Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend to All 🙂 The first weekend of the summer season is here and the Bar B Que grills will be smoking everywhere. As we all enjoy time with family and friends, let us also remember what this weekend means. Remember those that have sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today (at least what is left of them). Let’s not forget the families as well, they also suffered. I don’t believe anyone wants war, especially those for all the wrong reasons. But those are not the fault of the warriors and their families, so be kind and thank a Vet this weekend.



  1. 🙂

  2. The sad happenings of a anti-American President and his administration. 😦

  3. “Remember those that have sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today (at least what is left of them).”

    “The sad happenings of a anti-American President and his administration.”

    Are you pissing and moaning again, G? Sure looks like it … 🙂

  4. Wow! Puts a different take on “life of the mother” argument.

    • Same argument I’ve been making for months 🙂 but boy howdy, do I love having a doctor come out and say the same thing.

      So many arguments made in this debate that are used to justify abortion that just aren’t good enough to support millions of babies being killed. I even pretty much fell for the “do you really think woman will have late term illegal abortions if their isn’t a serious medical problem or something really wrong with the baby” argument-evidence proves they will.

  5. I just think it’s strange that this is the second person that I know of who has been promoted who are involved in these scandals-so is the administration covering their behinds or just telling us to kiss their behinds.

    State Department Official Who Played Key Role in Editing Benghazi Talking Points Nominated for Assistant Secretary of State Position
    May. 23, 2013 9:00pm Jason Howerton

    Obama Nominates Victoria Nuland for Assistant Secretary of State

    State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland listens to US Secretary of State John Kerry and Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida speak to the press prior to a meeting at the State Department in Washington on February 22, 2013. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

    President Barack Obama has nominated Victoria Nuland, a State Department official who played a key role in editing the administration’s Benghazi talking points, to be then next assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, the White House announced in a press release on Thursday.

    It is was later discovered that the talking points used by U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice when she appeared on several Sunday shows days after the deadly Benghazi attack were loaded with faulty information.

    Emails show that Nuland expressed “serious concerns” about an early draft of the talking points and passed along the State Department’s request to scrub references to al-Qaeda and the CIA’s warnings about the threat of such groups to U.S. diplomats in Libya from the document.

    Nuland, “a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Career Minister,” has served as the State Department spokesperson since 2011.

    Obama’s former traveling press secretary Jen Psaki has replaced Nuland as the top State Department spokesperson. She conducted her first on-camera press briefing last week, Politico reports.

  6. @ Charlie… about this for an analogy.

    In the 1800’s, The US government put Indians on reservations, gave them shiny beads and trinkets, government beef rations, and alcohol and created a poverty class.

    And today, the US government keeps minorities on reservations (called housing), gives them government beef rations ( called food stamps/welfare ) gives them shiny beads and trinkets (called cell phones), furnishes alcohol and drugs and gambling ( called EBT cards ) and creates a continuing poverty class.

    Nothing has changed in 150 years.

    • It’s a very good analogy, Colonel … and who runs the government (back then and today)? The money, sir … follow the money …

      • “And today, the US government keeps minorities on reservations (called housing), gives them government beef rations ( called food stamps/welfare ) gives them shiny beads and trinkets (called cell phones), furnishes alcohol and drugs and gambling ( called EBT cards ) and creates a continuing poverty class.”

        And to put it a better way … replacing religion as the opiate of the masses (those things above and the new American dream — Lotto) … so why can’t you guys see how capitalism doesn’t work? That Karl Marx guy … gotta love’m 🙂

        • But, it was not any different under Marx

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Aside from the fact he was a psychopathic free-loader.

          • There was nothing done under Marx, colonel. His core philosophy was bastardized … revisionism, etc … but the system by which the lowest on the economic rung are given basic necessities flourishes in Cuba today (lower infant mortality rate than the U.S.; highest adult literate rate in the world) … they may have been stalled by the dopey U.S. embargo, but they still seem to survive … it’s no paradise, that’s for sure, but they certainly don’t seem to need Microsoft and/or Powerball to survive …

            • Just A Citizen says:

              HIs “core philosophy” was developed on the fly to satisfy his promise to a bunch of psychopathic revolutionaries.

              Bastardized my back side. It manifested itself in exactly what it was…………EVIL incarnate.

              • I’m thinking JAC-this is an example of-I know it didn’t work in the past but they just did it wrong.

              • Me thinks your backside is looking rather thin there, JAC … to me EVIL incarnate can be more associated with wiping out an indigenous population and then putting a race of people in chains … but I agree, we do have different concepts of EVIL … 🙂

  7. I read another article the other day-talked about Carney saying- asking questions about these scandals was like being a birther-It seemed to irritate the liberal reporters when he said it-Wonder if it dawned on them finally that this was just a tactic used by the administration to try and shut up the press. I found it quite satisfying and funny to see their reaction when it involved something “they” were asking about-not so funny anymore is it!

    Now we have this article pointing out how Obama and his crew will attack anyone who crosses them, you know “treating them like the enemy”. And it’s their precious Hillary which quite frankly the left threw under the bus to get Obama elected and they even slandered Bill Clinton during the election.

    I’m not sure how the Clinton’s are gonna do it-but somehow they are going to have some pay-back when it comes to Obama. I’m just watching and waiting but it is coming. Course it may be hard to know it’s the Clinton’s doing it-I doubt they will make it obvious.

    Strassel: IRS Scandal’s Roots in Obama’s 2008 Campaign; Attacked Clinton, Edwards, Too

    by Joel B. Pollak 24 May 2013, 5:13 AM PDT 105 post a comment
    Kimberly Strassel has a must-read column at the Wall Street Journal today that explains the context in which the IRS scandal emerged–not just during the Obama administration’s attempt to quash the Tea Party, but in Obama’s efforts to shut down all opposition, both Republican and Democratic, in the 2008 campaign.

    Strassel notes that Bob Bauer, the Obama campaign (and later White House) general counsel, wrote letters to the Department of Justice in August 2008 attacking a conservative 501(c)4 called the American Issues Project for running an ad that highlighted Obama’s connection to former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. Bauer did not stop there; he also contacted the Federal Election Commission. That same month, a left-wing activist created a 501(c)4 called Accountable America that was designed to intimidate GOP donors.

    Earlier that year, Strassel notes, during the Democratic Party primary, Bauer had used the same tactics against a left-wing 501(c)4 that supported Hillary Clinton, and another against one supporting John Edwards. As even Ben Smith, then of Politico and a noted defender of the Obama campaign, noted:

    It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Bauer has called for criminal investigations and prosecutions into the donors to independent groups critical of Obama, including one supporting John Edwards and another supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton. His words did have the effect of scaring their donors and consultants, but haven’t yet appeared to result in any prosecution.

    There are many other examples that one can add to Strassel’s analysis. One that I remember with particular bitterness is from September 2008, when the Democratic National Committee and several Obama-aligned organizations pressured the Jewish community to un-invite Sarah Palin from a rally against Iran at the UN.

    What happened was that a group of Jewish non-profit organizations had organized the rally and invited both Gov. Palin and Sen. Hillary Clinton. Clinton initially agreed to attend, but the Obama campaign was terrified at the prospect of her sharing a stage with Palin and sending a signal that Democrat women left frustrated by Clinton’s loss might switch parties. So they pressured Clinton to withdraw–and then pressured the Jewish groups to deny Palin a platform, claiming that the rally was now “partisan.” Jewish members of the Democratic National Committee reportedly made threats to challenge the groups’ IRS non-profit status.

    J Street, which had only recently started up as an organization devoted to promoting criticism of Israel and Obama’s Middle East policy, joined in the pressure campaign, circulating a petition addressed to Jewish leader and rally organizer Malcolm Hoenlein. When Palin was un-invited, J Street celebrated its role in that deplorable display of thuggish intimidation of free speech and assembly: “We Won!” it boasted. (So did Iran, that day.)

    The Obama campaign’s tactics weren’t confined to non-profit groups. Indeed, its present practice of trying to intimidate journalists emerged at the same time. In late August 2008, the Obama campaign organized an effort to shut down a radio interview between Chicago journalist Milt Rosenberg and conservative author Stanley Kurtz, who had just done the definitive research exposing the ties between Ayers and Obama. (The campaign declined an invitation to appear on the show itself.) The producer of the show later wrote: “It’s interesting to see what lengths the Obama campaign is willing to reach to stifle dissenting voices.”

    Those of us who protested the Obama campaign’s tactics at the time were ignored, as were most who noted what the Obama administration later did to the Tea Party and conservatives. Strassel adds that Bauer came back for the Obama re-election campaign in 2012 and used the same tactics against Romney donors.

    “None of this proves that Mr. Obama was involved in the IRS targeting of conservative nonprofits,” she writes. “But it does help explain how we got an environment in which the IRS thought this was acceptable.”

    The important point is that the Obama administration’s behavior in the Benghazi scandal (intimidating whistleblowers), the IRS scandal (targeting conservative nonprofits and donors), and the AP and Rosen scandals (hounding individual journalists and news agencies) is a feature of Obama’s character and leadership, not a bug. He may know well enough to keep himself at arm’s length, to retain the façade of “plausible deniability.” But the pattern of behavior is becoming undeniable, as is Obama’s ultimate responsibility.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Moral of all this?

      You can get away with anything in politics as long as you don’t poke the PRESS in the eye.

    • Sure wish Breitbart was here to witness the results of many of his investigations.

  8. Thank you, Mr. Greenwood……

    If tomorrow all the things were gone I’d worked for all my life, and I had to start again with just my children and my wife, I’d thank my lucky stars to be livin’ here today. Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can’t take that away.

    And I’m proud to be an American Where at least I know I’m free And I won’t forget the men who died Who gave that right to me And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God bless the USA

    From the lakes of Minnesota To the hills of Tennessee Across the plains of Texas From sea to shining sea From Detroit down to Houston And New York to LA Well there’s pride in every American heart And its time we stand and say

    That I’m proud to be an American Where at least I know I’m free And I won’t forget the men who died Who gave that right to me And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God bless the USA

    And I’m proud to be an American Where at least I know I’m free And I won’t forget the men who died Who gave that right to me And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God bless the USA

    Lee Greenwood

    D13 to the brotherhood……welcome home.
    D13 to the fallen…..I will always remember.
    D13 to his family…. Thank you for your support for the missed Christmas’, the missed birthdays, the missed anniversary’s, the sleepless nights, and the constant worry. I do not think that fighting in war is any easier than the wait.
    D13 to his flag….as torn as you are, as ragged as you may be, as trampled you will be… are still Old Glory…and to me, I will always protect you, put out the fires, pick you up, and treat you with respect.

    Happy Memorial Day!!!

    • Ditto and Amen!!

    • Judy Sabatini says:

      AMEN Colonel. My daughter in law is now in Afghanistan, so, yes, the worry starts all over again, & hope for a fast , safe return home, back to her family & friends. Had to worry twice, when my youngest son was in Iraq & now with her, leaving behind a new husband of 7 months, who is my oldest son, & 3 young boys.

      Hope you all will have a safe & good weekend. God Bless my friends & Take Care.

  9. “It’s atypical for individual field-level government workers to all have their own individual managers, though I suppose the IRS could be different” Seriously this is atypical-an individual manager for every agent-Wow-what a waste of money!

  10. Looks like there’s been a whole lot of Black flight the last decade or so. How dare they be so racist/sarc

    May 23, 2013
    Black and Blue in Chicago

    Closed School

    After months of bitter debate, Chicago’s Board of Education voted to close 49 underused and underfunded public schools—the largest school closure America has seen in decades. The New York Times reports:

    Chicago now has 145,000 fewer school-age children than it had more than a decade ago, according to district data, and the district had already closed about 100 schools since 2001. In March, the Chicago Public Schools identified 53 more elementary schools that it planned to shutter, expecting to save about $500 million over 10 years in a district facing a $1 billion deficit.

    This is a sad day for many people. During the two hours of public comment leading up to the Board’s vote, emotions were running high, and protesters had to be escorted out of the room. But Chicago has long been in decline, and cutbacks need to be made to suit new realities.

    Rather than focus on the school closures, angry residents should look at the blue policies that brought the city to this point. Years of broken and corrupt politics have left the city with a $1 billion budget deficit, a soaring crime rate, and constant tension between the government and unions. The pain has fallen worst on the poor and minority communities, and they are responding by getting out. Over the past decade, Chicago’s black population declined by 17 percent, as blacks fled the for the suburbs or the more promising economies of the South. The windy city is now at its lowest population since before 1920. No wonder the schools are closing.

    Chicago’s problems are not unique. Approximately 1.3 million blacks left the North for southern cities between 2000 and 2010. Black populations in Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston have surged. Northern cities, once the promised land for the nation’s black population, have failed to create the kind of economic and social conditions necessary to build a stable black middle class.

    We hear lots of talk about how brilliant liberal economic policies are, but we rarely see stories of millions of people emerging triumphantly out of poverty thanks to all the wonderful things expensive government programs are doing for the citizens of these places. Perhaps our President should spare a thought for what’s happening in the city he once called home.

    • Shhhh….you can’t say that.

      • It is so funny that people are moving to the mean old South to escape the economic and soul destroying “empathy” of the North. Just wish they would leave their politics behind them-they might run out of places to escape too.

    • You know what I love about this article and YOUR witty joinders?

      The suburbs minorities move to, how do you think that was possible? It’s called white flight from those same suburbs … geniuses … every one of you … 🙂

      • Run like hell too! The value of your property will plummet in short time. That Charlie, is an inconvenient FACT!

        • And why is it a fact, G? That’s the invonvenient truth you refuse to acknowledge, which is why you defend a system that makes a fool of you … now, go wave that flag, brother! Nothing the Koch brothers love more than seeing fools like you defend their interests.

          • I will be flying my flags proudly, as I do everyday. I will enjoy great meals with family and enjoy and respect the meaning of Memorial Day. Maybe all you small minded people trying to make up for all your past failures will make it through without choking on a chicken bone. Good Luck loser 🙂

      • I don’t see white flight from neighborhoods now a days-I do see some flight but it isn’t based on race. I live in a middle class neighborhood-we have white’s, black’s, hispanic’s, and one Chinese family. We don’t have any problems and no mass exodus from the neighborhood but then I don’t live in a blue state.

        • Your’ll be blue soon enough, don’t kid yourself. My old neighborhoods: Canarsie, Brooklyn; white to black in the mid-70’s (almost overnight), then American black to Carribean sometime in the late 80’s (prices soared again). Little Italy (manhattan), mostly chinese when I lived there, almost all Chinese and yuppies now (nothing like gentrification to push those without big bucks out) … Port Wash, LI … suburbs still white and pricey, from what I can tell, but I would go back there with a gun to my head … Murry Hill (manhattan) pricey then, more pricey now – millionaires only need apply … whites from Canarsie moved to where it was affordable (Staten Island, Eastern Long Island and NJ) … as minorities and immigrants move into their new safe havens, they flee again (mostly south) … sooner or later, kids, it’ll all be urban and whites will be the minority … and the only thing left to fight will be the capital that turned a potentially great idea into a third world disaster waiting to happen. Keep thinking it’s liberty you’re all fighting for … it’s the 1% … 🙂

          • You do realize that all your examples are democrat controlled.

            • I’ll agree wholeheartedly that the policies you approve of and the democrats push are responsible for causing a two class society-poor/ government dependent and rich.

              • Oh by the way-you’re the one fighting for that 1%, not me.

              • Because you wear blinders the likes of which cannot be penetrated … and you listen to one side of a story over and over until you can repeat it in your sleep … and you refuse to understand anything about anything else because it would jog you out of the bubble and into reality … reality … that scares all hell out of you, I know … but it’s coming to a theatre near you sooner than you think … 🙂

              • Charlie-You just pointed out how unfair and horrible all these Northern, liberal States are-then you inform me that soon we will all be blue states and we’ll see how horrible the situation will be-and you tell me-I can’t see the truth. Oh Vey.

            • And therein lies the error of your ways, V.H. … like most here, you ignore the fact that the 1% controls both parties … that any form of welfare is a bone thrown by them to offset a revolution … that the more freedom you permit corporations to have, the less freedom you’ll have (it’s as simple as that) … you serve their interests … working for and buying the products a group of men playing golf (probably in Kuwait), earning them profits while they produce nothing and you do all the work. You’re fine with that because you’re blind … and soon you’ll have more than 1 (entire?) chinese family … and you’ll scream all over again about borders … hilarious.

              • V.H, V.H, V.H. (think The Odd Couple, Oscar, Oscar, Oscar) … I’m not a Democrat … I’m a socialist. You can convince yourself all you want that this is a socialist economy … knock yourself out … it isn’t. It isn’t close to one. I’m a proponent of a hybrid economy (social-democracy rather than capitalism) … I could care less about any part of this government, either side of the aisle (although I do enjoy watching Reps fall on their collective tea partying faces) … this is a government of the rich, for the rich, by the rich in my eyes. Until it’s overthrown, hopefully peacefully, there’s very little about it I can get excited about. Obama, in my eyes, has been Bush III and IV.

              • No I don’t Charlie-I am well aware that business and the government work in collusion-TOGETHER- to take away our rights. That’s why I stand for smaller government-get that- smaller-not no government- I actually believe we need some government, some regulation, some welfare-but it has gone past a little and become a friggin life style for some people-a hole they can’t dig themselves out of and it is the fault of both parties but it is the friggin platform of the democrats. And I don’t care what you say-do you are do you not support more governmental power? that is somehow supposed to fight against the power of big business, the same entity that supposedly owns the government-that makes you a democrat just a very extreme one.

              • Oh yeah, what was with the crack about border crap and one Chinese family-is stating a fact -racist now. Oh yeah-truth has been consider racist for about 5 years now.

              • V.H. Charlie don’t know what is going on around him. His story is always changing. That’s what cowards do. They spew lies to try and make you out to be the liar. He’s the deceitful one. It’s in the nature of the Socialist to lie. They can’t handle the truth.

              • Charlie, Charlie, Charlie,… I’m not a Democrat … I’m a socialist. You can convince yourself all you want that this is a capitalist economy … knock yourself out … it isn’t. It isn’t close to one. I’m a proponent of a hybrid economy (which is what we have fascist-democracy rather than capitalism) … I could care less about any part of this government, either side of the aisle … this is a government of the rich, for the rich, by the rich in my eyes. Hmmm, I kinda agree with that part… The thing is Chuckles, where you want Socialism, you get more of the same thing we have now. Big government that is not accountable protects big business. ObamaCare made some sweet deals with pharmaceutical & health insurance companies. I think he was named “Man of the Year”? ahh history, will we ever learn…..


  11. “As Weaver and Mathews explain, ObamaCare’s requirement that insurance policies include “essential” benefits such as mental-health services apply only to small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. But larger employers “need only cover preventive service, without a lifetime or annual dollar-value limit, in order to avoid the across-the-workforce penalty.” ”

    Small companies are required too but Big Business isn’t-well isn’t that typical. I am just amazed by how much the Dems. want to help the little guy/sarc.

    Another enormous ObamaCare ‘Oops’

    Last Updated: 4:14 AM, May 23, 2013
    Posted: 11:44 PM, May 22, 2013

    Would you like to have a “skinny” health insurance policy? Probably not. But if you’re employed by a large company, you may get one, thanks to ObamaCare.

    That’s the conclusion of Wall Street Journal reporters Christopher Weaver and Anna Wilde Mathews, who report that insurance brokers are pitching and selling “low-benefit” policies across the country.

    Wonder what a “skinny” or “low-benefit” insurance plan is? The terms may vary, but the basic idea is that policies would cover preventive care, a limited number of doctor visits and perhaps generic drugs. They wouldn’t cover things such as surgery, hospital stays or prenatal care.
    Sebelius: Clueless about what “insurance” is supposed to mean.
    Sebelius: Clueless about what “insurance” is supposed to mean.

    That sounds similar to an auto-insurance policy that reimburses you when you change the oil but not when your car gets totaled.

    You might ask how ObamaCare could encourage the proliferation of such policies. It was sold as a way to provide more coverage for more people, after all. And people were told they could keep the health insurance they had.

    As Weaver and Mathews explain, ObamaCare’s requirement that insurance policies include “essential” benefits such as mental-health services apply only to small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. But larger employers “need only cover preventive service, without a lifetime or annual dollar-value limit, in order to avoid the across-the-workforce penalty.”

    Low-benefit plans may cost an employer only $40 to $100 a month per employee. That’s less than the $2,000-per-employee penalty for providing no insurance.

    “We wouldn’t have anticipated that there’d be demand for these type of Band-Aid plans in 2014,” the Journal quotes former White House health adviser Robert Kocher. “Our expectation was that employers would offer high-quality insurance.”


    It’s probably true that businesses trying to attract and retain high-skill employees for long-term positions have an economic incentive to offer generous and attractive health insurance. Otherwise they’d lose good people to competitors.

    But the kind of businesses mentioned in the Journal story — restaurants, retailers, assisted-living chains — tend to employ lower-skill workers who typically work there only temporarily.

    In a high-unemployment economy, they may not need to offer gold-plated health insurance to get the workforce they need.

    Such employers would have to pay a $3,000 penalty for each employee who buys insurance on ObamaCare’s health-insurance exchanges. But it seems likely that many workers, especially young ones, would opt not to pay the hefty premiums for that.

    The problem here is that ObamaCare’s architects seem to misunderstand the concept of insurance.

    People buy insurance to pay for low-probability, high-cost and undesirable events. It doesn’t make sense to hold onto enough cash to replace your house if it burns when you can buy an insurance policy that will cover that unlikely disaster.

    But Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has a different idea of what insurance is. In response to an American Society of Actuaries report that health premiums would rise 32 percent under ObamaCare, she said, “Some of these folks have very high catastrophic plans that don’t pay for anything unless you get hit by a bus.”

    Her idea apparently is that insurance should pay for just about every health-care procedure.

    In her defense, the World War II decision to make the cost of health insurance deductible for employers and nontaxable for employees has moved things in that direction. Many people have come to expect that.

    But as the Daily Beast’s Megan McArdle commented, “Coverage of routine, predictable services is not insurance at all; it’s a spectacularly inefficient prepayment plan.”

    If large numbers of employees are enrolled in “skinny” health insurance plans, as the Journal article suggests, ObamaCare will have produced an unanticipated outcome no one wants.

    People stuck with these policies will have insurance that pays for the equivalent of oil changes (up to six a year!) but not for the equivalent of wrecked car. Just the opposite of real insurance.

    • Remember the word “protocol” . That will be used to determine your treatment in the very near future. You will not like it. The government will determine all treatments. I’ll be paying cash for my healthcare, Obama can kiss my ass 👿

      • You and John Tortorella … the kiss my ass speech:

        What will happen in the near future is universal health care, thank God (hear that FLP, it’s God I’m thanking) …

        • You will be very happy Charlie when they tell you what and how much you can eat. Enjoy your bread and water Bubbles 🙂

          • You know what’s scary, G? You actually believe that shit the same government you claim lies to you — you believe what they fed you from the time you were just a little putz with long hair like a redneck with zero muscle. It never ceases to amaze me how contradictory you clowns are sometimes. Actually most times. 🙂

            • Yes, and your total ignorance never ceases to amaze all of us.. I’ve said over and over the govt is corrupt. You still want more govt. You don’t know shit about capitalism, except for all the bullshit you have been fed. A Social Democracy is a form of government, not a form of economy, idiot. Go back to school where they can feed you more bullshit so you can come here a spew it like vomit, as the rest of us laugh at your sorry fat ass for falling for the indoctrination. You ain’t nothing but a FC (and you know exactly what that means). Ball less wonder 🙂

              • OH, you know what? I have some friends who will be visiting some biker bars in your area. I sent them a nice collection of your best un-American posts along with your address. HEHEHE! Have a nice weekend tough guy 😆

              • Redneck, squat to piss boy … you seem to be losing your temper again … yes, send in the bikers … of course you need someone to do your bidding …

                FC? Nope, never saw that one before … HEHEHE? Wow, you must be very powerful … in the meantime, I’ll try not to shit my pants.

              • Your are addicted to attacking people personally. You really need a good Shrink because you are seriously mentally ill. I do however think it is funny how you use redneck, cause I’m a damn proud redneck. I’m also a country hick 🙂 What I won’t be is hungry when the economy shits itself. I don’t think there will be too many city folks coming to the country hicks house for food, simply put, they are not invited or welcome. Us redneck country hicks will do just fine without the city and their welfare class losers. Remember this when your grocery stores are empty with no deliveries coming. Yep, proud to be a redneck 🙂

  12. You guys have a great Holiday-I’m out of here till Sunday. Bye 🙂

  13. ( From Reuters) Very interesting comments from the floor of Parliament after the beheading of the soldier on the streets of London…….many feel that an armed populace could have stopped this. Also, they seem to be blaming socialism for the same…..creating an illusion that government can control and solve the problems of society.

    “Capitalism built up England to dizzying heights over the last 600 years. Socialism has brought it to appaling depths over the last 60 years. Those who would have Europeans racked with guilt over ruling the world have forgotten the Battles of Tours in 732, Liegnitz in 1241, or Vienna in 1683. The Socialists have not forgotten but cackle at their memory hoping for a repeat with differing outcomes. Christianity and Capitalism bring life, liberty, and prosperity. Islam brings slavery, pillage, and genocide. Socialism is suicide and the midwife of a new dark age.”

    “There’s no point to a debate. The ruling elite in this country don’t want ordinary people to have guns, so that’s the end of the matter. In the States, they have to respect their Constitution and their politicians have to take notice of what their voters want. If it’s any comfort, though, the Americans are becoming more like us, so eventually we can all be looted together.”

    “The U.K. and the U.S. owe their previous wealth and world domination to the temporary monopoly of industrial manufacture. The U.K. had a monopoly because it was first, and the U.S. because during WWII everyone else’s factories were bombed. Now, both have lost their manufacturing edge due primarily to the influence of unions that sought to destroy whole industries to punish the U.S. and U.K. for their defiance of communism. The U.K. and the U.S. are not destined to perpetual decline but must remember to harness their singular genius for innovation. Science is our greatest asset and our greatest weapon. Unions and welfare are our greatest weakness and our greatest enemy. The destruction of the post-war policies of the left cannot be overstated.”

    “Civilization is like a child driving a wagon to market using a fishing pole dangling a carrot in front of the horse. The well-meaning neighbor decides it’s cruel to taunt the horse and gives the horse unlimited carrots without the pretense of working for them. Not only does the wagon never get to market, the horse engorges itself on carrots and dies of colic. Nonetheless, the well-meaning neighbor feels he has succeeded and is consumed with pride and self-righteousness. The child is then forced to paint slogans on the wagon heralding the compassion of the well-meaning neighbor and to push the wagon around the neighborhood. The child never gets to the market and eventually all starve. What would be a greater use of resources: executing murderers, rapists, and theives or imprisoning socialists, sociologists, and social workers? Both would have salutary effects.”

    “Life is suffering. The absence of suffering is death. In previous ages, those who were deprived of the ennobling effect of labor and suffering joined the military which provided the softest aristocrat the upliftng opportunity to sweat and bleed for others. Now, we have extended the life killing effects of idle wealth to the least among us. Civilization is not built by those possessed of idle wealth but by those striving to achieve it for their children. We have traded a society in which men of all classes in one manner or another suffered, sacrificed, and built something to one in which men of all classes are pampered, decadent, and dissolute. Socialism has achieved the unthinkable it has equalized decadence.”

    “Another truth is that when the people are disarmed, government has more power to abuse their own people. Witness Libya. Yes, the people have been able to get their hands on weapons. The problem this that they initially were no skilled in their use. In Switzerland and the US, a large percentage of citizens not only own guns – they know how to use them. In both nations, this serves to prevent abusive governments from ever coming to power. This was the basis of out 2nd Amendment. The framers openly wrote that arms in the hands of the people not only enabled them to defend themselves individually, but served as a check on government power. It has worked for about 500 years in Switzerland and nearly 225 years here in the US. Of course, in both countries the people are called citizens – in the UK you are called subjects. Given that we are now disarmed, that is exactly what we are.”

    “The primary purpose and effect of modern civil rights laws, laws restricting guns and self-defense, and entitlement/welfare spending is to make the law the tool of criminals and thugs. First it will be used to extort all the property from society and then it will be used to make the decent people slaves of thugs. Much like prisons are already. Socialism leads to slavery and domination by the criminals. We cannot be free until the socialists are in prison.”

    “Large urban areas in the northern U.S. are infected with the kind of blame whitey for everything mentality. The only way to blame whitey for drug gangs is to blame guns. Also, gun control doesn’t seem as dangerous if you’re exempted from it. The entire northern (U.S.) liberal society is based on lies and efforts to pretend that equality is possible. They’ll burn down the country before they admit otherwise. Besides, enforcing and pretending equality requires an army of bureaucrats, and that provides jobs to lots of leftist snots.”

    ” First, violent crime in the UK has soared since law abiding citizens were stripped of their right to bear arms. Especially telling are statistics on burglaries of occupied homes – much higher now in the UK, as a percentage of all burglaries, than in the U.S. That is because burglars in the U.K. know that they can act with impunity, where as burglards in the U.S. know that invading an occupied home could bring a quick death. The comment suggesting racism is silly. The vast majority of gun crimes in the U.S. are intra-racial, especially “black on black” crimes. In fact, the typical homicide in the U.S. is one criminal killing another, for whatever reason. I often see foreigners refer to the U.S. as having a “Rambo style gun culture.” It’s not completely clear what this means, but what is certainly true is that law abiding Americans have an abiding respect for the power of firearms. In fact, I feel much safer among friends and relatives who grew up around firearms, own firearms, and have learned to respect firearms, than I do around people who have no experience with firearms.”

  14. John Fredrik Reinfeldt is the Prime Minister of Sweden, incumbent since 2006. He has been chairman of the liberal conservative Moderate Party since 2003 and was President of the European Council in 2009.

    In response to the riots, he has blamed the lack of a more stringent immigration policy and the refusal of Islamic immigrants to assimilate to their society. He stated that they form their own enclaves and keep to themselves. He further stated that they take immediate steps to spread their form of religion in Sweden and become violent if rejected. The riots, he said, is nothing but Islamic extremism…which he said is prevalent among 90 percent of the Islamic immigrants. He is backing reforms to deport them and close the borders to unrestricted immigration. He also said that most of the countries in Europe are awakening to the same thing.

    Very interesting. His interview was on BBC.

    • Too friggen late ! As Mr. Dubois would have said in “Starship Troopers”, “People are not the same all over”.

    • I am torn between live and let live, or send Muslims packing. I want to believe that a vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, but this becomes harder with each car bomb and mass murder. I wish we had a devout Muslim who could post his/her beliefs. that would help a lot.

      • Did you ever seriously consider the Muslims killed by American bombs in their land where we have no right to be? That is not me condoning what happened in London … although at least they went after a member of the military and not some civilian … not because military are less valuable than citizens, but because the military is an extension of the government. I wouldn’t mind half as much if they had attacked the prime minister or anybody else in charge of allowing the deaths of innocents in their home lands for political purposes. i.e., what the fuck does Afghanistan have to do with GB?

        So, try your best not to read the above the wrong way. Not you, G … I know you can’t help yourself … redneck mentality and all … but others at SUFA (and I think most will understand what I’m talking about–even if they don’t agree).

  15. Hey, G … using SUFA to threaten people … so crass …

    • Not really Charlie, I just wanted to show how gullible you are, and it worked 🙂 I have no desire to harm you, your doing just fine by yourself 🙄 But someday Charlie, your gonna be rude and ignorant to the wrong person, who, unlike me, will attack you, kinda like what happened to Zimmerman in Florida. To bad your not wiseguy enough to carry a gun to protect yourself. You could try a good stun gun though, I have those as well, nasty little things for sure. Just let us all know where to send the get well cards!

      • G, I think you’re losing it. First you accuse me of anti-american posts. Or could it be you don’t like what I have to say and therefore they’re anti-American. You call me an idiot for not communicating clearly enough for you (although I thought it was pretty obvious what I was saying—more obvious than your Iceland is a communist country statement(s)) … then you go on the attack and call me other names … and when you don’t like the replies, you opt for I don’t what, exactly, HE-HE-HE is supposed to be.

        You constantly call me tough guy … which makes me believe you have some deep-rooted insecurities. What I’m not, G, is someone who will take bullshit from somebody. That doesn’t make me a tough guy, nor someone looking for trouble. It is rather interesting, however, how non-wingies (rednecks, et al) don’t find me to be anything like what you do. Again, your insecurity or just you trying to be … well, whatever.

        I really do think you’re starting to lose it … maybe speak to somebody (seriously) …

  16. G said: Your are addicted to attacking people personally. You really need a good Shrink because you are seriously mentally ill. I do however think it is funny how you use redneck, cause I’m a damn proud redneck. I’m also a country hick What I won’t be is hungry when the economy shits itself. I don’t think there will be too many city folks coming to the country hicks house for food, simply put, they are not invited or welcome. Us redneck country hicks will do just fine without the city and their welfare class losers. Remember this when your grocery stores are empty with no deliveries coming. Yep, proud to be a redneck

    Charlie says: Bada-boom, bada-bing … 🙂

    • Right on Brother 🙂 Now your understanding some reality. I’m not losing it at, just pulling your chain. I don’t take bullshit either, I don’t have too! What I see is we mostly agree on the problems, just not the solutions. I don’t think either of us will have a part in the solutions in the future.

      Maybe if you would just stop attacking people, you wouldn’t get it back. try being respectful to those you disagree with. We have had good conversations when we leave out the leftist attack mentality, maybe you can give that a break for awhile and use your writing skills to engage in good debate.

      • G, you do realize you can read that back to yourself, I hope … 🙂 especially that bit about “attacking people” … and leftist attack mentality? Was it you who posted above about getting rid of all the socialist useless something or other? 🙂

        • I’m attacking a large group not an individual. big difference.

        • Funny, I don’t care if you bang in Repug’s or Anarchist’s. I don’t don’t associate with any group. While many can label me, I do not accept a label, politically. I just want liberty and freedom. I’ll leave everyone alone if they leave me alone, including govt. But, that’s not gonna happen, is it?

          • You’re attacking no one, G … you’re a typical right wing keyboard tough guy … so it goes. You are entertaining, from time to time … other times, well, you’re offensive, I guess. Your heart is probably in the right place, like most people, but you seem to need to provoke and accuse and attack without anything substantive to say … again, so it goes.

            Blame the lack of work for my poking my nose in the last few days (so often) … when I’m bored, SUFA has become a fun distraction … mostly, however, it’s just silly shit being spewed by silly people who need to hide behind silly pseudonyms … once again, so it goes.

            By the way, if all you want is liberty and freedom (kind of redunant there), it’s anarchy you’d want … but keep up the good work helping the elderly (unless that too was you lying through your keyboard) … help anyone who needs it … but I’d scale back on being proud of being a redneck, boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee … it’s nothing to be proud of … 🙂

            • Rednecks forever !!!! We will rule this screwed up country. We got God , Guns, only thing to take back is Country 🙂

              Charlie, you ain’t getting enough at home, taking it out on us is lame, maybe it’s time for #6, girrrrrlllllyyyyman

              • You really are a dick, G. And if you had any balls whatsoever, you wouldn’t be a keyboard tough guy … then again, if I had arms the size of toothpicks, I might talk shit on the Internet too … but you’re right, it’s time to part ways … I’ll look in from time to time and smile … keep trying, pal … maybe one day you won’t be a … maybe.

            • If my attacking Leftist’s, Liberal’s , Socialists’s, Marxist’s or Communist’s is offensive, well, get over it. This blog is called Stand Up for America, if you want the above stated lifestyle and don’t won’t to be offended, feel free to find a blog called Stand up for Communism or some such thing. If you don’t like being attacked personally, then don’t do it to others.

              I’m sure I can be down right offensive if I try, Attacking an entire group that despise me is part of life. If you don’t like my attacks on the above stated ism’s, prove me wrong. If you can’t, then just pout, I don’t care. I will not ever be quiet or politically correct. That’s life 🙂

              • “This blog is called Stand Up for America, if you want the above stated lifestyle and don’t won’t to be offended, feel free to find a blog called Stand up for Communism or some such thing.”

                America is a country, idiot.
                Communism is a form of government.

                So let me amend my previous comment … you’re not just a , you’re an ignorant .


    Let’s see, Black rappers release songs about killing cops and that’s OK?

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Get rid of all the socialists??


    Hell, that is a GREAT idea.

    I call it a Good START.

    Can we please include the Fascists, Communists, and all other class of STATISTS?

  19. Bottom Line says:

  20. Bottom Line says:

  21. Bottom Line says:

    • FINALLY, some culture at SUFA … I was beginning to think this was redneck central … good choice there, BL … what say you on Mahler’s 2nd? It has become my favorite ….

      • Bottom Line says:

        I am glad you can appreciate it, Charlie.

        She was full last night. I thought I would honor her with a serenade. Last month I just posted a big picture of her. Call me a lunatic. lol.

        Did you know that the highest two heavenly bodies in the sky at my exact time of birth were Venus and the crescent Moon? Star and crescent anyone?

        Venus is Lucifer, the bright and shining morning star…or,… The Goddess of Love. And The moon is Celine/Selene, the Moon Goddess, The Huntress. She is protected by Apollo/Apollyon, the healing Sun God. It is somewhat identical to the story of Isis and Osiris.

        I’ve always loved that piece. Ludwig Von Beethoven rocks!

  22. You want culture? Teach me how to copy and paste the songs that you did, and I will give you true culture…… 🙂

  23. Bottom Line says:

    Mahler — Symphony No. 2 ‘Auferstehung’

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    CAPITALISM…………..the inevitable economic system of a FREE SOCIETY.

    Freedom and Liberty require Capitalism which in turn depends on Freedom and Liberty to exist.

    One could call it the CIRCLE OF LIFE or perhaps the Circle of Human Creativyity

  25. gmanfortruth says:

  26. gmanfortruth says:

    I wasn’t aroubnd at all yesterday, seems I didn’t miss anything. Enjoying time with family, I hope everyone else is as well. Enjoy the weekend Folks! 🙂

  27. Louisiana: Our India of Surrogacy
    By Wesley J. Smith
    May 25, 2013 1:15 PM

    India has been long been an international center of biological colonialism, including a shameful industry in surrogate motherhood, in which desperate destitute women sell their gestational capacities–occasionally at the cost of their lives. Now, a bill (SB 162) has overwhelmingly passed the Louisiana Legislature that will bring biological colonialism to the Pelican State by establishing an industry in surrogate motherhood. Hmm. Perhaps they should change the state’s moniker to the Stork State.

    Of course, the term “surrogate mother” has long gone out of fashion in the powerful infertility industry. Rather, women who give birth to others’ children are known by the dehumanizing terms of “gestational carrier” or “gestational surrogate,” which makes me think “brood mare” every time I see it.

    In any event, “genetic surrogacy” would remain outlawed–that is a mother agreeing to carry her own child for money to be given to others. But “gestational surrogacy,” in which a woman is impregnated with the biological embryo of others, would become a legal Louisiana industry. And guess which women would (mostly) be desperate enough to carry babies for others, to be compensated for things like living expenses and costs of travel? It sure won’t be the professional classes, the people most likely to rent the wombs!

    Kathleen Parker has a good column raising some pertinent objections. From, “Surrogacy Exposed:”

    There is a dark underbelly to the surrogacy industry–and it is a business–including a burgeoning industry that preys on vulnerable women, commodifying them as “ovens”–a term Smith himself used. Never mind repercussions for the children themselves, who may have as many as five “parents”–from the egg and sperm donors, to the woman who carries them to the couple or single parent who adopts them…

    The simplicity of the human desire for children notwithstanding, there’s nothing simple about the surrogacy business–and we haven’t scraped the surface of the metaphysical, spiritual, emotional and psychological issues with which a brief flirtation evokes mind-twisting complexities. Physical concerns, meanwhile, are plentiful.

    Indeed. It used to that women were commodified primarily for their sexual functions and features. Today, their reproductive parts and biological functions are being turned into natural resources to be exploited by those who can pay the tab.

    Parker’s conclusion nails it:

    While no one wishes to cause pain to people who, for whatever reason, can’t have a child on their own, there are more compelling principles and consequences in play. Human babies are not things; their mothers are not ovens. But bartering and selling babies-to-order sure make them seem that way. By turning the miracle of life into a profit-driven, state-regulated industry, the stork begins to resemble a vulture.

    Think of all the children out there just begging for adoption. Governor Jindal. Veto!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Hope you had a nice day off yesterday.

      This poses some interesting questions. I am assuming you posted this for discussion in general. Or are you taking a particular position?

      Frankly I don’t see a problem with surrogacy, but I also think many people are ignoring the potential personal pitfalls.

      How long before the LEFT cries out over the exploitation of the poor lower class. First they were forced into the sex trade by Reaganomics, now it is surrogacy. It is all a Capitalist plot by the 1%. 😉

      Happy Sunday my dear lady.

      Long live Kentucky Bourbon and the Tennessee Walker.

      • I am having a very nice holiday-a little partying Fri. and Sat.-sunday and monday-a little relaxation with a barbecue thrown in-Tuesday -back to work 😦 but then again if you didn’t have to go back to work the fun of partying and relaxation would be less fun and exciting. 🙂

        Yes, general discussion-my position-surrogacy was a horrible idea and if I could go back and stop anyone with coming up with such a stupid and filled with pitfalls suggestion -I would. If I could stop it from happening I would- but now lets move on to reality-the cat is out of the bag-Now what should we do about it- I seriously doubt it can be stopped, so how do we handle this new reality?

        I read this bill-still have lots of questions but it seems pretty clear that the idea is to make the surrogate nothing more than a manufacturing tool.

        Read a story not long ago-the people who placed the order for a child-decided the baby should be aborted-the surrogate didn’t agree with this decision-what now?

        The surrogate decides she can’t give up the baby-what now?

        Parenthood of the child-legally-morally-a friggin mess that isn’t fair to anyone-especially the child-So what now?

        Illegal to sell children for money-but they are using woman to produce them, trying their best to make them consent to no legal rights to the child before it’s born-using her as nothing but a baby producer -so why shouldn’t she at least be paid for the work? What now?

        • Ahhh -you say you have no problem with surrogacy but-it is normally within the buts that the problems reside-so you obviously do have some problems with surrogacy-right?

          • One more point I want to make-I know that stopping science from moving forward-whether for good or evil -is very difficult and has it’s own pitfalls-but I would really like for people to at least look at the total picture of where these “discoveries” good and bad are taking us. Not to just get on one side or the other and ignore the pro’s and con’s.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Ah yes………the ……….. BUT.

            I have no problem with the concept. I have no problem with very limited laws that would help with the contractual obligations of such an arrangement. Maybe a checklist of things that have to be reviewed to make the contract binding on both parties. Those would include provisions to deal with the very issues you raised.

            Frankly I don’t have a problem with “selling” children either. That is in the sense of giving up one’s parental rights and obligations for a fee.

            Obviously sale of the child itself is NOT acceptable as this would be SLAVERY.

            This practice has existed for eons and was used for parents to give their children a “chance” at a better future. Sometimes it was a “sale” if you will and others it was simply signing over the child for nothing more than a “promise”.

            Surrogacy is one ethical area where science could solve your opposition but would obviously create others. I see the day when a Human Womb is not needed to bring a child into the word. All surrogacy issues are eliminated, that is the human connection issues.

            Abortion will have to be addressed separately, because if human being exists within the womb then it logically exists within an “incubator”.

            • You know JAC I look at all our “advancements” and I find a whole lot of cons.-pro’s are hard to come by. Surrogacy -the only pro I see is people who can’t have children get too have one-everything else seems to be a con. And even if science advances to a point where the evil that is being done to get there stops-that is if they don’t use it to do more evil -it simply can’t undo all the evil that has already happened. We as a people have to acknowledge that fact.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Evil?? What evil is there in surrogacy?

                I think a couple being able to combine their genetic material to form a new human of THEIR combined material to be a very POSTIVE thing. Much more PRO than any con I can think of.

                It goes to the very nature and PURPOSE of humans. To multiply, to live, to Continue our Existence.

                I think you may be having other feelings that cloud your thinking at the moment. Unless you think the negatives for advancements like polio vaccine, penicillin, steam engines, electricity and even “fertilizer” are so great they outweigh the positives.

              • All the problems I listed above-single people wanting to create a child with the intention of denying them a mother or a father, using woman as an “oven”, taking advantage of people who are desperate, creating a child who will have to live with the fact that her mother created her or him just to desert them. Should I go on-I can probably think of a few more.

            • Guess I got a little off general discussion but it was something I had to say-But to start how does one write this kind of contract-I simply don’t believe anyone has the right to say the woman who gives birth has no rights to that child while she is carrying it- after the birth than I think she can give up her rights to the child but to ask this before I think is unacceptable and dangerous to the rights that should naturally come with giving birth.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Quite easy to put it in writing and people sign away all kinds of rights, freedoms, claims everyday via contracts.

                If she signs away those rights then she does not have them. Pregnancy does not override the contractual agreement made of her own free will.

              • I realize that people can sign away any rights they want too-But the courts have certainly established that same of these agreements are unacceptable-problematic because of coercion or just an unreasonable request.

              • One other thing-at the moment we aren’t just talking about free people entering into a contract-We’re talking about the government making laws to govern the practice.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Of course Govt wants to pass a law to regulate it. They see a chance to MAKE MORE TAX MONEY.

  28. Happy Memorial Day 🙂 I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

  29. Honor Our Military

    Let’s honor our military,
    The men and women who serve,
    Whose dedication to our country
    Does not falter, halt or swerve.

    Let’s respect them for their courage;

    They’re ready to do what’s right
    To keep America safe,
    So we can sleep better at night.

    Let’s support and defend our soldiers,
    Whose hardships are brutal and cruel,
    Whose discipline we can’t imagine,
    Who follow each order and rule.

    Here’s to those who choose to be warriors
    And their helpers good and true;
    They’re fighting for American values;
    They’re fighting for me and you.

    By Joanna Fuchs

  30. Freedom in America

    Freedom in America
    Isn’t really free;
    We often pay a price
    To keep our liberty.

    Remember those we loved,
    Who fought for us, and died;

    And those we never knew
    For whom others mourned and cried.

    At home our “war” for freedom
    Is sadly overdue;
    We’ve let corruption stage
    A sad and grievous coup.

    No longer can we brush off
    Dishonesty and greed,
    Lust for wealth and power;
    We can’t, we won’t concede.

    Complacency is weakness
    Patriots can’t afford;
    We have to act on wrongs
    That cannot be ignored.

    We must give up some time,
    Spent on other pleasures,
    To restore America’s freedom,
    To keep America’s treasures.

    Money spent on trifles
    Must now go to our cause:
    Get rid of the offenders,
    Constitutional outlaws.

    Freedom in America
    Isn’t really free
    It’s up to American patriots;
    It’s up to you and me.

    By Joanna Fuchs

  31. All I can say is Thank you-it isn’t enough!

  32. Let’s put D13’s choice to music-sing it People-have a great day! 🙂

  33. gmanfortruth says:

    Great salute to our Veterans who gave all ! I do not know of one veteran who ever fought that did not believe he was fighting for the right things. We now know that many of the wars fought after WWII, may not have been for all the right reasons.

    I wonder what those looking down on us may be thinking of things today. I wish I could say they’d be proud of us right now, but I doubt that is the case. I hope there is more I can do to change this, but I’m just one person. I’m not quitting, just wondering. Let’s all look up and ask what “THEY” are thinking!


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