Another War/Open Mic

Here we go again, our government is once again acting like the world police.  I’m totally against a Syrian attack, no matter the circumstances.  There is no evidence that the Syrian govt is using chemical weapons (I believe it’s a false flag to deflect attention).   Just my short take on the matter, let’s also open things up on other subjects!  🙂



  1. 🙂

  2. Cameron is calling Parliament back into session to discuss Syria and most likely to get permission to act. Obama has said nothing to Congress. Congress as far as I can tell has been equally silent. What is it going to take to stop this?

    • I’m paying attention. Who’s poking who? 😯

      • Just keeping everyone focused on a big problem here in our country. Barbarians = gas attacks. The bottom line is death. Let me clarify that blacks are not the only guilty ones of these acts, and my term barbarians has no basis of skin color. It is about actions.

        • Do you think the term fits the crimes Anita?

          • I’m missing something. The link wouldn’t let me read the story. But are you trying to tell me now that you’re using barbarians to refer to Asaad..when you link to a story about black violence? To answer your question..yes, the term fits…and yes you also know what i’m talking about, G.

            • Not quite. The barbaric crimes here are not much different than the claimed gas attacks. Both leave people dead. While the Liberals, like you know who, will make excuse after excuse about these crimes here, why isn’t there an excuse for Assad? The end result is the same, innocent dead people. Maybe I’m stretching things a bit, but it gets old hearing all the crap from the Sharpton’s and Jackson’s when they try to protect their own. Just sayin, not trying to start a war here. p.s. Yes, it’s a poke, but I’m not calling him one.

              • GMan…….a stretch? … is thinner than piss on a plate, my friend.

                You must separate Syria and despots from Sharpton and Jackson and race. While death is the same….dead is dead….the actions behind it are not.

                Sorry but you need to convince me that international issues are the same as domestic…I have not connected the dots yet. ( Remember, I am a dumb old retired Colonel who knows nothing ).

              • ….the actions behind it are not. True that Colonel. I’m surprised you don’t see the point considering the term “barbarian”. A barbaric sarin attack kills an 88 year old man vs. a barbaric attack by two teens who beat an 88 year old man to death with flashlights. Would you not agree that both attacks are barbaric?

                International issues are different than domestic issues, the problem as I see it, we are not solving our own domestic barbarism yet we can claim the moral high road in Syria because of a claim that Assad used Chems? We both agree that we should not be involved in Syria.

                But, that is my story and I’m stickin to it 🙂 (love that song!)

              • @ Gman… I told JAC below, my exercises at trying to be funny/sarcastic are lacking. I see the relationship in your terminology of barbarism…….

              • ” Maybe I’m stretching things a bit, but it gets old hearing all the crap from the Sharpton’s and Jackson’s when they try to protect their own.”

                Hey, Gumby, so Sharpton and Jackson … try to protect “their own.” … Do you mean their kids, or people of their color? If it’s the later, you’re painting with a broad brush there, buddy. Now, “you know who” still thinks you’re a racist, but that isn’t important. What is important probably won’t be discussed here … but that isn’t a surprise either.

                I suggest, once again, you take a look-see (reading would be preferable, but something tells me you don’t do that very often) … the Thurgood Marshall book I’ve recommended about a dozen times here … then try and make comparisons to Assad. In the meantime, have a lovely day …


    I know accountants can work magic but this seems extraordinary.

  4. I thought the colonel said he saw photos of Syria where there was proof that sarin gas was used.. I may be wrong.

    • I have read that the photos were uploaded to the internet the day “before” the attack occurred.

    • Hi Anita….yes, I saw the pics…and the pics make it appear to be Sarin. Please note that I said “probably Sarin” I have personally seen the effects of Sarin….not deployed by us…but by Hussein on the Kurds. Sarin has no smell or taste, the person may very well have no idea what’s going on. Their chest tightens, vision blurs. If the exposure was great enough, that can progress to convulsions, paralysis, and death within 1 to 10 minutes. If it is super strong, there is the evacuation of bowels and mucous. Mostly, the use of Sarin looks like people took poison…they just die. Sarin will also dissipate within 30 minutes after deployment.

  5. Brought forward………

    Warning to Obama…….do not attack Syria. You do not have the muscle. You have no carrier group in the Arabian Gulf, you have no coalition of international support, you will engage China and Russia, you will be no different that George Bush or Bill Clinton, you have no Secretary of State that is respected, you have no exit strategy, and you have no reserve forces on standby ( the carrier group cannot get to the Arabian Gulf because of no fuel). Sequester has reduced fuel stocks to below combat readiness, there is no fuel to power training programs in the states…you have M! tank crews being trained in jeeps because there is no diesel fuel. you have machine gunners being trained with (are you ready for this)….22 cal rifles on a machine gun range. You have paratroopers being trained on towers because there is no fuel to fly training missions. You are now qualified on the M16 range with 25 rounds.

    You are a joke.

  6. Brought forward……….

    I am turning 65 in October this year and I am reading all the forms that the government has sent me because I will be 65. First, I am eligible for Medicaid and Medicare and according to the instructions, I must prove residency and have a picture ID. In this packet, I have a form to sign up for an EBT card, if needed, and all I have to do is provide residency and picture ID…. in person. I have the option of having my social security funds direct deposit…all I have to do is provide my account number, social security number, a photocopy of my picture ID, and my birth certificate.

    Now, tell me again, how obtaining a voter ID would be disenfranchising? Please do not try to tell me that the poor would be disenfranchised…because the poor need to provide these same things to be on entitlement programs.

    • In reading the information online, I copied the following:

      “If you delay receiving retirement benefits until after you reach full retirement age (any month up to age 70), you can increase your benefit by accumulating Delayed Retirement Credits. If you wait until age 70, your benefit will be 132% of your full retirement age benefit.”

      Someone do the numbers on this for me…..remember, I am a dumb old retired Colonel who knows nothing…..If I wait until 70….I am going to get 132%? How do you get 132% of something?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Simple. Although you might want to check the numbers because going from 100 to 132 is NOT a 132% increase. It is a 32% increase.

        A 132% increase would raise your 100 benefit to 232. The additional 132 is 132% of your original 100 amount.

        Doubling your money is a 100% increase. Tripling your money is a 200% increase.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Forgot my manners this morning. Good day Sir, hope all is well.

        One other note on the SS benefit offer. I have had others talk about this as a potentially good deal. The offer also applies to CSRS benefits.

        Here is what they don’t catch. Promising huge increases in benefits for delaying your access to those benefits is an ADMISSION that the funds are not adequately funded. The increase for the delay doesn’t add up mathematically with the value of the delay in real dollars.

        Holding off on benefits for 5 years is not 132% of your expected retirement life span. It is only about 33% of that life span of 80 years on average.

        What I see in all this is an effort to DELAY Govt benefits in hopes of never having to pay them off OR, in delaying the payoff farther and farther into the future. KICKING THE CAN so to speak.

        Add to this the link T-Ray posted about “headroom” in dealing with the debt. The Treasury Secretary is unilaterally deciding to HARM the CSRS and TSP retirement systems for the sake of pretending we have not hit a debt limit. Unless the lost revenue from the Treasury investments is returned this will also degrade the account balances.

        Just more evidence the system is beginning to crack more and more.

        • I can see that Colonel’s have a hard time being funny and sarcastic….we are not trained that way. Yes, sir, I really do understand the numbers….it is how they are presented. I submit, that the general population thinks they are getting an actual 132 percent…..until their first check comes in. ( It is easy to tell that a comedian, I am not )

          Good day to you, sir. Some sad news on the Colonel’s end though….mother, age 93 on last mile. Father, age 95, is trying to be the stone wall….brother/sister having emotional hard time….the Colonel ?…….well, let’s just say that I am having to be everything to everybody…it is expected.

          As to the world front……shit, is an appropriate word.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Good morning Sir.

            Sorry I completely misunderstood your comedian routine. My bad.

            I have been where you are, it is tough I know. If you need help or support you know where to find me.

            That magic four letter word that does sum up so much in the world.

            Note of interest related to your middle east post. I watched a great interview of a fellow two nights ago who was Ambassador to I think Egypt and several other countries. He worked in 8 different administrations going back to Nixon, or maybe it was Carter.

            Anyhow, he made a statement which gets to the CORE of our problems, as I see it. He stated that we need to come to grips with the reality that there is a “TENSION” between OUR VALUES and OUR INTERESTS in the Middle East.

            The interviewer pursued this a little and it amounted to OUR VALUE of “spreading democracy” is in conflict with OUR INTERESTS of a “stable and peaceful” middle east.

            Neither person recognized that if there is such a “tension” or conflict that it means either the VALUE or the INTEREST are wrong, or both.

            I maintain that as he stated them BOTH are wrong by themselves. But as stated they are inherently in conflict and until they are brought in line we will continue to struggle throughout the world.

  7. Anita, On a happy note, my garden is almost played out. Had another great harvest and the shelves are loaded for winter! I’ve been working on hunting issues lately, in between canning duties. I have a wheelchair accessible ground blind built and in place! I have some minor details to add, but overall it’s done. I talked to the farmer about asking the Game Warden if he knows of anyone who could use it during bow season. I will assist in getting them in place and back to vehicle if needed. Also wanting to get with some of our wounded vets locally. Time will tell!

    • Very cool about the handicapped deer blind. Good man, G. My garden is done too, except the tomatoes. They’re really turning now. I’ve had at least one every day for a week. Picked 5 last night..woohoo. I’m amazed how good they taste, just can’t get enough. I’ve been eating just some grilled meat and fresh veggies…and sandwiches with tomatoes on them. Mmmmm mmmm. Speaking of which..a leftover pork chop and a fresh picked tomato awaits me right now..don’t hate 🙂

      • Just finished picking another 15 pounds of tomatoes, maybe another 10 pounds to go. Going to can today and Thursday and maybe Sunday. That should do it for the veggies this year. We’re even making our own bread now, which is nice and tasty. With the exception of sugar, we can get most everything else locally. The Amish have some great stuff as well!

  8. Common sense thinking, how to keep schools safe
    ‘Staff is armed and trained. Any attempt to harm children will be met with deadly force,’ reads the sign.”

  9. So is the gas used in Syria the stuff we were running out of Benghazi?

    • Kathy, the weapons in Libya were surface to air missiles (400 ea) I believe. Syria has had chems for a long time. For the record, Sarin gas can be made by most anybody as a binary weapon (harless until combining the ingredients), which means anyone could have used them in the latest attack, including the CIA.

  10. D13, how do you see Russia nad/or China reacting to a missile strike in Syria?

  11. OT – but a classic exchange between the right and left. This is how so many conversations go. Facts? You want to go with facts? No way – won’t go there – just want to talk ’bout emotions, and then….Bush! Racist! or like here….hang up! LOL!

  12. Wonder why blacks such as Sowell, West, heck, even Cosby aren’t invited to speak at MLK’s anniversary march.

  13. This is why I want to be in charge of Education and would then eliminate it at the Federal level. States need to be in charge.

  14. Help me, help me! I’m so confused!

    So Miley Cyrus’, ummm, act(s) were racist(?) because “dancing” like that is only OK if you are black? Or something? WTH?

  15. This is my problem with any surveillance program that will “keep us safe”. Look what they had on Hasan but still did nothing. Think what we were warned about and knew about the Boston bomber brothers – but did nothing. Our government seems quite incompetent (or really, really PC?) to take action when the information is right in front of them.

    The only thing they do seem good at is taking action against law abiding citizens, ie, gun laws, IRS, suing the states for a whole bunch of reasons.

  16. Subject: Syria. The best thing that could happen would be for military commanders to claim their orders are illegal and deny them wholly. The repercussions of an attack could be very bad. Some people just want war, I say NO to all of them. Just curious, where are all those left wing anti-war groups now?

  17. Seriously? No Spartan/Badger game this year? For shame!

    • We have a very, very weak schedule. New coach and he seems like a genuine guy – unlike our last coach.

  18. Heads up SUFA, looks like the President is going to take another step toward the destruction of the American economy:

    A source from Team Obama told CNBC that Larry Summers will likely be named chairman of the Federal Reserve in a few weeks though he is “still being vetted” so it might take a little longer.

  19. @Charlie, What is important to discuss that you feel won’t be discussed? The world wants to know!

  20. Colonel,

    take lessons from the guys who put this out.

    • I have done the very best that I could in depleting the virgin pool by sending as many of them to collect that I could.

      • Don’t know if you caught the sarcasm and funny in the “Duffle Bag” blogspot I linked. That’s the second time they fooled me until I read down the story. I love them. They harken back to what Bill Mauldin could have done had he the lack of censorship that exists today. these former EM”s are out of service but they get cutting edge stuff from active duty troops.

  21. Those of us on the lines know how to read tea leaves……We were just informed that 100 million has been diverted today from border protection to the general fund. A war is imminent and US security is footing the bill.

  22. Interesting……I have watched several speeches by the blacks on this day…and compared them to MLK’s “I have a dream” speech…there is no comparison….MLK was a visionary and is rolling over in his grave today. the current speeches are so different. The ones today are divisive….MLK’s was the opposite.

  23. This is my favorite Italian! He not only makes me laugh, but provides good info!

  24. These ALERTS are not likely to be seen in any MSM site.

    Barbarian(s) ALERT!

  25. @D13, Some questions that you can clear up.

    1. Are military leaves cancelled in US?
    2. Are there still Russian troops training in US? If so, how many?
    3. Any other activations/cancellations ect?

  26. Fort Hood Shooter gets death penalty.

    • Yes, but the military appeals process could last 5 years. HOWEVER…..he is going to the military prison in Leavenworth. IT is not GITMO. He will be shaved and isolated. He will most likely die there well before his execution as the inmates will probably kill him.. There are no rules in Leavenworth Military Prison and there are no color TV’s and ping pong tables. There are no movies and there is no outside contact and all letters are censored…. both coming in and going out, There is one phone call per week that is monitored and there are no visitors except by immediate family and only one at a time.

      There are no special meals or dietary issues there. If pork is served, he eats it or goes hungry. MSM is not allowed in the prison and no sanitized pics will be taken. He is still his own lawyer as no one will now defend him and civilian attorney’s are not allowed. In short, he is in military confinement. It will not be pretty.

  27. Col, now that you are turning 65 have you noticed that every insurance company in the country knows your age?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      It has always irritated me that AARP KNOWS when you hit 50 and starts mailing all those letters.

      I can tell you that despite sending them a NASTY reply the letters keep coming.

      • I used to pick those AARP letters with tweezers and move them to the circular file immediately. How dare they imply I’m not 39!!!

    • AARP has been sending me stuff for years…..what I have started receiving big time is mailings from the government on entitlement programs, Medicaid, Medicare, EBT, Social Security, HUD….etc. Reams of the stuff. If they would take the money they spend on printing and postage and spend it on the deficit or the debt….we could be self sustaining in a year I believe. The stuff that I get goes right into the round file.

  28. Mathius™ says:

    I’ll just leave this here: Link.

    • Now what? I don’t think anyone here is ok with these shinanigans. What’s a prez to do when he boxes himself into a corner? Huh, huh?

      • Mathius™ says:

        How about NOT STARTING ANOTHER WAR? Is that an option?

        Look, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of Syrian genocide. So how about sending in the Colonel with a sniper rifle and settling this issue on the cheap? Afterward, we can go back to forgetting that Syria exists.

        • I like both suggestions.

          • why,as soon as I posted that comment, did I get a pop up outta nowhere..telling me to start my search for an ideal marriage partner@ WTH? I never get pop ups!

        • Just A Citizen says:

          I doubt that is an option. But then again we may be forced to avoid one.

          News this morning is Germany is siding with Russia and asking the US, England and France to back off and use DIMPLOMACY.

          Now if someone would explain what the heck that means exactly maybe we could make a reasoned choice.

        • Actually Matt, I think there are one or two flyable A-4 skyhawks still in the inventory. I suggest we put McCain back behind the stick and send him off to Damascus a la Dr. Strangelove.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      “Marching for Equality”/?????????

      What a joke.

      • Equality in what? $15 per hour burger flippers…..want to stop junk food junkies….pay them what they want… more burgers for me…..there is no more for me anyway….anytime you pay 7 bucks for a burger, it is time to stop.

        • Agrred Colonel, give them what they want, end fast food forever. Unionize if they must, then kiss their kobs goodbye. Isn’t Hostess an fine example of unionization and destruction of a company. We should send them all deep fried twinkies, since that is what they want to become. 🙄

    • “Useful idiots unite!” is more accurate.

      The level of greed in those protestors is amazing.

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Time for me to comment on Mr. Obama and Syria. In particular calling out many of the Republicans for their own hypocrisy as well as many on the libertarian side.

    While it is hard to put Mr. O’s general policy or lack thereof aside, lets look at just Syria.

    If WE support the principle of leave them alone, it is not our affair, pull back to our shores general philosophy then why are we complaining about Mr. O having done NOTHING??

    If WE support the notion that the US should not be the worlds police force then why should we not deal with the UN on this matter FIRST??

    Frankly I don’t have that much heart burn over what Mr. Obama has NOT done so far, or his approach of “lets make sure the facts are known”. WE should have been praising him for that approach. It might have kept us out of Iraq, for example.

    Now for the downside. For what ever reason he decided to publicly draw “A Red Line”. That was a MISTAKE. Unless of course he really, really, really, meant it.

    Here is where my praise falls away to absolute criticism. When you draw a line, red or otherwise, you have better FIRST have some idea of how your going to enforce that line. You had better know in ADVANCE that the line can be enforced.

    Mr. O is now convening people to develop plans, etc, etc. This should have been COMPLETED immediately AFTER declaring a RED LINE existed. When you are the leader of the free world you don’t draw lines that the other world leader don’t already support.

    When the line is crossed you simply IMPLEMENT the plans that had already been put in place. This includes the diplomatic as well as military. Now knowing our Military I am sure they gamed this out some time ago. State has probably also done some ground work. But it is beginning to look like these efforts were never carried far enough to be ready for the day when the Red Line was crossed.

    It is appearing as though this is one case where his arrogance and narcissism may have betrayed him.

    In summary, Shame on you Mr. President for your failure to prepare and to have a comprehensive strategy we understand, but good job on being deliberate in your reactions.

    Now lets hope your “thoughtful deliberation” was not simply caused because the military was to far away to respond with tomahawks when you wanted.

    • Mathius™ says:

      Frankly I don’t have that much heart burn over what Mr. Obama has NOT done so far, or his approach of “lets make sure the facts are known”. WE should have been praising him for that approach. It might have kept us out of Iraq, for example.

      Can I get an AMEN?

  30. Just announced by Assad…….they announced a coalition with Iran…saying that Iran will “rain destruction upon Israel” if Syria is attacked in any fashion. In addition, Syria will defend itself by……..attacking Israel.

    Russian warships moving into area……going to interesting.

    • Destroying Israel may be a more of a bonus for some of those in the US Congress. In stead of deterring action it may encourage it.

  31. Interesting…..36th Texas Division just put on alert.

  32. Testing

  33. Mathius™ says:

    D13, this one’s for you:

  34. I like how Brad Thor thinks!

    “I have a dream too – that someday all Americans will realize that one of the biggest cons going is the race grievance industry.”

    “This isn’t an anniversary, it’s a wake. Greatest collection of people who have done more to kill MLK’s dream in one place ever.”

    “The tragedy of it all is that poor & minorities have been used as human shields by the progressive wing of the (D) party for generations.”

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    Look at how far ahead of the curve SUFA is. The author has been cited here many times and his arguments for a Convention to Amend the Constitution were shared HERE before anyone was discussing this in the major media.

    Anyway, I thought you all should feel good seeing the latest contribution to American Thinker. Levin apparently interviews Mr. Natelson recently on his proposed Liberty Amendments.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    August 23, 2013 by Doug Altner

    McDonalds2It is fashionable today for people to shame fast food chains for not paying their employees more. One way I hear this argument put amounts to the following: Why can’t these restaurants raise wages and then pay for them by raising prices?

    That is a question that emerges from a recent Atlantic piece by Jordan Weissmann as well as periodically in articles in the Huffington Post.

    My response:

    Fast food restaurants are businesses, not welfare offices. They exist to make money by providing convenient meals at affordable prices. Every job they create is designed to make money: their continued success depends on offering pay that keeps costs low while still attracting employees who are willing and able to do the work needed.

    Some of those who want to see McDonald’s et al. simultaneously raise wages and prices insinuate that this would not have any noticeable impact on profits, but there is no way that this is true. If the company could raise prices and wages without losing profits, then why doesn’t the company just hike its prices without raising wages to boost profits?

    To maintain and grow a popular fast food chain like McDonald’s requires relentlessly striving to offer better deals, introducing new items to keep the menu interesting, keeping customers well informed of your items through catchy marketing campaigns, amongst many other things. Those who want McDonald’s to turn inside out to find ways to pay employees more money, not because it makes business sense, but because the employees “need” the money, want the company to focus less on prospering and more on carrying burdens.

  37. Let’s sum this up. Parliament said no to Cameron; the Germans and French are not interested; Assad will retaliate against Israel if attacked, Putin would like to preemptively strike Saudi Arabia, Obama has not decided yet but finally agreed to and apparently did brief some members of Congress after receiving a letter warning him to do so; some Democrats have voiced opposition, and several Republicans have voiced opposition including my own rep. I have not heard anything from Reid but most likely he will back the President as will several of the RINOs in the Senate. The Senate is probably lost but the House could block a war authorization. Obama has not repudiated acting without Congressional approval as far as I know. Lastly, at least one reserve unit has been placed on alert and maybe more.

    The President has argued that Assad must be punished for breaking the convention against us of gas/bio warfare. He also is concerned that the Syrian stockpiles may fall into the wrong hands and get used against us. For sure, if Assad falls, those stockpiles are up for grabs. Currently the strongest rebel groups in Syria are the jihadist funded by the Gulf states. So the most likely recipients of captured stockpiles should Assad fall is exactly the group we want to prevent getting them. I guess I miss the logic of how attacking Assad solves the problem. Seems to me it only makes it worse. Not to mention raising the specter of WW3.

    Why is it, every President needs to have a war record to prove his worth?

  38. Dateline…almost 3 yrs ago…Fast and Furious gets blown wide open…Border Patrol agent Brian Terry is killed with guns run across the boarder…Terry grew up very near me in Trenton,Mi..that’s right on the river, downriver from Detroit…

    On Thursday, his mother– Josephine– says Brian would be smiling.

    “He wouldn’t believe it. He always used to say, ‘go big or go home.’ Now, he has a boat with his name!”, says Brian’s mom, Josephine Terry.
    At the Elizabeth Park Marina on Thursday in Trenton – his mom christened the Brian A. Terry.
    It’s a boat that will be used to protect our ports and prevent the smuggling of drugs and people along the border from Trenton to the mouth of Lake Erie.
    Read more:

  39. Just thought of it. This is the first time that Parliament has the opportunity to return the discourtesy shown to Britain by the Obama Administration. From the return of the Churchill Bust to the CD of his speeches given to the Queen.


  40. Mathius™ says:

    I had some delicious Freedom Muffins for breakfast today. 🙂

  41. Hey, Matt,

    Another great speech by Kerry. When I woke up, I thought maybe we can find a used Swift Boat for him. Just think, McCain and Kerry, warriors to the end!

    Is Guatemala supporting us?

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    Happy Labor Day everyone.

    Off camping until Monday.

    Keep yer powder dry til’ I git back.


  43. Happy Labor Day (says the commi) … we’re off to Atlantic City to see The Rides …

    • If I were a foreign government, I would not believe a word of what Obama is saying. After lying at the UN about Benghazi, after his UN ambassador calling the president of Libya a liar on national TV, he has no credibility.

      Assad is no dummy. He is a British trained physician who understands the West much better than Saddam ever did. Why on earth would he antagonize the world by using chemical weapons when he knows there would be a response?

      I would hope that “his” military would refuse to act unless there is a formal Congressional resolution. If they follow illegal orders, then they should be sacked and Obama impeached.

  44. Then there is crap like this – a “reformer” mere years ago?

    • I JUST READ THIS on a local site..come to SUFA and BAM! get accused right off the bat. No. Nnnnnope..not me sister.

      Spent the day back roading it to Cabelas. Stopped on a dirt road..stole some corn right off the stalks 😯 Sorry God, I really didn’t mean to teach my son bad..but I never did that before..and it was only 6 ears..and now that job is off the bucket list. I’ll gladly help some old lady with her groceries. Amen.

  45. Gun guys…I’m really tiring of this constant search for a 20 guage. First question…do any of yous have such a light powered weapon in your stashes that you’d consider selling? Second question..I’ve seen such a variance in prices..what’s a girl supposed to expect to pay for such a thing? I’ve seen anywhere from $299 to $3999 for the same stinking gun.

  46. Do you all remember the outrage when this was made public in June?

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