The Nose Still Grows

As Obama continues his lying ways, the low information voters will now be targeted.  I’m expecting some new polls after that, run by the media whores that may lead to an eventual attack.  Hopefully, this will all go away peacefully.  The Open Mic forum remains, so bring up some interesting stuff  🙂



  1. gmanfortruth says:


  2. Mathius™ says:
    • WOO HOO…………..By the way…I asked what your ransom would be in DPM….you never answered. That, to me, means…..there is no amount of Red Bull to buy his freedom.

      • I am not interested in your bribery. You could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool with Red Bull and it still wouldn’t be enough to justify letting that madman loose.

        However, everyone has their price.

        All you have to do is vote straight-ticket liberal in your next election and post a picture of it here.

        I’m sure it will make no difference given your local demographics, but that is my price. Afterward, I will box him in a crate (complete with air holes) and ship him off to Laguna Madre, COD.

        • Wow…..tough negotiating……

          Note to DPM…….sorry Dude……enjoy your stay. Will have to explore clandestine methods. Even a DPM will not let me forego my principles.

  3. So Assad has spoken. He sees our Liar in Chief and we raise with two more (Kerry & Rice).

  4. Let’s see……Russian Intelligence has proof, that it will not disclose, that Syria did not use chem weapons……

    That is as believable as a letter from the IRS that says….”we are your friend and here to help.”

    • Actually IRS did me a big favor this year. They thought I owed money and wrote. I ran everything again, found I made a huge error with Capital Gains and told them I would re-file. A month later, they recalculated for me and sent me a check only 10 cents off from my calculations!

      Besides, Kerry has “proof” too.

  5. D13 – have you ever participated in an “unbelievably small, limited kind of effort”? And what is that exactly?

    • Well, let’s see……18 months in the Vietnam Conflict (war) until I got hurt….13 months in Saudi/Kuwait…. 7 months in Bosnia….11 months in Afghanistan..16 individual drug interdiction raids in various Central and South American enclaves…..a limited engagement in Granada ( a reserve contingent on the isle of Barbados. I never got to Granada but that sun on the beaches was murder )….so, I think that I qualify for a response.

      Kerry is as full of bull shit as a West Texas Bull..this issue with Syria is a great distraction for the failed policies for the upcoming elections in 2014. He needs a win since everything else has been a failure. There is NO SUCH thing as a ” limited engagement ” in anything. Anytime a bomb drops or a bullet flies, it is war. Period.

      This international community talk is clap trap. We have absolutely no moral obligation to the people of Syria. Chemical weapons are already in the hands of virtually everybody. Let me reference that chemical weapons have been used in various countries. Iraq used them against their own people. Iran has used them, both against their own and in the Iran/Iraq war. Libya has used them against their own. Syria has used them. Germany has used them. The former Soviet Union has used them. China has used them. Chemical weapons have been used widely in the African continent by persons unknown. Millions have been afflicted and thousands have died…..and we are making an issue over Syria? Why?

      But to answer your question….Kerry is saying that this is an insignificant issue. A small scale involvement……sorry..there is no such thing. He is claiming international law and that the international community demands it…, I guess that it is a matter of perspective. Kerry is trying to say that this is nothing…it is insignificant. Well, their bluff has been called….the United States either antes up or loses whatever credibility that Obama has not already destroyed. It is a distraction, now…..I mean after all, who is paying attention to Obama care, immigration, the dismal economics, etc…

      It actually matters not what Obama does now, the democrats are in defensive mode. This administration has already screwed the pooch.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        THe use of chems matters not at this point, what matters IS what the Idiot N Chief does. Can he start the first nuclear war (WWW III ) ? He’s not very bright on the subject of Foreign policy, as we all know. He’s a narcicist with a goal that is to save his legacy, very dangerous in my opinion.

  6. Oh, who cares about this bullshit … we hired another moron in Buffalo!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Charlie, I feel for you as a Bill’s fan. I did not see the game, but was impressed with how they fought hard till the end. The Patriots should have killed them. However, either the Patriots are just not that good anymore and the Bills are improving, or the Patriots felt sorry for the Bills and kept them around (made a fortune in Vegas to boot).. Either way, it was nice to see the Patriot’s struggle, I’m tired of them (I’m a Dolphins fan). Stick with ’em, like I do with the Fins, they’ll be good again soon!

  7. Sidebar:

    Next time anyone calls you a bigot, just point to these nice folks.I especially like the Kathy Griffin comment.

    Whether you are a believer or not, it is really not very nice to say some of the things these folks say. In our touchy feely world, they are being hurtful.

  8. gmanfortruth says:

    Barbarian ALERT!

    Another unprovoked black-on-white attack in the wake of the George Zimmerman trial has received little national media attention even though it is being investigated as a hate crime.

    In New York City last Wednesday, LeShawn Marten, 31, reportedly beat retired train conductor Jeffrey Babbitt, 62, while shouting “I hate white people” and “the next white person who walks by I’m going to [expletive].”

    Marten cracked Babbitt’s skull and left him “brain dead,” according to the Washington Times.

    “His fist went in and the man’s head bobbed and he hit the ground and you could hear his skull hitting the ground,” one witness said to CBS New York.

  9. gmanfortruth says:
    • I posted this a couple of weeks ago. It has been going on for a couple of months. If your bookkeeper tried this, the IRS would throw you in jail.

      • Why is no one questioning what is going on? Because….Syria?

        • The MSM will not touch anything that reflects badly on their golden hair boy. You are correct, Syria is a diversion. Boehner is already caving on the budget. The scandals are all out of sight. Why the Repubs do not come out like Joe Wilson and flatly say, “you lied about Benghazi, F&F, the IRS, the NSA… Nothing you say not is believable. Permission to commit and act of war denied.”

  10. Question for those that lean left:

    You walk into a building and there are dozens of dead bodies in there. Women, children, babies…what difference does it make if they were bludgeoned to death, gassed, shot, beheaded?

    • I was kind of wondering this myself..

      But, in my travels, I wandered across the following assertion (paraphrasing): chemical weapons have been banned, globally, for nearly 100 years. In that time, there has been a taboo against using them broken only a handful of times (Saddam, Syria, Egypt(?)). It is, by virtue of a strong international response to the use of such weapons that governments have almost entirely refrained from using them. Even Hitler (himself gassed in WWI) refused to order their use in war (although he had no problem using them in the camps).

      Though only (!!!) a thousand or so people were killed in the Syrian gas attacks, the potential for death by chemical weapons is enormous – in a dense city, it could easily be a hundreds of thousands. It is, therefore, a genie we are trying to shove back into the bottle.

      We can’t stop the use of guns. We can’t stop the use of machetes. We can’t stop people from slaughtering each other. But we (the “royal we”) have been relatively successful at stopping them from gassing each other and maybe – just maybe – that’s something worthy of my consideration.

      I still (absolutely!) do not want to engage in a war in Syria. I’ve had enough of war for one lifetime, thank you. But maybe, given this perspective, I can loosen up slightly about the need to take Obama’s so-called “limited action” even though I don’t fully understand what that means. But, if the goal is to shove the genie back in the bottle, maybe we can’t just stick our heads in the sand.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Something else to ponder.

        The world outlawed chem weapons only AFTER they had been used on the battlefield. Not on civilians but on opposing armies.

        Why? Because such weapons, including Biological and Nuclear make War impossible to wage effectively. It makes a stronger force irrelevant in the face of a weaker force with WMD’s.

        Maybe the banning of these WMD’s has actually PROLONGED the WAR MENTALITY in the world.

        • Howdy from Texas…..Texans do not like teams running the ball up the middle….Longhorn defensive coordinator has been fired. Rumor has it that he was fired 30 seconds after the plane touched down. No second chances in collegiate class I ball.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I did not get to see the game. But to get fired the Defense must have been atrocious.

            Not sure how a new Def Coach can fix the problem though if the guys up front can’t fight off the blocks or make tackles.

        • On chemical weapons….I am a commander. I want to win….a preemptive attack with chems, followed by an artillery barrage, followed by an air strike, followed by tanks… over.

  11. Oh, and a prediction……you will see, from this day forward….a five fold increase in attacks on American interests.

  12. Way to go John Kerry…….you managed to stick your foot in mouth and you gave the Russians and Syria a way to…………….stay in power. It is laughable to put weapons stock under the watchful eye of……the UN? The United Nations that remains deadlocked with the Chinese and Russians veto’s? That UN?

    The same UN that allowed the systematic destruction in Bosnia? The same UN that allows the genocide taking place in Africa? The same UN that found no nuclear violations in Iran? That UN?

    The same UN that allows the heads of state from the most restrictive and violent countries that rape, behead, bash babies to death….become the chair of the Human Relations Department? That UN.

    Your President draws a line in the sand….and the bully steps over it….draws another line and the bully steps over it………then you give them an out that they are going to take and (1) keep their weapons, (2) continue to use them, (3) gave the Russians the one upmanship…and,,,,,a predciction….the Russians will be in charge of the supervision and Syria will not comply anyway.

    As Charlie would say…. OY VEY.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning Sir.

      You are confusing me again. Your comments make it look like you think we should have intervened.

      If we should keep our nose out of it then why should we care whether the Russians got the credit or whether Assad gets to keep on ticking?

      By the way, the Obamabots are all over the web this morning crowing about how Mr. Obama has OUTSMARTED everyone and made the Republicans look like idiots. After all, this was all HIS idea. He FAKED the war threats to create this alternative.

      The only Alternative I see here is the Universe these clowns are living in.

      • No confusion…..none, I do not support going into Syria for any reason and that includes WMD’s. There is only one reason that I am concerned. It is the weakness or the perceived weakness that is shown….it is not Syria that bothers me… is the signal that it is sending. We should simply say that it is a civil war and none of our business. DO not draw lines in the sand….then back down. That is a signal.

        I will never…ever….subscribe to the theory that the strongest nation is supposed to be reverent and docile simply because they are the strongest. I firmly believe that the only way to achieve victory is through strength….and strength is not being politically correct or backing down after throwing the first punch.

        I fear that all that has happened….is our show of weakness and passivity will lead to further escalation down the road. If I was Syria or Iran…I would immediately launch an attack on Egypt, Saudi Arabia,and Israel. I do not think that the US will do anything at all to stop it. Not now. If I were Russia…I would move immediately to take the Suez through surrogates. Any reaction we would have, would be futile. Always press the advantage…and Kerry and Obama just gave the advantage.

        • There is no world community that has any balls left…..not sure there were any to start with…you watch….the next three years are going to be challenge after challenge. Letting Russia handle this is not the world community…..again if I were Russia, I would immediately be planning and executing the takeover of the UN more than they have. I would move on two fronts…..ME and Europe. Today…

          • The entire world is a chess board….diplomacy is part of the game. I understand this. Even in diplomacy, you do not sacrifice pawns unless there is a true reason. I see no reason here…and it was more than pawns sacrificed.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          OK, I understand better now. I agree that the real problem was the “red line” comment. Thus my comments on this many days ago.

          Without that red line and the bluster in the past few weeks we could have helped orchestrate the Russian option and not lost face nor bettered the Russian’s hand.

          What I don’t understand is how so many Americans of simple background can see these things and those in our positions of leadership can’t or refuse to see them.

          I don’t share the Hegemonic backing off theory either. However, I do think we flex our muscle far to much. If we held our mouths and stopped beating our chest and focused on the humanitarian and diplomatic front more we would have greater credibility.

          Not just because of our peaceful actions but because we would still be the strongest in the world and because when provoked with force we retaliate TEN FOLD.

          My issue has and remains this philosophy of retaliating on behalf of OTHERS. It is rooted in this theory that we have some “moral obligation” to other nations or other humans we do not know and who rarely even think about us.

          I don’t think the Russians move on the Suez because they don’t want mired down with the mess in Egypt anymore than we do. I take that back, maybe we already are.

  13. And this….to which I have to do more research on……Just heard on the news… a woman can have an abortion anytime she wants…..and that is ok. A man, makes his wife take a morning after pill….that is murder.

  14. You all may know (or maybe you don’t), that I’m somewhat of a computer guy – a code monkey if you will. One of my many interests lies in cyber security. I’m not really sure why I haven’t thought to mention this before now, but I thought I should. This site – this one, SUFA, specifically – uses the following services:

    -Facebook Social Graph
    -Gravity Insights
    -Twitter Badge
    -Wordpress Stats

    This may seem scary, but it’s actually pretty darn good relative to other sites. Breitbart, HuffPo, and DailyMail use more far more. I have seen some webpages that use dozens of such services.

    Now some of those are fairly innocuous. But some of them are what are called Web Bugs. They install on your computer and send data back to the world at large data about you. What kind of data? Simple stuff such as how long you’re on a page, what you mouse over, when you scroll, etc. But they can (operative word: can, not that they necessarily do) track a whole lot more. Facebook knows your real name, so if you’re logged into Facebook, Zuckerberg knows that you’ve been visiting SUFA and whether you’ve posted anything. KissMetrics and Quantcast may record your IP address, and what webpage you were on before you came to this one or what page you go to when you leave. Et cetera. And all of this can be stored – and used – for 18 months 100% legally.

    And don’t think this is not happening to you, or that these “services” (read: spying software) isn’t being used on you. It absolutely is. And your data is being collected and analysed. Mostly, companies just want to understand better how to sell you stuff or learn what their viewers want and like. But it’s still your private information being collected and stored without your knowledge or consent (ha!, like anyone actually reads the terms of services for the websites they view).

    If you don’t have one, you should get a web bug blocker such as Ghostery (some cursory googling will help you out here, but I will be happy to walk anyone through it if they need help). This free and easy plugin developed by a candidate for sainthood blocks all of these services and more. For what it’s worth, I use Google Chrome with ad-block and ghostery installed. They are very easy to use and provide a much more enjoyable and secure web experience.

    Well, secure from the corporations, anyway – the NSA is still watching your every move.

    • Thanks! I just started using that AdBlock along with Chrome but I’ll add on Ghostery on your recommendation. I’m starting to wonder though, wether things like AdBlock and Ghostery aren’t themselves just an info gatherer?

      • I don’t think so.. and even if they are, they aren’t likely to be worse than the alternative. Instead of 100’s of corporations having all your private data, it would be just one. But no, I don’t think either of these is spying on you – it’d be a pretty big scandal if it turned out that way though.

        AdBlock, however, has recently sold out and is now permitting certain advertisers through and getting a cut for themselves. I don’t feel too bad about this since it is, after all, a free service.

    • HAve you had any trouble with Chrome at all….it seemed to slow everything down…I uninstalled Chrome…..

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Another comment on Syria and current politics.

    I am heaping Partial Blame on the Republican Leadership for the Syria mess.

    These idiots keep goading Mr. Obama when ever they can. He draws a red line so they badger him and badger him over his lack of guts, leadership, etc, etc.

    They did this on other issues, like the budget. Remember all the “The President Needs to Lead” comments??

    Each time Mr. Obama sits back and then finally steps up and take some action. Now they are stuck. They can’t complain he is NOT leading and they can’t bitch about WHAT it is he is proposing because now HE IS LEADING and THEY ARE NOT.

    Memo to Elephant Syncophants: If you want to effectively counter this Administrations Fascist Progressive agenda then YOU NEED TO LEAD with ALTERNATIVES. YOU NEED to communicate those options loudly, clearly and OFTEN to the American People.

    Your incompetence lost the last election and it is looking like it will cause you to lose the next one.

    Then of course it just may be possible you don’t care because you are ALSO a bunch of Fascist Progressives.


    • Damn, JAC………I wish you would quit beating around the bush and tell me what you really think.

    • Long live the Fascist Progressives!

    • Well said, JAC!

      The problem with the Republicans is that their “stance” lately seems to be “against whatever Obama wants.” If he said the sky was blue, they’d insist that it was purple and hold hearings over why Obama was lying to the public about such a vital issue.

      To be sure, there are many things (and the list is growing) which Obama does which I would like to see him catch some hell for. But, since he was elected, everything he does (or doesn’t do!) is wrong in the eyes of his opposition and has led to an outraged screaming fest. The result of which is that they have, as you suggest, painted themselves into a corner demanding contradictory positions and feigning outrage when he does exactly what they want / demand.

      And, because the safest stance in the charged climate of Republican / Conservative / Tea Party politics is simply be against Obama, the politicians cannot lead for fear of pissing off a vocal and (for the moment, anyway) attentive electorate. Leading is dangerous – b*tching about Obama’s leadership (and, occasionally, lack thereof) is both safe and easy. Offer a policy stance for how to proceed in Syrian? Naw. 30-something’th attempt at defunding ObamaCare? Sure!

      Democratic politics do have this schism, but for the moment it’s much less pronounced (*cough* Greenwald *cough*). And, because liberals control the White House, this schism is much less important. Also, for what it’s worth, shouting down the crazies is not as dangerous for liberal politicians as it is for those on the right. Calling Greenwald a nut is just fine in liberal circles. Calling Alex Jones a nut might result cost a conservative his job in the next cycle. It’s not that the left is inherently saner (although we are, of course ;)), it’s that the left isn’t as riled up as the right at the moment.

      And then, on top of it, the right has actually created an environment where Obama is ironically much freer to act as he sees fit. If your opposition is going to dial up the outrage to 11 and fight you to the death no matter what you do, you might as well do whatever you want. If umbrage will be the result of any action, you might as well give them something to be upset about, no? Because “the right” has not offered a single proportionate reaction to him in the whole time he’s been in office, there is no reason for him to even try to work sensibly with them. They’ve made their own monster.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Well said back at ya. But let’s not forget the Dems play the same game when they fall from power. Just scour the headlines and punditry immediately follow Bush’s first election. If not for 9/11 he could have suffered the ugliest ONE TERM presidency on record.

        I do disagree with you on one point. I don’t think Alex Jones carries the weight among the “right” that you think he does. Several have challenged him as well as the “birther” crowd and not suffered one bit. This includes the “Tea Party” candidates.

        • But let’s not forget the Dems play the same game when they fall from power.

          General agreement, though it doesn’t seem to me that the Dems have every played the game as this bloody of a contact sport. Maybe I’m wrong?

          We hated Bush alright.. but we still tried to work with him. Immigration, war funding, et cetera. Name one major policy position where Obama has enjoyed legitimate support from the right? If there’s an example, it’s not coming to me.

          Then again.. the Blue Shirts played defense as best we could (which wasn’t well) and the Red Shirts are now doing their best. Probably next time around, the Blue Shirts will emulate and improve on their tactics and be even worse. Maybe? I guess?

          If not for 9/11 he could have suffered the ugliest ONE TERM presidency on record.

          He SHOULD have suffered one of the ugliest one term presidencies on record. If he hadn’t completely prostituted 9/11 the way he did and fostered such massive blind-patriotic paranoia of “the other,” he would have been brutalized in the second election. He is – single handedly – probably the worst thing to ever happen to civil liberties in this country. To say nothing of the economy.

          Obama might be pretty bad, but he’s not even close. Maybe a very distant second?

          I don’t think Alex Jones carries the weight among the “right” that you think he does.,/b>

          Perhaps Jones was a bad example. How about Beck / Limbaugh (esp a few years ago)?

          Maybe it’s just a sort of selective filter thing? Maybe they just have such loud/crazy voices that they seem more prominent than they actually are. Kindof the way you might think our blowhards are more influential than they are over here?

          Still, it seems safer for us to challenge our crazies than it is for you to challenge yours. Am I wrong in that very mild generalization?

          Several have challenged him as well as the “birther” crowd and not suffered one bit.

          And yet, “several” are still playing along with it, are they not? How many 9/11 Truthers were in Congress? They’re our version of Birthers and, you know what? We told them to shut up and go away. How many Birthers are in congress? A few dozen at least, no?

          Name one prominent elected Truther liberal?

          How many hearings did the Republicans demand on Obama’s birth certificate? All of which, by the way, are irrelevant anyway because he was a nature citizen since his mother was a citizen regardless of where he was born (which was really Pluto).

          This includes the “Tea Party” candidates.

          The Tea Party has been primary-ing people left and right..

          Seems to me they’re rather rabid..

          • 1/2 liberal … “He is – single handedly – probably the worst thing to ever happen to civil liberties in this country. To say nothing of the economy.

            Obama might be pretty bad, but he’s not even close. Maybe a very distant second?

            Civil liberties … okay, MAYBE … but what Obama has done to labor vs. Bush? ARE you friggin’ kidding me? Obama makes bush look like FDR as regards labor. He’s the absolute worst president in my lifetime … hands down … a total fraud from the get-go … as bad as was predicted based on his “life experience” … he is a total and absolute LOSER … best thing to happen to BIG BUSINESS in forever.

          • Just A Citizen says:



            Not that harsh but the message is clear. And at the time the Dems were screaming about Bush’s failure to act on the economy.

            But what did we here during Obama’s campaigning. Bush inherited a booming economy and a “surplus” budget.

            How does that square with the reality of layoffs and the crash? Then of course came 9/11 and the drop in economic output over the next 60 days as we tried to sort out what and who we would let fly in this country.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Here is another short comparison with some good cross references.


            As for the R’s being obstinate from the start your going to have to blame Obama for that. Yes, Boehner or someone made a comment about making him a one term President. But similar comments have been made by the party who loses in the past.

            The difference this time was twofold. First was the Obama media machine. They blew those comments into a direct attack on Obama and started the racist overtones immediately on the internet.

            Second was Obama’s attitude and comments to Republicans at their first joint meeting.

            Bush’s first joint meeting was an effort to bury the hatchet of the election and set the tone for moving forward. After all, he was a Progressive Republican so why not work with the Dems on key issues where they agreed.

            Obama brought his ideological friends to D.C. with him. Emanuel was a good example. Even Cheney was not an in your face guy like Emanuel.

            I am not absolving the R’s here but I think your memories of the Dems past efforts are a little warmer and fuzzier than reality.

            • I think your memories of the Dems past efforts are a little warmer and fuzzier than reality.

              My memories are neither warm nor fuzzy.

              Alright, perhaps a little fuzzy. I was in 3rd / 4th grade when Clinton was elected, so I’ll admit politics were not my central focus.

              However, my assertion is that the Blue Shirts have played politics aggressively, yes, but rarely with the extreme ire of the (recent) right. There was never any effort to impeach Bush despite everything that happened – and people who suggested that we should were shouted down by their own party. Bush might have been called an idiot (extensively), but his loyalty and fundamental good-will toward this country were never questioned. Nobody questioned his faith. Et cetera. The left might have (especially toward the end of his second term) fought him aggressively. But there was never this level of vehemence we see today.

              The right, since Obama’s election, has treated politics as a battle to the death. They’ve had the dial cranked up to 11 since before his first day. They don’t just want to moderate him, limit him, or just win – they want to destroy him. They say he hates America. That he’s Muslim (and that’s bad somehow). That he has a secret radical pro-gay agenda. That he has a secret radical anti-capitalist agenda. That he’s a Manchurian Candidate. That, simultaneous to being anti-capitalism, he’s in the pockets of big business. They think he’s evil incarnate. 22% of Republicans think he’s the anti-christ (with another 19% “not sure”)!

              There is a lot of extreme hostility here for which I cannot find precedent since the civil war.

              The blues have not been “warm and fuzzy,” but the reds have been out for blood.

          • Matt,

            As an old right winger from way back, it is long past time for the Republicans to stand up and say no.

            The word compromise is interesting. After you have given up on every single one of your core principles, exactly what is left to compromise? It is in a way like those about to lose their heads in the “Terror” agreeing to help lift the blade of the guillotine before they meekly lie down. This is the “real reason” for the tea parties.

            Personally Bush created this particular mess.His detached and truly imperial presidency allowed an even more detached and imperial president to succeed him. As I have said, the only thing conservative about Bush was his suits.

            Back when the crap started about the birth certificate I told my friends that it was a no go. If in fact the turkey was not eligible, do you really think having gotten so far, he could not cover his tracks? Hell, if push came to shove, the guy could show he was the long lost great great grandson of George Washington and an east African slave woman. Obama played into this. You are naive if you don’t think so. Both you and I if confronted with the issue personally would immediately have produced our records. Not him, hoo-hah, no way! He let it fester then dropped the papers making everyone look like a fool except those who looked like an idiot. Now, that’s devious!

            You forget so easily, the Bush immigration reforms are identical to Obama’s. Bush gave us an unsustainable, unaffordable prescription drug program. As a New Jersey resident, the Eastern Republican Establishment has traditionally and for fifty year done all it could to totally sabotage any truly Republican conservative candidate who ever makes it through a primary. Off the top of my head I can think of Bret Schundler and Pete Dawkins as examples where the party, not getting the .get long, go along candidate it wanted stayed home, actually contributed to the democrat and sat on its hands. There have been some interesting exceptions such as Tom Kane who is liberal but is trusted by conservatives because he will always tell the truth.To a lesser extent, Christie who frankly is a bit of a puzzlement to me. He is able to garner Democrat,moderate Republican and Conservative support because he is perceived, like Guilliani across the river as being true to his beliefs. Sometimes, that image will get you elected because you are seen as honest and a straight shooter. Ronald Reagan did the same thing.

            Tea party challengers are merely doing what the left in the Republican Party has been doing since the time of Rockefeller, Scranton, Romney 1 and Javits. Hell Jake Javits an incredibly liberal Republican was taken out in the early seventies by a challenge from Al Damato. Damato then lost touch and New Yorkers have Chuck Schumer as a result.

            People who believe in term limits should applaud conservatives. They are doing something which is basically impossible in the Democratic Party.

            • Obama played into this [Birther nonsense]. You are naive if you don’t think so.
              I do think so.

              Both you and I if confronted with the issue personally would immediately have produced our records. Not him, hoo-hah, no way!
              I’ll cut him a little slack here. He complied with the laws in the same manner as every other President and Presidential Candidate before. I could see why, all of a sudden, being attacked in this manner might ruffle his feathers and could lead a man to refuse on moral grounds.

              But- but that doesn’t sound like our friend Obama, now does it? Say what you want about him, he’s a cool cucumber. He likes to calculate and doesn’t seem to rile up easily. He might have been personally offended – it’s possible – I suspect that if I were the first serious black candidate for office, I might feel that way. But the reason he did not show his long form was exactly what you imply: he wanted to let the ‘scandal’ fester to allow his opponents to dig their own graves before dropping it on them. In the mean time, he was able to point at the rabid birthers and take umbrage. It was a brilliant tactic, brilliantly executed.

              He let it fester then dropped the papers making everyone look like a fool except those who looked like an idiot.
              Yup. Well played.

              Now, that’s devious!
              As I’ve said. Obama is a fan of the long-game. And he’s very good at it.

              Very good.

              One more note on this topic
              Some, of the Birther noise was legitimate concern that he was not born in this country and was thus Constitutionally ineligible. But I think to leave it at that is sincerely incomplete.

              The vast, overwhelming majority of the Birther movement was motivated as a simple exploitation of a perceived opening against a challenger of the opposite party. They didn’t like Obama because of his policy positions and/or because he wore a blue jersey, and attacking his citizenship was just a way of trying to sink him. Nothing more.

              HOWEVER, I think we do a disservice to the conversation if we do not consider that there was at least some core of people who felt that a black man should not be President and were willing to believe anything that might support that worldview of illegitimacy.

              It is this last group that was really the butt of the whole joke. And Obama got a great last laugh.

            • Christie who frankly is a bit of a puzzlement to me. He is able to garner Democrat,moderate Republican and Conservative support because he is perceived, like Guilliani across the river as being true to his beliefs.

              At this point, we’ve set the bar for expected bipartisanship so low that when Christie was willing to reach out to Obama and publicly acknowledge and thank him for his help during Sandy, it awed many liberals.

              In other words, the bar is so low, that all you have to do is not trip over it. Christie did that and we have credit where credit was due.

              But he is no friend of the liberals. And we (royal we) would do well to remember that.

            • Tea party challengers are merely doing what the left in the Republican Party has been doing since the time of Rockefeller


              A challenger on the left allows you greater support from the right.

              A challenger on the right splits your base.

              A challenger on the left forces you to run to the middle.

              A challenger on the right forces you to run further to the right.

              One road leads to moderation and compromise. The other leads to extremism and ideological purity.

  16. $100 says that, within the next two years, there’s a scandal that the government is (somehow) getting fingerprints off of our phones.

    Any takers?

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Two years??? I’ll bet they get them now on those devices that use them.

      How about “signatures” from those Credit Card machines??

      • Ha!. I recently “signed” a contract with Comcast….with the mouse on my laptop!. Didn’t like that at all.

      • Two years for the scandal to break, not for the government to start gathering data.

        The back-door is probably already in place – we just won’t find out about it for a while.

  17. Keep your eyes..on the side of the road!…Hope this shows two pics:

    • This is real thing, but it’s a prototype marketed in Germany. Not currently known to be in use anywhere.

      As far as Snopes knows, it is not authorized for use anywhere in the US.

      • It will find its way here..and we’ll be reading SUFA one morning, and you’ll be screaming you got busted by it! Gar on teed! 🙂

      • It’s fixed, stationary, vulnerable.

        …and nothing a sledgehammer can’t ‘fix’.

        If they install cameras, wear a mask and/or take out the camera first.

        …you are now free to apply lead to the vertical peddle on the right.

        It is your tax money, therefore your property.


        • I like the way you think..

          Personally, however, I’m more of the put-a Polaroid-in-front-of-the-camera type. That way (A) they can’t accuse you of destroying property in case they do catch you and (B) it will take them far longer to figure it out and fix it.

          Bonus: If the Polaroid has a picture of the mayor’s car and the radar is uncovered/functional, the mayor will get hundreds of auto-tickets in the mail.

          Not that I recommend this…..

          • ” I like the way you think..”


            Frame the Mayor…that’s awesome!

            Of course, the more I think about it…just do like they do the cameras on the systems in Arizona. Three seconds and a can of spray paint renders it useless.

            Yeah, they know people are speeding, they just don’t know who.

            • Perhaps, but if it doesn’t personally piss off someone in power, then it will never change anything.

  18. Really, shouldn’t Putin just give the address tonight?

  19. Hmmmm…..Russia suddenly cancels UN meeting. Russia now says no deal unless the US guarantees it will not back anyone in the civil war…..Syria admits to chem weapons now….willing to give them up for no interference in civil war….Russian interference ok. Syria refusing to guarantee no attacks on Israel even if the US backs off….

    Ok CIC….what now?

  20. Wanna get really pissed off about something. Be sure to read to the end.

    • Ha! When your own team is worthless, you make up stuff about proponents of the other team and then….satire!

      What I’m amazed at, there really is a site that is dedicated to being “against the tea party”. Against limited government, against lower taxes. Idiots.

      • We idiots on the left see you morons on the right as being puppets of the 1% … but you’ll never see it … why? Oh, man, do I have to restrain myself here … 🙂

        • We idiots on the right see you folks on the left as running dog lackeys of the International Communist Conspiracy, fellow travelers and total dupes but you never do. Your side has a higher body count too.

          And, and, we do not have to resort to vicious, dangerous simpleminded propaganda masquerading as “satire”.

          And another thing. Time and time again I hear how the left and the “right” are extreme. Please someone, show me something on the right that even approaches the viciousness of that Coulter piece. I don’t even particularly like her but this was over the pale. Too bad they don’t allow duels anymore.

    • Wow, this guys really a piece of work. First he didn’t say it was satire because he’s supposedly incompetent-then he claims it’s okay to just make crap up because his regular readers are so smart. Supposedly everyone is supposed to just know he’s full of ………………!

  21. So I have a question – why isn’t the left called out on buying into the biggest conspiracy of all time, man-made global warming?

    We need to get better at all that Alinsky stuff.

  22. How cool is this>

  23. Well, I was absolutely underwhelmed.

  24. Colorado state senators recalled over gun control support

    By Joseph Weber
    Published September 11, 2013

    Read more:

  25. September 11, 2013
    While we Wait: the Real Lesson of Iraq
    By Shoshana Bryen

    A flurry of diplomatic activity has overtaken the Senate debate on the use of force by the United States against Syria as punishment for/deterrence against the use of chemical weapons. The world awaits the next meeting, the next announcement, the next slip-of-the-tongue, or the first bomb.

    The interregnum is a good time to note that the president has been blaming the Iraq war for American reticence on war in Syria. “I’m not sure that we’re ever going to get a majority of the American people — after over a decade of war, after what happened in Iraq,” he told PBS. What, exactly does the president think, “happened in Iraq” and why does he think the war was only “a decade” long?

    The Iraq War began in 1990 with the invasion of Kuwait and as a direct outgrowth of the eight-year Iran-Iraq War, in which the U.S. supported Saddam Hussein. President George H.W. Bush said of the occupation of Kuwait, “This aggression will not stand,” and indeed it did not. But when Kuwait was liberated, the U.S.-led coalition made a decision not to invade Iraq and not to depose Saddam, but according to Gen. Colin Powell’s memoirs, “our practical intention to leave Baghdad enough power to survive as a threat to an Iran that remained bitterly hostile toward the United States.” A ceasefire, then, and political accommodation with a properly chastened Saddam. UN Security Council Resolution 687 was duly approved on 3 April 1991, including the following clauses:

    7. Invites Iraq to reaffirm unconditionally its obligations under the Geneva Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare, signed at Geneva on 17 June 1925, and to ratify the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction, of 10 April 1972;

    8. Decides that Iraq shall unconditionally accept the destruction, removal, or rendering harmless, under international supervision, of:

    (a) All chemical and biological weapons and all stocks of agents and all related subsystems and components and all research, development, support and manufacturing facilities;

    (b) All ballistic missiles with a range greater than 150 kilometres and related major parts, and repair and production facilities;

    9. Decides, for the implementation of paragraph 8 above, the following:

    (a) Iraq shall submit to the Secretary-General, within fifteen days of the adoption of the present resolution, a declaration of the locations, amounts and types of all items specified in paragraph 8 and agree to urgent, on-site inspection as specified below.

    Political/military events then evolved along two related axes:

    First, in April 1991, President Bush (41) encouraged the uprising of the Iraqi people against their government — much the way Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did to the Syrian people in 2012. The Kurds in the north and the Shiites in the south of Iraq responded, and the result was horrific slaughter; tens of thousands of people were massacred by Saddam’s forces. To protect the civilians, a “no fly zone” was instituted in both parts of the country, managed under UN auspices by the U.S., Britain, and France. It was only supposed to operate until Saddam met the terms of the ceasefire, including those related to WMD, and the ceasefire became a permanent peace agreement.

    Eleven years later, the U.S. and Britain were still flying over Iraq from Saudi territory (irritating a younger Osama Bin Laden) and the French had pulled out. In the meantime, the UN instituted the Oil for Food program to ensure that the most vulnerable of Iraq’s citizens received food and medicine. The Economist rightly called the program, administered out of the UN Secretariat and administered by the Security Council, “Oil for Fraud.” Senior UN officials as well as French and Russian politicians were feeding at the trough — making it hard to get their honest attention in 2002. (Investigative journalist Claudia Rosett provides the details.)

    At the same time — or because he was paying off the right UN functionaries — Saddam had changed the terms of reference on the weapons inspectors.The diplomatic dance continued because Saddam, far from declaring “the locations, amounts and types of all items specified in paragraph 8,” had the UN inspectors “weapons hunting” in various parts of the country to try to find what he claimed was there but didn’t hand over. In 1998, Saddam expelled the inspectors, beginning a drawn-out process of reinserting them and determining where they would/could go. “Diplomacy” was given wide preference over additional military action.

    Much of this was ignored for a decade or so –President Obama might almost be forgiven for thinking there was no war until 2003. There was no draft in the U.S. to put pressure on the government over the deployment of U.S. troops, and oil flowed; the Kurds and the southern Shiites were reasonably (most of the time) protected, and oil flowed; the Saudis weren’t complaining, and oil flowed; the American public didn’t seem to notice, and oil flowed.

    After September 11, 2001 however, the United States turned its attention to the region with a vengeance, so to speak. Being bogged down in Iraq was suddenly a problem in the larger scheme of things, but there were only two ways to get out from under the UN Security Council ceasefire resolution of 1991:

    • To give it up without having Saddam meet the conditions, thus leaving in place the programs most of the world’s intelligence services (including those of the U.S., France, Germany, and Israel) believed were there; or

    • To declare an end to the ceasefire, a return to the condition of warfare and finish the war.

    The UN debate was really about how to end the war that began in 1990.

    So, as the Obama Administration tries to salvage a diplomatic deal, Iraq should indeed be uppermost in the president’s mind — not as a metaphor for a failed attempt at “nation building,” but as the driver of questions about the failures of inspections, sanctions, and international control regimes. And greed. Questions might include:

    Do we know where the stockpiles are and how can we be sure they are where they were? Since we know Assad has hidden them, how will we know we’ve accounted for all of them?

    Will the chemical stockpiles will be centralized in one place and then destroyed?

    How, and most importantly, by whom? Remember, the last successful international acquisition of non-conventional weapons was the Libyan turnover of its entire program (more advanced than we thought it was) to the Americans and the British after the ouster of Saddam.

    How will the consolidated areas be safeguarded and by whom? Will the Syrian government give a UN force “safe passage” to move assets out of the country? Will the rebels? Or will an international force be expected to guard Syrian assets in place — making them sitting ducks in the civil war?

    How long will we wait?

    Only if and when the administration can answer those questions to the satisfaction of Congress and the American people will the diplomatic option have a chance for greater success than it had in Iraq.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    D13 and everyone else -is this a true representation of what happened in Iraq and what lesson should I take from it? I know I’m stupid when it comes to foreign policy but I simply don’t understand how all this crap works-how the hell is the mind supposed to process all this?

    • Looks good to me. I would only like to point out that regarding Libya, fat lot of good it did Quadaffi to find religion and surrender his stockpiles. Made it much easier pickings for Obama’s legacy building . Had he not done so, we might still be stuck on that one which, in retrospect, might not have been too bad an idea. Looking at that, does anyone wonder where maybe Russia came up with the condition that the US permanently back off?

      It is getting harder and harder to believe to believe 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and much easier to believe the Kremlin.

    • First of all,….VH……trying to decipher all of this while not being involved will simply make your head explode. Let me try to boil it down. THERE WILL BE NO INSPECTION OR DESTRUCTION of Assad’s/Syria’s biological and chemical stockpiles. The Russians will not allow it. They will vote it down. Remember that there are only five permanent members of the UN that has veto power that cannot be over-ridden (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States). If Russia vetoes inspections….they will not be done…and Russia will veto. Guaranteed. The United Nations has no enforcement power at all. The chemical and biological weapons will not be destroyed and nothing will change.

      So, in the end, Russia wins the diplomatic issue. (Diplomacy is a joke anyway)…..on the world stage.I don’t really care except that it will encourage more violence against us. Weakness breeds violence.

      Obama wants to blame everybody but him….so he blames Iraq for war weariness. War weariness comes from trying to be a world policeman and the misbegotten belief that we, as a country, owe a moral obligation to the world. We do not.

      But the rendition of things that you wanted confirmation on are basically accurate. The Iraq war never ended….it was a cease fire with conditions. Korea is the same way. That war has been under a cease fire for 61 years….it could start again at anytime. That is why we are still there.

      As to the lesson to take from it…..on the world stage, it is all about ego and power projections. The lesson to be learned is those that are put into political power to dictate terms for you are not in your best interest. I know that there are some that say that voting is not a good thing….but it really is. There is truth in saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely….. I doubt that there is a way to weed out corruption. It comes with power. Revolution is not the way…revolutionaries have their own agenda. I like the line from the movie “The Patriot”….”Why should I trade a tyrant three thousand miles away for 300 tyrants one mile away. An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as any King.” Therein lies our problem. BF has it right from one standpoint….it begins locally. I have it right from one standpoint in that a State is better than anything Federal,and Charlie has it right from one standpoint that the 1% (big money) controls power. The problem is the solution… do you change it. To use the Fed to come in with a myriad of laws…is not the way. I tend to side with BF and myself in that it is a local issue and should be a local issue and I consider a State to be local. So, if California wants to be like it wants to be…cool. Leave Texas alone. If we like horses over the LGBT issue…cool. Let us have our horses if that is what the majority wants.

      I really think we are better off as a State…..the Feds should do one thing and one thing only….provide for common defense. Nothing more. Key word…DEFENSE.

  26. Arctic sea ice up 60 percent in 2013
    Published September 09, 2013

    Read more:

    Uh oh….what now? One scientists even changing his mind to “global cooling”.

  27. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. –
    The school district in Arkansas’s capital city is now requiring teachers to wear underwear and cover tattoos.

    The Daily Caller reports that the news dress code will also make female teachers wear bras. The superintendent of the Little Rock School District announced the changes in an August 29th letter to staff.

    “Foundational garments shall be worn and not visible with respect to color, style, and/or fabric,” the letter reads. “No see-through or sheer clothing shall be allowed, and no skin shall be visible between pants/trousers, skirts, and shirts/blouses at any time.”

    Tattoos also much be covered when possible and bans flip-flops. The Arkansas Times posted the full letter on their website outlining the new dress policy.

    The Arkansas Times also reports that the local teachers’ union attempted to soften the new rules, but was met with resistance.

    The superintendent says the new rules won’t go into effect until the start of the 2014-15 school year.

    Really? And, who is going to check that someone has on underwear?

  28. Because they work so much harder than the parasites, right? And because they “earned” it …

    Welcome to the revolution … the American Spring … Boy that Obama, what a Socialist!

    • Boy that Obama, what a Socialist!

      I always chuckle at how he’s attacked for being a socials AND for being too friendly to capitalists. The poor guy just can’t catch a break, huh?

      And because they “earned” it

      I’m not in the 1% (yet, anyway). But I sure as hell have busted my hump to get where I am. You and I have known each other for a long time now. You know how I feel about those so-called “parasites.” You know I think we have an obligation to help the less fortunate. And you know I think the current levels of the income gap are absurd And you know I think that social mobility in this country is a myth.

      But, please, please, please, can we stop attacking the rich just for being rich? Attack them for the sh*t they do to become rich when it’s immoral. Attack them for rigging the game to stay rich / keep others poor Attack them for manipulating the poor into voting against their own interests. But mocking them as if they don’t work hard* and don’t deserve the fruits of their intellect and efforts** just makes you look bitter and unserious.***

      *admittedly some don’t, but most do.
      **these efforts also include taking successful risks or paying the money / opportunity-cost of education.
      ***this is showing up as wrong in my spell checker, but I’m pretty sure unserious is a real word.

      • UNSERIOUS? … can’t be serious. (Boom…..VH exploded).

        • Well this, at least, is serious business, Colonel!

          • 1 minute 29 seconds

            • Sounds about right..

              Incidentally 1 minute, 28 seconds is roughly how long it would spend staring at you and deciding whether to eat you or not.

              • Yeah, I am working on that in my breeding program…..I am trying to train them to make up their minds faster and quit toying with its prey. The problem is, if you remember, I sent a team of Raptors to Washington, DC. They stormed the capitol eating everything in sight without evaluating….ate a bunch of politicians and got food poisoning…so, they are a little leery.

      • “But, please, please, please, can we stop attacking the rich just for being rich? Attack them for the sh*t they do to become rich when it’s immoral. Attack them for rigging the game to stay rich / keep others poor Attack them for manipulating the poor into voting against their own interests. But mocking them as if they don’t work hard* and don’t deserve the fruits of their intellect and efforts** just makes you look bitter and unserious.***”

        Sound bites for Fox, matt, really? I’m surprised you believe we “attack” the rich for being rich. That’s just absurd … Personally, I attack the system that permits/encourages the inequities (haves/have nots) … and I’m not going to listen to the nonsense about this not being a truly free market (like that EVER existed) … Most socialists don’t attack the rich for being rich, Matt … I’d think you know that … it’s the system and it’s rigged (you’re right about that) … and it’s doomed, sooner or later.

    • Charlie….I am working like hell to become one of the 1%….when I do, though….you will be invited to share Canoli and fajitas off my gold plates and drink from crystal goblets…..would you prefer silk or linen napkins?

      Just joking, my wayward friend who snorts Plutonian dust mites, how in the hell are ya? I am feeling neglected…you have not picked on me in so long…….

      And since Mathius has DPM locked away tight…….sigh. ( At MAthius….laser intrusion lights? nice touch)

    • Just A Citizen says:


      It only takes an income of 384,000 to be in the 1%.

      Now think about that for a minute. Not even HALF Millionaires let alone FULL Millionaires.

      You are bitching about your lawyer and doctor friends. Many authors, engineers almost all athletes and of course Hollywood stars.

      • Not even HALF Millionaires let alone FULL Millionaires.

        Nonsense. That’s 384k PER YEAR.

        Total assets should hit 1mm pretty quickly.

        You are bitching about your lawyer and doctor friends. Many authors, engineers almost all athletes and of course Hollywood stars.

        No. He only has it out for us finance types.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The metric is “income” not accumulated wealth. I stand by my claim.

          He has no idea who he is bitching about. That is my point. But I think you already understood that so I’ll let this one stand.

        • Actually, I have it for the system you deny exists, JAC … I have it for the Koch brothers, et al … the true American government … and I look forward to the day they (or their kin) pay the price … 🙂

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Only saw a couple minutes of the big public address last night.

    1. Mr. O trying to blame Iraq and thus Bush for our weariness and reluctance to go to war. Then saying basically he doesn’t care because he is “smarter” than Bush and this will be “different”. But then showing us that it really is the same.

    2. Mr. O saying he did us a favor because he is so righteous by going to Congress, then saying he doesn’t have to listen anyway. Oh, and “I” have determined that Syria is a “national security threat”. Evidence???? Because I said so…………. 😦

    Like I said, I could only take a couple minutes. The lies and manipulation were already evident and I just couldn’t stomach anymore than that. I apologize for not being able to provide objective commentary on his points.

  30. Just A Citizen says:


    Good morning my Texican friend. Hope things are as good as they can be.

    Here is a little something just to make you smile this morning:

    Back in the good ol’ days when men were men and honor meant something.

    • Yeah….that is one thing that I like about Darrell Royal of the Longhorns……he threw away a National Championship one year because he benched 8 starters for breaking curfew for three games. He said that “losing is preferable to breaking the rules of the game”.

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    I saw this last night on the news. Just FURTHER erosion of our Constitution and the rule of RATIONAL law.

    Oh, and let me add …………….. Leftwing Hypocrisy. The same people who claim that “religious freedom” extends only to thought but not action stand firm in defending the “right to wear a headscarf” when it violates a company’s dress policy.

    A&F should not have had to PROVE that their business was harmed. She violated their dress code, period. If that code includes banning head scarves or jewelry displaying religions signs then so be it.

    If you want to wear that stuff then find somewhere else to work.

    What ticked me off more than the case itself was the fact that some organized group advocating for Muslim Rights was involved and was asked to comment.

    I would like to put them in a locked room with the Jewish Defense League. A room in Death Valley with no heat or air conditioning.

    Nuff said.

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    I admit that this captures how I feel at times. Something we have kicked around at SUFA many times over the past few years. We are sooooo out front on these things. 🙂

    • Me too! Let it all fall down – the only way to get rid of it. My concern is that so many are so far gone, they will still not believe it is liberalism that is the problem.

    • “We are sooooo out front on these things …”

      More like you are sooooooooooooooooo delusional, brother … 🙂

  33. I haven’t had much time as of late, but I have been reading along. As far as Obama and Syria, overall, he should have kept his big mouth shut. Narsistic people will always get slapped down at some point, and his point has come. Now, he realizes that he isn’t really the Messiah he has been led to believe he is. His actions have made America appear weak, which will just lead to more attacks. Obama is now the worlds laughing stock, the Obama jokes are flying in every language, in every country, even our allies. He claims to wield power that he doesn’t have, and that has now been proven. Putin bitch slapped him, and a long overdue slap it was 🙂

  34. Mathius, you don’t do this, do you?

    Did you know that the big banks have a way to legally steal your house from you even if you don’t owe a single penny on your mortgage? Big banks and hedge funds are buying billions of dollars worth of tax liens from local governments all over the nation, and they are ruthlessly foreclosing on homeowners when they can’t pay the absolutely ridiculous penalties and legal fees that are tacked on to the original tax bill. As you will see below, one 76-year-old man lost his $197,000 home that he fully owned over a $134 tax bill. A 95-year-old woman lost her $300,000 home over a $44.79 tax bill. This is a very, very dirty way to make money, and the predatory financial institutions that are involved in this business definitely do not want to talk about it.
    Of course much of the blame should also be shouldered by the local governments that are coldly selling these tax liens to these ruthless predators. If local governments want to collect their tax bills, they should do it themselves. They should not be auctioning off their tax liens to cold-hearted financial institutions that are very eager to commit a legal version of highway robbery.
    A few days ago, the Washington Post reported on the tragic story of a 76-year-old former Marine named Bennie Coleman. Coleman had originally purchased his home with cash, but that didn’t stop tax lien predators from stealing his home over an unpaid $134 property tax bill…
    On the day Bennie Coleman lost his house, the day armed U.S. marshals came to his door and ordered him off the property, he slumped in a folding chair across the street and watched the vestiges of his 76 years hauled to the curb.
    Movers carted out his easy chair, his clothes, his television. Next came the things that were closest to his heart: his Marine Corps medals and photographs of his dead wife, Martha. The duplex in Northeast Washington that Coleman bought with cash two decades earlier was emptied and shuttered. By sundown, he had nowhere to go.
    All because he didn’t pay a $134 property tax bill.
    So why couldn’t he pay such a small bill?
    Well, as the Post explained, these big banks and hedge funds keep tacking on interest, penalties and legal fees until the tax bills are many times the size that they originally were. When the distressed homeowners can’t come up with thousands of dollars to pay off the debts, the big banks and the hedge funds move in for the kill…
    For decades, the District placed liens on properties when homeowners failed to pay their bills, then sold those liens at public auctions to mom-and-pop investors who drew a profit by charging owners interest on top of the tax debt until the money was repaid.
    But under the watch of local leaders, the program has morphed into a predatory system of debt collection for well-financed, out-of-town companies that turned $500 delinquencies into $5,000 debts — then foreclosed on homes when families couldn’t pay, a Washington Post investigation found.
    In particular, hedge funds have discovered that this is a great way to make huge piles of money. The following is a short excerpt from a CNN article that was published back in May…
    With buyers identified only by numbers or unrelated names, the fragmented, unregulated industry is opaque. Even the market’s size is debated — $15 billion a year, according to Howard Liggett, the chief executive of Distressed Real Estate Consulting Services, or $5 billion a year, according to the National Tax Lien Association, a trade group. While returns are a closely kept secret, investors typically make between 2.5% and 10% a year, or in the low teens for larger buys.
    “The hedge funds are chasing yield in this business” says Albert Friedman, a principal at Alterna Capital, an alternative investment firm in Boca Raton that buys tax liens.
    Insiders estimate hedge funds now control 40% of the tax-lien market, from under 5% five years ago, with regional banks, obscure partnerships sporting names like God’s ATM LLC, and mom-and-pop investors making up the rest.

    • My other favorite thing is “It’s my money and I want it now!” People who have structured settlements designed to take them through to old age are selling that off for pennies on the dollar. Have a friend, very loyal democrat, involved with his wife in the party committees and also on the planning board whose oldest son made small fortune robbing widows and orphans. In a nice way, assuming he did not know what the bottom line was, I told him that that was a poorer choice of career than his son should have made. He was quite aware of what he did and said essentially, “so? David is doing very well.” So, essentially, while my friend is a friend of the poor and downtrodden, it should never be allowed to interfere with your own success. There is also this mistaken notion that while he can benefit, the government will take care of those widows and orphans anyway. I find this an incredible disconnect.

      After we shoot these guys we should start lining up the payday lenders, AKA legal loansharks.

      • I don’t see this as disconnect at all. They claim to hate our system, but exploit it every chance they get for personal gain. All the woes of the country are the fault of Capitalism, even though we don’t live in a Capitalist society. They shout we need to help the poor, then rip them off using the same laws they claim to hate. It is pure hypocracy! It’s easy to say help the poor and never finish the sentence, which is “as long as it don’t come from my pocket”. I do more for those who can’t do for themselves in a week than most Liberals do in a lifetime.

        As to the subject of the Hedge fund folks and these mortgages, don’t come around here with your BS, we have an open season on thieves, no matter how they are dressed, and Hedge fund folks are some fine trophies to put the crosshairs on 😉

        • They actually love our system and love the benefits of Capitalism somehow they don’t see how they contribute to its destruction. The mindset if I may say so is, “It has always been this way, it is this way now and it will always be this way in the future”. No sense of history at all and most have never hard the fable of “killing the Golden Goose”.

      • “It’s my money and I want it now!” People who have structured settlements designed to take them through to old age are selling that off for pennies on the dollar […] made small fortune robbing widows and orphans.


        Structured settlements and reverse-mortgages, etc, may certainly be RIPOFFS.

        But they are not robbing anyone.

        Someone – an adult of sound mind – put their name on a contract. That contract says what the bank can and will do.

        This makes it YOUR OWN D*MN FAULT when things don’t go the way you wanted.

        Reverse Mortgages: The terms are, generally, pretty simple. I buy your house now for X. You live in it until you die, then I get the house. ……… Then you die, and I take the house. Shocker! Your widow and orphans do not get the house. You know why? It’s not because I “robbed” you. IT’S BECAUSE YOU ALREADY SOLD IT AND IT’S NOT YOURS TO GIVE THEM ANYMORE.

        Structured Settlements: The terms are, generally, pretty simple. You win the lottery which pays out of the next 20 years. It will total $1,000,000, but you’d rather have it now. So the bank offers you (I’m not going to bother with the actual math, but let’s take a wild shot) $300,000. That’s accounting for inflation, counterparty risk, timevalue of money, and a profit for the company. They take all that on and cut you a check for $300,000 today. Then the bank takes your annuity payments. Guess what? They’re not “robbing” your widow and orphans. You know why? IT’S BECAUSE YOU ALREADY SOLD IT AND IT’S NOT YOURS TO GIVE THEM ANYMORE.

        Seriously. How is that I am the only one on SUFA – of all places on the entirety of the internet – who understands the nature of consenting adults making contracts and not playing the victim if you made a poor decision?

        After we shoot these guys we should start lining up the payday lenders, AKA legal loansharks.

        Why? Don’t like the terms, don’t use them. Legal loansharking is just another variation on a them: two consenting adults making a contract. Neither party is forced into it. Neither one has a gun held to their head. Don’t like the terms, don’t sign on the dotted line.

        But you’re not the victim if you have to pay a high interest rate. Do you know why you have to pay a high interest rate? BECAUSE YOU’RE A RISKY INVESTMENT. If you weren’t, someone else would be competing to offer you a lower rate. That’s called…. wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…


        • Not so fast there, my friend…….you will find very many in your court on this one. I get sick and tired of people saying…” I did not understand it and therefore I should not be held accountable.” reverse mortgages are a joke and anybody that can read English should know this…..holy shit ( Sorry Mathius, I am not politically correct and will spell the word). The language in these agreements are plain and simple. sell your house back and die, it is not in your estate any longer. Want a structured settlement and you expect someone to give you dollar for dollar….read the damn contract.

          Oh, and for those of you who feel that people are “forced” to high interest rate loan sharks ( and that is what they are…sharks) because of the policies of government are full of it. If you mismanage your own funds and are forced to loan sharks…..your fault.

          There would not be a racket like this…unless there was a market for it.

          • Sorry Mathius, I am not politically correct and will spell the word

            I just wouldn’t want to cause Anita to have a fainting spell due to my bad language..

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Your commentary causes me to constantly question WHY you call yourself a “leftist” or a “lefty” in any sense of the word as it stands today.

          Your sound more and more like a Radical Right Wing Liberal to me. Maybe it is time to shed your old affiliations and join us in trying to convert the rest of the world.

          • I’ve never called myself a “leftist”.. sounds like a label I’d give to Charlie.

            I believe, as I may have mentioned once or twice before, that free human beings of the age of consent and of sound mind should be able to enter into any contract with any other such individual/corporation.

            If I want to buy sex or drugs or rock and roll, that’s my prerogative to do. And if you want to sell sex or drugs or rock and roll, that’s your prerogative. It is not anyone else’s place to get between your and my private transaction. Not Charlie. Not V.H. Not human cyborg relations unit Black Flag. And not the government.

            Now, once we get past that point, I accept that we, as a society, have an obligation to do what is best for the greater good.

            To that end, I support legislation which would make contracts such as the one in the previous post more transparent. That’s fine. Maybe required disclosures, sure.

            But if you’re a big boy, you make your own decisions and you pay the price for those decisions.

            You’re not a victim if you made a bad decision, and it’s no one’s job to bail you out (*cough* Citigroup *cough* B of A *cough* JP Morgan *cough* Wells Fargo *cough*).


            But I’m a lefty because I believe that we, as a society, have an obligation to the less fortunate. That schools, the sciences, infrastructure, social welfare (with hefty modifications), public services, et cetera, should all be provided/subsidized at the public expense. I believe that (A) we have an obligation to do certain things as a civilized society and (B) that doing certain other things is so beneficial to society at large that it justifies government action.

            That is why I’m a lefty.. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a heavy dose of Libertarian in the mix.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Once you accept the concept that we have an “OBLIGATION” then you undermine everything else you stand for or believe.

              You can certainly feel a “personal” obligation if you like. And you are free to act upon it.

              But when YOU decide WE have an obligation and that Govt has a role in meeting the same, you destroy the very freedom you wish for.

              The ONLY VALID role our Govt has in supporting our “civilized and free” society is to protect us from invasion and to assure our rights and freedoms are not taken by others without punishment.

              That and of course providing support for a Court system for us to deal with criminals and settle our civil disputes.

              • “The ONLY VALID role our Govt has in supporting our “civilized and free” society is to protect us from invasion and to assure our rights and freedoms are not taken by others without punishment.”

                And just how does it go about that, JAC? With unfettered absolutely equal compulsory military service or just grab the have nots (because they can’t find work anyway) and let them be cannon fodder for the rights of others?

                No, it’s even more of an allusion now … we have a “volunteer” army … yeah, right …

                Matt: I miss the Libertarian square on the political test by a pubic hair … but it all has to do with capitalism for me … that’s one place where I fall off their map. Socially, all for it, of course.

            • Oh my God! So basically Mathius you believe that as long as you have the right to be a whore and take drugs everything is A-0kay after that the government can control everything you do as long as they can claim it’s for the greater good. Of course your sexual freedom and drug taking could also be regulated by the government too, if they claim their reasoning is based on the greater good.

              Now my head has officially exploded and Jac your claim that we have no responsibility to our fellow man also makes my head hurt. Although, I will agree that maybe if we hadn’t ever started governmental help and the governments every move to help hadn’t increased the need for help-Maybe and I say maybe we wouldn’t need it now.

              • Oh, would you look that.. V.H. is mad at me..

              • He He-I’ll give you points for comedic value. But I must take them back for resorting to the old -I’m right because I’m young and cool and you’re wrong because your old and from this picture dangerous. 🙂 but one thing, I’m not mad at you, I’ve only gotten mad at you once in all these years,wonder how many times you’ve gotten mad at me. 🙂

              • Never once. I could never be mad at you!

                Wonder what I did to make you mad..?

                Now put the pike down and slowly back away slowly… 😉

              • Now VH, just think of it … a world WITHOUT governments (Black Flag’s paradise) … let’s wonder what would really happen:

                Mafia’s abound … and if you’re not a member, you’re a victim. END OF STORY.

              • Hogwash Charlie, that is pure speculation. Then again, all the Feds are is a big mafia, but at least we could shoot the ones without govt. I’ll take Flag’s paradise! 🙂

        • I am against the people who buy the structured settlement after it is in place. Sure the dummy that sells it is a dummy but he is being hounded by a high pressure sales person. Want a law? Have a provision where there has to be a —-day cooling off period and the seller must be counseled.

    • OK.. kind of long, but here goes..

      Mathius, you don’t do this, do you?

      No, I work for a hedge fund, not a bank. We really aren’t up to anything shady – we buy stock and sell stock (and bonds/options/derivatives, etc). We don’t really mess with anything of the sort you’re talking about. Some other funds do, but none of the (few) I’ve worked at.

      Bennie Coleman lost his house

      If you owe me $5,000 and I foreclose on your $200,000 house, I do not get to keep the $200,000. Once I see your house, I get to keep $5,000 (+expenses) and I have to return the rest to you.

      As much of a travesty as this is – and it is a travesty – the above makes it sound like the banks and hedge funds get to keep everything and the home owner gets wiped out completely. And that’s not the case.

      As frequently happens, a grain of truth is buried under a pile of cow pie. Bennie has a check for $190,000-ish coming his way.

      Well, as the Post explained, these big banks and hedge funds keep tacking on interest, penalties and legal fees until the tax bills are many times the size that they originally were.

      OF COURSE the banks and hedge funds keep tacking on the interest and penalties and legal fees. Were you expecting them to hold your debt free of charge? Out of the goodness of their hearts?

      until the tax bills are many times the original size

      They wouldn’t get this big if you paid your frigging bills on time.

      When the distressed homeowners can’t come up with thousands of dollars to pay off the debts, the big banks and the hedge funds move in for the kill…

      Nonsense. As I pointed out above, the banks cannot recover more than they’re owed. Foreclosing on your home is a time consuming, risky, and difficult process. They would massively prefer that you just paid them and you could keep your home.

      You make it sound like they want to foreclose on you. They don’t. They have no interest in “moving in for the kill.” They just want their money and foreclosure is the absolute last recourse against a deadbeat debtor.

      and now I’m going to allow DPM out of his cage briefly to comment on this:
      Firstly, of course, the government has no right to impose taxes […] and furthermore […]. [10 more pages of ranting about government theft].

      Which brings me to the topic of privately held debt, particularly as seen in mortgages. You owe money. It is not the obligation of the debtee (holder of the debt) to be “nice” or “merciful” to the debtor. It is not their job to charge you what you think is fair. It is not their job to hold your debt indefinitely while you ignore or otherwise fail to pay their collection attempts.

      “Your” home is “yours” only insofar as you have not used it as collateral against a debt. If you fail to pay, the bank is not “stealing” your home, it is fulfilling a contractual right to confiscate the collateral as a means of recouping your failed obligations.

      You are NOT the victim.

      If we (for the sake of argument) treat the original $134 tax as legitimate, then Bennie Coleman, USMC is NOT the victim. He owed money. He failed to pay this money. He waited long enough that it became more than he could afford to pay. The lien was against his home. The debt-holder, though the above does not mention it, ABSOLUTELY tried to collect. And Bennie, though the above does not mention it, ABSOLUTELY ignored them. So they followed through on their legitimate rights – to foreclose, sell, and recoup (the sale price minus expenses minus debt will be returned to him).

      Now, this is all murky due to the original of the debt being municipal taxes which is resold (though there’s nothing wrong with reselling questionable debt). But I see this all the time where people claim the “bank stole my home” when someone failed to pay some fee associated with their mortgage. Or, having lost a job, they fall behind in payments and “how dare they take my family’s home of 65 years!”

      I want to reiterate this: The banks are not your buddy. They are not your friends, and they are not charities. You owe. You agreed to terms. If you meet those terms, everyone is happy. If you fail to meet those terms, the contract says what the bank can do. And one of those things is take the house, sell it, and recoup their losses. You are not the victim.

      You, an adult, made a decision and entered into a contract. You, an adult, failed to pay your debts. You, an adult, do not have some right to demand leniency from a third party just because you say so. You, an adult, are responsible and have no right to pretend you are the victim in all of this.

      Banks are not stealing houses. They are collecting debts. The home owners are the ones at fault here. They are in breach of their obligations and the results of that are their own faults.

      • I tend to agree with you and admittedly my dealings are with large multi-family buildings not small homes. Where I disagree is what \Charlie might call,”The fix ix in”.

        I’ve sen foreclosures that i thought were not quite Kosher. Just on this side of legal but legal nonetheless. The receiver appointed to handle the property, supposedly a neutral party, runs up the expenses in management. He overdoes work, does unnecessary work and pays his brother-in-law,the contractor way too much. When the property is sold there is uite a bit of additional debt on it. That is not where it ends though. You see the advertisements in the paper that the building is to be sold on the steps of the Bronx County Courthouse at 10AM. I’ve gone, where exactly those steps are i have no idea. nobody at the courthouse seems to know either.

        Once, years ago, I was asked to be an expert witness on two foreclosures sold for way under market value. The court found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded him a judgement several years later. The judgement still was not, in my opinion market value and of course, it was eaten up by legal; fees. It just seems that the deck is stacked against you in such cases.

        Most NY cases I have heard about on small homes result from the owner being incapable of handling their affairs. Several properties were lost because no one in the family steps forward as a conservator. There were many cases in Brooklyn three decades ago where the homeowner died and no family member wanted the property and it went to the City for relatively small tax liens.

      • “Foreclosing on your home is a time consuming, risky, and difficult process.”

        Yeah, I remember how time consuming it was … a few banks hired people at $10.00 an hour to forge signature as fast as they could … got caught … and squat was the result. It’s a good country if you can rig the system.

    • You would think losing 4 lives in Benghazi would have taught them something. “the camp was supposed to be secured each night by Libyan forces. But on two occasions, the camp was attacked and raided by either militia members or groups affiliated with terrorist organizations.” But I guess not-they not only allowed it to happen they allowed to to happen twice. Makes one wonder if they wanted the weapons stolen!

  35. September 11, 2013 12:00 AM
    The Myth of Live-and-Let-Live Liberalism
    Social liberalism is the foremost impulse for zealous regulation in America.
    By Jonah Goldberg

    About Author

    Jonah Goldberg

    In Washington, D.C., the city’s department of health wants to subject people seeking a tattoo or body piercing to a mandatory 24-hour waiting period before they can go through with it. That’s just one of the regulations in a 66-page proposal of new rules for the tattoo and piercing industry.

    Reasonable people may differ on the wisdom of these proposals, but as someone whose interest in such establishments begins and ends with keeping my daughter away from them, I can’t get too worked up either way, save to say D.C. has bigger problems to worry about.

    What did catch my eye was this line from the write-up in the metro section of the Washington Post: “The body art rules are the latest product of a city government that has occasionally struggled to reconcile its socially liberal sensibilities with a zeal for regulation.”

    As a conservative resident of Washington, D.C., where registered Republicans are outnumbered by about 9 to 1 and where truly conservative Republicans are outnumbered on a scale comparable to the predicament faced by Frodo and Sam when they sneaked into orc-infested Mordor, I find such statements hilarious.

    There is a notion out there that being “socially liberal” means you’re a libertarian at heart, a live-and-let-live sort of person who says “whatever floats your boat” a lot.

    Alleged proof for this amusing myth (or pernicious lie; take your pick) comes in the form of liberal support for gay marriage and abortion rights, and opposition to a few things that smack of what some people call “traditional values.”

    The evidence disproving this adorable story of live-and-let-live liberalism comes in the form of pretty much everything else liberals say, do, and believe.

    Social liberalism is the foremost, predominant, and in many instances sole impulse for zealous regulation in this country, particularly in big cities. I love it when liberals complain about a ridiculous bit of PC nanny-statism coming out of New York, L.A., Chicago, D.C., Seattle, etc. — “What will they do next?”

    Uh, sorry to tell you, but you are “they.” Outside of a Law and Order script — or an equally implausible MSNBC diatribe about who ruined Detroit — conservatives have as much influence on big-city liberalism as the Knights of Malta do.

    Seriously, who else do people think are behind efforts to ban big sodas or sue hairdressers for charging women more than men? Who harasses little kids for making toy guns out of sticks, Pop Tarts, or their own fingers? Who wants to regulate the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the beverages you drink? Who wants to control your thermostat? Take your guns? Your cigarettes? Heck, your candy cigarettes? Who’s in favor of speech codes on campuses and “hate crime” laws everywhere? Who’s in favor of free speech when it comes to taxpayer-subsidized “art” and pornography (so long as you use a condom, if liberals get their way) but then bang their spoons on their high chairs for strict regulations when it comes to political speech? Who loves meddling, finger-wagging billionaires like Michael Bloomberg when they use state power and taxpayer money to herd, bully, and nudge people but thinks billionaires like the Koch brothers who want to shrink government are the root of all tyranny?

    At the national level, who bypassed Congress to empower the EPA to regulate the atmosphere? Oh, and who pushed Obamacare on a country that didn’t want it? Who defends bending the entire country — including religious institutions — into a national health-care scheme dedicated to the proposition of live and let live so long as you live the way the Department of Health and Human Services says you should?

    Did legislative and bureaucratic gremlins sneak into government buildings at night and pass all of these rules and regulations while the social-liberal free-thinkers were off not judging people and refusing to harsh anybody’s mellow?

    Sure, today’s liberalism does carry within it some genetic lineage to the classical liberalism — i.e., libertarianism — of J. S. Mill and John Locke. But genetic ties are overrated. After all, humans share half of our genes with bananas. (Look it up.)

    Social liberalism — better understood as progressivism — is a worldview that seeks to use the state to support its preferred values and culture. That isn’t libertarianism. Support for abortion rights does not make you a libertarian; it makes you someone who wants very lax regulations on abortion for ideological reasons. Which is why socially liberal bureaucrats in D.C. want to make you wait 24 hours to get a tattoo of a baby on your arm, but there’s no waiting to have an abortion.

    Couldn’t pass up this one 🙂 Head feels fine 🙂

    • Funny how the author just decided that the problem isn’t that families are more diverse but then goes on and makes it clear that the biggest problem is with single one parent homes.

      • “Family historian Stephanie Coontz said that there never has been a “typical” American family. In the 18th and 19th centuries, child labor, slavery and economic inequality made for very diverse families. But family situations started to converge in the 20th century, she said, with the passage of child labor laws, progressive educational policies and a booming economy with real wages that increased every year in the 1950s.”

        What total and utter hogwash! A typical American family consisted on a mother and a father. That is all it took. Her blathering about child labor laws, slavery and economic inequality are BS. Had they been dominant factors, there never would have been that middle class family of the mid 20th century. The intact nuclear family, despite all else, created the ability to do that.Today, immigrant low income Asian families still struggle, still use their kids for labor and still demand performance in the schools from their kids in spite of “progressive educational policies” which have all but destroyed education. That, in and of itself shows her as either “stupid” or a “liar”.

        The “progressive” agenda in this country will not allow truth to get in the way of progress as they see it. Eliminating the Patriarchal structure of the family is paramount to them despite the fact that they have not understood that in many if not most cases, it was patriarchal in name only. I have a huge family, fifteen uncles and aunts, most married. I know of no case, on either side where the father “ruled the roost” and set absolute policy. May have seemed that way to some but not if you looked up close. In most instances, like my own parents publicly one spoke for both but if you lived in that home and saw and heard the discussions that led up to a decision or, God forbid, heard what happened after my father, “opened his big, fat greenhorn yap” as my Mom would say without talking to her, you would know what a true partnership marriage was, regardless of who brought home the check.

        As a former psych major, I always took issue with people who wanted to take the word “Science” out of Social Sciences. Not any more. Today you can get more accuracy by reading the entrails of birds.

        First they screw everything up, the social scientists that is, then they have to invent a “cause” to protect themselves.

      • Only 26% have food freezers. We must do something about that.

        America has the richest poor people in the world.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Did you read all the comments?

        Amazing how “defensive” people get, as well as indignant, over simply pointing out that POOR people are not suffering the same way as those “poor” people we see on the TV at night who live in S. American or Africa.

        Nothing in the article was accusatory or demeaning towards the poor. But the reactions would make you think the author was “blaming” the poor for having phones.

        • I do not begrudge poor people* having cell phones. The ability to take a timely call is a necessity in modern America. Especially given the vanishing payphones around the country, it’s just less and less practical to not have one. It may also be vital for finding new jobs. Cell phones might still be a “luxury” in this country, but they’re not much of a luxury.

          I DO however begrudge poor people buying top-end phones such as the iPhone. Or having $100/mo data plans. Or giving phones to their kids. Or having iPads or iPods for that matter.

          A/C is a luxury unless you live somewhere like Arizona. It gets hot up here (90’s yesterday), but if I didn’t have a/c, I would have been just fine. Well, in point of fact, I would have been happy and my wife would have been miserable – but we all would have survived it.

          Television is also a luxury. Sorry, but the only possible purpose of a TV is to entertain. If you have money to spend on your entertainment, you don’t need my money for food. Go borrow a book from your local (free!) library – I promise that it’s more entertaining that America’s Got Talent anyway.

          Microwaves, ovens, fridges, freezers are all important. Not only do they enable people to eat better (and therefor be healthier, more productive, and consume less healthcare, costing us less money), but it also permits them to buy in bulk. Bulk buying allows for steep discounts that ad-hoc buying does not. This stretches the dollar a lot further, but only if they are able to store and cook what they buy, and that means appliances. I remember some study back in the day that, inclusive of the cost of running the appliances, people who had them saved big time (25%?) on total food costs all else being equal and generally ate better.**

          *I originally typed this “poop people”.. not sure if that’s Freudian or not..
          **this is from memory from waaay back. Feel free to research on your own time. I’m busy.

        • Like this:

          Mona Kerr
          • an hour ago

          “Ok, let me say this: Whatever you consider a necessity, is just as much a necessity for others. I am sick of the double standard when it comes to necessities.”

          Wonder if when this Mona buys something that she feels is a necessity for her, she buys it in doubles to pass on to someone less fortunate?

      • Mana from heaven … or opiate for the masses … take your pick …

  36. Mr. Obama ( you are no longer Mr. President in my book ) … the OPED in the New York times if you want to know how to lead a country. You know…..the one written by PUTIN.

    Oh…you know the guy…….the one that has his detractors arrested and killed in Russia and their respective families shipped off to Eastern Russia. This guy invokes GOD ( in a communist country) and says that he is the only one that understands and abides by International Law… know, MR. Obama…the same guy that is murdering thousands of Chechen Muslims that are NOT Shiite. Forming alliances with the Shiite Muslims in Iran and Syria….the same guy that eliminates his opposition by sudden disappearances…including children.

    Oh, you know, Mr. Obama, the same guy that you told in a summit meeting that you would have more latitude after the second election…..the same one that has passed, like you do with Executive orders, the new Russian doctrine in their schools that anyone who does not support and believe in Stalin and Stalinist approach….will be dealt with by reassignment and elimination of food and water.

    The same guy that does not want you to attack Syria unless you have permission from the UN Security Council….where he holds one of five non revocable veto’s. Putin wants to be in charge of supervising the Syrian chemical weapons program which he is the one supplying them.

    It appears that you have turned foreign policy over to Putin…….who has outsmarted you in every turn…..and you have surrounded yourself with people like Hilary Clinton and Swift Boat Kerry………

    And our New York times publishes Putin’s warning that says unless YOU back off there will be a “new wave of terrorism”. Sounds like a threat to me.

    I hope that you have some balls….I doubt it because you have been castrated….but you need to try anyway.

    • “Mr. Obama ( you are no longer Mr. President in my book ) …..”

      Does that mean you wouldn’t go to war for him, Colonel? 🙂

      • He is still Commander in Chief…..much to my dismay…..but… would be a very hard thing for me to do. However, I still believe in the oath that I took as an individual, so, yes, my integrity requires me to keep my word…as long as any order is legal. What a conundrum.

        Now, I guess that I could resign my commission and refuse…it would have to be a really strong feeling to make me give up 41 years….but it is not impossible. I would not sell myself or soul just to protect my military retirement.

        • ” I would not sell myself or soul just to protect my military retirement.”

          Welcome to the world where people are not consumed with becoming the 1%, colonel! There really is more to life … welcome to Pluto! 🙂

          • Hey, come to think of it … two Texans are coming to our house for dinner Monday night … very nice people and very conservative … oil people, no less … but extremely nice and decent people … you’re ALWAYS welcome, Colonel … I know you love Texas, but you’ll never get lasagna the way it’s cooked at Casa Stella …

  37. Way to go Missouri…….Missouri votes to override a governors veto on a gun law. Missouri tells the Federal Courts and the Feds…..stay out of Missouri. We will NOT abide by any Federal gun law….it is a state issue. In its override, several Missouri lawmakers said that “Texas has it right”. The Federal government needs to stay out of state’s rights.

    • I’d say we should let ’em go, just like Texas, but they don’t have any foreign borders – they’d be completely surrounded by the US. How would that work?

      Thoughts? I’m open to suggestions.

      Would you be willing to accept succession if you had to take OK, AK, and MO with you?

      • NOPE!!!!

      • And of course, with seceding, Texas would immediately apply for foreign aid and with the current administration….we would probably get it….then we would sell our oil and cattle at huge prices, along with our produce. We would immediately set up a channel and underground railroad to flood the north with cheap and free labor from Mexico.

        We do not have to worry about the Inn N Out burger joints…..they are closing almost as fast as they are opening…Texas, with one or two exceptions, did not like them very much.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        How would that work?

        Pretty much like it does now…….see Indian Reservations.

      • I think they would do really well on tolls. Then there is potential for the Rush Limbaugh Memorial and Library which would attract tens of thousands every year. The Robert A. Heinlein theme Park in Butler Mo. would be a gas. There is Branson of course which would take on a new cachet as a “foreign” destination and then there is the Mark Twain themed riverboat gambling on the new paddlewheelers trolling the Mississippi.

    • Missouri really means it! I love corn mazes!

  38. We would consider New Mexico and Colorado….but that would depend on the recall votes in Colorado. They did not like their guns taken either.

    • What Texas has to get ready for, after things fall completely apart is the invasion of the adjoining states to bring them into a new federation. What we do not need are fifty or more countries. We need someone to begin to pick up the pieces and put the whole thing back together again. Good luck!

      • 50 new countries sounds good to me….

        Assuming everyone signs non-aggression treaties and free trade agreements, and comes up with one standard of universally accepted ID that permits easy border crossings. Also, maybe, some kind of general pooling of funds for the common defense?

        Sure, why not? 50 sounds good to me.

        Then again, maybe we could whittle it down a little. Wyoming only have a half million people, surely it could merge with a neighbor. And there are ranches in Texas bigger than the state of Rhode Island, maybe it could also merge with a neighbor?

        In the end, we’d have maybe 35-40 states? Seems fine to me. Texlahoma™ will, no doubt, build an alligator-filled moat the whole way around their border, but otherwise, things should be fine.

  39. So this “pastor” was arrested en route to burning 2,998 kerosene-soaked Korans yesterday. Charged with unlawful carry of a firearms and illegal transfer for fuel or some such.

    That said, after looking at the above picture, well, the only thing I could think of was “Burma Shave.”

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Reminds me of the Grumpy Old Fart down the street who sits on his porch screaming at kids to stay off his lawn as they pass by, the lawn with no living grass.

      Now what say you about the Govts obvious attempt to undermine his RIGHT to FREE SPEECH in burning these Qurans??

      • Yea…

        I knew that would come up when I posted it…

        OK, here goes: I think he has every right to burn his legally purchased and privately owned Korans (in a manner compliant with the local fire code of course). He was charged with nuances charges to prevent him from burning his property presumably because it would be very bad PR for the powers that be, et cetera. To say nothing of the fact that his actions in-and-of-themselves were inherently offensive and disrespectful (deliberately so). But yes, he should have been able to burn them and other people should have been able to protest and be offended. That is how it’s supposed to work in this country.

        Free speech isn’t just free-when-convenient.

        Or, at least, it shouldn’t be.


        Also, seriously? No love for the Burma Shave reference? Nothing at all?

  40. Just A Citizen says:


    I have given further thought to your statement about Obama’s ability to play the “long game” and to do it “very well”.

    I DISAGREE with your assessment. I don’t doubt the man is sharp. Even if he got into those high end schools via favors he would have had to have learned something. He couldn’t have passed his way through on favors alone.

    And he does display acute political acumen. I am pretty sure that comes from years of coaching and teaching by those who saw him as one of many potential “stars”.

    So lets cut to the chase. I think that his political cleverness comes in never staking out firm positions that can be held against him later. His first campaign and even his administration is good at the “rhetoric” which seems to say something but can always be “re-interpreted” later if needed.

    I believe him to be a died in the wool Fascist Progressive, although a little more radical than many before him. This ideology leans heavily on “pragmatism” rather than actual core principles.

    This allows him to spin whenever needed to create the appearance of being in control. He is not and neither are his people. They do have long term goals, but they are careful not to openly state them. Policy is always fluid and subject to immediate re-defining.

    I offer this not just from watching his handling of Congress and the Foreign policy we discussed the other day. But also the way his Administration’s “leaders”, his handpicked people, have dealt with their various agencies.

    His genius, or that of the people on his TEAM, not sure which are the puppets and which are the masters, comes in their use of modern media and communications. In their control of the DNC machinery and in establishing their own “shadow party machine”.

    This allows them to “frame” every issue in ways that protect him from criticism and then to make him look like a genius.

    I don’t think he held out his Birth Certificate for a pre-planned reason. I think his team and he thought it would die. But when Trump stepped in they saw a chance to destroy him and the other Birthers. Which by the way were a small minority at the time. Then the spin machine went to work TAGGING the Republican Party and the Tea Party folks with the issue. Only a compliant press made this successful.

    So I believe his genius is not on the Long Game but in his teams ability to play the Short Game more effectively. Re-framing, spin, propaganda, targeting, etc, all play into dealing with “opportunities as they arise”.

    This is why I find the Republican LEADERSHIP so inept and downright STUPID. They provide the target rich environment that makes this all possible.

    But that is usually what happens when you are the minority party and are not standing on concrete principles either. Same problems the Dems had during Reagan’s years.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    If this is how younger folks think we are so Royally Screwed.

    “We take our role really seriously,” Zuckerberg responded when asked about online privacy. “I think it’s my job and our job to protect everyone who uses Facebook and all the information that they share with us. It’s our government’s job to protect all of us, and also to protect our freedoms and protect the economy, and companies. I think that they did a bad job at balancing those things.”

    Got that everyone? This Gazillionaire thinks it is the Govt’s job to protect EVERYTHING. But since EVERYTHING is on the protected list I wonder what or whom it is protected from!!

  42. Horrible yet good story. I know some on here have little ones – I like the idea of leaving the phone under the couch! (you hired a sitter with the last name of Kahn/con?)

  43. Ok, you anti voter I D types….justify this, please.

    Effective October 1, to sign up and receive Medicaid/Medicare you must provide (1) a picture ID, (2) citizenship documents, and (3) a valid street address.

    When you go to your doctor, you will be handed forms to fill out that require the following: (1) age, sex, ethnic origin. (2) you will be required to have proof of citizenship and picture ID.

    Now, I can personally attest to the Medicare because when I was “Forced” to sign up ( it is no longer voluntary. You cannot keep your insurance ) I had to show picture ID and proof of citizenship…in my case a passport. My father, age 95, must now show picture ID when using Medicare and provide, once per year, proof of citizenship.

    So, explain to me why voter ID is disenfranchising to the poor and the elderly and this is not. Further, explain to me how the Justice Department sues states and companies for forcing citizenship proof……but you have to show it for government things.

    • No one is answering because there is no reasonable defense of this silliness-it’s just political BS used for the purpose of pitting the races against each other.

  44. And while you are at it….to the universal health care single payer system……

    Tell me the fairness in exempting all federal employees from Obamacare….exempting the employer mandate, and, as of today, “carving out” the requirements to labor unions but leaving the individual mandate in for the poor…..and still leaving over 30 million uninsured.

    So… this more of “selective enforcement”?

    • This is a joke, and a very bad one.

    • Wow, I knew they were going to exempt the unions but at the same time I am surprised that they can so openly show the total bogus, corrupt, stupid policy decision that Obamacare is. The one main thing I give the unions credit for is the 40 hour week and how much it helped the middle class. but now the Union is all in on destroying the middle class as long as they can exempt themselves. I guess they think it will make more people join the union but even if it did at some point the government would inform them that since your numbers have increased so much you can no longer be exempted.

  45. Yahoos to impeach Obama … oy vey … they don’t even know when they’re being made fun of …

  46. For Mathius: one of my faves….

    ” Don’t lose your head… gain a minute……you need your head……your brains are in it”.

    Burma Shave

  47. Former Abortion Doc: Abortion is “Murder, Society Can’t Go On This Way”

    by Sarah Terzo | Washington, DC | | 9/12/13 6:46 PM

    I recently stumbled across the testimony of Dr. Grant Clark. Dr. Clark performed abortions many years ago in California. In an interview with Oregon Right to Life, he described the two cases that convinced him to stop doing abortions.

    One was a case where a woman remained pregnant after he had aborted her child and, several months later, gave birth to a healthy baby. (The woman had a rare condition in which she actually had two uteruses). She adopted the child out and sued the doctor for emotional distress and child-rearing costs (even though she didn’t keep the baby). Her greed and selfishness made him rethink his commitment to performing abortions.

    The second case happened when he started doing late-term abortions. From the interview:

    There were 2 cases that were significant in my life, and one of them was the beginning of acceptance of 2nd trimester abortions, which were accomplished by putting a needle into the uterus, draining off some fluid, to make sure that you were in the uterus, not the bladder or somewhere else with your needle, and injecting into the uterus a very strong salt solution, which would cause a: the baby to die, and contractions to begin, very shortly after the salt solution was in there, and the mother would then abort the baby.

    Interviewer: She’d deliver a dead baby.

    Doctor Clark: Deliver a dead baby. But in one case, she did not deliver a dead baby. It was a live baby that she delivered.

    Interviewer: Do they not have their skin burned?

    Doctor Clark: The skin was burned, it was hard to look at, and hard to realize that I killed a near-term baby. The dates that the mother had given me were wrong, and we had no real way of checking it at that time. Ultrasound and stuff has come in since then, so we can date a baby’s age fairly well, but not, not back then. And the baby was born alive and lived for an hour.

    Interviewer: Was it a girl or a boy?

    Doctor Clark: I don’t remember, and I didn’t want to remember.… But at that point I said, “No more 3rd or 2nd trimester abortions…”

    Interviewer: was the mother aware the baby was born alive?

    Doctor Clark: Yes, she was, and it was just a bad scene all the way around. I mean what was I supposed to do, smother it? Strangle it?… It was just, what do I do, so I took the coward’s way out and did nothing, and the baby died. As it probably would have anyway.

    Rather than helping the badly injured baby, Dr. Clark admits he “took the coward’s way out” and let him or her die. Could the baby have survived if given help? There is no way to know, but babies have survived saline abortions and gone on to be adopted. For example, Gianna Jessen, whose story was the inspiration for the movie October Baby, was aborted in the same way as the child in this article and survived. She is now an internationally known pro-life speaker and activist who lives a full life despite having cerebral palsy as a result of the abortion.

    Could the child Dr. Clark aborted, whose short life was full of pain, have been another Gianna?

    Dr. Clark is now at peace with his time as an abortionist and says, “I know God has forgiven me.” He contacted Oregon Right to Life to tell his story in order to reveal how brutal and violent abortion is. He wanted to make his story public in an attempt to prevent abortions and encourage pro-lifers. He decided to contact Oregon Right to Life after seeing a billboard saying, “the score of abortion: one dead, one wounded.” In his own words:

    And I thought, no, one dead, and a whole bunch of people wounded, including the doctor, the nurses involved, the anesthesiologist, the grandparents, you know, the father of the baby… all of these people have been wounded.… Knowing that I’ve been wounded, and knowing that I’ve wounded others, talking about it and bringing it out is something that is not good at all, is useful. It’s time to make a decision, and say, “this has to change.” Our society can’t go on this way, of pretending it’s hunky-dory. It’s not. It’s murder…

    In his interview, he also describes first-trimester abortions done by suction:

    … that was probably the most difficult part of the abortion procedure with the suction abortions, you had to go through what you suctioned out of the uterus and identify perfectly formed little arms and legs and little hands, skulls were usually crushed. Eyes and cute little noses – you just killed a baby. And I don’t care what you do, you can’t bring them back.

  48. This is funny – is ONLY we had a press like this at all times! Call them all out when they pull this crap. (Watch her facial expressions!)

  49. It doesn’t appear that the Syria issue will end very well.

    While I was hoping for a peaceful end to this mess, I’m not confident at all that will happen. I also think this will bring Russia in militarily, Obama doesn’t have our forces prepared.

    • When you take a step back and look at the past twelve or so years, you cannot but help see both Assad’s and Putin’s point. After we invaded Iraq, the Bush administration made it very clear that it was going after the “axis of evil” . Well at least all the axis excluding North Korea, the only country that could really do us harm.

      Having been almost killed by Reagan, Kadaffi, of Quadaffi or Gadaffy (whatever is currently PC spelling) decided that the better part of valor was to stop his chemical. nuclear, biological program and become maybe not a good guy but at last a close approximation of a sane one.

      So, everyone is happy, the world goes on as before, another threat to world peace or (whirled peas if you prefer) has been eliminated. Then we have this change of administration thing.

      The rocket scientists at 1600 Pennsylvania suddenly decide that we need an “Arab Spring” and go for it with a vengeance. I suspect it had something to do with a legacy. They re-discover Libya! which must have come as some sort of shock to the dictator. Next thing you know, in go the Cruise missiles, the drones and the boatloads of weapons (not to mention the SF and CIA folks) and Kadaffi is suddenly toast.

      Having not done enough mischief in the area, the administration ramps up its efforts to destabilize the rest of the region to continue watering those new spring daisies. Syria is suddenly discovered on a map! Well, turns out that everyone has caught onto the game now except American Progressives. Assad is not quite ready to play the part of the Shah and Putin decides that he is no Jimmy Carter. The lines are drawn in the sand (how’s that analogy?) and we have a major civil war. Doesn’t really matter how many die or become refugees. That is “proof” of the righteousness of our cause!

      Somebody starts throwing around chemical weapons which everybody seems to acknowledge are stored all over the place. Of course “they” did it. “They” is a convenient perpetrator despite the lack of a smoking gun. Seems to me in retrospect that the prior Bush Administration has been faulted for using “They” too many times, especially in Iraq. So, we start huffing and puffing and threatening to blow (literally) their house down if they cross that red line (in the sand?).

      So things get interesting, except for the fact that few outside the good old American Progressive Woodrow Wilson loving clique and their terrorist freedom loving partners seem to think it is a good idea (or in the parlance of the times sustainable effort). After the US President makes a total fool of himself, the Lone Ranger rides in (I saw Putin on the horse, knew what he was up to the whole time.Thank God he tuned into the Voice of America broadcasts as a kid).

      Everybody breathes a huge sigh of relief. The Pres. is saved from having to go to war with only Honduras and Sri Lanka as partners. Like Kadaffi, Assad discovers a semblance of sanity and signs that misplaced treaty his dad forgot to sign 25 years ago. Putin smiles and a former Russian Communist, a KGB Communist at that, finally gets to write a NYT editorial! Nikita Sergavitch Khrushchev must be smiling down from wherever dead Communists wind up.

      Assad sleeps on it and suddenly has a dream that the ghost of Khadaffi appears in his room. Khadaffi, like Marley’s Ghost warns Assad. “Don’t trust the Great Satan” he repeats it over and over. Suddenly from the other side of the room in the same dream, the Shah appears and says, “Don’t trust the Great Satan”. Thoroughly frightened he wakes up in a cold sweat he picks up the phone and calls Vlad his best buddy. Vlad, not believing in an afterlife doubts that there were really ghosts but having been a Psych major at the U of Moscow sees the dream as a warning. “Don’t worry” he says. “I’ll think of something”.

      Unlike the US President, Putin can chew gum, walk (and even chop wood barechested) at the same time. He thinks back on Soviet history and remembers “Mutually Assured Destruction”. Why did the US never strike Russia? They never struck because they knew they would get hurt. Why did the US never strike North Korea or try to remove Khadaffi when he had NBC weapons? They knew he was unstable and somebody would get hit. Why has the US not openly attacked Syria? Perhaps because Syria could retaliate. Putin smiles.

      Next day, he calls his buddy in Damascus and explains that the whole thing will work out if the US publicly swears that it will totally stop and forgo in the future any attempts to destabilize Syria. Both Assad and Putin announce this condition.

      To be continued as events unfold.

  50. So, apparently, Arizona Mexico once had a game of volleyball using the border fence as a net.

    That is all.

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