ABC Hypes Obama ‘Talking Tough’ on V.A. Scandal, But Devotes More Air Time to Pickpockets

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Tuesday’s World News on ABC minimized any sense of the Obama administration’s responsibility in the ongoing V.A. scandal, and spent the least amount of air time on the issue among the Big Three networks’ evening newscasts. The program actually aired segments on pickpocketing and custom mobile homes than lasted about a half a minute longer each than their report on the scandal.

Diane Sawyer spotlighted how the President “weighed in – talking tough and talking action” on the “growing outrage over veterans hospitals.” Jim Avila noted how multiple V.A. medical facilities in several states are now being investigated, and let the relative of deceased veteran decry the President’s handling of the scandal. However, he didn’t mention that the wait lists have been around for years – something that CBS Evening News mentioned in its coverage of the controversy: [MP3 audio from the ABC report available here;

With the big three networks now starting to cover this & even some Democrats calling out the President for not doing enough, this one scandal might actually stick….


  1. Stacey Dash absolutely demolished Barack Obama on the VA scandal. Appearing on FNC’s Outnumbered, on Wednesday, the outspoken actress called out the President for not keeping his campaign promise to veterans and also took a shot at his signature accomplishment ObamaCare.

    First up Dash questioned Obama’s commitment to veterans when she noted that when he was Senator he “missed 19 out of 37 ” veterans affairs committee meetings and slammed “he was told in 2008 this was a problem” and “he did nothing about it!” Then Dash really lowered the boom when she made the obvious connection to ObamaCare.

    Read more:

  2. Two Democratic congressmen became the first members of their party to call for Veterans Affairs secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation shortly after President Obama’s meeting with the embattled department head. While speaking on the House floor about a bill he co-sponsored to make it easier to fire VA officials, Representative David Scott of Georgia offered a passionate plea to address the problem and called for Shinseki’s ouster.

    ​”The first person we need to fire is the secretary of Veterans Affairs, Mr. Shinseki himself,” Scott said. ​”I respect his sacrifice, I respect what he did, but it’s under his watch that we’re in this situation in the hospitals.”

    Scott detailed a visit to a local veterans hospital where patients were committing suicide, and accused VA officials of lying to him and covering up another incident that was later exposed.

    He also said that he was “disappointed” in President Obama for his lack of urgency in addressing the situation, especially in light of the president’s remarks following his meeting with Shinseki.

  3. Ben Carson basically said it’s deja vue all over again.

  4. gmanfortruth says:


  5. Interesting…….ARMED ground troops being sent to Chad to help search for missing girls. Why? The news is reporting that they are only involved in intelligence gathering but those in the know…..understand differently. The type of weapons and transportation being sent and the announcement to the House, the Senate, and the Pentagon says they are combat troops. The question is why do we give a rat’s ass about 300 kidnapped girls in Africa….that has been going on for decades…that requires ARMED BOOTS ON THE GROUND?? It is a way of life over there…..and……no one cared when 55 boys….school age….were kidnapped last year…sodomized and then burned to death. No one cared about the missionaries two years ago, kidnapped, raped and dismembered……kidnappings and slavery is a way of life over there and always has been.

    Well, it is now convenient for the headlines. Nancy Pelosi was under fire yesterday and the Clinton Democrats put enormous pressure on her to appoint the committee on Benghazi. The five appointed are Clinton democrats and the object is to lay the blame of Benghazi onto Obama and his administration, clearing Clinton for her presidential run. No one is buying Obama’s FAKE outrage at the VA issue……it is going to be a huge problem for democrats.

    So, never let a crises, or perceived crises, go to waste. He is now trying to look Presidential and strong….and the unarmed support troops that were going are now armed and will be boots on the ground for nothing.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Obama couldn’t look strong if he were on steroids, a wuss from birth. 🙂

    • Need to change the narrative and show what a great leader he is. #bringbackourgirls and all that. And if successful, many will buy it.

      • Yes….it will be over looked and what is more….the very ones that decry boots in the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc…..will somehow justify boots on the ground in Chad.

        • Mathius™ says:

          Simultaneously, of course, the very ones who whine about the aggressive us foreign actions are screaming about how Obama has done nothing to save the girls.

          It’s almost like people who support him will find excuses to approve of him while people who dislike him will fine excuses to disapprove of him. Weird, right?

          • Lot of truth in that second statement. But that first one-aren’t the people who “decry boots in the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya” the same people who “whine about the aggressive us foreign actions”?

          • Matt,

            I agree. To me it is being partisan. If you have you’re team & are very loyal, I can understand, GO NETS or Knicks or whatever. If they cheat, They lose my support.
            Many people are loyal to a fault? Putting our team & win at any cost above personal values.

  6. Great, been wondering when we would talk about this situation-I have many questions and can’t find the answers in any of the articles I’ve read. Maybe you guys can answer them.

    First -what is the opinion of General Shinseki by the military people-I’ve read only good things about him personally.

    2. I know he gave instructions to cut down the wait times but I don’t have any idea what he actually did to try and make this possible.

    3. Not defending the people who made the decision to hide this stuff at all-if the order to cut wait times was impossible to meet-they should have made that known not tried to hide it- So why did they hide it-WHY-was it a directive that was impossible to meet or did they do it just to make bonuses-I find that line of thought, which is the only explanation I’ve heard hard to believe. I do see people however wrong, doing this type of thing in order to not lose their job but that would only be necessary if they simply couldn’t meet the directive.

    4. This is coming to light at more and more VA outlets-so how far up the chain did this idea to hide everything go-it’s almost impossible to believe that it was the independent decision of so many different VA clinics and their management.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Great questions! Another one, was Shinseki’s hands tied by the administration? I want to believe Shinseki is a good vet, so this is very relevant. What was he NOT permitted to do per Obama ?

  7. Per the link from the above article:
    “The CBS evening newscast also aired a report from journalist Wyatt Andrews on “the existence of hidden wait times has been documented in seven formal V.A. investigations going back more than four years.” Pelley asked Andrews, “You said that the V.A. has known about this for about four years. What have they been doing about it?” The journalist replied that the V.A. “would fix the problem right where they found it. In other words, they would tell the local officials to stop the under-reporting there. But, for some reason, they never connected the dots to crack down everywhere.””

    I don’t see how Shinseki can walk away from this without stepping down-4 investigations-don’t see how Obama can claim ignorance on it either.

    Read more:

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Agreed! I think Shinseki’s hands were tied by the Obama administration . One day, we will know the truth, likely after Pesident Smokey Pants is gone, if we can get rid of him.

  8. Though a vet, I have never had to use the system but many of my friends have. I think that there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. It has always been a take a number place. If you have ever dealt with a government run clinic or for that matter even a hospital emergency room, you know what I am talking about.

    Here is a link to a 1970 article on the Bronx VA hospital and spinal cord injuries. For those too young to remember, this was the facility Ron Kovic (Born on the 4th of July) was in. New building now, better care but many of the same problems.,+VA+Hospital&hl=en&sa=X&ei=jjp-U8eQFePhsATM14L4CA&ved=0CEIQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Bronx%2C%20VA%20Hospital&f=false

    One thing very different about these wars we are in. The percentage of vets seeking VA benefits for health issues is extraordinarily high.

    Now are these vets more badly banged up than my Dad’s generation or mine? No but the difference is that organizations such as the American Legion, Amvets, VVA, VFW, and IAVA actively encourage everybody to file. I have asked why and the answer is fairly reasonable. If you have a problem and come back 20 years after the incident the likelihood you will be treated is pretty low. Look at the Agent Orange issues for example. I injured my back in 1969 on a night exercise building a Bailey bridge. After a week it cleared up, never got to see a Doc, only a medic and got two aspirins and light duty for a few days. I will, tell you that at intervals of one to five years , that sucker pops up again and floors me for a day or two. I have always had healthcare and let them take care of it. I see no need to go to the VA, they already have enough problems. But the current volume is staggering.

    The VA system was built to handle the 16,000,000 WW2 vets. As they started dying off there was a lot of consolidation. and there was before Afghanistan and Iraq talk of shutting it down and replacing it with a voucher system. After all hasn’t the mantra after a war always been “We ain’t gonna study war no more.” Same happens to the military after every war, it shrinks.

    Now I have to do a disclaimer here, my eldest works for the VA as a Congressional liaison specialist and is a Major in the Army Reserve. He was an ambulance platoon leader with the 10th Mountain and is still in the Medical Corps. His younger brother, the Air Force Reserve Major, has used the VA for his healthcare since leaving active duty while attending grad school. Both would like to see more resources devoted to the VA but think that it does a pretty good job with what it has.

    I always liked Shinseki. He spoke truth to power (Bush, Cheny, Runsfeld) and was forced out for it. He has been very effective in the VA but it is not the Army. You can’t just can somebody. Why do I have the feeling that VA hospital administrators are no different than their civilian counterparts? Both lie through their teeth. Anyone in the NY area who follows the trail of tears that occurred with St. Vincents Medical Center and Long Island College Hospital knows what I mean. The hospitals were destroyed by the administrators who lied just long enough to get out the front door with their pockets full before the roof fell in.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Great post ! I have been in the VA system for less than 4 years here in PA. They all ask that I use them as sole provider and NEVER had an issue with appts. Great people at Foxburg, my regular Doc, great service at Butler VA and same in Pittsburgh. I had surgery in March and the treatment was awesome, I’m sad it’s not lilt that at all Va areas.

    • Maybe that’s the answer. The VA as the prime example of socialist medicine should be run more like the military. If a General gives an order the people under him will do everything in their power to make it happen because it is too costly not too.

    • SK,

      Shinseki may be a great general & true hero. Doesn’t mean he is the guy for this job. Imagine an admiral conducting a ground campaign…. One thing I have observed is several young vet’s claiming PTSD. One was never under fire. He now has full disability. Just makes me wonder if some of them game the system & if there are enough numbers there that robs vet’s needing treatment?

      • That is exactly what is happening. The funny part is anyone who has a life threatening experience is subject to PTSD. Car accident, train off the tracks, almost drowning, Police officer, Fireman, whatever. I remember a guy I met who worked in the morgue at Danang. Never got shot at directly yet, I would probably vote to give him the benefit.

        One of the things that seems to be coming out is the decision to award bonuses several years ago which had bi-partisan support. What a dumb idea. Of course people are going to fudge the numbers if money is at stake. Hey, you get paid for doing your job, nothing else. I feel the same about private industry. If the company makes money, it is because everyone pitched in. Awarding a bonus to a supervisor is absurd. To a line worker is a different thing. If Bill can cut production time by 10% because he invented a widget, Bill gets a bonus not his supervisor.

        Don’t know that anyone could do better than Shinseki. His predecessor gave a speech a few years back that I read where he warned about the increasing volume of pending cases and predicted what would happen.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I’m just guessing here, Shinseki did not get fired because he would blow the whistle on the Administration for wrong doing. No other VA head would have lasted this long. He had 6 years to fix the problem, that I’m sure he knew of. I’m guessing his hands were tied. Just MHO, nothing more at this time. 🙂

          • The problem has just gotten worse. There is no “fixing” it. Happens in every war but more so in this one because of the Vietnam vets experience which they have passed on.

            • I don’t know Stephan we might be able to fix it-to fix all/most of our problems with medical care whether it’s the VA or private -by looking at the real problem-why is medical care so expensive? Governmental policies anyone.

              Now with Obama care we’re talking insurance for everyone as the fix-insurance costs simply follows the rise in cost of medical care, it is impossible for it to fix the problem of rising costs in medical care.

  9. Could have sworn I’d already posted this

    • If it works at VA

      The significance of the House vote goes far beyond the VA. The VA’s 313,000+ employees are governed by the same civil service regulations as the rest of the federal bureaucracy.

      That means a management reform that applies to VA could just as easily be extended to every other federal department and independent agency.

      In other words, the VA scandal is an opportunity for Congress to create a template for reforming the entire federal bureaucracy.

      Carter’s forgotten win

      Here’s why: President Carter’s biggest domestic policy achievement was winning passage of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 that included several desperately needed changes in the federal bureaucracy.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Held up by the Senate Democrats, they want more time to read the 3 page law. Unfucking believable.

  10. Going to be interesting this next Tuesday……Texas Lt Gov race…..a Cruz like person stands a very good chance of throwing out a RINO……we shall see. ….remember in Texas, we have separation of powers. The governor and Lt governor beats to the sound of different drums.


    The Lieutenant Governor in Texas is unique in that he is part of both the Executive and Legislative branches.

    As in most states, the Lieutenant Governor in Texas assumes the powers and duties of the Governor when the Governor is unable to serve or is absent from the state. But in Texas, the Lieutenant Governor is elected separately from the Governor, and each can be members of different political parties.

    The Texas Constitution names the Lieutenant Governor the Constitutional President of the Senate, but the Constitution also gives the Senate the authority to write its own rules. That’s where the Lieutenant Governor derives most of his power.

    These rules, adopted by a majority of Senators at the beginning of each Legislative Session, set down in great detail how business is conducted in the Senate.

    Senate rules give the current Lieutenant Governor a great deal of influence in shaping state policy and influencing laws that may eventually be passed by the Senate.

    The rules allow the present Lieutenant Governor to decide all parliamentary questions and use his discretion in following Senate procedural rules. He can set up standing and special committees and appoint committee chairpersons and individual members.

    The order in which bills are considered is also set by the Lieutenant Governor under Senate rules.

    Another important source of power is the Lieutenant Governor’s leadership role in the Senate. His leadership abilities and the faith and confidence he inspires in the Senators will determine how he is treated when the Senate writes its rules.

    The Texas Constitution gives the Lieutenant Governor the right to debate and vote on all issues when the Senate sits as a Committee of the Whole. And his Constitutional role as President of the Senate also gives the Lieutenant Governor the right to cast the deciding vote in the case of a Senate tie.

    Like the Speaker of the House, the Lieutenant Governor is required to sign all bills and resolutions. The Constitution also names him to the five-member Legislative Redistricting Board which apportions the state into senatorial and representative districts in the event the Legislature is unable to do so.

    These powers are fundamental since the Constitution can be changed only by a two-thirds vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, followed by the approval of a majority vote of the people at a statewide election.

    The Lieutenant Governor derives other powers and responsibilities from state statute. By statute, the Lieutenant Governor is a member of several Legislative branch boards and committees: the Legislative Budget Board , the Legislative Council, the Legislative Audit Committee and the Legislative Education Board. He is designated as Chair of the Legislative Budget Board and Legislative Council, which have considerable sway over state programs, the budget and policy.

    The Legislative Budget Board, for example, provides the Legislature with a recommended budget at the beginning of every session. In many other states, this is done only in the executive branch. The authority of the Legislative Budget Board is broad, and its influence on spending is significant. By his Chairship and his power to make appointments to the Board, the Lieutenant Governor exerts a powerful influence on public policy.

    The Lieutenant Governor is also a member of two Executive branch boards created by statute, the Cash Management Committee and the Bond Review Board.


    going to be interesting.

  11. May 23, 2014
    Liberals once touted VA as a model of socialized medicine
    Rick Moran

    Given what we know now about the Veterans Administration and it’s disgraceful care for our soldiers, these thoughts from liberal columnists Paul Krugman and Ezra Klein would be comical if the situation wasn’t so serious.

    Washington Examiner:

    In 2011, Krugman wrote a column blasting Mitt Romney after the Republican presidential candidate called for partially privatizing the system. “What Mr. Romney and everyone else should know is that the V.H.A. is a huge policy success story, which offers important lessons for future health reform,” he wrote.

    The lessons, he said, were that the incentives created by its integrated care model led to less waste and better quality care. “(Y)es, this is ‘socialized medicine,’” Krugman wrote, noting that some private enterprises also took a similar approach. “But it works — and suggests what it will take to solve the troubles of U.S. health care more broadly.”

    In a 2007 article for the American Prospect, Ezra Klein also praised the system’s outcomes. “What makes this such an explosive story is that the VHA is a truly socialized medical system,” Klein wrote. “The unquestioned leader in American health care is a government agency that employs 198,000 federal workers from five different unions, and nonetheless maintains short wait times and high consumer satisfaction.”

    Both authors cited Phillip Longman, who wrote an influential book on the Left titled Best Care Anywhere: Why VA Health Care is Better Than Yours. Longman, in a 2005 article for the Washington Monthly that led to the book, wrote, “It turns out that precisely because the VHA is a big, government-run system that has nearly a lifetime relationship with its patients, it has incentives for investing in quality and keeping its patients well–incentives that are lacking in for-profit medicine.”

    The description of the system offered by liberals stands in stark contrast to the horrifying reality depicted in recent reports on how the veterans’ health care system has neglected patients and covered up wait times – at a deadly cost.

    The Washington Examiner reported in February that backlogged orders for medical care were being mass purged at hospitals in Los Angeles and Dallas to make wait times seem less than they really were.

    Last month, CNN reported that at least 40 veterans had died waiting for treatment at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs medical system, and that many were put on a “secret waiting list” to mask the fact that 1,400 to 1,600 veterans had to wait months for doctors.

    It should go without saying that you could never get away with what the VA is doing in the private sector. In fact, the incentives would work to cut wait times and improve care rather than cover up deficiencies.

    In short, gas bags like Krugman and Klein don’t know what they’re talking about. Or, they simply believe in fairy tales about socialism’s promises. They obviously haven’t looked very closely at the disaster in Great Britain as the NIH kills thousands every year with long wait times for appointments, filthy hospitals, and shortages of all kinds.

    That, is socialism’s promise.

  12. Saw this on another site comment board-couldn’t pass it up. 🙂

    “Democrats – Substituting Cash for Brains for 80 Years and Loving It.”

    “I sense a pattern here. The Democrats seem to think that throwing more money at every problem solves the problem all by its self. There doesn’t appear to be any in depth thinking to accompany the money. Rather, the thought is “Rich people are happy and rich people have money, ergo money makes people happy.” Which also leads to rich people are too happy, or are more happy than they deserve, so let’s take their money and give it to other people.

    People are out of jobs, let’s spend more money. People are poor, let’s spend more money. Public schools aren’t performing well, let’s spend more money. HHS, VA, name your cabinet post aren’t being managed well, let’s spend more money. Trillion dollar deficits every year, let’s spend more money. Every issue that comes along seems to require more money (and only more money) to fix it.

    Yet, as the current VA situation shows, once more money is allocated, the Dems seem to think that the problem is solved, they’ve done their part and they walk away. Passing the ACA was another classic example. Once the bill was passed, Pelosi couldn’t give a rats ass about the program, she done did her part.

    I never see smart thinking going with the money. The Stimulus, throw a lot of money at “select” green companies, and walk away. Where was the vetting? Where was the accountability? And, of course, where was the return? Cash for Clunkers – lots of money, where was the smart thinking before they even wrote that check, let alone after?

    Democrats – Substituting Cash for Brains for 80 Yeas and Loving It.

    parke on May 23, 2014 at 8:33 AM”

    • gmanfortruth says:

      So, who ever claimed Democrats have brains to begin with 😀

      • Individual democrats have brains G-it’s the democratic group think that’s a problem. They will regulate everything in the world except the immoral and welfare. When it comes to those two things the 30 second media headline is too important to mess up with facts. Even think about talking about reforming welfare and the immediate headline– “republicans hate the poor, etc. etc”.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Agrred, I was just being sarcastic. Mathius isn’t quite brainless and Buck seems to have some matter between his ears, but, your correct on the welfare issue. 🙂 (sarc intended)

  13. gmanfortruth says:

    Why are our “enemies” classified? We have sunk into a very dangerous area in this country.

  14. gmanfortruth says:

    As with anything I post, it’s for discussion. It doesn’t mean I support the author 😉

    As I have pointed out before, many senior members of the military want Obama removed from office. Imagine if Stevens could have been saved by General Hamm? If Stevens understood he was being targeted by Obama in order to plug the leaks involving not only drug running and gun running, but he would have revealed to the world that his operation involved child trafficking as well. Can you imagine the scandal? How many journalists would have begun to look into the nefarious practices which lead to the multitude of missing children in CPS? My sources are stating that this information is on the verge of breaking. Also, there is a decided purge going in key federal agencies which are ridding these agencies of potential whistle blowers through the taking of their children by CPS. I had a hard time getting my mind around this fact until I was contacted by Monika Wesolowski. In addition to Monika, I have been contacted by 6 other federal employees who are, at this point, hesitant to use their name. The strategy seem to be to seize their kids and they will be to consumed and debt ridden in an effort to get their children back to effectively expose this high level of corruption.

    An Accidental Discovery

    When Monika Wesolowsky, a State Department employee with a security clearance contacted me with the horror story of how her five year son was taken by the Virginia CPS without the mother being charged with anything, I thought this was just another case of CPS overreach and their nefarious connections to the underworld of child sex trafficking. However, Wesolowsky’s case represent one of several cases that have been brought to my attention that have the same dynamics. In all of these cases, a federal employee, usually with a security clearance, is targeted by the CPS in their area (four cases in Virginia’s Arlington and Fairfax County area). Everyone of these federal employees openly embrace Tea Party conservative causes. Monika Wesolowsky was targeted by the IRS for an audit. This might mean nothing until one considers the fact that the IRS is the enforcement agent for Obamacare. Obamacare has oversight over all 50 CPS agencies.

    This isn’t the first story I have read recently about the CPS in many states.

  15. PeterB in Indianapolis says:

    When you say, “No one is more outraged about this situation than I am” and yet your tone of voice, your mannerisms, and your whole demeanor is completely deadpan and slightly annoyed, no one is REALLY going to believe that you are outraged at all.

    People instead are going to read your tone and your body language and realize that you really don’t want to be there at all, and really don’t want to even be dealing with the situation at all, but would rather be doing something else entirely.

    That is precisely why no one believes that Obama is going to do ANYTHING about the VA problems. He says he is “more outraged than anyone”, but when he says it, he looks and sounds like an emotionless, slightly annoyed sock-puppet.

    • Not to mention the fact that the words are totally empty of anything concrete-more investigations-okay- but from reports from the media, the place that you claim to get your information, there have already been at least 7 investigations-so what are you doing right now to address this problem- what have you done since you became the President to address these problems? How long are these people still on these now revealed waiting lists gonna have to wait for these endless and obviously useless investigations?

  16. I haven’t watched this yet-read a little about it in another article -thought the actual segment might be better to post-but I want to know more about this bill that was signed

  17. gmanfortruth says:

    Today is a day the Nation has set aside to remember those Americans who were lost on battlefields around the globe. Some were lost fighting for American freedoms and to preserve liberty; many more were lost fighting needless wars for the benefit of the elites. Regardless, the loss of those military members is equally painful to their family members, who must continue on despite the loss.

    Longtime readers know that I oppose the expanding American empire and wars of aggression, including the expansion of the war on terror into countries that have not attacked the U.S. and pose no threat to do so. But I’m also mindful of the fact that many Americans have been convinced of the war’s necessity. Today is not the day to debate the merits of America’s wars.

    Couldn’t express my feelings any better than these two paragraphs. I hope everyone here at SUFA has a good holiday. If you can find it in your heart today , thank a vet who just gave some and remember those who gave all. We’ve been told how patriotism may be a bad thing, I throw the BS flag on that thought. Patriotism brings all people together, regardless of skin color, religions or any other differences. We all bleed red, all those other petty differences pale in comparison. Have a great Memorial Day! 🙂

  18. Murphy's Law says:

    Happy Memorial Day to all vets and their families, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the sacrifices you have suffered! I will be thinking of you and all those who gave their lives, as well as those who still bear the physical and mental scars of war.

    You are all my heroes!


  19. Thank you, to all our service men and woman past and present, for the Freedom that I enjoy.

  20. Just a quick , interesting poem by Capt. Michael O’Donnell, KIA, Republic of Vietnam

  21. gmanfortruth says:

    President Obama,

    On this Memorial Day I can’t help but think of the many veterans who have given their lives to protect the freedoms that we all enjoy today, and quite frankly one that so many Americans take for granted. As you’re playing your 165th round of golf this weekend you can count on our warriors to protect you and to protect this great nation.

    From the Civil War to the wars in the deserts of the Middle East, our brave men and women have given their lives for freedoms that can only be found in America. Generations of selfless Americans have stepped up to fight for a cause greater than themselves. Freedom is never free, and the price of our freedom has been paid with the blood of our finest Americans. Your daughters have been fortunate enough to reap the freedoms that so many have sacrificed their lives for. Without these heroes you would have never have had the opportunity to become the President of this great nation.

    Sadly, the men and women who have volunteered to fight the in the most extreme conditions in the world are coming back only to find themselves engaged in a new war at home. They have now found themselves in a war with your incompetent administration, who’s scandal ridden legacy has finally hit an all-time low. I can’t help but feel the deepest disgust for the pain you and your administration have caused the families who have lost their heroes battling your war against our veterans back home. I can’t think of more shameless way to for this country to dishonor its veterans. And sadly, it’s the lack of your leadership and accountability that lead to these failures.

    These men and women who bravely fought in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars have been forced to rely on your useless bureaucratic employees for their health care. These federal employees disrespected these men and women and the sacrifices they have made in the worst imaginable way. They ignored their pleas for help and in many cases left them to die in favor of hefty government bonuses for exceptional performance. We all know you and your regime doesn’t give a damn about these heroes. Your disdain for America and her greatness has never been a secret. You were raised to hate the “American Empire” and were taught that the American military is the enemy. It was easier for you to just ignore the Veteran Affairs crisis as you crisscrossed America fundraising for your fellow Democrats.

    I remember candidate Obama promising to overhaul the VA and reduce the backlog. You claimed that America’s support for its veterans is obvious by the way we treat our vets. You really nailed that one didn’t you? Just like you were going to fix Detroit or fix foreign policy. Your high school like approach to solving complex issues can’t be fixed by tweeting hashtags with propaganda to people who want to kill us. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see you’re unfit to lead our nation, let alone act as our Commander In Chief. What our country needs now, more than ever is real leadership, someone who doesn’t wait for a crisis, but is able to foresee an issue and deal with it before it happens. Unfortunately for America, you’ve been too busy campaigning and don’t have time to deal with the health care crisis of our veterans. The only thing you seem to care about is your own radical agenda, and now our vets are paying for your negligence with their lives.

    As I sit here typing this out I’m dealing with my own VA nightmare which involves the Phoenix VA. I have given 3 limbs for this country, but apparently that is not enough. A “clerical error” made by a VA employee has resulted in nearly a year of abuse and mismanagement of my case. In other words, the VA is stealing over $7000 from my disability compensation that I earned when I lost 3 of my limbs for our country.

    On this Memorial Day, as I battle your incompetent bureaucrats my family would like to thank you for once again failing our veterans. We can’t help but wonder about the disastrous socialized medicine program that we will surely be dealing with if ObamaCare is allowed to be fully implemented. If our incompetent VA cannot handle government healthcare for a fraction of our population, who would be foolish enough to believe a massive health care system designed to provide health care for all American’s would be any different? You can’t even find someone to build a competent website to work for your socialized medicine program when you had your name attached to it, so why would you care about our veterans when you could so easily push the blame off on someone else?

    You have not only failed our veterans, you have failed America in every way imaginable. You have purposely divided us by race, political parties, and socioeconomic status in order to push a radical agenda on America that can only be passed when you have successfully divided all Americans. Your entire administration is incompetent and you have set America on a path for certain failure.

    So, on this Memorial Day, as we honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, I’d like to thank you, our Commander In Chief for not even caring enough to provide us with quality health care.

    Brian Kolfage, Sra, USAF Ret.


  22. From the USSR….now known as Obamacare: Obamacare Rule: Dump Employees Onto Exchanges, Face Big Taxes

    Read Latest Breaking News from
    Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

  23. I miss a few days and LOI breaks SUFA.

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