Scott Walker

The race for the Republican nomination has started.  It is vital that Republicans nominate a conservative leader who will use Republican political strength to implement a peaceful, lawful, but revolutionary change in the way Washington does business.

Establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney do not see the need for radical change and do not have the rhetorical skills to make the case for such change.  Moreover, RINO nominees have proven electoral poison in presidential elections.  Scott Walker offers the best chance to win the general election and then to use a Republican Congress to transform American government.


  1. Perhaps the most surprising turn at the podium was when Scott Walker wowed the crowd with an impassioned speech that mixed his personal life story with his success in passing conservative policies.

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) delivered a fiery speech in Iowa on Saturday, wowing the conservative crowd with a passionate argument for small government and his own lengthy resume.

    The Wisconsin governor, in rolled-up shirtsleeves, paced the stage as he blasted big government and touted a long list of conservative reforms he’s pushed through in blue Wisconsin.

    The governor also showed a rhetorical flourish that’s largely been absent from his previous campaigns, drawing the crowd to its feet multiple times.

    “There’s a reason we take a day off to celebrate the 4th of July and not the 15th of April,” he said, almost yelling as his voice grew hoarse. “Because in America we value our independence from the government, not our dependence on it.”

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  2. More ridiculous and naive babbling.

    “…use a Republican Congress to transform American government….”

    For most other people who understand politics, I’d think they were making a joke and laugh at their dyspeptic humor.

    But its you. You really think this.

    • transform American government

      It’s going to happen. Just a matter of when. Look at how people are supporting American Sniper. Hobby Lobby. Chick fil A. Netanyahu’s visit. Save the hate speech on those. People are begging for a more conservative approach. I know you don’t see it (transformation) happening, but it is…right before your eyes.

      Curious. Should there be ANY ‘government’al hierarchy, Or do we all just flail around with the wind? I know you’ve used the Geronimo analogy, but can there be any structured government in your view?

      • “Can there be any structured government”
        Well, of course, we already have one.

        “…..that works….”

        The essence of such structure defines within it its own failure. All government structures are doomed to collapse economically, or socially (into an orgy of mass murder), OR BOTH at the same time.

        Government exists on the quicksand of economic stupidity and immoral premises.

      • What’s the problem with “flailing around”, if that flailing around is non-violent?

        Look, the root of your mental conundrum is that you are radically impatient.

        Free markets and voluntary society is subtle, slow, and meandering. It is this way because the knowledge necessary to solve human problems is vastly dispersed into the brains of 7 billion people.

        On top of that, for every problem there are a near-infinite number of “right answers”.
        But out of that multitude, there are answers that create worse, new problems then the one solved, that are mixed in with answers that create better, less problems then the one solved. But these answers do not generally come with a tag on them to say “this one is good and this one is bad”

        So the best way to find the best answer is for a lot of answers to be tried. Those that don’t work are discarded and those that do are kept.

        The best way for that to work is for a lot of people to do things differently.
        This takes time, for often the consequences of one action are time displaced into the far future before they are seen.

        So the best way is not to commit all of society down a single path, only to find 100 years later it was violently wrong, because the odds that you will pick the exact right answer is near zero

        But letting the voluntary society do this meandering does EVENTUALLY discover the right answer, and IT WILL BE THE RIGHT ANSWER, which will stand the test of time, generation after generation after endless generations.

        But you are impatient. You want an answer NOW!

        So you subscribe to use violence to force an answer.
        You are blunt, hasty, and direct – which will sacrifice a long-term prosperous solution for a short term solution that will always fail eventually.

        • NOT! I agree with everything you’ve said. I could totally live in Flagtown. Except the standing army thing. I do think that is a necessary fed thing. It stumps me though, where the idea gets lost between an individual and 300 million.

          • The idea is not lost.
            People are impatient, it is an issue of the Universe.
            You will die.
            While you live, you want to live well.

            Many solutions that are the right answer will take more time to evolve then a person’s lifetime. So they will not live to see it or enjoy it.

            So, they demand an answer that will exist in their lifetime, and are more than willing to let the failure and its extreme negative consequences fall upon those after they are long dead. They’ll deal with it, not me!

            The parable: “No great work can be completed in a life time” falls on deaf ears.

            If you want to repair society, establish the idea that one works today for the benefit of your great-grandchildren that you will never know. When that becomes the norm, society will function optimally.

            Today, though, the idea is that one works today for himself, to hell with the great-grandchildren. Don’t know them, don’t care about them. Know me, care about me.

            • Keynes was famous for his quote “Eventually, we are all dead”.
              This idea is utterly the root of society today.

              He was challenged in his ideas by a comment that “Eventually, it will all fall apart”, a point that he did not disagree with. But he didn’t care, he wouldn’t be there to see it fall apart

              He proposed “quick fix today, long term pain… but tomorrow!”, with the empty notion that maybe in that someday, they will figure out how to resolve the pain before it hit. He did not know how they would do that, he merely asserted a wish that maybe they might do that

              But few understand his position – that is was based on magical thinking. They merely take the quip and apply it without the whole context, and then end up with magical thinking and empty prays to save themselves.

  3. Walker did good in Wisconsin, but, he’s still a politician. Just like all those who end up in DC, they work for their financiers, not the people. We don’t need a politician, we need a business man who don’t need other peoples money. At least that sounds good in theory 😀


    This is the best example for paying attention that I have ever heard.

    First-year students at the MSU Vet School were attending their first anatomy class with a real dead cow. They all gathered around the surgery table with the body covered with a white sheet.
    The professor started the class by telling them, “In Veterinary medicine it is necessary to have two important qualities as a doctor.
    The first is that you not be disgusted by anything involving the animal’s body.” For an example, the professor pulled back the sheet, stuck his finger in the butt of the cow, withdrew it, and stuck his finger in his mouth. “Go ahead and do the same thing,” he told his students. The students freaked out, hesitated for several minutes, but eventually took turns sticking a finger in the butt of the dead cow and sucking on it.
    When everyone finished, the Professor looked at them and said, “The second most important quality is observation. I stuck in my middle finger and sucked on my index finger.
    Now learn to pay attention. Life’s tough, but it’s even tougher if you’re stupid.”

  5. JAC, picking up where you left off yesterday.


    If anything, opportunities grew between my parents generation and mine. we can all argue about how the automobile put harness makers out of business not to mention the buggy whip business and horse breeders but there were jobs in the replacement industry available to them. More jobs, better jobs.

    This path no longer exists. In part it is certainly due to technological improvements. Robotics for example. Where it may have taken 50 people on an auto assembly line in the past it takes two today. So, where do the other 48 go?

    That is the real question. Where do the other 48 go? What, they are going out to create a family and a life occasionally cleaning someone’s garage? Not hardly I think. the garage cleaning jobs will be done by the African and Latin American workers who will, out of necessity undercut any price you might set. A very obvious example of this is lawn service workers. There was a time when people scrimped by as seasonal lawn workers but look who is doing that work today.

    Folks go on and on about national security yet we keep bringing in low wage, low skill workers that we have no need for. We keep exporting jobs, low tech or high tech despite the fact that they do not really reduce costs as much as we have been led to believe. If 70% of the Army’s boots for example, come from Korea, should little Kim decide to move South what are our troops wearing on their feet? Same could be said for any big industry from aircraft manufacture to shipbuilding. Once you lose the technological and industrial base, if you need it in a hurry, you are shit out of luck. I see an awful lot of young folks out there with very limited futures. I remember having this argument with my contemporaries back in the ’70’s who felt that their future was not as guaranteed as their parents. I disagreed (correctly) with them then. I do not anymore. Many of my contemporaries, with just a high school education, went on to work for Ma Bell or its subsidiaries. Many more went on to work for our big Public Utilities. These guys all had tech jobs, some moved to middle and even top management, made damn good salaries, had nice retirement packages through the union or a managerial plan and are just fine today. Show me that path today!

    We must start looking at the future and planning for it. Cheap labor is only a very temporary answer. That is a Huxley world and one I’d rather not live in. There seems to be this assumption out there that society cannot devolve. Really? That is what happened for different reasons to the cities between 1945 and the 1980’s. Just because you have an MBA does not mean Junior will get one nor that it will mean diddly in a post modern non industrial economy.

    As Andy Rooney might have said, “didja ever notice” how many affluent people are subsidizing their kids today? It’s not just the opportunity issue. If you have been very successful and innovative, there is absolutely no guarantee that this will be genetically passed on. One good friend who did very well picking winners on Wall Street, has three grown children. Despite his less than stellar university (all he could afford) his kids have all and I mean all gone to Ivy league schools and beyond for grad work. If you can get him to talk about it he will tell you that he cannot guarantee they will have his skill or good fortune. Instead, he has given them a network which has proved to be just as good. We all know that if you were Harvard Law, you will do a lot better than if you graduated Seaton Hall Law regardless of your university performance. It’s who you know. For my own kids, I set them up to gain practical experience in addition to academic work. Not as good as Harvard or Yale but there are firms that would still hire a guy with three years practical experience in management plus a good middle of the road degree rather than some snotty Ivy leaguer
    who can’t find the mens room.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      So, where do the other 48 go? MAKING ROBOTS AND PARTS.

      A very obvious example of this is lawn service workers. There was a time when people scrimped by as seasonal lawn workers but look who is doing that work today. ACTUALLY MOST OF THE YARD CARE WAS DONE BY TEENAGERS. NOW IT IS DONE BY ADULTS. WHO ARE MAKING A LIVING DOING THE WORK. YOUR THEORY IS TO PRICE YARDCARE HIGH ENOUGH IT WINDS UP ELMINATING THE YARD CARE JOBS.







      • JAC

        You should post in caps more often, you think better!


        I might agree with this in principal -if the government didn’t inflate prices on everything that people need-like heathcare and food-but too often the lower wages don’t seem to be offset by lower prices overall. At least that is my perception, judging from my own life.

        • Yes, they do make prices lower. It is a fact of Economics.

          But no less you watch a feather fly and then declare “well, I guess the Law of Gravity doesn’t apply to the feather”, you instead say “the Law of Gravity always applies, so something else is making that feather fly, like maybe the wind and air resistance

          In all matters, the Law of Economics always applies absolutely.
          But all events in human experience are more complicated then a single causation.

          Prices are affected by more than just labor. There are uncountable more inputs into production then just labor. Labor may be cheap (lowering price), but fuel maybe expensive (raising the price), as such one example.

          Do not make the mistake of discounting economic theory merely because a single affect does not seem to manifest in an outcome. Think instead: I wonder what else is going on?

    • A lot covered here 🙂

      One of the problems you pointed out was college-as you stated once people could start at the bottom and work their way up-experience was respected-now that pathway is stopped at the management level if one doesn’t have a college degree. Everyone isn’t meant to go to college-college for too many means nothing but starting out their real working life in major debt. And a degree doesn’t mean as much anymore except in some fields because so many have them.

      • But so what?
        I don’t have a degree in anything. Hated University so bad I refused to submit to it.

        Knowing that my job prospects would not align to my ability without the magical piece of paper, I knew I wouldn’t even bother.

        So I became a consultant.
        To be hired by a company as an employee, they ask for your magical paper.
        But to be hired by a company as a consultant, they ask “can you do the job?”

        So I would be hired by companies to do the jobs that their employees with magical pieces of paper could not do. And I got paid more, to boot.

        Further, if no one will hire you as an employee, then the best thing is to hire yourself – start your own company. Then you can hire yourself and say “Don’t care if you don’t have the magical piece of paper, your hired, and to boot, YOU’RE THE BOSS of the people with magical pieces of paper. Now that’s a twist 🙂

        Nah, college is a waste of time and money for most people.
        It’s just the “easy way out” to find a dead-end job and mull around “waiting for the weekend”.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          BF…sort of followed your path, quit college as a waste of time and money. With the exception of the time I worked for IBM I stayed ahead of my brother in income who had degrees. IBM and I tussled because I worked as a free floating trouble shooter. I solved a problem that had been defeating 1 senior engineer, 1 staff engineer and several rechnical weenies and all the management around them for over 1 year at a cost of $6M. Took me < 1 hour to solve the problem. Took another 3 days to run some new product through the line (semiconductors) with the fix. The next Monday they were FIRED and I had their jobs. The problem I had was they had a combined salary of close to $150K and I never got a raise or an new level. Incorporated the totally revised QC and metric program globally. A few years later I was asked to travel to Yorktown Heights, were IBM's phd genius's resided. They were unable to complete a project inventing an automated defect characterization tool. All image and computer AI. Great concept. They could not get it to work. I went down and asked them to run a sample through the tool and I watched the tool work through a monitor. In about 5 minutes after scanning 5 or 6 chips the system could not identify anything. I got up and looked at the last time the stageing was calibrated…3 years ago. Required every so many weeks. The tool was out of aignment. The technician was called, aligned it in a few minutes and voila the tools operated as designed and planned. The letter that Yorktown wrote to my management was scathing and insulting saying how I insulted their GOD's….they were so smart the couldn't see the problem right in front of them…it was to simple. When I left IBM in the early 90's I swore I'd never work in corporate america again. But I had several certifications plus a known background of accomplishment if any company CHOSE to look. I had an equivalency by now of a masters. In '95 AT&T came to me and asked me to look at a new division they were setting up because it was getting out of control and the clients were leaving in droves. Fixed the problems, eventually built the group to have a revenue of close to $60B. In 2011 the work was outsourced to Tech Mahindra…OK all innovation was completed and running smoothly as long as IBM built the systems and software as contracted…but times changed…I am eminantly qualified to solve most manufacturing or operations problems using the most modern statistical techniques, except with the demographic glut of graduates entering the workforce in the early 2000's caused by MY generation deferring having kids to satisfy careers. The absolute requirements now are a Masters or a PHD from an accredited university…experience not much. All applications generally get shredded by the 3rd party HR and never get read.

          I always from my 1st job for a business a philosophy…Came in, learned the job as is. Unless it was something that was to be created by me up front. Takes a couple months. Improve on the process….run the process for a bit…taper off and hand the job to a lessor level and cheaper employee if not eliminate it and then move on to the next challenge. The cycle usually lasted 1.5 – 2 years. It never varied over 40 years. Including the time in the Navy….the only time I did NOT get paid for the my skills and knowledge to a company was with IBM. Their excuse was we alway knew you could do it……Even though I was really ready to move on at at&t when the work was outsourced they initially had a real blue collar mentality where you could move up inspite of the lack of a degree….skill was required. As IBM seeped into the at&t structure that changed and you'd run right into the ceiling.

          Applied all over the world but at least in Europe the work visa became a the only big issue due to their unemployment problems. I got a good letter from each and every job and not a form letter. Here in the US usually there was NO response and if you followed up it was ignored and if you went they got usually really testy. Two days ago I got a letter from Halliburton declining my application…I had applied over one year ago. In France you can not get rid of someone unless they literally kill someone and then a mandatory 35 hour work week, new hires are rare there. China, you had to speak at least one of the major dialects. India, english was sufficient for work, same as singapore. The issue there was obviously visa issues but also I probably could not match the work ethic of huge hours anymore.

          • Black Flag® says:

            “Took me < 1 hour to solve the problem"

            Hoohohoo! So many similar stories.

            My biggest customer was IBM Consulting. They'd contract me after their "dream team" slammed their heads against a wall for months, and then I'd solve it a few hours….
            Fortunately, they didn't care about being embarrassed. I didn't embarrass them because they made me rich! 🙂

            Unlike your experience, they didn't get fired. Which was great for me. They continued to fumble around, and then, last ditch hire me at demand rates. KA CHING

            Yeah, I didn’t get trapped into a salary back then, though lots of offers of “steady employment, fixed income”. True, some months were dry (and yes, the ol’ eyes on the bank account caused the heart to beat desperately), but “…God always provides…” in the nick of time, a big contract would pop up, and away I’d go.

            Hohoho! Great story. Mirrors many of my own.

            I was brought in to fix a network comms issue “…running too slow…”.
            It was actually a programming issue … I could tell that the network traffic was so light, compared to the wait times of the data.

            I sat with a programmer and asked to see his code.
            “Do you know this programming language?”, he asked.
            I said, “Nope, never seen it before”
            “Then how do you think you know anything about it????”
            “Just show me where you open the files”

            He did.
            “Show me were you parse the field”
            He did.

            I pointed the routine. Every time the field changed, he had programmed it to close the file, then open the file, and reread all the data.

            I said “…if you move this routine ONE LINE UP, it will work better…” (that is, simply used the cached data, and not reopen the file every time the field changed).

            He did that, and “Whoosh!”… everything worked shiney!

            He looked at me with shock.

            “You debugged a network problem to be a programming problem in a language you’ve never used and found a bug that has been there for over a year….all in 15 minutes…”

            I said, in a rare moment of wit:
            “…yep, and wait until you see my invoice!!…”

            Yes, it is a pending disaster. Replacing the hard-earned, real world expert with a bunch of papered morons.

            I happened to slip in where I am, I was close to that shredding. Fortunately, it was a contract first, then job offer. If it was the job first, I’d not even be considered.

            Mid point to the contract, they said “Christ! We need you on board! Will you take a job instead of a contract!”

            I am old and gray.
            Running all over the world is hard on my old bones – it’s a young man’s game.

            So I said “Sure! Make me an offer!”

            So, the magical paper work. Oh oh….
            No degree.

            Get a call from the manager who desperately wants me.
            “No degree!?!?”
            “Nope. Never need it”
            “We have a problem…let me work on it”

            A month later….
            “Do you have, oh please, do you have at least a Grade 12 diploma!!?!”
            “Yep, but it’s 35 years old….”
            “YES! Ok, let me work on it…”

            Another month later…
            “Do you have any industry certifications?”
            “Yep, I am the subject-matter expert in this, this, this, this, this, this, this…”
            “YES! Ok, let me work on it…”

            Another month later…
            “OK! Two more interviews with you, with the director and the VP…”
            “No problem…”
            “Just a heads up, they are top in their field…”
            “That’s ok… so am I’ 🙂

            They were not “that top of their field”… 😉

            Finally, a nice offer.
            But later, through the grape vine, I heard how nearly impossible it was to hire me, even though I was far beyond the level of expertise and qualifications in the industry. They just couldn’t believe I didn’t have a degree.

            I do believe the emphasis on paper begets bureaucracy over talent.

            Ancient China was the premier culture of the world.
            Then the bureaucrats came. They are the inventors of “Red Tape”. They taped their paper work bound with Red tape to try to keep it all together.
            Their culture stagnated to a degree the ignorant West overwhelmed them.

            It is a looming danger for the West today.
            The irony, China doesn’t give a shit about paper. They want results.

            How history repeats itself, and switches the players.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I had dinner one night with an AT&T executive. I did not work for him, but he wanted to see my resume. He had problems on his side of the business like what I was solving on ours. Anyway he said that he’d be concerned with the number of jobs I had. I was 15 years older than him, but the last piece of work I did with IBM was longer in duration than his entire work career.

              I never publically embarrased anyone in IBM….their embarrassement was all their own making by spinning their wheels for years…an upstart, uneducated punk would be invited by their management to take a look see and bingo problem solved. It was like shooting ducks in a barrel…..I also learned that most problems could be layed at the feet of WHO touched it last.

              Had one problem where a programmer put a line of untested code in and crashed an entire semiconductor line. When I looked at the change control logs a time was logged. When the line crashed it was milliseconds later, all controllers down. The programmer was the wife of my supervisor…of course she could not admit error nor her husband admit she did. Anyway I had the line managers escalate through their chain to the president of ours and then down. Had no choice because of the lost revenue for every second that line was dead. I walked into the computer room and here was all the heavy weights from my group going through the equipment….not knowing I was there I heard the supervisor say, “That son of a bitch was right” He called his wife and told her to reload the “old” software. I had a new job in 24 hours with the GTD division.

              Thing is BF I hit that magic formula a few years ago, 60 years of age combined with years of service and heave hoe. Initially it felt good due to being burned out, but now when trying to get back into the field for the past several years its frustrating. On top of that at&t has put out a management directive as a condition of employment a manager can not in any way acknowledged you worked for them. The HR group in St Louis will only answer that you did in fact work there and that is it. Networking doesn’t or hasn’t worked because ALL by contacts are retired or dead…..story…had an interview for a customer service job. Retail just to get some more income flowing, prior to SS and IBM annuities. The interviewer barely spoke english and read from a script. I repeatedly had to ask her to repeat the question…..anyway when it became obvious I was not going to get the position, due to as she stated LACK of experience…she left me an opening by asking if I could describe the last face to face customer experience I had. Before retiring I was asked to analyze Kimberly Clarks global operations because we were bidding for the contract. I did the analysis, and presented it to our management and lawyers and their managment and lawyers. It was a $600M contract….the girl went OH and hung up the phone.

              • Black Flag® says:

                Well, us gray backs should get together to start a company that is populated with real experts. We run the business and the young’ns run around the world.

                I did that once and though the first year almost killed us, and the third year our success almost buried us, we became the 3rd largest independent consulting company in the country.

                Anyway, I have that option in my back pocket. I’m just not young enough anymore to run the world anymore.

                Ah, those memories…. at least you and I can say we dented the universe, maybe unseen, but she’s got a dent nonetheless. 🙂

              • Black Flag® says:


                Yeah, I couldn’t believe the hassle getting my first job in nearly 35 years. The experience confirmed the intuition I had decades ago.

                They would rather suffer then take an unpapered expert.

                About a week into the new job, I rammed right into one of these papered idiots.
                Instead of using the software THAT WAS BOUGHT for a thousand dollars per unit, times a thousand units, they were using a manual process.

                I was aghast. But the papered morons saw me as “a newbie”.

                I challenged them in their face. I’m a gray-back.

                Damn, I sued a country all the way to the EU Supreme Court, do ya think YOU SCARE ME?!?

                This country sent their goons to threaten my family and tried to kill me in the street. DO YA THINK YOU SCARE ME?!?!?

                She quipped “oh, and your “home network toys” told you this”
                I slammed back:
                “No, MY PROFESSIONAL TOOLS told me this. Maybe you should buy them and figure out why you spent $1 million for software you don’t use….”


                The situation proceeded as you can expect.
                Within 4 months, a new policy replaced the manual process and now is automated.

                She quit.

                …I win…. 🙂

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                OK I’m game…mind is still going but the physical body is quiting.

              • Black Flag® says:

                Well, keep that mind alive.
                I haven’t found the niche yet.
                There are TONS of multi-million dollar opportunities here waiting for brains. Which one we can actually solve…not yet clear.
                Lots of externalities in the way…

                BUT! When the time comes, let’s talk privately.

                These guys operate on 1% improvement of efficiency. The dollars are so big, that 1% is real money.

                They upgraded the shovels that promised a 2% increase in production. Cost: $150 million.

                They got that back in 9 months of production.

                The projects are so huge, the opportunity to improve efficiency so in demand, BUT IT HAS TO BE REAL. These guys are no idiots. They will not fork over cash for dreams.

                I’ll find it. Then we’ll talk.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                One more then I have to hit the hay, unless your home and not up in the mines in Canada we’re a two hour time difference….Again as a trouble shooter I was asked to go into the IBM labs and help them integrate the newly lab qualified generation of semiconductors into manufacturing. There usually was up to a two year lag in achieving the lab yield to an equivalent manufacturing yield. We usually had to completely re-engineer the products. Anyway I stepped into a conference and stood in the back where a phd puke was showing a defect that they could not explain. Great SEM shots, patterns on the wafers the whole shebang. Probably 80% in the audience were phd’s…all were scratching their heads. The presenter looked up and saw me….quote “hey hot shot what do you think this is”? I said without much delay stated that they were dislocations in the silicon wafer caused by an out of control hot process warping the wafer creating the rippled pattern. The trick is to find that process step because it could be caused at any time any where they heated the wafer….his quote again “what the F!!! do you know, you just walked in and do not know the process at all” I said OK, you asked I answered and left. Six months later a senior manager stopped me in the hall and asked me if i remembered the episode. He asked me how I knew what it was? I said I’ve seen the same problem on the last three generations of semiconductors from when the wafers were small on up and this is just the newest generation being done on dinner plate size wafers. I asked was that it, he said yes, The geniuses were running these huge wafers on chucks designed for the previous generation and creating a perfect copy of Salvador Dali’s painting of watches drooping. The two inch overlap was drooping and fracturing the silicon.

                It has been fun tonight

              • Black Flag® says:

                ” up in the mines in Canada we’re a two hour time difference”
                Yeah, up in the deep dark mines of Mordor right now… 🙂

                Great story!

                Yep, the old real world experience is always discounted by the papered idiots.

                I was called in hot-shot to one of the largest suppliers of Natural Gas to California. They’d lost one of their primary systems and were running on backup – which was IDENTICAL to the primary. The risk was shutting down the main pipeline to that State… tens of millions of dollars per day at risk.

                The primary went down for no reason, which they feared would happen to the secondary.

                I got the call in the morning with the old:
                “Don’t bother packing, you have a seat on a plane leaving in 90 minutes. Get to the airport”

                I got on site, where the chairman, the president, the VP of the division, his senior manger, the manager of the dept and their senior tech were all yelling orders to my poor on-site tech to do something…. all in the space of a broom closet where the systems were located.

                I laughed. The scene was Hollywood.
                They were not amused.

                I chased them all out and sent my tech home (he was exhausted).

                I figured out the problem in 30 minutes. It was (again) a software issue not hardware.

                The senior tech bitch scoffed at me….”NO WAY you could figure that out in 30 minutes… YOU’RE WRONG!”

                I said to the VP:
                “OK, I have an identical system in my office as a cold spare. I will hot-shot it out today, set it up, with your software, and duplicate the exact error. It will take me, with the hot-shot service, about 14 hours to do”

                He said “Ok, do it. We will be back tomorrow morning”

                I got the shipment and set it up throughout the whole night. 8AM they came in, and …
                “BOOM” it crashed exactly the same way.

                I gave them the workaround I had developed the night before to apply to their main and backup system.

                The bitch Sr. Tech, all ready for a day at the tennis court, ‘Huff’d’ and left without a word.

                The VP, all fresh and dainty for his weekend outing, simply said “Give me your invoice, and I’ll cut the check today” ($50,000 plus expenses – one of my best per day ever!)

                Me, who hadn’t sleep for a day and a half, in the same sweaty clothes, nothing on me as far as luggage or even a tooth brush, smiled KA CHING.

                “It has been fun tonight”
                Yes it has.
                We’ll talk soon.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                BF…Answer to your productivity statement of the company increased the size/volume of the buckets by 2% and paid for the $150M expenditure within 9 months. Easy…the dump truck held, as only an example, X full buckets of oil sand. The buckets held x-2% and the trucks traveled light. Try to add one more bucket to top it off, not only took extra time to gauge the baby scoop, or take a full one and spill and overload the truck. You’ have a stand-by skip loader assuming they could reach the truck and putting the wastage in the next load…extra vehicle, extra manpower, then instead of 3 scoops from the mega machine it might be 2.5…totally inefficient…add or subtact the volume of the scoop to fill the truck in whatever scoops it takes. Two operators and two vehicles are operating at peak efficiency….

                Thinking of mines I always start humming “16 Tons”

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              They have a great incentive plan to not mess up. Decimation…didn’t that happen several years ago when a refrigerator manufacturing company messed up and people died. They publically executed the managers.

              • Black Flag® says:

                Yeah, same in Africa.
                You get invited to the palace of the power for dinner. You never refuse.
                I got regular invites. Obviously, I got a great dinner.

                But for others, the invitation is one-way to the jungle.
                They’ll never find your body.

                I will absolutely admit, that every time, when I got into the SUV sent to get me, with soldiers with AK47’s sitting beside me, I wondered every time if it was the “jungle or the palace”.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Did you realize finally that dinner was the guy whose body was never found

              • Black Flag® says:

                Well, the host ate it too…. LOL!

                The stories of my African adventure… that is a book on its own, maybe two or three.

                All I can say was from the first 30 minutes I landed, and saw what was happening, utter dread filled me.

                What was worse, every day got worse…. for over a year….
                I escaped with my life, (but good coin in the pocket, though)

                After my wife learned of the story (I dared not tell her while I was away, she would have freaked out at a time. I simply could not leave and live at that point, so her fear would not have been helpful), she forbade me to go international ever again. She pointed to our little girl, who was growing up without me at the time, and “…if you are killed, what will happen to us?…” argument.

                Multi-million dollar life insurance, maybe, but I was in a war zone, which is excluded….

                Wife won.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street comes to mind. Best meat pies in London Town

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                waste not want not…

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Missed one: These guys all had tech jobs, some moved to middle and even top management, made damn good salaries, had nice retirement packages through the union or a managerial plan and are just fine today. Show me that path today! THAT “PATH” IS BEHIND YOU. HATE TO TELL YOU BUT YOU CANNOT GO BACK UNLESS YOU WISH TO DESTROY SOCIETY SO IT HAS TO RETURN TO THOSE DAYS.





      • Thank you! Right, the path is gone. The path that produced a very interesting post WW economy that benefited the WW generation and their kids. The new path? look, we are headed down the road you and Flag think will work. I’m not terribly sure I agree. An awful lot of variables in there.

        My family benefited from immigration, during its pre WW 1 heyday. We were brought in partially to break the back of the nascent unions which we did very well indeed. The immigration pipeline was SHUT DOWN after WW 1. Call it the Red scare or whatever but it was shut down. Then the Depression hit. Ever wonder (I Have) what the depression would have been like if we kept the doors open in that period?

        The war happened, employment became full and the returning GI’s, the sons of those immigrants from the early decades decided that they would not take the shit their fathers did. My uncles who served (8) did not go back to the mines, not one of them. They learned marketable skills, mostly in industry. Some were union, some were management they all understood where the other guy was coming from. When I think back to them, I wonder if a similar set of 8 men would have the same opportunities today even vets. You say yes. I say no both because of the loss of jobs (automation) and the increase of population.

        Don’t get me wrong, there are, as VH says above, the government factors. In addition to messing with the market on education, housing and medicine, people like Andy Cuomo for the sake of politics, have doomed the North of NY State to squalor little better than Appalachia with his ban on Fracking.

        While the 1950’s and ’60’s were not a paradise on earth and we certainly as middle class folks did not have the doo-dads we have today, it was a golden age for most folks. Perhaps it was an aberration. I was one of those fools who thought that we could build on those days and make things better generation after generation. I don’t think so anymore. There are a whole lot of reasons. Perhaps Steve Ambrose was right about that WW 2 generation, they had learned to work together in the sure knowledge that it accomplished things working separately would not.

        I am all in favor of the traditional American rugged individualism but there is a time and place. The Ayn Rand argument against the greater good is interesting but sometimes don’t you wonder if working and sacrificing for the greater good does not in turn allow you a better future? That is you, personally. Think, I pay my workers more, make less of a profit, have a lower employee turn around, less time off, less goofing off and sell more. Do I really lose?

        I’ve often pondered how the Theodore Roosevelt we know emerged from a life of wealth and privilege? You make reference to destroying society. I have often thought that is where he was coming from. He saw the future and he saw where unrestrained capitalism would logically end. Revolution and destruction of the society. I always thought that TR did a magnificent balancing act. He was the right man at the right time in the right place. He saw the changes in society, saw the good coming that would benefit all and thereby benefit America, the great experiment but recognized it could all go very wrong. Being a man, not a God, he did not always get it right and he certainly fell into the trap of thinking himself indispensable. Today TR woudl be equally hated by the left and right. Imagine both restraining capitalism and being against hyphenated Americanism. God forbid, a one language, one culture guy. People who are savaged by both sides equally, tend to get it right I think.

        • Black Flag® says:

          Teddy was a moron and a sociopath. To take lessons from him, you will learn to be stupid and a sociopath.

          He plied his status and his wealth and thought common American was an idiot

          He never had a want that he couldn’t buy. He never knew the concept of “saving”. He never knew the concept of “sacrifice”.

          In his boredom, he placed himself into harms way for a thrill, knowing that his minion idiots, should he actually be in trouble, would rush and die to save him. He laughed at the slaughter.

          He had a very dim view of humanity. There were merely cattle from which to extract his sustenance and fame.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I used to feel he was a pretty savy person. I collected a great deal of his books and others writing about him. The more i read the more I got to feel just like you BF…not quite as bluntly put and moron and sociopath but probably an appropriate description. Grover Cleveland was a mentor in NY politics with Cleveland as an original progressive. Once TR became president and stood on the BULLY pulpit, again aptly named he set the entire stage of the Progressive movement. Enlarged by Wilson and totally expanded by the cousin FDR. TR, Wilson and FDR had little use for congress and thought the people were idiots. FDR was a little more folksie but just as ruthless…..his writings were the first books I purged from my library.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I’m trying to recall which political boss said that by getting TR out of the NY Governors mansion where he really messed with the machines and nominating him to the VP slot with McKinley put him one heartbeat away from the Presidency….Boss Platt? With most machine pols thinking the VP slot would sidetrack and minimize TR. Ha

              Do you even think he gave a moments thought to the sincophants that surrounded him? It would be interesting to get into his papers. The hero worshipers on the republican side would ignore that trait and the Dems could equally say he was the foundation their heros Wilson and FDR stood on, so this might be ignored by historians…..Christ all mighty Colombia is still pissed at how the canal zone was formed.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        One of the factors of the perfect storm back in ’29 was the anti-immigration caused by the Red scares and Yellow scares. In the northeast the throat of the mills was cut by limited amount of immigrants. The textile industry never recovered….The scene in the “Grapes of Wrath” when Joad came home and his family was getting kicked out of the sharecropping position they were in. In the back ground was a dozer and a big furrowing machine doing the work in a matter of hours what it would have taken the sharecropper weeks to do. I’d bet that displace more workers than the dust bowl. NOT researched and confirmed, just a quess.

        • Black Flag® says:

          Always review the difference between economic law and the human response to economic law.

          A backhoe improves the productivity of a worker. This may displace less productive workers. Economic law.

          Whether those workers appeal to politics to reverse the productivity, or take the lesson and learn a new skill (backhoe operator) is a human response.

          If society allows the lesson to be reversed, the society becomes backward. If they take the lesson and advance, they progress.

          Short term pain, for sure. Long term gain, for sure, when one accepts productivity.

          The problems is not the individual’s reaction to the change, the problem is the State.
          If the State cannot interfere with the economics, progress is assured.
          If the State interferes with the economics, progress is retarded or reversed.

          As I said previously, the mindset between “what is good for my grandchildren vs what is good for me” is fundamental.

        • Black Flag® says:

          Humans seem to tend to wait until past the last minute to believe their situation has changed.

          Joad could not be ignorant of the existence of the dozer. He merely ignored it “…it won’t happen to me…”, and then when it inevitably does, he pretends he is “…surprised…” and the consequences slam hard.

          People hold to their myths harder then they hold to reality. Reality demands change and response. Myths demand nothing, it is air, nothing. Given a choice between hard change and “nothing”…. many chose the soft, easy, myth. “…I believe in miracles!….”

          I’m reminded of the first of Nolan’s Batman movies when Bruce Wayne enters the League of Shadows.
          “Are you ready for your first lesson?”…
          “I’ve just climbed a mountain, I’m exhausted and haven’t eaten for days..”

          WHAM! POW! KICK! SLUG!


          Well, same with economic law, as with all laws of the Universe.
          You can pretend to ignore these laws, but they never pretend to ignore you

        • Black Flag® says:

          To highlight the difference in mindsets.

          When our daughter was still in the womb, wife and I had a dialogue.
          I urged that the wife quit her work and raise and homeschool our child. We can do simple math and knew by mere multiplication, the lost income was over $2 million over the education years of the kid.

          On top of that, we’d be subjected to having to live on one income, with 3x or more of the expenses. Lost income married to increase expenses…. not looking good for our “retirement years”.

          On top of that, we knew we’d have to pay TWICE for the education. We’d be forced to fund the public school, yet get no benefit, and still have to pay all the expenses of home education out of our pocket….. even more expense drain…

          The fundamental question came to be: “…are we parents with a child or a child with parents…”

          The former meant we’d sacrifice the big house, the cars, vacations, the toys, the comfortable retirement…
          the latter meant we’d sacrifice our kid to be raised by strangers. This meant I’d probably work until I die, I wouldn’t be able to “save” enough to cover “retirement at 65” for both of us.

          But the loss of our kid to strangers scared us to death. I’d would work til my death bed so that she would have everything her mother and her father could give her.

          Now, years later, it is the best deal I’ve made in my life.

          My kid is beyond outstanding. And, she also learned what it means to be a parent, and when the time comes, she will be equally ready to do what is necessary for her kids too.

          I have good friends whose attitude is “the kid will figure it out on their own, I have a life too”

          So far, the difference is absolutely telling. Their kid isn’t “bad…. yet” but the signs are not comforting. Now, of course, years later, my friends are fretting “…what the hell is going wrong with our kids???…” The natural parent instinct that children must excel above their parents is hitting them now, but too late. They have no time to change their course.

          But they have a big house, a pool, 4 luxury cars, and go on an annual month long trip to Malta. They have a great retirement fund that will allow them this lifestyle for a couple of decades (though, they will be in trouble past that if they live that long).

          Me, I know I’m working til I die. No mystery in my future. No big threat either.

          But the big difference is the kids. Mine, today, is 6 months from her flight instructor license. She will be 19 years old, teaching others how to fly planes.

          Theirs, having a great time partying with “the crowd’.

  6. I feel pretty strongly that the work week should be returned to 40 hrs as full time. Also noted this statement:

    “There is limited evidence that the current health reform has caused any significant shift towards part-time work in any industry,” Fugere said.”

    None the less he is sure that raising the work week back to 40 hrs will cause employers to cut hrs.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Pretty telling, that “logic” being used by Warren and Murry. Company extends employee work week, pays thousands more a year in wages and this is a “subsidy”.

      The CBO is NOT non partisan. This is a great lie perpetrated by both parties depending on whether they get the answers they want. The CBO does their analysis based on the questions they receive, and they know full well that Congress butters their bread.

      They do not taint the data or make stuff up. But they do not have all the skills needed, nor information, to make proper analysis much of the time. Notice how the Dems have been trying to use CBO as their trump card on ACA all along. They, Dems, doctored the analysis by structuring the legislation to defer costs beyond the budget analysis period of 10 and 20 years. The CBO analyzed what they were given.

      And this ploy is known as the Appeal to authority fallacy.

      • Funny how the right or wrong of something is judged by the loss of revenue. The government comes up with a plan that is supposed to help the working man but suddenly even if it hurts the working man-the case is made that it should stay because it will hurt revenue if it goes away. So much for caring about anyone except themselves. And besides the revenue is a stupid fine on business based on nothing but wanting to punish business.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Congress set the rules exactly how the CBO could score the costs of ACA. After the bill passed and then the CBO got ALL the information was now able do a better job of scoring and it is coming in seriously higher…still not accurate because the regulators keep changing the rules….. sounds just like the climate change gurus. Pick the data to support the model. Toss anything that contradicts the preordained model.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Putting aside my personal views on this for a moment, lets address the POLICY purpose of the “40 hour” work week.

      Its current use is to determine the lower threshold for Govt. MANDATED overtime pay. Thus work above this point gets overtime.

      So using it to establish a threshold for Health Insurance makes not sense, but neither does 30 hours, or 20 hours for that matter.

      If the goal is two fold, that is get employees covered by insurance without Govt subsidy, AND keeping people working as much as possible then the answer is to require ALL EMPLOYEES be covered by health insurance.

      This would incentivize employers to provide the maximum work hours possible per employee. Because health insurance is a “fixed cost” per employee.

      The down side is that work that requires less than full time might be eliminated due to the increased “fixed cost”.

      The claims that ACA did not really increase part time labor is based on some studies done by left wing think tanks, but using Govt data. Statistically the rise in part time is not that great. But these studies were done before the last round of penalties and requirements kicked in. And the guy making the comment is in the pizza business. Many in the “restaurant” industry rely on more part time people anyway. Or they send people home if things get slow, creating part time wages from a full time job.

      It is pretty hard to extrapolate anything from the restaurant industry to other businesses. But you will see BOTH sides try to use it to make a point.

      NOW, back to MY views. The arguments about efficiency, part time vs. full time, etc, etc.. are all BULLDOOKEY in the first place. Every time a Republican/Conservative stoops to arguing over the economics of a Fascist policy they validate the Fascist policy.

      Gov.t dictates of health insurance policy is IMMORAL. Govt provided health insurance or health care is IMMORAL. The Constitution does not give Congress this authority. The SCOTUS has become a rubber stamp for Fascist economic and social policies.

      • Well I can’t disagree with your logic that if their intent is to supply everyone with insurance than they would simply make it mandatory across the board. But since I don’t believe they have the right to demand business supply heath insurance in the first place it isn’t a idea I could agree with. At the very least, as a compromise as long as we have this stupid policy-perhaps they should exempt business’s that are historically part time like restaurant work.

  7. I listened to a few of the speeches in Iowa yesterday: Cruz, Palin, Fiorina, Perry, & Trump. The two that stood out for me were The Donald and Carly. Both were more businesslike and straight forward. Both have management experience. Cruz and Perry were typical politicians although Perry has an established track record. I do not think we need another one term freshman Senator who as not had management experience. Palin gave her normal folksy parable filled speech. It was a little disjointed but every parable had a point. I like her grit and view of issues but do not think she would be a good president.

    Trump’s analysis of Bush and Romney was right on. We do not need any more Bushes, Clintons or a another Romney loss. I would rather see a governor or businessman fill the role. I heard Jindel talk a few days ago and would like to see more of him. I would also like to see more of Walker. Christie is out. Carson is intriguing but has no political experience and probably limited management experience. I would nominate him for Surgeon General and task him with developing a viable healthcare plan.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought for the day.

    Perhaps instead of trying to discourage people from immigrating to the USA we should focus on ENCOURAGING certain people to emigrate, in large numbers.

  9. Does anyone remember those old things we grew up having called savings accounts?

  10. @Black Flag

    Good Day Pirate 🙂 Hope today finds you and your family healthy.

    Lots of folks talking about very bed things going to happen economically in Europe. What’s your thoughts on the State of the world economy?

    • Let’s see.

      The EuroBank stated that they will do their Q/E to a tune of a trillion Euro.
      So the Swiss bailed, undermining the Euro.

      Greece has elected a Leftist Gov’t that will not follow the EU demands for “austerity” (which isn’t austerity, but whatever). Greece will abandon Euro and go to Drachma, undermine the Euro.

      Russia cutoff Natural Gas to Europe via Ukraine. There is about a month’s supply left.

      Ukraine attempted an offensive against the Eastern Rebels, and were obliterated. Eastern Rebels have started their counter offensive, and I doubt will stop until Eastern Ukraine is liberated, and maybe they might not stop there.

      The US is caught between a rock and a hard place with oil. Lots of small US companies will be gone in 6 months. A recession looms.

      It is uncertain, but hold on to your hat. It could be worse then 1998.

        • Black Flag® says:

          “The U.S. military will conduct joint exercises with Ukrainian forces in the spring, said Lt. Gen. Frederick Hodges, commander of U.S. Army Europe, who was part of a U.S. military delegation visiting Kiev this week. Ukrainian servicemen will be trained to set up communications posts and defend against Russian artillery, among other tasks.”

        • Black Flag® says:

          “Poroshenko has been mobilizing Ukraine. “Under a decision by the National Security and Defense Council of December 20, 2014, a fourth mobilization wave is beginning on January 20, and two more will be held in April and June”

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        My non-economist trained opinion, only personal observation and talking with friends still living in Europe.

        The EU “super” government is making rule in opposition to most of the peoples wishes. They are appointees, not elected. Seriously pissing people off, but they then are prosecuted for offending.

        Eliminating competing companies in the new EU countries so they will not hurt those existing in Germany and France. Then blowing off the “new” unemployed by saying well move to Germany and see if you can get a job there.

        Or saying as a condition of joining the EU Croatia had to either stop producing a wine that has been made for over 2000 years and had a name similar in pronunciation to the Italian Prosecco which is a trademark name only < 2 decades old…whereas the Croatian wine is a sweet desert wine and can not be mistaken except by EU bureaucrats.

        The EU would have been better off just relieving just the trade barriers, everyone keep their currency and remove resident travel resistrictions. Rise and fall independantly of each other.

        I do not know how they are surviving the energy crunches they have to be having. The stuff not flowing through Ukraine…their disruption of Libya who was a major source of light sweet crude. Their "green" revolution causing surcharges out the ying yang. Shutting down many nuclear assets at least in Germany in response to Japans problem. I do not believe the North Sea gas and oil is shared across the whole EU, but only by those countries bordering the North Sea.

        Their immigration issue is light years ahead of us as a source of trouble. Most immigrants are polar opposite in customs and beliefs. Here, most up until last year were from SOB and other than being hispanic, culturally, not all together different, just work put food on the table, raise a family and send anything left over back home to those left behind.

        The EU will fade away or might go quickly…Italy will certainly be next.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Didn’t the Fed loan the ECB the money they needed the other year. I seem to remember a meeting in the US and the Obama having a news conference saying the loan will not cost the US taxpayers anything…being the FED is not the government.

        • Black Flag® says:

          It won’t, if you don’t include inflation…..

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            insert smily face here…the fed had to buy european bonds just like they buy the US bonds and I assume they printed dollars not euros. Deluting the $ further…is that not logical?

            • Black Flag® says:

              Yep, and one day, it will come home.

              The Fed will always manufacture money, but (other than in the late 1920’s) have never consumed money.

              The false boogyman of “deflation” will never allow them to unwind an increase in the supply of money, no matter how large that increase happens to be.

              • Oh…it is going to come home… a homesick brick…..however, we feel that the dollar will be the surviving currency world wide…..there is no one else that has the boat to float.

      • Watch transportation…the Euro is on its way out I think…never had much of a chance…China is no worry but I do not see a global recession…..debts are stacking up all over the world and there is nothing to pay them with….

        • Black Flag® says:

          One of my measure of recession is when gold is priced higher then platinum…..
          Will check the Baltic Shipping stats….

          • Good measure………we watch shipping very carefully and we watch the gold buying and the trading of metals very carefully as well. All these fear tactics of the gold sellers warning about China is a hoot to watch….they are in a no win situation….the commercial gold sellers have created their own Ponzi and do not know how to get out of it…

            I would recommend staying away from metals futures…and I cannot tell you how many friends that I have holding gold “certificates” ….it is amazing how gullible people are to economics and most cannot see past their nose….they actually think they can go somewhere and cash that “certificate” and they also think they can take a gold ingot into a Federal Bank and exchange it for money…..unbelievable.

            Palladium is an interesting metal to trade in….but the problem is… is all futures and Russia is trying to control the output thereby manipulating the pricing…

            China is something to watch in its currency manipulations..they are very adept at this and financing their military now…in two years China will have a navy that rivals the US.

            • I’ve noticed copper is down as well, which many claim is because China is slowing. Currency wars, trade wars, and next up is……….

            • Colonel, There are quite a few folks in the UN that are calling for a one world currency. IF, and a big if, the idiots within the many governments decide that shooting off a few nukes would help them somehow, I would say that all bets are off when it comes to any countries economics/currencies.

              • I would not worry about a one world currency……not in our lifetime.

              • Agreed.
                The Euro shows how impossible such a thing would be.

                Can you imagine Argentina in such a global currency? Venezuela? They’d make the Greek fiasco look like kindergarten.

              • I think kindergarten was to nice…….romper room rejects would be my call. Oh, it is pretty cool how all of a sudden everyone has forgotten Venezuela…once touted by the left as a working society…….lol

    • 1 – really, really hope Scott Walker doesn’t run. We need him for one more term that is not full or recalls and protestors and all the other crap his first term had. Need a lot more work done in our state and it builds his resume even more.

      2 – to all SUFAites in the northeast – you are supposedly getting a snowstorm. Get food, get gas, get water. Prepare!! You all haven’t done so great in the past.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Being hyped as a historic storm….going to be hard to beat the 1888 march blizzard. It will be peddled as “climate change” and the government has to do something about it. Yes bury the power lines so trees will not take out power lines. Always had alternate heat sources such as wood fires and always had gas cooking….and a good supply of fleece lined slippers and quilts…..and never used base board heating systems but stayed with forced air. Get your water lines off the outside walls and run them up inside the central core…..oh that’s right the storm is hitting there now,

        • Black Flag® says:

          Well, I guess it is a blessing that I have to deal with -40 to -50 every year. Sorta get used to getting ready.

          Yet today, it was 48F up here. Not good. Water over ice…. mine stopped in place for a bit… too slippery and dangerous.

          But no worries, -10 coming next week.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            When I stilled lived in Vermont just a few miles below the Canadian border, we had about 2-3 months of the temps never getting above zero. Every night dropped to between -30 – -40 below. We only lost power for a few times one evening due to the power company had to switch our power to other communities who had lost their power source. They’d power us up to get the houses warm again then switch it away. NOT lines down, they just plain ran out. We had 100% hydro and it never failed. The only problem is our rates would triple in the wintertime. Not due to usage, but by law the power companies can not cut off power to those who do not pay their bills. “life endangering” The companies just passed on the LOST revenue to those that would pay their bills. The dams were put in during the 30’s when the massive storms in ’36 took out most of the towns along the rivers. They put in the dams 1st for flood control and then got a fringe benefit of perpetual power. The enviros want the dams pulled out and replaced with wind mills which now line the hills behind the town….erratic expensive power and an eyesore. Instead of seeing Mt Mansfield or the Adirondacks you see turbines. No fringe recreational value like whitewater below the dams, canoeing and boating and fishing in the lakes. Plus a nice water resevoir for drinking water.

    • I really like Sarah Palin-but I’ve seen many quotes and stuff lately that I don’t think someone who talks about running for office should say-I know that most people who like her, like me, sometimes think these things, talk that way and laugh when they read about them. But Sarah needs to be careful that she doesn’t slip from being thought of as a red blooded American that people like me can relate to-into a person who is thought of as a smart-a##. Because I personally believe she is a lot smarter than she is given credit for-and with the way she has been treated I think she has handled it with a lot more grace than I would have.

      • Agree. She is very effective taking stabs at all the statists – both the R and D version.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Kathy….I believe Sarah Palin is very smart…certainly smarter that McCain and especially Biden. Unfortunately people will never treat her with respect especially Dems who are the self proclaimed womens rights champions because she actually good looking. And she doesn’t have the high and mighty degree from HAAAvard or Yale or Princeton. Good looking women are considered air heads. If she looked like Jeanne Kirkpatrick or Madeline Albright or as frumpy as Hillary she’d be treated differently. Condeleeza Rice is one of the most put together people on this earth, smart, talented, well spoken, speaks clearly and concisely even in adhoc situations, good looking, came up from nothing, doesn’t subscibe to corn pone jive talk when required and look how she was and still is treated. Object on point of view politically and constructively but the abuse that has been heaped on them it’s shameful.

          She was used by the RNC and thrown under the bus. My opinion they thought she would do as she would be told and were stunned when they discovered she had a mind. Her mistake was to accept the VP nomination and ultimately give up her governorship due to the frivolous suits against her and her family. Similar to what happened to Scott Walker, but at least then the RNC backed him. Once he starts indicating he will break the RINO’s rice bowl he will be crushed as promised by McCain and the republican leadership..

          • I believe you are correct Dale.

            • There was a great thing on the radio the other day, possibly even NPR about Margaret Thatcher. They played clips of her speaking long before she became PM. Then they played speeches she made after becoming Prime Minister. The speech expert who was the guest talked about the classes she took to slow her speech down and deepen her voice. She also learned how to properly emphasize specific words and thoughts in a sentence. That, is what Sarah Palin needs. Sorry but she has a voice and a delivery only slightly less painful than fingernail on a blackboard. There is a lot out there in that lady but she has become a cartoon character. She would have done well to have studied Bill Buckley’s delivery on firing line. Hell somebody should have her watch the old Margaret Thatcher and the one who took Britain to war in the Falklands and helped Reagan and the Pope collapse the Soviet Union.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The whinny voice has to go. Also slow down……Churchill practiced and practiced a speech and even anticipated jabs so he was prepared for what appeared to be extemporaneus (sp) comebacks, but were also rehearsed……most pols especially Obama take each speech and even tailor their speech patterns. You lose all sense of who they are and ultimately what they stand for.

              • Well, that’s for a fake, phony, fraud like the big O. Churchill, who was dyslexic and a stutterer crafted a voice and delivery that is still amazing.

  11. Wow-Look at how many states have gay marriage-not because the people agreed but because one man in a robe declared it.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I believe in the “experiment” section, I said that years ago the SCOTUS kicked back to the States as their responsibility on what defines marriage. So most States then did that. Now you have Federal courts, “baby” supreme courts ruling the marriage rules defined by the States are unconstitutional. Usually citing the 14th amendment. Why didn’t the SCOTUS kill this argument by saying so all those years ago or coming down on the lower courts saying we’ve ruled on this….it is not at all about marriage, but who will continue receiving benefits after one or the other dies.

    • You may have noticed the language the media uses when it reports on the stories. Most recently Florida. I must have heard 20 times, “Another state has approved gay marriage joining the X number of states where it is already approved”. Them what controls the language, controls the debate. The uninformed and misinformed really don’t know that the courts have jammed this down the throats of the states. What are there five states out of 37 where the legislatures have actually voted it in?

  12. @Buck, Are you in this blizzards path or will it go North of you?

    @SK, Good luck and stay warm!

    • Figure those two can handle it. I was thinking about Mathius and his battery operated heated jacket. I know he’s hatin’.

    • A typical media hyped, “Storm of the century”. Back when I was a kid………….

    • Looks like a nice light snow, not like the wet stuff the other day. About an inch on the ground at 11AM. Probably be a lot of drifting today and tonight. If it stays light, the power outages should be limited.

      That Halloween ice storm a few years back, that was something I’d never seen before. Trees down all over the place. The one memory i will take with me to the grave was when I parked the new car two blocks away where there were no trees then walked back through the park. Got to the rise by the local school and looked out over our big open park commons surrounded by trees. Loud cracks followed by puffs of snow blowing off the broken branches, followed by booms and falling branches from the tops of 80 year old oaks. It was a constant rumble. Looked out over it all and thought of what I had seen and heard about tree bursts during the Battle of the Bulge. Pretty interesting.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Last night I was thinking “I wonder why I haven’t seen any articles from Krugman lately”?

    Then this morning the clown show is back. But I must thank him for so clearly revealing the TRUTH of his economic theories. Read closely to understand what he is saying.

    Spend, then when times are tough spend some more, and when the debt is so high it is smothering you, just default. After all, it is the stupid bankers fault for lending you the money. Mr. Krugman and those like him should be on the EMIGRATION list.

    • He is a lying sack of bull.
      “…savage cuts…”

      The facts: Greek government expenditures
      2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
      46.8 50.5 54.0 52.1 53.7 53.8 59.2

      Don’t know about you, but I don’t see any cuts at all, let alone “savage”

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Perhaps this tells the stories Krugman is spinning.

        Although he does claim that Govt “employment” has dropped. Time to look for more data.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Here is one of Krugman’s graphs. Wonder how he gets such different results for “REAL” govt. spending?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Oh my! Mr. Krugman seems to have his cause and effect backwards. Kind of like the CO2 and temp data. This data dyslexia must be a common trait among the left.

    • I think that we really need a KABOOM! out there to drive this thing home. Of course they will probably blame it on the Koch brothers but what the hell.

      I find it interesting that when I argue deficits, even with my contemporaries, they have no memory of the 21% mortgages (and 16% CD’s) of the early ’80’s. It is like it can’t ever happen. As much as I dislike Jimmy Carter he did inherit the bills that came due for the War on Poverty and the War in Vietnam.

  14. I cannot believe that the United States is trading known terrorists for hostages….unbelievable.

  15. 911 – we are out of kale. Hilarious! Lots of funny stuff on Twitchy re snowmagedon.

  16. The wussification of NY continues!

    Looks now like this storm will be a bust in No. NJ and NYC. Nothing happening for the past couple hours and the talking weatherheads are fighting over 3 inch piles of snow to point out on the TV. Some terrific shots of plows plowing 1/2 inch accumulations on City streets.

    I am shocked though at the following:

    NYC parks close after 6PM (possible falling branches)
    Buses shut down after 11 PM
    Reduced schedule on the LIRR and NJ Transit lines.
    The subway (SUBWAY!) shutting down after 11PM
    Schools and offices had early dismissal today
    Schools and office closed tomorrow

    The best for last. Governor Cuomo announces that anyone driving on any road in NY State after 11PM will be “breaking the law and committing a crime”.

    As a young man in the dating mode and even when first married, I used to love winter storms in NY. There was something magical about taking a walk to the park and through it. The wife and I used to take the 5 foot flexible flyer over to Inwood Hill park and ride it well past 10PM and we weren’t the only ones.

    I guess fun must be outlawed in the name of public safety. Sounds like the old Soviet Union to me.

    • I’m not shocked at all, nothing new in the era of exaggeration. The Liberal leaders just love DICTATING what people will and will not do don’t they? They should all be hanged by lamp posts. I couldn’t live where you live SK, just couldn’t do it.

      • Still early SK, don’t get to overconfident just yet, Mother nature is no woman to be messed with 🙂

        • Look, a foot is nothing! Eighteen inches is nothing, two feet is nothing. Been there and done all that. Got some terrific shots of myself at one year old in my stroller on Broadway after the blizzard of “47, snow up over the handles. Mom kept this old photo from the Front page of the newspaper Sunday color magazine section until it fell to pieces. A shot of 7th Ave in NYC after the storm with 20 buses stacked up and abandoned. Dad, before it crumbled, had a friend’s wife, an amateur painter do it in oil, and I grew up with it on the living room wall. Tough breed we used to be in New York City! Dig your damn car out, have it plowed in again, move it and then have to dig out a space to park it in. THAT was life in NY. No wussies allowed.

          Get the irony of closing the subways?

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Don’t they ban cars parking on the street when the city needs to plow? I remember the buried cars in Brooklyn, like the VW in “Sleeper” In VT when the plows went through you absolutely cleared the end of the driveway. If not by morning you’d have a 6 ft wall of ice that needed an axe to cut it out. Also in VT never a snow day in 15 years there……..what’s the logic of closing the subway’s….It may not be true today but in Chicago in the 70’s if the sidewalk got cleared in front of a place of business the owner was libel for injury. Nobody including the city cleaned the sidewalks. The drifts in front of a door might be several feet and you carefully slid to the door. Coming out was a little trickier.

            • Nah, only on the major streets like Broadway. There is absolutely no place to put all the cars in built up areas like Manhattan and most of the Bronx. Back when I was dating in the ’60’s Saturday night (Sunday morning) I’d spend at least an hour on average looking for a space in Washington Heights. As a kid I can still remember when there actually were spaces available before the economy got so hot in the mid to late ’50’s. The kiss of death was the transition to a lower income Hispanic neighborhood in the ’70’s when it seemed everybody had a Gypsy cab and two extra Chevy’s for parts. That was when you would see at least two abandoned, sometimes burned out cars up on milk crates on every block. Ah, those wonderful NY City memories.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                There’s no place to put them was sort of my point. Like left side right side parking at times of the day and everyone running out to move them……SK…you’d remember when Jack Paar did a skit driving on the East or West side parkway. He’s got this big brand new caddie pushing everyone aside. He hits some road debris, old car parts, and gets a flat. Pulls to the shoulder. There is a call box about 100 yards up the road. he’s calling and a bunch of guys jump the fence..bada bing bada boom…no tires. He chases them looks back more people are stealing things like the battery. It was like a shark frenzy. Finally a tractor trailer stops and the driver gets out and takes Paar by the shoulder giving him comfort, while the back doors open up and a team with air guns totally strip the car right to the chassis. The truck pulls off and Paar sees just the frame on cinder blocks…the final insult was one of NYC finest had his boot on the frame writing him a ticket for having junk on the highway.

              • Somewhere out there on the internet along with the great ABC story on the town in Oregon blowing up the dead whale, there is a story about an M-60 tank being abandoned by a civilian hauler on the Queens side of the Whitestone Bridge. By the time somebody realized it was missing, it had been stripped.

                The “Naked City” TV show used to end with a sonorous voice saying “There are eight million stories in the Naked City”. Another one was the stolen Trailways bus taken from the terminal on West 40th Street. I still have two “Wanted Poster” ads put out by Trailways at the time. It was found a year later, repainted with fake papers, and the driver/thief was using it (no kidding) to take families of inmates up to the Upstate NY prisons every weekend. Literally door to door service. Johnny Carson had a good night when he brought that one up.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I honestly never remember a day of school called for snow in Woodstock. You most definitely walked to school or should I say sledded and tobogan or skied. The only thing asked by the Woodstock Country Club is that we stay off the areas where the greens were. They marked them clearly….we never abused the privilege. Only during the winter could we cut across the club….How many people here remember having big outdoor parties along frozen rivers or lakes. Bon fires, hot chocolate, grilling, everyone wearing the red and black checked coats. I’m sure the parents had some mix of high test in their chocolate.. Playing “crack the whip” and lest I forget idiot mittens……even went skating with my brother up to an old spring fed field pond. We alway knew that the springs were warmer and caused a thin circular pattern. STAY AWAY. But no I had to see how close I could get. Crack, up to my arm pits only because I got my arms spread. Got out…the outside of the snow suit froze and got dragged home on a sled like a log…..great memories…while in California, us kids (from the east) would make good money at the base of a mountain that the CHP would NOT close but just require chains….standard equipment somewhere in the wheelwell that most west coasters had not a clue on how to install them.

      • They still don’t.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Amen brother T-Ray, amen.

          • We had snow days in the Midwest when I was a kid. We typically used 2-3/yr. The snow there was a little different than on the east coast. Most east coast storms do not have a lot of wind except right along the shore. So there is very little drifting. In the Midwest, we could easily get 6′ – 10′ drifts. I have seen snow up to the phone lines and yet a 1/4 mile away in the middle of a field would be bare dirt. I have seen roads get plowed out everyday for a week but be drifted shut every morning.

            I moved to Acton, MA on a Saturday in Feb ’78 and went to work my first day on Monday morning in Lexington. Left work about 3 pm and took over 2 hrs to get home, just 20 mi. Did not work the rest of the week because the roads were closed. The next morning we had 30″ on the ground. By 2 pm we had the apartment complex sidewalks all shoveled and had started on the parking lots when and end loader finally showed up.

            Since I had just moved in, I did not have much food in the house, didn’t have much cash to buy anyway. Walked up the road over a mile to package store and got a six pack and some light eats. By Thursday I said to hell with this and drove to the nearest grocery store for food. So they overreacted even back then.

            • Cities have more snow days than the rural schools. Out here, if buses can’t run, we have teams of volunteers trained and licensed to take the kids in the SUV’ 4×4’s. We see them all the time in winter as buses will run late if they go the whole route in winter. We have had a Ice day once and a it’s just too damn cold day (-25 windchill). Nobody travels these mountains when there’s ice, unless you plan on getting stranded at the bottom of a big hill at a creek bottom. We have had some frigid temps the last couple winters. when it’s -5 and a 20 mph wind, I’d keep my kids home too. During the blizzard of ’78, had a whole week off 🙂

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                During that cold spell in ’78 the based moved the people who lived on base to the houses of those that didn’t. Government shutting facilities. The water tower on base also froze. You should have seen how we thawed it out without bursting the tanks. Appalachian mtns WVA.
                Major portions of the Chesapeake froze and the James definitely did. The oil could not get to the distribution pipelines in the Richmond/Petersburg area.

                So how much snow did finally come down in the N/E?

              • If your talking about ’78, we only had 13 inches in NE Ohio, but the cold and the wind made it really bad. As far as the recent storm, it’s not over yet.

              • back in the olden days we never had days off in NY in public or parochial school. That was before the bus-industrial complex was created. You have to visualize this. In my part of Manhattan, six blocks wide, you had elementary schools located on 165th Street, 170th Street, 173rd Street, 176th Street, 182nd Street and two on 188th because Manhattan had opened up to nine blocks wide and the elevations at Ft. Washington and Ft. George (Revolutionary War sites) were over 160 feet with a valley (Broadway) in between. Neat part was, if you lived in the valley, you got, as a kid, to take these huge subway elevators up to street level where the schools were. Catholic Schools were a little farther apart, 155th, 165th, 175th, 185th. You know, I never noticed the ten block spread before!

                Anyway, today, in the big cities, with all those schools still operating and some even supplemented by huge additions for less kids than they had in the Baby Boom, we have buses all over the neighborhood. The side streets become impassable after 2:30 PM . You would have to ask the “educators” why this is. While you are at it, try and get them to explain where Jr. High (middle schools) came from. I’ve never been able to get an answer to that particular phenomena. It just seems to exist because it exists.

              • Had maybe 6 inches. Christie, DeBlasio and Cuomo sure had egg on their collective faces this morning. Cuomo is promising to install his own NY State weather service to prevent this from happening again. Geez, wonder who will pay for that?

              • P.S. New England got clobbered by God for cheating! They may have just invited the “curse of the Babe” back for the next 75 years.

    • Old rope a dope? Don’t mean nothin.

      Funny, even Reagan, the teflon President as my lib friends referred to him still had his last years clouded by Iran-Contra. This turkey gets away with it. Even Clinton, no matter how hard the media tried, spent his last years with Paula Jones and the others hanging around his neck. Not this sterling character. Nosireebob, not this guy.

      • Well it certainly should be a problem for him-he actually traded terrorist to get this guy released-something we supposedly don’t do-but he not only did it, he did it at a time where terrorist were and still are beheading people. We didn’t do anything to get them released because we supposedly don’t negotiate for the release of prisoners. GRRRRRRR!

      • But if you stop and think about it-this fits right into Obama’s other actions-He couldn’t make who he stands with and what he stands for any clearer. Look at what events and who’s funerals he decides to attend or at least send the VP too.

    • When Obama spoke with Bergdahl’s parents next to him, I knew then and there that anything good he had to say was a lie, so I forgot what he said. Then suddenly, I recall the words “honor and dignity”, only to think neither deserves such words.

  17. Watched the HBO documentary last night on the making of the Bernstein/Hitchcock documentary of the Holocaust in ’45-’46 and the fact that it was never finished due to the cold war.

    At 68 I am much more affected that I was watching similar things back as a young man. I remember all the footage released when the Israelis tried Adolph Eichman, I remember being much more aware of the survivors around me in my heavily Jewish neighborhood.

    Last night there was the footage of the former SS guards , male and female forced to bury the dead. As they threw these skeletal bodies into the mass graves guarded by British and American soldiers, I wondered at the control of those soldiers who resisted kicking the SOB’s into the graves to rot along with their victims. Vengeance is a powerful emotion.

  18. So they are making fun of a Martin Luther King quote-wonder how they will back out of that one.

  19. Didn’t Pelosi go to Syria without Presidential approval?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      If you are referring to her and other senior dems going and meeting with Assad during Bush’s term of office. Absolutely no State of Presidential sanction. They did it to stick it to Bush who was marginalizing Assad as a supporter of terror. Even Hillary as SOTUS went and met with Assad and declared that he was a real progressive guy and that the US can work with him.

      • In the light of what has happened since especially in Libya, I tend to agree with her accidental judgement,.

        I like that old FDR quote, “He may be a sonofabitch but he’s our sonofabitch”.

  20. I’d call it blackmail-she isn’t telling secrets in order to shun these people-she is trying to use the information to silence them. Woman should be kicked out of office.

  21. I guess this is that vacuum D13 was talking about. This is what is happening and is gonna continue to happen and grow in strength -I find it a scary situation and really have trouble buying the idea that it isn’t a direct threat to this Country and to our allies.

  22. As far as weather, it’s been in the fifties during the day for the last week or so and is supposed to hit the 60’s by thursday. 🙂

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day.

    How do you get fiercely independent Americans to give up their freedom and accept socialist dogma?

    You build on the basic human emotion of jealousy and envy. You convince them that someone else is using the system to their advantage, then you convince them this advantage is at their expense. They are now ready to support the idea of using Govt. Force to get even, to get what is supposedly “justly theirs”. To “level the playing field”.

    And thus the American values of individual freedom, liberty and justice were delegated to the dust bins of history. It did not die with cries of outrage or even that symbolic standing ovation. It died to proclamations about “fairness”.

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just caught an AP headline. The EU head of anti-terroristism says that they will use rehabilitation instead of jail on those jihadist returning from the M/E. Says if they have blood on their hands that is different. What just have them fill out a form and check their iphone for selfies? I have always been trying to figure out HOW we will determine if a rebel is moderate and then receive material support and training from the US or one with a more extreme viewpoint. Just have one member interviewed and return, then pass out the quiz before hand.

    Wasn’t there attempts years ago to rehab Moonies? Also all the psycho-babble about with good rehab you can change a homosexual into a straight person. I do not believe either program worked,

    • Rehab means letting them go…..just watch. And within 48 hours…..they will be dead and not from drone strikes.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Sort of what happened during Munich and the Bader Meinhof prisoners that the terrorist wanted released. I believe the Germans executed them in their cells and then reported back to the terrorists, you demand WHAT? Do you really believe the Europeans still have what it will take? Like the way, correct me if I’m wrong on my terminology, French Action Direct, seriously used extreme prejudice.

  25. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Earlier this AM snow was falling at a rate of 4″/hour in Portland Maine. They will get a dyed in the wool nor’easter.

  26. You can’t make this up………..the over blown weather forecast…being blamed on the computer models………and these are the same computer models that have predicted terrible global warming issues in 20 years with complete accuracy…

    So, let me see if I have this correct…..the big weather guru that used the same computers and computer models to predict with total accuracy ( his words ) the effects of global warming in 20 years blames the missed weather forecast on the same computer and computer the past week…..and we are supposed to believe that the models that missed the weather within a week is going to be totally accurate 20 years from now.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Makes total sense to me…hah….they were predicting 3″ of rain and flooding here from the storm that passed through to the NE. Never came close. A few years ago when I still lived in Raleigh the weather guru’s flat out over and over predicting just a fewe inches of snow from a storm coming up from the Atlanta way. Not only was their angles off, but all they had to do is stick their head out the window and smell the air. It was so ozone laden. Up in NE every storm that really buried us from the south 100% of the time carried that smell. At my house in Raleigh, got just under 3 feet. I had run to the store and got supplies. Took a week to get the area dug out. The main roads were clear within 24 hours. you just had to get to them.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      My home weather station which does have computer modeling built in has been more accurate. I have some old weather instruments designed back when the Beagle and Darwin made their voyage have been more accurate. I can even tell which direction the storm is coming from without looking at the dopplar radar images.

  27. Russia…..just downgraded….to junk status

    Germany and Central Bank says no to Greece….no bailout.

    Germany to Spain and Belgium… more loans.

    Get ready !!!

    • Obama has certainly succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

    • Black Flag® says:

      Not only in Europe, but for me too!

      Massive reorganization in my dept.

      I’ve been transferred from the Mine to the Field Operations, Conventional Oil,effective immediately. My last few hours in the mine….

      It’s lateral, but all things considered, a bit better.

      I’m now home every night, no more flying in and out, much more independence, get my brand new company vehicle to use at my whim, and an extra 2 weeks vacation at Christmas! over and above my regular vacation days. Whoohoo! 9.5 weeks a year! Finally a Christmas day off in, oh, about a decade!

      No more working in sub-zero winters or unbearably hot summers and bugs!

      I’ll miss the mine. It was an absolute hoot of a time.
      …now to pack up 3 years of stuff out of my camp room….UGG!….

      • Congrats Flag, Glad to hear you will be home more often!

      • Congrats BF!

        • Black Flag® says:

          Thanks, but fully honest, I have tear in my eyes.

          I loved the Mine.

          It was intense, dangerous, powerful, the first domino in the global economy. It is hard to leave it.

          The people working here are real heroes. They don’t know it, almost no one else knows it.
          Day in, day out, they do the near impossible and make it look easy.

          We all benefit enormously from them, and yet, they are unknown to the world.

          Everything we have comes from a mine somewhere. No exceptions. But who knows them?

          Now, I do.

          • Black Flag® says:

            And I guess a bit because I leave a friend in the mine.
            He was killed this Christmas in a mining accident – run over by a 800 ton truck.

            We all cried.

            He was a great human being, a team lead whose job was to keep everyone else alive. And then he was killed by an accident that he himself would have seen if it was someone else.

            He didn’t see himself in danger. And, in a few seconds, was crushed. Under the wheels of the hauler, his “light” vehicle caught fire from the heat of a 5,000hp engine that trapped him. Crushed and critically injured, he then burned to death.

            Everyone cried. The VP of the mine was crying when he announced the death.

            It passed essentially unnoticed everywhere else in the world.

    • The Greece issue is because of…..FAR LEFT politics now in charge. So we will now see how well it works.


      Don’t scare me.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The puff of wind growing to a gust that will bring the EU/EURO house of cards down….Not the individual countries per say but the umbrella of a non elected government ruling countries where in most cases the people disagree with those policies. At least here we elect our national representatives who do not follow the people wishes. Europe pre EU had very strict immigration policies that made ours look like an open door policy. The EU and their diversity objectives have made a hash of the economies of shaky at best economies of Greece, Italy etc. To do an open door policy inviting hordes of people willing to work for even less, and much less do not want to be Italian, greeks, spanish etc….intolerance…1982 saw the 1st mosque built in Spain since 1492. 2003 saw the 1st one built in Granada since 1492. Yet Europe looks at the US as a bastion of religious and racial bigotry. Example in 2000 Germany allowed children of foreigners to be citizens as long as one of the parents had been a legal resident for at least 8 years, 1st major change in 90 years…..I was just reading a migration study, even at a brief scan I believe much of the EU expansion has been to keep those people in place and NOT come to Germany, France etc. When the sov/bloc collapsed those ethnic germans trapped were coming back. Germany started paying to develop those areas (back where they came from) to keep them from migrating to Germany.

        The refugee stuff is above and beyond that policy and a whole different can of worms.

        Some military minister from Sweden today said that they absolutely need help from the US for protection and this is a neutral peaceful country.

      • LOL……not too much will affect you…..however, I have, as has BF, been warning everyone about the possibilities of a global recession……If we DO NOT purchase Euros or bonds, we shall be ok…China is so over extended,….they have a real problem….I see no one capable of bailing out the Euro…..that is why Germany is taking such a tough stance….Europe has finally decided that along with multi-culturalism and common currency, unless everyone participates willingly and controls their costs…..the bubble will burst……with Russia tanking, and China extended, Europe MUST make some real tough decisions…..economically. France and countries like France will have to kill their socialists programs….there is no money left and no one working….same with Italy, Spain, Belgium……all are in financial trouble and it appears that there is to be no bailouts any longer……at least Europe learned quicker than we have….you cannot prop up an economy by printing money… simply does not work. Greece is just the catalyst……and will probably leave the EC.

        • Black Flag® says:

          Yep, the wise Colonel hits the nail square.

          Will it cause turmoil? You bet.
          Is it necessary? You bet.

          Govern your decisions wisely. Listen to D13 if you do not want to listen to me.

        • OK cool, thank you and Dale too.

          • After all this time on SUFA, you should be prepared for most anything, which should not cause fear, but confidence.

            • Couple of my sisters are only a step above LIV. They are counting on me to tell them when SHTF. I’m counting on you guys.

              • There will be clear signs, beginning with the shutdown of numerous websites, mostly independent media. That’s a start, But sometimes, it’s what those we see as the enemy say:

              • Black Flag® says:

                SHTF alert.

                What to do, that is personal. Those with cash need to have hard assets.
                Those with hard assets need to protect them.

                Those with neither need to duck.

              • Yep BF. I have 5 siblings. I’m the youngest now. I’ve harped til I’m blue in the face about hard assets vs cash. Brother is way more into gold than I, so he’s good. 2 sisters are on the fence about hard assets, 2 want nothing to do with anything but 401ks and the like. I believe all of us have a bit of change at the house, so that’s something at least. I know nothing and it tires me talking to them. I can only imagine how you feel beating us to death 😉

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The sad thing about all of what you just said Anita, is like in the 30’s the government outlawed the ownership of gold. exchanged for paper. Don’t know how it will go over today if they did it again. 401K’s can disappear by government edict in a heartbeat…several countries are currently forcing people to exchange their personal retirement funds for government plans. Poland for one. House equity disappear also. It’s there only as long as there is a market to buy at that price. Not a crisis if you do not need to get out. It took almost 20 years to recover the housing market after the crash of 29. It was close to the mid 50’s when it returned to pre crash levels.

              • The sadder thing is that no one knows for absolute certain. It’s frustrating and scary.

              • Predicting the future is impossible, but if I were you, I’d be ready for some ugly economic times. The stock market is severely over valued and overdue for a big correction (some say as much as 70%). One hard hack job of JP Morgan and a real zombie apocalypse could happen. What if Russia decides it’s tired of US interference and launches a few nukes? China already has new cities built that sit empty (have to really wonder about that). So many questions, so few answers.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I’m pretty sure the FED bought a trillion dollars of ECB debt labeled a credit swap in 2012 during a previous crisis mode and came a beggin’…they’re talking another trillion this week.

          I actually used to like converting currency as you went from country to country…sometimes you got slammed from the exchange like going from Italy to Germany..stay in country and everything was OK. But when the conversion to the euro destroyed lifesavings because it was based on Germany’s economic power.

          • You are correct…….you always carried a calculator with you and the most recent conversion charts. Germany has finally decided that they can no longer be the bank….it is destroying their currency….AND remember that there are no hard assets backing any currency anywhere capable of loaning money…..the other thing that is really troublesome. Before computers, when monetary corrections had to be made….it always took 48 to 72 hours for word to get anywhere…..calmer heads usually prevailed. Now, in an instant society, markets and currencies are extremely volatile and computers are programmed to percentages…..if they recognize that something is dropping, it is an automatic sell….no humans are making decisions anymore…..and THAT is a travesty.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              When living in Italy, I never converted my $’s all at once. Between paydays as I needed to I exchanged at different banks and different towns. At the time…$1.00 nominally was 1,000 lira. it could fluctuate between 800-1200 lira every two weeks. Either way the buying power of the $ was immense…..the banks competed for the business and just walking down the street you’d see quite a large difference in exchange rates….and this was with official currency exchanges. Not back street alley way exchanges. The black market exchanges were a whole different world.

  28. I’m bummed but there’s a fun side to this. I’ve been a caregiver to a good friend and former employee of mine. She passed this morning. 81 feisty years she made it and I was honored to know her for at least 40 of those years. We’ve been expecting this for a few months. Anyway her granddaughter asked if there was anything of hers I’d like to have. Told her Yes, please…the cast iron chicken cooking skillet and some of her Tshirts. I have washed her clothes many times over the years but I never saw this one particular brand new shirt. A Michelle Obama pic screamed out at me!!! in the hope/change blue/red poster theme from the 2013 inauguration. Says I love Michelle Obama!!! I dropped that shirt like a hot potato..gave it back to her granddaughter saying no thanks, I’d rather go naked! I know my friend is laughing at me from above! 🙂

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Found this today in a Funk And Wagnall Standard Reference Encyclopedia, copyright 1959.

    Deja vu….all over again.

    “In general fascism was the effort to create, by authoritative means, a viable national society in which competing interests were to be adjusted by being entirely subordinated tot he service of the absolute state.”

    Note: The reference to “national society” is in essence the hybrid socialism the fascists were striving to implement. Socialism with a Nationalist twist, rather than the purists dream of a Socialist world where nationalism was erased for the Greater Good of Humanity.

    I suggest GMan and others who frequent left wing sites copy and paste this into your response when dealing with the looney left accusing the Tea Party of being Fascists.

    You may have to connect the dots a bit for your audience as they will not see the obvious connections to their “P”rogressive ideology.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I agree JAC…I’ve never been able to understand the lefts view of fascists and being “right wing” ie conservative. Minor twist of a national vs world view of socialism. Lenin, Stalin, Mao “leftists, socialist,communist all” killed more people by the 10’s of millions compared to Hitler, Mussolini, Peron who were “National Socialist” but branded as “right wing”

      • Just A Citizen says:


        It is quite simple. One, everything to a leftist is on the Right of where they stand.

        Second, they aren’t bright enough to create their own standard. They are still using the Communist’s accusations against the Fascists and “Capitalists” of the later 19th and early 20th centuries.

        I doubt many leftists even know that the term “right wing” applied to those trying to save the Monarchies.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          is it not a coincidence that “left” is sinistera in Italian/latin….translated “sinister”

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I was being rhetorical….I do understand but it always left me scratching my head after a discussion/argument with leftist friends, which by the way never ended anywhere except them digressing to name calling…..did learn one thing though about the “right” being supportive of the monarchies in it’s origin. Makes sense, conservative, resisting change.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Yes, and the “left” were the “liberals” seeking more freedom and liberty from arbitrary govt.

            Odd how things have been twisted around.

            In case you did not know, which you probably did, and as a reminder to any new visitors;

            The left vs. right thing goes back to the French parliament where in the “liberals” seeking liberalization of govt autocracy sat on the left side of the chamber, and the “reactionaries” or “conservatives” sat on the right side of the chamber. They were fighting to maintain the monarchy or at least much of the monarchs power.

            Thus the original “left” would have included the Founders of the USA while the “right” would have included those who wanted to maintain our colonial status with England.

    • I recently used Moussolini’s own definition in response to being called a fascist. That ended that term being used, in any sense, since.

      • Just keep pissing them off by telling them NAZI really stands for: National Socialist German Workers Party. They absolutely will not believe you! Then they get pissed.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Most do not know that especially modern day socialist. Years ago Glenn Beck had a great program trying to explain the concept. Left right scale….but it also had an up/more and down/less scale based on militarism and violence on enforcing or trying to force their views. so to draw where Stalin Hitler and mao would sit are in the upper left quadrant of the graph, whereas Gandhi would land in the lower left portion.

          • Always saw politics as a circle. back in the late ’60’s the libertarian YAF folks had more in common with the SDS people (less the bombs) than we did with Young Republicans. It used to be about freedom and the Young Dems and Repubs all seemed to want to tell us how to run our lives right down to the niitty gritty.

            Saw the weathermen on the weather channel defending themselves this morning, Loved one guy who liked the strong “leadership” shown in the northeast. Said something like one voice, one plan one message! To these old ears it sounded a lot like Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer. Typical libs.

            • I thought Cuomo was gonna have an orgasm will being in front of the camera’s telling people what to do. Then, upon opening the roads, decided to treat people like idiots and tell them the roads still weren’t safe. Doesn’t he know the roads are really NEVER safe? People like him and daBlasio make me sick.

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Did anybody listen to Obama in India. The PM of India has a talk show and they taped a joint interview that was released today. Obama went on about his disadvantaged childhood and being raised by a single mother….he seriously believes his own make believe world.
    Reading more today and you know he is just like his Mother. Totally narcistic. She kept dumping him off at Gma’s and Gpa’s in Hawaii as she keep going off to do her own thing. But all in all his life was fairly stable and well off after the 1st 3 years. Indonesia until 10 then choosing to stay in Hawaii as mom took off back to Indonesia….also working his way through school…Private school in Indonesia, Private college prep school in Hawaii, Scholarship to Occidental in CA, Scholarship to Columbia, Scholarship to Harvard

    • Why would anybody knowingly listen to Obama?

    • From a psychological perspective, the guy is a basket case. Abandoned by father and mother. Raised by some really weird grandparents (with a little help from their friends) and unsure of his own identity, I think down really deep, he hates a lot.

      Times I know have changed but as recently as 1973 when I got married the old man who did not have a prejudiced bone in his body told me I could date and marry anyone I wanted, any race and he would be fine with it but if I had children he would come back and haunt me. I had no right to do that to a kid and hang it around his/her neck. As I said it seems that for the most part that is no longer an issue but for someone the President’s age, even from Hawaii, it was a big issue.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Seriously agree….With my “formative” years in SoCal very few of my aquaintences still had their original set of parents. Rarely had the parents remarried either. One parent or the other raised the children. None of the current crap of “joint” raising especially if either spouse remarried. Children learn to manipulate that big time. Usually as a response to the “anger” invoked by the split and somehow the communication got to them that they somehow were to blame….In Obama’s case I can totally see his psychy…father sort of building a harem, mom a dits. #2 father sort of stable, mom still a dits…Mother totally into her own thing preceeding the ME generation by a decade…mom still even a bigger dits and selfish….Grand Parents. no opinion other than at least they took him in….my former step son had so much hatred in him he went to great lengths to destroy any relationship she ever got into….operative word FORMER…

        Gumbo’s on the simmer so killing time….It really takes a lot of practice to get the roux perfect.

  31. Dale…you and JAC…..always trying a logical approach….sigh.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Is that a compliment? Or is the operative word TRYING. I just want to tell you I always read with great interest what you write because it is never based on quessing or taking someone elses word for it, by based on actual rock bottom personal experience. That’s reality.

      Fun legal stuff in Austin today?

      Have to take a break and get the Andouille and Chicken Gumbo going.

      • It was supposed to be fun sarcasm…..I always tease JAC about trying to be logical and using common sense and appealing to a really left point of view. You were listing the “hardships” that Obama went through when he says he pulled himself up by the bootstraps….it was an attempt at being funny….oops!

        But…..Anyone that goes for Andouille and chicken gumbo…COOL! Yes, the term cool ages me……but the “yunguns” have to live with it. Of course, your Andouille is hot!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I believe we usually are singing from the same page….I do write in many ways very rhetorically and also to a degree with sarcasm….What got me is that people are still eating, Obama’s BS that is.

          If I’d like to describe SUFA….we all view life through our experiences and also our prejudices, hopefully only based on real experiences. The old philosophical debate of how three blind people describe and elephant. We’re all looking at this elephant of the world and life through our experiences and passing on those views. Hopefully we all pick up information that helps us all get through…especially for us old “cool” dudes. Even Buck and Mathius as misquided as they are.

          The # one thing with the gumbo I put together is a hot andouille. The local market has made a product that beats the heck out of the popular mass marketed N’orleans andouille. Then be patient with making the roux, add the trinity, homemade chicken broth. I do use a roasted chicken from the store, saves time and mess. The broth is from previous dinners and simmering the carcass and freezing. Assorted herbs. A friend makes the “gumbo file” only added with each serving. Putting it in the pot makes leftovers bitter. I’ve tasted hot sauces and settled into “texas petes” The tabasco’s from the delta are to vinegery for my tastes. As I was waiting for the rice to finish cooking I read the label on the hot sauce….damn if it wasn’t made in Winston-Salem NC….back to the tasting. Like the salsa ad “Made in New York City!!!” Have to someday get back to Texas and hit a little store old town in “San Antonio” There’s an unbelievable shop with every conceivable hot sauce made….the gumbo is like lasagna, gets better each day until it’s gone.

          Somehow I can not visualize you talking like the dudes in “Grease”….The guy in the black ’56 chevy portraited in “American Graffiti” absolutely.

          How close is your family homestead to the formally Texas claimed area of Las Cruces? During the early 60’s, if we wanted to see Dad every so often while he was working on missile stuff at White Sands we’d travel down that way. I was glad to see that La Posta in La Messilla is still going strong.

          • I live in Fort Worth….9 hours by car to Las Cruces…..1.5 hours by a Baron 58 that fly.

            NO sir, I didn’t slur my words and comb my hair in “duck tails”….I did not smoke, so there were no rolled up cigarettes in a t shirt. However, we can talk cars… very first car was a 1967 Firebird 400…..Tyro Blue….hydroshift tranny…..It would do 14.5 sec in a pure stock class…..but then I tweaked it to a 428 via overbore. I could beat everything on the street with one exception…..and that exception still sticks in my craw today..I could not beat the Shelby GT 500……DAMN!!!!!!

            Then I went to a 1969 GTO….champagne gold, 4 speed w /428…beat everything on the street except that Shelby 500 GT……….but that was back in the era where you could pull into your garage and field strip your engine and put it back together again…….no computers, no catalytic converters……ethyl gasoline WITH LEAD in it….and gas at .28 cents per gallon. straight pipes ( I ran knockouts )….Damn ,,,both my cars were babe mobiles. Now…..wait for it……… 8 track player with a backseat full of 8 track tapes…….woooo hoooo…non of this cassette crap nor synthetic music…..real singing artists with real talent.

            Pull into the local hangout ( Carlson’s) open the windows and play music and the girls were always there….Hamburgers were 65 cents and a large order of fries ( enough for three people) was $1.25.and a large coke ( large enough to float a battleship ) was 35 cents.

            Met my wife there……and those days were over……………………………………..

            • Oh yes…there were no computers, no GPS, no wifi… cell phones… actually had to talk and carry on a conversation. No global warming crap, no political correctness…..if there was dispute, you simply went behind the shed beat each other up….you settled your differences face to face without lawyers….and afterwards you actually became friends. YOu always had high school rivalries…..homecoming parades and no curfews…..

              You actually had to go to school and learn something….there were no curves on grades nor stupid subjects such as ebonics or basket weaving. The normal tv was still black and white and if you had color tv’s……you only had the five basic colors and were constantly trying to get the red out of the face of the actors….

              It was fun at Hal=o=ween and you carried pillow cases for the candy because you always filled up the casper ghost or pumpkin containers…..then you went hoe and spread all your candy out and then promptly began to eat it all and be sick the next morning. If a house did not treat you, the worse that we did was soap the window screens.

              Had Lincoln logs and tinker toys and b/b guns….as well as a “spud” gun……we never worried about shooting each other…..and I still have both eyes. We actually had to play outside….so we built secret hideouts in the bushes until dad raised hell about killing the flowers.

              You NEVER talked back to your teachers and if you got sent to the Principal’s office…you got licks with a paddle. Talk back at PE…and you ran laps around the quarter mile track for the whole PE class…..

              Movies cost 50 cents and a large popcorn ( and I mean large ) cast 10 cents…..a large drink cost 15 cents….and you had a double feature with cartoon and movietone news items……..AND you could stay there all day.

              Sign…..time to stop.

              • then you went hoe

                ..and you stayed ‘hoe’ fro what I can tell 😉 (partial payback)


              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Did you have a TV? I had a deprived childhood. No TV and only once did I remember seeing Bonanza in color at one of my Father’s co-workers house. TV was a waste and it was go out and do something useful.,,,We did get one finely when we moved into LA proper but then rarely watched shows unless it was some creepy late night thriller….never was a bus boy, bagger at the store or burger flipper either. Never got allowance. You got what you needed not wanted. Chores absolutely…mowed lawns from the time I could push the mower. Couldn’t pull the cord yet so used a drill and socket. I had my own landscaping business, averaged $800/mth at 15 years old and ultimately cleared $1-2K/mth by ’69 and paying 2 others on top of that. Also bought the oranges, grapefruit, walnuts, pomegranets, apricots, plums and other fruits and then marketed them privately,,,shortage of funds as a kid…never. The original neighborhood in CA was listed by Forbes as the 2nd wealthiest community in the US 2011/1012 Chevy Chase MD #1…the people who lived there then to those that live there now have a similar vocational breakdown… worked. Our neighbor had 22 quarter horses. They were fed, watered groomed and stables cleaned before school. Exercised them after school. I was the smallest so I was always the first rider while breaking them. Lots of bruises and knots. We boarded some of the horses but his kids, himself were at hard at it every day. Parents may be similar but I seriously doubt the kids are.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The image you describe is exactly how I saw you in your youth. God I loved those cars. In the 60’s when I got my license Dad said he didn’t want to see any more mechanics bills or auto service bills. It’s not that he couldn’t do the work, but he was aways away on some secret stuff back then. We got free reign on modifications to the cars. I always worked on cars until they computerized so much stuff….That Shelby was a sweet vehicle. Took a waterskiing trip once and one of the guys had a Shelby, I had my car that would give it a run for its money, but alas always 2nd place. We had boats with full blown engines in them that depending on the chop would top out around 120 or so. That trip, we had if on the road a ranger on our bumpers and if on the water a water cop shadowing us. On one of our cars, my Mom’s to be precise, she couldn’t understand why the tires wore out so fast. She always mentioned it with a raised eyebrow knowing full well the rubber was in two nice parallel tracks somewhere, because she would do the same thing. A little more lady like.

              I assume the girls in school had their clubs that would do car washes? They’d get us to bring our cars so it was like a car show. The girlfriends always wanted to show off and move up their boyfriends car. The 1st one’s foot slipped on the clutch after reving it up, leaped and smashed the car in front….the girls NEVER touched the cars again

              The car I had in Italy had been modified and I would shut it down above 165MPH. I had the fastest car on base. 3 days before shipping out a drunk driver swerved into my lane and we had a head on. His car was cut completely in two from front to back. Mine the engine wasn’t even touched. The only thing in that car that resembled the original was the body. The rest was full race and a tubular frame. I parts the car. A seabee bought he engine and drivetrain and dropped it into his car. The next day a co-worker bitched at me for selling the engine, because now that guy instead of running 1st in our races, instead of 2nd as he did for 2 years. Still ran 2nd, behind the seabee who was 3rd leaped to #1.

              In CA we were always being stopped by the CHP but never were ticketed. They always wanted to chat about the cars, because they were building their own and wanted tips.

              Fun days

      • Dale, I’m always looking for new foods to cook and eat, can you email me your gumbo recipe?

  32. WOW….did anyone just see the temper tantrum that Valerie Jerrett (sp) just did? She just blew on the statement made by Boehner that there are three equal branches of government and Congress does not need permission from the President to invite whomever it wants to speak…….Jerrett went into orbit over that statement and said that all government should go through the President on issues like this……WOW.

  33. Black Flag® says:

    Baltic Dry Index hits the ominous 666 level – the lowest print for this time of year on record

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