Feeling Jolly?

One thing I can celebrate this season is I do not live in NY City.  (Or anywhere near St. Louis)(Or any other large, mufti-generational controlled Democratic city)  With the protests escalating, I wondered how popular is  their mayor?  De Blasio beat Lhota  72.2% to 24%. Voter turnout set a new record low of only 24 percent of registered voters.  After the recent murder of two officers, he has called for calm and a pause in the protests.  And he is being mostly ignored.  I wonder if that surprises him?  He won a “landslide”.  But with only one quarter of those registered to vote bothering to cast a ballot, he can’t claim any popular mandate.  Another number, it appears only one third of New Yorkers register to vote.  De Blasio won three quarters of one quarter of one third?  Being generous with some rounding, I make that to be about seven cents out of a dollar he can claim as supporters?

I feel sorry for Mayor De Blasio.  He is mayor of a city that does not like or respect him.  He or his administration seem to have ordered a crackdown on tax evaders selling bootleg cigarets that resulted in a nationally witnessed, tragic death.  He then castigated his own police force for their actions despite his involvement. Some free advice Mr. Mayor, more prayer from you and less talk.  You are the part of the problem, not part of the solution guy.  And the holiday’s are a big revenue producer for the city?  How much is raked in due to New Years Eve celebrations?  So you have a welcomed mob celebrating and possibly a violent mob protesting?  Will alcohol be added?

I hope the mayor and all have a blessed Christmas, with love, joy and family.  Sadly, I think this reflects how many now view Christmas.


  1. 😎

  2. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    New incident in a neigboring community to Ferguson. A “White” police office shot and killed a “Black” armed suspect while questioning him about a robbery, who then pulled a 9mm gun on the officer. Unrest followed. Now in light of the problems in Ferguson, why in heck did the officer NOT manually activate his squad cars camera system? It sound like the officer was trying to keep the questioning low profile and not turn on the flashers which then would automatically activate the cameras.

    As I wrote earlier on SUFA, we had a young police officer gunned down by a parolee who didn’t want to return to prison for having a weapon on his person. His rap sheet was all about violent crime and release on parole from Florida .This officer was a new hire and had survived several tours in the middle east conflict. His partner then emptied his clip into the assailant. It was just a block away and I heard the sequence of events. It was in a black neighborhood and they basically said the perp got what was coming. No protests, except the new mayor got all weepy for the black perp/victim attended his funeral etc. Made some unthoughtful comments about the police response and was thusly asked by the police department to NOT attend the service or memorials for the officer gunned down.

    • It seems that cops (or white people for that matter) cannot kill a black thug in self defense anymore without causing a big stir. To that I say, BS!

    • Maybe we’re just not asking the right questions. How about this: Why do blacks commit more than half of all homicides but make up only 13% of the population?

  3. New Yorkers are too busy to vote. Hell, the new breed of New Yorkers is too busy to think! Things have been just so hunky dorey that nobody has to bother about anything these days. Big concerns revolve around what “club” to hit, the value of your condo, where you can score the latest designer drugs. To paraphrase the president, I heard the 93% that did not vote!

    the election was a farce. Joe Lhota, if you paid attention was the “me too” candidate. Whatever DeBlasio said Lhota was right behind saying, “me too”. Not a way to stir up interest in an election. The Republican primary was even funnier with both Lhota and his challenger trying to out-left each other to win Republican votes! Never ever thought I would say it but Christine Quinn, the Hillary Clinton of NYC to DeBlasio’s Obama. should have got the job. She got sandbagged from day one and not because she was a lesbian, hell, the Mayor is married to an acknowledged lesbian and it only helped! there is something new in eh Democratic playbook since Obama. Get those “pretty” candidates with masked agendas out there and say nothing but attack the other guy incessantly for starving babies and old people, kicking dogs wanting to put women in burkas and any other such tripe that CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and the NYT Times can get the typical intellectual voter to fall for.

    An aside, anybody beside me have lib friends who are outraged over what N. Korea did but mum on what their own government is doing with their privacy on the internet? Schizophrenia must be wonderful.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      But our government is doing it for our own good and protection, whereas the other guy is “evil” Most folks of the democrat voting block I talk to say they have no problem with the government collecting their communications. We condemn the governments who in the event of violence shut down the communication nodes. But like G said what about Boston. that city was shut down so fast militarily with the rapid response teams and communication wise it made your head spin. Much less threatened with arrest if you didn’t remain in your home and resisted searches without warrant and probable cause. Everyone I talked to from Boston had NO problem with the gross violation of rights and imposition of martial law.

      It had been a few years since I drove 495 around Boston coming from Maine, heading to NY. Had to make some stops enroute and I thought I was in a 3rd world country. The infrastructure was a wreck, most people English was not the 1st language and rarely saw a caucasian person. And they predominately were NOT from Latin America.

      I used to track network events in these areas looking for patterns especially after 9/11, specifically hitting things like banking and infrastructure. Rarely were the events just a random failure but the destruction of a major cross-connections affecting a major network.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I’d like to bet that the Boston or Mass educational system doesn’t even teach that Boston was one of the major hubs of rebellion against the over-reach of the home government, England. But that is the history of a bunch of dead white guys and not relevent to today. Given we are so much more advanced than before. Technologically, YES, but intellectually NO. Without serious thought other than personal gratification it just makes us just that much more dangerous and manipulated.

  4. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Hannukah-Sorry Buck almost missed it completely but it isn’t sunset here. 🙂

  5. Gettin old. Was downstairs before in the den. Took a look at my copy of this 1914 propaganda lithograph, realized it was Christmas eve and thought of the “Christmas Truce”. Could feel the tears welling up.

    You know for old guys like the Colonel and I it is pretty hard to realize that this years crop of 18 year olds are exactly as far away from Vietnam as we at 18 were from WW 1. Amazing!


  6. Now, on to happier things. May the joys and blessings of this Christmas season and its true meaning be with you all!

  7. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    That would be nice. Unfortunately what our country holds instore for us is 2 years of Obama creating and enforcing his legacy inspite of Congress and the majority of the peoples wishes. Like the ACA was passed with lies and parlimentary tricks and was hugely unpopular by the people and still is, but the Democrats are blaming the Republicans for not going along. What Pelosi and Reid couldn’t do was reign in their own herd of cats and that only was achieved by fraud.

    You know what would be an interesting change to the law making process. Congress writes the law, as usual without reading it, subject to all their political agendas, the President signs or vetos it without any hidden signing statements of what he will or won’t enforce, but immediately the two branch’s of the government have to take the law and plead it to the Supreme Court for Constitutionality, hopefully without political prejudice. They have to vote yes or no before it is enforced upon the people. Not just the winning political party, but also the minority view is presented. Can you see Amendment # 30

    But then again wishing for the best can’t hurt

  8. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    One of my great grandfathers was an ordained Lutheran minister during the late 1800’s. He used to tell me that during WWI and WWII federal agents used to sit in the back of the congregation listening to the sermons (spoken in German) ensuring he never spoke sedition or inflamatory speech.

  9. Merry Christmas to All who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Happy Hanukkah to all those who are of Jewish faith during their time of celebration and cheer as well 🙂

  10. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Stephen K…..just an FYI for a New Jerseyite…..do you know the Wellmont Theater in Montclair? Old family friends built that in 1922. The H H Wellenbrinck’s. I knew and visited the wife, Anna through my grandparents for about 22 years before she passed away in NJ. She has a big estate in the Poconos before PA decided to put a flood control dam where her property was and she had to vacate and went back to NJ.
    I was digging through old photos and came across pictures my grandparents had of her way back into the late 1800’s

    • Unfortunately did not. I am a New Yorker by birth and temperament and have only really slept here since ’77. As my wife says, “How can you live in a town for thirty years and not know the name of the street behind you?” . I do however love theaters. There is something about the old ones, the care and planning that went into building them that just knocks me out. While they were obviously built to make money, they were also built to inspire. I love that.

      Years ago watched them demolish Holy Cross Church on West 42nd street in Manhattan. When it was opened up and you could see the architectural details inside and the frescoes, it brought a lump to my throat. Ten or so years later watched as they demolished the Loew’s Inwood theater on West 207th Street and I felt the same way. It is not really a religious thing, it is a human spirit thing. But, in a way they are both the same thing.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        My mistake…I thought you currently are in NJ…The Wellmont is one of the grand old theaters that has been restore and still going strong for almost 100 years….I am originally a New Yorker and only have stopped for gas in NJ passing through heading elsewhere.

        • No, I do live in NJ just am never there mentally or spiritually. It is the curse of a lot of New Jersians. They seem all to be from NY up here in the North or from Philly down in the South.

  11. http://personalliberty.com/cool-bigots-shop-target/

    Compared to Obamacare, Operation Fast and Furious, the NSA spying scandal, the IRS auditing nightmares and the ascension of Al Sharpton, weaving a tale at Target out of whole cloth doesn’t seem like all that big a deal. But I can’t help but think: “If they’ll lie about this, they’ll lie about everything.”

  12. To shoot or not to shoot? You know my answer, but what should these two young ladies do, if they were legally armed? http://politicaloutcast.com/2014/12/video-shows-armed-vehicle/

    • I would have made an armed citizen’s arrest. If she tried to flee, I would let her and report the plate number and followed. But I’m a guy. Based on the reaction of the two young ladies, were they in fear for their life?

  13. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    What was Churchill’s quote about democracy, “Democracy is the worst form of government except all that have been tried” Democracy is inefficient and messy. With all of the MSM prattling and praising about our POTUS “going it alone” because he’s tired of waiting for congress to rubberstamp what he wants. This is a rhetorical question….could the people of the US deep down want a dictatorship so they DO NOT have to make decisions for themselves thereby absolving them of all responsibility for their actions.

    • The only people who “deep down” want a dictatorship are the Progressives, who, fortunately are the minority in this country. Once they get too loud, they’ll get smacked down hard, likely for generations. They want a war on cops. OK, go for it, let’s see how well that works out for them. I’m considering volunteering for an armed ride along with the local State troopers. They haven’t asked yet, but may ask them.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I’m starting to believe it goes deeper than than just being a progressive. When the POTUS claims he’s taking action for the significant majority who didn’t vote, why, are we to lazy, tired of making decisions, feel it doesn’t matter anyway if we do or don’t vote. It was interesting to read that Executive Memoranda are “legal” only on the basis of an opinion, NOT a law, or court ruling by the office of legal affairs of a letter written by Roosevelt in 1945.

        • Nothing that the POTUS does on his own affects one single American citizen, as far as breaking any LAW. I have said quite often that the Repubs and Dems are on the same side, but play the “pro wrestling” game for the masses of sheople who fall for their BS. I, for one, do not fall for their BS. I will do what is legally required of me, too stay free, but I won’t vote or accept any so called “authority” by the Feds. My local Sheriff is my #1 LEO, not the corrupt Feds.

          On a different subject, I asked a question earlier, this is it again: By what authority do the Feds power to OUTLAW anything that is a commodity that is bought, sold and used? I use pot as an example.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I would lay odds on the Commerce Clause in the Constitution and its rather un-inhibited interpretations since 1937. One of the most notible rulings was Wickard vs Filburn 1942 really expanding the power of the government.

            • Except that outlawing liquor required an Amendment, and then another Amendment to undo the first one. Nothing in the Constitution changed since then. With that said, is the Constitution still the supreme law of the land or is it now the federal Government?

  14. http://rt.com/usa/217959-us-oil-industry-prices/

    Saw this coming as it was predicted locally. Fortunately it didn’t really affect the Christmas season for most of the workers, but many will be on unemployment for the winter. Let’s hope for a mild winter, as it has been so far, for these folks. If natural gas prices follow, things could get even tougher for the fracking business (which many wrongly believe is dangerous).

    Now, for those States hit hardest, tax revenues will go down. Laughing at the new Governor of PA who ran on taxing the gas industry so they pay their “fair share”, which means to us smart people that we will pay more, not the companies. Democrats fall for this line of crap constantly, Gruberites to the core 🙂

    • http://rt.com/news/216083-oil-us-morales-bolivia/

      A coup for Obama and the Environmentalists in many ways. Pipeline talk will go down, fracking business is going to hurt, if not mostly stop, Russia and a few other countries get slammed economically (could get worse if natural gas follows oil). How will this affect Syria with less aid from Russia? Saudi don’t like Russia or Iran, so their likely in on it, the average people like it, so there is not any political fallout. Pretty cool conundrum that may work. Or it may cause the beginning of WWIII, as these things have a habit of doing. We can’t invade Russia and win, nor could Russia invade the US and win, what does that leave? I think Russia and China are much more prepared for a nuclear event, the US, not even close. China already has empty cities built, which leads one to wonder why they would build cities without the demand? Russia is loaded with underground bunkers, not that the government actually cares about the people anyway, as has been proven in the past. I’m sure China would loan them a few cities for awhile anyway 🙂

  15. This is a temporary problem only. Things will adjust. Even if the price stays down, things will adjust. I think since OPEC, the traditional market forces have been non-existant. If we are flush in oil, they will re-emerge. Don’t discount various manufactured “crises” either. In the interim, for every oil job lost, another will be picked up where cheaper fuels make everything else cheaper to manufacture/deliver/purchase.

    Hey, this is the friggen free market!

    • Low oil has many great things to go along with it, namely cheap gas and heating oil. It’s good for far more people than bad for others, unless your in Russia or some other countries that depend on oil revenues to pay for their socialist societies. This is one great example of why socialism will always fail. No matter how you steal from others or what you steal, that money/product will always run out or fail to produce the money needed. This is what is happening in Russia, Venezuela and a few others. Now if only the thick headed Progressives can understand this 🙄

      In the mean time, going to stock up while prices are low, as should anyone with a generator for emergencies (hint to Anita). 200 gallons will go a long way when one properly uses a generator if the power is off for an extended time (4 hours on, 8 hours off to keep frozen food frozen). This is also the time to deal with water needs, if one has a well with a pump. (although a hand pump can be employed for this reason)

      On the Stock Market, this looks like a big bubble that will cause many problems when it pops, which it will some day (I think it’s way, way overvalued).

      • Long past popping. Wait till interest rates rise.

      • The Saudi’s can only keep the valves open so long before their economy is significantly hurt at which time local political problems will increase and they will need to buy internal peace again. They have opened the valves for two reasons, first to shut down competition from US fracking and second as a weapon in their war over Syria. There will be some disruption and losses in the US fracking businesses, but the oil is still in the ground and we still know how to retrieve it when the price goes back up. For now NG is still fine since it is local captive market due to the difficulty of shipping NG overseas.

        What will also be hurt are the new chemical plants in construction or on the drawing boards. These were predicated on low domestic NG prices and high oil and feedstock prices overseas thus giving us a competitive advantage.

        On the positive side, lower pump prices mean increased demand so refiners will be increasing volume. Hence some of the lost well head profits will be recouped at the refinery. We will be requiring more crude in the future than we have been using now as demand will increase due to low prices and an improving economy.

        Electric cars and alternate energy sources will also be hurt. Alcohol is now more expensive than gasoline despite the subsidy. Expect these industries to go cry to Congress for more subsidies. The EPA has again postponed their cellulosic alcohol content in gasoline because there are no viable production methods. With the current regulations for alcohol in gasoline, the corn alcohol industry will limp along to meet this requirement. As a result, the price of gasoline may end up reflecting more the cost of the alcohol rather than the oil. Here in CA, we will be seeing the new carbon tax on gasoline next week.

        • On the subject of the carbon tax, this is one tax that should land in court as nothing more than theft. Make them prove Global Warming and how the tax reduces it. They will do everything they can to get it out of the court system, because they know they will lose.

          In PA, the new governor is an idiot Democrat who has already proven he knows nothing about the economy and was elected by economic morons. He ran on taxing the gas/oil fracking industry. He has two problems that will destroy his whole campaign, a Republican State congress and low oil prices (most new fracking wells are being put on hold).

          I think we are all being overtaxed by billions of dollars. That can only stop two ways, in the courts (which will likely fail) or a total and complete removal of all current Federal and State politicians and destroy the two party system. Until that happens, your whole life is controlled by the government. They can quickly destroy everything you worked for all you life. It’s already happening. people better wake up soon or they will find themselves with NOTHING except a government handout out and charity food.

          Unfortunately, I will watch all this happen because 95% of the people are sheople, 2% actually support bigger government and the other 3% will likely end up with one big fight on our hands.

  16. http://madworldnews.com/aclu-ferguson-schools-white/

    The race war has begun. It can’t be stopped and will only get worse. Protect yourself the best you can. If your white, you will be a target. Obama, Holder, Mooshell and Sharpton are the main leaders. Want the war to end, it begins with them.

  17. Missing AirAsia plane may have made emergency landing on remote island, according to unconfirmed reports.

  18. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Now that our mission has ended and the flag lowered, any bets on how long the Afghan government will last against the Taliban etal? 6-8 months at best?

  19. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The President must “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”[19] This clause in the Constitution imposes a duty on the President to take due care while executing laws and is called the Take Care Clause,[20] also known as the Faithful Execution Clause[21] or Faithfully Executed Clause.[22] This clause is meant to ensure that a law is faithfully executed by the President,[20] even if he disagrees with the purpose of that law.

    the Supreme Court and the Attorneys General have long interpreted the Take Care Clause to mean that the President has no inherent constitutional authority to suspend the enforcement of the laws, particularly of statutes.

    So how many are we at now with this administration? The government though “self” proclaimations feels that we are a nation of laws, ergo they are just etc….but has NO compunction to violate NOR wholeheartedly challenge the violation of the highest law of the land by other branches or agencies of the government.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    Had to actually shovel snow this morning. First time this year.

    Love my Seahawks but Dallas is the POWER in the NFC, while New England is the same in the AFC.

    Now for some economic lessons for the new year.


    • Just A Citizen says:


      I am not buying the “stomp” howling. Just a bunch of weasels who can’t stand Suh.

      See how everyone’s conclusions are BIASED by their previous ideas of Sue which were also largely driven by media sensationalism. While he has committed some nasty fouls, he has also had many FALSLEY called on him.

      Which by the way proves that Ref’s do TARGET certain individuals within the league. Once they are targeted they are not treated the same as others.

    • FIRST OF ALL Don’t be hatin on the original Bad Boys! They were good guys…even Rodman back then….so there’s that!

      Now JAC! Sit down for this one…cause I have Kathy’s back… Detroit has a bad rep now for all this non stomping going on. It is getting a little outta hand, though I did chuckle a little when Rogers got stomped…. still…. flag thrown for unsportsmanlike conduct…OTOH….GB got away with some BS to start the game and a few other calls in between, so they won ugly this time. Luckily, we’re still in it. See yas along the way!

      • Suh on the bench for the play-off game. So there.

        You’re saying the refs missed some calls? Like Reggie Bush’s face mask? Or like when they called the little hand rub on Stafford’s helmet that he whined about and they called?

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    More economics………..this one to explode the Communist’s/Socialist’s brain.


  22. Just A Citizen says:

    Can anyone identify the “single sentence” in this article that captures the problem we face in trying to reduce the size and scope of Government??


  23. JAC…….politico? Really?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Yes Sir. You know the story, even blind pigs……………

      Now can you identify the sentence in question??

      Hope all is well down south.

  24. Went to our gun show this weekend…..got silencers for nine of my weapons.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    And one more example of why we have such an uphill battle ahead. This goes along with the other article. The one where you need to find the magic sentence.


    Not a companion article, but a companion concept, one that undermines liberty.

  26. I thought I’d do an experiment, so I posted on the comment section at the National Memo, a left wing rag. After my first simple post, which I didn’t call anyone any names, the first reply was this :

    Anyone who posts with a bald eagle as their avatar is likely an un-American a$$hole — and you certainly didn’t disappoint.

    Midterm elections mean nothing. We heard the same bigot-talk after the 2010 midterms too, and Obama STILL easily won re-election. Obama has proven EVERY SINGLE gloom and doom prediction of you bigots DEAD WRONG, and it’s hilarious watching you stumble around trying to find new excuses as Obama whups your bigot-ass repeatedly with new economic records at every turn.

    Keep up the ineffectual bigot-squeals — they let us all know that things are on the right path. And besides, they are just so enjoyable to hear!

    As you can see, name calling and lack of anything factual reigns supreme in the Liberal mind of this commenter. At least Buck and Mathius (and others) normally are polite and debate with intelligence. What a difference. Guess where I’m gonna go to aggravate people? 😀

  27. I’m having a problem taking anything seriously this morning-I’ve read several articles that state that -Obama and Hillary are the most respected people in America and that the most powerful man in this Country right now is Al Sharpton.

    • Liberal media propaganda at it’s best! 🙂 I had a Liberal tell me we are a Democratic Republic today too! I’ve been over at the National Memo for awhile this morning. The ignorance is amazing.

  28. Disappearing off the internet for a few weeks. Have a fun New Years guys!

    Keep your powder dry.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      You as well. Hope all is OK with you and yours.

      We’ll miss ya. Come back soon, ya hear!

  29. http://www.nationalmemo.com/states-cities-brace-global-warming-fallout/

    I can’t help myself, but sea ice is above average and has been for some time. With that said, logic would say that San Francisco’s sea rise of 8 inches, as proclaimed, isn’t sea rise at all. It’s California sinking. Or, the 8 inch sea rise is just another left wing lie. 😀

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      The sea rise in SF is probably true but not from any natural event. It’s their tears flowing into the watershed over the space chickens are now legally required to have to have to live in. I heard a 75% rise in egg costs and a lot less availablity in CA. True or not?…

      Most likely a poorly written article not vetted for accuracy about sea level rise in SF .

      Since more accurate records have been keep since 1880’s the sea level has risen approximately 8 inches. Estimates of 8-16mm per year after 2081 so the range in IPCC estimates based on models and what if’s go from 1-4 feet by 2100….current rise is maybe 1-2 mm/yr.

      Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t California an emergent coastline caused by a geologic rise in the land and or a drop in sea level. So technically in CA it should be going the other way. It’s the land rising in this case.
      During the last ice age the ocean levels were an estimated 390+ feet lower than today. My personal research with oceanography with Occidental between LA and the Channel Islands was over 400 feet lower….In other words it was terrestrial between the mainland and the islands.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        gman, Dale

        It is my understanding that “sea level” is no longer measured relative to land mass, but an absolute elevation measured by satellites. Thus “sea level” could rise and land not be inundated, if that land is rising at the same rate or more.

        You should take note that the 8 inch rise in California was used as a “political” talking point in Mr. Obama’s first presidential election. Meaning that this is OLD NEWS, and that it hasn’t changed in 7 years. This does not address WHEN it happened specifically. The measurements are averaged over a longer period to come up with the “rise”.

        For those who do not know, the earths crust is still moving “upward” in response to the retreat of the last Ice Age. Lava flows in the intermountain and NW also “depressed” the crust in some places and raised it in others………….. see the Great Basin.

        California, is not just a rising plate. It also has parts moving laterally. The Sierra Nevada mtns are the result of the “uplifting” you mentioned.

        • You reminded me of the NEW island being formed by Japan due to volcanic action. This could cause a rise in ocean levels, at least in some way.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          All you have to do is look at the steps of the shoreline in the Santa Monica mtn area and see the emergent coast. I did grow up in CA and always enjoyed the different geologic dynamics of the area…….my comments inferred old news meant to incite and one drawn out over 120 years implying it is right now, the sky is falling attitude. One of the sister-ships of one I worked on in CA was sunk by hitting a submerged locomotive in Alaska as a result of a portion of the coast collapsing during the 1964 earthquake….or the plate tectonics involved in the Hawaian islands as they move off the single volcanic pipe and move northward and submerge…….my gps keeps varying the altitude of my house….normally it is 13 ft above sea level, but sometimes it theoretically is flooded…GPS is not always accurate either

      • Eggs are $3.50 a dozen here now. The yolkels (hippies) in SF spoke a few years ago and dictated how farmers should farm. Now they are paying for it.

  30. This is the reply I got from a nice lady who claims that we are NOT a Constitutional Republic and that other countries form of govt is none of our business, enjoy:


    Other countries form of govt is none of our business. – Than why are we involved in wars?
    In a Democracy the majority of “we the people” votes elect our representative to pass laws and work to benefit the country. A Republic is the exact opposite and works in favor of the individual. This is why we elect representatives from each state to represent us. So you don’t believe in Democracy? Isn’t that what our government is? You want to discard what the majority of our citizen want? Democracy to me is a govrnment for and by the people; a government which has a vested interest in the people, a government that protects the rights of all its citizens to vote, be treated equally under the law, in the work place and in society regardless of gender, race, religion or polit ical ideologies and most of all the wealthy do not get a bigger voice than the middle class and the poor

    OY VEY!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Well, since she has taken the moniker “granny” I guess this proves that the problems with our education system go back farther than some think.

      Oh wait. Granny ………………. hell she is a product of the 60’s or even the 70’s. I keep forgetting how old we Boomers have become.

      Gman……….. I suggest you quote for her the clause in the Constitution requiring the “United States” guarantee “to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”.

      Article IV, Section 4.

      You could throw in Franklin’s quote which responded that the Convention had given the people “A Republic”.

      • Rather comical, but I’m being nice 🙂

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Good for you.

          Another suggestion: When discussing things political do not claim things are Not something when we all know they are. Explain that the thing, like messing with other countries, SHOULD NOT be our business. Or explain why you think it is not our business.

          When you exclaim that “it is not our business” this conflicts with the reality of everyone’s modern experience. This makes it easy for the unthinking to simply proclaim you a dolt because they know you are wrong. That is in the context of what is, instead of what should be. Or in some cases, what is vs. what the Constitution actually allowed.

          This may seem a fine point but it is the source of many heated accusations about ignorance of the other side. What amount to arguments of apples to oranges.

          • I did exactly that. I asked where in the Constitution does the government have the authority to “fight for Democracy” or change a government to a democratic government. Silence! Which is what I expected.

  31. Just A Citizen says:
  32. Just A Citizen says:

    The ETHIC of the Fascist Progressive:


    The purpose of coercion is to substitute one’s aims to those of the victim. For this reason, many social philosophers have considered coercion as the polar opposite to freedom.[citation needed]

    Various forms of coercion are distinguished: first on the basis of the kind of injury threatened, second according to its aims and scope, and finally according to its effects, from which its legal, social, and ethical implications mostly depend.


    Physical coercion is the most commonly considered form of coercion, where the content of the conditional threat is the use of force against a victim, their dear ones or property. An often used example is “putting a gun to someone’s head” (at gunpoint) or putting a “knife under the throat” (at knifepoint or cut-throat) to compel action or the victim gets killed or injured. These are so common that they are also used as metaphors for other forms of coercion.

    Armed forces in many countries use firing squads to maintain discipline and intimidate the masses, or opposition, into submission or silent compliance. However, there also are nonphysical forms of coercion, where the threatened injury does not immediately imply the use of force. Byman and Waxman (2000) define coercion as “the use of threatened force, including the limited use of actual force to back up the threat, to induce an adversary to behave differently than it otherwise would.”[1] Coercion does not in many cases amount to destruction of property or life since compliance is the goal.


    In psychological coercion, the threatened injury regards the victim’s relationships with other people. The most obvious example is blackmail, where the threat consists of the dissemination of damaging information. However, many other types are possible e.g. so-called “emotional blackmail”, which typically involves threats of rejection from or disapproval by a peer-group, or creating feelings of guilt/obligation via a display of anger or hurt by someone whom the victim loves or respects. Another example is coercive persuasion.

    Psychological coercion – along with the other varieties – was extensively and systematically used by the government of the People’s Republic of China during the “Thought Reform” campaign of 1951-1952. The process – carried out partly at “revolutionary universities” and partly within prisons – was investigated and reported upon by Robert Jay Lifton, then Research Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University: see Lifton (1961). The techniques used by the Chinese authorities included a technique derived from standard group psychotherapy, which was aimed at forcing the victims (who were generally intellectuals) to produce detailed and sincere ideological “confessions”. For instance, a professor of formal logic called Chin Yueh-lin – who was then regarded as China’s leading authority on his subject – was induced to write: “The new philosophy [of Marxism-Leninism], being scientific, is the supreme truth”. [Lifton (1961) p. 545].

    Please take time to digest the concept of “emotional blackmail” and how this can be applied to large populations, not just individuals. Anyone care to cite a view examples???? Bwahahahahaha

  33. This whole issue of racism today is on purpose and has a goal. the facts do not warrant the response we have been seeing, it’s being fermented like bad wine. The race baiters are easily recognized, start with Obama and Holder, then add Sharpton, a well known guest of Obama. Add them to the militarization of the police in this country. Make the cops out over time to be abusive, especially against blacks, find an event and push for civil unrest. Be patient and wait for cops to start getting killed. At some point and enough dead cops, the government openly SLAMS the very people they are using to do all of this. Why? Compliance. Why? Gun control? Why? Because when there is no crisis to take advantage of for political reasons, make one up! Watch and learn!

  34. Something for discussion on economics:

    Today, the country’s parliament tried for a third time to elect a president — which is a largely ceremonial office in Greece — but no candidates reached the required supermajority.

    Under Greece’s constitution, this means the current parliament dissolves and voters elect a new parliament in a “snap“ election on Jan. 25. Recent opinion polls suggest the left wing, anti-austerity Syriza party could beat the currently-governing New Democracy party.


    The idea of Syriza taking power in Greece strikes fear in the heart of German bankers. The party wants to restore public spending and end most of the austerity measures imposed in the last few years.

    Comedy/tragedy masksMore to the point, Syriza leaders think the country’s bondholders should take a Caesar-like “haircut“ and receive only partial principal repayment. The banks and other bondholders don’t like that idea at all.

    Nevertheless, if Syriza beats New Democracy in next month’s election and manages to form a governing coalition with smaller parties, Greece could well default on some of its public debt.

    Worse — at least from the German perspective — is that a default would likely result in Greece exiting the Eurozone currency union. Traders call this the “Grexit“ scenario. Get ready to see that term in the news more often.

    Other debtor nations will almost certainly follow if Greece abandons the euro. Public pressure could force Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain to drop the euro, too.

    At that point, Germany and France would have little reason to keep the euro alive, so the whole currency union would probably fall apart. This would be a major, world-changing event — and the balls could start rolling just four weeks from now.

    It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of the global economy is in the hands of Greek voters. Let’s hope they make the right choice.

    I think it can be said that this is where we may be heading when it comes to welfare and such.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The people of Italy, Greece and Spain/Portugal have not been the least bit happy about the conversion of their currencies to the Euro, set by German and the French bankers.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    I wonder how much longer Stoops will last at Oklahoma??

    Good grief, what a lousy effort, much like the regular season.

  36. If you don’t believe the media is nothing but one big propaganda machine, watch this:

    • Just A Citizen says:

      This helps address the question of whether the spread of propaganda is deliberate or just the result of LAZY journalism. I suspect primarily the latter. But those doing the manipulating know this and use it to their advantage.

      I have a relative in the local news business. Christmas day broadcast, news and weather, was recorded the night of Christmas Eve. Nobody was actually working Christmas Day. The way the news was aired you would never have known.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh me, oh my, the FBI being politicized?? Tell me it ain’t so Joe.

    Displaced Okie……….. any opinions on what is going on here?


  38. http://clashdaily.com/2014/12/bedlam-gotham-crime-wave-sweeps-nyc-cops-murdered/

    Exactly as suggested, all cops should stand down and let’s see what happens. Let the doughnuts fly 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      So now you support the actions of a PUBLIC employee Union?? I thought you felt the Cops were all thugs anyway, so what the hell you doing now supporting them?

      Sorry GMan, cops or not, public unions are IMMORAL.

      They are paid to do a job. They should do that job. I would be more sympathetic to some of the reduced enforcement if the cops had been bitching about those laws all along. But they weren’t. They are on a work stoppage because they got their feeling hurt. Maybe they should grow up and deal with their differences in a normal, more mature fashion.

      We need to think about this little fact. The POLICE are the ultimate ENFORCER of the FORCE used by Govt against the people. Whether criminal or suspect the reality is that we have Police to ENFORCE the LAWS. They MUST ANSWER to the ELECTED CIVILIAN authority. Just as the Military must answer to the POTUS and other Civilian officials which oversee them.

      Yet I see Conservatives and others DEFENDING the police striking and showing deliberate disrespect to the ELECTED Civilian Authority.

      I say FIRE THE WHOLE DAMN CREW. They can replace them with the 800 plus cadets they just graduated from the NYPD academy.

      • I posted this in support of D13 who stated that the cops should stand down and let the chips fall where they may. In reading the article, the only thing lost was revenue to the city over stupid laws that shouldn’t exist anyway.

        Yet I see Conservatives and others DEFENDING the police striking and showing deliberate disrespect to the ELECTED Civilian Authority.

        Yes, finally someone is realizing that the elected civilian authority are corrupt to the core. It’s time for that to end. Why do you continue to support people that you know are dishonest?

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Why do you continue to throw Bull Shit accusations at me?

          The People have a means of discarding corrupt “elected” officials.

          They have NO WAY to discard corrupt cops.

          So now the very premise contained within our system to prevent arbitrary and overwhelming force against the people is meaningless to you. Is that because the Mayor is a leftwinger? What if he were a conservative Republican or perhaps an Anarchist or Libertarian mayor criticizing the police?

          This mayor has repeated the very same accusations you have made here dozens of times. But he is corrupt because he criticizes the cops??

          You have some splainin to do GMan.

          • No slaining needed. Yes, this country has a few bad cops, which I have done much linking to expose. That’s how we get rid of bad cops, we the people expose them. But, we also have lots of good cops who have the same beliefs as I do, and maybe you do to. The only criticism of the NY cops in the Garner case is that they were strong arming the theft of government. Garner didn’t have his PERMIT to sell a product that it seems the public was buying, and he wasn’t paying the thieves their demanded taxes for his protection. Not one lick of difference than the mafia demanding payment for protection.

            I liked D13’s idea. The cops should sit back and wait to be called. Their job is NOT to protect people and they have argued and won that battle in the supreme court.. Why should they continue to support the corrupt governments and act as collectors of the theft imposed upon the citizens? Politicians are liars and thieves, when will you get that through you thick head?

            • G – you really aren’t making much sense here, sorry. JAC is right – you don’t seem to be consistent on this.

              Perhaps you can start from the beginning and lay out your position on this whole mess.

              • Yes, this is very possible. I apologize for any misunderstandings. I have been against the militarization of police, that is well known. I have posted numerous links/video’s of police abuse of power and force. Most police are good people and are not part of this insane thinking.

                The mess caused by the lies associated with recent events and protests continue to fester, when it is clear that not one bit of racism can be proven in any of the events. Yet, the race pimps keep pushing the race card. Now, so far, two cops have been assassinated as a result of this hate mongering. It really began with the Martin/Zimmerman case, except the jury didn’t play to the race pimps whims. Now, it’s all back again. NOTHING in either case points to racism. Mike Brown died because he attacked an armed man, period. Garner died because the cops were trying to uphold tax laws (which I don’t blame the cops, but the corrupt thieving politicians).

                Many cops are Oathkeepers, as I am. They are wising up and now that the pig politicians have thrown them under the bus, they are doing exactly what they should do, STAND DOWN and then go clean up the mess. Let the politicians collect their taxes and see how that works. Let the gun grabbers come try and take the guns from the people. Let the politicians who want lifetime welfare pay for it for those in their districts. I’m HOPING that the cops have finally woken up to what they are doing outside of our simple moral laws.

                Just in the last few hours, another attack on police in Philly. He’s another dead idiot, egged on by the race pimps. More blood on the hands of Sharpton, Obama and Holder.

                All police should simply go home and protect their family for a month or two. Let the politicians who make all the idiotic laws put on a badge and do the job. Let the loud mouth pukes like Sharpton slap on a badge and let him talk then, in the hood, with all his brothers and sisters that he so brazenly speaks for. Let’s put freedom in the hands of those who really want it, then you will know who deserves to represent the people. Not one single politician will stand up, none of them. Cowards, all of them are cowards without the guns of the cops to back them up. Guess the Liberal politician finally showed their true colors, and a lesson learned by those who once supported them. This country has just changed in a big way.

              • Buck, interestingly, I have been having some very respectful chats on a left wing site concerning race. I’m not amazed, but disappointed at how little they know about the facts in any of the cases under discussion. The left wing propaganda machine is equaling that of the Nazi’s (just an example, you can use the North Koreans in it’s place if it makes you feel better). Nice people, but amazingly ignorant of the facts of most issues today.

              • What site have you been on? What facts are you talking about?

                No offense but a lot of times your ‘facts’ aren’t quite facts in the sense of some conflicting evidence/testimony, etc. You tend to latch on to any evidence that supports your notion and dismiss out of hand any evidence that goes against your notion. A problem all people have from time to time; nothing specific to you.

              • Buck, I was replying on the National Memo. For the most part, the people were nice, with a few exceptions (one who got booted). The subject was the racism issue involving the most recent events. The race pimps like Obama, Holder and Sharpton have taken these issues into an area they did not belong. In the Mike Brown case, there is zero evidence of racism, but plenty of a thug who attacked a cop and got shot for it. In the Garner case, which was filmed, there was nothing that would lead to racism. There wasn’t much argument on those subjects, but it evolved into racism as a whole. I argued that I’ve been labeled a racist because I don’t agree with Obama’s politics, which has nothing to do with racism.

                What I learned is that not to many who listen to the MSM have much of a clue on reality, they simply repeat the same crap MSNBC says everyday. Some want me to prove everything, so I remind them that they have a search engine, prove me wrong (none have). It was interesting and quite telling. Mostly cordial, which was nice. Many different topics evolved, even Obamacare. With their own site claiming that it’s going up 17% this year, they didn’t have much to say on the matter. It didn’t like the site, I think it works better on Firefox vs IE8.

                Oh, they had an article that made me laugh about global warming, which is mentioned above.

                Hope your and your family had a great Christmas!

              • Not familiar with that site…will check it out at some point.

                My only comment on the ‘zero evidence of racism’ line is institutionalized racism. Perhaps there is no hard evidence of overt racism displayed by that particular cop in that particular case, but there is ample evidence of disproportionate treatment, etc etc etc.

              • Interesting that you would agree with the institutionalized racism mantra. This is something I feel is nothing more than left wing propaganda with little to no basis of fact. Example, Cop ‘A” treats Mike Brown like shit on his shoe last week, so Mike Brown attacks cop “B” and is killed. The claim is institutionalized racism, yet has nothing to do with cop “B’, which eliminates the institutionalized part. One thing I have learned over the last few days on the “Left Wing” site is that the propaganda from MSNBC and other Left wing rags are repeated often and verbatim. the term “institutionalized racism” is on my bullshit list of propaganda that has no basis of fact in today’s America. In the 1970’s, yea, I could agree, today, bullshit.

              • Your mistake is putting the entire focus on the one case. Yes, for whatever reason Brown and Garner have taken the national spotlight and become rallying cries, but there are tons of examples out there. Case in point: Rice in Cleveland, to add just one more to the list.

                If you believe there is absolutely no such thing as institutionalized racism in today’s world, that it is all ‘bullshit’, then you are being blind to reality.

  39. New York……arrests down 66%…..Boston…arrests down 59%……st Louis…arrests down ….72%………and this is just the beginning.

    • Your idea is pure genius, stand down and let the chips fall as they may. The race pimps have started a war against the cops, now will see what might happen when real problems happen.

  40. My poor Longhorns……..sigh.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Ah yes, but it was a rebuilding year. More like reconstructing. All in all you should feel proud.

      At least the Longhorns played hard on every play. Unlike the Sooners who I saw whiff and chase half heartedly.

      Texas has a lot of work to do to catch up with the other big schools. Starting with a quality QB, some receivers and ass kicking running backs. Linemen have never been a problem for Texas. Although I must admit that my Boise State Broncos have benefitted from UT’s decline in recent years.

      Several top linemen at BSU come from Texas.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    Time to address a FUNDAMENTAL with respect to the police.

    There are many claims as to what their purpose or role is in our society. Or any society where they would exist.

    I have seen claims here that they do not protect us, then that their primary job is to protect us.

    Instead of hashing other’s conflicting and confusing view points, let me offer mine.

    Police are the people we delegate the authority to, to catch criminals. In other words, to detain suspects in order that they ban be “brought to Justice”. In some cases Justice means they get off because they were actually innocent. In others they go to jail.

    So how do they protect us? PRIMARILY in the context that criminals who harm others or who steal are taken from society at large and placed in prison. But it is not the police who affect this protection. It is the people who support certain criminal laws, the police AND the prosecutors who take the case to court. Protection is thus a TEAM effort, not the sole responsibility of the “police”.

    The presence of police on the streets can obviously deter some crime. But I suspect that deterrence is short lived. Unless there are enough police to be constantly present over large areas. In reality the criminal passes over your house tonight, due to a patrol car passing by, but he hits my house next week.

    This is not to say that a massive police presence cannot increase “protection”. It obviously will. But the level of staffing would be beyond most people’s ability to fund. So if it is not “feasible” it should probably not be a primary purpose.

    So if we accept that the primary role of the police is to catch “violent” criminals, we can change the entire way we approach the writing and enforcement of laws. Focusing on those acts which involve the use of coercive force against innocent people. Eliminating the laws dealing with everything else. Things like smoking dope in your home, speeding on an empty highway, etc, etc,..

    Force should only be used in response to other force. Thus the police should only be used against those who have committed the use of such force. Not those who are merely violating the sensibilities of others, or avoiding some idiotic “tax”.

    While on this topic let me share a thought. Many of our new laws criminalize the “potential” for adverse action, not actual action or harm. Thus they are not much different than the Sci Fi version of a society which prosecutes, imprisons and/or executes people based on their genetic marker that “predisposes” them to “potentially” commit an actual crime.

    • I can work with much of this. It should be up to the individual to protect themselves and their property. Cops should not be dealing with tax collection, ever. But for the most, I can agree with much of this! 🙂

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    I am surprised there have been no comments on the Montana case where a gun owner was found guilty of murder, for shooting a guy who was stealing things in his garage.

    The case has the entire community in the area divided and very angrily so. Hard core gun rights folks have displayed poor judgment in my view by claiming that the shooting was “justified” just because the kid was in the guy’s garage. They argue that the circumstances are irrelevant.

    Oh yeah, the homeowner “baited” the garage go catch the thieves who had hit him before. He had told others he was going to kill the SOB’s that were stealing from him. He set the trap, they showed up, he shot to kill. He is headed to prison.

    Now how does this case fit the various views here on “appropriate response” and the “castle doctrine”? Especially that of Texas.

    • JAC – I’m surprised as well there have been no comments here on that case.

      I’d be curious to hear everyone’s views on it. Personally, as I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear, I agree with the finding.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        As did I, given the circumstances. Hopefully your not surprised by that.

        This incident hit a little to close to home. There are also facts about the thieves that were not allowed in court. Not sure they would have prevented the finding but the kids involved would not look so good.

        Nor would the parents who are now trying to sue the “foster parent” who took the kid in as an “exchange student”. The life of a very kind and wonderful person is being destroyed, for doing nothing but taking this kid in when others couldn’t do it.

        Perhaps using the word “facts” is an over reach. There are many “rumors” flying around being told as “fact” when there may not be justification. These “facts” have also added to the angry divide in the community.

        • Not surprised at all, given the circumstances of course!

          I haven’t been following too closely so am unfamiliar with all of these rumors flying around.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Question for you on this. Where did the guy cross the line that moved him from “justified” to “murder” in your view?

            The reason I ask is that it was the issue of him “baiting” the garage that has caused much of the angry division. Because whether “baited” or not, the kid was trespassing and he was “stealing” the purse. Others view it as entrapment, not recognizing that entrapment is a law enforcement standard, not a civilian standard.

            For me it was his bragging about going to kill these robbers in advance, then shooting them without any chance to surrender. Even the bragging would not be enough but it does show he had an intent to kill, before he ever had to face the “danger”.

            The concept of “castle doctrine” is strong in Montana, even in the left wing city of Missoula.

            The case raises many good questions that should be explored further. When is killing another human “justified”? How do we know it was or was not.

            Seems to me that codifying the Castle Doctrine is a similar issue to the one I mentioned regarding laws that assume a crime based on “potential” rather than “actual” harm. Only this one acts to absolve one from a crime based on presumptions of what the criminal might do.

            Oh, there are many rumors that this kid had a record in Germany and the parents did not share it with the US folks. May explain why his first foster family dumped him without explanation. But of course, that was not admissible in the criminal case. If true I would expect it to be permitted under the Civil Case against the Foster Parent.

            • It’s been awhile since I read the facts of the case, but in my view it is the totality of the circumstances — the baiting and bragging clearly demonstrated premeditation.

              To add, I’m not entirely sure where I stand on the castle doctrine to begin with. While I agree there should be no duty to retreat from ones home, I don’t like the idea of being able to simply shoot to kill at the drop of a hat absent something more.

              • I am of firm belief that identifying a target is paramount to pulling a trigger. The Castle doctrine, which I agree with, does not end a person’s responsibility in any circumstance. If it is a clear and present danger, shoot and ask questions later. That is rare, especially in the dark of night. Always be sure of the danger, a bullet kills at 3 feet just as well as at 10 feet.

                Stand your ground is totally different as the danger is clear.

              • So where do you stand on the ‘Texas way’ — eg, situation where the guy shot out his window at someone stealing his car.

    • I have not studied the facts of this case, but have heard of it. Here, a garage is not your home, therefore the Castle doctrine don’t fly, even if its an attached garage. However, if the thief were to rush/attack the homeowner in a threatening many, then the stand your ground law applies. Without a better understand of the events, I have no opinion, except, since he is trespassing he should be getting a bullet in the ass 🙂

    • Hi JAC……this is a no brainier…..the ” so called castle doctrine ” in Texas extends from the home to the car, the office, planes, boats…..etc. number one, do not bait. Trespass in Texas is pure and simple. Don’t do it….most land is posted and is defended. Number two…do not steal…you will be shot. It does not matter what you steal. You do not have to drag an arm inside the door….none of that.

      An example, you will find some examples here….some latest cases…..a drunk kid kicks in the door of the wrong house….bang! No problem and no charges filed…there is no duty to retreat. In Houston, a person was stealing a car out of the driveway…seen from a second story window, the owner shoots him with a 30.06 with a scope…..protecting property is a right here….does not matter if it is a wagon or bicycle or a limo.

      Now, it would probably be much different on baiting…..I have a mixed review on this…..I would not do it but if a person has been hit once before and the police are no good….perhaps a little vigilante justice is acceptable…but I would not push it.

      Remember the case where the father and son were pushing their stalled vehicle and the son was hit and killed by a drunk driver….the father, feeling obvious grief, got his weapon and killed the drunk…..found not guilty.

      In Texas, we have the right to use deadly force to protect others as well….like a lady being robbed in a mall parking lot…or a beating or rape…..so…..

      Now………take a weapon into a bar and get into a gunfight…..you will go to jail……ambush somebody and you will go to jail. Pretty simple.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    Another thought, from the other day while driving.

    State’s rights. Which I agree with as I also agree with the concept of a Republic.

    So what does the future hold for “States”? I think they should be able to “leave” the Union. I think they should be able to reorganize themselves if they wish. Meaning divide into smaller states.

    The divide over political philosophy in this country is primarily along Urban vs. Rural lines. If one give hard thought to what happens in a major city relative to government services it is easy to see why they lean toward more govt and “socialism” to various extents.

    So here is the possible future.

    CITY STATES, in short, a return to the ancient times. These will be combined with Rural States, which could be new from pieces of the old, or just what is left over after the mega cities form their own “State”.

    The only way to prevent such massive subdivision and continued fighting is to STOP the Progression of increased Federal power over aspects of our lives that are not uniformly beneficial to “ALL” Americans. In short, I don’t want to pay for someone’s health insurance in Pennsylvania or New York. I don’t want to pay for obscene art or Socialist/Communist/Fascist professors indoctrinating our children. None of these things “benefit” me in the same way as others. Like those who want to be indoctrinated.

    If the Federal power is reduced and the States do the same thing, then the Cities can fund whatever it is they want, from LOCAL taxes and fees. This will eliminate the need to divide the nation. But if those WANTING what other have do not relent, those of us who oppose having our stuff stolen will eventually strike out for our freedom. We will DEMAND division because we recognize an all out Civil War or Revolution would be devastating.

    • I think they should be able to “leave” the Union. I think they should be able to reorganize themselves if they wish. Meaning divide into smaller states.

      I’d be interested in hearing more about your thoughts on this topic. States are a component of the nation – a state leaving the union (or dividing into two or more states) does have an impact on the nation as a whole. How would this work? Majority vote of the citizens of that state? National vote? What of those who vote against leaving/dividing? If a State can vote to leave, can the nation vote to kick a State out as well?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Division is the easiest. The people of the State must vote first, then Congress must approve the division. States wishing to combine would be handled the same way. So redrawing State boundaries within the Union is possible and was anticipated. The only real barrier is the entrenched political elite.

        It is the “leaving” that is the issue. The Union is not a Nation but a Republic of States which FORMED the Federal Govt. Most people have been taught in a way that “forgets” this key point. While the preamble states We the People, it was the STATES that ratified the “United States” as a Federal “Republican” form of Govt.

        This relationship must be restored to full affect. There is diversity enough among the States to prevent a few States from pushing the Federal around. But the Federal should FEAR alienating enough states that they might revoke the Federal Charter. This was a critical part of the “checks and balances” that I believe was lost. We need it returned.

        So I would say a majority of 2/3 or 75% within a State should be enough to LEAVE. The only remaining issues would be the Federal Properties within the State. Which ironically is the same issue that led to the start of the last Civil War. A USA fort located within a foreign Nation, which was previously a State of the United States. The USA refused to negotiate terms for the sale or exchange of said property, using it instead to create the flash point.

        So we need to develop a reasonable mechanism for Federal Lands to be transferred to the State or retained in the USA if feasible. Like large National Parks that can be logically separated from the State.

        A state should not be “kicked” out without the consent of the people within the state. Besides, we have certain “Constitutional” laws that should prevent any State from getting to a point it should be booted. Although incurring massive debt is not “illegal” and could be good reason to kick California back to Mexico. 😉

        Having an “impact” on the nation is not a valid criteria or concern, in my view. Because you could construct an absolute barrier to change based on anything you wanted.

        The UNION was a voluntary association as was the formation of the USA. In order for the People to maintain some control over Govt. these associations, as well as those locally, should remain “voluntary”.

        As a wise man once said, “Govt’s survival and effectiveness depends on the affections of the people governed.” That was a paraphrasing of the quote.

        The point being that those “affections” can only exist while the people view the Govt as JUST and not attacking their “liberty”. This requires “voluntary” associations, not those compelled by force.

        I do not see any real chance of a secessionist movement, in the near future. Even Texas knows it benefits from being connected to the USA. But we should all have the OPTION without fear of another “northern war of aggression” should we want to leave. Although this time it would be an “eastern war of aggression” along with their west coast allies.

        I do see a greater chance of State boundaries being radically redrawn within the boundary of the existing USA. Although this is a remote chance, it is better than having one or more states try to secede.

        • I’m in general agreement on the issue of division.

          On leaving though, you state that the formation of the nation was a voluntary association of states. It is not clear to me, then, why a state can simply vote to leave, but the other states cannot vote to kick a state out.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            My difference lies in the basic decision. Which was to “join”. Thus the counter decision is to “leave”, not be removed by the group.

            The other states did not vote on another state joining. Only on the formation of a Federal Govt. So there was no inherent authority to kick out a state, only an that a voluntary association must carry with it the right to end that association. This extended to the individuals who joined, just as with the individual people who agreed to join in a “State”.

            There is no indication in the founding documents I have read indicating that anyone thought that joining the USA union was a permanent and insoluble decision. There is evidence that many thought they could leave later as this was the fundamental principle which formed the USA in the first place.

            So my current view is based primarily on the nature of the original compact. As such the States are real and the USA is a nebulous creation that depends on the States that wish to remain. Not on the “whole” deciding who they want to keep.

            However, I might be persuaded to allow a State to be “removed” conceptually. Then we need to identify the circumstances and means of that removal.

            What circumstances would you consider justification for “kicking” a State out?

            • Having thought on this subject, instead of leaving the Union, maybe it’s time the States pass an Amendment dissolving the Federal government, reestablishing their authority where it was intended and starting over. No civil war or major violence. It States prefer the laws that the Feds have, they can pass their own.

              • So just get rid of the entire USA and replace it with 50 nations??

              • Passing an Amendment to the Constitution to dissolve the current Federal govt, the re-establishing their authority so they cannot continue the overreach we have today is not doing away with the country, as the Constitution still exists. A few simple language changes and then new elections. This doesn’t really change the country and a country, but puts the federal government where they were intended to be from the beginning, LIMITED!

              • Ah, so kind of like the old Articles of Confederation? Because that worked so well…

            • JAC – I still disagree that a State can merely vote (by majority? supermajority?) to leave. If a State can vote to divide and then the two new states join with the approval of Congress, there should likewise be some approval mechanism for leaving.

              As for justification for kicking a State out — something along the lines of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ could apply. For instance, flagrant disregard for federal law. (Texas…I’m looking at you…)

              • The same should apply to the Federal government as in flagrant disregard for States rights 🙂

              • So you’re going to vote the USA out of the USA?? Now my head hurts! 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:


                It is a matter of fundamental rights. Those that apply to you also apply to the group.

                So if you join the Kiwanis club, why should THEY have to agree to let you leave?

                Same principle applies to joining the Republic of the USA.

                The only conflict with the base principle is that anything less than 100% of the people can make a decision………..on anything. Why should a majority have a right to decide for the minority??

                But if you accept the concept of majority rule, then that must apply here as well. And it must apply to those being “governed” not those who stand to benefit from “governing” the others.

                Now think just how bad things would have to be before you could get 2/3 or 75% to vote for secession. Hell you couldn’t get that in Texas today. Even Quebec has failed to get that kind of support. Look at the Scots failure to secede. But notice the attention they got to their issues when the threat became a “real possibility”. Thus the checks and balances depend on the States being able to leave if they want.

                Is your opposition primarily due to your view that the States should be nothing but administrative units of the Fed Govt., as Mathius has proposed?

                Nothing is forever, and forcing membership is simply a recipe for another Civil War down the road. Because eventually, the USA will probably split apart.

              • So does mine 🙂 Back to basics I reckon. My point about the Amendment is to remove the PEOPLE (elected and appointed by those elected) currently in the Federal govt. It’s about the corrupt people and a system that needs some tweaking. If you recall, it was the States that made the Feds, not the other way around. The Feds were allowed limited authority, which they have gone far and beyond. Let me ask, since your on today. By what authority does the Feds have in outlawing a good that can be sold and bought? I’m going to use pot as an example.

              • As you well know, I am not a big ‘states rights’ person. And therein lies my main objection.

                You are consistent, I’ll give you that. I completely understand your position that, as a voluntary association, any one state can simply vote to leave and there should be no need for any vote from anyone outside of that state. And I do agree with you that setting a bar at 75% would be almost impossible to attain.

                But, its 1pm and I am heading home to get the roast in the oven (with a quick stop at the wine store on the way!)

                Have a happy and healthy!

              • Just A Citizen says:


                On the issue of division or consolidation. Yes Congress has a say. But they should NOT have a say. I was simply pointing out that a mechanism already existed to cover this.

                Why? Because it amounts to nothing more than rearranging “administrative” and “sovereignty” boundaries WITHIN the larger entity. The framers understood the issues that would arise as we moved from large territories, to smaller territories and eventually to States. I think they gave Congress the authority to approve these changes due to the affect on the number of Congressional and Senate seats.

                The one thing that has muddled the notion of the peoples right of State association is the politics at the Federal level. Specifically the “Party” system. Any reorganization would affect the number of seats or potentially the “party” makeup of Congress.

                Notice how many “leftwingers” cry out for Texas to leave but NOT California. The left was the primary opponent to the division of California into three or more new states. It would have diluted the affect of the winner take all elections for Senate and POTUS.

                Now, if we eliminate Congressional control over the rearrangement of State boundaries would you still oppose States having the right to leave if a majority voted to leave?

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I forget at times that you are running on “eastern time”.

                Same to you my friend……….Happy New Year.

                Hope your pulling for Boise State tonight……. er this afternoon here.

        • What Texas should do…….get out of the Union, become the Republic of Texas, apply for foreign aid, and cross the new borders and receive free benefits courtesy of you whom are left……😁

          • Just A Citizen says:

            ROTFLMAO………..spitting my beer on the key board………chocking with laughter.

            I would say the same for us in the Rocky Mtns but we are already getting plenty of them Federal Welfare Payments.

            Would be nice to control the coal/oil/gas/gold/silver/molly/cobalt, etc deposits that lie under our States.

            I could see them letting Texas go, but never Idaho or Montana. We are the headwaters for the rest of them. Just imagine Montana and Idaho charging the rest of the USA a “tax” on the water we supply.

            • Here is what we would do with Montana…..establish free trade…..you help us with water and we will supply you with produce……………………and football players.

  44. Hiya Buckster……..interesting subject…….I support the right of a State to self rule, however, I really have to think on it…..your approach as a nation is interesting but not convincing…..for example, the loss of Texas would be pretty damaging….even California….but some states probably would not be missed….economically speaking. Will think this through….

  45. Just A Citizen says:

    Ha ha ha………….Suh is reinstated, but fined.

    Love all the speculating about what a guy would “normally” do if he stepped on something while on the field.

    Well I played the game and I can tell you I was stepped on several times and the guy who did it NEVER looked back. Some told me I stepped on them. I had not memory of stepping on anyone, but did wonder how I tweeked my ankle at times.

    I don’t think it is all as simple as the talking heads want to make it.

    The guy last week was obvious, Suh was not.

  46. Lol…..all us Cowboy fans are going….array! Now we have to deal with him….but…..he is a very dirty player.

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    Stanford, finally playing like the team that beat Oregon the past two years.

    Their defense always looks slow but always seem to get there to make the tackle. And tackling is something they are pretty good at.

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    If you had any doubts about the media being in the tank for the Dem party, just watch the feeding frenzy they are trying to create over a speech given by a LA Republican to a bunch of David Duke wannabees…………………in 2002. Yep, 12 years ago, he spoke to a “white supremacist group”.

    Last year Mr. Obama spoke to a Black Supremacist group, did he not?? You know, the NAACP.

    • They also let the Black Panthers off the hook for voter intimidation in 08 if I recall. Once again, honesty is always a question with the Left (not you Buck).

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And the dems totally ignore their recently departed poster boy Robert Byrd of WVa. Recruiter for the Klan, filibustered the Civil Rights Act in the 60’s which only got passed with the Republicans votes….but then again he had a good heart as if that makes it OK. Or Woodrow Wilson, probably one of the most racist presidents ever,

      The one thing that I’ve noted over the years is that conservatives generally do not care one way or another about race and all the other issues that surround it. They just care if you are a good and decent person…..its the liberal progressives that have to immediately identify race, gender etc of a person to assertain the % ot the pie the person should be entitled to. Ergo racism is first and foremost on their minds. Everyone has to have a label.

      The thing I’ve never understood is how Hispanic is a race? It’s a cultural background not race.

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    Noticed all the “roadblock” and “party of no” garbage spread over the R’s refusal to accept all the Obama nominees without argument?

    Funny how this one wasn’t being reported loudly and often, like all the others.

    Once again we see the HYPOCRISY of the Progressives in this country.


  50. How about the New York Times article that the Dems have taken over as the party of no……412 bills sitting on Reid’s desk…….none going forward.

  51. And then the VETO promise………..this is cool….flood the POTUS with bills, call his bluff and make him veto…..have the veto vote…….and there is your cannon fodder for 2016.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Congress has to also do their job of oversight of legislation and root out the regulations agencies like the EPA have put in, in direct contradiction of the law or by the POTUS, memoranda and overturn them

  52. Having read this article twice, written by a Liberal, I wonder how most on the Left will take it?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Ah yes, the ANNUAL rip on WWP by people who do not understand economics and its relationship to charity.

      Some criticism may be justified, as with any organization, but howling about the percentage that gets to the ground vs. overhead and “advertising” is stupid, stupid, stupid. A “salary” of over 300 K is not extravagant for managing a very large organization.

      I am guessing the anger by those complaining may have other basis.

      Now if there are issues with the management and effectiveness that should be addressed without trying to “kill” this organization. Diversifying the money donated will not necessarily result in better outcomes.

      • Did you read the article? Maybe like the testimony of some of the vets?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Yes I did, just as I did last year and the year before that. They are the same complaints.

          Notice how many of those were complaining only about the percentage of money reaching the ground, as compared to the total donations. A few accusations of insignificant help, yet others have come to defend the group.

          Now, lets try to deal with the primary issue I raised. That being the IGNORANCE displayed by complaining about overhead and marketing costs. This is a failure to understand basic economic concepts.

          So lets use a very simple example. Donations = $100 and 90% go to the ground. That is $90 get to vets for help.

          Now I take the 100$ in donations, spend $50 on marketing and increase the donations to $200. Only 50% gets to the ground, but the dollar amount is now $100 instead of $90.

          You can keep increasing the numbers and you get the same result. As a percentage of donations the number is smaller for the large group with heavy overhead. But the TOTAL DOLLAR value reaching the ground is INCREASED.

          I have not said that all complaints are unfounded. I said that the primary ones raised since the beginning are stupid relative to basic business/economic reality. It is in fact the same complaint usually made by “leftwingers” against most charities. They somehow think that charitable work doesn’t cost any money.

          Obviously the larger an organization the greater the overhead. I would not be surprised to see WWP evolve into something more like the United Way. A group that can raise millions but then distributes those funds to other charities with a diversity of services.

          But would that be justification to cry fraud?? The answer is NO.

          • I have always held that any charity I give too , no less than 75% is used for the purpose of the charity. That’s just me though. I have not heard of, no any one that has heard of, the WWP helping known disabled vets to date. That doesn’t mean that it’s not happening, just not within my rather large circle of people. But that brings me to the real reason I posted this and you will be surprised because it’s not about the WWP or any charity group that supports vets.

            It’s about the Feds, whom I want removed from office (I’ll fix my incorrect terms above next), who have failed in their contractual agreement to take care of these people FOR LIFE and ensure they had all of their needs met. They have failed, miserably, and that is one thing that really needs to change. This isn’t an old issue, but it’s one that pisses me off every time I see a WWP commercial. Wounded vets should NEVER need help from any charity, ever.

            Now I’ll go up above and fix my misworded thoughts, LOL 😀

  53. JAC, Nothing is forever, and forcing membership is simply a recipe for another Civil War down the road.

    Interesting you would say this. This is one of the reasons I brought up the Amendment idea to dissolve the current group of thieves called the Federal Govt. It doesn’t mean we will not have a Federal govt, but after a few needed tweaks and ensuring that they are LIMITED as they should be, we can have new elections. Would that not possible avoid a future civil war?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      While your goal is proper your method is “technically” flawed. You don’t “dissolve” the Fed Govt via an amendment.

      You revise its construction and authorities through amendment.

      To dissolve the Fed Govt would require dissolution of the Constitution itself.

      I am pretty sure that just changing the Constitution would not avoid “civil war” in the long run. Because there are significant differences among many people regarding their political philosophy. Just imagine a Fed Govt with little power. How long before the Blue States were threatening war over their desire to impose stronger Federal Controls….again.

      Giving States the right to leave upon their own accord is not a perfect solution but would greatly reduce the chance of violent action later. Because individuals could move to those states where they felt most happy.

      So I think your general strategy is an ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT, I would add a few things like the right to secede.

      Now lets consider Buck and Mathius’ more unified National Govt but in the context of greatly restrained power.

      In such a case would States even be necessary? Why not allow People to be free to organize themselves politically in any manner they wanted. The Federal Constitution would only include the “majority threshold” needed for approval of a particular “organization”.

      Of course the threat here is that a “majority” would eventually seek revising the Constitution to establish GREATER POWER at that level. But I see that as a REAL threat no matter what our organization or structure. It is simply the nature of some humans to try and rule over others. It is also the nature of some to be ruled. The rest of us are the exception.

      • Whoops, here’s where I’m in need of correcting my wording to better match my thoughts. I would like to have the States pass a Constitutional Amendment that removes all elected members of the Federal govt, all of their appointees and all appointed Federal judges for a short period of time, while the Constitution is worded better to LIMIT the Federal govt as was originally intended. Then, a new election, of which none of the removed people can run, can occur. term limits will be written into the changes and there will be no more lifetime benefits for those elected. All Federal laws will become null and void. Current treaties will remain, until the new Congress can address them. All government agencies will still operate, under the most senior non appointed manager, until the new Congress complies with their limited powers. This may mean that several agencies may be eliminated or simply stripped of any legal authority.

        Keep in mind these are just some simple ideas that, for the lack of better terms, may help to avert a future civil war. You mentioned how some people want MORE POWER to government. They can have that IN THE STATE THEY RESIDE! Their needs (wanted through Federal law) can be accomplished by State law, because other States may not want those law. The Feds should be very limited. Let the people in each state determine what laws they want. Basically, the Feds will have the authority to protect all citizens guaranteed rights in the event a State decides to overstep their bounds as well. A better form of checks and balances, plus, the Congress can go back to being part time, like they were intended to be.

        Let’s work on this and make it better 😀

  54. Just A Citizen says:


    Re the issues of the Black population, especially in the big northern cities.

    The issues are in fact related to the racism and slavery ala the Civil War. We forget that during and following the war there was a mass migration to the NORTH. Towards what was thought to be freedom.

    The cities were chosen because the Industrial Revolution was kicking in, creating new wealth in the “cities”. When things did not work out, they did not leave, looking for better accommodations.

    Here it is worth remembering that while poverty and racism continued in the South and several “NE States”, the abject poverty we call “slums” in the south was that of “white” areas primarily in the Appalachians. And of course the Big Cities of the North.

    The Black farmers of the south were able to make an honest living and raise their families, within the threat of racism. But the abject poverty we think of today did not occur in these areas.

    I have not read it but there is a new book by a “Black” author that discusses the relationship between the increase in poverty of the Black population and the efforts at “desegregation”.

    As is often the case, something of Good intention actually devastated the economy of the Black Community that had developed since the Civil War. Namely the loss of all the Black Owned shops and stores as well as the small farms. Once Black Folk felt free they flocked to the Big Stores, killing off their neighborhood stores. Thus increasing poverty in the area as shop keepers either left or joined the unemployment lines, thinking “the man” has done it to me again.

  55. Just A Citizen says:

    Well now that Oliver Stone has sided with the CIA caused Ukrainian crisis crowd I am inclined to believe the CIA had NOTHING to do with it.

    If I were Putin I would have done the dirty deed, knowing it would create a civil war allowing me to grab more absolute control over the EAST and Crimea. See how that works??

    I wonder if the conspiracy crowd ever bothers to listen to people from Ukraine regarding what this “duly elected” President was all about, and what they thought needed to be done.

    • I have! I have heard recorded conversations involving American diplomats sitting with the puppet government the US installed. It’s all out there, search for it!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Just because our diplomats talk with others does not mean our Govt played an active role in the revolt. It only means we met with the opposition to figure out how things might play out and if we might have new friends.

        Every contact is not a conspiracy to overthrow someone.

        • You should have heard the recording, you would think differently. They were discussing who the US wanted to take power.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Yes, and that is not proof that WE caused the revolt or overthrow of the Govt.

            I would bet similar conversations have happened in many countries where we have problems with their Govt. Hell, we had those discussions about RUSSIA. Didn’t do us any good though, did it.

            This is why I have such problem with the Anarchists and the likes of Alex Jones. They take an actual even or statement then apply their own conclusions about what that means. Then a bunch of unthinking people accept it as manna from heaven.

            Lets look at an example you posted today. The WWP post. Go to the comments and notice how many people were going to drop WWP ONLY because of what the articles author wrote. They did not say, well I’ll look into that. They simply accepted it at face value.

            • Lets me just say that there is no real way to get actual proof of overthrowing the elected Ukraine govt. But you and I both know that the CIA has a long history of doing such things. When US diplomats, I believe it was our UN Ambassador sitting at that table (it’s been awhile). We sure as hell had our nose in Libya (which I thought was illegal and still do).

              As far as WWP, I have never donated to them, not because of posts like this, but because I think I can find a better charity that don’t spend a majority of donations on things other than the intended purpose (although I see your math example as logical). I want my donations to go to those who need the help, sending me a blanket because I donate is defeating the purpose of the charity. I would prefer a thank you email, that limits the overhead. They also pay for way too many long commercials. Plus, and this is kind of big to me, are anti 2nd Amendment. The author is correct in that area. Now, we shouldn’t need the WWP or any other charity if we would demand the Feds honor their contract. But that won’t happen because too many are worried about faux global warming and racism. Aren’t they ?

        • It’s been awhile since the Ukraine issue was front and center, but I’m pretty sure I posted most of what was going on, including those recordings, via links, back then right here on SUFA. You know how I like to have fun with conspiracy theories, they are so entertaining, until they are proven true, which is quite often. 😀

      • Surprised that either of you believe a word from ANY head of state, anywhere anymore. That includes CIA, NSA, FBI, KGB, ISIS, Kim the youngin, NBC, ABC, FOX, US Congress, State Congresses, any and all of them. Bunch of lying liars! No one is going to get to the truth of anything anymore. Even the internet. How can you believe even the websites when everything is lied about from the jump. You can’t make any serious debate when you don’t even know if the original info is true. I’m at a point where I can’t absorb any more. I find myself right back at square one, which is no where. Also find myself just pulling back, getting away from all of it. Only check in on a couple sites on the internet, have FOX on in the background but I’m not glued to it like I used to be. Hang around SUFA because I’ve made friends here..that’s about it. I’m half way Galt already. JAC’s right, there is no honor or integrity anymore. BF is right, just ignore it….tho he thinks it will just go away, I don’t….but if I don’t start pulling away I’m going to go crazy. But to try to take sides or formulate an argument anymore, I just can’t do it because everything is a lie. I just pray something will turn around, it’s going to take a while no matter what.

        • You will not get an argument from me! All politicians are liars and our Federal govt is totally corrupt and needs fixed, as I have suggested.

          The Lions/Cowboy game looks like a good one, looking forward too it. What are your thoughts on how the game goes? The Lions have a good defense and the ‘Boys have a great O-line. Thoughts?

          • Don’t know. Stafford just doesn’t seem consistent to me. Good game one week, wins ugly the next week, snatches defeat from the jaws of victory the next week. Dallas came on strong in their second half last week. Detroit is fighting the stomper thing this week. Plus Detroit has a record of one and out in the playoffs. Advantage…Cowboys.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          That is why it is far healthier to focus on what should be and not on what is happening around us. Once you have your principles then ACT on them in your politics. It is after all part of your life.

          So don’t let the asshats wear you down. Just keep on keeping on…………educate the young ones, do what you can to get the right people elected.

          When ever you see these lying liars just make sure the young ones and your friends are exposed to the truth. Some will finally wake up.

          What you are experiencing now is the deluge after the awakening. Many here were not wide awake to what was happening and how wide spread. Once you realize it, you can get overwhelmed by how much you now see.

          The next phase is RESOLVE. Simply use all the “examples” when needed and ignore the rest.

          And of course CHEER loudly when you see someone doing it right.

          While doing all this it is OK to prep for the day you might decide to go GALT. After all, options are a good thing to have if the wingnuts prevail. 😉

          • I hear you JAC. I thank my lucky stars for finding guys like you and everyone at SUFA for dragging me along. Even guys like David and his satanism, who just piss me off. You just can’t fight that kind of stuff off. They’re not having it. But you are right about one thing. My son hears our conversations at the firepit or kitchen table, and just when I think he couldn’t care less…he’ll come in from school and tell me something that he put his teacher or friend in check about. Makes me proud. So I must be doing something right. Maybe I just have temporary burnout, but I just can’t comprehend half of it anymore…too much info. I will be Galt , hopefully in 18 short months. But my Galt includes a major retail chain within 1/2 hr. Have a pack of 6 at the moment dead set on it. We’ve pretty much settled on the ky/tn boarder area. That area will at least keep us within a day trip of our families here in Mich. Roadtrips out west will have to wait til our real retirements can happen. Cheers to the New Year.

  56. I wonder if TCU is trying to say something?

  57. Disturbing but probably the first truthful article I’ve read on the black community. I feel sorry for those whose very futures have been all but destroyed by the statists. When you no longer have role models who get up and go to work every day, have two parents in the home, who value and speak, look and act educated, you no longer even understand where you and those around you have failed. You only have a grudge on your shoulder and a hand out. When you are constantly told by those in “authority” whether that be in your church, your black school or the likes of the race hustlers that you must constantly keep angry, you don’t have a chance. And now this race pimp business has taken hold in the highest offices of the country from the president to the ag. What a sad situation.


  58. But hey, Happy New Years SUFA! Be safe, be happy – cheers!

  59. Happy New Year too everyone! May all of you stay healthy, happy and live your life to the fullest! I feel as though all of you have been an extended part of my family! I think I’ll start using Uncle JAC and Cousin Anita in the next year 😀

  60. Just A Citizen says:

    Whew……….Boise State………. the tale of Jekyll and Hyde……….. or how to stink up the second half. Something they did quite a bit this year.

    But the record will show Boise St. 38 and Arizona 30 FIESTA BOWL Partayyyyy.

    Happy New Year SUFA and those who simply drop by from time to time.

    I do wish you all a very prosperous 2015…….Now live FREE and enjoy a “flourishing” life.

    Off to eat some Eye Talian food and drink cheap red wine.

  61. Eric, Happy New Year! You’ll be back!

  62. Here is old age at its best.

    Larry and Bob, two friends, met in the park every day to feed the pigeons, watch the squirrels and discuss world problems.

    One day Larry didn’t show up. Bob didn’t think much about it and figured maybe he had a cold or something.. But after Larry hadn’t shown up for a week or so, Bob really got worried. However, since the only time they ever got together was at the park, Bob didn’t know where Larry lived, so he was unable to find out what had happened to him.

    A month had passed, and Bob figured he had seen the last of Larry, but one day, Bob approached the park and — lo and behold — there sat Larry! Bob was very excited and happy to see him and told him so. Then he said, ‘For crying out loud Larry, what in the world happened to you?

    Larry replied, ‘I have been in jail.’

    ‘Jail!’ cried Bob. What in the world for?’

    ‘Well,’ Larry said, ‘you know Jane, that cute little blonde waitress at the coffee shop where I sometimes go?’

    ‘Yeah,’ said Bob, ‘I remember her. What about her?

    ‘Well, one day she filed rape charges against me; and, at 89 years old, I was so proud that when I got into court, I pleaded ‘guilty’.

    ‘The damn judge gave me 30 days for perjury’.

    • Now that’s funny TRay!

      • 🙂

        Some good old fashioned jokes. Actually watched a half hour infomercial the other night on Johnny Carson DVD package. OMG – the good old days when we could laugh at ourselves and others.

  63. Good Morning and Happy New Year to everyone ! 🙂

    In waking up and reading some email, I was shocked to see that the first thing I read is that a Democrat finally wised up to economic reality. This should be a model example to show everyone who spouts off about “single payer” that it simply will NOT work!

  64. An example of “be careful what you ask for” occurred last night in a small town in North Carolina. Their tradition was to drop a live opossum in a cage for the count down to the new year. PETA stuck their noses in it and the town leadership agreed that it was animal abuse. So, instead of a live opossum, they mad a big pot of opossum stew and lowered that instead. I would have loved to see the faces of the PETA morons when that was announced, just before midnight. 🙂 I’m still laughing over this 😀

  65. Happy New Year…….All

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