Open Mic Part 13

liar2I want to make a few comments, none of which require a reply, but feel free to express yourself.   1.  When I speak of government in an ill manner, I’m referring to the federal government.  It in no way means I’m a “sovereign citizen”, I am certainly not that.  2.  I feel that the Progressives will eventually do as much damage, if not more, to the United States, than the Nazi’s did to Europe before and during WWII.  3.  The Progressive’s can be stopped,  but it will likely take much blood loss, if people wake up soon enough.  4.  I’m not implying that our resident Lefties who posts here at SUFA are Progressive’s.   Make that call on your own.  5.  While I dislike those who have made welfare a lifestyle, the true parasites of this nation are those who have been elected to Federal office.  They are sucking the very life from the military, the business’s and the people.   In regards to 3 and 5, I will say once again, voting is no longer a viable option to fixing the problems in DC.  This nation doesn’t have the luxury of generations of time,  Hitler worked fast, so will the Progressives.   With that said, it’s Open Mic  🙂



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  2. Dread Pirate Mathius says:


  3. @Rebel, to carry over our conversation, yes Meth will always be a problem in associated crime. That is one nasty drug. It makes crack look tame by comparison. Also, I responded to you from my blog email. Thanks sir.

    • My nephew had problems from a young age but he was selfish not mean-when he decided Meth was a good thing-he became mean, very mean-he’s now in jail.

      • It’s crack and heroine around here. I know a few personally and know some by face. Talk about zombies, geez! They’re not mean, but sneaky and sticky fingers. It’s sad.

    • My little Meth thief in my family is in jail also. And we have Crack and Heroin here too. It is sad to see. I also have one on Heroin. That tough on his family. He steals from his Mama and Daddy all the time. I hate these damn drug dealers around here. Every time they nab one another just springs right up in his place

      And on a related subject, the Mexican Mafia (their name) is awful up here. Because of them the dope problems are really bad. And they are Vicious. Another problem with Illegals. We didn’t have them up here before. You wouldn’t think a tiny little town like Cedartown, GA would have 3 outright GANGS in it. All 3 Mexican, and all three importing dope. We and a HUGE Federal Drug bust here about 3 years ago and it didn’t even slow it down.

      The problems just keep getting bigger and bigger.

  4. Abortion has NEVER been about choice. It’s all about population control of the black population: Wake Up Lefties !

  5. California sheriff who says $276,000 pension not enough fuels push for reform (

    California, no wonder it’s hard to survive economically in your State. lol.

  6. Oklahoma University, French woman in tussle over Nazi-looted painting (

    “The highly regarded Jewish family from Oklahoma who gave the painting to us also had friends and family members endangered at the time of the Holocaust. They are deeply opposed, as is the University, to the theft of art by the Nazis,” University President David Boren told Reuters in a statement.

    The school has said it will return the painting if ordered to do so by the court, according to the report.

    What bothers me here is that Oklahoma University seems to know damn well the painting was stolen and will only return it if ordered to by a court? Great moral and ethical stance that is……not!

  7. Even though Oklahoma is land locked… maritime rules on salvage and found items even if deemed stolen……

    • Colonel, with all due respect – that’s a bullshit response to the issue. Hiding behind the law? Great excuse for depriving another of their rightful property. It was stolen from the family by the Nazi’s – was registered as a stolen art piece. Again, poor moral and ethical stand by the university.

      • It was not an excuse, kind sir… actually supported your position….I did not address what is moral or ethical……any one with any sense of ethics understands the issue……but that is not what is central, is it? All this lefty world wants to do is hide behind laws and then change them when they do not like them…there is no morality or ethics involved here….if enough of these things happen…..maybe someone will grow a set of cast iron balls.

        There are examples, on both sides of the spectrum, of registered property being stolen during war time and surfacing years and decades later…..some is returned…..some is not. I wonder if the University has invoked some sort of “precedent” here…..I do not know.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I wonder why only stuff stolen by the Nazis is deemed worthy of finding and returning to the heirs of those who actually lost them.

        What is the time limitation? Should the standard be applied to stuff stolen by Americans in their conquest of the USA?

        • OR any conquest the world over by any country?

        • Actually, I am going to do some research on pawn shops…..I do not know…but if someone steals something from you, and a pawn shop takes it….then Joe Tentpeg comes in and legally buys it….then you find out about it……who is right?

          • plainlyspoken says:

            Here in Colorado I believe that the cops can go to Joe Tentpeg and take the property and return it to its rightful owner. Joe is out the money as well, though I suppose he could sue the pawn shop to get his money back (don’t know how that would work).

        • I guess that depends on how much the US wants to return “conquered” lands. lol

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Correct…what about all the artwork in the Louvre stolen by Napoleon. Or the British museum etc. to name two.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            And close to home…the Smithsonian and the NY Museum of Natural History and the Native American artifacts etal.

  8. Utah, Colorado move to increase smoking age to 21 (

    …that about 90 percent of cigarettes purchased for minors are obtained by people between 18 and 20 years old.

    So should it pass then 90% of purchases for “minors” will be 21-25 years-old. You won’t really stop teens getting their hands on cigarettes.

    Also, it bothers me that there are different age requirements. It should be one age for access to all “adult” areas of life, whether that would be cigarettes, alcohol, guns, driver’s licenses, pot, etc.

    BTW – This doesn’t seem to apply to recreational pot as far as I can tell. Idiot legislators.

  9. The Cold War revisited…… Yes, I am old enough to remember the Cold War and how it started. I remember watching TV when soviet tanks went in to various countries and simply took them over…..supposedly at the request of the government……We had a weak POTUS then….we have a weak one now.

    This has nothing to do with intervention, so do not get your panties wadded up. This is European problem and they are more than capable…..if they grow a set.

    There is a power vacuum in Eastern Europe. The Ukrainian President shunned the EU and turned to Russia for help. Civil War is breaking out. Putin is smart and DOES want to revive the old Soviet Union style approach. Stalin would be proud.

    When the United States decides that it will not get involved in policing the world any longer…this is perceived as weakness….power vacuums will develop. SO………….don’t all you lefties out there get upset when that part of the world starts into its civil wars again….it will happen. Don’t stand up and wonder what is going on….it is exactly what you wanted. Don’t get your lefty hormones going that we “ought to do something to ease the suffering of the world”…….it is a Europe problem and when the genocide starts… must turn a blind eye. Just as there is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant….there is no such thing as a little bit involved.

    I, for one, am sitting back laughing and shaking my head at history repeating itself. Syria and Egypt are grand examples of being a little bit involved…..lip service and diplomacy simply do not work……………..without the big stick sitting in the corner……but if that big stick is collecting dust… is apparent it will not be used.

    Iran is thumbing its nose at the world…Egypt is developing into a worse military dictatorship than the monarchy ever had, Syria will never give up its weapons, biological or otherwise,….the US has lost its power. So…live with the consequences….eastern Europe will have a huge problem if the Ukraine falls……and no…..this is not the domino theory…its is pure power and brute force.

    Just watch……I have been right so far.

    • Do I get the drift that you think we should be sticking our nose in and stopping the Russian expansion of their influence (or domination or whatever word you want to use)?

      • Nope…..I believe I said….it is a Europe problem. Not a US problem. Just do not be surprised nor shocked at the outcomes of the US not becoming involved. Do not feel sorry for the people…do not jump on a band stand saying that it is wrong. Live with it for it shall be.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Europe has lived on the US’s military tit for to long. Libya is a great example of them pushing the fight and then running out of ammunition rather quickly. They want to be bellicose, let them put their money where their mouth is.

        • plainlyspoken says:

          I concur Colonel. If Europe, after decades of US support, can’t handle the issue on their own – well that’s tough for the Ukrainians then.

          I wonder how things would be if Mexico was in such a state and the Russians put a naval task force into the gulf to intervene with air strikes to support the “rebels” as the US did in Libya? I’m betting the US would go crazy over the Russians doing that.

          • We would go crazy if the powers-that-be wanted us to go crazy.

            Otherwise, the media would ignore it and we wouldn’t go crazy.

            Well, we might, but we’re more dialed into politics than the “average citizen.” Most people would get riled up or ignore the matter entirely based on what their respective leaders wanted them to feel.

            Because Please. Are. Dumb.

          • I’m feeling mean today so look out. Please write a thousand times..US military intervention sucks…so that you will get that out of your system. You say that about the past,you say it about the future, and now you’re saying it about stuff you concoct in your brain. It exhausts me. Having said that..howzit going today Plainly? 😉

            • replace future with present…that’s what I get for being mean.

              • Well at the risk of a swipe from you Tiger claws Anita, OUR U.S. intervention does suck. We proudly go stick our nose in someone else’s business, and then refuse to finish what we start. And under this Administration, we get into things we should shut up about, and don’t say anything when we actually should.

                If you’re going to intervene, I say go in and kick ass and take names off their dead ass name tags. If you go in and play by the “rules”, then shut up and stay OUT OF IT.

              • I could never swipe at you Rebel! I loooove me some rednecks. You crack me up. I agree with you basically, and I agree with Plainly…he just tiiiiires me with his …I hesitate with this…hate USA military schtick….oh hi Plainly 🙂

            • plainlyspoken says:

              I’m fine….feeling up for anything. 😉 BTW – concocting what? Is not my question reasonable?

            • plainlyspoken says:

              How’s Afghanistan working out for you Anita? 🙂 Feeling more secure with all those troops of ours their dying to give the Afghanis a pro-US/west democracy?

              • Please see above…and POW!. I love sucker punching you!

              • plainlyspoken says:

                with his …I hesitate with this…hate USA military schtick

                Anita, do you honestly believe I hate the US military? Really? I gave 6 years of my life to the military and I certainly don’t hate them. Now what I do hate is the poor employment of the US military by our government over the post WW2 decades.

                Oh, and hi to you!

              • And I am with you 100% there. I also spent my time in the Military and love them. It’s the Government’s use of them that pisses me off.

              • So then we agree…I just missed a few words in my description…

              • plainlyspoken says:

                How are they our problem too? As long as they stay in international waters they have as much right to be there as we do in the South China Sea, or off the coast of eastern Russia, or in the Med, etc.

            • plainlyspoken says:

              And, answer the question I asked above will ya? What would be your position on such actions by the Russians?

              • aint goin there..into concoctville. Everything depends.

              • plainlyspoken says:

                Copout Penalty – 10 yards! It is a reasonable question based upon our nation’s actions in the past. Are you unwilling/afraid to state your feelings/beliefs on such a question as this for some reason? Or would you just trust your government to “do the right thing”?

              • Was it me, I’d sink their flippin’ ships for ’em. Piss on a bunch of talk! 🙂

              • plainlyspoken says:

                By what right would we have to do that Rebel? If the Libyans had called upon the Russians to sink our ships would you have thought that would have been okay?

              • I’ll take the ten..throw my hail Mary…and score. Tell you what. I totally supported going into Afghanistan, scratched my head about Iraq, shunned Libya, Syria, and wherever else they want to play army. Aint going to speculate about Russia in Mexico. Comprende padre?

              • Because in the Gulf, they are OUR problem too. Besides, I don’t like talk. I figure to get my punch in first, and not only finish it, but stop all future threats.

              • plainlyspoken says:

                Why not? You don’t value your own opinion? It isn’t a far-fetched possibility after all, just remember the Soviet desires to gain influence in the Western Hemisphere (and Putin is a Soviet at heart). They weren’t just playing in their intentions in Cuba way back when.

              • Of course, you must also remember that if it had been up to me, we would have stayed out of Libya also. Just as we should stay away from the Ukraine issue. Libya because why should we care what the ragheads do to each other? And the Ukraine because that is Europe’s problem, and just like Libya, all we would do is half-ass it in typical Obama fashion or make threats we then wouldn’t back up in the same fashion.

    • Remember, that the Ukraine was the “bread basket” of the old Soviet Union….Putin wants it.

      • And he’ll get it too. Because he is the meanest bastard on the block. The EU, just like America, has never seen the day that they can hang with Putin. You gotta admire a strong leader in some ways. A whole lot more than our gutless wonder. But that still ain’t saying I would want him here.

      • plainlyspoken says:

        And likely he’ll get it.

  10. It in no way means I’m a “sovereign citizen”, I am certainly not that.
    Well, yes and no. No one can be both. If you are sovereign (which you most certainly are, as is everyone) then you own your self. If you are a “citizen” then you are saying a State owns you. Those are contradictory conditions.

    • LOL…..somehow that makes sense. Good morning, sir.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      You cannot OWN yourself as you are not property. You cannot be divided without ceasing to exist.

      • Then how can you donate a kidney?

        • Just A Citizen says:

          A kidney is not a division of YOU. It is simply a part of you.

          Divide your acre. You get two half acres. Both are land.

          In your example you have YOU and a Kidney after the donation.

          • Fun thought experiment:

            Imagine a ship, let’s say the Hammer of Thor. It is an old wooden ship and, as you may know, pieces will need replacing every now and then.

            Over the many years of heavy use, literally every single plank, cloth, and piece of hardware – 100% of it – has been replaced.

            Is it still the same ship? Is it still the Hammer of Thor?

            Now, while you’re considering that, consider this. Every time a piece of the ship was replaced, the old piece wasn’t thrown away. It was meticulously stockpiled and reassembled.

            Now we have two ships – one which has contiguously been the Hammer and one which is literally the Hammer as she was originally built.

            Which one is the “real” Hammer? Are they both? Neither?

    • Kent,, Nice to have you around still! Hope all is well in your part of the planet. My reference was about the group of anarchists that call themselves Sovereign Citizens, but I’m sure you know that. I have some knowledge of this group, but don’t associate with their thinking. I might lean Anarchist, but I’m not sure the useful idiots in this country could handle it without killing each other off as fast as they can. I’m not all that sure that wouldn’t be a good thing either 😆

      • Oh, I’m always around, but usually too busy to do more than lurk- and I usually miss most comments since I rarely come back after reading the initial post.

        And, yeah, I know of the “Sovereign Citizens”, and think they are terribly confused and misguided. And dangerous and silly. Never heard them referred to as “anarchists”, though. How an anarchist could claim the title of “citizen” is something I don’t understand at all, since those are also self contradictory.

  11. I brought this over from last night. What do you think?

    • I think no one replied on that because we hashed it out when Levin brought it forward. General consensus on SUFA was its a good idea with many details to be worked out.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Since your internet has not been working you have missed several discussions here on the matter.

      The Convention to Amend is the last best resort we have to fix the Constitution in a way that will reduce Federal powers. Or at least more clearly define them. It is how WE the PEOPLE should act to MODERNIZE the document to ACTUALLY authorize some of the power we do want the Federal to have. This would give more credence to the validity and sanctity of the document as well.

      Now as to this groups proposal, I think it is far to broad. This is the type of convention that could be considered at risk of “run away”.

      A convention to consider a specific amendment is in fact one that is looking at a particular subject. The balanced budget amendment for example opens the convention to explore ALL options dealing with Balancing the Budget. Taxation, spending, etc.

      The proper way to go about this is to hold a convention for a SPECIFIC topic with some direction given via the State petitions. For example, a convention to consider means to control Federal revenues and expenditures as well as Debt.

      I wonder who the people are that are behind this more general proposal.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      To further your review of the topic, Google the following phrase:

      rob natelson on constitutional convention

      Then select on of the first options that is a pdf file. These are the articles written by Mr. Natelson on the topic of an Article V convention.

      Then I suggest reading the one that is a “rebuttal” to Natelson. I think it is not accurate in its criticism, but it does present another viewpoint on the “RISK” of such a convention.

  12. Let Russia have Mexico….then we would not have to put up a fence….they would do it.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      ROTFLMAO………….spurting coffee all over my key board.

      GENIUS my Texican Friend. PURE GENIUS.

    • plainlyspoken says:

      rofl….well that’s one peaceful solution.

    • The problem with that is, they wouldn’t stop with Mexico, they would begin infiltrating US. If they aren’t already. 😉

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I disagree. The Russians are not fools.

        First, they would have to deal with TEXAS. Far to costly.

        Second, they would not want to be infected by Californitist disease. So they would avoid that like the plague.

        That leaves the DESERT states of New Mexico and Arizona. Russians are not real good at crossing deserts. Unless of course they are frozen tundra.

        Oh, and Arizona is filled with crazy people who emigrated from Texas a long time ago. Again to costly. And did I say, it is DESERT.

        Besides, as you said they have already “infiltrated” the USA so there is no need to go beyond their “fence”.

  13. plainlyspoken says:

    Down here Rebel.

    Of course, you must also remember that if it had been up to me, we would have stayed out of Libya also. Just as we should stay away from the Ukraine issue. Libya because why should we care what the ragheads do to each other? And the Ukraine because that is Europe’s problem, and just like Libya, all we would do is half-ass it in typical Obama fashion or make threats we then wouldn’t back up in the same fashion.

    Yes, we should have stayed out of Libya. Further *glances over at Anita* we should NOT have invaded Afghanistan just because they refused to turn over a wanted criminal to us. After all I don’t see us invading France or Canada – for example – when they won’t turn over a criminal we are after.

    Bush was off his nut to get us into a war that has lasted longer than any war we have fought and Obama is guilty of letting it continue under his watch.

    For clarification when I say “longer than any war” I mean our combat presence in Vietnam from 1965 to 1975.

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    Hundreds of years, centuries piled upon one another, and what has changed in the realm of Human Behavior and Politics?

    Perhaps we should consider this when we try to take a principled position that moves beyond the Historical REALITY.

    Can a nation of free people really lead the world in a new direction? Or are they simply going to make themselves vulnerable to those historical passions for power and domination?

    I am envisioning the potential for a NEW LAW. One that is universal which might address the issue.

    Under such LAW, any PERSON who KILLS a POLTIICIAN will be found INNOCENT on the grounds that such a killing is SELF DEFENSE.

    Said law will of course have to be established as COMMON LAW and thus enforced by the PEOPLE during trial of the accused.

  15. Maybe I need to put this clearer for all my friends.

    I do not believe the U.S. has any business involving ourselves with ANY foreign Nation. I believe, as Jefferson said, that we should have trade with all, alliance with NONE. Other Nation’s affairs, good or bad, are not our problem.

    But when it comes down to a fight, I go for the throat and damn the talking. I want to win not only that fight, but all the future ones. I want them to rue the day they ever screwed with me, and see that they want no further part of what I have to offer them.

    What’s more. When you have to kick ass, then stomp their freakin’ guts out and LEAVE! Let them, as the instigators, rebuild their OWN Country. Sounds harsh don’t it? I can hear all the bleeding heart liberals screaming and squalling about the poor innocent civilians suffering now. But it wouldn’t take but once or twice and the rest would get the message. Leave the U.S. alone if you want to keep breathing.

    • plainlyspoken says:

      Ok, but what would make it a fight in the first place? It isn’t like they are attacking US soil. Though, if they did then kick their asses as hard as we can and send them home crying. That I could agree with.

      • No, that is the only reason FOR a fight. If they attack us. Words don’t hurt. They could threaten and bluster all they want. Obama is living proof how much good that does. But attack us or commit a terrorist act on U.S. soil, and it would all be over but the funeral dirge.

  16. plainlyspoken says:

    Methinks Anita is now ignoring me. lol

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    Another great example of PC police run amok!

    We have lost all sense. Not common or otherwise, but just plain sense.

    And the dummies are made of leather, BROWN leather, not black.

  18. Hi Folks, been away this morning and have caught up. Russia is not a problem for the US at the moment, our own bunch of criminals in DC are. The recent whistleblowing about putting members of the FCC in new organizations to ask questions about their content should be our #1 concern right now. This is a BLATANT attack on the 1st Amendment. While I don’t like the MSM, for the obvious reasons, the government has no place or legal authority to interfere, PERIOD! The attack on our LIBERTIES is right smack dab in your face, what the hell are you doing about it?

    • plainlyspoken says:

      There are two courses of action G. 1 – Congress enacts some legislation preventing it (not likely) or 2 – once the FCC crosses the line and tries to dictate coverage to a news organization then the organization takes it to court on 1st Amendment grounds.

      Otherwise we’d have to rely on the administration to decide to pull back from this “voluntary” presence of the FCC in the news organizations. 🙄

      • Congress is a joke 🙄 The MSM will comply like the bought and paid for shills they are. The issue might come down to the alternative news organizations. I would not let them in the building without a warrant, first, and second if they threatened the “License” I would sue, but I would keep broadcasting (even without a license).

        This is a HUGE example of why I’m against Conceal Carry Permits, gun registration, a permit to own guns etc, these fuckers WILL ABUSE IT!

      • I have emailed the following within the last two months; My US HoR member, both Senators, Pa Governor. Number of answers——ZERO. I even mentioned one of the letter in a post on here. The email to the HoR member was in December, still no response, the rest in January. Maybe this is why I see things as I do 🙄

    • The people screamed, the FCC backs off! 🙂 Their “study” will not occur.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh lookie at what the Hoods are wearin…………….. bwahahahaahaa

  20. In addition: Obama said he wanted a National Security Force, remember? Why does he want that? We don’t need a National police force, but we have one now that is growing by the day.

    When I was a USAF weapons instructor, we got 1000 rds per year for the M-16 to stay in practice. We taught 17 different weapons. We got a certain amount of rounds per weapon, for example: 1000 9mm rounds, 2500 7.62 M-60 rds, 25 “oo” buckshot for the 12 ga etc. We never used all of our practice rounds because we just didn’t have the time.

    This agency is a direct attack on the Rights of the people, and that is how they will be used. What the hell are we doing about this? 👿

    Anita, I’m with you today, feeling a little mean 😦

    • plainlyspoken says:

      Now G, DHS is just trying to keep all that ammo out of the hands of citizens criminals! 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:


      OK, you want to know what you can do about this?

      You write to your Congressional delegation and ASK them to investigate the purpose, location and storage of this ammunition.

      Suggest that such expenditures are BEYOND what is needed for normal training, based on YOUR EXPERTISE as a “trainer”. Ask questions in a manner that the Congressional staff/delegate will have to provide you with an Answer.

      Send other letters of the same kind to the Committee Chairs in both the House and the Senate.

      • plainlyspoken says:

        In other words – participate in federal government pal! 😉

        Ok, I am out for a while. Got to run my errands. Back later today

      • JAC, in addition to my reply above, Oathkeepers had a letter writing campaign last month. So far, the members have not mentioned anything other than BS political response. WHY? Because they are all CRIMINALS 🙄

    • And you watch and see, even if the GOP wins the House, Senate, AND the Presidency, if it is dismantled. (it won’t) We have them forever now, like every other government bulldookey. Just like Obamacare. And they will get ever more belligerent and intrusive into citizen’s lives. 👿

  21. Can you get more stupid than this? I can just see them trying to sell these in Georgia. We would laugh them out of the state! Of course WE have functioning brains.


    Don’t become a victim, carry concealed and learn how to protect yourself. I would much rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 .

  23. Obama owes Harper two cases of beer.

  24. @ BF…… You said ” 4) Clarify the Commerce Clause
    To regulate Trade of Goods with foreign Nations, and between the several States, and with the Indian tribes;”

    D13 asks: I wonder how many people actually understand the change you made and the economic impact of said change.

    • The Feds shouldn’t regulate anything, they’ve already proven that they will abuse that authority.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I would go further and specify “whole sale goods” or the equivalent.

      Well actually, I would be much more specific and identify the PRECISE powers of regulation being granted. For example, the authority to establish standards of safety for food products and retail merchandise traded between the several States.

      I would also explicitly exclude from regulation all products and services made and sold within a state, REGARDLESS of the affect such sales or trade may have on trade or sale of products within other states. Time to kill the SCOTUS power grab on INTRA STATE commerce.

      • JAC, Why can’t the States regulate the safety of things coming in to their State? Why do we need a Central government to “regulate” anything? Are you afraid of not having a master?

  25. Canine Weapon says:

    The resemblance is jarring:

  26. Curious, I do not care if people own guns, each their own, but people say we should own guns to keep the government in check. How does a gun help against a rocket fired miles away, a drone or airplane flying overhead, or a massive tank driving through your house?

    It’s a fairly common question, and it deserves an answer.

    The simple answer to the question is “assymetric warfare.” Smart fighters don’t put their troops in front of the enemy’s best weapons. They use their best troops against their enemy’s week points, and exploit those weak points mercilessly.

    In the hypothetical event that the federal government attempted to impose tyranny upon the citizenry of the United States, it would likely trigger the largest insurgency that the modern world has ever known.

    Despite all of our awesome technology, we stink at fighting insurgencies.

    We lost in Vietnam. We won the conventional war against the Iraqi military easily, but we didn’t defeat the insurgency. We’re losing Afghanistan, and our leadership has no intention of fighting to win.

    All of these insurgencies have been overseas, where the supply lines were long, but relatively well-protected. The producers and supply chain itself were never threatened.

    In the event of an American insurgency, it wouldn’t be a straight-up fight of partisans with rifles fighting against regime tanks, helicopters, and drones.

    It would be a war where “killing” a fighter jet occurs by assassinating aircraft mechanics, or burning the homes of employees of the companies that make crucial replacement parts. It would be a war where every elected official, government employee, and skilled worker in the supply chain would be a target, every day of their lives.

    In short, it would be a nasty, brutish conflict full of atrocities with no battle lines, no rear areas, no retreat, and little chance for government forces to survive over the long term.

    As long as the American public outguns the military—and they do by more than 90 million firearms—no sane government would dare turn on the American people. That is the reason it is so important for the citizenry to jealously guard their Second Amendment rights.

    • You are correct in that it would be a tactical and logistical nightmare for the US government if it were to try to do such a thing.

      It would be fought from outside the US, maybe with foreign troops.

      If you are a/group of maniacal power hungry asshole[s] hellbent on world ruler-ship, enslaving people is only useful to get into a position of power. Then, the most efficient answer is to kill most of them once you have everything.

      If you wanted to kill a lot of people, you would be better served by releasing a bio-weapon.

      You would have to be one hell of a shot to kill a virus floating in the air. How many people have a mask?

      How difficult would it be to start a pandemic with a super-virus? A few men with aerosol cans traveling to busy airports, malls, train or bus stations, theaters, etc, .. could potentially kill billions.

      • BL, Maybe people should read line one on the Georgia Guidestones and have a much better understanding of Agenda 21. They would see you pandemic scenario as very possible.

        • Agenda 21 is inefficient.

          Step 1 – Design an implantable chip similar to the RFID chip with a tamper resistant feature, and a dose of very deadly poison. Also include remote control technology.

          Once inserted, a small fine hair-like object extends and bonds with human tissue as it heals around it. If the chip is removed before being electronically deactivated, the hair breaks, thus triggering the release of deadly poison.

          Step 2 – Design a super virus that is debilitating and kills you slowly over a period of about 5 yrs, and causes a lot of suffrage.

          Design it to spread very easily and have a growth and/or gestational pattern/sequence as to allow it to spread before being detected. For example, if the initial symptoms are like a mild 24 hr head-cold, it is likely to not be detected before it can spread to many.

          If the initial symptoms are mild, the there will be less doctor visits, less tests, less chance of detection. If it is a year or so before it starts showing any major symptoms, it has time to spread before anyone is really aware.

          Step 3 – Design a cure or immunity.

          Step 4 – Release it using as many methods as you can think of. The primary order is to get full coverage, pandemic style. EVERYONE gets it before it can be stopped, isolated, or even detected.

          Step 5 – Wait for the world to suffer.

          Step 6 – Introduce the cure in exchange for the signing of a strict behavioral contract and acceptance of getting implanted with above mentioned chip. Do so as part of an admissions into a ‘special’ society.

          If they do not take the chip, they die within 5 years of disease.

          (Do not reveal the chip’s deadly capabilities before you have enough of the right people implanted)

          Once everything is set, and most are dead, the remaining people are your chipped slaves. If they get out of line, push a button and they die.

          If they try to break free, they die.

          How sick is that?


          • Not bad, but too complicated. It’s easier to autoimmune the 500 million that will survive. Design the bio to kill slowly over the course of several months, not years. The weak and young will go first, and they can be buried, then, from weakest to strongest, poof. Over several months, the cleanup will be easier.

            The 500 million will have already agreed to terms. 😉

            • The only reason I said 5 years is that it would allow more time for all the events to happen. Billions is a big number, a lot to manage. But I do see your point.

              It would take a year to spread it, which would mean that people’s faces wouldn’t start rotting until everyone contracted it. By the time the last to catch it started to suffer, two years would have passed from the time of release and the first to contract it.

              This gives three years to organize and decide before people die. It also adds to the terror, which helps to motivate toward accepting the chip.

              How could the world defend against such a thing?

              • I believe you have discounted that non-controlled scientists could develop a vaccine in that lengthy period of time. The people would beat it. The Elites would be crushed.

              • When I start indulging in these hypothetical thought exercises and conspiracy theories, I have to consider that conventional warfare with an armed population can be circumvented.

                If there were really people that wanted to take over, the means and technology exists.

                But why would anyone actually WANT to rule the world?

                It stands to reason, that if you have enough to facilitate it, or consider it as a real possibility, you don’t need absolute rule, and you would probably have everything you could ever want anyway.

                Why bother?

              • Because some people are just sick in the head. Hitler comes to mind.

              • Indeed Hitler is worth noting, but in the grand scheme of things, Germany could only do so much damage before falling.

                Unless it something as described above, it would be highly problematic. The above would be highly problematic. Anything dealing with billions of individuals is problematic.

                And why bother? What could possibly motivate someone to want that? It seems more like a great big headache to me.

                If you had billions and influence, what would you do with it?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      There is a whole lot of hog wash in that article and the various links it cites.

      Agenda 21 is not a UN control or ownership mechanism. Those who support Agenda 21 are using the UN as the mechanism to get countries to follow it.

      In the USA this is done via Federal, State and Local zoning or other regulations, that must pass Congressional and Citizen approval. Not all citizens obviously.

      The Agenda is largely driven by the “greenies” or “Algorian” crowd. Some of it actually makes sense. Things like smart communities and sustainable growth planning. Other parts are outright BS, like using policy to destroy small community economies in order to “force” people to move to cities. This is a goal not because they want to control us in the city, but because the Algorians have plans for large WILD LAND ECOSYSTEMS filled with Indians and Buffalo.

      Wait until the Indians find out they don’t plan on letting them live there either.

  27. I believe it was proven in Nicaragua before (or after?) WW1 that it takes 50 soldiers for every one guerilla warrior. So we’ve got them outmanned too. And I’m sure at least some of their heart’s wouldn’t be in it either.

    • There are those who DOUBT that a Revolution can be won by the people. I tend to think they may be pro government/government types who just say shit without knowing anything. War sucks and it is hell. We wait for them to make their move, if their that stupid. Then again, Liberals are an arrogant bunch, for what reasons I do not know. I do not want war, but am mentally prepared if they start one, which, I think they will.

      • I would hate to see it myself. There really would be no winners. It would be a bloodbath from hell for sure. But I, for one, don’t believe it would last long. Because I don’t believe it would be very long at all before the Military revolted over being forced to fight other Americans. Especially if the People were fighting an oppressive regime.

        • Very fair assessment. It helps when idiots like MOOSHELL gets on TV and calls young people (referring to 26 year olds) as knuckleheads. The military WILL not follow orders to shoot on the American people, period. Anyone who believes so don’t understand the military.

          • Well anyone who thinks MOST would, needs to remember that they would be firing on their own friends, family, and neighbors. I know SOME would do what they were told though, especially if they didn’t have family.

            • Those who would, would likely be fragged rather quickly. I have all the confidence in the world that the military will act on behalf of the people. They have been getting screwed by this regime for too long. Even the leadership purging Obama has been doing won’t help, the younger folks figured out the game and played it well. 😉

        • All one has to do is examine what the military did in the run up to the CW. It split by state with most southern officers and soldiers supporting the CSA. That split was as much geographical as it was ideological. This time the split will be urban to rural but more ideological driven. If they examine their oath, the part to the constitution over rules obedience to the CinC.

    • The Chinese will be disappointed to know that the land they bought was NOT the Federal governments to sell, it is the peoples property. And the Chinese can come and try and take ’em with the rest of the socialist shit for brains.

  28. Well now it’s telling me that I have already posted that link, but it’s not here (mass confusion).

    Oh well.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Essom, two of yours went to spam. I just released them from jail. They should show up now.


      • Thanks JAC, I didn’t look there. The NSA must have been fooling around again 😉

      • Thank you JAC! I was baffled. I was also baffled by the article. I wasn’t aware Obama had the Authority to GIVE American land away in lieu of debt payment since it doesn’t belong to him.

        BTW, game stopped in the 3rd last night due to rain. Kory was pitching and was already 3 for 3 with a double, 2 singles, and 3 RBI’s. It was already 8 -1

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I don’t think he does have that authority. As I posted above, there is much in that story that smells of long dead fish.

          It is easy to construct these scenarios by taking grains of truth and mixing with paranoia.

          Which once again causes me to ask WHO and WHY?

          Is the goal to trigger violence, or is it to simply sell Dooms day stuff and drive advertising dollars?

  29. Note to our resident Lefties: Progressivism is based on LIES and you are falling for them, hook, line and sinker 😆

  30. Just A Citizen says:


    I can decide if derivatives are banned because I AM Thor’s Hammer.

  31. Just A Citizen says:


    A little something for your police record file.

    Notice the difference in the outcome when a country bumpkin sheriff and a couple concerned citizens deal with a crazy person wielding a butcher knife:

    “Officers arriving after the attack found Rhoades outside the building, running and clutching a knife, Barnes said. A Rancheria employee helped tackle her, and she was quickly subdued and arrested.”

    Now for the kicker. This was AFTER she had shot and killed several people then started stabbing those she couldn’t shoot. Despite all that, they tackled her instead of just blowing her away with hundreds of rounds.

    Maybe these folks could give response lessons to some of those big city special trained Law Enforcement Officers.

    • Is there a link?

      • Based on what you have posted, they should have shot the bitch, save some tax dollars.

        • plainlyspoken says:

          An attitude that has led to such violence by law enforcement when it may well be resolved with less force.

          • I’m waiting on the link. The cops did right, based on the story JAC presented. My question is why are there dead people and why did she make it outside alive? Wanna bet it’s a no gun zone shop or in an area that has crappy gun control laws?

            • plainlyspoken says:

              G, it comes down to the imminence of the threat. Those people inside were dead already and holding a knife alone doesn’t mean to automatically jump to use of deadly force.

              And it makes no difference whether it was a gun free zone or if there are crappy gun laws. It can happen in any place, at any time. Gabby Giffords was shot and it wasn’t a gun free zone or crappy gun laws that were to blame.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Sorry G

              I forgot where I got it. Took awhile to back track. I was busy trying to find out where all the volume was on the S&P 500 PUT Options. Looks like around 160. Closed today at about 183. A retreat to 160 would not be a collapse given the 5 year growth curve.

              Anyway, here is the link to the Cedarville story:


              • No problem JAC, really didn’t answer many questions, sad situation. I don’t see any wrongdoing by the cops at all. It sounds like they couldn’t do much with a civilian assisting. Sad situation for sure.

              • Rural cops sometime shoot first as well. We had a mentally (manic) woman in the ER steal an ambulance, was chased through town and finally ended in a driveway. They basically had her cornered. An officer approached the ambulance from the front, she put it in gear and lurched forward. The officer jumped out of the and then she was shot dead. It was well known to all the officers that she was mentally ill. She had not hurt anyone yet they killed her because the ambulance was a deadly weapon. This was right here in Placerville. No cops were disciplined.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          The question I have, is why was she being evicted from her home. She was the former tribal counsel leader and the property was on tribal land. One of the 1st victims was her replacement. I thought that I read violence was warned and anticipated. What did I missed in the articles.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            The story says evicted from the tribe. She could lose her home if she was living in Tribal Housing.

            She may not have owned the house. If she did the Tribe would be able to evict her over the alleged theft, I assume.

            I am not familiar with this little tribe but have passed through Cedarville several times.

            I did not read where she had warned of a violent response. But per the story she killed her own relatives who were at the meeting.

          • She was caught stealing from the tribe! It seems that some concealed carry by a few people could have saved lives.

    • plainlyspoken says:

      Law enforcement has changed. Gone are the days when this type of action was the norm rather than the exception. I remember when “no knock” warrants were hard to get, when SWAT teams were used in limited situations, when federal tasks force were just that – federal, not running around exercising their powers for local/state offenses and criminals, when high speed chases ended in arrests instead of shootings.

      hard to find those kind of cops now in our society to any great degree. Sad really.

      • There are plenty of good cops my friend 🙂 I haven’t given up on the ones in rural areas, they still have a heart and understand what they are really there for. Most of the problems happen in urban areas, or Liberal States like Cali and Jersey. Don’t lose faith yet 😉

        • plainlyspoken says:

          Yes, there are. But when violent incidents grow beyond the urban areas you’ll find the attitudes in rural agencies change as well. It is only a matter of time. The more militant agencies will spread their “philosophy” wider among law enforcement.

          I can remember when rural cops were looked down on as being backwards in their enforcement practices by urban agencies and state/federal authorities. The urban agencies led in “professionalizing” rural cops and that will continue with the current state of law enforcement. Call it the trickle down effect. 😉

          • I agree, that’s why I’m a big 2nd Amendment proponent, it diminishes the abuse of authority, in many many ways 😉

            • As a side note, the new Noah’s Ark movie coming out claims God is pissed because of “over population and Climate change”. I won’t waste my money.

              • plainlyspoken says:

                Hollywood my friend – Hollywood. lol.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Many civilizations have a great flood story.

                Archeologists recently unearthed ancient boats in Iran or Iraq that would fit the Arch Story of those ancient cultures. The boat is ROUND.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                One legend of ancient cultures which has a basis in reality. I love these known examples because it should cause us to wonder about other ancient legends, like the Great Flood.

                “Mount Storm King
                An Indian legend tells us of the
                creation of Lake Crescent… There
                was much fighting between the
                Klallam and Quileute tribes along a
                small river that flowed through the
                present site of Lake Crescent. The
                disagreements escalated into a great
                battle that lasted three days. The
                mountain spirit of the area became
                very upset at the foolish fighting.
                He hurled a gigantic boulder down
                at them, killing all of the warriors.
                The boulder was so big that
                it dammed the river and the water
                backed up, forming Lake Crescent.
                For many years, tribal members did
                not visit the area where their relatives
                were killed.
                Geological records support the idea
                of a large-scale disturbance affecting
                Lake Crescent. There is evidence
                that landslides from surrounding
                mountains divided what was once
                a larger lake into two separate lakes,
                Lake Crescent and its neighbor
                Lake Sutherland.”

              • plainlyspoken says:

                Interesting story. So many legends have some truth to them in varying degrees.

            • plainlyspoken says:

              JAC, I saw part of that show I believe (came home and caught the last bit of it). I seem to recall the experts were showing why a round shape would make more sense.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Yes they did. But I read it somewhere. So was it on History or Discovery or something like that?

              • plainlyspoken says:

                I think it was Discovery if I recall correctly. History or H2 are possibilities as well if not Discovery. I spend the majority of my tv time on those 3 and a couple of other channels like them.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I’ll check out the Discover repeat list to see if I can catch it.

                Meanwhile on History………..The VIKINGS are about to return. Can hardly wait.

              • plainlyspoken says:

                Putting it on my DVR schedule so I don’t miss any. 🙂

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, keep in mind this story is on MSN. You know, one of those leftwing news sites.

    Given that make sure you read the first few comments following the story. This is evidence of lost credibility.

    • HEHE, One thing Obamacare and Obama did was destroy the credibility of both the democrats and the left wing as a whole. Only brainless monkeys would believe their insane lies anymore, not much different than the Climate Change BS IMHO! Nice find JAC and good example 🙂

      • O’s latest was the $8K gas savings for doubling the CAFE standards. I do not hear many MSM comments about how ridiculous this is. For savings to reach $8, you would have to be spending $16K now per year. I spend $4K/yr and live in one of the costliest states. Now I suppose you could add the fuel cost of transportation to all the goods you purchase, but I would doubt very much at the goods I purchase have a $12K fuel cost. That would be a substantial portion of the cost of the goods.

        My point is that the MSM is not dissecting this latest comment carefully. They are just swallowing this lie like they did the $2500 Obamacare lie.

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    I was having fun with these latest stories but now I find this. More on OCARE …OSHIT.

    I think I will go poor a glass of Pendleton Bourbon. You might like it V. A blend made here in Pendleton, Oregon.

    Anyhow, here ya go. Don’t let yer heads explode and keep the guns locked up until tomorrow. In case you get the urge to shoot somebody……………

    “California has hit its 2014 Obamacare enrollment targets, and a big part of that success is because of an uptick in Latino enrollments, who make up more than half of the state’s uninsured population.

    [Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California] said the exchange is making progress among Latinos after a disappointing start. He said 28% of enrollees last month identified themselves as Latino, compared with 18% for October through December.
    Latinos represent more than half of the state’s uninsured population, and many of them qualify for federal premium subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.

    “We’re glad to see increased momentum for enrollment in the Latino communities, but we still have work to do,” Lee said.

    Some health-law supporters have sharply criticized the exchange’s Latino outreach efforts to date. They have faulted Covered California for having too few Spanish-speaking enrollment counselors in key areas, poor translation on its Spanish-language website and for not publishing a paper application in Spanish until late December.

    Covered California said it would spend $8.2 million through March on Spanish-language advertising, up 73% from what it spent in the fourth quarter. The state is hiring more bilingual call-center employees and looking to host more enrollment events at Latino supermarkets in Southern California.
    The Commonwealth Fund reported that, nationally, only 19 percent of Latinos have looked for insurance on a health exchange; only 20 percent of blacks and 28 percent of whites have shopped for a plan. About a third of Latinos in the country are uninsured, so outreach is critical. There are some real barriers, including fear of deportation. If one member of a household is undocumented, that family is less likely to get everyone else signed up for fear of disclosure. Lack out awareness is a huge barrier, as is the slow rollout of Spanish language exchanges and information.”

    T-Ray…………My foothill cousin ………………. want me to save a place next door in Montana for you and the missus?

    • That’s an intriguing invite. What I’ve seen of Montana and Idaho has been great looking country. Snow does not scare me as I grew up in N. IL. The only issue of me moving is my wife’s medical condition and the fact that we would be further from the kids and any potential help I could get.

      As for Obamacare, the CCA website has been down since Wed. I have heard the state is making a big push ($) to get the Latino’s signed up. I am confident that they will not check immigration status very closely as that is the pattern out here.

      Also, just heard the Fed’s have no water to give to valley farmers. They are holder their breath and hoping for heavy rains in the next two months. If not, many of the orchards and vineyards in the valley may turn into fire wood. The little fish are more important than the farmers, their dependents and all the businesses that rely on them. Look for food prices to rise sharply this summer into next fall.

  34. Just A Citizen says:


    I told you to write a detailed letter of questions regarding ammunition.

    Here is a good example of what such a letter looks like. This letter would have been prepared by Staff using questions developed by constituents in letters to these Senators. At least that is how it is often done. So the questions they ask will give you an idea of the kind of questions you might ask. Won’t assure better responses but you might find a sympathetic Congress critter outside your state.

  35. SKTrynoskySr says:
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