The Don

Donald Trump keeps teasing us with a possible run for POTUS.  I can see many good things he would accomplish.  He knows business and economics.  He knows how to make deals and would likely be able to work with both parties to accomplish his goals.  And there is where I start having concerns.  Would his agenda be good for America, of good for Trump?  He knows real estate.  Would he reform Freddy/Fannie and advert another housing bubble, or reward himself and his investor friends?

In the end, I don’t think it matters.  He would be competent on domestic issues.  On foreign affairs, he scares me almost as much as our current POTUS.  On Iraq he has stated several times we should have kept their oil.   Sounds like a “Robber Baron” foreign policy to me.  And while it might be good for our military industrial complex, I don’t think it will be good for America or the world.


  1. Trump would be the most entertaining of the lot. At least he’s not a politician, which grades him automatically higher. We certainly don’t need another lawyer (sorry Buck). He won’t make the final cut, not part of the status quo enough to get the nomination. Should be some fun debates if he does run.

  2. Utterly bizarre.
    Trump would be no better and likely worse as any politician.

    Why do you continue to believe in Messiahs?

    • I’m not voting for any of them anyway. Not sure we’re gonna have an election either.

      • Kurt Vonnegut, Jr:

        “There is a tragic flaw in our precious Constitution, and I don’t know what can be done to fix it. This is it: Only nutcases want to be president”.

        • I wouldn’t want the job, that’s for sure.

        • Flag, your take on current economic issues like the BDI and the West Coast port problems. Seems like we’re going to have an interesting years.

          • Deep Recession/Depression.

            The 2008 recession will have felt “worse”, the drop from high to low was huge (from 8000 to 800 in a couple months, a 90% drop). This caused huge fleets of shipping to stop dead in the water and wait (remember, the famous picture of thousands of ships anchored suddenly in the Indian Ocean?).

            The BDI is at its lowest level in 30 years.
            But the drop has been from a 20-year low average, not from a historical high, (a 30% drop), so it will appear not as severe as 2008.

            But it is an appearance. The economy is sicker then in 2008, but we have been getting used to the disease over the last 7 years, so the effect will be less noticeable. All those extra ships have already been ported and moth balled, so we will not see the same picture in the Indian Ocean as in 2008, so the dramatic appearance is not there.

            But that will make it more serious. It is more hidden then before.

            Obama got out of office just in time.
            Whoa to the next prez, though. Everyone will say it is his fault.

  3. I know you’re waiting on me LOI. Here’s my two cents, right from The Donald’s mouth. Running from JAC full speed ahead. 😉

    • Can’t do it… @4 min’s of how Obama is wrong does not make him right.

      • Hater! A least he is acknowledging, in public, what the problems are. Problems he thinks need attention:

        Get rid of waste and fraud in SS
        Repeal OCare….although he says to replace it was something better,,,don’t like that.
        Secure the border…..since he BUILDS, a fence is no biggie. No not a real fence, it was a joke.
        Defeat ISIS…doesn’t say how though.
        No nukes for Iran
        Infrastructure, including airports
        Common Core is a disaster
        Cease giving money to people we owe money, ahem..China
        Cannot have Romney, two time loser. Cannot have Jeb because of amnesty and he’s a fan of Roberts who gave us OCare..who else is there?
        Next prez cannot speak from teleprompter.

        Even if he doesn’t run he can be the one to keep other candidates in line during the campaign. Could he rig it to ensure he and his buddies make big cash during his tenure…sure could…so could any other candidate.

        • “Get rid of waste and fraud in SS”
          Impossible. There is no profit/loss calculation, hence waste cannot be calculated economically. Any alteration will be by political motives, which done without economic calculation, cannot remove waste and fraud.

          “Repeal OCare”
          When was the last time something was repealed? Yeah… won’t happen politically, EVER.
          Will happen economically, regardless.

          “Secure the border”
          From what? People who want to work?
          Economic suicide. You are far richer because of cheap workers. His demand will massively increase the costs of your most basic goods, like food. You will cry “why am I paying an arm and a leg for food???”. You will become very poor if this succeeds, and you will be very unhappy with your position.

          “Defeat ISIS”
          Impossible. It is the actions of US that created them. More US action will not uncreate them.

          “No nukes for Iran”
          They don’t have nukes.

          “Infrastructure, including airports”
          With what money? More Keynesian economics to fix the defects of Keynesian economics equals economic suicide.

          “Common Core is a disaster”
          All public education is a disaster.

          “Cease giving money to people we owe money, ahem..China”
          Renege public debt is the only way out. There will be grave consequences of massive social import. The entire fabric of the US society will be radically and fundamentally turned upside down and sideways. This is the only plausible outcome for the future.

          • Whatcha think about Germany blinking in regard to Greece?

          • I cannot understand why the fear over Iran and nukes. With today’s technology, it would be near impossible for Iran to hit any target it desires, which I doubt it desires to do any such thing. I can see Iran wanting to be a bigger player economically, but for them to choose to use a nuke would be suicide. For that reason alone, I discount the fear as nothing more than propaganda.

            Obamacare is here to stay. It may be called something else down the road, but it’s not going away. Fascism is here and here to stay, only to grow.

            ISIS is a US made entity, I just don’t think it’s from US bombing anyone, but rather an offshoot to stir this shitpot for more propaganda nonsense. The military industrial complex needs war to profit from and the media is doing their best to help them.

            I have more concern with Russia than Muslim’s. Only because of US actions against them, which could lead to much worse things than a few beheadings and a cooked pilot.

            • I bet Netanyahu will change you thinking when he addresses congress next month.

              • Not likely, I don’t think Iranian’s are dumb enough to submit themselves to the kind of retaliation that would come with such a boneheaded action. It’s fear mongering, and it’s working with many people. I’m not buying it.

            • Not sure about then technology thing. A reasonably smart ten year old could link the targeting to GPS positioning.

              Those Coptic Christians, anybody want to send congratulatory telegrams to Mr. Arab Spring and his henchmen Graham and McCain?

          • You are the king of all haters so it figures you’d have something to say 😉

            My thing is he’s not a politician. I’m not saying he hasn’t pulled strings to get his way too. He has name recognition as a successfull (however you spell it) businessman. He has his own cash, and plenty of it. He doesn’t need or want the job. I think he has a sincere wish to see the USA gain respect in the world again. I don’t think he cares about being PC. Don’t think he knows everything there is to know about being a president but I think he could surround himself with the kind of people to get the job done. Also don’t think he’s afraid of telling people NO.

            • I had hoped that he would jump into the NY Gubernatorial contest but this guy is a bigger disappointment than H. Ross Perot. Jumps in, yells a lot, brings up important issues, acts like a clown then jumps out after confusing everybody about everything.

              • You’re probably right. You’re right there within earshot of him daily. But that’s why I said he’d be cool to keep things stirred up during the campaign.

  4. What would the OUTCRY be if 21 Muslim’s were beheaded by Christians? Why is the vaccination issue so big, despite not one death from any disease? Answer those two questions and try and get an understanding on what is happening.

    • Where is the outcry when Saudi Arabia beheads a few hundred a year?
      Where is the outcry when US bombs thousands of innocent people a year?

      If one circumstance requires an outcry, they all do.
      If other circumstances do not cause an outcry, why should this?

      • Correct my Pirate friend! Saudi is lopping off one head every 4 days, no one is crying over it. Why, because that’s their law. As long as it’s “LAW” then it’s OK for most people because it’s “government ” doing it. ISIS is not a government, so it must be bad. Strange how people think these days. That’s also why the vaccination issue worries me, I don’t want, nor will I comply with, government mandated vaccines of any kind, EVER.

        I fear that the elite ruling class are planning a significant population reduction. What follows can’t be much better.

      • By the way, I have come out about the use of air power in Libya and drones everywhere. Far too many innocent people get killed. Our government needs to be eradicated before we end up in a nuclear war that no one wins.

      • Yeah….I have never understood why everybody here gets their panties in a wad… All of the Islamic and Muslim enclaves lop off heads, hands, feet, stone people, rape others and been doing it for thousands of years….and there is no outcry…..there should be none anyway…it is their way and no other country or individual on this earth has any legal or moral right to be upset. It is their country and they make the decision on whether or not to live there.

  5. Sun tan weather, 75°F.

  6. I warn you this is very long but also very interesting.

    • Yes it is and we are totally, absolutely, unequivocally unable to take people at their stated word.

      Back during Vietnam they said Lyndon Johnson’s biggest mistake was thinking of and treating Ho Chi Minh as if he were George Meany or Walter Reuther from the UAW or UMW. Sometimes, people absolutely mean what they say.

  7. Federal Judge blocks Obama’s immigration action. Will Obama abide by Judge’s ruling?

    • Yep…a federal judge from Texas and any appeal goes to the 5th circuit….a pretty conservative court of appeals

      • I would venture to say that Buck would want Obama and his administration to abide by this decision. I’m guessing he will be a minority of the left if he feels that way.

        • Not a minority — lots of commentary on this and vast majority arguing that yes, the judge’s decision is wrong and yes, it will be appealed; that, until overturned, it will simply halt implementation.

          So there you have it, ABIDING by a court order! 🙂

          • YEA! Now, will the Obama Administration abide by the ruling? Hasn’t he already said well over a dozen times that he didn’t have the authority to do what he did with the immigration issue? What part of the Constitution gives him such authority?

            • Not to get into this again, but I believe he does have the authority to do what he did. The Court put a stop on implementation….Obama should abide by that court order (unlike Moore) and appeal. If and when the ruling is overturned, implementation can begin.

              • Is there anything he does NOT have the power to do?

              • Of course…plenty!

                • Like what?
                  The only thing that stays the President’s action is the level of immediate outrage that it may create.

                  By Executive Order, he can do anything. Whether he does or does not is merely a choice.
                  However, each iteration of Presidency pushes the edge of outrage further away.

                  20 years ago, killing Americans by fiat would have been outraged.
                  Today, it is blindly acceptable.

                  Tomorrow, almost every mere dictate by the Presidential Emperor will be acceptable.

              • Again, I find myself in complete agreement with Flag!!!!!

                Ten years ago, no president would have dared, under fear of impeachment, to brazenly set aside the immigration laws passed by Congress. No president has the “right” to decide which laws he will enforce and which he will not. The oath he takes require that he enforce them and that he obey the Constitution. Can you not see where this is all leading? Have you no sense of History? Do you actually believe that “It can’t happen here”. Jesus H. C—– it IS happening here before your eyes and under your nose.

                You can hem and haw over whether emphasis should be placed here or there in the actual day to day operation of the law but to literally throw out the entire law.? As the Wizard might say, “No way! No how!”


    This is what the Colonel is talking about. As long as it stays OVER there, it’s none of our business.

    • I think you and the colonel are both crazy on this. Especially both of you being military men. Isn’t that your job….to protect the rest of us? It’s not like it’s just happening over there. It’s right here too. Stevens. Foley. Pearl. Ft Hood. Lady beheaded at her workplace. You’re still gonna tell me it’s none of our business?

      • When the problem rears it’s head here, then it should be dealt with here. Over there? We have caused enough problems over there, it’s time for those who live there to deal with their own lives. Violence in Chicago is far worse than any Islamic radical attacks are. You have a better chance of being killed by a bee sting then by getting your head lopped off by a crazed terrorist. We have our laws, they have theirs. Besides, I’ve seen far worse on the SCYFY channel. Relax, get yourself a handgun and a license and stop worrying. You are aware that our own police have killed more Americans than terrorist’s right?

        • It’s here G. Wish you would quit ignoring that. How did they get here? Either by wide open borders or simply by word getting over the internet. So are you denying that? I can avoid getting dead in Chicago by not going to Chicago. I can avoid getting dead by cops by not being a problem for cops. I cannot avoid getting dead by random terrorist. I’m supposed to pretend it’s not happening?

          • So what would you suggest be done?

            • A little concern would be a good start. You seem to be in denial that it’s here. You seem to think that the SciFICTION channel is on the same level as reality. Ignore it if you choose I guess. I think that the more outrage there is, you know…shunning as you anarchists like to call it…the less emboldened they will be. I honestly don’t know what tactics to use to stop this, but something needs to happen. If not, I guess it just sucks if you’re the one getting your head sliced off in Downtown, USA

              • I’m as concerned about a Muslim extremist as I am a gangbanger and an armed thief. What is the difference in danger? Why should one nut be treated any different than the other nut? My gun don’t care, the bullets don’t care and I’m not going to be pushed into fearing something that is not currently in my face. For terrorist’s to win, they only need to cause fear. You already lost to them. You may as well convert and give in.

              • They are in your face, and mine , and the colonel’s. Thanks for having my back 🙄

              • Only if you turn on the TV. I haven’t seen a Islamic extremist, EVER, in person, have you? Have you had anyone come at you with a machete screaming Alluhah Akbar? Yes, we have had some crimes committed in the name of Islam, but we have had a thousand times more crimes committed that are not related to terrorism. Terrorist’s are cowards. They have proven this time and again. Tell them to pound sand and go to hell, flip them the bird and move on with life. They need to be dealt with just like schoolyard bullies. We always talk about personal responsibility. Exercise that ability. Being afraid of the boogieman is no way to go through life.

              • Anita, let me add something. I live in a very rural area. To my West, there is roughly 10K acres of nothing but forest. The forest has bears. I know people that will not walk in the forest because of the bears, despite the fact that seeing one in the daytime is rare, they are black bears, which generally don’t attack people, and we carry guns. Still, the fear of the bear continues. It’s not much different than your fear of terrorist’s, they’re out there, but they don’t attack too often, are rarely seen and they actually will die faster and easier than a 400 lb black bear. If I had a choice between a 400 lb pissed off bear versus a terrorist screaming Alluhah Akbar, I’d prefer to defend myself against the terrorist.

              • Yeah. That boogieman flew right over my house and wanted to blow up everyone in the plane and as many in Detroit as he could. There were 6 boogiemen pulled right out of an airport building less than two miles from my home. You live in the mountains, I’m on mainstreet. Big difference.

              • OH, the underwear bomber! 🙂 Put on the plane by the US State Dept and witnessed by a US citizen who happened to out the feds, of which they have admitted putting him on the plane. All done so they could implement the full body scanners. Mission accomplished, even though the little “bomb” in the idiots pants couldn’t do anything more than sizzle his little balls. This little gem of a false flag has long been debunked my dear. As far as those pulled from the airport, I haven’t heard much about them, any links would be helpful. I’d like to check out how much the FBI had been involved in setting them up, like so many others (remember the Christmas tree bomber in the NorthWest a few years back, where the FBI gave him a fake bomb?).

                Just curious, how many terrorist’s have the TSA captured? Easy answer….NONE. Not one single terrorist apprehended by the TSA at any airport, but quite a few complaint’s of sexual assault. Come on girl, there is nothing to fear except fear itself.

              • I am always amazed at the simpleton minds that fear entities “over there”.

                The greatest existential threat in history was the Cold War.Yet, the ilk of Anita were unmoved. No demands of invading Russia or China or bombing them so to prevent the destruction of the USA. No regime change demands, etc. Life went on blissfully.

                Now, a bunch of guys who don’t have a country, don’t have nukes, don’t have a navy, don’t have an air force, have a motley mix of unmaintained equipment that they find abandoned and scattered hither, are to these simpletons the greatest fear of all.

                It is amazing the power of propaganda of fear on the minds of the simple.

              • Debunked? He’s in prison for life. I don’t care if it was a false flag…doesn’t mean they are not still among us. You chase false flag stories as tho that is your mission in life, but you want to ignore the reality that they are here. Does not compute. As far as the six pulled from the airport building, I couldn’t find any links but it was sure as hell on our local news and I heard the fear directly from the employees in that building the day after it happened. The ones who actually worked with them. Whatever happened to them, I’m not sure. I am sure that it happened though.

                • Anita,
                  For every American that would be killed by a terrorist, at home or abroad is
                  1 in 20 million

                  Yet, you ride in a car, where you are 1 in 19,000 to die.
                  You take a bath, where you are at risk of 1 in 800,000 to die.
                  You go into building, where you are at risk of 1 in 99,000 to die by a fire.
                  You go outside, where being struck by lightening is 1 in 5.5 million to die.

                  In other words, your are
                  1052 times more likely to die in a car crash,
                  25 times more likely to drown in a bath tube
                  202 times more likely to die in a fire
                  4 times more likely to be hit by lightening….

                  yet you want to commit massive slaughter of innocent people, trillions of dollars of wealth, and send your sons and daughters to die in foreign wars so that you are safe from terrorists.

                  The mazing mind of simpletons.

              • First of all, Anita hasn’t made any declarations about what we should do-so stop putting words in her mouth. She’s just making a valid point that it would be stupid of us to just ignore the danger ISIS represents, this problem is and will continue to effect us . How much remains to be seen-but unless someone stops them-they will become a matter of our national interest-if they aren’t already.

                • Bullshit.
                  They are of absolutely no importance to any legitimate US interests.

                  To pretend they are, and demand “action” will be the very cause of creating a situation of blowback that will, indeed, create the very thing you fear.

              • The #1 terrorist’s in this country are those who reside in Washington DC. Along with their propaganda machine, the federal government poses a far greater threat than Islamic terrorist’s. Maybe worrying about what that boogieman can do is a better way of spending one’s time, at least with terrorist’s, we can still shoot them, until the government decides to take that ability away.

              • And this is true because you say it is-Funny that’s not what they are saying-they have made it clear they are going to keep coming as long as they can. After reading the article Atlantic put out-I’m thinking the Middle Eastern Countries may be forced to step up and stop them-that is if they can get past their hate of each other and the people in those Countries don’t decide to join ISIS instead-but if they don’t stop them -we at some point will be forced to. Whether waiting for that point to arrive is the right thing to do-I just don’t know.

              • G, I’m quite capable of worrying about both-I would say worrying about both is the smart way to go. Dismissing ISIS and all the other terrorist groups forming around the world is being a little too self confident in my opinion.

              • V, Not one super power has the capability to launch a full scale invasion of the US, yet you worry about some cave dwellers with some AK-47’s who have no way of getting here with their weapons of war, much less in any numbers that my County Sheriff’s department couldn’t handle. This is where I agree with Flag, it’s way overblown and is a very little to no threat to the US. It’s all propaganda shelled out to get the masses to DEMAND government action.

              • That may well be true G but yet we’ve already participated in two world Wars. What they are now and what they may become if they continue to take territory, acquiring their weapons, planes,money etc along the way-may well change their capabilities. All those vacuums D13 talks about-may well come back to bite us on the butt. And there’s the little fact that we have allies over there and I like having allies-they may come in handy in the next world war.

                • Oh God… you are already to start another war.

                  So much for the founding message of:
                  “honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none”

                  Now you think:
                  “either you are with us, or you are against us”

      • No, its is you, Anita, who is crazy.

        You ignore that the US and its minion allies have gone in and interfered with this part of the world for over a century, creating massive blowback.

        You fear the blowback, and demand more interference into the region which ignited it. This, you believe, will solve the problem that this very action created.

        • I don’t care who did what to who when. I know that it is a worldwide problem and if we turn our backs, they win.

          • What bullshit.
            Because you ignore the causation, you will absolutely manifest the very thing you fear.

            • BF..don’t get on your high horse 😉 cause I’m going to ask you a serious question. Do you think this worldwide terrorism is a result of state activity or more like a holy war?

              • All terrorism is a tactic, regardless of who exercises it.

                As a tactic, it is crude and inefficient, and used only by individuals or groups that cannot access superior methodologies of violence to enforce their demands.

                In other words, terrorism is the tool of the weak, not the strong.

                As always, refer to the theory of hegemony. Terrorism only rises where the hegemony acts violently upon a much weaker actor. If you see terrorism, it is always AFTER a hegemonic action. It itself is not a CAUSE but a CONSEQUENCE.

                Second, terrorism is not “worldwide”. It cannot be such.

                Worldwide action can only be achieved by global reach and global access to resources and capability. As such, all terrorism is localized and small and focused. The resources and capability necessary for global reach would also provide more superior tactics then terrorism.

                Terrorism, by its fundamentals, is individual. To infuse individuals to mortal sacrifice that terrorism requires , the need to present such sacrifice requires the individual to belief his death is for a far greater and superior outcome then him living would achieve.

                Thus, often the appeal to unearthly gains, typically wrapped in religious dogmas, which cannot be achieved by earthly action except by one’s death. Hence, the rhetoric of holy wars. This works for every religion, not just Islam.

                Do not confuse the rhetoric of recruiting with the goal of the terrorists. The terrorists are working against the hegemony that is local. They know they have no capability of overwhelming the hegemony or becoming one themselves. By the nature of violence, if they were capable of directly opposing hegemony power, they would use superior tactics, not terrorism.

                In other words, if these terrorists become powerful, they would abandon terrorism as a tactic.

                Example: Zionist Jews and Israel.
                They were terrorists, successful in forcing the hegemony (England) to retreat, and the terrorists gain power and strength, which they then abandoned terrorism and utilized superior tactics that such strength provided, that is, they created an army with tanks, rockets, air force, naval ships, battalions of coordinated troops.

                Same as in Algeria:
                Algerian terrorists “won” against France. Algeria abandoned terrorism and built an army in its place, since coordinated tactics of groups of men, with equipment, is a far superior means of violence then individual acts of terrorism

              • I don’t know what all that means. Put it this way. I think, because of THEIR rhetoric, that this is a holy war. You mean to tell me that these guys still have a chip on their shoulder… weather over Israel or over the Crusades, and that’s why they are still in retaliation mode? And that’s ok with you?? What are Jews/Christians supposed to do? Be sitting ducks? It has to be a holy war because they are fighting in so many places. All those countries didn’t get together and plan to piss them off….and …they don’t have a country to begin with, so it IS a holy war. So tell me what did all the Christians and Jews do to offend them? You would have to be saying that non muslims are the hegemony. HOW?

                • “You mean to tell me that these guys still have a chip on their shoulder”

                  I am stunned at such ignorance. You believe is all about the Crusades…. not American imperialism that has dominated the region since WW2…. I sit stunned by your mentality.

              • Hold up, I never said that it was the Crusades. I just through that out there. I don’t know wtf started all this. It wasn’t the USA because it was going on before we got here. We’ve been through this before.

                • Then, girl, you better start figuring out what the hell started it

                  And given that you utterly ignore historical fact of US interference, you are off ass-backwards at the beginning.

                  You are intellectually dishonest.

                  You have set up a road block in your head that dismisses out of hand anything that places causation where it belongs. As such, you grasp at fantasies and make them real, all to your peril.

              • OMG I have a headache.

                • It’s simple, Anita.

                  You merely have to refer to history.
                  Zionists were terrorists. They blew up innocent people all across the Middle East and in England, setting bombs off in London. They were weak in their resistance to the hegemonic power of the day of that region, England.

                  Now imagine if England did what the US is doing. In response, England massed firepower and bombed whilly nilly Jewish settlements in Palestine trying to eliminate the “leaders”, causing untold destruction and death of innocents. Do you believe the Zionists would give up or would step up their terrorist tactics against England?

                  What if England declared the Zionists an existential threat to the Empire? Created propaganda of fear stating “if we don’t stop the Zionists in Palestine, they will take over the world!!”

                  Instead, England left.
                  Zionists haven’t taken over the world.
                  They are not set off bombs in London.

              • I’m on break. We’re in a disconnect somewhere. (I know you’re saying it’s me…I can imagine what’s running through your head right now). All their propaganda has to do with death to infidels. You want this to be a state war and I’m just not seeing that from their propaganda. So who’s right? We can’t both be…nevermind, I know what you’re going to say about that.

                • All your rhetoric is death to YOUR infidels, too…. them.

                  So why do you think their rhetoric is worse? It’s the same, except your capability is far more extensive in dealing death then theirs

                  Who is right? Wrong question.

                  Who is wrong is the question.
                  Interference in a region where you do not belong is wrong. Fix your wrong, not their wrong. They will have to deal with their own wrong thinking all by themselves, and suffer the consequences of that themselves.

                  Pay attention to your wrong and correct it, not someone else’s.

              • I’m as good as dead then. Christians are not on offense here. And there is clear and present danger. When I end up dead, because I gave up the fight, just chalk it up as taking one for the team.

              • Anita, Progressives are a bigger threat to Christians in the US than terrorist’s. Do you carry a concealed weapon?

              • Nope. I know what you’re getting at. Doesn’t matter. Weather I’m packing or not, they are still here and still killing our people. Does your daughter carry? Hmmm let that set in for a minute.

              • Going below!

  9. I miss America.

    I miss the America where surveillance efforts were focused on foreign enemies rather than domestic citizens.

    I miss the America where children weren’t routinely kidnapped by hospitals and CPS officials because their parents wanted a second medical opinion or refused to poison their children with chemotherapy.

    I miss the America where citizens respected local cops as “peace officers” and local cops existed to “protect and serve.”

    I miss the America where veterans were honored and celebrated rather than condemned and medically neglected.

    I miss the America where openly pledging your allegiance to the United States Constitution did not result in your name being added to the FBI watch list.

    I miss the America where churches believed in God rather than Government.

    I miss the America that won World War II and beat back a tyrannical fascist government in the name of freedom and democracy. Today, the occupied American government has become the very same tyrannical fascist bully it once sought to defeat.

    I miss the America where doctors actually tried to help people prevent disease rather than taking kickbacks from drug companies to put more patients on more medications.

    I miss the America where health insurance was affordable… and voluntary.

    I miss the America where brain-damaged vaccine fanatics weren’t dominating the news, calling for the arrest and imprisonment of informed parents who wisely choose to avoid injecting their children with vaccine poisons such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde.

    I miss the America where television news actually resembled the truth and wasn’t just a White House propaganda racket disguised as news.

    I miss the America where launching a conservative non-profit to educate people about the Bible or the Bill of Rights did not get you maliciously targeted by the IRS for punitive audits.

    I miss the America where milkshakes were actually made with fresh milk, and where selling fresh milk didn’t get you raided at gunpoint by California food safety goons.

    I miss the America where newly sworn-in government representatives didn’t violate the Constitution the very next day after swearing allegiance to it.

    I miss the America where members of Congress actually read legislation before passing it.

    I miss the America where federal regulators used to limit the power of globalist corporations rather than conspiring with them to expand their power over the People.

    I miss the America where the Attorney General wasn’t a gun-running criminal thug who tried to cause gun violence in America in order to destroy the Second Amendment.

    I miss the America where the President didn’t believe he was a dictator and didn’t use executive orders to dictate his illegal policies to the country.

    I miss the America where the IRS didn’t seize the bank accounts of innocent small business farmers merely because they deposited funds slightly less than $10,000 at a time.

    I miss the America where being thought of as a patriot was a badge of honor, not an accusation of being a domestic terrorist.

    I miss the America where paying with cash didn’t get you reported to the FBI as a “suspicious individual.”

    I miss the America where the FBI actually tried to prevent crime instead of spending most of its time dreaming up fabricated terror plots to pawn off on street drunks and homeless drug addicts so it could “catch terrorists in the act!”

    I miss the America where doctors could practice personalized, local medicine and weren’t beholden to a stifling government system of mindless diagnosis and medication prescribing.

    I miss the America where taking pictures of government buildings in a public space didn’t cause you to be immediately surrounded by armed government goons accusing you of “domestic terrorism” activities.

    I miss the America where you could be a rancher in Oregon and collect rainwater on your own acreage without being arrested and sent to prison.

    I miss the America where the currency was still backed by gold, and the Federal Reserve couldn’t magically print endless new money in a radical global financial blowout experiment gone awry.

    I miss America where you could grow vegetables in your front yard without fear of being arrested and thrown in jail for violating “community guidelines.”

    I miss the America where you could fly the American flag from your own apartment balcony without being cited and threatened by the property manager.

    I miss the America where people used to trade hard work for honest pay instead of merely voting for whatever politician promises them the most entitlement handouts.

    I miss the America where cops didn’t pull you over and seize all your cash under outlandish interpretations of “civil forfeiture” laws.

    I miss the America where your vote actually counted, and where elections weren’t systematically rigged by black box electronic voting machines.

    I miss the America where real truth-telling journalism was celebrated rather than condemned.

    Most of all, I miss the America where good, honest, hard-working, truth-telling citizens didn’t have to live in constant fear of being accused, arrested, imprisoned, fined or terrorized by their own government.

    God bless the America we used to have. May God help us once again restore it.

    This article inspired by the graffiti messages spread by freedom restorationists in the novel 299 Days by Glenn Tate.

    Learn more:

  10. @Anita and VH, I’ll ask again, what to you propose to do?

    • How about first acknowledge that it is here. I already stated that I don’t know what to do tactically. Maybe figure out exactly who’s who over there would be a good place to start.

      • Anita, if you haven’t already-you should read the article I posted by Atlantic-I think you will find it very interesting.

      • What is here, a few mentally ill idiots hell bent on killing others? I think they have been here for quite some time, the turbine is just an added feature 🙂

        • Put this in your pipe G. And come back (BF) with lists of people the USA has killed. My point is they are here and killing our people.

          • woops..missed a word… DON’T come back


            A glimmer of hope here. Still just a few, G?

            • Anita, check out the US prison population. Check out the numbers of death’s due to auto accidents. You are more than free to live in fear of something you have no control over, I choose not to live in fear about anything I cannot control. I’m going to die one day, how, only God knows how and when. When it’s my time, it’s my time. I’m not going to be concerned with a group of mentally ill fanatics that pray 5 times a day and have really thin skin when it comes to their prophet. No more than I’m going to worry about gangbangers, skin heads, anti-semites, the black panthers or Ma and Pa Kettle. They are no more a criminal issue than the worst gangs like MS-13, the Bloods, the Crypts etc. If you are really worried, then pack up and move away from the city. Go to a place with a very small or no Muslim presence. There’s plenty of houses for sale in my neck of the woods, no crime, no Muslims, no immigration problems, just deer trying to wreck your car everyday (them pesky deer radical’s and their suicide fur). 😀 Lighten up girl, your letting them get to you and it’s not healthy.

          • If any are here, they are here because you are there.

      • We have had hate groups here all of my life. It’s nothing new and will likely never end. The reason’s for their hate matters not one wit, it’s only their actions that matter. We don’t yet have thought police, so let’s not give the Feds a reason to go down that path.

  11. He then attempted to support his theory with a strange blend of logic and clerical statements.

    “First of all, where are we now? We’re going to Sharjah Airport to travel to China by plane, [is that] clear? Focus with me, this is the Earth,” he said while holding up a sealed water cup.

    He proceeded to say that if the plane stopped dead in its tracks in mid-air, “China would be coming towards it in case the Earth rotates in one direction. If the Earth rotates in the opposite direction, the plane would never reach China, because China is also rotating,” he said.

    The shaky reasoning incited a torrent of responses on Twitter under a hashtag which roughly translates as #cleric_rejects_rotation_of_Earth.

    Might as well have a good laugh 🙂

  12. Flagster, what’s your take on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) that is so secretive?

    • As with all “free” trade agreements, it is nothing of the sort.

      What is so hard in declaring “sell us your goods, we are open for business!!!”? Nothing.

      So all the mashing of mouths is about what trade to restrict. This by its content needs to be secret since it will create consequences in the production and supply of these goods – enriching a few and impoverishing the many.

      It is doomed to fail. Too many divergent requirements from too many different economies to come to a comprehensive “deal” on trade restrictions. They are all Keynesian, so they all labour under the same incomprehensible and incoherent economic nonsense.

      None of them will give up their mercantilist ideologies until economics collapses and turns to rubble their schemes.

  13. @Anita. My oldest daughter carry’s, my youngest cannot due to epilepsy. My son also carry’s. My youngest cannot drive either, but she has as much protection as she can, legally. She is allowed to carry certain types of defensive weapons, which I have provided as much as possible. Can’t change the idiotic laws, so I have taught them to work within them. She’s a scrapper and tends to kick ass when confronted with a problem. She is in no more danger than I am from terrorist’s. She lives in a rural area, with few Muslim’s as well. Let that set in a little! 🙂

    • My point being…you carrying isn’t stopping them from killing us. And as far as BF’s thinking goes, put your gun down, you hegemoner!

      • The point being, Anita, if you stop killing them, they will not want to kill you.

        You do not want to stop killing them.

        • That doesn’t make sense BF. If that’s how it worked they wouldn’t stalk soft targets.

          • Bizarre.
            You pretend their choice of target means your countries intrusion and slaughter of them is not without a consequence.

            You are purposely blind to the cause, hence, you focus on your own risk in a vacuum.
            Thus, you will always be at such risk, since you will not deal with the cause.

            You will cry a river of tears over your ignorance.

      • LMAO 😀 So far, my gun hasn’t even left it’s holster in an act of self defense, hopefully, it can stay that way 🙂 I’m far more concerned with our own criminal element than ISIS. ISIS is short lived and won’t last long enough to be relevant in the world, it’s all hype right now. Groups like them have come and gone over time. My suggestion is always the same, arm yourself and be vigilant, that’s your best source of protection. That may be your biggest issue with this, your not prepared to deal with it face to face. Only you can fix that.

  14. @VH, The next world war will not be with Islamic extremists. Right now I’m far more concerned with Russia than a bunch of cave dwellers. I don’t ever see any Muslim country becoming a hegemonic power that would challenge any of the current super powers. Their ideals of world domination will never happen. We are more likely to have a major economic collapse than we are at having an on the ground war, here in the US, against ISIS. The threat is severely overblown. We have had not one suicide bomber (Achmed comes to mind) or one IED on the side of a road in the US. It’s just fear mongering to get people to want more war and death.

    • I’m not arguing that they are going to invade the US, G, and they don’t have to -to be a problem. You think I am over stating the problem-I think you are understating the problem. But Italy seems to be quite concerned.

      • This is supreme irony.

        To great joy and high hopes, NATO and the U.S. destroy Libya’s government, killing Gaddafi in the process. Now Italy implicitly but not explicitly recognizes the blunder and calls for a UN force to neutralize or somehow control IS in Libya.

        Each country that the U.S. and NATO has attacked is fertile ground for ISIS.

        The article writes:
        “The Islamic State is expanding beyond its base in Syria and Iraq to establish militant affiliates in Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt and Libya, American intelligence officials assert, raising the prospect of a new global war on terror.

        “Intelligence officials estimate that the group’s fighters number 20,000 to 31,500 in Syria and Iraq. There are less formal pledges of support from ‘probably at least a couple hundred extremists’ in countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Yemen, according to an American counterterrorism official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss confidential information about the group.”

        Far from being a “new global war on terror”, American involvement against these IS limbs would be part and parcel of the Great War of the American Empire. And such an involvement or sub-war would be every bit as ill-advised as the earlier sub-wars.

        IS also has a number of countries in its sights that have not been attacked by the U.S. They belong to earlier European adventures in colonialism and imperialism.

        IS divides Muslims, both those loyal to their current states and those who are radical and want a new caliphate.

        It is very doubtful that IS would have reached this stage had it not been for Western interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen, as well as interventions going back to Somalia.

        Obama would not now be asking Congress for a new authorization to use military force against IS and its offshoots. This is a new declaration of war. The Great War of the American Empire, a blunder from its inception, now advances to a new stage with new sub-wars and/or recapitulations of earlier sub-wars.

        Historical mistakes are unforgiving when politicians lack the courage to break with the past and go against established interest groups. The American form of government as it has evolved is very susceptible to being heavily influenced by interest groups who take the country on a downward and destructive path.

        Woodrow Wilson steered America into the arms of Europe, and therefore identified this country with Europe’s colonial and imperial enterprises. Previously, America had intentionally kept its distance from Europe’s wars and policies. Subsequently, the U.S. assumed dominance over the remains of the British Empire’s holdings in the Middle East. These are major historical blunders that help set the stage for what is happening today as IS attempts to reconstruct a portion of the Ottoman Empire, which was on the losing side in World War I.

        Now what? Since every U.S. intervention builds upon a foundation of European colonialism and imperialism, the U.S. should stop intervening once and for all.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Except that you ignore the fact that those nut jobs who formed, join and want to perpetuate the ISIL Caliphate did not have to respond to the vacuum. If it were not for their own ambitions and medieval morality they would not be killing people and trying to take control.

          Had they been truly peace loving people they could have worked voluntarily together to create a peaceful society once the west had destroyed their Government. Apparently they did not get the Anarchist memos.

          Western intervention happens because of other factors which happened because of other factors, on and on it goes. Intervention did not CREATE the crazies nor did it prevent the sane people from stopping the crazy ones.

          How does US intervention “build” upon European colonialism and imperialism??

          • Careful…the US is probably going to be blamed for the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition……not to mention the Black Plague…..and let’s don’t leave George Bush out….he is ultimately responsible for Noah’s flood.

          • “How does US intervention “build” upon European colonialism and imperialism??”
            Christ, get a history lesson!

            Who installed the Shah?

            • Just A Citizen says:

              But ISIS is NOT Iran…… so who installed the Shah is irrelevant.

              You threw out the claim relative to ISIS and the other radicals. You claim the US built upon the European colonialism and imperialism. I say it has nothing to do with ISIS or the other crazies on the Shia side.

              They have their religious dogma to propel them to violence. They can use the USA as an excuse to help recruiting but if not the USA it will be someone else. Just as it is now that the USA is pulling away.

              Now it is the apostate Muslims who need killing.

              Perhaps there is some truth in your claims. If not for the Brits and French these crazy ass hats would have killed each other off much sooner. Damn thing that intervention stuff. How dare they keep a lid on evil.

              • Bullshit.
                All you do is deny US imperialism in the region and turn a blind eye, then wake up and see the consequences and believe bizarrely that it sprang out of no where.

                What dribble.

  15. Anyone think Hillary might ask Warren to be her VP .

  16. V.. I’ve been scrolling and scrolling two pages..can’t find that Atlantic article. Can you hook me up ? 😉

      • That’s an awful lot to take in all at once. It affirms what my stance is, that it’s a holy war. Couple things I noted:

        ISIS is at odds with Al Queda and the Muslim Bros, in fact see both as apostates.
        Currently on the 8th of 12 caliphs…meaning we’re in this for the long haul.
        Bin Laden expected a slow release of the caliphate, ISIS wants it yesterday.
        Al Queda doesn’t recognize the ISIS caliphate.
        If ISIS loses it’s grip on Syria and Iraq, it loses it’s caliphate. (nice loophole for us apostates)
        These next two are funny:
        They classify Obama as an apostate! I figured he was one of them
        Jesus is going to lead the Muslims to victory.. I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that.

        Looks like the Muslims have a lot of organizing to do. Seems they should all be on the same page and they’re far from it.

        BF, did you read this article? Couple things in here go against what you’ve been saying. I’ll wait to see what your answer is first.

        • Nothing goes against what I say. You permit hypothesis and “what if” to become “fact” in your head.

          The fact is, they are a minor power in a far away place that came to be because YOU went there and kicked sand into their face. You still want to continue to kick sand in their face and pretend its their fault that they don’t like it.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Nobody kicked sand in their face. THEY did not even live there.

            Their religious dogma is the problem BF. Some day you might wake up and realize that this is the root of the evil perpetrated in that region against so many innocent people. All in the name of Allah.

            • What blubber. You now think Iraqis didn’t live in Iraq, Palestinians didn’t live in Palestine, Iranians don’t live in Iran.

              Man, you are racing backwards at the speed of sound.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                The organizers and originators are Saudis fighting in Syria. They were fighting in Iraq as well, but after we announced our time table for leaving.

                ISIS is recruiting from around the world.

                • Oh, nonsense. As if ISIS has a recruiting campaign at the level of any State … hohoho!
                  You are married to your TV. A couple of Americans go jihad, and you shake in your boots.

              • I think it’s quite possible that both of you may be right. The US certainly interfered in the Middle east, as well just about everywhere else. This I see is a big problem today. At the same time, the radical Jihadist’s have a religious ideology that commands them to dominate the world. Whether their book actually say’s that, I don’t know nor do I care. Social media has given them a big stage for which to recruit, I don’t think is equals a State style of recruitment, but it seems to be effective. I also think a lot of the propaganda is just that, propaganda to get the people to approve of more war.

                Several questions that I would like answered. Who is funding them? the CIA? Iran? Saudi? Are they taking orders form those who fund them? Are the actions of ISIS empowering other Muslim’s around the world to act out? Can Radical Muslim’s be killed with a regular bullet or do we need to have silver bullets? Or maybe a wooden stake to the heart? 😀

                • First, their ideology insures that they will not have the necessary capability to dominate the world.

                  Any group whose ideology is opposite of science and engineering cannot create the capability. All the capability they do have has been scrapped together from the side of the road … stuff other people have produced. They cannot produce this military stuff themselves.

                  What Muslim nation has air craft carriers?
                  Pakistan got all its technology for nukes from China. They could not maintain their technology without Chinese and American assistance.

                  Truly, they are rag heads in their heads. They are no threat outside their small region, and their threat is only to those that are there.

  17. Very Important information. My financial institution has suddenly decided to stop accepting direct deposits. Their claim is that they sent out a letter in November 2014 stating they would no longer accept these deposits beginning January 1st 2015. I have been paid 3 times in January and have all of my mail from July till now. I also only deal with them online and don’t get mailings from them, they have my email address.

    I haven’t lost any money, but now wait for check that I didn’t expect to deal with. Upon further study, it seems that financial institutions are changing their terms of agreements, on very short notice in some cases (or none at all). Check your banks terms and make sure, in writing, that your deposits are no longer considered “loans” to the bank. By changing those words “deposits to loans” you are no longer protected by the FDIC and you have become a creditor. That means if the bank goes under, you may never get your money back without legal action, just like all of the other creditors. You may get back penny’s on the dollar, if anything.

    This is happening fast and with little notice. Usually, you get a “terms of agreement” statement at the beginning of the year, which few people read. Don’t get screwed, something is fixing to happen. Check your terms of agreement ASAP!

  18. Anita, I get it! Attached is a link to a map of Islam’s expansion in the century after Mohammed died.

    A difference between “then” and “now” is that the ideology is already in place today. “Then” they had to conquer and impose their ideology. “Now” it lies there at or below the surface, ready to be re-ignited. If you remember back a few years out own left wing was ga-ga over Christian Fundamentalists, They were the boogeymen who would seize control and outlaw the pill and make everyone recite the Lord’s Prayer ten times a day. That left, now blissfully unaware of the potential danger in this bunch of wackadoodles as my wife calls them can’t see what is right out there in front of them.

    Do they pose a danger? Good question. Long term most definitely. Short term maybe. What I do not see out there is the realization that Islam has a religious component and a secular component. Ultimately Islam did morph into a political Caliphate and then was superseded by the Ottoman Empire.

    The Mahdi thing is also interesting. Part of the prophecy specifically states Syria and Iraq must be destroyed!? Remember these folks are very literalist.

    When this Mahdi stuff catches on, it can be brutally hard to stamp out.

    So, what you have here is a very interesting religion that has a political component attached like nothing else. Comparisons could be made I guess to The Holy Roman Empire and the Papacy but the two were not ever as tightly intertwined as Civil and religious authority in Islam.

    • As I said in my notes above, these guys are unorganized. The political component goes against what the Sunni see as an important tenent of Islam, shirk…which is to recognize any authority other than God, otherwise known as government.

      Since ISIS believes that it must continue to acquire territory to expand the caliphate, seems the best way to keep a lid on things is to keep them contained in those bare farmlands of Iraq and Syria until we elect a leader (notice I didn’t say president) who’s willing to go in there and knock them down.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        “The political component goes against what the Sunni see as an important tenent of Islam, shirk…which is to recognize any authority other than God, otherwise known as government. ”

        This is inaccurate. They do not shirk Govt. They shirk “man made laws that are not God’s law, as put down by Mohammad”. So the political component does not go against the hard core Sunni belief, not if the “political = religious”. It is a THEOCRACY.

        • Actually, they call it polytheism:

          “This is not permitted,” Abu Baraa said. “To send an ambassador to the UN is to recognize an authority other than God’s.” This form of diplomacy is shirk, or polytheism, he argued, and would be immediate cause to hereticize and replace Baghdadi. Even to hasten the arrival of a caliphate by democratic means—for example by voting for political candidates who favor a caliphate—is shirk.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            The purist is saying that acknowledging the UN’s authority is “polytheism”, not the fundamentalist’s view. ISIS is pushing a “purist” theocracy based on literal interpretation of Mohammad’s writings.

            So if ISIS wins Iraq becomes a THEOCRACY ruled by God’s law alone. Sending envoys to the UN is in effect acknowledging that the UN has some authority worthy of sending an envoy. But under the Theocracy it does not, so the envoy must not be sent.

            Ironically, Iran acknowledging UN inspections of its nuclear facilities would violate the ISIS code, and would be an example of “polytheism”. This ISIS would take out the Ayatollah for failing to be a “good Muslim”.

            The comment about voting is not against a “theocratic govt” it is against the democratic means of selecting leaders. Leaders are OK as long as God’s law is used to make the selection. Apparently “voting” was not used by the medieval Muslims to select their leaders.

            The key point here is to not assume that their fundamentalist dogma prohibits a “government”. It most certainly will result in a Government. One run by the “old laws” of Islam, I meant the “old laws of God”, 😉

      • The political component to them is just another part of the religious. A two headed hydra if you would.

    • You make incoherent equivalences.

      “Then” they were the leading civilization. They had soap and knew how to use it, when the West had no clue to hygiene. They had algebra (an Islamic word), astronomy (an Islam word), science, technology … all more advanced then possible in the West.

      They also stopped the Mongols, which the West was unable to do.

      But today, the opposite.
      They are backward, and actually are anti-knowledge, anti-science.

      They are no threat to the West.

      • Islam and Moslems were specifically responsible for these inventions because of their religion, correct?

        Perhaps these things were accepted rather than being lost to history because there was a unified Caliphate.

        Later, when Europe got its act together, other inventions and theories became accepted again because there was a free exchange of ideas across a large geographical area. Seems to me, with the collapse of Rome an awful lot that had been discovered, hygiene for example, was lost.

        • “Islam and Moslems were specifically responsible for these inventions because of their religion, correct?”

          Actually, yes.

          It was an application of their belief that God is pure truth vs men that will lie.
          This idea invented science as we know it today, that God never lies, that what one man sees how God (the Universe) works will be seen by all men, even those that have no religion.

          That idea spread like wildfire throughout the Muslim world, and science and discovery exploded.

          It didn’t hurt that they, at the time, were the most accepting of all people, regardless of religion and were a sanctuary for the oppressed; they gave sanctuary to Jews from Christians and sanctuary for Christians from other Christians of different sects.

          Because of that, they got introduced to new ideas, ideas that were heretic elsewhere.

          It all got undone by a mullah who declared arithmetic was the work of Satan. Within a generation, they lost all sense of what made them powerful, and still infects them today.

          No doubt, because they gained great power due to their science and discovery, the West, via those that sought refuge from Christian tyranny upon Christians, carried this knowledge back to Europe.

          It is no surprise that those societies closest to Islam spawned the Enlightenment.

          Europe of history was NOT an example of free exchange. Do you not know about the 30 years war???

          Europe was slow in accepting the knowledge that Islam manifested. But because it was based on reason and science, eventually the truth and fact of that knowledge was more successful then the “witchcraft” that was practiced.

          As I said above, those that were closest to Islam prospered, and that prosperity was eventually copied, albiet slowly, to Spanish Netherlands, who a few hundred years later, gained independence and set the seeds of advanced thinking, later imported to Scotland via Calvinism, seized by the secular population there, and started the Industrial Revolution.

        • They founded the first universities in the region, Al-Azhar University, in 970AD.

          A 100 years or so, later this was copied in Europe, and such centers began appearing around the Mediterranean (again, close proximity to the Islam Empire), in Italy and Spain (and in England, peculiarly, leaping over all the rest of Europe – perhaps it becomes no surprise that this was the nation that changed the world with the first use of a national policy of free trade)

        • Look, if you want to defeat Islam, the answer is to leave them alone.

          As the rest of the world leaves them behind, the people themselves will create the will to push the ideology aside.

          It worked vs Soviet Russia and Communist China.
          It needed no war or invasion or bombing to change China. The people created the change by observing the world and seeing they were being led astray. Internally, the discourse of the people not enjoying the fruits of economic freedom moved the establishment to turn.

          This takes time and patience. The West was patient with China and Russia. The West won.

          No less then in the world of Islam. Prosperity is a great attraction. It will, always and eventually, replace poverty.

        • But let’s understand. Foreign war is necessary for the US to distract simple minds from the issues that are suffered locally to the US.

          It’s easy to wave the flag “Terrorists are coming!!” to distract the weak minds. (Listening, Anita?)

          A weak foe, of no real threat, whose tactic is weak (terrorism) is the perfect distraction for the sheeple like JAC to leap onto their soap box and proclaim a global threat.

          • Do not disagree with many of the things you say however, the strain of Islam practiced by the ISIS folks seems to hearken back to the original strain, the one that swept through in its first century. No doubt several hundred million lives later, should they emulate the success of their forebears, it too will morph into something less malignant.

            However, for the present, there is absolutely nothing the US or its western allies can do to stop it. We believe in nothing (well actually with things like 50 Shades of Grey we apparently believe in something) but they are far deeper rooted in their belief system. As Osama’s favorite Egyptian Iman put it, “You Westerners used to be Christians, people of the book, now you are Pagans”.

            A hundred years or so ago I had to read Gibbons. Re-reading a summary brought me back to the cyclical nature of History. The West prospered and triumphed and fell into the Dark Ages. The East prospered and triumphed and fell into its own Dark Age.


            • ” should they emulate the success of their forebears, it too will morph into something less malignant.”

              How is it possible for them to emulate the same success???? Pray tell, where do you derive this claim?

              They are not the leading culture in the world. Back then, they were.
              They are not economically or scientifically advanced. Back then, they were.
              They are not militarily powerful. Back then, they were.

              To claim equivalences, you must provide the equivalences. You have not.
              Even their ideology is completely different today then back then

              There is no fundamental similarity other then a name.

              “However, for the present, there is absolutely nothing the US or its western allies can do to stop it.”

              Yes, there is.
              LEAVE THEM ALONE
              By the very nature of their operative belief system, they will degrade and collapse.
              You cannot progress in the Universe by denying the laws of Nature. They do not broadly accept the laws of Nature, so they will degrade naturally.

              “As Osama’s favorite Egyptian Iman put it, “You Westerners used to be Christians, people of the book, now you are Pagans”.

              And, he is absolutely correct.

              “Dark Ages.”

              There is nothing in human action that predicts the future. Certainly the West is in decline, ever since WW1. It is not inevitable, however, that the West will collapse. The question is whether the people will address the cause of the decline, the State, or not.

  19. I forgot the recent history where the Shah (of ill repute) was deposed by a combination of secularists and religious. the secularists (total dummies playing with fire) were then bumped off by the Ayatollah’s boys which leaves you with Iran as a religious state not a secular one.

    For an interesting, fictional, quick read of how a powerful, telegenic, charismatic false prophet could grab power here, I give you……

    • It seems as though our country isn’t going the way of a Theocracy, it’s heading more towards Fascism. All we need is for Obama to grow a cheesy mustache and seize power after the upcoming economic collapse/world war and it’s set in stone 🙂

    • As I have pointed you to you before, when a tyrant under the protection of the hegemony works to eliminate all of his opponents, which are almost always moderates, all that is left resisting the tyrannt are the extremists. The extremists are not dissuaded by the threats of death, indeed, are empowered by it.

      They are seen as the only ones strong enough to resist such a tyrant by the common people who are suffering under the perversions of the tyranny, and the common people work to support the only survivors – the extremists – in removing the tyrant.

      This is exampled over and over, everywhere.

  20. @Anita, If your reading this, you survived the night without being attacked by a raging Jihadist. See, told you there is nothing to fear 😀

    • She must not have been one of those at the Detroit bus stop that was attacked yesterday…….

    • Not funny, bruh! Tell that to all the random victims here and around the world. Worst part is there is no plan to deal with it. That’s why I asked you about your daughter. I have a much keener situational awareness after these last few years. Our kids are stuck in their phones, oblivious to all this. I worry about them more than about myself.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I offer you a solution today. Not one that will stop the violence but one that will deal with those who commit it.

        Catch them and ship them to Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan. They can pick from the three. Take their passports and put them on the No Fly list.

      • Our education system is birthing idiots. Take care of those you can, but don’t let fear cause you to make a mistake when you can’t afford to make a mistake. Gene Hackman said in the movie “Unforgiven” that the man who doesn’t get nervous will win the gunfight. Fear is your enemy.

        • I KNOW you didn’t just call me an IDIOT! Only BF is allowed to do that. 😉

          • Of course not, never even thought that. I was thinking about our current education system as a whole. That dumb blond who thinks giving ISIS jobs will fix the problem, is an example, as she has a Masters Degree in International Affairs. We are old enough to have missed the indoctrination centers schools have become. Our kids, they need lots of help in keeping their heads straight.

      • You are so concern about my daughter, yet, you have no concern for the hundreds of thousands of people killed by your government.

        I’d be more concerned about the latter, girl.

        I, myself, don’t fear ghosts made up in your mind.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      What were the “odds” of those people working in the world trade center dying at the hands of a jihadist on September 10, 2001? Or perhaps September 1, 2001?

      Do you realize that when people try to use gross statistics to deny or explain threats, or define what they consider rational, that they are using the STATIST view of the world?

      It is the STATIST who reduces things to large scale probabilities in order to justify their STATIST solutions.

      • There are so many holes in the official story of 911 you could fly a 747 through one. Beyond that you lost me on what point your trying to make.

      • Oh more bullshit.

        The fact that terrorism is utterly irrelevant on your life defeats YOUR extremist views, and you can’t have that.

        You have your jihad that you want to progress, let the facts be damned.

    • “Governments that deny human rights play into the hands of extremists who claim that violence is the only way to achieve change. Efforts to counter violent extremism will only succeed if citizens can address legitimate grievances through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies. Those efforts must be matched by economic, educational and entrepreneurial development so people have hope for a life of dignity.”

      Read these words and then go read a few articles about Obama’s big meeting to discuss “violent extremism”. Under the pretense of needing this meeting to discuss Real extremism-they are really talking about and equating all types of violence, like local violence such as black violence. I swear the man is using Islamist extremism which he won’t name to promote spending more money for “economic, educational and entrepreneurial development so people have hope for a life of dignity.”, not just at home but in other Countries. He really does believe all these different types of violence are reasonable, that we as a Country are getting what we deserve. And to pay for our oppression of all these different groups of people we are to just give them everything they want. Black liberation theology defined. And he says he wasn’t listening all those years in set in Wrights church.

      • Right on V!

      • He suffers from “People are the same all over”. Used to have that disease as a kid until Uncle John told me about the Kamikaze that slammed into his LST with the comment, “normal people don’t do things like that”.

        Beloved leader has totally forgotten the educational level of our 9-11 extremists. They are hooked into the blind faith thing as surely as the Kamikaze pilots or the SS and Hitler Youth zealots. The difference is the latter could eventually be talked down. Not these folks.

  21. Just A Citizen says:


    Response to your questions:



    At the same time, the radical Jihadist’s have a religious ideology that commands them to dominate the world. NOT NECESSARILY THE ENTIRE WORLD. AS THE ARTICLE STATED ISIS, AND OTHER FUNDAMENTALISTS, MAY BE MORE INTERESTED IN TAKING THE “OLD” WORLD IN ORDER TO USHER IN THE END OF TIMES.

    Whether their book actually say’s that, I don’t know nor do I care. Social media has given them a big stage for which to recruit, I don’t think is equals a State style of recruitment, but it seems to be effective. ISIS CAN ONLY “DRAFT” FROM AREAS THEY TAKE BY FORCE. BUT THEN OUR MILITARY IS “VOLUNTARY” AS WELL. THERE HAVE BEEN OVER 1000 NEW FIGHTERS ARRIVING EACH MONTH FOR THE PAST 6 MONTHS. THE NUMBERS INCREASED AFTER MR. OBAMA ANNOUNCED THE BOMBING CAMPAIGN.


    Several questions that I would like answered. Who is funding them? FELLOW RADICALS LOCATED AROUND THE WORLD. RICH RANDICALS. I AM GUESSING MANY LIVE IN SAUDI ARABIA.

    the CIA? NO

    Iran? NO. Iran is helping fight ISIS. Iran want control of Iraq.


    Are they taking orders form those who fund them? NO.

    Are the actions of ISIS empowering other Muslim’s around the world to act out? YES, AS IS THE LACK OF EFFECTIVE ACTION BY THE REST OF THE WORLD.

    Can Radical Muslim’s be killed with a regular bullet or do we need to have silver bullets? Or maybe a wooden stake to the heart? REGULAR BULLETS WORK JUST FINE. THE PROBLEM IS IDENTIFYING THE TARGET WITHOUT KILLING THOUSANDS OR MILLIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE.

    Now here is something else to consider. A few years back when Iran had that other crazy President, Glenn Beck did a special on the 12th Imam and the belief by some Muslims that they needed to be an active participant in “bringing” on the end of times. Now lets assume that is in fact a part of the Iranian Governments belief. That means you have both a Sunni based radical group, ISIS, and a Shia based group, Iran’s Ayatollah, vying for that same illustrious glory.

    This is the danger of Iran getting Nukes. It is not that they will launch them at the USA. It is that they can create the notorious suit case bomb, or sell that to someone like Al Quada. But the reason they want it so badly is that it prevents the USA, NATO, the UN or anyone else from telling them what they can or can’t do. Would the world tolerate Russia invading Ukraine if not for the nukes Russia has?? Now imagine those weapons in the hands of someone who believes it is their primary job to bring the end of times to reality.

    I will grant BF one major point in all this. Not everyone in the middle east is crazy. Many are just wanting to be left alone and live in peace. The problem is that these are not always the people who gain control of the stick. There is a new paradigm evolving in the middle east and among the Muslim countries in that region, including Pakistan. It started when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. The war for Islam has begun again.

    We now need to figure out how we and the rest of the western world are going to deal with it. There will be collateral damage, no matter what choice we make. But we certainly could make it much worse. Remember that old adage about a family that is always fighting and hating on each other. The fighting goes on and on, UNTIL some outsider decides to join in. Then the entire family turns on the outsider.

    • The bullet part was meant as humor, which I’m sure you know. IMHO, we need to get out of others business, period. Let Europe deal with ISIS. I do agree with Flag in one way, we are partly responsible for ISIS, whether it be by dropping bombs over there or if they are just another invention of the CIA to keep the war machine making rich people money, it really don’t matter. The pundit’s are pushing for war hard. Our troops are tired and frankly, I don’t want them fighting with one hand tied behind their backs like they have been. Besides, I’m not so sure the military would fight for this Idiot-N-Chief anyway.

    • Here’s an idea, let’s round up all the Muslim’s and stick’em in FEMA camps. I wonder how that would go over?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        How about just the ones that preach this fundamentalist radical crappola that is supposedly “not Islam”??

        But not in FEMA camps. We need those for emergency response. Send them to Quantonimo or better yet, Egypt.

    • The fact that there was no ISIS before the US invasions kinda makes my point.

      You want to pretend that the US imperialist actions in the area don’t cause consequences.
      Too bad for your ideology, such actions do cause consequences.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I never said there were not consequences. What I refute is direct cause/effect which is the tone of most of your comments.

        ISIS is a new name, but the theology and desire to be ISIS was there. That desire was not created by the USA attempt to help the Iraqi people, along with others in the world. Just so “imperialistic don’t ya know”.

        Our intervention and then leaving before Iraq could stand on its own left a vacuum. Of course there are others meddling here as well. Why is it you do not mention their affect on what is happening??

        Everything has consequences when it comes to human dealings. To argue that the US creates consequences is stating the obvious. However, linking US actions to specific consequences can be challenged. EVERYTHING is not just the fault of the USA. Nor does our lack of intervention guarantee outcomes that are any less chaotic or violent than what we see going on today.

        • Sorry, the facts are on my side, not yours.
          There was no ISIS before the Iraq invasion.

          The action of the US created the vacuum. Cause and effect that you want to ignore.

          The linking is obvious. The US did the action, not Russia. If Russia did such action, you would easily state the obvious, but because you are self-blind, you can’t see it when its your own country.

  22. Just for the hell of it, what “bad” things would have come out of letting the Russians keep Afghanistan? They woudl still have been tied up in knots there.

    I always saw our intervention as a bit of a payback fro Vietnam. This was “their” Vietnam.

    • One could argue he was just pointing his finger in the first picture-but if that hand gesture means something special to Muslum’s the President should be aware of it-he has people to teach him stuff like that, I assume. But giving people the finger in the other picture that was for sure giving people the finger-holding your hand like that isn’t natural, I tried it-it’s actually uncomfortable.

  23. @ Buck…….I just finished reading the Judge Hanan’s ruling. I re-read it just to make sure I did not miss anything,,,What an interesting approach……I see an administrative rule here on whether or not Obama’s rule change should have appeared in the Federal Register to allow comment and debate. The other interesting point that I read into his ruling is whether or not Obama used Prosecutorial discretion…it appears that it does not if, in fact, Obama’s executive order actually created a new law……if it did…the POTUS has not authority to create law,

    So I see the case hinging on two important issues. I do not think that the 5th circuit is going to over turn…..

    • Just A Citizen says:


      You may recall that some time ago I was ranting here about how Mr. Obama was getting away with things that the Courts had slammed Mr. Bush for doing.

      The Administration Procedures Act was the tool I was discussing at the time. The courts overruled several Bush “rules” claiming they were arbitrary and/or capricious. Ironically, Bush at least published them in the Federal Register and went through the comment period. The left wing progressive courts still overturned his decisions, claiming violation of Administrative procedures.

      I ask the fine people of the USA, how is Obama’s decision to simply issue work permits NOT ARBITRARY???

      • It is as arbitrary as Buck’s morning coffee….

        • Then its clearly NOT arbitrary!

        • Haven’t read the ruling so can’t accurately comment on this.

          From my understanding though the ruling did not determine the constitutionality of Obama’s actions; it merely stopped implementation until such determination is made.

          • That is how I read it…..however, his opinion all through this was that it did not meet the constitutional smell test because of the fact that he feels that law was made and not discretionary application……the thing that I find interesting……I view it like the attempt to put Al Capone away… wasn’t his killing or illegal gambling or his liquor trade… was an income tax violation….I think Hanan opened the door to a lesser extent by using the injunction to give the states more time…..and to let the process move forward because of all the delay tactics.

            Now, I also have read similar opinions….and they seemed to succeed for the most part. I don’t think that the 5th circuit will have enough to overturn it. I think that the judge was correct in the injunction because he clearly states that the harm in the implementation to the states dollar wise is significant. It was not going to be Federal dollars….the POTUS put all the implementation on the States using State money. I do think that is a cohesive argument. The argument from several states was that it will burst their budgets and create fiscal hardships.

    • Good Day V, hope all is well in your neck of the woods. We had an unexpected 4 inches of snow today (I thought snow was supposed to be a thing of the past). I happen to agree, in some ways, with #1. It is up to the people to protect themselves. I don’t have a high opinion of Obama, but what exactly can he do within our borders MORE than what has been happening? We’re all being spied on, tracked in our travels, investigated and watched. Still, the government can’t stop those who are hellbent on killing people.

      If you listen and read how hard the pundit’s and journalists are calling for military action, OVER THERE, it’s almost a guarantee that we will be seeing a nasty attack on US soil. It will be something bigger than the few mentally ill idiots claiming jihad like the clown in Detroit yesterday. So, yes, be prepared and be vigilant. If you carry, carry an extra magazine, just in case you find yourself in the middle of something. Understand that if there is a big attack, it will be on a soft target, likely in an area where gun laws are strict. Maryland comes to mind.

      This is likely to happen at a busy time of day, where lots of people, who are the least likely to put up a fight. Maybe a Walmart superstore on payday for the elderly. the 3rd of the month. All you have to do is think about how a coward would attack the innocent, and you are thinking like a Jihadist.

      • Yeah! Take that G. Second highest population of Muslims in the USA right in my backyard. I think the rest of them are in California.

        • If you are that concerned, move 🙂

          • I knew that was coming.

            • Your lucky, you can do that. When I moved, I quit a fulltime job at a hospital. That takes some courage in this day and age. I was determined, now I make more money, work from home, have a side business that provides me a tax shelter and living my dream of being able to deer hunt to my hearts content. The people are much nicer, crime is mostly petty crap, everyone is armed and we take care of those who are needy.

              You’re In a great position to make a move to a better environment, with better schools, better neighbors, less fear and if you choose to get a job, they are available. I always wish the best for everyone that I know, even if it’s just a friend from a blog 🙂 I spent some nice summer evenings sitting next to a pond catching fish, drinking some beer and watching the dogs have a ball. I can have a campfire anytime I want, shoot my gun in my backyard and walk around naked if I chose to do so (which I don’t). Change is hard to make, but they can sure turn out good 😀

  24. Wonder if this kind of action was discussed in O’s conference? A representative encouraging militant behavior?

    • This is the mindset of many, not all, but many Liberal’s. If they don’t get their way, they turn to threats and personal attacks. I happens in debate all the time. If you don’t agree, then your……….pick a nasty name. I’m apparently a privileged white male who is a racist and should be ashamed of what I am. I’m not, of course, but that’s what I have been hit with. I hit back and hard. Liberal’s don’t like being called Communist pigs, Fascist NAZI wannabe’s or hateful lying hypocrits. They tend to go away when they are confronted in the same manner they chose. They are cowards, who will make threats they can’t keep. Flip them the bird and smile, no words are needed when face to face.

  25. If anyone listened to Obama a few minutes ago…he made his case for global socialism.

  26. We re and have been under attack for years, nobody seems to want to talk about it, I WILL:

  27. Say what you want but O’Reilly has been on fire this week. Basically calling all the politicians wimps and calling on all clergy to take the anti jihad speech to the pulpits this weekend. Go Bill O.

  28. Nothin better to do so I went browsing into the SUFA archives. 10 bonus points to whoever guesses who said this to who. GMAN! You can put this in your pipe too! 🙂

    Your lack of faith in people who become the better government I espouse completely negates your theory that the world could operate without government and be the shiny happy world of individual freedom that you talk about. See how your argument against me bites you back!

  29. To our friends in ISIS. # 1 with a bullet:

  30. Today’s weather here in NW Pa.


    That’s chilly 🙂

    • We are looking at cold tonight and warming to 40 plus with rain on Saturday. Ought to be interesting, Everything is frozen solid in the streets and you can;’t find a sewer drain.

      • Saturday looks like 4-8 inches of snow, but warming to about 30. Then cold again on Monday, high of 12. This is fairly normal weather for the most part, as we haven’t set any records yet. We sure could use some of the “WARMING” the cultist’s are claiming is such a problem, 😀

  31. Heading to northern WI for a skiing weekend and the temp there this morning was -21. Don’t know about windchill. Yikes!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Have fun and say hi to Todd for us. Wool scarf works just fine to cut the minus temps while skiing.

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