All Summer Long

With the first Holiday of the summer behind us, it’s time to look ahead at what the summer may look like. Currently, Obama is in the midst of many scandals. That will be playing out for quite some time until another event occurs to deflect the attention of the Sheeple away from that. That event may be beginning in Japan, as their economy is teetering on collapse and if that happens, then the domino’s are likely to follow. See the article below on this subject.  Then again, maybe all the scandals are the distraction from the economy.  With the stock market sky high, there is only one direction it can go eventually, that is way down.  That will be ugly when it finally happens.  As always, continue with past discussions as you wish!  PEACE!



  1. gmanfortruth says:

    It will be interesting to see how Wall St. reacts to all of this today.

  2. gmanfortruth says:
  3. Lawmakers facing recall bids over strict gun laws in Colorado

    Published May 28, 2013

    Associated Press

  4. PAPER: Gibson Guitar raids may be another case of Obama administration targeting
    Caroline May Political Reporter

    The Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups puts the federal government’s raids on Gibson Guitar Corp. in a new light, according to a recent Investor’s Business Daily editorial.

    The government has accused Gibson of obtaining wood that was illegal in India and Madagascar. The government argues that this is a violation of the Lacey Act of 1900, which outlaws the use of plants and wildlife that have been taken or traded in violation of foreign law.

    Gibson stressed in 2011 that its Indian wood, which was seized bu the government in a raid, was obtained via a Forest Stewardship Council-certified supplier, and that the Madagascar wood in question was obtained without violating Madagascar law.

    Shortly after the raid, Gibson Guitars CEO Henry Juszkiewicz said that his company used the same wood as its rivals, and that he was unsure why raids on the company’s facilities in Memphis and Nashville took place.

    “We don’t what is motivating it,” Juszkiewicz said on the Hugh Hewitt Show. “It is…clear to me that there is some terrific motivation because we are not the only company that uses this type of wood. Virtually every other guitar company uses this wood and this wood is used prominently by furniture and architectural industries, and to my knowledge none of them have been shut down or treated in this fashion.”

    In August 2012, Gibson settled with the Department of Justice by agreeing to pay a penalty of $300,000 and a $50,000 community service payment to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

    “The Lacey Act’s illegal logging provisions were enacted with bipartisan support in Congress to protect vanishing foreign species and forest ecosystems, while ensuring a level playing field for America’s forest products industry and the people and communities who depend on it,” said U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe said in a statement upon Gibson’s agreement.

    According to IBD, one of Gibson’s top competitors, C.F. Martin & Co., frequently uses the same “East Indian Rosewood” without any legal repercussions. The editorial also notes that C.F. Martin & Co. CEO gives to Democratic candidates, while Gibson’s CEO is a Republican donor.

    Read more:

    • These actions are so overly aggressive and pinpointed at Republicans, I simply don’t see how anyone can believe these aren’t scare tactics.

      Look at the IRS mess-how do you look at the unreasonable amount of time taken to make a decision and the endless amount of paper work followed by more and more questions for in some cases years-and not know this was targeted harassment. Did they ever actually turn down a Republican request for tax exemption-I don’t know of any -I suspect they didn’t want to actually turn anyone down-that might have produced some real coverage of the issue instead of it just being ignored as Republican whining. Besides the most obvious truth here-the agency admitted doing it-they wouldn’t admit it-if they didn’t know it could be proven-but somehow a lot of dems. out there are still talking out of both sides of their mouths, condemning the actions on one hand and arguing that it wasn’t really happening on the other.

  5. gmanfortruth says:

    Occasionally, a politician makes an off-the-cuff remark that reveals more about Washington than thousands of speeches ever could. With one sentence, Joe Biden recently let the cat out of the bag and affirmed the true intentions of the flurry of proposals for government studies on violent media that have propagated in the time since Newtown shootings: that is that they are purely political studies with a purely political intent to create pseudoscientific cover for a brazenly unconstitutional agenda.

    At a recent meeting at the White House between Biden and faith-based leaders Billy Graham’s son Franklin proposed the idea of taxing violence and funneling proceeds to “help victims.” To which Biden replied that there was “no reason why they couldn’t do that.” Now the unconstitutionality of this has sparked no small amount outrage among those who value the First Amendment. But what he says next should alarm them even more. Biden continued by saying, “They really need a good scientific study, which they’ve done on things like smoking.”

    • I’m thinking the attached article isn’t the one you meant to post-nut either way “violent media” is the media out there with guns attacking people-and Lord help us if politicians get to define the word violent in respect to the written word.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        V. The media refers to all forms of media, movies, videos, books etc. Not the news media per say.

        • I don’t understand your answer. When I go to the link provided, it isn’t taking me to the link listed. Don’t even know how that is possible.

  6. Is there another scandal in the wind-I’ve tried to do some research-seems there has been a lot of back and forth on this one-hard to know what is true and what is not-but just the fact that these positions have not been filled or have been filled with temporary people gives credence to the story-I even read where Kerry was trying to push Obama to fill the IG position at the State Department with a permanent instead of a temporary person after 5 years of not doing so.

    May 28, 2013
    Obama’s Most Dangerous ‘Enemies’ are Being Targeted
    By Ed Lasky

    There is a pattern emerging in the Obama Presidency. He is at war with reality; his greatest enemies are facts. And he has been targeting for years a small group of people whose duty is to expose the truth. Their loyalty runs to the citizenry and not to Barack Obama. They are not Republicans and they are certainly not journalists. And Obama has been trying to muzzle them. One man stands in the way.

    Inspectors General (IG) are government employees who are responsible for ferreting out mismanagement, fraud and corruption in the federal government. The Barack Obama presidency has provided them with a target-rich environment. They are responsible for uncovering a wide range of Obama failures. These include:

    The Department of Justice’s Fast and Furious Fiasco; Massive waste and corruption in the stimulus and “green energy” programs with an agenda to reward Obama donors and whose weatherization programs were rife with waste and fraud.

    Deluxe spending of taxpayer money by GSA employees who clearly did not take their assigned duties (to save government money spent by others) seriously and mismanagement at the US Department of Agriculture;

    The State Department’s Inspector General is investigating the special internal panel that probed the Benghazi failures for its apparent whitewashing of the scandal behind the deaths of Americans.

    The Special Inspector General, Neil Barofsky, of the Troubled Asset Relief Program reported that the Obama administration had engaged in ‘Enron-like accounting” to hide its mismanagement (as covered below, he earned the wrath of the Obama hit squad).

    Recently, of course, the normally lapdog press has been compelled to cover the controversy over the role of Treasury Department’s meting out “special treatment” to conservative groups and donors to Republicans to neuter them as forces in the 2012 election has generated headlines. The IRS Inspector General’s report triggered the planting of a question at an ACA meeting, and the public apology by Lois Lerner, which in turn ignited hearings and press coverage.

    The list of abuses uncovered by the Inspectors General has been multiplying as rapidly as the national debt has under Obama. The government wastes billions by not listening to Inspectors General Obama wants to all but eviscerate them.

    Inspectors General are career employees not political appointees. Obama’s minions cannot dismiss their reports as being merely partisan attacks (many of them, such as Barofsky, are Democrats). They operate in obscurity, away from the klieg lights, diligently searching for malfeasance while protecting taxpayers. They do not profit from exposing wrongdoing; their credibility is rock-solid. Impure motives cannot be imputed to them-a favorite rhetorical weapon of Obama and his team.

    There are very few unsullied heroes in Washington-very few people looking out for hard-working Americans. Among them should be Inspectors General.

    They are threats to Obama’s image and agenda and have therefore earned their place on Obama’s enemies list. While Obama can’t send the drones after them they do have targets on their backs.

    Where are those missing Inspectors General?

    Over the past few years Barack Obama has attempted to starve the beast by refusing to fill vacancies in the ranks of Inspectors General as they have arisen. The White House been routinely chided for years over its negligence. Timothy Smith of the Washington Post reported in May of last year that “there were 10 IG vacancies, including five at cabinet-level agencies. Four of them had been vacant for more than 3 years.”

    Congressman Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Government Oversight and Government Affairs Committee, stated that ‘This administration’s failure to fill inspector-general vacancies has weakened the effectiveness of the inspector-general community, thus exposing American taxpayer dollars to waste, fraud and abuse”. Well…never let it be said that Barack Obama did not accomplish one of his most important goals. And it took so little work on his part.

    The Project on Government Oversight (an independent, nonpartisan good government watchdog) has even launched a web page that tracks how long vacancies have been left open across the federal Inspector General system.

    Obama has also attempted to slash the budgets of the inspector general for the Office of Management and Budget: one of the key Inspector General positions since the official has a broad mandate to focus on government spending. This from a man who never met a budget he did not want to expand or a person he did not want to put on the federal payroll. Yet, the one program he wants to slash (aside from the Defense Department) is the program that is designed to protect taxpayers. Incidentally, he did plan on a $30 billion dollar program that was uniquely designed to have no oversight by any Inspector General (i.e., a bigger slush fund than anyone ever cooked up in Cook County) but Republican resistance squashed his plans (for once).


    Wet work, Obama-style

    So what can Obama do with current Inspectors General?

    Intimidation and character assassination are tools in the Obama armory. America’s President is after all a man who bragged that he “brings a gun to a knife fight,” and who confronted a fellow Democrat who was wavering on the Obamacare vote with the threat “Don’t Think we’re not keeping score, brother” (see The President is ‘Keeping Score” : Chicago politics has moved into the White House” ). He also “joked” about IRS audits back in 2009-and, lo and behold, the IRS sicced itself on conservatives and others not long later.

    Barack Obama’s proxies have threatened Inspectors General on more than one occasion. Gerald Walpin ran afoul of the Obama team when he dared to report that a friend of Obama’s was misusing government funds for personal expenses, meddled politically in a local election, and may have included hush money to women to keep them quiet about sexual harassment by him. What were Walpin’s rewards for protecting taxpayers? His dismissal followed by heaps of personal abuse and accusations of mental illness

    He has company.

    The Inspector General at the OMB who reported on Obama’s plans to slash his budget was told by officials there that they’d “make life miserable for him” if he complained about his budget being cut

    The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction reported that administration officials had pressured him to remain silent regarding the massive waste of funds and corruption associated with the program and that officials had tried to edit his report to remove anything that might embarrass the White House (presaging the Benghazi scandal). The abuse led to his resignation.

    The aforementioned Neil Barofsky was subject to scathing personal attack for exposing and disclosing massive waste and fraud in the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for the 2008 campaign who had become the deputy communications director at the White House, engaged in such personal vituperation that it shocked old Washington hands. She accused Barofsky of trying to generate “false controversy” to “grab a few cheap headlines” and then continued with similar personal insults of Barofsky.

    Psaki has been rewarded for faithfully serving as an Obama attack dog by being promoted to the high-profile and prestigious spot as State Department spokeswoman (replacing the Victoria Nuland, who herself has been promoted despite of, or because of, her role in scrubbing Benghazi talking points). Professionals were surprised that someone so inexperienced in diplomacy and foreign affairs had been appointed to such an important and public post since a mistake by her could have international ramifications that could reflect poorly on America . They should not be surprised since her role the last few years has been to protect Obama’s image, not America’s image or standing in the world.

    She will no doubt continue to perform the same role she has had for years: to protect her boss and trample anyone who may harm his image.

    Issa and the Inspectors General

    Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has been investigating the Obama administration for years (prompting severe political and personal attack by Obama allies). The White House saw the threat early and maneuvered to have faithful ally Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) placed on the committee, surprising some since another Congressman was in line for the spot. Cummings was thought to have better skills to run interference for Obama.

    Issa has not been daunted and has relentlessly investigating the Obama administration for years. He has a special appreciation of the importance of Inspectors General and has relied on their non-partisan expertise to disclose the failures of the Obama administration. Issa wants to expand the reach and enhance the power of the Inspectors General. His goal was clear as early as 2010.

    David Herszenhorn wrote in the New York Times (New Chairman seeks more power for watchdogs:

    The Republican who will lead the chief investigative committee in the House is planning to vastly expand scrutiny of the Obama administration by seeking new subpoena powers for dozens of federal agency watchdogs in hopes of using their investigations and his own in an aggressive push to cut spending and shrink the government.

    Issa knows that oversight of Obama will not come from the media who have become lapdogs. The true watchdogs have been Inspectors General who remain the unheralded heroes of Washington and whose war on them by Barack Obama another scandal the media has ignored.

    Read more:
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  7. I don’t know what to say-more environmental BS that makes no sense and does the opposite of what they say they are trying to achieve.

    Europe importing U.S. trees to keep the lights on
    11:13 AM 05/28/2013

    Michael Bastasch

    Environmentalists in the United Kingdom are outraged by what has become a growing trend in Europe — countries are importing more wood from the United States in order to meet the EU’s strict renewable energy mandates.

    The BBC reports that millions of tons of wood pellets will be shipped into Europe to help keep the lights on in a more environmentally friendly fashion. Environmentalists argue that burning wood pellets wrecks U.S. forests and does nothing to address global warming in the short term.

    However, the shift from burning fossil fuels like coal to burning wood is due to the EU’s strict renewable energy mandates that require member states to get one-fifth of their power from renewable energy sources by 2020 — a rule generally supported by environmentalists.

    Many trees in the U.S. that are not used by the construction industry are turned into wood pulp or used for generating electricity. The trees for burning are turned into wood chips, and the scale of the operation has environmentalists concerned.

    However, the EU told member countries that wood for energy can’t come from forests that won’t be regrown and not to burn trees from sensitive areas such as “wetlands, old-growth forests or areas of wide biodiversity,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

    The EU cannot produce enough timber to meet its green goals, so the U.S. logging industry has benefited from Europe’s ambitious renewable energy targets.

    “The logging industry around here was dead a few years ago,” Paul Burby, owner of Carolina East Forest Products, told the WSJ. “Now that Europe is using all these pellets, we can barely keep up.”

    Wood is considered a ‘carbon-neutral’ fuel source by the EU, and countries are increasingly using this low-cost fuel to meet their green energy targets.
    Ads by Google

    “The bad news behind these figures is that the carbon debt from much of this wood means that CO2 emissions in the real world will actually go up,” Faustine Defossez, the bioenergy policy officer at the European Environmental Bureau, told EurActiv.

    According to the Economist, wood is the largest renewable energy source used in Europe, making up 38 percent of all non-fossil fuel power generation in Germany alone. Euractiv reports that, on average, 49 percent of renewable energy generated in the EU came from wood and wood waste in 2010.

    “There is a very high risk that if you are just driven by short-term simplistic targets and blunt incentives that the environmental results are likely to be very damaging,” an EU official told EurActiv.

    Read more:

    • gmanfortruth says:

      WOW, talk about holding them hostage. They aren’t to bright over there. 🙂

    • This, is really, really dumb. Are they telling me that there is less pollution from wood than from Anthracite? By the way, coal is renewable too, just takes a few million years.

      • I’m rather illiterate when it comes to these matters-but encouraging more wood burning with all the smoke involved plus the cutting down of trees- doesn’t sound like it would be environmentally neutral. And it sounds plum insane to argue against the cutting down of trees at the same time you are encouraging more wood burning. 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:


      There is a lot of BS in this article for sure.

      Irony first. The American Enviro groups OPPOSED including wood energy in the Carbon credit debate, along with credits for reforestation. Remember, trees capture CO2 and lock it up until they die, rot or are burned.

      Wood pellets are made from WASTE products or trees that are FARMED for that purpose. But mostly from waste of trees used for other products.

      The price of wood chips and thus material for pulp or wood pellets in inversely proportional to the price of lumber. When mills are cutting a lot of lumber there is a lot of chip material produced, making chip prices fall.

      If sawmills are idle then chip prices rise. Which would make the USA a CHEAP source of wood fiber a ridiculous claim.

      An OLD GROWTH forest would NEVER be harvested for the purpose of wood chips, pulp logs or wood pellets. Unless of course they want to finally admit that lodgepole pine can be an “old growth” forest type. Something they fought tooth and nail during the great Algorian effort to centrally plan the ecosystems of the United States. Just a little aside there for entertainment.

      Notice that there is no reference to where these “trees” or the trees are cut to produce the “pellets”. No explanation of the actual forestry practices. Just a claim of destruction.

      Irony last. While the enviro groups in the US and many in this administration oppose use of wood as a “sustainable” or “green” fuel source, they also included and have been pushing for development of Wood based Bio-generation plants in small towns around the west and in Alaska. This was included in the STIMULUS.

  8. Talking about something that is dumb-check this out. 18000 seems excessive-140000 is ridiculous and costly-can’t imagine how long it will take to figure out which code fits. Also wonder how long it will take to get anything paid based on “You used the wrong code” denial.

    • By the way-if you don’t have time to read the whole article-just listen to the video-laughter is supposed to be good for us!

  9. Good afternoon SUFA, had a beutiful weekend in Florida to pay respects to those that gave all so we can be here discussing our world freely.

    I saw a Drudge headling today that made me weep for the future of America:

    “Larry Summers has an edge in the race to head the Federal Reserve”

    The article went on to say that Summers and little Timmy Geithner were on the shortlist for Fed chairman. If either of those people get the position our economy will never recover.

    What scares me is this… what can an indvidual citizen do to prevent either of these candidates from getting the position and forever ruining any chance we have at repairing the broken economy?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Flood Senators offices with letters. Democrat and Republican alike.

      Openly join with “leftists” groups that will also oppose his nomination.

      If the left and right stand together on a single issue like this it will have great affect.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        The left don’t see a problem with it. Most think the economy is fine and are just pushing along without paying attention. 90% opposed TARP and flooded their offices with calls and letters, it did no good at all, they are told how to vote by their puppet masters. One only needs to see how some Democrats with tough election battles are “allowed” to vote against anti-gun legislation to prove this to be true. But hey, try as you may, but don’t be surprised if the enviro-nuts send you a letter about you excessive use of paper 🙂

        • Just A Citizen says:


          You fail to see progress when it is made and change that is lying directly in front of you.

          It is true that TARP and STIMULUS were passes with overwhelming Citizen opposition.

          However, do you remember what the result of that was?

          Do you remember the “town hall meetings” filled with angry voters, yelling at their “representatives”??

          Do you remember the “incumbents” who later lost in primaries or general elections or those that suddenly decided to RETIRE?

          The Tea Party? And the subsequent upheaval in the elections?

          The internal rift within the Elephant tribe?

          The unveiling of a new generation of politicians, Jindal, Haley, Paul, Labrador, Chavitz and Cruz to name a few?

          Change in politics takes time G………….. you need to have patience and recognize the small victories along the way.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            JAC, I hope your holiday weekend was full of joy, happiness and rememberence. I have seen what you call small victories within the left/right paradigm that the globalist elites haves so easily divided the people of this nation. Take a moment to think back to a time when being free and independent was all people wanted. If all Americans were in that frame of mind, would this pathetic government still be a problem?

            DC is corrupt, and it goes on at every level of the Federal govt. This has also been recently proven. The bad things are growing, the tyranny is now in our faces and they are telling us to do something or shut up and go away. The sheeple will do nothing. Our dead veterans are crying, because this isn’t what they died for.

          • Good points JAC, but is it enough? Did the sleeping giant wake too late to save America? Without a sound economy I do not think there is enough of a foundation to rebuild on. We are loosing the desire to work hard and earn a living, if there is a not a solid foundation of real economic growth any attempts to rehabilitate education, politics or any of the areas corrupted by the left will not stand once the youth see there is no opportunity they will fall in line to get their government hand outs.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I think it may have awoke early enough. But it may not be a smooth “save” if you will. And it is not guaranteed to succeed.

              I think there is more of our core values remaining than many think. I even see it more in the young folks than the Progressives will admit. They are far more independent and waking up to the fallacy of cradle to grave welfare. After all, it is their future we are destroying.

              The ECONOMY will dictate the success and whether we have enough time. I am not sure we could prevail in a sudden collapse. But consider this. Where would we, freedom lovers, have been if such a collapse happened Four years ago compared to today?

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    I read Dr. Benjamin Carson’s book this weekend, America the Beautiful.

    For those who aren’t sure who he is, he is the fellow who made negative comments about Obama Care in front of Mr. Obama at the national prayer breakfast last month.

    I have three comments after reading the book.

    1. With friends like that Freedom needs no enemies.

    2. It is obvious that those “conservative” pundits who immediately gave him “air time” and a larger podium to comment from, used his commentary to chastise Obama, and to push the idea that he should “run for president” were only doing this as part of their Obamaphobia campaign.

    Because if they had actually digested the contents of this book and his thinking they would have realized he is just another PROGRESSIVE REPUBLCAN. Now to excuse him a little, I don’t think he actually realizes it. He simply thinks he is being LOGICAL when he suggests various ways for the Fed Govt to FIX healthcare for example.

    3. If you mention God and Christianity and complain about the loss of Christian values enough in a book, the “Conservatives” will ignore the rest and swallow it without doubting. It is more important for them to harp on the war on Christianity than to look critically at the remaining content.

    • Haven’t read his book-but I will say-I find the republicans habit of immediately calling on anyone who says anything they like to run for President more than a little desperate sounding. The practice really doesn’t invoke confidence in their base.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        My dear lady, you and I are in COMPLETE agreement on that point.

        Just one more reason I can not stand Hannity.

  11. I couldn’t get this off of my mind, so I’ll ask for comments. This comment : Biden continued by saying, “They really need a good scientific study, which they’ve done on things like smoking.”

    Basically, the article was about govt studies and what they are designed for (political agenda’s). Could the proof that second hand cigarette smoke causes cancer be nothing but a lie? If second hand smoke can get in your system enough to kill you, why can’t pot smoke get into your system the same way and show up in a urinalysis? Just wondering what ya’ll think. 🙂

    • I’ve always thought the second hand smoke stuff was a bunch of BS. How can someone in a neighboring apartment generate enough trace gasses and particulates in your apartment to cause significant medical problems. The apartments would need to share the same heating ducts which most don’t. I do think that second hand smoke can affect young kids that are asthmatic but most others can handle it without problems. Consider that until the 20th century, mankind sat around wood campfires or fire places virtually every day.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        It all depends on intensity, or magnitude in this case, and duration.

        If we look back to the second hand studies they focused on people like waitresses that were exposed to closed systems and heavy smoke day in and day out for years.

        And of course, children raised in heavy smoking households.

        Claiming second hand smoke “health” affects in open spaces is BS in my view. That has more to do with the desire to control and of course no have to smell the smoke.

        I can personally attest to the fact that wood smoke can cause respiratory issues as well.

    • Way back when this started, the initial study could not be replicated. I don’t know if it has. It was another serious scare tactic. All smoke causes irritation and I am fascinated by the legalization of Marijuana and the lack of outrage of it’s health effects to the smoker or those lucky enough to be downwind. Point well taken on the smoke not causing the red light to go off in urinalysis.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Now combine this idea with personal Health Savings Accounts that are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and you have a compromise solution to health care costs. At least the preventative and GP type healthcare. Which is the part the left is so stuck on when it comes to the “poor”.

  12. Here’s something I’ve never understood. The left is all about women’s rights, correct? Why do the left never condemn Muslims and their treatment of women?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I think you missed their previous complaints. Think back to the Women’s groups screaming about the atrocities of the Taliban against women. It was all about us doing something until we finally did something.

      Then it was all BAD that we were doing something about it. Maybe it was because it was Bush that ran the invasion instead of Obama or a Clinton????????

  13. I was just lurking but I couldn’t pass this up.

    Sorry Charlie, Can you say CONFIRMATION BIAS?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      My Sparty friend, you should have joined me today as I jousted with the lefties over Bachman’s announced retirement.

      I accused them of Misogyny for their hatred and venomous attacks on Bachman. I got 20 angry responses in about 30 seconds. So much fun.

      Looks like warm weather is finally coming here next week. So you folks should get some shortly after that.

      Best wishes.

      • Haha..Get em JAC! I need to stalk you on those lefty sites.

        86* and humid here right now, with a tornado warning thrown in. Waaay to hot for me

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    Once again you post the ranting of a man who’s life study is the manipulation of language.

    He starts with a lie by claiming that the term Libertarian existed outside the American context and was term used in reference to people like Smith and Jefferson. That is HIS creation. And he is correct when he first admits that “Yes, my terms are in contradiction”.

    Then to argue that Smith and Jefferson’s views are proof of their opposition to what we now see as American Libertarianism is equally false. Find me a place where Jefferson called for using Govt to control the commerce and trading decisions of people.

    What he opposed was the form of “Corporatioin” as it existed in England in those days. As in the East India Trading Company, etc, etc. These were not the corporations we know of today, but extensions of the British Govt via charters of privilege.

    It is however, the system that we are approaching ever more each day.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Hoorah for the RICH.

      I thank God ever night that there are RICH people in the world.

  15. gmanfortruth says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Typical Socialist, even steals the same lines as a past failure of the Presidency

  16. gmanfortruth says:
    • Just A Citizen says:

      Notice that the FBI investigation will take “months”.

      Either he was armed or not. Pretty damn simple to establish.

      If not, file charges of murder. Very simple.

      Now lets see if anyone remembers or cares once the findings are published.

      I sure would like to hear Displaced Okie’s take on the whole thing. Hint, Hint.

  17. Give. Me. A. Break!

  18. Wow-The Irony!!

    FBI Targets Pregnancy Center That Saved 42,000 Babies From Abortions

    by Steven Ertelt | New York, NY | | 5/30/13 12:38 PM

    Based in New York City, the Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers has helped more than 42,000 women find abortion alternatives.

    Apparently that is enough lives saved from abortion to make EMC a target for the FBI. Chris Slattery, National Director of the pregnancy center chain, tells LifeNews that, consistent with the recently discovered IRS attacks on pro-life groups, the FBI is now targeting EMC.

    “President Obama has put the FBI on me, and they have politely invited me to headquarters to “talk” this week,” he said. “Domestic terrorism agents have called me in to answer their questions this week, as they launch an absurd case to intimidate us.”

    The targeting comes as the New York Attorney General has charged EMC with supposedly practicing medicine without a license.

    “The Attorney General has just charged EMC with “practicing medicine without a license” for performing free ultrasounds despite us using certified technicians and doctors, and failing to inform clients that we don’t provide or promote abortion and contraception. This is the third AG to attack us since 1987,” Slattery says.

    According to Slattery, Schneiderman hit the pregnancy center with a subpoena alleging fraudulent and illegal acts of practicing medicine without a license and fraudulent advertising, and for reportedly not complying with a 1987 consent judgement, which was mainly a speech censorship agreement. That set of regulations was a “speech muzzling stranglehold similar to the NY City speech censorship bill passed in 2011 and enjoined,” Slattery explained.

    Slattery says speech censorship against pregnancy centers is in place now in San Francisco, and similar speech censorship bills are now being fought hard again in Oregon. He said another bill awaits a vote in the New York legislature.


    He beleives the PLanned Parenthood abortion business is behind the federal and state attacks.

    “I founded Expectant Mother Care, also know as EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers in 1985. In 1987, and in one of the earliest Planned Parenthood co-ordinated and orchestrated attacks, then NY State AG Robert Abrahms sued us, and two other NYC pregnancy centers (one closed soon afterwards) for practicing medicine without a license (for pregnancy testing) and false and misleading advertising,” he noted.

    Slattery says the ACLJ, a pro-life legal group, is representing EMC against the threats from the state attorney general.

    • Like I said-The Irony is just astounding-but the abortion pusher stated one truth-“This is about access” and that my friends is all it’s about, except of course-Lots of blood money.

      “The group is also opposing Assembly Bill 980, which it says will remove the current requirements that abortion be done in a medically surgical and antiseptic setting, but allow them to be done in facilities like the ‘walk-in’ counseling rooms now so popular in drug stores and pharmacies. None of the medical safety or even plumbing of current abortion centers will be required.

      “If these bills pass, there will be higher medical standards for animal abortions; yes, veterinarians must provide better safety and cleanliness standards than Planned Parenthood is proposing,” it says.”

      California Assembly OKs Bill Allowing Nurses to Do Abortions

      by Steven Ertelt | Sacramento, CA | | 5/30/13 1:13 PM

      The California state Assembly on Tuesday voted to expand abortions in California to allow nurses to do surgical abortions, even though licensed physicians kill and injure women in abortions.

      Earlier this month, the Assembly Committee on Business, Professions and Consumer Protection voted for the bill, which comes after the state took a first step next year and putting women’s health at risk by allowing non-doctors to perform surgical abortions — even though women have been killed and injured in abortions even when performed by licensed physicians.

      On Tuesday, the Assembly approved legislation to allow nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and physician assistants to perform abortions.

      “This is about providing quality, safe health care for women,” said Assemblywoman Toni Atkins, a San Diego Democrat carrying the measure. “This is about access.”

      Assemblywoman Marie Waldron, R-Escondido, says allowing nurses to do surgical abortion procedures places women’s lives and health at risk.

      “This is not a simple procedure. It is basically a surgery,” said Waldon, whose brother is a doctor. “Abortion at all costs, especially the cost of women’s health, is wrong.”

      The 49-24 vote sent Assembly Bill 154 to the Senate, where pro-life groups hope to fight it.

      “California has the most abortions in the nation and the highest rate per capita. But that is not good enough for the abortion business,” says California Right to Life. “Assembly Bill 154 will no longer require that abortions be done by physicians, but allow mid-wives, nurses, and nurse practitioners to use the powerful instruments of death throughout the state.”

      The group is also opposing Assembly Bill 980, which it says will remove the current requirements that abortion be done in a medically surgical and antiseptic setting, but allow them to be done in facilities like the ‘walk-in’ counseling rooms now so popular in drug stores and pharmacies. None of the medical safety or even plumbing of current abortion centers will be required.

      “If these bills pass, there will be higher medical standards for animal abortions; yes, veterinarians must provide better safety and cleanliness standards than Planned Parenthood is proposing,” it says.

      Brian Johnston of the California Pro-Life Council is also calling for the abortion bill to be defeated.


      “Assembly Bill 154 will no longer require that abortions be done by physicians, but allow mid-wives, nurses, and nurse practitioners to use the powerful instruments of death throughout the state,” he said. “And it gets worse, a companion Planned Parenthood bill, Assembly Bill 980, will remove the current requirements that human abortion be done in a medically surgical and antiseptic setting, but allow them to be done in facilities like the ‘walk-in’ counseling rooms now so popular in drug stores and pharmacies. None of the medical safety or even plumbing of current abortion centers will be required.”

      “If these bills pass, there will be higher medical standards for animal abortions; yes, veterinarians must provide better safety and cleanliness standards than Planned Parenthood is proposing,” he added.

      “California abortion is on the verge of MASSIVE expansion. Will you pray to stop this? Will you call your legislator? Will you help us spread the word?” he continued.

      Last year, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that makes it so nurses in California can do abortions, even though they do not have a valid medical license certifying them as a physician. Brown, a Democrat, visited a Los Angeles Planned Parenthood abortion clinic to sign another bill related to birth control and he also signed the abortion measure into law.

      Senate Bill 623, by Sen. Christine Kehoe, D-San Diego, was supported by Planned Parenthood and opposed by pro-life groups. Introduced by Christine Kehoe (D-San Diego), it extended a program run by the University of California, San Francisco, in which nurse practitioners, midwives and physicians assistants are trained to perform abortions.

      The last days of the California legislative session saw abortion backers fight to expand abortion, while ignoring the severe economic crisis California continues to face. Lawmakers took an unrelated book and inserted language in it from a failed measure to allow nurses to do abortions.

      Kehoe claimed that the bill was necessary to fill gaps in the availability of abortion caused by the shortage of doctors in parts of the state. The bill went through three attempts before passage. Ms. Kehoe “gutted and amended” the bill after its introduction, which raised some protest from other members of the Senate. This spring, a Senate committee rejected an attempt to pass a broader bill allowing non-physicians to perform abortions. In the end, a narrower version of the bill was passed. Rather than opening abortion to non-physicians generally, the bill focuses on extending a U.C. San Francisco program training physicians assistants and others to perform first trimester abortions.

      • In this case it didn’t really matter that the staff didn’t have the proper training-they simply didn’t notice the woman was in distress and neither did the doctor-in too much of a hurry to get to her next abortion procedure, I suspect-gotta make that money-when they did finally notice-the doctor couldn’t do much because the equipment didn’t work. So obviously all this equipment isn’t necessary-the woman can just die-but by golly she had ACCESS.

        Hispanic Woman Dies After Abortion, Clinic Staff Had No CPR Training

        by Cheryl Sullenger | Baltimore, MD | | 5/29/13 3:09 P

        Operation Rescue has learned more about the death of an abortion patient at a shoddy Baltimore abortion clinic located in a residential condo complex. The operating license of that facility, Associates in OB/GYN Care, is currently suspended after state inspectors determined that it posed a danger to the public.

        Computer aided dispatch transcripts show that a 911 call was placed from 3596 N. Calvert, Suite 110, in Baltimore on February 13, 2013, at 12:49 pm for a patient who was unconscious and not breathing. The CAD transcript indicated that the patient was possibly dead. Paramedics arrived at the scene and were able to revive the patient. She was transported her to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead two days later.

        Police also responded to the 911 call and interviewed abortionist Iris E. Dominy, who admitted to police that she had performed an abortion on 38-year old Maria Santiago. Dominy said that after the abortion, Santiago passed out and went into cardiac arrest.

        An inspection conducted by the Maryland Department of Health on February 20, 2013, indicated that Santiago was 12.5 weeks pregnant at the time of the abortion. Dominy told the inspector that Santiago slept throughout her abortion.

        According to the deficiency report issued after the inspection, Dominy completed the abortion on the sleeping woman then left the room. An unqualified worker was left alone with the patient. That worker occupied herself with filling out paperwork while the patient remained on the abortion table. Sometime later, she called for a second worker to help her dress the patient and move the unconscious woman to the recovery area.

        The second worker noticed that Santiago was pale and not breathing. Dominy was notified and returned to the procedure room where she sat the unconscious Santiago up and began a “sternum rub.” No one at the clinic, including Dominy, had current CPR certification. A crash cart in the hallway was not used and the defibrillator was broken.

        The inspector noted that Santiago’s death certificate showed she died from Severe Pulminary Edema, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, and Hypoxia Brain Injury. No one knows how long Santiago went without breathing. It was found that staff failed to provide proper post-anesthesia care and observation.

        “Iris Dominy isn’t fit to practice medicine and we call on the Maryland Baord of Physicians to immediately suspend her medical license until full revocation proceedings can be conducted,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “As long as Dominy is seeing patients, their lives and heath remain in jeopardy.”

  19. Looks like the price of food will continue to grow: “China’s Shuanghui International plans to buy Smithfield Foods Inc. for $4.7 billion to feed a growing Chinese appetite for U.S. pork”

    For those that do not know, Smithfield Foods is the largest processor of pork in America, based in North Carolina.

    I would say this is just another sign of the Chinese take over of the America economy. When you barrow as much as we do from them eventually you have to pay for that debt. (Proverbs 22:7)$4-7-billion-Smithfield-deal-16913985/

  20. Most of this I’m gonna just ignore because it isn’t worthy of any response-but lets see-there is suffering in the world and the answer is to kill unborn children. Why stop there-why not kill the living-the argument is the same.

    • I think the argument was that those who are anti-abortion (most of you) are also very anti-social welfare, thereby killing kids in a different way (some might view as even less human–he points to starvation, abuse, etc.) but if you don’t want to see it … you won’t.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        BECAUSE they are NOT the same at any level of moral consideration.

        So there is NOTHING TO SEE with respect to the absurd argument.

        • Now there’s logic for you … a child starves to death from lack of food (from lack of income, etc.) … another is abused to death by its parents … another leaps from a bridge because he’s been outed as gay … another is shot in a gangbang incident … another from lack of medicine (or while waiting in a hospital emergency room, etc. … but there’s no comparison to a fetus killed in the womb.

          And here I thought all yous Ayn Rand types believes a brick is a brick (i.e., dead is dead) …

          • No, Charlie-Dead isn’t dead. One takes away your right to fight for your life. Decides before the fact that you simply won’t make it or have a life worth living-or it’s based on something much more frivolous. The other is a matter of degree, how much should we give, how much charity is raised, how much responsibility the adults in the situation take. One is based on life’s actions-the other is just promoting death.

            • Once again, you’re argument is erroneous. Chomsky isn’t justifying abortion; he’s pointing out the hypocrisy of your position (suddenly you want to quantify it—“degrees” really?) … he’s showing how factually (FACTUALLY) abortion rates go down where populations are better educated … well, education takes money … you’re very much against the evil state and it’s evil institutions (like boards of education—hell, they teach blaspheme) … not sure if you’re that crazy, but some here are (BF was), so that brings us back to food stamps (remember Obama, the food stamp president) … imagine feeding kids enough so they could attend school and then paying for their schoolbooks so they could actually learn and maybe even providing them with healthcare so they didn’t die from a flu they could’ve beaten without a problem had they had the meds, etc. … but somehow those kids (already born and given their “chance” as you call it) die … but it’s okay because they had their “chance” …

              Whereas, you claim, those in the womb had no chance. They were killed before birth.

              While I personally believe abortion to be murder, I still believe in a woman’s right to terminate the pregnancy for whatever reason, although I’m all for the STATE stepping in and placing anti-pregnancy chips in those who a) can’t afford to have a kid, b) are too young to have one—regarding raising one, etc. … but then the evil STATE would be intervening in a life that may one day kill one of your or my kids or kill themselves with drugs or go hungry and die … or become president of these United States because that’s how great our land is … oy vey

              Like I said, if you don’t want to see/know, you won’t.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Typical flaw in your logic.

            Dead is dead. But the issue is not being dead. The issue is the moral equivalency of the CAUSE of death.

            One is the result of DIRECT human action. The other the consequence of natural conditions.

            So they are NOT equivalent.

            Killing a baby and killing an adult, is a moral equivalency.

            Killing a baby and a person dying from starvation is NOT a moral equivalency.

            To try and make them the same is a rationalization for Genocide.

            • “Killing a baby and a person dying from starvation is NOT a moral equivalency.”

              Talk about flawed logic, boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

              A person dying from starvation that could be cured is equally murderous, especially when based on morality. Or are you saying it’s morally justifiable to not give to those who need bread to eat; if they die, it’s not your fault for holding back?

              wigga please …

            • One is the result of DIRECT human action. The other the consequence of natural conditions.

              It’s natural to starve?

              The other is the cause of DIRECT human INACTION, boyeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • His argument is justifying murder based on his opinion that we do not do enough for the poor. The two points don’t belong together unless his intent is to justify one evil while he complains about another evil. At the very least he is doing what he is accusing the anti-abortion people of doing. Except he is worse-he is actually promoting the practice of murder.

        • Actually he wasn’t justifying anyting, VH … he pointing out hypocrosy (watch it again) … simply pointing out the flaws, if you will, in your collective arguments.

        • In fact, VH, he speaks to the FACT that abortion ALWAYS goes down (the rates of abortion) where peoples are better educated … but that would cost money and if you’re against spending money on those who need it most, well … then it’s okay if they die (or kill via abortion) from a lack of ignorance?

      • O.M.G.

  21. Just A Citizen says:


    If a man kills a baby you can identify who killed the baby.

    If a baby or child starves then who killed it? I say it was YOU and your COMMUNIST friends.

    You want to accuse me of killing a child I never met. How ABSURD is that.

    • You tell me how absurd it is, JAC … you’re the one willing to do it. Does it make you feel good? Powerful? Like a man? Do you get to retain your all important “liberty?”

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I already told you how absurd it is. I even capitalized it to show just how much. What more do you want?

        Feel good? How is the condition of a child I don’t know going to affect my “feeling good” or not good for that matter.

        Powerful? I have the power I need, what does the starving child have to do with my power or anyone’s power?

        Man? Yes Charlie, I am a MAN. The child’s condition will not change that.

        Liberty? My liberty has nothing to do with the child I don’t know, or the one I do know. Not until you and your Communists thugs decide to TAKE my earnings by FORCE to feed the child I do not know about. That is when my LIBERTY is threatened and thus becomes relevant to the issue.

  22. Just A Citizen says:
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