Economics of Jihad

It appears we are starting to target the oil ISIL is selling to support there activities.  I think that is a great start.  I wonder though about our Arab partners & their motivation.  Are the Saudi’s worried about the military threat, the cultural/religious threat, or is it all about the money?  And we should apply that same question to the US and all the others that want in this fight.

Another possibility to consider, the Saudi’s have been exporting their extremists since the seventies.  Might have been a smart policy at the time, encourage them to leave and be someone else’s problem.  Now that problem is “coming home to roost”.  (Tnks.  Rev. Wright for the phrase)

Being a simple man, I think the simple answer is follow the money.  It’s all about money and power.  None of the players involved care about any of the lives lost or about to be risked.  The current strategy of hitting hard targets insures a large number of these terrorists will fade and scatter.  They will live to fight another day and the next battlefield may be closer to home than we will enjoy.


  1. Why do you think it is a great start?
    Why do you think YOU should involve yourself in affairs 3,000 miles away?
    Why do you care about the Saudis? Do you know any of them?

    Yet, you call yourself a simple man.
    Yet, you call for action which create infinitely complex consequences, almost all of them bad for you.

    Do you really think about your position?

    • I do not support the current attack on Syria. I think our actions amount to waging an illegal, undeclared war. BUT, I do agree the tactic of hitting their oil revenue is sound. The point I was trying to make on this is, why did it become so urgent to us and our partners in this conflict? The Saudi’s, Iran and a few others fund terrorists millions of dollars each year. ISIL decides to cut out the middle man and seize some major oil wells and direct sell it themselves. Just like the first Gulf War, economics is the real reason for most wars.

      • Why do believe depriving the innocent people of fuel is a sound tactic to attack an “enemy” force?

        You admit that the forces there receive independent funding – yet you believe this action will inhibit this. How do you reconcile your contradictions?

  2. “The current strategy of hitting hard targets insures a large number of these terrorists will fade and scatter. ”

    Yes, you have historical evidence that this works.

    Oh, actually you have historical evidence of the opposite – it has never worked.

    But never mind, you are insane. Continue the same failure pretending it won’t fail this time.

  3. Nice civilian commentary in GB of what is going on in the mid east. Great letter to the editor.

  4. Just A Citizen says:
  5. Eric holder is resigning?

    • Yes! Time to bombard Darryl Issa with E-mails demanding he recall Holder who will then have three choices:

      1. Tell what happened with Fast and Furious (and a couple of other things)

      2. Take the Fifth.

      3. Go to jail directly from the House Hearing Room after he is declared in contempt, cuffed by the Sgt. at Arms and lead away doing the perp walk.

      Seems to me if we can throw journalists in jail for refusing to divulge their sources something which they may just have Constitutional protection on (sort of), then it’s the least we can do for the civilian Eric Holder.

      Sigh! What a wonderful dream.

      • I have heard that this is due to a court ruling requiring he fess up some info that will likely kill his career anyway. He may be tried and convicted in the long run, only to have Obama pardon him. Best case, drag it out so the trial lasts beyond the President, convict, lock in jail, throw away the key and weld the lock. He is nothing than a criminal POS anyway and an embarrassment to the Nation.

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.”

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    “The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.”

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    “Let me give you a tip on a clue to men’s characters: the man who damns money has obtained it dishonorably; the man who respects it has earned it.”

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    I suggest everyone take the time to read and digest this entire article/speech.

  10. Just A Citizen says:
    • All of the idiot AGW crowd would lose their mind if they had to live like the Amish (this is what they are asking for). The sad part, none of them would last a week.

  11. Just A Citizen says:
  12. Just A Citizen says:

    Just a slight overrun on that propaganda budget.

  13. Thoughts to ponder (or many a question or two) 🙂 What exactly did ISIS do again that has led to military action by the US? How exactly were they a threat to the US again? Speaking of dropping bombs in Syria, if Obama had an “R” after his name, the Liberal’s would be screaming bloody murder and marching in protest all over the place, but……..not a f-ing peep! Hypocrits 🙄

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Geopolitics, they pose a threat to Iraq and then Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States.

      That is the only connection to the US. And of course this is really all about OIL and who gets the money from selling it.

      ISIS poses a threat to the “Balance” created by those who think themselves smart enough to arrange the chess pieces of the world. Despite these pieces occasionally doing what they want, regardless of our desires. They continue to think they can control the world.

      It is the fundamental and traditional PROGRESSIVE view of politics.

  14. David Skekabim says:

    @ SK

    The Christian right wing folks have been in a bit of a stir regarding the gay marriage issue, one of them recently suggesting in an article that homosexuals and gossipers deserve the death penalty.

    When I read these types of things, I have to wonder where this backwards thinking comes from. What in the world would make someone who follows Jesus take such a position?

    Here is an excerpt;

    ” The church is not a Christian congress or Supreme Court. The laws of God cannot be overruled or deemed unconstitutional.

    Of course, we ALL break those laws and being a homosexual doesn’t make a man a sinner any more or less than being a gossip. Both crimes deserve the death penalty, and only the one who relies on the righteousness of Christ can escape it. ”

    The idea that gays deserve death comes from Leviticus, which was supposedly written by Moses, …never mind the evidence within suggesting that it was written a bit later in the 7th century BC by ______.

    So, what this man is suggesting is that because an undefined author from 2700+ years ago said that God said that gay people deserve to die, all notions of civility and respect toward our fellow man, Jesus’ message of love and compassion, and the laws governing modern society, are null and void because of the righteousness of Christ that is apparently in stark contrast to the old covenant as per Leviticus that he uses to justify murder.


    He doesn’t reason it out as you would, citing psychology or the potential for social degradation and whatnot. No, …his argument is purely religious, contradictory, and arguably somewhat abstract. He is justifying murder of a nonviolent subculture based on an ancient idealism prescribed by ______.

    But lets not offend him by calling it bigotry. And don’t even think of calling it asinine evil irrational backwards bullshit. Because it doesn’t work in the interest of a reasonable dialogue, if people like that can be reasoned with against their multi-trans-generational brainwashing.

    (I wonder what the author thinks about radical Muslims using religion as an excuse to behead ‘infidels’.)

    While the argument in favor of allowing gay folks their legal equality is pretty solid, it isn’t so much about that to me. For me it is about trying to understand the mindset of 800 million to 2.1 billion (up to 4 billion) people, and gauging how they respond to conflicts between modern society and/or within their religious beliefs.

    If they will get so worked up over something so simple that conflicts with their religious beliefs, what would happen if the religious beliefs themselves, the philosophical foundation of whole civilizations, were called into question in way that is nearly impossible to dismiss and arguably difficult to understand?

    Considering how unreasonable they often are, my guess is that they would totally flip out. It is liable to cause mass civil unrest, martial law, economic collapse, mass genocide, war, etc etc. It would be like human nature being used as a weapon of mass destruction to unleash hell on Earth.

    My God, that would totally suck.

    It seems to me that it would be much better to get over our hangups, to Live and Let Live, mind our own business, and otherwise try to LOVE thy neighbor.

    …… hmmmmm ……

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Black Flag

    Moved the discussion to the front. Re, your attack on my definition of a Tax. You see Congress was not granted the authority to raise fees based on the sale or exchange of services. It was only given the power to TAX. All four items listed are TAXES.

    Fees paid to the Govt are general and most are not related to specific services or products. There are a few exceptions, like campground fees or fees to drive on a National Park road.

    “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence[note 1] and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States”

    The definition of tax carries with it a legal consequence for not paying the tax. There is nothing in the definition requiring that such a penalty be anything more than no penalty at all. Perhaps we could place your name on a public list of Tax Dodgers.

    Under VDLG that penalty is the refusal to provide you with the Govt service funded by said taxes. In our discussion that means our Army will not protect your home. You still get the benefit of our Army protecting the country within which you live. But that is your problem, not mine. That is it is your problem to deal with the fact we kept the invaders away from your home despite your claims of not wanting us to do so. I guess you will just have to suffer our charity.

    Furthermore, you are certainly free to get free services you claim you do not want. I expect as with all anarchists, your lack of desire for such service ends when the attacking army enters your community. Then come the cries of “why didn’t the Army keep these guys from invading our community?”

    • JAC
      “your attack on my definition of a Tax.”

      It is not an attack.
      If you purposely misuse the term, it is an attempt to pervert an argument. You are trying to alter violent force to be merely a “fee” – and then attempt to show that government and its works are not an act of violence, but one of merely a choice.

      Doesn’t work.

      Do not prescribe your violent mindset to then use as if it you understand at all someone’s else goals that do not utilize your violent mindset.

      Your envy – and that is what it is – is your sin, not mine.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Actually you have my position reversed. Again projecting your view of Govt onto my argument.

        I do not distort or pervert the definition. I simply remove any harmful penalty.

        What I am actually doing is applying the principle of non initiation of force to Govt itself. Govt has a monopoly on the use of legal force. In a moral society the Govt would necessarily be held to the same moral principles.

        So the Society deems it beneficial to raise an Army and to set a Tax that would fund such an Army. This is approved because the vast majority view it as moral and appropriate. So they “voluntarily” pay the tax.

        Those who do not wish to pay do not have to pay. Coercion of force is removed.

        This has the added benefit of holding the Govt Army program in check. Because if the cost becomes to high or the money used badly, more and more of the public will withhold the tax.

        The same holds for all taxes and programs under such a system. Thus the PEOPLE have the final VETO on those programs and whims enacted by the legislature.

        The innocent are not deemed “guilty” of violating a law AND subject to “legal force”. Such force is restricted to retaliation against “criminals” who violate the rights of others.

        My envy? What a load of crap. If you want to have a dialogue on these important matters then do it honestly.

        • JAC

          “Again projecting your view of Govt onto my argument.”

          It is not a “view”. It is a DEFINITION.
          You want to change the definition of a concept so to present your argument without the constraints of the truth, then you will ply the concept to be the opposite of itself, yet retain it as you see fit.

          “Revolution in the form”.

          Sorry, nope. Government does not suddenly change because you mis-define it for yourself.

          “I do not distort or pervert the definition. I simply remove any harmful penalty.”

          I do not distort the definition, I merely remove the parts of it that I don’t like, but keep the term.

          “What I am actually doing is applying the principle of non initiation of force to Govt itself. ”

          A contradiction. Government requires as a necessity the initiation of violence.
          To apply non-violence to government makes it “not a government”.

          You are trying to claim “not a government” is a government. Contradiction.

          Try again.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            You are hilarious. You create your own definitions all the time. Your very definition of Govt is just one of many, but used by those of your political view point.

            You have even twisted your own meaning of violence from time to time to justify you viewpoint.

            My arguments rest on my definitions just as yours rest on your definitions. The purpose of definitions is to establish clear understanding. Not to dictate the outcome of the argument.

            You are now resorting to attacking my definition because you don’t like it. Well if you do not like my use of “tax” then call it a “fee”. It makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE to the base argument.

            Now to address your flawed viewpoint on Govt itself. Govt does not “require as a necessity” the initiation of violence. There is absolutely nothing in the general concept of Govt that requires “initiating” the use of violence against others.

            And using your own definition of violence, attaching your paycheck to pay back taxes is not an act of “violence” .

            • JAC


              “You create your own definitions all the time. Your very definition of Govt is just one of many, but used by those of your political view point.”

              No, I don’t. I apply definitions CONSISTENTLY. You hold a fairy tale view of gov’t, hence, you make fairy tale definitions.

              ” It makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE to the base argument.”

              What nonsense!

              You pretend “that which is forced” is the same as “that which is voluntary” – thinking such a small difference does not change your argument!

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I maintain the MY tax is voluntary. If you want to call it a fee the so be it.

                Now try to show how I am trying to force you to support my life, when I have clearly stated that I will not use force to get you to pay for the Army. The same Army that will protect you as it does me.

                Deal with the primary question, if you can.

                • JAC

                  “I maintain the MY tax is voluntary. If you want to call it a fee the so be it.”

                  Then it is not a tax, so stop calling it that.
                  Otherwise, you are presenting an agenda of “Revolution in the Form” – trying to convert evil into something good, so that the evil is acceptable.

                  “Now try to show how I am trying to force you to support my life, when I have clearly stated that I will not use force to get you to pay for the Army. The same Army that will protect you as it does me.”

                  An Army is a creation of a State. It can only exist by the extraction of taxes. Taxes are not voluntary.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        My revolution is not in form but of substance.

        My tax is voluntary. My Govt Army is paid for by VOLUNTARY payments made by the Citizens of the Nation State in which I live.

        You can not use your definitions to undermine my proposition.

        My Govt still has the monopoly on the use of “legal FORCE”, so it is in fact a govt.

        However, there are no laws allowing “legal force” to be applied to those who do not wish to participate. “Legal force” is restricted to moral and ethical situations requiring the use of said force.

        • JAC,

          It’s just nonsense.

          You want to twist a definition to suit your agenda.

          No game, sir.

          If you want to save society, words must have meaning.

          You want to change the meaning, and hence, you will destroy what you want to save.

        • JAC

          ” “Legal force” is restricted to moral and ethical situations requiring the use of said force.”

          Who determines what is legal?

          • Just A Citizen says:

            The PEOPLE decide, via their representatives.

            • So, nothing new.

              A bunch of people elect an idiot, regardless of those who didn’t want him.

              This idiot, now empowered, need not consider anyone else, and makes laws to his benefit, that everyone, including his detractors, are now forced to obey “or else”.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                You forgot the key part of the proposition. The PREMISE that the Nation is inhabited by a Moral People.

                So there is something new.

                But here is the real test. If this is nothing new then neither is your proposition that No Govt will ever be established. At least not in any location with more than a few dozen people.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        What makes anyone moral?

        Same thing applies to my society.

        What makes your society moral?

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    A link for you to give your lefty friends who may have fallen for the latest accusation that a Colorado School Board is trying to throw out real history in favor of patriotic mush, or whatever the latest claim is among these donkeys.

  17. Alright BF, They’re not 3000 miles away anymore. They’re damn near right smack in the middle of the country. You just called me insane, idiot, and any number of other names only a couple weeks ago It only took a couple weeks for it to start happening here. Care to walk your comments back at all? Can I be scared now? Or am I still a hypocrite? And speaking of hypocrites….I’m just as tired of that word anymore as I am tired of the word racist. Both sides are guilty of throwing that word around. Obviously, everyone is guilty of being a hypocrite, because no one is perfect. So could we just delete that label, right along with racist?

    Condolences to the family of Colleen Hufford and best regards to Traci Johnson. That’s some scary shit…coming to a neighborhood near you. 😡

    • Call me what you want…..I don’t care! I’ve turned the other cheek for 20 years now. It’s eye for an eye time.

    • Anita

      You are utterly insane.

      Your government ships thousands of troops and operatives 3,000 miles away to destroy nations and you believe the people who live their are now YOUR problem at your home.

      You can’t find them. But that doesn’t stop you. You believe in ghosts, and are more then willing to kill more of them over there – the thing that kinda started the whole problem – believing it will solve the problem killing them over there created.

      Utterly bat-sh*t crazy.

      • They are the same people BF! They’re here. Now. I didn’t call for them. I don’t see our guys over there wielding knives either. They made themselves my problem, not me. Why can’t they pick on someone they’re own size? See how far that gets them. Wish you would quit covering for them. They can be evil..but we can’t fight back? If you didn’t notice…leaving them alone for 20 years (just starting with WTC ’93) didn’t work.

        • Anita,

          You’re belief in ghosts will destroy you.

          You do not see “your guys” wielding knives. Instead, the wield bombs, tanks, drones, jets, machine guns. To you, the former is just horrible, but the latter is a better way to kill.

          You made them your problem. Iraq did not invade the US, YOU DID.
          Why don’t you pick on someone your size!!

          You are evil. You attacked them, they did not attack you. You have not left them alone for 20 years – you have been twisting them, attacking them, killing them for a hundred years.

          Yet, you blame them.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I wonder if you realize that your entire argument validates the view you attack. Namely that all Mulsims share the same belief and tendency to violence.

            The US did not attack all Muslims nor the religion of Islam itself. Unless Islam is as its critics portray it. The ISIS did not exist in Iraq before we invaded this last time. This is also one or yours and others arguments.

            Yet now they invade Iraq because we bombed “them”.

            You Sir, are stereotyping the very people you are trying to defend against stereotyping.

            • JAC

              More nonsense.

              You pretend an action, as perceived by the victims, is not the cause of the response.

              So, you use your confusion to justify more of the same action as a solution to their response.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                What I believe is this. There are some involved in the jihad movement who actually think they are retaliating against attacks by the US.

                There are some who have simply swallowed the radical view as the Prophets dictate. The Taliban did not come to power because we attacked them. Yet they imposed their view of radical Islam upon the people. KILLING INNOCENT folks who did not abide their viewpoints.

                There are some who think they can use the jihad movement to their geopolitical advantage.

                There are some who are simply disenfranchised by the power structures of their own States and see this as a chance to gain some validation and power of their own.

                There is a mixed bag and your claims that the jihadists exist only as a response to our “attacking them” is pure ludicrous bull shit.

                I think that equally applies to the claims it was our support of Israel that caused this. Again it is a mixed bag. And you forget how little the Arab world really cared about the Palestinians when it came to providing them with meaningful help. Like a place to live in peace.

                • JAC

                  “The Taliban did not come to power because we attacked them. ”

                  They came to power by the same consequence being plied against them.

                  The fact that the cause of ISIS has been the destruction of Iraq and other states is undisputed. To believe that the same destruction will now solve the consequences of that destruction is insanity.

                  Palestinians are not Arabs. The Arab nations DO CARE, hence their actions. Because they are not as powerful as the States that imposed upon them does not create a “non caring”.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I couldn’t just post the link so I just removed the entire thing. Hope that works for you.

      I would only caution you to not over react to the thing in Oklahoma or another report of someone else considering beheading.

      I say this only because it appears these are deranged people who have reached to the radical view of Islam to rationalize what they would have done anyway. That is murder people for little reason.

      Now that said, I am sure there are some of the jihadists among us. Your desire to remain alert is RATIONAL.

      • Works for me and thanks for allowing me to be rational! Sparty On!

        • Just A Citizen says:


          My dear lady. I do not “allow” you to be rational. That is entirely up to you.

          Sorry for the nitpicking. I know what you meant and, your welcome.

          • In the meantime…you broke SUFA! 😉

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Explain please. I see nothing wrong on this end.

              • Some of the posts went to their own boxes…not as a reply…but now I don’t even see them…BF responded to me, forgot what he was blustering about ( 🙂 ) but then I asked him “what million”, which then appeared seperately…and now they’re both gone.

              • …..and now they’re back…right where they were to begin with.. I know I’m not seeing things!!! 😉

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I finally saw it after logging out and then back in. I think I have it fixed now. Apparently deleting your picture post cause the problem. So I restored the originals and just edited out the link.

              A very strange thing indeed.

    • Anita, the little Jihadi wannabe was taken down by a person legally carrying a concealed weapon. Hint Hint 🙂

  18. While the German media has been at least as propagandistic as the US/UK media in its resurrection of wild, Cold War-style rhetoric over the Ukraine situation, cracks are beginning to appear.

    Satire, humor, and ridicule have always been among the best forms of social critique, and the below clip lampooning the information war over Ukraine is among the very best.

    When people laugh at government propaganda, truth begins to break through. It was true with the Soviet Union and it is true today in the west.

    Watch and enjoy — turn subtitles on at the “cc” button on bottom frame:

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Or it could be the same as the satire that was produced by the Communist sympathizers of the early 20th century. Just an attempt to ridicule those who understand the truth.

      So how do you tell the difference?

  19. Just A Citizen says:


    What the heck is Sparty doing playing Wyoming?? Shame on both programs for scheduling this game four weeks into the season.

    • Don’t ask me. We have a real lame schedule this year…so does Wisconsin…and Michigan…and what was Michigan doing playing Utah last week, though I’m glad Utah whooped some Wolverine tail! You should hear the screaming for Hoke’s head around here..Funny!

  20. Just A Citizen says:


  21. Just A Citizen says:

    test 3

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    test 4

  23. Speaking of Palestine BF…a friend and I were throwing questions around about Palestine. I never did research..can you give me the lowdown..without bogging yourself or myself down in research…just if you happen to know off the top of your program/head 😉

    When did Palestine have it’s own defined territory/land/country?
    Who was Palestine’s president?……no not Arafat
    What was the name of their ‘dollar’?

    Inquiring minds want to know….and yes I know I’m a gluton for punishment. 😉

    • “When did Palestine have it’s own defined territory/land/country?”

      They have had many currencies, as has the US. Currently, the most used currency is the US dollar and the Israeli Sheqel

      President, Mahmoud Abbas

      • Thanks, I’m lame. I could have done that. I was really trying to get at the question of …

        Is Palestine accepted as a sovereign country. and from your link it looks like the answer is no..until a couple years…and even then it looks like only a cursory mention of it being its own state. Sooo ( here’s where I’m in for it)…What’s all the fighting about?

        disclaimer…I’m waiting for my computer to absolutely break in half.. been beating the daylights out of it for months to make it cooperate.. just took 10 minutes to get on.. and my hands hurt more than the machine…so if I don’t respond you’ll know why 🙂

        • “Is Palestine accepted as a sovereign country.”

          By nearly everyone except Israel, the US and certain US puppets. The vote something like 138 in favour to 9.

          Was it a “state” before? Well, the concept of a state is recent, circa 1700’s. Empires ruled prior. So it’s like saying the US can’t exist today because back in 1600, it wasn’t a State.

          Palestine was a contiguous, defined territory. It has been a region, a nation, a province, and now a State.

          Remember, the same is said about Israel too – or pretty much every country on Earth.

          I mean, do you believe Poland isn’t a country because it was really merely a province in the Russian Empire?

          • Ok I get it. I have a better understanding of how how it works now…I still stand with Israel. Don’t get mad and call me an idiot, lol. 😉

            • David Skekabim says:

              Why do you “stand with Israel” ?

              • Because my imaginary friend named God told me so..and he’s always right. Don’t h8! I’m not even going there with you.

                And because there has to be a starting point for there to be an end to it. I’ll start with 1947 or 68 when the UN and the world decided it was ok for Israel to stand. Everything previous to that , to me ,is noise. The UN and the world said GO and that’s the way the ball bounces. And what I see from there is Israel in defensive mode, and I can’t blame them for defending themselves from terror…that being from any number of characters…Hezbollah, Arafat and his clan, now Abbas and his posse. Whoever. That’s just the way I see it.

                • Anita,

                  How convenient to start “your date” so specifically. Kinda helps you ignore the atrocities, huh, and allows you. with your perverse moral dictates, an easy sleep at night.

                  But since you start your thinking there, then the Holocaust has no meaning to you, so the claim they need a “homeland” to prevent this occurrence doesn’t carry any weight with you either.

                  Oh, darn. It does.

                  Damn tough to live in contradictions, they always bite you in the ass.

              • But my default position is biblical, and you won’t buy that, so I have to start somewhere. I’m starting with an accepted secular time.

              • I have the word of God and the blessing of the UN and the world to back me. I think that’s pretty strong basis for my stance. I aint easy being Israel. Let them have their teeny tiny strip of land! You have the entire rest of the planet to fight over. I’ll never get that. You have the entire rest of the planet..get over it. I don’t want to here the part about …well if someone took a teeny tiny strip of X would that be ok too….. It’s been decided. It is accepted. It’s done. To keep beating a dead horse…til you think a different outcome will majically appear seems….INSANE! Kinda like you beating us over the head with your ‘voting doesn’t work’ speech. We keep voting….Israell keeps standing….and the sun rises tomorrow.

                • The mental disease that infects you is serious

                  ” Let them have their teeny tiny strip of land!”

                  Yeah, them in Gaza have a lot more, huh?

                  The violent pro-Zionists are utterly mentally sick. It is sad you are among that group, Anita.

                  I pray one day that the terror and sickening bias you deliver upon others will not return to you. Sadly, though, the world will not forget, and your children will suffer badly for your errant attitude.

              • Dang, its still early after a late night. Scratch ‘ I aint easy’ (which I’m not ) and swap for ‘It aint easy’

              • I’m not spreading terror BF. I’m letting them live. But thanks for the prayers. I can use them. And I return the favor to you, seriously.

              • How? They can live too. Just…over there. And last I knew Israel is letting them live too, right along side them..on their teeny,tiny strip of land, even though they have their own strip of land…over there.

              • Dang BF! You didn’t have to go there. I know you’re passionate, but I freaked because I accidentally made a CARTOON get blasted to the world. I don’t need to see a child’s brain to understand your passion.

              • And what do you promote BF-you have no sense of balance-if you are against us stopping ISIS does that mean you promote the mass killing, torture, and rape of anyone who doesn’t agree with these people. You think if we just walked away all these things would stop or am I just supposed to just say no skin off my back I don’t live there.

                • !!BALANCE??!!!

                  I do not promote any of that.

                  To pretend that using the methods that created this condition will stop it, is UTTER STUPIDITY at the maximum

              • You promote it just as much as Anita promotes the crap you lay at her feet and everyone else’s-you seem to be under the illusion that your views somehow make you neutral.

                • My views are NOT neutral.

                  They rest on the oppressed, the slaughtered, the disposed, the victims of evil. I am on THEIR SIDE, and ridicule those who under some color of religion, or self-righteousness or evil benefit or pure stupidity hold the other.

            • I stand with Israel too, and Palestine too, and all other people who wish to be able to freely express their choices in how they wish to live their lives.

              I condemn Israeli immoral, criminal and evil action on the Palestinians as the Israeli methodology to achieve this expression.

  24. David Skekabim says:

    @ Anita,

    ” Because my imaginary friend named God told me so..and he’s always right. Don’t h8! I’m not even going there with you. ”

    I believe in a God. I see truth in La Byblos. And I don’t hate on religion. I am, however, absolutely terrified, completely exhausted, and VERY frustrated with the burden I carry.

    It means something different, Anita. Don’t waste your time with religious nonsense.

    • I pray for you too Bot…errr David, honestly. I know you’ve been stressin. Hope you find some inner peace.

      • David Skekabim says:

        Thank you, Anita. I appreciate the sentiment. But don’t bother.

        What I need more than anything is answers. I need to figure this out. I also need all the people who have been following me around, who knew all this stuff about me before I did, to dispense with the bullshit games and cryptic messages and start talking straight. (…that, a fat joint, and a fine woman that likes to fuck a lot.)

        With regard to your idealism and support of Israel, what I am looking at says that it means something a bit different. I am only trying to figure out how it got there.

        It is the weirdest thing, Anita. I will get this tingling energy in my spine that feels like (for lack of a better term) spiritual constipation. I will get very irritable, mad as hell and manic depressive for a few days. Then (usually upon waking) something will just ‘click’. I’ll go look, and it is exactly where I expected. It is totally messing with my head. I mean, …what ARE the odds of that many things lining up that perfectly? Why am I doing these things?

        Sometimes I feel as if I am going to explode.

        • David Skekabim says:

        • Well. That fat joint would probably take care of the need to explode. I suggest you find one before you do explode. You’re on your own to find your fine woman. Keep your story to yourself or you’ll run her off and you will never get to f at all. 🙂

          Your story above has lots of ‘its’. What is it? Is it a tangible thing or a mind thing? You refer to my support of Israel as an it. That makes it a mind thing. But then when you wake, you find it. That makes it a tangible thing. Are you by chance, over thinking it? Making it a problem where there was none? I think the it you’re looking for is plain happiness. Have you ever considered that it (happiness ) is not a place or thing, but a journey? Is it possible for you to blow off the noise (cryptic messages, your creepers) and just be oblivious to all that stuff? I mean, if you’re not in fear of your life,(and you’re still alive after having stressed for how long now?) then why do you let stuff rent space in your head? Why beat yourself up? For what? Do you feel you deserve it? I don’t! Please don’t take offense. I’m not trying to minimize your problem by any means. I’m just on the outside looking in. But since you are not dead from ‘it’..’it’ doesn’t sound so tough. What about PTS? Notice I dropped the D..because (easy for me to say) by drooping the D , you’re not really labeled, and can live with PTS…just like everyone else who has stress. Doesn’t the VA have some resources for guys with PTS?

          I dunno David. I’m just guessing and trying to be there for you. Kinda difficult on screen and a thousand miles away. If I’m guessing right, you’re way south of me. But if you ever find your way near Detroit, look me up. I’ll listen to you.Only rule is hands off me and no heavy metal noise 🙂 Maybe that’s what you need anyway..change of scenery, blow the cobwebs out some, something different to occupy your time and mind. Peace and best wishes.

          • ………and now you owe me a hashbrown…just make it a whole breakfast..because I burned my while writing to you! Sucks to be me right now 😉

          • David could come visit me as well. Nothing will mess with him up here 🙂

            • We should just all meet somewhere near…oh I don’t know…VH’s crib! She’s half way between all of us! Yep, that’s the plan. Party at V’s house.

          • David Skekabim says:

            @ Anita

            Simply put; I found a great big cryptic message in the form of a loop with a 3000+ year diameter. The content, context and implications are staggering, …by anomalous statistical improbability alone. It is basically a massive collection of a set of data of specific correlating/corresponding information.

            I am not sure anyone can see what I am seeing. I will try to demonstrate with a hypothetical equivalent…

            For several years, you randomly encounter anonymous strangers who know exactly where to find you and what you’re doing. They always have a weird smirk on their face when speaking to you.They know things about you. They visit you on times and dates having to do with the numbers 420 and 71. They use the word Grace in sentences a lot. Often repeating it several times in one sentence, or being somewhat obsessive about the word grace. You notice the patterned behavior, but do not understand it. You ask them and they give you BS answers.

            You don’t know what to think. It freaks you out. So you do whatever you can to avoid them. You tell you family and friends about them, only to be accused of being crazy or delusional. You call the authorities and ask them if they know anything about it. They also dismiss you.

            One day you find others experiencing the same things with the same types of harassment. All of them have also been accused of being crazy. But you all know there is something more to it.

            Years later, you’re goofing around with your name and the bible code.

            I presume you’re familiar with the bible code. By order of probability, finding “Anita” in the bible code is no big deal. Like anyone else, you can probably find it in there thousands of times.

            Let’s say that your birthday is 4/20. And you find “Anita” with an ELS(spacing) number of 420. So, just for fun, you check out the graph matrix (the part that looks like a crossword puzzle) of Anita with ELS 420.

            While you’re looking at it, you notice next to your name, the letters LOI and JAC. So you start scanning the page to notice there is also BF, GMAN, BL, VH, Kathy, Plainly, etc.

            Curious, you print it out and take a highlighting marker to it, only to discover that it is all written in form to spell the letters SUFA real big across the page. What are the odds, right?

            Blown away by this, you start digging a little, more. You discover that Anita can be found in that book of the bible exactly 420 times.

            You find another matrix that has Anita along with the names of your family. And another one with your street name and address, etc etc…

            You keep digging and discover that that particular book was written in 420 BC. You dig some more and discover that chapter 4, verse 20 is a description of the meaning of the name Anita (means ‘grace’)

            By this time, you are tripping out. Not ready to accept it, you dig more as to confirm you are not just crazy. You directly translate Anita into Hebrew, and calculate the the gematria number (71). You then go digging to discover that every chapter 7 verse 1, also uses the word “Grace”.

            You keep digging to realize that the word “Grace” is used exactly 71 times. and that there are exactly 420 verses between each use.

            You start to find some of these chapter 7 verse 1 with ambiguously perfect messages, saying things like “The 71st woman of GRACE will decendith from heaven and discover the 4 hundred and 1 score(420) secrets of the holy papers” …which is exactly what you’re doing as you read it.

            You add up the Gematria for that verse and discover that it equals 420 using one method, and 71 using another. …and has exactly 71 letters.

            You count the letters and discover that the 4th 20th and 71st letters are your initials.

            You look into the Kabbalah meaning of those letters and discover that they mean GRACE.

            Over and over and over again, you find multiple interwoven layers of the same information. Anita, 420, 71, Grace.

            Without telling them what you discovered, you go ask religious folks what they think about those verses. You discover that they all think it is describing some demonic evil bitch that is going to cast a spell on them and turn them into pigs, because that’s what their book says. And that they are all looking for her so that they can kill her when she shows up.

            When you simply suggest that it could mean something else, they curse at you and call you names. They reject you and accuse you of being evil. They hiss at you and chant.

            You start to feel rather uneasy about people waiting for the evil bitch who is going to turn them into pigs. You do research to discover that there are a billion of them, none of which will accept anything other than someone with the name meaning grace and the number 71 is going to turn them into pigs.

            They are all scared shitless and waiting to kill you, all 1 billion of them. And they are all around you. Your neighborhood, city, country, planet, etc. They are your friends, family, the people you know and love.

            And they are very very angry and scared. They do things like rip down signs with the number 71 on it. They spray paint “Evil Bitch!” on the street sign of every highway with the number 71. They vote for people to outlaw the use of the number 71 or anything closely related. They refuse checks for 71 dollars. They all refuse to name their children Grace. They accuse the local governor named Grace, who happens to be born in 1971, even though it isn’t her. They also accuse the local pastor of being “Grace” because she was born in a town called Grace, and she just happens to be 71 years old.

            Realizing the absurdity of their superstitions and actions, you try to reach out in order to rectify the situation. But it does no good. They are insistent, stuck on superstition. No matter what you say or do, they believe you are going to turn them into pigs, and are set on killing you.

            You realize that you are basically fuct, that unless you find a way to turn them into pigs, you’re going to be hunted and ripped to shreds by a bunch of superstitious idiots. You become angry at god, depressed, paranoid, etc. You can’t eat or sleep right. It totally wrecks your life or any chance of happiness.

            Then one day, you discover a spell that is supposed to turn people into pigs. You test it on the asshole that gropes you at the grocery store, and it actually works.

            At this point, you are shitting your pants because the reality of the situation. You have no interest in turning people into pigs. You just want to live your life and be happy. But you know that if you must turn them into pigs, you certainly will as an act of defense.

            You start to notice things like graffiti saying ” Turn them into pigs, Anita 71- They deserve it! ” You don’t know who these people are or what they are really up to. You can’t trust it as support, because they won’t talk to you, even though they obviously know who you are. They could be up to anything. They could just be trying to provoke you to turn people into pigs.

            But you don’t want to turn people to pigs. You just want to be a good mom.

            Then one day, someone anonymous calls your cell phone and says “We know who you are, and we’re going to tell the whole world ”

            What do you do?

            Well, you either turn them into pigs before they hunt and kill you, or you wait until an angry mob forms outside your home, THEN turn them into pigs.

            The only other option is to blow your brains out as to avoid having to turn all the evil idiots into pigs. The problem is that one of those verses says that you are going to survive blowing your brains out trying to avoid turning them into pigs.

            What do you do?

            • Oh, this one’s easy! I do it regularly. Just WAKE UP! You know the dream about someone constantly chasing you, and you can’t get away fast enough, and everyone you know in the dream is too busy to help, or they act like they don’t know you….yeah… I got tired of that one…just let the bad guy get you… you’ll wake up before you actually die. Then you’ll feel stupid. Then you get on with the day. Same thing with heights. The older I get the more I hate them. Can’t even watch the mountain climbers looking over the cliff, or the guy changing the light bulb at the tip of the lightning rod who has to take a selfie up there first. I can’t do it. So in the dream about falling from some ridiculous height… tired of that one too….just fall and get it over with…then you’ll WAKE UP before you die. Simple.

              Whoever is after you..let them get you. It would solve a lot of problems for you. You can finally have some peace of mind. Quit chasing that 3000 year’s not there. If the bad guys wanted you dead, you’d be dead by now. So I’m thinking that you are looking for a problem that doesn’t harm you. Or…resign yourself to the fact that you’re just cursed, and since you’re not dead, let them do the chasing and just laugh them off….cause they haven’t killed you…and they won’t. Their problem, not yours. Whatever it is…you’re def spending too much time thinking about it. In the meantime life has run past you. So now what do you have? Nothing.

              Time to get busy living or get busy dying….bonus points for movie reference.

              That’s all I got.

              • David Skekabim says:


              • Wrong answer.

              • David

                I will admit, I do not know what to think when you say these things but I will tell you a couple things. First I do believe that there are evil forces at work in this world. Second, I do not believe that the Bible does or would push you to do evil. So whatever these people or forces are pushing you to do or making you feel forced to do—- shouldn’t be done!

                The only other advise I can give is to get on your knees and ask God to help you. Admit your lost and scared and need him to help you. God BLess

                • V.H. and David,

                  There are evil forces at work in this world, and worse, there are people who support that evil.

                  The “Bible” does push people to do evil. It becomes the justification to do evil upon others by the claim that words in that book, somehow, make such evil into good. One merely need to see the arguments for the existence of Israel at the life and property of innocent people.

                  David, do not get on your knees.
                  Instead, pick your self up and stand.

                  You are not lost, and you do not need fairy tales to help you.

              • David Skekabim says:


                Cut the shit or STFU

              • David Skekabim says:
              • David Skekabim says:

                All of them

              • David Skekabim says:

                @ VH

                Thank you for your concern.

                It’s not really about that. I don’t so much pray to a god, but rather meditate and tune into it.

                People have been messing with me for a while because I am a freak of nature or something. I just want off of this shit-hole.

              • Your welcome David. But no, I do not understand-tune into what?

              • David Skekabim says:

                ” But no, I do not understand-tune into what? ”

                I don’t know exactly.

                There is something beyond the physical ‘carnal’ world. But you have to try to separate your mind from all things carnal in order to move closer to it. I think it also helps to do things that allow your mind to be free of stress, to allow you to be at peace, to find harmony with life. Whatever that is for you, …like simply indulging in some Celine Dion to lighten your mood.

                Personally, I like finding a nice dark safe quiet spot, close my eyes and ‘let go’ so to speak. That is my way of praying.

                For a lack of a better definition, it’s like tuning your soul to inch closer to godliness. It is basically gnosticism I guess. I don’t necessarily have a need to define or understand it, but rather simply feel it.

              • I know almost nothing about meditation-I have read good things about it and I have read bad things about it. Have you studied up on this practice? Have you heard of “The Dark Night of the Soul”?

                I think you should if you haven’t. Somehow I think it is important for you to be able to answer that question-tune into what? Before you open yourself up to who knows what.

  25. This weeks NFL picks:

    Miami over Oakland
    Ravens over Panthers
    Green Bay over Chicago
    Houston over Buffalo
    Indy over Tennessee
    Lions over Jets
    Steelers over Tampa bay
    Chargers over Jags
    Minn upsets the Falcons
    49ers beat Philly
    Saints over the Cowboys
    Patriots over KC

  26. Anita, VH, Black Flag has his opinion, nothing more. He copies and pastes and link from the sites he believes in, as do all of us. He seems to claim mental superiority, but, it’s just his own claim to nothing. I have written how history can always be refuted, which is done quite often these days. Stick with your ideals, as long as you are happy with who you are.

    Flaggies anarchist ideals are wonderful. In a perfect world, they would be……perfect. The problem is , we don’t and will never live in a perfect world. The anarchist ideology is a dream that will never (almost) be lived (short of an almost extinction event). So, all the rhetoric is useless and solves nothing. However, living as close to those ideals are a great way to go through life. 🙂

    Nobody is perfect, myself included. NOBODY!

    • Anarchy does not require perfection.
      YOUR system does.

      Anarchy recognizes that men are men.
      YOUR system, a system were you grant power to a few men, expect these few to be angels.

      Anarchy does not see angels.
      It is a system that retains power to the individual, dispersed, knowing that a few are not angels, but will not have the means to exercise their evil broadly.

    • Anita, VH, too continue, Flaggie also has CRS, because if not he would know it’s not MY system and I don’t like any more than him. But, when one is so stuck on himself that he doesn’t read what’s written fully, and totally fails to remember what’s been written in the past, his opinion, is just an opinion.

      But for clarity, I wrote ” Flaggies anarchist ideals are wonderful. In a perfect world, they would be……perfect. ” That’s pretty clear, is it not? Then I went on to explain how it will NEVER exist in this age because the world is far from perfect. This is simple reality. It would be a much nicer world if it did exist, that I do believe.

      I still will NOT vote in the corrupt Federal election fraud called voting, totally useless. Locally, it may be a different story, dependent on the situation. (I know I have stated this some several hundred times over the years, nothing has changed) 🙂

      Good Morning to ALL 😀

  27. A current subject that could use some discussion:

    Not what the Idiot-N-Chief said, but rather the “driving while black, walking while black” mantra that seems to crop up all the time. I would agree that it does exist within many police forces. BUT, there is a reason that it exists. It’s that reason that should be discussed and changed. As usual with all the Race Pimps (Obama included), they refuse to talk about the problems that lead to the problem they whine about.

    • Saw a good excuse the other day. When it was pointed out that 12.5% of the population commits over 40% of the crime, the defender of the indefensible said it was because of the police “occupying” certain neighborhoods. Something like “of course they find so any guilty people, if they patrolled other neighborhoods with the same intensity, they would catch the same number of criminals there.” Still scratching my head over that one.

  28. Here I go out of town for four days and what do you all do… allow a beheading in Oklahoma City area and it is workplace violence even though the woman was beheaded for not converting to Islam? Another man in Oklahoma City has threatened beheading and they are calling it……copy cat.

    THEN……you have a POTUS that says…..the intelligence service blew it and, therefore, underestimated the strength of ISIS…..Bush was stupid for following the intelligence of WMD but Obama gets a pass? Typical….

    You have “boots on the ground” but the POTUS says there are indeed advisers Being sent in…they may wear boots but are not “boots on the ground”…….AND then you have armed advisers ( the same as Vietnam ) but they are not combat troops…..even though they are troops and they shoot.

    Then I notice, while sitting in restaurants or just about anywhere….families sitting at a dinner table, Mom, Dad, 2 children….each armed with cell phones…and each in their own worlds…..

    I don’t get it.

    • yes, a family dinner with four cells with people texting throughout the meal. Here in NYC, you have four kids walking down the street, line abreast just like we did fifty years ago but they are not talking to each other, may be texting each other but not talking. Beginning to think that any kid out there who can learn to communicate the old fashioned way is going to make a bundle in the future. The masses will be so unfamiliar with it that he or she will be easily able to sell them swampland in the Delta or beachfront lots on Mars.

  29. Remember the warning that I gave about the border….and people laughed. If I remember correctly, they thought that the idea of the Old Ellis Island was…what was the term…restrictive and unnecessary…….that there was no reason to screen people trying to get into the United States…

    Hospitals in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles are all saying….ENOUGH ALREADY… have to patrol and stop people at the border!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason is that completely new strains of influenza and what is termed ” non polio virus ” never before seen in THIS part of the world….are suddenly showing up and children are so infected by it that the emergency rooms are full and they are having to divert to other hospitals….That these children that are crossing the border and are being sent to school infected are causing local children not exposed to get this virus……

    Sigh…………..not to mention the introduction of TB now showing up in large numbers.

  30. Texas has decided that the school lunch program is a bunch of crock…..and have said that the children can opt out of the lunch program and bring whatever they want from home….there will be NO FOOD POLICE in Texas schools.

    The AMA and the CDC have all said that there is no addiction factors to salt and sugar and that they are choices and taste…and that Michelle Obama’s claim that salt and sugar are addictions to children is…..well…….bull shit.

    So, bring your children to Texas and you can eat what you want.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The Rangers showed up at the end and along with the Mariners play almost got Seattle into the playoffs. Right down to the final game. Oh well……next year as they say.

      Obama vs. Bush: Bush had Honor in not publically calling out his subordinates. Obama not so much. The LEFT hates people with Honor and love people who “apologize” all the time. Obama’s constant finger pointing amounts to their version of a public apology. And of course he is calling out those the LEFT hate anyway. Namely the military and the intelligence agencies.

      Then again I could be wrong and they are all so invested in the silk tongued devil they just can’t admit their hypocrisy.

      It is interesting that the harder left wing sites, like Daily Kos, are starting to ramp up their criticism of Mr. Obama. But they are faced with toning it down for fear of undermining some Dem Senate races.

  31. Oh…on a lighter side……..This morning I decided to stop at the local ” Mickey D’s ” for a large Dr.Pepper…..the price was $1.08. At the drive up window, I presented a $10 bill and 8 cents. I got the strangest look from the cashier as she stared at the ten dollar bill, in one hand, and 8 cents in the other hand. She then tried to hand back the 8 cents and said that I already punched in the $1.08. I am supposed to giver you back 8 dollars and 92 cents. I was not gonna let this go….and I said, no….all you have to do is give me 9 dollars. I was determined to hold up the line until I made my point ( I was feeling feisty this morning ). I told here that all she had to do was put the 8 cents in the till and hand me nine bucks. She said it would make her drawer short. So I asked for a supervisor….she complied and went and brought back her supervisor….To which I got the answer….” Sir, you are holding up the line “…..let her make the change according to the computer. I said. no maam….I want nine dollars back…I do not want 92 cents in change.

    The supervisor got visibly upset…and handed me the 10 bucks and 8 cents back as well as the Dr. Pepper and said to please move on. ( To which I did with my free Dr Pepper and the knowledge that our future is going to be run by people that cannot make change and supervisors that would rather giver something away for free instead of teaching a cashier how to count out simple change.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Now I must try this to see what I can get for free.

      I do wonder if the “computer” decides whether the till is not correct instead of the ACTUAL money count. Wouldn’t that be the irony of all ironies.

      Years ago I was denied a cup for water at a theater. I was told that they inventoried the cups and that was the basis for reprimanding the employees for “giving away soda”.

      Not the volume of soda sold vs the revenue, but the number of cups at the end of a shift.

      Classic Central Planners.

  32. Huge debate on radio……..the topic is about the beheading in Oklahoma City.

    Here is the question….” If a person, dressed in uniform, representing an extremist group lops off the head of a reporter……why is that terrorism and a person, recently converted to Islam, lops off the head of a co worker because they would not convert to Islam…..considered “workplace violence” ?

  33. HAve a question…….If President Bush went to war because intelligence told him that WMD’s were there…..

    President Obama says intelligence is at fault for ISIS and goes to war….

    One is a liar and the other is………………………….?????????????????

    • Bigger liar.

        • bad link

          • Ooops! This is from our SUFA-ite friend Ray, via FB:

            Oldie but goodie from Amazon – review of Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme 200ml: “After having been told my danglies looked like an elderly rastafarian I decided to take the plunge and buy some of this as previous shaving attempts had only been mildly successful and I nearly put my back out trying to reach the more difficult bits. Being a bit of a romantic I thought I would do the deed on the missus’s birthday as a bit of a treat.
            I ordered it well in advance and working in the North sea I considered myself a bit above some of the characters writing the previous reviews and wrote them off as soft office types…oh my fellow sufferers how wrong I was. I waited until the other half was tucked up in bed and after giving some vague hints about a special surprise I went down to the bathroom. Initially all went well and I applied the gel and stood waiting for something to happen.
            I didn’t have long to wait. At first there was a gentle warmth which in a matter of seconds was replaced by an intense burning and a feeling I can only describe as like being given a barbed wire wedgie by two people intent on hitting the ceiling with my head. Religion hadn’t featured much in my life until that night but I suddenly became willing to convert to any religion to stop the violent burning around the turd tunnel and what seemed like the destruction of the meat and two veg. Struggling to not bite through my bottom lip I tried to wash the gel of in the sink and only succeeded in blocking the plughole with a mat of hair. Through the haze of tears I struggled out of the bathroom across the hall into the kitchen by this time walking was not really possible and I crawled the final yard to the fridge in the hope of some form of cold relief. I yanked the freezer drawer out and found a tub of ice cream, tore the lid of and positioned it under me.
            The relief was fantastic but only temporary as it melted fairly quickly and the fiery stabbing soon returned .Due to the shape of the ice cream tub I hadn’t managed to give the starfish any treatment and I groped around in the drawer for something else as I was sure my vision was going to fail fairly soon.I grabbed a bag of what I later found out was frozen sprouts and tore it open trying to be quiet as I did so.I took a handful of them and tried in vain to clench some between the cheeks of my arse. This was not doing the trick as some of the gel had found it’s way up the chutney channel and it felt like the space shuttle was running it’s engines behind me. This was probably and hopefully the only time in my life I was going to wish there was a gay snowman in the kitchen which should give you some idea of the depths I was willing to sink to in order to ease the pain.
            The only solution my pain crazed mind could come up with was to gently ease one of the sprouts where no veg had gone before. unfortunately, alerted by the strange grunts coming from the kitchen the other half chose that moment to come and investigate and was greeted by the sight of me, arse in the air, strawberry ice cream dripping from my bell end pushing a sprout up my arse while muttering…” Ooooh that feels good “. Understandably this was a shock to her and she let out a scream and as I hadn’t heard her come in it caused an involuntary spasm of shock in myself which resulted in the sprout being ejected at quite some speed in her direction. I can understand that having a sprout farted against your leg at 11 at night in the kitchen probably wasn’t the special surprise she was expecting and having to explain to the kids the next day what the strange hollow in the ice cream was didn’t improve my status…So to sum it up Veet removes hair, dignity and self respect…”

  34. Well now, what will happen if this ends up in court?

  35. Are the one’s in charge Liberals?

    I would guess yes. 🙄

    • Just A Citizen says:


      First, the proper noun used in the article several times is “National Forest Service”.

      I assure you that no such proper name exists in the Federal Govt.

      And a proposal like this would come from some bean counter or possibly even a Cato Institute type thinker who views the commercial use of scenery an asset the tax payers should be paid for.

      There is not enough information to comment accurately other than it appears to be tied to “commercial” photography and thus a “commercial use” of the National Forests.

      Now I find it obnoxious on many levels, but you should understand the thinking behind it. And if timber companies must pay to use the wood from our forests for commercial use why shouldn’t a photographer have to pay for their commercial use?

      • I can understand a company paying to harvest a natural resource that they will profit from. I just don’t see photography of what is just natural scenery as harvesting a natural resource. How would any govt idiot know what pictures are for profit or not? One doesn’t have to be a pro to sell pictures, any 12 year old could learn to do it. One does have to be a pro to harvest timber, big difference to me. Like I said originally, Liberal’s will tax anything, I don’t know of any Conservative who would propose this with any semblance of a straight face. Do you? 🙂

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Yes I do. Many in fact. They proposed such things to get back at the left for targeting grazing and timber harvest. In fact you will find it was “conservatives” who pushed for higher recreation fees and other special use fees to make the fed’s handling of assets more “equal” in approach.

          Commercial recreation must pay special fees beyond what you pay. The views of these places is part of the natural “assets” of the forest and parks.

          It is easy to tell who is gaining commercial value. Just look at the pictures SOLD for various reasons. Including calendars, posters, framed prints, etc, etc.

          Did you know it is ILLEGAL to take firewood from a National Forest and then SELL it to someone else? That is a “COMMERCIAL” use as opposed to you burning it for “PERSONAL” use.

          • JAC, I have sold pictures for a calendar and I’m no different looking than you when sightseeing. So I disagree with your “they will be noticed” idealogy. A simple example is pulling up on a checkpoint in Texas looking for illegals. You nor I look Mexican, but we will still get pulled over and asked unconstitutional questions (it happens everyday). The govt is not known for applying common sense in their decision making.

            To add a little, I don’t agree with people paying to utilize what is already theirs to begin with. We pay taxes, the Feds need to manage things within those revenues (which they cannot and never will). We’ve been through this before, so let’s not go back. Fees for commercial use is different, when it is CLEARLY commercial. Photography is not anything that can be clearly defined, unless one’s company name and logo are plastered on his vehicle and clothes. I’ll stay with my opinion on the photography issue.

            As far as Conservative wanting taxes to get back at Liberal’s, they aren’t Conservatives except by name only. I would NEVER vote for any moron who proposes a tax to get back at someone politically, it is F-ing stupid to the core! You get back at Liberal’s by getting them fired or reversing their laws, not by charging people MORE MONEY for anything.

            As is asking for more fee’s to make the Feds handling of asset’s more equal, utterly stupid. The Feds can’t be made to do anything by making people pay more money. This must be something that occurs West of the Mississippi, only on the left coast could things this bizarre be proposed. 🙂

            • Just A Citizen says:


              You misunderstood my “easy to identify” comment. Not the people standing in the woods, but the people who SELL the photos.

              The two examples given in your link are well known, as well as the fact that the iconic photos of those locations would involve Federal Lands.

              So when they show up in a Calendar the Feds need only pursue WHO sold the photos.

              Shows you how small thinking they are though. They should be pursuing Licensing Fees for use of the photos, not permits to take the pictures.

              • Shows you how small thinking they are though. They should be pursuing Licensing Fees for use of the photos, not permits to take the pictures.

                I think I’m taking you wrong, but, this is the most anti-freedom thing you’ve written. Maybe….Maybe they should not pursue anything as they work for the people who pay their wages to manage their property. In other words FU@& the Feds!

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I am not advocating, I am explaining.

                And applying the same concepts in a more logical manner. Showing that the central planners aren’t even very good at efficiently meeting their own stated goals.

  36. What? Oh! Preparedness? No. I don’t worry. I don’t even think about it. I’ll work it out if it happens to me…… 😡

    • How bout you G? Have you ever considered being prepared?

    • I could see where a lot of people, especially those in liberal areas, would view this as a good thing. Remember Hurricane Sandy? Days of warning but limited preparedness even when they lived yards/blocks from the ocean. I can see those residents not only liking such a government service but expecting one.

      Please, my almighty government, protect me from my ignorance/laziness.

  37. Will the NFL be called Islamaphobes now?

    I don’t care if a player prays briefly after a TD, regardless of religion (if Islam is actually a religion). However, the rules state celebrations (including prayers) of any kind cannot be done when the player leaves his feet. The penalty is a good one and is equally applied. I hope the NFL don’t cave to the politically correct goons on this.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The NFL Officials have already stated the penalty was WRONG. Praying is not part of the ban on celebrating while not on your feet.

      I give you players who kneel on one knew and pray……..NO PENALTY has ever been thrown on them.

      So I think your PC accusation is seriously misplaced.

      • After reading more, you are correct. Prayer is allowed. I’ll hold on the PC accusation to see how many want the Ref’s job for throwing the flag 🙂

        • I agree with JAC. Let them celebrate. I think I read that was his first NFL touchdown. Something to be thankful for, for sure. Spike the darn ball, take a knee, ass in the air, whatever you want. It’s spontaneous celebration….just make it quick and get on with the extra point.

  38. I think Glenn Beck has a good point. I’d like to hear BF’s response. Why do we have and accept such immoral behavior, especially towards women, gays, and really, anyone that doesn’t espouse to their view of their “religion”? The bigotry of low expectations, as he says.

    • We have laws to deal with behavior deemed immoral. Just need to get the Liberal Judge’s to enforce them.

    • Wonder if Moderator Michelle is the same Michelle from Twitchy. Pic looks like it could be.

    • Kathy,

      You never have to accept it. But acting upon others to *enforce your beliefs* is as evil as those that you complain about, especially if you *deem a large group* for the acts of individuals.

      It is so very difficult and dangerous to calculate *your actions upon others* when you have *no or whimsical principles* guiding those actions.

      Before you act, you must first think, and must think clearly and consistently working from root principles.

      Until you have done the root work, it is much more likely you make worse the condition you dislike, then solve it.

      • But here’s the thing – you always come back with the “acts of individuals” thing. It is more than a few random acts. Do you deny that Islam treats women fairly? How do you reconcile your past relationship with the knowledge that the behavior she/you were engaging in could readily have resulted in her being stoned – and the first stone could very well have come from her father/brother/close family – with others applauding?

        There is something very warped about the beliefs of many Islam followers. It is not peace, not freedom, and it isn’t just a few random individuals. It’s convert to my beliefs or die.

        • Kathy,
          ” you always come back with the “acts of individuals” thing.”

          Yes, I do

          Look, it is unarguable point, a fact of the Universe.

          All human action is individual.

          You are not a robot nor a machine, that has no brain, and does not “think”.
          You choose your ideas and your actions.

          “It is more than a few random acts. Do you deny that Islam treats women fairly?”

          Agree. Lots of people abdicate their own choices to someone else.

          Islam was the first major religion to enforce women’s rights. In fact the Koran demands it.

          Does that mean proclaimed adherents to Islam follow their own principles? No.
          Hell, proclaimed Christians, even on SUFA, do not follow their Christ’s principles! Why do you demand others are some how more evil?

          It is absolutely sickening that people use their own perversion to justify evil, no doubt.

          But this is not a singular condition of only Islam, but a condition of a broad base of all humanity.

          The working solution: discovery of human principles without contradiction.

          It is in the contradiction of one’s principles that all evil is created

          • Just A Citizen says:

            So if my principle is Rule of the Jungle, I am evil if I contradict my principle by showing compassion to a potential victim?

            • Do you accept that rule to be applied against you as well?
              The “Might is Right” rule?

              If you do, then go for it, and let the chips fall where they may. They will eventually end up with your destruction.

              That is why “Might is Right” never created civilization – the end game is always a loss.

              That is why “Do unto others as ye wish do unto you” prevailed in civilization, as the end game is mutual gain.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                And that is why your claim that contradiction creates the evil is wrong.

                It is the principle itself that is evil, not its consistent application.

            • If you show such compassion, then that isn’t your principle, is it?

              You obviously have a superior principle in play, one that makes the choice between “jungle” and “compassion”. What is that principle, because that is closer to your root principle then the former.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Not at all. My act of compassion could be just a whim. An emotional response rather than a principled response.

            • And that is the core, what people believe is their principle is often not at all – it is a choice.

              They use a superior, but inarticulate principle to make that choice. But that principle exists, nonetheless.

              So when they mouth “freedom” then work to destroy freedom for others, they are do not have a principle of freedom, but they have another principle at work.

              Often, they know what that principle is “freedom for me, but not for you”, but the great sin of “Dual Morality” exposes them, so they want to hide it from view. It is nonetheless the principle they exercise.

  39. I don’t understand-How does this happen-as soon as it became public knowledge that this piece of crap is the babies father than his guilt is proven-so why in the world isn’t he in jail-and why wouldn’t his parental rights be automatically forfeited. Has this world just completely lost all it’s common sense.

    • There is no common sense.

      Did you hear the outrage that one of the Duggars (mom? daughter? don’t watch the show so don’t know who she is) visited the Holocaust Museum and wrote an Instagram on how precious all life is. The pro-aborts went crazy. But the worst might be this thread. These women are in so deep, that killing is justified for them to be equally able to walk away as a man can, from a pregnancy. You just can’t even……

      • Glad I saw your post before I posted mine because there are two Duggar threads going on at Twitchy today, similar topics but still different. Made me think of VH. V..the discussion on this thread will really give you comfort that all hope is not lost in this abortion debate. The hate on this threads involves a comparison of the Holocaust to Abortion. It’s pretty interesting.

          • I’m thinking the abortion crowd are pushing to hard-getting too angry-the people are starting to realize just what the right to an abortion means-I don’t think most people like what they are finding out-so trying to make abortion just a run-of-the-mill activity just may be a step to far and hopefully will backfire.

            • I really liked this guy’s answer. He stayed with this train of thought several times .Made me wonder what Buck and Matt would say in response.

              If you understand principles then you recognize that it’s entirely irrelevant when you personally believe life begins. However, your argument was based on when you personally believe life begins. That’s how I know you are unclear on what principles are…in this case the principle is “life”, and on that principle you can either be “for” it or you can be “against” it.

              These were good too.

              Just a “clump of cells” so why do people get so freaked out about it? Have your abortion and move on. Oh that’s right, it’s a “deeply personal and heart wrenching decision.” Wait….what? I wish these pro-abortion people would make up their minds.

              Piping plover eggs, Loggerhead sea turtle eggs, Humpback chub eggs…all federally protected… human fetus….nope.

              I’ve read many articles on abortion, I’m sure you’ve read more 😉 . but this Twitchy discussion brought out comments that I’ve never been able to get into words. It was nice to see so many on one thread.

              • Hmmm, they are interesting quotes but where are they-I read all the article you posted but didn’t see any of those comments. Did you post the right thing or am I just missing something?

            • You have toget into the comments to the article. I just went back there..they’re still adding comments today…had to scroll to the second and third pages of the comments to get to these particular ones..guy with the principles comment is James Lisek. The other comments are further past his.

      • Doesn’t seem to be much common decency left either.

  40. Just A Citizen says:
    • Survival is a very powerful instinct-will make us both very protective of our own and very cruel to outsiders. This is pretty much what I envision when I think of anarchy. the tribal mentality and might is right all rolled up in one.

  41. David Skekabim says:
  42. Been seeing this in different forms all this year. Every time I come across something similar, I cop an instant attitude.

  43. David Skekabim says:

    @ VH

    ” I know almost nothing about meditation-I have read good things about it and I have read bad things about it. Have you studied up on this practice? Have you heard of “The Dark Night of the Soul”?

    I think you should if you haven’t. Somehow I think it is important for you to be able to answer that question-tune into what? Before you open yourself up to who knows what. ”

    Oh, I have no doubt it is something good or godly. It feels too right not to be.

    It is in the same realm as the feeling you get when you see a sailor reunited with family after along deployment. Or when you are making love to your spouse. (And I’m not talking about the physical gratification. I mean those times where everything is all perfect and you’re really feeling it, when you’re right in the zone.) It is similar to the feeling of peace and inspiration you get from listening to Beethoven or Celine Dion. Gospel maybe?

    Meditation is just one means of trying to connect to it.

    It is part of what The Bible teaches as well. A lot of the influence stems from earlier cultures practicing gnostic paganism and from Egyptian mystery schools, mystic Judaism, some of the eastern religions, etc.

    A lot of Churches sell a literalist interpretation that coerces you with a threat of eternal torment for not professing a belief they prescribe, or that one day a man is going to take over the world and chip everyone, then get beat up by ‘Jesus’ who comes from the clouds to take those who claim a specif doctrine or who have a particular lineage to another dimension of tranquility, while the rest are thrown into hell. …or something like that.

    It’s all bullshit.

    What it really is, from all things I have gathered, is a poetic metaphor describing the stages of spiritual enlightenment to eventual ascension and connection with God. There are about a gazillion ways to describe it, none of which are sufficient. Receiving the fire, slain by God, receiving the holy Spirit, Illumination, enlightenment, etc etc… Same thing, different words.

    It is all describing an internal spiritual battle that happens in stages. You experience spiritual death and rebirth, then begin the incremental process of attaining higher knowledge and an eventual connection to God. …or something like that.

    From my understanding, it appears as if parts of The Bible which were originally intended to describe this, have been altered butchered or lost in translation through a steady progression of time and mixing cultures, and often in favor of organized religious power, …not necessarily about how to find God. I also see parts with double or triple, quadruple meanings and/or a prophetic context.

    The false prophet and beast are the animalistic parts of your nature and that part of your being which fools you into valuing things that manifest into evil. You are slain by God, and go through a turbulence/tribulation, an internal struggle/jihad.

    The man/woman of sin is revealed, which means that you have to take an honest approach on a deeper, more spiritual, level and identify with all your flaws and weaknesses, to admit to yourself and be in touch with your humility, and what a piece of shit you are sometimes. You hit rock bottom in the relation with the self and God. You end up cursing God and everything else because your ego doesn’t want to let go.

    But this allows you to ‘see’ the evil enemy within, thus able to discern between good and evil. It is when the spirit of Christ is revealed to you. You escape the bottomless pit of internal chaos and hell to ascend or move toward the spirit of Christ/holy spirit/god whereby you accept what is loving and righteous and all things good.

    It is the transition between spiritual death and re-birth, a cleansing of your sins, a shedding of evil, and/or the desire to work in repentance.

    You establish a connection with God. You are ‘raptured’ or adopted into the ‘kingdom of heaven’ as a ‘child of God’, where you are no longer inhibited and are free to nurture the soul, to learn and ascend to eventual mastery of things spiritual.

    If you deny the spirit of Christ, you deny becoming a child of God. You reject the adoption and become an ‘antichrist’.

    When I read phrases like “Behold a Pale Horse”, I have little doubt that it in some way symbolizes that stage of spiritual rebirth where you feel a certain disconnect with the physical realm. It is almost as if you are dead (pale like a ghost) and just inhabiting a body.

    Jesus was apparently familiar with these ideas, and it shows in stories like the one where he got all pissed off at the churches for using the tithing to build the church instead of doing good works for the poor. The actual building is just a medium to facilitate good works, and not to be the center of focus. The people are the true temple of God. Doing good works nurtures, celebrates and glorifies the temple.

    Hence part of the why of the recommendation to study the bible in small groups like a book club. Forget the hype, study and discuss among people you’re comfortable with. GET THE MESSAGE about the path to God.

    The same thing exists today. Churches are more like a business trying to bring in as many people to donate 10% so they can build mega churches to spread the evil false gospel of fear and hate, build neon Jesus Christ Superstar signs and gymnasiums, and buy media and politicians to legally harass and hate on strip clubs, Muslims, and gay people.

    Christian? Pfffft What did Gandhi say?

    Don’t listen to those brainwashed idiots who instil and prey on fear. You’re not going to get possessed by fairy demons for not adhering to their nonsense. For all general intents and purposes, they are the modern physical manifestation of false prophets and antichrists. And for no other reason than because they will reject anything but what they were taught.

    • If what you speak of is so good and wonderful-why are you so unhappy and why do you continue to make comments that make it sound like you are close to suicide or homicide?

    • “A lot of Churches sell a literalist interpretation that coerces you with a threat of eternal torment for not professing a belief they prescribe, or that one day a man is going to take over the world and chip everyone, then get beat up by ‘Jesus’ who comes from the clouds to take those who claim a specif doctrine or who have a particular lineage to another dimension of tranquility, while the rest are thrown into hell. …or something like that.

      It’s all bullshit.”

      “You establish a connection with God. You are ‘raptured’ or adopted into the ‘kingdom of heaven’ as a ‘child of God’, where you are no longer inhibited and are free to nurture the soul, to learn and ascend to eventual mastery of things spiritual.

      If you deny the spirit of Christ, you deny becoming a child of God. You reject the adoption and become an ‘antichrist’.”

      Please explain the difference between these two statements-one you proclaim as BS and use very negative words and the other you declare with seeming joy.

      • David Skekabim says:

        …Because while one sounds like a completely irrational bizarre and counter-intuitive fairy tale, …the other I recently lived through.

        • Well I haven’t died but I have felt the power of receiving the Holy Spirit. So that isn’t a good enough answer in this discussion 🙂 What does accepting the spirit of Christ mean to you? Do the words “are no longer inhibited and are free to nurture the soul, to learn and ascend to eventual mastery of things spiritual. ” How do you do this, are there any no no’s or do you just do what you want? What does “reject the adoption and become an ‘antichrist’.” mean. Are there consequences to rejecting the spirit of God?

          • Maybe a better way to say this David-is read your words-do you not see that you are saying basically the same thing. There is a distinction between accepting the spirit of Christ and not accepting the spirit of Christ-Christianity tells you what that distinction means-So you tell me what does it mean in your spiritual journey?

          • David Skekabim says:

            It means as I explained above. The consequence is spiritual ignorance and/or retardation.

            Avoiding sin is about avoiding the manifestations of evil that stem from our behavior and decisions, or any otherwise presence of it in the world around us. Sin creates hell. That is why things like the Ten Commandments are laid out in terms of human behavior relative to God. It is ancient interpretation of spiritualism through practice.

            Why not covet thy neighbor’s wife …or boat or car or house or anything else?

            Thoughts lead to actions, eyeballing starts, then flirting, …then an affair and jealousies, that if continues will inevitably result in all sorts of bad things like broken families, violence, legal drama, and a whole list of other adverse conditions through cause and effect.

            …like an evil ripple in a pond of people’s lives.

            The idea of burning in another dimension forever while being tortured by a horned demon for not being cult X Y or Z sounds ridiculous.

            • So accepting the Spirit of Christ doesn’t mean accepting Christ it is just a..I don’t know a metaphor and Sin simply creates Hell on earth and their is no after-life. Okay, I think I understand your meaning now.

              But really a horned demon-Satan has many names Angel of Light being one of them.

              • David Skekabim says:

                ” So accepting the Spirit of Christ doesn’t mean accepting Christ It is just a..I don’t know a metaphor…”

                Not necessarily. I suppose it depends on how you define it. I personally have little doubt about stories of a holy man teaching such things as a mission from God. The specifics of his identity are in question. I simply do not have a definitive answer, yet. As I have mentioned before, I am more concerned with understanding the message.

                I do not dismiss the idea that metaphors are a part of it. Parables are all over The Bible. The Jesus name etymology and timeline with regard to the development of Christianity around the Hellenistic period suggests some things may/could have been based on a man named Yeshua/Yehshua.

                Jesus is English, stemming from Greek name Iesues, which is a variant of the also Greek name for Joshua, which is the diminutive adaptation/transliteration of the Hebrew name Yeshua, which, coincidentally, falls in line with the gnostic idea of the Christ consciousness, as it means Yah’s Salvation or Salvation of/from God… as in you get saved, you receive salvation from the pit of ‘hell’ through the spirit of Christ, which is a connection to God.

                Just sayin’ …it fits well. And the development of the name itself suggests a period of time to go from Yehshua to Joshua and to Jesus.

                ” and Sin simply creates Hell on earth and their is no after-life.”

                I personally do not dismiss the concept or possibility of an after-life. I do try to avoid defining it with fear-based parameters. I am inclined to believe that sin erodes your soul, which probably doesn’t serve you well if there is indeed an ‘after-life’.

                ” Okay, I think I understand your meaning now. ”

                Hopefully after reading you do.

                ” But really a horned demon-Satan has many names Angel of Light being one of them. ”

                Satan is a another good one to define. From my perspective, it is intended as an antithesis to the concept of the spirit of Christ, often a metaphor representing that which is sinful, or perhaps to describe the nature of evil itself.

                Satanists will tell you it is more about freedom from fear of hell, hence ” Do as thou will ”

                I think it is important to take into consideration the origins of these ideas found in contemporary religion. Before people were commonly literate, many of these ideas were taught through oral tradition or rituals and practices. People used things in their environment with symbolism in nature such as celestial bodies to represent ideas. Their version of bible study was using the heavens as a book to convey a moral or spiritual lesson, or something like representing the process of spiritual death and re-birth by burning a wicker man to coincide with the harvest season in hopes of a plentiful one to follow.

                Believing in a literal demon named Satan that punishes you forever sounds archaic and coercive. It’s akin to suggesting that your soul will be scooped up by the big dipper and suffocated if you steal something.

                Light represents knowledge and growth. What is evil about that?

                ” Be obedient. Don’t question anything. Just do as we ..err.. umm ‘God’ says. Do not seek knowledge or spiritual attainment or else you will burn forever and ever ”


              • David Skekabim says:

  44. So just caught up with comments from above. When are we meeting in Tennessee?

  45. Hmmm, this is short but he has some good points. Muslims (the people/individual) are peaceful; Islam (the belief system) is not.

  46. David Skekabim says:

    @ VH

    Do you remember the conversation about the relationship between Isaiah 7 and Matthew quoting it as referring to Jesus?

    The reason I suggest to dig so deeply into these things is to highLIGHT a means of reasoning through it via implied or omitted details. It is kind of like the style of lettering where you only see the shadows and not actually the letters themselves, only with logic instead of graphics. It’s about being able to see all the little things and question beyond.

    Indulge me, if you please.

    Isaiah 7 starts out by describing a different time period several hundred years difference from the time Jesus lived, and it doesn’t suggest a virgin birth in any certain terms or give prophecy of the name Jesus.

    To claim the name meaning similarity(it is very similar) is to open up to suggest it is metaphorical or symbolic rather than literal, as a literal prophecy would be more specific or discernible. It leaves a possibility that Jesus is a metaphor for something earlier, which completely wrecks the established timeline.

    Matthew was written about 80 – 100 AD in regard to events that took place starting around 10 BC when Mary was a little girl. For the author to have had first hand knowledge of these things he writes about, he would have to be at least a few years younger than Mary, and writing about it as a 90+yr old man who outlived both of them. Otherwise it came from an unverifiable secondary source or handed across two generations. The author is not specified anyway. Angels or God? An educated priest or something?

    You would think there is some sort of clear idea as to his identity if he was so close as to understand these events in such detail.

    Why would he use a quote about a time much earlier as to legitimize it being foretold by God, and to describe something he lived through or understood as common knowledge of a man that lived and died a few decades prior?

    If he was mistaken in his interpretation of Hebrew, it takes from the legitimacy of his position on Isaiah 7. If he is clear in understanding of Hebrew and telling of commonly known events, why try to legitimize it unnecessarily or ‘make it fit’ ? Would differing accounts not take precedence?

    And when you consider that Christianity took a while to grow to a degree as to influence such large numbers, something a guy wrote a couple hundred prior is more like ‘after the fact’ knowledge. If Jesus was so powerful as a God, why did it take so long to catch on? Why would people have to refer to an anonymous script from several generations prior?

    When you start dig into it and further question things, it is not so easy to pin down this elusive Yehshua man-god supposedly marked by the birth time of zero.

    If a belief is based upon a series of specific verses in a book, and whole civilizations are based on those belief systems, It stands to reason that someone should know exactly what the hell is going on and be able to define it with absolute crystal clarity.

    I mean, here we have the supposed ‘Literal Son of the one true God’ or ‘God creator of all in human form’ able to create or destroy whole universes at will, and he is going to indulge human civilization as to come to Earth through a virgin and preach a good message and do miraculous things, but somehow cannot rectify some miniscule amoeba-like entity such as the Roman Empire? Could he not simply prove he was the creator of all things and exude his brilliance as to awe the world? Surely God can come up with something to overwhelm them with love and humility, make them all bow and cry in joy at his glory, …no?

    The all knowing omnipotent loving god of all things creates you as a sinner in his image and likeness, and condemns you to hell for sinning, even though he came to Earth as Jesus and already ‘paid for’ your sins, thus saving you from hell that you will still be sent to for sinning anyway, ..that he created in the first place in order to punish you for being a sinner like him by doing as you were created to do?

    Is God a cruel and evil maniac or what?

    It really makes me wonder sometimes.

    • Unfortunately, and I shall not delve any further than this since I find such conversations tend to go round and round, it comes down to free will. Perhaps I am shallow or simplistic but my 16 or so years of Catholic Education have led me to a point where I believe we as free souls are placed here by the God and are given something no other creature has, intellect. So, here we are, on earth with the promise of eternal salvation as a reward. Nobody really knows what the alternative is anymore than they can describe Paradise. But if there is a reward for living a good life for respecting others and for doing right can you imagine there is not punishment for the opposite? One of my kids, in a weak moment once said , “I can’t see a loving God damning anyone to an eternity in hell.” My answer was, “Hitler”?

      Personally I think the ideal hell would be a brief vision of Paradise to the damned and then telling them that they are about to be snuffed out as if they never existed. Can’t think of a better punishment.

      • David Skekabim says:

        ” Unfortunately, and I shall not delve any further than this since I find such conversations tend to go round and round, it comes down to free will. ”

        ” I believe we as free souls are placed here by the God and are given something no other creature has, intellect. ”

        You understand the implied general idea of the post pretty clearly. Breaking free from indoctrination and using a little asymmetrical outside the box thinking yields a reality check of sorts.

        I was simply nitpicking the verses a little bit to demonstrate contrast. I believe I can question and wonder at a continuum. Like you said …round and round.

        ” My answer was, “Hitler”? ”

        The evil from ‘De Furer’ originates from his choices and justifications, ignorance, necessity, lack of discernment. He thought he was doing the right thing.

        • No, he was just evil.

          • Yes he was, and David is right.
            He thought using evil would make the world a better place, just like you V.H.

            • David have you ever considered that you can over think and over analyze everything to the point that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

              These seems like something you might consider too BF.

              • Of course he did.
                You have not studied him to any detail, and merely parrot other nonsense.

                His own words, V.H.

                ” In these three decades I have been actuated solely by love and loyalty to my people in all my thoughts, acts, and life. They gave me the strength to make the most difficult decisions which have ever confronted mortal man. I have spent my time, my working strength, and my health in these three decades.


                I die with a happy heart, aware of the immeasurable deeds and achievements of our soldiers at the front, our women at home, the achievements of our farmers and workers and the work, unique in history, of our youth who bear my name.”

              • If anyone is parroting nonsense in this situation-it is you. I didn’t say the monster couldn’t walk and talk and write flowery BS.

                • gmanfortruth says:

                  Now that’s just plain funny. 😀

                • gmanfortruth says:

                  You could also be talking about most Democrats, especially. Mr. If. You like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance Obama

                • As I repeat to you V.H.

                  You are not that different from Hitler. You promote grave violence upon innocent people to support YOUR (twisted) sense of justice.

                  That is all he did too.

              • Well, her last name is H….now we know. 🙂

            • And No BF he didn’t think it would make the world a better place. He was too evil to think of anything beyond his own evil, insane desires. To credit him with caring about the world is nuts.

        • David, VH, I enjoyed reading your discussion regarding spirituality. I have found that my personal spirituality is a private matter. I do not attend any church services, though I don’t condemn those that do. There is not much I dislike more than people knocking on the front door to spread the good word (I don’t need their help nor did I ask for it). Share only with those who chose to share with you.

          My spiritual enjoyment comes from my time in the woods. I so enjoy a wonderful sunrise on a crisp more while in a tree stand. I thank God for making such beauty in a world full of barbarians and fools. Nature is a wonderful place to enjoy one’s personal spirituality. It is also quiet, yet full of life. It is a peaceful time that I savor and totally enjoy. Success, as in harvesting game, will come in time, patience is a true virtue. Planning, scouting and understanding the game is also a wonderful peaceful time of life. Success is not in the kill, but in the meal that hits the dinner table. I eat what I harvest, and thank God for the ability to put such fine food on the table. Then, I wake up the next morning and get right back in the tree stand, to enjoy another peaceful day 🙂

          Flaggy, VH is not evil 😀

  47. David,

    Since I brought up “Dark Night of the Soul” I thought, I would post something about it. This is one article-there are many more-if you’re interested.

    • David Skekabim says:

      EXCELLENT READ !!!!!

      ” Almost everyone who gets anywhere with meditation will pass through periods of negative emotion, confusion, [and] disorientation. …The same can happen in psychotherapy and other growth modalities. I would not refer to these types of experiences as ‘dark night.’ I would reserve the term for a somewhat rarer phenomenon. Within the Buddhist tradition, [this] is sometimes referred to as ‘falling into the Pit of the Void.’ It entails an authentic and irreversible insight into Emptiness and No Self. Instead of being empowering and fulfilling … it turns into the opposite. In a sense, it’s Enlightenment’s Evil Twin. This is serious but still manageable through intensive … guidance under a competent teacher. In some cases, it takes months or even years to fully metabolize, but in my experience the results are almost always highly positive. ” – Shinzen Young

      Yep, he gets it.

      My personal favorite term for it is the Lake of Fire, because it feels like an intense spiritual burn. You have to swim in it long enough to discern the difference between good and evil. You have to embrace the burn and conquer it in order to grow from it. It is a spiritual learning process.

      Those mentioned in the article who are ‘recovering’ only got their toes dipped into it. They got scared and ran when they should have jumped in. None the less, they still got a taste of discernment. When confronted by their demons, they chose flight instead of fight. They still feel the red mark for being smacked, but they did not suffer anything severe.

      Gandalf the Gray become Gandalf the White after battling his demon. Just as the true nature of evil does, it only needed a small opportunity to get a grip and drag him into the pit of hell.

      It is about the critical moment of balance and clarity, the realization of the OTHER part. The second sight. The sixth sense.

      It leaves a mark on your soul because, among other things, you are able to see evil where you used to not see it. As suggested above, it is “authentic and irreversible insight ” it is Discernment.

      It is the Red Pill.

      It is the sweet fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. It is what scares the hell out of you.

      It takes away the veil, shines LIGHT on the creeping things in the shadows you did not realize were there.

      It is awareness, when the all seeing eye of providence is revealed. Amenhotep Ra

      It is reaching critical mass just before exploding into a thousand beams of LIGHT.

      It is a greater knowledge and awareness of the universe.

      It is the discovering the Christ Consciousness.

      It is enLIGHTenment.

      • David Skekabim says:

      • David Skekabim says:

      • David Skekabim says:

      • Well, lets not completely overlook the fact that they are concerned that some people will enter and never come out, without help- a little caution with your enthusiasm . please!

        • David Skekabim says:

          Helping people is a good thing. I am in agreement.

          The Lake of Fire is completely maddening absolute total chaos. So if you recognize someone having an ‘experience’, try to keep them focused on Love and Truth.

          Personally though, I am not scared of these spiritual concepts. People who cannot discern good/evil scare me though. Not so much for me, but for their sake.

          • It’s not always that easy to discern good from evil.

            • David Skekabim says:

              I very much agree. Hence my recommendation to focus toward Love and Truth, as they are not of [D]evil, but of G[o]od.

              Lack of discernment is Chaos. Truth is Order. Love is the root of righteousness and of the spirit of G[o]od.

              When you consider the natural human inclination to be selfish, it is especially difficult to discern and/or avoid evil. Avoiding evil, sin and such, about the whole idea of the path to righteousness and spiritual wellness.

              Is a man-like entity in the clouds with a white beard and robe and deep voice going to throw you into a lake of eternal hell fire and damnation for sinning? My guess is no. But you will sure as hell wreck your life and rot your soul and turn it into fiery indignation in a hurry.

            • V.H.

              No, V.H.

              It is VERY easy to discern “right” from evil, literally white and black with no shade between. (“Good” is the incorrect concept. Good is always measured by the person by benefit – a robber thinks his stealing is good, since he benefits)

              One merely needs to test your action against your principles. If you act against them, you are evil. If you act with them, you are right.

              Most people utterly avoid doing this test on their actions and only apply their principles on other people to judge other people “right or evil” – both the wrong thing to do.

              • BF,

                Sometimes you are simply exhausting or maybe I’m just exhausted. But no it isn’t always easy and no people don’t always judge just in their own interest.

                My mother -in law is under Hospice care right now at our home. Ihave two principals in play here-do not murder and compassion. It is quite a balancing act and if you think it’s easy to determine the difference-you’re wrong.

                • V.H.
                  Living with principles is exhausting. Often difficult. Always RIGHT.

                  It is easy to make the RIGHT choice, though it may make your circumstances difficult.

                  That’s the issue, V.H. to a nutshell. You believe living by RIGHT must make your life EASY

                  As far as your Mother-In-Law, and again demonstrates your failing in understanding principles, you have no right to make any decisions for her.

                  You DO NOT have two principles at play here – there is always exactly one in play, your root principle

              • ” You believe living by RIGHT must make your life EASY” No, if it was easy it would scare the hell out of me-I expect it to be difficult-it SHOULD be difficult. She made all the decisions she could before she got into this situation but the when and how and how much is impossible to delegate absent the actual experience so making decisions is necessary. Your thinking it is easy also scares the hell out of me-for you.

              • What are you talking about-living out your principles depends on making the right decisions. We’re not talking about contradictions here we’re talking about conflicts that arise within your core principle.

                • V.H.

                  If you have a contradiction in principle, then *none of those are principles*. They are merely choices.

                  Your core principle cannot exist as a contradiction. It is the ultimate “measuring stick” of right or wrong. It itself cannot be measured “right or wrong”. You do not use a yard stick to measure itself. You use a yard stick to measure everything else relative to everything else *by the standard of the yardstick*. (This table is two sticks long, that one is 1 1/2).
                  You do not use the “table” to measure the yardstick, since the tables are never the same.

                  Same with your core principle. It is used to measure right and wrong *in the world*, the world does not measure the principle.

  48. David Skekabim says:

  49. For VH

    Another interesting article proving statistics don’t lie but statisticians (or those interpreting them) sure do. Kinda thought this might be the case when I constantly hear of the extraordinary measures routinely taken to save low birth weight preemies. Just think, when the new Affordable health care rules kick in and these babies are not counted as “live” births but something else, Obama will be able to bask in the glory of having reduced infant mortality in the US.

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