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It’s amazing to me how many people think the voting to have the government poor people money is compassion.  Helping the poor and suffering yourself is compassion.  Voting for our government to use guns to give money to help poor and suffering people is immoral self righteous bullying laziness.  People need to be fed, medicated, educated, clothed and sheltered.  If we’re compassionate, we’ll help them, but you get no moral credit for forcing other people to do what you think is right.  There is great joy in helping people, but no joy doing it at gunpoint.  (Guess the Author)

Civil disobedience is not our problem.  Our problem is civil obedience.  Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders…..and millions have been killed because of this obedience…Our problem is that people all over the world are obedient in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity and war and cruelty….Our problem is that people are obedient while our jails are filled with petty thieves…the grand thieves are running the country.  That’s our problem.  (guess the author)



  1. Open Mic continues 🙂

    • Maybe it can be said that there are way too many Democrats who are dillusional enough to believe they can steal from people and give it to others in this country. A large majority of Americans are gong to teach them a valuable lesson in why people should not attempt to steal from others, no matter the reason. Theft is still theft, period.

    • Actually going very well thus far…I finished pricing out options. Now I just need to call my current insurer on a few matters….will let you know how I fared in the next week or two…

      • I was led to believe that if one had employee health coverage, they were not eligible for the insurance offered online. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Hasn’t come up as an issue as of yet — will let you know if it does. My understanding is that I wouldn’t be eligible for a subsidy regardless of income.

          I’ll probably wind up purchasing the plan not through the website/exchange but directly from my current insurer as the plan I am looking at on the exchange is through the same insurer.

  2. Just A Citizen says:

    I saw some comments on the new International testing of education performance upon my return from travels. I read the press releases and once AGAIN wondered why
    should care as such studies are no better than those declaring our medical system a failure.

    Today I find an editorial on HP that shares my skepticism but also includes some useful information.

    As I have cautioned on several other issues, much depends on the metrics and criteria you select before you evaluate something as complex as medical and education systems.

    It follows on the tail of Todd’s comment last week about nation vs states. That is his statement begs the key question: How do you define GREAT?

    Whether a country or program, HOW matters.

  3. Government healthcare at it’s finest:

    After a pregnant Italian woman allegedly suffered from a “panic attack” during a two-week trip to the United Kingdom, government officials detained her in a psychiatric hospital, forcibly sedated her, cut the unborn child out of her womb via C-section, and then seized the newborn baby girl. More than a year later, U.K. authorities are still refusing to return the child to her mother. Now, however, the story is making headlines around the world, with critics and commentators up in arms, and British officials under global scrutiny for what is being called an “outrageous” abuse of power

    • There is more to this story than meets the eye….the real story here has much less to do with the UK healthcare system and much more to do with the custody issue.

    • If you really want to see an end to this “game” and a crack down to rival all crack downs, just let it happen that a suspected gay be punched out, gay slurs used and the media accidentally report it. They’d call out the 82nd Airborne if necessary.

  4. Alright you SUFA lefties, I need some help here. You and your prez must have had a different econ class than I ever did. Can you explain this to me?

    • Kathy, I am surprised you can’t grasp the simple logic of this! The minimum wage worker will have more to spend. The increased money in the economy will cause a growth spurt which will help everyone. It is obvious. 🙂

  5. – Penn Jillette

    – Howard Zinn

  6. What the heck, Sparty??? Big Ten/ACC Challenge = tie because someone lost at home to an unranked team!!!

    • Hey!! You gotta slip up every now and then…..been sidetracked this week so I haven’t kept up on BB..just realized ol’ Bucky has the lead! Watch your back Bucky… looking forward to Sat night football vs OSU

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Sometimes I wish it were all true.

      Just to witness the effect on the various factions within the country.

      Talk about testing one’s commitment to a system!

      • Maybe we should bring back some other questions that Obama may have lied about. Is he Muslim (knowing his support for the Muslim Brotherhood)? Was he born in Hawaii (not that I care, because it wouldn’t shock me one bit if it’s proven he wasn’t)? Maybe it’s not “what has he lied about”, but, “what hasn’t he lied about” is more appropriate. I’m sure in time it will all come out. 🙄

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          It is not relevent that he was born in Hawaii. The law says that “Both” parents in the case of the president have to be natural born citizens. Clearly Obama’s father was Kenyan, was sent here to get his education in economics, to return to Kenya to be part of the independent Kenyan government. Dec 12, 1963 when the Union Jack was lowered in Kenya. The Constitution spells out the citizenship of children born in the US by “foreign” parents, one or both who owe allegience to a foreign country, and ones that are clearly here temporarily on the behest of their government.

          • So let’s say that your point is presented as a legitimate legal argument, and Obama is found to no longer qualify as president….

            Then what?

            The time to make the case was during the first election. But the USA has twice elected a ‘foreigner’ as legitimate leader.

            When you participate in elections, you are giving your expressed written consent to be governed. You accept the terms, legitimacy and outcome of the election, and the winner as your legitimate leader.

            If you voted in the last two elections, you demanded Obama as your legitimate leader. Everything that Obama has done ‘for’ the USA was demanded by voters…just like the last 40-whatever presidents.

            Bush made giant leaps in favor of a police state. Now there are drones in US skies and you are enslaved by an additional set of restrictions like healthcare control.

            Another guy will come after Obama, sheeple will vote for him, and the new conversation will be something ridiculous like whether or not the president has the authority to kill people who don’t file/pay taxes.

            And there will be millions of idiots actually indulging the framework of the scripted national conversation, as if it had an acceptable premise. …’ I am voting Republican this time because drone attacks on citizens shouldn’t be ordered until they are at least 3 yrs late paying their taxes’ …which will be something outrageous like a 75% tax rate.

            Keep voting. It’s our patriotic duty to enslave ourselves. God bless Amerika!

            • Things have been going downhill for quite some time in this country. While I love my country, I’m not loving our government at all. It is beyond repairable. To find out Obama lied about something else, like where he was born, would not be a surprise at all, the man is dishonest to the core. He isn’t alone in politics, as I see most, if not all of them as dishonest. We know have more people on govt assistance of some form than we have working full time, this is a recipe for disaster for any country. The sheeple will vote, most not knowing what the hell is really going on, many for their own “free cookies”. many will vote, thinking it is the solution to the problem, when it is “THE” problem now.

              I see very sad days ahead for many people, as their enslavement tightens, jobs become even scarcer, and the value of the dollar continues to die. 😦

              • ” It is beyond repairable ”

                I have already written off the USA as ‘gone’.

                Maybe our focus should be more about what and how to rebuild.

                …just a thought.

              • Getting to the point of rebuilding could be a long journey. The parasites in politics needs to be eliminated first.

              • To be honest, I have no intention of being here to rebuild anything…and I don’t care what happens.

                Try and fix it if you like.

                I hate this planet. I am leaving.

    • Don’t know if you picked up this last line from the article.

      UPDATE: According to the Boston Globe, as of today Thursday, Obama now acknowledges having lived with his uncle.

      And they ran Tricky Dick out of town on a rail!

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    Charlie, here is one right up your ally. Add this to he didn’t march with the unions scorecard.

    Oh my oh my. How do you spell that word describing people so sure of themselves they have no problem saying or doing anything, expecting to get away with it. Oh that’s right…. ARROGANT. Seems to me that better describes this than “disconnect”.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    • Of all the winter weather that I dislike the most, it is ice. Ice storms can paralyze large areas quickly. I feel bad when these hit and cause lots of power outages, mainly for the elderly. My location looks to get just snow from this 🙂

    • Hot chocolate supplies holding out, so still good. Roads are a mess & may have a snow day or two. Have not needed the generator but it’s fueled & ready.

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    It this doesn’t tick some off I don’t know what will.

    Notice the strategy to rip R’s for taking away “free” stuff. Yet the D’s used the argument, “We are all paying for it anyway” when justifying Govt takeover of the Insurance trade. Arrogance and hypocrisy seem to go well together.

  10. So what are SUFAites thoughts on this whole Ocare debacle? Are they really this inept? Was this “ineptness” all planned – ie, were they really willing to have it be so bad and to face public humiliation in order to get their wish for complete control/single payer? I believe they are evil and dishonesty is just a part of their modus operandi – but even I struggle to believe they are this depraved.

    • Hi Kathy 🙂

      I doubt this will lead to single payer. Now that the whole country knows how bad OCare is (all the way around), the trust in the Democrats and their stupid ideas have taken a huge hit. Even most Democrats would likely vote AGAINST any form of that idea. Considering the failures of the VA and it’s healthcare of veterans, we can forget about single payer in our lifetime. JMHO of course, because the way Obama lies and thinks he can make his own laws, no telling where Little Brown Hitler will be taking us from here.

      • I don’t know G-One thing Obama has managed to do is get a lot of people signed up for medicaid-if the rest of it falls flat-I suspect the medicaid part will stay, which I believe is a single payer situation. Then all they have to do is raise our taxes and print more money in hopes of paying for it. Or am I misunderstanding the situation?

        • Listened to Rush a little bit today. He thinks Obama will have to do something to get the young people back in his favor and he’ll do what he always does to win favor – buy them off. He guessed perhaps offering to pay off their student loans and he’ll somehow tie it to Would not be surprised.

    • I think they intended it to fail, maybe not this soon but causing millions to loose insurance, costs to rise and a “crisis” only government could fix (because only government had the power to break the system) was intended. Time & again we see Obama & the Democrats creating the environment or conditions that don’t directly cause, but lead to results helpful to their agenda.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    The REAL reason that Statists are so concerned about wealth gaps and policies to improve jobs, wages and wealth mobility, etc, etc.

    “Make no mistake: The kind of inequality that we have developed in the past three decades is very destabilizing. When the vast majority of people feel as though they’re getting shafted at the hands of a privileged few, they tend to rise up and rebel. This can lead to the election of radical leaders, or, worse, violent revolutions.”

    Read more:

    • Every now and then somebody says something that should achieve a wider audience. Even people like me, who have said the same thing time and time again are somewhat surprised to hear it because it totally violates the narrative that we are conditioned to hear. .

      Yesterday Rush went on about the income inequality issue. He asked the rhetorical question of himself, “What’s different today than 40-50 years ago”? Well, the answer is family structure. 40-50 years ago with the economy growing we were dealing with an intact family structure of Dad, Mom, 2.8 kids. Dad worked, Mom mostly stayed home until the kids were well on their way through school and then, like my mother and most of her friends , went back to work.

      Guess what? Intact families did better then. Guess what? They do better today. Single parent, female headed households are falling farther and farther behind. Why? That is easy, one parent cannot do everything that two parents can. There are always exceptions and there are very well educated, dynamic people who can overcome but a high school dropout Mom with a kid or two or three is not likely to be either financially successful nor successful in the parenting role. I’ve been accused in the past of being too anecdotal, this is often the case but the constant trotting out of “exceptions” as if they were the norm is worse, it is a blatant lie.

      There are a multitude of other reasons, lack of basic job opportunities in certain locations, loss of jobs, loss of basic manufacturing jobs but the root cause of poverty is there for all who have eyes to see.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I submit the former is related to the latter.

        A single parent without a high demand degree is LESS MOBILE.

        Many people live in areas with a lousy job market. Those with capacity in terms of drive, risk aversion, ie courage, and support MOVE to where there are better jobs.

        A single parent with a HS diploma holding down two or three minimum wage jobs is going to have a tough time pulling up and moving to Portland or North Dakota. Once there the job prospects don’t change from where they are.

        • A single parent with a HS diploma holding down two or three minimum wage jobs is going to have a tough time pulling up and moving to Portland or North Dakota. Once there the job prospects don’t change from where they are.

          Food for thought. If the Democrats were so interested in helping the poor, when are they going to do something constructive to help those in this position? Seems to me that all this Greater Good BS is just that, a lot of BS, because they are doing nothing in the areas controlled by the Democrats. More money in education isn’t working. Let’s ask Buck and Mathius.

          Buck, Mathius, what’s up with this?

          • I honestly don’t think that there is any desire to help anyone. The current situation is a result, in no small part, of the destruction of the family unit. We are well on our way, in all ethnic groups to the point of fatherless single mom families. The mom’s will have no chance and the offspring even less.

            History, history, history. It has all happened before and the results have been the same. Once the circumstances are perceived as hopeless, then the only “hope” is voting for more of the same and at least being able to feed yourself while being entertained by the circuses thrown at you.

            Education is dangerous, a certain amount of it will teach you to think and ask questions. Too little or too much will result in either ignorance about the world in which you live or the sure and certain “knowledge” that there is only one “right” way.

          • Mathius™ says:

            More money in education isn’t working.

            BOO HOO!

            Waaah! I’m cutting every corner possible, spending as little as I possibly can, and distributing funding such that the lions’ share goes to the least needy. I’m fighting tooth and nail to deny food assistance to children. I’ve classified pizza as a vegetable. I’ve cut hours from the day, days from the year. I’ve cut funding for arts and music and recess. Teacher’s salaries are capped and unions are treated like the anti-Christ. Meanwhile, I’ve put in place an incentive scheme which makes teachers “teach to the test” rather than foster learning. We live in a culture where “jocks” are worshiped and “nerds” derided, where kids who are different or *clutches pearls* gay are afraid to go to school.

            College equals a years of debt to many Americans – and a debt, by the way, that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

            Texas school boards have rewritten history textbooks, and Kansas mandates pseudo science.

            But yea, I’m sure “education” isn’t working in your mind. Maybe we should actually try it before we rule it a failure, huh?

            More money in education isn’t working.

            We could always try even more education..

            Also, we could end the War on Drugs™ or at least dial it back by legalizing marijuana.

            We could stop spending more on prisons than schools.

            We could increase nutritional benefits to children.

            We could make college free to every American, and forgive student debts.

            We could reform immigration so that people who are already here can work legally and pay taxes.

            How ’bout we fund job training. For free. For any and every American who is out of work. Don’t have a job but want one? We’ll teach you how to weld. Congratulations, you’re now a professional welder.

            We could fund sciences 100x and shrink the defense budget an offsetting amount.

            We could stop pretending that the NEA is evil and admit the possibility that funding for the arts is a good thing.

            Just sayin’..



            • Just A Citizen says:


              Why should having standardized tests CAUSE or FORCE teachers to teach to the test?

              If the test in fact tests knowledge of things we believe are “important to know” then why not test to determine if that understanding or “learning” is actually occurring??

              Perhaps the underlying problem is Federal interference in Education itself. No Federal authority then no National Testing, no linking performance to Federal Funding, etc, etc.

              And of course, no students in debt up to their eye balls and lower general college costs due to lost “Federal Subsidies”.

      • I think you nailed it SKT! I don’t think the intent of the “Greater Society” was to destroy our family structure & culture. But that is the end result for those who accepted government handouts. I do think today’s Democrats continue leading this marchstep to the abbess… Some have good intentions with no understanding of the consequences. Some only see & use it to gain & keep power. The scary ones know what they are doing and are happy with the results. I can see in a few years the government offering cradle to 12 K daycare with education. Why not let the “professionals” in the government care for your children while you get on with your busy life? Are they willing slaves or have they sold their soul…or are they just lazy & don’t care as long as they have their booze, smokes & other happy chemical?

  12. So here’s another WT…moment. You remember Uncle Omar, the drunken, illegal Obama family member that defied his deportation notice. At the time of his arrest, the WH denied the two had ever met. (Uncle/nephew) His case finally made it to court and Uncle Omar (and his landlord) say that Barry stayed with him for several weeks back in Barry’s Harvard days. Huh? Never met vs stayed several weeks at his house. So the WH decides to clear the matter by saying, yes, he did in fact stay with ole Uncle Omar, but when the question came up before, no one bothered asking the pres, they just assumed they’d never met. Now they decided to ask and low and behold, yes he did in fact stay with him! What?
    Really? Someone (before) just answered on the fly about this family member? We are expected to believe this shit time and time again? Jay Carney has a special place in hell for getting up in front of the American people every single day and telling lies to cover for this scum.

    • And all last week, and all the week and month before, the leftest radicals in the House and Senate made hay on TV over that one lone republican congressman who a few years back had the temerity to yell out “liar” at the State of the Union message. No more than the little boy pointing out that the emperor had no clothes on!

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Rush Limbaugh, 0945 PST, December 6, 2013:

    “The world is governed by the aggressive use of force. It always has been and it always will be.”

    Well I’ll be……….. A conservative who is finally getting it. Now he just needs to go the next step and recognize the two types of “aggressive force”. That which is LEGAL under Govt and that which is Not.

    He went on to explain that the world will always have a bunch of bad, evil people seeking to use force against others. But he failed to connect the reality that their “impact” can on be magnified by assuming the power of GOVERNMENT.

    • He He, I remember those days when I actually wouldn”t accept your definition of government.

      Ice storm just hit my area 😦

      Hope everyone’s safe and warm

    • Neat! Just finished rebuilding the old man’s Ike jacket. Had his patches but had to dig up all the brass, DUI, qualification badges etc. Looked at the finished product, smiled and shed a tear. What men they were.

  14. New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile

    Recent studies by psychologists and social scientists in the US and UK suggest that contrary to mainstream media stereotypes, those labeled “conspiracy theorists” appear to be saner than those who accept the official versions of contested events.

    The most recent study was published on July 8th by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent (UK). Entitled “What about Building 7? A social psychological study of online discussion of 9/11 conspiracy theories,” the study compared “conspiracist” (pro-conspiracy theory) and “conventionalist” (anti-conspiracy) comments at news websites.

    • There is something to be said about the apparent normalcy of the conflict between “official” reports/assessments and large numbers of “conspiracy theorists”.

      It says there is a need for definitive truth. It says there are truths being withheld. People are being denied and lied to.

      Demand truth. It all starts with truth.

      All human action is ultimately individual. All human action starts with choice.

      Choice must be based on truth, as anything developed from a false premise will also be false. The further the falsehood continues, the greater the divergence from truth. Eventually, the universe will correct it. The greater the divergence from truth when that happens, the more turbulent it is.

      Ignorance is a prison. How can you base a decision upon something you are unaware of?

      A + B – C x D / E = ∞

  15. ROSES!

  16. “There must be some kinda way out of here”
    Said the joker to the thief
    “There’s too much confusion
    I can’t get no relief”

    “Businessmen, they, they drink my wine
    Plowmen dig my earth
    None will level on the line
    Nobody of it is worth”, hey

    “No reason to get excited”
    The thief, he kindly spoke
    “There are many here among us
    Who feel that life is but a joke”

    “But you and I, we’ve been through that
    And this is not our fate
    So let us not talk falsely now
    The hour is getting late”, hey


    All along the watchtower
    Princes kept the view
    While all the women came and went
    Barefoot servants too

    Outside in the cold distance
    A wildcat did growl
    Two riders were approaching
    And the wind began to howl, hey

    All along the watchtower
    All along the watchtower

  17. Why Liberalism and Obamacare will eventually fail. It’s about money, not the greater good, and the Left just can’t grasp that fact:

    • Just A Citizen says:

      You need to stop confusing “LIBERALISM” with “Progressivism” or those various forms of “Socialism”.

  18. Just A Citizen says:


    You: “I’m not loving our government at all. It is beyond repairable.”

    Our GOVT is NOT beyond repairable. Our Govt can be moved in various directions, just as it has in the past.

    The question is whether we can repair or “move” the thinking and values of our fellow citizens. Then whether we can get the right people elected.

    This feeling of “hoplessness” is largely due to the lack of understanding about just how long these changes will take.

    Remember when I said way back in the beginning, it will take 20 years at the best but probably longer. BECAUSE you have to deal with the values and philosophy of Society, BECORE you can move the Govt as radically as we often propose.

    • JAC, Good day to you and yours! 🙂

      We will simply disagree on all this. I see you and those like you floundering around in a shallow pool of water hoping for rain (in a desert where it rarely rains). You can’t ever win the political game because it’s not intended for the people to win. It’s controlled by the elite ruling class, with an illusion of two different sides for all of us nobodies to argue about. The Dems protect the rich, the Repubs protect the rich, at the expense of the non-rich (us).

      You do not chose who you get to vote for you, it is chosen for you. The two political parties will take turns screwing us for eternity because of this illusion of choice. People will vote (for the ruling elites choice’s) and accept the results (utter corruption benefitting the ruling class only), while they flounder in poverty and ruling class made economic bubbles. Nothing will EVER change as long as the current system is in place. Even the Presdential debates are controlled by the political parties. Their is no winning in a game that is stacked against the average person.

      That’s life right now. Voting will not really change a thing, it may from time to time give the illusion of change, but it’s still an illusion.

      On a better note, great games yesterday in CFB 🙂 Congrats to the MSU Spartans ! I see FSU beating Auburn in a close game next month. That should be a great game 🙂

      • OH, almost forgot. The SCOTUS has ensured that money will rule the political landscape, not votes.

      • ” Their is no winning in a game that is stacked against the average person. ”

        Exactly. The odds are always ultimately in favor of the house, so to speak.

        You have to stop playing.

        • Welp! SUFA commrades in arms..we must trudge ahead without G and BL. They have chosen to withdraw from the fight against tyranny….and here I thought they, both being former military, would be leading the charge. Goes to show you can’t count on anything or anyone.But being kind and generous Americans, we’ll welcome them to join us in the Second American Republic.

          • ….and in the Second American Republic, the SUFAettes are in charge!

          • Anita,

            Earth is a monkey infested shit-hole. You can’t fix it without killing a lot of people.

            Even then, the cycle will repeat in a few hundred thousand years if you do not completely exterminate humans.

            I don’t think that’s up to us, …and it may very well be part of our design to destroy most of ourselves every so often anyway.

            …just a thought

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Pretty crappy one if you ask me. But yes, it is a thought.

              • Humans are hardwired to be egotistical, It is what creates the drive for a win/lose outcome over others…some/many will do so to the point of victimization.

                It is our animalistic nature, …the survival of the fittest yin to the empathetic compassion for your fellow human yang.

                Look at the world we have created. It’s out of balance.

                What happens when we advance/develop to the point of our capacity to handle it? Do we balance out somehow? Or do we destroy ourselves, and repeat a cycle, which actually serves as the balance?

                If we balance, there has to be an understanding and ability to get over/manage that hardwired ego thing. And human nature is a difficult thing to overcome.

              • …just for perspective, consider this…

                At the point in our development where we were technologically advanced enough to begin to understand the finer points of atomic structure, what was the first thing we did with it?

                Answer: Produce a weapon of mass destruction and kill hundreds of thousands of people with it.

                ” We have become gods, destroyers of worlds” …or…monkeys with poop discovering grenades?

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    College Football………….did not get my predictions in so I can be challenged BUT:

    Things turned out pretty much as I thought yesterday EXCEPT……….Oklahoma State. What the hell.

    I had Sparty picked to win based on their defense. The mental let down in the 2nd and 3rd quarters had Anita in conniptions I am guessing. But they pulled it off in the end.

    Anita: Congratulations. Did you happen to attend the game? However, you will now have to deal with Stanford. Which I will by loyalty to the “WEST” be forced to support. The Rose Bowl could be one of the best bowl games this year.

    Florida State and Auburn. SEC gets another National Title? If Duke could fluster these guys for most of the first half just think what Auburn can do. Then on the other hand, Missouri ran through these guys like a dose of the salts. Maybe this will be a good game as well. I am picking Auburn just because of that awesome run game. That and Fla States played a bunch of patsies this year.

    Now for the downside of the weekend. Boise State is going to fall from the elite list for awhile I fear. Coach Peterson is off to Univ. of Washington. I expect he will take most of his coaching staff with him. Losing the head coach is survivable given their reputation and depending on who they hire to replace him. But part of their struggles the last two years is loss of assistants. When your good these guys get promoted to someplace else. Now many of them will be leaving, not just one or two.

    I have not cheered for Wash. Huskies since the days of Warren Moon, and then it was only in the bowl games. We Cougar fans just can’t do that. I may have to temper my dislike as I would love to see Peterson succeed at the next level.

    Now for the REAL College Football PLAYOFFS. Time to watch the other divisions fight for the National Title. Go Griz. 🙂

  20. I think Obama likes to drive up costs to force Americans to behave as he desires. He stated he would make coal power too expensive for the power plants to use to produce electricity & he has done that now. The price of gasoline has roughly doubled under his presidency, resulting is lowering of our use along with increased food & transportation costs. The latest from the EPA will increase ammo costs, especially shotguns and the heavier calibers. The more lead used, the greater the cost when ALL raw lead will eventually have to be imported. (Note, recycling of batteries and such is not affected, so it won’t happen overnight ((unless there is another panic buying spree)). You can bet that ammo will NEVER be cheaper tomorrow than today, buy what you can now.

  21. Another issue(s) I have with the Feds, they need to get out of our business, ALL OF IT!

    JAC, this is out your way, any comments? We have coyote here, and their population is growing. It will/is becoming a problem for other wildlife populations. Our coyote DNA (tested by the game dept) has wolf DNA in them, which makes them bigger than the Midwest and southern coyotes. Trapping is also becoming much more popular, not to sell furs, but to control the coyote population. I may even take it up, learn tanning and make my own furs 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I have not heard about the two hikers. BUT, if it was actually IN the Craters of the Moon then very doubtful it was wolves or bears that “killed” anyone. Or even ate anyone. If a dead hiker was eaten it was probably coyotes in that particular area. That and Crows and Magpies.

      Will try to get better information. Guessing the hikers were not actually in Crater of the Moons but somewhere in the general area.

      FYI, IDAHO currently HUNTS the Gray Wolf along with Montana. This was under an Endangered Specie Agreement with USFWS because the populations in those two states exceed the recovery Goals. The Enviro’s file lawsuits to stop it. First they succeeded but this is the second or third season where Permits for Wolves have been issued.

      So much of the tone and facts of the article are FALSE. The State sets the management goals but does not have complete control until complete delisting. Which will NOT OCCUR in a very long time. Not the entire Specie. What will happen is populations being basically delisted and States given equal or lead responsibility.

  22. Wow! Don’t know if she has a case, but hopes she sues the heck out of them for big $$$!

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Dang it……….One blown run play and lost the game. Although I say it is mostly due to Seattle’s propensity to commit penalties at the most WRONG time possible. Like driving to put the game away.

    I had figured SF to win this one in my original predictions so I’m OK still there. But sure would have been nice for the Seahawks to have clinched the division and home field. They aren’t out of the woods yet. Too much coronation going on. Giants in NY and PO’d over today could cause a problem and the Cardinals and Rams are BOTH capable of beating Seattle on any given day. A really, really, good day.

    Lions…………Sorry Anita but this one is shaping up about like I thought. They might wind up winning the division with a 500 or less avg. Would be shocked if the Bears beat the Cowpokes tomorrow. But then it is Dallas and it is December.

    The LIONS could use a NEW COACHING STAFF. Best talent in the NFL, even better than Seattle.

    Carolina beats New Orleans in at least one of the two remaining games and maybe both. I see a tough night for Brees tonight. Oh dear, maybe that was to specific, no way to hedge my prediction.

  24. Hi folks…….been outta pocket again. Back for awhile……caught the tail end of an interview with the director of MD Anderson cancer facility in Houston….said that they were opting out of anything to do with Obamacare and are not going to accept medicare nor medicaid nor any plan that regulates prices. Anybody know anything about this?

    Hi JAC…..My football team had their ass handed to them by Baylor. I have never rooted for Oklahoma before but did this time so Texas could whoop up on Baylor…….sigh.


      The same is happening out here. On a radio show a couple of nights ago, a doc called in and said that many of his colleagues were retiring. Expect to see more foreign doctors working in the US.

      Also Col. did you see your Lt Gov comments on how TX shut down border crossings?

      • I am part of it.

        • Operation Linebacker and Ops Strong Safety are designed to stop human trafficking and drugs and weapons. Nothing more. We do not care about the immigrant looking for work right now. Texas already has strong enough penalties for employers that hire illegals. THe fines are horrendous and the result of losing your business franchise is having its effect. Most of the illegals looking for work are going to Arizona and California crossings. This does make it easier for us to find the human trafficking and drugs and is resulting in less “mules” being executed in the desert areas.

          The Federal Government cut its funding for border security to Texas last year by 65% as punishment for not accepting Obamacare. That is ok with us as we have the assets to take over complete border security without Federal help. We actually wish that the Feds would just leave and let us handle it all.

          What is funny is that California is screaming like mad because their influx of illegals has doubled since we have been doing this and they think that it is unfair that theyhave to spend their money because Texas is strict. And, the DEMOCRATIC governor of New Mexico is with us on this one and has asked us to institute the same procedures in New Mexico…why? Because it works. One of the biggest drug corridors is El Paso, Tx, to Las Cruces, NM to Las Vegas, NM to Denver, Co. We have effectively shut that down and New Mexico likes it. When you see Democratic led states beginning to recognize the problem, this is a good thing. It becomes a state issue as it should be,

          I am having fun as a consultant….paid by the State of Texas, with no Federal funding. I don’t get to pop caps or bash heads anymore but I get to control those that do. IPSOFACTO.

  25. Also, missed out on all the hoopla about the fast foods and all wanting 15 bucks per hour….and everybody yelling and fighting about it…….raise it, I say…..raise it as high as you want……let’s see who will pay the prices for fast food after that,,,,,,,

  26. And last but not least……you yankee types north of the picket wire…..keep yer damned weather up there.

    • Come on Colonel, we like to share 🙂

      • Thank you for sharing but you do not understand Texas driving……these are wide open spaces down here….speed limits in the 80’s…….you really think that ice is going to stop us from driving like absolute Indy 500 drivers? Hell, even those are safer than us types not used to 3 inches of ice….(snow is ok, we handle that)…but all this ice? Thawing, refreezing, 80mph…thawing, refreezing…80 mph….sigh…………….now the West Texas folks are used to this……

        You have to understand that the only thing between the Red River and this “yankee weather” is a four strand barbed wire fence…..and three strands of that are broke…….naw… keep it……don’t share. You manufactured it….keep it up there. We do not like redistribution in any form……..especially weather.

    • LOL! Saw you were actually experiencing winter down there! You’ll love having a white Christmas!

      • White Christmas????? I DONT THINK SO………however, if it comes to that……ok…..we will remember this when August rolls around…and we shall reciprocate.

    • long as you keep the heat down yonder from June to October.

      • Anita, my friend… is the way we see it…….when it is hot…..simply get naked and hose yerself down…..when it gets cold, there ain’t enough layers to get warm. But, there are those of us military types that have winter garb, so we are ok… is those crazy drivers.

    • Southerners and cold – this is hilarious!

  27. Just A Citizen says:


    Another “source” on the story about the Idaho hikers who died. Unfortunately this story raises other “false” inferences or allegations. Somebody in the Park Service was distorting the truth if the reporters were led to believe they did not have access to aircraft and other resources for a Search and Rescue operation.

    Remember, those working during the shutdown were those needed to “protect life and property”.

    Notice the photograph of the area. Now you see why I said it is NOT wolf or bear country. Not much lives in most of it but reptiles and insects.

  28. At JAC……it seems that Oregon and Texas play in a bowl…………………

    • Just A Citizen says:


      It does appear that is true. Saw it late last night. Apparently this Texas vs Oregon thing is a money maker.

      I suppose there will have to be a wager involved.

      After this weeks weather I was going to suggest a Case of Goose Down for you.

      • I am sure we can come up with a wager of sorts…but there aint enough goose down in the whole world to get me warm again. Ever since I have been remanded to blood thinners….I get cold at 90 degrees. lol…..


    Interesting outcome to the Congressional hearing. The Prez can’t just change laws (ACA, immigration) but Congress CAN’T do a damn thing about it (impeachment) because of the control of the Senate.. If he CAN get away with this (because impeachment won’t work), why can’t he sign an EO suspending the 22nd Amendment and run for a third term?

    Believe me, I think this is a crazy question too! BUT, nothing will change in the Senate in 2014 to change this landscape. So, the question stands, can Smokey Pants get away with running for a 3rd term?

  30. The reality of the situation is a stone cold truth that failing to realize will only guarantee our destruction. These two parties are working in cahoots with one another folks. Many Americans are slowly awakening to this reality, though I don’t know if it could be more apparent than watching King Obama carry forth the same tyrannical policies such as The Patriot Act, over from the Bush administration.

    We are being held prisoners in the confines of our own minds people. The media, in all of its aspects, propagate the illusions of a concrete difference between liberals and conservatives, left and right, democrat and republican by defining issues for us and telling us what we have to accept in order to fall into one of these categories. For instance, you can’t be a liberal if you don’t support abortion. Thankfully, as an educated conservative I can say this tactic works much better on liberals because they are generally much more unsure of themselves than conservatives are, we tend to be more absolute. That’s beside the point, which is, we are being fooled into believing we can’t get along. The issues are decided and defined for us by the media programming that tells us what to think.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the republicans actually agreed to play the bad guys in an effort to give credibility to Obama. They will let Obama continue to call them racist if he lets them have a couple more senate seats. They will pretend not to notice that the Obamacare website is still a disaster as long as Obama doesn’t tell anyone that they secretly admire it. They continue to play the opposition as long as they are invited to the big after work dinner parties.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised to see some mediocre republican beat out Hillary Clinton just to fan the flames of discontent a bit. While everyone would fall back to sleep under the illusion that the republican will make it all better, he, or she, will carry the same diabolical agenda forward an inch, instead of a mile at a time. After all, that’s the real difference between today’s republicans and democrats.


    • Can anyone share an example of “change” that has occurred as a result of the last 2 Federal elections? I’m not talking about a few faces changing, I’m talking about the actions of the Feds as a whole.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Can you imagine the laws that would have been passed if not for the results of the 2010 elections?

        I explain that this is a long process and you want to impose a two election cycle time limit.

        Lets go back in time. 1980. You telling me that there was NO DIFFERENCE between Reagan’s election and if Carter had been re-elected?

        No Difference between Al Gore and George Bush?

        • Going back in time, as to your questions is semantics and can’t be truly answered. However, I will GUESS that if Gore would have been elected we’d be in far worse condition economically (that’s because he is a fraudster). But, we are going there anyway, things just gave me time to get a little prepared personally. I also think it’s quite clear that the Feds don’t work for the people, and that will NEVER change under the current terms.

          Let’s look at spying on American people! It started under bush and continued under Obama! What is the difference? Different faces, same goal! I can’t predict the future, no one can, but I can see this problem and where it will likely lead. History my friend, is our greatest teacher, because human nature never changes, just the faces of history. 🙂

          On a lighter note, how about them Dolphins beating the Steelers in their backyard, in wintery conditions no less! I’m hoping the Cowboys win tonight as well. The NFL is kind of a hobby (fantasy football) of mine. We have some serious cold coming our way, hunting will be tough, but I’ll be going out in the mornings for sure. Single digit temperatures in the AM, yuk 😦

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Re: Working for the people.

            Lets look at the Center for Disease Control, the FDA, the Park Service, Forest Service, BLM, Weather Service, NOAA, etc,, etc.

            I agree that the NSA’s bad behavior can overwhelm the other good stuff, but the other good stuff still exists. We can question whether it should, but that does not negate the fact that some good things are done FOR the PEOPLE every day by the Fed and State Governments.

            It does not change the fact that many in Congress are actin on THEIR PERCEPTION of what is needed to work for the people. We must understand that even with many of those on the left, they are doing what they think is “right”. Same goes for about 50% of the US population.

            • JAC, to be clear, I’m only speaking of the Federal govt. Park service/Forest service simply followed orders during govt shutdown (remember how much money and manpower used to shut down OPEN AIR monuments). They are puppets. How about the EPA? The IRS? The State Dept (Benghazi),

              I’m not bangin on the workers of the many agencies, I just think the States can handle to jobs much better.

              Screw the perception of those in Congress. They are failing and have been all my life. Please look at the current DEBT this country has. This is an utter failure that is coming back to haunt all of us in the near future. This is NOT doing what is in the best interest of the people, ever!

              They are corrupt and need to be replaced, all of them!

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Your argument: They need to be replaced, all of them! But what ever you do DON”T VOTE because that is wasting your time.

                So in the theory of Anarchy when does CHANGE happen? You say NO VIOLENCE so HOW does change happen?

                The theory of Society simply pulling away from “participation” has not precedence. NONE.

              • See how Iceland changed things. When enough sheeple wake up (if) and enough pro-government types (like yourself) realize that the game is totally rigged, then maybe, just maybe, a violent free change could occur. Until then……..I watch and wait 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Yep, you watch and wait for OTHERS to do the hard work.

                I suggest you do less waiting if you want change to happen.

              • I have to agree with JAC. G, you are way too impatient for things to work. I understand that you have prepared yourself for hard times and are tired of waiting to be proven right. But things don’t happen on your time schedule. I think YOU are falling for all the hysteria you read on all the survivalist sites. Whether their claims are true or not…why hasn’t anything come of any of their efforts? For all their bellowing about how bad it is..they haven’t changed anything either.But you buy the hysteria and look at us like we’re crazy, then chastise us for our efforts, like voting. But what are you doing to help us out of the problem? Your stance hasn’t accomplished a thing either. And you want us to join you in getting nowhere. smh……….

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    Is this the beginning of the campaign for the next Social Justice agenda item??

    Note the comments thus far and how many are essentially calling for Govt to do something.

  32. December 9, 2013
    Obama is not a Pathological Liar, He is an Ideological Liar
    Lawrence Sellin

    Like communism, the collapse of the Obama Administration agenda is inevitable, not solely as a result of its many flawed policies, but because it lacks an ethical dimension in regard to individual rights, justifiable criteria for its use of state coercion and, in particular, a respect for the truth.

    Stated simply, Obama lies because the true objectives of his fundamental transformation of the United States are incompatible with American democracy and tradition.

    Barack Obama’s devotion to the Machiavellian dictum of “the ends justify the means” and lying as an instrument of government policy have been the tools of political extremists throughout history.

    Such means have their philosophical foundations in the ethical theory of Consequentialism, but have been applied for despotic ends.

    The theory holds that the consequences of one’s conduct are the ultimate basis for any judgment about the rightness of that conduct. Thus, a morally “right” act or omission is one that will produce a “good” outcome from the standpoint of the consequentialist.

    Extending the philosophy of Consequentialism into the realm of politics and economics, one can recognize the elite-led and state-dictated lies of socialists and communists in the sale and implementation of ObamaCare.

    To Obama, however, they are not lies. It is acceptable to use bad or immoral methods as long as you accomplish something “good” by using them. In other words, in order to achieve what you consider as an important aim, it is acceptable to do something bad. Morally “right” consequences often necessitate morally wrong actions and what is considered “right” or “wrong” is determined by the outcome.

    Obama does not necessarily believe what he is saying, but by saying it, he confirms the purity of his intentions through advancing his statist goals and revolutionary dreams.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  33. Since this is open mic…not sure I know how to do this, but I can’t resist trying….I love this!!

    I just LOVE Texas!


    • I should have said….it’s an 8 minute video, IMO worth watching all of it.

      Like I said, I love Texas, so proud to be a part of this great state.

      Now if it would just warm up!!


    • Just A Citizen says:


      WHICH of the videos do you want us to watch. All I get is the blank screen with videos listed on the right.

      • Oh…sorry. It worked for me, but if it doesn’t for you, It’s the one titled “I Can’t Believe They Let You Do That”. The guy posted it on Dec 5.


        • Just A Citizen says:

          Got it………… GREAT stuff as usual.

          • Great video…what he left out though, was we also say the Pledge of Allegiance…in it’s entirety…and along with Texas Our Texas (song), we also know the Star Spangled Banner in it’s entirety, sang correctly and in tune.

            Austin is our experiment…our petri dish, if you will….trying to learn how to convert liberals to gun totin’ conservatives….we are very polite when we show transplanted “furiners” where Interstate 10 and Interstate 35 is, complete with map….when they complain about how they did “thangs” in California or New York…we have creeks and not “cricks”, windahs and not windows or winders, we drink water and not wutta, and we drill for ‘all’ and not oil. Ya’ll is singular and plural….we do not even know what a “youse guys” is…a five year old can hit a flying bird in the eye with a .22, grandma’s all own guns and pack heat, a long gun is a rifle and a six gun is a pistol…we do not like snow or ice (if we want either, we will visit Colorado or Alaska). Football is a religion, baseball is a wannabe, soccer belongs in Mexico. There are NO pocket knives, there are belt knives all over 8 inches long and sharp and legal to carry. Our women are beautiful and can shoot as well as anyone ( it is a requirement in marriage in Texas to be able to have a shot group the size of a quarter or an annulment can be arranged). Texas women can cook, row, run a boat, fix a car, put gas in a car, drive a pick up, clean and gut any animal, bait a hook and take fish off the line, be shy and demure but can out cuss a sailor, if necessary, throw a punch using both fists with equal velocity, throw a football, and actually carry garbage out to the street. They know how to build deer and turkey blinds, call up game, and reload their own shells and bullets, They prefer bikinis or no suits at all to parkas and sweaters.

            And, this man was not kidding, we can discharge a firearm on private property anytime we want to..there are very few ordinances prohibiting same.

            And on the 8th day…….God created Texas..

            • @ the Colonel- “Football is a religion, baseball is a wannabe, soccer belongs in Mexico. ” LOL, and true!

              BTW, on that same website I also clicked on the clip entitled “The Cookie Cutter Curriculum”…wow. Another one worth the time to listen to it.

              @ JAC- you commented “GREAT stuff as usual.” Are you already familiar with Bill Whittle? Today was the first I had heard of him (I received a link to the website in an email from a friend).


              • Just A Citizen says:

                Yes I am. I get PJ TV and media stuff from them and have for the last four or five years.

                Have you seen “If I was President” series? If not check it out.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              The day after he used up the good stuff on Montana.


  34. JAC and Anita, Finally, a nice conversation about the ways of our world. I’m not just doing NOTHING, I’m doing my best to show that the Feds are a lost cause and voting is silly, because you are only voting for the candidate THEY (the ruling class) want you to vote for (the left/right paradigm don’t matter). The two party system is designed to give the illusion of choice. The proof is the Patriot Act, for example. The proof is four dead people in Benghazi and no one held accountable for the failures. The proof is Obama changing laws, despite the fact he doesn’t have the authority to do so. The proof is during the sequester and shutdown, the pain was AIMED at the people. We the PEOPLE have lost control of our government, period. If you feel otherwise, please show my why.

    Now, I don’t have answers for how to fix this mess, but I do know what is a waste of time and what is at least achievable. Voting in Federal elections is insanity, because the outcome will not change, no matter how hard you may want to believe it does. This didn’t happen over night either, so I don’t expect the solution to happen anytime soon. But I can show and prove that the system is a big CON that us little folks will never win by playing by their rules. Knowledge is power!

    For the record, I don’t read survival sites very often. Sometimes a good article will show in an email, but that’s it. I hope that there is no “collapse” so to speak, that would really suck. I’m ready for a lengthy problem, just in case. It’s good that I can begin rotating stock (and it really lowers the grocery bill). I have found prepping to be fun and very educational, as well as a great way to save money. Anita, I do believe you have posted about your impatience with all the collapse stuff, I have done no such thing, I want as much time as possible to enjoy life, not just survive 🙂 . JAC, I’m doing many things to raise awareness about the CON that we are living in, so I’m not just doing NOTHING 🙂

    • What some consider doing nothing, I view as breaking free, ripping off the slave collar.

      Trying to change a broken system with the same broken system is like trying to catch a Ferris Wheel to Albuquerque. …or to use your metaphor …trying to nail jelly to a tree.

      If the people can create alternate systems that function upon free market principles and voluntarism, …then as government falters, the people are ready, …already have workable alternatives in place and functioning.

      The problem with that is government demands monopoly, and may not respond well.

      Something has to give. Slavery isn’t working out so well.

      • Folks have a hard time realizing that what they were led to believe all their lives is a big lie. Nobody wants to believe they have been made a fool of, so they continue on pretending it’s all OK. They live a fairy tale, they cling to it because of stubbornness. So cling they shall, until it’s too late and they wake up to find themselves in shackles. Being a political dissenter will soon be a crime, and easily determined through govt spying operations. Why else would they need to spy? Terrorism is their own boogieman that they control, so no one should need to look past that. Funny how releasing the brainwashing can open one’s eyes to the truth !

        • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha

          OMG G! I didn’t realize we were all that bad. Is that really how you think of us? Yep, I’m living a fairy tale and I’m gonna wake up in shackles. Boy oh boy. I might not know much, but I know as much as you know and guess what G? You’re gonna be in shackles right damn next to me. So calm down with the self righteous indignation, would ya?

          (not yelling..its just been getting on my nerves)

          • I don’t intend to get on your nerves, although you have yet to prove me wrong on anything I have posted today 🙂 . Here is another example of what I’m talking about.

            And NO, I will not be in shackles next to you, they will kill me because I will never play their game. Your fit for a re-education camp, good luck 😆

            • I’m not trying to prove you wrong. Im saying I’m just as aware as you are, as is everyone on this site. But you claim the highground with no plan other than shut it all down.

            • This is another example of what we are all up against, and another example of what YOUR votes have allowed the Feds to do:

              • Just A Citizen says:

                My votes certainly did not “allow” the NDAA to pass. Nobody I voted for ever voted for this legislation.

                This is typical of your inflammatory rhetoric which does nothing to motivate people to act for resolution.

                Funny how the people who posted this referenced Obama’s Tyranny in the “title” yet the testimony stated Obama “promised” to not to utilize the detention authority.

              • Let’s see, may Republicans (so called conservatives) had to vote for it to pass. Guilty by association 🙂 JAC says “This is typical of your inflammatory rhetoric “….. OUCH, Now I feel like I’m posting on HuffPo, because that’s what they would say when their argument can’t hold water 🙂

                Funny how the people who posted this referenced Obama’s Tyranny in the “title” yet the testimony stated Obama “promised” to not to utilize the detention authority. YEP, goes right along with people keeping their health insurance and doctors that they like. Can you do any better than to use Leftist BS JAC ?

        • ” Folks have a hard time realizing that what they were led to believe all their lives is a big lie. Nobody wants to believe they have been made a fool of, so they continue on pretending it’s all OK. They live a fairy tale, they cling to it because of stubbornness. So cling they shall, until it’s too late and they wake up to find themselves in shackles. Being a political dissenter will soon be a crime, and easily determined through govt spying operations. Why else would they need to spy? Terrorism is their own boogieman that they control, so no one should need to look past that. Funny how releasing the brainwashing can open one’s eyes to the truth ! ”

          Nineteen eighty four dystopia is already here, just not quite so exaggerated as the book.

          Maybe it will be reversed NEXT election cycle.


      • Just A Citizen says:

        You want to nail jelly to a tree? Freeze it first…….then it is easy.

        Ride a Ferris Wheel? Put it on the back of a lowboy truck………easy ride to New Mexico.

        Platitudes are easy. Solutions require EFFORT.

        • I don’t like complaining without offering ideas in the interest of solutions. I merely attempt to get others to think about it. …not because I think it will work, but because I will have piece of mind when I die.

        • That says a lot JAC, you mean to play their game, because it’s the easiest thing to do. BL and I have at least taken a stand against the OBVIOUS disaster called the Federal govt. You, my friend, are always free to play their game, you will be sitting next to Anita in shackles one day, good luck 😆

          • Oh yeah? You should be leading the charge to DC. Instead you’re runnin fer the deer blind! 🙂

            • As soon as enough people pull their heads from their collective backsides to go with me I will 🙂 In the mean time, I’m gonna enjoy life, have fun, perfect my skills and try to educate the sheeple 🙂

  35. OK Ya’ll, time for me to chill a little bit. Guess I got a few goats today, based on the comments I got back. That’s good! We are really on the same team, we just have different views of things, I’m figuring mine are quite clear by now, so I will step back some and see if you folks can “Stand Up For America”, because all I’m seeing is folks standing up for more of the same. I will say that I’m disappointed. Why don’t we just revisit the “perfect candidate” series?

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    More from the land of Common Sense Aint so Common Anymore.

    Love the condescending finger wag the Proff does to “summon” a student.

    OREGON…………The Ultimate Progressive State. Throw them kids in jail for throwing snowballs, while protecting the criminal element hanging out under the bridges at night.

  37. Interesting pictorial of Chernobyl:

    One has to wonder about Fukushima!

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    Some time back we had a rather heated discussion here about Income Mobility. That is the ability of people to move UP or Down the economic ladder. We are inundated almost daily with the “shrinking middle class” stories. Yet I have not been able to find the data to prove this theory one way or the other. Tracking “median” income does not track with “middle class”, nor does it track “standard of living”.

    I stumbled onto this little gem this evening while looking for data on changes in the middle class since the 1800’s. It indicates that the middle class is shrinking because it has moved UP.

    OK, lets here the rebuttals. I assume it will start with …………. “well look at the source”…..


  39. Just A Citizen says:

    To the Radicalized Revolutionary this would be considered a “missed opportunity”.

    “Joining President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for the trip to Nelson Mandela’s memorial was former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush, as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton”

    Add to this the “hundreds of world leaders” now gathered in South Africa.

    Anyone got the security codes to that HAARP machine? Can it be used to divert an asteroid?

    • No sir, but I do have the codes to a variety of “other things” that can be repositioned, if you catch my meaning.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Well then……………………..Engage

        • Engaging…………engaging…….engaging……..laser sighting inoperable due to the amount of hot air being expended……….engaging.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I see a propaganda photo produced by a “conservative” group in the near future which shows Pres. Obama BOWING to Raul Castro.

            Prediction Confirmation

            Cowboys get their arses kicked by DA Bears. Why? It is now DECEMBER.

  40. Top O’ th’ morning to you, JACster……..there is this strange thing hanging in the sky….big, round, yellow, puts out heat…..some say it is the sun…..don’t know for sure yet.

    Have you noticed how the Cruz bashing has all but disappeared? As it turns out, so far, he has been 100% correct on Obamacare. Premiums to the middle class are rising faster than a popcorn fart, the deductibles are increasing at alarming rates, states are recognizing that in the third year, the Federal subsidy sunsets, hospitals are dropping out in droves, doctors are leaving the system, Medicare is being reduced while premiums are rising, Medicaid has expanded to astronomical costs, The specialty hospitals are being frozen out, prescription medicines have been eliminated, most out of pocket expenses are disallowed towards deductibles………….

    On a personal note, I was informed last week that my prescription medicine through the VA for war related PTSD,is no longer covered and is not covered under medicare either. I must pay out of pocket and it is not counted towards any deductibles. Brilenta, my heart medicine is no longer available through the VA so I must pay out of pocket for it….fortunately I can afford it. Obamacare has eliminated 34 prescription medicines from the VA. They are available through the exchanges but in order to get them, you must drop the VA and sign up for the exchanges…however, the bronze and silver plan under the exchanges do not cover those medicines either…we must purchase the gold plan and the out of pocket portion DOES NOT COUNT towards the deductible……..

    And I am now a racist because I use the term Obamacare…..and the hits keep on coming.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The weather is changing, but still cold. So probably a while before you get back to your balmy Texas winter weather.

      As a matter of fact I was making note of the Cruz silence just yesterday. I thought maybe it was because they now seem more focused on Rand Paul AGAIN. But now that you mention it I wonder if the media is a little afraid of the “I told you so”.

      Did you notice the left wing outlets were going hard after Cruz’s Dad recently. Apparently the new tactic is to paste him as the homophobic RACIST wingnut. Then I assume it will be “guilt by blood”.

      Glad you can afford your needed meds. As you say, it just keeps coming. Have your Congress Critters been made aware? Seems this would be perfectly ripe for ACTION by someone like Cruz or others from Texas

      Hope all are well.

      By the way, our little wager on the Cotton Bowl may be in jeopardy. The Oregon coach has decided to suspend players involved in the “snow ball” throwing event I posted yesterday. So absolutely Progressive these Oregonians are. I’ll get back to you once we know if they have a team left.

      • LOL…that’s ok….I never know which Texas team is going to show up…..Cotton Bowl, huh. I did not know which one…..ok….but no matter which team you send, it will be a new game anyway..but ( failing to wager because of a snow ball fight) you will be submitted to and must endure Texas sarcastic wit. However, that could also backfire because I still do not know which team will show up….you could send the Oregon cheerleaders and they would win……

        As to the Obamacare….I have two acquaintances that have prosthetic legs for wounds received in combat….and were just billed the tax by our government. Unbelievable.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Maybe we should just send down the Snowballs. Seems you Texicans don’t know anything about snow and ice.

          Watched cars getting crushed by falling ice on the news last night. I know Texicans have a huge ego but do you really think Gravity does not apply to you?

          Or are you going to blame the “left winger city dwellers”??

          As for O Care……….UNBELIEVABLE is right, but far to kind.

  41. @Buck, Is there anything GOOD about Obamacare yet? All I’m hearing and seeing is bad stuff. I just don’t see how this is anything good. Any comments?

    • There’s plenty good about the law.

      There is also plenty bad….

      • Care to give some examples of good? I’d like to hear at least one 🙂

        • We’ve been through this before…but here are a few things off the top of my head:

          1) Medicaid expansion
          2) Pre-existing conditions
          3) Ability to stay on parent’s plan until 26
          4) Expansion of preventative care / screening services

          • Thanks Buck. #1 will just cost everyone more money, via taxes. Doctors are opting out in droves everywhere, which is going to cause huge problems for those who are on Medicaid. I think this one will backfire bigtime and make matters worse for the poor. Planned?

            #2, I have my doubts that this was a big problem as the media and democrats lead us to believe. Ohio had a law before Obamacare that solved this problem and other states were following. Also saw a woman with a child with a rare disease say that she lost her health plan that she had for the last 18 years (which covered 67 surgeries for her daughter). Just an example that the whole argument of pre0existing conditions was way overblown. Fear mongering?

            #3 In some cases, I’m OK with this, in others not so much. Not a major issue to me.

            #4, It’s been proven that preventive care don’t work and just costs money. Basically, it’s just about money because it rarely prevents anything. Much like a flu shot, you may still get the flu, just a different strain. (we went through this as well) 🙂

            Good=Repealed 🙂

          • 1-How is this good? Who pays?
            2-Often times this could be accomplished by having insurance tied to the person, rather than the employer, or having HSA’s expanded. These are concepts the R’s tried to put into play – the D’s would have none of it. Also, have read stories where, yes, pre-existing is covered at very, very, very high cost. I think that’s always been the case. Wondering also, how does it work financially to everyone else that maintains coverage all along and doesn’t wait ’til they need it. Could this cross-over to my property insurance? I have a fire, then I buy the insurance? I always hear the left tout this as a good thing, but the devil is in the details.

            3-We’ve discussed this before. Why is it a good thing to keep 26 year old “kids” on their parents’ insurance? Grow up already! Parents can always pay for their kids insurance plan if they want to help them.

            4-Most plans already covered these, unless one opted for catastrophic only, ie their choice to pay out of pocket.

            It’s so easy to cherry pick a few ideas and then call them great things, without actually digging into the details.

            • To both of you:

              1) Of course expanding Medicaid isn’t free…who said it was?
              2) I never said Obamacare as a whole was necessary to achieve this, just that it is a good aspect of the law
              3) Kathy, you continue to argue as if this is a mandatory provision where it is not; it is up to each family to decide whether or not to keep their adult child on their plan and how to go about paying the additional premium as a result. But what this does is creates another option for coverage.
              4) Preventative care has been proven to reduce long term costs; expanding access and services is a good thing.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                There are actual studies and reports, published by actual doctors, that refute the claim of major savings due to “preventative care”.

                Obviously if you happen to be one of the few who gets an early diagnosis and cheaper treatment as a result. you will benefit. But this is an “individual” benefit. Not one to the WHOLE.

                Which means that it flies in the face of the arguments about “Societal Costs” that are used to rationalize Govt Health Care or Govt Health Care Insurance.

              • There are also actual studies and reports, published by actual doctors, that support the claim….not to mention the benefit is not solely individual but also societal….

  42. What was that big talk just last week by the prez about essentially, more class warfare? And then along comes Ocare which creates even more of it. By design. What a mess.

  43. This is very, very interesting. It’s about land grabs for the NAFTA highway system.

    This is a map of the NAFTA highway system.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Wasn’t it just yesterday you claimed you did NOT visit conspiracy sites very often?

      I’m sure the Air Force has an Executive Order in their possession ordering them to “drive down housing prices” in the NAFTA highway corridor.

      Now, are there strong forces pushing for the Super Highways?? Damn right they are.

      And some of those reasons make sense. Others do not.

      Besides, if all the postings you just made about COOLING come true, we will need those highways to ship OUR goods from the Southern STATE of Mexico to our northern States located along the Glacial Frontier.

      • Wasn’t it just yesterday you claimed you did NOT visit conspiracy sites very often?

        NO, that would be survival sites. I may link an occasional article from an email, but I don’t read at those sites.

        I think it’s crappy to do that to land owners, for the record. It’s not much different than theft to me. But, that’s the Federal govt and that’s what they have become 😦

        The cooling stuff I have read in the past. I’m prepared to make my entire garden a hot house if needed. 75′ x 26′ produces quite a lot of good veggies 🙂

        I also invested in hunting gear from Arctic Shield (not cheap either). It retains 90% of body heat, water and wind proof. It’s not heavy, good for layering on really cold days. It’s worth a look if you need some good outdoor wear for the cold!

    • JAC, ANITA and everyone. This is a great display of HISTORY and how voting accomplishes nothing. ENJOY!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      One huge flaw in her argument comparing seat belts and guns.

      Nobody can steal your seatbelt and kill dozens of people with it who are standing in a school or mall.

      • They can however steal the car or truck the seatbelt is attached too! 🙂 I think that a 2000 lbr missile could kill a lot of people if one chose to do so. I think her argument should have been, if it’s the law to wear a seat belt to save your life, why is it not a law to carry a gun to do the same 🙂

        • I thought it was a good video, with some important historical facts (about voting). No comment on that JAC?

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Nothing we haven’t discussed here on SUFA hundreds of times.

            I will bring your attention to the Douglass quote. Words OR Force OR Both.

            Having the “Right” to vote codified in a Constitution is not enough. The CITIZEN must PARTICIPATE fully in the affairs of their Govt if you want Voting to matter.

            Otherwise you can just scream that voting doesn’t matter, all the while ignoring the difference between American voting and voting of Dictatorships.

            It wasn’t the activists who allowed Mao, Stalin and Hitler to take their rights. It was those who stood still and said, “what difference does it make”.

            • Your correct, we have discussed it quite often. When I first started posting here, I was a voter and active in getting smart on what/who I was voting on/for. I’m not saying that we should stop engaging in politics, especially at the local and state levels. I have made my feelings clear on the Fed elections. Not voting doesn’t mean I’m not engaging in the politics, I’m just not wasting energy voting for a puppet of the ruling class, regardless of which side of the false left/right paradigm they claim to be. I prefer to expend my energy educating people on the corruption, lies and theft as a result of the Fake Federal elections that so many people are fooled into believing it makes a difference. Voting got us here, to think that voting will do anything different is ludicris.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                A decision to NOT vote for a particular candidate is NOT THE SAME as trying to dissuade people of voting at all. Or claiming that voting will not make a difference.

                If you think that the candidates are pre-selected by the Oligarchy then get involved in the candidate selection process. Become a “community organizer” ala Mad Mom.

  44. Something tells me the Al Gorians will dismiss this a BS. Sucks to be them!

    Some REAL science, not the junk Climate Change /Global Warming LIES.

    • Just got this in an email, Karma?

      Fear mongering is simply part of the liberal agenda to enact change, and not necessarily the good kind of change either. In the minds of liberals, the only way to save the world is to give governments more power. More power to tax and raise money to fight global warming. More power to spend the raised money on anti-polluting initiatives that will starve the 3rd World and slow overall population growth by (get this) killing millions of people in the 3rd World. More power to impose strict laws with draconian penalties on their own people – to ensure the world’s survival of course.

      Any comments from our resident Lefties, TODD?

  45. Are we even surprised anymore? Today in America everyone is equal unless you’re a conservative or a Christian – then you are just a bit less equal than everyone else. A judge in Colorado recently continued the chain of abuses against American Christians by ordering that a Christian baker should be forced to make cakes for homosexual weddings if he wants to stay open.

    Police State anyone? Can anyone see the tyranny here?

    • In his opinion the judge specifically cited Colorado state law that prohibits businesses from refusing service based on race, sex, marital status or sexual orientation. Kind of difficult for the case to go any other way given Colorado law…

      • Agreed Buck, but it’s still a form of tyranny. Whats next, demanding doctors accept Medicaid patients and take the financial loss for each one?

        • Don’t ask me, you won’t be happy — I personally err on the side of mandating doctors take any and all insurance plans….

          • Mandating doctors take any and all insurance plans = mandating their pay.

            Are you supportive of similar measures directed to lawyers? Tort reform? Must accept any clients?

            • In many cases, it’s the insurance companies that decide which doctors are covered in their plan , just like which hospitals. Great question on the lawyers too!

              • Judy Sabatini says:

                Sometimes too, it’s the doctors & hospitals will either accept your insurance or not, as I found out with my mom & what we had to go through so far in what & who will accept her insurance for services she’s needed. So far though, so good, just have to wait & see if they will continue to let her get the medical help she still needs.

            • Tort reform is a completely different issue. You want to argue about that, fine – set forth your argument. Today is looking to be an off and on kind of work day given the weather….

              So I guess you are ok with your insurance plan dictating which doctors you can and cannot see?

              • I’ve never had a problem with doctors and facilities when insured. I have rarely heard any complaints when I was a Union rep (for 10 years) about this as well, it seem that this is a relatively new problem for many people, as a result of the ACA. I will admit that there was a list of covered doctors, but the list was huge. Not the case under the ACA due to cost redistribution. Gotta love the progressive ideas that screw stuff up so bad.

                Tort reform? I have some ideas when it comes to lawyers and their fees, but they are minimal at best and do not affect their freedom to conduct business on their terms.

              • This has nothing to do with the ACA but has been a growing problem over the past number of years.

                Care to lay out your ideas on tort reform?

              • I do think there should be limits on damages in liability cases for sure. No one should get hundreds of millions because of an error by a doctor (amongst other things). Some things should not even be considered for such cases (buying hot coffee, then not understanding the hot part and getting burned, for example). I also would lower the rates in liability/workers comp cases to 10%, not 33.3%. 33% is just plain greedy 🙂

              • So you think regardless of the doctor’s error, no matter how major, no matter the impact to the patient, the patient should be limited in redress? Personally I would err towards adopting national standards of care that, so long as the doctor is found to have operated within those standards, he cannot be held liable. Your thoughts?

                You misunderstand the actual facts of the McDonald’s case with the coffee.

                Lastly, lowering rates from 33% to 10% – I could support lowering the acceptable rates but not that drastically. You have to remember that many of these cases go on for a long time with no guarantee of payment. The reason for the higher rate is in part to offset the fact that in many (most?) cases the attorney gets nothing.

  46. Just A Citizen says:


    Lets skip tort reform and just get right to the American Access to Legal Council Act of 2014.

    A Federally designated PAY SCALE for all legal fees in the country.

    Mandates requiring ALL clients to be served, regardless of character or ability to pay.

    A TAX on all Lawyers NOT carrying Insurance necessary to cover losses incurred by carrying out the terms of the Law.

    This is starting to sound pretty good to me. After all, access to legal council should be a RIGHT.

    Hope Turkey Day was good to you and yours.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Yes, I have real problems with English.

    • There already is guaranteed access to legal counsel for criminal cases….

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Yeah, but I want to CHOOSE my attorney and have Uncle Sugar FORCE him to my service for the PRE DETERMINED FLAT RATE.

        How does $100 per day sound??

        Now lets deal with the NOT criminal cases.

        • If you want to have this discussion fine…but let’s not be overly silly and argue this is the same as medical care….

          On a side note, I’m not arguing that doctors must see everyone that comes in the door – that’d be a logistical nightmare – just that they shouldn’t be able to pick and choose which insurance to accept (or vice versa, insurance companies cannot pick and choose their doctors). Truth be told I am very torn on this subject as I do see it both ways…at the end of the day though I err on the side of mandating doctors take all insurance plans to expand patient choice.

          Now, as to lawyers, first let’s agree that this is not analogous to the doctor issue. Agreed?

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Not agreed.

            Insurance may not be, but forcing Doctors to TAKE anything or to TREAT anyone is no different.

            BOTH are simply SERVICES provided by an elite group of Professionals who are protected from Competition by Govt LAW. Can we agree on that?

            • Nope, sorry. (though I do agree with your classification of me as ‘elite’) 🙂

              Two distinct differences:

              1) While both are providing services, the context of those services (medical care versus legal representation) are different.

              2) More importantly perhaps is the distinction with insurance. The current health care system is built on insurance; the legal system (and legal services) is not. Let’s just abolish the current system (with respect to health care) altogether…I’m ok with that…depending on what you propose to replace it with…therein lies the more interesting debate here.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                WHY should the Govt have power to FORCE anyone to utilize any service or provide service BASED on the context of the service?

                This makes “justice” dependent upon context rather than upon Uniform treatment of PEOPLE.

                While all services are not the same, ALL service is provided by PEOPLE. You are no different than a Doctor nor a Cowboy. We all provide our service to others for a FEE.

                I would have addressed the FEW real issues in health care and eliminated “mandates”.

                The FEW are unilateral cancellation of policies due to illness, failure to perform according to the contract, and pre-existing conditions.

                The latter has been used as a hammer against the rest of us, but in reality is a small percentage of people. They could have been handled with Medicaid and you would have fewer enrolled than we are going to get.

              • Let’s limit our discussion to one issue — too confusing as I’m still trying to accomplish something at work today despite the snow and lack of people in the office….

              • I’ll step aside and let you and JAC have at it 🙂

  47. Folks, going to start a new thread to speed things up. Feel free to bring anything forward that you’d like to chat about. 🙂

    • JAC, can you look at new thread? I can’t comment or reply , strange.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The “reply” box is missing. Is that something you did when you set up the new post?

        Notice is says “click to chat” instead of “click to reply”.

        I cannot get into the post without blocking you out. Besides, I have not yet learned how to do the post itself. Only edit the stuff already done and empty the trash.

        Maybe try another post. If that doesn’t work it might just be word press. I have noticed it sometimes messes up then fixes itself.

  48. So now what? Is this a myth too, like so many in the media try to portrait the “knockout game”?

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    This ticks me off for two reasons. One is the original decision and the second is that they are still placing “stipulations” on how the money is used.

    Maybe these ACADEMICs need to review the definition of Professional vs. Amateur. The guy won a raffle and “contest”. He was not “selling” himself or using his skill for “hire”.

  50. With respect to the candidates we get to vote for, I am always amazed at how bland and stupid they sound. Is it the coaching they are getting?

    Years ago I saw an interview of Barry Goldwater in the twilight of his career. He came across as very intelligent, articulate, well read. He had a very good grasp of the problems we faced at the time. The interviewer did not go for the gotcha questions since he was no longer running for office.

    Not long ago, I say an interview with Bebe. The topic was Iran and their nuclear program. He was loaded with facts and details that I have never heard come from the mouth of an American politician. It was refreshing to get real information. Why is it that our pols do not show this same level of knowledge? I am sure that they are fairly well informed. Are they afraid that it will go over our heads?

    Although H. Ross Perot was a flake, I loved his business like approach to his campaign. It was refreshing to see real details.

    I know part of it is the MSM as they are always looking for the gotcha question. Anything to embarrass the pol rather than bring out the facts about his stance and knowledge of our problems. Oh well so goes the world.

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