Ted Cruz

I like Ted Cruz.  I think it’s great when someone stands up to their own party.  But, does he have what it takes to be president?



  1. 😎

  2. I still say Trump/Cruz for four then Cruz/ ? ’20

    relax JAC…now clean the coffee off your keyboard! 😉

    • Texas would be lost…….Texans do not want Trump at all…..no matter who the vp is.

      • Mornin Colonel! Hope all is well down in Texas, still trying to share some of our weather with ya, but it’s not cooperating 🙂 A quick question, do you still have that list of diseases coming across the border (or do you remember when you posted it)?

        • I can remember the diseases but not the actual number.

          1) chicken pox
          2) bacterial upper respiratory
          3) measles
          4) noro virus
          5) Polio ( Not many cases )
          6) TB ( Not many cases )
          7) scabies
          8) head lice

          those are the most common that I remember. Chicken Pox and respiratory and measles being he most prolific….and noro virus running pretty high.

    • How “bout we look at Trump next. I will probably start with some blowhard comments, but I’m trying not to let my bias set the tone for debate….. And calling Trump a blowhard is just one of those “Captain Obvious” statements. lol

      • Hater!

        • Not at all…. OK, maybe a little bit. I like some things about Trump, but think he is full of himself. This morning talking about ISIS he said again, we should have taken Iraq’s oil instead of leaving it for ISIS use to fund itself… I like that he is decisive but do not want him setting policy with Russia, for example.

          • He would be a 100000% improvement over the idiot in the office now. Why Obama decided to poke the bear has me in wonderment. Wasn’t all his interference in the Arab Spring enough?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              He would NOT be an improvement, let alone one that great. He would simply be the Obama WHITE with crappy hair and a serious self esteem problem. In fact, he may be more dangerous than Obama.

              • I happen to think he’s pretty smart. He would most assuredly be better than the slug in the Whitehouse now. Besides, he’s the only non-politician being talked about other than Carson. They would make a good ticket. I think Carson would be a blast to watch in a debate, how about you? 🙂

              • Ok, you talked me into it,,,I will run,…..

  3. Just A Citizen says:

    Nothing like a little intimidation to make sure the troops stay in line.


    To read the article make sure you click on “skip survey”.

  4. Just A Citizen says:

    If you don’t think the Progressives are deliberately manipulating our “knowledge” base take a look at this. It is the “examples” for the use of the word freedom in the online Webster Dictionary.

    “Examples of FREEDOM
    1. He thinks children these days have too much freedom.
    2. She has the freedom to do as she likes.
    3. a political prisoner struggling to win his freedom
    4. Or Bugs would do the impossible by jumping out of the frame and landing on the drawing board of the cartoonist who was at work creating him. This freedom to transcend the laws of basic physics, to hop around in time and space, and to skip from one dimension to another has long been a crucial aspect of imaginative poetry. —Billy Collins, Wall Street Journal, 28-29 June 2008
    5. It’s the beginning of summer. … For many adults who are really closet kids, this means that their blood hums with a hint of freedom … —Anna Quindlen, Newsweek, 18 June 2001
    6. I can see that my choices were never truly mine alone—and that that is how it should be, that to assert otherwise is to chase after a sorry sort of freedom. —Barack Obama, Dreams from My Father, (1995) 2004

    Now lets deal with the quote itself. What a messed up statement, denying the very concept of freedom and of course “personal responsibility”.

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    Gman, et al.

    I often see a comment from lefties claiming that taxes and govt. are the cost of having “civilization”.

    Well next time your up against one of those try these quotes out and see what happens. Full disclosure, they are by Ayn Rand. I suggest you don’t use her name until they have a chance to react.

    “Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage’s whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men.”

    “The precondition of a civilized society is the barring of physical force from social relationships—thus establishing the principle that if men wish to deal with one another, they may do so only by means of reason: by discussion, persuasion and voluntary, uncoerced agreement.

    The necessary consequence of man’s right to life is his right to self-defense. In a civilized society, force may be used only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use.”

    Please note that Govt in general, and Govt imposed taxes in particular violate these principles. I suggest you drop that idea on them after they agree that a reduction in violence and use of force is in fact a requirement of “civilization”.

    • Thanks, I’ll be keeping this in mind. I gotta tell ya, some of these folks are seriously lost. A few don’t even try and debate, they just go right to name calling. No wonder this country is going to shit.

  6. Well, well, well…….the U.S. Department of Labor admits that it drops the unemployed from the roles after 24 months when long term benefits stop. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that there are 30 million people that really need to be counted as unemployed but has been told not yo count them.

  7. So if a man hit’s woman and kills unborn baby, he’s charged with murder. Should this “feminist” also be charged with the same: http://www.prisonplanet.com/feminist-i-aborted-my-baby-because-he-was-male.html

    • The woman is nuts G-maybe a mental institution would be the best place for her. I find in her specific case I might go for forced sterilization.

    • Nothing particularly unusual here. I love the references to “Brave New World”. Very appropriate for the top down, authoritarian state we not only have created but crave. Does anyone have doubts that in comparison the the Roman Republic we are at the point where we are ready to acclaim a new Caesar because he will do the thinking fro all of us. Oh yes, we will keep the trappings of the past, a toothless Senate as the Romans had and a profligate House that gives the Dictator what he asks for.

      • Thinking further on the above, Cassius and Brutus had a plan but it backfired big time and after the dust settled, Augustus was in even firmer control than his uncle would have been. The solution is disgrace. You have to disgrace the dictator. I’m not sure though that in this culture you can disgrace anyone anymore. Friend and I were discussing Clinton’s Impeachment. She had forgotten the Cigar. Surprisingly, she was more agitated about that in retrospect than the affair itself or the lying. Think about it! In the oval office no less, and people went ho-hum and I doubt one in twenty even remembers it today.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Only the intellectuals claim that they are above the workplace laws about affairs with co-workers. The military comes down hard on affairs in direct chain of command as does business. Universities seem to be immune to the rules of professor-student trists, because they can handle it. The fact that Clinton who was the top law of the land abused his power on a fawning willing co-op….I have not read through the whole SUFA blog yet, but did anyone catch the news out of France that the former head of the IMF, the guy who was accused of raping a lady, but got off due to smearing her and we in the US were blasted by the French for being so puritanical and having hang-ups….anyway he is now on trial in France for running an international prostitution ring.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        It was said that only the people close to Caesar had to truly be careful about being the recipient of his wims. The further out the less risk. “Render unto Caesar what is his” pay the tax and you’re left alone, generally.

  8. Out of an article from Moscow Times. What is this seemingly new term “lethal equipment”? Are “weapons” no longer “lethal equipment” or are they referring to something such as chemical weapons. I’ve heard this being used by our media as well, here is the statement: With Russia-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine seizing new territory from the Ukrainian army, voices in Washington are demanding that Kiev be given defensive weapons and hardware — including lethal equipment — to hold the line.

  9. Jordan moves troops to Iraqi border….This is good to see.

    Isis says that the American girl was killed by Jordanian airstrikes…..anybody want to believe that,,,,I do have some prime land for sale in Tanzania.

    Russia will take Ukraine followed by Lithuania followed by Poland. Europe is afraid of Russia and will not stop anything.

    Obama to ask Congress for ground troops to fight Isis.

    • The Lithuanians, Esths and Latts should keep their collective mouths shut. The Poles are free to shoot theirs off just not to hold military exercises with NATO next to a Russian border.

      • Only the blind cannot see that the baltics and Poland is in the sights.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Who is going to fight the proxy war in Poland? I don’t see Russia “invading” outright. Or are you talking about alignment forced by economic realities?

          • It will not be proxy….just like the Ukraine is not proxy although everyone wants to believe it is.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              But even in Ukraine there are actual Ukrainian rebels fighting, with all that Russian hardware and “advisors”.

              So who in Poland is preparing for an armed revolt? Without some militant separatists group Russia is left with outright invasion. They might be able to hide that in east Ukraine but can’t get away with it in Poland.

              Tell me what you think their play will be, because all I see is an economic squeeze, via natural gas, that could force Poland to become more “friendly”.

              Now the million dollar question. Are we prepared to go to direct war with Russia in Poland and the Baltics? How will we come out on that deal??

              • True in that there are some Ukrainian Rebels being led by advisers…with the exception of the Spetz that are not leading anybody and are very good a disrupting logistics behind the lines…

                Nobody stopped the Russians before in the Balkans….the US just sat and watched the Russian tanks take Eastern Europe…and no one did anything.

                My opinion on Poland….it will be an outright invasion….done fast….you do not have to fight the Polish Army..all you have to do is take the government. If I was Putin, I would do it tomorrow. There is no one to stop him….AND……..he also owns the spigot to Germany and western Europe. Stay away or have no energy…..period. Once he establishes control over the old Balkans……he does not have to do anymore.

                Meanwhile….watch China very closely….their military has ramped up for a reason.

              • Oh, forgot to answer your million dollar question……the answer is no.

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    Buck, Mathius

    Help me understand. Is this really a declaration of “common values” to those viewing themselves as “progressive”?? Can you better articulate what the “common value” is that he is dancing around??


  11. Just A Citizen says:

    The Chinese certainly know more about our history and internal politics that we do about theirs. Have to hand it to them, this was a clever come back.


    The threat against Hawaii is silly at this point. The real threat is explained within the article, however. China has global ambitions. Military and economic ambitions.

    • Been waiting for this one for years.

      If you don’t think that there are those out there, including high ranking federal judges, who would just love to return Hawaii, Alaska and most of the west to their former owners, you are out of your mind. Outside of the thirteen original colonies, I wonder which states could stand such a legal onslaught.

      I am sure that the commerce clause or some such tripe could be used to determine that the original petition for statehood was flawed. Let’s assume for the moment that because the indigenous peoples were not allowed to participate, the requests for statehood could be ruled defective throwing the issue to a modern referendum. Based on other Federal court opinions, this actually makes perfect sense.

  12. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, here is my theory and it is one I have held for many months. Since right after she resigned as SOS.

    Mrs. Clinton is getting a major MAKEOVER. This absence also allows all the speculation and anticipation to build. It allows the surrogates to fight the battle and her to stay on the sidelines until the 4th quarter. Then she can come to the attack and the R’s won’t have time to respond.

    By MAKEOVER I include a little plastic work, clothing, speech patterns and tone, and especially more training on how to deliver “it is all a vast right wing conspiracy” with more conviction and humorous sarcasm. She is being trained to be more like Obama.

    And of course, the Clintons and their “partners” are building the network Mr. Obama would not give them. This is what the Clinton Initiative was really all about. Building vast networks of money and activists.

    In the end Hillary may not get elected. But she will not be the last Clinton we see run for high office. I would be shocked if the daughter does not have the same ambitions.

    • You’re probably right. Plus, she’s a terrible campaigner. Remember her book tour? The more she talked the worse it got. Keep her behind the curtain for as long as they can.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Take a look at the few pictures of her recently compared to those when she was SOS.

        I have also noticed that many stories on her at the left wing sites use older pictures as in “younger”. I am betting this is not accidental. It is both propaganda and preparation.

        If you thought the racist bullpuckey of the last two elections was tiresome, wait until you get the Misogyny 3.0 that is coming soon.

      • What is her biggest accomplishment as a politician, teaching Brian Williams how it’s done? 🙂

    • I have come to the conclusion, after over a month of engaging the Left in their house, that this country has a problem much bigger than I have thought. First, the lack of common sense is beyond incredible. Their desire for a Fascist State is clearly the end game, but few want to say it. When they can’t argue a point, they just go straight to personal attacks, which shows the lack of knowledge and intelligence. They basically brainwashed zombies. There are a few who have some thinking ability, and Buck is a rare Lefty, although I think he may just be keeping a low profile. I just don’t think this country will have another Democrat President for quite awhile. But let’s have an election occur first.

        • This is nothing new… Everyone thinks that Texas is real close to being blue…but I invite everyone to look at the demographic breakdown of the house and senate.

          In addition, we are enforcing the Federal Law….and we have voter ID regardless of the rulings of Federal courts…..we simply do not listen to them any longer courtesy of Obama’s introduction to selective enforcement…..we are doing the same thing.

          The other thing to watch closely is the breakdown of the Hispanic influence. The Hispanic population is very fast becoming conservative and several Offices and judges are conservative Hispanics……that do not like amnesty. Texas has been doing this for several years now.

          • On this I totally agree. hard working immigrants who have busted their collective asses doing it by the book are not falling over themselves seeking amnesty for cheaters. Shame is nobody has ever taken a valid poll of these folks. They are either ignored or the poll question are rigged equating the word immigration with legal/illegal. Dems do that very well.

      • All you need is another pair of assholes like Bush and DeLay and the left takes all the marbles home again. Worst part is when the economy collapses, if it is on ANY Republican’s watch he will become Herbert Hoover and the party will be out of power for the life of the depression plus ten or twenty.

    • Pay attention carefully. After a multi decade long hiatus, the Dems have rediscovered the middle class. Not a democratic politician out there makes a speech these days without dragging in the middle class.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Trained to be like OBAMA. She could not make a coherant statement. For someone who still believes the POTUS is a great speaker and orator, just had to listen to his rambling incoherant comments on the withdrawal of the military resources setting up the infrastructure in western Africa to battle Ebola. The NPR commentator translated what he said, and then it made sense. We’d be better off with MAX Headroom for those that remember.

  13. Did anyone see the explosion in Donetsk ? Particularly the one with audio? It happened on Sunday

  14. We’ve been discussing States rights and such recently. I find that I do not believe the States should have the right to give non-citizens the right to vote even if it is in local elections only. WE the people, to me anyway means the citizens of this Country and giving voting rights to non-citizens changes that foundational principal.


  15. You guys want to give me some information here-this doesn’t sound good.


  16. Brian Williams aka the Lying Banana has been suspended a whole 6 months. Another Liberal to join their Hall of Fame of Liars. No loss to the world.

  17. Warning! Gross factor 100..but these comments have me cracking up…all before 6am. Keep scrolling for the actual comments.

  18. This is the end of a economic report I get. He’s not a Keynesian.

    We are entering a crash and burn phase for government. Especially Western governments and their socialist and safety net experiments of the last several decades. Of their currency experiments, their trade wars, their inept policies, and more.

    It will manifest itself mostly in the sovereign bond markets of Europe and the United States, where interest rates are so low that even our country’s founding fathers would be shocked.

    And when it bursts later this year, it will usher in what my dear friend and mentor, Marty Armstrong, calls the “Sovereign Debt Big Bang.”

    That’s when it will really start to come unglued. It’s when the sovereign bond markets of the United States, Europe, and Japan will begin to implode … and interest rates begin to rise … no matter what the central banks do.

    It’s when the chickens will come home to roost, when the citizens of those countries … and investors everywhere … realize that the Emperors of those countries — their leaders and governments — really do have no clothes.

    And then, nearly all markets will swing even more wildly than they are now.

    I repeat: This is a year of danger. And unless you start preparing now, it will gut your wealth.

    Larry Edelson

  19. Another few lines:

    It’s actually very simple: You are witnessing the death of communism and Western-style socialism.

    It is not the demise of capitalism, as so many think. It’s the opposite:

    The death of big government. The death of the state taking care of you. The death of Keynesian economics.

    The death of governments that are so indebted from fiscal mismanagement and making promises to you that they could never keep — that they are now waging financial repression against you …

    While at the same time finding scapegoats in the form of other countries, other political systems and parties, to blame.

  20. There was an interesting special this morning on Texas and how the WH, especially Valerie J, is very upset. The special was about how Texas, without the Federal Government, has taken over the border responsibilities. They do not like the gunboats patrolling the river and shared border lakes. They do not like the flying of drones on the border not being controlled by the FAA. They do not like the three thousand State Guard troops on rotation. They do not like Texas spending 6 million per month of its own money to enforce the border because since it is not Fed funds, they have no say. They do not like the fact that since Texas has taken over, (1) there has been a 70% drop in rapes, (2) an 81 % drop in burglaries, (3) 68% drop in car jackings, (4) not one single kidnapping in over a year (American citizens), (5) not a single robbery on any border lake since the couple on jet skis a couple years back (6) not one single sniping incident in the Big Bend in the past 28 months, (7) not one single camper in the Big Bend being robbed or camping paraphernalia being stolen in over two years, (8) it is no longer necessary to have armed police on rural school busses because all bus drivers have been trained and armed, (9) not one single border school child has been kidnapped from school since Texas allows armed teachers and principals…….and the most damning statistic already reported……border crossings have dropped from ten thousand per month to less than 100 per month. The ranchers are ecstatic because the loss of cattle and horses has dropped from 2500 head per year to……..drum roll please………zero…..ZERO…..yes, nothing……the big bupkis………nada, zip………….why? Because we deputized every single rancher and provided them with GPS and SAT phones. We did not have to provide them with weapons because this is Texas….EVERYBODY is armed. The ranchers are part of the solution and immune from prosecution. The WH views this as vigilante and we view it as law enforcement supplement.

    And, in the cities and border towns, Texas has set up immigration points and if you wish to come into Texas, we will let you in immediately if you have a sponsor. This is beginning to work exceptionally well and it is pissing off the “coyotes” because it is becoming very hard for them to make money when there are now legal entry points. The majority of what we catch now in the countryside are criminal elements.

    So, it can be done. And, Texas is funding, with NO Federal dollars, the program. Six million per month…..and on a balanced budget. Yes, Washington, you can actually balance a budget.

    Oh, and also on the news this morning, it appears that our “jumping bean border party” drew some more attention. A frat party where everyone wears mustaches, sombreros, and serapes and drinks mescal and gets really stupid once again drew the ire of a federal judge that said this type of party is discriminatory……the same federal judge that ruled against it the last three years and will likely be the same federal judge that will rule on it next year because we will not stop it. I understand that Valerie J is upset because we won’t quit. So, I understand, and this is not confirmed, an invitation will be sent to her next year.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention…..since the castle doctrine in Texas extends to personal property such as cars, boats, and land…..the ranchers must post their fence lines with a sign every one quarter mile, a no trespass sign. Once acomplished, no warning need be given, no retreat is necessary. The other aspect is that this is cattle country and the old 1800’s laws are fully respected although there hasn’t been a hanging since early 1900……

  21. Is this common? Peeps that were on O’s campaign team are in Israel working on the election of someone else to beat Bibbi.


    • Just A Citizen says:


      No! At least not from groups who still maintain such direct ties to the POTUS.

      Which brings us to the hypocrisy of Obama and his minions howling about the “political nature” of Netanyahu’s visit to see Congress. POTUS will not meet with him because it might be viewed as influencing Israeli elections, while his hit groups are actively trying to influence the Israeli elections.

    • Indirect involvement has always been there….this type of direct involvement is rare.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Good morning Sir.

        Agreed. Although we should note that such “indirect” involvement has worked both ways. That is trying to influence US elections as well as influencing Israeli elections.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Read Agenda 21. Then add a bunch more environmental stuff.

      The “elites” actually believe they can deliberately construct a Global Economy that is NOT driven by such large “consumption”. One that is according to “their criteria” a “sustainable” economy. Meaning environmentally and economically “sustainable”. This is the “Star Trek World” I used to reference with sarcasm.

      They seek UTOPIA, and unfortunately they have convinced many of the world’s youth that it is within reach.

      • Quite familiar with Agenda 21 (I thought you didn’t like conspiracy theories, which it once was). If this is the direction they are trying to go, then that means they will need to have a considerable culling of the human race. Are they that brazen that they can now openly talk about Eugenics? Or maybe it’s that people are just that stupid they can’t comprehend what Agenda 21 means.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Agenda 21 was never a conspiracy theory, except in the minds of people like Alex Jones. It was however a conspiracy, in that it was a concerted effort to “drive” human development along the lines of “criteria” deemed suitable by the intellectuals and lemmings who support it. It is palatable to the masses because many of its “concepts” make some sense or appeal to our instincts about what is a good thing, in the long run.

          It was always right there in the open. The masses were simply not aware of it or what it means. They still are not fully aware. It is palatable to the masses because many of its “concepts” make some sense or appeal to our instincts about what is a good thing, in the long run.

          They do not have to “cull” the human race. They simply need to reduce the birth rate. Time will take care of the bubble.

          • I would agree that most people have no idea what Agenda 21 is. I do recall a time though when it was a conspiracy theory, that was also before I knew who Jones was. His sites are getting better at linking real news and some of the reporters (if they can be called that) are far better than many in the main stream media. A great deal of things that were once CT’s have been proven true. Although I think Jones carry’s things a little too far, he seems to be getting better. Prison Planet is FAR better than the National Memo by leaps and bounds, but that’s because they link stories from other sites, like a mini Drudge (who also links PP and Infowars).

            Sorry, got off on a rant, LOL. As far as Agenda 21, those who want it are getting into a hurry. Many want to see major advances before they die off. They may be on the wrong side of history if we end up in a war with Russia that turns nuclear (which I doubt). Even the fear of a nuclear war will give people pause at being crammed into cities. The only way it would work is by government edict, because people like me won’t be moving to any city, ever. That means the use of force. With that said, how does a different economy accomplish this? There is nothing coming to mind, as far as a different type of economy, what that economy would look like or be called.

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    Sometimes additional commentary is simply not necessary. Just let it soak in………..


    • This is up at Twitchy also. The editor of Ebony is particularly upset. Couple tweets…

      Jamilah Lemieux: We can’t have a single damned thing…..Tell those raggedy kids who got beat by JRW to do better next year….I believe the spirit of the law > the letter of the law. This is the Little League, not pro ball, not even college.

      We who???
      Raggedy kids? Code for white, I assume
      Spirit of the law? You mean like ENFORCING the law?

      SMH! 😡

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    In a list of TEN reasons housing construction will “continue to be a boom” in 2015 was this little gem.

    “Hurdles drop for first-time buyers

    In the wake of the financial crisis, regulators and the mortgage industry were concerned with enacting more stringent lending standards to stabilize the American housing market and the economy. But now, the pendulum is swinging back the other way, with the Federal Housing Administration drafting plans to boost lending to those with lower income levels and first-time home buyers. Though the idea of lenient lending practices reminds some of a return to the old days of “liar loans,” facilitating responsible lending to less-than-perfect borrowers is good for low-income Americans, and good for the housing market as a whole.”

    Following this was another “reason” stating that home builders were “catering to lower income buyers”. In short, they are focusing on the lower end of the new construction market.

    So there you have it. The builders are bottom feeding and the banks are lending out 95% loans on “new homes” at interest rates under 4%. This is a measure of a “booming housing market”.

    Here is a little thing to keep in mind. The portion of the economy tied to housing cannot return to “normal” levels building low priced homes. The “value of the labor” used to build larger homes cannot be replaced with low end homes. Thus the “recovery” cannot be achieved until the entire housing market returns to normal proportions.

    Now with that said, it may be that “housing” will fall away as one of, if not the most important drivers of our overall economy. Historically, full recovery does not occur until housing makes a full recovery. As our demographics change it is possible that home construction will move to a more “service” type segment of the economy. With medical, pharma and other high tech taking over as the major drivers. Along with “financial services”.

    • What recovery? The unemployment rate is hogwash. Retail spending isn’t very good. The Stock Market is doing good, the health insurance industry is doing good (I think), but wages are stagnant and we are at a 30 year low for full time employment.

      I see you point on the housing market, it’s going in the same direction that caused the past problem’s. I guess the Progressives think it will work the second time around.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    The Progressive/Socialist ETHIC in full display.

    Rationalizing “the ends justify the means”.


    So you see, politics has a “different’ ethics than the society it serves. Just as they change the meaning of THEFT by calling it TAXES.

    Did you all know that the world of POLITICS is actually a separate Universe running along in a parallel dimension?? OMG, maybe they are “lizard people”!!! 🙄

  25. No words…..

  26. And NOW……Obama has asked Congress for a three year commitment of troops with NO GEOGRAPHICAL boundaries….

    I wonder what happened to the candidate that said he would never again submit America to war……….

    But wait…..he is going after the zealots? You know, the non terrorists that are just random.

    • WHY 3 years? Is he trying to limit the actions of the next President? I smell a really big RAT!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I have to say, I was amazed last night as I checked in on MSNBC. Chris Matthews had on two congressmen and a pundit to discuss ISIS, what we are or should do and POTUS’s proposed “war resolution”.

      You would have thought Matthews worked at FOX. He kind of went after Senator Nelson, a democrat, for all the caveats and conditions to deal with such “evil”. When the Republican stated that we should not approve ANY authority UNLESS the Commander in Chief can show us a plan designed to destroy these fanatics AND that he is committed to carrying out the plan. In short, the USA should not go to war unless we plan to WIN completely.

      Matthews had one of those tinkly moments. Patting the Republican on the back for the kind of clarity, blunt and precise action needed.

      Next up was one of the MSNBC regulars. As he droned on about how the military cannot defeat ISIS Matthews went after him. Something along the lines of “how the hell do we defeat this evil, by holding their hands and talking them to death?” My paraphrasing….

      Matthews showed his old school Democratic Party stripes. Those of the JFK and Johnson era. The WAR stripes.

  27. Oh, and I am taking bets today,,,,,,,,the white guy that just killed three Muslim students…..I will bet you that this is a hate crime investigated by the Justice Department….

    While………the black guy that killed two policemen while sitting in their car is…………a violent act by a deranged lone wolf.

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    Was surprised by many on this list. In retrospect it makes sense though.


  29. Just A Citizen says:
  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This past weekend the National Academy of Science came out with a report from the discussions on how to combat “global warming” with environmental engineering. In ’77 jeffery Holdran (sp) who was or still is Obamas climate specialist predicted an ice age with the same factors as global warming, and he was wanting to spread coal dust over the polar ice caps etal, to absorb heat to melt the ice which was going to doom us. They were actually discussing spreading sulfuric acid in the atmosphere….geez they actually had a brillient recommendation…plant trees…but that costs a lot. Maybe the Brazilians should stop cutting the world biggest CO2 sink of the rainforest. Whereas just a few years ago the enviros were complaining about the cutting and we should boycott the wood. They just created no value for the lumber and the cutting accelerated. But then the brazilians went green with biofuel production. and that is OK. They claim NO rain forest has been cut down to grow cane etc for the biofuels, but the reality is it has displaced FOOD production due to the better prices, and it’s the food growers who are moving into virgin forests.

  31. http://www.wnd.com/2015/02/senator-probing-obamas-launder-gate-cover-up/#yKqXLkqtQYkAy6fA.99

    If any of us would have done what the big bank did, we’d be rotting in jail. What a travesty.

  32. Wow…..I did not know it was possible to get kicked off Huffpo. Apparently, if you ask questions they cannot answer, you get kicked off. AND, they damn sure do not like outspoken colonel’s…………( I did not realize that I was outspoken…I am just a dumb old retired colonel who knows nothing..)

    • For some reason I think you’ve been kicked out of better places. 😉

    • Hell Colonel, I was booted a long time ago. Like you, just questioning the Left Wing Dogma is a no-no on HuffPo. I’m surprised I haven’t been booted from the NM, I have been brutal at times. I don’t hold back when the opportunity presents it, which is one of my faults in life. For entertainment, thought I’d play a bit, 😀

  33. Pops goes to VA doctor, claims mileage on Kiosk and then is denied because : An appointment must be in relation to care or services that you are eligible for (he has been seen at same facility for 10 years), must be authorized in advance for a non-VA care appointment (this is a VA facility), and it must be completed (he left alive, I guess that qualifies as completed) unless due to actions other than yourself (WTF does that mean?).

    Tomorrow I go to same place for my annual visit (same as his) and will do the same thing at the Kiosk. Let’s see what happens. That’s 2 crazy letters from the VA this month alone. It doesn’t appear like Obama is getting anything fixed, oh wait, he wants to defund all the changes anyway, so that’s to be expected. I will soon be calling every single HoR and Senator soon to demand impeachment, Obama is a fraud and a treasonous bastard.

  34. The DNC will be in Philly. Let’s see, in 2008, the New Black Panthers were video taped being quite aggressive at a voting location, prompting voter intimidation claims, which were later ignored by the DOJ and their racist leader Eric Holder. Considering that most every convention in my recent memory has resulted in some pretty big protests, that resulted in some questionable police action, Philly seems to be the perfect place for the Democrats to set up things to get ugly. Not only will it get ugly, it will be well covered by the media, possibly as race riots, in an attempt to demonize the Tea Party and Republicans.

    The Democrats picking Philly was a natural choice. The best thing that Conservatives can do is stay home. Or, go there and expose the protestors as fakes, because we all know the Dems will send in folks to provoke claiming they are the Tea party. Early warning of more Progressive bullshit coming. The perfect storm for the Democrats.

  35. http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/02/newscast-reports-sandy-hook-family-trademark-victims-name-protect-truthers/

    “Sister saw SOFTBALL sized holes in her clothing”. And people wonder why the story is being questioned.

  36. A reminder. Not a peep, anywhere about the huge explosion in Ukraine. NOTHING! It’s being censored.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      You know, there is a big difference between censored and simply ignored.

      • That’s not something the alternative media would ignore, and didn’t when it happened. There is nothing coming out of the Ukraine on the subject, no pictures or video of the aftermath, no cell phone videos or pics, nothing. I don’t think it’s censorship here, but I’m fairly secure saying it’s coming from over there. It’s not like Russia isn’t known for such a thing, now is it? 🙂

      • Hmmm, I would agree that there is a difference but not a Big difference.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    WTH…………wow………..talk about a sudden “disconnect”……….or paradigm shift………or simply BAD data.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    In this debunking of the “part time” employment increases due to Obama Care the author commits the usual PROGRESSIVE error. The one that results in devastation to some while the numbers for the whole look better.

    Most of the examples of employers increasing part time help to deal with ACA costs were in a few industries. Food services being a major one. Whenever someone uses “mass” numbers they ignore the impacts to “segments” within the mass.

    Thus they are able to supposedly “debunk” or “falsify” some accusation, when in fact they are using the old “solution to pollution is dilution” strategy to make their argument.

    Of course it is consistent with their ethic of “the greater good for the greatest number in the long run”.


  39. Just A Citizen says:

    gman was claiming the unemployment numbers are faulty. Here is the employment to population ratio he was alluding to. It is not calculated the same as “unemployment” or even “employment”. It does show that our supposed recovery has not returned the ration to historical “norms”. Just so you know, those people who have “retired” are not in either variable, so they are not the reason for the drop in the ratio.

    • What would you say is the overall cause, less jobs, more people on the dole, people just going under the table, all the above? You can probably add a few more to that, but it’s a good start.

      • Just A Citizen says:
      • Just A Citizen says:
        • Both graphs are consistent with what we know these days, except worse then when we last talked about it. 141 million employed (for at least 1 hour a week) out of 249 million. That don’t seem to be very good to me, what say you ?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            From July 2014 to Dec 2014:

            Civilian non-institutional population increased by 1,004 thousand people (1.004 million).

            Total Civilian Employment (jobs) increased by 1,041 thousand jobs (1.041 million).

            Civilian Labor Participate Rate decreased by 0.2%


            Now are you up for some digging in the weed patch? Within the “Civilian non-institutional population” (everyone over 16 years old) and during the same July to December 2014 period:

            Native Born people declined by 418 thousand (307 m. men and 111 m. women).

            Foreign Born men increased by 820 thousand.

            Foreign Born women increased by 601 thousand.




      • Just A Citizen says:
  40. Just A Citizen says:

    And they say “inflation” has been minimal, that we recently suffered “price deflation”. Anyone care the show me where this shows up in “disposable income”?

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, I am posting this to stimulate THINKING and Commentary. Does it confirm or disprove many “political” arguments about various Administration’s economic/tax polices?

    • Seems this coincides with companies moving industrial plants overseas, getting going strongly and the money starting to flow to the US citizen’s who own the companies. Also the profits from the wars to those invested in the military industrial complex. How’s that for starts?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Pretty arbitrary and disconnected it appears to me. Kind of like the reactions you might get at a “left wing” blog site. LMAO.

        You cannot draw any conclusions about WHAT causes the lines to move. You can draw conclusions about what does not, that is you can debunk some of the accusations made about the impact of Reagan, Clinton and Bush on income distribution.

        For example, Reaganomics is claimed to have started the demise of the middle class. Yet the chart shows inflation adjusted income “increasing” once the recession and stagflation of 83 to 84 was reversed.

        Bush II’s tax cuts did not cause a decline in the trend of “increase” either. In fact the lower brackets start increasing at a faster rate after the tax cuts. In short, the middle class was doing BETTER. But not as good as the upper group.

        Which by the way, takes a major hit from 2000 to 2002. Dot Com bubble bursting?? This also coincides with the Clinton budget “SURPLUS”. Which is consistent with the Fed’s claim the surplus was primarily due to unforeseen increases in Cap Gains taxes. As the dot com bubble burst, the rich sold off for Cap Gains, then lost dividend and other income due to selling their stocks.

        The next big rise is the “housing bubble”. Notice the graph stops at 2007. I could not find it completed for the dates 2007 to present.

  42. Before anyone hears it or thinks it is truth, the rumor of a Sharia court being set up in Irving, Tx is FALSE. The Imam has established, much like that of any church group, classes and advise for those going through divorce or some sort of trauma or family counseling, The Imam is basing the classes on Sharia and/or Muslim tradition reminding people of their heritage and such…but there will be NO separate Muslim law enforcement and court.

    But, it was made very clear that any violation of local, state, or federal law WILL BE PROSECUTED.

    • In Catholicism, a divorce is no good but a Church tribunal annulling the marriage makes it possible to remarry in the faith. Orthodox Judaism is similar you need a rabbinical divorce, secular won’t work. Since these rules only affect members of the faith who have the right if they want to take a walk. In Catholicism it used to be very expensive and reserved for hot shots like the Kennedy’s who owned their own Cardinal in Boston, in Judaism, the divorce, referred to as a “get”, can be held up by either party. Often there are financial reasons (a shakedown) or sometimes refusal is out of spite.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Except in Irving try getting a cab to pick you up outside a place that serves alcohol like a wine bar. Last business trip there, the owner of the establishment took us back to our residences after they closed. He’d called cab services several times and in a few minutes the number of cabs we ordered would drive up, slow, take a look and then take off. All drivers were of middle eastern decent.

      • Dale-

        Interesting. I lived there for many years and still own a home there. I’m trying to remember seeing cabs there…not often.

        Out of curiosity (if you don’t mind my asking),at what establishment were you trying to get cab service? Since you obviously didn’t have a rental car, how did you get there? Were cab drivers willing to take you there, just not pick you up?

        I am only asking because it is interesting to me to hear a visitor’s perspective and experiences in a city I felt like I know well…of course, I know Irving as a resident and not a visitor.


      • And the problem with that, Dale, is what? Middle Eastern Drivers do not trust whom? White, Black, Hispanic?

  43. YOu have another problem….Isis just attacked base housing and Americans and is very close to taking the Air Base in Iraq

  44. Correct me if I’m wrong. But this seems to make it very clear that the argument that Obama isn’t rewriting immigration law is false. He is obviously not using his discretion to change how the law is implemented-he isn’t just changing the priority of who the agents go after-he is giving illegal immigrants the status of legal immigrants.


    • Just A Citizen says:


      HE didn’t change the law don’tcha know! Shit just happened. It was not his “intent” but Oh Well……… to late to do anything now.

      Make no mistake. Mr. O’s “immigration memo” is designed to codify the temporary amnesty in permanent amnesty and then citizenship. Next will be the parents who brought those kids here, and all the “illegals” who gave birth here.

      This is the same ploy as the ACA and many other left wing programs. Get them established by any means, then raise holly hell when someone tries to undo them. They know that “politically” speaking, these decisions will be nearly impossible to overturn.

      Especially when they can taint the effort with accusations of RACIST.

  45. Progressive Oregon Governor quits! Another thief /liar embarrassed.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      NOTHING will change for Oregon. The new Governor will be even MORE hard core left wing. And of course OPENLY BISEXUAL.

      Don’t be surprised to see her appoint the pedophile ex-mayor of Portland to some seat. Maybe hers.

  46. JAC, what’s the point of all the graphs?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      To provide people with data instead of rhetoric. To get people to look at data and do some of their own thinking. And of course to increase knowledge.

      The talking heads throw numbers and rhetoric at us daily. Telling us what the data means. Well when you look at actual data the rhetoric is often not supported. Or you will start to see other possible connections.

      Also………. some of these can be used when arguing with idiots. Nothing like a graph to counter some Bull Shit claim. Like Reaganomics is the cause of all the problems with our economy.

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    Hoooray………….look at how the ACA finally got health care costs under control.


  48. Some interesting facts…….with all the rhetoric that we hear about how “horrible” the Crusades were….best estimates show that the number of deaths in the crusades was 15,000-25,000……over some decades….and that included both sides….60% estimated to be Muslim.

    The number of Christian deaths this year alone is over 100,000….

  49. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the SUFA ladies! 😀

  50. http://absoluterights.com/electing-people-to-office-really-doesnt-matter/

    Maybe this is something that should be addressed. Until such time, not much will change.

  51. Decent read with some good links within. Use your own judgment. https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/measles-outbreak-13-reasons-to-reject-the-hype/

    While I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I will forever question vaccines due to my special circumstances. The article discusses the flu shot as well, which I haven’t had since 1988, the last year I had the flu.

    • On a side note, I watched decent people literally in a panic to get the swine flu vaccine when I worked at the hospital in Ohio. This was despite the fact we had ZERO confirmed cases (and never did have a single case). AS it turned out, the whole swine flu scare was all bullshit and the unnecessary vaccine was highly promoted by the CDC. Talk about a swindle.

    • The oil and coal companies are constantly being accused of funding the AGW skeptics but government agencies get handed buckets full of money and are cheered for the biased results they publish.

      • I would love nothing better to help the kids who have suffered from the problems associated with vaccines. When I was a kid, we got one shot for one disease. Now, it’s one shot for multiple diseases. Simple common thinking will say that mixing diseases in one shot may not be all that good. Japan ended MMR vaccines. When that happened, autism cases went down.

        Still always learning. I wonder how many kids with autism also have a problem with their bowels. That has been brought up in some stuff I have read.

          • Watching a show on MacArthur last night, His youngest brother died, age five, measles.

          • This is a prime example of what Michael Crichton wrote about in “State Of Fear.” A simple relatively unimportant event is exaggerated to create fear and panic in the general population all to sell more newspapers and air time. Measles is a serious but not very deadly disease. Millions of us who grew up pre-1970 had it and survived. Most did not even see a doctor. The number of reported cases is bout 150 out of over 300,000,000 in this country. That is 0.00005%. And no one has died. More Americans have been beheaded by ISIS than have died from measles this year.

        • Ummm…hate to break it to you G, but autism rates continued to rise in Japan following discontinuation of the MMR ban…

          • I mean following discontinuation of the MMR vaccine….

            • The “studies” that I have seen, wouldn’t notice a short downtick, they are not designed to. Then, Japan gave the MR (minus mumps) and continued with that. Let’s say that the vaccines are safe, as individual vaccines. Let’s also say that there is something that has caused the dramatic increase in autism cases. Did you know that the MMR vaccine in the US is made with aborted fetal DNA? In Japan, it’s animal DNA. Did you know that one of the two doctors who lost their licenses in the UK AFTER putting out the report linking autism and the MMR vaccine has recently been exonerated (by the highest court in the UK) and now has his license back?

              It is completely OK to NOT blame the vaccine. So what’s next? Something is causing it. Flouride in the water system? Chemtrails ( 🙂 ) GMO food, maybe all of the above in concert. Maybe it’s combination of vaccines at such a young age. Maybe it’s passed on by the mother due to a bad diet (or any number of other ideas). Or maybe it just is and we should just accept it, after all, the science is settled 😀

              • Oh, almost forgot. Maybe this might help a few folks, but it seems that there may be some correlation between bowel problems (like inflammatory bowel disease) and autism (from some of the things I have heard. Not sure how true this is, I am not close to anyone with an autistic child. But the symptoms of autism lessened when the bowel problems were addressed, according to the speaker.

                Did you also notice that this past Fall’s flu shot was useless?

              • Ignore the name of website, watch the video imbedded. The CDC is being outed for their wrongdoings. http://chemtrailsplanet.net/2015/02/13/documentary-exposes-cdc-corrupt-to-core-in-vaccine-scandal/

              • G – do you have some evidence that autism rates went down after Japan banned the MMR vaccine? Everything I have read has indicated otherwise.

                Also, what is your point on what is in the vaccines?

              • Morning Buck 🙂 Hope today fids you, the Miss’s and the little one healthy and happy.

                Japan had a two year or so stint when the MMR vaccine wasn’t given and before the MR vaccine started. I have found none of these years mentioned in reports either, which is not a surprise. The MR is regular the mumps is now optional over there. The rise continues, that’s not something that I’m disputing. As far as what’s in them, here’s a list of common chemicals added: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/additives.htm Individual vaccines will have any one or number of adjuvants, such as squalene. I would bet that most parents/adults don’t read the warning documentation that comes with the vaccines. Such as the MMR vaccine that states a side affect is diabetes type A. Or the last flu shot that said there was no clinical evidence that it would work. Just simple things like that. I’m sure few people read the labels of what they eat as well, which may also be a part of the problem.

                If you watched the video above, you could see that the CDC hid the facts, especially in black children.

  52. It’s a brisk minus 14 outside this morning. Which reminds me, isn’t snow supposed to be a thing of the past? I actually heard some person on a business news show talk about spending trillions to protect our coastal cities from the coming floods caused by Climate Change. The cult continues. I guess when things go back to the coming of the next ice age needs to happen to end that fraud.

  53. I do not understand why people are upset at hostages being beheaded, burned alive, stoned with rocks, dismembered, and/or executed. I invite anyone of you to do some research…you will see that these tactics are over one thousand years old committed by the same people. It is not a result of Christian Crusades or inquisitions or hegemony. You will find that the ideology is the same and is over 1,000 years old. You will see that this is nothing new at all. You will see that technology and internet and jet aircraft…make it easier to exploit and this instant news with cell phones and satellite cameras is a perfect weapon to spread this type of stuff.

    These are not lone wolves. These are not a small sects of “extremists” . It is an ideology and it is dangerous and it will not quit.

    I just laugh and shake my head at how the generation of the 70’s and 80’s and 90’s are blind and think that political correctness has done nothing but weaken a nation and a world.

    You have a President that has abandoned embassies, required weapons to be left behind (I know this really bugs the Marines since this is the first time in history that they have had to leave their weapons behind) and run. Hell, they even left the vehicles running with keys in the ignition. Thank goodness that the Marines took sometime make some weapons inoperable….but being ordered to leave a personal weapon behind…..is unthinkable.

    So, I ask again….why are most of you horrified?

  54. Oops….I am sorry..I did not get my thought out properly…change thi….”I just laugh and shake my head at how the generation of the 70’s and 80’s and 90’s are blind and think that political correctness has done nothing but weaken a nation and a world.” to this..

    .”I just laugh and shake my head at how the generation of the 70’s and 80’s and 90’s are blind and think that political correctness is the proper way to go when it has done nothing but weaken a nation and a world.”

    • I’m still trying to send you some of this nice weather 🙂

    • Of course people are upset-these things are horrifying. But from your words I can see where we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that they are happening.

    • Incase you missed it, it was 46 degrees below freezing at 7 am this morning. 😦

    • You should have included the 60’s cause that’s when the HMFIC was born. Why are we horrified? Because we didn’t use to have to be afraid of being the next victim. 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch. I never felt like this during his term. There is a ton of reasons for my feelings. PC has turned us into a bunch of sissies. The military has been gutted. We’re bailing from embassies left and right. They get warned about potential trouble makers entering the US and do nothing (Boston bombers, shoe bomber). There’s YouTube videos of warnings to Americans. Nothing gets done. The complete denial of anything leading back to Islam. Making us the bad guys for wanting closed borders. I can go on, but it’s like this president is licking his chops watching this caliphate happen, and PC has us stopped dead in our tracks. What ever happened to ‘when the men were men’?

      • Then you have the king of Jordan jumping in a plane and taking care of business himself. You have the cops or whoever was in charge in Paris..took care of business immediately. Now the people of Denmark have taken care of their problem jihadi. Our president dithers.

      • Anita…these same things were happening……you just did not have instant news coverage. I remember them vividly….but they were isolated overseas,…..now, with all this technology, you are hearing about it and almost seeing it within minutes. The brutality has been around…but not before reaching the US…..now it can reach. Be ready for more.

        One other thing….the POTUS and all agencies have been and are being notified on a daily basis of what we are finding on the border…..Yes, the King of Jordon did something….when it happened to one of his own…..but I did not see him climbing into his fighter supporting the United States. However, he did do something because of his own…..he did not lead them into ambush or murder like our own POTUS.

    • Gotta give you credit V. I had to stop reading. I don’t even want to think of the trash you’ve read over the years to stand up for your cause. You’re going to heaven for it.

    • Truth in languaging would get the liberals every time. In many areas.

  55. This is an interesting take on Shades of Gray. I started to think about this angle after reading a few critiques on the book. They kept having people who actually dally in S&M and they consistently made the BS argument that they have safety words and agreed upon limits for their depravity, course depravity is my word.


    • S&M has been around forever. This is just more Liberal muck to continue the demoralizing of society. Even I, not exactly a religious person, can see how many are becoming like those in Sodom and Gomorrah . Not much one can do about it except stay out of the way and keep your mind from getting all bent up. http://christianity.about.com/od/biblestorysummaries/a/Sodom-And-Gomorrah.htm

    • Why is it your business what two (or more!) consenting adults do in their bedroom? Why do you seem their private and consensual behavior ‘depravity’?

      • Didn’t say there should be a law against it-And I called it depravity because the foreplay for this little dance is depraved-that is the whole point of the activity.
        But if you have a different definition of S & M lets hear it-you know Buck just because people have the right to do something doesn’t mean the thing is good and should be socially acceptable or off the table for criticism.

        • Why do you find it depraved?

        • Whoa, there VH…….Even I have to agree with Buck….it is no one’s business what goes on behind closed doors or even among consenting adults that are of legal age. You may be surprised at how large the S/M crowd is…..I do know people that are into it…me, personally, I am not into it but it is a lifestyle that no one has a right to criticize. The same for the LGBT crowd……

          I will not associate with the S/M crowd nor the LGBT crowd and I do not interact on a personal or private basis with people that want to do this but I do interact with people on a public basis. And, I have some friends that are into alternative lifestyles and as long as they leave me alone….cool. They understand where I am and I understand where they are and that is perfectly fine.

          • All things are not acceptable and we are not showing how fair we are by acting like they are-by definition S & M is deriving pleasure from causing or receiving physical or mental PAIN. So why guys is it suddenly okay to cause pain or take advantage of someone who is messed up enough to want pain inflicted upon them. Is it because the word Sex is attached? Because I don’t think sexual pleasure really has much to do with this perverse practice. Actually I think if this practice causes you sexual pleasure the problem should be obvious to everyone.

            • No – it is because the word CONSENT is attached.

              • Really, so someone who likes to be hurt can consent to being tortured and that’s okay with you. Let me ask you-there are people who like to be choked while they have sex is that okay too. Actually besides the excuse of freedom-which is really not on the table because we aren’t talking about outlawing S&M-what is it about S & M that makes it acceptable? Should we as a society accept and promote this practice because that is basically what we are talking about?

              • Yes, consent is key.

                And who are you to judge someone else’s own private behavior in the bedroom? Why is it not acceptable to you? Because it doesn’t ‘do it’ for you? That is fine – no one is forcing you to try it out!

              • Are you intentionally ignoring my questions? If so, I’ll stop asking but please don’t pretend that last post was an answer.

              • VH – it is an answer. I’m trying to understand what about it makes you deem it ‘unacceptable’ and ‘depraved’.

              • And I’ve answered that question-read the definition of the word -here I’m give you one from the dictionary

                (sā′dō-măs′ə-kĭz′əm, săd′ō-)
                The combination of sadism and masochism, in particular the deriving of pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting or submitting to physical or emotional abuse.

                Now you tell me why it’s acceptable-the practice not the right to do so-there is a difference.

              • Once again, it is acceptable because it is a private action between consenting adults.

              • In all honesty, I simply don’t know what to say.

  56. Twenty years from now when the average temperature is 20° higher and winters are mild due to global warming, I can see your grand kids asking about the winter of ’15. You will keep them mesmerized with tales of 20′ snow drifts, 40 mph winds and -25° temperatures. Of blizzard after blizzard with no spring in sight. Snow on the ground still on the 4th of July. How you were housebound for two whole week with no electricity. You went out the second story window to get outside because you could not open the front door it being buried in snow. Your satellite dish even blew off the roof. Oh the tales that can be woven from such disasters.

    • OR 15 years from now we will telling stories of warm summers and wonderful growing seasons when vegetables could be eaten fresh, rather than the fake GMO garbage in cans sold at the store. We can talk about sunscreen, long ago a great product, and boating on water with swimsuits on, drinking a cold beer because it was HOT outside. We can tell of the idiots who thought the earth would heat up and coastal cities would be under water, not under hundreds of feet of snow. Green grass and trees with leaves, butterflies and campfires at night, when the air wasn’t 50 below because of the winds. Oh, the memories 🙂

  57. Is there really anyone on here that believes in Global Warming?

    • I think it’s become so political that it’s now mostly a Left Wing Cult.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      YES, the planet is warmer than it used to be, at some point in time. The past few decades have been “warmer” than those of my youth.

      Do humans contribute? YES! This is not disputable. The only true debate is over magnitude, timing and extent.

      Remember, the “scientists” that stand AGAINST the AGW crowd admit that there is AGW but the magnitude is far, far less than predicted by the Algorians.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The fiddling with temp data as well as flaws in use of the ice cores and tree rings has been evaluated by the SCEPTICS who still conclude there is some affect of humans on Temperature.

          To claim absolutely no impact requires hubris beyond belief.

          • To think that human’s who inhabit around 15% of the planet, can affect something as diverse as the planet’s climate is arrogance beyond imagination. Short of a nuclear war, our actions are insignificant to the totality of the planet’s climate. PUHLEAZE! Your going lefty on us. 🙂

      • You kind of surprise me JAC…..I can dispute it because in order to keep funding for their various departments…they will alter whatever facts they wish….

        But…obviously, I am NOT a believer in Global Warming nor am I a believer that the weather is changing because of it. I do believe that climatic changes occur…..both ways but it is not my SUV that is causing it.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          My claims are not based on “belief” but on “scientific evaluations”.

          There is a documented impact by those claiming to be SCEPTICS. It is simply far smaller than the AGW, Algorian, crowd is claiming. And most of that impact is related to methane and other gases, not CO2.

          The claim of a Global Temperature is scientifically speaking a crock of crap. Temps and other Climate related impacts are more “regional” in nature. Impacts need to be evaluated on this basis. This is where droughts show up in the SW and cold in the NE. Also less snow pack in the NW/Rocky Mtns. And a long term “warming” trend in the far north.

          There are changes within “regions” that are linked to climatic changes. That is a trend in weather going beyond a year or two. One such event was the increased hatching of bark beetles in Canada and Alaska. These bugs have gone from one hatch per year to two. This has NEVER been recorded before. This appears to be related to the increased Avg Winter Temps in the northern regions the past decade.

          The fact that proponents use Govt funding is not proof they are wrong. That proof lies in their data and analytic methods. Much of the data is not that bad, it has been the use of that data, misrepresenting it for political purposes.

          Such as Gore’s famous graphs showing CO2 increases occurring before temp. increases when the actual relationship was the reverse. CO2 increased AFTER temps increased. But that false claim does not negate the potential affects or “positive feedback” potential of those temp increases. That is if you look at moderate time frames, of a few decades.

          It is not rational to simply discount Climate Change or that humans can have an impact on climate. I think it is fine to challenge the accuracy of the alarmist claims. It appears they are exaggerated.

      • How can you say it is not disputable? All historic data indicates it is cyclical based mostly on the performance of the sun. While pre-historic ice samples can be argued, the medieval warming period and the little ice age, in recorded human history, cannot.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I can make that claim based on the analysis of the SKEPTICS who challenged the AGW conclusions. Their own scientific work shows that there is a human influence on temperatures. What they dispute is the magnitude of that impact.

          Humans also impact “climate” at smaller scales. Like large metropolitan areas covered with asphalt and concrete. The “climate” in those areas has changed over time, with temps being higher. These increases contribute to, but are insignificant with respect to, the Global Climate or temperature record. However, as the area under asphalt and concrete increases this affect could become more significant as well.

          The presence of past warming or cooling periods does not refute that human’s can and are having an affect today. These periods are only important due to the claims by the AGW crowd about CO2’s role in warming.

          They are also important in refuting claims about “positive feedback loops” to the extent that current temps do not exceed those past warming periods.

          You need to read the solar activity reports again. They do not account for all changes nor the magnitude of said changes. Remember, Solar activity a few hundred years ago is primarily based on Modeling, not observation and measurement.

      • See, ya gotta watch that Colonel. I believe in global warming and global cooling I do NOT believe that man has had or can, short of nuclear war, have an appreciable impact on either. Should China and India continue on their current path, without using modern technology to clean up their industry, I might be willing to revisit the issue in a few years.

  58. Baltic Dry Index still dropping. Any comments?

    • Yep….the strike at our ports is not helping…deflation is not helping and the fact that the majority of the shippers that are in the BDI ship from China and China is on the brink itself.

  59. Alabama trying the Texas approach defying Federal Judges…….I hope they do not cave at the last minute….there is absolutely nothing that can be done by the Feds…..they can scream and yell and they can threaten…but as a State……..there is nothing that the Feds can do…..they WILL NOT send Federal troops. The only way to stand up to legislating from the bench…..is to defy the rulings. States rights need to prevail. Hang in there Alabama.

    • So you agree with Moore here? Moore – who is openly instructing judges in his state to violate a binding court order? And here I thought you supported our federalist system.

      • And when the Federal courts willfully step on the 10th amendment, do not the states have the right and duty to object and defy such illegal orders? Justices are just men not gods. The Constitution is a simple document written in language the common citizen can understand. It is the courts that have corrupted it with their every increasing nuances that turn the document into something totally unrecognizable.

        • You realize there are other amendments enacted after the 10th which provide the constitutional basis for the federal decision, right? That because you may disagree doesn’t make it an illegal order?

          • I think in this case, it being gay marriage, which is heading towards the SCOTUS, waiting on that decision seems to be a smart move. I certainly feel that Federal judges have overstepped their authority far too often, usually resulting in political based decisions, rather than decisions based on actual law.

            I do have a question, are gay’s/LGBT a protected class under the Civil Rights Act?

  60. 18 below zero now, a little nipply 🙂

  61. Ok…….Today it is 30 degrees and raining…..30 degrees…..with a 25 mph wind…..I did not order this and I did not request this….I do not want this….and any TRUE Texan does not want this,,,,,we want rain…and lots of it….but you can have rain and 80 degrees….SO…..YOU YANKS TAKE THIS COLD WEATHER BACK!!!!!!!

    I will even say the magic word……PLEASE!!!!!!

  62. @ Buck…….you said….”You realize there are other amendments enacted after the 10th which provide the constitutional basis for the federal decision, right? That because you may disagree doesn’t make it an illegal order?”

    Yes sir…you are correct. 100% ( and I noticed the term used “basis” )

    But it does not take rocket science to see that the SCOTUS is subject to whatever whim the prevailing administration wants…..that makes it political and not judicial. Supposedly, the SCOTUS is supposed to rule in accordance with law and not within political spectrum. We both know that members of SCOTUS are appointed with political agenda’s and that rulings are made within the political arena and not necessarily within the law…..if it were clear, then you would have rulings 9-0…….but more often than not, rulings are made along conservative or liberal agendas.

    However, when a Federal Judge in, let’s say, Washington DC, makes a ruling specifically against Texas, for example…..since I am positioning this….and that ruling is made because no Federal Judge in Texas would make the same ruling….then I support open rebellion against that judge ( rebellion in this case means not abiding the decision ) and/or actually against the ruing. It is a STATE issue….and not Federal.
    When it is apparent that judges are legislating from the bench…..I do support standing up and forcing the issue. AND…..I use voter ID and Common Core as an issue….Texas wants voter ID and we do not want Common Core….it is not up to a Federal judge in another state to even open their mouth on something like this. The same for school lunches…Texas has given amnesty to the school lunch program,,,,which means that school boards can decide what they want to do,,,,and so far…..kids are bringing their own lunch to school without the lunch police trying to force a diet upon them.

    You once made the statement to me…..”so much for the rule of law”…..But when an administration violates laws at the highest branches of our government….immigration being a talking point here….selective enforcement and violation of Federal Law by Federal agencies….throws the rule of law out the window,,,,and this is what Texas is doing. I hope that we are leading the way on this…and I hope that other States follow suit. Texas is calling and has called the bluff of the Federal government….now…..let us see what they can do.

    So, my Yankee friend….how in the hell are ya…and how is the family? I am sure you have figured out by now, you are not in control within your walls……

    • If SCOTUS rules on the issue, it is the law of the land, even in Texas. You or I may dislike the ruling and believe it was reached wrongly (for instance, to me, Citizens United), but that is the ruling and there are means within the system to make changes. But to openly defy the ruling, that is another issue entirely. And where do you draw the line? With which issues do you unhappily abide by the law and which issues do you ignore?

      • It is a conundrum. You get to the point where you think and can back up just as well as the other side your opinion but are left with…..????? The question then becomes when does a person of good conscience, fearing the loss of those individual rights which were the basis for the creation of the nation act against a court which has gone rogue? The historical parallels are legion not the least of which is Dred Scott.

        Just finished another great debate with Son # 1 who truly believes the Senate should be dissolved because it is not representative. The argument that in our government, the design was put in place to slow down the march to possible insanity and to temper the power of larger states to dominate smaller ones means nothing to him. That it was part of teh compromise necessary to pass the Constitution means nothing to him. His thinking is so polluted by undergrad and law school that he lives only in the NOW.

        Us oldsters remember when the court started meddling with state legislatures and ruled State Senates were unconstitutional because they did not reflect one man one vote. Despite the fact they were set up to mirror the Federal system the activist SC decided they had no right to do that. Original intent be damned! In a flurry of undoing Civil Rights wrongs, the Court, I believe, threw the baby out with the bathwater. I used to be very involved in NY politics and this was the end of a New York where anything North of the Bronx County line had any influence at all. Same in NY City where the two councilmen “at large” per borough were designed to have a calming effect on the regular loons. The current council AKA the Democratic Peoples Republic of NYC for the past 30 plus years has been nothing but a platform for malcontents and extremists who also happen to be stupid.

  63. @ Gman…….”18 below zero now, a little nipply”

    Just like a Yankee……we know how to get nipply in 90 degree weather…does not take a snow storm.

  64. @ Buck…..” And here I thought you supported our federalist system.”

    Exsqueeze me? You dare to use the term Federalist? TO A TEXAN? FEDERALIST? Have you had your coffee?

    • I thought that would get some response from you sir. And yes, absolutely. Federalism is not just about states rights – there is an element of a federal govt and supremacy.

      And I’m doing well. Never have been in control within my walls, but even less so with the little one running about!! How about you and your family?

      • Interesting comment….. “there is an element of a federal govt and supremacy.” Obviously, you do not find this scary,,,,,I sure do,,,,

        The family is doing well, sir…..dealing with 96 year father who is now bed ridden and mobilized to wheel chair only is a little exacerbating but that is life. I have to be the strong one in the family being the oldest male child…and make decisions that others cannot make because of emotion but I understood my role long ago. We have all the necessary codicils in place and he is at home in his own bed with hospice care but no one likes to see a once strong man deteriorating….but it is life and his is coming to an end……but the world keeps going.

        • Sorry to hear about your father – that is not easy on anyone. But at least he is able to be at home with loved ones who are able and willing to do what needs to be done to ensure he receives the care and comfort he needs.

          • Thank you,,,,He has everything he needs…..but he thinks he has a problem. My mom, who passed a year and one half ago at 92, made him promise to live to be 100. And he is still cognizant enough to understand almost everything going on around him…although macular degeneration has taken his sight,….but he did make a statement that he has to live long enough to see the current BOZO in the WH go away…..( his words )…..to which we all laughed at, of course. He says he wants to live long enough to get sensible thinking back in the WH and do away with inheritance taxes.

            • Do away with inheritance taxes. Be careful what you ask for — who knows what the current system would be replaced with; could be much worse! Most of my very wealthy clients are fine with the current system for just that reason.

              • Ok….keep the inheritance taxes but increase the exemption to….say 20 million.

              • I was going to argue for the 3.5 as it existed in 2009…

              • What a croc…..my friend…..your wealthy clients also know how to protect a lot of their wealth before the application of exemptions…..just as we do.

                Now, out of curiosity and please do it on another thread…….I am interested in why you feel that there needs to be inheritance taxes at all? (Probably because it keeps you employed….lol)

              • No they don’t – I do! 🙂

                Will have this debate with you, but another time. Family is pulling up outside now. Have a good one!

  65. @ Buck……

    What Alabama’s Roy Moore Got Right
    By Brian Epstein
    February 16, 2015

    This statement ” Moore said that he would continue to resist federal intervention: “There’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution that authorizes the Supreme Court of the United States or any federal court anywhere to misinterpret the word marriage to include something outside that.” The government, he added, does not have the power to “redefine marriage.”

    ” And certainly, a court has no power to change the definitions of words by fiat.”

    “Another thing we should be honest about is that courts do not create institutions. Here Moore is also right, strictly speaking. The courts do not have the power to redefine marriage because it is society as a whole that builds institutions.”

    These are admittedly cherry picked from a long article that I happen to agree with written by a Progressive…..because this progressive has it right. He is talking about how the institution of marriage is “under construction” and that it takes society to change this and not the courts. The premise of his article, as I interpreted it, was that since societal institutions have to make changes that it is a state item and that people have to make the changes and forcing change within the court system is wrong. He further stated that society is changing the definition of marriage and that in another generation or so….it will be done.

    • Out of curiosity, do you similarly disagree with the Loving case?

      • No, sir. This case ONLY was race related…and did not change the definition of marriage. I do not see a connection between Loving and Moore’s interpretation.

        • Fair distinction to draw. But discrimination is discrimination. The Feds (and states) do not have the right to discriminate against classes of people…

          • This could be an interesting topic….discrimination is discrimination…..do you really think that you can apply that term carte blanche? I understand the basic premise of discrimination….and generally agree that there are instances where it applies…….but there are instances that it does not and should not apply as well.

            • Of course there are – hence the distinction drawn with the scrutiny applied to the rationale for the discrimination.

              With gay marriage though, it fails the lowest standard of rational basis. If you want some interesting (and fun!) reading on this, look no further than Judgd Posners opinion out of the 7th Circuit.

    • To add – yes, the govt absolutely has the right to define ‘marriage’. As I’ve long argued here, once the govt became involved in the marriage business, they do get to define the institution for governmental purposes and in so doing have a responsibility to not discriminate.

      And Moore has a responsibility to uphold the law, which he (once again in his illustrious career) is refusing to do.

      • It was the STATES, not the Feds that held that precedence. When the fed’s tried, they were struck down. So, based on your words, it’s the individual States who maintain that determination, not the Fed’s, they were already told they don’t have that authority.

      • So, ( and this is my argument ) if the Federal Government can decide which laws to enforce and obey and which ones not…..why cant Judge Moore? ( and I know he is in the twilight zone sometimes )

        • There’s a difference between prosecutorial discretion in enforcement and refusing to abide by a court order.

          • WHOA!!!! Really? Let me understand….are you saying, that the Feds can decide which laws to enforce and if someone defies a court order to enforce a law…..what IS the difference? ( Looking around for Dr Pepper realizing that I had to quit them ). One you are refusing to enforce a law and the other you are refusing to enforce the law. What am I missing? ( bear in mind ridiculously cold weather here slowing down the corpuscles ) .

            • Yup. Have some coffee, get warm, and think through it – there is clearly a difference.

              Prosecutorial discretion deals with selective enforcement of a generally applicable criminal law; it is routine. Defying a court order of a specific civil ruling is not the same.

              • So, you are drawing the distinction between criminal and civil……..? I will think that one through.

                AND NO…..I DISCRIMINATE against coffee……it does not even show up in my home or offices……now, Dr. Pepper…..that used to be different….but since I cannot have it…NO ONE CAN.

  66. Young people have had their minds twisted from their earliest days. We are all aware that education today is nothing like 50 years ago and that, even for us, was nothing like 50 years before. Pedology in the early 1900’s was all about American exceptionalism and as Roosevelt ranted on about, eliminating the hyphen and becoming a true American. You could be an American of Irish, German, Spanish, Mexican ancestry but never a Irish-American, an Italian-American or any other hyphenated American. Fine to know your parents native language but not to use it in ordinary conversation and NOT become assimilated into the majority society.

    The nice thing about this forum and Facebook is that it gives me a reason and opportunity to review history. I try very hard NOT to shoot my mouth off unless and until I am pretty sure of the facts. I think that there are “facts” and there are “opinions”. Hopefully, I separate them and try to apologize when wrong. .

    Young and younger folks do not have the same background in education that we do. Modern texts pay shockingly little attention to major formative events in this country’s history. They are long on guilt and short on the idealism that has always corrected negative excesses in our history. Arguing with someone like Charlie (which I continue to do on Facebook) who constantly points out the flaws in a minority of people (though they were in power) is frustrating because he seems to co-inflate now with then all the time. Watched the wonderful C-Span specials this week and the full length screening of “Birth of a Nation” and was appalled by the callers who said “nothing has changed in race relations since 1915!” By the way, if you have never watched the movie, it is well worth the time and the Klan, riding to the rescue of the young, virginal, Southern Maidens, it is equivalent to the jaw dropping opening of “Springtime for Hitler” In Mel Brooks’ “The Producers”.

    The other big problem with folks today and I do see it from Charlie’s friends on Facebook is the inability, not unwillingness, but actual inability to engage in multi-level discourse on a subject. The “tweet” factor prevents connecting the dots on any issue. Always liked the first part of the Bible with the “begats” . When it comes to using them to connect historical threads, it is an impossibility today. Just try and ask historical challenged idiots like the President why there were Crusades? No clue, none at all. Bad old western white guys attack innocent, agrarian, peace loving Moslems who obviously were there since time immemorial for no reason at all and of course it was all the fault of the Catholic Church.

    Side note on my theory of, “You learn something new every day”. For years been drinking Polish “Sobrieski” Polish Vodka with my occasional Bloody Mary or Vodka tonic. During my research into the 1683 Battle of Vienna which finally turned back the Moslems in Europe, discovered that the Vodka is named after the Polish King Jan Sobrieski who, with the German Knights arrived just in time to defeat the Ottoman Armies. There you go, another Jeopardy answer!

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