3AM? Where were you?

I have some friends that are/where Hillary girls.  Big fans who thought she could do no wrong.  There was this viral pic of her on a plane, wearing dark sunglasses checking out her Blackberry..  Funny that doesn’t make the rounds anymore.  Reality is it was a publicity campaign meant to build/enhance her image.


And it worked well until reality caught up with the image.  Benghazi was her 3am moment & she showed herself to be what she accused Obama of, unprepared & unable to deal with a crisis in real time.   What difference does it make?  One difference is you have proven you are not able to take that phone call, no matter what the hour.  Has Obama kept control over foreign policy?  Who makes decisions like going after Osama Bin Laden?  Isn’t one of the rules of a conspiracy that you all stand together or will hang separately?


And now Hillz & Bama have “hugged it out”.


Glad that went so well.  Seems like most of the nation is looking at a president & Sec of State that are complete incompetents.  He does his best work on the golf course ignoring other nations issues, lest he be tempted to “help”.

Makes me wonder about our phony media and the sheeple that embrace  illusion.  Two PR guys have a few drinks talking about how awesome is Hillary.  I don’t think I could ever get drunk enough to believe any of that bulldookey.




  1. I am always amused at people who look to politics to solve their problems, but then discover no matter who is their political messiah, the problems are never solved.

    It does not click at all in their minds that perhaps politics and politicians are no better, and indeed the worse, at solving any problem they have.

    Instead of pretending that distant others have some power to fix your problems, perhaps it would be better to focus on solving your own problems yourself.

  2. 😎

  3. To all swimmers in the ocean,,,,,,,when you swim with sharks, be prepared to be bitten. If a shark bites you, it is because you are in their territory providing a food group. It is not the fault of the shark. The fault is yours for being there.

    To all bear hunters…..when you hunt bear, remember that you are also the hunted. If a bear attacks you in its domain, he/she is not a rogue bear out to destroy mankind….you are a basic food group. Meat on the hoof. Do not be mad at the bear and demand annihilation.

    To all journalists……if you go into war torn areas to interview combatants, be prepared to be kidnapped and/or beheaded. If this happens it is because you are in their territory and you have put yourself in danger. No one gives a rat’s ass if you are a journalist, you are a target and you are placing yourself in a position to be exploited. It is not the fault of extremists…like the bear or the shark, you are in their territory.


    • Had same conversation with #1 son this am. He has to watch news for science assignment this week. Looking for any science stories or commercials. Watching FOX several times the refereed to the journalists as an innocent victim. He entered several war zones to report. He actively became a participant. His choice, his passion in a career. Does not excuse the terrorists, but he was not innocent.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good day Colonel.

      In order to maintain my integrity on these issues I must disagree with your conclusion.

      BOTH are responsible for their own actions. STUPID does not beget EVIL actions of others. But these journalists and others do in fact create the situation where they can and will be exploited.

      Hope all is well in the great Republic of Texas.

      • Well, I guess I need to be a little more explicit……I did not mean to infer that the extremists are innocent….just that the beheading would not occur if they were not in the area, Much like a shark does not take a bite unless you are in the water. …..but there are no innocents. I hate it that it happened just as I hate it when anyone becomes a meal in the ocean or in the forest.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          No reason to clarify. I knew what you meant.

          Just making sure that some in our group understand I am being consistent, and not hypocritical wink, wink.

  4. Just A Citizen says:

    Like I said, there are multiple story lines converging in Ferguson.

    This time the RAMBO Mentality is revealed for all to see.


    • Just A Citizen says:

      Upon further thought, that was an undeserved cheap shot at RAMBO.

      I don’t think Rambo would point a gun at INNOCENT and non-violent people and then threaten to kill them for WALKING.

      Sorry Mr. Rambo. My bad!!

    • This cop was actually threatening media members from Infowars, confirmed by the Huffpo guy who don’t know the difference between an ear plug and a plastic bullet.

      The riots are all planned and the original violence is usually from our own govt/cops. This has proven time and time again. An entire case of 12 molotav cocktails, ready to go was founf by media, reported to the closest cops, only to be told they (cops) don’t have the time. I’m guessing it was theirs to begin with. So goes the BS.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Do you ever stop to listen to yourself? Do you realize how absolutely bizzare that is to suggest the cops were the ones providing the cocktails??

        • It is only bizzare to those who cannot see the light through the thick layer of Bullshit being spread by the government and their paid media minions. Try turning off the MSM and watch the videos and reports from the many independent journalists and alternative media (you can even ignore Inforwars, they are but one of many). The reports of “agent provocateur” are many and backed up with pictures. And YES, it happens and the cops and other members of govt agencies are doing it.


          • Let’s see what happens today as some 38 to 40 protests are to take place in cities across the country. I do not believe for one minute that black Americans want any of these to become violent. Good luck getting any news on this from the MSM. I’ll try and post things as they come available.

          • G, the link is a hit piece on the cops if you ask me.

            what has happened is that there was a particular event in which a lighter-skinned, armed individual wearing police gang colors got into an altercation and shot six times and killed a local man who had dark skin

            are illegitimate and that they nearly always cause more trouble than they repress.

            There is no reason to have high expectations of the police.

            So…you think the police are corrupting a bad situation…that obviously they weren’t up to the task…but then you shout about the use of military force…which you claim to be Martial Law.

            So which way do you want it? The cops handling it? Or the military handling it? Or just let the thugs sort it out on their own…which ends in police action anyway. Doesn’t make sense. It’s like you’re blaming the cops for the actions of a thug. The cops didn’t create the situation.

  5. This idiot Democrat should simply resign for being stupid: http://clashdaily.com/2014/08/vile-mo-governor-calls-vigorous-prosecution-cop-hes-charged/

    Talk about never getting a fair trial. 🙄

  6. Wonder what’s happening on so many topics-IRS targeting conservatives, the VA, Benghazi, Ukraine, the border-for some reason the only stories seem to be on ISIS and Ferguson.

  7. Not saying we should unflood this valley-but making the cities share in the burden of all these environmental laws seems like fair and equal treatment to me.

    Pelosi’s home city exempted from water restrictions imposed on rural farmers

    The Hetch Hetchy Valley was flooded in 1923 to provide Bay Area residents with water. Some say restoring the valley will allow other parts of the state to share in the wealth. (associated press) more >
    By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Wednesday, August 20, 2014

    The Endangered Species Act has wreaked havoc for decades on rural communities, but a newly filed lawsuit could force San Francisco urbanites like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to share their pain.

    A federal complaint filed this week contends that the Hetch Hetchy Project, which supplies water to San Francisco and the Bay Area, has unfairly enjoyed an exemption from the “severe cutbacks” required in rural California in order to save endangered fish species.

    Craig Manson, who heads the Center for Environmental Science, Accuracy and Reliability (CESAR) in Fresno, said the lawsuit is aimed at addressing the “double standard” that forces farmers to give up water in the name of species conservation — without requiring Bay Area residents to do the same.

    Mr. Manson wants the National Park Service to press the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to end the special exemption from the Endangered Species Act (ESA), but “the Park Service just won’t do it.”

    Why not? Jeffrey Olson, National Park Service spokesman, said the agency cannot comment on ongoing litigation, but critics point out that San Joaquin Valley farmers have nowhere near the political clout of San Francisco’s political leadership, which includes Mrs. Pelosi and a good chunk of the state’s dominant liberal power structure.

    “I think the law is being subjectively applied,” said Aubrey Bettencourt, executive director of the California Water Alliance. “California is a tale of two cities. If you added all the agrarian counties of California together in terms of registered voters, that’s not even enough to offset either San Francisco or Los Angeles. There are not enough votes.”

    The Hetch Hetchy Project at Yosemite National Park diverts water from the Tuolumne River dam to a pipeline that sends water 167 miles away to San Francisco. Without that diversion, about 15 percent more water would flow to the Sacramento Delta, which is critical habitat for threatened fish like the delta smelt, the green sturgeon and several species of salmon, according to the lawsuit.

    The Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service have ordered “severe cutbacks” in the amount of water provided to the Central Valley in order to protect the fish habitat, says the lawsuit, but those agencies “have required no such cutbacks for the Hetch Hetchy Project diversions because [the] defendants have never initiated the statutorily required ESA consultations.”

    San Francisco residents may be some of the nation’s most ardent defenders of the environment and endangered species, but they’ve also resisted for decades calls from environmentalists to drain the Hetch Hetchy reservoir, which provides 85 percent of the city’s water.

    “San Francisco is politically powerful in California, and they have been able to fend off Hetch Hetchy lovers for years,” said Mr. Manson. “If that valley, the Hetch Hetchy Valley, were anyplace else, it would not have been flooded in the first place. It just goes to show people are wedded to their own interests even if it goes against their philosophical leanings.”

    While environmentalists have long pushed to drain the Hetch Hetchy reservoir, they’re not exactly embracing the lawsuit. Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity, accused CESAR of attempting to provide more water for “Big Ag.”

    A former Department of the Interior assistant secretary under President George W. Bush, Mr. Manson serves as general counsel for the Westlands Water District, which serves agriculture customers in Fresno and Kings counties.

    “The goal is not to provide more water for fish, the goal is to provide more water for Westlands,” Mr. Suckling contended.

    Mr. Manson stressed that Westlands is not involved in the lawsuit “and in fact may think it imprudent.”

    His nonprofit is dedicated to supporting scientific research “with an emphasis on ensuring absolute rigor and complete transparency, rather than a focus on outcome.”

    He’s also focused on ensuring that rural Americans aren’t the only ones forced to bear the costs of federal environmental regulations. The group’s mission also calls for “consistent application of these statutes throughout all industries and all sectors.”

    Mr. Suckling accused CESAR of “trying to turn urban areas against the environment” by playing the water card in the midst of a drought. San Francisco leads the state in water conservation, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    But Mr. Manson argued that cities shouldn’t be exempt from species-conservation mandates.

    “There seems to be an attitude of, ‘Well, they’re just farmers,’ and some of the more urban jurisdictions don’t care very much about the farmers,” said Mr. Manson. “There are a lot of people who don’t understand agriculture, frankly, and they believe the [rural] water users are the biggest threat to the Delta, and they certainly are not.”

    The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, names the National Park Service, the Interior Department and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell as plaintiffs.

    Debate has raged for years over the Hetch Hetchy Valley’s O’Shaughnessy Dam, which was built in 1913 and flooded the picturesque wilderness under 300 feet of water. Environmentalists have fought for years to drain the dam and restore the valley to its original state.

    “The politicians in San Francisco will tell you they have no other choice, and I’m not sure that’s the truth,” said Mr. Manson. “San Francisco politicians are protecting their turf. They’re not in a mood to share. And with the conditions we have in California today, which we will have for a long time because it’s a naturally semi-arid area, it’s time to share. Share the benefits and share the burdens.”

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/aug/20/lawsuit-asks-san-francisco-to-share-pain-on-green-/?page=2#ixzz3B1zYktHg
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

    • Darn-talking about the wanted poster but for some reason it didn’t post by its self.

      • VH, it’s reported that a media outlet has posted a map to the Fergason cops address. Would you like to see all those who have had abortions have their names and addresses made public 🙂

        • No G, I wouldn’t like to see that happen. I can protest against abortion in many ways and none of them require I have the name and addresses of people who have had one. If one requires that information they are not protesting they are trying to do or cause additional harm.

  8. Interesting development on Gov Perry……affidavit published by the very integrity unit that he defunded…..says: Perry has done no wrong. We find no wrong doing and that the suit is unwarranted.

    • When the Democrats do what Perry did, it’s politics. Not so much when others do it, which is why it will likely be a “not guilty” verdict or simply thrown out of court.

  9. http://www.lawofficer.com/article/lifeline-training/open-letter-captain-ronald-s-j

    I’m not the biggest supporter of cops who abuse their power, as most of you know. I don’t support thuggery or barbarianism either, skin color matter not one wit. In the Ferguson case, with the info that’s available, I lean towards believing the cop was within his authority in this incident. I’m disgusted with the MSM and their coverage, which I think has led to worse violence had they not reported on it at all.

    I also think the cops overreacted hugely to the protests. They seemed to have the “let them loot, get it on film” attitude to justify their actions. Did the govt use “agent provocateurs”? You bet, as many reports have stated so, using eye witness’s in many cases.

    Obama is an asshole. His comments were over the top stupid. That goes for the idiot MO governor too! Never let a good crisis go to waste. Martial Law, whether it was called that or not, was the defacto actions of the government/cops. Shame on them for allowing it to happen and shame on all those who participated in such actions. They should all know better. Let people protest, deal with those who are violent. Instead, they attack the innocent. Only where the Dems are in charge will this garbage happen. See the problem yet?

  10. Let me see here…..Obama says ISIS is nothing but a organization of “common street thugs” and are nothing more than a “loosely organized gang to be dealt with on a law enforcement basis”.

    Hmmmm……so send the FBI after them…..oops, there are between 85 and 110 thousand of these “loosely organized street thugs”….but what the hell….there is no need for the military for a bunch of law breakers……

    What is that just reported said today…..from the head of the FBI? ” The POTUS does not understand…this is not for law enforcement.”

  11. I think in Ferguson alone, you have brought out almost every reason this country is in the shape it is in. From victimhood, to media idiocy, to race hustlers, to pandering elected officials, to name a few. And now this:

    • FYI – the all caring, reproductive justice Ms. Richards is the head of Planned Parenthood, that benevolent organization whose very mission is to go after and destroy the life of the black child in the womb.

      Just can’t make this crap up.

      • I like how they make up the rules as they go. That “moveable red line” that Judge Janine talks about.

  12. I have put up a new page covering the Ferguson shooting & violence. Hope all will copy their relevant post there & we devote a page to this while it’s timely and an abundance of information is now out.

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