“Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that if she decides to seek the White House again she would try to bring Republicans from red states and Democrats in blue states into a “nice, warm, purple space”…


“Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO who is flirting with a Republican presidential bid in 2016, took some tough shots Tuesday at the likely Democratic front-runner – effectively accusing Hillary Clinton of running for office on a record of air travel.

“Like Hillary Clinton, I too have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe,” Fiorina said. “But unlike Hillary Clinton, I know that flying is an activity, not an accomplishment.”

Fiorina spoke in Atlanta at a luncheon hosted by Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp. It marked at least the second time in as many months she has gone hard after Clinton; Fiorina previously criticized Clinton during an address last month at the Iowa Freedom Summit in Des Moines.

On Tuesday, Fiorina said that despite Clinton’s extensive travel as secretary of state, “every place in the world is more dangerous today than it was six years ago.”

She also went after Clinton over recent reports on how the Clinton Foundation had lifted its own ban on foreign donations, and potential conflicts of interest that could arise from that should Clinton run for the White House.

“Really? This is the best we can do is to have yet another decade of campaign finance scandals?” Fiorina said.”


  1. 😦

    • Why so sad T-Ray?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Could it be that CA is planning on spending upwards to $100B on a glitzy high speed rail system when they should spend that money on increasing their water capacity which is even smaller than what it was 50 years ago. I am not talking about taking water from CO or OR but making their own. The Arabian peninsula makes approx 50%, with Saudi Arabia 70% of their water through desalination. The population of the peninsula is equivalent to CA.

        Next question, has Cuomo banned natural gas into NY from fracked sources or just banned fracking in NY.

        • Not that I think it could be segregated in then pipelines but he is perfectly willing to accept the results of other peoples fracking. I wonder how far they can drill those slant wells in Northern PA?

        • In my quick read of the opening lines before work, I thought it was about the HildaBeast. Carly is OK. Sure wish she had bested Feinstein in the last election. Boxer’s seat will be open in 2016. If you guys ship enough snow out here, Hell might freeze over and we might get a conservative.

  2. Just A Citizen says:

    You go Carly……… keep up the pressure.

  3. Just A Citizen says:

    Do we need more proof that personal responsibility has been pushed to the back of the bus than this?

    “(CNN)—Three more athletes who say they were scammed out of an education at the University of North Carolina are now suing over academic fraud, and the whistleblower who exposed the fake-class system has now settled her lawsuit with the university.

    Former basketball player Kenya McBee has joined former football player Mike McAdoo’s federal class-action lawsuit, claiming the university denied him and thousands of other athletes education when advisers forced him to take classes that never met.”

    As a former college jock I am calling bulldookey on these “athletes”. They were aware and happy to get the cushy diploma.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Isn’t this common knowledge?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Apparently not! Just look at the media coverage and commentary on most issues.

        Personal Responsibility is the missing ingredient. Otherwise most claims of “unfair treatment” would fall on deaf ears.

        Like it was the Bank’s fault poor people took out mortgages they could not afford.

        • The media is nuts anyway, but hell, I knew this in High School. BUT, maybe the media should be pounding on these liberal indoctrination centers 🙂

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Rarely did HS jocks take dumb courses. Nobody was planning on a sports career, even though some did like Robin Yount or Steve Smith. Each Thursday all grades were sent to the coaches and evaluated. If you muffed quizes and tests NO suiting up or playtimeuntil the grades were brought up.

  4. Just A Citizen says:

    Hope this doesn’t give the lefties in this country any ideas. Seems some would love to have this at their disposal.


    • The Turks are in a very rough place. Ataturk was not all warm and fuzzy as he dragged the country into the 20th Century. Think about it, a Muslim country forced to adopt the Latin alphabet by its president. Modern day Turks are caught between the rock and the hard place. The government has become too civilized and will not do what si necessary. I doubt they will celebrate a 100th anniversary as a Republic.

      Mustafa Kemel, Ataturk, is a fascinating character. One of the truly great ones of the 20th century. Years ago, when I first read about Gallipoli, I found this inscription that he had put on the wall at the ANZAC cemetery when he helped dedicate it. As the Jews would say, a mensch! Don’t make ’em like that anymore.

      Gallipoli – Memorial at Anzac Cove by Ataturk.
      “Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives…
      You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours…
      You, the mothers, who sent their sons from faraway countries wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace, after having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.”
      Ataturk, 1934

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        He was one of the truly great leaders who forged a new lasting country out of the wreckage of WWI and the Versailles Treaty of 1919. I hope it is not for naught. Unfortunately the EU is so hidebound in their “high morals” they do not recognize a true ally and continue to push Turkey into the more radicalized M/E political sphere.

        • I had the privilege of fighting with a Turkish Special Forces contingent in Vietnam for 6 weeks in Kontum in the Central Highlands. They were very efficient and very good. They all carried a curved 19th Century fighting knife. The most unique factor of fighting with them, other than the fact they did NOT take prisoners, was the tradition of the knife that they carried, slept with, bathed with…..in essence…it never left their side. The old Persian tradition that anytime that their fighting knife ( I wish I could remember the name ) was out of its scabbard, it MUST draw blood before re-sheathing. Not too bad until you realize that the knife was cleaned and sharpened every day even when there was no combat….it still had to draw blood. So, I observed on many occasions that the knife drew blood from the owner if it did not draw blood anywhere else. When they were in combat, even if the enemy soldier was killed with their modern weapon, the knife was drawn against the enemy corpse ( usually cutting off an ear ) to continue the tradition.

          This story has absolutely no bearing on your subject…it just came to mind.

  5. gmanfortruth says:


  6. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, follow up on the supposedly “crazy” Idaho Republican who doesn’t know how a woman’s body is constructed.

    As I suspected, what was shown and reported in the media was not the full story. In fact, the video released to national networks was “selectively edited” according to the Representative himself.

    It turns out that he was questioning a female doctor who had just argued that a colonoscopy was the same as this remove chemical abortion procedure, except the colonoscopy was more dangerous. She said they were the SAME.

    So the Rep. was baiting her rhetorically by asking about the colonoscopy procedure then asking how that “SAME” method worked for the abortion procedure.

    The lady doctor was sharp enough to turn it around with her snarky response, making it look like he didn’t know the intestines are not connected to the “vagina”. My note here. Notice she used vagina instead of “uterus”. Me thinks this is a Freudian slip in that it reveals her politics which has been using “vaginas” as a political “symbol” lately.

    Mr. Barbieri admitted last night that he could have played his cards better and that he should expect the media to distort things to their agenda. Apparently the video/audio was taken by an activist, edited and then handed out to media. Deja vu back to the greenies giving NBC footage of “fish killed by logging” that was an outright lie.

    Sorry to report, Mr. Barbieri is not an outright batshit crazy right wing loon, as portrayed.in this media circus. He may be right wing, just not insanely stupid.

  7. The left is nuts. Like really nuts. It’s been an ongoing joke, but they truly are off the rails. I know this is not new news, but sometimes it is still amazing how a whole bunch of people are unable and/or unwilling to exhibit even a little bit of reality.


  8. I took my mother to a doctors apt today in a town about 90 minutes away. A town called Hermitage Pa, and I found myself extra vigilant. It’s neat how quickly your military training just comes back naturally, sit at a certain place in a restaurant, scan the crowd and PROFILE! What’s nice is that the folks there are friendly and polite. I really like NW Pa. Except this F-ing cold weather. where the hell is all this global warming we were promised? I’m filing a lawsuit against Gore for defamation on behalf of Mother nature 😀

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      It’s the weather guy, not climate change, it’s the 6th warmest winter since records have been kept, 1895. As we came out of a mini ice age. Yes when you stop winter the day after the winter solstice starts. You can take back the snow even tough we created the moisture, you provided the cold. 1st time I’ve shoveled snow in 15 years. All day yesterday the National weather bureau was saying chance of snow and precipitation after such and such hour. It was snowing at 7 AM and didn’t quit until night fall. Does anyone in the bureau stick their heads out the window?

      • We thought we’d share with ya’ll down there. Don’t want to be called greedy 🙂

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Right now it’s been pouring rain for about 2 hours. Right at 35 degrees. Raleigh area should get a bit of snow. Could get icy here and then snow….but who cares. Plenty of food, retired and do not have to go out. Regardless of what folks say, we do know how to deal with storms. The state is well set up to respond to emergencies. Hurricanes are the primary focus…when they happen, ice is readily handled….snow they just put the plows on and get to work. Like G’s area we have plenty of space to put the storm refuse

      • Load up those shipping containers and send it out here.

  9. Missed another great opportunity to become rich. Once watched a piece about how the Vietnamese in the late ’60’s were using old CONEX shipping containers for housing. Thought it would be a brilliant idea. Now I see that we have a surplus of 750,000 shipping containers in American ports which because we don’t export anything are too expensive to ship back. They have now become modular housing! Dammit!

  10. So there is a 332 page “Net Neutrality” regulation fixing to be voted on by the FCC, that nobody can read. Nothing good can come from this.

  11. Does Hillary want us all to be Purple Penguins? I believe that she will be our next president….if we even have an “election.” I have a bad feeling something big is going to happen before 2016. Our country has been in a downward spiral for some time now, it’s bound to hit bottom soon.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      A lot of us have a bad feeling. I just can’t see another Democrat after the Obama disaster, if we have an election. Few people see any recovery, money talks and the Dems haven’t delivered.

      • Oh, I dunno about that the cowardice of Mitch McConnell plus the drawing power of a hit like Jeb Bush more or less guarantees a Democrat be elected. Any democrat!

        last night they talked about how Mitch, looking at 2014 thinks the Repubs can just do nothing and win. Amazing what a reverse in thinking from 2012 when they did nothing, (Romney) and LOST!

        Hopeless bastards.

  12. Is this the answer to the Judge’s immigration amnesty decision? http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/obama-consequences-ice-officials-who-dont-follow-executive-amnesty_866479.html

    If it is, it doesn’t appear Obama is following the Judge’s ruling.

  13. Good morning folks……..made it back yesterday evening…..caught an 8 hour window between snow and ice,,,,however, had to go the southern route from Las Vegas to Tuscon to El Paso to Abilene to Fort Worth..Landed right behind one front that blew out and got the plane in hangar and the other front blew in last night…more snow and ice expected through Sunday…..This is Texas….we need your snow and ice for moisture….but not the cold that goes with it……so…………………………………………..someone needs to figure out how to get snow and ice but with 90 degree weather.

    JAC..I owe you a couple of answers….I have not forgotten.

    We are all having a great laugh this morning over Obama’s warning…..”if a family shows up at the border and you do not let them in….there will be consequences.” Ok..we are scared. I thought that the shaking in my boots was because I was cold, but it is apparently because I am scared. So…MR. O………..pray tell…….what are you gonna do? That seismic tremor that is being recorded are all the Texans shaking in their……………………humvees!!

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    Black Flag

    “Gman, JAC

    A Central bank is required to create a debasement of money.

    Without it, any debasement of free market money merely causes the abandonment of one set of molecules that was money into another set of molecules that becomes money. Those holding the old money lose, and those that hold the new money win as the new “good” money replaces the old “bad” money.

    Central banks, which hold a monopoly on money prevent such abandonment. Their “bad” money drives away the “good” money by prohibiting good money from coming into existence.”

    Your second paragraph proves the first in error. Which was my point. A central bank is not required to debase money as any centralized money as well as free market money can and has been debased. That was the key point.

    Agreed, free market money allows people to dumb the debased money. I just wanted Gman to understand that eliminating the Fed or any Central Bank does not guarantee money will not be debased. Because anyone who can print money will almost always succumb to the temptation to print more of it to cover their bad investment choices.

    Now with respect to the FED, I see there is some effort to create rule based criteria to govern the Feds future monetary policies. While not perfect some are saying this would at least be an improvement as it eliminates much of the arbitrary nature of FED behavior.

    Curious as to your thoughts on this approach as one of those, “any step that moves in the right direction” would be a good thing.

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    I would like to know the names of those who “leaked” this information to the press. I would like them to answer the question; “why did you release this information?” “Who gave it to you and did they tell or infer it was OK to release it?”


    • What difference does it make? (I’m really asking, not pulling a Hillary)

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Because it appears to be a major breach of National Security. Note that none of the British groups will talk about it and will not “confirm or deny” the claims.

        Which means it could have also been done without our British allies expecting it.

        You are right, however. It really won’t matter because nothing will be done. Unless of course they were Republican congressmen and the Admin briefers told them to keep it quiet.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Dang nab it……….. why did they have to spill the beans. Kinda like those fishing magazines that publish a story on your favorite fishin spot.

      News Alert:

      Especially for you GMan. There is going to be a large FEMA exercise in the PNW to deal with a major “disaster”. I am giving you a heads up so when you see the garbage spread on the “alternative” media sites you can laugh at it.

      The simulated disaster? Large or multiple volcanic eruptions.

      • AH, the “getting ready for Yellowstone eruption” talk will go through the roof. At least the threat of a volcano is realistic.

        • For the worriers.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          It has actually been calculated to be the most “probable” wide scale disaster. Even higher than Tsunami, which would be limited to the coastal region.

          More worrisome is the fairly high probability of “multiple” eruptions. Now by fairly high we are talking unlikely in the short run, but chances increase with longer periods of prediction.

          Most people don’t realize St. Helens is rebuilding constantly and creating a situation that could cause another “explosive” eruption.

          • Mt. St. Helen’s was an amazing event. As far as I know, I don’t have any volcano’s close by. I really haven’t looked into the subject much. The Yellowstone Super Volcano is spoken of often by the worry warts. They will claim the Govt knows that Yellowstone will blow any day but staying quiet. I don’t think anybody can accurately predict an eruption, much less the Government. I tend to think Geologist’s have a little more credibility than those Climate scientist’s.

            Oh, if the SNAP cards fail to work for a significant time, like a week, we will have zombies on the run, LOL 🙂


    This month’s “Atlantic” is a treasure trove of information as was last months. There is a piece on the underground railroad and its history which includes the following:

    “Even politicians who had sworn oaths to uphold the Constitution—including its clause mandating the return of runaways to their rightful masters—flagrantly ignored their duty. William Seward openly encouraged Underground Railroad activity while governor of New York and (not so openly) sheltered runaways in his basement while serving in the U.S. Senate. Judge William Jay, a son of the first chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, resolved to disregard fugitive-slave laws, and donated money to help escapees.

    Eventually, such defiance gained legal standing, as Northern states passed “personal liberty” acts in the 1850s to exempt state and local officials from federal fugitive-slave laws. It is a little-known historical irony that right up until the eve of Southern secession in 1860, states’ rights were invoked as often by Northern abolitionists as by Southern slaveholders.”

    Second paragraph is particularly interesting. The “fugitive Slave Laws” may have been the law of the land and the Supremes may have ruled on “Dred Scott” but the moral imperative overruled.

    • Fun fact re: underground railroad. My city was founded in the early 1830s. It was a stop on the railroad. I live within a block of a house (now museum) and a church where slaves were hidden.

  17. FCC approves secret Net Neutrality regulation. I wonder how long it will take before it’s released for view?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      It will have to be published in the Federal Register. At least I think it will. I know of no special treatment for the FCC.

      • NOTHING that occurs like this can be good. This administration is beyond bad, I’m really starting to see bad things in the future, maybe a 2nd Civil War.

      • Supposed to be published but Obama will not do it…he will by pass the notification process.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I will have to come out via the regulations put on the telecom internet providers. They will release it unless they’re threatened with prosecution. Let see if they have as big a set as Texas has grown with immigration.

    • , Dr. Robert McChesney of the University of Illinois, founded the socialist thinktank Free Press in 2002, which receives funding from billionaire activist George Soros.

      “At the moment, the battle over network neutrality is not to completely eliminate the telephone and cable companies, but the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control,” he told the website SocialistProject in 2009.

      Here’s some more quotes from McChesney revealing the FCC’s true agenda:

      “What we want to have in the U.S. and in every society is an Internet that is not private property, but a public utility. We want an Internet where you don’t have to have a password and that you don’t pay a penny to use. It is your right to use the Internet.”

      (Media Capitalism, the State and 21st Century Media Democracy Struggles: An Interview with Robert McChesney – The Bullet Socialist Project, August 9, 2009)

      “Advertising is the voice of capital. We need to do whatever we can to limit capitalist propaganda, regulate it, minimize it, and perhaps even eliminate it. The fight against hyper-commercialism becomes especially pronounced in the era of digital communications.”

      (Media Capitalism, the State, and 21st Century Media Democracy Struggles: An Interview with Robert McChesney – The Bullet Socialist Project, September 8, 2009)

      “Our job is to make media reform part of our broader struggle for democracy, social justice, and, dare we say it, socialism. It is impossible to conceive of a better world with a media system that remains under the thumb of Wall Street and Madison Avenue, under the thumb of the owning class.”

      (Journalism, Democracy, … and Class Struggle – Monthly Review, November 2000)

      “There is no real answer (to the U.S. economic crisis) but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles.”

      (A New New Deal under Obama? (with John Bellamy Foster) – Monthly Review, December 21, 2008)

      “Only government can implement policies and subsidies to provide an institutional framework for quality journalism.”

      (The Death and Life of Great American Newspapers – Nation, March 18, 2009)

      McChesney’s managing director at Free Press, Craig Aaron, had this to say:

      “We need a law that says, no matter what kind of network you’re on—wired, wireless, I forget, there’s some other network coming in the future—that net neutrality applies.”

      (Interview with Robert McChesney – Media Matters Public Radio show, March 22, 2009)

      And McChesney’s former policy director at Free Press, Ben Scott, also said:

      “Increasingly the Internet is no longer a commercial service, it’s an infrastructure…What we’re witnessing at the FCC now is the logical next step which is we are going to create a regulatory framework for the Internet which recognizes it is an infrastructure now and not a commercial service.”

      (C-SPAN: The Communicators – C-Span, September 25, 2009)

      Free Press has welded extraordinary influence over the Obama administration for the past several years.

      “[Former FCC Chairman Julius] Genachowski’s press secretary at the FCC, Jen Howard, used to handle media relations at Free Press,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “The FCC’s [former] chief diversity officer, Mark Lloyd, co-authored a Free Press report calling for regulation of political talk radio.”

      Lloyd’s report, entitled The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio, advocated draconian measures to limit free speech on AM and FM stations under the guise of “balanced radio programming,” i.e. a fairness doctrine.

      “While progressive talk is making inroads on commercial stations, conservative talk continues to be pushed out over the airwaves in greater multiples of hours than progressive talk is broadcast,” the report stated, oversimplifying politics into a false left/right paradigm. “These empirical findings may not be surprising given general impressions about the format, but they are stark and raise serious questions about whether the companies licensed to broadcast over the public airwaves are serving the listening needs of all Americans.”

      The FCC wants to similarly restrict political free speech on the Internet.

  18. Just A Citizen says:


    I recall your opposition to the idea of an Alabama judge ignoring a Federal judge’s decision on homosexuals getting married. Your argument is somewhat valid, that this is potentially destructive of our “ordered” system. Nothing like one pare of govt ignoring the authority of another.

    So I wonder what your thoughts are on Treasury working with DHS to spend money that was not “appropriated” by Congress. Furthermore, Treasury’s refusal to cooperate with Congress investigating this matter.


  19. Oh what could possibly go wrong?


      • Do Ya think a lawless government is going to protect your Rights, as written in the bill of Rights. Or maybe to hell with the law and the Constitution, which means we are no longer in control of the government, as was intended. NOTHING good can come from this.

    • Question for anybody. Can any Government agency outlaw a product via regulation legally? I would have to say not just no, but hell no.!

      • Buck will say yes because of the Commerce Clause.

        When the grandkiddies started popping up we got the Basset Crib out of storage (we save everything!). It is a drop rail crib so I had these three daughter-in-laws to contend with. That sucker is built like Fort Knox. I demonstrated the rails would not collapse by stretching my 230 lb. bulk across both rails. Even surprised me. Only the dimwit DIL who works for the EPA took another year to convince.

        Decided to do follow up research on the dozen or so kids who have died in ten years. A few, I think were probably murdered. Maybe a SIDS death in there or two but by and large the problem is in used cribs, made in China with missing parts or new ones improperly assembled, or undersized mattresses. It is all tehre on the internet to see! The quality is a big issue. The US Made 1976 Basset, is all wood and metal with only four non structural plastic parts. The imported junk uses plastic throughout on key parts subject to stress and breaking. We were actually missing one part, a piece of angle iron that acted as a guide. I matched a replacement with one of the non missing three and then used it as a guide to drill the holes.

        In any event the drop rail crib is banned by the feds. It’s replacement is a fixed rail system with three height settings to save your back I assume. Our experience is that the new ones are easier to get out of if the parents do not closely track the child’s growth spurts. Both of the grandkids who have graduated to a bed escaped from their “safer” cribs at home but never got out of ours.

        So, F the CPSC and their brother too.

        • I had a 51 wk old that went over the railing on an older crib 3 times in one night. Landed on the floor with a thud each time. The next day, I tore the crib apart and threw the mattress on the floor.

          • A good move! Acrobatic Kid!

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Pretty soon the FTC will require car seats and belts in a crib.

            • Not before you will have to wear seat belts at the dinner table……that comes first! And this comes after the government cameras installed in your kitchen to keep you from going back for seconds at Thanksgiving…….part of the new Obama plan for fighting obesity. Remember, you are too stupid to push away from the table so the government has to do it for you.

              Got to pass this along…….A good friend of mine recently got back from New York City….and it was very easy to buy soft drinks in excess of 16oz from any street vendor. Just ask for it and, voila, it appears. 20oz drinks are readily available from almost anywhere in New York even though it has been banned……the new under ground blackmarket….20 oz soft drinks.

              • The courts told Mr. Bloomberg he could NOT do it. So, 20, 32, 48, 64 or 128 oz cups are ok.

                Mr DeBlasio is exploring options to get around the courts.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Many years ago “Seinfeld” had a show about the black market that sprang up with shower heads when “low” flow showers were dictated. The only reason the Soviet economy hung together as long as it did was the underground black market providing the goods to the people.

  20. We do talk a lot about economics, which I might add is very informative, so let me put up something on the subject. To make it easy, I will copy and paste the whole thing with the link. I hope I don’t get arrested under the new rules no one has read yet 🙂

    Bill King Report: “A similar investigation of the manipulation of the gold market by European banks was quietly squashed. It’s reasonable to surmise that investigators quickly discovered that the biggest banks were often doing the bidding for central banks to keep excess liquidity flowing into financial assets instead of gold. Surging precious metal prices, like in 2011, could induce investors to eschew financial assets for metals. This is what occurred in the late 1970s, and it could usurp central banks’ and sovereigns’ plans to inflate away unserviceable debt.”

    Trip Down The Rabbit Hole

    Eric King: “Let’s take that trip down the rabbit hole now, Chris.”

    Chris Powell: “These investigations will never get anywhere and have never gotten anywhere because all these investigators are going to find out very quickly that the investment banks that are manipulating the monetary metals markets and other major markets are doing it as the agents of Western central banks. They are the intermediaries for Western central banks….

    Market-Rigging And Manipulation Legal In The U.S.

    This market-rigging is fully authorized by law here in the United States. The Gold Reserve Act of 1934, as amended in the 1970s, specifically authorizes the U.S. Treasury Department — through the Exchange Stabilization Fund — to intervene secretly in and rig not only the gold market, which was the original authorization, but as amended in the 1970s the ESF is authorized to rig any market — any and all financial instruments.

    No Fingerprints

    The government guys figured this out a long time ago. They got themselves authorized by law to secretly intervene in any market and to rig any market. That is why these investigations never get anywhere because the positions in the futures markets that are so manipulative are central bank positions being implemented through intermediaries to keep central bank fingerprints off the rigging.

    “This Is The Government’s Activity, Not Ours”

    The investment banks can just tell the investigators, ‘This is not our own account. This is a client’s account and the client is the government and the government is fully authorized to rig all markets in secret.’

    Other Western Countries In On The Fix

    Other nations have similar devices. In the United Kingdom they have what is called The Exchange Equalization Account, which is a fund run by the Bank of England. Also, a year ago the Director of Market Operations of the Banque de France, Alexandre Gautier, made a presentation to the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) meeting in Rome and said that the Banque de France is trading gold for its own account and for the accounts of other central banks nearly on a daily basis.

    Western Governments Ruthlessly Controlling Everything In The World

    Now, either they are trading gold on nearly a daily basis for fun, or they are doing it for policy purposes. I don’t think the policy purposes are terribly hard to imagine. What it means is we do not have a market economy in the West anymore. We have a fascist-style economy with governments secretly setting prices. This is the mechanism by which central banks (in the West) are controlling the value of all capital, labor, goods and services in the world.

    Special Government Discounts To Secretly Rig Markets

    Some more documentation of this came out a few months ago when Eric Scott Hunsader discovered on the internet site of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission the documents of the CME Group’s Central Bank Incentive Program.

    Well, CME Group runs all the major futures exchanges in the United States, and according to the documents filed by the CME Group, CME Group has been offering volume trading discounts to central banks for secretly trading all the futures markets in the United States — not just the financial instrument markets, but the agricultural commodity markets and the monetary metals markets as well.

    This Is The BS Excuse?

    So there is secret trading in futures markets going on in the United States. The central banks are getting discounts for this (manipulative trading). The CME Group justified these secret futures trading accounts for central banks as a matter of adding liquidity to the futures markets.

    Nobody Can Trade Against A Central Bank

    I thought this (justification) was utterly ridiculous because it’s liquidity in the sense of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Nobody can trade against a central bank. Central banks create infinite money. If central banks are in a market, it is no longer a market anymore. That is why these investigations will never go anywhere. They will never reach any conclusion or indictment against an investment bank that is the intermediary for a central bank because this market-rigging is fully authorized by law.

    Mainstream Media In On The Coverup

    All we can do as advocates of free markets is to expose this so that people don’t play the game anymore. Mainstream media in this country and in the West are so lacking. This is the great virtue of alternative organizations such as King World News. This is the only place where this issue can be raised.

    Reg Howe vs All The Power And Money In The World

    Another place where this is public record was in U.S. District Court in Boston, back in 2001. Reg Howe was suing the Bank for International Settlements, the U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve, for gold market rigging, and suing the major investment banks as well.

    There was one public proceeding in that case before it was dismissed on technical jurisdictional grounds. I attended that hearing. Reg Howe was on one side of the courtroom and on the other side there were 15 or more lawyers for the BIS, U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the other bullion banks.

    “Your Honor, The Market-Rigging Is Legal”

    An assistant U.S. attorney got up to argue in favor of the government’s motion for summary judgment, which is a motion for dismissal on the grounds that even if everything complained of in the lawsuit is true, there is no remedy at law and the lawsuit has to be dismissed.

    The assistant U.S. attorney got up in support of the summary judgment motion and said that while the U.S. government did not admit doing anything that the plaintiff complained of, the U.S. government claimed the power to do everything that the plaintiff complained of as authorized by the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, as amended in the 1970s.

    U.S. Claims The Power To Secretly Rig All Markets

    So in this one hearing in Reg Howe’s lawsuit, Howe vs Bank for International Settlements, et al, and I call it “Howe vs All the Money and Power in the World” — in this one hearing a U.S. attorney got up and said that the U.S. government claims the power to secretly rig the gold market (and for that matter all financial markets). That’s public record, but, of course, nobody will ask the U.S. government about this. How’s that for a trip down the rabbit hole?



    • Just A Citizen says:

      I am not familiar with the details of these laws and their regulations.

      I do know that the Fed has admitted through various discussions that it has had to “purchase assets” other than Treasuries in order to meet its monetary goals.

      One such time was when during the short period of “surpluses” in 98-2000″. The other is more recently with the purchase of “mortgage backed securities” as part of QE 1, 2 & 3.

      This would indicate that other purchases of assets is also possible.

      Like so many of these accusations, there can be truth in the practice but unknown is the true motivation. It may not be to “fix” a commodity market. It may be to meet monetary goals and adjust Fed balance sheets.

      Even it the motivations are not sinister, the affect the author refers to is true. A market where the Fed is a player becomes a market driven by one player, if they wish to do so. Of course the smart money will figure this out and play with the Fed, making money hand over fist.

      Which is partly why the uber-rich are doing so well these past few years.

      One key question missing from this is “what is the Central Bank goal?”. If they are “manipulating” Gold and other commodities, to what purpose? Are they trying to create the illusion of inflation when we are in deflation? Are they trying to hide hyperinflation with depressed commodity prices?

      And how does manipulation of “futures” markets relate to actual price changes in the spot market??? You see, in the end all commodities are only worth what the end users are willing to pay, based on their utility.

      • You ask great questions. This is a good reason for the audit of the Federal Reserve and why they are dead against it. If you recall, a few years back, a vote on a similar Bill was about to occur in the HoR when the stock market had a sudden 1000 blip. Do you recall that? My thinking is heading in many directions on this, that’s why I bring them up for discussion, maybe I can learn something. My current thoughts are that the Federal reserve has total control over the stock market and can make it do what they want. But that is a weak theory at the moment.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          If your theory is that the Fed could control major market swings then your theory has been proven true. Decades ago.

          By its very nature of controlling “interest” rates, and its authority to flood the world with dollars, or remove them, it will have an affect on the Stock Market.

          The current market is largely driven by no cost money invested by large financial banks. If the Fed were to suddenly announce a scheduled increase in interest rates the market would plunge.

          Here is another broader thing to consider as you pursue knowledge of “markets”.

          Money held by wealthy people will not just sit on the sidelines unless there is massive uncertainty. Those funds seek profit and they seek the highest “value” profit given external forces. Each bubble bursting creates new opportunities. Because that money must go somewhere.

          Now look back. The Housing Bubble was preceded by the Tech Bubble which was preceded by an “Inheritance Bubble”, preceded by a general Stock Market bubble.

          Most recently, when the Tech Bubble burst the money retrieved during the sell off had to go somewhere.. The FED had interest rates so low that Treasuries and other “safe havens” were not enticing. Not as much as “housing”. Which was being fueled in turn by the low interest rates and policies to expand high risk lending.

          So once the shakeout of 9/11 was over, the money started flowing from banks and gold/silver to HOUSING. When did Housing start to stumble???

          When the FED decided to finally RAISE interest rates. Right before the first major wave of Adjustable Rate Mortgages came due for “reset”.

          More recently, the money retrieved during the Housing crash was put on the sidelines until the Fed started subsidizing Market investments via their Zero Interest Rates and Asset Purchase programs. This has driven the new “Stock Market Bubble”.

          • I’m thinking that their control goes much deeper, but that’s still subject to more investigation. That ‘Blip” before the last vote on the “audit the fed” Bill has me leaning in that direction. This could also lead to some other rabbit holes. One being “what happens when the biggest Central Banks decide to unite as one?”.

            • Maybe this is part of the “One World Government” or the “New World Order” and one world currency could come from. It’s seems like the logical beginning of all of them.

    • A nice warm morning today, at minus 9. Sunday will be warmer with 6-10 inches of snow. Long winter. Well below normal temperatures. I guess that’s what the Left calls “warming”. Strange cult that group is. 🙂

  21. Leonard Nimoy,

    Mr. Spock has passed. RIP!

    • This world has some serious moral issues. This cannot end well.

      • Babies as a commodity is a billion dollar industry-it will continue to get worse-Who knows maybe babies will become so valuable as an object to be sold-they will outlaw abortion-No probably not-they’re to busy figuring out ways to improve their product line and satisfy their customers.

  22. Hmmm-3 times and they are changing the meaning of words again to fit their goals.


  23. The House defeats a bill, 224 to 203, to keep money flowing to the Homeland Security Department past a midnight deadline in a surprise turn of events that again raises the possibility of a partial agency shutdown.

    • Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister of Russia and a top political nemesis of President Vladimir Putin, was shot and killed in central Moscow early Saturday, one day before an opposition rally was scheduled to take place.

      WW3 is coming soon.

    • Well now I wouldn’t go the Mall of America because this adm. will probably do something just to say “told ya”.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Polling shows about 53% of Americans blame the R’s for this fiasco.

      So lets recap.

      The House passed a bill funding 100% of the Dept. of Homeland Security.

      The Dems in the Senate REFUSED to let the bill come to the floor of the Senate for a vote. GOT THAT??? They filibustered the bill. Mr. Obama meanwhile threatened to veto any bill that FULLY FUNDED the DHS if it constrained his currently enjoined action on illegal immigrants.

      So the Senate Rep. leaders caved in and passes a clean bill, then sent it to the House.

      The House majority said no way, but we will offer a CLEAN Continuing Resolution for at least three weeks. This would FUND 100% of DHS for three weeks.

      Where 100% of the DEMOCRATS in the House voted NO, along with some of the rebelling R’s. Just enough to overcome the R’s 218 vote majority.

      So lets review one more time for the MSM.

      The DEMOCRATS in the Senate filibustered a bill that would have funded DHS at 100% of the planned budget. The DEMOCRAT President threatened to VETO a bill that would have funded DHS at 100% of the planned budget.

      The DEMOCRATS in the House voted AGAINST a continuing resolution that would have funded DHS at 100% of planned budget for at least three weeks.

      But of course, it is the Republicans fault that DHS will run out of money.

      Now how and why would people blame the R’s to the tune of 53%. Two reasons. One is the obvious but expected bias of the MSM and new media.

      Second is the R’s inability or unwillingness to play the MEDIA RELATIONS game that the DNC and its affiliates have been playing. It is pitiful, in my humble opinion.

      Remind your friends that when Bush vetoed a bill HE WAS BLAMED for the negative affects of the veto. The Dems were not blamed for giving him the legislation.

      Boehner was on the right track telling the Press that the D’s in the Senate needed to get off their ass and pass the bill. But his buddy McConnell just stabbed him and the rest of the R’s in the back. Sure was a good thing that you died in the wool R’s got Mitch re-elected instead of taking a chance on a Democrat.

      Until people wake up to the fact that when you have stinking garbage in your house you need to dump it, not spray it with air freshener.

      • They control the debate. They control almost all the media and even FOX bails on something like this. It is only on the internet sites that you can get the truth. And the dummies out there actually believe that at midnight, HS turns back into a pumpkin, the Coasties go home the guys at the airport unplug the X-ray machines and teh guiant no-fly computer goes off line.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          If you recall, the “impacts” of a failed funding bill are largely up to the discretion of POTUS.

          So the pumpkins may in fact start appearing at midnight.

      • This is great info. The Left will have a hard time fighting this. It will end up being Bush’s fault 😀

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    I give you a Republican Leader, attacking his own people by accusing them of “shutting DHS down”. Now after you read this, think back to how Harry Reid handled it when he DID NOT have the votes to get the ACA passed in the Senate. After Pelosi shoved a draft through the House. Did he just let the R’s filibuster? Did he just kick it back to the House and tell Pelosi to clean up her act because he couldn’t get the ACA approved???

    “On Friday evening, senators from both parties urged House Republicans to throw in the towel. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on CNN’s “The Situation Room” that he believes House Democrats should cooperate in the final hours to keep DHS open. But eventually, he said, House Republicans need to accept that the bill they want isn’t going to get to the president.

    “I hope my colleagues in the House will abandon this desire to shut down DHS as a way to repeal the executive order,” Graham said. “I don’t think it’s going to work. We don’t have the votes in the Senate. Let the court act.” “

    • This is not much of a surprise, except now it’s safe to blame the Democrats for this, because, when it comes to Amnesty, the people spoke loud and clear last November (that’s how I will put it anyway). Liberal’s will trip over themselves trying to argue that.

      I have to share a “Best of lame excuses to support a Liberal position” on the subject of Climate Change. A commenter stated that because the republicans don’t dance around and yell enough about it, then that proves that it’s true (man made climate change). That’s a good one that gave me great laughter. 🙂

  25. Do not worry about all the hoopla on .223 ammo. It does not matter what the Feds do……go to any gun show and buy all you want. It will come in from Canada and Mexico. Texas will NOT ban it at all…..come to Texas to get it. Most gunshows down here get their ammo from the “maquiladores” in the free trade zone of Mexico and that includes the teflon coated black talon rounds. Oh, and those of you who cannot find the simple .22 long rifle….we also have those by the tens of thousands.

    And, anybody with an ounce…..a simple ounce of a brain will know that the “green round” DOES NOT…..repeat, DOES NOT pierce an engine block nor will they even pierce the standard vests..this is a bald faced lie that is circulating out there…..a green round .223 WILL NOT PIERCE any body armor in its standard form.

    By the way, if any of you know a policeman…..ask them.

    • Most places around here are already sold out. Had to laugh at the armor piercing claim, but coming from the Obama administration, who have ZERO knowledge of guns and ammo, it’s not a surprise. I haven’t asked yet, but did this idiot include the bullets used for reloading or just the fully loaded rounds? I’m going to go out on the limb and say no.

      Thanks for sending some of your warmer weather our way Colonel, you could have kept the snow though, we already have plenty 🙂

      • NO SIR……no one has said anything about re-loading equipment…..you can reload the .223, and manufacture a steel jacket out of anything and enhance the round. But the commercial sale of .223 standard 62 grain round that pushes 2985 fps…barely penetrates a coffee can at 600 meters…..if you can see the coffee can.

    • The Obama people must have stock in the manufacturing of ammunition. This is little more than another way to run up the price after it started falling.

      • I have to say the laws on the subject are so convoluted, breaking them is a snap. Few years back I had the opportunity to buy 100 rds. of 30.06 AP from a licensed dealer. The ammo was in sealed 20 rd. boxes from 1944. Bought them because they were cheap and figured I could reload the cases after I used them. Not being a total dummy, I used them all on a sandy range and did not shoot rocks. According to this……http://smartgunlaws.org/federal-law-on-ammunition-regulation/……both the dealer and I were breaking the law. Glad they are all gone though I have noted there is a collectors market for sealed WW 2 stuff. Wonder how you get around the legality.

        • Were you able to reload the casings? I would think not due to the notching of the military round.

          • I have a M1 Garand and a 30 cal Carbine ( WWII ) vintage….brought home by my dad after WWII. Both were used on Iwo Jima and that is where he picked them up. ( He was a Navy Lt. in charge of LCVP’s that drove the Marines into the beaches ). He picked them up from the beach….they were lying around everywhere, and brought them home. It was easy to get the military 30.06 round and is still easy to get the 30 cal rounds…..but you can take a standard 30.06 round and adapt it to the M1 Garand.

          • Absolutely. Fairly tight crimp. but firing forms them to the chamber size. You have to watch out for the crimped in primer pocket though on all military loads (from all countries) Unless you ream them out you will just keep crushing primers all over the place and occasionally setting one off. That was very frustrating until, as a kid, I bothered to read the instructions. I’ve reloaded all sorts of Boxer primed military 8MM, .303, 7MM, .223, .30 carb. and of course 30.06.

            Used to be almost a wash on reloading but these days the cost of some obscure calibers like 7.5 MM French or 7.7MM Jap pretty much require you to reload or pay close to or better than $ 1.00 per round. Best buys on military surplus are .223. both long and short 7.62 Russian. That’s pretty much it.

            I’m still old school enough to seriously rethink a day at the range costing me $ 200 in ammo.

    • Dunno if I’m still the lone LEO in these parts of the web, but I’ll weigh in a little bit about this.

      The thing is, Col., for it to be considered “armor piercing” it just has to be able to pierce soft body armor. M855 (the type they are banning the sale of) will, as will pretty much every rifle round will.
      So Col, technically, it is armor piecing. Of course, by that same (faulty) logic that they are using, they could ban any rifle ammo that has had a pistol manufactured that will shoot it. I am a little surprised they haven’t tried using the EPA to go after lead bullets… They probably wouldn’t be stupid enough to try ban too much at once

      The conspiracy part of my brain thinks they have to be up to something and are planning to just keep banning more and more types of ammo…but then there’s the part of my brain that knows how the ATF tech nerds think (I work around plenty of agents and as clueless as most of them are, they know way more than the nerds that run their technical division) the tech div makes all kinds of nonsensical decisions, some that can’t even be upheld if they go to trial (banning vertical foregrips on pistols come to mind)…most likely it a combination of both….unfortunately, the end result will most likely be the same given the nature of incrementalism that the left employs.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Hey Okie

        Glad to see your still well.

        • displacedokie says:

          How’s it goin JAC?
          I always miss this place and almost always at least read the the emails that hit my inbox when a new article is posted. I don’t typically have much time to participate during the day and the 2 year old keeps me busy in the evening. I had been getting my political fix from Twitter, but it isn’t near as civil or well reasoned as the discourse here, so I thought I’d see if I could make some time to at least read the stuff here. I feel it is more conducive to learning. Hopefully I’ll be around a bit more and be able to help answer ant of the “police” type questions that PPP up.

      • Howdy Okie! Glad to hear from you again. Maybe, instead of worrying about criminals paying a thousand bucks to by this new 5.56mm pistol, the police should upgrade their protective equipment, at least in the front. I have thought about this a lot, because my vest weighs far too much, but it will stop most rounds in most situations that I would find myself having to wear the damn thing. I think back to the bank heist in L.A. with the two guys covered in simple Kevlar and realize that this “BAN” has nothing to do with the safety of cops, it’s just the beginning.

        • displacedokie says:

          Most of us do have the plates that stop most rifle rounds, of course BATFE doesn’t take that into consideration. Also, AR pistols are very rare amongst murder weapons statistically speaking, as are “assault rifles” in general. I agree, it has nothing to do with the safety of LEOs.

      • Hey Okie……I guess I fell victim to the ” I am assuming that everyone knows I was not talking soft body armor “….in working the border, I am around body armor constantly and I also do not wear “soft body armor” and you are correct 100% about “soft” armor. So, I bow to your correction of the definition of “armor piercing” to include “soft body armor”. On the border, we wear level IV Ceramic/ballistic steel body armor. It stops .308 and 7.62 as well as
        .3006 Armor-Piercing and .30 M2 AP. It is heavy and it gets hot in the summer time but it is effective. HOwever, what people have a tendency to forget….even if the round does not penetrate, the blunt force trauma that is a result of impact is almost just as devastating…..not to mention it hurts like hell and leaves a very deep bruise that stays very sore for weeks.

        Now, what we are beginning to find at the border is two part steel jacket rounds that actually push to 2990 fps. That is becoming worrisome because of the trajectory over 100 meters.

        • displacedokie says:

          Howdy Col., I knew that you knew what you were talking about, I just wasn’t sure if you were familiar with the BATFE’s definition- we all know how accurate the official .gov definitions are, lol.
          We wear the same heavy stuff on our entry vests- tons of fun in August in TX…
          Ok, what’s the deal with this cold weather here? I moved here to get away from income tax and snow….don’t you have some pull in this area with the weatherman or something?

          • Good point…..and I was not familiar with the BATFE’s definition but I am not surprised. Where are you located…Houston? And, I am not a member in good standing with the god squad…..so I doubt that I have any pull there….I have, however, put a call into Al Gore….perhaps he can explain this.

            • displacedokie says:

              I figure most people aren’t real familiar with BATFE’s definition. I’ve even seen them contradict themselves, so I suspect they don’t understand them all either.
              If I remember correctly, we both live in Tarrant county.

          • Okie, my fault on the weather! 🙂 I promised the good Colonel we would share, it just took awhile, LOL.

  26. WOO HOO…..we finally got the report out on the media, and they are finally reporting it, how many non hispanic individuals with Islamic….yes, I said it….ISLAMIC amd terrorist ties are being caught at the border. It ain’t just one or two….and how many are we missing because Arizona and California……do not patrol the border.

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    BUCK, et al.

    So please explain why you think Mr. Obama’s “executive memo” on immigration fits the meaning of “prosecutorial discretion”. Remember, his orders do not stop at “don’t prosecute”. They include an “active” rule to issue green cards. Issuing permits does not seem to fit the concept of “prosecuting” to me. So you will have to provide a better defense.

    From a site called “Cliff Notes”.

    “Prosecutorial Discretion

    As an elected or appointed official, the prosecutor is the most powerful official in the criminal justice system. Prosecutors exercise unfettered discretion, deciding who to charge with a crime, what charges to file, when to drop the charges, whether or not to plea bargain, and how to allocate prosecutorial resources. In jurisdictions where the death penalty is in force, the prosecutor literally decides who should live and who should die by virtue of the charging decision.

    Criminal justice professors Joseph Senna and Larry Siegel propose the true measure of a prosecutor. In their view, a litmus test for the integrity of a prosecutor is how he or she answers the following question: “When you exercise discretion, are you more concerned with fairness, the likelihood of conviction, or political considerations?”

    Prosecutors exercise the most discretion in three areas of decision making: the decision to file charges, the decision to dismiss charges, and plea bargaining.


    Once an arrest is made, a prosecutor screens the case to determine if it should be prosecuted or dropped. The decision to prosecute is based on the following factors:

    •The sufficiency of the evidence linking the suspect to the offense.

    •The seriousness of the offense.

    •The size of the court’s caseload.

    •The need to conserve prosecutorial resources for more serious cases.

    •The availability of alternatives to formal prosecution.

    •The defendant’s culpability (moral blameworthiness).

    •The defendant’s criminal record.

    •The defendant’s willingness to cooperate with the investigation or prosecution of others.

    Dropping charges

    After a prosecutor files a charge, the prosecutor can reduce the charge in exchange for a guilty plea or enter a nolle prosequi (nol. pros.). A nolle prosequi is a formal statement by a prosecutor declaring that a case is discontinued. Reasons for entering a nol. pros. include insufficient evidence, inadmissible evidence, false accusations, and the trivial nature of some crimes.

    Plea bargaining

    Prosecutors also exercise discretion in negotiating pleas with defense counsel. A plea bargain is an agreement in which a prosecutor permits a defendant to plead guilty in exchange for a concession, such as reducing the charges or recommending a lenient sentence. There are advantages of plea bargaining to both the accused and the state. For the accused, it offers the possibilities of a reduced sentence and cheaper legal representation. For the government, it reduces the financial costs of prosecution, improves the efficiency of the courts by having fewer cases go to full trials, and allows the prosecution to devote its resources to the more serious cases. ”

    One other thought. The only reason Mr. Obama’s order to not prosecute would have made sense was if ICE was actually deporting “dreamers”. Yet the poster child of dreamers has been traveling around the country opening flaunting his “illegal status” without repercussion.

    So someone please tell me what “deportations” were occurring that have now been stopped by this order????

    • Yes…..none.

      • In order to stop deportations, you must have deportations….the Federal Government, despite the reports in the govt controlled media, have not done deportations in approximately 7 months…..in addition, the Feds have let convicted felons….CONVICTED…..out of prison with no fanfare 90 days ago. so, no….

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    The summary section of a report by The Congressional Research Service published in 2013, dealing with “prosecutorial discretion” relative to immigration enforcement.

    The term prosecutorial discretion is commonly used to describe the wide latitude that prosecutors
    have in determining when, whom, how, and even whether to prosecute apparent violations of the
    law. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and, later, the Department of Homeland
    Security (DHS) and its components have historically described themselves as exercising
    prosecutorial discretion in immigration enforcement. Some commentators have recently
    challenged this characterization on the grounds that DHS enforces primarily civil violations, and
    some of its components cannot be said to engage in “law enforcement,” as that term is
    conventionally understood. However, even agencies that do not prosecute or engage in law
    enforcement have been recognized as having discretion (sometimes referred to as enforcement
    discretion) in determining whether to enforce particular violations.
    Federal regulation of immigration is commonly said to arise from various powers enumerated in
    the Constitution (e.g., naturalization, commerce), as well as the federal government’s inherent
    power to control and conduct foreign relations. Some, although not all, of these powers belong
    exclusively to Congress, and courts have sometimes described Congress as having “plenary
    power” over immigration. However, few courts or commentators have addressed the separation of
    powers between Congress and the President in the field of immigration, and the executive has
    sometimes been said to share plenary power over immigration with Congress as one of the
    “political branches.” Moreover, the authority to exercise prosecutorial or enforcement discretion
    has traditionally been understood to arise from the Constitution, not from any congressional
    delegation of power.
    Certain decisions have been widely recognized as within the prosecutorial discretion of
    immigration officers. These include deciding whether to initiate removal proceedings and what
    charges to lodge against the respondent; canceling a Notice to Appear or other charging document
    before jurisdiction vests with an immigration judge; granting deferred action or extended
    voluntary departure to an alien otherwise subject to removal (deportation); appealing particular
    decisions or orders; and imposing fines for particular offenses, among other things. Enforcement
    priorities and resources, as well as humanitarian concerns, have typically played a role in
    determining whether to exercise discretion in individual cases. For example, the George W. Bush
    Administration temporarily suspended employer sanctions in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina,
    and the Obama Administration recently began granting deferred action to certain unauthorized
    aliens brought to the United States as children.
    While the executive branch’s prosecutorial or enforcement discretion is broad, it is not unfettered,
    and particular exercises of discretion could potentially be checked by the Constitution, statute, or
    agency directives. Selective prosecution, or prosecution based on race, religion, or the exercise of
    constitutional rights, is prohibited, although aliens generally cannot assert selective prosecution as
    a defense to removal. A policy of non-enforcement that amounts to an abdication of an agency’s
    statutory responsibilities could potentially be said to violate the Take Care Clause. However,
    standing to challenge alleged violations of the Take Care Clause may be limited, and no court
    appears to have invalidated a policy of non-enforcement founded upon prosecutorial discretion on
    the grounds that the policy violated the Take Care Clause. Non-enforcement of particular laws
    could also potentially be challenged under the Administrative Procedure Act if a statute provides
    specific guidelines for the agency to follow in exercising its enforcement powers. In addition, an
    agency could potentially be found to have constrained its own discretion, as some courts found
    that the INS had done in the 1970s with its operating instruction on deferred action.”

    Please re-read those last two sentences. So herein lies the case against Mr. Obama’s actions, yet we find the “legal scholars” all over the internet posting arguments as to why Mr. Obama is right and everyone else, including the District Judge in Texas, “don’t understand the law”.

    I have come to believe that the left has a cadre of “scholars and pundits of the law” at the ready to flood the air waves with their crappola legal theories when ever needed. This not only confuses the arguments for the public, but I believe is designed to try and intimidate the higher courts that will have to deal with these cases.

    • Good Day JAC 🙂 While I’m almost sure Buck will disagree with me, I find that Obama actions are actually changing law, which is beyond any prosecutorial discretion. I believe that under his administrative action, it allows the dreamers to also get Social Security numbers, which, there is now such law that allows an illegal immigrant to have such privilege. Not only is he changing law, he’s making a new one out of thin air. I know we have disagreed in the past on how much power a President has, but I believe he has way beyond his authority, to the point that Impeachment should be automatic. His threats towards Federal workers who do not abide by HIS policy may also be a crime worthy of Impeachment, as he is demanding that they disobey a Judge’s order.

      I guess the real question should be…..when are we going to demand action against the most lawless president in our time. I’m sure you remember long ago how I and many others considered the idea that something will occur to stop a Federal Election from happening. That consideration is stronger than ever today.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yes I remember and you were WRONG. Federal elections have happened TWICE since you made that prediction. One of which was a Presidential election.

        Besides, they have to let the next one happen. Even with all the Progs in the USA they would not allow Obama to simply declare he was staying on. They have to let the next election happen in order to get their “next” and “more serious” candidate elected.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          One more thing. They will never simply stop having elections. The goal is to create a de facto ONE PARTY system. Once a single party controls the majority of voters and the institutions that manage elections they will have total control.

          Only the diversity within the party will cause tension. The other party or parties will have no say. Just look to the completely Blue and Red States for examples.

          The only chance of starting a “civil war” as you predict is if the Federal elections become ONLY BLUE while many States remain RED. This will create State vs. Federal tensions. The BLUE team will crack down, imposing the Mathius model of Federal Govt. The Red states will then have to decide to “follow the law” or become “traitors and rebels”.

          I am betting they will simply SUBMIT. Except for Texas, of course.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Obama will just up and cancel things. It would take a very significant event, like several cities being hit with nukes, OR a failure of the electric grid for a lengthy period of time. I don’t think that they will just get cancelled. BUT…….things could happen. I have wondered why Obama is screwing with Putin, why they are lying about the recovery, why the media don’t report on many important events that people should be aware of, like the recent so called “vandalism” of underground cable in Arizona that knocked out the internet and telephone service. You know things like that! 🙂

  29. http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/johnransom/2015/02/27/protecting-politicians-from-the-liberty-of-the-masses-n1963406

    I hope that we here at SUFA can continue to chat, as I’m seriously wondering if that will be legal in the future.

  30. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/say-lawyer-motherfr-detainees-chicagos-police-black-site-speak/

    I’ll be adding more, possible a video. This is such a disgrace to this country.

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    Good article to read and think about. Especially the parts that are missing from it. These are covered in the discussions. Note the Black Flag whannabe in that section. 🙂

    Still begs the questions: 1) What is our “national interests” and 2) How is this related to our “national security”.


    • It sounded like typical NeoCon talking points. Let’s protect the world and spread Democracy they say. Screw them. ISIS is not our problem, yet. Our own government poses a bigger problem today than ISIS..

      • THe one argument that you will get on the ISIS situation is the stupid belief that this is just a rogue organization with little or no money, no organization, and no military training and that there are only 40 to 60,000……well, I hate to break it to you,,,,Isis now has more money that Al Queda…..controls more territory than Al Queda, has excellent military training, and recruitments are now over 100,000 and climbing fast. Isis now has repair facilities for mechanized equipment, a supply of parts, an laser training for night operations.

        But…..no one wants to see that…..and no one wants to believe it. They wish to believe what the media reports and what the POTUS’ minions constantly say…..watch what is about to happen. In six months, Isis will have 125,000 on the ground fighters….all of them will have basic military training and about 40,000 will have specialized training like special forces small unit operations and mechanized training. Turkey and Qatar will be aligned with them as tacit allies and that is significant.

        • I’m not saying they won’t be a problem, I’m just saying they are what I equated as our biggest threat, an action of our own government. Obama is in too deep with the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS is nothing but an offshoot of the Syrian Rebels that our govt funded and armed. While I differ in what Black Flag believes, ISIS is non the less a result of US actions. They are but one part of the coming world war.

        • Just a bit of curiosity. Why destroy the historical stuff? Why the videos that can be claimed as fakes? Why is it that the cry for help is relatively quiet compared to when Kuwait was invaded?

          ISIS seems to be trying to expand quickly. Iraq, Syria, Libya and Lebanon for starters. Considering their limited military abilities (no air force, navy) expansion would seem like a huge mistake this early on for a group that wants to be a “State”. It certainly helps that Obama has left the doors open to all the countries mentioned, which I do not feel as a coincidence, but very purposeful. If you read my comments to JAC about what it would take for elections to be suspended, this falls in line to what/who could accomplish such an event to cause such an action. Just sayin 🙂

        • I guess I just don’t “get it.” I don’t understand how ISIS or Iraq or Syria or Russia or anyone can be our biggest threat when we have MILLIONS of potential terrorists in our country already. An analogy – Before I leave for work in the morning, I leave the doors to my home open and invite in all the thugs of the city. I tell them they can eat the food, get a hot shower, watch some T.V. and even sleep in a warm bed. I do this day after day. And day after day these thugs bring some of their friends and family with them to share in the free stuff. Before I know it, I’m going broke feeding all these people (that do not work or support themselves or help me in any way). I start missing house payments, my house is trashed, I have little food, no hot water, and I’m sleeping on the floor now because all these other people are sleeping in my bed. Oh, and some of my “friends” can’t manage their money so I go ahead and “loan” them some money, even though I can’t afford to pay my house payment. And the day comes that the bank says “We are taking your house because of non-payment.” Now, get this, I boldly proclaim “The bank is my biggest threat!” I would be labeled insane! But our government can essentially do the same thing and it is ok?

          We need to bring our military home. Station them on the border. Remove ALL illegal immigrants. Stop giving away money we don’t have. And clean out this corrupt government. At least that would be a good start. And, just for the record, I don’t care if it hurts someone’s feelings. If we get our own “house” in order, then we can deal with ISIS.

          • Getting our house in order requires effort. Too many people still believe that it can be done on election day, I think the Federal government is too far gone. There is only one way to deal with total corruption. The only thing we have in DC is Left and less Left. I guess we can add one more thing to blame on Climate Change, since those zombies seem to think everything else is caused by it. Speaking of Climate Change, I’ll worry when the unhatched dinosaur eggs start hatching. Speaking of zombies, ever read the comments on some of the Left wing rags like the National Memo? Never mind, don’t pollute your mind with that nonsense.

            • I’ve not read the National Memo but had someone explain Climate Change as….”Where it’s colder it gets warmer, and where it’s warmer it gets colder…” or something like that. I was so baffled by wondering if he actually believed what he was saying that I could not continue the conversation.

              • Some scientist is now saying that Climate Change will cause earthquakes and volcano’s. Now if only we can find a scientist to blame Liberal/progressivism on Climate Change we would know what to do to stop it 🙂

              • Simple, when the Polar ice melts, it relieves the pressure on the planet’s eggshell like surface and that starts to fracture. Worse, when the ice melts, the planet becomes unbalanced and starts to wobble. Eventually, this leads to the planet flipping on its side and the Sahara becomes the new North Pole. Everyone knows this!

  32. Jeb Bush…..he has lost me on his immigration stance as well as common core. Hope he does not get the nomination….. I will not vote for him just because he is republican….which I doubt he is anyway.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I second the motion.

      All in favor signify by saying Aye!

      • Aye, times 10 🙂

      • Aye.

        Trump/2016 LOL

        • How’s your weather Anita? Snowing today, almost 6 inches on the ground but around 32 degrees 🙂 It’s a heat wave, must be climate change again. Wish all this global warming would stop falling, I need to start walking and it’s just too deep to trek anywhere.

          • 23 and snowing now. Supposed to get a couple inches. Still have about a foot of compacted snow all over and 5ft high snow piles everywhere. Looks like we’ve broken the deep freeze, now its just the regular freeze. 20s and 30s this coming week…then onto High 30s and I see 2 40s for the following week. Hallejuliah!

            • Yes, happy with better temp’s! 🙂 It may be till June before the snow piles melt away. Gonna wait till the snow ends then get out the snowblower again, I hope it’s the last time!

  33. Let’s look at what 6 years of Obama has produced:

    First President to be photographed smoking a joint.

    First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.

    First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

    First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States.

    First President to violate the War Powers Act.

    First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

    First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

    First President to spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs when there was no such thing as “shovel-ready” jobs.

    First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.

    First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.

    First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.

    First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

    First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

    First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.

    First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.

    First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

    First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

    First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases.

    First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

    First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

    First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

    First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

    First President to fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

  34. Being proud on my Catholic School education which I feel has served me well and one who supports it financially to this day, I was “surprised” to see that this Brian Williams guy is such a total POS. More money that God but his “success” obviously is owed to nothing more his own brilliance from the moment he hatched.


    Could have tolerated the BS about his war story but not this. What was that MLK thing about “The content of ones’ character”?

    • Isn’t this just an example of Liberal hypocrisy? Like the not so happy woman who said she supported Obamacare but didn’t think she would be paying for it. It hurts when the truth comes out. Liberal’s are generous with everybody’s money except their own.

  35. The Bethlehem-based news agency Ma’an has cited a Kuwaiti newspaper report Saturday, that US President Barack Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

    Following Obama’s threat, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was reportedly forced to abort the planned Iran attack.

    According to Al-Jarida, the Netanyahu government took the decision to strike Iran some time in 2014 soon after Israel had discovered the United States and Iran had been involved in secret talks over Iran’s nuclear program and were about to sign an agreement in that regard behind Israel’s back.

    The report claimed that an unnamed Israeli minister who has good ties with the US administration revealed the attack plan to Secretary of State John Kerry, and that Obama then threatened to shoot down the Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

  36. http://www.naturalnews.com/048806_vaccine_petition_White_House_fraud.html

    Yes, when the SCOTUS cleared the mandate of Obamacare, it will lead to the same mandate of vaccinations. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a republican sponsored law either.

  37. After our discussion about abortion after viability based on rape-I thought some might find this interesting.


  38. “What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security. And their sense of identification with Obama, their trust in him, made it easier to widen this gap and reassured those who would otherwise have worried about it.

    “This separation of government from people, this widening of the gap, took place so gradually and so insensibly, each step disguised (perhaps not even intentionally) as a temporary emergency measure or associated with true patriotic allegiance or with real social purposes. And all the crises and reforms (real reforms, too) so occupied the people that they did not see the slow motion underneath, of the whole process of government growing remoter and remoter.


  39. JAC……my apologies but I lost the subject matter you asked me a question about….please post it again…..I think it was about honesty/dishonesty in the military.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Yes sir, that was it. The story indicated an erosion of ethical behavior, especially among officers. It primarily discussed some erroneous reporting found which caused me to wonder how ridiculous the reporting requirement were and to what extent they contribute or perhaps start the ethical erosion.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Here was my original post on the subject:




      Mine is that ethics can be tested when other issues create stress. Such as an overload of BS procedures. So those in charge take short cuts that make sense, but in doing so violate an “ethical” standard. The beginning of the slippery slope.

      This is different than simply having a bunch of corrupt and unethical people in charge.

  40. “The finance ministry noted that creditors can be forced to contribute to the costs of winding down Heta – or “bailed in” – under new European legislation that Austria adopted this year so that taxpayers do not have to shoulder the entire burden.”


    Notice the NEW legislation and the term “creditors”. All Obama would need to do is change things via “regulation” and few, if any, would even have noticed.

  41. Just A Citizen says:


    A couple of points in your arguments with lefty on Dem economies.

    1. Claiming “jobs created” from low points is a real life example of the broken window fallacy. Break two windows and then claim you created two windows when you replace them.

    2. The “non-farm” employment was on a steady trend, with small bumps due to recessions, until the housing and financial meltdown. The claims that the current Administration created “more jobs” than anyone else is based on starting at the low point of the Obama administration. FACT: The current employment has returned to about the historical trend in total numbers, but we have lost 8 years of this trend. Which is reflected by the “labor force participation rate”.

    Don’t call them idiots or liars. Just post the data:

    • Just A Citizen says:

      • Just A Citizen says:

        IMPORTANT to recognize is that the “labor force participation rate” has been in decline since the 2001 recession. Even when the employment data was on the long term trend. This could only be explained by a growth in the “labor force” during that time period.

        Logic? If the number of jobs is increasing at the historical rate but the percentage of the “working” population is in decline, it has to mean the number of workers is increasing faster than the number of jobs created.

        This begs the question, what changes in population were occurring during this period and what, if any policies, affected that growth.

        Oh, and to head off the old “its the baby boomers retiring” fallacy, the “labor force” does not include people able but “not looking for work”. Thus it excludes those considering themselves as “retired”.

        • IMPORTANT to recognize is that the “labor force participation rate” has been in decline since the 2001 recession. Even when the employment data was on the long term trend. This could only be explained by a growth in the “labor force” during that time period.

          It is also in direct correlation to losing 41000 business’s who moved overseas thanks to NAFTA, whom President Pervert……er….I mean President Clinton signed after Bush 1 negotiated it. This is the part where I say that BOTH sides fucked the US.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Next, the claim that Dems have been better for workers wages. I defy anyone to establish a cause/effect relationship between POTUS or Congress’ party affiliation and the bigger picture with “wages”.

      Notice few people ask what happened around 1972 that broke the major upward trend in wages. There is a small jump in wages during the false recovery around 1980. After Reagan and Tip ONeil’s tax reforms it is hard to compare “wages” and incomes, because at that point Cap Gains start to take off as a larger and larger part of income. As the upper groups drop wages in favor of Cap Gains income, the average wages decline.


      • I thought this was hogwash from the beginning. Unless your a Federal government employee or on Social Security, the Feds have nothing to do with wages. I have never had my wages reduced or raised as a result of who was in control of DC. I will say, that after the Bush tax breaks were allowed to end under Obama, I noticed the missing money in the paycheck.

    • By the way, Thanks! 🙂

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    For those wondering what the next Big Thing is from the Dems, well Mr. O fired the first shot with his “community college” remarks. Here is the real salvo, however.

    Banging head on my desk. Good grief, and CNN just published this like it had validity.


  43. Just A Citizen says:

    The REAL PROBLEM with the USA, summarized in a simple map. Can you find it?

    Hint: click on that little dark Island off the east coast. Bwahahahaahaa


    P.S. Notice how they cleverly avoided using “lawyer”.

    • 🙂 Also notice New Jersey has an abundance of Marriage and Family ‘therapists”. When they fail, lawyers come in. 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:


        How funny. I missed that one. How’s your cabin fever these days??

        Cold here today, they predict some snow in the mtns, maybe in the valleys. Where we have ZERO snow now and have had none since early January.

        If there are not heavy rains in the spring ya’ll can expect a lot of smoke this summer, coming from the Northwest.

        • Cabin fever meter is pegged out! I see a 40* day waaaay at the end of next week. You’ll be smelling the smoke from my fire that day. I have months of frustration to take out. Fire will be burning from 33* til it goes back past 32* . Still grumbling about Sparty’s loss to Bucky yesterday.

  44. Gonna have to rethink this Rubio guy. Maybe he is gaining some maturity.

    Caught his speech this morning at a politics and eggs breakfast at St. Anselm’s college. Kinda red meat, run of the mill stuff till he talked about his parents.

    He thanked them for their decision to leave Cuba in ’56. Had they not, he would have wound up as something else, possibly a decent bartender but not a US Senator. He then looked around and noted that since it was breakfast there was not a bartender in the room, usually there was for his evening speeches. Then he went off script and talked about his Dad, a bartender. He brought up how many times his Father must have wished he was home on Christmas or New Years with his family rather than serving at a banquet. But, of course he couldn’t be. Then he switched to his Mom, how she did these odd jobs from time to time while raising her children to help provide them with the education she and her husband didn’t have.

    He went on to talk about how many families there are like this in America today. Striving to pass something on to the next generation that they did not have. He reminded the people in the audience that this is where they came from. This is what was passed on to them in this unique country called America.

    Very, very Reagan.

    Unfortunately I am biased, my Dad was a bartender who worked weekends, and Holidays that’s where the tip money was and I had a Mom who did odd jobs while raising two kids to bring in just a little extra.

  45. @ JAC…….there is an atmosphere of “white washing” that goes on and is allowed to go on…this is one reason that I did not make 0-7 (passed over three times). Because on my OER (Officer Evaluation Report) as a colonel, I have a statement that was put on there by my senior rater. ” This officer exhibits candor and frankness to both subordinates and superiors alike “. That statement is a way of letting other officers know that I cannot be bought, so to speak. I do not tell anyone what they want to hear…I tell them the truth and I am usually very vocal about it. I also will not sugar coat a report. If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck……it is a frigging duck……..it is NOT a Water Fowl.

    Now, the beauracracy does make writing reports very cumbersome. BUT……one thing that is in full vogue. If you wear an academy ring on your finger, you can do no wrong. We call them “ring knockers”……..because they are always tapping their rings. I am not one of these….I am a “mustang”….a member of the wretched refuse…an elisted man turned officer. I was a SSgt E-5 before I went to OCS after Vietnam. AND, I graduated at the top of my class…..but……I was not an Academy Graduate. A West Pointer…….one who walks on water. I always got my feet wet. I have dug the latrines, cleaned the pots and pans in the old style “clipper”….burned waste barrels….the whole enlisted thing that back in the 60’s and 70’s, when you went through basic training and a drill sgt could come up to you and flatten you to the ground if a button was unbuttoned.

    So, I was a very outspoken officer…..but I had three things that were in my favor. I always made senior officers look good because I am considered very proficient in tactics ( 1st in my class at War College), logistics (3rd in my class at War College), and I always was at full recruitment because as an enlisted first, I was trusted by enlisted because I “had been there”. However, what I have observed, is a cover up of violations if said violations would ruin a career path. And, if you were a ring knocker, other ring knockers would cover up for you. There were ways to write reports with key words in them that “justified” certain things. Now, the kiss of death would come if you put something in a report and could not back it up or SHIFT THE BLAME.

    The other thing that is common place and I imagine the same in the law enforcement field or in the civilian world, is not wanting to hurt the person you were writing the report on. 99% of the officers did not want to live with hurting the promotions of officers…especially if they went to the same school. If you got the reputation of “torpedo-ing”, you were assigned to lesser areas and frozen. My career path was in combat arms. I was very rarely on a staff. So, as a commander, that made me write reports on combat officers in the field. I never had to write staff reports. I was always writing AAR’s.(after action reports).

    Women were easily victimized the same way. They “played ball” because they did not want to be passed over for promotions any more than the men did. Many times I saw general’s aides were women. And the ladies are not stupid…they knew how to play the game as well. I very rarely saw where a woman was actually victimized. Maybe one or two in my entire career….most knew how to play the ball game very well. Then, since the 90’s, this stupid crap of political correctness reared its ugly head and really complicated the problem and civilians in congress and the DOD were looking to make a name for themselves and nail officers. Esecially now,…this administration is the worse I have ever seen. If you do not lie, cheat, or steal when they ask you…..you WILL BE passed over. When that happens, then your good officers are RIFFED and your YES men are put in place.. This administration has really changed the landscape and has fired just about every reliable officer out there.

    So, to answer your question directly…..integrity…is what you want to call it. The definition has changed to….do it my way or else.

  46. Net neutrality……..being locked out of sites for saying things against the POTUS.

  47. This is obviously meant to make republicans go nuts-but what is his end game-is he trying to force the repubs to try and impeach him-is he just arrogant to the point of crazy-does he want to start a civil war-WHAT?


    • Oh yeah, What the hell is wrong with the democrats-have they suddenly decided they like the idea of having a KING?

      • VH, there is a serious Civil War brewing, quietly. It only takes a spark, which is coming, and you will see the end of Progressivism in the US.

  48. Today is Texas Independence Day……….so I had a big plate of mexican food to celebrate.

  49. Funny how the only words that come up are bias and profiling.


    • I wonder if these extra points are in addition too special treatment based on minority status?

      • Let’s speculate…..no. Asians are a much smaller minority than blacks. That leaves but one reason, they are saying that blacks are less intelligent and Asians are more intelligent. Hence the number change. Are Liberal higher education colleges telling us that blacks are less intelligent? Isn’t that the same racist crap from the early years of the 20th Century? Oh My, it seems that the Liberal’s are being racist, imagine that.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I truly believe the worst racists in this country are the liberals and progressives. They view everything based on gender, race, sexual persuasion etc. Everybody has to have a label. and a % to determine your fair share, which translates to taking from someone else.

          In my work experience, the asians across the board are embarassingly well educated and hard working.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Yesterday, I was listening to the news, but missed the location of the discussion. The debate was in some legislature about how are they going to deal with transgender people. They were wanting to allow them to use whatever public bathroom facilities that they felt most comfortable in……35 years ago at an IBM facility the problem was solved easily. A male was going through the modification process. Nobody cared except when HE/SHE wanted to use the womens facilities. The uproar was loud and instantaneous, by the women. He had to use the medical facilities bathrooms which were one person only at one time and gender neutral.

    • No one will-it at best is a way to shame them-somehow I don’t think that is gonna effect them at all.

    • Isn’t that something-she thinks that the committees should have all the power-quess all those people we elect to represent us should just shut up and concede to the power of those the party heads picked to be on these committees. I seem to remember people being thrown off of these committees because they were actually representing the people who elected them.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      You should read Erickson’s response at “Red State”.

      • I did-something specific that captured your attention?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Pretty much everything you do here captures my attention.

          This time I just happened to have read Eric Erickson’s response before I saw the article. I thought you might be interested in it, as it dives into Bible interpretations and Christian philosophy.

  50. Just A Citizen says:

    The more time changes the more it stays the same. Please take not of the quote on socialisms glacial sheet slowly covering the country.


    • Good read and seemingly quite true. p.s. calling progressives names works, you should try it 😀

      • OOP’s, forgot something. Wait till you crush them in debate and they go there first. Sometimes, you don’t even need to say more than ” I always know when you have lost the debate, you go to name calling, (expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive). It’s fun 😀

      • displacedokie says:

        GMan, if really want to set them off start calling them what they are: Authoritarians. They hate it and you have tons of examples to get them with. Hours of entertainment to be enjoyed.

        • I will try that Sir, thank you! 🙂 As I said earlier, it’s nice to hear from you again and glad to hear things are well. It seems like it was just the other week when your young’un came into your life. Glad all is well with you and your family! By the way, I promised to share our weather with the good Colonel, enjoy 🙂

    • Last night C-0Span had a roundtable of historians talk about the Rosenbergs and the A-Bomb secrets. There were eight modern historians who have no doubt of their guilt. At the end, on Q and A, two comments were made that are priceless.

      One looked at the audience and moderator and said, “in Modern American History what you have here on this stage is the sum total of all American Historians who believe in spite of all the evidence that the Rosenbergs were guilty.”

      The second said, “The left so thoroughly controls the faculty of our History Departments throughout the country that it would be academic suicide for any young historian to agree with what we have presented here”.

      The event was surprisingly moderated by Marvin Kalb whom I have always thought to be quite obviously left. He actually behaved quite well here though being outnumbered by eight experts might just do that to you. What he could not quite seem to get over though was the equation of the Communist Party USA to any other political party. You can beat these people over their head all day and they still won’t get it. Mention the term neo-Nazi though, even when talking about three leather clad, pimply teenagers and they get out the torches and pitchforks.

    • Good article-Nixon isn’t that interesting. I’d change the word Slowly-in the age of Obama it doesn’t fit anymore.

  51. Anybody making book on the Netanyahu tomorrow? How many Dems will show and which ones. Blacks? Jews?

    Ben thinking about this all weekend in my sickbed (Yes, the GD winter crap, dreck, frigging, snow finally GOT TO ME!)

    • I truly feel bad for you! Being sick, sucks! I’m not quite sure that I understand the recent dislike of him by the Left, did they suddenly become anti Jew? Are they really the Nazi’s I have been calling them? WTF?

      • Best part is the liberal Jews. I’ve had enough Jewish friends over the years and acquaintances good, bad and indifferent to venture a few observations. Elsewhere, I would probably be attacked for daring to, as a non-Jew say such things but what the hell.

        There is a strong undercurrent among some in the Jewish Community to avoid rocking the boat. It is perfectly understandable in light of the last 2,000 years of Jewish History. There is a desire not to “stand out” but to “fit in”. You can be applauded for being culturally Jewish but not so for practicing the religion too obviously.

        After WW 2 and the Death Camps you did not have to work too hard to elicit sympathy from the world. Even former anti-semites publicly lost their taste for the hobby. So it was pretty easy to stand up and support Israel. Hell “Exodus” made all that money from other people than Jews! After a while though, the lessons of history were lost as is usual and we were back to looking at this rather odd minority.

        You have this crazy place called the Middle east. Then you have the wonderful Brits who have made a habit for years of secretly promising opposing sides totally different things to secure their support. Then, the Brits leave. Shit happens.

        Things go along swimmingly for years. Then there are these two wars. I’ve always had my doubts over which side was being rooted for privately in Washington cocktail parties and in Paris and London. Suddenly even more Arabs are being displaced and you find this growing sympathy for a people the intelligentsia wouldn’t normally be caught dead with. But, and it is a big BUT, they are not Jews. Did I mention before that anti-semitism dropped out of fashion? Well guess what? Now there is a pretext, a reason to make it fashionable again among all the “best” people who so enjoyed it before.

        Back to the secular progressive Jews themselves. They have become so assimilated and accepted into the American and Western upper crust where it is understood that their religion is not “really serious” by others whose own religious identity is not taken seriously either. They can no longer identify with “other Jews”. They then become quite free to express their hostility openly and quite vigorously. Now they fit in perfectly!

        Historically they have an awful lot in common with the Jewish pre-war intelligentsia in Western Europe. They too did not see the danger, distanced themselves from Jews who were “different”, perhaps more pious, perhaps poorer, perhaps more political. Their protection was that they would fit in, be part of the establishment, become in effect “essential personnel”. That protection, in the end was nothing but a delusion. Oh, they were right about the essential personnel part, some of them anyway. They were used to keep the folks calm, put on that Yellow Star, sell your shop, report to the relocation center, board the train and head to the Ghetto. In the Ghetto, the essential personnel became the administrators, excusing the actions of the oppressor, dividing up the meager rations. Keeping the “hoodlum” element in check and then, finally picking the hundred or two hundred or thousand a day to be transported. Then in the camps they performed another very useful service perhaps more harshly keeping their fellow prisoners in line until, finally, they too were ushered into the chambers wondering aloud. “I was one of them, I did everything I thought they wanted me to do, . Why are they doing this to me?

        They just don’t get it, probably never will. I can not understand nor explain nor even rationalize hatred based on race, color or creed but it exists. Oh, I can understand developing an individual dislike or hatred, even for a group that has goals or behavior that I consider evil but to extend that to their families, to small children. That’s just insane.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        There are two reasons left wing people in this country do not like Bibi,

        1. He is a Zionist and many on the left woke up to the fact that Zionists are the oppressor, and they are dragging the US into conflicts we do not need to be involved with. These are also those in Israel that oppose Bibi and the expansionist agenda his party has pushed.

        2. He dared push back against the Messiah. Some of these folks are also those under number 1, but some are not. They don’t give two hoots about Zionism or Palestine. All they see is a “right winger” who openly challenges their hero.

        I think the “anti-Semitism” accusation in this country is being used much as the “homophobe, misogynist, and racist” names are used. To stop debate.

        But notice who throws that invective around the most. It is the supposed CONSERVATIVES.

        As for Europe, the dislike of Jews has just been kept quiet. I doubt it was ever really eliminated. It just became unacceptable to discuss, much like talking about the Holocaust or Nazis in ways that were not sanctioned by the governments. Evidence that the GUILT of the Holocaust is starting to disappear in Europe.

        • I will agree that people cry anti-Semitism when it isn’t appropriate-people have the right to disagree with Israels actions but maybe the reason you hear it so much recently is because what we are seeing taking place isn’t attacks against Israel in general it is direct attacks against Jews-all Jews. I look at the attack in Paris-that wasn’t Israel that was an attack on Jews. The colleges in America-they are supporting Palestinians but they are mistreating Jewish students-that isn’t being against zionism that is an attack on Jews. I see article after article of swastika’s on people’s cars, their homes-that is also an attack on Jews. I read reports of Jewish people being attack and killed-again not Israel-Funny I haven’t read any stories of muslims being attacked in America or Paris.

          • I see things the same as you. It’s like Jews are just hated for being Jews, NOT for Israel’s existence. If anyone should be blamed for Israel becoming a State, it’s the UK. There are generations of Jews here who have nothing to do with what is going on over there. Simply put, it’s showing the discriminating mentality of the Left. I don’t view it as anti-Semitism, I view it as outright discrimination.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I think you are seeing the affect of Zionist propaganda. Note that on campuses the anti folks are often going after people hold Israeli flags or symbols. That is not an anti JEWISH reaction but an Anti Israel reaction. The venom is due to the perceived plight of Palestinians and the perceived role of Israel in that situation.

            Now I do agree that there are some who don’t see a difference. And more importantly, as we move forward there is an increased risk of Americans conflating the two. That is what propaganda is designed to do. Eliminate those moral/ethical barriers by confusing rational thought.

            One detail, you cannot use the killing of those people in the café in France as some example of anti-Semitism. That was a direct attack by members of the fundamentalist Muslim groups. I have also not seen any hard evidence that the place was targeted because it was Jewish or that only “Jews” were targets inside. As I recall, one of the employees was Muslim and helped hide others in the basement or a locker, including Jews.

            Most of the ani-Semitism accusations about the France murders are being created and spread by MEDIA. FOX News pundits and “conservative” talk show folks in particular.

            But lets play the game for a second. Assume it was anti-Semitism and nothing else. The criminals were part of the “wingnut” crowd of “Islamic fundamentalists”. They were acting out a story of striking political blows on behalf of their cause. They were not just French people suddenly deciding some Jews needed killing, because they were Jews.

            So the supposed “anti-Semitism” is limited to the fundamentalist wingnuts. To extrapolate this to some broader movement or cultural shift is not reasonable, in my opinion.

            I submit the propaganda is intended to create the opposite affect, the one you are exhibiting. Along with Spousal Unit Leader after she watched Bibis speech this morning. That is it plays of the guilt of the Holocaust, which in turn will make KILLING those SOB Radical Muslims much more politically acceptable.

            Keep your head. Guard against the emotional reactions. There are shadows trying to push us all in a direction of their choosing. We need to stand against the winds of irrationality and maintain REASON as our compass.

    • This article is good and right on target.

    • One longs for the sanity of Rodney King. “Can’t we all just get along?”

      Nice little article which leaves out a few things like how long will the Jordanian King last when his country is full of non-Jordanians. What happens to ISIS? Where exactly is Kurdistan and can I find it on Mapquest?

      The witches brew is stirring, bubble, bubble, boil and trouble and there is no END in sight.

      An after thought on Lebanon from Wiki: “The Christian population majority is believed to have ended in the early 1960s, but government leaders would agree to no change in the political power balance. This led to Muslim demands of increased representation, and the constant sectarian tension slid into violent conflict in 1958 (prompting U.S. intervention) and again in the grueling Lebanese Civil War, in 1975–90.” Not that many Christians left. So, even when you have the majority, there is no guarantee you will be allowed to remain or to live. It goes beyond politics and equating anything occurring in the ME exclusively to some Western type political ideal is suicidal at best. I could become somewhat diabolical here and chuck in, in my best Vincent Price/James Mason imitation, “There are forces at work here that are far beyond your limited human comprehension”.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I agree with the Colonel regarding the split up that is occurring. I disagree with two points in the article.

      The Balkins were not the cause of WWI and the Middle East will not be the cause of WWIII.

      In fact, the segregation of the Middle East poses a greater long term threat. When nations with money and power become more homogenous in their thinking, and that thinking begins to sway towards empire, it becomes less “peaceful”.

      • I’m curious, because it is something I have wondered about for awhile, are you saying that they were right to place the borders in the Middle East the way they did, with a mixture of people with different beliefs. I’ve thought about it both ways-was it an attempt to make them learn to live together in hopes the divisions would lessen with time or just a stupid mistake.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I believe it was deliberate actions and not to make people try and get along. It was to keep the factions warring so they would NOT get together and therefore more managable. Keeps the pot boiling and the global leaders keep stoking the fires. Wasn’t that britains policy in their control of India. Stephen brought up their ME policy for generations.

        • While the Sunni/Shia thing goes back to the beginning of Mohammadism . It has laid dormant until the very recent past. The events of the past 40 years not even taking Israel into account, have revived the ancient struggle.

          You could probably go back to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire who ran the whole show as a starting point. The interference of the West, post WW 1 and the boundaries drawn in basically tribal lands with no history of a unified central government did not accomplish anything good. Oil wealth, envy, duplicity, the creation of Israel, the two Wars ’67 and ’73, OPEC, all exacerbated a tense situation .

          There are those who would argue that US and Western involvement Post WW 2 was an attempt to impose order on something spinning out of control. That would include the setting up of the Shah but would also bring in the Suez crisis where the US opposed Britain, Israel and France and forced them to withdraw from the canal. You could then look at our intervention in Lebanon in ’58 in an attempt to prevent destabilization.

          I sort of feel it all really unwound with the abandonment of our pet Dictator in Iran under Carter. No thought was given nor attention paid to the history of the place why we had first become involved or what would happen post Shah. The hue and cry at the time that it was all for the oil was simplistic at best. Oil was everywhere in the ’50’s at $ 2.00 a barrel. We, the US, certainly did not need to guarantee our access to their oil.

          So we exchanged a known quantity for an unknown one based on vague ideas that democracy just flourishes by itself and we are paying the price in that neck of the woods since. Putting 7th Century Mohammadism in charge of a modern nation state that still has 1,300 year old grudges to settle was not a very good idea.

          I just triggered a memory when discussing availability of oil. Back, even during Vietnam, when I’d defend US policy against the charges we were only after the oil in the South China Sea (for real! people actually said that for real!) I would point out to people like Charlie, our friend, that if we the US were this big bad hegemonic wolf, Venezuela and Mexico were one hell of a lot closer than Vietnam. So, as we moved past Vietnam into the ’80’s and ’90’s those who said we did what we did in the ME for oil deserve the exact same answer. MEXICO AND VENEZUELA ARE ONE HELL OF A LOT CLOSER! I’d ask the Colonel to back me on that one.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I am not saying they should have or should not have. Only that now that these boundaries are fading and the “tribalism” is reappearing it poses a greater threat than we had under the old “boundary” situation.

          This is not just due to boundaries fading but the players who are trying to consolidate their “tribes”. Like ISIS or the Brotherhood, etc, etc.

          If the “tribes” in this case Shia vs. Sunni consolidate there is greater chance of becoming victims to “group think” created by those who want empires. Diversity of tribes, under a Govt. structure makes it harder to unify the population into action. Saddam had this problem with Iraq. He could not move the entire nation to war against Iran or the Saudis/Kuwaitis. Thus his ability to use conquest to build empire was limited.

          It appears that the legacy of WWI is about to expire. To possibly understand what is coming I think we need to consider the oldest tribal arrangements in conjunction with the Muslim arrangements. While Shia vs. Sunni vs. Kurds seems simple, this is actually complicated by the OLD tribal/ethnic groups that existed before being unified under Muslim rule.

          On the surface it seems that breaking up the old nations in favor of smaller nations or tribal/ethnic groups reduces tension. But that ignores the possibility of despots unifying those groups under the major divisor, namely the major sects of Islam.

          In short, what appears to be a benefit now could come home to bite us later. Those claiming only benefits are ignoring the potential down side. It is all not roses, or poppies.

          Oh, and the entire article ignores Turkey. Are they going to give up a chunk of real estate to allow “Kurdistan” to be created??? Are the Turks going to sit by and allow Iran to become the Caliph of the Muslim world???? What are their real designs relative to ISIS and its threat to the Saudi Monarchy????

          Now to the second part of your question. I do not think the boundaries were drawn with the idea of “forcing” people to get along. Nor do I think those drawing them were stupid. Perhaps naïve, but not stupid. The boundaries did consider the tribal/ethnic and religious divisions and groups. They also considered the ancient empire/nation boundaries and the geography needed to create manageable nation states. Something that was not done with drawing out Israel from Transjordan.

          • I see your points but It would seem that breaking up the tribes has already been tried and failed. Although, I have noticed that many people have made the point that the area was settling down before Iran’s leader was changed. The article I posted mentioned it :

            “Second, historic tensions between the two main Muslim sects, Sunni and Shiite, had largely subsided before Ayatollah Khomeini’s rise to power in 1979. Driven by Tehran’s aggression, they have since flared anew.”

            but so have many other people I’ve read on this subject.

            • I’m thinking you probably didn’t see this-not that it’s a great comment-but I do wonder if your study of history shows this point true or false.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Here is a map showing some of the old cultural/tribal areas with todays boundaries. Modern boundaries are faint black lines. You can see the Iraq vs. Iran division is a geographic as well as cultural divide. Trying to balance Persian, Babylonian and Assyrian histories with more modern Muslim sects. A large part of the problem with boundaries in the ME is the same as existed here with our Natives. Tribes do NOT have geographic boundaries. They have “areas” they live in most of the time, but then they also move around. Govt boundaries are fixed. Thus nearly impossible to get all “tribes” within a fixed boundary that works for everyone.

          • Actually pardner, we call ’em reservations as in: ” let’s get ’em back on the reservation!”

          • So if you had the power to a do over-what should they have done?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Easy…………..They should NOT have tried to colonize the area.

              They should have just traded with whomever was willing and left them alone otherwise.

              Back that milk has long run downstream I am afraid. Would make a great novel of alternative history some day.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                When the bottleneck of the ME ultimately forced the “age of exploration” ie find a route to asia bypassing the islamic empire, who conributed nothing but a toll on goods, the ME became inrelevant. God’s joke was oil and pushed the area into the forefront of world politics.

  52. http://townhall.com/tipsheet/conncarroll/2015/03/02/obama-very-interested-in-raising-taxes-through-executive-action-n1964629

    Well now, it’s seems the little tyrant thinks he can raise taxes on his own. One step closer to NOT have a 2016 election.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Last night I was dreaming about Obama having this cadre of lawyers in a back room of his administration, scouring every legal document looking for way to circumvent the other two legs of our government, just so he can get his way. Forget about persuading people his is the correct way. The ACA has consistantly fallen short of of the majority in favor of it but it got rammed down our throat by parlimentary tricks. He totally reminds me of the bully who always put the stick on his shoulder and dared you to knock it off….but alas, the moment it’s attempted his lemings cry racism. They never argue the point, just cry foul that you never liked him. I totally mistrust him not only for what he says but by how he says it. On the radio, you actually have to do a double take on who was talking because he changes his vocal speech patterns based on who is the audience.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Let me say this one more time.

      The Republicans should give Mr. Obama his proposed TAX CUTS for the “middle class”, and the tax hikes on the “rich”. Use the brackets for negotiation but agree to the concept.

      Only make them permanent. That is NOT a short term credit or sunset tax bill, like Bush agreed to do.

      Oh, if they were really creative they would attach a rider “prohibiting DHS from spending any money on the administration or execution of the executive order to issue documents to “illegal aliens”.

  53. Oh geeez-When are they gonna give this, this woman an academy award. She truly makes me sick.


    • You should watch the Dems who did not attend. Vicious bunch of SOB’s doing a news conference right now who all love Israel and would shed a good 20 minutes of tears after the Mushroom Cloud appeared over Jerusalem before breathing a sigh of secret relief and saying under their breath, “thank God we are now finally rid of those F—— Jews”. Ah, and that includes the Jews who boycotted. McDermott from Washington State seems to be a real out and out old school Jew baiter though.

      One Dem clown with the red bow tie was wearing a red bicycle pin on his lapel. Anybody have a clue what the hell that stands for?

      • You just have to wonder-why are they making this such a big deal ? The only possible answer is that they are trying very hard to turn Americans against Israel there just isn’t another answer.

      • wearing a red bicycle pin on his lapel. Anybody have a clue what the hell that stands for?

        He likes little boys! In the wrong way.

  54. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/414728/boehner-pass-clean-dhs-bill-today-joel-gehrke

    On the same side, nothing changed last November. It’s all been a ruse to pretend there is a divide.

    • We Pretended To Oppose Barack Obama’s Unconstitutional Amnesty Decree… Now Sit Down… Shut Up… And Just Let Us Fund It Already.

      Speaking for the Republican-In-Name-Only caucus, Senator John McCain summed it all up: “I just think we ought to move on to other things.”

      Sorry Senator McCain, but the Constitution is not just some pesky annoyance that gets in the way of “getting things done” in Washington.

      And CNN is reporting that John Boehner plans to capitulate to Barack Obama as early as Wednesday.

      McCain is not the only voice of surrender. Referring to a TEMPORARY stay against the implementation of Obama’s Amnesty Decree that was recently issued by a federal judge, Senator Jeff Flake proclaimed: “Why don’t we just… declare victory and move on?”

      Senator Lindsey Graham chimed in: “When the judge ruled, that was the way I wanted to end it.”

      And Congressman Peter King went so far as to say that people who actually value the Constitution and who do NOT want Obama’s Unconstitutional Amnesty Decree funded are “absolutely irresponsible” and “have no concept of reality.”

      McCain, Flake, Graham and King are advocating what is being called the “escape hatch theory” in Washington. It goes something like this… ‘Look, the courts have delayed Mr. Obama’s unconstitutional actions for now, so let’s just go ahead and fund those unconstitutional actions… since we really want amnesty to pass anyway… and when the dust clears, we’ll blame the courts for the evisceration of our Constitution.’

      You can almost hear them chuckle.

      The RINO Brigade in Washington would love for you to believe that Barack Obama and Harry Reid have them boxed in. They would love for you to believe that they have no other choice than to fund Barack Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty decree because doing otherwise would defund the Department of Homeland Security.

      But the truth is far from what they want you to believe, and if they are boxed in, they’re the ones manufacturing the boxes.

      Let’s assume for just a moment that defunding the Department of Homeland Security would cause a Department of Homeland Security shutdown… even though that’s already been shown to be a myth.

      Senate Republicans have other options.

      In fact, since the funding of the Department of Homeland Security is a budgetary issue, Senate Republicans can work to pass the bill through what is called “reconciliation.” For those with short memories, that’s how Harry Reid shoved ObamaCare down the throats of the American people and deemed it passed without a single Republican vote.

      Republicans could send the bill to Barack Obama’s desk and FORCE HIM TO EXPLAIN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHY HE WON’T SIGN IT. They can force Mr. Obama to EXPLAIN WHY HE IS WILLING TO SHUT DOWN THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY over funding for an unconstitutional action.

      Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said it best: “Why can’t they [Republicans] do it? They could. The question is not why can’t they; the question is why won’t they.”

      Allow us to answer that question. They actually don’t want to stop Barack Obama because they want amnesty… but they also want to go through the motions of appearing to oppose amnesty because they know patriotic Americans will hold them to account if they knew the truth.

      • Tit for tat time. Change the rules, play by Harry Reid’s book, end debate. Pass it and force the big O to veto it. Re-introduce, pass it again and force another veto. Keep it up until Reid and Schumer blink. For them, there IS life after Obama. They have to be taught that. Thy have to learn that suicide is NOT a good idea.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Devious enough logic to be true.

  55. This speech was nothing new……same rhetoric….same everything. The only issue is that it is fact. And no one listens!

    Meanwhile, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, is now with Iraq against Isis……Iran supplying weapons, artillery, manpower……and the U.S. intelligence is …..surprised. SURPRISED? Is no one reading history? How do you miss 30,000 troops and support? OR…..perhaps we knew. Interesting….seems I wrote about this 24 months ago!

    • I liked it. Made me feel like someone is in charge. “The enemy of your enemy is your enemy” Take that Obama and Jarrett.

      No deal is still a bad deal. Obama’s deal is a bad deal. Why are we dealing anyway? In hopes that they’ll play nice? Netanyahu is only asking for a few things. Play nice with your neighbors. Stop supporting terrorism around the world, and stop threatening to wipe Israel off the map. Then maybe the sanctions could be lifted. Until then, if you want to be treated like a normal country, act like a normal country. What part of that does Obama have a problem with? So now what happens? Obama just gets to sign a deal anyway , or is there something Congress can do about it?

      • Anita, Good Day my Friend 🙂 We are under some serious ice, surprised I even have internet (TV is out, I have satellite for both). I have said this before and you can search it, Obama’s #1 in the Whitehouse is Valerie Jarrett, she is of Iranian decent with close ties to her homeland. This is the ONLY reason we are dealing with Iran. Obama must do what he is told, he is a puppet. Like you, I don’t quite understand Obama’s apparent support of terrorism. Bibi’s speech was for pure political reasons. He’s up for election.

        I do question why Iran is such a problem. Even if they had a nuke, it would be suicide to use it. IF we are Israel’s ally, as we claim, then just tell Iran that if they use one, they will be destroyed, completely. It’s not like we don’t have the firepower. So I see the whole issue as being a contrived “crisis” that has no merit. I’m sure the Israeli’s are lied to just as much as we are. This nation is dying, slowly, because we are letting the wrong side of freedom control the debate. They brought in a paid shill to attack me over at the NM, not surprised. Our freedom is under attack at every turn. Any suggestions short of violence?

        • I don’t see it as a contrived crisis. It’s a life and death thing for Israel. I’d be very concerned , too. How convenient for Obama that this deal comes around election time in Israel. He thought he could box Netenyahu into a corner. Didn’t work.

          • I see the “threat” as it’s portrayed. The question that should always be asked, is what is portrayed reality? People are afraid of little harmless spiders, which is what Iran is. Why shouldn’t Iran have nuclear powered electricity so the people can prosper because they have cheap power? Cheap power makes the people of nations wealthier and better off. IF the threats against Israel are true, that’s an easy fix. put it simply as this “Any use of any nuclear weapon against Israel will result in the nuclear destruction in Iran”. Why all this political hoopla? It’s called propaganda!

            I do agree with VH, there is a lot of discrimination of Jews everywhere. That should concern anyone who champions freedom. Bibi’s visit was purely political because of the upcoming election in Israel. He’ll win and life will go on. This will be a forgotten issue in a week.

            • I disagree. It’s the whole Iran/ Isis issue and who is going to be the caliph in the jihad. Either way Israel is in the crosshairs as are all Christians. It’s not going away.

              • You may be correct. Time will tell. I’m more worried about other issues that will have a far greater affect on us. ISIS/Iran is not in the top 20 on the list 😉

              • Thinking more on this…Netenyahu gave this speech IN SPITE OF the election. It’s that important. Probably why I respect him. He stands for what he believes in, job or reputation be damned. And what he stands for is a human thing not a political thing.

  56. Btw……who cares about the red bicycle….it matches his stylish bow tie…….

  57. http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/03/the-atf-has-no-constitutional-authority-to-ban-any-ammunition/

    I have to think that Obama is making a fortune on his BS directives. Best gun and ammo salesman on the planet.

  58. The insanity of the Left. Read the few comments, mindblowing: http://samuel-warde.com/2015/03/ignore-latest-fake-hillary-clinton-scandal/

  59. In support of Black Flag’s position of private security. Quite interesting: http://www.prisonplanet.com/texas-town-fires-entire-police-department-crime-drops-by-61.html

    • This is not the only one inTexas…..several municipalities and smaller towns are hiring privte security companies. One, it reduces the cost intaxes, two, there are no unfunded pension liabilities responsible by taxpayers, three, they are responding in the crime areas….four, there is no unionization of police, and five, Texas allows private security companies to perform law enforcement.

  60. Ok now, Petraeus is pleading guilty to storing classified info at a non-secured site, the girlfriends house. This is a crime. What is Hillary who did DOS business on a private, not government secure E-Mail account get to plead guilty to?

  61. Warning!!!!!! Unless you want to have it come shooting out your nose, do not be drinking any liquid when you open this link. IT is truly out-effing-standing. Worthy of the cover in the best days of “MAD” magazine.


  62. Texas has its version of Ferguson……..protesters ( all seven of them) lining up yelling “hands up don’t shoot” over the killing of an illegal immigrant….none of the seven are from Texas…all are from out of the State…..and they are upset because this immigrant did two things you should not do in Texas…….(1) do not steal…..do not steal anything here…you will be shot….and theft is not like it is in liberal states….there are no degrees..theft is theft…boom! (2) when caught, DO NOT RUN….you will just die tired ! I am reminded of the Houston grandmother when she confronted two men in her home at night…she shot the first one dead and told the other one to lay down and wait for the poice…she was on 911 and it was recorded as she was taliking to the operator…you can hear her in the back…Stay Down…do not run…..then you hear three more shots and the other man was shot in the front yard as he tried to run away….she is in her 70’s. When asked why she pursued and shot the other one…she said..he tried to run away. There were no charges.

    Oops…a note of clarification, here, so Okie does not correct me……if you are a homeowner and someone is stealing, blast them. If you are LE, you are required to give warning…but LE down here are pretty good shots….so if you run and do not stop at the warning, remember, LE in Texas do not carry sissy weapons and they will ASSUME you are armed….they will reach out and touch you at great distances……and we take great pride in our shot groups. Shot groups larger than a quarter will get you ridiculed and you must take markmanship lessons.

    Mexico is upset because this is the third ILLEGAL immigrant that has been shot….and, yes, he was unarmed…but that does not matter. In the middle of the night during a robbery or DUI, which is common with the illegals here….you are assumed to be armed. In addition, because this is Texas and we have untold thousands that do not speak English…Spanish speaking LE is out there as well as, all the correct phrases in Spanish that are required to be learned by police officers here… Each one of these perps were told in PROPER Spanish to stop, lay down with arms outstretched. NOTE: When you are told to stop…please do so. Do not keep walking TOWARDS officers at night. It is not going to matter if you are drunk and cannot comprehend…..you will, more than likely, get shot.

    ( Please, do not say it is over reaction and they should have used less lethal means ). We are tired of the pussy footing around…we are tired of three or more time felons being released by the feds on our streets….we are tired of theft and DUI’s…..we are tired of the break ins and the constant “No comprende'”…..we are tired of rapes…..

    So..just do not do it…..and live. If you want to work here…come on in..we have procedures in place to do it…LEGALLY. But if yoou come in illegal….do not expect much sympathy. You can find sympathy in the dictionary between shit and syphillis.

    • displacedokie says:

      Is this the incident that happened in Grapevine the other day? That thing could get a little protest action…I’ve had some sources up there tell me how it went down, there’s a few grey areas in the incident that the sharptons of the world could pick at, probably more than in Ferguson….and silly Colonel, no warning has to be given, probably advisable and wise, but not legally necessary.

      • Yeah….it is the one making the scene right now…and I have heard some unsubstantiated rumblings that could cause some question but up to now…..totally unsubstantiated. However, I defer to your judgement since you have access to the inside poop……

        Interesting factoid about the warning….thought one had to be given in Spanish but that is what they are doing in Fort Worth….and it is working well. You never didanswer me or I didnot see it…are you in Houston or surrounding area? ( Since you said “up there” , that is what I am guessing….unless you are in San Antonio….which I kinda doubt.

        • displacedokie says:

          We’re basically neighbors, I work in Fort Worth and live in Southlake.

          My rumors are second hand right now as well. The negative things I’ve heard aren’t really relevant legally, but they could still raise a stink in the PC culture we live in.

  63. I happen to agree with that line of thinking. If a person don’t want shot, don’t steal, don’t run etc. If that were the law, which kind of is in PA, crime would go way down. It’s not an accident that where conceal carry is heavy, crime mostly doesn’t exist. But that’s where conservative type politicians are elected. The Liberal areas are rife with crime and always will be.

  64. I have often used the term “False Flag” when talking about actions our government does to elicit a response. Here’s a pretty lengthy list of these events: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/03/54-admitted-false-flag-attacks.html#more-42884

  65. There’s a new page up, this one’s getting very long.

  66. Just A Citizen says:


    Another map of the middle east, around 1 AD. It includes some “kingdom” or “regional tribe” names from the period of Alexander’s empire as well. Like “Persia” which in this map is no longer the great empire but a smaller one within a new larger one.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Here are the “groups” after Alexander established his “empire”.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Now compare the modern “nation” map with Alexander’s map. You will see some distinct similarities in boundaries, especially the divide between Iraq and Iran.

      • I’m gonna throw this out there because I think it’s an interesting idea, as in how would things be different now suppositions. Maybe the problem isn’t that the UK colonized these lands maybe the problem is that they left.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Perhaps. And you can blame the USA to some extent for that. Wilson set the world on fire by claiming that the new global goal was Liberty for all.

          On the real side, there is no way the Brits could have stayed in the middle east. Anymore than the Russians or the USA.

          Death by a million, if not billion cuts.

  67. Just A Citizen says:

    Do NOT let anyone ever tell you again there is not a “political” bent to the Nobel Peace Prize. This is the first story I have ever seen revealing the makeup and dirty laundry of the “committee”. But then again, I never looked into it before.


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