Happy New Year!



  1. I began posting here at SUFA in Feb 2009, shortly after Obama moved up to the East Side (a play on the Jefferson’s song). Anybody else remember when they came here?

  2. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Didn’t want to add anymore comments to “Feeling Jolly”

    I just happened to pull up a map of “Federal” land in Texas. Just a few defense areas, a couple wilderness areas along the coast, NPS along the Rio Grande, not much else. Texas has it right by NOT taking federal funds which was “plundered” anyway from the people, by maintaining a balanced budget they do not have to go to or follow the mandates or policies of the Feds. That is a way to be independent within the whole of the USA. I truly hope that more States follow the Texas model. It will be painful to be weened after so long on the tit but it will be worth it…..opposite side of the coin, Nevada with 84% controled by the Feds.

    It will be interesting how far Bernie Sanders gets in the presidential race…he proudly displayed the Cuban flag behind his desk as mayor and Castro was his buddy. The only way he got elected in Burlington was the voting commision decided to allow “temporary” students vote. With 4 colleges in the district and most of all the students were subsidized by Mom and Dad, socialism came to power in VT. Or how much Marco Rubio’s elegibility to be president gets heat from the dems….at least both his parents became citizens albeit after he was born.

  3. Just A Citizen says:

    Re: The proper role of police.

    Evidence of police “reducing” crime. But note that they admit it is reduced by “arresting” those responsible for most of the crimes.

    The difference is how they allocate resources and a concerted effort to actually catch the bad guys. Some PD’s are not so “energetic”.


  4. Just A Citizen says:

    What is that ol’ sayin…..there is more than one way to skin a cat.


  5. Just A Citizen says:

    Federal Employee disconnect or is it arrogance, or is it jus the entitlement mindset common on the “left”

    The key here is the comments made by the employee representatives. Then look at some of the ignorant comments about “it is all tax money anyway”.


    • Of course the Feds granted 750K to study why fat women have less sex than non fat women. They could have given the money to me and I could have answered that question. Fat women are less attractive than non-fat women (the same goes for men of course). Now I think I’ll send them a bill for a whopping 75 cents, just for my time in typing the answer. 🙂

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Didn’t it just get shown that 17% of the Federal budget are grants or bribes however you want to look at it. Could have been a link here on SUFA.

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    A noble and proper response. But looking at all his comments, I think he has his priorities backwards.

    I would rather the Govt spent its time handing out “honor awards” and STOPPED trying to manipulate the economy.


  7. JAC, I am still having fun debating Left Wingers over at the National Memo (there are a few conservatives too). Most have been polite, while a few not so much. Rather than retaliate in kind, as has been in my nature, I have taken a different approach. I post facts, which destroys their position.

    One thing that came to my mind was how actions that may appear good can sometimes have reactions that just make things much worse. I used the current protests, which are based on lies of racism, and the cops either being killed or coming under fire to remind those on the Lfet that all the hard work to get the police to stop racial profiling has just been completely destroyed….by lies. I proceeded to tell them when they get ready to complain about racial profiling in the future, remember what brought it back from the shadows, Left Wing lies. That should go over well, don’t you think? 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I think you make a good point. Although there is some “racism” involved in police depts. Or at least some serious “stereo typing”.

      I’ll be surprised if any of the harder “left” folks get your point. Most likely you will get some other comparison or some other incident to debunk your point. Even if your point was focused on these events.

      Remember, many people still believe the one kid had his hands up and was surrendering when killed. While testimony was conflicting they view conflict as proof of only their view. Of course you will see the same thing by the “right” on this conflict.

      • The facts of both cases are readily available to everyone, yet mostly ignored by the Left. The protests continue based on the same old lies. The Jerk-N-Chief, if he was anything close to a good President would be on TV and stating such, by Obama is a race pimp, so he is busy golfing.. My goal is to expose the lies and expose those responsible for letting them continue. I believe I’ve had some success 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Regardless of how the UN or EU or other Human Rights groups complain about racial profiling. It is alive and well in Milan’s Malpensa airport. While waiting to board a plane the last time I was there, agents, passed very discreetly through the crowd in the waiting area. They would stop and talk to people, hitting most folks once and several multiple times, waiting to board. When the airline attendents announced the plane was ready to board, the agents took the microphone and pointed to people in the crowd and asked them to step aside. Several of them were NOT on the plane when we arrived in Dulles. Same thing in Amsterdam but even more stringent, by separating children from their parents and interviewing them before comparing notes and deciding if the family or individuals would board. Luftansa absolutely does not tolerate any crap from passengers. The passenger next to me was a real complainer. Just on and on about the lateness of the flight. Forgetting the major storms shutting down airports and delaying east coast flights. Needless to say the flight crew made up significant time and we were only 45 minutes late to Frankfurt. In plenty of time for the guy to make his flight to Prague, for a vacation. Needless to say the crew did not make a scene but upon reaching the gate the head steward asked 1st class to remain in their seats. The Polizei boarded the plane, asked politely for the gentleman to rise. Handcuffed him and placed him under arrest. He missed his vacation.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Great essays written by Bastiat about the “Seen” versus the “Unseen” Still hold true since written 174 years ago. Technology may change rapidly but human nature takes much longer to evolve.

  8. Very good Sheriff! I’d vote for him if he ran in my County: http://www.wnd.com/2014/12/black-sheriff-has-stunning-advice-for-protesters/

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Unfortunately, while speaking the truth, he painted a target on himself.

      • Cops already have targets painted on them. While I’m against the “Police State”, I do not agree with indiscriminate killing of cops just because they are cops. This is only going to get worse unless more people speak up and get the truth out there. I’m not confident that the facts are going to matter and this war on cops will evolve into a war on white people.

        This is typical Progressive divisiveness to employ the real police state. They will fail, too many of us know their game!

  9. Just A Citizen says:


    BEFORE you get started………….. I am putting on some tea to go with my crow.

    Sparty showed great GUTS today. They never gave up.

    • see.. I was so excited I didnt see you up there..I’ve been waiting on you below. Great game…Sorry I did forget to give you cheers for Boise! Cheering for Oregon now though!


    Take that JAC 🙂

    Go Bucky! Let’s Go Buckeyes!

    Sorry Colonel

    SPARTY ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dale A Albrecht says:

    In spite of the 17th amendment allowing senators to be elected by popular vote instead of serving the Senate at the behest of the States legislature, the State can still recall said Senators. Regardless of McCain’s Vietnam POW history, I believe he should be one of the 1st elderly Senators recalled home, they are way past their prime. Stating he will purge Arizona of the “Tea Party” which is the only group making a clear distinction in the Republican party from the Democrats. Even though he is not old Lindsey Graham from SC should be next.

  12. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Way to go UNC Chapel Hill…..20 plus years of academic fraud mostly involving athlete eligibilty and bogus lectures, their investigation seemed to find only one administrator to fire. Tenure be damned, a lesson has to be taught regarding cheating which is almost now second nature.

    No TV or else I’d be engrossed with the New Years games.

    • Bum deal for you Dale. If it’s any consolation, I enjoy reading your comments. 😉

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Bum deal about the video system crash, or about UNC-Chapel Hill? The system can be fixed maybe, but I have hated UNC-Chapel Hill for over 45 years and the games between UCLA and UNC. Especially because of the 4 corner delay tactic Smith employed. Also from 1975-1977, just about the only thing that was able to break into the radio dead zone (government stuff) in the mountains of WVA was a continual 24 hr a day replay of the ACC and SEC basketball games. I have never watched a college basketball game since….call me stubborn…but it’s true

  13. http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/01/national-id-new-years-present-america-2015/

    JAC, maybe you can figure out what all this means and simplify it.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I”ll try but it might take some time. Initial reaction is a bunch of different things being mixed together to create the appearance of a single goal/strategy.

      The ID data collection issue is real, however. But will try to dissect this various claims, etc.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      This was one of many “folk songs” we were taught as children. Part of our history.

      It was not to invoke a reminder of racism, etc.

      Looks to me like an appeals judge playing a little CYA.

  14. http://watchdog.org/188650/cops/

    SCOTUS says it’s OK for cops to be ignorant of law, while the old adage “ignorance of the law is no excuse” still applies to the people. And the police state just keeps growing.

  15. Just A Citizen says:
  16. Anti-Police Protesters Release List Of ‘Demands’
    5:43 PM 01/02/2015
    Derek Hunter

    There have been marches in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, and elsewhere demanding “justice” of some sort — or else there would be no “peace.” They’ve been invited to meet with President Barack Obama in the White House, been praised by the Mayor of New York and countless other Democrats. But what do they want, aside from “justice”? And what exactly constitutes “justice” in the minds of those laying down in traffic and in malls has always remained nebulous, but no more – they’ve been kind enough to put their “demands” down on paper.

    On fliers handed out at the New York City protest on New Year’s Eve, the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement spelled out what they “demand.”

    One such demand is essentially an end to access to the court system for police officers charged with a crime:

    We demand a total independent investigative body that has full and total investigative powers, and unhindered access to any scene and full access to all evidence,” they write. “This investigative body will have full prosecuting power, and the authority to mete out punishment. This agency will have the power to immediately sequester any and all officers that are involved and/or on the scene.

    Another demand is a direct attack on the police unions, “We demand that any officer found guilty of any crime or violation while on duty be imprisoned and heavily personally fined, and any union that defends that officer be heavily fined with all the money going to the victim.”
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    by Taboola
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    Yet another demand is what amounts to the end of the 5th Amendment for police officers:

    “We demand any officer that do not (sic) freely come forth and speak about abuse and corruption by fellow officers or the department that they should be aware of, be charged with conspiracy and imprisoned and heavily fined.”

    The flier ends with the words, “FREEDOM JUSTICE AND EQUALITY OR DEATH.”

    Protesters across the country may or may not agree with all 13 of these demands, but these are what the leaders of these protests in New York City, now the hub of this movement, have made them about.


    • Here’s the list of their demands. #5 surprised me the most.

      Click to access NYC-NYE-Flier.pdf

      • 9) I thought snitches get stitches.

        10) Even though you can see the drugs and guns next to the stuff that was just reported robbed from the store in plain view. So as long as you make it out of the store you’re good to go.

        Let them use Ferguson as a testing ground. Close down the PD since you pretty much have their hands tied. Give them their little stipend to run their independent policing agency and back out. The new force has to go by their list of demands.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Ignoring any constructive part of the ideas, this sounds like it was prepared by the usual Anarchist morons.

      • This is typical ignorant progressives. Fits them to a tee. The occupy movement (left wingers) have a play in this too, not saying that anarchists are not involved, but not the major movement we are most familiar with. Low level fanatics at best.

        On another note, I have become much more aware of the complete ignorance of those who follow the left wing rags like the Daily Kos. totally brainwashed on issues like global warming and what the Constitution says (and allows). I have managed to get the “well, Bush did it” reply when I destroy their mantra. Sad, really sad. Entertaining though! Ice storm in the morning, calling for a 1/4 inch which could cause some issues. Mild winters suck, too much ice. Would rather have the snow!

  17. Let me share a few things being posted:


    And you can’t change THE FACT that Obamacare insuring another 10 plus million people this year has driven down uninsured rates in hospitals that have supported ACA by as much as 30-40%; which has reduced the need for states to reimburse hospitals by millions of dollars resulting in a projected savings to hospitals of 5.7 Billion and clearly also in the billions that it has saved in states in the reduced reimbursements. YOU’RE CLEARLY ARGUING AGAINST FACTS!! But that’s typical for TUNNELVISION REPUBLICANS!!!

    All those supposed things you claim were going on in hospitals prior to 2010 were accomplishing little to nothing until ACA put teeth into the requirements that hospitals had to meet in order to get compensated by the states and federal governments.

    Despite what you think, the mechanisms for reimbursing hospitals are totally different than you appear to mistakenly remember!!!!

    And it was ACA’s incentives that have driven down readmission rates over the past 5 years which has resulted in reducing the number of people dying from readmissions by 50,000 people. You can live in your fantasy land all you want BUT YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE FACTS!!!!!!


    States do have to operate on balanced budgets because they don’t have their own currency and can’t print money.

    Trying to keep this short, but this country will not survive two more generations.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Progressive goals and values:

      If your goal is to dig holes for anyone who wants one, then the more holes you dig the greater your BENEFITIAL action.

      The cost does not matter as long as the cost is pushed off on someone that is hard to identify.

      The benefits forgone by paying to dig holes does not matter.

      Nothing matters and every point showing anything but success is just a bunch of Delusional Racist Ranting.

      • Perfect. I understand your version much better…. and I’ll keep it in my ammo pouch for future use.

      • The best part is that I’m not economically illiterate anymore, just a little slow 😀 THEY destroy economic reality.

        • This just popped up!


          There’s your tunnelvision showing again. The ‘free market’ CANNOT keep an economy running. A mindless GOP president named Hoover, who was the Mitt Romney of his day, had the notion, like you, that the ‘private sector’ could spur the economy when he inherited a recession, from another GOP president named Coolidge, that was no worse than the recession George Bush inherited from Clinton.

          Hoover had this notion that somehow the private sector, “free market”, could rev the economy back up and when it did, he wanted the government to reap the benefits. So in o rder to do that, he raised the max tax rate at that time which Coolidge had actually pushed down to lower than what we have today, to over 60%; while at the same time refusing to provide any government stimulus to spur the economy.

          Well, I think many Americans learned sadly how misguided the notion is that the PRIVATE SECTOR can spur anything. Shortly after Hoover took office and investors got wind of what he was planning, we had the great stock market crash of 1929, and despite the fact that the economy continued to tank, Hoover kept insisting that the federal government would not step in with a stimulus.

          As we all know, HOOVER’S FOLLY turned into a full blown world-wide depression. And if you have such great thoughts about how the ‘free market’ can run anything (other than feeding money into the pockets of entrepreneurs) let’s hear them

          Exactly how would a free market, the private sector go about SPURRING ANYTHING???

          Would all corporations get together and give raises to their employees to give them more spending money?

          Or,would all companies get together and agree to cover their employees FICA responsibilities so they had more money.

          O, would all retailers put on huge sales to encourage people to SPEND MONEY THEY DON’T HAVE??

          Just how would a private sector do anything but run its businesses with the objective of making a profit????????

          • My reply:

            This is getting fun! Let me start from the bottom: Just how would a private sector do anything but run its businesses with the objective of making a profit????????

            Answer: Why would anyone invest time and money into a business unless it was for making a profit? What would you do, force people to start business’s that will fail and go bankrupt? This might qualify as the dumbest question of all time, but wait, I got more to answer.

            Exactly how would a free market, the private sector go about SPURRING ANYTHING???
            Generally, economies run on supply and demand, which also dictates prices of goods and labor. Government’s produce no economic good’s by which to pay their employees, they require theft by threat of violence to get that money.

            Would all corporations get together and give raises to their employees to give them more spending money? Why would corporations need to get together? Every company I have ever worked for provided annual raises to their employees, and in some cases, like in unions, to those employees who may not have deserved a pay raise. Business’s must pay for good employees or the good employees will go elsewhere and the company will ultimately fail. Business’s are in the business to make a profit and keeping and paying good employees is what makes companies successful.

            Or,would all companies get together and agree to cover their employees FICA responsibilities so they had more money. ALL companies pay FICA taxes on each of their employees. As an independent contractor (I’m my only employee) I pay taxes on my wages and taxes on my employees wages too!

            O, would all retailers put on huge sales to encourage people to SPEND MONEY THEY DON’T HAVE??

            Companies have sales to reduce old inventory to get new inventory. They also provide sales when they can buy in bulk at cheaper prices and offer the discount to customers. ALL companies mark up their inventory to make a profit, sales just lessen the amount of profit. In larger companies like Walmart, they will sell for a loss to free up space for more profitable products. Am I missing something or don’t anyone other than me have money to spend?

            I always try and have polite and peaceful discussion on issues, but I must be honest. Not to be mean, but you are a complete economic illiterate. I would suggest you stick to arguing the healthcare issue

  18. Progressive:

    Sorry, but YOU CONVENIENTLY ignored where that article was focused on GEORGIA. Just one of the 24 RED STATES that have refused to expand Medicaid. And that’s the other side of the GOP’s failure to expand medicaid. Not only are they refusing to provide people who need medical care with the insurance they need IN ORDER TO GET THAT MEDICAL CARE; the GOP’s refusal to expand Medicaid is also forcing many hospitals IN RED STATES into bankruptcy because they’re still having to PROVIDE HEALTHCARE FOR TOO MANY PEOPLE WHO CAN’T PAY FOR IT and THESE RED STATES ARE REFUSING TO REIMBURSE THESE HOSPITALS at a rate that will allow them to survive.


    And in several similar stories, the writers have pointed out that by not expanding medicaid so these rural hospitals PRIMARILY IN RED STATES, can’t escape bankruptcy, the GOP is setting up situations where MORE PEOPLE ARE DYING, because emergencies are occurring where people cannot now get to a hospital in time and are dying UNNECESSARILY!!

    My response 😀

    Getting a little testy I see! You shouldn’t worry, as the healthcare system we know today will end up as single payer, which is what Progressive’s want. I won’t have anything to do with it (the new civilian version), because I’m already experiencing it. I WANT YOU to have what you wish for, I really do. Please don’t drown on that Kool-Aid your drinking because you will miss the reality of your desires.

    I don’t want Medicaid expansion either, these people who are using medicaid need to get on the internet and find the exchanges and buy those cheap insurance policies that we now have. The ACA, so far is working as promised, so we shouldn’t need Medicaid expansion, but Medicaid contraction. We now have low cost insurance that the poor can afford, so we should be able to eliminate medicaid completely in by 2016 at the latest. That’s what was promised, affordable healthcare insurance for all. The exchanges might actually work this year so let’s get those poor Medicaid people to pony up and get with the program.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      A little surprised by your response. Are you really supporting the exchanges over Medicaid?

      Or was that just a little sarcasm combined with strategy of “beware what you wish for”???

      By the way, the exchanges are depending on Medicaid Expansion. That is the primary mechanisms for “subsidizing” the “high cost/no return” people who had no insurance.

      And for future arguments, the reason the States have refused Medicaid expansion is that it will OBLIGATE the States to meet the new Medicaid bills. Medicaid is not 100% Federally funded. The ACA sets a trap by subsidizing the increase in Medicaid, but everyone knows that down the road the subsidies will expire. And then the States will have to keep the Medicaid going as it is an obligation once established.

      For many States, Medicaid is already their largest budget expenditure. They understand what increasing it will mean. This is why Texas went a different rout.

      But notice how the Progressives trash those “Red” States which have developed alternatives. This goes back to the “digging holes” point. Any system other than expanding Medicaid is automatically “wrong”, “false”, “bankrupt”, “evil”, etc., etc.. Because it is not digging holes, Medicaid, it cannot be tolerated.

      The entire ACA discussion can be boiled down to simply “Laws” of economics. Most Progressive arguments ignore the actual “health care” and rely only on the “insurance”, conflating the two as the same.

      The simple fact is that you cannot increase the DEMAND for health care and expect the cost to drop if the supply remains constant. Increasing the number of people on insurance, which is required to pay doctors, INCREASES DEMAND for health care. To the tune of about 15 million people. The same people who don’t have enough money to buy insurance or pay for their doctor bills.

      Meanwhile, there is no increase in the supply. In fact it is declining. Doctors are retiring, hospitals and clinics closing. Medical care is becoming centralized as the “cost of operations” is driven higher by…………wait for it…………..federal and state regulations, including the ACA itself.

      So the reality is that there has been ZERO decrease in health care costs since the ACA was adopted. The costs that Progressives are focused on have partially declined. But the actual and full cost has simply been displaced to other places. Like the new “asset” tax, or the new “luxury tax” and the “tax” for not having “mandated” insurance coverage. It has also been pushed into the Medicaid budget.

      One other key point for your future arguments. MEDICAID is a primary cause of hospital closures and Doctors reducing service to Medicaid patients. Why??? Because Medicaid tries to address the “cost” issue just like Insurance companies do. They DICTATE the reimbursement rates for medical services. So the person claiming that failure to increase Medicaid is causing Doctors to not be reimbursed adequately has the entire thing backwards.

      When they use this FACT to argue for Single Payer then simply go back to the Basics of the supply/demand relationship. Ask them to explain how increasing demand will reduce costs when they have not addressed the number of Docs or clinics?? And how will these increase if the Govt Insurance is going to keep costs down by “dictating” the PRICE of health care??

      PRICE is the mechanism by which we peacefully resolve differences between supply and demand. If we do not allow free market prices to resolve the conflict the only answer is COERSION. The Force of Govt. will have to be used to “DICTATE” the price. This then upsets the supply/demand/pricing equation. It will cause a distortion in the value equation somewhere. This usually occurs on the “supply” part.

      In short, there will “necessarily” be “death panels”. It is inevitable.

      • A little surprised by your response. Are you really supporting the exchanges over Medicaid?

        Or was that just a little sarcasm combined with strategy of “beware what you wish for”???

        You have me figured out quite well 🙂 Yes, I’m using the “beware what you wish for” strategy and in other posts I have used the VA issues as an example of what I want all of them to have. I’m also doing the same on the abortion issue, telling them important it is to managing the black population, which is it’s primary goal. Nobody has refuted that point yet, which surprises me.

        With your permission I’d like to copy and paste your explanation of the economics involved with the ACA. I actually understand it better than I am able to write it, LOL. 🙂

        Hope today finds you and yours happy and healthy! 🙂 We are currently having an ice storm, with about 3/16 of an inch already on the ground (and the trees).

        • Just A Citizen says:


          You, and others, are free to cut and paste anything I post here anytime. That is one reason I spend the time to do this.

          I just ask that if my comments seem strange or out of sorts that you question me first. Because sometimes I am just playing devils advocate, and wouldn’t want the wrong arguments being spread widely.

          • I can tell when your playing that way. I think we know each other well enough at this point in time that you can figure when I’m on a mission like “be careful what you ask for” as you correctly understood today! I don’t usually copy and paste from here anyway, unless the info, like you provided is relevant and quite correct 🙂

            • We just finished an awesome venison steak dinner. You just can’t buy this anywhere! What a great and healthy red meat! 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:


                You need to get hold of some elk and moose. Even better.

              • I have been fortunate to have experienced to wonderful taste of both! We do have elk hunting (by lottery) which is within a reasonable driving distance (45 minutes or so). I would love to hunt elk, and would only do so with ample pre hunting scouting and some advice from the locals. I have not tapped into that resource as of yet, but speaking on it gives me some motivation to give it a go. I will start investigating the issue this winter!

                I’m working on a trade for a Flintlock .50 cal for one of my .50 cal muzzleloaders. This is the time of year when flintlock or bow is allowed for buck or doe. In fact, the farmer I’m wanting to trade with offered me 5 bucks for every tag I can fill next week 🙂 It will be frigid, mid teens and low singles, which don’t make a difference, but would rather a flintlock versus a bow under those conditions. Might prove to be an interesting week next week!

                I’m shocked that Ohio State is in the big game. It should be quite an interesting game. Looks like we’ll be on opposite sides on this one, best of luck to the Ducks (I like them too). If they win it will be their first I believe!

              • I’m with you on OSU GMan. Sorry JAC,,,I have to rep the Big 10 this time. I should mention…heeheehee… These two teams are Sparty’s only losses this year.

  19. Is this question NOT the dumbest question ever asked by a Left Winger?

    Just how would a private sector do anything but run its businesses with the objective of making a profit????????

  20. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Reuns on TV and films seem to make time stand still and you forget how old you’re getting. Donna Douglas “Elly May” passed away at 82…..It’s hard to believe that the show started airing 53 years ago. RIP

    • Scary how fast time goes by. Really Scary that all my classic rock guys are in their late 60s & 70s now and they have taken over the oldies station. Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Jimmy Buffet, Seger…all a bunch senior citizens now.

  21. Just A Citizen says:


    Some information for you when arguing about the affects of the Affordable Care Act.

    NOTE: The results on hospital emergency room are “mixed”. Therefore any claims by Progressives that are definitive about success are “false”.

    Also note that this does not address the total cost, it focuses on “emergency room visits by uninsured”. Back to the “digging holes” explanation.


  22. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Going to make one comment today, but to start with two lawyer jokes. Please Buck do not be offended…..One day a tour bus of lawyers went over the cliff while going through Wolf Creek Pass, Colo….all the passengers were killed, the real tragedy was that there were two seats empty….next one, a fishing charter boat was out off the banks here. A chum slick will undoubtably attract sharks. Sometimes a careless crewman will spill some fish parts on the deck making it very slippery. Anyway, one of the fisherman slipped and went over into a mess of hungry sharks. They never touched him and he was able to crawl back aboard. The head of the law firm leaned over the rail and asked the head shark…”why didn’t you eat him?” The shark answered, “Professional Courtesy”……which brings me to my comment..

    On todays headlines was an article about the number of cities across the country that have closed their parks to sledding, and I’m sure other sporting activities, also, due to the liability risk of someone getting injured while “enjoying” the sledding etc.The authors had no idea how many cities have closed the hills in their parks, but they listed the recent ones…quite a list. This BS about living in a NO risk society and taking zero responsibility for your own actions is saddening.

    Just brings to mind all the fun stuff I did as a kid and young adult that you did and took adequate precautions, like belay lines while rock climbing….I’ve talked to some younger generation people of things I did as a kid and their comments were, that your parents should have been arrested for neglect for allowing you to do such things and so on and so forth. One such adventure was a rock climbing trip to Mexico as a 14 year old. The peak was aptly named “El Picacho del Diablo” The climb itself was 5 days in duration. Then ended in a cantina, the tequila was good, in San Felipe which at the time was still a one street dirt track town.

    Does boy scouts allow only knitting and bead work in camp today, providing the States allow them to camp in public facilities, ie California.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Forgot to mention, I was climbing the peak in memorium of a friend who was killed climbing it earlier.

  23. Feel bad for Anita, good for D13. Cowboys/Packers should be a great game next week. Ravens /Patriots may also be one as Ravens have beaten the Patriots in NE in playoffs before. Seattle should handle Carolina. Denver/Colts could be a shootout too! Should be some great football next weekend.

    • Nah! I was feeling bad for the Colonel at first. I’m ok with this loss. Although I woulda sure liked another shot at the Packers! But now I have to go with the Pack. I hate when that happens! 🙂

      • At least the Lions made it and have something to build on. Their defense is their strength. A high quality running back and some O-line work would make them scary good. They need a better #3 receiver too. Ebron should evolve into a top 15 TE next season. Bush has seen his better days and Bell has really never been more than a #2 RB, although he did have a nice year. A few more pieces and they can take it all! 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Seattle will have great difficulty with Carolina and may actually lose the game.

      All depends on how Cam Newton handles the pressure because Carolina will hold Seattle to less than 17 points.

  24. This morning, Oregon was a 7 point favorite over Ohio St with the over and under at 75. Based on several stats that I’m aware of, I’m going to give an early call for an Ohio State upset in a close game. I don’t think it will reach the over if it goes beyond 78.

  25. http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/blackbrunch-protesters-shouting-whites-while-they-eat

    Dang, now we got to pack heat and ear plugs just to eat out!

  26. Interesting fact that may be absolutely meaningless: Tomorrow, 01-05-15 we will have the same planetary alignment that we had in 2004 when we had the 9.2 earth quake and the tidal waves that killed over 200,000.

    Some folks have a thing about planetary alignment and earth activities. I haven’t really studied any of this, but since is so close, I thought it would be interesting to pop this on here and see what happens tomorrow. My guess…..here it’s gonna be about 20 and snowing. Anything else is but a guess. Maybe we’ll get lucky and a sink hole will swallow DC 😀

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Wishful thinking about the sinkhole……but here on the coast in NC it is 70+ right now 23:33 1/4/2015. The windows are open and a nice river breeze is blowing. Today, T’s again, shorts but bagged the sandals and went barefoot in the wet grass….have to mow soon.

      • 8:34 am, After it was 58 degrees yesterday it is currently 16 degrees, 1.5 inches of snow on the ground, snow still falling, windy with gusts in the 30 mph range. While this isn’t quite what the article was thinking about, let’s hope that all their “planet alignment” theories can be put to rest. If not, we will have our eyes on the TV watching.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Maybe the sinkhole is appearing on Wall Street?

  27. Some cool 12 Ga shotgun shells to have around, you know, just in case: Dragon’s breath, ball and chain and flechette.. Got a few to try out, might have to stock up on a few of each, just for fun.

  28. Ok…you YANKEES…………….get this damned weather outta here !!!!!! But leave that big yellow thing hanging in the sky….I think it is called sun.

    • What the heck is a sun? A big yellow thing in the sky? What planet do you live, we haven’t had such a thing in recent memory. 😀

      • Yeah…..it appeared today….shook everybody up….end of the world…AND it is still up there. Temperature is 23 but expected to get to 38 today…..which is still 47 degrees too cold.

  29. A black assistant DA in Dallas was arrested for DUI the other day…..became combative…..threatening officers with their jobs…..calling them crackers and when a black lieutenant showed up he started calling him Uncle Tom and a “token nigger”…..

    Al Sharpton, who says he will not come to Texas for any reason, said that the assistant DA was not racist in his comments nor is he guilty of hate speech…..he said that the Dallas Police are the guilty ones for stopping him for DUI.

    • This is no surprise. Only us crackers can be racist’s. 🙄

    • Colonel, are there any links to Sharpton’s comments? Local news site maybe?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just because it’s 2015 and the planets are aligned, why should we hope that the WH will change its rhetoric and arrogance. Todays headlines showing that the WH is stating that the #3 guy in the GOP is really the true colors of the GOP, ie racist bigots all…..the true racists are the WH and their cronies given they see race or gender bigotry everyone elses actions except theirs. Pure political BS

        I am getting so sick of this.

        I was watching some “youtube” videos of my old high schools 2014 football season. What struck me was in the “City of Angels” the stands were empty. My old school is predominantly white in an upper middle class neighborhood, the games shown were away and obviously the student body and fans were NOT going to travel into the inner city. counted >>anyone remember Anthony Davis and his touchdowns in ’72 against Notre Dame and again 4 in ’74. One of the greatest kick off return players ever. I actually in the ’69 game, did an open field tackle on him on a punt return. Didn’t affect the outcome. He kicked our ass up and down the field like nobody’s business. When they ran the ball he lined up as a back. When they threw the ball he lined up over the center. When they kicked the ball he did it, he returned all kicks off and punts. The other ten guys were just to get him the ball and fullfill team regulations of 11 players…..ususally the white schools played half heartedly even in track meets. If they ever made the mistake of winning in a game or meet in the inner city….a riot usually occured and busses burned and overturned.

        • Well, so far so good with the planets issue, nothing major yet and sadly Washington DC didn’t get swallowed by a giant sink hole (damn it). Yes the political BS is getting sickening, especially this racist crap. My political correctness balance is empty, so I’m not likely to be to politically correct. In short Obama is a racist pig along with his asshole ugly racist wife!

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Years ago I was asked to “help” at Durham Tech a “black” student translate an essay from Spanish to English. The essay was written by Jose Marti about “Racism” The professor specifically gave the essay as the assignment because most of the students were black or hispanic with english as a second language. Then the professor then had each present their translations. The derision that spewed from the “black” students mouths was shocking. The point of the essay was that racism has cut across all cultures and races all throughout time. The blacks refused to believe that they could be racist in any way.

      heck…besides the moslem slave traders in Africa who else captured their neighbors and sold them at the “coastal” slave centers. The blacks themselves were and are just as complicite in the former slave trading days as they are in formenting racism today.

  30. I thought that the Cowboys were gonna snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory…..wonder what kind of things were said to Lawrence, the rookie, when he lost the fumble at the end of the game…he sure made up for it with the sack and getting the other fumble…..

    I hope the Cowboys do win…….I am quite sure it is going to be a game.

    • It was a good game. That rookie made up for his earlier mistake and saved the day for the ‘Boy’s. The coach’s on the Cowboy’s side made good halftime adjustments, whereas it seemed the Lions stood on what they were doing. This probably is what changed the game’s momentum and led to the Cowboy win. Should be a great game next week, I’m really looking forward to it! 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:

        The REF’s saved the day for the Boys. At least they created the opportunity.

        The pass interference has become baffling enough. How many Dallas receivers “obviously” pushed off last night and NOT ONE SINGLE CALL. The later the same for Detroit.

        However, the one that is really irritating me anymore is the Offensive HOLDING by linemen. That and the blocks in the back away from the tackle box. It is a wonder that any defense can hold a team to under 40.

        • Did you notice the blue stockings on Witten’s arms that were the same color as the Lion’s uniforms?

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Nope. Is there a point?

            • Yes, I noticed it when he got flagged for holding. The purpose of the colored stockings is to hide these infractions a much as possible. This is not a new thing, have seen many retired lineman admit to it in the past 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:

                OK, got it. Not sure why they would need that help.

                I see obvious holding, even take downs, right in front of the Ref’s. Then you see a flag on something that is barely holding, compared to the ones they let go.

                Maybe they should go back to ZERO holding, as in you cannot grab a jersey no matter where your hands are.

        • JAC….it was absolutely amazing how everyone pushed off of everybody. There is so much contact on the field, I guess you could call a penalty on every play,…….I am a Cowboy fan, but Dez Bryant should have been flagged immediately…and then it would have been 4th and a million for the boys……However, the Lions had several chances later.

          One thing that I am noticing in the play offs…..receivers and defenders are clawing at each other all the way down the field….arms flying about.

          I will say this…..watching the replays ( and there are several on the net )….the picking up of the flag was proper. Face guarding is not a penalty in the NFL…..I also read several accounts of the penalty to start with…..the guy that threw the flag should not have and the two that were closer did not…..one of the explanations that I saw in slow motion was the fact that the pass was poorly thrown and actually hit the defender in the back….the receiver turned to look for the ball and practically stops in his tracks to try to get to a ball that was going to be waist high at best and the bulk of the contact came when the ball hits the defender….anyway…….it is a moot point.

          The bone head play was the rookie Cowboy doing the Leon Lett play…..

          • On the flag play, just saw a replay. The defensive player held the receiver before the pass, it was very clear in the slow motion replay (the receivers jersey was pulled out at least 6 inches). There are infractions of some kind on every play, if they were called there wouldn’t be a game of football, but a game of who can get the least amount of penalties.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I agree with all the arm flailing and theatrics by both receivers and def. backs. Like a bunch of whining babies trying to coax a call.

            As for “the penalty….not a penalty”. It WAS a penalty by the Cowboys but that is if you adhere to the rules of interference, which are not being applied evenly in any one game.

            The foul was not on his face guarding but on the hand to hand contact before the ball arrives. Even though the receiver stops, it is still PI if the DB runs into him. If one watches closely he does not run into the receiver until the ball hits him in the back, and the same for throwing up his arms. But before that he clearly grabs the receiver…………. and even before that he held him off the line.

            But as you say, they have muddied the waters so badly they could throw a flag on every play.

            I will add that given the “lack” of offensive PI in both games the Seahawks should have TWO championships by now. Which of course remains a very, very, very, sore spot in Seattle.

            Mark this down, however. Seattle’s DBs will be flagged several times in the next game. They have taken on the strategy of New England a few years back. An awful lot of hand grabbing, jersey tugging, you name it. Why one play is called and another is not is obviously beyond my pay grade.

            Same with holding by the O Line. Phantom fouls then the ref stands there while a guy is taken down and tackled at his feet. Consistency does not seem to be the primary focus with the referees any more.

  31. And then you gotta hand it to the Feds…….claiming that the border has never been safer….40 million dollar fence in Arizona…18 ft high….cameras everywhere, The fence has been cut for 8 months now, and pulled back…big enough for trucks to drive through….Homeland defense has watched 41 trucks drive through it…the fence is still not repaired, no trucks were stopped ……and we are safe.

    • Saw that on the TV the other day. We are no longer a Nation of Laws. If Obama, on his own, does away with the debt ceiling, wrongly claiming the 14 Amendment and gets away with it, we will have gone from a Constitutional Republic to a Dictatorship in a matter of a few years. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. On the common sense side of the debt ceiling, what is the point of having one if it never applied? Just more games to promote the illusion that votes matter. 😀

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    If you want something to stir your blood I suggest those who can, go to the recording of “Madam Secretary” that aired last night.

    A gross attempt to make Texas’ Governor and “militia” look like crackpots. Along with celebration of what was clearly a “Tyrannical” move by the Secretary to threaten a U.S. Governor.

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    Right idea, not sure it is the right person. However, I expect nothing will come of it.

    From “The Hill”.

    “Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas) said Sunday that he will challenge John Boehner (R-Ohio) as Speaker in the new Congress.

    “I’m putting my name out there today to be another candidate for Speaker,” Gohmert said on “Fox and Friends.”
    Gohmert said that after “years of broken promises, it’s time for a change.”

    Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) on Saturday announced that he would not support Boehner for Speaker.

    “This is not a personal attack against Mr. Boehner, however, the people desire and deserve a choice,” Yoho said in a Facebook post. “In November, they resoundingly rejected the status quo.”

    “Eventually, the goal is second, third, fourth round, we have enough people that say ‘you know what, it really is time for a change,’ ” Gohmert said Sunday. “’You deceived us when you went to Obama and Pelosi to get your votes for the cromnibus. You said you’d fight amnesty tooth an nail. You didn’t, you funded it.’ ”

    Gohmert said, if elected, he would ”fight amnesty tooth and nail. We’ll use the powers of the purse. We’ll have better oversight. We’ll fight to defund ObamaCare.”

    “In 2010, Boehner and other leaders said if you put us in the majority, we will have time to read the bills,” Gohmert said. “That hasn’t happened. We saw that with the cromnibus, again.”

    “We’ll get back to appropriating and we will go through regular committee process, so every representative from both parties will have a chance to participate in the process and not have a dictator running things,” he added.

    “With a growing Republican majority in the House and a historically high number of liberty-voting fiscal conservatives within it, there is an urgent need replace Speaker Boehner with fresh, bold leadership that better represents the views of the whole caucus,” FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe said in a statement on Sunday.

    “Speaker Boehner has kicked fiscal conservatives off committee positions for voting against his wishes, caved on numerous massive spending bills at the eleventh hour, and abused the legislative process to stomp out opposition by holding surprise votes and giving members little time to actually read the bills before they vote,” Kibbe added.

    The conservative group will urge activists to contact their representatives ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

    Incoming Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that she would vote for Boehner.

    “We voted in our conference in November, and … it was near unanimous. I think there was one weak voice that didn’t say, that may have said ‘nay.’ There hasn’t been a campaign or any phone calls that anyone has received, so I expect that will move forward very smoothly.””

    At least there is more of a public mutiny this time than last time. Maybe a few of the gutless can now start to stiffen their spines. Then again maybe it will rain puppies and daffodils.

    • The more things change, the more they stay the same. I wouldn’t expect much out of the Feds that can be considered good.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Think I have this figured.

        The renegades are led to believe they have a chance to throw Boehner to the curb. The media jumps on board driving up the appearance of a real chance. Knowing it will fail.

        Then when it does fail, they get to HOWL about how the TEA PARTY was once again PUT DOWN by the more “MODERATE” Republicans.

        This in turn feeds into the media’s effort to shove Jeb Bush down our throats. Now everyone think back to the last two Pres. cycles and how the media drove the “moderate” candidate until he was finally selected as the R’s candidate. Then it will be all about Hillary or who ever is running on the D side.

        Sad to say this is just getting way to predictable.

        One more thing. Anyone notice how Huckabee is now making noise about running? You know, the same Huckabee that allowed McCain to get the nomination. Wonder who his target is this time? I am guessing it is the “Tea Party” or “Conservatives”.

        Yes, I find Huckabee to be a charlatan. All the talk about “conservative” and “tea party” but when it gets right down to his “policies” he is all about “fixing health care” and making “welfare more efficient”. Just another RHINO in my humble opinion.

  34. Pick up that flag, you are in Jerry’s house here……

    Unlike Christie, our governor knows which team to cheer for:


    • Looks to be a great game! I’m a Dolphins fan, and my team is watching and wishing they could still be playing. This could be a great game. I believe that the teams that have been undefeated on the road have ALL ended up in the big game. Dallas is 8-0 on the road. I like the Packers but I would not be surprised if this game comes down to the last few seconds and the winner is the last team with the ball. This will be one of the best post seasons I’ve seen in awhile.

      Baltimore is 2-1 in the playoffs against New England IN New England. Patriot fans should be worried.

      Caroline has a defense that is hitting it’s stride at the right time. The Hawks are also defensive in a great way. Two QB’s who can run with no real superstar wideouts. The QB standing at the end with the ball wins this one.

      Indy lost to Denver 31-24 last time in Denver. Manning hasn’t been playing well, but he will get some needed rest. Indy will go as far as Andy Luck takes them. I like him, he is filling Mannings shoes in Indy quite well. This game may come down to who has the best kicker. a missed field goal could be the difference in this game!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Come on………grow a pair. All your predictions have caveats and possibilities.

        Cowboys by 13.
        Seahawks by 2.

        Denver BLOWS OUT Indy.

        New England BLOWS OUT Baltimore.

        Blow Out > 14 points and game is not close enough to watch the 4th quarter.

        • OK I see, you want to play LMAO 🙂

          Packers 35 Cowboys 34
          Seahawks 31 Carolina 30
          Indy 41 Denver 38
          Baltimore 24 Patriots 21

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Seahawks vs Carolina

            The TOTAL for the game won’t be over 35 let alone near 60.

            The WEATHER will be the biggest news for these games. We are getting pounded with heavy rain………. on top of a foot of snow. That rain and warm will be moving east, banging into that Alaskan Express ya’ll are experiencing right now.

            Seattle this coming weekend is more rain but colder with high winds. In short………sleet and rain.

            • Yes, I will likely change all of those numbers Friday or so, due to weather conditions and any injuries that crop up. I’ll be selecting DraftKing teams as the week goes on, doing well with them 🙂

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I think I’ll just have to find a nice sports bar and watch the games this weekend. Would be nice to see another “Ice Bowl” in Green Bay, with Dallas getting sent home. I’d like to see GB vs Carolina and ultimately NE vs Denver in the conference finals.

        Never particularly cared for Pete Carroll regardless of success…just a feeling. Took a vacation to Seattle a few years ago to look at a boat for sale on Lake Union. Great sea food at the Berkeley downtown, but the last time i saw the sun was while decending to land. Then I saw the sun next was leaving, just broke through a low cloud cover…didn’t really rain…..just drizzled a miserable weeping dampness. But once through the clouds the whole Cascades came into view sticking up above the clouds. Rainer, remnants of St Helen, Hood etc.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I saw that at the end of the game. Very CREEPY. Almost felt sorry for Christie. Kind of like the outcast looking for some attention while everybody ignores him.

      Now for the real question. WHY was Christie in Jones’ box anyway???

      Mr. tough guy doing the “jumpy jump please hug me”. END OF the RACE for Christie.

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Here’s a weird thought but doesn’t the instant arrival of ISIS sound a bit like the myth of Athena’s birth……Athena leaped from Zeus’ head, fully grown and armed, with a shout — “and pealed to the broad sky her clarion cry of war.

    Question is who is Zeus in the modern version and how did all the great intelligence gathering organizations miss its formation until it was fully grown.

    • The US and British government agencies such as the CIA made ISIS who they are. The military makes two arms drops in wrong area and ISIS gets them, utter bullshit. ISIS is the new boogieman.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I don’t think ISIS’ arrival was that “instant”. I think most of us did not know of their existence because the media was to bent on going after Assad on the chem weapons and had no interest in reporting the TOTAL Story of the Civil War.

      But think about how long the Civil War had been going when ISIS finally decided to break out towards Iraq. All evidence is they were there and it was when other fighters finally started joining with them that they gained the momentum needed to expand.

      That and of course the funding they were getting from the fundamentalists in the Saudi and other regimes in the region.

  36. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I was digging back through the mayoral history of LA, Not Lower Alabama, and Sam Yorty was a Democrat mayor. His platforms were anti-civil rights, anti-feminism and was a race baiter bar none. Example his campaigns against Tom Bradley in 68 and 72, who was black. He ultimately switched party’s in 1980, but somehow he gets a pass on his ANTI-BLACK stance by the dems etc. Like the escalation in Vietnam is Nixons war not Johnson’s.
    The news today was talking about the Civil Rights and Voting acts passed during Johnson reign. They neglected to mention that it took the Republicans to swing the votes to pass, even though the dems held the majority in both chambers and still could not garner the votes to pass on their own. The Chicago riots during the convention in 68 were NOT against the republicans but against the Dems. How time and repetition of lies has switched the country’s perception of who was for what when.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Another example of mushy ethics………which means you have not ethics.

    Either it is or is not. It can never be………..”well it depends”.


    • JAC – let me ask you: what are your thoughts on the complaint against McCulloch filed with the bar?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I am unaware of the complaint filed against McCulloch.

        Got a link I can use to start with?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Based on the link I would summarize with, there are some legitimate concerns that should be looked into, but I do not think the motives of the complainants are pure.

        Their statements reveal this as a ploy specifically aimed at the Wilson case because they did not like the outcome. They reveal they believe police are abusing force and want to use this as an “example”.

        I would like to address one of the specific issues, that being the outdated “supreme court” ruling on use of force. MSNBC made a big deal of this from the beginning. Looked to me like it was done to intentionally foment outrage against McCulloch because they eventually admitted that the “correct” rule was provided near the end of the Grand Jury testimony. And that the lawyer admitted to the jurists that she had given them the wrong information.

        So the GJ had the correct information to use in their deliberations.

        But here is the thing. There is no evidence that the old vs. new ruling played a substantive part in the decision. One, we now know Brown was not running away when fatally shot. Two, the newer SCOTUS decision does not preclude shooting a “suspect” in the back in any situation. It then goes to the officers view on whether they are a “threat”. Given the guy just tried to take the officers gun, while in the car, might support a claim of “he was a threat”. Yet those who decided they wanted Wilson tried, in advance, are using it to create anger and controversy.

        Next comment is, lawyers policing lawyers on ethics issues???? Really??? OK, that was intended sarcasm. But it has a valid point. Given the legal professions propensity to create gray from black and white, it seems it would take a pretty obvious and egregious violation to be found unethical. True??

        Which brings me to the one thing of all this that DOES seem to reach this level of an “ethics violation”. That being to knowingly allow a witness to lie and then NOT tell the jurists that the person was lying.

        Doesn’t this violate a general ethical rule of lawyers, whether a grand jury or regular trial??

        I also think that complaining about a prosecutor “not” being aggressive enough is a matter of personal opinion and certainly seems petty, given the “prosecutorial discretion” issue. Would love to hear the same people explain whether they agree with Mr. Obama and Holder on using this method to “not aggressively” prosecute ILLEGAL ALIENS.

        Now with the particulars out of the way, I previously agreed that the DA seemed to be using the Grand Jury as a mechanism to Cover his back side because he didn’t want to make the decision himself. In doing so he created an unusual process which I think “we the people” have a right to question. To a large degree, he created his own mess.

        Aside from the actual case, I think this has opened some people’s eyes to the “legal process” where we are usually excluded. That is a GOOD THING in my opinion.

        As one comment states, unless we see what is behind the closed doors we have no idea whether it is good or bad, whether it supports corruption or justice.

        The ONLY way I see Wilson being charged and tried is if there is evidence that he was in fact on his knees or he was standing still with armed raised in a surrender position, when Wilson approached and shot him in the head. That would constitute an execution, whether fed by passion of the moment or not. I make this statement not based on whether a trial would have been better, but on the results of prior police shootings that were taken to jury trial.

        One more thing, we touched on before. There is a bit of an incestuous relationship between DA’s and the police. In short, there is a built in conflict of interest when the DA has to prosecute a police officer for abusing their authorized use of force. I think we should pursue a “third party” investigative and prosecutorial group for complaints against the police. In fact the same should hold for complaints against all Govt employees or agencies.

        • Our views on this complaint are relatively in tune. My one major concern which warrants further review/action (and why I believe an ethics complaint should definitely be brought here) is, as you put it:

          “Which brings me to the one thing of all this that DOES seem to reach this level of an “ethics violation”. That being to knowingly allow a witness to lie and then NOT tell the jurists that the person was lying.”

          Not only is this an ethics violation, but quite possibly a crime in and of itself — subornation of perjury.

  38. http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/forbes-ranks-washington-dc-2-americas-most-gun-friendly-list

    The mistake in this article is it claims “most friendly”, which is utter BS. Having the most “registered” guns is far from friendly. Some people need to really read before making false statements, including Truthrevolt.

    • One must look at the source of info!!!!!! Wyoming is one seriously armed State.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I think it was posted here awhile ago when NY was going to put a red dot on each address of a registered gun owner for public view. Someone took it a step further and did Wyoming and the entire state showed RED.

        Great bumper sticker I saw the other day of a definition for “SWAT” Southern Women Armed and Trained

  39. 🙂

    • try that again


  40. These words certainly made me stop and think-and one thing I thought about was all the protests that are happening right now.

    ” “Is it really tolerable that she should be untouched by his misery, even his self-made misery?”

    The spirit responds, “That sounds very merciful: but see what lurks behind it.” He explains in a passage also included in the stage version:

    The demand of the loveless and the self-imprisoned that they should be allowed to blackmail the universe: that till they consent to be happy (on their own terms) no one else shall taste joy: that theirs should be the final power; that Hell should be able to veto Heaven.”

    The C.S. Lewis Spectator
    ‘The Great Divorce’ Between Heaven and Hell

    C. S. Lewis comes to the stage.

    By G. Tracy Mehan III – 1.5.15

    A few years ago good friends of ours introduced us to the New York-based Fellowship for Performing Arts (FPA), which performedC. S. Lewis’s classic The Screwtape Letters here in Washington. It was a great production, imaginatively staged, but now eclipsed by its recent, outstanding rendition of Lewis’s The Great Divorce.

    “Our challenge was to turn a complex theological fantasy into an accessible stage adaptation that entertains and provokes lively discussion,” said FPA founder and Artistic Director Max McLean.

    The Great Divorce is based on Lewis’s book of the same name published in 1946 which, as Lewis alludes to in his preface, is a response to William Blake’s Romantic, and revolutionary, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, composed between 1790 and 1793. This latter work attempted to reconcile heaven and hell in a manner, to put it charitably, that was highly unorthodox, conceiving of them as part of a cosmic unity, or something, in which good and evil are reconciled.

    The reader or theater-goer must suspend disbelief, of course, as the story opens with various “ghosts” on a bus from a fairly mild version of hell, one more of loneliness than hellfire (Catholics might perceive it as Purgatory), to another land, not quite Paradise, but a staging area for entry into heaven. These “ghosts” are rather pedestrian folks, mildly irritating and irascible. However, through a number of scenes of witty and, more often, dramatic and compelling dialogues with heavenly beings or “spirits,” and some soliloquies, these same people reveal deep and troubling problems, some petty, some sinful, which keep them from letting go of their egos and embracing the promised land of love and peace.

    Three actors play both the roles of Lewis’s narrator and almost a dozen characters who confront their own fears, obsessions, inordinate loves, and other reasons not to let go and enter eternal life.

    According to the Producer’s Note, “And as we go along for the ride, Lewis poses a most challenging question: Given the freedom to choose Heaven or Hell, what will we really do? Are the gates of Hell locked from the inside?”

    As Burke once said, our passions forge our fetters.

    Not all of the “ghosts” are unsympathetic. In one scene, the actress Christa Scott-Reed delivers a poignant performance as a mother forever grieving the loss of her beloved son, Michael, at the expense of her husband, children and God Himself. She refuses to see any meaning in her grief or any purpose in her suffering. “I hate your religion and I hate and despise your God. I believe in a God of Love.” (I am quoting from the book since the play seemed to emulate it almost exactly, at least as to dialogue.)

    In another famous scene, the actor Joel Rainwater portrays a man who is inordinately enthralled by a vile red lizard on his shoulder that is incessantly chattering in his ear. In the book the lizard is explicitly identified with lust but is allowed a broader significance in the play for almost any kind of obsession or addiction that might distort the human personality. A spirit, also played by Scott-Reed, offers to kill the thing for the ghost who vacillates back and forth. In fact, the creature cannot be killed without the ghost’s permission.

    When the spirit starts to destroy the lizard, the ghost cries in pain, “Why are you hurting me now?”

    “I never said it wouldn’t hurt you,” says the spirit. “I said it wouldn’t kill you.” The scene ends with a loud scream.

    C. S. Lewis’s book was quite short. Yet, the challenges of time and staging made it impossible to include every scene in the play. One of my favorites, admittedly very difficult to replicate on stage, is that in which Sarah Smith, a woman unknown in life but now one of the most revered saints in heaven, engages her husband, a ghost, who is represented by two connected figures — a Tragedian in a hat and a dwarf on a chain. Evidently, the husband resented Sarah in life. Yet, she loves him with a perfect love and seeks his entry into heaven. He resists. In the course of the three-way dialogue, the husband’s responses shift from the dwarf, who is shrinking into invisibility, and deferring to the voice of the Tragedian who is becoming more and more affected, petty, and protective of his supposedly injured feelings.

    At the end of the dialogue, Sarah does move on, still in bliss, prompting the narrator to ask a spirit, “Is it really tolerable that she should be untouched by his misery, even his self-made misery?”

    The spirit responds, “That sounds very merciful: but see what lurks behind it.” He explains in a passage also included in the stage version:

    The demand of the loveless and the self-imprisoned that they should be allowed to blackmail the universe: that till they consent to be happy (on their own terms) no one else shall taste joy: that theirs should be the final power; that Hell should be able to veto Heaven.

    Lewis is wading into very deep waters. This production is not for young children, so parents should not confuse this artistic creation with Narnia. But it was, and is, an excellent theatrical event that forces the audience to turn inward and consider their own priorities in this life and the next.

    The Great Divorce has closed in Washington but will appear in eleven other cities across the country. Moreover, FPA will be bringing a new production to the stage in the not too distant future, something like Martin Luther on Trial in which various historic personages, including a stand-in for Pope Francis, will engage Luther on a variety of issues. According to Max McLean, in response to a question in a post-production session, “maybe we will effect a Lutheran-Catholic reconciliation.”

    Why not?


    • This whole issue is based on conjecture and assumptions. Not one wit of factual evidence exists that supports the racism claims. If “black lives matter” maybe these signs would be better suited to the front of abortion clinics, where far more black lives end than by all the police forces in the North America combined. All lives matter, anything else is racist.

  41. For Dale Albrecht….On Jan 1, you posted something that I missed….about the amount of Federal Land that is in Texas…..what you did not see….is that even the Federal Defense lands…..Fort Hood in Central Texas and Fort Bliss at El Paso and various Air Force bases are NOT OWNED by the Feds. Those are leased lands as well as the Big Bend National Park and all wilderness areas, Even the so called Federal Buildings in Texas Cities are not owned by the Feds….they are leased. Obviously they are leased long term but in each lease there is a caveat that says that the Federal Government does not have the authority to change the purpose of the leased buildings or land….meaning….if they decide to close Fort Hood, the lease is null and void and returns to the State or jurisdiction therein.. They cannot use the land for any other purpose.

    In addition, the Defense Zone of the Southern border of Texas, you will find that even though the United States Government claims a 1,5 Km zone, Texas also has the right to introduce and patrol with its own forces and police, the Southern United States Defense Zone and those personnel only report to the Governor of Texas and the Adjutant General. That is why we have our own patrol boats on the border rivers and lakes, our own troops, and our own drones. We are the ONLY State that has that right….None of the Northern States with Canadian borders nor New Mexico, Arizona, and California have this authority.

    One other thing that is not reported…….Texas has also deputized every single land owner on the Mexico border as it pertains to illegal entry and trespass. They have the right to patrol…to defend, and to detain on their own private property. Detainees are now turned over to the State of Texas Law Enforcement and not to Homeland defense nor ICE.

    In addition, the State of Texas has, with its own resources, outfitted the ranchers and land owners the equipment necessary for such actions ( Night vision, sat radios, and GPS ). In effect, Texas has increased its enforcement by using deputies just as in the old West when a bank was robbed….civilians were used in posse….same procedure here…..and isn’t it interesting that you do not hear this on the news?

    Amnesty International and other groups used to trespass onto ranch land and hide water and food drops for illegals and drug dealers and such…….this is no longer the case. With the land owners deputized and armed with automatic weapons…..this does not happen any longer….This is why the illegal crossings that used to number around 10,000 monthly is down to less than 300 monthly and that is in the city areas….not the ranches….very few are crossing the ranch lands now or attempting to do so….with no water and food drops and deputies….it is easier to try to cross in the other States.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      That is interesting…..how little “fed” land shows on the and yet that is just rented. cool. The leaders of Texas sure knew what they were doing years ago, and now especially by staying as far away from the Fed’s pockets as possible by religiously maintaining a good fiscal policy. Keep leading the way and maybe others will follow the States example. Unfortunately I fear the migrants from places like California, NY as an example have the failed policies of their states embedded in their genes. VT and Maine are good examples of that. In the 30 years that I had been associated with those States, they went from very independent minded people and conservative and always helped a neighbor in need, went uber liberal by virtue of the migrants coming up from NY, CT and MA.

      Been wanting to come to TX and do a canoe trip down the Rio Grande/Bravo, any recommendations, there had been tons of federal warning about the dangers of such a trip, even through the Great Bend areas.

      • It is sorta safe to raft the Rio through the Big Bend area…..although it is rough and even though patrolled by the guard units..it can be scary. There used to be snipers from the Mexican side but I think we have just about eliminated that problem. Their purpose was to try to dissuade tourist traffic so the drugs could move more freely…..however, we have river boats and regular patrols now…..and that has stopped….so has the robberies and killing on the border lakes.

  42. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Here is a scientific thought placed on political theory. In science you do not keep repeating the same experiment over and over and expect different results. Waste of time and money.

    We keep asking ourselves why the liberals, progressives and dems keep repeating the same (VERBAL public explanations) of their policies over and over when the the results so obviously are failing as they say the intent was. I claim that the UNSEEN non verbalized intent is and has been a success. Creating a society of sheeple and mindless drones who can not think or be responsible for their own lives. The people in the old soviet block were so intimidated by the government and also so suspicious of their neighbor, nobody could get together and create an effective opposition……may I go on to say that the repubs are just a guilty by declaring war on the very people that are trying to create a clear distinction between the parties….the congressional elections of 2012 and 2014 were NOT a vote for the republicans to just pursue a policy that was slightly less in your face policy but the same as the progressives….but change course and get back on track to be the nation our founders intended.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    No hints on this one. Curious to see how many have the same reaction I did.



    • I think the numbers are low and do not reflect reality.

    • Allow me to expound upon Obamacare and the poverty level….

      Did you know, that an individual does not qualify for Obamacare unless they are at the poverty level or greater to be eligible for subsidies and/or care. HOWEVER, if you are not at the poverty level, you are directed to Medicaid…..HOWEVER, if you have $ 1,000 in either cash or assets or a combination of both, you do not qualify for Medicaid. So, if you are less than the poverty level but greater than $1,000…..you are not qualified for medical care unless you go to the emergency room.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I did not know that. Something is not adding up here. Medicaid is the “poverty” insurance. I thought the balance of assets to get Medicaid was $2000.00.

        I would expect most below “poverty level” to have little “cash” or “assets”. However, I also thought they were trying to get more people “above poverty” level into Medicaid with the State programs.

        I would do more homework except I already know the whole thing is a fraud and doomed to fail. So any detailed analysis is a waste of time. Govt. provided health insurance is IMMORAL. Govt provided health care is IMMORAL.

        Govt dictated purchase of or price for goods and services is IMMORAL.

        • JAC, the Liberal’s have approved of a major change in how government thinks and acts. With the ACA, the people stopped being governed and became being ruled. This is one the issues I have been discussing with the ACA supporters. The “be careful what you ask for” tactic. Now, as I put it, when a new non-liberal President and Congress become reality, they will also demand that the people do something that people may not approve of, except this time, Liberal’s may not like it. Tough shit Liberal’s, because YOU already laid the foundation to be ruled, rather than governed. They sure got what they asked for, and it’s only a matter of time when it bites them in the ass. They are possum stew, in simple terms.

      • Colonel – you’re a bit off on this. First, the resource limit you reference is $2,000. Second, and more importantly, this resource limit applies to Medicaid for nursing home level of care.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          The $2000 threshold also applies to our son’s SSI payments. I think they used the same for his qualifying for Medicaid, although the approval was largely due to his disability. But he still had to show no real assets available.

          • Yes, the $2,000 would apply there as well – in your sons situation I believe the Medicaid eligibility is automatic based on the SSI eligibility.

            The good Colonel is talking about Medicaid qualification for the poor (not disabled nor for nursing home care). In that situation, the ACA raised the income eligibility requirements. While there still is a resource component I believe it to be in the range of $10,000 and not the $2,000 figure, not to mention all those exempt assets.

            • Then there is something very wrong for I witnessed this first hand with a friend of mine. He has no job now but in the last three quarters he made too much money to qualify for subsidies….so, he officially has no income but because he made over the thresh hold in a given four quarters, he was turned down. He was referred to medicaid. We went to the Medicaid office and was asked to list all cash and assets. He had 800 bucks in the bank and a car and some furniture…total assets around 4,000…..he was told by Medicaid that he did not qualify because even though he has no current income, he has cash and assets in excess for qualification…..Texas does not have a state exchange available but there have been several Obamacare facilities that have sprung up for the illegals….we went to the Obamacare office and was told the same thing. Then we decided to go back to the Medicaid office and explain to them that the money in his bank account was a loan….and was told it did not matter where the money came from…it was still in his bank account that he had to show them.

              So, for the next three quarters, he applied for and received local county health care with the county hospital.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Where did you first go? Before being sent to Medicaid?

              • It really sucks when people who need and deserve help because they have come upon bad times can’t get it, yet so many get the fucking golden egg and live free on the backs of taxpayers. Was your friend white? (and yes, this may seem racist and I don’t care).

              • Given that there are state to state differences at play, but I know that a car and furniture are exempt assets and do not count as resources towards the $2,000 figure. I fear your friend may have gotten bad information. Have you contacted an attorney or advisor who specializes in this area?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Just did a quick review of the Idaho Medicaid requirements.

              Interesting there is no discussion of special circumstances per the ACA. Probably due to Idaho’s dragging on Medicaid expansion.

              So here the “financial” eligibility requirements are the same as the adults over 65 or disabled/blind. The resource limits are $2000 and apply to both Soc Sec, in this case SSI, and Medicaid. The income limit is around $10,000 per year, estimated. The chart shows “monthly income”.

              My son qualifies for SSI and Medicaid due to a “developmental disability waiver” to the Medicaid qualification criteria. Strange how the two programs form a loop with each using the other to qualify.

              In my son’s case Medicaid is a secondary insurance. OUR Insurance has to take the first hit, Medicaid pays what is left over.

              I wonder if he shows up as a new ACA enrollee since we had to file new paperwork and get new approval when we moved back to Idaho this year?

              • I wonder if he shows up as a new ACA enrollee since we had to file new paperwork and get new approval when we moved back to Idaho this year

                That’s a silly question, of course he will> I’m still trying to find out what happened to those 48 million without insurance talked about every day have benefitted. Based on the math, it might be 50 million uninsured now, but it won’t be spoken by the media cowards.

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    This kind of goes with a discussion I had with a police officer friend of mine. He said the new recruits over the past ten to fifteen years are “afraid of their shadows”. Why? Because they lack common sense and they fear any legal or political retribution if they screw up.

    This is revealed in the study showing “hesitation” due to “potential” harassment.


    • This makes sense. However, I think need to hesitate with all people a lot more. Unless they are under direct attack, they should be patient and use their training. Even a citizen who is carrying a side arm must be very careful. Responsible actions should be first and foremost in ones mind when the gun comes from the holster. This subject falls in line with my job in the USAF as an instructor of weapons safety and marksmanship. The single most important thing about using a gun is confidence! If one has confidence in one’s ability to fire accurately, one’s decision making is truer. Cops who are not confident are more likely to screw up, as the one who shot the guy in Wal Mart up near Cleveland. He grabbed a bb gun (looks like the so called assault weapon) off the shelf and was carrying around while talking on the phone. Someone called 911. Despite Ohio being an open carry State, and he was not breaking any laws (even with a real gun) he was shot dead.

  45. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    just saw posted as a headline the photograph of the ground breaking cermony of the 1st high speed rail in the US. Obviously California, and everyone was dressed like they were going to a funeral, with the rail section being the coffin.

    Click to access high_speed_rail_lessons.pdf

    this all goes along with the old adage about California being the worlds largest open air sanitarium.

    also reiterating a comment I made earlier today about repeating the same thing over and over and somehow expecting different results….Only 2 HSR systems are profitable and 1 breaks even……the rest are so heavily subsidized would make your head spin. All at the tax payers expense.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Want something else to make your head hurt. The “Progressives” have been pushing for urban centers based on “sustainable” growth principles, as outlined with Agenda 21 and other places.

      This agenda calls for “Centralized” and “diversified” urban areas in order to REDUCE the need for commuting. Now the same “Progressives” are promoting high speed rail in order to facilitate what?

      That’s right……….COMMUTING between southern Cal. and central Cal.

      Kind of like the same Marooons touting the benefits of Govt. built hydro dams while screaming about the declining Salmon runs, caused by the dams.

      I really would like to know what folks like Mathius and Buck think about these “contradictions”.

  46. @JAC, I have had the pleasure of chatting with some very nice folks on the Left of the political spectrum (as we have discussed). I have also ran into a few who simply can’t handle the facts and get quite nasty. They give up way to quick and go to the personal attacks. I tell them that I’m amused because when one reverts to personal attacks it’s because they got their pathetic Liberal asses kicked in a peaceful debate. I’m I being too rough on them?

    • Oh, I don’t use the F word or racial slurs either. I debate as you normally would, just the facts. (I miss Joe Friday, gonna have to find that show and watch a few episodes) 😀

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    Better answer:

    “Those who are unable to articulate a rational argument must resort to personal insults.”

    • Yes I agree and will now copy and paste. Something inside me just wants to say: Your just a dickhead.

      Your response is much nicer but quite longer, which may be tough for them (ROFLMAO) 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      There were some personal family friends, 58 years, who are extremely liberal. They have many contradictions that I will not divulge here, but the last time we met they were visiting my Mom just after my Fathers passing. Somehow the discussion got political and also about climate change. Big mistake. Now as a reference point my entire high school and college curriculum was science and environmental studies. My entire work career of over 40 years was based on science and facts. They never argued anything that was sustainable with facts and when countered with facts……their parting argument was are you all F!!!!! stupid. I though my Mother was going to kill them, but as the hostess she controlled herself…by the way they were at the time 83 year olds.

  48. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I know it is cruel to talk about the warm weather here in Coastal NC on SUFA…but all I send is words….what do you do, all you northern folks….you send 18 degree weather and possible snow tomorrow…keep weather north of the Mason Dixon line if you please.

    • Don’t start or I will counter with our shirtsleeve weather here in NorCal. Of course we will dry up and blow away in a couple of years because MoonBeam spent all the money on a fast train to nowhere instead of on water storage.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The fine “normal” weather will return in a day or two…..I can not believe JB or “moonbeam” actually said that they can not afford the system but I like to breath…..I wanted to take the HSR from London to Paris a few years back, just to say I took it and went through the Chunnel. There was no way with the cost. It was a lot cheaper to fly from Gatwick-Paris and take local transport into the City. It’s a luxury item, but what the heck, we’re not paying for it. Let the people who most likely will NOT use it pay. What’s the estimate pushing now $100B

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    Remember this when Boehner starts howling about Mr. Obama acting like a “King”.

    The clothes are falling away from the emperor daily now. Americans are increasingly exposed to the ugliness that is our “Governance”.

    Two major power plays this week that will destroy any chance of “getting along”.

    One, the White House spokesman who took cheap shots at the LA Congressman for giving a speech to the KKK group twelve years ago. Not only was it classless but it was a direct insult to Boehner and the Republican party. The same bunch Obama will need for any agenda he wants before he leaves.

    Two, Boehner’s “revenge” and those who sided with it, tear the band aid off the festering would within the elephant party. It may have just cost the R’s enough of their base that they will lost the White House and perhaps their majority in Congress in 2016.

    The next six months are going to be very interesting. Will the newbies rise to the challenge and stand upon their principles? Or will they sacrifice their honor on the alter of Potomac POWER? If the latter it may mark the end of the elephant party as a serious party for years to come.

    Unless it becomes the party of the Rhino and disaffected Democrats who feel betrayed by the Progressives who took over their party.

  50. Just A Citizen says:


    Some light reading for your thoughtful consideration.


    • Took a skim through the article – an interesting take.

      As we’ve discussed in the past, I’m very torn on the application to private businesses/citizens though lean more towards your and this author’s view. I value the argument that, as heinous as it may be, a private individual should be allowed to discriminate. That being said, I also see the rationale behind its application in this context – by opening one’s doors to the public…

  51. Buck and JAC……the first place that he went was the computer and the telephone. Since the deadline is here to have health insurance, he called the number provided by the website that covers Obamacare……he gave them the information over the phone and was told he did not qualify because he made too much money even though he was unemployed now. It is apparently based on quarters….he was referred to Medicaid….so he calls me and he goes to the medicaid office and is told he does not qualify because his list of assets is greater than the qualifications of the Medicaid…..So I met him there to see what is going on because I am interested in this…..I listened to the Medicaid people answer the question that they were reading directly from a pamphlet. He was referred back to the Obamacare exchange……ok, knowing that in Texas, there are no exchanges through the state, we went to one of the new little kiosks that are springing up everywhere…..especially in minority areas….Yes, Gman…both of us are CRACKERS….he was told that because of the quarterly earnings, he did not qualify….

    WE have not asked for help from attorneys as yet…..should not need it. And finding a pro bono attorney for this particular thing may prove futile…..we are not through with this yet…trying again today.

    • I feel bad for your friend and hope he get’s his issue resolved. Thanks for making the beginning of my day a good one LMAO when I read that 😀

      • I fear that your friend would be better off away from Medicaid though, at least where Federal funds are concerned. The govt reimbursements are going to go DOWN by an average of 43%. Which means “good luck finding a doctor if you have Medicaid”. http://www.naturalnews.com/048214_Obamacare_Medicaid_payments_health_care_rationing.html

        • @JAC, Just wiped out the argument for Medicaid expansion from a few days ago. When will Liberal’s get tired of the taste of crow? (not you Buck, your not anything like those I have been debating).

        • Well, that is becoming a real problem…..doctors are dropping Medicaid and Medicare like a hot potato. And even in the Veterans Administration, veterans that are older than 70 are beginning to be referred outside the VA to Medicare….in other words….dropped. Which means that what was once a benefit is no longer because under Medicare, it must be paid for by the recipient.

          And remember the death panels that are not there? Well…………my dad, at 95, with stage four prostate cancer and on Medicare A/B and part D and supplemental is now being denied specific medicines under part D because of stage four even though the medicine is ordered by his personal doctor. Well, not being denied the medicine but it is not paid for under Part D. It does me no good to really bring this up because most people that believe in universal health care refuse to believe that there are panels out there specifically denying care and coverage due to age and illness.

          • Have a good friend in the same boat. 54, this is her 4th go ’round with ovarian cancer. Suddenly Medicaid won’t cover her specific chemo and they’ve switched her doctor from one specializing in ovarian to just some random cancer doc. Sad, sad, sad.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              What was that was always written about in the Navajo Reservation about the “hospital” or “health clinics”…….You go there to die…..it’s a sad statement but they’ve been subjected to government healthcare a lot longer than the rest of us.

  52. Where’s BF? I want to know what we did to those terrorists to make them attack Paris? 😮

    • BF is out there…..don;t think he is not. As to Paris, it is to be expected from those people…..look at what happened with the hack attack on Sony….when you capitulate, expect the worse.

      My question to you is…..why are you surprised?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      They drew satirical cartoons of the prophet. Talk about thin skinned. So it was the papers fault if you get my sarcastic drift. Just ask Theo Van Gogh his throughts when he was gunned down on the streets of Amsterdam after doing a film with Hirsi Ali about violence to women in the islamic world.

  53. Leaving to wage war with the health care people…….talk to ya’ll later.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning Sir.

      I am in agreement with Buck. I think the people you visited don’t know what they are talking about. Or someone snuck in some “requirements” beyond those in law.

      I checked out the Texas site last night where you fill in data to see if you should apply for Medicaid. Under assets is clearly states, “cash” and “cash in savings or checking accounts”.

      I happen to know that real estate also counts. But in my experience they do not count personal property such as clothing, furniture, fixtures or even a “car”.

      I can also report that when doing our annual audit of Lil JAC’s SSI the only asset balance that is reviewed are “bank accounts” in his name. They have told me the threshold is for “liquid” assets that are not needed for daily living and could be used to support him financially. Thus the focus on Cash or cash “equivalents”.

      Anyhow, let us know how it turns out.

      • JAC — to add to your point: “I happen to know that real estate also counts.” That depends. Your primary residence does NOT count if you continue to live there (this becomes an issue with someone looking for nursing home level care – then the house typically becomes a countable resource).

        Note further that many states place a cap on the value of the home (or the individual’s interest in the home) for it to be exempt.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          d13 and Buck

          Here is a link to the description of SSI requirements. Medicaid qualification is usually linked to the same requirements. But I do not know if the ACA changed these for “low income” folks who are not disabled.


          Buck, you are correct on the “home”. I forgot to mention this. Some real and personal assets can be counted, however. Depends on whether needed for dialing living or could be converted to cash to cover expenses. Thus a car is NOT COUNTED under SSI as a resource, if that car is used to get around.

      • JAC…you are correct in what the site says….I understand that…you go there and fill it out…but I am telling you that the reality of things arenot the same as printed and never have been.

        Here is what I found out today. The individual that I talked to says that his definition of liquid assets is anything that can be turned immediately into cash…..stocks/bonds/IRA’s,/ deferred annuities…….any duplicated hard asset….a second car, a second home, ( Primary residence and primary transportation is exempt ) HOWEVER, you are still required to list everything…..and provide banking information, including savings accounts.

        Now, my friend did have a savings account that I was not aware….it has $ 30,000 and change in it…..he is unemployed and receiving no unemployment revenue. So, the rules, as explained to me is that he is not qualified for medicaid because of his savings account. So he must go to the Obamacare exchange. The Obamacare exchange said that he is NOT eligible for subsidies because he has this savings account regardless of whether or not he has no income. Before he can qualify for subsidies, he must use his savings account to get down to the poverty level in order to qualify for subsidies….he was quoted a rate of 550 per month based on his level of cash AND a deductible of $ 7,250. He has no income and so he must deplete his savings account in order to qualify for subsidies. The advice from the Obamacare representative was to take his money, buy a new car and reapply.

        • Well you didn’t tell us about the $30,000 account….of course he didn’t qualify! 🙂

          In all seriousness, that sounds right to me — the only way to qualify for Medicaid would be to spend down the $30,000 or convert it to a non-countable resource.

          Now…subsidies under Obamacare…I don’t know the eligibility requirements….

        • Just A Citizen says:


          OK, looks like your latest info. is more in line with what Buck and I have experienced.

          Yes, the savings account would count as “resources”. Sounds like they are using the same threshold for Medicaid alone as for SSI with Medicaid.

          Now for the ACA “subsidy”. Doesn’t the income have to be at or above the “poverty level”, up to the maximum (100 to 400%??)??? Meaning that if he has ZERO income he cannot get the subsidy. Did they confirm this???

          Did you find out what the “subsidy” and policy would be if he had NO cash in the bank??

          I see the black hole here………….. You cannot have savings over $2000, but you get a policy with greater than a $2000 deductible.

          • You guys do remember that this was never supposed to actually work, right! It was just supposed to screw up the system and hurt the people to the point that they will be screaming for government supplied healthcare.

            But just to lessen my confusion-just how is it anyone qualifies for either medicaid or the subsidy? Because from what I’m reading here, it doesn’t seem like anyone would. But they must-people are getting the coverage but then again-that may not be true either once these audits are finished.

          • JAC – correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this ‘black hole’ part of the reason for expanding Medicaid? Though now as my brain is starting to work — didn’t Texas NOT adopt the expansion? Which perhaps is the reason why Texas has the $2,000 resource threshold and not the higher number I’ve seen elsewhere for Medicaid?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              BINGO my lawyer friend. Although this was not an existing black hole, but one created by the ACA. I will explain in a minute why I think this was deliberate.

              The ACA “allows” States to expand Medicaid to cover regular folks under the age of 65 who make less than 133% of Poverty Level. Because Texas did not exercise this new “exemption” they must meet the old Medicaid requirements. Although this also includes “exemptions” under their existing Medicaid agreements with the Feds.

              Remember, the Feds establish the “minimum” coverage and the States are allowed, by agreement with the Feds, to create “HIGHER” minimums. In short, cover MORE people. Thus the “developmentally disabled” are covered by an “exemption” to the normal rules.

              Now lets think back to the recent controversial statements of the fella who helped put this together. By using a Medicaid “exemption” to increase coverage to “poor people” they were able to “HIDE” the full expense to the Fed. treasury. Because Medicaid funding is a dual Fed/State responsibility. The Fed guarantees to pick up the new “higher” expense was only temporary. Good reason some States have not jumped on board. This was one reason the CBO rating showed the ACA in the red in the early years and in the black in later years. It assumed the States would start kicking in their full share of the expanded Medicaid. I will admit here to some assumptions in that analysis as I did not read it completely. But I would bet the farm this is part of the assumptions.

              The Colonel’s friend is probably the reason some Republican legislatures are reconsidering the Medicaid expansion. They now see that the ACA created this Black Hole which can only be filled by the State accepting the Medicaid expansion. Of course they can do this now and get great praise. The poor suckers who follow them will have to deal with the budget short fall. OR as I expect, pressure will be created at the national level for Congress to fund the program FULLY.

              UNLESS, the States want to handle the hold via their own programs, independent of the Feds.

              Here is the executive summary from the ACA rule dealing with the new Medicaid category:

              I. Executive Summary

              The legal authority for this final rule comes from the Patient
              Protection and Affordable Care Act (Pub. L. 111-148, enacted on March
              23, 2010), as amended by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation
              Act of 2010 (Pub. L. 111-152, enacted on March 30, 2010), and together
              referred to as the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Affordable Care Act).
              This final rule implements several provisions of the Affordable
              Care Act related to Medicaid eligibility, enrollment and coordination
              with the Affordable Insurance Exchanges (Exchanges), the Children’s
              Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and other insurance affordability
              programs. It also simplifies the current eligibility rules and systems
              in the Medicaid and CHIP programs. This final rule: (1) Reflects the
              statutory minimum Medicaid income eligibility level of 133 percent of
              the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) across the country for most non-
              disabled adults under age 65; (2) eliminates obsolete eligibility
              categories and collapses other categories into four primary groups:
              children, pregnant women, parents, and the new adult group; (3)
              modernizes eligibility verification rules to rely primarily on
              electronic data sources; (4) codifies the streamlining of income-based
              rules and systems for processing Medicaid and CHIP applications and
              renewals for most individuals; and (5) ensures coordination across
              Medicaid, CHIP, and the Exchanges.

              Now interestingly, I could not find any reference to a “resource” maximum under the new Medicaid eligibility category, <65 with income <133% of PL. I do not know if this old limit applies to the new category in States which accepted the new "exemption".

              However, since Texas opted out the old "resource" limits of SSI and Medicaid would apply. Thus the $2000 limit.

              Now what I do not know and have not found is where the "resource" limits came from to get the ACA "tax credit" subsidy. I noticed that these "credits" in Idaho were included in their "Medicaid" program site. So maybe they are actually authorized under Medicaid, thus causing those limits to apply to the ACA as well.

              Nee more research on this part.

              • Now interestingly, I could not find any reference to a “resource” maximum under the new Medicaid eligibility category, <65 with income <133% of PL. I do not know if this old limit applies to the new category in States which accepted the new "exemption".

                — From my brief digging around, I saw some mention of a resource limit of around $10,000. However, then I came across this blurb:

                "Response: Section 1902(e)(14)(C) of the Act, as added by section 2002 of the Affordable Care Act, expressly prohibits consideration of assets in determining eligibility for individuals whose financial eligibility is based on MAGI methods. We do not have the flexibility to issue regulations to the contrary and are finalizing the regulation at § 435.603(g) as proposed."

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I almost forgot the most important thing:

          Goes to show you how fracked up the Govt is, doesn’t it?

          You must eliminate the safety net you build on your own, in order to become completely dependent upon the Govt net……….daily. Yet the Gov.t net will not cover your daily living or all emergencies. Not unless you can qualify for EVERY DAMN WELFARE program out there.

          Nothing like driving our citizens onto the welfare train.

          Now let me provide one exception, although still inadequate. Those on SSI have there “SSI checks” reduced if they start working to support themselves. But to encourage self reliance the SSI payment is not reduced dollar for dollar. Part of the new income is excluded until the “adjusted amount” reaches the SSI payment. Then that is reduced dollar for dollar on the “adjusted earnings”. This provides an incentive for SSI recipients to work if they can because they can earn “more” than SSI will provide.

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