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President Obama has stated the Paris attackers do not represent Islam.  It seems half the media want the story to be about the backlash and/or racism against Muslims.  I ask, who gets to name their belief?  ISIS/ISIL state they act on behalf of the Prophet.   Boko Haram just slaughtered some 2,000 and claim their belief in Islam as justification.  The French seem to accept the attackers were Islamic.  But a kinder, wiser, more interested in football President of the United States thinks they are all wrong.(1)

Police just arrested a man threatening to kill John Boehner.  The man was a bartender with a history of mental illness.  He also claims to be Jesus Christ.  Does that make him a Christian?  Do I have to accept that label?  I think not.  What Christian organizations are calling for anyone’s death?  There is a difference in what a lone madman does compared to the acts of large, worldwide organizations.   If Al Qaeda claims the Paris terrorists and they claim to have struck for Al Queada, who gets to redefine them?

As a side note, it seems pictures of the Prophet are allowed. (2)  Insulting the Prophet would be another matter, but Christians have also endured equal insults without responding with violence.  As for Obama & his opinion, when has he been right about anything?   And yet he speaks for America….



  1. Obama is simply a Muslim sympathizer and his many comments support that. I’ll call a spade a spade, these people are Islamic, period. To claim otherwise is idiocy. If Obama wants to distort or not state the truth, then he is being dishonest (again) with the American people and the world.

    • This is not a shocker.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      If you read the story you will realize the headlines are a fabrication to make people click on the story. And of course it drives dozens of “comments” by people who have made up their mind and use the headline as “confirmation bias”, not realizing the story doesn’t support the claim.

      • I didn’t get past all the idiotic pop up adds, so I gave up.. However, it wouldn’t shock me if Soros flipped a few bucks their way to help their cause. Not sure what number is being claimed.

    • Boko Harem needs to be removed from the face of the planet, if necessary with a small tactical nuke.

      • They still have captives, so I pull back my call to turn them to dust. I would support strong military action, if their hostages can be saved first. If they are saved first, pull back, then nuke the barbarians . 😀

      • Yes but, is it our problem?

        Boko Haram is believed to control approximately 20,000 square miles of territory across two states in northeastern Nigeria. In Borno, where the group was created, Boko Haram holds 14 of the 27 local government areas including all the border crossings into Niger, Chad and Cameroon. The insurgents have declared they were recreating an ancient Islamic caliphate that included parts of Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

        Amnesty International estimates that the group killed 4,000 people in 2014.

        Analysts say Boko Haram fighters numbered no more than 4,000 or 5,000 about 18 months ago when they began abducting hundreds of mainly young females and males. The group also has been recruiting fighters for pay in neighboring countries.

        Nigeria’s military budget amounts to between $5 billion and $6 billion a year, yet soldiers are reportedly being sent into battle with just 30 bullets, former U.S. Ambassador John Campbell to Nigeria told The Associated Press. Several generals last year were found guilty by a court-martial of delivering arms and information to Boko Haram. Soldiers say they are demoralized because Boko Haram outnumbers and outguns them where they’re deployed in hostile territory without even food rations and because officers steal part of their salaries. Some of the troops who are supposed to be rotated every six months have been in the war zone for more than two years.

        • That was my human response, My American response is NO, it is not our problem.

        • Lots of people would argue it’s not our problem-hard to decide when we should get involved-but I see ISIS and Boko Haram about the same way I look at the Nazi’s from the past – look at how much evil was allowed to happen before anyone stepped in and stopped it-but in the end they had to stop it anyway. Maybe if we stopped these things before they got out of hand and before so many died, our getting involved wouldn’t be such a hard decision-because there is no one who could not see clearly from the very beginning that these acts were simply evil and they are not gonna stop unless someone who can stops them.

          • I like Col. Peters suggestion.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The recent past of Sebia, Bosnia, Croatia etc should also be a vivid reminder. The UN and European peacekeepers stod aside while people were slaughtered and that was Europes issue. It took Clinton finally to say enough is enough and sent US forces to take out the aggressors.

            • Unfortunately, I commanded an armored brigade during this time period. I also had to pass along “no interference” orders as we watched an entire village of 4,000 systematically wiped out. Every man, woman, and child were bull dozed into a 1/4 mile long, 10 foot deep trench….covered with lime….and dirt pushed over them.

              We were the peacekeepers under UN command.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I deeply feel for the pain you had to experience. Being “peacekeepers” and being ordered to stand aside while genocide is conducted. I listened to an interview of the commander of the UN forces in Rwanda, after the massacres. He literally was in tears and explained that Kofi Annan ordered them to step aside. Why anyone pays the least amount of attention to the UN is totally beyond me. In my opinion, sending in peacekeepers and issuing orders for them to step aside and not interfere with the murder going on is more immoral than staying out of the mess to begin with.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            You once again display your wisdom, whether you know it or not.

            The entire debate over US foreign policy is linked to WWI and then WWII. Especially Hitler’s legacy and how it has been used in the USA.

            We have argued moral and ethical principles long enough to easily see why it is NOT OUR BUSINESS.

            But then the Specter of Hitler causes us to gasp……….”but if we stopped them now we might be saving millions in the long run”.

            Of course, we have no way of knowing if this is true, false or only partially true. And once we allow the emotion of the “Hitler phenomenon” to take hold, we sacrifice our principles of non aggression.

            I submit that if it were not for Hitler and the Nazis the USA would not be embroiled in wars around the world. The citizens would not stand for it and the elite would not have the propaganda tool needed to get their approval.

            • Actually blame our friends the Japanese. You do have a point though, they pushed us into the war against Hitler. Had we not been attacked, I wonder if we would even give a damn about the slaughter the japanese were responsible for. Same with Stalin and the Commies. It’s Hitler, first, last and always though the other two would give him a serious run for the money.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I think we would not have given two cents. One only has to read FDR’s thoughts on the subject of Europe to believe this true. The Japanese did not push us, FDR and his minions were trying to pull us in already. Would have been interesting if Germany had not signed an alliance treaty with Japan. What justification would we have had to declare on Germany after Pearl Harbor. But alas, that is for the “alternative history” folks to debate.

                Our “GUILT” about what happened to the Jews at the hands of the Nazis is still driving the bus. If not for Hitler there would probably be no Israel, and if there were we would not be so “understanding” of their transgressions or so quick to equate any criticism of them with “anti-Semitism”.

                Without Hitler, Mussolini may not have taken the “racist” turn he did and remained just another Fascist Progressive in the mold of his pen pal, FDR.

                Ant-Semitism is growing again in Europe. Wonder why nobody asks “why” is this growing again?

              • This is a fascinating subject. The Commies in the US were fanatically opposed to the US helping England until after June of 1941. Then suddenly they could not wait for us to get in. I have never been a fan of Japan. I have no idea what was going on in their heads regarding Pearl Harbor. What did they really think our response would have been? So, they hit us and at the same time hit Britain. Another brilliant move.

                While we may have huge guilt feelings post war over the fate of the 6 million Jews, we certainly did not give a crap about them at the time or over the fate of 10 million or so Chinese nor the housecleaning of Ukrainians and others in the USSR nor do we seem to care today. I believe part of the problem is that we are so damned Eurocentric. Both China and Russia for that matter fall into the “oriental”category and unless you came from there, you are less likely to even think about it. Same today with Africa. Nobody really cares. Boko whatever wiped out several thousand last week alone. What does the West march about? 12 dead Frenchmen who made their livings by publishing scatological humor and “satire” about others. Go figure.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Your a history buff as I recall. I am reading a book you should pick up, if you haven’t already.

                “The Long Shadow” by David Reynolds.

                I found out about it reading another article on how historians tend to follow the same mold, but Reynolds is pushing the paradigm created by those accepting the “company line”, if you will.

                The book’s premise is that WWI is the white swan that is connected to everything after that. Foremost was America’s view of “intervening” in the affairs of others and participating on the world stage.

                While WW II is connected to WW I, I think it fair to say that our national reaction to Hitler’s Holocaust and the “human cost” of WWII is a much larger driver of our modern thinking.

                My son explained to me while in college his political science professor claimed that “as a world superpower, we have an obligation to act to preserve the peace”. This is right out of the Progressive mantra following WWII.

              • Teaching “citizenship in the World” to my scouts this year. Will try to impart to them that just about everything we are now facing in the world was brought about by the 1st World War.

                The perfidious Brits, God bless them, managed to promise the Zionists a Jewish State at the same time they were promising the Arabs self government throughout the region. Along comes Versailles all bets are off, the French scramble for their piece of the pie, they and the Brits decide to create “nations” through the use of a ruler, and map. Yikes!

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                In my opinion, Hitler is in 3rd place behind Stalin and Japan in cases of just plain murder.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I forgot Mao…that drops Hitler to 4th place

              • Unfortunately, Stalin and Mao were progressives, the Japs were not white and consequently can be considered “oppressed minority”. None of them can therefore be counted. Besides, Hitler, at some point in his early life had a link to the Catholic Church which the Catholic haters never seem to forget.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I believe that just about sums it up quite succinctly.

  2. Okay Catholics-what’s up 🙂 even the Pope is making silly examples to support limiting free speech. If someone insults his mother he would probably punch them in the nose-so we should stop criticism of religion. But per his example should we stop criticism of everyone’s mother too.

    • Your guess is as good as mine.

      I had not realized he was a Jesuit. That explains a lot. As my High School Religion Teacher (a Christian Brother, F.S.C.). used to say, “There has to be something wrong with a religious order that the Pope has to threaten to excommunicate en masse twice every century”. The Christian Brothers and the Jesuits were not particularly close back then.

      There are a couple of other things. It is amazing to me that the Pope is only separated by one other Pope from the John Paul II guy who with Thatcher and Reagan brought down Communism. Since the 19th Century, the Church has repeatedly stressed that Communism was both the greatest threat to human freedom that ever existed and the greatest threat to religion. This Pope, elected a few years back must have slept through the period 1917 to 1990. This fellow seems to suggest that thee might be something good there. The other thing is the conundrum of despising the Mohammedan (I think I will call them that from now on, might drive ’em a little nuts) reaction to the Charlie magazine while being highly angry over anti-Catholic humor and art such as the infamous “Piss Christ” and Virgin Mary painting covered in excrement. So, maybe there is a convoluted point there. Be nice if folks of all faiths just had the courage to speak up and ostracize the haters instead of encouraging (or ignoring) hurtful alleged satire.

  3. Yemen is basically a failed state, as is Nigeria, Libya, Syria, Iraq… there is a long list. But by the example set by the US under George Bush, should France declare war on Yemen? Or if a Yemen government co-operates with the French to destroy Al Qaeda there, should the French wage such a battle?

  4. Lots of people getting all mad at Rupert Murdock for saying Muslims should denounce terrorism-But if these Islamic terrorists are just heretics that are going against the religion especially in Countries that are ruled and guided by religious authorities -why isn’t it their problem to denounce and correct?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I you look closely you will see the criticism of Murdock to be petty and bordering on infantile.

      They immediately expanded his words beyond the context to create a chance to ridicule him. “Muslim have a responsibility” was spread far and wide to mean “ALL” Muslims, and then to ask how the old lady down the street is responsible for ISIS.

      The knee jerk reactions are really about the left’s hatred of Murdock for creating Fox News, and of course being filthy rich. You don’t see them saying the same things about Bill Mahr, who is saying the same thing as Murdock.

      Your point is obviously the one Murdock was getting at. There may be Muslims around the world but the fact remains that the area which is the source of these wingnuts is also the “center of Islam” itself. At least to millions who follow the hard core traditionalists.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Per our discussion yesterday, you noted you are not Catholic. I thought some time back you said you were at one time. So what church if any do you belong to??

      • Never been Catholic-I belong to a Baptist Church-but as my Minister says-seriously doubt any denomination has everything right-but the Baptist come the closest in my opinion. 🙂

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Oh the irony………. attended the Baptist Church myself when very young. Mom later took us out of that church because the Minister was showing up on Sunday a little “toasted”. We then attended the “Nazarene Church”.

          But of course in those days these were the only two churches within 30 miles of our house.

          Thanks for the further clarification on “love” and “suffering”. I understand your point and can see how it might apply under certain circumstances. Much like a parent letting a child “suffer” a little in order to learn a lesson needed to “win” at life.

          As for the meaning of love, it is an emotion driven by many factors. These include chemicals and psychological factors both learned and built in. Humans express it in almost as many ways as there are humans.

          While I understand your comment about letting someone learn by suffering is the result of love, to me it is not just about love. Although love for someone does cause me to “care” enough to think about what is the best solution.

          Based on my thinking, I might let them suffer, suffer a little, or not suffer at all. For example, my son was quite good at learning from verbal lessons. So with him I could save him, point out where he was headed and he would correct. My daughter required learning the “hard way”. But I would usually pull her back before she fell into the fire completely.

          • Wow……..for JAC and VH……………………………do each of you understand that you just did something very Muslim? You actually confess that you “belong” to a church? BELONG?

            I know it is just a play on words…..but I would rather think that you attend one of those and belong to your individual self…..


            • Yabut, you know what really sucks? When the cops came to my door with a warrant over my son, they advised that it’s not good to ‘belong’ to any group. He and his friends just made a group from thin air, called Street Kings, with a crown for a logo. Maybe 6-8 of them all skate boarders or scooter ers…took pics and videos of new tricks they learned and posted them to a facebook page. Cops said no, no, no…not good..could be construed as a front for nefarious things or however they put it. So…can’t ‘belong’ to anything anymore!

  5. Isn’t it odd that our president feels it is his job to determine what is and isn’t the correct belief of any religion? Where is the Freedom from Religion crowd? They should be crowing everytime he tries to define and deny what Islam is about.

  6. Update, I suppose, but obviously nothing of substance has changed, certainly wouldn’t call it a smackdown-although I do not see why one needs a religious exemption to home school their children in the first place-what-no secular parents want to homeschool. Course once you allow something based on an exemption-that exemption can be taken away.

    SMACKED DOWN! School District Tries, Fails To Force Homeschoolers To Justify Religious Beliefs
    8:45 AM 01/15/2015
    Photo of Eric Owens
    Eric Owens
    Education Editor

    School district officials in a generally rural central Virginia county have decided not to try to force homeschooling parents and children to justify their religious beliefs to the satisfaction of the government.

    The taxpayer-funded school board for the Goochland County Public Schools voted on Tuesday night to reverse course — at least partially — on a policy that had required children ages 14 and older to furnish local school bureaucrats with a statement concerning their religious beliefs.

    The repeal came after hundreds of angry parents showed up at a school board meeting to show and voice their concerns, area CBS affiliate WTVR reports.

    That’s the good news for homeschooling advocates. The bad news is that the school board will continue to reserve the right to require parents who homeschool their own children to submit to a hearing. At the hearing, government bureaucrats will judge whether children and parents are sufficiently serious about their religious beliefs.

    Local parents — and voters — upbraided the school board members on Tuesday.

    “To demand a child at 14 to attest to their religious beliefs, while they are still in training and have not come to firm religious beliefs, is unfair to the child and certainly usurps the parents authority,” said one irate parent, according to WDBJ, another area CBS affiliate.

    The school board had defended the policy before Tuesday night’s school board meeting. An attorney for the school board swore to school board chairman Michael Payne that the policy “legally sound,” notes WTVR.

    Payne complained that existing Virginia law on homeschooling is not clear enough as well.

    The Home School Legal Defense Association has called the Goochland policy illegal.

    “The Virginia religious exemption statute gives families a right to an exemption from school attendance based on the religious training the parents are providing the child — regardless of what the child believes,” the HSLDA argued in a missive to its membership, according to

    “The Goochland policy violates this right.”

    The school board will vote once again on the same policy at its next meeting for some reason. Members have informed parents that they again plan to vote against requiring a statement of faith (but in favor of the option of a faith hearing).

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, we had to suffer the ACA because there were 15 million uninsured, then 40 then 50 million by the time the bill was passed.

    Now we see this published in an article claiming the ACA is “working”. The “drop” in the quote is the reduction in people “claiming” that they are having trouble paying their medical bills. Real hard data that one……….. snark, snark.

    “Commonwealth attributed the drop partly to expanded access to affordable health insurance made possible by Obamacare. The survey found that the number of uninsured Americans dropped to 29 million people last year, or 16 percent of the population, from 37 million, or 20 percent, in 2010. ”

    Which means that the number of “uninsured” dropped by 13 million people between enactment and the time the insurance program actually kicked in. OR……all the numbers were BS from the start.

    • If you read this article-there is a part in it that talks about the ACA-and how difficult it made this woman’s experience. Course you have to go through her oh pitiful me rant and how black woman are more stigmatized than white woman-seems those who like to use facts and statistics to try and prove discrimination against blacks have a problem with facts and statistics when it points out a simple truth about abortion.

      Read another article the other day-blamed Obama’s contraception mandate for closing down some planned parenthood clinics-said they lost patients because they didn’t need to come to planned parenthood to get them. Only good thing I’m seen come from Obamacare. 🙂

    • I believe the number was 48 million uninsured. With the amount of people giving up on the job search and being ignored by the unemployment numbers, there is much to be asked of some of the BS being spewed by the Left. (Maybe their using that government report you used about labor force participation, LOL). Maybe somehow, the number of retirees minus the number of unemployed plus the number of people afraid of the ACA mandate multiplied by 5537 and wallah, there is were they came to their conclusions. Or, it’s just more Left Wing bullshit. LMAO 🙂

      JAC do you have a link?

      • Did a little checking on the Medicare numbers from 2002 to 2012 (numbers that I found quickly). From 08 to 12 it’s 4.6 million new users. From 2002 to 2012 it was just over 8 million. It was about 1.6 million more from 2011 to 2012. I don’t know much about Medicare, but do know that both parents were auto enrolled at age 62. Maybe there can be some clarification on how this works.

        But based on the numbers in your post on the insured, that isn’t even close to what has been going on in this country, and I doubt that actual numbers even come close. I have asked the hard core ACA lovers about those 48 million uninsured, while reminding them that 6 million lost there insurance due to the ACA and a whole 7 million signed up thru the ACA. I got SILENCE! Someone got some splainin to do , LOL 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Took all of 15 seconds to find a reference……….right when the ACA was being pushed through.

        • There it is. I was remembering all the 2008 hoopla leading to election. I must have heard 48 million some 10K times that year. I wonder how much of this is overblown hyperbole?

        • JAC, at the top of the chart in ling to BLS I posted, it goes back to 1948. It’s amazing how women entering the job market made such a difference. But what’s interesting is that graph also correlates to the job market and what was available. Notice how the loss of manufacturing plants began around 2001 correlates to the numbers lowering, leveled off in 2004 and then tanked again beginning in 2009, and still dropping. Understanding what an employed person is considered (1 hour a week is considered employed in that scale), it’s seems that it’s quite likely we have far more than 50K uninsured today. When adding the number of people taken out of full time, the added part time jobs, the number may be as high as 70 million now. I also believe the Great recession cost this country millions of good jobs. OR, companies just aren’t hiring because of the ACA and the unsecure economy. I also think the 5% growth in GDP (3rd or 4th qtr) is utter BS. The holiday shopping numbers weren’t just below projections, it was lower than last year, as I have been hearing. I guess all of that will depend on what side of the Isle is being heard (which really pisses me off). Why can’t people just tell the truth? Is it that hard?

  8. Just A Citizen says:
  9. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day.

    The Progressive ethic when it comes to politics is the modern manifestation of Darwin’s survival of the fittest. Problem is we replaced physical and mental fitness with “political fitness”.

    They are simply winning the “might makes right” game because they are better at the political game than we Neanderthals who depend on our own abilities to provide for our families.

    So the next time your leftwing friend goes all “We are the empathetic and caring ones” just point out that their success confirms the Theory of Social Darwinism. Without their appropriation of Govt. Force they would not be able to get the things they want.

    • Islamic extremist want people to obey their law, Sharia. To accomplish this, they use threat of force, force and fear. The Us government want it’s citizens to obey their law, and enforce it through threat of force, force and fear.

      Maybe that should be your next “thought of the day” 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I think it is a good idea, although nobody has explained where the cans are stored. Some schools don’t allow backpacks in hallways, due to fear of concealed weapons.

      But the idea that people react aggressively towards a threat is a good thing, as opposed to hiding under tables to be picked off, one by one.

      However, they need tons of practice and they need to know that some of them will probably die. But they are acting to save their mates, and maybe themselves.

      • It would probably work here…Texas has armed its teachers….someone dodging cans of food would give a teacher that extra second or two….I like the idea also.

      • Great ideal until a student gets pissed off and uses the school supplied and mandated “weapons” to attack a teacher or other student. But beats the ‘ell our of “shelter in place”. or the “fish in a barrel defense strategy”.

    • I’m loving the comments that this is a bad idea which would inevitably devolve into a student throwing a can at another student or teacher.

      Yet no worries about a student pulling a gun on another student!?

      • Of course it will degrade….but I still think that it is cool although I agree it will likely cause other problems….depending on where you live. ….But, I do not like the fish in the barrel strategy….got to do something.

        But, it would not be necessary of teachers were armed as well as all staff in schools.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Sir…what’s with the camels down there in Texas? The article stated that camels are mostly gentle creatures and they have no idea what got into the one that stomped on its caretaker. From my experience, I never met a camel that didn’t have a BAD attitude.

          It seems like everyday there is some article denegrating Texas in some way or another.

          • Yeah, saw that…..but what I heard was that something startled the camel and it bolted….

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              In the book “Caravans” by James Michener he describes a sequence a camel drover took when wanting to load the packs on the camel. The camel while trying to bite and cause grevious bodily harm to him, he’d run and start stripping off his clothes. The camel would stomp the crap out of the clothes. The camel would then get over its rage and let him load it up.

      • Buck,

        Schools are gun free, so no student can possibly have a gun. OK, reality it is likely to be a lone wolf or two, which is very bad. But very few guns while every kid has a can or two? I think it’s bad only in predicting the school getting sued for providing the cans that a student may misuse to attack another student. It’s better than nothing, but allowing armed faculty is the only realistic answer I see…. If you won’t pay for a large, roving, armed security force, then every school is wide open to an attack. A hidden, undercover security force (unpaid) is the next best thing and tons cheaper.

    • Let’s just let the teachers and employees who want to be armed, be armed. Proper training and signs outside that indicate that school employees are armed (the sign alone will deter most nut cases, they are cowards and will pick a soft target). Let’s not pretend that anyone but trained adults should be dealing with anyone who may be mentally ill and trying to cause as much death as possible, or a student with a issue with another student. Veggy cans sign cute, but armed adults are effective.

      • And what would be the liability WHEN (not if), a kid gets to a gun and someone is killed?

        Note, it doesn’t have to be a kid, could just be an accident by the teacher/staff…

        • What is the liability when no one is armed and a nut walks in with several weapons and a shitload of ammo?

        • Accidents are greatly reduced with proper training and storage measures. A male carrying a sidearm concealed would likely not even be noticed. However, if he is noticed, then a kid with a can of carrots could possibly knock him out and take his gun. So, NO CANS of veggies.

          • If I’m a teacher trying to shoot an armed subject, I don’t need a stray can of pasta sauce deflecting the proper trajectory of the bullet.

          • Right G, it’s the can of veggies in this scenario that poses the real danger…

            Is there ever a scenario where a ‘good guy with a gun’ is not the answer?

            • Yes, there is a time where a good guy with a gun is not the answer. That’s when the bad guy doesn’t have a gun.

              • And even then, it can be debatable. a 350 lb nut with a machete qualifies, as a bad guy needing a bullet to the head. In a school full of young children, in today’s world, I would be demanding at least armed guards. I would have no problem with paying a little extra if I had a child in school.

                We do everything possible to protect our children. Forget for a moment that there are certain laws requiring the following: You put your young child in a car seat that is properly strapped in with seat belts. Your not doing so because your afraid of a car crash, but because it can happen. You would do it law or not. Then you will unstrap you child and send her into a building with other kids for a full day of education. You are not afraid of a nut going into that school and raging hell. Yet you do not demand that your child is protected against such a terrible act. Strange, very strange.

              • By that logic shouldn’t the kids themselves be armed as well? If one gun is good certainly 100 are even better!!

              • That makes no sense. At a minimum I would want some, even a little, armed security. My High school always had a Y-town police officer on campus and that was in the early 80’s. Today, we have MORE reasons to provide adequate protection for the children. To ignore this and do nothing is simply asking for a disaster, again!

  10. For once, I agree with the POTUS…….close Gitmo…..close it down…….no more prisoners.

    Yes, that is right….D13 says…..close it down……take no prisoners. If you take no prisoners, you do not have to guard them, feed them, nor change their TV channel for them.

    So, D13 says…………”Take no prisoners”…..that will solve the problem. ( picture the tune of El Deguello playing in the background )

    Oh, and for you types that thinks water boarding and sleep derivation is inhuman…….heh heh……Belgium just took some prisoners…we will have some information before long. They have no such rules.

    • I like the “be careful what you ask for” game. It usually works well. Instead of taking prisoners, I’m guessing that the enemy should just be killed. No waterboarding needed. They got what they asked for.

    • I agree. Sometimes it’s not cheaper to keep her!

    • Colonel — question for you on the waterboarding front.

      You argue that waterboarding is not torture, correct? How then was it that the US prosecuted the Japanese for this very tactic following WWII?

      I’d be curious to hear your thoughts…

      • Maybe because we are getting further and further away from the war, people have forgotten the Japanese treatment of POW’s in general. You would have to show me an instance where the sole crime of the Japanese guard was waterboarding. Here is a link where water torture is mentioned among many other things.

        Read up on the real Bridge on the River Kwai, Bataan death march and Laura Hildabrand’s book, “Unbroken”. These were not terribly nice people.

        Here is a link to a case of legendary VC torture ended by a US Marine Sniper.

        • SK:

          ” people have forgotten the Japanese treatment of POW’s in general. You would have to show me an instance where the sole crime of the Japanese guard was waterboarding.”

          I am well familiar with the atrocities committed by the Japanese in the war — my honors thesis in college was on the Bataan Death March.

          However, that is completely besides the point. It is irrelevent that there were other crimes committed, or worse crimes committed. The fact of the matter is waterboarding was one of the (yes, many) crimes for which they were prosecuted.

          Yet now, when we commit the same crime, it isn’t torture? Please explain that one to me.

          The Colonel provides a great explanation of his views on what is and isn’t torture below. Problem is, those are just his personal views.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            That is really easy to explain. Our trials of crimes against Japanese was largely fueled by revenge. Charges were piled on just like all lawyers do, and justice was not always served.

            If you read the list of charges, the defense and then the JAG’s ruling to “hang em anyway” it is easy to see that the “water torture” was just lawyers piling on and played little role in the final judgments.

            I found one example where a “civilian” working at a camp was given 2 years hard labor for the crime of “slapping” a POW……one time. Even the POW’s testified it was only once. But others were more brutal so because he was there he got two years.

            Point being I don’t see how you can pass judgment on whether something is torture based on what happened before, during and right after WWII.

            The capital crimes were based on “killing” POW’s. The sentences to time and hard labor based on “injury” or “physical abuse”. Waterboarding as we know it would not have done either.

            On the list SK provided there were very few that even included “water torture”. They did not use the term “waterboarding”.

            • I find the argument that ‘the trials were largely fueled by revenge’ to be unconvincing.

              Water boarding was one of many acts of torture committed by the Japanese for which they were rightly prosecuted.

              • One thing about these discussions-if you start out debating based on the word torture-you’ve already lost the argument-of course waterboarding is a form of torture. the question is-is it an acceptable level of torture. Seems like Buck is trying to determine the historical definition of torture by bringing up these trials.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                That was my introduction, not the whole of the argument. I used it to point out the apparent arbitrary nature of the various charges and how punishment was administered.

                It was not mentioned in any of the hearing evidence or JAG judgment that I read. Which was around ten of those listed for the more serious crimes. It was listed among the “articles” but there was no discussion of it when it came to deciding guilt. The key articles were about physical injury, denial of medical care and direct causing of death.

                Besides, since when is what we prosecute or don’t prosecute the determination of whether something is a crime or not?

                We used to prosecute people for being in this country without papers. So why is the same offense now not a crime when it was before? Yes this is rhetorical but it gets to the point.

                Your argument smacks of fallacy because what people do does not determine whether something is right or wrong.

                And remember, we went around on this “torture” issue before. We reviewed the Geneva wording, which turned out to be a lawyers dream for CYA and deniability.

                Whether WE want to call it torture is up to US at this point in time. Some things were and would remain considered torture by the vast majority of people. Other things would not.

              • I do remember our discussion on the Geneva convention and the wording. It is open ended I give you that. But water boarding does seem to fit in pretty nicely.

                And VH – I would posit that thereis no acceptable level of tortute. Torture in and of itself a line too far. In other words, if it rises to the level of tortute, we should be above it.

              • Maybe we should just be happy that the Japs were on trial. If not, they won.

              • Then I need a clear legal definition of Torture-the dictionary ones are very broad which makes them very subjective.Most of everything D13 listed would in my opinion fall under torture based on them.

                Our basic rule in America herself is cruel and unusual punishment, yet for purposes of war and such it is raised to torture-what types of cruel and unusual are permitted?

      • Hi ya Buckster………….you can make anything you want fit the definition of torture. Hell, just watching MSM is a form of torture…..watching Fox News for you is a form of torture, I bet. 🙂

        Ok, now to the seriousness…..I do not think that water boarding, sleep deprivation, nude confinement, prolonged isolation is torture…..but please understand, that is what I think. If techniques cause injury, pain, or death, that fits my definition of torture.

        I cannot answer your question on Japanese confinement techniques nor their water techniques. I can see where some forms of using water could fall under my definition of torture. The Japanese were notorious for random killings and pain in their application of questionable techniques. Forms of water boarding are as old as the Crusades and probably a lot more ancient. One thing the Viet Cong did was immerse our soldiers into pits up to their chin in water with hands tied behind their backs….and then rats dropped into the pit. This was done for sport and not to extract information. I would call this torture because it resulted in injury and/or death.

        Another tactic of using water that I personally witnessed the aftermath…I did not see the application of it but it was easy to figure out. Villagers staked out to walls of huts and systematically skinned alive. The pain was tremendous but you did not die….water bags hung above their heads that kept slow dripping on open wounds until the flies and the beetles and ants finished you off. This falls under torture in my definition.

        Creating the illusion of pain or death…does not fall under my definition of torture. An example would be for a captive, stripped naked, sitting on a stool in front of a fire with iron rods in the fire. They see them glowing red hot. Pick up an iron rod and let them see it coming closer and closer. Then you blindfold them, bring the iron rod close enough that they can feel the heat, and then suddenly put an ice cube on the spot where they felt the heat. ( You never touch them with the rod ). Their mind just told them that they were burned…..but they were not. They manufactured pain and burning in their head. I do not consider this a form of torture….but you talk about getting information. You could not shut them up.

        I saw the ROK ( Korean ) feed a guy to a shark a piece at a time while others watched….this fits my definition of torture. But it worked…the others would not shut up for days.

        Keeping someone awake for days with loud music and not letting them sleep is not a form of torture. All they have lost is sleep.

        Putting a handkerchief across the nose and mouth and pouring water on it giving the illusion of drowning, is not a form of torture. No lives lost, no impairments, no loss of limb.

        I could go on and on….some people think that you do not get good information or that a recipient would tell you anything to get you to stop. Maybe….but then you check out the information and if it proves false, you bring the guy back for more.

        In short, those are my thoughts. So, if I were a lawyer prosecuting war crimes, my base line would be injury or death.

        By the way….I have already said so….but in training, we are water boarded several times to see what it is like…..I will tell you this. It was not fun and it is not something that would do if bored…but it was not lethal.

        • Sorry…but I am sure some would ask why nude confinement. A soldier in uniform is belligerent. He identifies with that uniform. It is his strength. A soldier stripped naked is vulnerable when you take away his identity.

          At GITMO. they should have shaved the beards and heads, not provided religious goods, stripped them naked, and feed them pork. You would be surprised at the information we could get and no one would die or be injured.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Or subject them to the endless exhortations of the Kardashians and Milley Cyrus…now that is torture.

  11. Now, with the new ruling that women are going to be allowed to go to Ranger School is a joke. IT is said that the females will go through the exact same training as Ranger School. This is going to be interesting. I am Ranger qualified or was. I wear the tab proudly….and I think it is a great idea. Does not bother me because I know for a fact……none will make past hell week ( indoctrination). The attrition rate among men was 75%. And, they will be water boarded as a part of training. During E&E ( escape and evade ), if we were captured, we were stripped naked and forced into cages and fed dog food.

    A Ranger pack weighs in excess of 70 pounds. They will have to dead man carry a person for 100 meters at a run while under duress…..that means carrying a wounded comrade for 100 meters and the average weight runs around 180 pounds dead weight.

    This is going to be fun.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning sir. Hope all is well in Texas.

      Correction…………….NO THEY WON’T. They will be graded on a “curve”.

      • Did you hear or read something about this “curve” ? I have seen the training guidelines and there is no difference.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Not yet. When they wash out do you think there won’t be adjustments? Top Brass fearing for their careers will do what is needed to keep Hillary happy.

          • Boy, the history has been to adjust for weakness to be politically correct….but I sincerely doubt that any adjustment to Special Forces ( and the Rangers are ) will happen….

            Also, for the first female class of Ranger school…..I will guarantee you that the burden is going to be on the women. They will get no help.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      But won’t that ultimately be labeled as discrimination and the requirements be lowered for the women? Just look how the USMC PFT’s for men and women have turned out.

      When I was active duty, in one command 100% of the women got pregnant. Only one was married. 100% opted out of the service. In my second duty station. 50% of my team was made up of women. All but one got pregnant and none were married and all that got pregnant opted out. I always had to plan the duty schedules assuming 50% less personnel at any given time. All were within the limit for legally having an abortion when release from the service and I do not have any knowledge of how many went full term. Sorry the married one went full term and remained at the command with her husband who was also in the Navy. The lady who was single and never got pregnant came to me and flat out said…”you can count on me at any time. Never take me off a schedule.” She also stated that if the balloon went up, and at this command women were to be immediately shipped out, she said that she will miss the flight and report to duty. I alway remember her and have the utmost repect for her. I’m sure there were and are more women like her but I never ran into one.

      For a women to get pregnant while in an active front line deployed unit is just like a male sailor deliberately disabling themselves. The services are very tight with the information. Two articles read, one about a general in northern iraq planning on utilizing the UCMJ against both parties involved. Unless, a crime like assult was involved. The navy had one article from 25 years ago. and was so parsed about the pregnacies on board and the jist was what happened on your own time was allowable even though it caused a disruption of the ship. They only said NO chargeable offense could be found and that was fraternization between officers and enlisted.

      Now as a side note to show that I am not a bigoted idiot. I submitted an analysis of the 85 (male) personnel under my control covering their fitness to remain in the Navy. I stated that 25% should never have been considered or be allowed to continue. I did itemize the reasons. Some were mental cases. Some were criminals that enlisted instead of going to prison. Some had extremely low mental and learning capabilities. Some could not swim, and absolute navy requirement. An Admiral and Captain absolutely went crazy, however another Captain who was on the review board took me aside later and said that I was way off on my numbers. Not lower, but higher like 40% That never ultimately completed their 1st full tour. This was passed on to me by the captain who had just completed the study at Annapolis. It was heading to the leadership and congress for review. Maybe something good came out of it in time and the training policies change. I doubt it,

      This probably doesn’t hold true in the colonel’s experience seeing that he was involved with a cadre of gung ho hardcases, NO DISRESPECT, but the training weeded out the soldiers not up to standard and everyone understood the rules. I’m confident that will change due to not being socially acceptible

      • Dale….for three years as a Captain, I was the Senior TAC Officer for OCS. Obviously, I had females trying to be officers. The APFT was not different….they still had to run the same miles, do the same pushups, do the same situps, and take the same tests. They had to do the same combat schools and everything and these were going to be nurses, or admin, or something else…..Back in the 80’s, there were no combat roles for women….but they were added to the same OCS rigors as the men. At the end of every OCS program, there is a 2 week field exercise. This was two full weeks in the field in simulated war. What happened was the women were not physically able to keep up on ambushes, forced marches, rappelling, etc. There were smart enough to pass all the written requirements with no sweat but the physical was just too rigorous. It was the same thing in jump school. The women were not heavy enough for the parachutes and would float longer ways and miss drop zones. In battlefield mode, they were not strong enough to carry the M60 machine gun…I found no problem areas with shooting…..most of the women were good shots but lacked the physical stamina to carry the larger weapons. The surprising area that I found where they were extremely good was field artillery in the plotting section where great organizational skills were required and they seemed to be batter than the males, however, when it came to spotting for the FA and calling in air strikes, they tend to panic more.

        But, the hardships came in field hygiene. There are no port-o-potties out there and no trees marked men/women. No portable baths or showers because the 15 day field work was small unit command. That means that everything is done in combat config. So, if someone had to urinate or anything else, you could not raise your hand for permission to go. If you are on a search and destroy mission, there were scheduled breaks but while some were doing their thing, the others were in combat mode and then you changed. About the 5th day in the field with no showers, streams and rivers became the source of water for bathing and cleaning up. Last but not least was the time of the month issues. 105 degree heat and cycles do not mix….the loss of blood and the heat made casualties out of most women. It was difficult at best.

        Then you had the inevitable mixing of male and female. Since I also ran the OPFOR, more than once would we walk upon a defensive position and very easily capture it because the male and female were “busy”. If that happened, it was immediate dismissal from OCS. I dismissed 8 in three years.

        So the failure rate for the women was about 90%…for either misconduct or physical inability.

        Then came the order……….YOU WILL GRADUATE AT MINIMUM 25% of the female candidates regardless of test scores and physical ability. Instead of separating the male and female classes, they set quotas to appease the discrimination crowd. As a Senior TAC officer, I had to write the reports and was told more than once to write reports justifying the female candidates. I never did….and I was then replaced as a Senior TAC officer….it was time for me to go anyway.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe we basically said the same thing based on our experinces.

          The stated USMC PFT’s were identical but have continually been down graded for women and are now delayed indefinitely pending further study. Even a male is only required to DO 3 pull ups…l.even in my easy navy time we had to do significantly more.

          One of the resentments I saw with the social agenda was most women were incapable of the rigors involved with combat unassisted without computer machinization. Men were being pushed into the really dangerous roles all the time because the billets where you got a break for 18 months, navy sea rotation, or so were filled by personnel incapable of completing the opposite role of warfare….as warfare becomes more detached via drones and ROV’s this will change but my firm belief is the more detacted you are from the actual mayhem the more inclined you will be to initiate it and let it go on and on. You should have heard the women gripe when the Vermont Army Guard units were called up to go to the 1st Gulf War.

          I had a very good discussion with a Marine/Naval historian from Cherry Point in Havelock NC. She said that very few women completed their deployments aboard ships during the Gulf wars. The ship would work up stateside as a crew and all billets trained and ready…but once in the Gulf they generally had to be replaced due to pregnancy by a person who did not work up the readiness of the ship. The Navy may be starting to take action but it seemed they only did so with Officer/enlisted infractions.

          As I stated, my immediate group losses in a hazardous duty station due to constant terrorist threat were 47.7% entirely by the women on board…most quoting upon separation that this wasn’t what I signed up for…..all other command losses were connected to the aviation wings…mostly the fighter pukes that caught a wing while doing a roll after a hostile intercept. Most did this so low if they were in a normal flight attitude they’d stick the nose of the jet into the window of your truck.

          • Oh….was not correcting you…..just reinforcing your position.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              And I yours. I left active duty after concluding via Carter’s actions and intercepts that reestablishing the embassy in Tehran would be a set up. When Reagon got elected I was offered a commission but while trying to decide I had my back broken in an auto accident. Thus ending any chance of returning. I am always very proud of the work and sacrifice service personnel all did then and now.

              • perfect……we had each others back…as it is supposed to be.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                In “79 a group of us who spoke each at least 4 languages would kill time at night when nothing important was going on like a shoot down of an airliner off Sicily and us thinking, thank god we don’t do the air cap here….Anyway after Khomeni consolidated his power by June July ’79 he gave an interview to a French paper. He layed out a road map of every thing they were and would and did do in the next few years. Absolutely picked the fight with Saddam ultimately causing the war making Iraq look like the aggressor. Threatened any country who took in the Shah for his required medical treatments. We said to ourselves, can’t touch us except outside iran. Shah enters the US. In August request for Marine volunteers to go to Iran and be embassy guards when fully reestablished. With a caveat attached……that if attacked they WERE NOT to defend the embassy….And then we all know wghat happened……anyway the article was never published in the french paper and we NEVER saw any reference to it in any media outlet….that was the game…we’d look to see what if any of the raw news feeds actually would get published or modified and monitor subsequent government actions….free press hah.

  12. Just A Citizen says:

    There is something or a lack of something in the southern part of the country.

    Last week flocks of red shafted flickers returned to N. Idaho. This morning a large flock of Cedar Waxwings.

    Aside from having lived here for over 20 years without seeing Cedar Waxwings at all, because others say they did, they should not be showing up here for another couple of months. Same for the Flickers.

    Starlings have also arrived in large numbers, but they often do hang around the area, moving north and south depending on snow cover.

    • Interesting. I have heard of stories like this before, but the reasons have been many. One reason is this may be a prelude to an earthquake of considerable magnitude. I have stories of birds simply becoming non existent in areas weeks before a big quake had hit. The New Madrid fault line hasn’t had o big one since the 1800’s.

      Another possibility is shifting poles confusing their natural migration directions. Interesting.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        You always knew when an earthquake was imminent in SoCal. 1st your pets took off and the outside wildlife noises went dead silent like a switch was turned off. Then it was hold on. This was always before a real reportable newsworthy quake…how many warnings occur that go truly unnoticed, who knows.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    They made the right decision, although now it looks like for the wrong reasons.

    Funny how they were taken back by “strong” opposing viewpoints. Make sure you read the response regarding Reverend Graham. Notice how quickly the “professor” exposes his true spots. Had to drag the attack into “poor WHITE PRVILEGED MALE”.

    You want to know why our young are willing to join hate groups against the Govt. or against Republicans or against Libertarians, etc, etc. This guy is the reason.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In the last office I worked in there were several Muslims. When their time for prayer came, they would discreetly take a break and go into an unoccupied conference room, close the door and hold their prayer session. Usually as individuals because they never knew if they’d be engaged in a client call. If they dropped the call, I’m sure there would have been issues but they’d break upon completion or take a normally scheduled break away from their desk….And so did some christian groups. At breaks they’d meet in a private way so as to not disturb anyone….the only thing that hacked most people off was when some fundementalist group pushed their beliefs on the whole. Like no halloween decorations because that is witchcraft blah blah blah. The companies ultimate policy…..NO celebration or decoration in any way at any time..The office place was sterilized.

      Duke made a good decision, because a call to prayer from the schools bell tower is an in your face gesture. i’m sure they all have an IPOD and could set to vibrate at the proper time.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The split between under graduates Males and Females at Duke University is roughly evenly split. However, there are only 48% non hispanic white students, 10% black, 21% asian american, 7% hispanic, 10% international and 4% other. the gradaute programs are 50% non-hispanic white, 5% black, 10% asian american, 4 % hispanic, 24% international, and 6% other……..US census, 63.7% white, 12.2% black, 4.7% asian american, 16.4% hispanic, International NA and 3% other….50% of all Duke students receive some sort of financial aid

  14. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So our leader has threatened to veto any new sanctions on Iran beacuse they may jeopardize the nuclear negotiations…how long have these talks been going on, a decade? How long after they were supposed to be settled, two years this May? How long have the talks been going on with N. Korea about anything…more than my lifetime.

    • Not sure why we care. So what if Iran gets a nuke. Having one and using one is totally different. If they were to ever use one, there’s a good chance they would be bombed farther back in the stone age that they currently are. The few modern cities would simply cease to exist. I do not see them as a threat.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        You said my point more succinctly. The talk is just to keep the tension ramped up to justify whatever the governments political wishes are at the time. Now it’s to goad congress.

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought for consideration.

    We often point out that if Americans snuck into Mexico or any other Central or South American country they would be thrown in jail or deported quickly. Yet we are expected to turn our heads and be “different”.

    Well POTUS is now saying that Europe needs to do better to assimilate the Muslim immigrants. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it.

    So lets ask the same question but change the place.

    What would those Arab/Muslim nations do if millions of Christians and Secular white Europeans started immigrating to their country??? What would they do if those “immigrants” started setting up areas of worship and ignored the local customs and culture???

    So why is it that we or Europe should be different? Well here comes the best part. The mush brained will say, “Well we are better than that”.

    OK, so what does that statement mean in full context? IT means that the same people crying for assimilation and “tolerance” of the intolerant, view themselves as BETTER than those they are defending.

    Can you think of any other situations where this “characteristic” becomes evident in our cultural wars??

    Just sayin…………

    • It would be a bloodbath and the progressives would have nothing to say.

      And this Kerry crap….unbelievable. Rocking back and forth 60’s style….playing music reminiscent of Woodstock? I can hear the laughter clear over here….and the secondary sound that I hear……the definite click of bolts and magazines being slapped into place.

      Un FRIGGIN believable…….

    • Yes. The cat’s out of the bag. This is starting to remind me of Benghazi and the movie excuse. Clinton’s failure, blamed on a movie that nobody had seen….really? What I have learned about the subject leaves little to question, sans the severity, which will always be subject to interpretation. Kerry’s visit to France, laughable and just embarrassing. Now the administration is on fix it mode. Not only of their own failures, but their entire failure of immigration ideology. The propaganda rolls on.

    • Read between the lines. What are the reporters in the second story not saying?

      The first selection tells you everything you need to know about the changes in England. Regarding France, I hearken back to the riots outside Paris several years ago that went on for months. Yes, there was heavy social service spending in those areas. An effort to keep the lid on which did not work any better over there than it does any where else.

      • Buck,

        So, Fox has recanted. Thee is a huge difference in this world between official and unofficial. To my knowledge no one in Britain or France has ever officially said that there were no go zones. Practically however, they exist as surely as there were parts of the Bronx and Central Brooklyn that white folks avoided in the late ’70’s or ’80’s unless accompanied by a member of the dominant ethnic group.

        I must add, I worked in those areas and went to those areas many times and I went alone. Not particularly bravado, just testing the old man’s thesis that if you walk down the street like you own it and look purposeful instead of like a deer in the headlights, most folks will leave you alone. That is my weakness if you will and it is not shared by most including cops. Oh, also, you have to be willing to engage the locals in friendly banter.

  16. Has anyone on here taken a look at the new immigration policy of Canada?

  17. Everyone needs to take a look at what is happening in Belgium….not the islamic militants but the mayors and what the enclaves are trying to do to the school system, to government, etc.

    They are not going to get away with it because Europe is just now beginning to wake up to what multiculturalism really is…..and what it is doing.

  18. Also…take a look at what the health care industry has done….look at the stocks of the insurance companies that got behind Obamacare have done….for a POTUS that hates capitalism,,,,,his donors sure have profited off this… not take my word for it….look at the stocks of those companies that are actually driving the bus in Washington DC.

  19. Just A Citizen says:


    Your going to need this to deal with the “hottest year on record” tripe on your new lefty site.

  20. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Slight change of subject…has anyone thought that one of the major reasons for the constant fighting in Africa is tribal and the wars are within false national boundries created by the old european imperialistic conquests. Remove the european boundries and who knows. Much like the forced merger to create “Yugosalvia” from separate groups, Serbs, Croats etc. The glue once removed (death of Tito) went instantly into what was called a civil war. Or was it original groups reestablishing their boundries? Genocide of Muslims and non-orthodox a separate issue.

  21. @ Dale……class of 48 for me, sir. It was an interesting time back then…very interesting. Yes, we are outnumbered….however, I have seen some hope. Some of the young people are saying that one for all and all for one mantra destroys individuality. We shall see. I have already apologized to my children for the tax system that we are turning over to them and the debt that goes with it. I told them that the best thing to do was stay in a state that believes in individuality. I have also apologized to them for all this affirmative action crap of the 70’s that has done nothing to fix divides but are exacerbating them.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Not to far behind you.I have one liability to overcome though. My formative years were as a New Yorker in the 50’s and then California in the 60’s and early 70’s. So having breathed the air and drunk the water for 23 years in those places maybe I can claim disability….jokingly

  22. A liberal’s definition of free speech-It’s not a delusion -it’s evolution. Oy Vey

  23. Now on to some more of Texas individuality. This year the State legislature meets ( we meet every two years. No need for full time legislatures )…..

    Standing in front of an Airstream trailer from local food vendor Hey Cupcake!, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller granted “amnesty” to cupcakes and all kinds of sweet treats that parents had been banned from sending to school with their children. Taking a cue from the POTUS…..Miller says that if the President can give amnesty so can Texas. ”We want families, teachers and school districts in Texas to know the Texas Department of Agriculture has abolished all rules and guidelines that would stop a parent from bringing cupcakes to school.”

    The Texas Tribune reports that Miller’s amnesty was intended to let people know, “This is not about force-feeding cupcakes to our children.” Adding, “It is about local control.”

    See that? LOCAL CONTROL.

    Miller then went on to state that his next amnesty is for pizzas, fried foods, and abolishing the rules of deep fryers. and allowing parents to decide what the children bring to lunch….including sugary drinks. When asked about Michelle Obama’s reaction, he said, “I am really afraid for their dog. I am sure that Michelle will kick the dog.”

    When asked about certain schools that receive Federal funding, Miller said that so far, more than half of the Texas schools do not receive foreign aid ( That is what he described Washington funds ) and that Texas has a 9 billion dollar surplus, not counting the rainy day fund of 7 billion. Texas will be happy to replace Federal funds.

    Miller says that Texas independence is alive and well and we do not need the Federal Government. We have taken over enforcing immigration laws and we still have a surplus. We do know how to balance our budget and enforce our laws at the same time. We know how to feed our children and we know how to protect our property.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just an observation from over the years….those States that have very limited legislative sessions cause less mayhem upon their citizens. The longer the session the more they feel they have to interfere to justify their paycheck.

    • Just re-iterating my comment above to Buck.


      So, Fox has recanted. Thee is a huge difference in this world between official and unofficial. To my knowledge no one in Britain or France has ever officially said that there were no go zones. Practically however, they exist as surely as there were parts of the Bronx and Central Brooklyn that white folks avoided in the late ’70’s or ’80’s unless accompanied by a member of the dominant ethnic group.

      I must add, I worked in those areas and went to those areas many times and I went alone. Not particularly bravado, just testing the old man’s thesis that if you walk down the street like you own it and look purposeful instead of like a deer in the headlights, most folks will leave you alone. That is my weakness if you will and it is not shared by most including cops. Oh, also, you have to be willing to engage the locals in friendly banter.

      There is a section of Rockland County which is heavily inundated with very Orthodox Jewish folk. Thy have been known to hurl rocks at cars driving through their areas on the Sabbath. A no go area?

    • Not anything at all. NO government will admit they have lost control of small areas. I see something fishy about this. Only because even people here have said Detroit is a “at your own risk” area. Shoot, there’s neighborhoods were I grew up that are “no go zones” for a cracker like me. To make an issue of “never formally declared” is a f-ing joke. More BS propaganda!

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Today I went looking for a site that would show the “national/tribal” borders in Africa if European colonization had not occurred.

    We’ve all experienced during our lives the effects of “redrawing” borders by the victors of WWI in Paris 1919. Without much regard to historical, cultural and ethnic heritage. Namely the balkans and the middle east. So by extension why can this not be true in Africa. The only nations that had reasonably been around and identifiable were those north of the Sahara, ie…Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco.

    • Nice map. Still am confused about South Africa though. In many areas the whites we the first to arrive and settle. I guess it is the same as the bulk of Argentina which was unsettled until the Spaniards arrived.

  25. Dale A Albrecht says:

    GO Green Bay, only 10 more minutes

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    I am outa feekin breath………… Holy Crap Batman……….etc, etc.

    I know I should feel guilty with my guys winning, after stinking up all but 6 minutes of the game, BUT………………………Superbowl baby……….Go Hawks!!!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      One other thought, from myself and those I was watching with. Crappy refereeing today.

      Even the last play was clearly PI yet no flag. And the lack of calls was both ways. Not a single line man for holding …………none………..

      If they want to let em play then do it all year, not just one game.

      Now back to dancing and singing…………..

      • Dance away! Great comeback 🙂

      • The game calling seemed to be weird last week and this week for all the games. I guess that is what happens in playoffs. But you were right….slow motion replay shows a lot of things….I would hate to be an on field ref trying to call plays that run at mach 4.

      • Wow! I was totally sidetracked yesterday. Had to catch the highlights. Now you know how I felt when MSU came back. Bummer for Pack fans.

        • PO’d!

          Playing safe vs playing to win is a losing strategy. And we did. Two goal line downs where we opted for a FG; safe running calls but getting no first downs in the fourth quarter. Those are coaching decisions and it might be time for McCarthy to move on. Should never, ever have been in the position of Seattle trying an onside kick. By any measure, we were the underdogs in this game and Seattle played terrible with turnovers and penalties. They handed that game to us on a silver platter and McCarthy managed to muck it up.

          Still PO’d!

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            New England put a big enough spread so St Louis could not make up the difference by some trick plays and some key take-aways. I’m sure their coaches said….did you see what just happened to GB?. I would like to see Brady take another title, but if GB had won I would have been forced to root for them instead of the Pats. alla NYG’s wins over the Pats.

  27. Dale A Albrecht says:

    looking at the list of republicans who want to run for president, I get the weird feeling even Bernie Sanders, socialist senator from VT could beat them.

  28. More and more people are starting to see what the media has become. This has some interesting things in it, like a Saudi Prince owning 7% of FOX news.

  29. For some reason, I have not seen this posted…so here goes.

    Dutch mayor to Muslim immigrants: If you don’t like democracy, ‘fuck off!’

    The Moroccan-born mayor of the Dutch city of Rotterdam has some tough love for his fellow Muslim immigrants who don’t like the freedoms and tolerance of their adopted countries.
    “It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom,” Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb told Dutch news program “Newshour.”
    “But if you don’t like freedom, for heaven’s sake pack your bags and leave. If you do not like it here because some humorists you don’t like are making a newspaper, may I then say you can ​f— off!”
    “This is stupid, this is so incomprehensible. Vanish from the Netherlands if you cannot find your place here. All those well-meaning Muslims here will now be stared at,” Aboutaleb said.
    And he won the enthusiastic backing of London Mayor Boris Johnson by blasting Muslims who move to the West but refuse to accept its way of life and resort to violence to vent their rage.
    “That is the voice of the Enlightenment, of Voltaire,” Johnson wrote in The Telegraph.
    “If we are going to win the struggle for the minds of these young people, then that is the kind of voice we need to hear — and it needs above all to be a Muslim voice,” said Johnson, calling his Dutch counterpart “my hero.”

    via Dutch mayor to Muslim immigrants: If you don’t like democracy, ‘f— off!’ | New York Post.

    If this is a true statement, then here is a Muslim appointed Mayor in the Netherlands…..according to the article…….so, I guess somewhere along this year, he will be dead.

    • Saw him on TV the other day. You are probably quite correct about his future.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Yes I saw the article….Interesting side note: The mayors in Holland are appointed not elected. He also is a son of an Imam. Not knowing much about him, I’d have to go out on a limb and say that he has to be pretty sharp and DID join Holland and it’s ideals. With having taught in Amsterdam in 2001, the pot was really starting to boil about the muslim “ghetto’s” and their refusal to join, get educated, speak the language so you could get a job, attacking dutch women riding their bikes, going around unveiled……I’ve seen it right in Amsterdam. It was then and still is a festering cancer and not getting better… will be interesting to see if he as a Muslim will get prosecuted by the EU and the Dutch government for speaking out.

  30. Once the Paris thing happened and they picked up a few in Paris….then all of a sudden there were sweeping raids in three different countries picking up these terrorist cells……anyone care to venture a guess as to how they got their information?

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