Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush thinks he can ride Common Core to the White House.  He is using it as a litmus test to prove he is not a scary conservative and will not upset the federal gravy train.  This is a grave misjudgment.  It will be as toxic for him, as Romneycare was for Romney.

Bush would usher in the complete capitulation of our education system to the progressive agenda.


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  2. Dale A Albrecht says:

    For those of us who went through junior high in the mid-60’s in California the education department tried a “New Math” designed the make it easier to transistion to Algebra. It created a slug of kids who wound up hating math and in more cases than not doing quite bad in future math courses. It would have been easy to just take Algebra. It was abandoned but not before doing a great deal of damage. For me, it was not until getting into the work place that the bulb clicked on for math again… would think that people who are suppose to be smart would realize the a one size fits all approach generated mediocrity. Why do auto makers offer multiple models of cars? In senior high school there was a budget crunch. The school offered 2 chemistry courses. One for the future chemical geniuses of the world and the second was for everyone else. They chose to drop the less stringent one in favor of everyone taking the genius course. Needless to say the genius’s continued to get A’s and everyone else F. I went to my dad for help and he pulled out his college chemistry book and his entire college chemistry was covered in the introductory chapter of mine. I went to my brother for help and he was in 3rd year Chemistry at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and he was not at where my text books were at. The next year they reintroduced the normal class. Not easy by any stretch of the imagination, just easier than the budding genius course.

    Without blunders like that other school districts would have done the same thing causing untold damage to students.

    • My youngest came home from school one day and was struggling with division. He understood it was successive subtraction but they wanted him to do long division on a horizontal line. The home work was taking too long, was too error prone and far too confusing. I then showed him the traditional method. Being a bright kid, he grasped it immediately. Even for young children, time is important. They do not like wasting time trying to use confusing inefficient methods. Also errors once learned are difficult to correct.

      Over the weekend, I looked at some videos of common core arithmetic. I fully understand what they are trying to teach. Much of it is self discovery. However, time is precious. We do not have enough school hours for them to rediscover the fundamentals of arithmetic. I fear we are going to have a generation of math illiterates as they are going to hate the subject. With that will go the hard sciences.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Again back in California..when learning long division all together to many years ago…I just did not get it the way the teacher was instructing us. I went home and asked my Mom, told her the issue, she looked at the method….frowned and said do it this way…told by the teachers later that’s wrong and not the way “I” want it done..I’d argue that it is the correct answer…..I still do division the way my MOM taught me, that is when a calculator is not available.

  3. Dale A Albrecht says:

    In this day and age with computers and one mind set of what makes a good education, all it takes is one key stroke in e-books to change history for millions of students. Dictatorships of all types went to great lengths to destroy any thought counter to their own. Book burnings were a big activity throughout history. Just taking a different form today. Now its behind the scene and unseen.

    On NPR today they were having a discussion about how WRONG education has been totally abandoning trade like activities in school and pushing college college college. Even in the community colleges they are scrambling to put back trade courses to fulfill the demand. Lets face facts…a manufacturing job can be replaced with mechanization anytime or cheaper labor elsewhere, always has and will be. An intellectual job like computer programming and design can be done anywhere. Jobs that require hands on here and now are and not getting around it are jobs like plumbers, electricians auto mechanics etal. Even doctors are at risk, not just because of the ACA, but competition. One can get very good medical in Singapore, India etc for a fraction of the cost here. With wait times in the UK medical flights to other countries are gaining popularity. So much so the government is saying that is unfair and those people stopped and should be made to wait. medical charter flights can reduce the cost even more.

    One size fits all effect you have to look no further than when the military has either been pushed into the mode for “costs” as an example. The F-111 put out during Mcnamara’s tenure. Nickname the pig. I do not believe it ever really did it’s job. The F-35 has had an outlay of close to $910B for development, procurement and maintenance as of 2012 budgets. Last year they could not fly one across the Atlantic to the Paris air show. the Joint Strike Fighter will be a boon doggle and the AF, N and MC will still be flying machines that still work great but came off the design boards in the 60’s ie F-15 1968.

    • Ever read John Boyd on the Air Force? Now that he is dead and the acolytes are all retired the AF is back to the Fighter Mafia running the show. Your F-111 comment was right on. One super plane to do it all.

      I know military strategy has changed and maybe the CAS mission will eventually be all drones all the time but the Air Force keeps talking fast Movers to cover the Infantry. Personally that leads to a lot of nasty friendly fire stuff not to mention they have lousy loiter time.

      If I remember correctly, the A-10 always hated by the fighter jocks, was specifically designed to add on capabilities of the Korean War and Vietnam era propeller driven A-1 Skyraider which could hang over the battlefield for hours with I think over 20 weapons pylons. Can’t you just see the AF and Navy telling its pilots driving their 335 million per copy F-35’s to get in close and dirty?

      Hey Colonel, What is your take on CAS?

      By the By, I am sending the Koch brothers a note asking them to spend part of that 900 mil to knock out Jeb. I’m getting tired of voting third party candidates

      • Close air support is a very functional and necessary asset. I have called in f4’s, A1E’s, warthogs, f 104’s, F14 and f 16….. All were on target or reasonably close…..I had to use danger close only three times in my career and each time was Vietnam and each time with A1E’s……because they could carry all ordinances and stay on target for hours. And they were slow enough to come in tree top level and park a napalm canister in your pocket without lasers.

        In Kuwait, my fav was the wart hog……fast movers were just fine to drop area ordinance…

        • Nice to know a ground pounder agrees. Wish the hell the Army would make a better case to the congress to keep the damned A-10’s especially after they have already spent the money to re-wing and upgrade the avionics.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Why doesn’t the Army take over the A-10’s? if they’re the primary beneficiaries of the planes mission it would make sense. Sorry lost my head again.

            • Well, in the combined arm scenario, the A10 is a support asset. It was originally designed as a ” tank killer ” but like all things…the mechanized army found other uses. I used them in Kuwait along with Apaches….they could kill the tanks and APC vehicles but they made good bunker busters…..the draw back…….they were slow and prone to direct hits from wolf pack shoulder fired weapons.

              Oh…..before I went mechanized….I was AIRBORNE……not a leg.

            • Read up on Army aviation and Vietnam and how the AF went ballistic over the Army’s fixed wing assets. The suggestion has been made but I cannot see the parochialism of the AF allowing it no matter what they may say publicly. Only Marine air has had the clout to maintain itself in spite of the whining of both the Navy and AF. Colonel, with all due respect, from a former 12A10, once you are on the ground…………

              There has been some interesting recent confusion over the A-10. I tend to pay attention to such things and read AF Times, Defense News, Army Times etc as well belong to the AFA. Once the AF got the bug up their you know what that they could scrap the A-10 citing budget reasons, they were asked several months ago, at news conferences about using them in Syria against whoeverthehellwearefightinginSyria. The fighter jock General at the news conference talked about how vulnerable they were to ground fire. In the past month, the AF has moved them into Syria in a big way. Cannot believe a damned thing they say it is all self serving BS. The son, the AF reservist one (not a flyboy) tells me they are trying to talk Majors and Lt. Colonels in the reserves back into the active force. Apparently they not only cut too deep but many left voluntarily on their own terms rather than have a RIF come out of nowhere and leave them stranded.

              As much as I love the Air Force,its history and traditions, with all the scandals they have generated they really seem totally unable to get it right. The Army son insists it is because, unlike the other services, command spots in the AF go to pilots who have frankly never lead anyone. This ain’t General Savage in 12 O’Clock High anymore.

              • By the way, I offer this as an example. USAF paid 287 million (that is six zeros) and sold em for $ 32,000. Yep, that is absolutely right, $ 32,000. This does not even take into account the bumbling over the US Air Force and Army flown C-27’s.


                As crazy as Curt LeMay might have been, there would have been some very serious head rolling had this happened on his watch. Today, the four stars retire, collect their pensions and go to work for defense contractors.

              • You are quite correct in that it is the fighter jocks that get the promotions….just like the Annapolis and West Point graduates……I would like to go back and see when the very last “mustang” was….I was enlisted and then received a commission in 1980….But in Vietnam, I did not take a commission even though I was a college graduate. I did not take it because I was not intending on making a career out of it…I volunteered for Special Forces and was immediately an E-5…I was cross trained into various fields…one of which was FAC. After my stint in the forces and was sent to Japan to recoup wounds..I returned to the states to find no jobs for Vietnam Veterans….I could have gone straight into the family business but what the hell…I was young and arrogant and carried a chip on my shoulder……So…..I decided to go back into the service…but this time I went to OCS….and the latest possible age….( you had to be commissioned before the age of 32. )….so I did it. Then went into the reserves…As previously stated, ten years active duty and 30 years a in the reserves, there were two types of commission…State and Federal recognition. I was “Federally” recognized, which is to say my commission was the same as anyone.

                The very first thing that I learned as an officer was the protocol….Mustang officers were very popular with the enlisted because we walked the same turf…Officers that were West Point regarded the mustangs as……..not real. But, we would get results when they could not. I had two real assets, however, that were sought after. (1) I was very good at logistics and (2) I was even better at battlefield tactics. Hence, I was either in command or on a staff as an S-3 or a G-3. ( the 3 shop, as it were ) All of this to say, that when it came time to be considered for an 0-7 position, it is a selection at that time….so General officers were the only ones that sat on the selection committee….and it was no secret that they all wore “THE RING”………so despite being among those promotable with the highest scores, the highest ratings, being considered highly decorated, having been in command in Vietnam, as an E-5. being in command of a battalion in the Kuwait theater as a major, being a commander of a regiment in the Bosnia theater as a Lt Col., and taking a combat brigade to Afghanistan as a colonel (0-6)…………I was passed over three times. That, of course, is the kiss of death. Other colonels with less experience, lower scores, and NO combat experience were promoted over me simply because I did not wear THE RING.

                I know that it is the same in the AF, especially if you are a fighter jock….who even look down on the bomber jocks…and it is the same in the Navy as an Annapolis grad. So, what you have now……is nothing more than a “club” of General officers ( Admirals are included in that)…..all politically correct if you wanted Washington assignments and more stars. The funny part of it all was……despite being passed over, I always seemed to be retained in the 3 shop. (operations)…….

                So…..the A 10 is a great CAS aircraft but the AF will not let go of it.

              • I am too old to go back in at 66….but I am contracted as a civilian adviser to the Texas National Guard and having great fun with it…..but as the oldest son……I also have a commitment to the family and the family business.

                But I do know how deep the cuts were and the experience is lost because a lot of officers got out instead of being rifted.

  4. Anita, Gman, and any other snowbound people.

  5. Just A Citizen says:


    I see the tired old “when the top tax rate was 91% we were better off” argument was flying around you yesterday.

    Here is your response to that claim:

    In other reports you will find that the number of allowed deductions in those days was way, way more than today. You could deduct the full expense of your spouse traveling on business trips. Companies could provide you with a house and car……….not income.

    Schiff shows how the total tax burden is far higher today. So if the Progressive theory of taxation were true, why aren’t we doing so much better??

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Also “Moving and Living” expenses when a company moved you. Military still exempt (I think).

      • Daughter and son in law moved back to Michigan in ’11 when he was done with his 4 years at Marine Corp Base Hawaii. They had a townhouse full of home furnishings and 2 vehicles. The Corp paid for everything to be shipped except 1 vehicle. Took 6-8 weeks but it happened. They shipped the vehicle to a depot in Missouri and we had to go retrieve it. So total cost of the move for them was two plane tickets and gas money to Missouri. Still worth it.

        • The military has always moved families at their expense. I’ve never paid a dime for any move, except beer at a layover point 🙂

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I also had all by M&L paid by the military regardless of where it was. I just didn’t want to assume things were as they were 36 years ago whenI left active duty. When our family was moved to Calif by IBM ’59/’60 the law had changed mid move. From companies paying to it becoming taxable income to the person moved. The horror tactics that the IRS did to terrorize my Mom, only after he’d leave for work, even while the corporations were arguing to congress and the court… needless to say it had a lifelong affect on the parents and us kids.

    • I try t tell my kids that. Every time they lowered my rate I wound up paying more. Now that I am old and decrepit, when I actually can run up some serious medical/dental expenses, I have a seven rather than two percent of gross I have to beat. Same thing with sales taxes being completely deductible (used to have the shoe box for all receipts) as well as property tax. Three year averaging went out the window and screwed one of my sons who had a one year windfall never matched since.

    • JAC, are you watching me? LMAO! I have no problem with that, but you do realize that these people aren’t very bright for the most part. I have had same good chats, but most are just ignorant progressives who go straight to name calling when they can’t debate my points (I often think that they can’t comprehend anything about economics). I’ve been lucky to have blogged here for so long, always learning new things. I still haven’t used the Baltic Dry Index, I doubt any of them even know what it is. Anyway, there were no replies worthy of further discussion, just people showing their lack of knowledge. I won’t waste my time with them. Gonna try and be a nicer, gentler red head 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yes, I am following your discussions and others. I tried to comment myself but cannot get logged into that site for some reason. When I get it figured out I will join in once in awhile.

        Meanwhile, figured I would just give you some ammo and hints for your efforts. I would not say they are not bright. They are just victims of a bankrupt education system.

        • That’s cool. I found that I had to register with DISCUS to post. I’m on the issue of vaccines today. Bright isn’t an issue, most have no light at all.

  6. This will make you shake your head and wonder what the hell are these idiots thinking. Pops just got a letter from the VA concerning the Veteran’s Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014. This act allows for vets who travel 40 miles or more to a VA facility, to get care at a non VA provider. So, he calls because he is unsure of the distance to our VA doctor’s office (I measured it at 39 miles one way). The person at the VA punched his address in and the address of the VA clinic and said that it’s 21 miles. Pops said that there’s no way it’s 21 miles because it takes 45 minutes to get there. The VA rep then say’s he is looking at it on the screen, it’s a 21 mile STRIAGHT LINE from home to clinic. That’s “as a crow flies”. 🙄

    • Obama wants to strip funding from veterans’ medical choice program

      By Susan Ferrechio
      Published February 03, 2015
      Washington Examiner

      President Obama’s 2016 budget blueprint proposes rolling back a program that gives veterans the right to receive faster care outside of the long waitlists at the troubled Veterans Affairs medical system.

      Obama signed the Veterans Choice Program into law in August following months of partisan wrangling on Capitol Hill that finally led to a compromise measure to overhaul the agency.

      The Veterans Choice Program was a key GOP provision in the deal.

      Authored by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the measure provides “choice” cards to veterans that can be used to obtain medical care at designated facilities outside of the VA system.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just have D13 come and pick up and deliver in his aeroplane. he’s retired and looking for things to occupy his down time.

    • Had a similar issue years ago with town reimbursement for the son’s choice to travel to his Catholic High School. “At least two miles but not more than twenty.” Actually they calculated 23 miles. Since he was using Public Transportation it was damn near as the crow flies at 17. They would not accept Public Transportation. Back and forth for weeks, including a letter from NJ Transit that they rejected. Finally, gave them a block by block course including some going up the street the wrong way and a short swim across a creek and they accepted it. Do not give up. Grind them down!

  7. So, we suddenly have another wedge issue-vaccinations-Funny, I don’t remember this being based on party affiliation until Obama opened the border door and shipped people all across the country. Now suddenly we’re talking about vaccinations along party lines instead of how and why these outbreaks are happening.

    The only reason people are scared to vaccinate their children is because they no longer trust the government or the scientific community to tell us the truth.

    • I was concerned about vaccinations when it was time for my kids. Some friends (liberals) were talking about links to autism. I think there might be something to it, but the risk is slight and the hype in scare reporting makes it tough to understand. Is autism increasing or is the reporting of autism increasing? Where they were showing or claiming links, it was with the newer, multi- vaccines, not the older one vaccine per illness….. I trusted my doctor who gave his kids the same immunizations my kids took. I asked about just doing mumps, measles, etc. and he said they were not available. The multi was all the pharmaceuticals were making. Could it be that since schools require immunizations, they don’t have to compete? Big gov. backing big biz at our expense?

      • If vaccinations were 100% safe, would this be an issue today? There not even 100% effective, so it’s easy to see why we have this debate. My opinion, get them if you chose. If you have your kids get them, then accept the responsibility if something goes wrong, because you can’t sue Big Pharma over it anymore. I know JAC’s view of vaccines and autism, but I also don’t think that the real info has been passed along. Then again, what common denominator is inline with the fairly sudden rise of autism? Maybe that should be the question that needs answered. If it isn’t vaccines, then it’s something else because the problem is growing.

    • Good Point! 🙂 I didn’t consider the lack of trust issue.

      • Another point to ponder, my kids had to be immunized unless I claimed it was against our religion and fought it. The same school was required to admit illegal immigrants without immunizations…. Wonder how many of those outbreaks are among immigrant populations?

    • I have my own theories about this and here is where you can probably throw in some bad science on the part of the “not my kid” folks. Part of what we are dealing with is the huge increase in Autism diagnoses. Now while the media hype seems to indicate that this is something new, I tend to think it is more likely a tendency to err on the side of caution and lump a whole lot of kids with real (but livable) societal issues into that diagnosis.

      My friends and I think back to our classmates of the ’50’s and can pinpoint kids who had what today would be considered a “spectrum” disorder who were in our regular classes all the way through. They were considered “quiet” or “shy” never went to special ed (if they even had one) and succeeded or did not succeed in life all on their own. Some never got married or had families, some worked at very technical jobs, never took time off, never participated in any social activities and don’t come to reunions to this day. Some became Boo Radley never to leave their homes after graduating.

      Today we have labelled those kids and are looking for a reason other than wrongly wired brains. Think about some of the really bright people you have known. My eldest, who has issues of his own, believe me, has friends who are off the charts. One in particular is a very gregarious loner, a political junkie who can recite the results of congressional races back to Washington’s time like some can recite sports statistics of ballplayers who in 1916 played one inning. Steve actually made the mistake of suggesting to him one time that he exhibited “spectrum” behavior and it almost caused a rift between them. The guy is wildly successful in Democratic Politics in DC but don’t try talking to him about anything else.

      Now the bride, the early childhood specialist, tends to give me a 85 (B+) on my theory. She thinks that the bundling of too many vaccinations together is worrisome. She could have a point! Or, God forbid, it could be more than one cause.

      When it comes to disease, I am old enough to have been the last group of sentient kids affected annually by the polio scare. I know how devastating that was for everybody. I also know a whole lot (my own spectrum disorder) about many obscure things (the 1918 flu pandemic for example which took more American Soldiers lives than the War did). So, I tend to be very vaccine oriented.

      Someone who has lost a love one to a vaccine side effect is every bit as devastated as someone who lost them to diphtheria, smallpox or polio. It is just that there are a whole lot less of them.

      I think one of the things that most recently led to the vaccine scares was this human Papilyoma Virus vaccine for genital warts. In that one, not only were there the occasional side effects but we were treading on very shaky personal moral ground and that had an effect.

      • I think that with the improvements of over the counter meds and well as script, many of what is being vaccinated for can be dealt with on a as needed basis. People seem to ignore the improvement in cold meds etc. Noone has died from this or the last measles outbreak (April 2014). Few are talking about these outbreaks coming across the border last winter in the rush of illegals. It’ seems to have become a “you will” (Liberal) view versus a “freedom to choose” (everyone else) issue suddenly. This leads me to believe we should be paying attention to something else. 🙂

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I am a firm believer in “KISS” Keep It Simple Stupid. The combinational effect of drugs takes on factors that nobody ever dreams of testing for due to the cost, time etc. Everybody is an individual and the variables affecting people by the “multi-vaccine” can be exponential. I’m with SK remembering the affects of polio and other diseases in school. We all lined up. One disease one vaccine. One disease that was checked every year until leaving school was TB. Even at a HS that was upper middle class. No migrants and only one student from India. Maybe they insisted because we all generally could and would travel internationally. I still have my yellow vaccination and immunization card.
        As I’ve stated before of SUFA my ex-wife was almost killed by the combinational affect of doctor administered drugs. The combinational affect because the drugs were not purged out of her system before administering another group that combined exponentially to total 64,000 drugs. trust me Mass General specialists did the math from the med list and rate of change.
        Like the F-35…cool wonder jet that will ultimately not be risked at $150M per unit to do the roles its suppose to perform.
        Opinion on military drones. Use them in a situation where a loss of life (our side) does not warrant the risk. Or just recon. I firmly believe the more remote one is from the messy mayhem of in your face combat, there is NO insentive to end it. War is the last resort after all else fails (not in the last 1/2 century) at least but you get my point. Once in win it or lose or call a draw, Even having the draft during Vietnam helped force the end of a “false flag” war. Risk was remote but there still was a chance for males to be involuntarily involved. Once that ended and an all volunteer armed force was in place the politicians are MORE careless not less so to involve us in conflicts where we do not belong.

    • Yep, and Hillary and Obama both had similar reactions while campaigning in 2008, but the press conveniently forgets about that.

      This isn’t about non-vaxxers at all. There have always been non-vaxxers. This is from the influx of Central Americans that were spread around the country last summer. Waiting for someone in the public eye to actually say it.

  8. Aaaah JAC? Have you had a headache this week?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      ROTFLMAO……….. some people have what it takes to do what the rest would like to do, but suffer from peer pressure. Wonder he didn’t cut his freakin throat.

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    Evidence of that “darkness” gman refers to when he is playing with the left. This one from DKOS, a comment worthy of ridicule and disgust. Sad thing is that it accurately reflects what so many in this country think, and how they think.

    “Well said!
    None of these bills go anywhere near far enough. If a child can be immunized, a child should be immunized. Yeah, there are going to be some rare deaths but if it’s just an unforseen and unforseeable reaction, while tragic, we have to accept that sometimes shit happens. It’s no comfort to the parents, I know but a few deaths out of the hundreds of millions of vaccinations is orders of magnitude better than the bad old days before vaccination was available and life expectancy was around 30 or 40. And since we can’t have zero vaccine related deaths AND an end to preventable disease, I have to side with mandatory vaccination for everybody who is physically fit enough.

    The only difference between a religion and a superstition is the degree of social acceptance it enjoys. ”

    This Fascist Pig doesn’t even recognize the hypocrisy………errr………..contradiction in her argument.

    Apparently someplace between 100 sick kids with NO deaths and “shit happens” is the Progressive criteria for “equitable distribution of justice”. Or is it their view of “Fairness”??

    • Isn’t some of what these people think mindblowing? They don’t read very well, they lack a full understanding of English comprehension and are too last to actually research anything. They just repeat what the Left Wing media says then sling shit when someone disagrees with them. Hence, my new term, parrotmonkey’s. 🙂

  10. Obama trying to gut the new medical program for the vets….signs it into law and is now proposing to eliminate it. I got my card about three weeks ago…but when I called to approve it, no one answers phone….

  11. Jordan did it right….

  12. Another total moron from a think-tank speaks.

    Guest column: Killing Jordanian pilot will backfire for ISIS
    This act will backfire on ISIS because it is primarily engaged in the wanton killing of fellow Muslims, including fellow Sunnis like Muath al-Kaseasbeh.
    BY Matthew Levitt
    Tuesday, February 3, 2015, 11:40 PM

    Matthew Levitt is director of the Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Matthew Levitt Matthew Levitt is director of the Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

    Let them rot.

    The Islamic State released a grisly video Tuesday of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh being burned alive in a cage like something out of a cheap horror film. But this was real, and it may well mark the beginning of the end for a group that will eventually rot from the inside out.

    Why? Because, as Secretary of State Kerry quickly underscored, Kaseasbeh was not a Western journalist but “a devout Muslim, one of eight children, just months into married life, with the hopes of his own family in front of him.” This act will backfire on ISIS because it is primarily engaged in the wanton killing of fellow Muslims, including fellow Sunnis like Kaseasbeh.

    Let’s double-down to ensure the consequences of such actions begin to consume the Islamic State.

    Matthew Levitt is director of the Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

  13. I am actually surprised at the reaction of people and the media concerning the burning alive of a prisoner……this is nothing new at all. This type of barbarism have been going on over there for,,,,,,,,oh………a few thousand years?

    • That’s because they have been misinformed for so long. The media just repeats crap over and over and they end up believing their own crap as well. Doesn’t say too much about the media.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      EXACTLY………….. so why is it any or our business? WHY should we supply Jordan with weapons, tech, advisors, etc. etc.?? Placing the USA once again in the middle of inter-tribal disputes, meaning we cannot win in the long run.

      We are witnessing the “Hitler Effect” swinging into full force. Watched O’Reilly last night ridiculing Rand Paul for “no plan to destroy ISIS”. Note that the premise is that “WE” should destroy ISIS. WHY???

      • I argue with myself continuously over that question.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          There is a very easy way to test one’s core principles regarding these questions. One I heard many years ago but cuts right to the point.

          “Would you be willing to have your child DIE to prevent the atrocities of others in places where those others don’t give a hill of beans about you?”

          You can tell when the “Hitler Effect” is in play. Our Govt. and their lackeys start going on and on about how these wingnuts in distant places are somehow a threat “to our freedom” or “our way of life”. Or that age old, “we need to protect our national interests”. WHAT national interests??

          When it comes to MY freedom and the freedom and way of life of my fellow Americans, I am far more concerned with the wingnuts who live among us than those living on the other side of the world.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          You shuld not be arguing with yourself at all. I personally am waiting to see the “Peace Loving” Muslims really take on these extremists. Which are an affront to God, whomever and humanity. The meek shall not inherit the earth. Only those that are willing to stand up for their beliefs at the risk of death shall inherit.

      • Supplying weapons is one thing…boots on the ground is another….Things have changed over there because of technology…..internet…..satellites…..all those things. The minute the media starts showing this stuff..the more it is going to happen. It is not going to go away.

        Be ready for it though because the proxy wars are going to start up again….in Africa and the South China Seas……

        And we are witnessing the Hitler effect and the left wing media is trying to draw a connection. There is none….

        But if you really want to stop this crap…follow the money. Take out the State that is supporting all of this.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          WHY should we be involved AT ALL????? Isn’t this really about saving face due to old alliances and agreements made when we were meddling in everyone’s affairs??

          I am not just playing devils advocate here. Somebody needs to explain in simple and accurate terms WHY we should be involved. I am sick of the platitudes and cheap partisan rhetoric, as well as the garbage from the “anarchist” crowd.

          If there is a legitimate reason, ie true national security, for us being involved then we should be willing to go on FULL WAR FOOTING. That includes the willingness to commit ground forces. The decision to go or not would then be tactical, but not due to lack of political will power.

          The only thing worse than the concept of being half pregnant is the notion we can wage “half war”.

          Now along the lines of True War, how about BOTH states that are behind all this? Seems to me if you remove one you don’t cure the actual problem. But then if you remove two, a Third will certainly pop up. Again and again.

          Or better yet, let them fight it out on their own. We might need to make room for a few million new Israeli immigrants but that would be less costly than getting up to our eye balls in the alligator infested swamp.

          • I sometimes think the Israelis would be better off if we just left them alone. Fill their orders for F-35’s or whatever and JDAM’s and let them do their thing.

          • JAC…you miss read me…..Let them fight it out….I don’t care. I have no problems with selling arms…might as well, everyone else is….but it really does not matter on that either. If you really want to stop everything in its path…cut off ALL funding. Give no one money…and keep oil at $50…..that will do it.

            But do not misread me…..I do not want us there. But if you want to cut off weapons…..then cut off all aid because the aid we give does not go to the goes to buying weapons.

        • You are actually ahead of me a little bit. Today I decided that we have really FUBARed this entire thing since ’03. Actually it could be laid at Carter’s feet and the fall of the Shah.

          The pundits are out there wanting to send my sons back to war while their kids stay home contemplating Bruce Jenner’s impending sex change and other equally important issues.

          . Enough already!

          Time to pull back, ignore the carnage because it is going to happen no matter what we do. After a decade or two, the top dog will emerge. The top dog will then have an address which can be translated into GPS coordinates.

          We then take out the top dog.

          Feel free to pass this on to your congressmen.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            A truly long term thinking tactician.

            You would make Sun Tzu proud today.

            Know this, if elected :wink:, when I decide to send our troops into harms way it will be to win a TOTAL VICTORY. Putting an END once and for all to those we view as “enemies” worthy of shedding blood and treasure to defeat.

          • Except that they are here among us swinging axes at random. Since it’s them against the world, the world should come together and blast em into smitherines. All those heads of state that rallied in Paris should step up ready to do battle right along side us. But this cheap little coalition they have pulled together is not worth the effort.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Then why not just deal with those among us? Let Europe deal with their wingnuts and we will deal with ours.

              And when it comes to wingnuts, we grow them in all shapes, sizes and affiliations.

              If we are NOT in the middle east at all, how will the crazies over there be able to recruit crazies over here?? What will be their reasons for fomenting hatred and suicidal behavior among our own people?

              • Sounds great on paper but if each country was taking care of their own problem, we wouldn’t be having this problem. Yours is the simplest, most common sense solution to end the problem but it isn’t working.

              • There is no solution to the problem. First we have to agree on that. We cannot defeat these folks by any conventional means short of wiping out the populations in their countries. We, the West, are 1,000 years out from the Crusades and eons beyond having the guts to do what must be done. As pointed out before, the vast majority of Americans are far more concerned with Bruce Jenner’s impending self mutilation classifying him as “brave” and “heroic” for what he is about to do. We are truly in Robert Heinlein’s “Crazy Years”.

                So, let us just acknowledge our screw up. Lets admit we kicked over the beehive, knocked down the Wasp nest, and decide to let the little stinging insects calm down on their own, stinging as many of their brethren to death as they want.

                Now, either they are going to wear themselves out or there will be a big winner, Tehran most probably. Then we deal with them in the old fashioned, conventional way.

                There is nothing cowardly about doing this. It is smart. We got our toes stepped on in Vietnam in something that was close to a conventional war. The Russians got their asses handed to them in Afghanistan and we should have learned something but didn’t. We initially did a good job after 9-11 but then got sidetracked into nation building and Iraq, which, much to my regret and shame I supported.

                In light of events since the Shah, Saddam, Quadaffi and now Assad, sometimes, the Devil you know is far, far better than the devil you don’t. To paraphrase that old quote from the McCarthy-Army hearings, “have we no shame?” I mean that very clearly. Our meddling has caused the deaths of countless thousands of people. To what end? There is no end and can be no end. To put it another way, we broke it, we bought it. Now what?

              • I’m willing to admit all that SK but………

                If we quit, they’re going to keep plucking away at us , here, there, wherever we are. Not just us the US, us as in civilized people all around the world. they get to just kill with no consequences?

                And what about the known names they picked off. Stevens, Foley, Pearl and whoever else? Seems like we at least owe them a fight.

              • I would dearly love to just know how?

                Short of killing millions of folks who for all I know may well deserve it, I cannot think of another way. This is the asymmetric warfare, hearts and minds thing. We are dealing with people who are fanatics and thanks to modern transportation and communication can be anywhere tomorrow.

                If you read of the British experience in eh Sudan, The Mahdi, Charles “Chinese” Gordon, Khartoum, Kitchener and Churchill in the late 1800 you will see the last time the Middle East went totally nuts over religion. That’s where the terms “Whirling Dervish” and “Fuzzy Wuzzy” came from. Had it not been for the death of the Mahdi and the fact the Brits could actually engage these folks in a real battle and beat them, History might have been very different.

                Today we face the same enemy but we are in modern times where things have become a lot more complicated. They will never meet us in open battle.

                I cannot say that in any conventional sense, we “lost” the war(s) since it is not war in any sense of the term that a westerner (not a fanatic) can relate to. I think that all you can do in these places is damage control. We dumped the Shah, bad move, we dumped Saddam, bad move, We dumped Mubarak and thank God for the Egyptian Army and their British traditions, We dumped Qaddafi another bad move. Right now we are supporting and opposing Assad (talk about schizophrenia!). We are probably in the process of de-stabilizing Jordan.

                These dictators were for all intents and purposes our proxies. They kept the lid on. Only fools who believe that people are the same all over, that the world can embrace democracy without political maturity can possibly make all the mistakes that we have made.

                I may be a bit of a fool myself but in my study of the 20th Century, observing characters like Mustafa Kemel, Francisco Franco, Tito, August Pinochet and the Shah, I saw people who were initially absolute dictators, gradually let up the reins re-tightening when necessary but then again slowly letting up their control until the society became mature enough to actually become something recognizable as a nascent democracy to us. I think that we did succeed in transforming South Korea and Taiwan by acting slowly and judiciously unlike Iran.

                So, I am proposing that we act to protect our borders, bide our time and strike when we can blow the whole steaming, simmering mess back into the Middle Ages that they so happily seem to want to embrace.

                And….and…. we have to build lots and lots of pipelines and frack just about everywhere to make sure it happens. These bastards eventually get nukes and bring on Armageddon and the green movement won’t mean diddly squat. The cockroaches will inherit the earth.

              • Anita, not sure I am using the right words here I would defer to D-13 and Dale since they outranked me (significantly!) I am thinking strategic NOT tactical. That may well mean thirty years down the road. It will work for my kids and grandkids I will probably be gone by then. I do not want to leave them this mess. the sooner we get started, the better.

                Regarding the ambassador and the others, Ever see the movie “Munich”? The Israelis spent a lot and invested a tremendous amount of time and talent. What they got was revenge! They stopped nothing else from happening, discouraged no one from joining Hamas and I am sure they would admit that. What they got was revenge. I am all for that. But do not confuse that with a solution.

              • Dangit, that’s a hard pill to swallow. We’re between a rock and a hard place. Would you have the same opinion if say tomorrow we had 9/11 the sequel or 9/11 x 10?

              • It is the staying there issue. we went into Afghanistan after 9-11 but I understand were so casualty adverse that Gen. Franks let Osama get away in the Tora Bora region. Maybe it happened that way, maybe not but what we do know is that we had the capability to go in there and did not trusting our Paki “allies” to do the job for us which did not happen. Not taking out OBL led to staying in Afghanistan and more casualties than if we had lost an entire Brigade in Tora Bora.

                Back before the Iraq invasion I said something along the lines that we ought to go in, wreck everything, kill Saddam and then leave telling the folks there that they now had an opportunity to set things right and if they screwed up again, we would come back and not be so nice about it next time.

                There is the desire to settle things for once and for all but there is nobody to sign the peace treaty on their side.

                I have always thought that there is a lot to be said for the Roman way. Not pretty but it sure as hell works.


          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Totally orchestrated to introduce a “radical” to undermine the entire southern portion of the USSR and make all islamic troops unreliable. Read the writings and attitude of Carter’s National Security Advisor and his undying hatred for Russia and his involvement in policy even to today.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I can really think of 3. hall we be graded on our answers?

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    A little info to share with your friends who parrot the “FEAR DEFLATON” crappola spread by the Keynesians, like Krugman. Make sure you also read the comments. Good arguments back and forth to give better understanding.

    Let me boil this down to simple terms you can use with the economically and historically challenged. I defy anyone to identify a nation that has collapsed or a major war started over “deflation”. On the other hand there is a long list of the same that suffered from “hyper-inflation”.

    Deflation does not mean total economic collapse. As one responder to the article said, the “elite” want us to be afraid because it is really the collapse of their Ponzi scheme that they fear. They need our cooperation to keep the Ponzi scheme going. They accomplish that by making us fearful of the one thing that could IMPROVE our lives in the long run.

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Been awhile since I posted one of these so I’ll do two this morning. Yes it is still morning here.

    Leftwing Hypocrisy:

    1. They scream that the Govt has no right to force a woman to “not” have an abortion, but is has the authority to force you “to” get vaccinated. Some to the point of putting you in jail or taking your kids if you do not.

    2. They scream that the US should join the rest of the world, when it comes to Govt. health care, but denounce any effort to pass immigration laws for the USA that are the same as our neighbors, along with most other nations of the world.

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    More on measles.

    I do not understand the rhetoric coming from California and other places, that those kids “not immunized” will undergo “mandatory 20 day quarantine” from school if an outbreak occurs in the school.

    Maybe because I am not a left winger I don’t understand the convoluted thinking here.

    If MY child is not vaccinated and measles shows up in the school I AM NOT going to send my kid to school. Probably until 20 days after the last infected kid is detected. The notion we have to force people to do what is rational and responsible speaks volumes against the left wing agenda, in my humble opinion.

    Now why would keeping my child home be a problem?? Because the left wingers passed laws FORCING me to have my kids in school. If I just keep them out for more than about a week without a Doctor’s note, they will send someone to enforce their “mandatory” attendance.

    • I had the mumps as a kid, I lived, imagine that. The whole vaccine hoopla is mostly based on the Left Wing wanting to demonize the Right Wing. That’s all IT is. When they are confronted with facts, from the CDC, they yell that I needed better sources of info. It’s nearly impossible to argue with idiots. Totally amazing. 🙄

      • I had measles and chicken pox growing. Missed the mumps although my brothers had them. Later after being exposed as an adult, I learned I had natural immunity to the mumps. Most of the kids in my school had measles and some point. I do not recall anyone dying.

        The recent measles outbreak involves about 100 cases or 100 out of 300,000,000 in this country. This is not even close to an epidemic except in the eyes of the media who want to sell ink. About 95% of US kids are vaccinated, that is 19 out of 20. The chances of dying from measles is about 0.1-0.2% or 1-2 out of a thousand. The risk is miniscule. It is about the same as dying from a lightning strike and over a 1000x less than dying in an auto accident.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Had the measles, one pox from chicken pox. Instantly quarantined anyone with a communicable disease. Vaccinated absolutely, loved it when the sugar cube was introduced instead of a shot. Immune from the mumps. Directly exposed even as an adult and never a symtom. This all changed with the advent of AIDS. Quarantining someone with that deadly disease became “homophobic” etal. Quarantine has nothing to do with any political agenda but societal self preservation. Currently due to political correctness we are on the path of self destruction.

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    I hate these type of “sappy” articles and the stereo types they perpetuate, on many sides.

    I post it here today only to say that there are in fact some good things to be learned from “true” native American culture. That is their “culture” before we put them on reservations. It is not the “culture” in its entirety but aspects of it that are useful.

    Ironically, we “European” descendants used to share these values. Somehow we have lost them in favor of “STATE” and “SOCIETY”.

    One of those values was the relationship to FAMILY and Clan. The “responsibility” to look out for the family members who could not look out for themselves. A “voluntary” system of personal responsibility and empathetic charity. At the “individual” level.

    • If I remember my basic Native American culture 101 class, The plains Indians tended to pretty much allow their elderly WHO WERE NOT PRODUCTIVE to die, sometimes helping them along. Similar with the Aleuts. Remember that old thing about putting grandpa and grandma out on the ice floes?

      It is only when societies mature and get beyond subsistence level that they can afford to take care of the unproductive. Definitely beyond hunter-gatherer.

      This is Rosseau’s friggen “noble Savage” BS. Nothin noble about them.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        There will be a day. A classic case in anthropology about “ethnocentrism” regarding the australian aboriginese (sp)

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Malthus’s in time will be correct and not in limited case studies like the Kiobab deer n the Grand canyon area. Not to offend the gentil folks the predators were wiped out and the deer they like peacefully grazing in the pastoral scene were almost wiped out due to overpopulation, overgrazing and on and on. causing ecosystem problems that last hundreds of years.

    • D13-your opinion would be nice and everyone else’s too.

      • This is really not a surprise to me. Quite some time ago I read an article that traced Valerie Jarrett’s ancestry. Never guess where her family has come from? You guessed it IRAN. There are some who think this is how Obama was able to outspend Romney, with Iranian money. I’ll see If I can find the article.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        And what is different than during the time of Xerxes and Darius. Then swinging to Alexander back and forth throughout history. Now for the time since 700AD there is a religious name attached. On both sides. This culture clash brought on the age of exploration and ultimately turned the M/E into a foot note in history until God’s little joke of oil. I always remember the scene in Lawrence of Arabia after the victory over the Turks about how to run the countries at the round table in Damascus. It all boiled down to tribal loyalties. What has changed???

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Hey Brian, I know what it was that caused you to confuse the aircraft. Would you like me and all the others who know to spell it out for ya????

    Hint: Run over the White House and have coffee with your good mate. He has some of the same stuff you are looking to explain.

    Birds of a feather Brian. You, Obama, Pelosi and Hillary, sitting in a tree…………….

  19. I know that many don’t like this site because of the Conspiracy Theory stuff, but this story is a good one and isn’t likely to make the MSM. Made me say WTF!

  20. More power to you King Abdullah! Meanwhile Obama dithers.

    JAC and SK…what are your thoughts?

    • Obama doesn’t want to kill his own, as many people think. He is quite clearly a sympathizer. With the propaganda campaign going on, one has figure that the Government wants the people to demand action, giving a green light to another war.

    • I fear that this may ultimately de-stabilize Jordan. Gotta remember that the Jordanian Kings are SOFT ON ISRAEL according to the hard liners. After the ’73 war Jordan and Egypt realized they were spinning their wheels and came to an accommodation. We all remember what happened to Sadat. Mubarak kept the deal witch the Israelis and increased his personal protection. The King of Jordan did the same. Now Jordan is bristling with refugee camps, hotbeds of trouble. We will see how it all plays out.

      The talking heads have been having a field day with ISIS killing a fellow Muslim like this makes some big difference in the ME. Well, putting my Mr. Objective hat on here, what the hell was that Jordanian pilot doing other than killing his brother Muslims.

      See, a no-win situation!

    • I won’t matter, the next one up will do the same thing. As we speak, Republicans are writing the “replacement” for the ACA. Maybe we should be asking bigger questions. Like, “Is the US becoming a Fascist State”? After all, the marriage of government and corporation is just that.

      • I think it does matter. Now I agree most Repug’s will end up acting just like John McCain, Dick Morris, etc insist. In the end it will mean US troops on the ground fighting someone else’s battle. The flip side, any given Democrat will talk peace while waging wars with drones and air strikes. In both cases, no victory and no lasting peace.

        In contrast, Japan & Germany are our allies after being defeated in WW2. It would be great to have a president that keeps us out of other countries conflicts, but that is or was difficult. With fracking, can we ignore the Middle East and how their wars affect the world oil supply? Build the Keystone pipeline and N. America is secure from oil interruption. It changes the dynamics enormously. Since Nixon, we have not had choices there without economic consequences. Would love to be looking at the world today if Romney had won. Imaging sound domestic policy leading to fewer conflicts….

        And would Rand Paul stop us from playing like we are the world police. If he does so, will Russia & Iran become more aggressive? Does poor peace policy end with bigger wars later?

    • Agreed.

      But just for kicks…Bring it Jeb!! The brothers in the D aren’t going to live peacefully next to all those immigrants. Pass the popcorn.

    • He would need Texas…Texas is NOT a Jeb Bush fan at all.

    • This guy is as dumb as his Bro. To say things that can be parsed that way is outrageously dumb. I have often said similar things myself. I specifically compare my own grandparents move to the USA and their living in the Slavic ghetto to that of the Dominicans I worked with. I find that it is instructive for them to find out how we made it in two generations. What I also do is give them a dose of Teddy Roosevelt’s non-hyphenated Americanism. There is controlling the border and controlling the border. To even get into that argument is counter-productive. We are not proposing the Berlin Wall which is the trap he seems to have fallen in. The analogy, though perhaps a stretch is locking the door to the bank after 3PM so that SOME people cannot help themselves to the contents. MOST would not but SOME would.

      There, does it not sound better that way?

      I understand that in Minneapolis and a few other big cities the former residents of one ethnic persuasion have been forcibly replaced by new immigrants. I am thinking of the Somali enclaves. How’s that working out? How’s the Kat market? It is one thing for a neighborhood to transition and even become an ethnic enclave. Saw it yesterday in Passaic NJ. Passed a Russian Orthodox church as big as a Cathedral across the street from a Polish Catholic Church of roughly the same size. The signs in the stores advertising Cerveza and Burritos were not, I think in a Slavic tongue.

  21. SWEET!

    Fox News
    A breathtaking photo from the U.S. Navy shows a rainbow over the bow of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74).

  22. Anita….there is no way that you can win a guerilla war. Not without killing a lot of people. Most people have no stomach for total warfare….and even if you eliminate a whole country…you might kill the people but you won’t kill the ideology.

    These types of killings that have you upset are nothing new….it is just that technology allows it to come into your bedroom.

    Look, some people think that if we close our borders that makes us inhuman. We can close the border really easy and it does not take fences or ditches or mine fields. Texas has all but done it….we have stopped the flow of illegals from 10,000 per month to less than 100 per month WITHOUT the help of the Feds…..Hell, the Federal Border Patrol cannot keep employees….they are quitting and coming into the Rangers or DPS. We do not hamstring our guys with non lethal ammunition.

    What is being over looked by this administration is the amount of OTM (other than Mexican) that is trying to cross he border. Last month in January, we detained 94 people…32 of which are OTM and of the 32…….26 were from Eastern Europe and Africa.

    The only was to deal with the element that is happening over in the ME is do exactly as the King of Jordan did…..if they capture and behead one of ours…..clean out GITMO the next day and I do not mean let them go. But no one has the stomach for it. You cannot fight a humane war…never.

    We will never solve the problems of the world.

  23. This seems like a weirdly interesting situation arriving from a legal loop-hole.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    Further proof that if your core principles are not grounded solidly in reason you will get bizzare answers to tough questions. So now “do no harm” relative to “treating patients for a illness or injury” is construed to mean “do nothing that might lead someone to be harmed by nature or other people”.

    I wonder if we can use the same logic and have the licenses of most people eliminated. Lawyers are the first that come to mind.

    LET THE WITCH HUNTS BEGIN……………next up on the schedule………… BURNING AT THE STAKE.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      One other question I have on this “measles” freak out.

      The vast majority of this years cases are linked to the Disneyland outbreak.

      Has anyone seen or read anything about WHO the typhoid mary/pete was in this case??

      Were they showing symptoms and the parents took them to Disneyland anyway? Where are these people from??

      How did so many other “un-vaccinated” kids come into contact with Patient Zero??? How did it spread????

      Notice how there is no discussion or detailed reporting on these questions, only about vaccinations and the “settled science” arguments. And of course we now have our new Social Pariah…………Anti-vaxxers.

      This is what it looks like when society is reduced to being a herd of SHEEP.

  25. What!-What the hell difference does it make that they claim to be non partisan when they are in another Country-First off-why should they mettle in the elections of other countries and why in the world would they be given tax exemptions for their political activities in other Countries.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      It makes no difference regarding the restrictions on 501 c (3) organizations. They cannot be involved in any campaigning for candidates or legislation or regulations.

      They have mastered the art of deception with the Get Out the Vote movements. It is not campaigning for a candidate or legislation. It is obvious what it is and the guy claiming “non partisan” is a crap weasel lying SOB.

      Congress should immediately sanction ALL US. Organizations involved in the elections of foreign nations. Especially those tied to Congressional or Presidential candidates here.

      And do not let anyone try to tell you this is the result of Citizens United. It is not. This has been going on for some time, but never so overtly linked to the Democratic Party and the Personal propaganda machine of a sitting President.

    • The problem is Netanyahu is not willing to just peacefully march off to the gas chambers. These secular Jewish assholes and their allies who range from Atheists to Christians who don’t believe in Christ hate Israel, period.

      As we have been blamed for the world’s ills, so has Israel. Remember Big Satan, little Satan. Right now they have decided not to play by the big “O”‘s game book and must be punished.

      Didja ever wonder that if the Muslim world had accepted the State of Israel back in ’47 how different everything might have been for them?

      • I have never understood the hatred for Jews. I cannot comprehend why Hitler hated them so much, much less how so many hate them today. It almost seems as though God has cast this hate upon them for some reason. I have no other answer.

        • They have always been a troublesome people just read their book.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          It is actually very easy to understand. Not at a deep level, but to understand why people became focused on one “class” of society.

          1. They were not native to many lands. They were outsiders.
          2. They did not assimilate well. They formed close networks of fellow Jews which led to discrimination in their “friends” favor.
          3. They became leaders in industry and banking. And we all know how those “bankers” are loved by societies throughout history. “Shylock”.
          4. And of course “they killed Jesus”. You have to remember that much of the anti-Semitism of Europe dates back to about 50 A.D..

          Now substitute the “rich” of today in the US. Note the closed network advancement of those “Ivy Leaguers” in the banking industry and Govt. Note how those are the same people becoming wealthy off the system, hell controlling the system. Now note how easy it is to get the populace to “hate” this group, to blame them for all their ills.

          Just look at the commentary you see on the anarchist and left wing blogs. Outright hatred against the “rich”, the “One percent”, etc, etc..

          I will add that Today’s supposed anti-Semitism is not always about hating “Jews”. While that does exist, and is more prevalent in Europe, much of the displayed anger and criticism today is about anti-Zionism. People are waking up to the true nature of the Zionists who run the Israeli govt. Thus they see them as evil actors, no different than those they are always criticizing.

          So in a nutshell, the Zionists are driving, actually enabling, the anti-Semitism we see expressed publicly today, especially in the U.S.A.. Of course the “left wing” academics help all they can in fomenting this hatred.

          • Don’t know that I agree. Zionism is a convenient, relatively new scapegoat. As I said before, what would have the ME been like if the Arab states had accepted Israel in ’47. Gotta keep in mind that for all intents and purposes Israel is as legitimate as most states created post WW 1 out of the Ottoman Empire.

            There was a wonderful elderly Austrian Jewish woman I used to know. A university graduate pre WW 1. That is impressive. Her name was Lilly Belitz. She taught me a great deal about anti-semitism . Perhaps Austria was the least anti-semitic country in the world before the Anschuss. Her opinion, taking into account everything you mentioned above, was that the Jews were too insular, even where they were accepted. Now, I could have come to that conclusion all by myself. What I would not have figured out was what she brought up next, the WHY.

            Jews have historically always stayed liquid. They tend to dominate professions like finance and banking where they can get out of town in a hurry. History is rife (read your Shakespeare) with proof of that. 2,000 years of it to be exact. So, as in Post WW 1 Germany or Spain after the Reconquista things could change in a hurry.

            Over the centuries they have been kept out of other professions and the issue of money lending and the charging of interest was something that Christendom used to prohibit among Christians. Therefore, leave it to the Jews. It was also convenient to basically default on your loan by doing a Pogrom.

            Growing up where I did, knowing who I knew and being a history and psychology buff, I have looked at this one long and hard. Taking it to Jews and their left wing politics, is another interesting thing. Back in college I used to go around and say things about my own 40% Jewish neighborhood like: “If Hitler ran on the Democratic ticket in Washington Heights, he’d win in a landslide”. Still stand by that one today. As. Mrs. Belitz woudl have said, Jews want a very liberal society as a whole. They seem to feel that the more liberal, the less likely for anti-semitism to flourish. She knew this was BS because of her own Austrian experience (by the way, her, her husband and daughter bailed right before the Anschuss, first to England, then Canada then the US ). She also pointed out the earliest signs of anti-semitism in the black community. Despite Jews leading the civil rights charge in the ’60’s (remember Mississippi Burning, Goodman and Schwerner?) they grew, without any white Christian help to blame the Jews for everything from Slavery to Crack. Everybody should have known someone like Mrs. Belitz.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              wild what if’s are fun but of little real value. But let me offer this. If the Arabs had accepted Israel, then nothing much would be different. Let us not forget that the Zionists immediately ignored the edict themselves and started taking what they wanted. BEFORE the Arabs had a chance to rebel against the taking of what they considered their lands.

              Sorry, but it is the Zionist attitude that fuels most of the modern invective, especially in the USA. If not for the Zionist goals there would be no continued “expansion” and there would be no continuous and growing grievances to fuel the anger.

              The Israelis are as much to blame for their predicament as those who oppose them. We are fools for allowing us to be dragged into their squabbles.

    • John Marshall has made his decision: now let him enforce it! Andrew Jackson

      • He does make sense, considering gay’s are not a protected class under the Civil Rights Act (unless that has changed). The only thing SCOTUS has ruled is that the Feds have no power over gay marriage. This could be an interesting case upcoming. While I could give two shits on the whole matter, I wouldn’t mind watching the progressives scream bloody murder. Although I doubt that will happen. I think the SCOTUS will either make gay marriage 100% legal or take government 100% out of it. The latter would be a boom for lawyers and an entirely new business for those who can take advantage of the opportunity. The NEW marriage license could cost a small fortune in legal fees. Be careful what you ask for might apply here, LOL 🙂

      • I read an article today with that exact quote in it and it was about this subject. I understand the reasoning behind why the Judiciary cannot have supremacy but as hard as I try, I do not understand how it would work in reality.

        • Maybe it will come down to WHO has the bigger balls, those who work for the Feds, or everyone else. I wouldn’t bet on the Feds in the long run.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Not sure what it is you cannot understand.

          If one or more States say “hell no” then a struggle will ensue between the States, Congress and the Executive branches. When the “people” truly gain a common and majority view the issue will resolve within the other govt. structures.

          One of the reasons that the rejection of “Brown” by the States was finally stopped was the change in views of the American people. Thus the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Although I think some of that is equally “unconstitutional”.

          But to date, the “public” has accepted the Courts view of the Civil Rights Act because they viewed it as just. This has changed some lately, with respect to “affirmative action”. Thus the Court has itself begun to waffle on this concept, just as it has with the “voting rights” issues and “federal control of state elections” in “targeted” states.

          In short, it would be far more messy and even contentious. Just as Freedom and Liberty should be. 🙂

          • I can see that type of wrangling between the states and the federal. What I have a problem with is the three branches ignoring each other. Like the quote that was posted-that was the President refusing to follow the court’s decision.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Our system relies on voluntary cooperation and acceptance. So just look at what Obama is now doing. Basically ignoring Congressional intent and the laws outright, when he likes.

              Congress can responds with the power of the purse. What is missing today is the bipartisan recognition of each branches role. This has been put aside for “party” rule. Thus the Dems in Congress will not go along with slapping Obama up side the head, because he is a Democrat. Nor will the Reps agree to do the same to one of their own.

              Thus the POTUS is displaying what appears to be a propensity towards Monarchy. Not new to the POTUS (i.e., both Roosevelts and Wilson, and Johnson). What is now lacking is the willpower and courage of Congress to put a stop to it.

              SCOTUS’s real power is in “perception” of the people and the desire for “order” by the elected officials. The Congress controls the purse strings, POTUS the veto.

              Those are the real checks and balances. But the public and the Official’s views and desire for order are a key part. Nobody wants to be the one that establishes Anarchy as the norm.

              • So I guess it’s just gonna be messy. 🙂
                I don’t remember the quote but I assume this is where electing Men of Character comes in.

              • I almost forgot the second part-I believe that quote also mentioned the need for the people to be of good character too.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          One other thing.

          The Fed courts are not entirely powerless. They can and have found people in “contempt” and thus subject to fines and possible jail time.

          They have the US Marshalls at their disposal. I do not know of a time when they carried this to completion, but I do know of times the threats became very heated and “threatening”.

          The Federal Judiciary is in reality no different than the other branches, in that once the public loses trust in the institution it will either respond or fail. Ridicule of the appeals courts and SCOTUS, combined with defiance, will create change. Along with “elections”, bwahahahahahaha

    • About time another state got some guts….Texas has been ignoring fed courts for three years now…..

  26. Let’s see, NBC’s Brian Williams is now officially in the liberal liars club with the Clinton’s and Obama. Speaking of Obama, he basically excused ISIS because they were like the Crusades. Haven’t we evolved as a people to stop acting like people acted WAY WAY back then? Does Obama have any sense on the matter or is he just plain Muslim and believes they can do no wrong. He’s already the #1 joke on the planet, now he is aiding the enemy, in so many ways, he needs charged with treason and tried before a jury. WTF? When are the sheople going to stand up and say “NO MORE ASSHOLE”?

    • Remember when he was running and first elected. Europe was fawning all over him. Reality does bite.

  27. There was a time when the entire Mediterranean Basin was Christian. That time ended with the rise of Islam. As a Christian, I would like to paraphrase my Palestinian brethren, “You stole it”.

    Now this stolen thing was getting bigger and bigger, knocking off parts of Europe as well as the Byzantine Empire. The Pope, who was basically the US of his day said “enough already” and put together a coalition of the willing.

    Using the approved military models of the time, ie: kill everybody, let the Deity sort it out, there was a valiant attempt made to stem Islam which sort of worked. The thing seesawed back and forth for six centuries but never recovered the lost areas of Africa or the Middle East.

    It should always be remembered that in 1664, the Dutch settled New Amsterdam which became NY City. For just a bit of perspective, the final attempt for the Muslims to conquer Europe was stopped by the Germans and Poles before the walls of Vienna NINETEEN YEARS LATER!

    Somebody shoulda taught that dipshit in the White House some friggen history! .

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Noticed he did not mention the “atrocities” performed in the name of Islam prior to, during and after the Crusades.

      I know from my son’s college education that our Universities now teach that the Crusaders committed massive atrocities, that Europe was a hotbed of violence and ignorance and that during the Muslim Caliphates, there was a time of peace, “acceptance of minority views” and higher learning.

      My son still argues that the Muslim occupiers were benevolent rulers. Apparently the college professors feel that second class status in a society is “accepting” and “peace loving”. After all, they didn’t just cut off all their heads, like the Kahn brothers.

      • tell him to look at something like this and then tell me if he thinks they accomplished it by handing out free lollipops? Are all these kids too friggen dumb to do their own fact checking?

  28. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Mohammad and the creation of the Islamic religion…610AD

    Just a little over 100 years later in north central France

    At the Battle of Tours near Poitiers, France, Frankish leader Charles Martel, a Christian, defeats a large army of Spanish Moors, halting the Muslim advance into Western Europe. Abd-ar-Rahman, the Muslim governor of Cordoba, was killed in the fighting, and the Moors retreated from Gaul, never to return in such force.

    Charles was the illegitimate son of Pepin, the powerful mayor of the palace of Austrasia and effective ruler of the Frankish kingdom. After Pepin died in 714 (with no surviving legitimate sons), Charles beat out Pepin’s three grandsons in a power struggle and became mayor of the Franks. He expanded the Frankish territory under his control and in 732 repulsed an onslaught by the Muslims.

    Victory at Tours ensured the ruling dynasty of Martel’s family, the Carolingians. His son Pepin became the first Carolingian king of the Franks, and his grandson Charlemagne carved out a vast empire that stretched across Europe.

    1st Crusade 1096-1099

    Need any more be said

    As SK points out the last full blown Muslim/Ottoman invasion of Europe 1683, goal was the conquest after Vienna was Rome…end result a commemorative pastry the coissant

  29. World economies are slowing, the Baltic Dry Index heading lower and lower and not THIS:

    Leave it to a Union to put the final nail in the fake recovery.

  30. $250,000 per year..”and not happy.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning my Texican friend. Hope all is well.

      I must apologize for my criticism of your comments regarding “The Play” that ended the super bowl. I based my view on the real time play and one replay. I just couldn’t watch it more than once.

      Now that I have calmed and seen it a couple more times, you were correct. The pass was not precise nor where it needed to be. However, had it been I think it would have been incomplete or the receiver stopped short. The latter being no better than had they run it.

      I say this because the defender “jumped” the route and knocked the receiver backwards, at the one yard line.

      What is now evident is that the Patriots did a great job of “planning” for this eventuality. The Seahawks did not, as usual. I watched several times this year as they seemed to get “confused” when thy got inside the 5 yard line. Same thing happened here, so they relied on their “progression” as Caroll calls it.

      Anyway, I was wrong and you were right. However it is still a BONEHEADED call.

      • Lol…..not a problem and no offense taken nor should you apologize for anything…I did not understand the call either….give the walk on defensive guy credit….he jumped the route perfectly. I also saw an option available as well…a play action, then a “pump” to the slant….I think he could have walked in around the right side…….BUT…..I do not get paid the big bucks…..AND…..ten thousand slo mo replays makes me a great play caller.

        • And, I was remiss….a gracious good day to you and yours…..we are going to be around 80 degrees this weekend……

          But we are waiting to see what is going to happen to us. Another Federal judge from Washington DC area has castigated us, again….the same one that said we could not use voter ID…..has also said that Texas cannot drop the school lunch program….well, we did and the kids can take anything they want to eat.

  31. I had a thought about the immigration issue. Let’s have a national vote, and everybody who can vote fills out a form with name and SSN. They vote and send it in. The results can be announced a few weeks later. If the vote is no, then our current laws are upheld (as part of the vote and can’t be changed by the Potus or Congress). If the vote is yes, then the Dream Act is automatically passed. There is one more little matter, which explains the need for the SSN. Those who vote yes pay for all the government money spent on them, every penny. An initial CBO number can be used and divided by all the Yes votes to determine the NEW tax they will pay. Any body want to guess how bad it would be voted down? 🙂

  32. Don’t you love it!!!!! 🙂

    “The Medieval Christian threat is under control, Mr. President. Please deal with the Radical Islamic threat today.” Bobby Jindal

    • Common sense is not the strength of Obama or most progressives. Then again, maybe Obama is on the side of ISIS. After all, they’re of his making.

  33. Back around ’67 or so, “National Review” printed several pages of VC and NVA atrocity photos. When they were published, the editors commented that when they asked for these photos from the Pentagon, the people down there were surprised because NO ONE had asked for them in years. Part of the current brou-ha-ha over the “Crusades” is because the presentation, for most of my lifetime has been one sided, totally, completely, incredibly one sided. Admittedly I had never taken a history course specific to the Crusade era but as a Catholic who spent four years taking Theology in a Catholic University, I was very familiar with Christian North Africa and the Christian Middle East. No one had to tell me that something very bad had to happen to change that. It was obvious. Anyway. Spent 15 minutes watching this presentation and thought it interesting to say the least. People in opposition can probably just dismiss it as some do in the “comments” section but historically it is right on. Anyone see anything off in this?

  34. The White House says Obama wanted to be provocative with his Prayer Breakfast remarks-I’d say he was successful

    DEFINITIONS OF: provocative
    adj serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate; stimulating discussion or exciting controversy

    creating or arousing excitement
    agitating, agitative, provoking
    causing or tending to cause anger or resentment
    challenging, intriguing
    disturbingly provocative
    capable of producing violent emotion or arousing controversy
    incendiary, incitive, inflammatory, instigative, rabble-rousing, seditious
    arousing to action or rebellion
    rousing to activity or heightened action as by spurring or goading


    provoke provoked provoking provocation

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Cause the first thing that comes to mind as THE Leader of the Free World when trying to calm the fears of, or motivate action of, your citizens is to be “provocative” about the moral equivalency of the Crusades and Militant Islamic Jihad in the 21st century.

      I found his comments further revealing of the man inside the public shell. One can easily find “modern” examples of how a religion is used and abused to justify violence that goes beyond Islam.

      But his lazy reliance on the Crusades, Slavery and Jim Crow are deeply seated “Pavlovian responses” learned in our University system and the “Left Wing” groups he associated with, before deciding to run for elected office.

    • I think he was successful.

      • At least he was honest. Of course tomorrow we might find out that provocative no longer means provocative.

  35. Everyone needs a laugh now and then. Check out this comment on the subject of minimum wage increase:

    Trickle down economics didn’t work for thirty years and is not going to work now. Economics 101 says, investors don’t create jobs and wealth, consumers and employees do. Consumers are willing to pay a “Fair Price” for goods as long corporate tycoons are willing to pay a “Fair Wage”. When minimum wage goes up by law, all competitors are affected equally. There should be an ROI on the time and effort employees invest in creating the wealth and not just for those who provide capital.

  36. Dr. Ulfkotte says the corruption of journalists and major news outlets by the CIA is routine, accepted, and widespread in the western media, and that journalists who do not comply either cannot get jobs at any news organization, or find their careers cut short.

    • Nothing new here. Back in “67 I was a delegate to the National Student Association, a very left leaning group that had been funded for years partially through the CIA. The CIA used them to disseminate info to international student groups throughout the Cold war era. Propaganda if you like, truth if facts mean anything. The one thing you have to understand was that those were the days when you could be domestically a left leaning Socialist and still understand that Communism as was Nazism was an enemy who would have wiped out any and all freedoms you had if given a chance. The democratic party until the time of McGovern was an anti-communist party.

      I am amazed at how dumb students were and are in the US. They never caught on, even after the USSR collapsed and there were huge document dumps in the ’90’s that the American Communist movement and the associated youth movements were totally controlled and given their marching orders from Moscow.

      So, any hoople who was upset at the “blacklist”, Lillian Hellman, Alger Hiss or whatever should have been equally outraged by that other foreign controlled operation the “German American Bund”. But, somehow, the outrage is not there.

      Here is a little history lesson. I must say, in all honesty, I was part on an effort backed by the Young Americans for Freedom that did our damnedest that summer to bring down the folly of some NSA positions at the convention. It was the closest I’d ever been to a full scale bacchanalian orgy in my entire life. I refused though to smoke the grass or drop the acid. The amount of beer and wine i consumed are things legends are made of. Ahh, the summer of “67, the summer of love.

      Last of the good time music:

      • Then you can talk to those of us about the CIA that actually worked with them in Vietnam, Bosnia, Kuwait, Colombia, Honduras…..we know.

        • Somehow, over the years, people forget that it is an intelligence agency. As such it is designed to collect intelligence which may involve infiltrating groups or governments to secure said intelligence.

          From the Church committee through today, I feel that there has been an effort to downgrade the CIA. I assume that you know about the stories of the CIA trading in dope with either Vietnamese, Cambodian or Laotian Generals. Personally I never saw any real proof yet the story has assumed the status of proven fact. What do the Russians call it, disinformation?

          • I know…you hear the stories of Air America and how it was a secret organization in Laos keeping the drug trade alive to finance Laotian Generals that would fight the North Vietnamese…..I knew people in Air America but I did not know what they did.

    • I have no doubt this is true BUT I also find that many companies, especially large corporations-have a tendency to treat their employees like crap. If they have a go getter-they are frequently told to not rock the boat -and when they do well the appreciation seems to go away as soon as the big project is over.

      • Possibly, but that seems more like an assumption rather than a provable fact. Companies like that certainly exist, and there are others that are very worker friendly. I don’t see it fair to lump them all the same, because that would be a false assumption.

        • I think it’s pretty prevalent-but the only proof I have is the personal experience’s of people I know very well. But even if it was undeniably true-it would still not be an excuse to not do the job you are paid to do. But I think it brings a more balanced picture of the problem.

          • I have had mixed results in life. I worked for a company that had horrible management, one that was just plain awesome, and a couple in the middle. I’m self employed and have been for a few years and my boss is awesome 🙂

          • I’m with you VH. The business schools do not seem to teach loyalty towards employees. Their graduates expect it the other way but are unwilling to offer it. Then again. The execs these days do not apparently plan to stay around that long. They jump from corp. to corp. I’m not particularly in the mood to look it up but there are comparisons I’ve seen between the fifties and now on length of stay at jobs which for both management and labor speak loudly and not kindly.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Every corporation I worked for over 40 years pretty much shot go getters and those that disagreed with management decisions. Regardless of the validity of the counter discussion. Those that moved up rarely did so based on some recognizable trait or accomplishent except early on they were put on a fast management path. Especially with IBM throughout my time with them and then AT&T after they partnered with IBM. The only place that was at a minimum of pure politics in advancement was the US Military. Maybe senior officers it was all politics but I never stayed in long enough to test those waters.

      • VH…would you please give me one or two examples of being “treated like crap”….?

        • Okay, guy worked real hard to get moved off the third

          • sorry got interrupted and accidentally pushed the button-now I have to leave for awhile -will answer your question when I get back

        • Okay, I’ll try this again 🙂

          This guy started out on third shift working the weekends-he worked very hard for several years to go up in the company and to get off third shift. He finally managed to get the weekends off, then he got on first shift-became a senior analyst. Worked on a huge project and he did a great job, I know he did a good job because he was given raises and was given a year wide award for the great job. Then out of the blue his manager, all sorry, tells him he has to go back to third shift and work on the weekends because he doesn’t have anyone there who knows what there doing and he knows this guy can make him look good. So basically the guy is being punished for doing a good job. He actually has to train a guy to do his old job-a guy who isn’t as good or qualified as he is.

  37. Wow-Who does this man think he is-Does he want to reinstate segregation too.
    I think this is racist and sexist. And based on stupid reasoning, maybe minority males do commit 95% of the murders in this Country but that isn’t the same as saying 95% of minority males kill people. So I guess the % of minority males that are law abiding citizens don’t have the right to protect themselves from the criminal element that will get guns of they want guns. I think power and money have gone to this mans head.

    • Bloomberg is the FACE of the Left that they don’t want to admit too. I get to read a lot of people with this demanding demeanor as if they are of some higher power than the rest of the people. Most irritating.

    • As much as I despise the guy, at least he is acknowledging the REAL problem. Technically, if you really want to cut down gun violence, only women and Asian males should be allowed to own guns.

  38. ‘Ha Ha ha-I just read these headlines on Drudge-Read the first three and then take a gander at the fourth one.

    50 SHADES’ actress: ‘Sometimes you feel naughty and it’s OK’…


    Bondage gear sales surge…

    Woman decapitates husband after forced into ‘deviant acts in porn’…

    • Is VH getting frisky? 🙂

    • By the way….have you checked out who is buying this book? The disparity ?

      • Ask Kathy!!!! LOL

      • No, I haven’t-saw one headline something about them being surprised by how many people in the south were going to see the movie. Personally I haven’t read the book or seen the movie-from the little I’ve read about it- I don’t intend to. If other Adults want to-what do I care. The only thing I find concerning about any of it-is the attempt to make what I assume is an x-rated smut book about S&M socially acceptable. They’ve always been around-but now they seem to want to convince people that S&M is normal and common place. Kinky supposedly is in-kinky isn’t the word I would choose but I see why those who want to promote this stuff likes the word.

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