Texas Drought on the Decline

July 16, 2014  By Sierra Rayne

Back in late April and early May, media articles appeared that proposed major changes in water policy for Texas. These policy recommendations were, of course, timed for release at the height of Texas’ drought. Back then, I advocated for patience:

“The lessons of history for water in Texas are straightforward. Don’t panic and make rash decisions, and heed Reagan’s wise counsel that also applies to water policy efforts: ‘A government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth.’  There is often a lag time between when precipitation begins to rebound back up to historical norms and the refill rates of various reservoirs that were drawn down during the worst of the drought. Take the time to wait for this process, which is undeniably underway, before acting. Making water policy during a drought is equivalent to building public infrastructure during an overheated economy, when construction costs are maximized — common sense is absent, and good value for money is not obtained.

Patience is needed in the Lone Star State on water policy. Avoid the shock doctrine.”

Sure enough, the drought has substantially improved. Here are the latest statewide drought conditions.




  1. gmanfortruth says:


  2. Hope everyone is surviving the “polar vortex” & global warming OK. With all the talk about drought in California & other area’s, I often find a detail omitted, people. With a growing population, you have to increase the water supply. In some cases, it’s a shift in population more than growth. If thousands of immigrants converge on one city, it will have an effect. When it is hundreds of thousands over the course of a few years, it can be devastating.

  3. Perish the thought that the market place, which solves all other hugely complex human problems so effectively, could possibly solve something as mundane as water.

    • Yup…..we are doing just fine…..the drought, meaning the lack of rain to fill reservoirs happens about every 10 to 15 years. One of the problems that Texas land owners had was the intervention of the EPA that wanted to govern and regulate the building of stock tanks on private lands. Once we got rid of Ann Richards and Texas turned decidedly more conservative, we told the EPA to go to hell. Texas passed a State Law ( the name of it escapes me for now) that basically rendered agency decision from the EPA void. The result was that the land owners dug their own stock tanks to trap more water when it does rain, is not required to register them and we do not allow the EPA on our land. In the last 12 years, Texas has once again become fiercely independent…. and that independence is growing. We can do that better than most state’s because our economy can handle it and we still do not have state income taxes and we are a pay as you go state.

  4. The other thing that Texas has done, is relax the rules on wells in metropolitan areas. Want to dig a water well on your property…….dig it. Just make sure that you own the minerals and water rights. A lot of people are stupid enough to sell them or buy property without them..

  5. gmanfortruth says:

    @Flag, My position on the Israel issue is quite simple. Stop killing each other and work out the problems. Beyond that, I concentrate on issues here at home and let the rest of the world do what they do, because it’s not my problem.. Basically, I’m not PRO anybody.

    • Gman,

      How do you suggest this will occur with the Hegemony, under cease fire, continues to expand and seize territory?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        It won’t, which is one reason I would like these idiots in DC to get out of everyone else’s business. Actually, if they (our Feds) were all arrested and jailed for life it wouldn’t break my heart one bit. 🙂

        • Gman,

          Israel would collapse in weeks without US funding. Israel will continue their exploitation as long as they have US funds.

          US politicians will not withdraw US funding, even if they threaten to do so – Israel has seen this bluff and know it is an empty threat.

          The best one can hope for is a political change in Israel, which has almost happened more then once – but assassinations curtailed such a change.

          So, the probable outcome, the worse case for Israel – US government will go bankrupt, and leave Israel in its radical political Zionist economically helpless, but militarily terrifying.

          It will be a bloodbath.

          But, in the end, it is all in the hands of Israel, and no one else if they are around 50 years from now. So far, it looks bleak.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            I won’t argue with that point. There’s a lot of chatter about the US going under as of late, so maybe we will see what happens when the money stream stops, with Israel and many in the US. That’s a really big maybe.

          • David Skekabim says:

            ” It will be a bloodbath. ”


            While Israel may be small and outnumbered, it has a record of formidable war performance, and is capable of efficiently inflicting much damage if provoked.

            • Those are old victories.

              The nature of the conflict is vastly different today. Israel, like its financier USA, has built its creation of violence on tactics that simply do not work.

              Yes, the damage they inflict is horrific. But it no longer is victorious.

              Israel has lost all of its wars since Yom Kipper just as the US has lost all its wars since Panama. And Israel will lose its last war. It has created foes and animosity everywhere.

              Its export trade is almost exclusively to the US, and its imports derive almost exclusively from USA, China and Germany – the latter two becoming significantly less willing to engage Israel.

              The trade with the US is mostly paid by the US, US gives goods and money to Israel for Israel to buy and sell to US. When these payments end, and they will, Israel will suffer calamity.

  6. gmanfortruth says:
  7. Goodbye SE Michigan, Hellooooooo Northern Michigan! Kid free weekend starts NOW! See yas next week. Yeehaw!

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    Seemingly appropriate metaphor for BF trying to argue that he does not obey immoral laws.


  9. Just A Citizen says:

    d13, et al.

    In light of your comments on the Indian history, I thought you would enjoy this:


  10. gmanfortruth says:
  11. Just A Citizen says:


    Good morning Sir. Some more of that blame America for everything that was in the movie we saw. Shows you how ingrained this thinking has become.


    • JAC,

      More from you yokels “…it just can’t be us…we be exceptional!…” nonsense.

      No, the US is to blame. Comes with trying to run the world.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        So your behavior today is caused by your grandfather??

        • No, your behavior comes from YOUR past, how YOU were raised.

          I’ve reached my position by PRINCIPLE and REASON.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            So you admit the South/Central American response to USA behavior in the past is irrational. Thank you.

            After all, the fact that ;my grandfather kicked your grandfather to the dirt had no impact on how YOU behave today.

            • “So you admit the South/Central American response to USA behavior in the past is irrational. Thank you.”

              As usual, you project your insanity to be someone else’s.

              “After all, the fact that ;my grandfather kicked your grandfather to the dirt had no impact on how YOU behave today.”

              I doubt that at all.

              You do not hold your views because of reason from principle.
              Don’t blame me nor my grandfather.

    • So lets see if I understand-we caused the problem by being in their business-but they want us to solve the problem by being in their business. And this kid turned to gangs because he felt he needed protection, not because his parents abandoned him for 5 years.

      And our returning him and ones like him to their home Countries has bought gang activity to these Countries but keeping him and ones like him caused them to turn to gangs because some how we treat them poorly while their here which FORCES them to turn to gangs. Hmm seems like a conundrum.

      And our fighting drug cartels in Columbia caused the cartels to move to other Countries but they still want us to help them get the cartels out of their Countries-wonder where the cartels will go from there and if it will then be our fault because we caused the cartels to move. Sounds like another conundrum. Maybe they should get their own crap together and fight their own battles.

  12. Going to throw this one in again. Should have put it on the current topic because I really am looking for comments.

    Back from an interesting drive to Ft. Leavenworth Kansas to visit my son. Been giving a lot of thought (driving makes that easy) to the kids crossing the border. Again here is something I’d like others to chew on.

    If a Mom and Dad put their two kids age 14 and 8 on a Greyhound from Chicago to NY City. with the instructions, that they should go to the NY authorities and ask for aid since Chicago was dangerous, exactly what would happen to the parents? Would the courts place the children in foster care and remove the parents as unfit guardians? Would NY City invite the parents to come, join their kids?

    This is an interesting analogy to what is going on. It seems that the intent was to send the kids to the US. Thanks to that great Conservative thinker and leader George Bush, the kids have status in the US and have become the anchor upon which the parents may follow and reclaim them.

    Does this not seem criminal? Should the parents not lose their rights for acting irresponsible? If the children, under the law must stay, should not the courts place them under supervision, offering them for foster care and possible adoption? Does this not stem the tide?

    What say you?

    • It would probably stem the tide-but I find I do not like punishing children to solve societies problems-so an across the board ruling to adopt these kids out-I would find unacceptable-I have not walked in these people’s shoes so I hesitate to judge their actions too harshly, without looking at the individual circumstances, when the outcome is the lose of their children and more importantly-the child’s lose of their parents..

      • I have many friends who are out there busily quoting me bible verses in this matter. Maybe it is the cynic in me but this whole thing is a con, a scam. These kids are the anchors upon which hordes will follow.

        I am just being reasonable here. The kids can stay if that’s what George Bush wanted but for parents to ship them out as was done in a brazen attempt to work the system. What kind of parents are those?

        Look around how many hundreds of millions of kids world-wide are worse off than these? Anybody remember those 250 little girls in Nigeria or has that news cycle ended? My understanding now is that the Isis folks are busy executing all the non Muslims in territory they have control of including kids. How about east African Christian kids kidnapped and forcibly converted?

        Do not be fooled here. They are playing on your emotions and doing a fine job of it. Heard as much at Mass tonight.

        The parents of these kids are no asset. the best we could do for them short of shipping them out is to end parenteral rights based on abandonment which is done every single day in this country and put them up for adoption.

        Try to comment on my analogy if these were Chicago, Public Housing project parents from Cabrini Green or something. Hell, I might have more sympathy for them. Anybody beside me wonder just what percentage of these kids did not make the US? I’m sure there are whorehouses in Tijuana stocked with under age girls intercepted by corrupt Federales.

        • White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border
          10:56 PM 07/18/2014

          New data shows the White House has painted a false picture of the Central American migration by hiding a huge spike in “family units” who are illegally crossing the Texas border.

          The data, which was dumped by the U.S. border patrol late Friday afternoon, shows that inflow of youths and children traveling without parents has doubled since 2013, to 57,525 in the nine months up to July 2014.

          But the number of migrants who cross the border in so-called “family units” has spiked five-fold to 55,420, according to the border patrol’s data, which came out amid a storm of news about the shoot-down of a Malaysian aircraft in Ukraine, delays in failed U.S. nuke talks with Iran, and on Hamas’ continued war against Israel.

          In the Rio Grande area where most of the migrants are crossing the border, the number of so-called “unaccompanied children” was actually outnumbered by the inflow by adults, parents and children in “family units,” according to the data.

          The much-faster growth in “family units” has been hidden by White House and agency officials, who have tried to portray the influx as a wave of children fleeing abuse and violence.

          Top officials, such as Jeh Johnson, the secretary of Homeland Security, has explained the influx as a child migration, and justified the government’s welcoming response as acting “in the best interests of the children.” That portrayal has been picked up and spread by Democratic legislators, reporters and bloggers — such as Greg Sargent at The Washington Post and Rachel Lienesch at the Huffington Post – to help mute the public’s growing anger at the Democrats’ failure to guard the border.

          However. that effort has largely failed. Most of the unaccompanied youths say they’re aged 14 to 17, and many are seeking jobs. Also, multiple polls shows the majority of Americans — and near-majorities of Latin-Americans — blame Obama for the breakdown. A July Gallup poll shows that the crisis has prompted Americans to identify it as the nation’s leading problem.

          White House officials also touted the wave of so-called “unaccompanied children,” and downplayed the “family units,” because they wished to focus the media’s attention on a supposed problem caused by a 2008 law, titled the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act.

          White House officials say the law prevents them from repatriating Central Americans youths and children once they’re legally dubbed “unaccompanied alien children.” Officials also say the 2008 law forces them to settle the youths in the United States until judges decide if they can stay in the country.

          The 2008 law was designed to allow severely-traumatized victims of forced trafficking — such as teenage prostitutes held by violent pimps — to apply for green cards in the United States.

          Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/07/18/white-house-hid-huge-spike-of-families-crossing-border/#ixzz37zLEniDe

        • All I’m saying here Stephan is that I would need more information before making a decision. From the above article most of these kids are 14 to 17 years old-they may have left on their own, this age group are considered children here but I figure in some cultures kids have to grow up a lot quicker. Per D13 some times the parents and kids are forcibly separated.
          Anyway, if we know who and where the parents are-we should simply send their children back to them-unless we have determined that they really are unfit.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      SK, did some thinking about your post. About the parents sending kids alone, I don’t think I can apply any reasoning other than desperation. More stats need to come out, like how many don’t have living parents, how many have parents that are sick and unable to care for them and several other questions I have on the subject.

      Obama is the cause of all of this current mess. His policies have been advertised in these countries, for the purpose of being taken advantage of. I don’t see any of them gaming the system, because they have been told what the new system is. Just sayin. 🙂

    • SK,

      First thing, the parents would be charged with child abandonment. Kids would end in foster care. Adoption prospects are poor. But since there are consequences for the parents, you will not see a huge number attempting such action.

      I think the US is a wonderful nation with more caring, love & sharing than is seen in many other nations. But I think these immigrant parents have fallen for a false image of America. Their children don’t get to America. They are taken to & by our government. Put the images of how they are treated on the 24 hr new cycle & the invasion may slow or stop…. But does Obama want it to stop?

      • This con is designed to bring in the parents. Talk about cynical! I have no use for these folks and I can only imagine what chaos will be at out feet in a few years when these unsupervised “children” are old enough to tote a gun or get behind the wheel.

        The country is being played like a violin.

        • There’s no doubt that this situation was purposely created-it was also nursed into being and allowed to grow-and I don’t think it was because they were hoping it would go away.

          • Oops-meant to post this with the comment.

            July 20, 2014
            Obama aides knew of crisis on the border a year ago
            By Rick Moran

            We knew about the letter that Texas Governor Rick Perry sent to the president in 2012 warning of the coming crisis of illegal alien children flooding the border.What we didn’t know was that the Department of Homeland Security had prepared a report earlier this year that graphically warned that the situation was becoming unmanageable.

            The Obama administration knew and did virtually nothing to address the crisis until it became too acute to hide from Congress and the public.

            Washington Post:

            But top officials at the White House and the State Department had been warned repeatedly of the potential for a further explosion in the number of migrant children since the crisis began escalating two years ago, according to former federal officials and others familiar with internal discussions. The White House was directly involved in efforts in early 2012 to care for the children when it helped negotiate a temporary shelter at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

            “There were warning signs, operational folks raising red flags to high levels in terms of this being a potential issue,” said one former senior federal law enforcement official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly about internal operations.

            The former official said the agencies primarily in charge of border security, Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, were “ringing alarm bells” within the administration.

            Meanwhile, top officials focused much of their attention on political battles, such as Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign and the push to win congressional support for a broad immigration overhaul, that would have been made more difficult with the addition of a high-profile border crisis.

            “I don’t think they ignored this on purpose, but they didn’t know what to do,” said Michelle Brané, director of migrant rights at the Women’s Refugee Commission, which published a 2012 report highlighting the influx of minors. “For whatever reason, there was hesi­ta­tion to address the root causes. I think the administration was dealing with it at a minimal scale, putting a Band-Aid on something they should have been thinking about holistically.”

            Until recently, the number of Central American children crossing into the United States illegally was below 5,000 a year and was not considered a major problem among the many issues federal agents were dealing with at the Mexican border.

            In 2009-2010, law enforcement agencies cracked down on criminal cartels in the traditional border hot spots near Tucson. By 2012, the Border Patrol and U.S. intelligence agencies began noticing a shift of activity to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, one they had anticipated.

            They also found that even as overall illegal immigration to the United States slowed, the number of adults and families entering illegally from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras began to grow rapidly. Many were fleeing increasing violence and impoverished conditions in their home countries, according to U.S. officials and human rights groups.

            Instead of an effort to stem the flow of illegals, the president upped the ante by amnestying DREAMers. It hardly matters that the coyotes and drug cartels who were bringing these children into the US lied to them about US policy. The fact is, the president’s words made the lie believable. This led directly to the humanitarian crisis we have on the border today.

            The combination of incompetence and lack of transparency is what we’ve gotten from this administration since the beginning. It doesn’t help when government officials turn the other way while the crisis was deepening hoping it would all just go away.


            • VH….everybody has known this for years and years and years. Human trafficking has become very “state sponsored” popular. Just more so now because everyone knows that you strike while the iron is hot. This is one way to reap billions of tax dollars. Human trafficking is a commodity.

        • All government action is a con.

          Why are you surprised others manipulate such cons?

  13. Sad note for me. The loss of one of my great screen heroes.


    I cannot tell you what I learned from his performances. Helped me survive those tough streets of New York. Always saw the “Maverick” character or “Rockford” theories of talking your way out rather than shooting your way out as superior. The line, “You can go anywhere in the world carrying a clip board under your arm” is a truism that should be up there with the ten commandments.

    Best war movie ever. Saw it right before Vietnam broke and viewed the next decade through it.

    • I am always amused at people who see the actor to be the guy they pretend.

      He was nothing without the role. His roles were not him.

      So much of American society is based on fantasy actors.

      • It is how you present yourself my friend, how you present yourself. That’s not to mention when he was interviewed or when he wrote. The secret of good writing is to know the character you are writing for.

        His comments about his two purple hearts in Korea make it pretty clear that he was not far off the mark from the lines Paddy Chayefsky wrote.

  14. engine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/ultrasound4d39.jpg

  15. When are all of you going to understand…….anarchists will always blame the United States for everything. Hell, it would not surprise me if the United States was/is somehow responsible for the Crusades, the crucifying of Christ, the Big Bang Theory, Evolution, and the Ice Age, Just get used to it. The United States is responsible for past events, present events, and future events and will always be,

    • D13,

      Of course not.

      You make a bizarre claim.

      The Hegemony acts, therefore all consequences are by such action

      If you don’t like the US to be “blamed”, stop being the hegemony.

      But it is bizarre to think otherwise.

      • Not a bizarre claim at all, my intrepid friend. Such is the way of anarchists….and I understand Hegemony very well ( and you know that I do ) and agree with what hegemony does and will do. Where I disagree is that Hegemony is sacrosanct to the US…..it is not. Hegemony is alive and well all over the world and is used as a weapon….a chess piece by various countries…..and they are NOT using it in response to the US….they have their own aims.

        The US is going to be blamed regardless…and I understand this.

        Putin is getting what he wants…..a regeneration of the cold war….he is old school and wants it back and now, he has it. It is to the advantage of the Russians. You have four hegemonic powers at play today….all equal and all in different parts of the world.

        • D13
          “Where I disagree is that Hegemony is sacrosanct to the US…..it is not. Hegemony is alive and well all over the world and is used as a weapon….a chess piece by various countries…..and they are NOT using it in response to the US….they have their own aims. ”

          It is absolutely the US.


          The US has nearly twice as many aircraft carriers as the rest of the world COMBINED.

          Don’t give me this “we ain’t nothin'” bullshit.

          The US is the global hegemony militarily, and economically. It controls more than half of the global military and the financial heart – the dollar.

          To try to minimize this is a idiotic attempt to deflect the well-earned responsibility for the mess – political AND economic.

          Nearly every trouble spot in the world is directly due to American political mismanagement

    • D13,

      It is just daft to think “we are the world’s bully” and then to say “shucks, everyone blames us for everything, I don’t know why…”

      • I agree with your statement…..BUT we are not the world’s only bully…however, the other bully’s have figured out how to shadow play and are very good at it. We are the stupid ones right now…..we should just shut up and play the game quietly.

          • Very interesting…now find the one that shows USSR, Russia, China and Iran

            • D13,

              Iran – how many countries has Iran invaded in the last 350 years – that is, since before the USA even existed.


            • China, 20th century

              Korea (after US invasion of N. Korea)
              Vietnam (after US left)
              Mongolia/Soviet border.
              India (after India invaded Kashmir)

            • Modern Russia,
              Georgia, after Georgian attack on South Ossetia

              Note, all their “interventions” are conflicts with neighbors, unlike US which has no border conflicts at all, anywhere.

            • More on Chinese doctrine:

              Premier Zhou Enlai outlined five basic principles by which China conducts relations with other nation-states:


              These principles are roughly translated as “mutual respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, mutual non-interference of internal affairs, equality & mutual benefit, and peaceful coexistence”, and they remain the basis of Chinese foreign policy to this day.

              …unlike the Monroe doctrine and the Eisenhower doctrine

    • Just A Citizen says:


      AND the “communists” and “fascists”. I often ponder the strange similarity of the complaints between the ABSOLUTE statists and those professing no state at all.

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    Surprised this was on Huff Po, but glad they finally let another opinion be seen.

    Hamas must be destroyed for the Palestinians to have any peace.


    • Not Hamas……follow the money.

    • JAC,

      More nonsense from you! More blaming the victim!

      Hamas is a creation of Israeli action, not the other way around.

      • So what! You keep justifying violence. hmmmm

        • No, Anita, I am explaining cause and effect – something that is utterly foreign to your thinking process.

          You support one side of violence and -bizarrely- complain the victim reacts. Your problem is your ignorance. You do not know who is who in the “hegemony act/inferior power react” process.

          You believe a poverty stricken, imprisoned people with no army, no navy, no air force, no tanks, no artillery are the hegemony and the nation with nuclear weapons, air force, navy army and tanks is the inferior power.

          Hence, you don’t have a flying f**** of what is going on.

          • BF, give me a break. You act as though your victims are powerless. Like they are fighting with sticks and rocks. I may be ignorant, but you still justify violence. I know enough that Hamas is state sponsored, and so do you.

            • So to you, a people wholly out matched militarily is to blame.

              And Israel IDF is not State sponsored, huh?

              So, to you:
              As of 2009 the Council on Foreign Relations estimates Hamas’s annual budget at $70 million

              is equal to US Military aid to Israel of:
              $8.5 million per day

              So, of course you blame Hamas.

              • Since the establishment of limited Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the
                mid-1990s, the U.S. government has committed approximately $5 billion in bilateral assistance to
                the Palestinians, who are among the world’s largest per capita recipients of international foreign

                . http://fas.org/sgp/crs/mideast/RS22967.pdf

                and around we go. If Israel stops firing, does Hamas? I think we both know the answer.

              • Anita,


                Israel has to stop seizing land AND stop firing AND return stolen land.

                Would you merely give up if, say, Chinese declared your property theirs and pushed you to a corner?

                But you don’t have to worry, Anita, Israel will not stop seizing land nor attacking its neighbors nor ever return stolen land. Zionists will not stop until Ersatz Israel is theirs.

  17. President Obama said over the weekend, that there is no crises at the Texas border and that it is a local problem……Perry said….”ok, cool.” In response to the machine gunning across the border this weekend……we are sending 1,000 combat National Guard with no restrictions.

  18. A lesson for you on how things are progressing. Human trafficking is now becoming as profitable as gun running and drugs and the cartels and the Mexican Feds and the Mexican Government knows this.

    First, understand this. The Mexican Presidency runs for a single 6 year term.,,this is called sexenio. In the 6th year, (which is commonly referred to as El año del rastrillo)…translated it means the year of the rake. The final year that the President is in power. During this time, they carve out little kingdoms within Mexico. For example, there is a bridge located just outside Nueveo Laredo. It is called the Colombia Bridge. The road leading to it and the 2,000 Hectares around it belong to former Presidente Salinas. It is his and his alone even though it is on the USA/Mexico border. His año del rastrillo was 1994. Through legislation, which is commonly done, he claimed title to 17 km of land from the main highway in Mexico, had government labor build a beautiful 4 lane road to this border crossing and he built a bridge from Mexico to the US…to link up with a Farm to Market road that links to highway I-35. It was to be owned by the City of Laredo with oversight from Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes. The bridge was built in 1992 accordingly. In 1996, amazingly, the bridge, and the surrounding 2000 hectares, was “purchased” by Salinas. It is now a toll road and toll bridge ( commonly referred to as bridge number 3 ). Interestingly enough, the security on the Mexican side is “private”, and the bridge has operating hours of Sunday: 12:00 PM–4:00 PM (Central) Weekdays (Monday-Friday): 8:00 AM–12:00 AM (Central) Saturday: 8:00 AM–4:00 PM (Central). More interestingly enough, during closing hours, there is no US security. Isn’t it amazing that there is “significant traffic” during the closing hours. It is inundated with warehouses on the Mexican side. Two of these warehouses are known (human/drug) trafficking warehouses.

    Secondly, for a child or parent or both to be brought to the United States, they must cross the Mexican southern border with Guatemala. The current Presidente Nieto has ordered complete closure of the southern border….not to stem the flow of immigrants but to create choke points. For a price, the immigrants are issues three day travel visas to the northern border. For an additional price, the immigrants are placed on trains and buses ( no food or water). If an immigrant, in Mexico, is caught, even with one of these visas, not on a bus or train, is immediately deported back to the Honduran border and sometimes made an example of by being killed and dismembered and sent back to parents or relatives.

    Third, once on arrival at the frontera ( Northern border) the immigrant is then turned over to “coyotes” and for another price are escorted across the border into the United States or…are housed in a warehouse, for another price.

    Fourth, if they can afford a warehouse, they are then crossed at unguarded crossing points, such as the Colombia bridge, and loaded into vans and buses and travel cross country ( meaning FM roads and dirt roads ) into the interior, for yet another price.

    Fifth, if they are brought to a relative or parent in Chicago, for instance, there is another price exacted at that point. If the price is refused, they kill the immigrant immediately. If it is a female immigrant and the extortion cannot be paid, they are pressed into prostitution until the price, plus interest of 125%, is paid….in other words hardly ever. If male, they are taken to halfway houses and farmed out to construction crews….to which a bounty is paid.

    So, even if the US opened up its borders and said come one….come all. The extortion would still exist. It would actually increase because of the increased traffic at that time. Immigration is being controlled by the Mexican government, the Mexican Federales, the Cartels, who pay the Mexican government not to bother them, the “coyotes”, who are a middleman operation, and the local gang members of various receiving areas.

    One other thing of note, if someone is lucky enough to be able to buy a plane ticket and get into the United States, by passing the underground railroad…and it is discovered…..they are killed immediately by local gangs.

    There are other details, but I hope you get the picture.

    • So, if our government Really secured the border, most, if not all of this would stop.

      • No…it will not stop….just make it harder….if we TRULY secure the border. You still have immigrants looking for a better life and they will still have to run the gauntlet. What used to be is not anymore….serious money is being made down here and it involves the government of Mexico….that will not stop. It will just switch from the Texas border to the Mexico side of the border. The gangs, the cartels, ( and they are separate ), government soldiers, government employees are all in the grab bag now. They will control it and it will still cost the same if not more. Open borders will not stop what is happening now.

        • I can certainly accept that there isn’t any perfect answer. But it seems that the way to stop people from being willing to run that gauntlet is to take away the benefits of doing so. So closed borders with the added step of making it hard for them to get jobs and deportation when they are caught if they do make it into the Country- would I think make the risks greater than the rewards and make them stop taking the risks. And hopefully make these people concentrate more on making their own Countries better places to live.

          But if the border being closed or open won’t make any difference-what will-what pressure can we place on these Countries to stop these practices.

          • The difference is not the US but the Mexican government….it is complicit.

          • V.H.

            Sorry, but wrong headed again.

            It is an American mental disease to believe that the problems America seems to have is “everyone else’s fault”.

            No. It is American policy that is all screwed up.

            But I know you won’t understand that at all. It’s easier to blame someone else.

            ” In a nation where it is not uncommon to hear the other side of the Rio Grande referred to as “South America,” it is amusing to observe the recent wave of self-anointed experts in the U.S. opining authoritatively on the causes of child migration from Central America.

            Some of these are talking heads of conservative punditry who seem to know zip about the region and show no interest in learning. They wing it, presumably because they believe their viewers and listeners will never know the truth and don’t care. What matters is proving that the large number of unaccompanied minors piling up at the border is President Obama’s fault for somehow signaling that they would not be turned back. The origins of the problem are deemed unimportant and the fate of the children gets even less attention.

            Thank heaven for four-star Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, who knows something about war and failed states and now heads the U.S. military’s Southern Command, which keeps an eye on the region. He has spent time studying the issue and is speaking up. Conservatives may not like his conclusions, in which the U.S. bears significant responsibility, but it is hard to accuse a four-star of a “blame America first” attitude.’


            But when a U.S. interdiction strategy in the Caribbean raised costs, trafficking shifted to land routes up the Central American isthmus and through Mexico. With Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s war on the cartels, launched in 2007, the underworld gradually slithered toward the poorer, weaker neighboring countries. Venezuela, under Hugo Chávez, began facilitating the movement of cocaine from producing countries in the Andes to the U.S., also via Central America.

            In a July 8 essay in the Military Times headlined “Central America Drug War a Dire Threat to U.S. National Security,” Gen. Kelly explains that he has spent 19 months “observing the transnational organized crime networks” in the region. His conclusion: “Drug cartels and associated street gang activity in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, which respectively have the world’s number one, four and five highest homicide rates, have left near-broken societies in their wake.


            Gen. Kelly writes that the children are “a leading indicator of the negative second- and third-order impacts on our national interests.” Whether the problem can be solved by working harder to bottle up supply, as the general suggests, or requires rethinking prohibition, this crisis was born of American self-indulgence.”

            • Answer a question for me-If I listen to you and we open up the border and make all drugs legal-what effect will that have on these countries? How will it fix their problems? Will the gangs and cartels just go away? Will Mexico just let all these people immigrating to America pass through their Country unmolested?

              Curious about something else-are drugs legal in these three Countries,are their borders open?

              • ” we open up the border and make all drugs legal-what effect will that have on these countries?”

                In short order, crime would evaporate. The example is prohibition and its repeal. Almost over night the crime rate – mostly created by prohibition – disappeared.

                “Will the gangs and cartels just go away?”

                No, but they will be diminished. The cartels are among the richest groups in the world due to the drug trade. That cash flow would utterly disappear overnight. There is not much else as lucrative for them to move into.

                “Will Mexico just let all these people immigrating to America pass through their Country unmolested?”

                Do not concern yourself with what “Mexico” does. It’s their problem, not the US.

                “Curious about something else-are drugs legal in these three Countries,are their borders open?”

                No. and No. And yet, you wonder why they have huge problems.

              • My understanding BF is that most of the world’s drug laws are based on international treaties-this seems to me to be an issue of trumping individual Countries right of sovereignty- not of an individual Country deciding to have certain drugs legal or illegal within their own Country and it doesn’t have anything to do with immigration law.

              • V.H.

                It is a convention, not a treaty.
                Each nation exacts its own laws as it deems necessary.

                The convention is an attempt to standardize such laws, but has no legal force. Example, pot is part of the convention, but Holland and Spain both repealed their own laws in this regard.

              • Isn’t that something-Holland and Spain made their own decisions on Their drug laws-WE didn’t have anything to do with it-so why is our making our own decisions about our border and our drug laws responsible for the world’s problems. Is it possible that it isn’t our laws that govern our internal actions that is the problem. Could it be that all these other Countries have that same right-convention or international agreements aside.

              • V.H.

                Ponder your own question for more than a minute.

                The largest consumer of a particular set of drugs makes those drugs illegal.
                This consumer does not imprison users, they get off with fines and such.
                This consumer imprisons dealers and heavily.

                The “War on Drugs” is a war on dealers, so this increases the risk, hence reward for dealing. But there is little done on users so the demand remains high.

                Lots of rich customers who are willing to pay hefty surcharge of the black market

                Same as during Prohibition. Little was done on the people who wanted to drink. The attacks of government were on the dealers, causing the same risk/reward for crime.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Flag, I agree that drugs should be legalized. There are several things in the way, the prison industrial complex and people who think the world will end it that happens,

                To the latter, no more or less people will do drugs, that’s a silly assertion. Crime will not increase, that too is silly. Drug abusers will exist, as they do today, nothing at all will change, except far fewer people in prison.

              • I’ll be happy to ponder my question but my question had nothing to do with how our internal laws effect our Country. We can certainly have a conversation about how our drug laws, and how they are enforced effect the US-but that isn’t the conversation we have been having and it has nothing to do with the question I asked.

              • V.H.

                But it does.

                Its a matter of economics.
                There are willing rich buyers, therefore, there WILL BE willing rich sellers.

                But if you make it a very serious crime HERE to be a seller, they will go elsewhere and ply their trade.

              • So-was it not you who said:

                “Do not concern yourself with what “Mexico” does. It’s their problem, not the US.”

              • That’s right.

                End the drug war in the US, and whatever happens in Mexico is irrelevant.

                Continue the drug war in the US, and whatever happens in Mexico is irrelevant.

                What is relevant is what happens in the US.

                By ending the war on drug supply and making the supply lucrative, you take away the “surcharge” of risk, and dealers no longer need to be criminals. Gangs -everywhere- diminish.

                In reality, it is the other way around – what happens in the US is of GREAT concern for Mexico et al.

              • If it none of my concern what Mexico does internally, it is none of Mexico’s or any others Countries concern what we do internally. But somehow when it is America your stance’s seems to change.

              • You are confused.

                No one cares what the US does internally.
                People care what the US does to everyone else.

                Immigration is not an internal issue. You are not doing this irrational act on yourself – if you did, no one would care about your insanity.

                You are doing this irrational act on non-Americans.

                Got the concept now?

              • I honestly don’t know what to say to you-Mexico-raping & exploiting people who walk into their Country is none of our business, but America stopping people at the border from coming into our Country illegally somehow is an external matter. You don’t even base your argument as a humanitarian issue-Just it seems-America is not allowed to make their own laws-they must be controlled by outside forces-everyone else do what ever you want.

                So No BF I don’t get it.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Just an odd thought. Open borders during the Cold War. 10 million Russians immigrate to US in 5 year span, only to take up arms and attack the US. US taken down from within.

                Hypothetical for sure, but the rest of the world don’t follow the Anarchist mindset. Had Hitler done this thing could be very different today

              • Gman,

                It’s not even “hypothetical”. Hypothetical has a basis in reality. “Based on theory”….

                Your scenario has no basis in reality whatsoever.

                Argument by fantasy is irrational.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                I guess because not one single nation had open borders, in my lifetime, your right, just fantasy. Much like your utopia that will likely never exist, even though it would be a nice place to live.

              • Gman,

                But you do have open borders. You can go from New York to California no problem.

                Note how easy that is! Don’t see Californian’s fretting about the 20 million New Yorkers moving to California for the weather, nor Dakota’s fretting about Kentuckians moving to the State for jobs.

                As always, you do not see what you do not wish to see.

              • V.H.
                “I honestly don’t know what to say to you-Mexico-raping & exploiting people who walk into their Country is none of our business”

                Nope. It’s Mexico’s business.

                “but America stopping people at the border from coming into our Country illegally somehow is an external matter.”

                First, the continuing fallacy of “our” country. It isn’t “YOUR” country. You do not own it.

                Look, the first instance, US Government is neither the actor nor the victim, so why do you think its the US Government’s business???

                Second instance, it is the US Government acting on individuals that are not defined “not Americans”. The Government is acting on other people.

                Pretty straight forward, V.H. Clear you head of cobwebs.

      • Utter lunacy!

        Why don’t you argue you should turn the US into one giant prison camp – that’ll solve all your problems, right?

        There was no “Mexican” issue in the 1920 when the disparity between wealth of the two nations was huge. Today, Mexico GNP per person $11,000.

        What has changed is the progressively more militarization of the border and the war on drugs.

        Your solution to your own national policy idiocy is to put your own country into a prison camp.

        Like I’ve ranted for a month, you and your ilk are utterly ignorant on the cause and effect of your national policies that you continue to promote right through to disaster.

        “You do not learn nor do you forget”

  19. We caught a 15 year old yesterday in Brownsville…three teardrops.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      And of course he’s just looking for a better life and wants to go in the fields and harvest crops and make a better living 🙄

      D13, the MH17 shootdown (notice the flight number and date were the same, as it was my birthday too, as it the was the anniversary of flight 800 going down years ago), much chatter that it may have been the Ukrainians after all. They have the most to gain by doing so, close to the front lines and blaming the Separatists. Do you have any info on the subject, or is it the same as the Obama administration story line?

      • I would like to see if the video of the rocket launcher with two empty slots in it is authenticated……if it is, the launcher went back into Russia. One would have to ascertain what Ukraine would get by shooting it down vs Russia.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          The rocket launcher is an old video from May, Kiev controlled launcher, it is not what it has been portrayed as. And the mystery deepens

  20. gmanfortruth says:

    This is the proper way of showing respect to this idiot President:

    Angry veterans protested President Obama’s visit to Delaware to show their disdain for how the administration has treated them.

    The 25 protesters — led by Martin Nicholson, a veteran Marine – lined the street and turned their backs to the president’s passing motorcade

    I would have added a double bird flipping 😀

  21. What the heck is a ballot line and what does forming a party have to do with it? Totally confused here


    • Just A Citizen says:


      I presume the “line” is the name of the political party identified on the ballot.

      ie., Democratic Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Women’s Equality Party

      • It just seemed so illogical for a sitting democrat to be supporting the creation of another party that my mind just couldn’t except that it was that simple.

        • It gives people who for whatever reason won’t vote for a major party the opportunity to vote on that line.

          Historically, the NY State Liberal Party endorsed liberals regardless of party affiliation. Sop, on a state ballot you could have the party endorse a republican for AG, a democrat for Governor, a republican for congressman and a liberal for assemble (running against dem.and rep.) This kind of thing is right up Gov. Cuomo’s alley. In the past there was the “right to life ” party also who would cross endorse based on abortion related issues.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Copy of NY sample ballot……note the lines for each party.

  22. Ahhhhh……New York City……some more of this selective enforcement.

    A man standing on a street corner selling boot legged cigarettes because of the high taxes…and five policemen take the guy down with a choke hold and he dies as a result.

    Coca Cola and cigarettes get you taken down and dead…..unbelievable.

    Gangs, rapists, illegal immigrants, aliens or whatever you want to call them get arrested and set free…..and you kill a man for selling cigarettes and arrest people for drinking a 30 ounce soft drink.

  23. More from Governor Perry……if the United States, in the next two weeks, does not use its authority to enforce the law, I will order an additional 3,000 troops to the border to do it for them.

    So, if this indeed takes place…….what do you think Obama does? He can’t order Federal troops in to arrest troops that are equally armed……Perry is not going to pay attention to any court order…..and they, the government, is not going to make world news arresting a governor for enforcing the law……the children are going to be watered, fed, and returned to Mexico….which is more than they are getting now…..Perry happens to have in his possession a United States Voucher taken from a child…..( who knows how he got that )…..pictures are going to be released showing the conditions that the children are in that is being withheld from the public….

    Want to take on Texas…….Mr. President ( I use that term loosely ) ……bring it on.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Obama has already told them to go farther West and not to cross in Texas. Liberal California is much nicer and easier for them. So he says. The Guard will become bored and Californians will show their hypocracy in short time. Obama couldn’t lead his way down a one way street in broad daylight, total loser.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning Colonel.

      Obama could activate the Texas Guard and send them to some place far away.

      The Gov would then have to rely on the Rangers and your private Texas militia.

      • No sir……you are slightly wrong in one issue….the National Guard cannot be just activated at a whim….it has to be a Congressional declaration of war OR with the consent of the Governor. The guard units that were sent to the middle east and to Iraq and Iran were done so ONLY with the consent of the Governor and commanders.

        • …which has never been declined since 1813….

          • Maybe so…..I have to check on that with the Texas National Guard….I do know of some units that were left up to the commander and the unit members….Perry did not say yes…but he did not say no. Most of the guard members that went, were part of a round out unit…..the Texas National Guard did not go as a complete unit….that was not allowed.

  24. BF…..you and I are in agreement with hegemony however, hegemony is not just measured by military might….it is also measured, as you said by economics and even measured religiously and philosophically. Hegemony is nothing more than a spreading of influence, whether militarily, economically, philosophically……as we speak, China is practicing hegemony in Central and South America.

    Russia is moving fast in this game as well. And, I suggest you take another look at out military….it is no longer the giant it once was…and is being decimated as we speak. We will be a pre WWII levels by December, in naval power, air power, and land power.

    • D13
      “as we speak, China is practicing hegemony in Central and South America.”

      Hegemony is “imperial dominance in which the hegemon (leader state) rules geopolitically subordinate state”

      There is no way and no how you can claim China is practicing hegemony in the American sphere.

      They may be indeed creating a groundwork – but it is by no measure “hegemonic”.

      “We will be a pre WWII levels by December, in naval power, air power, and land power.”

      I think YOU need to review the military power. There is not even a close 2nd place given the whole world combined doesn’t even match US in military spending.

      The US could cut in half its spending and STILL be the largest spender in the world at 3x of China (2nd place).

      • Just A Citizen says:

        From WEBSTER

        Full Definition of HEGEMONY

        1: preponderant influence or authority over others : domination

        2: the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group

        — heg·e·mon·ic adjective

        See hegemony defined for English-language learners »

        Examples of HEGEMONY

        They discussed the national government’s hegemony over their tribal community.

        … the very concept of “scientific truth” can only represent a social construction invented by scientists (whether consciously or not) as a device to justify their hegemony over the study of nature. —Stephen Jay Gould, Science, 14 Jan. 2000

        Seems to me the introduction of the words “imperialism” and “rule” are deliberate attempts to create a definition that only fits select targets.

        Hegemony is a construct of philosopher sociologists and political scientists. It was invented to summarize the affects of projected power by those who are strong over those who are not so strong.

        • HEGEMONY (hegemonic): The processes by which dominant culture maintains its dominant position: for example, the use of institutions to formalize power; the employment of a bureaucracy to make power seem abstract (and, therefore, not attached to any one individual); the inculcation of the populace in the ideals of the hegemonic group through education, advertising, publication, etc.; the mobilization of a police force as well as military personnel to subdue opposition.

        • D13


          Hegemony is a concept, not a word definition, as you said here
          “Hegemony is a construct of philosopher sociologists and political scientists. It was invented to summarize the affects of projected power by those who are strong over those who are not so strong.”

          • Yes…but it goes further and defines “projected power”…it is not tied to military power only.

            • D13,

              Nope. Military power – violence.

              You are trying to hook the irrational concept that spending or giving money is the same as loading and shooting bullets. Sorry, won’t fly here.

              • So does hegemony exist in the terrorists vs the world scenario?

              • Terrorism is the tactic of desperation, utilized typically by non-State actors against a State.

                As such, terrorism is always a reaction to an action of a State (the Hegemony)

              • But it is the same….by your own definition, violence does not have to be bullets and bombs. It can be legislatively, economically, philosophically……not irrational at all. The power of the pen can carry more violence than a brigade of tanks or 10 aircraft carrier groups.

              • D13,

                “But it is the same”

                It is NOT the same. The slap of a dollar is completely different than being shot by a bullet.

                “….by your own definition, violence does not have to be bullets and bombs.”

                My definition???? You have me confused with someone else.
                Violence “behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

                “It can be legislatively”

                ALL LAW is violence.

                “economically, philosophically”

                Irrational. Then it is you who holds a perverse definition of violence to make the concept meaningless.

      • Military spending is not the only litmus test……I have reviewed the stats….I know what is on the horizon and I can tell you haw many personnel we will have in uniform by December 31, 2014. The amount of money spent on weaponry is non essential….it is boots on the ground that matters. Technology is great…..but it is not final. Our current strength of 1,400,000+ is soon to be reduced by 2016 to 770,000 total active military….and the reserve strength reduced from 800,000+ down to 335,000 all branches. This would not stop a herd of third graders.

        • And this is not combat troops….it includes all support troops as well….combat efficiency (boots) will be reduced to roughly 275,000.

          • What happens in 2016 is not germane. The wars were supposed to end within 6 months of Obama first election. They still are there.

            Spending is the major litmus test – the US is moving to an automated war. Whether it can win one, (shrug). I agree with you – boots on the ground wins all wars.

            • Ok, I will go with automated war…….no honor in it but I will go with it…..( there is no actual honor in war but if you make it push button that makes war so much easier…there is no looking your enemy in the face and seeing and feeling the fear ).so the fact that a country, any country, China included, spends billions more than another country is hegemonic….I will agree with that statement….the amount does not matter….it is the cause and effect you talk so much about.

          • I have to question this figure because it is unbelievable-we will only have 275, ooo combat troops 275,000-that’s crazy-wouldn’t that increase the risk of nuclear war.

            • No.

              Nukes make nuclear war untenable.

              Nuclear war puts the warmongers in harms way, which is why there has been -so far- no nuclear war.

              Conventional war does not put warmongers in harms way, so conventional war continues on.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                I also do not believe it increases the possibility of invasion. That has already happened , we call them progressives. 🙂

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Someone probably posted this before but a little refresher is always nice.


  26. All I could think of when I read this-the left is talking “context” when it comes to Obamacare but when it comes to the Constitution not so much.

    Annndddd…Now The 4th Circuit Court Of Appeals Upholds IRS ObamaCare Rule That DC Court Struck Down This Morning

    Gotta try and keep up.

    Unlike the DC circuit the 4th circuit is all about “context”, the plain meaning of words be damned.

    This sheds some light on why the administration is going to seek an en banc hearing at the stacked DC circuit. One thing the Supreme Court takes into consideration when deciding to take cases is whether or not there’s a split in how various circuits are treating an issue. Right now there’s a split but if they go en banc at the DC circuit and the heavily Democratic full court overturns the panel’s decision that eliminates the split and could give SCOTUS an out on taking this issue on.

    Four justices have to vote in favor of hearing a case before the Supreme Court will hear it. You’d think the four dissenters in the National Federation of Independent Businesses case would vote to have another go at it or they (read here. “Anthony Kennedy”) might take the out and avoid having to go down the path of throwing out ObamaCare now that it’s been implemented.

    *Note to clear something up people are confused about in the comments…these cases were filed, argued, and decided independently. It’s just a coincidence the decisions were released within hours of one another.

    Posted by DrewM. at 12:42 PM Comments


  27. Was just watching a special on CNN…..( yes, I watch all viewpoints )

    The temporary assistance cards that are issued ( I forget the name of the card )…the ones that you can withdraw cash with…..are being used in Colorado for the purchase of “pot”….

    The franchisers of pot will be accepting EBT cards beginning January 2015.

    So, a program that is supposed to be for the truly needy is now being used for drugs……sigh.

  28. One would think that while they were coming up with their “clever” ideas-that a mental picture of an actual wall-walling out all the religious people in the Country-would create a repulsive mind picture-reminiscent of the Berlin Wall.

    July 21, 2014 2:11 PM
    Hobby Lobby Makes Atheists Knit Bricks
    Secular Coalition for America campaign spins yarns about church and state.
    By Celina Durgin

    In response to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling, atheists are sitting around knitting. And in this time of national crisis, they are knitting bricks.

    Worried about the supposedly crumbling wall of separation between church and state, the Secular Coalition for America (SCA) launched a “Knit a Brick” campaign to “harness outrage” at the ruling. The group will send yarn bricks to the Supreme Court, Congress, or White House staffers. Targets will be selected based on the number of bricks the Coalition’s high command receives by August 5, according to Religionnews.com. If organizers collect 400 bricks, they will send them to the Supreme Court. Eight hundred bricks will merit a bulk delivery to Congress. But the ultimate goal is 1,200, enough knitted bricks to deliver to President Barack Obama.

    But first, there’s work ahead for Americans who want to keep off their bodies all the laws except the ones forcing other Americans pay for their abortion pills. All those bricks must be hand-knitted and assembled into a symbolic wall. The bricks should be six inches by three inches. If a participant doesn’t knit or crochet, he or she can sponsor a brick so someone else can knit it.

    The original deadline was July 18, but it was extended to August 5 because of “overwhelming support.” In a July 18 tweet, SCA president Amanda Metskas indicated that at that time, the group was only a bit more than halfway to its 400-brick minimum goal.

    Atheists aren’t the only ones donating bricks to this campaign. Austin Cooper, the coalition’s director of operations, told the Washington Post that members of her traditional Catholic family demonstrated their commitment to secularism by making 19 bricks for the cause.

    Mike Dwyer on Twitter clung to the patriarchal convention that a brick exists in three rather than two dimensions:

    Thomas Jefferson coined the term “wall of separation” between church and state in his letter to the Danbury Baptist association.

    “Legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions,” wrote the author of the Declaration of Independence and our third president. Jefferson noted that keeping government from infringing on religious freedom preserves the “rights of conscience.” The wall of separation, as described by the originator of the term, prevents government from violating the consciences of people who have religious objections to government policy. Jefferson called religious freedom a natural right and declared himself “convinced [man] has no natural right in opposition to his social duties.” The Hobby Lobby ruling was not about forcing others to obey one’s religious mandates; it was about prohibiting government from forcing religious people to obey mandates that violate their consciences.

    The Secular Coalition should toss the bricks and start knitting a big scarf long enough to span the distance between the Affordable Care Act and the right to free exercise of religion.


  29. gmanfortruth says:


    The price of piglets has gone from 30 bucks to 125 bucks in less than a year. Pork will be rising for quite some time. Beef isn’t much better, and is expected to rise for quite some time as well. Venison is still the same price it has been for quite some time and is not expected to rise at all 🙂

    • Got a point there my friend. In Shoprite yesterday with the wife. Store brand bologna was $ 3.99 lb. Chuck chopped, 80%, the same. But, of course, there is no inflation. Ocean Spray grapefruit juice just joined the pack with a 59 ounce half-gallon.

    • Prices are going up and actually finding a ham in my local store has been a hit and miss proposition for weeks now.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Anita, This needs fixed in your neck of the woods : http://www.theorganicprepper.ca/michigan-dept-of-agri-forces-farmer-to-dump-248-gallons-of-organic-milk-and-break-1200-free-range-eggs-07222014

      All should remember an article I wrote on my blog in 2011 and the Food Safety and modernization Act. Those who control the food, control the people. Michigan seems to be a test State, as this isn’t the first issue I’ve read about (the last one had to do with pigs). As Conservatives seem to be on Obama’s hit list, small farmers could find themselves staring down the barrel of a government gun. Some plan on pointing back, with help from their neighbors. They (Fed or State authorities) will not enter private property without a warrant and attempts will be dealt with, the old school way.

      VH. Get your hams when you can, things may get much worse than better. A disease severely crippled the pig industry by killing off , in some places, 95% of this years piglets. WE were lucky as we bought ours last year for this Springs butchering. We get a half pig, 103lbs for less than 2 bucks a pound total (raising and butchering/packaging). This will last about a year. The good news is that just before all this piglet stuff happened, my neighbor kept two sows and a boar to make sure that piglets will not be an issue in years to come 🙂

      SK, I think it’s safe to say that if people think that grocery stores will always be full of food (regardless of price), they will find themselves very hungry one day. The system can collapse on a moments notice, and the food will be gone, for possibly a long time. Think a long, storm induced power outage. A week with no power would cripple large cities, and people will get desperate. Of course, you already know this 🙂

      • gmanfortruth says:

        A good read on the pig virus that’s killing the young ones: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101813872

      • Hadn’t heard of this yet G. My grandparents are banging their caskets over this. That’s my dad’s parents! They ran a dairy, a meat locker, and raised hogs Still have some glass milk jugs with the company name. I’ll be interested in following up with this family co op and see if anything comes of it.

  30. gmanfortruth says:
  31. I don’t get it either V. Mexico can have immigration laws, and it’s none of our business. For some reason we can’t have immigration laws.

    On the drug issue. I’m sure some of you still don’t get it. At least as far as marijuana is concerned. There is more weed being grown on your own block than you could even imagine. Good weed. By the people you would least expect. And I’m talking big people..cops, judges, lawyers, mayors…all of them, including thugs. Trust me on this one. There is no need to import weed from Mexico or anywhere else. You can google stories all day long. I’ve seen the setups with my own eyes, from some pretty high up people. It’s weird, really, to see from people you would never expect. Most of it is legal, too, with all the medical marijuana laws out, all you need is a card, a room, a few government postings outside the room, a couple ‘patients/clients’, and you’re good to go. Cash hand over fist.

    • Anita
      “I don’t get it either V. Mexico can have immigration laws, and it’s none of our business. For some reason we can’t have immigration laws.”

      So, I suppose if someone jumps off a cliff, you’re argument would be “Gee, if they do it, so should I”.

      The idiocy of others is not an excuse to forgive one’s own idiocy.

      “War on Drugs”

      Pot smuggling is marginal. It’s the other stuff that is not marginal.

      Cocaine, by far, is the biggest cash cow of cartels.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        It has nothing to do with what they do.

        This is all about people like you ONLY blaming the USA because of our policies.

        So if Mexico has its own policies which then cause indirect impacts to us, is it their fault?

        Or does the simple fact that we are bigger mean it is ALWAYS and ONLY the USA who is to blame?

        • JAC
          “This is all about people like you ONLY blaming the USA because of our policies.”

          Did you get bit by a rabid squirrel or something?

          “Only” blaming US? As I said, it is where the ACTOR exists. You want to walk swinging a big stick busting heads and say “not my fault your head was in the way”.

          No, it is YOUR worldview that is tainted. You want some sort of mulligan for the actions committed upon others and “victim blame” is epidemic amongst your ilk.

          “So if Mexico has its own policies which then cause indirect impacts to us, is it their fault?”

          Indirect? You believe attacking innocent people seeking work is an “indirect” effect?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            My comment and question is general and not specific or only limited to ILLEGAL Immigration.

            My question remains unanswered, as usual. Instead of directly answering you go off on another It is all the USA’s fault.

            Well lets get down to some real principles. If my tribe outlaws the use of drugs we are not responsible for some jackass in Columbia deciding he/she wants to become a criminal and try to break our laws. It is their PERSONAL choice to become a criminal just as it is the personal use of the idiots in the USA who continue to use the “illegal” drug.

            Thus in a world where people take responsibility for their own actions it is not the USA’s fault that criminals have taken up home in Central/South America and Mexico.

            Just as it is not Mexico’s fault that their Closed Border policies created boat trafficking in illegal immigrants to the US.

            Now to your latest bizzare accusation. Stopping you from crossing the border, arresting you and then putting you on a plane back to your home is NOT ATTACKING you. If you were ATTACKED you would be returned in an ambulance and not get a seat on the plane.

            • JAC
              “It is all the USA’s fault.”

              To be clear, it was YOU who interjected this word-mushy into the conversation, not I.

              You believe the US is innocent in this matter. It is not. You don’t like the truth. What can I do? Lie and say you’re right? You’re not.

              “Well lets get down to some real principles. If my tribe outlaws the use of drugs we are not responsible for some jackass in Columbia deciding he/she wants to become a criminal and try to break our laws”

              Get down to principles, huh? You don’t have any.

              Your tribe attacks non-violent people in pursuit of their own peaceful interests by banning drugs.

              You believe this act of violence on non-violent people will not have violent consequences. Shock – it does.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                To be clear, it is YOU who accuses the USA for every damn ill in the world. NOT ME.

                I see you still can’t make yourself respond to a direct question.

                And your continuing to accuse me of having NO principles only makes you a joke. You can do much better than that.

                I have shown by Reason and Argumentation that your “principles” are FALSE. So there is no need to go further with the discussion.

                You wish to JUDGE all of us against YOUR principles. Sorry, I reject your definitions as irrational because they are not consistent with history of human behavior. That would be reality as we all know it.

              • JAC

                To be clear, you LIE.

                I do not blame accuses the USA for every damn ill in the world!
                You require blatant lies and misrepresentation to support your weak argument.

                I blame the US where the blame is deserved.

                “I see you still can’t make yourself respond to a direct question.”

                You simply can’t comprehend the answer. Not my problem.

                “I have shown by Reason and Argumentation that your “principles” are FALSE. So there is no need to go further with the discussion.”

                Nice irrational self-declaration. No principle at all, and upside down reasoning does not make your case.

                “You wish to JUDGE all of us against YOUR principles.”

                I judge you by YOUR principles, and you are failing badly

  32. Neat! California and NYC have something else in common. “rights” when you squat in an apartment/house for 30 days. Dumbassed owner.


  33. @ BF:

    NO sir……can’t agree with you. IF the result is the same and that result is the concept that you agreed with…

    ““Hegemony is a construct of philosopher sociologists and political scientists. It was invented to summarize the affects of projected power by those who are strong over those who are not so strong.”

    It matters not if it is guns, the slap of a dollar, philosophical teachings, or social engineering..if the result is a projected power by the strong over the weak…..it is hegemony.

    This conept is practiced all over the world and it does not take a superpower to project hegemony. IS the United States guilty….yes. Is the rest of the world guilty….yes. And hegemony does not have to be global domination…..you can have it regionally or on your city block.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Sent you an email re: upcoming schedule to Portland. Hopefully the email address I have still works. Let me know.

    • D13

      The results are NOT the same, unless you think the slap of a dollar somehow blows your brains out.

      @ BF:

      ““Hegemony is a construct of philosopher sociologists and political scientists. It was invented to summarize the affects of projected power by those who are strong over those who are not so strong.”

      In politics, projection of power is always at the point of gun. That is why its called “politics”, not economics.

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    A little while ago I heard the Severe Weather Alert warning of very severe thunderstorms. Strong winds and heavy lightning, flooding and possible hail.

    It hit shortly after the warnings were broadcast. I had time to warn lil’ JAC to stay under cover until I could get to him with the truck.

    My thought as I drove through the blinding rain to get him………………. this is one of those GOOD services provided by Government. I can’t imagine many people would not fund this program if their taxes were voluntary. Those like Black Flag who would not pay the tax will not be freeloaders on us.

    We will install chips in all radios that allow us to block the Govt message to those not paying for the service.

    • The problem with your claim is that the market wouldn’t or couldn’t do the same or better.

      You make an automatic assumption that only government can do this – blindly.

      Yet, insurance is free market, and easily dismisses your magical thinking.

    • There is no such thing as a “free loader”.

      If you feel the service is valued, you pay the price. It matters not how many others do or do not accept the service, nor what price they paid. You value the service, and all value is individual.

      “free loader” is economic illiteracy.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Service costs 100 to provide, I pay the 100 because you pay zero. You are MOOCHING, hell you are stealing from me.

        Since I don’t value it at 100 I stop paying, others then have to pay more or LOSE THE SERVICE.

        The same principle applies to private goods/services,. The price/customer is reduced to increase availability and thus total sales.

        Same principle applies to Govt services. Reduce the per capita cost to where large numbers if not all people get value for the service.

        You want the benefit without paying the cost, then hide behind a blanket of philosophy to rationalize your theft.

        • JAC
          “Service costs 100 to provide, I pay the 100 because you pay zero. You are MOOCHING, hell you are stealing from me.”

          Economic idiocy.

          Either you argue economic law, which states that all value is individual or you drift off into economic insanity based on envy

          You pay 100 because you see value in what is delivered to YOU, else, you would not pay.

          What deal I arrange for me is irrelevant to your value judgement

          If you stop paying, it means you see less value then what you trade.

          Your argument displays economic ignorance to blame a third party agreement with other parties to be your agreement

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    Socialism…………………STIMULUS ……………… Russian Style.


  36. Though I know few of you will actually listen to this…..

    The Truth About Immigration: What They Won’t Tell You!

  37. 3000 homicides, 8000 sexual assaults……..100% illegal Hispanics actually arrested and booked, committed since 2008 and people wonder why Texas has had enough.

    Philosophy be damned….social amenities be damned….and the thinking that everyone is innocent be damned…..it is not a small percentage of the crossings…it is becoming a constant.

    • 160,000 violent crimes in Texas in 2012 alone – subtract that of the “Hispanics” since 2008) …. well, seems to me that “White People” are the sickos, not the Hispanics.

      Again, your weak racist plea is nothing but racist rhetoric.


      • Just A Citizen says:

        Couldn’t help but notice you left the word ILLEGAL out of all your ranting abut racism.

        So is ILLEGAL a different race from the regular Hispanics??

        • I leave the word out because it is circular definition, hence, you hold no meaning to the word

          I use principles.

          You hide behind word mush.

      • You are taking it out of context, BF…..The number that I posted was….”illegal Hispanics”…That is the number to be referenced. Now, I will research the number of violent crimes that you posted and I will break it down as to race and we will see what it is…..But the point that I am making is this…..it is very simple….So, I am going to take your sanitized numbers and go further with them……but I think that I already know your answer.

        ILLEGAL…meaning non citizens that have crossed the border illegally. Hispanics that have been arrested and booked since 2008 are responsible for 3,000 homicides and 6,000 sexual assaults…….that is the point. This does not include the number of robberies, theft, extortion etc…..an open border will do nothing more than exacerbate this problem…and I do not have to try it…to believe this. It is not worth the risk. you talk about assessing risks all the time….that is what we are doing…assessing risks….and our assessment is…….close the border and close it tight. It is not the US fault that Mexico is the way it is….it is Mexico. Open borders will not change their philosophy at all.

        Until you or anybody comes down here and sees first hand what is going on, it will never be understood. Until someone in charge of something comes down here and tries to walk a public park at night or even in the afternoon, ride a bike along a bike trail on the river, try to go to a movie or out to eat, or go to a shopping mall in Laredo or Brownsville or McAllen or Eagle Pass……until you actually feel the stress and watch people’s eyes or watch a mom keeping her children at arms length….see the gangland members congregating at the Burger King’s or the McDonald’s…..until you actually witness hamburgers being taken from patrons hands and drinks stolen at the point of a knife….until you feel the tenseness in the air of children not being able to play outside….until your wife walks to her car in a mall during the day and having to go through the gauntlet, as it is called….until you find a group of children left in the desert from Guatemala and you try to bring them water and food and pick them up and then be fired upon by gang members because you are taking away their livelihood, until you see city workers being beaten and fired upon when they paint over gang insignia on stone walls or bridges…..until you watch an execution on river’s edge and the bodies thrown into the river for the catfish and alligator gar to feast upon….until your house has been broken into and your car stolen or carjacked….

        Until you witness this and until you see, hear, and feel the heat………….no one….NO ONE….has a right to say anything or criticize what is being done. What is the saying?….”walk a mile in their shoes”……..BF, I love ya man…..but you are wrong in this case. This border is not the same border as in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s……everybody used to love coming to the border and drive across and get medicines, and artifacts, and trinkets, and touristy stuff and eat at great restaurants. It used to be fun, as a college student, to park on the Texas side and walk across the bridges and drink and party in the myriad of Mexican culture……this is NO more…..you cannot do it. You will die. No longer can you park on the El Paso side and take a Mexican taxi to Juarez and be safe. Single women or even a group of women have no guarantees any longer when they go to Mercado Juarez. Sometimes, they do not come back…sometimes they do not make it to the Mercado….sometimes, we find their nude bodies 6 months later in a Mexican field after their usefulness is finished.

        You wish to talk hegemony? Well, this is gangland hegemony and it is violent and it is spreading and it will not stop with an open border society….it will simply spread that much quicker. AND, I want you to understand this, if nothing else. Texas and Texans ( Texicans ) have NO PROBLEM WITH the immigrant looking for work…none. We love them because they come across to the “valley” and pick vegetables and harvest pecans and sugar beets when lazy ass Americans will not….they build great fences and are very adept at yard work and other things that lazy ass Americans will not do….it is beneath us for some reason. The valley can not operate without immigrants…it is impossible…BUT….BUT….BUT…..the scourge that comes with it now….is not worth it. I even remember that I would drive to the local Home Depot or the Lowes when I had extensive yard work or manual labor that I could not do by myself and I could not find anyone else that wanted to do manual labor. I see no whites, no blacks, no Asians at the Home Depot’s….when you drive to the local Salvation Army or the Unemployment offices and try to solicit day work….the only ones that come forward for manual labor are the Hispanics…..they want to work and we want them to work. But, NOW…….I will not do this. I do not trust the manual laborers any longer as they are infiltrated with “spies” that case housing editions and your own personal home for later break ins……this is what is happening. No sir…….no longer.

        No sir…we are tired and the United States is doing nothing….Texas will handle it. If it takes vigilante style justice….we have almost been pushed to this limit….we will do vigilante justice and that, sir, is a shame.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          BINGO………… We have a winner.

        • D13,

          No, you are out of context.

          You made the claim of “Hispanics”, now, faced with facts, you are dancing. You have no facts to support your claim – they are as empty as your head

    • D13,

      19,000 sexual assualts in 2012 alone. Let’s say 15,000 is average, to benefit your argument.

      That’s 60,000 since 2008. And you blame the Hispanics, who account for 8,000

      Yeah, that’s who to blame.

    • 75% sexual assaults occurred at home/residence.

      If you want to lower sexual assaults, ban people from living in their homes, that’ll do the trick!

      • It’s safer at a bar (0.5%)…. so everyone go get drunk, and you’re safer!

        ….geez, D13, I expected better from you.

        JAC has rabies. Didn’t think you got it too.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          • gmanfortruth says:

            If he was a victim, he would be silent. That’s the dig on his remarks, easy to say when it’s someone else who suffers. One sexual assault is too many, especially when it COULD have been prevented. One murder is too many, especially when it COULD have been prevented. Shame on the victims for feeling that way, they are just racists 🙄 Can’t get anymore far Left Wing than that.

            • Gman,


              Principles do not change because of the situation you find one’s self.

              If your principles change because of situation, they ain’t principles.

          • Empty comments pretending to be an argument.

        • Something doesn’t jive anyway. BF’s own report shows that crime during ’11 and ’12 shows Hispanics were involved 30-40% of the time. Wonder what the ratio of Texans to illegal Hispanics is?

          • gmanfortruth says:

            In all reality, the race should not be important, it’s the actions of the victims (or would be victims) that should be telling. There are hundreds of methods to defend oneself, be it with a gun or a finger, it CAN be done. BUT, crimes committed by those who fail to enter the country within the law, even if the law is immoral, are crimes that can be avoided by Government (as much as I hate them) enforcing the law (immoral or not).

            I know, it will be said that all laws are immoral, so, go back to the gun part and start there. 🙂

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Think of it this way, personal responsibility also includes being capable of defending yourself. Victims only become victims, in most cases, because they don’t adhere to this part of personal responsibility. It don’t always mean carrying a gun (a sharp knife can do the trick too). 🙂

              How are you this fine morning Anita? Wonderful morning here, 58 degrees and sunny, going up to 75. A perfect summer day! 😀

          • Anita,

            No matter what stat you show, “whites” commit more crime.

            Under your perverse doctrine, we should jail all whites on sight.

        • You do not have to expect better, BF…you know exactly where I come from and you know I am right….the reason you know this….is because if you were here and some one approached your wife or children….you would not hesitate to defend. I also know that you would profile because that is the only problem here….but I will take each and every country and city and I will research it thoroughly….and I will not sanitize the numbers nor cherry pick the counties… It will prove me out.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      D13, the proper way to deal with these 11000 criminals is to ensure the people are prepared to defend themselves. A stack of 11000 dead criminals would put a quick end to this kind of activity. Throw in three times that many, separate, put on sign on the stacks of smelly dead bodies. put on billboards throughout Texas “This is what happens to criminals in Texas”.

      • Gman….we feel this way but that is not the way to handle it because there are innocents involved….the true immigrant that is looking for work. But, not as BF surmises, the demographics has changed….what we see as boots on the ground, is that the demographics are that the illegal crossing the border now is almost evenly split. It is not one out of 100 that is the criminal….it is running about 60/40 (non violent/violent) I am not willing to accept the 40% non violent…..if it was one in a hundred, that is different but it is not that way……….regardless of the numbers posted by the Feds….those numbers are out right lies and the lies are created by nomenclature.

        • oops……what should have been said….”I am not willing to accept the 40% violent”.

        • D13,

          Typical brain farting.

          The stats show you so wrong, but it doesn’t matter. Facts do not matter to you because your racism rules.

          You are so deep in the nonsense, you can’t tell the difference anymore.

      • Gman,

        I agree.
        Dealing with Criminals is race independent.

        The problem with JAC and D13 is they pretend it is race dependent.

  38. gmanfortruth says:

    Anita, this is for you. Flag, you probably shouldn’t watch this video, your head might explode: http://www.truthrevolt.org/videos/bill-whittle-case-israel

    • He also won’t acknowledge that Israel fires in self defense and Palestine fires on offense.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I would not go out in the woods and poke a 500 lb bear. I would get my ass kicked, if not killed. It seems that common sense is being misplaced by insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

      • Utter bullshit.

        You believe a people whose land is stolen, their children slaughtered – who have no army, navy, or air force are on the offensive

        Your world view is sick.

  39. gmanfortruth says:

    Now, in all fairness, the other side of the story: http://scgnews.com/the-gaza-bombardment-what-youre-not-being-told

    There is always two sides to every story. 🙂

  40. BF….here is one of the problems in reporting…..“While decreased crime as measured by the index crime rate is encouraging, it is neither an accurate reflection of all crime in Texas, nor does it properly illuminate the threat posed by criminal enterprise organizations operating in Texas,” said Director McCraw. “Contemporary organized crime is increas-ingly transnational, opportunistic, and hidden. Drug smuggling, human trafficking, extortion, corruption, and kidnapping are just a few of the crimes commit-ted by criminal enterprise organizations that are not reflected in Index Crime reporting. Greater partici-pation in NIBRS will provide increased accuracy and utility to Texas crime statistics.”

    • D13
      ““While decreased crime as measured by the index crime rate is encouraging, it is neither an accurate reflection of all crime in Texas, nor does it properly illuminate the threat posed by criminal enterprise organizations operating in Texas,” said Director McCraw. ”

      So facts don’t matter, just perception.

  41. You Bill Whittle video is idiotic.

    So a people who claim being punished for who they are can punish a people who are innocent.

    More mental sickness.

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