A New Challenge

I thought I would pass along a short story and how a few of us are going to try and make a difference in one persons life.   A few years back, a 38 year old police officer from Ohio suffered a stroke.  A surgery ensued to remove a blockage in his shoulder (the cause) and it suddenly moved, causing a massive stroke.  The news was bleak as most doctors thought he would not make it.  Even if he did, he would be in a vegetable state and bed-ridden.  His name is Bill and now a couple years later, with help from his friends, he came to his camp in Pennsylvania for a visit this past Saturday.   Bill needs help with most parts of daily life.  His speech is hard to understand, but he can manage to communicate.  While mostly wheelchair bound, he stands and is getting better with a walker each day.  Sadly, he will never recover.  Now this story takes a happy turn  🙂

As the afternoon continued, the subject of deer hunting came up.  Bill, like myself and father, is an avid deer hunter who always looked forward to opening day of rifle season.  This year, despite Bill’s handicaps, he will be joining us for the first week of the Pa. rifle season.  The new challenge begins as we will build an outdoor hunting shelter that will be wheelchair accessible.  While this would be easy for many landowners, we mostly hunt public lands.  Motorized vehicles are not permitted on public hunting lands.  This shelter will be build on the edge, with vehicle access (4-wheeler, 2 seater), of our neighbors property, overlooking public lands.  It will seat 2 comfortably,  with heat and a portable toilet.  It will allow Bill to enjoy the great outdoors again, while staying warm and dry.  So the challenge begins!

That’s the feelgood story for the week, now back to our regularly scheduled political discussions.



  1. gmanfortruth says:

    With the bankruptcy in Detroit looming, it is likely that the retiree’s, past, present and future, will have to suffer the consequences. Who should pay the price for this mess and the future problems like this?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      If it were up to me, politicians would pay bigtime.

    • There is no easy way to clean up the financial mess Detroit, and other cities like it, are in. Americans have had a “pass the buck” mentality for so long that the majority will not accept the responsibility to start the hard work to clean up the mess.

      Government, and the politicians that perform the duties of government, can only offer easy solutions to problems because easy solutions are what gets votes. If I worked for a government agency or contractor, in any major US city, I would be working on my resume and finding a new career path. If you are depending on a municipal pension to make ends meet in your retirement… start looking for new revenue sources. The voters have wasted your pension.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        FLP, do you think that politicians should have a price to pay for failing to manage the people’s treasury properly?

        • Yes, but how? The people are the ones rewarding the politicians who to a poor job by voting for them. When a politician fails to manage the people’s money we should vote them out, but we have seen that those are exactly the representatives the majority wants to keep in office.

          How do you convince people that they voted in a crook and we need to punish that crook? Ever tell a Red Sox fan that their team sucks? They take it like an attack on their family. The same has happened to politics. People take any criticism of a politician they voted for like an attack on their own family and not only defend their vote but will then re-elect the same crook just to prove they made the right decision.

          • So, the voters get what they deserve? The voters are also responsible for the 17 trillion dollar debt this country has too? Great, all voters should send checks to the treasury to begin paying off the debt! Let’s go voters, this is your fault, you need to fix it before it consumes everybody in a big quagmire. 🙂

            This can go in a great direction for discussion if we keep it up. Maybe an answer will be found too!

            • So, the voters get what they deserve?
              I would say it is more accurate to say that voters get what they ask for.

              The voters are also responsible for the 17 trillion dollar debt this country has too?
              Yes we are. Either through voting for those that spent the money or by not encouraging enough of our neighbors to vote in someone who would have done things better.

              It is funny (in a sad way) how Americans inherited a country built on personal responsibility and have become a people with little to no personal responsibility.

              • “It is funny (in a sad way) how Americans inherited a country built on personal responsibility and have become a people with little to no personal responsibility.”

                I’m always amazed at the delusion of you wingies … “personal responsibility?” Really?

                You forgot “by the sweat of their brow” (the working class for pennies on the dollar for their labor) … but the “investors” will take credit for it … along with the profit from it …

                and let’s not forget a few of my all time favorites .. personal responsibility of destroying a culture that was here long before Europeans … and then the slaves they brought to do their dirty work in the south …

                Yep, nothing quite like personal responsibility …

                Oy vey …

              • gmanfortruth says:

                FLP, I think the current two party monopoly on politics is as much to blame as the voters. The candidate choices are decided long before any election. The only choice is corruption now . Time for a big change if you ask me.

  2. Well I, for one, feel all fuzzy inside that your friend survived such a traumatic event and now will be able to kill animals for sport again.

    Don’t get me wrong – I hate deer with a passion. But I just find the entire idea of hunting to be barbaric.

    .. says the California bleeding heart liberal ..

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I highly doubt he can shoot, we shall see. But he’ll be out there where he wants to be, which he never thought possible. Mathius, I don’t expect you to understand. It’s OK for you to be a bleeding heart Liberal and think hunting is barbaric. Let me just say, for your sake, the grocery stores can keep your tummy full! 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Hunting is not a SPORT.

      Golf is an “outdoor sport”. Hunting is a “religion”.

      Therein lies the difference.

      At the same time, my favorite activity of fly fishing comes closer to sport because I love the challenge of the catch but then turn them loose. Except for the Steelhead of course. Special shelf in the freezer for those.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        P.,S. What is with all the hate for Barbarians anyway?

        All my ancestors were Barbarians.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Mathius thinks food comes from the store! Bwahaha!

        • It’s the whole Darwinian evolution thing, he thinks he is an evolved form of human that is better than those lower races of humans that came before.

          • I sincerely hope that the human race has evolved beyond our primitive ancestors. Otherwise, what’s the point of being human if we’re nothing more than predatory animals?

            That said, I do have a pretty bleak outlook on the human race and “predatory animal” is, sadly, a pretty accurate description.

            • Mathius, on the hunting issue. I think you would be surprised how many people who hunt, care less if they kill something. The success on public lands is relatively low for 99.9% of those who actually hunt.

              With that said, here are the things that we hunters really look forward too on a deer hunt: Family and friends (usually all males) getting together and enjoying the comraderie. The great camp food and cold beer! 🙂 Scouting and shooting in one’s rifle. The anticipation of opening day, is a right of passage that we all pass through as we move towards adulthood. Seeing the first deer of the morning! Then smiling as it walks away, wrong sex!

              The deer hunts make their own stories, not always about deer, just about life. No sir, hunting is not about killing at all. It’s way bigger than some simple barbaric act.

              If you would like to check it out (as an observer) let me know, I hunt from Oct 5 till the middle of January, you can join me in a hunt of a lifetime 🙂

            • I don’t know you so I can’t speak for your ancestors, but mine were not what I would classify as primitive. They developed language, math and science at levels we have not seen since. If anything the human race is de-evolving.

    • “says the California bleeding heart half liberal …”

  3. What a good friend you are Gman! As you say, he may not even be able to shoot, but you’ve given him something to look forward to, be included in, and at least in some part, be doing something from his prior life. I can only imagine the excitement he will be feeling. Kudos to you all!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Thanks Kathy! Most of my hunting locations are set up for the elderly. Wheelchair access able will be a challenge, but doable! Funny how those on the left always spout off about helping the less fortunate, but rarely lift a finger for any of them.

      • (Immature comment removed)

      • Kathy, just ignore the window lickers, they have no clue what it means to really help people. The simply demand your hard earned money, because they aren’t willing to actually be responsible enough to live up to what they spout about. Sad people, they are trying so hard to attack people so they can try and erase the failures of their own past. Let me just say one important thing, those who do as I have spoke of, will gladly watch their elders go to some sorry ass nursing home before they will ever repay what those elders ever did for them.. I take care of my elders, that’s why they only see the outside of nursing homes! 🙂

  4. @ The Colonel, but other defenders of capitalism feel free to chirp in … http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50142079n

    • Just A Citizen says:

      “In a STATE run economy”……………..

      The day you understand what Capitalism really is and is not is the day we can “chirp in”.

      Until then your rants make for nothing but great examples of tragic comedy.

      • Oh, bullshit already. State run economy that has turned to capitalism. You claim the same bullshit here … it’s the government’s fault (it’s not free market capitalism (like that ever existed) here either) … all bullshit. You’re the comedy, JAC … you and the denial you live in. It doesn’t work … it can’t work … but you convince yourself it does … meantime, the same housing bubble that has pushed much of what used to be the middle class here into poverty is about to do the same in China (where many of you pointed to how China was moving toward capitalism because socialism doesn’t work) … (Immature comment removed)

        Denial is a wonderful narcotic … (Immature comment removed)

        • Hi Charlie…….I watched this 60 minutes video twice and even took notes. I noticed that China used a “build it and they will come” theory. They rolled the dice…it came up craps. There is no housing or building bubble……it is a simple matter of over building. I noticed beautiful shopping malls that are standing empty because no one came. I saw condos and beautiful homes that were empty because no one came. The state controlled the money through stimulation programs that were failed policies. China got away from the formula that was growing a middle class. Why? Who knows except they limited the growth of the middle class by not allowing foreign investment, meaning, the Chinese middle class are not allowed to invest outside the country.
          The Chinese State was trying to emulate Hong Kong, which is impossible to do. This is the only area where the Chinese Government keeps hands off and leaves Hong Kong alone……no excise taxes, no import taxes, no interference in the banking system, which is not state run only in the case of Hong Kong.
          No one came to the malls because there was no need. There was no demand. There can be no demand for goods and services when there is no money. The individual Chinese does not have spendable cash. The interview with the Chinese fellow reiterated that very fact. When there is no demand, you will not have Pizza Hut show up. The Condos cannot be bought when the average price of a condo is 45 times the average wage of the Chinese.
          What is going to cause the collapse in China is the fact that the developers resold all the condos and malls to the state run government. Some of these have been empty for five years and more. The one thing that China is trying to as we speak, and I posted this earlier, is that they are trying to entice investment by now having a zero corporate income tax, a zero export tax, and subsidizing the move from other countries. I point specifically to GE……they pay no corporate income tax, use subsidized labor supplied from the Chinese government, pay no export taxes, and do not sell any of their products in China.
          One other reason for the dying middle class, that was once prospering, is China’s currency manipulation tactics….they constantly manipulate their currency to control the banking system.
          I predict the following……a crumbling infrastructure, high unemployment, and a collapse of the banking system by 2020.

          I think you wanted me to comment on this particular segment….

          • Colonel, Good to hear from you! No, Charlie didn’t want you to make him less than knowledgable. 🙂

          • Colonel, to support your post, this report is from 2009! Rather old news for some of us. The “ghost cities of China” are well known with those who are paying attention. It’s old news to me. 🙂 http://www.wimp.com/emptycity/

          • China used a “build it and they will come” theory. They rolled the dice…it came up craps.

            And mortgages in the U.S., Colonel? The banks didn’t “roll the dice?” Me thinks you’re ignoring the facts.

            There is no housing or building bubble……it is a simple matter of over building. I noticed beautiful shopping malls that are standing empty because no one came. I saw condos and beautiful homes that were empty because no one came.

            I suggest you watch it again. Those were “middle class” investments where families bought as many as 5 and 6 apartments. They had no intention of moving there. It was for the sake of “investment” … they believed (and used the term throughout the piece) in the “American Dream” … real estate not losing value. Oooops.

            The state controlled the money through stimulation programs that were failed policies. China got away from the formula that was growing a middle class. Why?

            Watch it one more time. The builders were private companies … they stopped building there for the same reason they’d stop here (capitalism) … no money to pay the bills (debt crisis), workers leave.

            Who knows except they limited the growth of the middle class by not allowing foreign investment, meaning, the Chinese middle class are not allowed to invest outside the country.

            Because everybody knows how many middle class “investors” here invest overseas. You’re not serious about this …

            No one came to the malls because there was no need. There was no demand. There can be no demand for goods and services when there is no money. The individual Chinese does not have spendable cash.

            Oy vey … were you chasing raptors while watching this, Colonel. Me thinks you sometimes exaggerate about what you see or maybe take really bad notes. The stores were fugazy fronts (purposely set up) to attract “Middle Class” buyers. Oy vey …

            Honestly, what’s the point. You guys have your own set of facts … what Bill Maher calls “Living inside the bubble” … as often as I don’t agree with him, he’s got this nailed.

            (Immature comment removed)

            • Charlie, China is a Fascist state, total cooperation between industry and government. We are headed there. You should realize that the building of those vacant cities served a purpose. They employed people. The economy in China is what the government says it is,as it was in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. Disagree and you disappear.

              I remember my Russian Prof in college telling me that when he went to Moscow in ’63 he had to exchange dollars for Rubles at $ 1.25. on the black market, he could get ten for that $ 1.25. The government knew this and did nothing to really discourage it since it brought “hard” currency into the country.

              Warning! Mentioning Robert Heinlein again. In “Beyond This Horizon” in addition to advocating open carry of weapons (with a brassard identifying you as doing so),He also talked about the government producing cars that went into the crusher immediately after being assembled. Purpose? Full employment.

              Heinlein was an interesting guy, while a Libertarian positing that when the government started requiring identity cards it was time to move on. He also believed in world government, a very strong military and central planning. During his career, he was all over the map on these issues. He being one of the major influences on my thinking (and life) has led me to question and question again almost every position I have ever taken.

              • Disagree and you disappear.

                Stephen, I stopped believing American propaganda a long time ago. A very long time ago. (Immature comment removed)

              • There were people in the CBS report disagreeing … on international television … have they disappeared?

              • Jumping the gun on that one. Not everyone and not always. What ever happened to the guy who stood in front of the tank in Tianiman square? In Germany it was the concentration camps in Russia the gulag. I dunno if you are saying we make up stories about these places but there are way too many independents and victims verifying what happened. Here, there are the conspiracy theories about murder which range from a President of the United States to anti-nuclear activists, to environmentalists to advocates for the homeless. Mostly what our government does is destroy your reputation and leave you hanging in the wind. To save face though, they are not above throwing in you in jail and blaming your video for the Bengazi thing.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Amen JAC !

    • I thought that was like eh totally cool man.

      • Stephen, please repost that article you mentioned to V.H., I’m interested in it as well and must have missed it!

        • G-man and V.H.

          Here it is.


          There are four related articles. When folks question why the FDA takes forever, this is the reason. The Lady Doc at the time got nothing but praise for holding it off the US market. The moral questions raised by the other articles (read them thoroughly) still resonate, perhaps even more so than they did at the time.

          There is that old expression, “The past is prologue” from Shakespeare.

          • Just scanned through the whole issue of “LIFE” , fascinating. You have:

            The Thalidomide articles on the FDA, abortion, birth defects, and mercy killing
            An Editorial on the class of Stan the man Musial (recently deceased). Compare to current
            Yankee Alex Rodriguez (How far we have fallen)
            An article on Ian Fleming creator of….Bond, James Bond.
            An article by JFK himself on FDR’s Naval painting collection.
            A seminal article on what were called sub-teens growing up too fast with some shots of a
            12 year old Lolita wanabee
            The first ad for a battery powered cordless drill
            An ad for optional automobile seatbelts.
            An ad for possibly the worst American beer ever produced, Carling Black Label. I wonder
            if the Col. remembers this from his days in Vietnam?

            I do miss that Magazine.

            • Black Label….Mon & Dad’s fav! Mom mixed it with tomato juice. 😉

            • Holy beer taste…..Black Label? In the Central Highlands it was……Pabst, Carling……wait for it……Falstaff……eewwwww.

              • Few years ago read a piece by a WW 2 vet. His complaint was that the good cigarettes, Luckies and Camels never made it to the front. They were stuck with Raleighs or worse. Always wondered if that was true of the beer in Vietnam. At the base camps you got Miller and Bud. At Firebase Melvin you got Carling.

              • At Ban Me Thou we had Pabst/Budweiser…..in Kontum, we had Pabst and something local I am not sure what it was…….at Duc Lap…..it was Falstaff, replaced by Black Label…..what was ironic, Duc Lap was partially overrun while I was there….the North Vietnamese got as far as the temporary px……they took almost everything except the beer…..lol

          • Hi Stephen-I don’t have time to read the articles this morning-Will try to do so this evening-but have been unusually busy lately-Have a new job taking care of my mother-in-law during the day. But I have heard about this before-extremely sad situation. Will comment after I read the articles.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Stan Musial…………..hitting .350 at the age of 41.

            STAN THE MAN.

  5. I am actually surprised that this has not been a point of blistering ridicule by Charlies and his Ilk. Racial profiling being such a terrible thing to the Lefties, yet, silence for years on this. Hypocrits maybe? http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/08/federal-judge-new-yorks-stop-and-frisk-tactics-violated-constitutional-rights/

  6. Well written article about the fantasies of those Left wingers who still can’t comprehend that Trayvon Martin was killed because he was a thug, not because he was black. http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/08/why-was-racism-introduced-following-the-shooting-death-of-trayvon-martin/

    • Somehow G-man, what happened to Oprah in Switzerland regarding the $ 45,000 purse has been hyped by the media into having somehow something to do with American Racism. I think the major news outlets don’t quite understand that Switzerland is not part of Florida. Well, maybe, in the Magic Kingdom……..

  7. @Gman
    FLP, I think the current two party monopoly on politics is as much to blame as the voters. The candidate choices are decided long before any election. The only choice is corruption now . Time for a big change if you ask me.

    But the voters are too lazy to realize that we don’t have to vote for either party. If the majority of voters, which is less than 1/3 of the voting population in America, really cared about electing the best candidate then we could.

    But it is the voters that would rather vote for a political party like it was some kind of sporting event than actually try to elect the best possible public servant to represent them. The politicians may be the lowest dirt bags in America, but they are only doing what they must to get votes because that is the system we have allowed them to set up. The power to make real change is not in the White House, the Capitol building, the Supreme Court or anywhere in Washington DC, it is in the people. And I believe the people are too lazy and ignorant to actually do something about the mess we are in as long as they still have fast food and televisions.

  8. Charlie…..I did watch it again and then read up on it and I think that you and I are saying the same thing but wording it different.

    However, you do have one thing very wrong about the United States……..the bulk of foreign investment actually does come from the middle class….in fact, most of the foreign investment is in IRA’s, 401(k), etc. Most middle class invest in currency (Euros and he like). Our family certainly is not the 1%, and we have several foreign investments going, albeit none in real estate. It is way to volatile. That said, China’s foreign investment opportunities are restricted to government only.

    Now, the malls were indeed built to attract middle class. I do not disagree…..but to get the middle class there…….there must also be retailers and there were no retailers willing to go into the malls. Why is that? I can only ascertain one reason….the risk was too high. I saw plenty of name brand stores that were built with the names on them but let us take Pizza Hut as an example….Pizza Hut did not put their name there, the Chinese did. Pizza Hut did not make an investment into those malls…..China did and did so as an effort to draw the foreign companies there. So, to me, it stands to reason, that without tenants, there would be no people shopping.

    Now, as to the investments in real estate…you and I are in agreement again….the investing was done by private companies, authorized and funded through stimulus, much like we did here. I reference all the failed green energy companies that were hand picked, given tax money, and they failed. The same exact thing occurred in China. The Chinese Finance Minister, Lou Jiwel on Jul 23, 3013, acknowledged that China’s growth is not reliant upon the real estate industry which was fueled by speculation and inflation. Some of the Chinese growing middle class did indeed make investments, based on the numbers that the government put out there and based largely on the speculator’s, within China since investments cannot go outside China, influence and those Chinese speculators used the American model of the middle class that owned their own homes and those American middle class people that were and still are successful in the real estate market today. There are thousands of them. (I even dabble, to a small degree, in real estate but I do shy away from shopping centers and office buildings).

    Now, China failed to learn one lesson but learned another very well. The failed lesson, is government loans to private individuals….but all loans are government loans since there is no private banking in China….save Hong Kong. The Chinese did not learn that stimulus money breeds inflation and inflation breeds speculation and vice versa. The manipulation of currency and interest rates to spur growth is a false front and leads to currency devaluation, which leads to a lowering of the M1…money supply. The other lesson that was learned very well, that even in a government controlled environment, as China is, speculators “sold” their ass hat bill of goods to what there was of the Chinese middle class. Hence, you had some people “investing” in an inflated and over built real estate market, created by the Chinese Government. I might add, the very same way that people did here in the United States, except that the “bill of goods” was actually sold by true private companies. Many real estate companies offered ARM mortgages….it was these ARM’s that created huge problems, in the United States……in order for the ARM’s to be qualified for, you had unscrupulous lending practices, with no over sight, valuing property higher than normal so that low and middle income people could “qualify” for loans that were destined to fail from the beginning. In other words, you had high values placed on real estate around 20% OVER value so that people could “qualify” for no down payment loans and a promise of refinancing three years down the road to avoid the built in escalating interest rates in the ARM loans. So, people, seeking the dream of home ownership, bought this crap…hook, line, and sinker and when it came time to refinance, the value was NOT there for refinancing and the real estate market failed. The very same thing happened in China…..EXCEPT it was government backed.

    So, the moral of the real estate in China and the US is practically the same. In the US…no oversight to unscrupulous lending practices in the private sector that allowed this….in China, no oversight in the Government lending practices that controlled the “private companies” that allowed the same thing.

    Also, you can’t fix stupid. This is probably where you and I will disagree. ANONE, who bought into an ARM…deserved to be taken. Anyone, who thinks that they can get into any real estate, with no down payment and escalating interest rates, who could not qualify under the strict banking rules prior to the easing of banking regulations, is STUPID. Buyer beware……..there is no substitute for stupid. If you are going to buy into something that you do not understand……then you deserved to be fleeced, whether here or China or Europe. I WILL NOT buy into the argument that people were duped. I will buy into the argument that the emotion of owning a home over rides caution and common sense.

    The Chinese finance minister went on to say, “”We see domestic power generation and electricity consumption increased by 4 percent, and the service industry’s usage of electricity increased 8 percent,” Lou said, arguing that the increases showed efforts to shift China’s economy towards services from manufacturing were bearing fruit.”

    “Lou said China would continue tax reforms to promote growth, in particular by converting sales taxes to value-added taxes (VAT), while cutting down on paperwork and application requirements for Chinese businesses.” Read this very carefully Charlie, because China just went to a VAT…..and that hits everybody, especially the poor and middle class. This will drive inflation upwards not down…..UNLESS they… ,manipulate their currency some more which seems likely following this statement by Lou. ” Beijing announced it would remove the floor under bank lending rates in a move to free up interest rates,”

    “His views were more mixed on the country’s real estate industry, which regulators and economists fear is distorted by speculation and fuels inflation.Lou said that people talked about rising housing prices, but the industry faced other issues, including surplus housing in some cities and insufficient land supply in others.”Many developers lack confidence and many buyers are holding back,” he added. “Therefore the State Council needs to continue to research the long-term mechanism of real estate development,” he said in a reference to China’s cabinet.”

    Oh, and Charlie, these are not my facts….these come from the Chinese Finance Minister.

    In closing, “Lou also warned the United States against exiting from its monetary easing program without considering the impact of the move on the economies of other countries.” The meaning of this is a recognition that the US market is still the best market to follow and our monetary policies are watched very closely. If the US should return to its strict regulations and banking requirements as it is beginning to do,, state run financing will tumble and China recognizes this.

    • I might also add……that if China is moving from manufacturing to services……isn’t this is what the US has done? And it is proving unworkable?

    • One other thing Charlie…I am not name calling or making references…I am trying to rationally discuss what I saw and think. The CBS report did indeed have varying reports….therein lies the debate. So, I am simply focusing on the financial side of things. I did not realize that you wanted me to compare the two…so I did so in my last retort and also went to the G20 conference where the Chinese Minister was interviewed. But…that is how I see things…..absent cool aid.

  9. FORBES: First, there was the delay of Obamacare’s Medicare cuts until after the election. Then there was the delay of the law’s employer mandate. Then there was the announcement, buried in the Federal Register, that the administration would delay enforcement of a number of key eligibility requirements for the law’s health insurance subsidies, relying on the “honor system” instead. Now comes word that another costly provision of the health law—its caps on out-of-pocket insurance costs—will be delayed for one more year.

    We should take the stance that if any of the ACA is being delayed then all of it should be delayed. If Washington is not prepared to enact the act they passed then they should not be able to cherry pick what starts and what doesn’t. If the bill they passed does not work then it should be DOA until they can fix it.


  10. Charlie….more on this…..from Reuters.

    The newly-installed government of President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang is intent on rebalancing the economy away from reliance on investment, construction, heavy industries and exports, and towards consumer spending by China’s growing middle class.

    But the transition is expected to be difficult.

    Consumer spending is starting from a small share of the economy – just a third of total spending, compared with 50%-70% in Western countries.

    There are also fears of potential over-investment and bad debts in the construction and industrial sectors, which could come to light as cheap loans to these sectors are cut back.

    Last month, the Chinese inter-bank lending market briefly froze up, suggesting that some Chinese banks harbour doubts about the financial health of their peers. The new government has also been cracking down on corruption and profligacy by Communist Party officials.The theme was taken up on Friday by Zhang Yi, who heads the regulator supervising China’s state-owned businesses. He told a gathering of 150 business executives to take up the fight up against corruption and nepotism.

    “Properly manage your relatives and those close to you. Don’t be encumbered by your emotions, damaged by your emotions or misled by your emotions.”

    Many ordinary Chinese have become outraged by corruption and privilege.

    Previously it was seen as a problem at the local government level, but recently it has also attached to senior politicians.

    Among the scandals to hurt the leadership have been the public ousting of Chongqing party boss Bo Xilai last year, and the high-speed chase and crash of a Ferrari belonging to the son of an unnamed senior party official.

    On Tuesday, former Railways Minister Liu Zhijun was handed a suspended death sentence for accepting bribes in connection with the construction of the country’s high speed rail network.

    D13 says…..corruption is where you find it. It knows no boundaries and it is no respecter of governments…..state controlled or otherwise.

  11. Mathius and I have been visiting another blog, In Saner Thoughts. It is run by a far left socialist that offers honest discussion on the topics with minimal personal attacks and name calling. He seams to always treat me with respect as long as I do the same to him.

    He posted a article today linking back to an older one he wrote on socialism. It was very interesting and I thought you all would like to see how an honest lefty describes socialism:


    • FLP, Once again, I will have to silence our resident TROLL’s ignorant and immature comments. No problem, I have done it before. Too bad, he has some interesting opinions on subjects to offer.

      • And once again I’ll say that’s bullshit….you’re right up top there calling him Bubbles and idiot.

        • Anita, I have wrongly fallen pray to the desire to “RETALIATE”. That is the redhead in me. Rather than do that, the troll will just have his personal attacks and name calling removed (and done nicely). If he has a problem, I would suggest he refrain from such activity. I’m not the one who calls people names because they don’t agree with me, am I now? Charlie is a TROLL, nothing more, nothing less.

          Maybe I was seeing things, but when the troll went into exile, people came back and posted, had some great conversations and now, we are right back to pre-exile days. That is unacceptable. Bottom line, if Charlie wants to troll, he is free to do it elsewhere, if Charlie wants to chat about whatever is being talked about, he is free to do so. He is not (nor am I) free to continue the personal attacks and name calling.

          That is my decision, period 🙂

          • And in fairness, I removed my poor choice of words 🙂

            Anita, would you like to take over SUFA and keep it going?

            • I wouldn’t know the first thing about it GMan. I’m pointing out that you are no better than Charlie, I’m not the only one who has pointed that out, but you’re the one with the upper hand, so as you say it’s your decision, period. I hate it when both of you get going like that..but I know that know matter how Charlie chooses to communicate, it’s keeps us all on our toes about our stances. Mess with people’s comments and we’ll never get fresh blood in here.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Sorry Anita, it’s time for the troll to move on. His abuse isn’t wanted by anybody and he can’t quit. I may not agree with you, but I’m not going to attack you personally over it. That’s what trolls do. I will simply remove his immature comments. Maybe we can get more people here by putting this to rest, it worked once!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      As with most people who defend the various systems, the author uses a list of “what I wish it was” as the definition itself.

      The definition of socialism as a political system is: The public (govt) ownership of the means of production.

      Very simple really.

      Loved the attempt to declare Democracy and Socialism as equivalent.

      • the author uses a list of “what I wish it was” as the definition itself.
        I agree completely. What I like though is his honesty to explain why he supports socialism because in his mind his definition is what socialism is.

        Too many discussions turn in to arguments because we do not use the same definition for words. When I am talking about socialism I am talking about your definition (“The public (govt) ownership of the means of production.”) but lefties use lobotero’s definition.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          His definition reminds me of the many similar arguments people put forth here on SUFA when Black Flag asked them their definition of GOVERNEMNT.

          • Isn’t that the scary part. Government schools are creating a generation that will accept socialism as a form of government. The hippies of the 60s became the teachers of the 80s and their students are becoming today’s leaders.

            “What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace.” – John Wesley

  12. Congrats to Atlanta for winning this year’s “most guns found at the airport” title. We know you’ll do great next year, Colonel!

    • Ummmm….they look for them there?

      • Actually, we do look for them…I have made the mistake once….actually forgot that I was wearing it until I got to within about 6 people of the scanner and then remembered that I had it on…..stepped out of line but that was suspicious and I was asked why I stepped out of line….and I said because I do not wish to go through your scanner with my pistol. There was a very surprised look and the security lad’s face…..I told him that I was so used to wearing it, I forgot it was there in the hustle and bustle of getting to the airport….suddenly remembered it when I saw the gun sign with the red slash through it………..

        I silently said the appropriate ” shot, your a dumb ass” to myself for forgetting it….so, I decided to check my carry on and put the weapon there. Was not arrested but had to show my ccl..and military ID that gets me out of a lot of trouble……made the flight and everything ok…..but it could have been interesting.

  13. For the younger folks who may be fans of Soundgarten and Nirvana, an interesting aside.


    • Not a fan but it’s a cool story. Good for him..One line got me though: tall figure in a Black Flag shirt?..hmmmmmm

  14. @ Mathius……”Hunting and guns” is the religion, sir.

    • I don’t seem to remember the part of the bible where Jesus went hunting with his guns….

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Who do you think gave DAVID that sling shot?

      • Read Anne Barnhardt. Haven’t been there in a while but she was posting biblical references every other day or so about the violent stories in the bible..no guns but plenty o’ weapons.

        • Jesus was a pacifist..

          There’s a lot of violence in the bible (esp the old testament).. but the only time I can remember Jesus himself getting uppity was the cleansing of the temple.

          Other than that one moment, he taught turning the other cheek, and that he who lives by the sword dies by the sword. When one of his apostles (Mark? Matthew?) drew his sword to protect Jesus from the Romans arresting him, Jesus scolded him.

          It’s a shame so few people follow his example.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Nice diversion. Who said anything about JESUS???

            The Colonel and I said that hunting and guns are a religion. Jesus is free to join if he likes.

            But since you raised the question, what happened to all those FISH Jesus helped John catch??

          • Your damn right about that….pulling a sword agains a Roman Centurian…..how daft…..it should have been TWO swords and a raptor backup.

            Yes, all my knowledge of the Christian religion says that the lad (Jesus) was a pacifist. Got him killed, if I remember correctly.

  15. @ Anita, Just so you know, I have done some research and got plenty of good answers concerning trolls. Here is one that I find the most appealing as far as actions go on my part.

    A troll, on other hand, is not actually trying to express anything. Rather, a troll is seeking to provoke a reaction from you or your other readers.
    A troll might comment that she thinks books are stupid altogether and anyone who reads probably hates babies and puppies. She might comment that you yourself are a moron and it’s amazing anyone reads your blog at all. She might even comment in this way on all of your posts, day after day. Whether a troll’s comments are abusive or whether they are just irrelevant and annoying, they derail the conversation that you are trying to start. They can even intimidate other readers from participating in your comment thread.

    For these reasons, it’s best to simply delete comments by trolls. Sometimes it might be tempting to get into an argument with one, but you will find that any response, no matter how shaming, will merely encourage the troll. Hence the expression “don’t feed the troll.”

    • http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/how-to-starve-a-troll/

      Continuing, this is not an easy solution for me, for now, it’s just removing the immature comments, but if it continues, I’ll push to have him blacklisted. We don’t need troll’s, and it’s already proven that this one has pushed people away from commenting. Game over!

      • Charlie admits to stirring the pot, trolls don’t. Trolls don’t get into lengthy dialogue either. I’ve read with great interest the back and forth between Charlie and D13, JAC and SK. Charlie and Matt have even gone rounds. I learn how to deal with jerks on other sites by watching these guys. It’s just whatever G..I’m not gonna argue about it.

        • Thanks for the defense, Anita. No, I’m not a troll, and I was enjoying some of good discussions here with those you mentioned (the Colonel/D13, Stephen, even JAC from time to time) … and G and FLP know that. Maybe they were jealous of actual debate … who knows/who cares … it’s what deniers have to do, change the facts to fit their arguments. So it goes … we’ll see how many new people come to the site … the number seems stuck at about 10 total, 6-8 day to day … take away the lefties and it’s a festival of Obama/quarter and half liberal haters … correction officers are great in crowds of their own (trust me, I know this from experience), but when it push comes to shove and there aren’t 10 of their best friends around, oh, how those Hershey squirts stain their pantaloons.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I believe there is another answer.

      Simply ignore it. Go on making your point without responding directly to ludicrous commentary.

      The only thing I have ever deleted here was the profanity directed at individuals. Well maybe I deleted name calling with the word MORON once.

    • POOF..My reply shot into cyberspace..Short answer..I’ve learned plenty watching the dialogue between Charlie and the others here..Charlie is no troll..jus sayin. I’m not gonna argue about it

      • ……and just that quick ^^^^^^^ there’s my reply up there.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Anita, his actions are very clear and solidly meet the definition of troll. I appreciate your opinion , but we need a better class of posters that I feel are not posting because of the trolling. I wanted to do this awhile back, now I have an IPhone and can handle it from anywhere. Game over! Charlie is still free to post! For now

          • I think your both right.

            charlie is a troll and yes, trolls to admit what they are doing at times. His weak insulting response to questions exposes his troll nature.

            Once I identified charlie as a troll I choose to ignore his comments when he went turned on his troll-tude. Much like gman I have an argumentative streak in me and I let it get the best of me awhile back. There is something about blatant dishonesty that makes me want to expose that person and make them admit it, which a troll does not ever admit to. But more recently I decided to just ignore troll charlie and try to conversion with human charlie when he shows up.

            Lastly, gman does have one point. Trolls do scare off commentors. If we want to see more voices on this blog we need have an inviting atmosphere. I do prefer the censor method gman has used recently than the text changing he used before. This exposes the troll so visitors will know they are not tolerated here and hopefully encourages new commentors.

  16. @ Mathius……..please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that you and BF subscribe to the theory that more people have been killed in the name of religion, than any other reason…do I have that correct?

    The reason that I ask is, I was watching a rather heated debate concerning the supposedly coordinated teaching in colleges across the nation that this is fact.

  17. Speaking of religion, this is strange: http://www.prisonplanet.com/video-boy-prays-to-obama.html


    Be the first in your embassy cubicle farm to experience the excitement of having a SAM fly through your window. This pyrotechnic display is awesome. It will literally move you. The colors, the sound, the speed, the excitement will leave you breathless. You will not know up from down. Your mind will spin. You’ll be blown off your feet by the wonder of it all.

    Who do you have to thank for this amazing fireworks show but your friends across the hall at the CIA, plus many other important people in high places such as SoS, SecDef, POTUS, and let’s not forget Ms. Jarrett. Sit back and enjoy the show.

  19. This is chilling for us in the west.

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