We’ve heard the phrase, “perfect storm”.  I’ve heard Glenn Beck use it several times.  I don’t watch him anymore.  It got to where I felt he was fear-mongering.  While I usually thought he made many good points & was right in a lot of what he said, it was too much, over the top.  And here today the United States is for all intents and purposes being invaded.  Hmmm, that doesn’t look right.


                                                            WE ARE BEING INVADED!!!!


A little better.  Shouldn’t it be on every front page in large type?  OK, the invaders are unarmed, many are children.  But still, not tens, but hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border.  Is there any conceivable way the Mexican government did not know this huge influx of Central Americans were crossing their country?  With our CIA & Homeland Security and the billions we spend on them, is there any scenario where this could happen without us knowing?  Bush was blamed for not realizing 19 terrorists were planning to hijack airplanes and attack us on 9/11.  How can anybody excuse missing hundreds of thousands?

Were they distracted by:

IRS ongoing scandals

Climate Change

Russia invasion of Ukraine

Russia invasion of Crimea

China’s aggression against S. Korea

China’s aggression against    the Philippines

Climate Change

China’s aggression against   Japan

Benghazi mastermind caught

Nigerian School girls kidnapped (ignore their ongoing civil war)

Syrian Civil War

Iraq Civil War

Climate Change

Egypt’s Civil War

Mass & School Shootings  (but ignore gang/inner city deaths & violence)

BLM’s army stand-off with a Nevada Rancher


Please fell free to add the many others I have missed.





  1. “OK, the invaders are unarmed, many are children. But still, not tens, but hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border”

    What nonsense.

    To believe a group of people whose wish is to prosper peacefully is your threat – you have major ideological problems that will end -for you- in grave difficulty.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      The gist of this current border event has roots in history in an attempt to forment change. The “Children’s Crusade” of 1212. Details are debatable by current historians but the concept is identical.

  2. The biggest threat to you is the increase in government violence upon everyone.

    You support this, as long as it appears only upon a small group. You do not understand that the same threat applies to you because you are myopic.

  3. Sedgewick says:

    Open the flood gates.

    Tear down the wall.

    • Cheer, cheer!

    • Send em to Sed’s & BF’s cribs

    • Sedgewick says:

      The government needs something to do besides reading everyone’s emails.

      Open the border…keep the government busy with a few hundred million immigrants, …while it’s locked up with disasters like gay rights vs religious rights.

      What’s the most efficient way to threaten the 2nd Amendment?

      What’s the best way to transport tens of million of Muslims to the USA?

      How do you convince hundreds of millions of people to not vote?

      What is the best way to wreck an economy?

      What would it take to provoke mass civil unrest and chaos in North America?

  4. Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive “Crashed” Ten Days After House Ways & Means Chairman David Camp Made His First Inquiry About Targeting Conservatives

    The timing is not merely suspicious, it is damning.

    [T]he alleged disappearance of Ms. Lerner’s hard drive—and the fact that the missing conversations are those the former IRS director had with people outside the IRS—has suddenly resurrected, with force, the explosive possibility that she was chatting with Democrats who mattered.

    There’s plenty of reason to believe she was. Just last week Congress discovered (via a subpoena to the Justice Department) emails showing that Ms. Lerner had conversations with Justice prosecutors about investigating conservative nonprofits. Who else in the Obama administration was Ms. Lerner talking to?

    I’m omitting all of the correspondence between Lerner and Congressional Democrats — but check the piece to refresh your memory.

    Here’s the chronology of this “crash:”

    As to Ms. Lerner’s behavior, consider that House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp first sent a letter asking if the IRS was engaged in targeting in June, 2011. Ms. Lerner denied it. She engineered a plant in an audience at a tax conference in May 2013 to drop the bombshell news about targeting (maybe hoping nobody would notice?). She has subsequently asserted a Fifth Amendment right to silence in front of the only people actually investigating the affair, Congress. Now we learn that her hard drive supposedly defied modernity and suffered total annihilation about 10 days after the Camp letter arrived.

    Is there something in those lost emails? The fact that they are “lost” at all probably answers that question.

    This isn’t the only issue of suspicious timing in BOLOGate. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen knew in February that Lois Lerner’s hard drive had “crashed” — but did not inform Congress until last week.

    Worse yet, he has repeatedly told media outlets that he only knew of the crash in “late spring.”

    Furthermore, a Treasury letter from April (repeatedly referenced by Rep. Brady) states that that department agreed with the IRS that Congress should be informed as soon as possible. And yet Koskinen did not inform Congress until last week.

    Koskinen’s defense for what appears to be perjury or at least withholding critical information from Congress is this: I knew about the hard drive crash, but I didn’t know that emails would be irretrievable (and he maintains he doesn’t know if they can’t be retrieved), so I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you jumping to unwarranted conclusions.

    “So why did the IRS inform the Executive Branch agencies, the White House, the administration, but kept it secret from the Congress, who was conducting an investigation?” Camp asked.

    “We were not keeping it a secret,” Koskinen said. “It was our public report to you that has in fact provided you this information, there’s been no attempt to keep it a secret. My position has been, when we provide information, we should provide it completely. If we provide you incomplete information, people sometimes are tempted to leap to the wrong conclusion, not based on any facts, so we thought it would be important to give you the full description–”

    That is so perfect! That is a perfect encapsulation of the Ruling Class mentality. That’s why the media refuses to report on Gosnell’s house of horrors, or the ethnicity of a terror suspect: Because we don’t want You, those of inferior minds and low impulse control, to draw the Wrong Conclusions, so we shelter your tiny, emotional, violent brains from information that might cause you to Think Wrong Things.

    “It’s okay for the White House and Treasury to leap to a conclusion six weeks before the Congress,” Camp shot back.

    But of course it is! The White House and Treasury, being staffed by those correctly-educated in The Right Conclusions, and fully fluent in the habits and preferences of the Ruling Class, can be trusted with information that might lead to Dangerously Wrong Ideas if permitted to be exposed to The Lesser.

    At the Fiscal Times, Ed Morrissey writes of another case of suspicious timing.

    The closest insinuation between the IRS targeting scandal has been an unusual meeting between the IRS’ chief counsel, William Wilkins, and Obama on April 23, 2012. The chief counsel for the IRS would have no discernible reason for a private meeting with the president; his job would be to brief the IRS commissioner –at the time Douglas Shulman –who met with Obama the very next day.

    The day after that, Wilkins sent a revised set of guidelines to Lois Lerner for the tax-exempt unit to use when applying extra scrutiny. To this day, no explanation for this meeting has been made public, even though records show that Wilkins spent hours at the White House with “POTUS” as his host.

    Nor was this the first time that Wilkins appears in the targeting narrative. Carter Hull, a retired high-ranking IRS official with 48 years’ experience at the agency, testified that after he approved a Tea Party-related tax-exempt application, it got routed to Wilkins rather than finalized.

    The day after an unusual meeting of a mid-level manager and the President, the mid-level manager issues revised targeting guidelines to the IRS, and we’re supposed to believe those guidelines were not the subject of discussion between the President and the manager?

    This is outrageous. It is outrageous that Obama refuses to appoint a special prosecutor, and it is even more outrageous that only one member of the leftist media that I know of (National Journal’s Ron Fournier) has troubled himself to call for one.
    Posted by Ace at 03:06 PM Comments


  5. Just A Citizen says:

    Well, been loadinf truck all day while trying to keep up here.

    Time to sign off again for a few days to finish the move and get remodeling done.

    Have fun everyone. Back as soon as I can. Next broadcast from redneck Idaho.

  6. Sedgewick says:

    Do you have a right to bear arms in the interest of forming a militia and protecting your state?

    No. You have a right to defense of yourself, family, property, village, ..by any and all means necessary and/or available.

    Any limitation that inhibits or disables you or your people from matching the power of any potential threat, is a violation of your right to defense.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Actually, it depends on the State Constitution. In Pa, the Right to bare arms is for personal defense and defense of the State 😉 And all this hogwash that people can’t form a militia is just that, hogwash, because it IS the people that ARE the militia.

      • Sedgewick says:

        The right to defense exists independent of paper and is not limited to firearms.

        It goes beyond ‘arms’ and includes forming militias, ..or whatever must be done to prepare for and/or neutralize a threat.

  7. We are now receiving 1130 unsupervised children every day….children…..not parents.

    Here is what we are finding…it is a new list just being published but I am sure it will be mis-reported.

    1. Tuberculosis (112 cases this year so far ) Airborne.
    2. Dengue Fever ( 48 cases in three months )
    3. Chicken Pox ( 2,300 cases + since January this year )
    4. Measles ( 1,230 cases since February )
    5. Scabies/Lice ( over 75% contaminated )
    6. Malaria ( number if cases unknown )
    7. Diphtheria ( number unknown )
    8. Scarlett Fever ( 116 cases since January )
    9. Whooping cough ( too numerous to count )
    10. Polio ( 93 cases since January )
    11. Noro Virus
    12. Typhus

    And all of this among children….

    Yep…..open up the border and let them all in without investigation nor medical services…Let them into your schools and neighborhoods…..Mexico brings busloads to the crossing points DAILY. But….we have no crises.

    BF thinks I am melodramatic….that I see only a small portion. Everyone refuses to see that this is system wide from Texas to California….and getting worse…….the above….well, they are just cases reported in Texas and New Mexico….I do not know what is happening in Arizona and California but several things on the rise in Texas elementary schools….

    Whooping cough, measles, chicken pox and noro virus. Yep…let em in…No Ellis Island procedures, no medical inspections…nothing.

    • Sedgewick says:

      So begin a massive campaign to rid Mexico of disease, …THEN open up the flood gates.

      ..OR… inoculate them as they pass through the gates.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        What do you suggest, nuke ’em? Nothin personal Sedge, but I’m over taxed as it is, and I’m not paying any more to the corrupt government for anything. I’ll tell you the same as I told the Obamacare lovers, you pay for it, I’m not.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          However, I do feel bad for all these kids. They are being used as pawns for political purposes by the Democrats, man, that sure reminds me of someone/political party in history that did the same very thing…….Oh Yea…..Hitler and the Nazi’s

          • Sedgewick says:

            ” What do you suggest, nuke ‘em? ”

            If I had nukes at my disposal, Mexico would not be on the target list.

            ” …but I’m over taxed as it is, and I’m not paying any more to the corrupt government for anything.”

            Okay. Great idea! ..Refusal to accept government theft!

            ” However, I do feel bad for all these kids. They are being used as pawns for political purposes by the Democrats,.. ”

            The whole situation is a debacle and creates a big moral/ethical dilemma. The children are the real victims. It sucks that they got dumped like they did. It sucks that they would otherwise be subject to a life of abuse.

            But what do ya do? What can we do?

            A lot of Christian groups have resolved the immediate moral/ethical dilemma by being actively charitable assisting government with it’s burden. But the root issues still need to be addressed. Mexicans are immigrating to the USA in mass for various reasons. Address those reasons and you’re off to a good start.

            Helping Mexico out with disease issues is part of that. It also reduces or eliminates the threat to Americans.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              What is occurring with these minors is purely political and has zero to do with any of us blaming anyone or making laws. If it were just a immigration issue, these large numbers of minors would have come long ago. This is Obama and his administration playing games with other peoples lives. Maybe we can keep the immigrants and deport Obama 🙂

              • It is an immigration policy issue.

                Just because a tactic was not used in the past does not make “a different” issue. Not ALL takes are used AT ALL TIMES.

                It is a natural escalation. As one group does this, the other that, then the other does this, then that then this, so on.

                Just because round 75 of tactics in now in use does not dismiss the root issue based on tactic 1

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Yes, it is a policy issue. The DHS is funding an propaganda campaign in many Central American countries to get minor immigrants to come to the US without any chance of being sent back to the home country. By all accounts, it’s working pretty well.

                We also have a government problem, since they make dumb laws then turn around and don’t enforce them for political gain, which seems to be the case here. These are minors, not people looking for work. These are also future Democrat voters, at least that is the hope of this administration and the root cause of the current propaganda campaign that is putting so many minor immigrants on US soil, which is also causing a bit of a humanitarian issue, that has been recently uncovered and made public.

                On another note, cheap labor is great for the economy, but it will never be that cheap due to minimum wage laws. Most companies have a wage scale that will change very little by immigrant workers, so the impact will not be as great as you may lead us to believe. Then again, replacing overpaid American workers with under paid immigrant workers seems to be great in your mind, until it’s your overpaid position being replaced 😉 Be careful what you wish for my friend 🙂

                Every country on earth has immigration laws, the US will never be any different. It will be interesting to watch how this current issue with all the minor immigrants turns out.

              • “Most companies have a wage scale that will change very little by immigrant workers, ”

                You first make a case regarding “illegal” workers, then argue “immigrant” – which is it?

                Illegal immigrants do not avail themselves of “min. wage” laws. These laws apply to “legal” immigrants.

                And once again, you point to a policy “over here” and blame the poor Mexican. If you have a problem with the policy, attack it and leave the poor Mexicans alone.

              • “Then again, replacing overpaid American workers with under paid immigrant workers seems to be great in your mind, until it’s your overpaid position being replaced”

                Economic illiteracy, equal to SK.

                Utter nonsense. You are claiming that “paying less for a car” will eventually make me unemployed – totally incomprehensible nonsense.

                Look, get a grasp on some economics before you pontificate.

              • Look, Gman, put on your thinking cap.

                Economics is not hard.

                If you go to a store, and there are two products you want to buy that do the same job, which one is better for you? The one more or less expensive?

                The cheaper one is better, because you have more wealth in hand after the trade then with the other one. In every case, the more cheaper the good that does the same “work”, the better for your life

                If you propose to do a job, and your neighbor also bids on the job, and he gets it because he is cheaper, where is the problem? It is with you – you are not as effective in your task as he is … he is able to do the same job cheaper. And the same as above, it is better for “everyone” else too, because they have more wealth left over with the other guy, then you.

                The problem is your economic understanding gets all muddled up with you own personal wants – you confuse individual gain/loss as if it was some economic theory covering the economy.

                But it isn’t. It is telling you that you are not as economically effective as the other guy – that you need to do better; either in price or in quality.

                Do not blame the other guy for your overpriced substandard work. And do not ascribe some “economic theory” to cover your shortcoming.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Look, Flag, I had my thinking cap on 🙂 It was on so well that when I decided to pull your chain a little, I had to decide between economics and immigration, figured I’d let you decide. Slow down, take a deep breathe, getting all uptight because people don’t agree with you is no way to go through life. Your not exactly making many friends as of late, a little kindness will go a long way 🙂

              • Gman

                It is not a “decision” between one and the other.

                It is a destruction of your own freedom that you cultivate.

                You need to slow down and breath and THINK, yes, I know it is hard for you to do these three things at once.

                If you argue that you can prevent a man from freely offering his labor just so that you protect your own wealth, you have given right to other men to prevent YOU from doing things for your own benefit so that THEY can protect their wealth

                Yet! Bizarre! You pontificate over and over again how evil it is for men to do that to you!

                Hypocrisy, sir, lives heartily in your home.

                I do not need more friends.
                I am not kind to hypocrites and evil.

      • Agreed……if there were gates.

    • http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/united_states_total_spending_pie_chart

      Entitlement spending is now 63% of our budget. Obama has promoted policies that encourage people not to work. Workforce participation is at a record low. He has refused to enforce laws he does not agree with, such as immigration, resulting in a huge increase of illegal immigrants from Mexico. Now it appears all the Central Americans that illegally entered Mexico & burdened them are being dumped on the US. SO what’s the plan to pay for all this? A 1.4 or 1.6 T deficit? How long will that work before China and everyone else refuses to buy our debt?

    • I had whooping cough when I was 30. Three doctors misdiagnosed it. I understand why kids died form it. To the open border crowd, tell me how these people are nonviolent when one of them transmits one of these deadly diseases to one of your kids or grandkids.

      • You and LOI want to use diseases of children to ban their parents.

        It is you who are using children to advance your errant and misguided policies, not the Mexicans

        • Am I required to open an orphanage? If a child knocks on my door, tired & hungry, must I take them in? I call the police & local authorities & they are overwhelmed, shut the door or let them in is my choice. And I let in the few on my doorstep. The next day there are more, calling to the kids I am harboring. Somehow word has gotten around I am a soft touch. They avoid my neighbor & come straight to my door.

          I might be more open to immigration if we were not an entitlement nation. But that is what we are & this is a burden on our economy. Children cannot work here and earn their keep. How many speak English? I must pay to educate the children & adults. When open immigration worked in the past, people came, worked & earned their place. Assimilation & a melding of cultures made us a better place.

          And how many thousands must we take? When it becomes millions, then what? Can every country ship us all their criminals so they won’t need prisons. Ship us their poor students so they only have to pay to educate their best? Ship us their lazy so they don’t have to provide welfare? I can see this helping other countries, but not us….

        • 11,004,507: Disability Beneficiaries Top 11 Million for First Time

          June 20, 2014 – 4:04 PM
          By Terence P. Jeffrey

          (CNSNews.com) – The total number of disability beneficiaries in the United States topped 11 million for the first time last month, increasing from 10,996,447 in April to a record 11,004,507 in May, according to new data released by the Social Security Administration.

          Americans on Disability Tops 11,000,000 for First Time

          The number of Americans receiving disability benefits continues to exceed the populations of Greece, Tunisia and Portugal and is drawing closer to Cuba, whose population of 11,047,251 (as reported by the CIA) is just 42,477 more than the 11,004,507 Americans receiving disability benefits.

          Disability Beneficiaries Closing in on Population of Cuba

          The 11,004,507 total disability beneficiaries in May included a record 8,947,220 disabled workers. It also included 153,554 spouses of disabled workers and 1,903,733 children of disabled workers.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Not trying to be facitious, but doesn’t this list fall under the use of WMD? Delivery systems do not have to be confined to artillery shells and bomblets.

    • Feds Back Down on dumping illegals in small Virginia town

      By M. Catharine Evans

      On June 20 federal immigration officials dropped plans to use Saint Paul’s College campus in Lawrenceville, Virginia as a shelter for 500 illegal minors.

      After being shut out from an agreement between St. Paul’s College and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to house the illegals, Lawrenceville residents lined up at a packed public meeting on Thursday to voice their opposition.

      Government representatives tried to persuade the crowd of 1,000 people at Brunswick County High School that their plan would bring much needed revenue to the cash-strapped community. But residents weren’t buying it.

      Most were outraged that a deal had been made between HHS and St. Paul’s College without consulting them. Representative Robert Hurt (R-5th) said the clandestine contract to transport Unaccompanied Alien Children from Southwest border shelters to St. Paul’s College was an “underhanded” maneuver.

      Being kept in the dark didn’t sit well with the people that flooded the school auditorium. Many questioned why the government is in “the orphanage business” and why veterans have to wait longer for health care than illegal immigrants.


  8. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Grants Itself Authority to Shut Down Any Business at Anytime
    Katie Pavlich | Jun 19, 2014
    Katie Pavlich

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    Last week the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, through the power of Dodd-Frank, passed a rule giving the agency unprecedented power to shut down businesses, no matter what the reason, at any time it wishes through a cease-and-desist order. Further, the rule puts businesses at the mercy of the CFPB and they cannot go back into operation until government approval or a court ruling is made over an issue. Subsequently because bureaucratic decisions and court rulings take a substantial amount of time to happen, businesses cannot survive during those waiting periods. Here are the details (bolding is mine):

    In a notice published in today’s Federal Register, the CFPB has announced that it has adopted its interim final rule on temporary cease-and-desist orders (C&Ds) without change. The final rule takes effect on July 18, 2014.

    The CFPB is authorized to issue temporary C&Ds under Section 1053(c) of Dodd-Frank. That provision authorizes a temporary C&D as an adjunct to a cease-and-desist proceeding brought under Section 1053 against a covered person or service provider. A temporary C&D is effective immediately upon service and remains in effect unless modified or terminated administratively by the CFPB or set aside on judicial review.

    The new rule comes on the heals of revelations the Department of Justice has been smothering firearms dealerships and other “high risk” entities out of business by “choking” banks and stripping funding through Operation Choke Point.

    Consumer groups are pushing back against the rule and issuing a warnings to businesses everywhere about what the rule means for them. The United States Consumer Coalition in particular is sounding the alarm:

    “This unprecedented rule created by the CFPB grants the agency unilateral authority to literally shut down any business overnight. It is a doubling down of Operation Choke Point (OCP), the Administration’s program to target lawful industries by intimidating banks from doing business with them. This rule allows the CFPB to immediately issue a cease-and-desist order, which terminates all business practices — and a hearing doesn’t have to be granted for 10 days, effectively shutting down businesses for at least 10 days. This is a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ tactic of the Administration that goes against every historical notion of justice under the law in America.”

    “The Administration got caught with their illegal intimidation tactics in Operation Choke Point, and now they are taking radical steps to ensure the goals of shutting down these lawful businesses are met. This is just the next step in using unaccountable agencies, with their ever-expanding agency powers, to meet the political goals of the Administration. This is a much more efficient way of shutting down lawful industries than just relying on intimidation. It is also no coincidence that this rule was released the day that CFPB Director Richard Cordray finished testifying at oversight hearings on the Hill.”

    “This is a direct attack on every free-market business in America, and every single business should be alarmed. No business should have to operate while questioning daily whether or not they will be the victim of a cease-and-desist order. This will cause uncertainty on Wall Street and uncertainty in the job market, leading to a loss of jobs and devastating the families that rely on them, while irreversibly damaging the economy and threatening consumer choice.”

    I have no doubt a few Senators will have a few things to say about this.The rule can be opposed and overturned through legislation and oversight.

    “The best solution would be to pass the CFPB reform bill that Rep. Duffy introduced adding bipartisan oversight to the Bureau through an appointed commission,” USCC Senior Advisor Brian Wise says. “Having a Director-led agency with this much authority puts too much control in the hands of one unelected man. Otherwise they could repeal Dodd-Frank but that isn’t practical at this point.”
    Stay tuned.


    • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau already sinking into scandal
      posted at 1:01 pm on June 21, 2014 by Jazz Shaw

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      It’s great to have Uncle Sam looking out for the little guy, isn’t it? That’s why it was such a super-duper, nifty idea for Washington to summon into being the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It was created as part of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act back in 2010, but was originally the brainstorm of now Senator Elizabeth Warren. (You may recall she was initially slated to head the agency, but that was derailed by Congress.) So now that they are on the job, keeping citizens safe from big banking fat cats and ensuring financial responsibility and ethics, how are they doing?

      Well… pretty much on par with what you’d expect out of any massive Washington bureaucracy. Right out of the gate, they inflated the cost of refurbishing their new digs by more than 100%, though they’ve tried to deny it.

      Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray evidently is feeling unfamiliar heat after resorting to a disreputable form of sophistry as a substitute for honest discussion and debate. During a June 10 hearing of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, for example, Cordray responded to a question from Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., on the ballooning cost of CFPB’s headquarters renovation by saying: “This has been out there and taken as gospel in the public record for some time. It’s a fiction of the Washington Examiner that this project started out at $55 million and now has ballooned to higher proportions. There never was any expectation that this project could be completed for $55 million. That is false.”

      Not only was it not false, but the Examiner took the figures directly from the General Services Administration. The cost has now skyrocketed from $55 million to $139M and still climbing. Way to keep an eye on things, guys.

      But that’s not all the “good news” from the CFPB. They’ve been criticized from without and within for creating a toxic environment where they’ve been discriminating against minorities, women and seniors.

      An internal investigation at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau last year concluded that an agency supervisor allowed an employee to be harassed by colleagues, a symbol of what the probe said was a “toxic workplace” in one part of the agency.,,

      “I found that the general environment in Consumer Response is one of exclusion, retaliation, discrimination, nepotism, demoralization, devaluation, and other offensive working conditions which constitute a toxic workplace for many of its employees,” Investigator Misty Raucci will say in her opening remarks.

      This is only one of many, many, many reports on the abuses taking place in the agency, highlighted in particular by one whistle blower from their own ranks. A whistle blower who, by the way, they tried to shut down themselves.

      I am the naturalized U.S. citizen that Bureau management referred to as an “f’ing foreigner.”

      I feel obligated to protect my fellow colleagues who, in their sincere attempts to support the mission of CFPB, are paralyzed from asserting their rights, and even their opinions. I hope, by telling my story, it will further enlighten the committee about the culture of intimidation and retaliation at the Bureau and how that culture makes it very difficult for employees to raise concerns about mistreatment, mismanagement, and abuse of authority.

      In short, favoritism and cronyism runs rampant at the Bureau.

      I soon found that voicing a professional dissenting opinion that is in any way at odds with with Bureau management – even in the smallest of ways – will result in retaliation.

      Way to look out for the little guy. The CFPB is quickly on it’s way to looking more like The Weed Agency than any sort of super hero protecting the citizen on Main Street.


  9. A win-win for Washington Redskins.

    Change the name to the Washington Redhawks. and use Chief Redhawk as a mascot!


    Redhawk was an Oglala Sioux and a veteran of the battle of the Little Big Horn. For halftime entertainment, they could re stage the battle. Charlie will love it! White man loses every time!

    Flag and Sed: Notice how it does not say this land is THEIR land.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Reasonable solution, except the activist groups have stated after the trademark and patent ruling, that they intend to go after teams like the “Cleveland Indians”, “Chicago Blackhawks” “Atlanta Braves” just to name 3,

    • Looking at some interesting photos of native Americans from the 19th Century today which yet again raised the question about their ethnic origins. The facial structure of the eastern and Plains tribes differ markedly from tribes of the Northwest, Southwest and South America. A quick wiki search of indigenous peoples DNA shows some very interesting results.

      This probably is going to finally push me to do the DNA test myself. Finding out that there are central Asian and Central European markers among Indians and that there were reverse migrations back into Asia and Eurasia makes me want to break out in a chorus of “It’s a Small, Small World!”


      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        The “mongolian” aka asian characteristics is a very new genetic mutation in the grand scheme of things. Several asian countries have in their extreme regions peoples with very limited or no “mongolian”genetic markers. The migration of those characteristics only extended so far into the Americas. Predominantly the Northwest and extending southward. Did not reach the souhern most regions in the americas or extend much past the western portion of what is now the USA. There are more asian chacteristics in Poland and the slavic countries that the Americas. Have family that are Sioux and Crow with zero asian genetics but have slavic relations that have asian markers.

        • If you have time, please elaborate. What is recent? It would seem to me that the first Asians immigrated and went all the way down the Pacific coast to South America. The plains and eastern tribes were later arrivals but from where? The final immigrants are the Inuit and Aleut peoples of Alaska and the pacific Northwest. The facial characteristics of the Southwestern tribes also seem very different from either plains Indians or Mexican tribes.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The later part of the Pleistocene era. But the known migration out of asia into the Americas by asiatic type people started 46 – 36K years ago, Actual into the americas 10 – 8 and then down further 5 – 1K years ago. The NON asiatic people were precedent and theory has even earlier west to east migration and then they were pushed further eastward or there also were earlier migrations from the european land mass ten of thousands of years ago. Theory requiring continued studies.

            • Merci1 Who knows, I may have more American Indian blood in me than Elizabeth Warren. Great if my grandkids could check off that box.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Be self-identifying. I’ve been wanting to having a genetic done and also on one of my great-nephews. There should be some clear markers of native american (Crow and Sioux) Dutch, French, German, Polish, Baltic State regions, Russian, Germanic, Slavic with touches of Asiatic. For me drop the Native american, but might pick up markers from Spain or Mexico. Every 1st born female of one a leg of my family came into America through New Orleans was named Juanita until hitting the Dakotas. Then they migrated eastward to Michigan, New York and PA. The other legs came into NY from the Baltic region(prussia) and the regions of the Hapsburg Empire and the Alsace-Lorraine region between France and Germany. My great nephews, great great grand mother was Crow. named “Heck and Lively” Married a dutch settler and subsequently the direct males usually are very tall and blond. One of the theoretical physicists who did good programs on a science channel had his tests done. All of his family lore placed him as Japanese. He looked Japanese came from Japan etc, but the traces showed a pretty clear map to Tibet in his genetic markers. He also went on to say that mathematically mankind has been almost wiped out as a species. Called chokepoints. If man populating the earth went unimpeded there would be exponentially more genetic markers. I may be using some incorrect terms but the meanings are valid.

  10. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    So Pope Francis has decided to excommunicate the mafia members in Calabria. With having lived in the region for a number of years I found unless you dealt with them for business reason, one had little to fear. Much less they usualy gained their power by providing effective services in the absence of an effective State authoriity. The most effective insurance I ever bought was for my house and car in Sicily. Normal insurance you paid a monthly premium and when shit happened they shrugged. The local mafia guy guarenteed I would never be robbed nor my car molested anywhere as long as I paid $4.80 per month.

    Non the less how many priests has the church voluntarily turned over to civil authorities for trial concerning pedophilia charges. Not many of the thousands that are being accused worldwide. He says he will excommunicate any priest convicted, but they continue the shell game of moving the accused. My take is the government should remove the tax free status of any church accused of wrong doing until they turn over the alleged offenders. Turn them over and tax status returned. If found innocent the individual is returned to duty.
    It is hard to reconcile the fact that most governments are engaged in the very activities the mafia or crime syndiicates are engaged in. The only objection the government has is they do not get their cut. ie taxes on gambling, protection, drugs, gun running etc. The police consistantly say, they are not here to protect against crime, they can only get involved after the fact. Then if caught the percenatge drops, if brought to trial the percentage drops more, and if convicted even more. Even then more violence is commited against the victim by the very company they purchase insurance from. In Sicily the local guy was outside my gate of my house with a gun when I left and was there when I returned at night. My car was marked and it remained undisturbed even if I left it open on the street. They guarenteed complete resitution of property if robbed. The mafia objects to competition as does government. They both use violence to enforce their laws.

    How many catholic politicians and doctors has the church excommunicated for passing laws enabling or performing wholesale abortions.
    The owner of the house I rented in Sicily was a Carabinari officer. No matter where we went we went armed. However, I never saw him so afraid as when the bishop theatened to excommunicate the squad of police for shutting down an illegal building housing a convent.

    • I just heard this guy’s life story on the Michael Savage show last week. It bears some study. I can understand your position since I have always had the theory that the reason Hoover and the FBI left organized crime alone so long was because it controlled itself. Internally, the American Mafia had certain rules of conduct which the 7,642 drug gangs who replaced it do not. the Kennedy’s yet again meddled where they should not have. The Sicilian Mafia according to Savage was getting out of control and this killing of the Prosecutor and his party was the final straw in a nation-wide revolution of revulsion. Savage played, in Italian, the words of one of the police widows of that assassination at the service for her husband. I don’t do Italian but the emotion crossed language barriers.

      The Church is playing catch up on a lot of things. This is a good place to start. The drug thing is not just stealing lives, it is stealing souls. Talk to your friendly neighborhood cops about Heroin cheaper than in the ’50’s!. Thanks Neo-cons, thanks George Bush II, thanks architect Carl Rove, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld. The floodgates you guys opened from Afghanistan dwarf anything that came out of the Golden triangle during Vietnam.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        From a cynical viewpoint, the mafia would provide “wet” services so the governments hands would stay clean. Years ago, a prosecutor was brought into Palermo to clean things up. He was also assasinated. The problem was the individual gangs got out of control with the drug market and in their turf wars innocent bystanders on the street would get caught in the cross fire. Usually as long as it remained a war between the governing powers, the mafia or government, they both were armed that was fair. Once innocent people were gunned down that blew the doors open. However, if you dealt in the business you were not innocent so expect violence from the Rome government or Mafia. I alway traveled armed with Guido and or his family. To the beach, store, restaurants and the movies. It was not because of the mafia , but the Brigate Rosse terrorists and separatist groups and also Libyian groups operating in the region.

        I always felt that if the women would take a stand against the violence and their husbands choice of business it would come to an end. But they were to traditional and kept their mouth shut and counted a few more rosary beads, lit another candle and then went to another burial mass.

  11. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Comment on entitlements…..I assume Gman and many others are receiving government assistance. Either through Social Security by being older than 65. Medicare same reason, VA for injuries sustained while in the military. Some are being classified as disabled. Or government or union negotiated retirement benefits.
    How does two knees that do not enable one to stand or kneel for more than one hour and needs walking aid. Sitting a little longer, but the bent knee separates the joints. “Carpal Tunnel” caused by a spike driven through my hand damaging bones and nerve bundles. Lost use of three fingers. I type with my right hand and only one finger on my left. Three smashed vertebrate and disc’s in back, 4 surgeries, now completely wrecked due to arthritis and scar tissue. Broken neck causing loss of use after a time of my left arm. Loss of hearing in left ear due to working around F-104’s but hearing protection was not in my job discription so not provided. Radiation exposure from working on government contracts, plus asbestos and burning aluminum from the welding process. But protection denied because it was not in my job discription to get the protective suits or respirators. Only was working in the compartment ajoining the work or in the same compartment. Threatened with firing if I push the safety rules and regulations. Paid unemployment and disability taxes for 40 years. All appeals denied. Knee replacements denied due to age, but now crippled. If insisting on the surgery at the time of diagnosis, age 55, it would be considered voluntary and thusly denied. Medical benefits denied after being laid off. Because one week later the company changed my designation to a retiree due to age and yeras of service, and started billing me the amount of $10680.00/yr for continued medical coverage, Unemployment denied same reason. Been looking for work in any field anywhere in the world for years and have been denied all applications. Fields I am qualified to do and have previous back ground and provable success and education. This even applies to working retail or local food markets. I used to make $93K after developing the QC methodologies in 3 IBM semiconductor fabricators and directly managing 1 and overseeing the other 2. Completely developed the QC metrics for a division of at&t and managed single handedly the program for 6 years, globally. Set up the programs in the Americas, EMEA and Asia. Developed and managed the SLA “Service Level Agreement” programs for the customers in the division. Developed and managed at several different times the Chronic asset program globally, 3 or more network outages for the same reason in any 30 day period anywhere in the world. Including Uzbekistan and mobile satcom systems in UN relief vehicles in Sudan, as an example. No definition or metric was changed from the implemented in 1996, division went from -$250M to +60B gross revenue. Charts changed and communication technologies changed but methodology never. ALL data was retained for legal purposes for 7 years past a contract end date. Any data for a client that operations saw was the identical data the client saw real time. Any log entry was unchangable. We could add a line of explanation to it, but never delete a data point or comment. All data, e-mails etc concerning a clients operation was a legal document. The thanks was my position was declared expendable and outsourced to India when everything was running.
    The VA says, well are you living in your car yet? The employment agencies say. “God has a plan for you” The State finally agreed to closing out my historical home restoration project, but only if I pay a huge fee to them so I can receive my tax credits from 3 years ago. I have 4 months to go until I can draw social security and god damn it I will. In the mean time I am being forced to sell every asset I have for pennies on the dollar just to keep the dogs away. Every overseas job has been denied due to work visa limited availability and said countries protecting their workers. Here, at my age there is NO career left and lower jobs they say based on what I’ve done, you’re over qualified and will be unhappy, much less the medical issues. I say I want to EAT and pay my expenses. And yes I’m always willing to go anywhere, except maybe Iraq. I have been through the job listings in the oil and gas industry and very few actually fit what I did, or am capable of doing today. I was specifically starting my CDL training to specifically work in the fields. Quaranteed placement, no long term contract. The knees and physical injuries killed that. Now I can add depression due to the supreme insult that has been heaped on me for being turned down on every avenue I’ve gone down and not just meaningful employment but just plain employment. I missed the Vietnam era VA benefits by exactly one week. I was inactive reserves waiting for a school placement. Had to be active. Drafted fall of 1970 # 36, but had a college deferment. Enlisted later.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      …..I assume Gman and many others are receiving government assistance.

      Speaking for myself, your assumption is incorrect 😉

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        No VA benefits?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Yes, 100%. This, because the idiot government made everyone in the 1st Gulf War take a experimental vaccine for anthrax, which had lots of not so pleasant side effects. This however is part of the contractual agreement made between two parties, veterans and the government. It is by no means Government assistance.

    • Sorry to hear about all your troubles.

      My wife has been an invalid requiring 24 hr assistance for the last 10 years. She has never drawn any government disability or other funds. I work full time and pay someone out of my own pocket to take care of her during the workday, 11 hrs. The remainder of the time I do it. She is up anywhere from 3-5 times a night. I am lucky to get 6 hrs of sleep so am constantly tired. At 66 I am eligible to draw SS but since I work, I would only be giving it back. She is now 65 and could draw herself but again, a significant chunk would go back to the government. I do now draw a couple of small pensions from previous employers and that does help. About a month ago I took a 20% pay cut since our fantastic economy is just so fantastic. We went to 4 day work weeks except for management. So I work 5 days and get paid for 4. We did something similar during the ’09 depression.

      Her care takes over 50% of my take home pay. I do get to deduct most of it so do save some on taxes. However, the ACA raised the threshold deduction from 7.5% to 10%. Thank Obama. She needs a new wheel chair so I will be paying that tax as well. Some time in the next couple of years I need to get a new wheel chair van. The one we have is ’91 so wont last forever. Recently Gov. Brown passed a law requiring healthcare workers get paid overtime. So now my costs have gone up $100/wk.

      My youngest son recently graduated with a degree in comp sci from Sac State. He tried for a year to get a job in Silicon Valley but everyone there wants degrees from Berkeley or Stanford or 5 yrs experience. Since most of these are already employed, you hear the cry for more H1B visas because we do not have homegrown engineers. BS. We did find him a job in Houston; D13 I am sending one of mine your way. My daughter recently started at Apple, designing chips for them after 10 years designing chips for major companies. My oldest son works for Sennheiser (headphones) designing circuits for them.

      • Re social security – there are options/strategies to receive some spousal benefits but preserve your own benefits until a later age.

      • See, here is where Flag falls apart. The H1B visa. A classic attempt by both parties to destroy the middle class. Of Course BF won’t see it that way. Keeping out these third world workers is doing violence to them. He could care less about the violence being done to this society which he rejects anyway. .

        • Nonsense.

          You pretend some poor migrant worker will do some bizarre paperwork.

          It is YOU, SIR, WHO PROMOTES VIOLENCE not I. You pretend if a man cannot do paper work, you can attack him.

          Your ilk is sick.

          • I really think that you have lost it. Off topic, way off.

            • Of course it isn’t.

              You promote “paper work” – and those that do not follow your prescription, you advocate violence upon them.

              How is that off topic?? THAT IS THE ROOT OF EVERY TOPIC you present!

              • So, if I get you right, you are against H1B visas because they are not for some poor migrant who can’t do paperwork? You then obviously agree with me that H1B visa’s allow the importation of cheap skilled labor which would undercut the American middle class, drive down wages and at the same time expose the H1B immigrants to an almost slave like or perhaps an indentured life since they can be returned to their country of origin not just for cause but for standing up to their employer if he/she should act in an unjust manner? They are at the mercy of their employer.

              • “So, if I get you right, you are against H1B visas because they are not for some poor migrant who can’t do paperwork?”

                No man has a right to stop another man from working, no matter what “paperwork” he creats.

                “You then obviously agree with me that H1B visa’s allow the importation of cheap skilled labor which would undercut the American middle class, drive down wages”

                Economic lunacy

                Do you believe if you buy a service or good cheaper, it under cuts your lifestyle????

                You are economic illiterate person.

                Your economic understanding is terrible.

                Look, if you think paying lower for a service or good is a good thing for you, then you argue bizarrely paying more for a service or good is better, you have UTTERLY NO ECONOMIC SENSE.

              • There is nothing new about paper work requirements. My Danish ancestors carried character books that they had to present to the local police department or parish if t they moved to a different town. They also had to produce these books for employment and upon leaving employment. The employer would make a character reference good or bad in the books. The books had a wax seal to prevent tampering.

                My German ancestors had to get permission from the local authorities to emigrate. They probably had to pay a fee before leaving. Upon arrival here, all passengers on the ship were listed in a log by customs, be it British or American. They had to swear allegiance to the British crown and eventually were granted naturalization again after swearing allegiance to the crown.

                Why is requiring all potential immigrants to follow the same rules and procedures doing violence to them? Would you not object if someone cut in line in front of you at the theater?

              • Think, T-Ray.

                If I hate white, and make a law against anything “white”, do you believe this is fair, merely because I am subject to the same law?

              • I love it! So, if I am an engineer or scientist as my sons are, the H1B visa that my employer wants to use to eliminate me or have me work for subsistence wages is NOT DOING VIOLENCE TO ME AND MY FAMILY ? Who’s is the lunatic here? Because your particular ox is not being gored it is ok. Because you save $ .20 on some product or service it is ok. I can see you on the deck of the Titanic yelling, “Black Flag and family first”.

                Your support of this idiocy puts you in the camp of those who would take bread out of the mouths of my children and grandchildren. That, I submit, makes you not just one who is willing to tolerate and even encourage “violence” as you call it but as one who is evil.

                In the immortal words of the late Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?” I sure as hell try but you sure as hell make it hard.

              • “I love it! So, if I am an engineer or scientist as my sons are, the H1B visa that my employer wants to use to eliminate me or have me work for subsistence wages is NOT DOING VIOLENCE TO ME AND MY FAMILY”

                Are you serious???

                Do you believe if you are fired from a job, it is an act of violence???

                It is this absolutely bizarre mental farts that destroys you.

              • According to SK
                IF you are fired, its an act of violence
                If you don’t get a job you apply for, its an act of violence.

                If you are overpriced and no one wants to buy your goods, its an act of violence.
                If you are subpar and no one wants your work, its an act of violence.

                In SK’s world, any time anyone does something he doesn’t like, its an act of violence.

                Worse, there are millions who think like him.

              • Yeah, you are right, there are millions who think like me, we are called humans.

                Flag on the Lusitania, “Black Flag and family first!”

              • SK,

                You are a barbarian. You believe you can do “anything to anyone” as long as you hold up some vicious claim “for my family”.

                You are an uncivilized, uneducated, unlearned, and unprincipled coot.

                It is the likes of you that need to be jailed and banned – the ones who claim violence upon non-violent men so to achieve their own base ends.

              • Man, you are starting to sound like the French Revolution. Disagree with Flag and, “off with your head”.

              • Black Flag® says:


                Nowhere did I say I want your head. I doubt its pretty.

                Disagree at your leisure – but do so by reason rooted in a principle.
                As you may remember, USWep and I had such a dialogue – and until he articulated to himself -something he had never done- his root principle, he was as much a leaf in a tornado as you.

                His principle is not mine. It doesn’t have to be – indeed, I do not think anyone necessarily shares the same principles.

                But – that is not at all the question. The question: are you true to your own?

                You see, there are an infinite number of right answers to every problem. There is no such thing as “one right answer”. But you need to find that for yourself

                I do not argue against your principles, SK, I argue against your contradiction of your own principles

                I cannot claim your principles to be “right or wrong”. Based on “what?” would I make such a claim? Mine? Who says mine is “more right” then yours??

                But I can claim you wrong when you contradict yourself. Then I KNOW you are wrong – because contradictions can only manifest by an act of evil.

                So get your principles straightened out.

              • Black Flag® says:


                I don’t know your Philosophical education, but there is one sin, the ultimate sin in Philosophy – it’s called “Dual Morality”

                It is stated often as “Do as I say, not as I do”

                In other words, you proscribe that others “must act this way” while you excuse yourself from such a prescription.

                This is the greatest sin of all government – they demand you cannot kill innocent people, yet they kill innocent people. They demand you cannot steal, yet they steal. (etc.) The root of all government is the dual morality – the ultimate sin, and the ultimate evil.

                You share this same sin.

                You want to be free, yet condemn and destroy the freedom of others.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            There’s fricken paperwork for everything, what does that have to do with promoting violence?

            • Failure to do such paperwork grants evil men to do violence on those that do not comply.

              Do you believe if you do not fill out my form, I can beat you?

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        What you said here prompted me to remember working on the microprocessors that put Apple back on the map. Unfortunately we had to give all the credit to the future manufacturer of those chips for corporate political reasons. In the years before I left IBM, over 20 years ago, the microelectronics business was completely captive to the boxes IBM manufactured. Our divisions gross revenue even in, internal book keeping methods, was $12B. That was 3X more than the next largest competitor, which was NEC. Just the one facility I worked in was ranked as the 4th largest producer in the world, if the product was sold outside. It was sad to see that IBM had literally ceased investing in the division a long time ago and has put it up for sale. IBM was a co-patent holder with Intel on the X86 chips and jointly developed the processes. In the mid 80’s IBM in their great karnak in the sky foresight sold the patent outright to INTEL saying its going into the low end stuff we don’t want to be there. They also let Microsoft walk out on their deal for the same reasons. I argued that if all the end users are using this “dumb” simple stuff, won’t it just eventually march right up the food chain due to user familiarity? Last year IBM Microelectronics made only $400M. In the early 90’s we had developed the tools that enabled us to build the chips for the chips Apple wanted and also for chips in IBM. They were very expensive, but absolutely put us way ahead of anyone. Intel could not get their next generation of comparable chips to work. They burnt up. There was a demonstration of actually grilling a hot dog on the heat sinks they used. Anyway finance said we could buy any more tools. The company that manufactured the tools for us said they’d go out of business being that we were the sole customer and patent owner. The IBM opened up the patent and told the vendor that they could sell to anyone. Needless to say Intel bought up the next several years of production and refitted their fabricators. 6 months later finance got worried because we could fill our orders and said we could buy tools again and expand our production. We could do nothing but shrug, because there were no tools to buy. So who is on top today, INTEL. By the way all the finance and business genius’s were Harvard and Wharton graduates.

        • Black Flag® says:

          Yet, IBM sells 100B$ and profits 24B$.
          Intel, 52B$ and profits of 9B$

          Wouldn’t worry about IBM. Seems they are doing just fine and better then Intel.

          • Black Flag® says:

            Sorry, IBM profit 16B$ …

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Not in manufacturing. They are predominantly a service contract company. Manufacturing is being sold off. In manufacturing we’d get a so called manufacturable working design chip from the labs. It usually took us up to two years to redevelop it so it could actually be manufactured. IBM is only focusing on design now for the chips and decided not to compete in the global manufacturing market. We were competative globally and could absolutely hold our own against Japan, Malaysia and especially Europe. Throughout IBM’s heady days as a premire global manufacturer and innovator, labs always had manufacturing involved and those that would ultimately service and use the product. Those links started being dissolved in the early 80’s when economists proclaimed we should not be in a manufacturing economy, that’s stupid but should be in a service economy and outsource the manufacturing. Just be the solution provider, and innovator. By the way ask a Texan what they thought of IBM’s data solutions for their government. The experience was not good. My experience with having worked with IBM in my last job with at&t it took us roughly 5 years to redesign and integrate their clients networks and data systems. Some were still trying to be integrated after 10 years with us refusing to take over their management. very data and management group did their own thing without thinking of the client as a whole. Trust me, after being around IBM my whole life and directly working with them for 30 of those years. I’ve seen the change. There used to be extreme pride and loyalty to the company. Now its every person for themselves and no loyalty because most people are contractors and can be let go at any time. That is all over our economy. Instead of being innovative, most companies choose to just buy a competitor. Heck Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is owned by Unilever an Anglo Dutch conglomerate and they say they HOPE to continue the tradition. Ben and Jerry have no position or say in the outcome of the product they created. Not knocking financial reward, but when every decision is made by finance the ultimate outcome will not be good because they alway take the cheapest and safest path. No risk

            • Dale,

              It is the nature of companies to ebb and go. Buying other companies instead of self-create is perfectly fine. Innovation rarely happens inside industry incumbents primarily because most operate on a “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” model – but when it “breaks”, they are caught flat and either buy or die.

              This natural market phenomena is why “large companies” can never become monopolies – by their nature, there are constraints which confound them.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Believe me I understand the concept….but I have worked for a lot of years in LARGE groups that were extremely innovative and ahead of the curve and were not stagnant. Profit is always the objective, but when finance totally dictates what you can or can not do it will create a mentality of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I do not know how many times we heard, from outside industry leaders that’s impossible. In one of our lines we manufactured 4 separate semiconductor technologies. To make the most complex one required tools that were unique in their capabilities. However, they were expensive, but by the same token we could charge the appropriate prices for the performance. But we also had to run low level technologies over the same line. Yes they came out perfect but we could not charge the costs to the customer. We begged to resurrect older mothballed lines so we could use totally written off tools, less efficient but due to lower costs we could make money. Finance said NO. So we could not fill the most modern line in the world with high revenue making products and ran revenue inhibiting product along side. Believe me we in engineering were very aware of what happened to “Norton” bombsight company when they ran complex and simple technolgies on the same production line. Ergo, in 1994 worldclass and dominating product making $12B/year with very good profit margins to $400M and the lines are out of date and antiquated by current standards. AT&T developed a very good wireless service years ago. Finance caused the ceasing of investment and sale to Bellsouth and SWB. Now been recombined in the new at&t. Finance also caused the sale of a very good cable service to none other than Comcast, who is now the largest cable provider in the world. Finance has proved to be the impediment of innovation, because all activity has to show a profit each quarter instead of a longer term approach. Don’t meet our expectations this quarter, out you go.

              • “Don’t meet our expectations this quarter, out you go.”

                And that is good for the economy as it provides gaps for young start-ups to exploit.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Costs of a new fabricator can cost $1B but usually run into the $3B-4B range. The newest ones run $9.3B. However, in just one line we had a gross profit exceeding $3B/yr and the fabricator cost $1B in 1984. Our margin in that line was around 40% due to the innovations in manufacturing we employed. The company still laid off 1/3 of the group because we were not as politically connected as others within the corporation, and they were by every financial method losing billions. When our group president protested that we were the ones carrying the division they fired him on the spot. The fabricator could not run with 1/3 less people, so the corporation brought in people from the losing end and backfilled. It was the start od a long and painful demise. Within a few short years my ex-wife said that if I thought the company was the same think again. She then retired. I heard by remaining employees that “efficiency” experts brought in by corporate brought a custom semi-conductor manufacturing line to its knees in a matter of days. Their concept would work in a line producing memory, where every part is the same. The line I’m talking about had over 5,000 wafer starts a day, with close to 5,000 individual process steps each and we had over 5,000 unique designs going in each of 4 semi-conductor technologies. Needless to say we had an enormous amount of pride in the innovation and product we produced. There was never a rest on your laurels or preserve what you have attitude. But FINANCE killed the goose due to its short sighted policies.

              • …which is why big companies have cracks smaller ones can exploit.

                Modern corporations are not only perversions in of themselves – that the mitigation of responsibility causes them to take excessive risk which in the case of success, they reap all the benefits, and in failure, divert the cost to the innocent – but further, the tax code which these corporations exist within perverts them even more.

                Example, many companies will pay consultants and contractors large sums to do the work an employee could do cheaper – but do not want to hire employees because their wages are attributed to part of the ledger exposing more tax, where consultants can be applied to a tax deductible side of the ledger.

                So companies overpay for services so to reduce their taxes – which saves them money overall.

                Finance dept. decisions, when viewed by a common-sense person, will drive that person batty.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Yeah, in military jargon financial depts decisions are run on PFM. And I agree on governmental tax codes trying to manipulate a desired outcome. But dollars to donuts I’ll bet the corporate lobbyists pushed them through to elimate costs for their clients. Example the ACA. If a company chooses not to comply, their tax/fine is far less than if they provided the healthcare insurance. I truly believe that insurance not provided by the individual is the driving factor to the huge expansion of healthcare costs. It’s out of sight out of mind. Once it really hits the individuals pocket and they refuse to comply cost will come down. Healthcare providers really do not have to be competitive, it is just a tax write-off. Insurance companies are guaranteed no losses in the ACA. Whereas normal industry has to improve performance, reduce costs and price performance to the customer, or die. All of the “goodies” provided by companies was a way to circumvent the wage and price controls put in place before, during and after WWII. Companies needed a way to attract employees in lieu of salary.

  12. June 22, 2014
    Bombshell: IRS cancelled email backup contract just weeks after Lois Lerner’s computer ‘crashed’
    By Thomas Lifson

    Nothing suspicious here, at least to Democrats and mainstream media types. But it would be interesting to see the paperwork leading to this contract termination, since the IRS is required by law to backup its communications. (via Patrick Howley of the Daily Caller):

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cancelled its longtime relationship with an email-storage contractorDescription: http://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png just weeks after ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s computer crashed and shortly before other IRS officials’ computers allegedly crashed. (snip)

    Sonasoft’s six-year businessDescription: http://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png relationship with the IRS came to an abrupt end at the close of fiscal year 2011, as congressional investigators began looking into the IRS conservative targeting scandal and IRS employees’ computers started crashing left and right.

    Sonasoft’s fiscal year 2011 contract with the IRS ended on August 31, 2011. Eight days later, the IRS officially closed out its relationship with Sonasoft in accordance with the federal government’s contract close-out guidelines, which require agencies to fully audit their contracts and to get back any moneyDescription: http://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png that wasn’t used by the contractor. Curiously, the IRS de-allocated 36 cents when it closed out its contract with Sonasoft on September 8, 2011.

    Lois Lerner’s computer allegedly crashed in June 2011, just ten days after House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Dave Camp first wrote a letter asking if the IRS was engaging in targeting of nonprofit groups. Two months later, Sonasoft’s contract ended and the IRS gave its email-archiving contractor the boot.

    IRS official and frequent White House visitor Nikole Flax allegedly suffered her own computer crash in December 2011, three months after the IRS ended its relationship with Sonasoft.

    Was Sonasoft required to purge its records? If so, why? What did the IRS do with the backup records?


    • Comment awaiting moderation 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      So they canceled the back up contract with NO means to continue retention seamlessly. In my experience all correspondence dealing with a client always had to be retained well beyond a statute of limitations covering any legal dispute. Today the head of the IRS says they only keep stuff six months. Even though they can come back at you in excess of 6 years, so your records better be up to date.

  13. June 22, 2014
    MSM cofferdam around IRS scandal springs a leak
    By Thomas Lifson

    Update: See also: Bombshell: IRS cancelled email backup contract just weeks after Lois Lerner’s computer ‘crashed’

    Make no mistake: the weaponization of the IRS and the subsequent cover-up is the biggest political scandal in the history of the United States, and the survival of the Obama presidency now rests in the hands of a compliant mainstream media continuing to ignore the patently ridiculous claims of lost emails and crashed servers.

    So when a major mainstream media pillar like the Chicago Tribune takes up the story and raises a few editorial board eyebrows, it makes a difference. The “World’s Greatest Newspaper” editorializes today:

    On a matter this serious, the administration can’t adequately investigate itself. Given the amount of smoke now rising from the IRS, many Americans won’t be much interested in what one arm of the administration concludes about other arms, including the IRS, the Treasury Department of which it’s part, and possibly the White House.

    That’s why we’ve urged Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor — a phrase that, like “customer support” or “designated hitter,” provokes Pavlovian suspicions. We’ve been skeptical of some special prosecutors and their tendency toward mission creep. But we’ve also seen situations where only a special prosecutor has the independence and credibility to resolve a case that drips with politics, as when then-U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald of Chicago investigated (and convicted of perjury and other offenses) I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, who had been Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff.

    Why Holder won’t act is a mystery he’s inviting Americans to resolve, uncharitably, in their own minds. (snip)

    This 13-month refusal to name a special prosecutor has become its own curiosity.

    While the Tribune is a local not national paper, it is the former home of David Axelrod, and the paper was the entity that went to court to unseal the divorce records of the Republican candidate who stood a good chance of defeating Barack Obama in his run for the Senate – the key step in his march to the presidency.

    The continued ability of CBS, NBC, ABC, and the New York Times to ignore the story of the biggest political scandal in history depends on other lesser media organs continuing the boycott. One the story moves beyond the Fox News/conservative media ghetto, editors at the capstone liberal media start to get embarrassed, because their core reader- and viewership is no longer clueless.

    I have no way of knowing what kind of pressure is being exlrcised behind the scenes to keep the story out of the consciousness of the low information voters and the liberal mainstream, but it has to be considerable. I wonder what kind of b;owback the Trib will experience?

    But with the revelation that email archiver Sonasoft has a contract to back up the IRS emails, the story could bust wide open. For Sonasoft to proclaim that their own servers miraculously malfunctioned would be to proclaim that their backup services are useless. They have a strong incentive to cough up the goods.

    Stay tuned. This weekend could eventually prove to be the turning point.

    Or not. The IRS holds unique power over corporate America.


  14. gmanfortruth says:
  15. BF:

    “According to SK
    IF you are fired, its an act of violence; therefore, If you don’t get a job you apply for, its an act of violence.
    If you are overpriced and no one wants to buy your goods, its an act of violence.
    If you are subpar and no one wants your work, its an act of violence.
    In SK’s world, any time anyone does something he doesn’t like, its an act of violence.”

    BF you are making some big assumptions. You are assuming that our local talent is overpriced. You are assuming that it is under qualified. We are talking about situations were the deck is stacked. A degree from a prestigious school or five years experience. Without those, there is no interview. No chance for the novice to demonstrate ability or talent. No chance to even negotiate a salary. Then HR screams there are no candidates and demands H1Bs be made available. They will take the foreign engineers, put up with the language and culture problems so they can work them long hours for slave wages. There is no shortage of US trained engineers.

    Think of it this way, BF. A beggar comes to your door and demands food. You have just enough food to feed your family. If you turn the beggar away, you are doing him violence. If you take the food off of your child’s plate, you are doing violence to your kid. Only if the food comes voluntarily from your plate is there no violence. Otherwise the beggar is doing violence to you.

    I remember seeing a 6 year old Chinese kid operating a front end loader very efficiently. What are you going to do when he takes your job at halve the price?

    • T-Ray,

      Again, alchemy Economics is your argument.

      First, you must understand the laws of economics applies to all economic goods.
      Labor is an economic good, no more and no less than, say “apples”.

      You are assuming that our local talent is overpriced. “

      I make no assumption. You make economic fallacy.

      PRICE exists between a buyer and a seller. One offers a price and the other accepts or rejects or counter-offers. BOTH sides offer a price, T-Ray.

      If you are selling apples at a price, and it is accepted today, but then tomorrow another man sells apples cheaper and the buyer buys from him instead of you, the MARKET dictates you are OVERPRICED.

      No where am “I” involved in this. It is NOT an assumption – the BUYER made the fact by his purchase.

      “You are assuming that it is under qualified.”

      I make no assumption – it is YOU doing the assuming.

      If the market picks someone else other than you – though the price is essentially the same, it is the market that has determined you are under qualified – NOT ME.

      ” We are talking about situations were the deck is stacked. A degree from a prestigious school or five years experience. “

      You pretend a piece of paper and a lot of time wasted behind a desk has some overwhelming value to the market. It doesn’t

      They will take the foreign engineers, put up with the language and culture problems so they can work them long hours for slave wages. There is no shortage of US trained engineers.

      So your point is that foreigners work harder and longer then you for less cost! So you want them banned.

      Yet, a man provides you a machine that does more for less than a competitor and you cheer.

      Look, T-Ray, all the beating of your chest to how “good you are” means nothing to the market. It evaluated your skill vs. someone else and for many reasons, you came up short.

      It is not the fault of the better man, it is your fault. You are overpriced for what you provide, and the market says that, not I

      “Think of it this way, BF. A beggar comes to your door and demands food. You have just enough food to feed your family. If you turn the beggar away, you are doing him violence.”

      What a bunch of CRAP!
      You are utterly devoid of any concept of violence. You make up definitions on the fly without a notion of principle and pretend its valid.

      “Revolution in the Form”, over and over again.

      You pretend a non-violent act of a free choice is violence. Be warned, such horrifically weak principle will be used against you terribly and destroy all your rights.

      “I remember seeing a 6 year old Chinese kid operating a front end loader very efficiently. What are you going to do when he takes your job at halve the price?”

      I would hire him, and sell his production to the highest bidder at a profit.

      • Flag, let me give you the scenario here. You hire the kid and give him half your salary. Great deal, you get to sit on your arse while he works but your take home is half. The boss walks by, sees you sitting on your arse and fires it. He then gives the kid a 10% raise. Everybody is happy except your wife. You go home and start mailing resumes. No response. So you call an HR department and ask why. You are over qualified, sorry. No interview, no opportunity to sell yourself or your skills, no chance to negotiate a salary. So you go home to a now distraught wife. Well you still have those doubloons you encouraged us all to buy a few years back at $1500 but alas they are only worth $1200 now. So you eat for a while longer. Since you are overqualified, why not apply for a management job. You get called in but the HR guy asks for a diploma preferably an MBA from Harvard. “What,” you say “a worthless scrap of paper.” “Sorry, Flag can’t use you, you are under qualified.” In the mean time, your original company is again hiring but can’t find qualified people at the price they want to pay. So they tell the government that there are no operators available so please allow us to bring some in under an H1B. It’s a big lie and you know it but you are SOL. Ah! A new idea! The pirate thing has worked so well for the last few years; I’ll just call up my old pal Black Beard. Beard says sorry Flag, we now use Somalis and Malays, you Americans are just too expensive and want too much of the take. By now the wife has left with the parting comment, “Principles are not very nutritious.” The dog is eyeing your leg as the only meat he has seen in weeks….

        • Black Flag® says:


          Fairy tales make no argument, T-Ray.

          All you present is a bunch of decisions by free men who have a right to do those decisions – what to pay, what to accept in pay, where to work and where not to work.

          Your half-baked idea is that someone OWES YOU A JOB, or worse, YOU OWN YOUR JOB.

          Neither is true.

          Further, you are under some bizarre illusion that “principles” must end in a “happy ever after”.

          They do not. They do not prescribe benefit nor loss. They prescribe moral action

          A principled man acts with his principles even if such an action may reduce his benefit. He does so, because of his principles.

          You, however, measure your action based on only your short-term benefit.
          You will steal, if it is makes you rich, you will kill if it eliminates a foe.
          You have no principle, other than “Good for me, who cares about you…” – the barbarian creed.

          ““I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have.”

        • Black Flag® says:


          I’ve already posted in the past my own experience of principles, where and when I became clear to what they were, I was faced with the choice all men face – follow the principle or follow “expediency”.

          To follow expediency meant I must do evil, but that evil would be very profitable and rich.

          I chose differently. I followed my principles.

          The consequence was that I lost all my wealth, my family, my friends. Everything was taken from me. I lived in the parking lot behind a brothel, in a van with 3 flat tires and no gas, counting pennies to buy some bread and peanut butter for supper.

          My brother, however, chose otherwise. Today, he lives in a multimillion dollar home, with cars and toys to be envied.

          Today, I have toys and cars and home – perhaps not to the extravagance he has.

          He has nightmares.
          I do not.

      • Years ago, when I was a fresh grad, I interviewed for a major corporation R&D lab. I was in the right field but did not have the specific experience they were looking for. I tried to assure them that that was not a problem. Needless to say I was not hired. All turn downs bruise the ego some, but I know that interviewing is a crap shoot so I went on with life. A year later, these same people came through our lab on a tour. One of the most exciting things management showed off was my experimental setup. This was exactly what they implied I could not do. In fact in a relatively short period of time, I had progressed significantly further than the experienced man they hired.

        Over the course of my career and education, I have taken classes with and from immigrants, worked with them, and supervised them. Most are very intelligent but a large number of them are book smart and have no practical experience. I had a very good friend in school who when he arrived here did not know how to lace a shoe. He had never done it, it was done for him. He was going for an experimental degree in physics. Couldn’t even screw a nut on a bolt at first. I had a former boss that was sold to me as a computer expert. Couldn’t type. People my age learned to touch type on a keypunch machine, one mistake and you threw the card away and started again.

        When I hire, I do not care where they are from or their color. I do require common sense, a good work ethic, ability to learn and a fire in the belly. These are mostly things that do not appear on a resume and are impossible to judge from 8000 miles. There are plenty of US citizens with these attributes.

        • Black Flag® says:

          “There are plenty of US citizens with these attributes.”

          Certainly, but that’s not at all the point.

          You are not the owner. He chooses who he hires, not you.

          If you want to start your own company, and set hiring policy, go do it. Otherwise, you are absolutely in no position to debate the policies or decisions of the owner

          You do not know all the circumstances or variables or desires or wants. You are a “minion” – devoid of most of the information. It is easy to sit back and make claims of “this or that” while you have NO SKIN IN THE GAME.

          If you want to experience ownership, be an owner.

          • I am

            • Black Flag® says:


              Then, you make your own policies of hiring. These are immune to, and have no influence upon, anyone else’s policy of hiring.

              You declare the right to choose who, what, by what, where and what price.

              Yet, you seem to debate the choices of others – who have the same right you do.

              Worse, you wish to enforce limitations upon others choices not realizing you would be enforcing limitations upon yourself.

              • Flag you are so full of yourself it isn’t even funny. I have heard your riches to rags and back story before. Glad you straightened yourself out but that does not make you or your ideas any better than anyone else. You live in a fairy tale land that will never exist.

                What I detest are companies that run to the government, lie, and ask for rule changes so they do not even have to even interview Americans.

              • T-ray
                “t does not make you or your ideas any better than anyone else. You live in a fairy tale land that will never exist.”

                What blubbering.

                My ideas are better than yours because they are rooted in a principle – a concept that is completely void in your mindset.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                T-Ray, I think your OK 🙂 Apparently, men are only free if they think like Flag, because if you don’t then your an evil SOB. Why? Sounds a lot like today’s Progressive’s if you ask me. 🙂

              • Gman,

                First you have to think – and darn little of that seems to be done by you lately.

              • Sedgewick says:

                ” You live in a fairy tale land that will never exist. ”

                Actually, he is of the few that doesn’t.

                The vast majority live inside a virtual prison cell because they’ve been indoctrinated and hypnotized from birth into a prescribed reality limiting them to the confines of the system that is unprincipled, violent, appeals to their animalistic nature, is completely inconsistent, and keeps them labeled selfish divided and conquered consumerist scared ideologue slaves.

                The frog is almost cooked. Your progeny are likely going to be completely enslaved by the very constructs you create now with your own selfish stupidity.

                Build social systems and government that seeks to regulate every aspect of life, then introduce god-like technology to enforce it. What happens?

                I suggest humanity gets it’s shit together before then.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Sedgwick, most of us can see the problems in our society and with this idiotic government. But the reality is that no one can agree on how to get rid of the idiot government because too many people actually want it, and more of it in many cases. I, like you and Flag, don’t like or even think we need government to live our lives in peace. But I also know that it is currently a fairy tale to believe I’ll ever see that day. To claim otherwise is naïve at best, down right stupid at worst. Unless the people rise up and shut down DC, we are stuck with them. That my friend, is depressing 😦

              • Gman,

                There is one person worse than the man who wishes to continue to use evil.

                It is the man who sees evil and argues it cannot ever be dismissed, so why bother with the ideal of freedom?

                Look, Gman, if the radicals of freedom do not consistently strike up their voice, condemn evil and those that fade – and proclaim the pure ideal in their viewpoint about freedom,
                then who will speak up? The weak-kneed? The waffling masses? The lessor of the faith?

  16. Hey guys….why are you arguing with BF? You will never convince an anarchist of right or wrong….they are always right……you also cannot convince a philosopher of right or wrong…they are always right. You cannot convince an economic theorist of right or wrong…they are always right. And you certainly cannot convince an academic….they consistently dwell in the twilight zone of reality.

    BF is what he is…..another voice….an opinion.

    Deal with the reality…..which, unfortunately, puts you behind the 8 ball, metaphorically…..dealing with reality makes it reactive in the short run………turns proactive later.

    • But it is such fun!

    • D13,

      You are confused.

      You have no coherent principle from which to base your position – hence, you are wrong. You flip-flop like a leaf in a tornado and then wonder why you “can’t win” when faced with an immutable principle.

      It is reality – that is your fault in pretending your wishy-washy world view is REAL! It isn’t.

      Your bizarre understanding and actions makes the situation you do not like WORSE – yet, you cannot even contemplate in your confused mind what to do about it, since you have no principle from which to base a solution, so you continue to promote MORE of the very actions which manifest the problem, believing more poison will cure you of poisoning.

  17. Malaysia court rules that non-Muslims can’t say Allah
    Published June 23, 2014
    Associated Press

    Ahhh…..religious tolerance at work ( sarcasm intended ).

  18. New England mayors call for refugee resettlement freeze
    Published June 23, 2014

    Now that it is happening in the North…..they are “hollerin’ calf rope”…….

    • gmanfortruth says:

      It shouldn’t be a shock to watch Liberal’s show their true colors. They will scream and cry for amnesty, until that amnesty crosses their little borders and they have to pay for it. The Progressive Democrats want a lot of things, but when it’s time for them to pay for it, they can’t comprehend that part.

  19. Missouri training teachers to carry concealed weapons in the classroom
    Published June 22, 2014

  20. “Utopia is not under the slightest obligation to produce results: its sole function is to allow its devotees to condemn what exists in the name of what does not.” –Jean-François Revel

  21. Just got a call from a good friend ( yes, even I have friends )….who received a notice from his son……..he is headed back into Iraq, boots on the ground and he is NOT special forces. Leaving tomorrow, By the way, he is not intelligence nor support….he is combat arms.

  22. The US government spends more on its immigration enforcement agencies than on all of its principal criminal federal law enforcement agencies combined. In FY 2012, spending for CBP, ICE and US-Visit reached nearly $18 billion. This amount exceeds by nearly 24% total spending by the FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Secret Service, US Marshals Service, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) which stood at $14.4 billion in FY 2012.

    In other words, the Federal government spends more on preventing trade than on preventing murder, rape and theft. I call it the anti-nanny state. It’s hard to believe that this truly reflects the American public’s priorities.

    – See more at: http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2014/06/the-anti-nanny-state.html#sthash.F4wY0zEr.dpuf

    • Yes and you can see what a huge bang for the buck they are getting. Hey BF, you are good at research, exactly how much does a one mile section of 15ft. high concrete noise barrier wall cost. Seems that this would be a good starting price for the wall.

      Do the above figures you supplied include the cost of Pampers?

  23. In my inbox from Cyndi P. I think it was Dale asking about missile launches from Vandenberg AFB a while back. Short version Dale. Cyndi used to post at SUFA..she works on Kwaj Atoll, Reagan Test Site, Marshall Islands. This email was titled ‘How I spent my weekend’

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Used to fly gliders near Vandenberg AFB. Also loved the sunsets over the Pacific when the AF blew up an errant missle.
      Was at Edwards AFB when they were loading up a B-52 for the last X-15 flight. Walked all around it and the XB-70 before it was collided with by a chase plane during test flights. They were also testing the F-111 at the time. Can you imagine today walking around test centers and the planes in the hanger that they are experimenting with.
      The creepy part was we camped out by the rocket sled. Not all tests ended well. All along the rail was debris, pieces of helmets, goggles, you name it.

  24. And now one for the global warming theorists…..well respected scientists from NASA have predicted things that lead to global warming….we must believe the scientists!!!!!!!!!!

    What is this? Today it is revealed that the scientists of NASA and NOAA have LIED? Really? The experts changed the numbers to reflect that the 90’s was the worse decade ever? And now, it is discovered that the 1930’s was the hottest decade on record? You mean to tell me that the scientists had to FUDGE numbers to prove their theory? They LIED? The government LIES? There is actually no warming but a cooling trend since the 1930’s?

    I am appalled.

    George Orwell explained how this worked.

    “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”…..He said this in 1984.

    • Oh…….sarcasm intended.

    • I read this several months ago that NASA and others were depressing data in the early part of the century and inflating it in the latter part. Add to that the study done several years ago were they looked at the location of weather stations from the early years to the present. Many had been initially located far from urban locations but over the decades sprawl moved next door. So the weather stations were now next to parking lots and buildings.

      • Interesting.

      • Apparently, this goes well beyond depressing information. They actually fabricated and switched numbers to reflect their personal views and to protect their own interests.

      • I am constantly bombarded with people telling me that the bulk of the scientific community stands on the side of man made global warming. Of course, having had fairly good High School Science teachers and having been indoctrinated with the scientific method I don’t believe a word. If it is happening, and it probably is, it is a natural cycle and there is nothing we can do about it.

        This of course is totally rejected by the followers of the “Chicken Little” school of science. So, I am stuck with pointing out flaws (ignored) and prior revelations by scientists such as eugenics, phrenology, which never quite panned out. I also use Lysenkoism which basically just draws blank stares or the digital equivalent.

        Last week I was straining really hard to try and remember something in the recent past where the majority of scientists pretty much all agreed that the jig was up! Found it! Anybody out there remember “peak oil”? In the midst of our first real energy crisis brought about by Jimmy Carter (in retrospect every bit as bad for the world as the Versailles treaty) we were all told that in addition to OPEC’s price fixing, oil prices would skyrocket because we had reached the point where consumption had outstripped production which was constantly going to fall since we had used up all the oil reserves. I remember this like it was yesterday.

        Didn’t quite work out that way did it? The scientists have slunk back into their caves on that one and do not wish to be reminded of it anymore than they want to be reminded about the “New Ice Age” they predicted.

        • It’s called the Hubbert curve. Every time we reach the peak and start to decline there is a new find or a new technology that pushes the oil peak out a few more decades. It is only valid in a static world.

          • T-ray,

            There is no such thing as a “peak” (any commodity). Economics proves this.

            No commodity in all human history has “peaked”. Its USE may have be reduced (such as “whale oil”) but it wasn’t because of a lack of whale oil, but because a better cheaper alternative came to exist.

            Same here. We are awash in oil (more specifically “hydrocarbon”). The solar system is awash in oil. In a million years, we couldn’t use it all, even if we tried.

            Will the use of oil succumb to a better alternative in the future – probably, as that has been the history of energy. But it won’t because we have “peaked” out its availability.

            • Why don’t you go read up on the Hubbert curve and its history before making such a stupid comment. I never said that I believed the theory. In fact I specifically pointed out how it has been proved wrong.

              As for whale oil, if you kill all the whales, you have definitely passed a peak.

              • T-Ray,

                You really don’t understand, do you?

                There is no way, period, that the whales would be ‘all killed’. Economics dictates this, the same that there is no way, period, for any economic resource to be consumed to exhaustion. Economics explains why.

                But I know you and economics don’t mix, so you have to pretend nonsense to make up for it.

          • I love you guys. Participating here reminds me of being back in the Army. There was always somebody who had better data on something we would talk about because we all came from, different experiences and backgrounds. So thanks for the above comments. More ammo to store.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The coming Ice age pushed in the late 70’s and early 80’s was espoused by John Holdren, who is now Obama’s Science advisor on none other on global warming, oh to be politically correct “Climate Change” so whether it goes temps up or down, ice melts or refreezes, all causes and reasons for government action and control are covered.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The Russians a few years ago were the 1st serious accredited objectors of the global warming alarmists. They demanded to see where their data had been used in the final results and found that their raw data was modified or excluded because it did not fit the model.
        Urban sprawl is one explanation of the placement of sensors, except the researchers claimed they did not have the time to go to more remote places and caused placement nearer to their research/urban centers. I actually saw sensors in a parking lot next to the output vents of HVAC systems. Talk about manipulating data.. They also are discounting the past scientifically records derived by current measures and going back and matching identical evidence, like tree rings etc, because man did not have thermometers back then or rainfall gauges etc
        Question…..were there polar ice caps during the Jurrasic period? How does the current climate change scientists explain the 750 year drought in the southwest which wiped out whole native american societies. How do they explain the ice or non ice conditions in large areas of Greenland at the later stages of the “Roman” warming period, which by earlier research showed a probable 5 degree warmer period than today. Man flourished. Ice age, ocean levels 400 – 500 feet lower than today. Granted the earth sprung back to some degree after the ice melted on the land masses. Or previous shore lines 200 miles inland or 200 miles offshore……answer, don’t bother me with the past or data, worry about your property on the beach in Miami or the Outer Banks, NC.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Been following the multi-discipline research that is ongoing covering the 7K year cycle of North Africa going from wet lands and estuaries to desert. They are working on 3 separate cycles. The sort of bad news is that we are only part way through the drying out stage in the latest cycle.
          But then again, all our days will be ruined when the super volcano in Yellowstone erupts.
          The whole process of the world recycling itself is ongoing and relentless and there is little man can do to change it, if any at all. Let’s just enjoy the ride

  25. @BF…..you gotta love this one…..

    John Kerry ( Swift Boat ) is in Iraq with the intent of settling the dispute between the Kurds, Sunni’s and Shiites. It is he and he alone that can stop the “feuding” (his words).

    I have got to see this. Let’s see, they have been “feuding” for what…….since 600 AD? And as John Kerry so eloquently stated…..”after all, this is not the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s” And we wonder why the world laughs.

  26. @ BF……just finished an interesting book on Freeman-on the-Land…..I see your principles that you have identified in the past to be very consistent with this….do you consider yourself a Freeman?

    • Consider myself part of their group? No.

      Consider myself a free man? Yes.

      • Fair enough….but would I be correct in that your philosophy and principles, and theirs, are in, at least, the same neighborhood?

        • I am actually referencing your posts to common and natural law…

        • As you know, I ignore “labels” upon politics.
          To this point:
          ” believe that statute law is a contract, and that individuals can therefore opt out of statute law,”

          No. Statute law is illegitimate. They have a conceptual flip of embracing contract as if it was a statute law, which IMO is an error.

          “choosing instead to live under what they call “common” (case) and “natural” laws. Under their theory, natural laws require only that individuals do not harm others, do not damage the property of others”


          “, and do not use “fraud or mischief” in contracts.”

          Which begs the question, if there is fraud, what is the remedy? If it is to do “harm”, contradicts the former “theory”, and if there is no remedy, why bother stating such a principle?

          So, pieces intersect, other pieces do not.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      @D13, any new info on the immigration front? I’ve heard a Democrat from NY wants to use tax dollars on lawyers for the minors.

      • Yes, they have been lawyer-upped since they got here. These children are coming across the border with rehearsed lines and a printed card complete with phone numbers and answers to questions that they will be asked.

        Like a 9 year old knows what the term political persecution means…..lol

  27. gmanfortruth says:

    Black Flag® says:

    June 24, 2014 at 12:58 pm (Edit)


    First you have to think – and darn little of that seems to be done by you lately.

    Why bother, you know everything so it saves me energy 😀

    Flag, let me just explain something to you that you will of course deny. Your are a very book smart person. You live your life based on your principals, That’s great. I will even give you credit for being far more book smart than I, but I really don’t care about that. While you are smart and principled, you are also seriously deficient in common sense when it comes to talking to people. That, makes you ignorant. If being smart and principled means becoming an arrogant, narcissistic demeaning jerk who talks down to people because you think you are superior,. this makes you a failure because you cannot convey your message to other humans in polite effective way. You could never be an effective teacher at any level of education.

    All your knowledge is being wasted because nobody wants to listen to a demeaning asshole who has a serious superiority complex. All the good things about being intelligent and principled is wasted by your utter failure to communicate with others. That’s what happens when things go to ones head, the good becomes an evil.

    • No comment!

    • Black Flag® says:


      “Why bother, you know everything so it saves me energy :D”

      You are actiling like all the other morons.

      Because YOU can’t create a coherent argument, you demean ME who can.
      Damn weak of you, Gman.

      Look, it is easy to “Be Right” when the other guy is a babbling idiot.

      • Flag, the issue of peak oil came up early this morning. My work day was just started and I had no time to delve into the topic. I posted an informational comment giving the theory a name so that others could look it up and learn something about its history and how it was used for political purposes. What I got in response was a condescending lecture on economic peak theory. My response to you was incorrect and rushed. I used the word stupid in haste and for that I apologize. I meant INSULTING.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I was only stating FACTS, nothing more. If you perceive those FACTS as a personal attack, maybe you should go back and read your comments. The FACTS are undeniable, but like I said “Flag, let me just explain something to you that you will of course deny”

        I stand by my statement as FACT.

  28. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Never realized that Detroit was so far from a fresh water source….please note the sarcasm. I complain about the cost of the water here in New Bern, NC and we’re at the confluence of two large rivers feeding Pamlico Sound. My water and sewage is $52 combined for one unit. Because when I lived in Raleigh, combined for the same one unit was $18. I find the electrical rates cheap compared to Raleigh yet the locals complain about the electrical charges and not the water. Yet the power comes from the same company and is obviously provided by Duke/Progress Power national grid, but there is a large nuclear power generation plant near Wilmington and one outside of Raleigh feeding that area. I guess if you’ve never lived anywhere else there is nothing to compare.

    • Let them die thirsty and dirty. Because the same ones who can’t pay their bill are the ones riding on 20 inch rims. They won’t pay their bill, crying broke, but it gets paid once the water gets shut off.

      The Detroit Water Dept has been corrupt since Coleman Young’s days. Bunch of entitled union thugs who think that the purpose of the Water Dept is to provide jobs, not water. I bet the horseshoer, yes horseshoer, they hired for 30k/yr laughs all the way to the bank on Friday. Then you have tenants who move out, thieves steal the copper, and leave water spewing from pipes for days and weeks before the workers can put their drinks down long enough to fix the problem. Sucks though, because the Detroit Water Dept supplies most of SE Michigan, making my water bill ridiculous. For my son and I, and whichever guest who finds their way here, I’ll just count a solid three at all times, my water bill hovers around $100 for 3 months.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Is that $100,00 for both water and sewer over 3 months and with 2.5 users. That’s not bad. Just think what your bill would be without the corruption of the water department.

  29. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    With todays testimony by the IRS and archievist trying to explain how 1 hard drive destroyed made unrecoverable the pertainant e-mails sent by ms. Lerner. It reminded me of Rose Mary Woods explanation of her foot accidentally being on the pedal and erasing these specific passages in the Nixon Watergate tapes. It was treated as bullshit then as it should be now. Besides the recipient has to have their hard drive destroyed also and the storage on the server. The server may run out of space but all the data then should be archived for recovery if needed. The IRS sure as hell can’t be serious that they destroy their communications every 6 months, when they can go back on us a guaranteed 6 years and the courts have rules that if the incident occured 5 years ago they can audit back 6 years from that point, making 11 that “We the People” had better have our records retained.

    • You racist you!

    • Hi Dale…….let us all go to the IRS this next year and say……oh, I am so sorry, I had a hard drive crash on my computer and Carbonite lost it too……

      • My quick books lost all my data and I got so mad that I threw all my papers on the floor and the dog ate them,…The bank sent all my back up but the US POSTAL service lost the mail…I just don’t know what to do…Oh wait……I will take the 5th.

        • Wait………with all this global warming…..a tornado came through and sucked up all my stuff….don’t know where it is……yeah…that’s the ticket…..

          • Wait…better yet…..I was blogging with BF and he said that taxes are confiscatory and that it was stealing……and that the government was illegal in doing so…..go talk to him….it is not my fault.

            • No No NO……it was some weird looking pirate that came through yelling “Y’aaarrrgggh!!!! Swinging a giant cutlass around singing YO HO…and…and….he had this wench…and….and….he sliced and diced all my papers up and…and…………

  30. Issa needs to charge some of these smug SOBs with contempt of Congress and toss them in jail. Then maybe the cone of silence will crack.

  31. You just cannot make this stuff up….

    JOE BIDEN…you know the guy….VP….on world tour…..making the statement that….

    Gay Rights trumps culture no matter where you are in the world…..So..we are now giving culture lessons…….holy crapola.

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