support the law and later call for its repeal.

    But… President Obama promised “if you like your plan you can keep your plan.” Do they not believe him now?

    From the union’s statement:

    Our Union and its members have supported President Obama and his Administration for both of his terms in office.

    But regrettably, our concerns over certain provisions in the ACA have not been addressed, or in some instances, totally ignored. In the rush to achieve its passage, many of the Act’s provisions were not fully conceived, resulting in unintended consequences that are inconsistent with the promise that those who were satisfied with their employer sponsored coverage could keep it.
    I am therefore calling for repeal or complete reform of the Affordable Care Act to protect our employers, our industry, and our most important asset: our members and their families.”

    Yep, everything said about how bad this is was just a bunch of crappola. Bwahahahahaha

    • gmanfortruth says:

      It seems that there are a whole lot of Lefties eating crow 😆 They should learn to listen to us, because they always end up embarrassing themselves doing it their way. Could you imagine how much worse it would be if Charlie had his way? The whole health care industry would have collapsed by now 🙄

      • Bottom Line says:

        “ We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it. ” – Nancy Pelosi

  48. Though I do not believe a GD thing the press reports, there are indications that these two clowns are “refugees” and are here because of that.

    When the Soviet Union was on the verge of collapse, Pres. Regan reached out his hand to them. Since that time relations have cooled through four separate administrations. One of the bigger reasons was the Russian “oppression” of Chechnya. I even remember beloved assistant dear leader Cheney blasting them for their treatment of the rebels.

    The Russians know who they are dealing with. These are the folks that seized that school and massacred a lot more than three children. These are the guys who seized that theater in Moscow. These are the guys who routinely kill anybody they can get away with to further their cause. It is hard to believe that one of the truly great opportunities for US-Russian rapprochement has been blown time and time again because the Russians do know how to deal with them.

    This should be the nail in the coffin of immigration reform. Let’s pray that the new approach will be a lot more stringent and NOT contain a path to citizenship. Let them stay, check them out, legalize them and grant them permanent resident status with the proviso their noses must remain clean or it’s bye, bye.

    One more thought. Everyone should be writing to their favorite news organization to complain about the misinformation which has done nothing but fuel fringe group speculation.

    • “Let’s pray that the new approach will be a lot more stringent and NOT contain a path to citizenship. Let them stay, check them out, legalize them and grant them permanent resident status with the proviso their noses must remain clean or it’s bye, bye. ”

      Why not just kill them for seeking our borders? “Exterminate the brutes” … let us Stand Our Ground …

      Stephen, sorry, but yours is the kind of rhetoric that gets all the war hawks in this country juiced on action movies … today it was revealed the president of the NRA (if this is true, it is hilarious) avoided Vietnam by claiming mental disorders …

      Frankly, that bothers me more than our borders … or Chechnya.

      • you amaze me in your ability to go from let’s say point A to point F without ever stopping in between. My response to your post Huh? What? Where did I say/imply that?

        • You didn’t say exactly that … what I said is it is the kind of rhetoric that fuels over enthusiastic nationalism … the kind that got us involved in Iraq & Afghanistan … and may get us involved in some other sinkhole … 2 kids, for whatever reason (nobody really knows yet, do they?) decided to fight a war they couldn’t win. One is dead, the other probably about to be. 2 people out of how many who do wonders here? What about home grown terrorism? How do we clamp on that?

          • gmanfortruth says:

            What home grown terrorism? Do you mean all the Tea party/veterans that were blamed for the Boston event?

            Steven at least agrees with me, your posts are incoherent. You make no sense, you talk in circles like a dog chasing his tail. You can’t think past your nose long enough to see things with an open mind. You contradict yourself several times a day (and that’s being nice). Your just a mess with a jumbled mind in the midst of genius’s 🙂

          • We re talking here about the damage we do to ourselves and how very afraid we have become. The other day I did a link to George Metesky, the mad bomber of NYC. His reign of terror lasted some 20 years and guess what?, life went on. Nobody shut the city down. The fear/scare thing plays right into the hands of those who would control you. These are the people we both fear. Franklin was absolutely right about surrendering liberty for security. In the end you not only deserve neither, you get neither.


            Here is the Metesky link again. Read it, it is damned interesting from a New Yorker’s perspective. There is actually a pretty good book there if someone wanted to write it.

    • Stephen,

      there are indications that these two clowns are “refugees” and are here because of that.

      Provide something to back this up.

      This should be the nail in the coffin of immigration reform.

      Yeah, the GOP is already doing that. How typical – take two bad examples and extrapolate it to an entire group…

  49. Here ya go all you gun nuts:

  50. gmanfortruth says:

    For those who are following the events in the Boston area, does anyone but me see that there is something very wrong with what is going on? The authorities have basically put Martial Law in effect. This is for a 19 year old kid, who is on the run for Pete’s sake. This has never been done before, even with the recent Crazy cop Dorner on the loose.

    I will bet they kill him if they see him. They are not out in total force because they want him to be able to talk. Just some thoughts. Wouldn’t shutting down Chicago every night at dusk be more understandable?

    • The absolute success of the September 11th plot. Destroy America! We’re doing a fine job.

      • @G … shutting off your keyboard would do wonders, too, but then we wouldn’t have anything to smile about 🙂

        The success of the 9-11 plot? Destroy America?

        You guys must have a miserable time dealing with every day life … get out and enjoy yourselves a little. Stephen, you mentioned a grandchild … take him/her to the park … to a carousel … buy ice cream … just relax a little … this stuff is going to happen from time to time … and it isn’t a plot … a plot involves careful planning and secrecy. Who in this country, especially with the alure of a payday, is going to keep secrets? Only in G’s mind do these things exist …

    • gmanfortruth says:
    • Gman,

      The authorities have basically put Martial Law in effect

      No – it was voluntary.

      This is for a 19 year old kid, who is on the run for Pete’s sake.

      Who had killed several people and a cop, and was throwing bombs at the cops…

      I will bet they kill him if they see him.

      Guess not. You’re projecting your attitude onto others.

  51. And the video they filmed being placed on the ground … that was filmed in Hollywood too?

    Oy vey …

  52. Don’t Jump the Gun In Race to Secure the Public


  53. Democrats have only themselves, and more specifically President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, to blame.

    The Journal editorial board explained how “[t]he White House demanded, and Mr. Reid agreed, that Congress should try to pass the [Manchin-Toomey background check] amendment without” the benefit of 30 hours of floor debate which “would have meant inspecting the details” of the legislation and “opened up the bill to pro-gun amendments that were likely to pass.” A simple majority was needed for such a debate, the Journal notes, a threshold they could have cleared as Reid had 54 votes for his cloture motion. So why did Reid not go that route? Because it would “have boxed Mr. Reid into the embarrassing spectacle of having to later scotch a final bill because it also contained provisions that the White House loathes,” the Journal argued, adding (emphases mine):

    So Mr. Reid moved under “unanimous consent” to allow nine amendments, each with a 60-vote threshold.

    The White House was right to worry. An amendment from John Cornyn of Texas that would have required all states to recognize every other state’s concealed-carry permits earned 57 votes, 13 Democrats among them. The nearby table has the list. On Thursday, Wyoming’s John Barrasso offered an amendment to protect gun ownership privacy that passed 67-30.

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/ken-shepherd/2013/04/19/wall-street-journal-eviscerates-liberal-media-memes-gun-control-explai#ixzz2QwOrxAWH

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Barry sure cried the blues about this one. Ya gotta like his use of “Props” to try to appeal to the emotions of his flock, rather funny. I wonder if they realized their being used like toilet paper? 🙄

  54. I dunno G. I’m ok with the massive police response. It’s not what I would say is martial law. Two guys take down dozens, multiple amputations, three dead. Cops getting explosives thrown at them. Carjacking. Security guard killed. Backpacks left around town. Couple gunfights, Who knows if there are more guys involved. At some point someone has to put their foot down. Terror is terror. Jihad is real. What if they didn’t shut down the town? Seems to me that gives the bad guys the upper hand. Just hide in the crowd and probably not get noticed. Or..a cop sees them, shoots, and innocents get hurt. Wanna give the anti s something to bitch about, there you go. If you want to start the conspiracy, then maybe this could be the springboard, or dry run for martial law..see what we will tolerate. But in real time, ask the survivors if this is overkill. Ask the FBI , state cops, local cops if they think its overkill. Or you could personally haul ass into Boston and offer up your services. We could just be complacent and have a Benghazi type response..and how far did that get us? Tell me what you think is the proper response.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Anita, I can see how many could see it that way. I think this is way overboard, but, then I think about where this is happening. I will say this, all these cops and military and they can’t find one kid? Doesn’t say much for their tactics, now does it. Time will tell, but, I have heard a lot about them throwing bombs at them. Can’t wait to see the dash cams about what occurred. You know me, I don’t trust the govt story. They lie way too much.

      I am watching, listening and reading. Maybe they are right. Does it hurt to question them? Plus, I get to yank Charlie’s chain 🙂 I will be glad to hear about what happened to those who had their property searched. What kind of questions were asked? Things like that.

      Just one question, have you ever seen this kind of response to capture a criminal? There have been far more dangerous criminals on the loose that didn’t get anywhere near this type of action. As usual, I have more questions than answers, but that’s what should be done. Always challenge “authorities” or become a slave to them, because that’s where it has always led.

      Peace my friend 🙂

      • Certifiable, G … 🙂

      • I’m the one asking the questions here. Use your own box if you want me to answer 🙂

        What would be your response?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          A normal police response to capture a criminal. Even in LA, nothing compared to this. I can see cops at intersections and roadblocks and such. Maybe even walking patrols talking to the people. What I’m seeing is a major police state event. Would this kind of activity be OK in all cities/towns when the cops are chasing a dangerous criminal? I think not!

          But, it is in Mass, which is Liberal land and I doubt they have the tools to protect themselves. 😆 As a note, scare the people enough, they will beg for help, which usually means giving up all their rights. I’ll protect myself from the Charlie’s of the world and even the dangerous bad guys 🙂

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Two things to add. The FBI is in charge, that explains the Fed govt ideology. Two, if this kid was in my neck of the woods, he’d be dead or in custody by now. Hope this helps you with your questions Anita. 🙂

        • They did what they needed to do, end of story. G is loco 🙂

      • I’m tending with Anita here, most of what they are doing is correct and constitutional. There is a terrorist at large armed with gun(s) & possibly explosives. His brother went out fighting. Should we not expect him to look for a blaze of glory moment and to take as many with him?

        I think it would be best to communicate with the public and allow them choices. Any that want to leave, search their vehicles and mark their home vacant. (search those homes first, if time allows) Those that want to stay, ask if it is possible the terrorist is hiding inside.
        If they are sure their home is safe, mark as possible safe, but until a full house to house, business & etc., every possible hiding place is searched, you have to assume he behind every door. Would also say anything found in these searches could not be used against them at a later date.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          They, under the FBI plan, found nothing. So how many people had there lives turned upside down because of a “Suspect”. There have many past events with dangerous people too! Are we a country of cowards now? Cities were shutdown because of ONE kid, are you kidding me? Then again, it is Mass. Maybe if someone can convince me that because of that it is OK, then maybe I’ll understand, till then, this was BS. Theater on the news for a whole day. No script needed, no million dollar actors and actress’s, just the news. The best propaganda machine since the Nazi’s! BWAHAHAHA 🙂

          • Dude! This is a different situation. Foreign nationals bomb an international event on our soil. We BETTER step up in full force. Send a message..Don’t mess with the USA! I can see your point on other manhunts..but this time is not normal.

            • FURTHERMORE! It just happened Monday! You don’t ask for much do you? Besides..looks like they got his ass now!

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Not normal? It is now. It is now OK to tell citizens they are prisoners in their own homes because there is danger lurking. The reaction tells it all. Interesting how this will be thought of in the years to come. Will more freedom’s be taken as a reaction to this?

                I understand the thinking of many, but today was a bad sign of things to come. Not only did the whole “lockdown” fail to find the kid, it was a citizen who finally did their work for them. This will happen again, and probably soon. Maybe next time an entire State will be “locked down” for the next boogieman. Terrorism (all kinds) will always work as long as people are trained to fear them. Today, terrorism won. I just don’t think it was the terrorist who caused the most fear.

  55. Just A Citizen says:

    Road trip ………….. back on Sunday.

    Have fun everyone.

  56. Just A Citizen says:


    I almost forgot, in case you were wondering. I am off to a meeting of Patriots of Liberty.

    You know, those Freedom Loving Freedom Lovers.

  57. Ok Todd, I read the link. My synopsis…….

    1) An independent task force issued a damning review of Bush-era interrogation practices…………………………….. laughable at best. There is no such thing as an independent task force and non partisan anything. But having said this let us go on.

    2)”the panel concluded that never before had there been “the kind of considered and detailed discussions that occurred after 9/11 directly involving a president and his top advisers on the wisdom, propriety and legality of inflicting pain and torment on some detainees in our custody.”……………….this “panel” obviously was either not around during the cold war or chose to ignore the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s…and Carter’s 80’s.However, torment is a word that I can agree with but pain is not a word that I can agree with under the following techniques of interrogation…Nudity, Sleep deprivation, and water boarding…….and before you ask, I would consider talking to many of the members of special forces….in training, we have all been water boarded, sleep deprived, and naked….included locked up in 5 x 5 tin goat sheds pelted with rocks and hit with chains for 48 hours straight. ( on the sheds,,not us ).

    3) “A clash between guards and prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay camp last weekend and the release of harrowing accounts by inmates about force-feeding of hunger strikers threw a harsh spotlight on the predicament of the inmates, many held without charge or trial for more than a decade.”…………………………………the only plausible and reasonable sentence in this statement is the fact that they or some of them, have been help without charge or trial. This, in my opinion, should never happen. Charge em and try em in military court. Hang em, jail em, or set them free….but do something. The force feeding of prisoners is not harrowing but a waste of time….if they wish to die of hunger….let them die. To go on hunger strike because you shut down the internet, picked up their cell phones, etc….cry me a river.

    4)”The task force deemed indefinite detention of prisoners at Guantanamo “abhorrent and intolerable” ………………………already had an opinion but it cannot be said enough…charge em try em or set them free.

    5)”the 166 Guantanamo prisoners should be tried in civilian or military courts, repatriated or transferred to countries that would not torture them, or moved to U.S. jails, the task force’s majority recommended”……………………Let’s see, wonder what countries actually do not torture, that we could move them to…..but what the hell, that is ok…..charge emand move em…..if you can find a country that will take them. BUT, under no circumstance, move them to a US prison.

    6) “Members of the task force described themselves as the closest thing to a “truth commission” since Obama decided early in his presidency against convening a national investigation of post-9/11 practices.”……………………………….that is just it…they described themselves.

    7)”And the panel concluded there was no “persuasive evidence” that such techniques yielded “significant information of value.”…….in comparison to what? You, of all people Todd, demand facts…where are they?

    8)”The sweeping report cataloged interrogation techniques such as waterboarding, sleep deprivation and chaining prisoners in painful positions.”……………………IF and that is a GREAT BIG IF…..we chained anyone in any position…that is torture and I disagree with it.

    9) “The task force concluded that force-feeding hunger striking detainees is “a form of abuse and must end” and called on the United States to abide by international medical standards.”………………………International Standards is even more laughable than the United Nations. There are no standards,,,,,only recommendations. AND, most of the very countries that recommend…..do not follow their own recommendations.

    10) “The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross last week expressed opposition to the force-feeding of prisoners and said he urged Obama to do more to resolve the “untenable” legal plight of inmates held there.”……… I concur 100%. No force feeding of any prisoners.

    11) “The hunger strike began in February to protest the seizure of personal items from detainees’ cells.Guards swept through communal cell blocks at the camp on Saturday and moved the prisoners into one-man cells”……………………………I

    • Hit the wrong button…..to finish……I have seen the list that caused the hunger strike. Let them strike and watch them die. THAT is their choice…..or give them back their soccer fields, unsupervised visitation, cell phones, and internet.

      • The only complaint I have has to do with the politicians. By now, these guys should have been tried, convicted or acquitted, released or held, freed or executed. The friggen guys in the White House can’t make up their minds.

    • Colonel,

      in training, we have all been water boarded, sleep deprived, and naked….included locked up in 5 x 5 tin goat sheds pelted with rocks and hit with chains for 48 hours straight. ( on the sheds,,not us ).

      So they’re ready in case other, low-life-scum-country does that to them. I don’t think America should become just another low-life-scum-country…maybe it’s just me…

      Charge em and try em in military court.

      The military courts are a joke. Try them in a real court.

      cry me a river.

      I wonder how you would feel after 10 years in prison without being charged? And you piss-moan about taxes…

      BUT, under no circumstance, move them to a US prison.

      We created this problem, we have to solve it. If no other country wants to take them, that is OUR problem.

      in comparison to what? You, of all people Todd, demand facts…where are they?

      I don’t know. I wanted Obama to convene a national investigation of post-9/11 practices. He let Bush/Cheney off the hook to try to heal things, and all that did was let the assholes who support this crap off the hook.

      IF and that is a GREAT BIG IF…..we chained anyone in any position…that is torture and I disagree with it.

      Do you have anything to refute this?

      International Standards is even more laughable than the United Nations. There are no standards,,,,,only recommendations. AND, most of the very countries that recommend…..do not follow their own recommendations.

      Tough shit. We’re better than them. We’re not just another low-life-scum-country. Someone has to set the standard. That’s what America does – at least we used to before George W Bush, a “GREAT” Texan, decided the law didn’t apply to us…

      I concur 100%. No force feeding of any prisoners.

      What about the “untenable” legal plight of inmates held there part? Do you care about that?

      Let them strike and watch them die. THAT is their choice…

      I guess you don’t really give a shit about all that LIBERTY and FREEDOM crap you’re always blabbing about.

      Remember this the next time you’re pissing-n-moaning about Obama…

      Oh yeah, you still have NOT provided any evidence that torture works?

  58. Beware the uptick in nationalism and/or Stand Your Ground … In Giovanni’s Room … is this man a jinx or what? …

  59. Lindsey Graham Calls For Boston Bombing Suspect To Be Held As ‘Enemy Combatant’

    America is “a battlefield because the terrorists think it is,” Graham told The Washington Post. “It sure would be nice to have a drone up there.”

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve read all week (and I’ve been reading Gman’s comments!).

    Let’s just add to the problems at Guantanamo Bay.

    • Well, you now have your answer…..enemy combatant and no Miranda……for national security reasons…..This on CNN and Fox and MSNBC……this morning. We will get our information….THEN……make a show of Miranda. It is the way of the world.

  60. Hey Colonel,
    More of your great Texas hypocrisy:

    Ted Cruz, Bill Flores Asked For Federal Aid After Texas Explosion, But Voted Against Sandy Relief

    • Yeah……you are right here….but have already been over ruled by the governor….no request has actually been made and none will be IF Perry gets his way. Wonder why Cruz asked this…..Flores does not surprise me.

  61. FLPatriot,
    Sorry, I just found this in my stack of emails:

    The other basic rule of economics that the left ignores is that wealth flows from the consumer to the producer.


    Actually, you have this backwards! Most from the Left agree with this. It’s those on the Right that disagree with this.

    If Black Flag were still posting here, he’d rip you a new one for this! It’s all about productivity – that’s all that matters, blah, blah, blah. I’d heard that many times!

    But here’s the problem – the consumers don’t have any money left. The whole housing-bubble-burst-foreclosre-unemployment-2008-recession-thing tapped them out. “ALL” the money is being “sucked” up by the wealthy. The consumers don’t have the purchasing power left to drive the economy…

    Any ideas for a solution to this?

    • Yep…….put everybody on an even keel……..quit using the Fed (money supply) to prop up anyone…….revamp the tax code and eliminate ALL deductions…..move to a flat tax and live with not spending more than you bring in….revamp the so called entitlement program to those that are actually in need and restrict it to one year and require a work program to receive it…..let supply and demand rule…….you will see a huge change and the monopolies will crumble.

    • A Puritan Descendant says:

      “It’s all about productivity”

      You have it correct Todd.

      But it should not be consumers versus producers. Everyone should be a producer first, so they can consume by trading something of real value.

      Giving “Consumers” other peoples money to spend, or printing money for consumers to spend is just a sugar high which always needs a bigger fix of more of the same.

      Everyone needs to find a way to produce.

    • We need to be a nation of producers again and stop being China’s consumer base. America was once the nation that produced the world’s goods and because of that we were the richest nation in the world. Now we are nothing more than consumers and that is why our wealth if leaving for other countries.

      The reason I said the left does not understand this is because every action taken by the progressive left in Washington is to prop up consumers and does nothing to help producers.

      If the left really agreed with Mises and his statement then we would see a move to lesson the burden of government on producers so that jobs could be created, instead all we see is the continued feeding of cheap money to keep consumers happy even though that money is leaving America faster than you think.

      • A Puritan Descendant says:

        ” lesson the burden of government on producers so that jobs could be created ”


        I believe excess regulation is more of a burden on productivity than tax policy, but probably much harder to fix with all the State and local regulations piled on top of Federal.

  62. @G :”Not normal? It is now. It is now OK to tell citizens they are prisoners in their own homes because there is danger lurking. ”

    This is G trying his best to be BF … it works in that they’re both insane … it doesn’t work because sounds as whacky as FLP does about religion … the standards in this joint are fading fast … 🙂

  63. Todd……the only ” evidence” I Can give is that I have personally seen the results and I have personally seen lives saved because of it. I have no proof of being able to point you to a link. As far as I know all information is classified, including the information obtained during Bush but why are you so after Bush when every single President…..including Obama now……uses or has used information”obtained” under “special circumstances”. I saw it work in Vietnam and I saw it work in Bosnia and I saw it work in Kuwait. ( The results, are what I am talking about ). I have also been present in interrogations by other countries methods to the point of being sick to my stomach…..techniques that I would not agree with in any circumstance…..so I have been there and I personally know what torture……REAL torture is and it is terrible. I will stand right beside you to this very day and voice against the types of methods I have seen used if the U S ever used them. We do not.

    As to asking the prisoners about whether their rights have been abused….everyone in prison is innocent….I thought you knew that. Every prisoner will lie to better their position.

    By the way, if this kid ( the Boston thing ) lives……and, as we now all know, Obama,s double standard is in effect by NOT reading Miranda to this kid in this “particular” case…….do not be naive and think they will not get information by “non conventional” means. They will…….and the information will be used to better his and other’s position. It is the way of the world Todd….I know this and there will be NO Internet link to provide. If all of a sudden, we ( our government ) moves against a terror cell from information obtained from this kid……you wish to believe that he gave up that information because we say “PRETTY PLEASE”….. You need to wake up to the realities of the world. Promising him a trip to Disney World is not productive. I will promise you that we will get information from this kid….and it will not be gentle.

  64. Todd……I will make an assumption here………. Professional games being interrupted, parades in Boston, cheers all over the U S…….chants of USA…….with the announcement of this kid,s capture…….no Miranda…….. Must really be hard for you to swallow and I am really not trying to be facetious here…..was wondering.

  65. Just saw the interview of the boat owner where this kid was hiding…… The owner, after the stay inside order was lifted, goes outside for a smoke…..sees a tarp strap that has been cut and the tarp did not look right…..gets a ladder…..puts it on the side of the boat……lifts the tarp…..sees the kid covered in blood……calls the police……another shoot out…..kid captured…….and this owner is alive. Wow!!

    Wonder why the kid did not shoot him, the owner. This owner lives a charmed life……and the price of his boat just went up.

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