Questions I’d Like Answered

As a curious person, not to mention a bit of a Conspiracy Theory fan, I have many questions that I’d like answered.  Some may mean nothing, others, not so sure, you be the judge.  I’ve brought many of these up in the past.  As usual, this will be an Open Mic forum, so feel free to discuss anything.

1.  Why does the DHS need 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, many of which are hollow points?  2.  Why does the DHS need over 3000 armored MRAP vehicles?  3.  Why are so many organizations preparing for civil unrest?  4.  Why are our military commanders being purged by Obama?  5.  Why does this country need over 200K employees of the DHS?  6.  Why do so many police departments seem more like the military?  7.  Why are good, law abiding citizens being deemed terrorists and/or dangerous by the government?  8.  Why is Christianity seeming under attack?  9.  If we know our elected officials are lying to us, why do we keep voting them into office?  10.  Do we really need this over bloated Federal government to have a safe and prosperous nation?

Let’s start there.  Have a great weekend everybody!



  1. Just A Citizen says:

    For those who doubt the goodness of our fellow citizens. Now if only they would understand the reward is based on PERSONAL action.

  2. gmanfortruth says:

    Hunting update, for those who care 🙂 Going into week 5 of the bow season here, I have harvested one nice heavy bodied buck. Tomorrow starts Fall Turkey, so I’ll be hunting both deer and turkey with the bow. This years harvest was my first bow kill 🙂 I’ve never spent much time hunting turkey, but I have seen lots of them within bow range this year already, so I might get another first.

  3. gmanfortruth says:

    Now, for ObamaCare again.
    The Affordable Care Act has some provisions for “grandfathering” in existing policies that don’t meet the new regulations, but those provisions go away at the end of the year.

    “The Departments’ mid-range estimate is that 66 percent of small employer plans and 45 percent of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfather status by the end of 2013,” the Administration wrote on page 34,552 of the Federal Register back in 2010.

    The midrange — not even the top-most — estimate of the number of people who will actually lose their insurance when Obamacare is done having its way is 93 million.

    Obamacare was sold as a way to get some 20 million-plus (depending who was issuing the numbers) American residents without health insurance covered.

    The Administration eventually admitted that Obamacare will leave 30 million uninsured, but according to its own admission buried in the Register, the number is likely to be at least three times that.

    To make matters more absurd, a recent Gallup poll of the uninsured found more than 36 percent of them — mostly younger — had no intention of signing up for insurance through a government exchange, despite the new law.

    That’s really bad news for Obamacare, which like a pyramid scheme relies on higher payments for young new insureds to cover costs for the elderly.

    Obamacare was also supposed to lower premiums for everybody, but that claim too has been blown out of the water by reality.

    In the final analysis, Obama lied in order to get Obamacare passed. He and the Democrats knew that Americans mostly liked their health insurance and for that reason had resisted other efforts to create a socialized system in the past.

    So, just tell Americans what they want to hear: You can keep your insurance if you like it. That way, Obamacare only affects “those” people who aren’t you.

    It was a classic snake oil pitch from start to finish.

    Read more:

    So the bottom line is that more people will be uninsured than before ObamaCare. So, will someone on the Left please explain what this law fixed?

  4. gmanfortruth says:

    Well now, how about this fine situation we are in?

    “Because the Midwest states of the U.S. are sparsely populated, in order to increase the lethality, [our] nuclear attacks should mainly target the key cities on the West Coast of the United States, such as Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego,” the Global Times said.

    “The 12 JL-2 nuclear warheads carried by one single Type 094 SSBN can kill and wound 5 million to 12 million Americans,” the Global Times reported.

    China also has developed land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles — notably the DF-31A, which has a range of 7,000 to 7,500 miles.

    “If we launch our DF 31A ICBMs over the North Pole, we can easily destroy a whole list of metropolises on the East Coast and the New England region of the U.S., including Annapolis, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Portland, Baltimore and Norfolk, whose population accounts for about one-eighth of America’s total residents,” the Global Times said.

    Read more:

  5. gmanfortruth says:

    Are President Smokey Pants actions legal? Can he just order Law enforcement to NOT uphold the laws?

  6. PeterB in Indianapolis says:

    Stop whatever you are doing and read this. It is LONG, but it is WELL worth the read!!!!!!

    • It is long, but you are right, a good read. My main take-away: we’re screwed!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Yes, quite long, finally finished in between all the interruptions. Seems to me a very bloody revolution may be on the horizon. That appears to be the only fix, much like the first Revolution. It comes down to fight or become slaves. And as my questions have seemingly made clear, the ruling class is prepping for a fight.

    • Nice piece. If we could get Charlie to read THE WHOLE THING, we would find that either he is on our side or that we are on his. The problem with “revolution” is that we will not be so lucky (or blessed) again. We were given something that in my better moments I think was divinely inspired, the pinnacle of human achievement. I’ve always felt that the basis for us being here was to improve ourselves and to improve our intellect fulfilling the wish of our Creator. Instead we have merely gone about making the exact same mistakes as those who built the Tower of Babel.

      Genesis 11:1-9

      New International Version (NIV)
      The Tower of Babel

      11 Now the whole world had one language and a common speech. 2 As people moved eastward,[a] they found a plain in Shinar[b] and settled there.

      3 They said to each other, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” They used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar. 4 Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”

      5 But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. 6 The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

      8 So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. 9 That is why it was called Babel[c]—because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth.

      Go ahead, tell me you don’t see something here that is awfully familiar. Believer or not, the moral is the same. The old man would have said, “getting too big for your britches”.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Well said, but it seems that only one thing has grown to big for it’s britches, the government. They once spoke our language, now they speak in lies. The American people aren’t the problem, but they do need to be the solution!

      • gmanfortruth says:

        What do ya think SK?

        It is compliance to natural laws that bestows the gift of life to people! And it is also natural laws that specify the ways to nurture that gift of life.

        Thus when people take credit for the successful results of their actions, in effect, they are stealing that credit from the natural law of right action identified by Richard W. Wetherill decades ago.

        This natural law requires people to think, say, and do what is rational and honest, no matter what is happening.

        People already know that obedience to the created laws of physics enables them to benefit from each law’s successful application–gravity for example.

        All through the ages, without realizing their mistake, people have continued claiming credit for any of their actions that actually do succeed. Failures tend to be blamed on bad luck or a variety of other things.

        Because that human, credit-seeking attitude continually contradicts the creator’s intended rational, honest attitude for mankind, society’s problems and troubles remain unavoidable and unsolvable.

        To achieve worldwide peace, goodwill, and accomplishment, it is vital to give thanks for right results to the creator of natural laws. It is only those created laws that can peacefully guide the human race to serve the creator’s rightful purpose for what is to come.

        • Just a bit too deep for me. I’d shorten it to, “not giving thanks”.

          We are blessed as sentient beings who have free will. Man will argue to the end of time how this occurred, was it Divine, was it evolution? The smart ass in me would always like to come down on the side of evolution. I’d like to take all the credit for who i am, what I have done and my legacy such as it is. That’s where that Greek word hubris comes in. That I am part of a plan? Nah, can’t be. That is, until I look up at a star filled night sky, watch the dawn, see a bluejay take off directly in front of me, see a spider web on a humid morning. At that point, I realize, I ain’t really spit.

  7. gmanfortruth says:

    Bottom line: Bernie Sanders is a dirty liar and a thief’s handmaiden. He pretends to care about the poor in order to steal from the rich, but in the end, the rich man’s money will just go into Prince John’s pocket. All the poor man will get in return is a U.S. government IOU. And that IOU is looking more and more specious as the days go by.

    Add Bernie to that list of Liars that need to be castrated.

  8. gmanfortruth says:
    • Oh Goodness-that was sarcastic as all get out but I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        VH, I don’t worry about offending people. I wear pro gun and pro hunting shirts everywhere. It’s nearly impossible to not offend a Liberal somehow each and every day. Hell, breathing is offending to the AlGorians 🙂

        • In the end, I think the most important thing is if the points you are making are true. This, sarcastic as it was spoke the truth IMHO based on the issues and statements that the democrat talking heads push.

  9. gmanfortruth says:

    I doubt Buck or Mathius would EVER say anything this absurd, but only a Liberal could come up with this whopper 🙄

    Earlier this week, Sean Penn, the notoriously confused uber-liberal actor, told gun-grabber advocate Piers Morgan that Ted Cruz and the so-called Tea Party faction in the House should be rounded up and forcibly committed to a mental hospital. He said Obama should issue an executive order demanding action be taken.

    With the video, just in case no one believes it BWAHAHAHA!

  10. gmanfortruth says:

    LAX shooting kills one TSA agent and injures 3. The shooter was an LA resident, formally from New Jersey (Another nut from Jersey 🙂 ). Lame Stream Media says he was anti-government (yea right, just like Zimmerman was a racist). Gun grabbers are spouting off already. Here’s my conspiracy theory for this incident. It takes care of two things, one, deflect all the bad attention on Obamacare, two, now they can arm the TSA, which I think is their intention anyway

    Anyone want to lay odds on the TSA getting guns? I believe they have already been purchased and the training locations contracted (read this a few months back).

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Sanford Police Tell Neighborhood Watches to Stand Down
      Jack Cashill

      Sanford, Florida’s new chief of police, Cecil Smith, has some tough words to share with the residents of Sanford, Florida — not the criminal residents of Sanford, but the good neighbors who care enough to watch the criminals.

      “In this program,” said the offensively patronizing Smith, “it is clearly stated that you will not pursue an individual. In this new program, it clearly indicates that you will not carry a firearm when performing your duties as a neighborhood watch captain or participant.”

      One question that Smith appears not to have asked himself is who gives the police chief authority over a voluntary neighborhood watch program? Another is what gives him the right to disarm citizens who have the legal right to concealed carry — more than 1.1 million in Florida alone?

      And the final question is why would anyone willingly cooperate with a top-down, police-directed neighborhood watch program that treats him or her like a potential criminal?

      In that Smith, an African American, got his job because community pressure forced out his white predecessor, it stands to reason that he would buy into the premises that led that “community” to demand life imprisonment for a transparently innocent neighborhood watch coordinator, George Zimmerman.

      In fact, however, Zimmerman was not “performing his duties” when he spotted Trayvon Martin wandering idly in the rain. He was on his way to Target to go shopping. He did not “pursue an individual.” When asked, he tried to tell the police dispatcher in which direction Martin was running, stopped following him when requested, and was viciously attacked nonetheless.

      Had Zimmerman not been armed, he might well now be dead or disabled. The incident proved the validity of the old saw, “When every second counts, the police are just minutes away.”

      The Sanford Police responded quickly that night but not quickly enough. If they had arrived just a minute sooner, they would likely have arrested Trayvon Martin for aggravated assault and tried the seventeen year-old as an adult. Instead, Martin remains imbedded in the minds of the willfully clueless as the iconic black child with the Skittles. Police Chief Smith, alas, seems to be among their number.

      Read more:

    • The correct pronunciation is J-O-I-S-E-Y.

      They have been salivating for this moment, a genuine anti-government nutball, the only one! But, as time goes by, we will find that the nutball part was in the ascendency. California is very restrictive on these “assault weapons”. Let us all see how this J-O-I-S-E-Y jerk got his.

      • And was he on SSRIs?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        As with all these types of events, the Liberal media will damn near drown themselves trying to blame a conservative, tea partier or some gun collector. Most of this will turn out to be BS and we will all find out the he was an adamant Obama supporter who went off because he couldn’t afford his new health insurance to keep getting his meds (SSRIs). Lets see what happens. The Dems will do almost anything to demonize any group on the right. The Liberal MSM is still reeling after they got embarrassed by the Zimmerman trial outcome. They will never learn, learning from past mistakes isn’t in their blood, or they just don’t think they were wrong and everyone else is at fault (See President Smokey Pants for examples).

    • Ever wonder why the government has to make everything a crisis. We’ve been looking at pollution of our environment for years and making reasonable steps to combat it. But that isn’t good enough they have to make it “the world is going to be destroyed” if you don’t gives us trillions of dollars to fight with. When are people gonna start realizing it’s the control of the money that they want.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        When are people gonna start realizing it’s the control of the money that they want.

        Have you noticed that Global Warming BS is a Liberal issue? Notice those of us on the right side of things don’t fall for all this junk science stuff? Who is gullible again? Those answers are quite simple!

  11. 48. 12′ 27.56″ N. 16. 21′ 57.83″ E.

  12. There’s Nothing Funny About Obama
    By Mark Steyn
    November 1, 2013 10:11 PM

    …and don’t you forget it:

    HOPKINSVILLE, KY.–A picture of a Jennie Stuart Medical Center employee wearing a President Barack Obama mask and straitjacket at the hospital’s annual costume party has stirred debate.

    “Stirred debate” isn’t exactly the phrase I’d use:

    Along with the costume (pictured above), a skit called “VIP Special Delivery” was performed, winning the group third place in the costume contest.

    As a result, all 750 employees have now been required to take diversity training.

    There’s a designation for countries where mocking the leader gets you sent to re-education camp, and it isn’t “self-governing republic of freeborn citizens”. Is none of these 750 thought-criminals man enough to tell the Diversity Commissar to take a hike?

  13. gmanfortruth says:
  14. gmanfortruth says:
  15. gmanfortruth says:
  16. gmanfortruth says:

    Can you guess what this is telling you? There are numerous clues . It’s a warning!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Bottom Line, can you figure out the significance of the numbers in the web site?

      • It could mean anything. I presume the video has clues.

        What is in the context of global history, and connects the Illuminati, 9/11, Oklahoma City bombing, Snowden, Time, Balance, Water, Earth and Power?

        What does SECTOR NY WATER, and RUN AWAY mean?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Other clues, circles the earth 5 times, scrolls 4 times, pauses, then a 5th. That is a timeline I think. The Sector NY Water, could be a clue as too where something will occur, or what it will occur in (chemical, biological). Runaway is a warning? It may not mean NYC water, to be more specific. There may be more , will watch more tomorrow. Warnings of future bad events are not uncommon, just not found in plain sight.

          • I wonder what clues can be found by investigating it’s origin. It could simply be a marketing campaign or something relatively benign. It sort of appears as such.

            It has us talking about it. Maybe that’s the trick, …to exploit intrigue.

            The video itself is done with high quality graphics and such, …looks very professional, …which implies that whoever is behind it has the capacity to facilitate graphics and production teams, and whatever other media professionals, equipment, etc.

            It looks business/corporate-ish.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Thought about the possibility of some form of marketing. But what are they marketing, CIA funded attacks in the US? What about Snowden, That’s an NSA subject. Now the new building out in Utah that stores all the stuff the NSA gets, needs lots of water to keep these machines cool. Could it be from overseas? Someone pissed about the NSA spying? All the Pics of Terror attacks with high casualties. Nov 5th is a Tuesday, That’s is a good day for an attack where many people work (NYC) or mabe a NSA building in Upstate NY. Maybe it’s Mathius just fuc%^&g with us 😆

              • Mathius™ says:

                Maybe it’s Mathius just fuc%^&g with us

                Could be.. I’d never want to rule that out if I were you..

                Nov 5th is a Tuesday, That’s is a good day for an attack

                Yes. Yes it is.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Actually, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s are the preferred days for terrorist’s to attack, according to the terrorist’s themselves. There claim is that more people are out of the home (working, etc) and there is better media coverage the next few days after. It makes sense to me I suppose. On a funny note, I saw a coyote scare the crap out of a deer this morning, which in turn scared the crap out of the coyote when the deer jumped up 🙂

  17. gmanfortruth says:

    UH OH! While not a surprise to me, President Smokey Pants has the whole list of Senate Democrats that can join him in a smokey pants festival for liars. I hope our resident Lefties are embarrassed by this, it’s shameful.


    Jon, Jon, Jon-what point are you trying to make here-you have no problem if the left uses your “jokes” to attack republicans but you seem to have a problem when they are used to attack the left. And claiming that your opinions are ignored by the right when it’s shit we don’t like is total BS-I have personally seen you appear on fox news numerous times. So what beyond making a fool out of yourself and calling for people to basically ignore you are you trying to make? Are did you just want an excuse to tell people to go _______ themselves. Or maybe, hummmm, maybe he received one of “those” calls from the White House !

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Funny, Liberals will use his stuff like it’s factual, the rest of us just laugh at his stuff.

  19. gmanfortruth says:

    Great video of a whitetail buck in rut and how dangerous they can be, worth a look for even animal lovers!

    • gmanfortruth says:
    • Just A Citizen says:


      Any specific questions?

      AS for the general accusations there have been more recent “academic” works that confirm them.

      Various Austrian Economic scholars have also written articles on particular programs.

      Like the price controls that prevented more food from being planted and grown. Remember, it was in this time that the Govt sued a Farmer for growing food for his own family, under the claim that such behavior undermined the Govt’s authority to regulate “interstate commerce”.

      • No, no specific questions-just looking at how things haven’t changed-we get some little hand out which we can look at and say well that’s good-that helps people but the larger picture of what we lost is dismissed or ignored by too many.

  20. gmanfortruth says:

    Liberals don’t want to be be confused by the facts because facts are not necessary when implementing liberal policies and programs

    Read more:

  21. Just A Citizen says:


    Congrats SPARTY. Somebody opened a can of whoop ass on them Wolverines.

    • Yes indeeeeed! A trifecta weekend for me..roadtrip to Ky and Tenn..absolutely beautiful in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Saw the Cumberland Falls..beautiful. Had my Spartan clothes on during roadtrip home. Learned of the SPARTAN WIN from a couple guys in a gas station on way home..both guys were Mich fans so that made it all the better. And I made it to the ripe old age of 51 Saturday. Best weekend I’ve had in a long time. 🙂

      • Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like a fun roadtrip – did you stop in to see VH?

        • PS – Were you wearing your mini-skirt at that gas station?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Yes Happy Birthday !

        • Thanks guys. Left the mini skirt behind in favor of Spartan sweats and tshirt! Shoulda brought the skirt, One of the Mich fans was fine lookin 🙂 VH was on my mind all weekend. Had eyes and ears open , looking for signs of her (like I even know what to look or listen for) ! 🙂

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Next time your down there I suggest looking for the lady holding a picket sign in front of a planned parenthood facility.

            Just a wild guess, but I think the odds are good.

  22. Testimony
    Fox News’ Highly Reluctant Jesus Follower
    Of all people surprised that I became an evangelical Christian, I’m the most surprised.
    Kirsten Powers
    [ posted 10/22/2013 2:21PM ]
    Photo by Scott Suchman

    JUst seven years ago, if someone had told me that I’d be writing for Christianity Today magazine about how I came to believe in God, I would have laughed out loud. If there was one thing in which I was completely secure, it was that I would never adhere to any religion—especially to evangelical Christianity, which I held in particular contempt.

    I grew up in the Episcopal Church in Alaska, but my belief was superficial and flimsy. It was borrowed from my archaeologist father, who was so brilliant he taught himself to speak and read Russian. When I encountered doubt, I would fall back on the fact that he believed.

    Leaning on my father’s faith got me through high school. But by college it wasn’t enough, especially because as I grew older he began to confide in me his own doubts. What little faith I had couldn’t withstand this revelation. From my early 20s on, I would waver between atheism and agnosticism, never coming close to considering that God could be real.

    After college I worked as an appointee in the Clinton administration from 1992 to 1998. The White House surrounded me with intellectual people who, if they had any deep faith in God, never expressed it. Later, when I moved to New York, where I worked in Democratic politics, my world became aggressively secular. Everyone I knew was politically left-leaning, and my group of friends was overwhelmingly atheist.

    I sometimes hear Christians talk about how terrible life must be for atheists. But our lives were not terrible. Life actually seemed pretty wonderful, filled with opportunity and good conversation and privilege. I know now that it was not as wonderful as it could have been. But you don’t know what you don’t know. How could I have missed something I didn’t think existed?

    Very Open-Minded

    To the extent that I encountered Christians, it was in the news cycle. And inevitably they were saying something about gay people or feminists. I didn’t feel I was missing much. So when I began dating a man who was into Jesus, I was not looking for God. In fact, the week before I met him, a friend had asked me if I had any deal breakers in dating. My response: “Just nobody who is religious.”

    A few months into our relationship, my boyfriend called to say he had something important to talk to me about. I remember exactly where I was sitting in my West Village apartment when he said, “Do you believe Jesus is your Savior?” My stomach sank. I started to panic. Oh no, was my first thought. He’s crazy.

    When I answered no, he asked, “Do you think you could ever believe it?” He explained that he was at a point in life when he wanted to get married and felt that I could be that person, but he couldn’t marry a non-Christian. I said I didn’t want to mislead him—that I would never believe in Jesus.

    Then he said the magic words for a liberal: “Do you think you could keep an open mind about it?” Well, of course. “I’m very open-minded!” Even though I wasn’t at all. I derided Christians as anti-intellectual bigots who were too weak to face the reality that there is no rhyme or reason to the world. I had found this man’s church attendance an oddity to overlook, not a point in his favor.

    As he talked, I grew conflicted. On the one hand, I was creeped out. On the other hand, I had enormous respect for him. He is smart, educated, and intellectually curious. I remember thinking, What if this is true, and I’m not even willing to consider it?

    A few weeks later I went to church with him. I was so clueless about Christianity that I didn’t know that some Presbyterians were evangelicals. So when we arrived at the Upper East Side service of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, I was shocked and repelled by what I saw. I was used to the high-church liturgy of my youth. We were meeting in an auditorium with a band playing what I later learned was “praise music.” I thought, How am I going to tell him I can never come back?

    But then the pastor preached. I was fascinated. I had never heard a pastor talk about the things he did. Tim Keller’s sermon was intellectually rigorous, weaving in art and history and philosophy. I decided to come back to hear him again. Soon, hearing Keller speak on Sunday became the highlight of my week. I thought of it as just an interesting lecture—not really church. I just tolerated the rest of it in order to hear him. Any person who is familiar with Keller’s preaching knows that he usually brings Jesus in at the end of the sermon to tie his points together. For the first few months, I left feeling frustrated: Why did he have to ruin a perfectly good talk with this Jesus nonsense?

    Each week, Keller made the case for Christianity. He also made the case against atheism and agnosticism. He expertly exposed the intellectual weaknesses of a purely secular worldview. I came to realize that even if Christianity wasn’t the real thing, neither was atheism.

    I began to read the Bible. My boyfriend would pray with me for God to reveal himself to me. After about eight months of going to hear Keller, I concluded that the weight of evidence was on the side of Christianity. But I didn’t feel any connection to God, and frankly, I was fine with that. I continued to think that people who talked of hearing from God or experiencing God were either delusional or lying. In my most generous moments, I allowed that they were just imagining things that made them feel good.

    Then one night on a trip to Taiwan, I woke up in what felt like a strange cross between a dream and reality. Jesus came to me and said, “Here I am.” It felt so real. I didn’t know what to make of it. I called my boyfriend, but before I had time to tell him about it, he told me he had been praying the night before and felt we were supposed to break up. So we did. Honestly, while I was upset, I was more traumatized by Jesus visiting me.

    Completely True

    I tried to write off the experience as misfiring synapses, but I couldn’t shake it. When I returned to New York a few days later, I was lost. I suddenly felt God everywhere and it was terrifying. More important, it was unwelcome. It felt like an invasion. I started to fear I was going crazy.

    I didn’t know what to do, so I spoke with writer Eric Metaxas, whom I had met through my boyfriend and who had talked with me quite a bit about God. “You need to be in a Bible study,” he said. “And Kathy Keller’s Bible study is the one you need to be in.” I didn’t like the sound of that, but I was desperate. My whole world was imploding. How was I going to tell my family or friends about what had happened? Nobody would understand. I didn’t understand. (It says a lot about the family in which I grew up that one of my most pressing concerns was that Christians would try to turn me into a Republican.)

    I remember walking into the Bible study. I had a knot in my stomach. In my mind, only weirdoes and zealots went to Bible studies. I don’t remember what was said that day. All I know is that when I left, everything had changed. I’ll never forget standing outside that apartment on the Upper East Side and saying to myself, “It’s true. It’s completely true.” The world looked entirely different, like a veil had been lifted off it. I had not an iota of doubt. I was filled with indescribable joy.

    The horror of the prospect of being a devout Christian crept back in almost immediately. I spent the next few months doing my best to wrestle away from God. It was pointless. Everywhere I turned, there he was. Slowly there was less fear and more joy. The Hound of Heaven had pursued me and caught me—whether I liked it or not.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      My oh my. Pretty powerful stuff.

      I wonder how many “friends” have abandoned her.

    • Wow! I’d say there are a lot of things Kirsten has had to confront. I remember hearing she dated Anthony Weiner once. Could it be? Nah….

  23. Wow, common sense doesn’t exist anymore-or we have too many laws which don’t allow it to be used. This woman being convicted of this crazy charge is bad enough but if I’m reading this right she can’t even fight that it’s unreasonable to charge her using this statute without going to the supreme court and arguing what at least seems to me has nothing to do with her case. But this Supreme Court case is obviously a really big deal as it concerns giving the executive the power to ignore the Constitution if Obama and his crew wins.

    Constitution’s Limits on Federal Treaty Powers at Supreme Court Tuesday

    Email Article Print article Send a Tip
    by Ken Klukowski 3 Nov 2013, 2:21 AM PDT 40 post a comment
    When the United States joins a treaty, does the Constitution allow Congress to pass laws to implement that treaty that would normally be unconstitutional? That’s what the Supreme Court will consider this week in Bond v. U.S.

    Carol Anne Bond is an immigrant who lives in Pennsylvania, who discovered in 2006 that her husband committed adultery with her close friend—Myrlinda Haynes—getting her pregnant. In her anger and pain, Bond attempted to poison Haynes by putting toxic chemicals on Haynes’ front door, mailbox, and car door. Haynes was injured on only one occasion from these incidents—and even then it was a minor thumb burn.

    Federal postal examiners traced the chemical to Bond. She was arrested—then the U.S. Justice Department charged her for violating a chemical weapons treaty designed to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction. To make this point clear: the federal government charged this jilted wife in the same way they would an international terrorist who used chemical weapons on an American civilian population.

    Bond certainly committed crimes—state crimes such as trespass, battery, and maybe even attempted murder (though it appears Bond intended only to punish Haynes, not kill her). Bond was instead convicted for violating a law that Congress passed to implement the Chemical Weapons Convention, a treaty the U.S. Senate ratified in 1997.

    On appeal, Bond’s lawyers argued that Congress’ statute implement that treaty violated the Tenth Amendment—that this was a state matter for local law enforcement. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit held that citizens like Bond lack standing to assert the state sovereignty aspect of the Tenth Amendment.

    Supreme Court superstar Paul Clement took the case, and the Supreme Court granted review. In 2011 in the first case entitled Bond v. U.S., the justices held that American citizens do have legal standing to raise the Tenth Amendment as a defense in court.

    The case went back to the lower courts, which acknowledged Bond’s defense but reaffirmed her conviction nonetheless, holding that it did not violate the Tenth Amendment.

    Now the Supreme Court has granted review again in Bond II. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution sets forth the powers of Congress; any provision of a federal law not authorized by one of the 18 clauses of Section 8 is unconstitutional. The Obama administration is arguing that if the United States enters into a treaty, the federal government can enact laws to implement the treaty that would otherwise be unconstitutional.

    So the question in this case is whether the Treaty Clause of the Constitution somehow empowers the federal government to escape the Constitution’s limits on federal lawmaking authority. It is a very important case on the scope of reach of federal power, with implicating for proposed treaties on gun control, limits on parental authority, and state sovereignty.

    The Supreme Court will hear arguments in Bond on Tuesday, Nov. 5. Former Solicitor General Clement will again represent Bond, arguing against President Obama’s Solicitor General Donald Verrilli. A decision is expected by July 2014.

    • Or maybe a better way to say all this is :

      How the hell did this woman doing this end up with a case at the Supreme Court? And Oh looky here the Executive is trying to take more power-what a surprise!

  24. Just posting this for comedic value-President didn’t lie because he assumed no one actually liked their plans!

    • One of the comments:

      “If you like your current plan, you’re an idiot….” pretty much sums it up. I have a feeling the whole ACA isn’t going to work, it’s going to become a bigger mess to clean up, but the individual market will be left standing. That’s what I think is going to happen.

    • Then we have reports like this one:

      WSJ: The Kyoto Scorecard

      Date: 04/01/13
      Editorial, The Wall Street Journal

      The Kyoto Protocol on climate change used to be a big deal. So big that the future of humanity was said to hinge on its implementation. Did you know it expired on New Year’s Day? We’re guessing you didn’t, but don’t worry. It’s no big deal.

      Adopted in 1997 and in force since 2005, the U.N. compact was intended to lock in its signatories into curbing or cutting their greenhouse-gas emissions relative to 1990 levels. It didn’t work out as planned.

      Japan promised a 6% reduction relative to its 1990 levels, but instead saw a 7.4% increase, despite 20 years of economic stagnation. Australia, where growth has been more robust, pledged to let carbon increase by no more than 8%. Instead its 1990-2010 emissions rose 47.5%.

      The Netherlands promised a 6% cut but wound up with 20% higher emissions by the end of 2010. Canada, one of the pact’s most enthusiastic early backers, committed to a 6% cut but saw a 24% emissions increase above 1990 levels. In 2011 Ottawa announced it was withdrawing from Kyoto to avoid the penalties it would have owed for missing its target.

      On paper, the EU as a whole looks set to meet its overall 2012 emissions target. But that’s mainly thanks to economic stagnation and the closure of inefficient Soviet-era industries. Europe’s cap-and-trade system also encourages industry to move production abroad while pocketing payments in the form of “carbon credits.”

      As for the U.S., it saw an emissions increase of only 10.3% between 1990 and 2010, despite economic and population growth that outpaced most of the industrialized world. Some of the thanks here go to the shale-gas revolution, which uses technology that still hasn’t gotten past most European regulators. This triumph of American ingenuity might never have happened if Al Gore had managed to drag the U.S. into Kyoto 15 years ago.

      So is that it? Not precisely. In December, the U.N. announced a last-minute “extension” of the protocol until 2020, though this is life-support by press release. New Zealand, Russia and Japan have followed Canada’s lead and are now officially out of Kyoto’s carbon strictures, while the world’s largest emitters in China and the U.S. were never in. Now only Australia and the EU remain.

      In its day, the Kyoto Protocol did its share of economic damage by distorting energy markets and encouraging job-killing legislation. Some of that damage will remain. Still, count this as another eco-cure that arrived with a bang and departed, as so many of them do, with a whimper.

      And there still hasn’t been anything happening for 15 years. Not to mention that most of there great green ideas have been proven to not actually work.

      Remember reading many articles about Countries that went whole hog into green energy and after spending vulgar amounts of money decided to quit because it was causing a great deal of pain without any gain.

      • But we’ve got Obama still pushing this crap while our economy burns. I’m so tired of hearing about immigration, Obamacare, and global warming. MY kid needs a full time job.

        • “MY kid needs a full time job.”

          In the meantime, is he a parasite?

          • gmanfortruth says:

            In the meantime, is he a parasite?

            That’s how Socialism works, it requires parasites to condone the theft 🙂

            • Huh? It was a serious question. While VH’s son searches for a job, is he considered a parasite? Or is that honor reserved for those the right needs to cherry pick from (usually minorities)?

              • gmanfortruth says:

                How old is her son? Would a seventeen year old who needs and is looking for a job a parasite? Maybe he’s older and got laid off from his union job because the company couldn’t pay the high wages to all it’s employees anymore. Maybe he has a job, like working for the local DNC office and just needs a “real” job. Maybe, maybe , maybe. Most likely, YOU are the only one who brings up race when it comes to parasites (those I refer as welfare lifers). Why is the color of someone’s skin so important to you? Last I checked, there’s more white welfare lifers than any other race. Are you being a racist Charlie, don’t like white people? LOL 🙂

    • gmanfortruth says:

      We have tried to tell the ALGorians that it’s all BS. Todd seems to hold on for dear life, but he’ll let go eventually when he realizes he’s been duped :LOL:

    • When they can force mom and pop stores to make gay wedding cakes and/or photographers to photograph gay weddings against their will, what did you expect. It goes right along with them being able to force you to participate in economic activity such as buying insurance their way.

      • “When they can force mom and pop stores to make gay wedding cakes and/or photographers to photograph gay weddings against their will, what did you expect.”

        Law claims legitimacy over everyone within a set of imaginary lines. But not everyone has the same values. When you insert religious based standards and law/force into marriage/romance for everyone, you set a precedent, create conflict, and begin the slip off the slope.

        Those who have been supporting the enFORCEment of a particularly one sided standard are now having to accept a legal definition that differs from their ideological definition.

        Why should a gay tri-quad-octo-sexual satanic pagan trans-something or other, have to be forced by law to care about what an abomination they are?

        As long as they vote, pay taxes and obey, why should government care how they define marriage?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          The people need to deny consent to be governed. It’s bloodless (until they choose to make it otherwise).

          • Indeed.

            It is all about setting the precedence of using law to regulate personal affairs such as marriage/romance/family/religion, business, etc, etc , etc.

            When people’s personal sex lives are being spoken about in the context of legal rights, it says something.

            Of course the remedy is to take government out of it. Try convincing voters.

          • “The people need to deny consent to be governed. It’s bloodless (until they choose to make it otherwise).”

            More fighting words … why is it every wingnut site I visit, everybody is always so anxious to shoot and sound/type so tough? Is it an expression of small penis size? Is it a need to fulfill what wasn’t possible off a computer? I’m just sayin’ … some of yous accuse the NY’ers of acting tough, etc., etc., but I see a lot more tough talk here than I do elsewhere. Why is that? For instance, G, you several times have claimed you won’t be told what to do, what to like, etc., etc. … but are you ACTUALLY taking up arms against the government or just making believe? You’re paying taxes, aren’t you? You renew your licenses (hunting, driver’s etc.) … or are you truly al libertarian rogue who does what he wants whenever he wants? I’m thinking it’s a lot more bluster … and that’s cool, but in discussions, it comes off kind of silly.

            And how ’bout my Buffalo Bills uptempo offense … scored 3 TD’s yesterday … one for us and 2 for KC … oy vey.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Charlie, the term “they” in the sentence is referring to the govt. I wasn’t real clear I suppose. As far as taxes, I should get back far more than I put in, you know, all those tax loopholes and all. No, Charlie, much like you, I don’t like to be told what to do, although I’m guessing your better half has you under her thumb, so let’s limit this to strangers BWAHAHA 🙂

        • Watching an old movie last night. “Hawaii” from 1966. The Preacher from New England (obnoxious, self righteous SOB) wanted the natives to stop doing things like marrying their brothers/sisters, killing their deformed children and when someone died, showing sorrow by bashing out their front teeth and puncturing their eyes.

          So, over the years things changed, some by changed custom others by legislative fiat. How’s that fit in with your position?

          “Camel’s nose under the tent” and “slippery slope” cut both ways.

          • “Camel’s nose under the tent”

            I like that.

            How does it pertain to The Straw that broke his back? Because there is a great big mess on his back. Forcing people against their judgement and values to serve cake to gay people?

            It is an absurdity as much as it is irony.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Forcing people against their judgement and values to serve cake to gay people?

              Very well put, well put indeed !

              • gmanfortruth says:

                I’m quite fed up with being told what I “MUST” accept in life. That’s my decision, nobody else’s.

              • The whole gay rights thing is fascinating because it is the perfect quagmire disaster between government, religion, and rights and human nature.

                T Ray’s mention of forcing people to serve to gays is as absurd as being forced to accept a fairy ‘boy’ scout leader for your children. It is just another one of those odd manifestations of human collective stupidity.

                The irony of it is that it is that it started by people trying to support and/or impose a certain moral standard with government. Now their grandchildren have government telling them morality is sending their children to fairy scouts…or that their priest has to preach against what his god says …or face a discrimination lawsuit.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                I could care less if some are gay, it bothers me not. Having to ACCEPT it and it being shoved down my throat don’t work for me.
                As I said, I will choose what I agree with, not the govt, not the conservatives, and not the Liberals. They can all kiss my ass!

              • Screw their judgment … if they discriminate, they should be fined. Look to your Bill of Rights, why don’t yous … 🙂

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Who decides what discrimination is, you? Not accepting homosexuality is not discrimination, it’s called choice, maybe YOU should read the Bill of Rights!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      IDIOT, plain and simple. That’s why I have so many issues with Liberals (mostly politicians), they are idiots!

  25. gmanfortruth says:

    Watch Out Alternative Media: LAX Shooter Paul Ciancia Branded a Conspiracy Theorist

    ANYONE Not Believing the Government is About to be Demonized

    Interesting. As anyone can imagine, the govt and it’s whore media will try to attack the alternative media. They do this because they can’t control it. Real Conpsiracy Theorists (I don’t qualify ) have no time for killing people, they’re to busy trying to sell the theories, and get evidence to prove them. Just sayin 🙂

  26. gmanfortruth says:

    Ghoulish President Obama Says He’s “Really Good at Killing People

    Ya just can’t make this stuff up 🙄

  27. gmanfortruth says:
  28. gmanfortruth says:

    @Bottom Line, Could the video be from Anonymous? I am leaning toward a warning of sorts. Time will tell (but I wouldn’t drink the water in NYC or upstate NY, to err on the side of caution).

    • Just A Citizen says:

      How about a hint of another “reality TV show” featuring people “running” around the world looking for “historical” artifacts and evidence?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Very possible. It’s a well made video, strangely enough though, I haven’t seen it anywhere, even the alternative media. Interesting puzzle!

  29. Just A Citizen says:


    Re: the 5th of November.

    “Remember, remember the fifth of November of gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot.”
    ― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

  30. Today Rush Limbaugh claimed Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin were “validated” … enough said … let them both fill the world with their intelligence …

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I would put Ted Cruz’s intelligence up against Obama or YOU any time.

      You really have no idea what this man has done do you.

      • JAC…Cruz did exactly what he intended to do….draw attention….it is amazing how, so far, he is three for three on what he warned people on… it pertains to Obamacare. They can call him an idiot…claim he is stupid….a rebel rouser….but he is being proven correct.

        We have more in the wings down here….our Rinos are getting nervous because they are going to be challenged in primaries next year…they know it….Hope it catches on.

        It is better to lead than to folow…..and even if we fail… is not because we did not try.

        On another note, you should see the dems pouring money into this state for Wendy Davis. Intersting that they are already giving her an out because of the voter ID we instituted. Of course, no one can show any reason to back anything up but they will yell anyway…..all that anyone can say is that there is potential for some sort of negative impact…cannot prove it but can say it. Anyway…it is going to be interesting this next year.

        Hope that you and yours are doing well….tomorrow is voting day on propositions and changes to our State Constitution.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The same to you and yours this fine Monday.

          I saw this morning how the “left” is cheering that Davis is now within “single digits” in polls for Governor. Yes, they are going to pull out the stops, just as they are in Virginia.

          Heard today that Burton may run for Senate as the new Tea Party guy. Can’t wait to see the left wing media go apoplectic with the “evangelical historian”. That was the name thrown out this morning on the Joe Scarborough show.

          • Remember, you gotta understand the polls….however, they have poured millions here and are outspending Abbott 4 to 1…..BUT

            It matters not who the governor is….you have to understand Texas politics… matters who the LT Governor is.

            The trial lawyers are pouring money into her campaign because she has vowed to try to bring back lump sum awards in Texas. That will never happen again but it is interesting.

    • And Joe Wilson.

      Who knew that “You Lie” would in fact, be obama’s entire legacy.

  31. “Who decides what discrimination is, you?”

    It’s pretty obvious unless you’re not very bright … 🙂

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I don’t believe that if someone doesn’t accept homosexuality due to religious beliefs as discrimination. I don’t believe that if an employer “Doesn’t” want homosexuals working in his/her company, is discrimination. I do believe that physically harming someone “because” they are gay is certainly discrimination. I feel the same about being verbally abusive towards gay’s as well. That’s OK Charlie, I don’t think your too bright, but everyone has faults 🙂

  32. gmanfortruth says:

    Just wondering. Can anyone who still believes that elections can change things in DC give an example of a major change in policy since 1990?

    • Just A Citizen says:



      • gmanfortruth says:

        THe Patriot Act, passed under a Republican President still exists und now 5 years of a Democrat (with two years of having the whole damn Congress). Obamacare is very new, despite the fact it’s a train wreck, but it ain’t going nowhere, regardless of how elections turn out. Try again my friend!

        • gmanfortruth says:

          The Patriot Act is a perfect example, hated by the left, now, stronger than ever, with their BOY in charge. Come ON Man, you know what I’m getting at.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Then again, Obamacare is only here because people voted, which gave legitimacy and consent.

          • I don’t. Lay it out there.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Laws are put in place (Obamacare, Patriot Act, tons of others) that one side or the other don’t like. None have been rescinded after an election. Remember way back when Daylight Savings was voted on to save energy during a energy crisis? Still here isn’t it? Despite the millions of dollars it actually costs every year. My point, as proven by history, is that elections will not change anything in “our” future. Although I guess when Obama ended the work requirement on welfare that Clinton enacted is a change, I’m sure you can see what I’m getting at. At least I hope so 🙂

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Sadly, nothing will change after an election, period. It really don’t matter who wins, the status quo will continue, probably for a long time after I’m dead.

              • Once the Government gets a law in, regardless of whether it works or not, it’s there forever. ESPECIALLY a program like Obamacare!

              • G,G,G. ! Your alternative is what again?

                Besides what about marijuana laws. States are legalizing it. That is change by voting. I’ll report back after tomorrow’s elections but…Gov Snyder signed a bill to establish a wolf game season. Mich residents are not liking it and got enough people to sign a petition to place it on the ballot to repeal the law. Voting does change things.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Federal pot laws have not changed. I’m mostly talking about the Federal elections. I have no issues with local elections, at least voters have some voice at that level. Not sure why a wolf season would be a problem for hunters, if that’s who’s not happy. If it’s just the enviro nuts, screw them, they don’t know jack about conservation. Let a wolf kill one of their kids and they’ll be crying……wolf 🙄

      • Good to see you are still here JAC. You too G. I have been gone for a LONG time. This is because I have become tired of arguing for absolutely NOTHING with Liberals. I mean I have totally HAD IT up to my eyeballs with STUPIDITY.

        But enough with that. I just came to see how you all are doing. I have moved over to the Tea Party Community and have been posting on there for a while now.

        It may seem like I am just talking with like minded folks , but I got sick and tired of arguing pointlessly all the time. My brain needed time to relax from the stress of it all.

        My boy is doing fine. He has worked out pitching and batting and running since baseball season last year. He’s 18 and a senior now and has several Colleges looking at him. Anyway, it’s good to see y’all. Good luck with the the Libs.

        An Unreconstructed Rebel (EsomNation)

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Nice to hear from Ya Esom. It’s not that bad here. Our resident Liberals are all good guys, even if their mostly wrong :). Glad your boy is doing well, PEACE!

        • Just A Citizen says:

          My ol’ Georgian cousin, good to see ya are well. Was a little worried the health issue might of got the best of ya.

          Keep me posted on that ball player of yours.

          • Well I am now totally disabled and things with my back and arms (and everything else) seem to hurt worse everyday. But the way I see it, there are lots of people out there worse off than me, so I try to be optomistic. Things can always get worse.

        • I must have ‘thought ‘ you up Esom..It was just last week I was wondering to myself when you’d pop up again. Glad you stopped in..I share your grief

          • Hello Anita. I have been spending a crap ton of time on the Tea Party Community site. It’s refreshing to not have to listen to liberal tripe. It’s like Facebook WITHOUT the Liberals spouting Horsedookey on your screen! 😆

        • Mathius™ says:

          I have become tired of arguing for absolutely NOTHING with Liberals. I mean I have totally HAD IT up to my eyeballs with STUPIDITY.

          Just out of curiosity.. are all liberals stupid? Or just the ones you’ve been talking to?

          • I KNEW when I read that last night that you’d have something to say about it ;). I remember Flag describing Flagville one day. He said to forgive our stares as we are not used to wandering slaves around these parts. That’s kind of the way I feel about yous. It will never sink in for me how , with all your good intentions of helping people, how you can advocate for a massive government to ‘help’ people. Why is it then that so many people are still in need of help.? Seems like your way isn’t working so well. That being said, at least you lefties here can hold a conversation in a cordial way.

            • Mathius™ says:

              Perhaps it’s not working so well.

              But history has shown your way to be far worse.

              “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” – Churchill

              “Big Government™ is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” – Mathius

            • gmanfortruth says:

              I’m just waiting for Mathius to figure out he isn’t what he thinks he is politically. He isn’t the Liberal that he plays to be! 🙂 I sometimes wonder the same about Buck, but him being a lawyer and all convolutes things 😆 Todd, he drank the Obama Kool-Aid so he’s all in. Charlie is Charlie, who would like it to be much worse 🙄

              • Mathius™ says:

                Oh, do tell me then. What, exactly, am I?

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Mathius, Your a smart person who see’s through the BS. You have what many would call Liberal tendencies, but, that’s just being a caring person, like MOST people (politics aside). I think you also know that it’s gonna be tough being a Liberal for the next few years or so. The Liberal politicians have really screwed things up, and it’s gonna stay that way. Soon, you will see that govt isn’t the answer, they are always the problem. 🙂 You have everyone’s respect as a good person, That should tell you what you are!

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    Question for our resident evil, er I mean lefties. 🙂

    Why is it that the DNC, Obama campaign machine, Think Progress, Media Matters, etc, etc, are always howling about the EVIL Health Insurance companies instead of the real culprits?

    Why do we here constantly about how high health care costs are then the next thing out of the leftist mouth is “Single Payer” is the solution?

    Why don’t we ever hear these folks yelling at the DOCTORS. Who the hell is it that submits the bills to the patients and the Insurance Companies anyway? Do they think it is some fictional troll living in the Blue Cross basement?

    Why don’t we hear about the evil and GREEDY Doctors?? Why are the Docs called out for being among the 5% or the 1%??

    You might tell, I have spent to much time lately arguing with left wingers over the health care COST issue. Not a single one of them can admit that the DOCTORS set the price of health care. That and of course the hospitals and other care facilities, that are more and more owned by Doctors.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Answer, because the Liberal media hasn’t taught them this small fact of life yet 🙂

    • JAC, while the doctors do help set the prices, they are not the sole source of the problem. First if you spent 8-10 years getting an education plus a large debt, plus had to make life and death decisions almost daily, you would expect a decent return on that investment and compensation for the stress and long hours. A good doctor is like a good teacher, always under paid. The bad ones are always overpaid. That said, government and insurance companies also contribute to the costs. First Medicare/aide sets a price for most procedures. Since the government must always get the best rate, providers who accept these patients must charge all others equal or greater rates. This is why cash only physicians can undercut the rates of the doctors in the system. Insurance companies negotiate for preferred rates. As with all such negotiations, the provider starts high and moves down while the insurance company moves up until an agreed price is reached. So the mere fact that insurance is negotiating for preferred rates forces the doctors to inflate their prices. Now patients w/o insurance or Medicare/aide end up paying the undiscounted price as someone needs to establish that price. Also buried in the costs are the added costs of billing and paper work to satisfy the insurance companies and government that the service was truly required. This added overhead runs up the costs. You are also paying for patients that the doctor sees but does not get reimbursed for. This is similar to paying for shoplifting losses in a department store.

      As for hospitals, things can vary significantly depending on the efficiency of the operation. Hospitals also pass on the costs of free services to the indigent in the form of higher bills to sick with insurance or money. They too work under the some government and insurance restrictions the doctors do.

      One thing that does impact costs in the availability of modern equipment. It is well proven that when there is an over abundance of high tech equipment available in an area, it is often over prescribed, thus running up costs.

      Don’t forget that big pharma also plays a role in healthcare costs. There is no incentive in finding a cheap drug to cure an ill. One of the things NIH could do is divert some of their funds to investigate cheap solutions to many problems. For example, what are the bounds and how does cinnamon help control blood sugar in diabetics? Why is this information not readily available to physicians? Why is cinnamon not the first suggestion doctors make when they say you are pre-diabetic?

      Another driving cost of insurance are all the built in mandates which ObamaCare has significantly increased. Lost in all this is that insurance is supposed to be a stop gap prevention for catastrophic loss. It is not intended for routine maintenance. Adding in these services runs the cost up significantly. Just imagine how much an oil change would cost if it was included in your auto insurance. The more people involved with the billing, the more it costs. The mechanic must cover his accountants cost plus additional profit. Same goes for the insurance company. Also what happens when the true costs is no longer visible to the customer? It creeps up.

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    I understand the Senate is taking up discussion of the UN Treaty governing children AGAIN tomorrow. These ass hats just can not take NO for an answer.

    Reminder, this is the treaty that could pose some issues for our parenting laws, namely putting the Govt in charge of our kids. Depending of course on who sits in the Executive Branch.

    I suggest you send those letters again telling your Senator NO WAY.

    • Yeah, I’d like to say that my boys are all grown and I no longer have that to worry about. But since we now have gardianship of my 8 year old niece, I’m having to get ready to go to war for her. There isn’t ANY Government agency going to take her care away from us, PERIOD!

  35. Just A Citizen says:
  36. Oy vey … 🙂

  37. Attention Veterans on Tricare………….if you are 65 or over, remember that you lose primary tricare. You are forced into the Medicare system with “Tricare for Life” being the supplemental insurance that is supposed to pick up the difference that Medicare does not cover. What was not told you, that under the ACA (better known as Obamacare), every time that Medicare is changed, Tricare will not pick up the change beginning 2014.

    For example, if the panel of whoever renders judgement that Medicare lowers the amount that doctors charge or disallows a specific treatment, your supplemental insurance will no longer be allowed to pick up the difference under the government program of Tricare for Life. You must go outside Medicare and Tricare and seek private supplemental insurance or your put of pocket costs will increase.

    Even in the military now, who was supposed to have life coverage, Medicare is the primary insurance at age 65. Tricare becomes supplemental but is subject to the rules of Medicare.

    If you are going to the VA and not under Tricare, Medicare now becomes primary at age 65 and the VA rates your out of pocket according to your income….and there are no subsidies available for the military and if you are under VA, you cannot go to the exchanges. If you are a veteran and go to the exchanges, you are told to go to the VA.

    I recommend that those of you whom are members of USAA…..go get a supplemental from them… is much less expensive than the Obamacare exchanges and will cover your out of pocket expenses.

    So much for the promise of life time medical… addition, there is a movement in the democratic Senate that those veterans that are wounded be switched to Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security disability. This forces disabled veterans into the exchange. It does not have the votes right now, but the movement is there.

  38. No, Obamacare Might Not Cover Your Preexisting Condition
    Robert Book Robert Book, Contributor
    Comment Now
    Follow Comments

    How many times have we heard, over the last three and a half years, that one of the primary and most popular features of Obamacare is that no one could be denied coverage for a preexisting condition? It turns out that this is just another one of the false claims used to sell the public on a health care reform that seems to move every aspect of health care in the wrong direction.

    The Affordable Care Act does indeed specify, in Section 1201, that “a health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage may not impose any preexisting condition exclusion with respect to such plan or coverage.” In other words, a health plan cannot deny enrollment, or the plan’s benefits, to someone based on that person’s preexisting.

    However, that is not the same as saying that a plan has to include coverage for any particular preexisting condition, and it certainly does not mean a plan has to include coverage for ongoing treatment that a patient started before obtain coverage in an exchange plan on January 1, 2014.

    Key to understanding this distinction is that having “health coverage” is not the same as actually obtaining “health care.” The insurance plan has to take anyone who wants to enroll, regardless of their health status or health history – but they don’t have to provide the same treatments, the same doctors, or the same medications that a patient has been receiving.

    For someone in the middle of a cancer treatment, or someone with a chronic condition, this can be almost equivalent to losing insurance entirely.

    Edie Littlefield Sundby writes in the Wall Street Journal that she is on the verge of losing her treatment program for stage-4 gallbladder cancer. Why? Her existing plan doesn’t meet the ACA standards, so it has to be canceled. Her treatment program involves doctors at both the Stanford and UC San Diego medical centers, and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Texas – but there is no plan in the California exchange that includes both Stanford and UCSD centers in it network, much less M.D. Anderson. In fact, UCSD has joined only one provider network, and it’s a heretofore almost unknown type called an “Exclusive Provider Organization” (EPO). The “exclusive” means that in an EPO, coverage is provided exclusively within the network – there is no out-of-network coverage at, except what uninsured people get at the emergency room.

    Despite the President’s repeated promises, there is no way Ms. Sundby can keep her doctors, or her health plan, in the new system. Her preexisting condition doesn’t prevent her from enrolling in any of the new Obamacare exchange plans – but none of those plans actually cover the treatment for her preexisting condition.

    Ms. Sundby’s predicament is not an isolated case. Abby Goodnough of the New York Times reports the case of Kenny Wheeler of Shelbyville, Kentucky, who has a neuromuscular disorder requiring ongoing treatment. Kentucky’s exchange has had far fewer operational problems than the federal exchange, but its health plan sponsors could not tell Mr. Wheeler whether his prescription drugs or his doctors would be covered, and even his doctors’ office was unable to tell him whether they were in the exchange plan networks. He is guaranteed enrollment, but can’t determine whether actual treatment for his preexisting condition will be covered.

    The problem will probably turn out to be most severe in New York. New York has set up its own exchange, and all of its plans are EPOs. That means no out-of-network coverage – yet the exchange web site doesn’t provide a list of in-network providers, or a search tool to determine whether particular doctors or hospitals are included. In fact, of the 14 states (plus DC) that run their own exchanges, only four states even claim to have provider search tools – and one of them is Kentucky, where the search tool didn’t work for Mr. Wheeler. When the federal exchange is finally actually accessible, it will not offer a search tool either.

    Nancy Pelosi famously said that we had to pass the health care bill to find out what’s in it – now you have to sign up for a health plan before you find out what’s covered.

    This is not just a “glitch” – it’s a real problem that will affect actual care for millions of Americans with preexisting conditions. Ms. Sundby has been fighting stage-4 gallbladder
    cancer for seven years, against horrible odds – the five-year survival rate is 2%. Now, she is fighting to avoid becoming the first Obamacare fatality. She is not likely to get much help from the Obama Administration; as Secretary Sebelius said concerning a different patient, “someone lives and someone dies,” and she seems to regard her job as to remain neutral when the choice is between life and death.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Todd, Buck, Mathius and you too Charlie (you want it to be worse), Your BOY has been lying and selling snake oil along with the rest of your brother and sisterhood, what say you on your support on this issue, which may be heading toward treasonous?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        VH, remember Palin and all the death panel stuff that Charlie called her nuts on? Seems to me that all is coming true, and we haven’t even gotten to the panels yet, just the death part. The law, if it results in the death of one person, should result in charges being filed for murder for EVERYONE who voted for it., and I didn’t read it first is no damn excuse!


    But that isn’t what you said, if your words are so wonderful and true -why didn’t you say that in your speeches-because you would rather LIE to the American people to get your way. So now your gonna LIE some more!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      While he didn’t fool most of us, he sure bamboozled his minions. People should be ashamed for voting for this POS, and that’s all he is, a POS. He’s an embarrassment to the nation, along with Pelosi and Ried, hang all of them I say 🙂

    • Imagine “lying” to the American people … WMD

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Compared to Obama, Bush is a Saint. The White House has been renamed, the “New Home of the Whopper” 😉

      • Yaint ever going to move forward if you don’t quit looking back. Besides there is no proof that there wasn’t WMD. It was accepted and agreed on worldwide, it wasn’t Bush just floating an idea out there.

        • There was also proof that WMD/Anthrax was sold to Iraq by the US. How does that relate to the ‘Iran Contra Affair’?

          Support a bad leader or two, play them against each other, give them the necessary ‘tools’ to be irresponsible with their power, …when they do, use it as an excuse to conquer and control?

          Before re-stabilization comes destabilization. Order out of Chaos. Create Chaos, re-establish a New Order.

          I don’t believe the motives were what was sold. It looks more like a controlled shift of wealth power and resources, …a controllable resource, war profiteering, setting the legal precedent for an expansion of government and police state, adjusting the entire general strategy and posture of the military, etc..

          Look at the interaction between US and ME, going back to the Carter Administration era, arguably further.

          From someone[s] perspective, Iraq is a square on the big chessboard, ..part of a greater overall strategy.

          It isn’t Obama or Bush or Clinton or Bush or Reagan or Carter. It is all of them and all of everything that went into supporting them…like voters.

      • That’s not a defense-that’s a justification-Should all Presidents be allowed to out rightly lie because you believe Bush lied.

      • And now it’s come to light that those WMD’s WERE shipped to SYRIA. So that don’t hold water.

      • Just had that argument with my son. lying is willful deceit. Despite what you might “think”, no one can prove or show examples that Bush lied about the WMD’s. To do so would have required a major conspiracy not only of our government but of a lot of other governments. If you remember the French were not interested in Iraq. If they knew that the info was false, they would have shouted it from the rooftops mainly because they took a major hit at the time (remember freedom fries & boycotts) for not going in with us.

        Want a ,lie? Try the Tonkin Gulf and LBJ. While the first attack may have been real and probably an accident, the second, the clincher for the congressional resolution, was bogus from the get go. Served LBJ’s purpose though.

        Gotta know that history.

    • Line in the sand, line in the sand, line in the sand!

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    BIG THINGS going on in DC. Notice the mention of the particular Justice I posted here last week. For those that want to know when and where the ROT was established.

  41. No, actually the beauty of bringing up bush was to watch all you so-called libertarians rush to his defense … except for VH (she rush first, then walked it back) … Yous do make me smile:)

  42. VH, you went from defending Bush to pointing to the fact a lie is a lie …

    Lying and plagiarizing, oh my!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Stranger interpretation of V.H.’s words.

      As for the Rand Paul scuffle, just more proof of my claim months ago that the left had Paul and others in their cross hairs.

      Pretty soon nobody will be able to speak or write anything without including a separate book of footnotes.

      • Actually read where, if you include his whole talk, he alludes to quoting from Wiki. Won’t go to Charlie’s link, but guessing that little, inconvenient detail was left out.

    • Actually what I said was one shouldn’t use a justification to deflect from talking about whether or not Obama lied.

      I seem to remember that Obama was accused of plagiarizing his speeches-should I go find an article about that to justify Rand possibly plagiarizing. We can certainly talk about both but one isn’t a justification for the other.

    • So? Based on Joe Biden’s history, Paul is now qualified to be Vice President. This works however only if the Republicans can possibly find someone at least as unqualified as the Rodeo Clown/liar to run for President. That would be a stretch. Imagine trying to find someone lower than the bottom tenth of the 1st percentile!

  43. Surprise! Surprise!

    Another leftist tactic to steal an election. Remember Soro’s Secretary of State program? Well, here’s another. And just think – this o-bundler will get paid off with our taxpayer money somehow.

  44. “Actually read where, if you include his whole talk, he alludes to quoting from Wiki. Won’t go to Charlie’s link, but guessing that little, inconvenient detail was left out.”

    wingies talking about inconvenient truths … now that’s funny … did you bother to read where he plagiarized in his book, too? Oh, talk about inconvenient details … 🙂

  45. Yep, those “free thinking” libertarians, as it turns out, don’t have an original thought of their own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Yep, those free thinking Liberals, don’t know fact from fantasy, Lie like it’s worth money and have no common fucking brains when they get caught. Losers, every damn liberal politician, lying losers, hang em high!

  46. gmanfortruth says:

    New thread is up! As always, it’s an Open Mic forum, bring forward any subjects as you wish. PEACE to all! 🙂

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