A New Week

Another week is upon us.  The colors of Fall are everywhere.  The Federal Govt is still a mess and the Obamacare website is still not working very well.   Par for the course in D.C.  🙂  The Open Mic continues!



  1. Todd, Those Grouse are a sight to see, after you catch your breath from having the crap scared out of you 🙂

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  3. JAC,

    Apparently you DO NOT understand that Reid’s efforts to go to “formal Conference” is not a NEGOTIATION. It is a GAME that he gets to play due to the Senate’s rules regarding their Conferees.
    The R’s asked to NEGOTIATE the terms and process for the Conference to avoid these games.

    So the Republican’s don’t want to follow the established rules of the Senate…they want to change the rules to suit them…

    How is it “games” for the Democrats to follow the rules?

    Reid REFUSED.

    Why should Reid even consider changing the rules?

    Your either playing games or simply falling for the story line your side is feeding the world.

    Sounds to me like you and the Republicans are the ones playing games…

    For someone who claims to not like Democrats or Republicans, you defend the Republicans quite a bit…

    The who and why of where we are is far more complicated that just “they won’t negotiate”.

    Correct. So then drop the “Obama and Reid won’t negotiate” crap.

    • “Your either playing games or simply falling for the story line your side is feeding the world.”

      I don’t know about JAC, but I’m not believing either side very much right now…..


    • Just A Citizen says:


      If Reid was truly interested in a Budget solution then he would change the rules. He would negotiate first on a serious process to resolve the drastic differences in the two budgets. Conference is usually used to resolve much smaller differences than where the two separate bills are right now.

      The rules are actually COUNTER PRODUCTIVE to finding a real “compromise” because they allow stupid little games in the middle of the process for nothing but Political Gamesmanship. This favors the Senate as far as games. It just happens that right now that means the Dems, Reid in particular.

      I have been defending the R’s a lot lately because the attacks on the R’s are not reasoned. They are the same Politically charged propaganda you get from the R’s when they attack D’s without good reason.

      I find the attacks against the R’s just as CHILDISH as much of the R’s behavior over the debt, deficits, budget, CR etc. But since those are the primary attacks right now they are the ones I am commenting on more often.

      While you say I am favoring the R’s I am also trying to show the “truth” of the processes. For example, failure to increase the Debt Ceiling WILL NOT trigger a Default of US debt. That is a purely BS argument.

      Now here is one against FOX NEWS and the R’s who have been parroting in lately. Two things actually.

      1. Fed employees designated as “non-essential” or “surplus” or what ever the current designation is, are not EXCESS to the function of the agency they belong to. It is simply a designation for Shut Down and is based on CRITERIA established by the Executive Branch for that Shut Down. So this time those people are not essential to immediate protection of life and property. So this Rhetoric coming from the R’s and pundits that this is proof that most people in the EPA are not necessary is pure Bull Shit. We may not need the EPA for other reasons, but if you have the EPA these people are needed to do that job.

      2. Fed employees who collect Unemployment during the furlough are REQUIRED BY LAW to return that money if Congress passed Retro Active pay to cover the furlough days. During the shut down employees are NOT allowed to take sick or vacation days. The States do not have to “chase down” the Fed employees because there is a clear record of who they are. I know of no cases in the past where Fed Employees KEPT the unemployment money AND got back pay and the states had to prosecute them to get the money back.

      • JAC,

        If Reid was truly interested in a Budget solution then he would change the rules…

        This sounds like the “Constitutional Fix” you posted a week or so ago. Amazingly (and quite by “chance” I’m sure), all your “fixes” take power away from the parts of government the Democrats control and gives it all to the parts of government the Republicans control.

        Just a coincidence?

        Do you remember back in the early days of SUFA when the Dems controlled the House? Everyone on the right pointed out that the Speaker of the house (Pelosi) was supposed to represent the wishes of the House, and not just her party.

        Does that now apply to Boehner? And if so, how does the “Hastert Rule” fit into that?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          It is not a Constitutional fix at all. The founding doc allows both houses to set their own rules. Unfortunately the Senate rules during Conference allow them to play games after 20 days. Unfortunately the rules for both houses give to much power to the Speaker and Leader positions, as well as Committee Chairs I might add.

          If my fixes take power away from the Dems more than the Reps that would only be because they have overstepped their authority more than the Republicans. But frankly I don’t see how MY FIXES favor one over the other. I think that is YOUR perception and not my proposal.

          If Reid wanted a NEGOTIATION over the Budget he could have had it months ago. He could have held an actual vote on the motion to go to Conference, instead of asking for Unanimous Consent. He could have agreed to discuss the process and rules for going forward. The differences in the two bills are simply to large to handle under normal Conference procedures.

          Yes my standards apply to Boehner. The Hastert Rule is Bull Shit as is Harry Reid’s ability to control what comes to the floor of the Senate.

          Now this can be fixed via the Constitution but that is an entirely NEW constraint on Govt authority, not a fixing of an old one.

          • JAC,
            It’s my perception that your fixes take power away from the Dems more than the Reps? (And your “fixes” do not take power away from the Reps – it gives all the power to them).
            Because Dems have overstepped their authority more than the Republicans?
            You want Reid to change the Senate rules to give up power?
            But you never mention Boehner and the Hastert Rule until I point it out?

            Your previous “Constitutional Fix” took all power away from the Dems and gave it to the House, but no mention of Boehner’s power or the Hastert Rule:

            Along the lines of FIXING things.

            WHY should the Senate have any say on the Federal Budget?

            If anything, maybe their concurrence should ONLY be needed on appropriations for Dept of State and the various HAND OUT programs for International relations. Since Treaties and such are within the Senate’s purview.

            If that were in place then the House and Mr. Obama would have to deal with each other directly. A 2/3 vote in the House could override his Veto.

            Thinking on that, maybe 2/3 is to high a threshold on Appropriations Veto, as long as the legislation is limited to passing the Budget and Appropriations.

            This is all SOUR GRAPES The Reps LOST the last election. You don’t like that, so you just want to change the rules so you get your way…kinda like a spoiled child who blames the “rules” for losing…

            • Just A Citizen says:


              We were discussing CONFERENCE between the two Houses, not voting on Bills within each house.

              So mentioning the Hastert rule would have been irrelevant. The issue is whether it is a valid argument that Reid calling for a Conference is in fact an honest attempt to negotiate. IT IS NOT.

              Your argument, which was nothing but repeating the DNC and Obama Campaigns talking points, is WRONG and nothing but part of the political gamesmanship. Because of the Senate Rules governing their groups behavior during Conference. The HOUSE does not have such a rule so they don’t get to play the same game.

              Now IF a conference agreement were reached then the Hastert Rule as well as the Senate Rule giving the Leader the power to prevent a vote would be on the table and appropriate to discuss.

              As for my proposals regarding the House and the budget please notice I did not say Republicans. Do I need to remind you how many DECADES the Democrats controlled the House??

              When someone proposes a “long term fix” it would be pretty fair to say that either party may benefit over time. Which means of course your claim that my proposal favors only the R’s and I suffer from Sour Grapes is equally unfair.

              • JAC,

                We were discussing CONFERENCE between the two Houses, not voting on Bills within each house.

                You were discussing CONFERENCE between the two Houses, because the you can limit the discussion to Reid and the Dems . My point is the party in control gets to control things.

                There are votes in the House to pass clean CR and Debt Ceiling bills, but Boehner won’t bring them to a vote because of the Hastert Rule. No conference needed.

                For the conference, the fact is the Senate tried to conference 18 times and the GOP blocked them. You’re just making up excuses because you don’t like the rules…

      • JAC,

        For example, failure to increase the Debt Ceiling WILL NOT trigger a Default of US debt. That is a purely BS argument.

        I guess you are smarter than the “Davos crowd”…Maybe you should explain it to them…

        Panic Sets In With the Davos Crowd


        • Just A Citizen says:


          Did you read past the headline??

          From within the article: ” And since investors tend to treat money-market funds like cash, it makes sense for funds to maintain maximum flexibility. In practice, though, perhaps it was not a particularly smart move. One way or another, the government will pay the interest and principal on the bonds in time. And should the government actually default on those bonds, the evasive maneuver won’t really count for much. The bonds sold account for only a small percentage of the company’s overall U.S. Treasury bond holdings, which are sprinkled liberally throughout other Fidelity mutual funds. And their value would surely plummet in the event of a default. ”

          Did you see that little sentence in there saying ” One way or another, the government will pay the interest and principal on the bonds in time.”

          So let us recap. Mr. POTUS invites the Big Bankers to the White House for a confab with the Treasury Secretary to convince them how bad this is going to be. Do you really think the President needs to convince bankers of an actual pending disaster?? Really???

          A few days later the market attempts a panic sell off. It FAILS and the market rebounds.

  4. JAC,

    Market based health care??

    What a funny JOKE you have provided this morning.

    So what would you call it?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      How about Govt FUBARed Health Care?

      The ACA is not market based. It is based on a Govt CREATED market. Thus it is Govt based, not market based.

      • JAC,

        How about Govt FUBARed Health Care?

        Funny, but no. But I’m sure FUBAR will become the new mantra for SUFA…

        The ACA is not market based. It is based on a Govt CREATED market. Thus it is Govt based, not market based.

        But you once claimed the internet, which is Govt CREATED, was the greatest free market. What’s the difference?

        It’s actually is market-based healthcare with an individual mandate. The Govt CREATED the market, but private companies sell the insurance on the market.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The GOVT did not CREATE THE INTERNET. It was in on inventing the base technology.

          Private enterprise BUILT the internet.

          If you cannot understand the difference between and internet “structure” and “INSURANCE” I am not sure there is anything I could say to persuade you.

          If the Govt creates the market and the Govt dictates the services, quality, pricing etc. it is NOT A MARKET BASED market.

          You can call it a market only in the sense that the Soviets had a market for various commodities in their town squares. Or like their car market or their tractor market.

  5. Oh great – the real TRAGEDY of the government shutdown. Apparently the electric fence surrounding Alaska has gone off, and some of the varmints have escaped…


    • OK, give credit, Obama has done a better job keeping his problem child behind fences. From the Weekly Standard…..

      Bidens Vacation at Camp David
      2:54 PM, Oct 13, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER

      Despite the government shutdown, Vice President Joe Biden is vacationing at Camp David this long weekend. He’s joined at the Maryland retreat by his family, including his wife (Jill Biden), children, and grandchildren.

      The vice president is also there with “essential” government workers, who must work despite the government shutdown. That includes his Secret Service detail, as well as the Secret Service details assigned to the rest of his family, and other support staff. They are protecting the Bidens as they vacation — but aren’t getting paid because of the federal shutdown.

      The vice president’s public schedule simply reads:


      Saturday, October 12 – Monday, October 14, 2013

      The Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden will be at Camp David. There are no public events scheduled.

      Monday is Columbus Day, a federal holiday.

      But Biden’s absence from D.C. during the government shutdown hasn’t gone unnoticed.

      “I’m glad that negotiations are going on … I’m disappointed that twice … we were close to a deal and the Democrats moved the goalposts, in light of the polling data,” Republican senator John McCain said this morning on a Sunday show. “Maybe we need to get Joe Biden out of the witness protection program.”

      But there’s no sign Biden will be back in D.C. today to help negotiate a resolution to the government shutdown.

      Instead, he’s busy at Camp David, where there are bowling lanes, tennis courts, hiking trails, and even a skeet shooting range.

  6. Here, wingies, have some more fun at my expense …

  7. Just wanted to let you know – today I received my Fiscal Cliff Survival Pack from the White House.

    It contains a parachute, an ‘Obama Hope & Change’ bumper sticker, a ‘Bush’s Fault’ yard sign, a ‘Blame Boehner’ poster, a ‘Tax the Rich’ banner, an application for unemployment, an application for food stamps, a prayer rug, a letter of assignation of debt to my grandchildren, and if that was not enough, there was a discount coupon for a machine that blows smoke up my ass. Everything was “Made in China” and all directions were in Spanish.

    Keep an eye out. Yours should arrive soon.

  8. Does anyone find it odd that 9 very high ranking military commanders have been fired this year by Obama? This has never occurred before in our history, yet there is very little on the MSM about it. Comments?

  9. Just for Shits and giggles, I would like to know what will happen if the jerks in DC can’t come to an agreement. In other words, I would not vote to a raise in the debt ceiling and I would not vote on anything that funds Obamacare. There is no real shutdown, just these idiots trying to make things tough on people. Although those out of work are the innocent victims in all of this, they too should be prepared to find other work. The entirety of the Federal Government should be shut down and a new election demanded. But ask yourself this question, why do we let the 2 political parties run this country?

  10. Some of you wonder why we aren’t Liberals, Here is just one reason: http://lastresistance.com/3374/pelosi-implement-obamacare-changes-can-made/

    This broad has a bag of hammers for brains 🙄

  11. Government shutdown unleashes racism

    Question: If Ted Cruz and John Boehner were both on a sinking ship, who would be saved?

    Answer: America.

    Harsh? Look around you at what is happening to America and you will see harsh. I am not talking about closed parks and monuments. I am talking about the funds cut to nearly 9 million mothers and young children for food, breastfeeding support and infant formula.

    That is harsh. Making a war against babies is harsh. And for what? Because Cruz, Republican senator from Texas, has grown so drunk on the sound of his own voice and so besotted with illusions of his own grandeur that he believes halting government today will propel him into the White House tomorrow?

    As The New York Times ably pointed out, this shutdown did not just happen. It was plotted for months by a coalition of more than three dozen conservative groups led by Edwin Meese III. The groups were funded in part by the billionaire right-wing Koch brothers, who wanted to cripple Obamacare. (Koch Companies denies it has supported using the shutdown as a tactic.)

    You remember Meese. He was Ronald Reagan’s attorney general, who was forced to resign in the Wedtech scandal while under investigation by a special prosecutor. Today, Meese sees himself not as a sleazy hustler but America’s savior. And he wants to save us from health care.

    Shortly after Obama began his second term, Meese went to work gathering conservative influence-peddlers and members of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress to repeal Obamacare. Cruz was happy to act as Obamacare’s willing executioner in the Senate, and pushing a shutdown of government to do so.

    House Speaker Boehner eventually went along. It was a blackmail on a massive order: Stop Obamacare or we will never reopen the government.

    It is now evident that both houses of Congress have the votes to end the shutdown. But, so far, Boehner will not let that come to a vote. If he does, he is afraid the tea party conservatives will strip him of his job.

    “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?” the New Testament asks.

    Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen Boehner’s suite of offices in the Capitol? It would make Midas blush.

    Boehner does not bend to the will of his Kamikaze Caucus because he is an evil man. He does so because he is a weak man. To borrow a line from Theodore Roosevelt, I could carve a better man out of a banana.

    There is a price to be paid for all this. Even if the immediate problems are somehow solved and a government default avoided — for now — the scab has been torn off our political wounds.

    This weekend, racism came out of the closet. (Which assumes it has ever been in the closet.)

    Protesters marched through the streets of Washington on Sunday with a Confederate flag and then a protester lounged against the White House fence with one. Displaying the Confederate flag in front of a home occupied by a black family was meant to send a particular, and particularly repellent, message.

    There were other signs of our descent. Remember Samuel Wurzelbacher? Known as “Joe the Plumber,” he was selected by John McCain as his presidential campaign mascot in 2008 with the same care McCain used to select Sarah Palin.

    Over the weekend, Wurzelbacher posted an article on his blog titled: “America Needs a White Republican President.”

    “Admit it,” the article said. “You want a white Republican president again. Wanting a white Republican president doesn’t make you racist, it just makes you American.”

    America has come to a sorry pass. Not because there are still racists among us, but because the racists among us think they can tell us what makes an American.

    These people are like the man in the cartoon: He has climbed out on a tree limb and is sawing off the limb behind him, imagining that the tree will fall and not him.

    They are wrong about that. America will not fall. It will withstand this moment and these people.

    I started with a joke and so I will end with one:

    Question: What is the difference between the people who shut down the government and the people who have been furloughed?

    Answer: The people who have been furloughed actually want to work.


    • Just A Citizen says:

      When one of these leftists who claim to be journalists actually INTERVIEW one of these people carrying the Stars and Bars and ASKS THEM WHY then I will pay attention to what is said.

      If that turns out to truly be racist then I will condemn it.

      Until then my condemnation will be aimed at the politico author and the other schmucks who I saw on the news today trying to turn the Vets demonstration into some Tea Party funded/organized astro turf gathering of RACISTS expressing their paranoia over the “black man in the white house”.

      But I reserve a special category of contempt for Mr. Obama and his successful effort of making a true Jack Ass out of himself over the closure of OPEN AIR monuments.

      By the way, the establishment and maintenance of those closures VIOLATED his own Shut Down orders. ONLY SPEND MONEY ON PROTECTION OF LIFE AND PROPERTY.

      • JAC,
        Yeah, attack the messenger, with nothing to offer to counter his point except “I don’t see it…”

        Maybe you should tell the ass hole Tea Baggers to butt out.

        Veterans Angry Over Tea Party Takeover Of March On Memorials

        • Maybe you should tell the ass hole Tea Baggers to butt out.

          Why are they assholes Todd? Because YOU don’t agree with them? THey have just as much right to protest as anyone else and for that matter, the Koch Bros have the same right to donate to whatever cause they happen to agree with. I laugh every time you post about the evil Koch Bros 🙂

          I’m sure there are some tTea Party folks who read and post here who probably think your an asshole too!

          • Why are they assholes Todd? Because YOU don’t agree with them?

            Because they took over a march that was supposed to be about the Veterans and the Memorials, and tried to use it for their political agenda.
            How would you feel if Unions had done this?

            THey have just as much right to protest as anyone else and for that matter

            Sure, but let them organize their own march. Don’t hijack someone else’s.

            the Koch Bros have the same right to donate to whatever cause they happen to agree with. I laugh every time you post about the evil Koch Bros

            I find it funny the way you talk about “freedom” but are Ok with people like the Koch Bros, who are a bigger threat to your freedom than probably anyone else.

            I’m sure there are some tTea Party folks who read…

            Maybe some of them can read, but probably not very many…

            …and post here who probably think your an asshole too!

            So? There are some Obama supporters who think you’re an asshole. Does that stop or change your actions?

            • Why are the Kochs a threat to our freedom?

              • There are several reasons that one could point to but you need to add to this list:

                1) George Soros and Friends
                2) Carlos Helu
                3) Amancio Ortega
                4) Warren Buffett
                5) Li Ka-shing
                6) John arnold
                7) Bernard Arnault
                8) Michael Bloomberg

                All of these listed gain from socialism and the taking of freedoms in the US. All but two of these are huge donors to any progressive campaign, WORLDWIDE, that calls for greater government. They stand to reap billions.

                With opening up the printing presses and falsely lowered interest rates, the Fed has created windfalls for those that have cash. With the tax code, those with cash and huge assets are moving overseas where the tax rates are lowest. Who would not blame them? Why not invest in a country where the corporate tax rate is zero or 5% instead of the tax rates we have here?

                If you recall, when people were talking about investing in metals, our family adopted a different approach. We learned from the Carter years where cash created huge amounts of cash ( Ie: Jumbo CD rates that were over 10% ) We divested in the stock markets and put investments in other things to protect cash. ( So far, we have been proven correct because we do not generate capital gains taxes any longer as does investing in a stock market that is creating another bubble and will have another adjustment soon ) Metals are good but try to buy something with a gold ingot. You cannot. The billionaires of the world do not want silver and gold and platinum…..they go after natural resources as oil,copper, manganese, etc. The tougher the laws and the higher taxes on the middle class poor means…more laws to tighten things up but those laws affect only the middle class and poor.

                Seven of the eight names that I listed above, are all for the IMF……why? It is easy to figure out, The IMF controls world money or tries to….but no one, as yet, has figured out how to beat the US dollar. It is still the most sought after currency because everyone else that has big money is in worse trouble than the US. Obama monetary policies, and I say Obama where I should say his minions. Look behind the throne…that is where the REAL power is, these policies are only hurting the middle class and poor.

                The policies of today are related to the mushroom theory…..keep em in the dark and feed them shit,.

                The policies of today are making the rich wealthier than Reagan or Bush ever dreamed.

              • Just two quickies Todd. Joe the Plumber Wurtzburger, re-posted a piece written by a Black journalist talking about what an unmitigated disaster Obama has been for the black community. Th media has been having a field day with innuendo. I had to read the article in the “Daily News” three times to pick up that he did not write it. In the annals of moderate, liberal, (cause you can’t say left wing radical when discussing THEM) journalism, the “truth’ has now become that he wrote it and like Sarah Palin (Tina Fey) being able to see Russia from her porch, it will dog him to his death.

                Secondly, it is only right wing extremists not left wing radicals who ever contribute to politicians or political causes. That is because there are no left wingers, no left leaning radicals, no Socialists, and certainly no Communists in the entire universe this side of Darth Vader. There are only moderate, liberal/progressives and of course, extreme, racist white, hateful, conservative Right wing tea baggers who want to starve the babies to death that they can’t kill through denying them medical care. .

                Fact checking from the Huff Post no less!


                “Believe nothing until you can get close enough to spit in its eye.”
                -Lazarus Long

            • “I find it funny the way you talk about “freedom” but are Ok with people like the Koch Bros, who are a bigger threat to your freedom than probably anyone else.”

              Todd, G is so delusional, he doesn’t realize the tool he’s become (nor does much of SUFA for that matter) of the 1% … he worships the Koch Bros. one minute, then claims he’s against corporate welfare/corporate rule … he’s so confused he doesn’t know whether to shit or wind his wristwatch. 🙂

              Most here claim they want free markets … now that’s funny … because if these markets weren’t regulated they’d become the Koch market … I love coming here for a laugh.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Posting OPINION pieces as some sort of factual story is deliberate PROPAGANDA Todd.

          Are you now on the Obama payroll?

          A man with a flag………what is the story?? Not a man with a flag but an Obvious Racist. Did anyone ask the man why he had that particular flag?? NOPE………..

          As I said, this is Bull Shit. As is your link to the supposed outrage over the Tea Party taking over the Vets march. WHO Took it over??? What is there name??? What groups are they ACTUALLY affiliated with???

          So a few politicians spoke. That is NOT A HIJACKING as the rest of the demonstration went forward and it was quite obvious the message was about the closure of the monuments, and nothing more.

          Except of course in the left wing rags which are now trying to play this off their favorite demon, the Tea Party.

          • I like the TEA Party, except they don’t go far enough in my opinion. Loved the signs and the stacking of the Barrycades at the White House. Message sent! 🙂

          • JAC,

            Posting OPINION pieces as some sort of factual story is deliberate PROPAGANDA Todd.

            Have you ever noticed the “OPINION pieces as some sort of factual story” that are posted here by those who lean to the right?

            You don’t seem to mind that deliberate PROPAGANDA.

            I can tell when something strikes a nerve with you – you get really worked up about it…

            • Actually he has -numerous times. With many of mine he used the words-purely emotional 🙂 but after awhile he just gave up. With others he just said they were wrong.

  12. Just A Citizen says:

    Harry Reid and Pres, Obama DEMANDED that a CLEAN CR and CLEAN DEBT LIMIT increase be passed.

    They REFUSED to make any adjustments to the ACA because “IT IS THE LAW OF THE LAND”. They argued that any changes MUST BE MADE VIA THE NORMAL PROCESS LATER.

    Ah Shit……………were they lying??? Or maybe they just had BAD Intelligence. Yep, I think that is what it was……….BAD INTELLIGENCE. 😉

    Unions poised to win delay of ObamaCare tax in budget deal

    By Elise Viebeck – 10/14/13 05:25 PM ET

    Labor unions are poised to score the delay of an ObamaCare tax in the bipartisan budget deal emerging in the Senate.

    The bargain under negotiation would make small adjustments to the healthcare law, including delaying the law’s reinsurance fee for one year. The three-year tax is meant to generate revenue that will stabilize premiums on the individual market as sick patients enter the risk pool.

    The tax applies to all group health plans, but unions argue it will raise their healthcare costs while providing them no benefit.

    The reinsurance tax figured prominently in discussions at a recent AFL-CIO convention, where workers passed a resolution demanding changes to ObamaCare.

    The White House recently denied labor’s top priority on ObamaCare, ruling that union health plans are not eligible for the new subsidies because they are already helped by the tax code.

    Democrats could be pushing to delay the reinsurance fee for one year as an olive branch after that apparent slight, though it could also create trouble for insurers on the marketplaces.

    Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/healthwatch/health-reform-implementation/328459-labor-gets-obamacare-olive-branch-#ixzz2hlMoOHYt

  13. Question of the day! Will the idiots in DC come to an agreement before the Thursday deadline? I will begin by saying NO!

    • I am hoping they don’t. Obama wants a blank check & has stated he will not compromise. The Repug’s hold the check book. They either cave or force him/Dem’s to work with them on a budget, not endless “continuing resolutions”. Sad thing is I have no faith in the Repug’s. Cruz, Paul and a few might want a budget & deficit plan that is in America’s best interest, but the McCain’s & old guard seem to be looking to further their agenda.


    • Oh course they will.

      Well, at least a kick-the-can-down-the-road type agreement.

      They won’t let the gov’t default. Why, you ask?

      Simple: The Red Shirts are getting blamed for the shut-down. Right, wrong, complicated, it doesn’t matter, the polls are showing the Red Shirts being blamed by The People. Maybe the Left has better messaging on this? Maybe the Lizard People who control our thoughts with microwave radiation and contrails are behind it. It doesn’t matter. That’s what The People think.

      Thus, the Red Shirts will cave. The hardcore Tea Party types may not, but they are still a minority. And we don’t need to peel off that many Red Shirts – we just need Boehner, really. The pressure is mounting for him to allow a vote and he has more at stake than anyone. If he doesn’t allow a vote when such a vote has enough support to pass, the polls will almost certainly blame him personally and the Red Shirts generally.

      He’s probably doomed any way you cut it. So his question is just how he wants to go down and whether he wants to take his whole party with him.

      • I agree with Mathius…….they will, once again, kick the can down the road….it is politically feasible to do so. You will see no change in the Repubs until the old guard is eliminated****

        Caveat: **** meaning removed from office by non violent means or through clandestine raptor ninja forces.

      • Mathius, I don’t think they will make the deadline, but they will come to some agreement (and I will probably be wrong 🙂 ). An interesting idea going around the CT circles, when the deadline is breached, Obama will declare Congress unfit (or some term to that effect). He will sign an Executive Order putting himself in charge, upping the Debt Ceiling and funding Govt on his terms. The Congress, deemed unfit, will be doomed to very limited power, making Obama King, at which time he will declare Martial Law for the entire US and deploying the DHS to enforce it! Pretty funny stuff these people come up with 😆 The entertainment value is worth reading some of these things 🙂

        • ::hits snoozebar.. hard::

          He could however, go with that Platinum Coin option, I suppose if push really comes to shove..

      • I really don’t get why you guys keep insisting that the Boehner must allow a vote but you sure don’t seem to mind when Reid won’t allow a vote.

  14. Politics
    Obama praised company that helped build Obamacare website on ’08 campaign trail
    By Josh Peterson 4:19 PM 10/14/2013
    The federal contractor at the center of the Obamacare health-care exchange debacle, CGI Federal, received a hearty endorsement from Barack Obama while he was running for president back in 2008.

    During a Sept. 9, 2008 speech to a crowd in Lebanon, Va., then-presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama praised CGI Federal’s ability to create new jobs for Americans as the result of investment in broadband Internet infrastructure.

    “You know, I just had a wonderful meeting with a company called CGI that just opened up — Mark Warner talked about it talked about the company in his convention speech — which has located here 300 new jobs in high-tech industries. And part of the reason is is because the state of Virginia built out the broadband lines that allowed them to locate here.”

    A financial relationship between CGI Federal — a subsidiary of the Montreal-based information technology company CGI Group — and the U.S. government had already existed even during President George W. Bush’s administration, but reports indicate that relationship improved tremendously since Obama took office.

    The Washington Examiner reported on Sunday that the federal government reviewed only CGI Federal’s bid to build the health-care exchange.

    CGI Federal did not return The Daily Caller’s request for comment by the time of publication.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/10/14/obama-praised-obamacare-exchange-vendor-on-08-campaign-trail-video/#ixzz2hnK7eNDE

    “The Washington Examiner reported on Sunday that the federal government reviewed only CGI Federal’s bid to build the health-care exchange.”

    So it looks like Obama picked the very company that is behind the train wreck computer system administering ObamaCare…..But we can see it’s still Bushes fault!

  15. I’ve always had a hard time understanding how we ever got to the point to have a civil war. How could families fight against their own families? How could it get so bad that we would actually kill each other. Sadly, I’m starting to understand it. When talking doesn’t do anything but make us more angry, more frustrated-actually so clueless as to how the other person could possibly think the way they think you just want to scream. I think we’re there or almost there anyway.

    • Prescient VH, prescient!

      It all started this time in the ’60’s when one’s opinions became as valid as facts. When the facts did not fit, when the scientific method failed to yield the results that the opinion makers wanted, they threw it out. Fact is now whatever you think, feel or say it is. The rest of us have come to the point where we almost want to, nah, I won’t say that I’ll leave it to the other side and merely defend myself when they start doing it.

      • Well, said, Stephen…….those of us that saw the 60’s and 70’s for what they really were….know this. The things that are written about the glorious 60’s and 70’s are written in romantic prose. Kind of reminds me of something someone said at one time…..forgive them for they know not what they do…..or words to that effect.

        • You mean the idea of the 60’s generation that they were gonna achieve peace and equality through sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

          • They did, as long as you totally agree with them on everything. Some people call that a pre-frontal lobotomy.

            “All we are saying is give peas a chance.”

            “Visualize whirled peas.”

            I love these two sayings they are like, man, sooooo relevant!

        • written in romantic prose…aka weed buzz!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The same can be said of the Revolutionary War itself.

      When CORE VALUES clash, there is little room for discussion or compromise. Which is why the ELITE have been working for decades to ingrain us with a new and “progressive” view of what those Core Values are. Fortunately there were some “remnants” that did not get the re-education education.

      We have come to that point, once again.

  16. @ JAC….I would be interested in seeing some more on your statement that the health issue in Obamacare is not market based…..unless you are claiming that it is not FREE market based. To this, I agree…..but the markets that have been created are still markets, not government controlled by government employees, but are captive private markets created by the government. Is this where you are headed?

    • Insurance companies are going to reap huge profits from Obamacare and the rates….well, I do not need to say anything about those…..it is now coming out that even with subsidies, rates are hugely expensive. I actually think this is a good thing. Because where the poor were totally subsidized, like in County hospitals and such, they will not be now. But, I am a supporter of letting Obamacare go to its full potential, penalties and all….the Repubs should back out of it and leave it alone. I think that the biggest thing that could happen….is the demise of the Progressive and ultra liberal party for years, if left unchecked.

      It will kill the poor and middle class…but the rich….well, the rich know how to protect themselves to avoid the taxes everyone else will have to pay.

      By the way, did you know that there are now exemptions to the inheritance taxes and a family basis? Interesting how some are now tax exempt.

      • And I am not talking about the first 5 mm being exempt…I am talking total exemptions. We are exploring that now.

        • @ the Buckster….you probably already know this, but we found an obscure posting in the Federal Register that there has been a stealth maneuver to make off shore holdings and assets totally exempt from inheritance taxes if passed to on shore recipients. Looking into it now.

          • Would be interested in knowing what you find…

            • Will do…I simply do not know but I have the right guys checking it out. That stuff is beyond my pay grade….this is why you make the seven figure salary. 🙂

              • Ha! If only….

                I know there have been similar attempts in the past to carve out that (and other) exceptions. Don’t see it gaining any real traction though…but ya never know…

              • This is true…but I am told that this is the first time in the Fed Res……we shall see. Which was my whole point to boot…..things can get put in that simply slip under the radar……to benefit those that already have their wealth and do not want to lose it……especially family wealth….

                The Kennedy’s were very successful at that….especially Rum runner joe

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning Sir.

      In the spirit of getting to the point………..YES!

      They are as much a market as the Soviet Union’s “market” for automobiles or bread or tractors.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        To add, they are not based on a market. They exist within a Govt created and controlled market place. The companies will figure out how to operate within it, some will thrive and others will die off or withdraw to other things.

        But the policies and the rates are not market BASED. The market itself is Govt BASED.

      • THank you for getting to the point…..much appreciated. By the way, Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield………check out the political donations to the Dems…….remarkable. Wonder why they are the only exchange providers?………………as Mathius would say………”jus’ sayin……..

      • Just A Citizen says:


        To add one more thing.

        This is how FASCIST political/economic systems work. Those companies who do the Govt’s bidding will do well. The Govt will do its part to limit competition and assure the proper level of profits, which will in turn flow to their friends in govt.

  17. Found this today – obviously, I can’t be expected to remember everything from the whole book, but I am somewhat surprised I don’t remember this. Anyway..


    Regarding School Prayer, this should settle the issue:

    Matthew 6:5-6
    5. When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. I tell you the truth, that is all the reward they will ever get. 6. But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

    Disclaimer: I mixed versions of the bible for clarity of text.

    • Ok now print out the part before that about righteousness. And then the part after that about the Lord’s prayer. So how is anyone supposed to learn the word of God if they are not taught because it’s secret! Doesn’t make sense.

      Hater gon’ hate.

    • http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/queens-girl-kills-kitten-tossing-front-car-article-1.1485757

      Lost stuff again. Point I was trying to make is the school prayer was an attempt to “civilize” little savages and hopefully instill something akin to a conscience or failing that, at least some societal norms.

      As a product of 16 years of Catholic education, mostly under Nuns or Brothers, our school prayer was far and excess of what any Public School would ask. There was also compulsory Mass attendance and some other wrinkles. Fifty some years later, I know that many of my classmates that I have been in touch with are not only non believers but vicious non-believers who have no problem, knocking without cause, Religion every time they have a chance. Funny part is by and large they are kind, considerate and gentle people otherwise but never seem to comment their early education with that outcome!

      Prayer, an attempt to civilize little savages.

    • Matt-are you trying to misinterpret the quote-Do you really think he is saying that no one should pray or preach in the synagogue? Because that is what one would have to believe to interpret it the way you are trying to interpret it.

      • I think what he’s saying is that PUBLIC protestations of faith are sometimes-hypocritically for the purpose of displaying your faith not for communing with God.

        But, regardless, God doesn’t need you to pray publicly as long as you’re good about praying privately.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          So what do you say to your Muslim friends about their “public” displays of prayer???

        • Matthew 10:32 KJV
          King James Version
          Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men , him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

          Matthew 18:20

          Viewing the King James Version. Click to switch to 1611 King James Version of Matthew 18:20.

          For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them

    • I don’t know how you missed the 23rd Chapter in Revelations……..better known as….The Colonel’s Chapter…….sigh….they seem to leave it out of all the printed matter.

      • Is that the section about the flying dragon with seven heads and five crowns?

        I was always confused about the distribution of those crows.. do two heads just get shafted? If so which heads? Do they take turns? Does the middle head get all the crowns? Did two heads lose their crowns and the rest of the heads are refusing to chip in to buy them replacements? Where did they get the crowns in the first place? Are they all identical? What do the crowns denote? Are they royalty? Are only five heads royalty?

        I NEED ANSWERS!!

        • Five heads belong to the Hungarian Horntail species and they wear the five crowns and are royalty. The other two heads are like the “King’s Court”….. They are support and belong to the Peruvian Vipertooth species and do not require the trappings of royalty. However, of the five Horntails, only one is female….The most dangerous of the species. Consequently, she is adorned with the most prolific of crowns…..the other four crowns being identical. The Vipertooth species has extremely poisonous eye teeth and cannot be encumbered with crown and do not care for such trappings.

          *******10 Colonel points for remembering the 23 rd chapter. Points are redeemable, in person, in Fort Worth, Texas for fajitas and margueritas, with top shelf Tequila, of course. Grog is available at no charge for DPM, if you grant him temporary reprieve.

          • Hungarian Horntail

            I get that reference. Never would have expected that from you though.. 🙂

          • Top Shelf Tequila — what do you recommend for my bar colonel? I figure you know tequila much better than I.

  18. I miss this show.. 😦

  19. Richard Russell: “Bear market? Sure, back in the year 2000, for only 273 dollars you could buy one ounce of gold. But by 2012, you needed over 1600 dollars to buy the same one ounce of gold. The eternal value of gold doesn’t change. It’s the purchasing power of the Federal reserve note that has changed.

    What is even more remarkable is the fact that most Americans have totally ignored (even despised) this remarkable bull market. Let a stock rise seven or eight years in a row, and it will be the talk of Wall Street and the talk of every social gathering in the nation.

    Yet this amazing bull market in gold stands alone, sneered at and almost hated. I’ve been in this business for over 60 years, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. However, I do think I know something about human nature. What I’ve learned about human nature is that it doesn’t change. For instance, if a stock creeps up year after year, sooner or later the crowd will discover it — and then they’ll pounce on it, ultimately sending that undiscovered stock far above its reasonable price.

    My belief is that somewhere ahead, the crowd will latch on to gold. Then, as disinterested in gold as they are now, the crowd will pile into gold with the same frenzy that overtook the storied “49ers” when they packed their bags, kissed their wives and kids good bye, and headed West in search of gold.

    Gold is the only item that elicits both greed and fear. The greed factor is so well known that I don’t have to explain it here. But the fear factor only arises when men (and women) see the “value” of their money disappearing. Nothing concentrates the mind as dramatically as seeing the purchasing power of one’s hard-earned income and savings being ruthlessly destroyed.

    As I write, Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve is systematically shaving off the purchasing power of the dollar in the same way that you can peel the layers off an onion. The US has been in the process of constructing the greatest credit bubble in history. The world has never seen anything like it.

    This enormous bubble is now being attacked by the worldwide forces of deflation. Fed Chairman Bernanke is terrified by the mere thought of deflation. Bernanke will not stand for deflation. He has said as much. And he will attack deflation and crumbling asset prices with all the inflationary power at his command.

    As the ocean of new dollars pours out of the computers of the Federal Reserve, the purchasing power of the dollar erodes. It erodes slowly at first, but as the river of dollars turn into an ocean, slowly-rising inflation segues into a monster. Finally, the crowd recognizes what is happening to their money.

    The loaf of bread that cost a dollar last year suddenly costs four dollars. The cup of coffee that cost a dollar last week goes on special today for two fifty. The college tuition that cost four thousand dollars now costs sixteen thousand and there’s the extra for a dorm. You’re suddenly paralyzed. A light bulb in your head starts to glow. And just as suddenly, the mad, frantic rush for gold is on.

    Old timers shake their heads knowingly and repeat the old saw, “There’s no fever like gold fever!” And the rush for the yellow metal turns into a full frenzy. Gold has been treated as money for 3,000 years. “As good as gold” is a well-known expression. Yet, today in the US, gold is not considered to be legal tender.

    No fiat money has lasted for as long as a century. The US has had prior experience with fiat money — the Civil War Greenbacks, the “Bills of Credit” of the original American colonies, the ill-fated Continentals during the Civil War. None of these have survived, and neither will the Federal Reserve notes that we now refer to as “dollars.”

    I dislike falling back on the morality argument, but consider this. I may work a lifetime for five million dollars. Yet some academic working for the Federal Reserve can press some keys on a computer and create ten billion dollars instantly without working up a sweat. Is the ten billion dollars he creates moral money? Did anyone work for the money? Did anyone take a risk for the money? Did anyone drop a bead of sweat for it? No, then I claim it is immoral and actually evil money, and as such it is doomed.

    The only power evil has is the power to destroy itself. I affirm that the Federal Reserve note is doomed. When the Federal Reserve note goes down the drain, all fiat money in the world will go down with it. Today information travels around the world with the speed of NOW. People around the planet will see that fiat money is a fantasy and a counterfeit fraud foisted upon them by unconscionable and unscrupulous bankers. It is then that the crowd will turn to gold, in much the way that people turned to gold back in 1978 to 1980.”

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The following statement is NOT TRUE:

      The eternal value of gold doesn’t change. It’s the purchasing power of the Federal reserve note that has changed.

      The “value” of gold changes all the time. Irrespective of the value of Fiat Money. Each of these items can move independently as well as in related terms.

      The value of Gold will INCREASE when the demand for gold, relative to its supply, increases. The WHY of the increase is the factor to be considered. This is what tells you whether it is in response to “inflation” or other factors.

      • Thanks JAC, beat me to it.

        Only adding: don’t forget about industrial uses – we use A LOT of gold in electronics and that’s a trend we can expect to continue accelerating.

      • We have covered the fiat money issue in the past. I would say that our dollar buys less of everything today, as compared to 2000. I also think gold and silver prices are manipulated and not priced as they should be. This of course is done by Charlie’s favorite folks, the 1% on Wall Street 🙂

    • Do not forget the “new” 13 oz. pound or the “new” 59oz half gallon! The 3 oz. quarter pound is out there if you look.

  20. A thought experiment for you lunatics on the right.

    Supposing Obama offers you the following deal, do you accept: You raise the debt limit by 3T and confirm my remaining appointees and I (Obama) will resign today.

    Deal or no deal?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      NO DEAL!!

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Gee whiz Matt, guess I’m the only one with a response. Wondering what the rest of our tribe is up to. Probably think your asking a trick question.

        • No, not a trick question-I’m just still thinking about it-3 trillion dollars-a lot of money. And we’d just get another democrat to take his place. We wouldn’t get rid of the racism BS because the left would make him a martyr.

          Well, I guess I’ll have to say – No

      • Had to think about it for awhile, NO DEAL!

    • They’d never admit it, but you know they’d take that deal in a heartbeat.

      then again, so would I … 🙂

      • Of course they would. In a heartbeat.

        But for a different reason.

        People here: “Because he’s a dangerous radical and must be removed blah blah blah.”
        You: “He’s not nearly radical enough and should be removed blah blah blah.”
        Tea Party: “What part of WHITE House eludes you?”

        • Matt-I cannot believe that YOU of all people just painted the whole Tea Party as racist. You, who constantly tells us all we cannot paint the whole muslam religion as terrorists, and on and on. How we must be so careful to not include All in anything. Now here you set calling a whole group of people racist and you know better.

    • No deal..

    • Cool Idea, once he is out the door, we break the deal. Tit for tat so to speak. Saul Alinsky would appreciate the humor.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    QUESTION for those calling for shutdowns and holding the debt ceiling, etc, etc.

    IF you believe that the Dems and Mr. Obama truly want to destroy this country and they want to create a crisis to implement their “Marshal law” then why would you include in your strategy the means to allow them to do these very things???

    The quickest way to get SOCIALIZED everything is to have Food Riots in the streets. Because people will pay more to stop the rioting rather than tolerate it as a necessary downside of increasing freedom.

    I realize this is a Catch 22 situation. But was just curious if anyone has thought about the broader implications and strategies.

    • How are we including the means in the strategy? You are correct, food riots would do the job. Did you notice the test run Saturday? I’m not saying this is going to happen, but to get SCIALIZED, they must have control. Start putting the puzzle together then ask What and Why!

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Shutting down Govt and exceeding the debt limit for very long are strategies, well tactics, which play into the White House and DNC hands.

        I fully understand why they are being played. But sometimes you can’t play a good hand if the other guy has a better hand. You certainly don’t GIVE the other side an advantage.

        The Dems had three years to prep the battlefield to make sure the R’s were destroyed with a Shutdown or if they made any effort to hold the debt ceiling. Absent a good media/communication strategy, implemented two years ago, there is little to gain by the R’s.

        UNLESS. The one and only true goal is to CUT GOVT spending and HOLD THE LINE ON THE DEBT. And if that is the true goal then DO NOT muddle the offensive with side trips to the Hot Springs of Obama Care.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Here is another example. If the R’s don’t think Obama is “leading” and they like the mess created by his “not leading” then WHY in the world call him out publically for not leading?

        What is their plan of action when he final gets up and responds by LEADING??

        He won’t negotiate? OK. But what happens when he does offer to negotiate?? What are you, the R’s not you, going to do next?

        Right now it looks like standing around appearing to be confused and foolish.

        • JAC, your assuming the R’s and the D’s are not on the same team. I think this is all BS by both parties, to cause fear. The goal: You need US (the govt). Eventually, they will have an agreement and the sheeple will all be relieved that they saved us from the problem they made to begin with.

          OR, their goal is to make Obama King and end the Constitution, which of course is a very LONG shot, 🙂

          • OH, when this is over, Congress will surely vote themselves a raise for the great work they did in averting an economic collapse.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              I can agree with that prediction. But remember, they can’t vote themselves a raise. Only a future Congress. To which they HOPE to be re-elected.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I do not believe that ALL the R’s are on the same team.

            I do not believe that the R’s and D’s are on the same team, as a general statement. Some R’s and some D’s are essentially on the same team.

            Both are about keeping power and prestige.

            But there are some “radicals” back there and they are supposedly running this debate, controversy.

            So the questions I raised become worthy of consideration.

            Along those lines, why would Boehner suddenly start listening to the “Tea Party” when they are a minority and when he opposed them all along??

            WHO LOSES if the Govt shutdown continues and the Debt ceiling crisis actually materializes?? That is beyond we the people.

            • We the people would lose. 50 million without food stamps! Many more unemployed with unemployment benefits possible non-existent. Govt assistance shutdown is going to cause a hoop of problems. Maybe those who are in charge are really into the Agenda 21 thing and want to depopulate the planet. That’s also a long shot, but who’s to know with these psychpath’s in DC

            • Just give fair warning and sunset the cookies away. Or bring every last one of them physically to the table..within a set time frame..and make them justify why they need cookies…better have paperwork from doctors to back yourself up. Just like the SS/Disability people do..my ex had a brother and a sister (my bff) both denied benefits for a couple years when they both had heart trouble, Both died waiting. Neither were on other aid. .But if you make them justify the cookies we could lose lots of them…just like when unemployment runs out, there are suddenly jobs to be had.

              (side story) The ex was making decent (for him) cash when we split up. Child support was based on that income vs mine (which was 0 since I closed the business). He kept quitting or losing jobs. He decided to try to get his child support lowered since he was falling behind. Court day comes..he started new job the day before He called the court that morning to tell them he couldn’t make it because of new job. I went to court. Judge tells me the ex called in saying he couldn’t make court. Judge asked me how much was remaining on his unemployment bennies..I told her that he got his last check then decided to get a job. Judge says “Why am I not surprised. Support stays the same. Have a nice day” I was the last one in the court that day and wanted to say “You go Judge” but I kept my mouth shut and skipped merrily on my way 🙂 Take that baby daddy 🙂

  22. Todd,
    Via Politico:

    The tea party had its protest Sunday at the World War II Memorial, now President Barack Obama’s supporters are set to respond at the Capitol.

    Organizing for Action is holding a “Budget shutdown Day of Action event” at noon Tuesday at the reflecting pool west of the Capitol.

    “Tuesday is the start of the third week of the government shutdown,” OFA wrote in a message to supporters. “With every day that passes, these members of Congress need to feel more pressure from the constituents who sent them to Washington. Millions of Americans across the country are feeling the effects of the shutdown — and it’s only getting worse.”

    OFA executive director Jon Carson tweeted Monday urging supporters to “Come join OFA at an event tomorrow to say #EnoughAlready to the #TeaPartyShutdown.”You know it’s a leftist protest because it’s being held during the work week. Conservatives are busy working during that time … helping pay for the government being run into the ground by our Soviet president.

    And if I’m not mistaken, it wasn’t the Tea Party protesting against Obama’s ‘pain agenda’ on Sunday … there were young Americans, old Americans, veterans, bikers, truckers, and it wasn’t actually a Tea Party-held event.
    Source: http://www.hyscience.com/archives/2013/10/obamas_ofa_to_h.php

    As usual, the Left have their facts incorrect.

  23. Just A Citizen says:


    More on your use of the Joe the Plumber NOT A QUOTE, Quote. Did you get that egg off your face yet??

    How the Left Treats Obama Like a Child
    By Kevin Jackson

    My recent post titled “America needing a white Republican president” has brought out the raving Leftist lunatics. Despite the fact that I’m black, most Leftists are calling me a racist. What is more pathetic is they have called my friend Joe the Plumber a racist for re-posting the article.

    It should come as no surprise that most of the ignoramuses who commented about the article only read the title; or had somebody read the title to them.

    The gist of the article is that if America had a white Republican president, everybody would be free to criticize him without fear of being called a racist. I go on to make the point that disagreeing with a white president should have the same implications of disagreeing with Obama.

    Apparently not. God forbid Obama should have to actually deal with life all by himself.

    White Republican presidents needed no such protection. Blacks disagreed with Bush and many wanted him to fail. Were they deemed racists? Of course not. Even for the blacks who are racists, people just chalked their criticism up to a difference in ideologies.

    I made the following comment recently to a panel of distinguished Democrats at a prestigious institution:

    Black Conservatives are called behind scratching, black-anglo-saxon, boot-licking, buck-dancing, butt-kissing, co-caucasian, cocktail-sipping, foot shuffling, hi yaller, handkerchief-head, opporTOMist, Oreo TM cookie, rent-a-Tom, servant-of-the-right-wing, self-hating, self-loathing, shoeshine boy, speak-when-spoken-to, Stepin Fetchit, thank-ya-boss, uppity un-cola, Uncle Tom, race traitor, Rush Limbaugh wannabes, to name a few.

    I then asked, “Can you name me ONE thing that black Liberals are called by black conservatives?”

    Answer by one of the panelists: “Liberal.”

    That’s the best that fraud could do.

    Meddling Liberals believe they need to protect a man who volunteered to be the Chief Executive of the United States. The people asking for answers are not some Democrat-sanctioned neo-Nazi fringe group like the KKK or the Tea Party-mimicking Coffee Party, with a membership of less than 500.

    Instead the Tea Party comprises approximately 50 million+ responsible, taxpaying, patriotic America-loving law-abiding citizens. The Tea Party — stockholders in America — have a right to ask questions of the Chief Executive of America without being called racists.

    Bob Johnson, the CEO of BET, could handle stockholder criticism without crying racism, particularly if BET were failing as miserably as the American economy. Oprah Winfrey’s corporation has white stockholders. I’m sure some of them question her wisdom in leaving her daytime talk show gig and promptly losing over $100M of their money. Are they racists?

    If Obama were the CEO of a private-sector company, his actions would at the very least get him drug-tested.

    As a former management consultant to some of the world’s largest corporations, I don’t know a single former client who wouldn’t have fired Obama in the second year of his tenure. In most of those organizations, Obama wouldn’t have escaped one year’s scrutiny, before he would have been tossed. They would have seen enough. Their stockholders would have seen enough.

    The man who said he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term will have more than doubled the national debt before the end of his second term. The man who called a white Republican president unpatriotic to run up a debt of $9T, will have amassed a debt of $20T+ by the end of his tenure, yet there were no calls of racism when Obama said this of Bush.

    Shouldn’t America’s black chief executive be held to the same standards as others? Or is it ok to treat Obama worse than you would treat a child?

    At least children are taught lessons and consequences. Liberals won’t allow Obama to learn from mistakes. In fact, they continue to encourage his mistakes, because they don’t want to appear to the racists that most are. It’s an elaborate system of cover-up, the irony being that the cover-up emphasizes their racism: the racism of low expectations, and their incessant need to coddle blacks…for profit.

    Obama represents Frankenstein’s monster of Liberalism, an experiment gone bad. The monster unfortunately has been unleashed on America.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Well, I am off to the Docs.

    So I may not be around tonight or tomorrow. Although maybe tomorrow under the influence of pain medication might be humorous.

    Have fun folks.

    OH, I almost forgot to answer the question about avoiding the Thursday crash.

    I vote NO.

    They carry it into the weekend. With 65% chance the resolve it in time to open Govt on Monday Morning.

  26. O

  27. an·ar·chist
    1. a person who advocates or believes in anarchy or anarchism.
    2. a person who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in the place of that destroyed.
    3. a person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against any established rule, law, or custom.


    1. a state of society without government or law.
    2. political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control: The death of the king was followed by a year of anarchy. Synonyms: lawlessness, disruption, turmoil.
    3. anarchism ( def 1 ) .
    4.lack of obedience to an authority; insubordination: the anarchy of his rebellious teenage years.
    5.confusion and disorder: Intellectual and moral anarchy followed his loss of faith. It was impossible to find the book I was looking for in the anarchy of his bookshelves. Synonyms: chaos, disruption, turbulence; license; disorganization, disintegration.


    So, the msm claims that the Tea Party is full of anarchists but cannot name anyone. AND THE msm claims that the Tea Party wants anarchy but cannot provide any proof of same.

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooo………..the only thing that I can find is in item number 3 under the definition of anarchist. Interesting read if you take it literally because it implies that anyone who speaks out against any law that they do not like and promotes disorder, civil or otherwise (because it is not defined as either) or revolt against the rule of law or custom they disagree with, is by definition, an anarchist.

    Conclusion……………..every person in the entire country is an anarchist. Conservatives who do not like liberal laws and try to change them or liberals who do not like conservative laws and try to change them……

  28. Is this Obama’s plan to make people hurt if he don’t get his way? http://www.prisonplanet.com/crisis-usda-orders-states-to-withhold-electronic-food-stamps.html

  29. Judy Sabatini says:

    Doctors & hospitals are demanding patients pay entire deductible up front, thanks to Obamacare.


    • Judith!!!

      Good morning, stranger!

      • Judy Sabatini says:

        Good morning Mathius. How you doing & how is you little one doing?

        • Doing well, doing well. Can’t complain – much. Doc says the cholesterol is high so I’m learning what it’s like to eat like a rabbit – not a fan so far. I’ve dropped about 8lbs in the last month or so because I don’t enjoy eating as much anymore. I guess I’m not as young as I once was, huh?

          The little one has a cold but she’s being a trooper. She’s 15 months and has tons of teeth coming in. I’m told that, by this age, she should have 6-10 words she can say. I’m pretty sure she’s closer to 75-100 and.. does.. not.. stop.. talking. She understand everything to the point where we now have to speak in code and spelling things out in addition to watching our, err, saltier language. She also loves book and insists on reading a half-dozen every night (not that I’m complaining – I think it’s great!). We’re working on counting and recognizing letters (so far we can count to three and recognize A-E). She’s a great little peanut and absolutely adorable. I love her to pieces, but boy is she exhausting sometimes – I need to find the off switch.

          How are you and yours?

          • Judy Sabatini says:

            You’ll get your cholesterol in tact, I’m sure. Goodness, the time sure has flown there, seems like not to long ago, your wife just had her. Sounds like she’s a pretty smart little girl there with all she knows already. Yeah, I understand that little girls can be a handful at times, just going by what I hear. My youngest son & his wife had a baby girl 4 weeks ago, well, she’ll be 5 weeks this coming Sunday. I go see her every weekend, & she’s just a real sweetheart & I love her to pieces as well. Can’t wait to see how she’ll turn out when she gets a little older & what she gets into as well. So far, so good though, I do have 3 step grandson’s as well, 13, 11 & 10. My oldest son’s wife from her previous marriage. I don’t see them that much right now though, they’re living with her parents while she’s in Afghanistan until March or there abouts.

            • 5 weeks.. enjoy the time while you can just plop her down somewhere and she’ll stay put. Pretty soon you’re going to have to chase that baby all over the place.

              Time flies..

              Don’t forget to take tons of pictures it’s not like when we were younger and film was expensive – just snap away! My wife insisted on taking a photo of her in the same chair in a white onesie every week since birth with blocks showing her age and they make great photo albums showing the progression. http://www.etsy.com/listing/80917134/cute-and-colorful-baby-age-blocks-fun (they come in different color schemes upon request).

              • Judy Sabatini says:

                Oh, I am for sure enjoying the time with her. Of course I have to hold her the whole time I’m there. And, I do take lots of pictures of her every time I see her. I posted some on facebook, have to share ya know. My son & his wife takes tons of pics of her as well, & they’ve already have started an album of her, from the time she was born til now so far.

              • Cool idea Matt. I did that with school pictures of my daughter. Just kept putting the new one on top of the old one in the frame. Come HS graduation party, I put them all in an album and put them on a display table (along with every award, varsity letter, diploma and college acceptance letter (go greeen! MSU and Hawaii)..but her friends at the party thought the photos from K-12 were pretty cool. Wish I’d have done it since birth like you’re doing.

                My poor son..since the digital age is on us..I refuse to pay top dollar for school pics..glad he’s a boy..he doesn’t care 🙂

  30. Just got back from the special election for the Senate seat in NJ. Of course I voted for the conservative Steve Lonegan over the non-entity (and non-resident) Cory Booker.

    Here in Fair Lawn, we have a large contingent of Soviet emigres going back to the 90’s. The older couple in front of us were amusing. In addition to their no-ability to speak the language, the wife had no clue how to vote. She kept sticking her head out of the curtain asking her hubby “who” in Russian. He kept replying BOOKER, BOOKER. Funny how these refugees from Godless, atheistic, totalitarian Communism come to the US and vote for the Commie.

    I deliberately did not call these folks Russian refugees since obviously their sympathies lie with the old regime.

    • Thanks for the reminder! I’ll be sure to cancel out your vote…next time around perhaps we can just agree ahead of time not to waste our time.

      • That’s what I do with Emilius. We’d just cancel each other, so why bother?

      • Will always vote,I don’t believe in pairing. Just what wonderful things do you think Cory will do for the state that he has not already done for Newark?

        Frankly, the guy was a great disappointment to me. I had a sit-down with some of his people after he was elected. Very informal. Just discussing neighborhood preservation, my specialty. Listened to their ideas, made some suggestions based on NYC experience in the field and then proceeded to watch them do…..absolutely nothing over the next two years.

        This guy is an empty suit, not ready for prime time player who was supposed to succeed Christie after making a reputation as the savior of Newark. Lautenberg unfortunately croaked and upset the apple cart and my former Congressman Steve Rothman got knocked out by Bill Pascrall in a primary. This was Rothman’s senate seat, he was promised it four years ago. I understand he still wanders around Fair lawn muttering WTFH?

    • Now here’s the amazing thing, Stephen … they voted for the right person! All that non-knowledge and issues with speaking the English language … and coming from commi-land (oh, my!) … and they still voted for the right person! How cool is that? 🙂

      • Only, Comrade because you like commies. Of course, in the course of things you will wind up in Siberia with me while Booker and his pals are eating caviar in the Winter Palace. Remember Trotsky?

  31. http://eaglerising.com/2294/proof-democrats-shutdown/

    It’s all the Democrats fault, LOL!

  32. I snorted Red Bull at this one..

    “A true cynic about American politics would, at this point, be forced to one conclusion: Sen. Ted Cruz is a Democratic sleeper agent.”
    -WaPo (WonkBlog)

  33. MSNBC has been caught airing a deceptively edited video of a rally that took place in Washington D.C. over the weekend, in addition to flagrantly lying to its viewers.

    Raw footage of the protests outside the gates of the White House showed hyped-up riot police striking and shoving elderly war vets.

    However, in a segment produced by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, only two-thirds of the footage was shown, making it appear as though veterans initiated the confrontations.

    Just as we witnessed during the Trayvon Martin affair, NBC has once again utilized selective editing techniques in attempts to manipulate its target audience, omitting violence on the part of police in order to demonize protesters who dared to defend themselves against the barrage of assaults – both to their bodies and their liberties.

    Maddow also played the rally off as a small gathering of fringe Tea Party supporters, in efforts to dismiss legitimate protests through divide and conquer.
    A d v e r t i s e m e n t

    In reality, the demonstration, for the most part, was a non-partisan assembly of vets and concerned citizens infuriated with the Obama administration’s spiteful decision to barricade national war memorials.

    Maddow followed through with a patently dishonest statement that the police featured weren’t being paid.

    Report: NBC Edits Video to Frame Veterans americanexperience 300x286In fact, the officers featured in the video are members of the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department, whose paychecks aren’t affected by the government shutdown.

    http://www.prisonplanet.com/report-nbc-edits-video-to-frame-veterans-2.htmlLater in the segment, Maddow also pulled the typical stunt of equating opposition to Obama with racism, pointing out a lone man waving the Confederate flag.

    In airing the clearly dishonest report, Maddow has once again demonstrated she is a useful minion of the Obama administration, working hard to manipulate her audience and in turn stifle opposition so that more people don’t go out and defend liberty.

    It’s interesting to note that, in the video, Metropolitan police are dressed in jackets festooned with a patch that reads “Washington D.C. The American Experience,” as they forcefully fend off the very veterans who at one time fought to defend America.

    • Never ceases to amaze me how the Left Wing Liberals cannot tell the truth. Rachel Maddow is a useless lying bitch who should be on unemployment. Too bad she has a few sheeple that actually watch her useless show. Shameful!

      • I haven’t seen what you reference above, but she tends to be one of the finest pundits in the business from my perspective. I would be genuinely surprised if what you suggest is the case.

        She absolutely – absolutely – has a bias / slant to the left. No one is denying that, but you’re basically suggesting she’s on par with Fox news and I find that very hard to believe. Still, I will of course look into the matter personally.

        • Mathius, there is a video in the link that shows this to be 100% true. Sorry Buddy, but one of your pundits is a lying bitch.

          I will not defend FOX, but please provide an example on how Fox is on par with Maddow.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            How about the example I used the other day of them claiming that Fed workers were double dipping into unemployment AND getting back pay once the shut down ended?

            How about their stories about EXCESS EPA employees?

            And I agree with you on Maddow. I have caught her in several fabrications or distortions. But you can’t challenge her on the lefty sites without being Homophobic.

          • Much as I hate to click on Prison Planet, I did.. your link is dead. Got a better one?

            ::slathers eyeballs with Purell::

            IT BURNS GOD IT BURNS!

            ::slathers on more Purell::

            Phew.. that’s better.. Prison Planet.. ugh..

            • Is she a man in drag? A transsexual maybe? She is just like Obama, a compulsive liar. Can’t stop, she needs mental help fast, go save her…….er….him. 🙂

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I saw her reporting on this the other day. I don’t recall the details of the video but I do remember her making the statement that the police were not getting paid.

              This is blatantly false for not just the D.C. police but the Park police/staff as well. The furlough notice and authority distinctly told Fed employees they would get paid if they were Excepted from the furlough. Their pay may not come on time but they would get paid.

              Maddow is not the only left leaning pundit to make the claim they are not getting paid. I think I heard it from one of the new “YOUNGER” CNN pundits as well.

              I have one other factoid for you regarding all the whining about impact to Fed employees.

              The Federal paychecks are delayed for two weeks following the end of the pay period which they cover. I don’t know if all Fed employees are on the same schedule but the calendar we have resulted in a paycheck arriving this past Monday which included the pay period ending on October 5th. That check was short only 4 days pay.

              This means that NO FEDERAL EMPLOYEE has suffered from lack of pay until two days ago. And for some those checks will not normally arrive until tomorrow.

              So Maddow and others who have been pushing this terrible impact on the poor employees is well, full of the bulldookey.

              • So Maddow and others who have been pushing this terrible impact on the poor employees is well, full of the bulldookey.

                Kind of like Charlies whining the other day about this same subject.

          • Me too!

  34. And the men of principal fold … again … nice try … the Dems will be sending “thank you” cards to Ted Cruz and his merry pranksters (a.k.a., the tea baggers) for years to come.

    A wonderful turn of events … Cruzzzzzzzzzzzzzing to defeat once more once. 🙂

    • Last I saw, it hasn’t even been voted on yet. Might want to wait for the eggs to hatch before you count your chickens 🙂

      • Good point … the tea baggers do seem to be a gift that “keeps on giving” … 🙂

        • Still repeating the Liberal media talking points I see. Can you come up with something more original for your fans 🙂

        • Try thinking about it this way. The Republicans in Congress now have a 28 percent approval rating. Low right? However, along the way, they have dragged beloved rodeo clown leader down to 37 percent. That’s a nine point spread. I’m not particularly sure but I suspect that the split back in the Gingrich/Clinton shut down days was much wider. If in fact, I am correct, the purpose was served. Also, there is the fact that people are now paying attention to Obamacare and the premiums.

          Amnesty is dead, DEAD, D_E_A_D! May have won this one but can you spell lame duck?

          • Surprisingly both Limbaugh and O’Reilly see this as a plus for the Conservative Republicans. They feel that the issues were brought forth for all to see. O’Reilly felt that the problem plagued debut of Obama care would have gone under the radar without Cruz focusing attention on it. By election ’14, the mess will be there (and the increased premiums) for all to see. I’m still waiting to see how this impacts Medicare with the concurrent cuts directed at funding the undocumented alien’s health care.

          • “May have won this one but can you spell lame duck?”

            Sure can … your team is dead in the water come 2016 … dead before they get to be a duck 🙂

            • Actually, I don’t think I want the presidency. Would rather hang “The Great Depression Redux” around a democrat’s neck for the rest of the century. As I said, keep the House, get closer in the Senate so they can destroy the dems in 2018 and let Hillary “own” the depression.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Need I remind you that the Dems had the last Great Depression hung around their necks yet nobody seems to remember that today.

                Those who control the history books and media control history itself.

              • Keep the house? You must be drinking the same Cool Aid as Gman! 🙂

              • Charlie, you are on for that beer on that one. You guys forget why the GOP got the House in 2010 and the Democrats won it in 2006. Despite the carping about Gerrymandering, it is the closest thing we have to true democratic representation. Both the Presidency and the Senate have become “beauty contests” but the House, even with all the money involved is still “local”. .

              • JAC, I grew up listening to “Mr. Hoover’s Depression” from my coal region relatives.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    Who will be the new leadership of the Republican Party??

    Will it be folks like Ted Cruz or John Boehner and Mitch McConnell?

    If Ted Cruz truly LOST this battle then the answer to that question should be very easy.

    But since it is NOT EASY, maybe Mr. Cruz did not lose anything. Maybe he understands the long game and the difference between Strategy and Tactics.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    As I lay here feeling the effects of my pain meds I consider whether this is the same as Matt’s experience with his RED BULL. After all, I feel like I have WINGS………Sorry my dear Spitfire, I meant WANGS!

    Now I have an idea. As usual I have been posting my thoughts on things and comments about other’s thoughts. So perhaps a change of approach is in order, just to make things fun.

    Does anyone have any questions for me? On any thing?

    I will try to answer all questions, up to the point of revealing identities.

    Now is your chance before the drugs wear off.

    • Mathius, get over here quick….I’m sure you won’t let this opportunity go to waste!

    • What is the ground speed of an unladen swallow?

    • This might be fun-How do you feel about John McCain? I like him about as much as I like Obama.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I am more fond of rattlesnakes. And I think I have shared here before what I think of rattlesnakes.


        • Well then how about the fall colors in Oregon..bet they’re ablaze and plentiful right now.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            As a matter of fact they are. It is downright beautiful right now and the weather has been sunny and in the high 60’s all week.

            By the way, I have not forgotten your request for a place to live out west.

            Given your need to work and your current environs I suggest you look into Sandpoint, Idaho or the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho….Spokane, Washington area.

            Washington has NO Income Tax so that might a better choice. Sandpoint has the BETTER Mountain views and a VERY BIG LAKE, by our standards. More like a pond by yours.

            Bozeman, MT would be another great choice but it is expensive housing. Especially if you want to live near the woods.

            Other choices are Kalispell, MT and Missoula, MT……….but the latter is heavy Progressive Town.

            If you like small towns, a view of the Teton and can handle the strong Mormon culture then St. Anthony, Idaho is OK.

            Cody, Wyoming is a great town with Rocky Mtn views but the forest is a ways out of town. Wyoming also has NO Income tax.

            Let me know what you think of these. I might be able to help you a little in your search.

  37. Oh crap-they just announced they are going to start repairing the expressway by my house and they say it will take 4 years. So I figure it will take about 10 😦

    • They added a diamond lane to a freeway here. 3.5 mi of road each way for a total of 7 miles. Three bridges had to be widened. It took 3 years! How did we ever build thousands of miles of interstate in 3 decades?

    • Yep, makes perfect sense to me … the logic behind the TEA BAGGERS … make damn sure a wall memorial is open but to hell with those losing paychecks … and the FACT that it was a tea bagger who shut it down makes even more TEA BAGGER sense … you have to love these morons (I know the Democrats love them) … absolute morons. But they always make me smile … 🙂

  38. From this day on, I’m calling these cops “the best of the Liberal Left” Or “ObamaCop” for short. http://lastresistance.com/3387/cop-breaks-womans-face-reason/

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Not a fan of PETA but this one made me laugh:


  40. Just A Citizen says:

    Time for a history lesson. The “third” step in the loss of the American “Dream”.

    Points of interest. This was the third tariff passed for “protectionism” of American industry. All three favored the NE or the “west” at the EXPENSE of the Southern Agrarian States. The seeds of a future war are being sown just after 1800.

    The Tariffs are viewed as “unconstitutional” because…………They favor particular industries and regions of the country over others. That folks it what General Welfare meant to the men who wrote the Constitution.


  41. Just A Citizen says:

    Another example of how firm Sir Harry and King Barack were on “MUST BE A CLEAN CR”.

    Also an example of just how slimy these weasels are. Right in your wheel house Gman. Slow, straight and waist high.


  42. Just A Citizen says:


    I’ll assume you are also sitting there wondering if the Tiger’s bull pen will blow this lead.

    What the hell is with this Cabrera fella anyway? Lolly gagging his but after that foul ball and now almost blowing an out at first. His lack of passion is hard for this old ball player to watch.

    • Crashed early last night so I’m just catching highlights. Looks like it was an ugly win for the Tigers. But hey!, they’re still alive..Go Tigers!

  43. Another Great Liberal “Satire” from the School of Alinsky. Dopes that I know actually post it as real.


  44. Colonel, just wanted to let you know that another local high tech company is moving from the land of taxes to Texas.

  45. Just A Citizen says:

    Let me be the first to point out that MY PREDICTION about the Shut Down shut down was WRONG.

    I thought the R’s would drag it into the weekend just to make the point it wouldn’t be a disaster after all.

    I am suspecting my other prediction about what the Sec of Treasury has been up to was correct. The R’s seemed to go all wobbly after their closed door meeting with him and King Obama.

    • JAC, I’m with you. It think Obama has been working to set this scenario for months. Never let a crisis go to waste even if you have to manufacture it. I see McConnell is getting some pork out of this deal. It also looks like they are setting up the next debt limit vote to be under Obama’s control. If that is true, the R’s will have very little leverage to control the spending for the next three years. The only hope would be to get control of both the House and Senate in the next election. Even that may not be enough as Obama still can block things with a veto.

      • It sucks to lose, huh? Maybe that tea bagger thing should be re-thought? You think?

        • Alright Charlie. Now you’re getting on my nerves. I’ve had your back plenty around here, but chill dude. A guy with an MFA should at least have a filter between his brain and his mouth.
          Yeah it sucks to lose. Just don’t forget..you’re not winning, you’re going right down with us.

        • Actually no Charlie……this next election in the State….we will elect more of the Cruz type….the non cowards that will stand up to this disaster. We have the Republican names…and they will be replaced.

  46. My 32 year old son’s comment, not mine.

    “We lost the republic yesterday… I mean it was mostly gone already, but the GOP final cavein is complete. I don’t know if you’ve sifted through the coverage, but they have made it so the president can essentially raise the statutory debt limit at will. Sure, they can symbolically vote to oppose it, but it’s meaningless since they need 2/3 the house to override the inevitable veto.”

    Whenever dictatorship raises it’s ugly head in history it is for a good “reason”. The Republic is threatened, the economy is in a shambles, the poor don’t have enough ________________(fill in the blank).

    The dictatorship is not established yet but the groundwork is laid. Keep listening for, “We have to do something!” Those who do not see it are firmly entrenched in the, “It can’t happen here mode”.

    Last night on Megan Kelly I believe there were two commentators, one white, one black. The black guy was going on about the bulk (not all) but the BULK of the Republican opposition being racist. Pushed a little bit by Meagan, he said the comments about “tar baby” were evidence. I dunno, but I have my ear fairly close to the ground on many, many things and I have never heard this. Seems like another “myth” or “satire” that has taken on the status of truth. Anybody out there have a source for “tar baby”? My annoyance with Meagan was that she never called chapter and verse allowing it to be re-enforced as “truth”.

    This “New Yorker” satire (unlabeled as such) is what passes for “Truth” these days.


    A perfect blending of Joseph Goebbels and Saul Alinsky. Outside of birth religions, those two really were not so far apart after all were they? What I would like to see is the Buck’s Charlie’s, Todd’s and Matt’s of the world rise up and say “shame” to crap like this.

    • Shame on people holding the government of the United States hostage to effect changes which they can’t achieve through democratic means.

      • Somehow, the House of Representatives was elected by democratic means. Exactly what part do you not understand? The change in the House from D to R was as much as or more of a plebiscite than the 30% el presidente gathered. I would say the same about the House going to the Dems in 2006, that was a poll on Bush and DeLay. The house ended the Vietnam war by basically withholding funds from So. Vietnam. Was that too a case of hostage holding?

        You see no problem with these “satires”?

      • Shame on the government holding the people hostage to effect changes which they can’t achieve through democratic means. Lousiana Purchase, cookies for the unions and abortion lobby, waivers, extensions, backroom shinanigans, midnight votes, etc., etc., etc.

  47. what a bunch of cowards……17 trillion,,,,,soon to be 21 trillion when Obama leaves office…..I will not have to face it but my children will and so will Mathius and Buck with their new children.

    No one cares about debt. And, the spending will not stop, the debt will not reduce…..

    Spineless, cowards that want to live like Europe…..sigh. But, I will not give up….we will elect more conservative Tea Party this next election and replace the Republican RINO’s but for now the Dems rule.

    and no, Charlie….Wendy Davis does not have a chance.

    • I had already been voting incumbents out for the previous two elections..covering four years…figured if everyone did that we could have flipped the House and Senate within 6 years..I plan to continue voting them out.

  48. After our short talk about the 60’s the other day. I thought this popping up was opportune. Opinions anyone?


    • Read that you Commie scum!

      I just had to say that. Thanks again VH for a relevant piece. But you as well as I know, when THEY do it it is OK when WE do it it is “holding the government, people, poor people, children, left handed blind blond people, blacks. other minorities, Martians hostage.” Of course it is also racist, always remember that it is racist.

      Dumbing down the school curriculum and eliminating history and then even social studies really worked out well for the other side didn’t it?

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