Economic Warfare

Recently I watched the Sandra Bullock movies, “Miss Congeniality” 1 & 2 with my family.  A lot of laughs & it made me think about all the contestants asking for world peace.  And don’t most people in the world want peace?  But if so, why is there so much conflict?  I think much of it in the Middle East is religious.  There seem to be various factions of Islam that refuse to allow other factions of Islam, any Jews or Christians or any non- believers to live in peace (except as slaves).  I don’t think we will be answering that one anytime soon.

But what about the rest of the conflicts/wars?  And this may be part of the cause of M.E. strife.  The first Gulf War as at least fought in part because Kuwait was overproducing oil and driving the price down which caused Iraq economic distress.(1)  Russia has invaded former providence’s.(2)  They have shut off and  manipulated the oil, natural gas and coal they supply to Europe and these former Providences.(3 & 4)  The US and many NATO partners have imposed sanctions on Russia in response to their aggressions.  Crimea is again, part of Russia.  Will Ukraine follow?  It’s already a cold winter for them over there and energy (heat) supplies are scarce.   I feel sorry for them and their situation, independence or freeze?

Consider also the impact other players have on world economics.  The US is now the largest oil-producing nation and this has driven the price of oil down.  OPEC has responded by NOT cutting production, which caused more price drops.  While I think this is a good thing for the US and the world in general, Russia and the OPEC nations suffer because of the results.  Ask yourself, how do you view Japan?  Friend and we love their cars & TV’s?  The same Japan that declared war on the USA  as retaliation for the US cutting off oil sales.  It did not work out for them as well as they planned, but there can be consequences for any action.

Another facet is currency manipulation.  It’s funny that members of our government complain because China plays games with their monetary value while we announce our Quantitative Easing 1, 2 & 3 policy. Is it OK for the US because we came up with such a cool name?  It seems every country is doing nearly the same.(5 & 6)

I for one, am an advocate of US energy independence or at least the pursuit of that goal.  I think lowering the cost of energy is beneficial to the majority of the world in general, and especially for the US individually.  Another benefit might be to reduce world conflicts, especially terrorism.  If oil drops from “Black gold” to silver, there will be less funding for terrorists.    Russia has also been increasing tensions with military flights comparable to the  “cold war” era.  Russia and OPEC have also been supporting some of the “green” agenda’s in the US.  Imagine that, the Saudi’s are willing to pay for anti-fracking movements, film’s, etc…

At the same time I applaud what is happening to the energy market, I have reservations on the sanctions and currency manipulation that we engage.  Oil price fluctuations are more a “free market” result.  The others are deliberate actions of governments against other governments.  They can be considered hostile acts.  They can be grounds for war.  It would be foolish for Iran, Russia or any other nation to directly attack America.  But then, was the 9/11 a direct attack?  No nation took credit or blame.  Afghanistan was invaded for harboring the terrorists, not for the attack.

I wish I could think of a clever, sage closing  to express my thoughts….  Maybe if I borrow from  someone else?  Venezuela’s President Nicholas Maduro described the move as imposing “insolent imperialist sanctions”.(7)









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  2. On to the subject. I’m not all that economic savvy, but I see things quite differently when it comes to current oil prices. I see it as direct manipulation by the US. Let me explain.

    Shale oil costs a lot to extract, low oil prices will likely cost jobs. The US wants to harm Russia, economically and Saudi is towing the line. Remember, Russia has supported Syria, to maintain control of their natural gas business, which serves Europe. Qatar wants a pipeline to Europe and Syria is their last option, and Syria told them to pound sand as they are allies of Russia.

    On to now. low oil prices will do great harm to the Russian economy, as it already has. This is not by accident, IMHO. What will Russia do? That’s a good question. They won’t invade, because that would be suicide. They would lose a long range air war in short time. OR, maybe Putin is nuts enough to conduct a pre-emptive nuclear strike. We would retaliate in kind, then what? Obama, or the next President, might do something stupid and invade Russia (which would fall into the hands of Putin)? Invading Russia is also suicide. Just some thoughts to ponder 🙂

    Low oil prices are good for the US for the most part, the last time we had a fast dip in oil prices, it preceded the crash of ’08. Are we headed in the same direction?

    • Tnk’s for the comment fix. Oil & economy. After 9/11, the US went into a recession. This was a bad economic event for the US. I did not look or wonder much on how did it affect Russia, China & the world at large. China is not the world’s largest economy. Would another 9/11 event help either of their economies? Would it distract the US & prevent our meddling in the Ukraine? They are not a NATO member so it’s by choice we act, not treaty or need. Wars are fought with many weapons. If they feel the US has “attacked” them, why would we not expect a response?

      • Wars are fought with many weapons. If they feel the US has “attacked” them, why would we not expect a response?

        I do expect a response. Currency wars, trade wars and then world wars. History don’t lie 😉


          Nothing to see here, move along 😀

        • G1

          Picture two guys fighting. Now both think the other guy started it, both think their responses and actions were reasonable and proper. And let’s pick two characters to play the parts. Hulk Hogan represents the US. Pee Wee Herman is the rest of the world.

          An old joke.
          A little guy is sitting at a bar, drinking a beer.
          Guy comes in behind him, grabs him and throws him to the ground, knocking him out.
          Little guy wakes up in the hospital and the bartender is there waiting.
          “The big guy said to tell you that was Jui Jitsu”
          Next day, little guy sits at the same bar, drinking his beer.
          Big guy comes in behind him, leaps, spins & kicks him in the head.
          Little guy wakes up in the hospital and the bartender is there waiting.
          “The big guy said to tell you that was Karate”
          Next day the big guy is sitting in the bar, drink a beer.
          The little guy comes in behind him…
          Big guy wakes up in the hospital and the bartender is there waiting.
          “The little guy said to tell you that was a monkey wrench from Sears”

          The point, Iran or even Russia cannot go toe to toe with the US. They will not fight fair and honestly, who can blame them. The dollar is still the world currency. When we manipulate it, we have an unfair advantage. Put sanction on top of that and the “hit” Russia is taking is significant. To us it may be a little tap to get their attention. To them it’s a hay-maker.

          • I agree totally, hence my concern. A few things to remember, Russia was attacked by Hitler, Hitler lost, millions died. Nepoleon attacked with 400K and left defeated with 10K. History says Russia can fight if it’s on their soil. If they can entice us to attack them, they may think they have a fighting chance (and I would agree).

            We are hitting them hard economically, for sure. What’s next?

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I remember not to long ago when the opposing congressional leaders went to Syria having a great time sticking it to Bush. Later a now former SOSUS named Hillary went to Syria and met with Assad. She proclaimed that he was a “Progressive” leader and that we could work with him. It wasn’t to long afterward we started sticking it to the ruling elite in certain countries while ignoring the equally egregious behavior of others, including ours.

      I was just reading an old paper about the conflicts between Iran and Iraq. In the paper was embedded the Kurdish independence movement. In the mid-70’s both the US and Iran were supporting that independence drive with arms and support. Iraq finally threatened war with Iran if that aid did not stop. An accord was reached and the US and Iran (STOPPED) the aid and Iraq now had the edge and did a serious attempt to wipe out the Kurds. They suffered terribly during the 80’s Iran Iraq War and especially after the 1st Gulf War. Now they’ve been pretty much left by the world to suffer the predation of ISIS. Why would they ever believe anything from any other country promises especially the US, except to deal with their own self interests, no matter where it leads.

      • Our elected folks have sucked for far too long!

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          If our geo-political strategy has been to create enemies and global chaos it has been a resounding success. If global stability was the goal it has been an abject failure. If it was to fuel our “Military Arms” complex it was a success. even today our military budget is almost 1/2 the total worlds military expenditures.

          “America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own”.
          John Quincy Adams US diplomat & politician (1767 – 1848) taken from a long speech.

          How things change.

      • Dale, great insight and good points. America seems to suffer from a superior, feel good philosophy. And that OK except where we try to force it on others. The Middle East seems to work better with a strong leader or dictator. Yet we insist on knowing what’s best for them. The problem is democracy is in reality, mob rule. If it’s an educated, benevolent mob, things go well… Until greed, self interest or anyone with an agenda takes over…

    • All you gotta do to change things is sink a few tankers and say, “Who me?” Five bucks a gallon within a week. Or, you could blow an oil platform.

  3. @ Dave, Not sure where to begin, other than the pictures were quite unnecessary. Your point about the State is simple and didn’t require such action (not to mention that the pictures have been used describing other State’s atrocities in the past). But I think your missing the reality of your position, which is that people are responsible for wars, first and foremost. It has and always will be, a fact, the humans are self destructive. There are no known human groups of people, tribes, States, Countries, call it what ever, that didn’t have a hierarchy of some sort. Humans have been warring since their existence, so claiming that voting is the cause of any atrocities is outright wrong. There once was a time when the US had a decent government voted for by the people. Things are not that way now, as we have seemingly lost control of what should be a government for the people, of the people and by the people. That’s not the fault of voters, it’s the fault of THE PEOPLE.

    I don’t believe voting will fix it, ever. It’s too corrupt and too powerful to give itself back to the people. It will take the collective effort of the people to remove the cancer that we call the Federal government. How that happens, if ever, I don’t know.

  4. @Anita, Sorry about your experience with the stupid pictures. I’ve seen worse on the SCYFY channel, but still, not needed. Now, let’s take this incident and use it as a teaching tool.

    #1. Post links, not actual pictures, when the picture may be disgusting and may make someone sick to their stomach.

    #2. We should all demand that the use of the US military be for “defensive” purposes only. Not one modern day President is innocent of misusing our resources.

    #3. I’ll think of something, help me out here 🙂

  5. I posted this a couple days ago. The link was Prisonplanet, which isn’t well respected by some. Here’s another link, same story, after the fact.

  6. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Notice the even the Pope refused to meet with the Dalai Lama because it would “cause inconveniences” Given the Nobel Peace Prize laureates changed their venue in South Africa to Rome after the Dalai Lama was refused a entry visa. Amazing what economic pressure can achieve. Our leader sells out to China on emission goals creating a continued high cost of production here. We have yet to criticize the crushing of pro-democracy movement, just like we did in Iran a few years back. We obviously want China to buy bonds to fund the new budget. Brings up the old adage “He who has the gold makes the rules”.

    • Nice to see I’m not the only one noticing these things! With the deer hunting season coming to an end, I’ll be posting more (some cringe at that thought, I’m sure 🙂 ). I keep up, but don’t have lots of time or energy to debate. Not enough signal in treestand to play on IPhone either.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        NC is planning on opening up some more opportunity for bear hunting. The population has been judged to be rather healthy and bears getting larger in size. They were discussing some new changes today. I got one a few years ago, in the Croatan Forest out of season though. It went from live to hamburger in about 1 second. My Dodge Ram truck didn’t come out on the winning side either.

        • Biggest bear taken in this area dressed at 489 lbs. A total of 47 were checked in locally, a rather small amount. Next year should be a good year for bear hunting. Plenty of deer in the freezer/shelf, Pops got one and I have tagged 4. Going back out in 45 minutes!

  7. Don’t bother blocking me LOI, as this will be my last post.

    It is easy to sit in comfort of the USA, to watch the ‘news’ tell you it is all the Muslim’s fault.

    It is easy to hear that you are the victim of foreign terrorists, even though it makes little sense when closely examined, when critical independent reasoning is applied.

    It is easy to accept what is comfortable, or to not to look beyond what is convenient.

    It is easy to romanticize your violent statism, to engage in ‘feel-good’ ceremonies, or sing songs of worship for your government god.

    It is easy to deny personal responsibility, to deny your role in the collective in supporting atrocities of war, supporting the rape, murder, torture, the victimization of countless innocent lives, lives of innocent women and children.

    It is easy to hide behind a flag and a long series of rationalizations designed to redirect your focus as to help alleviate your guilt.

    It is easy to blame someone else, to blame those who are different.

    It is easy to think only of yourself.

    It is easy to go with the flow, to jump on the group-think bandwagon, to protect your social status.

    It is easy to criticize, reject, ignore and ridicule someone who speaks a harsh truth.

    It is much easier to complain about unpalatable pictures than it is to find the bloody limbs and scattered remains of your family within the charred ruins of everything you have worked your whole life for.

    It is not always so easy to speak out in truth, to sacrifice for what is right, to discern the difference between good and evil, especially in a world that promotes and embraces evil.

    Mark my words, for there will come a day (perhaps sooner than you realize) when you can no longer hide from responsibility of the evil you support and condone, when you can no longer simply reject an inconvenient truth, when it is you on the receiving end of an equally atrocious evil.

    And when that day comes, do not be surprised if there is no one willing to help you, when the rest of the world turns a cold shoulder and blind eye, when your precious evil violent state is truly the exception.

    And when that day comes, I will be pleading for your mercy, speaking out against the hardships thrust upon you. It won’t be any easier than what has transpired here recently, but it will be the right thing to do.

    Farewell, SUFA.


    • It’s even easier to quit because things are hard! You are fighting a battle that no one here can fix, period. We all just need to keep exposing what is wrong:

      Let’s keep up the fight with those who are willing to at least listen.

      • Alright Gman, …one more…

        A Mom and Dad die of natural causes, leaving little money and their house to be shared by all of their children, you being one of them who is a young adult. You have an equal share of the home, and as a young adult and family member, you have a certain obligation to look out for your siblings.

        Because of a few break-ins in the community, you recommend getting a gun, an alarm system and a dog. Everyone agrees, and that is exactly what you do. All is well as security measures have been taken.

        But every morning as you go into the kitchen to fix your coffee, you find a puddle of urine and a big dog turd in the living room floor. You grab a paper towel and spot remover/carpet cleaner and clean it as best you can.

        But it has to be corrected. So, you sit and have a long talk with the dog. You give a thorough explanation as to why such behavior is unacceptable, and ask that she not do that any more.

        The next morning, you wake to find more urine and another big turd laying in the living room floor. Again, you clean the mess and have another talk with the dog.

        The very next morning, yet again you wake to find more urine and another big turd laying in the living room floor. And yet again, you clean the mess and have another talk with the dog. This time being a little more firm in your explanation.

        But of course, the dog is unable to understand more complex human speech beyond a vocabulary of a few words, and reasoning regarding germs and carpet stains and cost of carpet, etc. So she doesn’t really understand the issue or need to correct her behavior.

        So, the next morning, yet again, you find more urine and another turd on the carpet. Again you clean it.

        Understanding that your talks are obviously ineffective, that she isn’t getting it, and before cleaning it up, you decide to step it up a little and take more direct and effective measures. So, you grab the dog and push her cute little nose within an inch of her turd, then the urine, followed by putting her and the turd outside in the back yard.

        The dog, of course, whimpers and struggles a little. She obviously doesn’t like it. But you know it is the only practical and effective means of getting the point across and thus correcting the issue.

        When your siblings see this, they get offended and gripe at you and criticize you for it, They call it animal abuse and demand that you do not treat the dog with such disrespect. They let the dog back into the house, thus rewarding the dog for shitting on the carpet.

        Being outnumbered, and seeing as they also have an equal share of the house as well as the dog, you don’t really have much of a choice but to respect their wishes. And, of course, the dog agrees, even growls at you.

        The next morning, you wake up to find a puddle of urine and a big turd laying in the living room floor.

        Frustrated, knowing you are right, you then grab the dog, rub her cute little nose IN the urine then the turd, so that she get a little stuck to her nose. Then you throw her and the turd into the back yard. The whole time, she is kicking and whimpering and growling at you because she simply doesn’t like having to smell her own fecal matter.

        This pisses your siblings off. An argument ensues.

        You recommend the dog stay outside, but they disagree citing that it is cold, that she is part of the family and should stay inside. You don’t disagree, you only want to not have fecal matter and urine on the carpet every morning, and are otherwise unable to correct the issue.

        You could move out, but then you can’t really afford it, and would be denying responsibility to your siblings. And why should you have to move? It is your home too. You can’t just kick them all out, as it is also their home. Frustrated, you leave the house and don’t return until late that evening around bed time.

        The next morning, you wake to find more urine and another turd on the carpet. Only this time, you leave it there.

        Your siblings wake up and see the mess. They complain of the smell, get a paper towel and throw it in the garbage where the smell will still exist. And they don’t use the spot remover or carpet cleaner.

        You say nothing. The dog goes about her normal daily business happily wagging her tail while chewing on raw hides and chew toys.

        The next morning, you wake to find more urine and another turd on the carpet.

        Your siblings wake up and see the mess. They complain of the smell, get a paper towel and throw it in the garbage where the smell will still exist. And they don’t use the spot remover or carpet cleaner.

        The next morning, you wake to find more urine and another turd on the carpet.

        Again, you leave it there for your siblings. And, again, your siblings wake up and see the mess. They complain of the smell, get a paper towel and throw it in the garbage where the smell will still exist. And they don’t use the spot remover or carpet cleaner.

        You say nothing. The dog goes about her normal daily business happily wagging her tail while chewing on raw hides and chew toys.

        The next morning, you wake to find more urine and another turd on the carpet.

        Again, you leave it there for your siblings. And, again, your siblings wake up and see the mess, complain of the smell, get a paper towel and throw it in the garbage where the smell still exists. And they don’t use the spot remover or carpet cleaner.

        You say nothing. The dog goes about her normal daily business happily wagging her tail while chewing on raw hides and chew toys.

        This goes on for a week or two. The house is starting to stink because the urine has managed to seep into the floor under the carpet. Stains are visible here and there… there is always a fresh supply of poop stinking up the garbage can as well. it’s just not acceptable.

        You decide to spend less time at home, to spend your time after work visiting friends until bed time.

        This pattern continues for a couple of months. The carpet is ruined, the house stinks to the point of being unbearable, no one visits anymore. Even your siblings are disgusted.

        They decide to replace the carpet even though it is expensive. They decide it is worth the corners they will have to cut in order to afford it. They can buy generic brand groceries and toiletries, and adjust the thermostat, etc. ..So they all pitch in what money they can scrape up, and ask you to do the same.

        You, of course refuse, citing that the issue would not exist had they allowed you to handle it. Another argument ensues. They demand you contribute your equal share to pay for more carpet. You stand your ground in your refusal, thus causing a rift between you. They decide to agree to disagree, and you still remain living there as to look after your younger siblings, even if you are only there when you have to be.

        And every morning you wake to find more urine and more turds on the carpet that you leave for them to ‘clean’. You say nothing. The dog goes about her normal daily business happily wagging her tail while chewing on raw hides and chew toys.

        This pattern continues for a couple of more months. The carpet is ruined again, the house again stinks to the point of being unbearable, no one visits, and your siblings are once again disgusted.

        They decide to replace the carpet once again, even though it is expensive. They decide it is worth continuing to cut corners. They continue to buy generic brand groceries and toiletries, and adjust the thermostat, etc. ..They again pitch in what money they can scrape up. And every morning you wake to find more urine and more turds on the carpet that you leave for them to ‘clean’. You say nothing, and the dog goes about her normal daily business happily wagging her tail while chewing on raw hides and chew toys.

        A few months later, the same thing. …more stench, another new carpet, more corners cut, more silence from you, and the dog still goes about her normal daily business happily wagging her tail while chewing on raw hides and chew toys.

        You decide that you no longer want to live there, that you are going to save your money and move out as soon as you are able. So, you start putting a little money aside.,Over the course of the next year or so, you steadily save while tolerating more stench, more new carpets, more corners cut, more silence, and the dog still goes about her normal daily business happily wagging her tail while chewing on raw hides and chew toys.

        You eventually rent a nice home a few miles away.

        Soon after, they see you loading your things into a truck, obviously moving out. When they ask about it, you tell them you want more privacy, more independence, or whatever is convenient they will accept as an explanation. They accept it and wish you well.

        You move into your new place, buy some decent furniture, and a dog of your own.

        A day after bringing your new puppy home, you wake up to discover urine and a big turd on your living room carpet. So, you rub the dog’s nose in the urine, then the turd, put her and the turd outside in the back yard. She whimpers and kicks a little, and you know she doesn’t like it. But you also know from experience that it is for the best over the long run. You then go back inside and clean the carpet.

        The next morning, you wake to discover another turd and more urine on the carpet.

        So, you again rub the dog’s nose in the urine, then the turd, then put her and the turd outside in the back yard. She whimpers and kicks a little, and you know she doesn’t like it. But you also know from experience that it is for the best over the long run. You go back inside and clean the carpet.

        After a few times of this regimen, the dog begins to understand the proper place to urinate and defecate is in the back yard. When she needs to go, she runs to the back door and gives you an excited look and body language indicating she needs out. You, of course, happily oblige and all is well.

        Then one day, a few months later, while you have a few of your friends over to watch the basketball tournament, your brother pays you a visit. He explains that they’ve been a bit tight on their budget, especially without you chipping in on groceries and utility bills, and that the family vehicle is in disrepair. He asks you for a small ‘loan’ of a few hundred dollars.

        You love your brothers and sisters and want whats best for them. And although you are a bit resentful, you bite your tongue about ‘carpet money’ and gladly agree.

        Just about that time, your dog runs to the door and gives an excited look and body language indicating she needs out. While you’re opening the door, your brother takes notice, glances at your clean carpet, then inquires of your dog’s behavior.

        You can’t but help to grin a little. You then look your brother square in the eye and say…

        ” Well, …Sometimes, whether you like it or not, you just have to rub a bitch’s nose in her own shit to get a point across. “

        • Cute story. Never had to train my dogs by rubbing their noses in shit. I also have been able to train dog’s WITHOUT affecting any other living creature. What your saying is “the end’s justify the means” and that is familiar and telling.

  8. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Following the story on “loosies” sold in NYC. It appears that the cost of a carton on cigarettes sold in a retail store will cost the smoker at least $120.00…it brought to mind that in the late 70’s while serving in Italy I could have paid the rent on my villa for my cigarette ration available at the PX. My rent for a gated villa 1/2 way up Mt Etna was the cost of a NYC carton of cigarettes today, 35 years later. Also going through my gas receipts I saved for posterity…..$4.16 plus per gallon. Sold by the liter but I converted the measure. Many people I knew ran their cars on bottled gas. Gasoline ran a bit better, but when the paychecks got thin they just flipped a valve and filled their gas bottle in the trunk for a fraction of the cost. Used the same bottled gas for their stoves and room heating.

    Just looked at the current gasoline prices in the major EU countries. They have dropped by almost $2.00/gallon over the past several month. Even with the drop here, $2.38 in New Bern NC they are still 2X-3X more than the US. In 2001 areas in the UK where I was the price was roughly $10.00/g

    Are we and the Saudi’s flooding the EU with crude, not refined product, enabling them to stand up against the ecomomic pressures that are being placed on Russia, the disruption of Libya and alleged sanctions against Iran etc?

    • Are we and the Saudi’s flooding the EU with crude, not refined product, enabling them to stand up against the ecomomic pressures that are being placed on Russia, the disruption of Libya and alleged sanctions against Iran etc?

      NO, it’s complete price manipulation. There are some who claim it’s less need and too much inventory, that’s bullshit. The low oil prices have but one reason, shut Russia and Putin up!

  9. For the record, deer #6 is now hangin in the barn! We are running out of tags!

  10. Let’s count, fake racism, fake rape, now, fake school shooting. What else can the Liberal’s lie about in their desperation to become popular?

  11. I KNOW there is a war on Christianity, but I’m feeling a war on white people taking hold.

    This is getting real old real fast

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      What is so sad is I believe there were 6 people standing around watching, with two video recording the assult. Several others scooting by just to get out of the way and not get involved. Like that beating death out in CA earlier this year of a homeless guy. Streams of people going by, even while it was escalating and people taking photos, and NO charges brought against the officers when the evidence showed they were out of control. No sense of mentioning more because they have been discussed here. Are the American people so intimidated by the police and thugs, some times one and the same, they’d rather stand and watch and have that on their concience instead of wading in and stopping an obvious wrong. You may get hurt and charged for interferring but soon the message will get through that the perps will not get away with impunity. Wasn’t to long ago that in the military, if there was a fight between two people and the MP’s had to break it up, the one who threw the 1st punch got punished least. The one who got hit 2nd, with the logic being they probably provoked the fight, and those that stood around watching got the worst punishment……but what is our legal system trying to do…..make it a criminal offense to video any police action….sad …..when I was in High School the most dangerous person to be around was a guy who went on to be a police officer. He truly was psychotic….he would provoke a person and when they reacted he’d literally go insane and try to maim or worse the other person….and YES I did stop him from beating a young boy at school and he never caused problems on campus again. Out of school was different story but I only heard of the events after the fact. We had another bully who was very good a karate. He’d cause some questionable provocation and upon the reaction he’d usually seriously hurt the other person. One of the members of the football squad one day went looking for this guy, shoulder butted him and when the karate guy went to do his stuff Chip took him apart and put the guy in the hospital. The principal actually came on the PA system and explained that he had to expel Chip for fighting but then extended a Thank you to him for taking care of the problem. We never saw the karate guy again…….bully’s were in the schools and alway will be, however their reign of terror never lasted very long. There was always someone who was tougher, who just took care of business and then went on with their day.

      • You are correct, bullies exist everywhere. As we get older and our options for self defense become limited, it’s easy to see why being armed is a priority. I’m lucky in a way, the local Sheriff’s a strong supporters of concealed carry, as are the prosecutors. If your not armed, you have victim written on your forehead. Bad people can tell when someone is confident in their person, or weak in their person. That’s what they do, pick out the weakest. Be the former and protect the latter and you will sleep well at night! 🙂

        In Pa, it is a part of law that allows one to protect someone who cannot do so themselves, with lethal force. I cannot remember one armed robbery locally in the 4 plus years I have lived here. A telling stat! Another telling stat, I can’t remember one event that required a gun owner to shoot a bad guy. An armed community is a polite community 🙂

  12. They haven’t had this little teachin event yet-and they state they are going to examine the evidence-Yet-He already knows the outcome. So just what is he actually teaching us!

    African-American grand jury to examine evidence in the Michael Brown shooting
    Posted 6:28 pm, December 12, 2014, by Staff Writer, Updated at 06:29pm, December 12, 2014

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – African-American community leaders say they’re taking action to put justice back into the hands of black people. They say they will convene a black grand jury on January 3rd and 4th to look at the evidence in the Michael Brown shooting.

    Those grand jury members will go over the evidence presented to the St. Louis County Grand Jury. They also say they will call Darren Wilson, County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, Ferguson Mayor James Knowles and Governor Jay Nixon to testify.

    “What it does is educates and informs our people that two bodies came together, examined the same set of evidence, and were able to come to different conclusions. Therefore, the only thing standing between us and our ability to carry out the will of the people is to change this relationship that exists between us and the armed state apparatus that controls us.” said Omali Yeshitela of the African People’s Socialist Party.

    Regardless of the decision made by this grand jury, it will have no legal bearing on the case.

    • The words have taught us exactly what the outcome of this event will be. Quote ““What it does is educates and informs our people that two bodies came together, examined the same set of evidence, and were able to come to different conclusions.”

      What has already been said is that because it’s made up only of black people, the conclusion will be different, because of racism. VH, Christianity is under attack and so are white people, arm yourself and get some training!

      • I just can’t resist.

        ” VH, Christianity is under attack and so are white people, arm yourself and get some training! ”

        Nonsense, Gman.

        What you characterize as offense is more like defense, perhaps backlash.

        For a few years now, I have made it a point to understand and/or talk to Christians on an almost daily basis. And without fail, there are always some of them who exhibit extreme intolerance fear and criticism of anything that is not them. Often it is a majority of a group.

        The reality is that there is a fundamentalist population who absolutely insist they they are the only righteous group, and seek to have things their way and only their way, as if everyone else doesn’t count or should be snuffed out, …never mind religious freedom or self determination.

        People are sick of having it forced on them via law, or otherwise being treated unfairly for being or believing differently.

        What gets me are Christians who claim to be persecuted because they’re not getting to push their way onto others. It is like having a dinner party where half of the guests insist that everyone eat Brussels Sprouts, and when a few of them decline, the insistent ones are offended and claim they’re being violated.

        There is no war on Christianity in the USA, but rather a war on intolerance, a war in defense of rights and religious freedom. It just so happens that Christian fundamentalists are so often the offenders and violators.

        • Hogwash. The words of a true Left Wing Anarchist. The ends justify the means. Crush or support the war against everything that you don’t agree with. I’m not exactly a religious person and I have NEVER had a Christian talk to me as you say they do to you. Utter bullshit.

          • I have repeatedly posted links of instances demonstrating exactly what I claim. If you like, I can direct you to more. There is an abundance of them. I will also argue that it is more observations rather than claims, as I tend to take a somewhat objective approach to religion.

            And I do not only base my position on what can be found in media. Much of it is from my own experiences. Just last night I sat and listened to a fundamentalist go on a long rant bashing everything from Muslims to Wicca to Pagans and ‘Witches’, ..and then some.

            Further, I am neither left or right wing. I simply value rights. There is no right/left paradigm in anarchism, unlike your divisive failed statism.

            As far as supporting a war on what I disagree with, I gladly and proudly accept that accusation, as I certainly oppose and defend against anything that does not respect rights (a universal concept).

            And for the record, I very much agree with the message of the historical figure known as “Jesus”. Hence why I have no problem pointing out hypocrisy of those who claim to be his followers.

            • unlike your divisive failed statism.

              Your failure is clear. You most certainly Left Wing as you apply there tactics. Admittedly I might add, 😉

              • If you are referring to my use of websites that associate themselves with ‘left wing’ political idealism, I must pronounce that I care not for their political affiliation, and only utilize them because I agree with them in principle. That is to say that I don’t care who or what thy are, only that they agree in valuing religious freedom and equality.

                On the same token, when I advocate for the right to bear arms, it is not that I identify myself as being of a ‘right-wing’ political affiliation either. I simply speak out in favor of the right to self defense.

                I often view examples of conflict of such as failure or inability of law, and not reasons for adjusting it.

                This is also why I criticize the Constitution as inadequate in protecting rights in spite of both left/right who support it or how they do so. For me, it has nothing to do with left/right or support of the state. It is about the principles around freedom and respecting and/or defending inalienable rights.

              • Coincidentally, I just went into a Christian chat-room titled as to appear welcoming to all.

                I agreed with a man that was praising Jesus, but said that he did not believe he was ‘God’. He apparently felt it necessary to apologize and note that he means no offense by his belief. I supported him by stating that we are free to believe as we choose, that we do not have to conform to the interpretations of others.

                I was soon banned from the room, obviously, by a Christian who doesn’t tolerate those who do not believe exactly as he does.

                It’s very typical and disheartening, frustrating.

              • Jesus isn’t God. That’s a no brainer.

              • Hmmm, actually G he is-at least in the Christian religion and in reality but some might disagree on that last point-they’d be wrong of course. 🙂

              • V, Jesus is the son of God, that’s why he’s called Jesus and not God.

              • G, you can take my word for it-or go look up the Godhead, The Trintity-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

              • V, read the Bible, Jesus is the son of God.

              • Jesus (/ˈdʒiːzəs/; Greek: Ἰησοῦς (Iesous); 6–4 BC to 30–33 AD), also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth, is the central figure of Christianity,[12] whom the teachings of most Christian denominations hold to be the Son of God. Christianity regards Jesus as the awaited Messiah of the Old Testament and refers to him as Jesus Christ, a name that is also used in non-Christian contexts.

                Trust ME, I know this a Biblical FACT

              • I’m not saying Jesus isn’t the Son of God-he is both.

                John 1:1–“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

                John 1:14–“And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

              • the only begotten from the Father

                Thank You, you made my point through scripture.

              • I find the trinity very hard to understand and even harder to explain-but G -you are wrong on this one.

              • V, your entitled to believe as you choose, it matters not one wit to me. The Bible is clear that Jesus is NOT God. Not one religion that I’m aware of has an actual walking, one time living, Human as God. God has never walked this Earth. God is a higher power beyond what any man could be, or he would not be called God.

              • I can’t disagree with that one statement-You are free to believe as you choose.

              • Sorry G. V is most definitely right, as usual. It’s tricky but it’s a faith thing.Trinity = Tri +Unity. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. It’s a three for one package. but there’s only one God. Or since we’re in Common Core now…it’s not’s 1x1x1=1…or think of H20 = water, ice, or steam…still only H20

              • Anita and V, Interesting, as that was not what I was taught in Church as a young man. No matter really, as things often change over time, religion is not excluded. I have often wondered why there are two versions of the Bible, rather than just one.

                JAC, your still kickin after a fun fishin trip I see, wonderful! 🙂

              • V and Anita, you follow Tritarianism Christianity. It all is subject to what one discerns from the Bible. Not wrong by any means, but not right either. It’s all good, believe as you choose! 🙂

            • Just A Citizen says:

              I thought you were leaving SUFA once and for all. Do you think changing your handle somehow wipes out your repugnant behavior?

              • Are you suggesting I leave, JAC?

                Because I will do so right now with no hesitation. I only started back in because I felt motivated by G’s response, his challenge to ‘not give up’.

                I do not need you people, nor the abhorrent evil and abuses you often espouse or justify. Nor do I need to be silenced or manipulated when I feel the need to act tenaciously or firm in making a point.

                I suppose it suffices to say that I am equally disgusted.

                I stand by my posting of pictures of the results of your statist violence upon innocent children. As I already mentioned, It is much easier to complain about unpalatable pictures than it is to find the bloody limbs and scattered remains of your family within the charred ruins of everything you have worked your whole life for.

                How do you think THEY feel?

                You can sit here and advocate for bombs upon the innocent all day, citing Islamophic ideas learned from the media scare tactics, but you cannot stand to look at what you’ve supported?


                I consider it somewhat of a wasted effort to try to convince you folks of much of anything, anymore considering your reluctance to think beyond your programmed default forceful thieving statist solutions.(At least when I advocate the use of force, it is as a response to violations rather than by default.)

                Keep putting your heads in the sand, continue with your denials of the evil you support, because eventually it will come back to haunt you. And whether I post here or not, will have no bearing.

  13. Incredibly, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is not the first to cite patriotic Americans as reasoning for military hardware.

    A police sergeant in Morgan County, Indiana admitted just last May that his department had obtained an armored vehicle in part because of returning military veterans, deemed domestic terror threats by Homeland Security in 2009.

    In August of 2013, Concord, New Hampshire Police Chief John Duval secretly contacted Homeland Security and demanded an armored vehicle due to the alleged “threat” posed by peaceful libertarians.

    A New York State Counter Terrorism Bulletin leaked to Infowars by concerned police that same year attempted to label anyone concerned with government gun confiscation as “far right” conspiracy theorists, even as admitted gun confiscation programs are used against law abiding citizens in states such as California.

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    Good grief……….gone a lousy three days and all hell breaks loose.

    OK…….. everyone think we can get back to some good and civil discussions now??


    GMan………. With all due respect, how about you stick to the meat of the issues and stop throwing nasty names at anyone you consider, “left”, “liberal” or “progressive”. Instead of claiming they are “mental”, “insane” etc, try deconstructing what it is about the “P” progressive agenda that is flawed. I am not saying you have to play patty cake here, but sometimes your rants are inciting the same types of reactions ya’ll just found so offensive.

    Oh, for those wondering the fishing was great but the catching sucked. However, I spent two days on the middle Snake River with temps in the 70’s. Love that global warming.

    • What are you referring too? What part of the Progressive agenda is flawed? Try all of it. It has to be or they wouldn’t try to put it in motion without having to lie about it.. When one has to lie about something, or they know they are supporting a lie, then they know it’s obviously not a good thing, because good things don’t need lies to put them in motion (cue in the Anarchist’s). This, as far as I’m concerned, is an example of mental illness, as educated adults shouldn’t lie. To be fair, many who call themselves Progressives really aren’t Progressives, because they are honest people. They are just confused 🙂 there’s a difference. Politicians, who I speak of often, are almost all dishonest, which, to me, make most of them mentally ill as well. I have referred to Muslim radicals as being mentally ill as well, I’ll stick with that one!

      • Sorry about the catching part. I do enjoy fishing from time to time. Deer hunting has been good to me this year, a year that may be a single lifetime event. There will be no shortage of venison at the dinner table this year. Not sure if I mentioned it, but the chickens I raised and butchered have a sweeter flavor than do store bought. Much closer to pheasant. Quite tasty 🙂

    • Bad day fishing is better than a good day in the trenches, anyday. Global warming here today. Mercury is at 49 already. Getting me and my doggies outta this house and set some downed limbs ablaze…good for the soul.

      Sorry we messed up the house while you were out. Looks like it may be stripped clean now though.

  15. This is something I referred to a few months back, but re reading it makes me laugh (and cry) at the same time. Democrats (and all politicians) by their nature, love to use words that simply don’t fit the occasion. Why, either habit or to try and fool the masses (probably both, as honesty is not in their best interest). Anyway, here’s the language ” This Act may be cited as the “Responsible Body Armor Possession Act”. What it aims to do “SEC. 2. BAN ON PURCHASE, OWNERSHIP, OR POSSESSION OF ENHANCED BODY ARMOR BY CIVILIANS; EXCEPTIONS.

    It seems that “responsible” to Left Wingers really means “BAN”. Much like “Responsible gun laws” It can also mean totally ignore current laws as in “Responsible immigration reform”. Other fancy words used by the Left Wingers that should ring a loud bell: Affordable, as in Affordable Care Act. This one is obvious as most people now know it was never intended to be affordable much less provide care (add “care” to the list?).

    Racism, real racism, isn’t being reported or talked about much in the MSM except for the Hands up, Don’t shoot” LIE and the “I can’t Breathe” LIE. Blacks attacking Whites solely because they are white is being wholly ignored (except be the alternative media, like Prisonplanet). I believe that most Left Wingers just blow it off as payback (for the racism they claim exists everyday by whites). AS these events become more common, the chickens will come home to roost and an attack will directly affect a white Left Winger, be it him/herself or a close family member. POOF, a new Conservative is born 😀

    • Let me add, “Universal Background Checks” is the term that really means “registration so we can confinscate”. That goes along with “responsible gun laws”.

  16. As I was reading all the back and forth about anarchy vs. well, everybody else-I kept thinking about a conversation we had a long time ago-We were discussing our right to get rid of an oppressive government-but the question was asked, by Matt I believe, of when did we have the right to do so, what measure did we use to determine that it was a justified revolution instead of just criminal, treasonous acts.

    • Great question V! It’s far too easy to just say the feds are corrupt, but let me throw a few qualifying issues that should be included in removing the government. Note: I’m speaking of the Federal govt only.

      1. The misuse of the public treasury. We are heading towards 20 trillion in debt and over 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Not to mention allowing the Federal Reserve to manage the people’s currency.

      2. Misleading the public. This is the politician’s way, one which the people should not tolerate.

      3. Engage in illicit foreign affairs. How many countries have we invaded or covertly supported a sovereign govt’s overthrow? Way too many to list in a short post.

      4. The use of any govt agency to attack others over political difference. Once this happens, it’s only a matter of time until the people are gunned down over the same.

      OK, short list to start with, feel free to add to it 🙂

      For the record, we are more than justified, today, just based on those 4 points.

      • It isn’t about just having cause-it’s when it is seen by society as necessary.

        • Societies have historically been too late to make this decision. Once the govt gets too much power to destroy the rights of the people and suppress them, it’s beyond too late. Think of the Germans in the 30’s. 95% of the people here won’t know whats going on till it bites them in the ass. Don’t hold your breathe waiting on an uninformed brainwashed society to figure it out, never going to happen.

          • Perhaps, personally if it ever happened here I suspect it would come from the state governments banding together-has happened before in our history-but the point I was trying to make is that until “something happens” whether the reasons are justified or not-any illegal actions are considered criminal and wrong.

            • whether the reasons are justified or not-any illegal actions are considered criminal and wrong.

              So when the government is engaged in illegal activity against the people, is the overthrow legal?

              • Excellent question-Yes it is, IF-what is that IF that has to be met -that is the question. Until then, individuals and even groups that are trying to have their own personal revolutions are by and large condemned for their methods even if one agrees with them on principal.

              • ” So when the government is engaged in illegal activity against the people, is the overthrow legal? ”

                Of course it isn’t legal. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is wrong or unjust.

                Arguing ‘it’s the law’ as if law is always right, is where people often get confused with regard to principles. Being trained to identify law with ‘right’, is what clouds judgement as to what is right/wrong or good/evil.

                Instead of posing the question of legality, ask if it is wrong or right, good or evil.

                It used to be law in much of the USA that white people could own black slaves. In Germany, there were various laws against Jewish people. In both cases, what is legal is undoubtedly wrong, evil.

                Taxes are another example. If it isn’t voluntary, it is theft via coercion. And no one has the right to steal.

                Is slavery, theft or ethnic cleansing right or wrong, good or evil?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      That point is reached when the people rise up. The trigger event may or may not be related to the offenses which create the cause or justification. It could be unrelated directly but feeds the anger and triggers a response.

      There is no “legal” revolt, as the establishment does not allow revolt. But if the revolt wins then the people are happy with it and do nothing to punish those revolting. While we have peaceful means of changing our Govt our system has never resulted in a Govt “resigning” or “stepping down” due to massive demonstrations. Unlike many other nations.

      There is a concept of “appropriate” behavior relative to revolution that was part of the American heritage, and which we brought from England. That is that in order for a revolution to be “righteous” there must be a declaration of grievances and a chance for the Govt to address them. Thus the various letters from the colonies to the Crown and eventually the FINAL letter, the Declaration of Independence.

      That is why that document contains a list of grievances before declaring our split from England.

      For the future I hope we change our system to allow people to select different Govt by simple vote or referendum. States should not be FORCED to remain in the Union and people should be able to re-organize and create new “states” if the vast majority agree.

      • Just a question. You mention the Declaration of Independence and how our Nation came to be, be how rare is that? Change in government came by warning, by action, and then by violence. Not much else to expect from the future.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I know of no other that followed the same path. Others that split from England were not faced with the invasion we were, nor were they English in blood and citizenship.

          In case you guys did not know it, the accepted procedure of documenting grievances in writing and submitting them to the Govt. is still used when issuing formal grievances to Congress per the Constitution’s protection of such a process.

      • ” While we have peaceful means of changing our Govt our system has never resulted in a Govt “resigning” or “stepping down” due to massive demonstrations. Unlike many other nations. ”

        There is your reason for revolt right there.

        Since when has the US Government worked in favor of “declaration of grievances and a chance for the Govt to address them.”?

        The people vote, government does what it wants and further enslaves them. The people protest and voice grievances. Government ignores them. The people vote again thinking it will be different ‘this time around’. Government does what it wants and further enslaves them. The people protest and voice more grievances. Government continues to ignore them. The people vote yet again thinking it will be different ‘this time around’.

        …Nothing changes except for an increase in the level of enslavement.

        With no effective means of the people to influence government other than continued support of their enslavement through their vote, either eventual complete and total enslavement or violent revolution, is inevitable.

        It is the nature of governance.

        Statists, ..pfft…

        ” For the future I hope we change our system to allow people to select different Govt by simple vote or referendum. ”

        You should be a comedian.

  17. Aw heck no. Looks like it comes down to Lambeau on the 28th… 😉

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Congrats………..still a chance for the Lions.

      Two weeks to go and a lot of football left.

      • Figure we’ll both win next week, then it’s on! Time to make swiss cheese out of the blockheads. Supposed to stay in the 40s til Christmas. Please don’t make us go to the frozen tundra that day! 🙂

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    When the Govt puts you in the sights, the Govt comes in full force.

    How the hell did the National Guard get involved in a State action supporting the FBI???

    Old news but enlightening.

  19. @ VH and Gman,

    ‘Defining Jesus’

    Before saying anything, I want to acknowledge that I am a mere human and cannot claim absolute truth beyond that which I cannot definitively reason or confirm.

    That being said, I am still studying, but my best educated guess is that Jesus was a deeply spiritual man and teacher, …not the literal son of God, not literally God in human form, but rather more like an ascended master. …as in having a spiritual or metaphysical connection with something godly or holy.

    I say this because I have taken a somewhat objective academic approach, while also taking into account my own spiritual experiences as well as those of others, and spiritual lessons taught all throughout recorded history. For this reason, I have been able to find an answer that eliminates much of the conflict and confusion in defining exactly ‘what’ Jesus was.

    I will start with name meanings history and etymology.

    Names have long held spiritual meanings and/or characteristics of human nature, often to imply or denote something honorable, as is the case with the name Jesus.

    Jesus, Jason, Jesse and Joshua are all of the same family of names in terms of meaning and etymology. All are English transliterations of originally Greek names.

    Ιησούς (Jesus), Ιάσονας or Ιάσονα (Jason), Ιεσσαί (Jesse), Τζόσουα (Joshua)

    Jesus and Jason are variants stemming from the Greek name for Joshua, which is rooted in the Hebrew name Yeshua and/or Yahshua ( ישוע or ישועה or הישועה ) which means Salvation, or Yah’s Salvation/God’s Salvation. (Yah/God – Shua/Salvation)

    Jesus is oriented more toward the spiritual such as a preacher or spiritual leader, while Jason is more oriented toward the medicinal, as medicinal practices were often accompanied by rituals or prayers.

    The name Jesse is also a closely related variant to/of Joshua, and stems from the name Yeshai ( ישי ). It means “God exists” denoting confirmation of faith or also a connection to God.

    It can even be argued that Jesus and Jason are variant blends of Yeshai and Yeshua/Yahshua, while Jesse and Joshua are more distinct and direct transliterations.

    The name Immanuel/Emmanuel ( עמנואל ) is a Hebrew name meaning “with God”, or “God with us”, and is characterized as also having a spiritual connection with God, as in possessing the spirit of God, or bringing forth the spirit of God. (Immanu/with – El/God)

    The word Christ is an English word for the Greek word Kristos( Χριστός, Χριστού, Χριστό ) and is a Greek transliteration/equivalent of the Hebrew word for Messiah ( משיח ). which means anointed or appointed by God with a message and/or purpose. This was usually used as a title given to spiritual masters, prophets, or leaders, and sometimes to royalty.

    So, we can reasonably conclude that “Jesus Christ” means ‘anointed by God to bring spiritual salvation’.

    And when considering the meaning and etymology, it accounts for the often varied uses of Jesus, Yeshua and Yahshua, when speaking of the same person. It also accounts for the Gospel of Matthew citing Isaiah 7:14 to draw a connection to Jesus, as the names Jesus and Immanuel are very similar in meaning and both can be considered Christs.

    What it does not account for is the discrepancies with regard to the time line. If you try to rationalize it as the same physical person, it makes little sense, as there is a clear difference of their births of about 600 years, and a difference in the time of Immanuel’s birth, verses the start of the name Jesus, of about 300 years.

    …except when you apply the gnostic idea of inheriting what is know as the ‘Christ Consciousness’. That is to say that perhaps while they were separate individuals, they had both inherited the spirit of God through the same Christ Consciousness.

    Gnosticism teaches that humans are able to attain a higher spiritual awareness or enlightenment, whereby you go through a process of growth through stages, that when you reach a certain level, you establish a connection with God, and are considered adopted by God or a child of God, hence “Son of God”

    This theory also accounts for the idea of the godhead, as the father is God, the son is the man/men, with the Holy Spirit being the Christ Consciousness.

    When taking into consideration the influence of the Essenes on Christianity, it makes sense to further support this theory.

    The Essenes were a separate and more radical sect of Jews similar to what we modern folks consider ‘New Agers’, who learned much of their knowledge from their time in Egypt in what is known as ‘Mystery Schools’. The Egyptians were, no doubt, rather advanced in comparison to other civilizations, and were into all sorts of metaphysical exploration, doing things like using physics of sound and other methods to enhance meditation and spiritual attainment.

    There is also a great deal of evident information to support the theory that they interacted with a more advanced species or somehow were able to establish a spiritual or metaphysical connection with something greater, possibly more advanced future humans.

    It would explain where they got such knowledge.

    This would also explain why/how the Essenes were somewhat unique in that they were the ones to prophecize what modern religions consider ‘dooms day prophecies’ that others at the time were either clueless of or disinterested in.

    Is it possible that the Essenes were privy to methods of meditation that allowed them to astral-project in a way that transcends time/space? Could Jesus have been a student of the Essenes or otherwise received the same knowledge of spiritual practices or somehow possessed a powerful inherent ability comparable to what we consider a psychic or clairvoyant?

    I think so.

    It would also explain the motivation to kill him, as such knowledge would be quite valuable and threaten the position of the political powers and spiritual leaders of the day if it were to become wide spread.

    I think it is safe to characterize Jesus as somewhat of a spiritual revolutionary. No?

    If you care to do the research, there’s a lot of information out there to connect the politics and time-line, geography, life of Jesus and such to support this theory. Where was Jesus for those missing years? What was he learning?

    I strongly recommend doing the research as to broaden your perspective beyond the literalistic interpretation of The Bible that has been closely regulated by churches and religious empires for so long, especially during the Hellenistic period.

    I could go on. We could continue this dialogue for quite some time, as there is plenty to cover, a lot of digging to do, a lot of very interesting aspects to this. But I think you get my drift.

    Whatever he was, I like what he had to teach, …at least what is popularly known. It is indeed a beautiful message of love and compassion, peace, wisdom, and knowledge.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Sad Truth

      “Are you suggesting I leave, JAC?

      Because I will do so right now with no hesitation.”

      Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!

      Nuff said?

      • Seriously? I have seen folks say far worse to people here without anyone batting an eye. I have come to the aid of our ladies on many occasions throughout the years, not once have I demanded one leave because of it. Freedom of Speech is part of the First Amendment not to protect speech that is liked, but speech that is not liked. Besides, even the best of us have our bad moments.

        • I appreciate the support, Gman. I really do. It means a lot. Thanks, brother.

          But it is over. There is no real point in being here.

          Take care.

    • I certainly wasn’t going to get in a session over religious beliefs. There are many differing beliefs within Christianity, and many different sects. I’m not very religious, but remember my younger teachings quite well. Whatever is believed, religion should always be a positive thing to one’s life.. It should help guide one’s moral compass to do good in life and treat all people with respect (which I fail at on occasions) and dignity, despite our differences. I have no problems with all peaceful religions around the world, nor do I have a problem with people who do not believe at all. To each his own 🙂

  20. Just A Citizen says:
  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Couple thoughts before I head to the bunk house.

    1. There is no way we will ever know for sure what was or was not said about torture, or to whom, or what was accomplished. Why??? Because we have a massive collection of people whose habit is to LIE about anything they want all of which are trying to claim that ONLY THEY are telling the truth. Lying liars all crying wolf.

    2. The Budget deal that just passed has revealed the true nature of the Republican leadership, as if it hadn’t already been revealed. Back to Liars always lying.

    3. The story being spread by certain R’s that Cruz’ little stunt allowed Reid to bring up judges and others for confirmation is Bull Dookey. In fact it is a complicated LIE. Once again back to lying liars always lying.

    For those that don’t understand the details, Reid could have pulled his stunt regardless of what Cruz did, and in fact Mr. Reid had promised to many people he was going to do just that.

  22. Back on subject of LOI’s article. I read an Email about the oil plunge. They are saying it’s due to deflation as the world economy is contracting. They even predicted it 13 month’s ago. However, as with all things, it has brought up another subject, that of Russia.

    If these idiots in DC get us into another war, I wonder if our military will fight for Obama?

  23. It is amazing to see how many people seem to be threatened by Cruz…he is just one guy….can’t do much…..but everyone seems scared of him…….or is it Texas that some seem to be scared about? Perhaps a movement of some sort….say………….independence? It is very interesting…..we are changing our education system without federal government assistance…we have open carry on shotguns, rifles, and assault weapons and will soon have open carry on our handguns, we changed our judicial system against the wishes of the Feds, we are an open shop state, we have voter ID even though the Feds said no, we did not fund Obamacare and will not, we did not expand medicare and medicaid even though the Feds said to do it…we have a balanced budget that prevents deficit spending, we still patrol our own borders even though the Feds say no…( if you do not take money from the feds, you do not have to do what they want ), our state assistance is for a hand up to those who need it and not a hand out that creates dependency ( check out our assistance programs…you cannot make a living off it like most states )…we do not have extended unemployment nor do we take federal funds for it. we have a loser pays judicial system that eliminates most of the ridiculous law suits ( not all ), our teachers are armed at the direction of LOCAL school boards. and our local school boards direct policy. We have our upshots that move here and try to change Texas only to find that they cannot. The growing Hispanic population is primarily conservative and backs patrolling the borders and legal entry….they do not like the gangs that are moving in and are instrumental in our intelligence gathering,…when the protesters came to town to try to organize, they barely had enough to march. They were warned about applying for a permit, had a specific route assigned to them, shop and store owners openly stood in their doors armed to the teeth, along with the local police force and the protests were quiet and unassuming. Texas does not care what religion you are….and you are free to practice your religion as you see fit provided you do not create civil unrest. Texas is home to the 8th largest Muslim populations and no one cares…..there is no phobia here….but we also are very traditional and extremely patriotic.

    So, I wonder…….is it a movement that bothers people more?

  24. JAC…welcome back from pounding the waters…I used to be quite a fisherman but have slacked off the past several years. I was getting out Christmas decorations a few weeks back and noticed my dust covered fishing equipment in the storage unit….but that is where it will stay….I seemed to have lost interest in it some time back……perhaps when the grand kids get older I will teach them to fish right after they master their firearms. There are priorities.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning my Texican friend. LOL………Yes….priorities.

      However, I think you should dust off that fishin gear, then bring it up here for a little exercise.

      Any fly fishin gear in that stack or is it all spinner stuff?

      Oh! It is the IDEA and thus the fear of a movement that has the R’s tied in knots. Cruz is not the only one being targeted. They went after Mike Lee of Utah as well. I guess we can credit Cruz, Lee, Paul, et al for ending the gridlock. The fear of them and what they stand for has brought the Dems and Rhinos together.

      • Now, now…….Of course, this is bass country and I have all the spinner stuff…..BUT……I do have a couple of fly rods and I loved trout fishing….and even here, with a three pound test, fly fishing for crappie is a lot of fun…..get a five pound crappie on a three pound test fly rod……loads of fun. Sorta like fly fishing for Rainbow with light tackle and a 5 pound Brown decides he wants to play.

        Before it got to where I could not go back, my dad and I fished a lot in South America…We fished the Mataveny and the Orinoco rivers for Peacock Bass, Dorado, Picuda, Mojara, and Payara….But, cannot go back in there any longer as the rebels have taken over the back country and kill and rob anglers.

  25. (NEW YORK) — Sen. Charles Schumer wants to know why airfares aren’t dropping along with the price of fuel.

    “With oil prices going way down, why aren’t consumers getting the benefit and seeing ticket prices go down, when instead, they’re still going up?” Schumer, D-N.Y., asked during a news conference Sunday.

    To get some answers, he is calling for a federal investigation.

    “There are many, many questions that demand answers, and today we are demanding those answers — quick answers — from the Department of Transportation and the Department of Justice,” the senator said.

    Schumer said the situation is a “lose-lose for consumers, and it’s just not fair.”

    D13 says: I have a great idea, Senator. DON’T FLY. Perhaps the DEMAND is there and there are limited seats. And, why are you not concerned about the rise of health care prices going up in greater percentages than airfare? Oh, I forgot… do have democrat beside your name….

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Some of the affects from past economic events are accurately portrayed, but it seems to me the cause/effect is all messed up. Kind of skewed to defend inflation and a weak dollar.

      Simple thought exercise:

      I loan China 1 billion dollars. Dollar rises in value by say 15%.

      China put the money in their treasury for future use. The note is due, so how much does China owe me?? Answer; 1 billion dollars. The same billion they borrowed. The “value” of the money has NO AFFECT on the amount they owe. On the other hand, until the note comes due they can use those higher valued dollars to buy MORE stuff than they could before.

      China used the money to buy stuff, or converted it to other currency to buy stuff. The note is due so how much does China owe me?? Answer, 1 billion dollars, the same billion they borrowed. NOT MORE dollars.

      The actual problem is two fold, and one of them has nothing to do with a rising dollar but the Fed setting an artificial “cost” of money.

      First, China will have to buy dollars to repay the debt. Since it is debt they have to get the same number of dollars. But it will take far more of their money to get the 1 billion in dollars.

      Second, the “interest” rates will have to eventually rise. Interest rates reflect the demand for money. If the dollar were truly strong the demand would rise and the cost would go up as well. So it would cost China MORE if they wanted to roll over that loan at the new rates.

      For those who don’t know what is actually happening the dollar is not rising nor oil declining due to “DEFLATION”. The world has been on a money printing binge. That is INFLATIONARY. The dollar is stronger only relative to other nations. Not the basket of goods those dollars can purchase. Which is also connected to Mr. Schummer’s concern over plane ticket prices.

      And oil has been declining due to SUPPLY rising as the US and Canadian production ramps up and the Global demand has remained fairly flat.

      One more thing, the last dip in oil and the crash of the economy was caused by the housing bubble bursting, not the other way around as is being portrayed by some economic gurus these days. High oil brings on economic recessions due to the extent oil plays a factor in the economic costs of goods sold and thus net income.

      The ONLY people who suffer due to cheap oil are the oligarchs and politicians who depend on those revenues to buy peace with welfare or to fund their personal lifestyle.

      • Surprise! I get emails all the time from a PHD in economics who predicted the drop in oil prices over a year ago (and proved so). He claimed, straight up that the drop in oil prices is due to DEFLATION and had predicted it because he saw the World economy contracting.

        Now to be fair, I’m not too good at economics on a planetary basis, so I get lots of info from different sources (some of which Black Flag turned me on to years ago). So far the they are mostly in agreement, the world economy is contracting and we are experiencing deflation throughout most economies now. Can I agree with all this? Yes, because I don’t do the research they do and they have been predicting this due to the reasons they expressed.

        BUT, it’s a better story than the CT stuff about the US and others trying to bury Russia (which this may do anyway). I do, however., think we are headed for a major war. I hope I’m wrong, but the Eagle and the Bear shall do battle, it’s all on the table now.

        • A few years back i was predicting $ 20 a barrel by Christmas. Came pretty close before it started climbing. Ever since the first Arab oil embargo after the 1973 war it has been pretty obvious that the price of oil is artificially manipulated by the folks at OPEC.

          I see two nefarious possibilities, one is of course smashing Russia the other is breaking the tar sand/shale/fracking success story. They seem to need about $ 70.00 per barrel to make it work. There is the possibility that the two are working together. I can see the environmentalists in DC in league with the Saudis in league with the Neo-cons. I tend to try to avoid paranoia but if you had told me a year ago that the Neo-cons and their allies could have reignited the cold war I would have said you were nuts.

          The possibility that the economy is contracting is very real also but as I said a few days ago, sink a couple of tankers in the Strait of Hormuz and see what happens the next day.

          Here is the price graph for the last 40 years. $ 16.00 a barrel in ’98, $ 37.00 in ’01! Factoring in the normal variables like inflation cannot explain any of this. Wonder what Peter and Dale think?

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Here is some data. Look at the chart in the lower right corner of GDP ranking for the past three years.

          Please explain where you see DEFLATION, if when using the Keynesians metric.

          Also take a look at the graph SK provided of oil. Notice that Oil DROPS occur shortly AFTER the downturn in economic output, measured in GDP.

          • I’m just passing on info from a Professional who does this crap for a living (and quite successfully). I know squat about economics when it comes to all the stuff, which is why I get these emails and newsletters, to help me learn and make a few decisions here and there. So let me see 🙂 ROFLMAO 🙂 WHO do I listen to? JAC or a successful professional? You tell me 🙂

            • JAC 😉

            • Russian economy in collapse as we speak. Being announced on FOX now

              • Blaming the price of oil!

              • Just A Citizen says:


                From my comment above:

                “The ONLY people who suffer due to cheap oil are the oligarchs and politicians who depend on those revenues to buy peace with welfare or to fund their personal lifestyle.”

                Do you now see the connection between cheaper oil and the Russia economy?? This is what happens when oligarchs/politicians build a false economy based on welfare. When the money source drops your entire house of cards comes tumbling down.

                As for the differences in my comments and your “professional” it comes down to definitions once again. DEFLATION is NOT just a drop in GDP, nor is it just a drop in commodity prices. The “supply” of money relative to the demand for goods has to change to get either inflation or deflation. At least the Austrian version.

                If the Ruble is collapsing then ask yourself why this happens. At the fundamental level.

                It means that there is less demand for the Ruble. Now why would a decline in oil prices, which reduce the costs of factory production and increase disposable income among the people cause a decline in demand for the Ruble??

                Answer: Because Putin made a mistake by thinking he could prop up his economy by using oil revenue.

                Warning: Now think of what it is that the US has that would create a similar affect. Hint: Tax revenues and the ability to “borrow” to feed the Welfare State.

        • A very different look. I think he & I could both add 2+2 and I would get 4. I suspect his answer would be because I am a racist or some other liberal rant….The CIA was behind the Arab Spring? Why then are there no mini- Shaw’s running these countries as our puppet?

          • ….The CIA was behind the Arab Spring? You bet and it is common knowledge that it was the US the put in the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, before they were removed. Libya and Syria were next and both of them were apparent. ALL of those leaders who were removed were removed to protect the Petrodollar. Syria is still ongoing, due to Russian interference, which is one reason I believe the oil price drop has a clear purpose. Once Russia and a few others are economically destroyed, the price will go back up. Waiting to see how Russia responds. I think Putin knows what’s going on. He is also very popular in Russia. We may be closer to a nuclear war than in ’62, we shall see!

            • You can add Ukraine to the list as well.

            • Isn’t common knowledge a lot like those rape cases? Anyone & everyone can speculate and accuse. We are accusing Russia on destabilizing governments so they can move in by “popular support”. Seems more likely they are the player in Ukraine than us.

              Also, Obama has done all he legally could to drive up energy costs. He is over the CIA. If he wanted to protect the Petrodollar, it makes more sense that he would have acted to keep the status quo than to disrupt. Sorry, just does not pass a sniff test for me….

              • You need to go back and look at what some of these countries were planning with respect to the petrodollar. I don’t have the desire to do it, but it has all been posted right here over the course of the events that took place. The whole Arab Spring was about money, period.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The best part of that link was the video interviews. Good summary of the overall situation and how some of the things may be related but are not necessarily caused by the other. For example, the loss in Ruble value is not caused by oils decline. It relates to all the other issues with Russia, including our sanctions and Russia’s behavior in eastern Europe.

        • Now that I can agree with! I don’t think enough has been said about coal to Ukraine and other energy exports to Europe in general. Have not checked how winter is impacting them yet, but would bet on Russia using it to their advantage.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Note the date in this article which is discussing the Ruble’s decline. Also note their reference to stable oil prices at the time, much higher than exist today.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    Example of a more civilized discussion about Anarchism. Although there are a few comments that fall into the normal “you are all stupid” category. Otherwise I would say this is far more constructive than the name calling and insults that have accompanied such discussions here.

    I echo some of the comments that Anarchism supporters usually do two things in their argumentation. One relates to confirmation bias. The other is to ignore the reality of human history. Even the ancient examples on their side include a rudimentary Government body.

    They also commit the same logical fallacy as their detractors. “Can you show me one example of XYZ in history?”. The rebuttal to this is easy. Can you show me a single example of a Constitutional Republic established and approved by the PEOPLE before the USA was established in 1787??

    Good ideas do not have to have existed before to be good ideas for the future. This FACT cuts both ways relative to those arguing over Anarchy vs. State.


    Believe it or not, Citigroup announced on Friday that it would move its headquarters from New York to the actual U.S. Capitol Building, in Washington, D.C., in early 2015. Yes! They might as well had since they got everything they wanted.. Could you imagine Citi outbid JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs to lease thirty thousand square feet of prime real estate on the floor of the House of Representatives.

  28. I didn’t know economist’s were CT’s 🙂 Or maybe this is real and we really do need to wake up:

    • Just A Citizen says:


      • Conspiracy Theorist’s. Their having a blast with this oil thing and Russia. Several even predicted it before oil prices started to go down. Quite entertaining, but because I have zero control over it, I just watch and see what happens.

  29. WTF is wrong with these Muslim’s? Is it that ideology crosses the line to insanity and leads to crap like this?:

  30. @Anita 🙂 Put 23 pounds of venison burger in the freezer today. The grinder I bought last year has paid for itself twice now 🙂

  31. Just A Citizen says:
  32. Just A Citizen says:

    Gman, LOI, SK………et al.

    The current oil market situation. As I said, “demand” is fairly flat. It is the “growth rate” of demand that has dropped. Kind of like when the budget growth is reduced the Dems call it a “cut”.

    Please note under the section “lag time” the mention of Russia’s problems and what could be a negative due to oil declining in price. Notice what that is related to……………..DEBT. Those that depend on oil to pay debts could have problems.

    • Other countries should be included in “we’re in trouble” category because of low oil prices. Venezuela, Iran and Brazil have been mentioned in several reports.

      Great timing for LOI’s article “Economic Warfare”. But I still have some concerns that this could lead to the next level, as in this pattern: currency war, trade war, World war. The CT’s (Conspiracy Theorist’s) are having a blast with this with the “we told you so” mentality all over the place.

      Those concerns only exist if Putin and the Russians think the price in oil is fabricated as “economic warfare” against them from the US and possible Saudi Arabia (who are known to not like Russia). While I highly doubt that any type of military action will occur, the issue exists to cause such action by Russia. Putin doesn’t seem crazy enough to order a preemptive nuclear strike. We would of course reply in kind, but what a mess it would be, not to mention the idiotic decisions afterwards. I see this event as a less than 1% chance of happening, which is too high for my liking 🙂

      • I also feel bad for the Russian people, as they will suffer the rise in prices.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        These CT’s are simply grasping at existing analysis and driving their own connections.

        The current economic situation has been discussed for a couple years by economists who spend time looking at the mid to long term scenarios.

        It is the inevitable result of a world that has swallowed the “prosperity via inflation” mantra of people like Krugman. All things are relative, currency wise, therefore reality does not matter to them.

        Yes, as I said above, those countries who’s Govts are depending on OIL revenue to run their Welfare States are going to be in trouble. That includes the USA in the long run. One reason I opposed the Dem’s attempts that increasing taxes on oil when prices rose. Without artificial constraints on production the price would have to eventually fall. And tax revenues would fall short……….again.

        Did you happen to see that a mathematics wizard has proven that at today’s tax rates (Tax Rate as % of GDP) that we have passed the point of no return. That is assuming future GDP growth at historical rates we cannot EVER expect to pay down the debt, let alone pay it off. This means that those howling about reducing our debt will have to ACCEPT much higher TAX RATES in the future. Even if we reduce the current deficit to ZERO.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Putin is claiming that speculators are responsible for the drop in the Ruble. He has most Russians believing his story.

        Sound familiar??

        I think Putin knows why oil prices are dropping. He knows it is not a conspiracy. He may try to play it that way to his people but he knows better.

        If there is a conspiracy it is among the OPEC group who think they can halt US exploration and production by driving the price lower.

        But why is our cost of drilling high? Because the energy needed to build steel, iron and run equipment is high. So if the cost of energy declines, the cost of production will also decline some. We win either way and especially if the dollar remains strong. It will allow us to buy more Chinese steel for less dollars.

        • Putin is claiming that speculators are responsible

          Where are these speculators? Who do they work for? The Russian people will not ask these questions in all likelihood.

          Fracking is a more expensive drilling technique for many reasons, but it has helped us get closer to energy independent.

          Let’s be careful about claiming “we win” just yet. How things play out after the New Year will be interesting, to say the least.

          Our National Debt….It’s never going to be paid off, ever.

          • The west knows all about the vulnerability of Russia’s economy, its creaking factories and its over-reliance on the energy sector. When the introduction of sanctions over Russia’s support for the separatists in Ukraine failed to bring Vladimir Putin to heel, the US and Saudi Arabia decided to hurt Russia by driving down oil prices. Both countries will face some collateral damage as a result – and this could be considerable in the case of the US shale sector – but both were prepared to take the risk on the grounds that Russia would suffer much more pain. This has proved to be true.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              So just how did the US Govt help drive down oil prices on a product it does not control?

              If Obama was intent on doing this he would have increased oil permitting on Federal Lands. He did not. He did not approve Keystone, which would further depress global prices, due to more supply.

              I don’t care who is making the accusations, they make no damn sense. The Saudi’s would be deliberately harming themselves. For what? Defense agreements with the USA??? Those already existed.

              Like I said, people take normal and predicted events and then impose their own stupid theories hoping no rational people ever question them. It also helps if they are making a negative claim, meaning it can never be disproved.

              Kind of like the CIA installed the Muslim Brotherhood. The same CIA that has been trying to undermine the Muslim Brotherhood for decades, suddenly decided to install a govt run by these guys, instead of the dictator who had been our BFF in Egypt for decades.

              • Think about this JAC, Obama is anti-drilling, anti-fracking and a pro Global Warming fraudster. Low oil prices undermine the fracking business because of the cost. The Saudi’s, don’t like the fact that fracking has been so successful as it cut’s into their business and lowers prices. Yes, Obama and the Saudi’s doing this makes perfect sense. By getting OPEC to help lower oil prices serves many positive issues for them. It hurts Russia, which has lots of oil. It hurts Iran, who nobody wants to have nukes and it hurts the US fracking business. All of which benefits OPEC and the Left Wing agenda here in the US. The temporary low prices are just that temporary. A small price to pay in the short term to achieve their long term goals. So yes, it makes perfect sense to bankrupt much of the fracking industry here, destroy the Russian economy and their ability to extract oil in the future, hurt Iran’s ability to fund their nuke projects, crush Venezuela’s economy as a plus and add Brazil and a few others to the list.

                In short, OPEC and Obama are both achieving their goals. OPEC rids itself of competition for years to come and Obama destroys the fracking industry, which adds to his destruction of the coal industry. Then when prices skyrocket down the road, OPEC wins and Americans will be crying for cheap alternative energy that Obama and Gore have been banking on. Follow the money 😀

              • If you recall, Saudi lowered production the last time oil prices plunged and lost a lot of money. Destroying competition makes perfect sense. At least to those of us who see beyond the MSM BS.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Lots of claims and accusations but you did not answer my question.

              HOW does Obama drive down oil prices when he does NOT control oil production anywhere?

              And now you want me to believe that Mr. Obama and the Greenies want LOWER OIL prices in order to reduce Fracking??? Really?????????

              That must be the hidden agenda behind the Carbon Tax and the attempted Gas Tax and new fees for permitting refineries. That must be the reason they have stopped the Keystone pipeline. To drive DOWN oil prices.

              I have a bridge to sell, care to make a bid?

              • Think long term JAC. Yes, Obama most likely has a ton of influence over speculators. Look what he has used the IRS for as an example of how Left wing alphabet soup agencies have done business the last 6 years.

                You can keep your bridge, I really have no use for one that is already built in a place where it is of no use.

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    Maybe a much needed awakening has occurred in Pakistan. Depending on the outcome this could cause a serious ripple across the middle east. That being people pushing back against the fundamentalists or the fundamentalists being forced to “moderate” their behavior, or face brutal opposition.

    This should also be filed under the category; All tyrants eventually over step the boundaries of acceptability.

  34. What one CT is saying about the US banking system and the future. Entertaining if nothing else:

    Probably make a good movie 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Buy and read the book “Rollover”. Or find a copy of the movie……..Robert Redford and Jane Fonda if I remember correctly.

      • I take most everything with a grain of salt these days. I figure if I read all the sides, one of them will be close to correct at some point, LOL. I have zero trust in the MSM. That includes most web sites associated with them, like HuffPo. Not a big fan of FOX either.

  35. Just A Citizen says:


    Sir, your take on the following comments by someone on another news site. Namely his theory of Putin’s long game. Normally I would not agree, but given Putin and Russia’s tendency to use “old time” tactics I cannot simply dismiss it.

    “This author seems to mean well, but she is dramatically under-stating the truth of the matter. This is probably due to a fear of being targeted by Putin himself. She softballs what should have been a total evisceration of his entire being. I’ll submit my own version of the commentary.

    Vladimir Putin a monster. He is willing to unleash hordes of evil murderers on innocent civilians to terrorize, rape, pillage, burn, and starve them into submission or elimination. Eastern Ukraine is a wasteland full of death and horror.

    Putin is not akin to a South American dictator. The comparison in the article is intended to personally minimize the threat Putin poses. Putin knew NATO would apply sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine. He also knew it would damage Russia’s economy to the point its people would suffer.

    The USSR was always willing to make its people suffer for their communist goals. Putin is a child of the USSR, only he is blended up with a sense of Russian Nationalism moving him closer to Nazism than Communism. But the point remains the same.

    The Russian people will suffer, just like the Germans suffered in the buildup to WW2, due to the lopsided economic stranglehold put on the German economy after WW1. The German people were willing to accept a monster to try and dig them out of their economic trenches. This is exactly what Putin is planning for. The Russians will be so economically repressed they will accept another invasion, or multiple invasions, to seize national assets from other nations to plug their budget holes.

    Obama has played perfectly into Putin’s hands. Putin is no madman. He knows exactly what he’s doing.”

    • Putin has a much larger problem…..the destruction of the Ruble….a depression setting in…..Russia’s only income is in selling their oil. The shale oil drilling in the US in Montana and Texas has increased production. The Saudi’s can do one of two things. Shut down production or keep it going. By keeping it going, they hope to drive the price of oil down below fifty bucks. The problem is that the shale oil can stand it. And the U S is fast becoming oil independent.

      Now, Russia has lost 50 percent of its value….interest rates have risen to 17% in Russia overnight. However, Putin still had a problem with the Ukraine……4,000 dead so far. So, his defense capability is weakening significantly…..he is out of money. Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil…all have significant problems because of the lowering oil prices.

      World currencies are all heading down…….keep an eye on it. China is playing a dangerous game and Obama is stepping in to it. We have significantly reduced our forces to include the navy. China will match us in aircraft carrier groups in three more years….they are the ones to watch…..but their defense spending will also catch them if it keeps going but China can manipulate their currency.

      We, the U.S. can actually use oil as a weapon….fifty bucks a barrel will bankrupt a lot of countries that have not learned the secrets of shale oil…..Russia included. Now, Putin has another problem that did not exist during the Cold War days…..and that is a much smarter populace. People love him for now…..but when they start starving, what will happen and they are not far from starving.

      Now, if I were in charge, I would pursue the oil market and become totally independent. Finish keystone and open up federal lands to shale oil drilling. We could hurt the central banking pretty good and I don’t care. I have no problem with throwing the world into a depression that we can survive with a robust oil market and fifty bucks a barrel. Drive the gold prices down and disrupt the value that China has. Those countries holding the dollar will be stronger….and a world depression will decimate the euro and Germany and England will survive.

      No one wants to play hard ball because they are afraid of China……not Putin. We are in a great position to become the premier hedgmony power again…..and I have no problem with that. I could care less what the world thinks. They will fall into line again, except China.

      But……..we won’t do it.

    • If the US and Germany had NOT stuck their noses in where they did not belong and did not organize a coup against a legitimate government in the Ukraine exactly how much of what is going on would be going on?

      Let us not forget just how dumb we are. Bush the younger pulled the same crap in Georgia in 2008. Putin showed us then how he would respond. How friggen dumb are these jerks in Washington anyway?

  36. I’d like Buck to give his opinion on this, if you would Sir:

    • Talk about an activist judge!!

      The judge ruled on a question that wasn’t even before him (several other sources have posited that both the prosecutor and defense had stated Obama’s executive action didn’t cover this individual in this case).

      • Yea, activist judges tend to work both ways. With that said, it’s easy for many to see the problems with the Judicial system at the Federal level. Just one more example of how corrupt the Federal system has become. Comments?

        • Not really sure how this is indicative of a corrupt federal govt.

          • I haven’t seen a signed Executive Order on the Immigration subject and doubt we ever will. But I’ll ask a simple question, If Obama orders Federal employees to act in a manner that is inconsistent with current law, is he giving an illegal order? I ask because Obama doesn’t have the authority to change law, under any circumstances. His job is to uphold the laws that Congress have passed, including immigration laws. Even in the military, a lower ranking member doesn’t have to obey illegal orders, ever. That leads me to why I believe that DC is riddled with corruption along with just about everything they do via Regulation.

            • If a person knowingly carried out an illegal order, they are subject to prosecution…..another tidbit for you……if I was POTUS and you were an underling….and I issued an unlawful order and told you to carry it out and you did… will suffer the consequences and I will be unscathed…..I will be unscathed because I am the POTUS.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Remember, Congress gave POTUS the authority to write REGULATIONS to implement the laws they pass.

              These REGULATIONS are in effect the MAKING OF LAW. So when Congress passes a rather generic dictate the POTUS gets to fill in all the blanks.

              Only rarely does Congress weigh in on Regulations when being proposed.

              There is also a body of legal precedent giving POTUS and the various Secretaries considerable discretion in executing their duty and responsibility. So usually if POTUS directs an action that is later found illegal there is no FOUL imposed on anyone.

              The most frequent penalty for such things are lawsuits brought against the Head of the agency that implements the law. If you win your lawsuit you might be able to get legal fees and a little extra money, depending on harm.

              I understand that some of the Tea Party congress critters are pushing the idea of a new law that forces Congress to review and approve all Executive issued REGULATIONS.

              This has good and bad affects. Good in that Congress gets to validate their intent with approval. Bad in that it allows the minority to continue to undermine the majority during the review process. And of course it would add a massive volume of business to Congress. Thus increasing the need for MORE STAFF.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              It was an “Executive Memoranda” that Obama used. Not tracked like “Executive Orders” Much harder to track and stop. Obama and etal used executive order as a catch-all phrase. You will not find the Immigration order in the record…….great article in USA Today on the subtle but powerful differences between “Order” and “Memoranda”. When Jay Carney says Obama has signed less “Executive Orders” than any president back to like Carter he’s correct, except Obama by-passes that little clause in the Constitution about what has become “orders” that CAN be overridden by Congress and skipped to memoranda and has therefore done MORE sidestepping of Congress by any executive in most of our lifetimes. Putting real meaning behind the words “Imperial Presidency” which were used against Nixon and Reagan…pikers compared to todays POTUS

      • Yep……the original question is unanswered. It isn’t the individual that matters…..he broadened the issue but did not issue an injunction….probably because of the pending states that have a suit against the very issue….but this decision, regardless of no injunction is pretty interesting. I think he wanted to wait until the state’s suits….I do not see this being over turned right now. I think that the state’s are going to be successful….it will go to the SCOTUS and Gruber has pissed of the justices….liberal ones included.

        • No injunction was issued because the judge knows he’s off his rocker in making this ‘ruling’. At the end of the day, it is meaningless….until it gets picked up by another judge in another jurisdiction where the case is actually before him….

          • I don’t think meaningless……but he did what other judges have done….expanded things. I think he knows exactly what he is doing….another judge will pick this up….

          • How could an injunction be issued when there is nothing in writing/signed to issue an injunction on. The Judge basically told the person using what the President said as a reason to stay in country was not within his powers and the man’s argument for not being deported is also invalid. That’s basically what I just heard on a TV news report on the matter.

            • That is what Buck was pointing out……this ruling is meaningless to action per se…..but does carry some long range significance.

            • G – from my understanding, the individual in this action was not trying to piggyback on Obama’s action. Both the prosecutor and defense explicitly stated in their briefs that Obama’s action DID NOT APPLY HERE.

              • Just passing on what the legal people on the news said. Regardless, Obama doesn’t have the authority to change law, which somehow became part of the case.

              • Trying to understand this on a legal basis-So a few questions. You say this guy wasn’t trying to piggyback on Obama’s actions-but wouldn’t the question of whether or not Obama’s actions applied to him have to be answered regardless, before he could be deported? You stated it was in the lawyers briefs- I read somewhere the Judge asked the administration to answer that question and they said No, but what if they had said Yes?

                If the top answer is yes-why is it unethical or overstepping for the Judge to comment on it?

              • I just listened to a couple lawyers talk about the Judge’s opinion. It was part of his opinion that he used to rule on the case, but it was not, as Buck said, pertinent to the case at hand. It has NO legal standing on anything Obama has done concerning the immigration mess. He probably looked at it, because it MAY have been pertinent, but determined it wasn’t (while issuing his opinion on the matter). Really, it shouldn’t even be in the news, it means nothing.

              • G – he looked at it because he wanted to; not because it may have been pertinent. How can it be pertinent to the case when both parties explicitly state that it is not.

                V – The question did not need to be answered. First, both parties explicitly stated in the briefs that it was not a question before the court. Second, this was a criminal proceeding; Obama’s action applies only to civil proceedings.

                Note that in my experience judges are loathe to tread in to any territory not specifically before them. Many will try hard to avoid issues even specifically before them!

              • Thanks G & Buck-looks like the question was asked and answered by the lawyers-so I’m assuming from your answer, the Judge has no basis to verify the correctness of their conclusions as long as they both agree. So seems like he was grandstanding by legal standards.

                One more question-why do Obama’s actions only apply to civil proceedings-isn’t there certain illegal acts that are exempt from being used to deport someone?

              • Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Obama himself stated such.

  37. Buck, once again asking for your opinion. It is clear to me that the Law Firm is grasping for straws.

    The parents of 9 children and one teacher, who survived the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, are suing the businesses behind the rifle used in the tragedy.

    Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, the law firm that is representing the families announced Monday that is has filed a lawsuit against Camfour, a gun distributor, Riverview Gun Sales and the Freedom Group, the company that owns Bushmaster.

    The lawsuit was filed a day after the second anniversary of the event, where Adam Lanza, used the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle to kill 20 first-graders and six adults. The suit claims that the weapon used should not have been entrusted to the general public, because it is a military assault weapon not suitable for civilian use.


    • Case won’t go anywhere based on my cursory glance at the complaint. Will try to take a more thorough look later and report back.

      I can envision a successful case against a gun manufacturer, but you would need much more than what this appears to be claiming.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I am curious as to the ethics/standards taught in law school on these types of things.

        Why is it we see law suits that most people would think frivolous? What restrictions, if any, are taught to aspiring lawyers?

        Then what happens, do some just ignore the standards or is it the rule of “stretching” everything to fit the clients desires. You know, that “other” living document theory applied to process and not just the law itself.

        • A good topic for debate at some point.

          The issue with frivolous lawsuits is that it has nothing to do with a layman’s perception. The best case in point I can think of is the McDonald’s hot coffee suit — going in to lawschool I along with everyone else thought this is a great example of a frivolous lawsuit. But when you get to lawschool and read about the actual case and look at the facts and apply it to the law…not so frivolous after all.

          Here, I don’t know enough about the facts of the case or the law in question to render judgment. From a cursory glance though it seems destined to fail (or, as you state, settle!) This by no way means that it is a frivolous case.

          And as I’m sure you are aware, a lawyer can get hit with some pretty hefty sanctions for bringing a frivolous case.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            You touch lightly on the subject with your comment about law school and the coffee lawsuit.

            That is the essence of my question which you may not have time to explain now.

            It appears that the criteria for frivolous is a moving target with less being frivolous. Because each time someone builds a case for a crack in the law a new law is created. Thus my sarcasm about “living document”. This is the theory I find obnoxious in the legal profession and I see it being applied to many levels, not just Constitutional issues.

            I am aware of the fines but don’t see very many applied. What I do see is cases being pushed increasingly because the lawyers have created an environment where it is “cheaper to settle” than to fight.

            Maybe we just need a major overhaul of our “laws” to move them back to a more simple and JUST foundation. I know, “good luck with that”, right!!

            • criteria for frivolous is a moving target

              To an extent that’s always been the case, but not in the way you seem to be implying. It is a moving target based on the facts of the case.

              You’re coffee is too hot and I burned myself – frivolous

              You’re coffee is served at X degrees, which is Y degrees OVER your company’s stated policy and you have received Z complaints about the temperature of your coffee – not so frivolous

              • Just A Citizen says:


                In the legal area I am most familiar, environmental, it used to be that you had to show a potential “direct” harm to have standing. Thus national Environmental groups had no standing and their suits were dismissed.

                Then along comes a “friendly” judge who declare they have standing because they “might” have members who “might” use the are and thus “might” be affected “indirectly or directly” IF they do use the area, or it they “might” see the area.

                No longer frivolous and the modern era of environmental litigation was born.

                I see your point with the coffee but that also goes to mine. The “law” defines frivolous, the law is subject to change based on which lawyers, judges are included in the group, establish new precedent.

                In the coffee case, so what if the temp exceeds a “policy”? So what if there are complaints? Did the injured person complain? If so then they KNEW the coffee was very hot.

                Now lets flip this, if the law allows such litigation then it seems we don’t need most “regulations”. Because all businesses are legally liable for providing “safe” products under normal civil law. Yes………No?

              • I’m not all that familiar with the environmental arena, but agree with you that standing has been an issue that has been relaxed a bit over the years, though it is still a hurdle that can be very difficult to jump through.

                The reason for regulations and policies, at least one of the reasons, is that it established a standard. In the coffee case, the particular store violated the company standards, which in turn caused harm. Can you give me a solid reason why the coffee case should have been thrown out as ‘frivolous’? If all regulations are thrown out, then so are these standards – I can make a case that this would result in many more lawsuits, all litigating what is ‘safe’. Is this the direction you want to go?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Before we go farther on frivolous I need to verify something. I think the “legal” definition of frivolous is not the same as what most of us think is frivolous. The latter is exemplified in those cases thrown out or quickly decided against the plaintiff.

            So the coffee example is NOT frivolous as the law is applied, even if the plaintiff had lost there would have been no sanctions for “frivolous”.

            Perhaps we laymen should use a better word, perhaps “ridiculous”.

            Lets use the coffee case as an example to the question you asked about eliminating regulations. YES, I would rather have MORE civil cases and LESS regulations. The Regulations were supposed to replace litigation, but now we have litigation against the regulations and litigation despite the regulations.

            I also don’t like regulations because the “injured” never receive just compensation. Agencies administer fines which go to the Treasury. Leaving the individual to suit the Govt and the aggrieving party.

            The weak link in my theory of a more robust Civil Court system is the cultural attitudes that have developed against “corporations” or “businesses” involved in litigation. The “compensation” or “restitution” seems to far outweigh the actual harm because jurors simply want to get even, over issues that are their own.

            If we can address that somehow I am more than happy to increase the employment opportunities for the legal profession. If you guys will clean up your act and drive the scum suckers from your ranks! 🙂 Yes that was unsolicited sarcasm.

            • ” So the coffee example is NOT frivolous as the law is applied, even if the plaintiff had lost there would have been no sanctions for “frivolous”.”

              Absolutely correct and something I feel gets lost by non-lawyers.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I AGREE fully. Your profession has its own language and that has moved farther from the regular/common folk over time. Not picking on you, my profession is just as bad.

                That and the common folk’s understanding of “law” has significantly diminished as well. Educated men of the 1700’s had a good understanding of law and how it works. Not so today. So we have two factors leading to greater confusion and misunderstanding.

                This was the heart of our disagreement over “living document theory” in the beginning. We were comparing two different concepts. Yours was based on the more stringent legal application. Mine dealt more with the deliberate alterations we call “activism”. And yes, both sides can be guilty of this.

                The only difference was that I came to agree with your interpretation but I don’t recall you ever admitting mine had any merit. 😉

              • Didn’t mean to imply that at all (as I’m sure you know). I completely see where you are coming from on this.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                The lawyers in the 1700’s also were well steeped in “Common Sense” Went through a mock trial in Williamsburg a few years ago. Really brough that point home on personal responsibility and especially in the days of NO refrigeration……just touch the side of the cups from the coffee houses and one should quickly determine it is TO hot to put to much more sensitive parts of your body like your lips…..just let it cool a few minutes and enjoy

      • Total loser, Semi-autos are not assault rifles. they have been around in various forms since the 1890’s. take a looksee. This one is similar to the one carried by Winston Churchill in the Boer War.

        My cousin has one. Loads from a stripper clip through the top, ten rounds and you can do that pretty quickly.

    • This is one of those nuisance suits…money is the object. I agree with Buck…..won’t go very far.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Did anyone catch the case in Connecticut about a Vet was transporting his knife collection from one home to another. He had gotten a job in an ajoining State and was moving. He had an accident. He was arrested sentenced to 15 months in prison for having a double edged knife and a police night stick. All the single egged knives and swords collected were OK. It was just overturned on appeal but his life has been totally ruined.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Don’t be so sure my SUFA mates that nothing will come of this.

      This lawsuit was indirectly caused by the Gun Manufacturer’s past action. They settled a previous lawsuit that was similar, probably at the advice of counsel.

      Not realizing it would more than likely increase future litigation.

      Once you pay blackmail your going to get blackmailed.

  38. Trump/Cruz ’16. Call me crazy all you want. Trump has the cajones to stand up to it’s a social bully, a financial bully, or a state leader bully. He has the ability to make things happen. or you’re fired. Like him or not, he’s a leader. Build a group right from the jump… Carson, West, Palin, Perry, Walker, a Mark Levin type, a Katie Pavlich or Dana Loesch type, Milwaukee police chief type…Team Trump….put them on the campaign trail and harp the conservative message…to death…explain, in plain English, why it’s necessary at this point in history. Put forth a simple plan on what the next 4 years would look like. Speak right to the people, not the Congress. Make Obamacare disappear.
    Tell the lobbyist to take a vacay for a few years, because it doesn’t fly here now. Make the people feel an obligation to hold their reps and senators accountable. Hopefully it would work, things could settle down some, then Trump could exit in favor of Cruz/ Somebody ’20.

    I will not support Jeb, Rubio. Ryan, Christie…NONE of the old guard. NONE. I’ll vote Libertarian or write in. Someone has to swoop in and shake things up. I think Trump would be just the right guy to do it…then be smart enough to get out after 4. It could happen if a team worked together.

    • CRAZY! 🙂

    • LMAO! I suppose you forgot about how Ron Paul was screwed out of Primary victories in favor of Romney? Remember back then? Well, if not you have been reminded that those who choose who you get to have as President will decide who wears the red shirt and who wears the blue shirt, then you get to pick from there. You will likely be writing in Bugs Bunny because he will be a better option than you are given.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Sorry my dear but I am with Buck on this one. I don’t want Trump any where near the white house or Congress.

      The man is a classic Fascist Progressive and believes in using Govt. to his financial advantage.

      Three candidates that have NO CHANCE………. Cruz, Jindal and Walker.
      Because of optics, not their policies or skills. Rand Paul may also fit that category but less so than the other three.

      My personal view is that I want Cruz, Rubio, and Paul to stay in Congress. That is where the true Power lies. If Paul were POTUS he would be fighting both sides much of the time, anyway.

      So the R’s need to find an ex Governor or a private Citizen with half a brain who can talk plain English to the people. Someone willing to tell them the TRUTH.

      • Really? Truth? You dare to use truth and politics in the same vein?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Want to be my running mate?? Or are you sticking to Sec Def or Sec State??

          • Hold it right there JAC.

            I think in the past we’ve already decided the Colonel will be my running mate. Though even I will admit that Colonel/Buck has a much better ring to it…

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Want the AG spot?? Maybe head of the SEC??

              Have to admit that Colonel/Buck has a good ring to it.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              No…….. just need a good legal mind who is a little more OBJECTIVE and who won’t mind busting some heads on Wall Street.

              I would go with E. Warren but her “socialist” rhetoric is more than I can take. Best to leave her in Congress anyway.

              • I agree with you on Warren — not about her socialist rhetoric, but that it would be best for her to stay in the Senate.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              On second thought, maybe I will appoint her to the SEC job. I wouldn’t mind seeing that passion targeted on enforcement of EXISTING laws. Then we might find out if there is adequate regulation or not.

              • Still feel she’s better in the Senate…

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Curious, why?

              • I feel she can do more in shaping policy in the Senate over the SEC.

              • She’s a fake (beyond her faux indian-thing – high cheek bones and family lore be damned)

                “Senator Elizabeth Warren earned the admiration of the far left/Mainstream Media recently for her fight to vote no on the trillion plus federal budget. In that fight Warren claimed the bill, by lessening some of the Big Government regulations imposed on the banking industry, was passed according to her own words:

                …so that “the biggest financial institutions in this country can make more money”

                What Warren leaves out is the fact many mid-tier and smaller banks are being crippled by the thousands of new pages of new federal regulations imposed upon them since the Obama era began. These banks are being shut down and/or gobbled up by the larger institutions at a stunning rate which in turn will mean fewer choices for consumers, and yes, more money for the biggest financial institutions.

                This is a crucially important point then, and one that needs to be repeated to anyone who claims Elizabeth Warren is some kind of hero to the “little people” of America:

                By demanding MORE federal regulations be imposed upon the banking industry, Senator Warren has made herself a valuable friend of the largest and most powerful banks in America, for those banks are the only ones who can afford to navigate the regulator monstrosity that was dumped upon them in recent years. She is advocating less competition for these giant banks, and fewer options for the consumer.

                There’s something more sinister and duplicitous at play here too though regarding Senator Warren’s demands for more federal regulations, one the Mainstream Media purposely ignores. Warren is a creation of powerful Wall Street law firms who are growing even richer off of the work generated by all of the federal banking regulations. The Dodd-Frank law has been a boon to Wall Street attorneys.

                Now why would Senator Warren be so cozy with Wall Street lawyers? The answer is simple – she was invented by them. Let me explain.

                Elizabeth Warren’s $350,000 per year position at Harvard Law was created by the Leo Gottlieb Law Firm. For decades Leo Gottlieb was among the most powerful and influential Wall Street attorneys and a former president of the New York County Lawyers Association. The Gottlieb Law Firm in essence funded the very food Elizabeth Warren put on her table, the car she drove, and the very large and exclusive home she owns.

                Bet you haven’t heard THAT bit of information from the media, have you? Not that some didn’t try. Here is a 2012 excerpt from National Review:

                In fact, the list of Warren’s top donors is practically a roll call of lawyers up to their ears in the arcana of structured finance, mortgage-backed securities, and general Wall Street shenanigans. The first guys to securitize credit-card debt? Elizabeth Warren donors. Big banks back Brown, you say? What about the world’s largest and most influential investment firm? Yes, BlackRock backs Professor Warren. Any time you have and Wall Street on the same side, you should hide your assets.

                (Above: The big dollar Warren home bought and paid for with a Harvard salary donated to her by a Wall Street law firm)

                The American legal system behemoth in America costs us all billions of dollars in legal fees every year, and the cash cow of that machine is the incestuous relationship between Wall Street law firms and D.C. politicians. Those firms fund politicians who will enact more regulations which will in turn create more profits for the financial attorneys paid to navigate those regulations.

                Senator Elizabeth Warren is a product of that most dark and insidious swamp, bought and paid for long ago, and no doubt laughing in private at how easily it is to dupe the intellectually vacant minds that make up her far left base of support.”

              • Here’s another. Yet the Gruberites will love her. Stupid is as stupid does.


              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Following Kathy’s thoughts…one just has to go back to the NRA legislation of the Roosevelt era and the 30’s. It was geared totally to eliminate the smaller competition.

              • For Elizabeth warren, I suggest the following as a campaign song.

      • Actually, he is a total phony. makes noises about running, gums everything up and then drops out. He is a mini Ross Perot though I do think that unlike Trump Perot had a reason for gumming things up. Bush the elder, the Republican Party and the POW/MIA issue. .

  39. The POTUS just violated another law…..relations with Cuba. No one will do anything.

    However, the worm turns……The POTUS has set several precedents….I hope we can get a conservative POTUS to come in and make sweeping executive changes in the same manner. Ignore the law as Obama is doing…..and make huge sweeping conservative changes through administration action… appointing a new NLRB chief to change the rules to allow open shop in all states…..and then pass a new law……but laws mean nothing to progressives.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sir….Potus has violated (6) statutes with his announcement yesterday. That is the worst part because we are NOT a nation of laws when the leader at a whim can do what ever he wants without recourse……now, I do really not care whether or not that we drop the sanctions or not. All nations of the world deal with Cuba and it hasn’t changed that nation one bit. If we unleash our corporations on Cuba, we will certainly destroy that country faster than any amount of sanctions and embargos our government can think of. What brought on the revolution to begin with?….Carter said Obama showed courage by his announcements…how so? He’s just following his pattern of leading from behind.

  40. Sony…….you are a coward. Grow a pair and stand up!

  41. JAC……file the case in Texas….loser pays.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Curious. Is that the same for all cases, regardless of their merit?

      • Yes… is loser pay… sure stopped the ambulance chasers…..also, with the elimination of lump sum settlements in workers comp cases….the attorney’s fled like lemmings. Add to that, texas has maximum levels on suits.

  42. Good morning. Buck….how do you feel about the rule of law now?

    • Can you be more specific Colonel?

      And a good morning to you as well!

      • You and I have always had civil discourse….I wont argue things with anarchists very much. Sometime back, you took me to task about how Texas ignores court rulings that Texas finds are outside the law….(ie: voter ID, expansion of Medicaid, border patrols, etc). Then you advocate and support selective enforcement of law. NOw you have a POTUS, whom you support, that apparently is violating the US Constitution and by passing Congress…ie Cuba. Consolidating power in the executive branch, ie: appointment of czars to by pass Congress by rules and regulations.

        Now, with republicans getting ready to be in charge of the Senate and House….and maybe ( although I do not know who ) the Presidency…and that is a maybe……I can see the same thing happening with a vengeance.

        My question, selective enforcement of laws for personal or political gain has destroyed, in my opinion, the rule of law. How do you feel about that? You and I are not Constitutional scholars, and I understand this, but realism is a good teacher.

        • Selective enforcement to me depends largely on two factors: (1) the actor and (2) the scope.

          The President, as executive, as a certain amount of latitude here; at least until Congress acts to preempt or change the law or until SCOTUS renders a decision.

          Texas, as a state, does not have such latitude to ignore a federal law or court ruling. That’s just not how our system works.

          Now, let me throw it back to you, how can you support Texas’ supposed ‘right’ to ignore a federal law or federal court ruling but criticize Obama for signing an executive order? I believe the former (Texas) does much more to destroy the rule of law than the latter.

          • Please note that my use of caps is for emphasis….I am not yelling at you.

            Fair question……Texas is pretty damned independent and I am a supporter of state’s rights. I used to be in support of the Federal Government mistakenly believing that it has the best interest of the country at heart. It does not. And here is why I believe that. Let us take minimum wage as an issue. The standard of living in Texas is quite different than New York, What works in New York does not necessarily work in Texas….therefore, a one size fits all is not the way to go. Also, on immigration…..there are Federal Laws NOT being enforced through selective enforcement….but there are state laws. If the Feds are not going to enforce Fed law I believe that a state can enforce state laws and that the Feds have no jurisdiction if they have ” selectively ” given up enforcement even though supposedly federal law trumps state.

            NOw, you said “Selective enforcement to me depends largely on two factors: (1) the actor and (2) the scope.” I say that a law is a law. it did not depend upon the actor and scope at the time it was written…it said…DONT DO IT.

            Now, a little further on this…to ignoring a Federal Judge ruling……let us take the voter ID as an issue. All the hoopla about how it discriminates against the poor and the aged is just that…hoopla. It does discriminate against the non citizen and double and triple voting that is occurring with regularity in border states. Non citizens DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO VOTE. Picture ID’s are used a variety of places and it does not impede the poor or the aged. As a matter of record, being over 65 myself, once established I can vote by mail….so the aged is not affected at all. For a hand picked Federal Judge in New Jersey to say that Texas cannot do this….is pure folly. I feel that this is unjust. I feel that it is unjust to shop around for a friendly Federal Judge. Justice is supposed to be blind. I am old enough to know that it is not.

            I believe that Texas, in showing states rights, is more supportive of what this country stands for than that of an Imperial POTUS ( and that includes both sides of the aisle ) circumventing the Constitution….at least in my reading of it. I think you know me well enough that if a republican POTUS did this I would be equally upset with it. And an elected legislature can trample a man’s rights very easily. ( Stolen from the movie The Patriot ).

            Admittedly, I am a State’s rights supporter and I admit to bias. But I can point to success that Texas has that New York or New Jersey or most state’s do not have depending on your definition of success….I have a real problem with a one size fits all scenario.

          • “certain amount of latitude here; at least until Congress acts to preempt or change the law or until SCOTUS renders a decision.”

            Buck your saying a “certain amount of latitude” but it sounds more like you believe the President has the right to do whatever he wants to and if Congress doesn’t like it they can act to stop him. How do you determine if he has overstepped-by whether or not the Congress or SC stops him? Because I don’t have much faith in Congress stopping much of anything! And even if they can stop him-that seems to take YEARS-and whatever they are trying to stop has already been accompliced-so surely there is some more reasonable way to define the limits to his powers. He does have limits Right-because I’m beginning to believe the executive has very few limits-we just thought they did. It’s just a matter of waiting to see how much further the next Prez pushes it-he gets away with it-and on and on it goes.

            AND just as one example-I don’t think basically giving immunity to 20 million people qualifies as ” a certain amount of latitude”

        • By the way, on Cuba, what is your real criticism: Do you not believe the President has the ability to take action towards normalizing relations with another country?

          • My only criticism of Cuba was hostage swap. I do not believe in that at all. And that there are no concessions from Cuba..just that they will “talk” about it. We have tried this with Cuba before and it changed nothing. The Castro’s still live in mansions and drive new cars….The convicted criminals that were swapped are spies that gave information and the resulting information that they gave resulted in actual shoot downs of American aircraft in International Waters.

            To your question….a POTUS does indeed have the authority to begin trade talks and take action towards normalizing relations….however, I do not believe, and cannot find, authorization that gives the POTUS nor the State Department the authority to by pass Congress on prisoner swaps. The POTUS cannot lift embargoes and cannot start trade without Congressional approval. But, I do believe that he painted a target on the backs of any American, tourist or otherwise, overseas….even in Europe. I fear traveling overseas now.

            • ” I fear traveling overseas now”

              I fear you overreact…

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The past several times I traveled to Europe, it was best to keep your identity hidden as to being an American. Fortunately, I lived 17 years up on the Canadian border and down east Maine and I have picked up an accent on my English that most people in Europe think I’m Canadian. I do not correct them. If all else fails I will speak French, German or Italian which is rare for an American to be multi-lingual….now I will concede that d13 being a Texan will be hard to mingle undetected. With the hat and feather, I’m sure a big belt buckle and always commenting that everything is BIGGER in Texas……just profiling and trying to make a joke.

              • Funny – I keep hearing people say that. I’ve traveled extensively and have NEVER had a single problem with being from the US.

                Though to be fair, that could be because I’m from NYC.

                And Dale, I don’t know if I would want to be walking around with that big buckle, 10 gallon hat and stirrups either….just doesn’t seem comfortable!

  43. OK…….anybody want to place a bet with me today? How many McDonalds are you going to see in Cuba….answer: None How many malls are you going to see in Cuba? Answer : None. How many citizens will have access to the internet? Answer: None.

    Either our POTUS is really that naive or he is really destroying this country with purpose. There is no other answer.

    • Today he has given the word that he “hopes” to be able to visit before the end of his term. I hope he takes Sean Penn and I hope he has a nice perma-prest OD set of fatigues with the old Ridgeway cap made for him for the occasion. Perhaps he will allow the Castro’s to appoint him to an honorary title like “commandante” so we can call him that when he leaves office!

      If there was ever any doubt before, it is gone now.

      I still do think there is an advantage though for a capitalist. Perhaps we can form a consortium to go down there and round up the ’57 Chevy’s?

      • YOu and I are old dogs……we know what is going to happen…..the only capitalism that will emerge in Cuba will be that of the Castro brothers… are NOT going to open and I do not know why people do not see this. All the Castreo brothers have to do is “promise” something for oil….we will ship the oil….it will not reach the people. they still have 1950’s stuff and it is NOT NOT NOT going to change. I dont get it.

        • Point is they are the GOOD guys and we are the BAD guys according to the Commie, Pinko bible. The big O knows this in his heart of hearts. They fought against United Fruit Corp. and the major sugar companies. We are the Imperialists. All people like Obama know that. Hell, I had people in my graduating class in 1968 who knew that. Now they are all in charge of the government or in academia sowing rot into mush brained young people who never heard of Theodore Roosevelt.

          Funny though, for the first time in human history Marc Rubio (R. Fla.)and Robert Menendez (D. N.J.) actually agree on something! Will wonders never cease.

    • Either our POTUS is really that naive or he is really destroying this country with purpose.

      I vote on the latter. He stated such many times, that is what his goal is.

  44. I have a question for anybody…..if the Sony cyber attack is North Korean… this a state of war and is a military response justified?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      No and No.

      But Sony and our international corporations should be allowed to retaliate if they choose to.

      I am guessing all the Private Enterprise tied to the internet could be more effective than anything our Govt. could do.

      I am concerned, however, with the increasing number of attacks on our Govt. systems, including power grid. Seems to me we are already engaging in Cyber Warfare. We included, but nobody talks about it.

      • Hold on there JAC 🙂 Not so quick with the NO answer. The Sony cyber attack is NOT an act of war, that I agree. If we get a State sponsored attack on our power grid that causes it to fail for a substantial period of time, AND the attack can be proven to be State sponsored, it’s ass kickin time! I might even say that a major economic disaster as a result of any State sponsored attack is an act of war. I also consider economic sanctions as an act of war also.

        This is a good subject to talk more about! 🙂

        My best wishes go out to you and yours on this fine day 🙂

      • JAC…why is this Not a declaration of war?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          They are attacking a single international company, not the United States.

          Yes it sets a terrible precedent. But if our Govt. told the private sector they were free to deal with this I bet N. Korea would be shut down in weeks.

          Besides, we NEVER have ABSOLUTE proof it is their “govt” hackers. Unlike when their missiles or shells start landing on our shores.

          I am sure we are already waging a Cyber War with them. So what else is appropriate?

          Now, if they start messing with our infrastructure and Govt. operating systems that is a different matter. That is a direct attack on our economic system and even our very survival (no power in January).

          Colonel, I am in your camp regarding a declaration of War. You fight to win, overwhelmingly and quickly. So are we going to annihilate much of N. Korea over a bunch of hacked emails and letters? A phony threat that Sony, et. al. was to cowardly to ignore??

  45. @ Buck……Castro just put out a speech…..”we welcome the normalizing attempt but understand that we still have differences. We will not discuss national sovereignty, human rights, nor foreign policy.

    So, what did we gain?

    • “So, what did we gain?”

      What did we lose? Because the decades-long embargo, refusal to even talk, etc. has accomplished what, exactly?

      • Absolutely nothing….but we did lose something…we negotiate with rogue nations and release convicted killers. You may not think so but we have taken a huge step backwards….we now negotiate with terrorists and rogue nations….before…we did not. I think that this is a very bad precedent.

  46. If you limit it to London….no…..but I guess I never considered England, et al as Europe…Now, mainland Europe….I consider it a moderate to high risk now…..Especially France, Spain, Italy and points east….sort of like Mexico now. Plenty of vacancies down there….Germany I would consider somewhat safe but I am also aware of the travel warnings that are out in Germany for service personnel….so…yes. I guess I would cancel any arrangements right now.

    • France, Spain, Italy as a moderate to high risk!? I think that’s just nuts. But please, if you do have arrangements, just change the name to Buck. I’ll be happy to go in your place.

      Just a few short months ago, my wife and I were in Turkey. As the US decided to start bombing along their border. Guess what – had no problems and felt perfectly safe throughout the entire trip.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Did you travel solo or have Turkish friends show you about? I’ve had a standing invitation to travel to Turkey by family members. They’re anxious to show me their country. That is the one country over that way that I’d make an effort to see. The hospitality may wear thin if the EU keeps pushing them away.

        • Solo.

          Where abouts in Turkey is your family? Beautiful country, great culture, even better food – definitely take them up on the offer!

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Southern coastal area. Tarsus. Any country that is at a crossroads like Turket is great place to visit. All the different cultures have left such a mark. The food, superb. I do like cooking it. I catered the my relatives wife’s baby shower. She got so mad at me, because her Mother had been not eating while here, and the phrase “boarding house reach” knew no limit that day. They wanted me to travel to Turkey for a second ceremony and do some cooking over there. If I had only one city to hit, I’d pick Istanbul. But there is so much to see you’d have to take a long extended trip….and then 3 other relatives in former Turkish empire countries.

            With having lived in Sicily, which is also a crossroads the number of cultures that have left traces is huge. I rarely left the island. Heck. Rome is nice but it is all one set of ruins and churches. Florence is all about the Renaisance, Venice at the time was the worlds largest open sewer. Nice but gets boring quick.

            • For the most part we were in Istanbul, though spent a few days exploring the Cappadocia region – absolutely beautiful. At some point I’m sure I’ll be back to Turkey to see the coastal area.

              I love Italy and am definitely planning on returning at some point in the relatively near future, but I do agree with you.

      • Buck, I actually had a good experience with the people in Saudi when I was there. Polite, not real friendly, but not unfriendly. Actually made some friends and got to learn and experience much of their customs. Worked a lot with a CMSGT equivalent who allowed me to do all of this. He had 22 kids and 6 wives, the youngest (wife) was 16, he was 51. Interesting culture, to say the least. The food wasn’t bad, didn’t care for the tea and dates things, except the tea would give you one hell of a rush 🙂

        • Why do you say ‘actually’? I’m not surprised in the least. Everywhere people are for the most part polite and friendly, especially if you are looking to learn about their culture, city, etc.

  47. @ Dale……feathers? Belt buckles? Really……I would think that trying to speak any language over there with a Texas accent would be a dead giveaway… would you say ya’ll in any language other than Texan. And as to everything being bigger in Texas…..naaah….Obama took care of that….his ego is bigger than anything in Texas.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      thought that would get a rise out of you…just trying to have some fun…I’m sure you did some duty in Germany? I went there during the 1st Gulf War to visit my stepson who was stationed in Mainz. We traveled throughout Germany and the only thing that saved the trip was my interceding with the people. The Americans were so damn arrogant they got it right back. While on base I got treated like I had a disease because I did not have a high and tight haircut and again had an accent. While in Italy for years during the 70’s it was highly encouraged to dress and groom like the locals. Totally against the rules to go off base in uniform and most of us lived and shopped on the economy. We had quite a bit of terrorism, A good deal more than now. Jump to 2005 in Italy and every American service personnel could be spotted a mile way, and were all pulled onto base. The PX and Commissary were the size of a Walmart. Just like I saw in Germany and the Americans were transformed from being a good neighbor to “that alien” group over there. Taught in Holland and the UK in 2001 and it was better, but it was still best to be known as a Canadian….another political issue with the EU is reciprocity with the US.

      I used to travel in Italy with a a couple other guys and between us we spoke about 12 languages. We loved to mess with the vendors selling curios. They’d assume we were Americas usually by our size and walk, and they’d come at us acting like JR from Dallas. It was a very popular show there. Except those that spoke Russian or some other Slavic language would start to talks to the vendor. Sometimes they’d know some slavic dialect and switch, then we’d answer that question or comment in a completely different language but correct. It was fun, but they soon learned to leave us alone, not knowing who we really were. Usually just left them scratching their heads in confusion.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      What’s that old joke about Mauna Loa and the Dallas fire department?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      “Yooz Guys” like Sylvester Stallone

    • I can see a nice cowboy hat, no feathers. Jeans and nice leather boots with silver tips! Small belt buckle, nothing special, simple button up shirt. Nothing that makes you stand out in a crowd, but fit right in!

  48. Buck….here is a list of countries that are on the caution list……France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Sicily, Austria, Eastern Germany, Poland, Denmark, all Balkan States, all of North Africa, Yemen, Qatar, SA, Ethiopia.

    on the watch list: Hong Kong, the Mariana Islands, Malaysia, Indonesia, Samoa, Philippine’s.

    This is not the State Department list….they lie….it is a military list knowing where the threats are to traveling military and their families. It relies on more appropriate intel. And I might add, the military will no longer share its intelligence with the State Department because of the breaches of security…and the willful disclosure of secrets.

    • Hope I don’t sound stupid-but what is the difference between “caution and watch”?

      • Watch=just be observant..there is chatter out there. Caution means do not go anywhere alone…go with tour groups or specific guides.

        There is plenty of chatter out there right now. Good or bad real or not real….it is still out there.

    • Go figure, in April I’m heading to Hong Kong! Your list notwithstanding.

      I ask again – any arrangements you have? If so, please change the name on the reservation to Buck. I’ll happily go in your place.

      • Does your Mother know your going? 🙂

        • 🙂 Shoot V. I had to threaten my own mom to quit visiting all the hot spots in the world! Didn’t do me any good. She really had Baghdad on her bucket list…thank God the travel club wouldn’t book a trip there.

        • Of course she does – told me: “have a great time!”

          The world for the most part is an extremely safe place, the colonels list of chatter notwithstanding.

      • Not my list….and Hong Kong is actually pretty safe but it is on the military list.

  49. JAC……ok..then let;s shut them down…right now assuming that we are correct where it came. Appropriate response is for cowards (no you are not one). Sorry, I do not believe in that term because appropriate response means hit them the same way….no sir…you take them to the mat, first and foremost and you make sure that they do not get up again.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      There is some serous doubt as to what N. Korea did in all this. That is per some computer security people I listened to last night. The “finger prints” changed a bit from beginning to the end. So did the “demands”. Apparently when the hacks were first discovered the hackers made some demands, none related to the movie or had anything to do with N. Korea.

      Some of the back tracking is outside N. Korea. It is really speculation that N. Korea may have facilitated the outsiders, due to style of the hack. But that “style” is known to the hacker world. The Administration is speculating that 90% + sure it was N. Korea but the private sector experts are saying “wait a minute, I am not willing to make that claim yet”.

      Now lets deal with the scale of retaliation and when. How do we handle the Chinese?? How do we do anything beyond Cyber War with entities that hold Nukes? I AGREE that retaliation should not be tit for tat but BOOM for tat. But how is this accomplished with our current military and espionage “situation”?? Do we go overt or stay covert???

      If I were POTUS China would shortly know that continued hacking from China will be met with embargo on Chinese goods…….PERIOD. The challenge is getting other countries to follow suit, because there needs to be a global response to this type of interference.

      Oh, and per your comment the other day. I have been saying for years that the Chinese will pose our greatest threat in due time. I believe that they are the key to N. Korea as well. Who else is enabling that bankrupt State to continue its stupid behavior?

      I also believe that the USA has been conducting Cyber War against others. No hard evidence but I would bet the Cold War is going hot and heavy over the internet. So we once again have to deal with our own hypocrisy when howling about others.

      Other interesting thing came to light last night. The “experts” are saying the “LAWS” have not kept up with technology. Stealing a companies data is not a major crime for example. It does not fit the same law as stealing physical merchandise. They say there is a need for many new laws in both domestic and international arenas to CRIMINALIZE all this behavior. I do not know if any of that is true, and I always cringe at the “we need a law” crowd, but maybe there are some holes there that allow Nation States to play this game without fear of International actions against them.

      Thinking Big Picture now, we may be getting to the point where the rest of the world needs to be reminded what it looks like when the USA withdraws to its own shores, completely. I think some things that happen to us are ignored by many nations because of the venom spread over time. Some, but not all, of which is due to our own behavior. Threat of International sanctions and punishments are constantly thrown towards us and not others. This contributes to the ineffectiveness of the UN and other Int’l organizations. So let them have their playground for a while. I am not talking about “popularity” aka, the Progressive need to be LOVED here. But the respect we used to garner so that it was easier to separate the good from the bad. Seems to me the hard left has infiltrated much of the world, and the UN, etc. has given them a greater voice. So if that is what the world wants, let them have it.

      We will engage in TRADE with those that behave properly. We will help those that behave properly. The rest get NOTHING from the USA. It is either this or we simply ignore all this BS and open trade with EVERYONE and stop messing around with ANYONE, regardless of their behavior. The whole world is CUBA and CHINA.

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