Spring is Coming!

Spring is just a couple day away!  Many of us who live in the North look forward to some warmer weather.  It’s been a cold winter, unusually cold where I live.   I’ve seen cold weather in the past, it’s not a big surprise, but it sucks none the less 🙂    We are heading into some unknown territory on many fronts as a nation.  Times will be very interesting going forward, Good Luck.  IMG_0005



  1. 😎

  2. The last two years of Global Warming has almost been unbearable. 😉

  3. @Anita, Didn’t mean to be condescending yesterday, but you still don’t understand the scope of what the Ferguson police were doing. Ferguson’s budget was tied to fines, at around 40%. The cops would have contests on who could write the most tickets. When a majority of the cops are patrolling in the higher crime areas, black neighborhoods, this is naturally going to lead to a disproportionate number of blacks being ticketed. This is going to lead to animosity towards the police. The Mike Brown event was just the match that lit the fuel in that town. It was going to happen one day, even without the Mike Brown issue. It’s going to happen in other towns as well, for the reasons I explained above.

    When I lived in Youngstown, the cops would get grants to deal with gang/drug violence. At least that’s what they claimed. They would pay cops overtime, bring in Deputy Sheriff’s and State Police and would flood different sides of town. Guess what would end up happening? Not one drug bust and very few people arrested (those who were, maybe 3-5 were for out of town warrants). There were a boatload of TICKETS given out for minor violations, until a senior citizen group threw a fit and exposed the city for doing what they were doing. They were not doing anything to combat the gang/drug issue, they were writing tickets in huge numbers for REVENUE. The elderly were the unfortunate victims of these actions. Why you ask? Because the criminal element usually worked at night and were sleeping during these operations, working age people like me were working. This left work vehicles (that were not targeted) and old people. Plus, get this, they would warn everyone the day before as to when and where they would be flooding the areas. The grants were Federal money, the revenue went into the city coffers to pay for way overpaid family and friends of the Mayor.

    Glad your feeling better 🙂

    • You and your scope again! Focus your scope on the correct group and I may be more apt to agree. But then voting doesn’t come into your scope very clearly. What happened in Ferguson government is not excusable and I’m not defending it. But to cast your shame onto all cops is unfair. Ferguson cops may very well be as underhanded as is claimed and they deserve shame and solutions need to be brought about. But then the cure will be worse than the disease. The whole point of the Ferguson report is to federalize the police. Is that the solution you’re looking for? There are several correct solutions which don’t involve the police. Tackle the city admin. They’re working on it. The mayor is gone. The chief is gone. Tackle the mindset of the people. The culture of the city. Where is the respect for authority? Personal responsibility? If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Make the cops’ job easy and you may not see such force. Does that give the cops the upper hand? Sure. That’s the point. Authority is placed somewhere, that’s sort of how we keep order. It’s on us to be vigilant about injustices, to expose them and to strive for the best outcome. We have several LEOs checking in here. All good guys, most LEOs are. Even the guys who popped in on me were fair. They were simply doing their job. No matter which way you slice it, the problem is with us, weather through poor choices at the ballot box, or thug mentality in the street.

      • I think you’re looking for a little balance-I too wish this could be discussed in a more balanced way instead of it being an all out attack on, in reality, white cops and the supposed racist White legal structure. The end game as you noted is to Federalize our police departments. Which is why I will not support this new movement-the core problem here is Not Racism. It is a complicated set of issues that have created this horror.

      • Anita, it’s not about the cops or the color of skin. It’s about the governments using their power in an immoral manner. The cops have two choices, obey orders or get fired (or quit). They chose to obey orders, because in their minds, they were upholding the law. They became agents of the State and used legal force to rip off the public to fill the state coffers. The cops are just as guilty as those who issued the orders. This is just another example of how power corrupts. I know you believe we need the cops, and maybe in some places that’s quite true. But when they become the agents of corruption there should be a price to pay. The Ferguson cops are learning this the hard way. Hopefully, other governments will see the err in their ways and change things. It’s not about skin color, it’s about an abuse of government force.

        • Almost forgot. The Feds have no legal authority to federalize the police. None, zero, ziltch. You may find some wording in a Presidential Executive Order, which holds NO authority of law. There may come a time, if this Executive Order gets enacted, that the Feds may claim that authority, but Executive Orders only apply to Federal employees. If that Executive Order is ever enacted, the TSHTF big time and most cops will be protecting their families. Most cops here are Oathkeepers, they would tell the Feds to pound sand.

        • Except for one line and I’m sure you know which one 🙂 well said-I agree- But that is only a part of the story. Not complaining that was what everyone was talking about.

          Look at what the DOJ did-they released the statement about Former Officer Wilson being justified in his actions. They did so without any formal apologies to Mr. Wilson and his family who were the actual First victims of this mess. Instead they realized that they had based their protest on the wrong “victim” so they had to change the story real fast. So we have their report-their one sided report. No references to what the cops had to face while doing their jobs. No acknowledgement that maybe some of these tickets and fines were justified. Guess they didn’t want to address that part of the equation because if they did, people could use Micheal Brown as a prime example. One has to wonder, if the Micheal Brown incident hadn’t ended in his death-how many tickets, fines, and charges would be required to cover this one stop. They said a lot about, how did they put it, something about arrested for talking-well there are different types of talking-questioning and aggressive disagreeing-I’ve seen the difference in action and sometimes it warrants arrest.

          • I would say that a majority of cops are decent people who are doing what they are doing because they feel they are serving their fellow citizens. Then, there are a few who just shouldn’t be wearing a badge. I feel bad for those cops who have to deal with the worst our society has to offer on a daily basis. Many become hateful and lose track of what they are supposed to be doing. I have posted many videos of cops acting against human norms.

            BUT, I also think we have far too many laws that punish people for BS. Like letting your grass grow a little too high? Really? This is what I call, out of line with what America should stand for. Stupid laws like that are Socialistic at the very least and Communist in many minds. I don’t like the many laws that are made, which reduces freedom. This is, however, the future and it will simply get much worse. Most people have decided that government corruption is OK. They will reap what they sew, to the detriment of everyone.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        It is true that if you don’t break the rules you don’t get a ticket. But the number of rules is beyond reasonable, regarding FINES.

        However, you ignore that Cops do in fact have discretion. As evidenced by how ticket revenues change based on “pressure” while the actual laws do not.

        The cigarette deal in NY for example. The law existed and the Cops did little to enforce it. They had higher priorities. Until the Mayor’s office wanted it emphasized. In that case it was the Mayor’s office.

        In other towns it is the cops themselves because the Budget for the Police includes TICKET REVENUE.

        One thing also ignored, in the media. The COURTS also get a piece of this action. One reason it is almost impossible to get a judge to overturn a LYING Cops ticket. Court fees are part of the fines distribution.

    • displacedokie says:

      Back in the late 90’s or early 2000’s Oklahoma was having problems with some small towns (usually close to the interstate) almost completely financing the local governments with traffic fines. It got to be such a problem that the state passed something that either forbid or caused a state investigation if a town had a certain percentage, 50% or more if I remember correctly, of their revenue from fines and tickets.
      Obviously if the cops are being pressed to write that many tickets it gonna cause issues. Most cops live where or at least near where they work, so naturally if they are under pressure to write loads of tickets they are going to try not to write them to their neighbors. In the case of one of these towns close to where I grew up, it was a border town, so they tended to mostly write people with out of state tags…I can imagine a scenario happening based on neighborhoods in bigger cities and as we all know neighborhoods are generally devided by race, so I can see how we end up with a Ferguson.

      On a related note, that city I mentioned earlier got even worse after the state passed the “anti-speed trap law”. The next thing they did was to start stopping younger people and hauling them in on anything they could find…or so I heard make up, then leave them in a cell with their cell phone and tell them that they could get out when they gave them some amount of “bail”, once they got the money together they let them out. My mom worked at the DA’s office in this county, so when it happened to some of my friends I had here look out for the cases to get filed. Those cases never got filed, the best I can figured the cops were just keeping the money…eventually the FBI did an investigation and shut down the department. Police are rarely corrupt, but there are some bad cops and departments out there.

      • The strange thing about the story I mentioned about Youngstown’s actions. The cops were led to believe they were truly going after the bad guys. After this occurred a few times, they realized what was happening and quite a few joined with the elderly in protest. As far as I know, the practice ended. That Mayor ended up resigning. The police in my area are great people and do a great job. They are very friendly and polite. They don’t do the revenue thing. I see an occasional State cop running radar, mostly on the Interstate, and that’s their job. If we have any matters that require the police in this area, it’s the State cops that come. The Sheriff’s mostly handle the more urban areas.

  4. From Gallup:

    PRINCETON, N.J. — Thirty-seven percent of Americans now view the Republican Party favorably and 39% view the Democratic Party favorably. This is the only time since Gallup began tracking the party’s images this way in 1992 that neither party has achieved at least 40% favorability from the public.

    Except for a brief spike to 51% for the Democrats after Obama was re-elected in 2012, both parties’ ratings have registered below 50% since 2010. The descent to sub-40% ratings for both parties marks a new low in an already inauspicious trend.

    @Rick, Doing what we can and trying to teach people is working.

    @JAC, The illusion is dying a slow, slow death. 😀

    • I am confident that Al and Jesse and Co. will step up and bring this to everyone’s attention. So I will set the obvious racial issue aside for now. I have a few rhetorical questions.

      Why do we have 14 year old children filled with so much hate that they can do this to another? Race certainly may have been a motivator here but these girls would have just as quickly attacked another black child for any other trivial reason.

      I work in the mental health field and, unfortunately, I see a significant amount of people with this same mentality. I believe I read somewhere that this girl has “Mental Health Issues” such as PTSD, ODD, ABC, or even DEF. (Yes, the last two are my sarcastic acronyms.)
      How wise is it to tell children “you have XYZ and that is why you act the way you do”? Now these children have an excuse for what they do…”See, it isn’t MY fault.”

      Our doctors start pumping these kids full of drugs in an attempt to “fix” them. An upper in the morning, a downer at night, and a mood stabilizer to balance things out. Now the children are being taught that “drugs” are the answer. Is anyone surprised that we now have a drug epidemic? Well, yes, they are surprised because the majority of people refuse to see what is right in front of them.

      What happened to teaching accountability, responsibility, respect, etc.?? Not just as parents but as a society? Just my thoughts for the night.

      • I can produce many videos involving teens fighting, not always a racial issue, but 99% of them will involve blacks. White kids do stupid shit too, but, the stats will show that violence is far more pervasive in black communities.. Are meds part of the problem? Yes. Is there more to this problem? Hell yes! Lack of quality parenting. Lack of fathers, lack of a quality education, lack of opportunity in these neighborhoods, and numerous other issues that may or may not be tied to their voting choices.

        One has to ask the question, are the poor minorities becoming morally bankrupt? These folks don’t pay attention to the garbage on TV or the internet about politics, hell, many think that “hands up, don’t shoot” is still applicable, when the rest of the educated world knows it’s based on a LIE. I’m noticing more and more “white hatred”. This will only get worse. It can’t end well either.

        • Just a note, we have had lots of discussions about meds and their presence after some of the recent mass shootings, your position is not unwarranted concerning the meds. I happen to think they cause more problems than they help.

        • I agree. And I’ve noticed more white hatred as well. Violent crime, as well as crime in general, has been increasing in my area. I’ll give you three guesses as to the race of the majority of the perpetrators.

  5. Ha! Hate me all you guys want! TRUMP FILES EXPLORATORY. Good. He won’t make it but he’s gonna make some people nervous. 🙂

  6. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, the Foreign Minister of Turkey, told the Daily Sabah last week Canadian intelligence helped three British girls join ISIS.

    The story went unreported by the corporate media in Canada and the United States. It was covered by the alternative media and several mainstream newspapers in Britain.

    “We were informed by Britain about three girls who left to join ISIS a few days after they departed for Turkey. It turned out someone helped them and [that person] was captured. This person was working for the intelligence service of a country participating in the coalition against ISIS. This country is not the United States or a member of the European Union,” Çavuşoğlu told Turkey’s A Haber channel.

    It was later revealed the suspect is Mohammad Al Rashed, aka Dr. Mehmet Resit. He was filmed helping teenagers Shamima Begum, Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana travel to Syria.

    Rashed told Turkish police he was working for the Canadian government in exchange for citizenship.

  7. I’ve never really understood the need for a propane cooker-what’s wrong with charcoal and starter-might as well cook inside the house. But here we go-new and improved financed by the EPA. Now I don’t know-this may be a good idea but why is the EPA involved and if it works expect it to become mandatory-looks like barbecues are fixin to become a lot more expensive-like I said- you might as well cook inside the house. Or I don’t know, unless it suddenly becomes illegal, just use charcoal and starter.


    • I doubt that the American people will abide by this. I know I won’t. I use both types of grills. It’s easier to use propane in winter, for obvious reasons. Charcoal is great for slow cooking in the smoker! I would say that I cook outdoors about 40% for all dinners.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Funny, my propane grill includes disposable trays to catch “grease drippings”.

      If the smoke is to heavy from grease dripping then TURN DOWN THE HEAT. Guess they don’t teach that at college. Just how to come up with more stupid things.

      That is the one advantage of propane. You can raise and lower temps pretty quick. Making it easier to control flare ups and grease fires, and not get all that soot on your food.

      V., I agree with Gman here.. I am less than a year into my “first” propane GRILL. It really isn’t a BBQ but most don’t know the difference. Much nicer in the winter months.

    • With planes, trains, and automobiles (and cow flatulence of course) how much is this really helping the environment? I am a die-hard charcoal user so no worries here. I do admit that charcoal in the winter is difficult to say the least. 😉

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    In the spirit of the coming flooding in the NE and the droughts in the west, and continuing along the lines of Global Warming discussions………………….. I thought some simplified analysis would be good for perspectives.

    While I have said I believe humans can affect global temps, I have also identified what I see as major flaws in the “story line” which helps support accusations of propaganda. And for the record, I do believe certain scientists in this whole thing have massaged data to support their answer.

    But lets focus on one factor……..AVERAGE TEMP. Not why it is a stupid parameter but what it could mean in terms of those numbers that make up an average. Notice how many dismiss the whole warming threat based only on the argument “hell it is only 1 to 2 degrees anyway”.

    First of all, the change is reported in Celsius. So a 2 degree change in C would be about a 3.6 degree change in F (1.8 F per 1.0 C) Still doesn’t seem like a big deal, right!

    Well this is where the WHEN and WHERE becomes so important. As in when is the time period for determining the “average” and where does that apply. The where is critical because it dictates the upper and lower limits that make up the “range” from which the average is calculated.

    For example, in the western Oregon country the highs and lows form a much smaller range than do temperatures in N. Nevada or most of Idaho, Montana or Wyoming, and even “eastern” Oregon.

    And I submit it is the extremes that become more important to human flourishing than the average itself. So let me give you a very, very, simplified example of what I mean.

    Assuming an “average” temp and that this avg is based on only TWO values. A high and low each representing HALF of the sample period, ie 1/2 of the year. I will also assume a “low” temp and then calculate the “high” needed to reach the average.

    1) Assumed Avg. of 65 F, and a Low of 40 F results in a High of 90 F

    2) Assumed Avg. of 68 F, and a Low of 42 F results in a High of 94 F

    Now here I assigned 2 degrees of the 3 degree avg change to the low temp, increasing it by 2 degrees, to 42. So a 3 degree F change in the avg resulted in a 2 degree increase in the Low AND a 4 degree increase in the High.

    This would reflect a drier climate where higher lows and highs might occur. But what about those who experience more severe winters, like those of the NE the past two years.

    3) Assumed Avg. of 68 F, and a Low of 37 F results in a High of 99 F.

    So if we assume the 3 degree change in the avg, results in a 3 degree drop in the Low temp, we wind up with a 9 degree increase in the High temp.

    Now given our assumed climate of 1/2 cold and 1/2 hot, just imagine 6 months of 99 F temperatures, compared to 6 months of 90 F.

    Here is two key points to take away from this:

    A. Do not dismiss the potential impacts of a small change in the AVERAGE temps, even when displayed for a smaller region than EARTH. The changes in the highs and lows can be greater than the change in the Average.

    B. Any average will not tell the story of impacts on humans, even in a smaller region, because the average is made up of 365 daily samples and/or averages that all must be adjusted to reach the “theoretical” average. The real issue regarding impact to humans is the change in extremes and the duration of very cold vs. warm/hot seasons.

    It is all about WATER supply and growing season. In the examples above you might do well growing lettuce in the first but not so good with corn. In the third you will have a very short season for lettuce but will do well with corn if you have the water. Same for wheat.

    Forest fires would be more prevalent in the third example than the first. Assuming no major changes in precipitation, which would be unlikely.

  9. Seems we have another EPA grant of $15000-this ones to make a device to monitor how much water quests use at a hotel/motel-then of course they will be able to force these hotels to buy, pay to install, and then hire people to keep up with and fill out the new government forms so they can report the usage. I think we all know what they will do with this information-they will have created a new form of taxation and of course higher costs to rent a room. Hey, government-you could at least skip a few steps-look at the water bills-may not be an exact science but it’ll give you a reasonable estimate. But that just isn’t your style is it!


    • Just A Citizen says:


      I cannot get a decent shower in Idaho thanks to the dopes in California.

      You see, they set the standards for appliance water use. Market size drives the manufacturers to comply with CA in order to save money.

      My Kitchen sink is even worse. Takes minutes to fill my stew pot with water. Unless I take it outside and use the hose…………bwahahahaha.

      • Order online from the over here! If you order it from a store close, I can pick it up and mail it to you if they won’t ship it, which they should. Easy fix for you Californication issue you have.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I would bet you have the same issues. The only chance of beating the standards is to find an older model still on a shelf.

          Next time your in the hardware store check the flow rates on faucets and shower heads. Not the head alone, but the valves with the heads.

          • When I ordered these things for the hospital I worked at, the “low flow” items were special order type items I ordered in bulk. We have the “water saving” stuff as well, but the higher flowing faucets and toilets are bigger sellers. People (like you) didn’t like the “water saver” crap because it was not a “time saver” which is more valuable for many. I see business’s go with the low flow stuff, households, not too much. I won’t buy it! 🙂

          • Real easy to fix….change the internal parts….readily available. Then you can have all the pressure up want…..what I don’t understand is the flow valves in hotels….I will just stand there longer in the water….it makes no sense.

      • If you buy a low flow toilet, make sure you have a plunger and toilet snake to go with it. When I remodeled my main bathroom several years ago, I installed a new toilet to match the other fixtures. Now it is plunge daily. Also, toilets need lots of flow to move the solids through the sewer lines. If the fall is not right on your sewer line, you can have clogs there as well.

        The last 2 bathrooms, I remodeled got the old toilet rebuilt and reset.

        Most low flow shower heads come with a restriction washer, Just remove the washer to get normal flow.

        • Dale A Albrecht@suddenlink.net says:

          At one of my nephews house, they have (2) buttons on the flush. # 1 is for quess what, and # 2 is for the obvious. Only low flow toilet I’ve seen that made sense. The rest where one size fits all, it’s T-Rays example or flush 2X which defeats the purpose, assuming it’s not clogged and you’re back to plunger and snake.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          At one of my nephews house, they have (2) buttons on the flush. # 1 is for quess what, and # 2 is for the obvious. Only low flow toilet I’ve seen that made sense. The rest where one size fits all, it’s T-Rays example or flush 2X which defeats the purpose, assuming it’s not clogged and you’re back to plunger and snake.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Low flow toilet clogging weekly ………..CHECK times two.

          Need for plunger………..CHECK, times two.

          Shower……….. The control is now in the Valve for New Installations. Cannot get to it to increase flow. Same for kitchen and bathroom faucets.

          If you are only replacing heads then you can remove the gaskets in the heads, when they have them.

          My new toilets have an interesting feature. If you hold the handle for a “normal” amount of time you get the expected rate of pluggin. But you can hold the handle down longer to drain the entire tank. More water, less plugging.

          But one would have to know it and change normal behavior to get the better volume.

          • Yep….same here. Makes you wonder about Washington DC……..with all the crap there, it has to be a constant flow…..no wonder California is dry.

        • Toilet talk on SUFA? Why not? Solved my problem overnight…kicked old man to the curb and switched to Scott Tissue…one ply! Six years now…only one problem. So was it the ex or the paper? Yep, JAC! Figured out the holding the handle down longer trick just a couple months ago. Haven’t let the kids in on that one yet.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Here is the million dollar question for California regarding its drought and “water conservation”.

      I learned it the hard way decades ago when Nevada went through the same thing.


      If not then don’t be pounding your damn water saving rules down my throat.

      People of California. If you want a reduced density life style you do not need to run to Idaho or Montana. Just use all the water you want. There won’t be any for the new people, and some might even leave.

      I suggest you ration your water on the basis of all water rights. Oldest to the youngest, based on residency.

      That would address the FARMERS needs better than the current system.

      • Welcoming in more poor people from South of the border is even dumber. Back when NYC first started mandating the metering of apartment buildings in the 1980’s it was assumed taht landlords in the more affluent areas would pay more and the cost be passed on to the tenants through rent increases. After a few years it became obvious that the converse was true. Poorer people waste water at a much higher rate than the wealthy.

        We did a study at my agency. The reasons were if I remember correctly. Poor people tend to be home more than working people. Poor people tend to have larger families. Poor people tend to rent rooms to boarders in their apartments and poor people have more washing machines in their apartments than do the wealthier folk.

        I also have to say from personal experience as a building manager, they tend to let water run all day. Not paying for it they make no effort to conserve. Landlords in multi-families are bnot akllowed to individyually mThey also produce more garbage than wealthier people.

      • Construction in CA is unabated except for the economy. Finally after 3 years of drought the HOA’s are relenting and allowing owners to replace lawns with drought resistant landscaping and astroturf. Even then there are still too many green lawns. My lawn goes brown in the summer. All my water goes to keep my fruit trees alive. Even so, I lost 8 last year. I have not watered anything yet this year but will need to start in another month if we do not get any rain. This has been the driest winter of the last four. If next winter is bad, we are in serious trouble.

        We passed a bond measure last fall but only a 1/4 of it goes to storing more water. Most of it goes to “green” projects and conservation measures. New reservoirs will take too long to help in this drought. One thing that could be done is to dredge the current reservoirs while they are low. You could sell the silt for top soil. It might even have some gold in it. But that would be muddying the water and the enviros don’t like that unless they get to do it. The state won’t let miners dredge the streams for gold while extracting mercury as well but they will pay the greenies to dredge and let them have the gold.

        The war on farmers continues. The developers want the water reserved for ag so they can build more houses with green lawns.

  10. Why are there checkpoints involving the Border Patrol, when they can’t do crap about illegal alien? http://www.prisonplanet.com/video-border-patrol-rips-innocent-family-out-of-car.html

    This reminds me of all the idiotic Climate Change crap.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Some interesting analysis for tax planning, if you are interested.


    • Nothing new here — issue has always been there, just SLIGHTLY more pronounced given the additional 3.8% tax. But don’t let the tax tail wag the dog. I see it way too many times.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        We TOTALLY AGREE on that. Way to many time, even got caught up in it way back when. Then realized I was making decision based on the tax burden instead of final Return on Investment after tax.

        The info was not new but the vast majority probably have never considered it. Just like they don’t realize that a 30% drop in asset value requires a 70% gain just to get back to even.

        I was so hoping to get under the 3.8% penalty threshold, but now I find there is a Schedule K coming soon. It took me two hours yesterday to find where they put the ACA 3.8% tax. I have never had to look closely at the “other taxes” category and missed it each time I skimmed the instructions.

        Now as to gaming the tax, this new 3.8% will apply to ALL of my future rental income, which was part of our retirement planning. So thanks to your DEMOCRAT friends I am now short 3.8%, which brings my ROI below 5%. Needless to say I am not happy with the Democrats today who passed this thing.

        On a related subject, another issue I always had with “financial planners” was the assumption that you should defer income into the future because in retirement you will be taxed at a lower bracket rate. I tried to show them the fallacy for anyone who had income beyond wages, but they just repeated the claim.

        Well since then the “effective tax rates” have increased, new taxes like the ACA imposed, and most importantly many deductions people have while working go away once retired. And I doubt we will see LOWER tax rates in the future.

        I also am having heart burn over how the Gov is getting a bonus on my rare period jumps in income from selling assets. Because they use the gross gain to establish the AGI which in turn triggers various thresholds, like the ACA tax and the AMT.

        Sorry there Buck, venting a little. Can you tell I have been suffering my annual close encounter with the tax rules? 🙂

        Hope your surviving the weather.

        • “Now as to gaming the tax, this new 3.8% will apply to ALL of my future rental income, which was part of our retirement planning. So thanks to your DEMOCRAT friends I am now short 3.8%, which brings my ROI below 5%. Needless to say I am not happy with the Democrats today who passed this thing.”

          Sounds like its time for you to raise the rent…

          For the rental income – any way of turning it into active management to make such income part of an ordinary trade or business?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            We had this discussion before and I know you and Mathius disagreed but here is the reality.

            I cannot just raise the rent. The Value of Rent is determined by the Renters. If I raise the rent I get more vacancy, less revenue. Less than if I do not raise the rent.

            I have had these properties for 27 years and I have never been able to recapture tax increased via rent increases. My margins just get smaller.

            You guys forget that the rest of us do not live in NY City, and its burbs.

            Just for comparison, the rent I get for a two bedroom house is 950/month, although it is a very old house and looks like a very old house. But the “newer” homes of same size and bedrooms rent for no more than 1100 per month.

            I think you see there is little margin there for improvements, let alone higher taxes.

            My rental income is active, not passive, but under IRS rules is still “investment”.

            The only way to turn rental income into “business” income is to become a “real estate professional”. Interesting how they got special rules carved out for them! In short, I would have to start buying and selling real estate periodically and get licenses as a Realtor/Broker.

            The only solution long term is to trade the houses into other property that can be used for a different category of income. Such as Ranch/Farm or something like that where the income is from a business located on the land acquired via the exchange. Or suck it up and get my licenses and go back to working more regular…. 😦

            • Taking a quick break….grabbing my handy dandy IRC Code and Regulations book off my bookshelf…flipping through the pages on net investment income tax and passive activity rules…more flipping….aha!

              469(c)(7)(B)Taxpayers to whom paragraph applies.—This paragraph shall apply to a taxpayer for a taxable year if—
              469(c)(7)(B)(i) more than one-half of the personal services performed in trades or businesses by the taxpayer during such taxable year are performed in real property trades or businesses in which the taxpayer materially participates, and
              469(c)(7)(B)(ii) such taxpayer performs more than 750 hours of services during the taxable year in real property trades or businesses in which the taxpayer materially participates.

              Does this apply to you?

              Of course note that I am by no means an expert in this specific tax topic, though have been involved in various aspects with respect to its application to trusts and estates.

              Further note the standard caveat that I am not your attorney and this does not constitute legal advice, rely on this at your own risk, yada yada yada.

              That being said, I’d be happy to spend more time researching and sending you a bill for a nice steak dinner if you are ever in the NYC area! 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:


                The key phrase which disallows its application is “in trades or business”. The IRS treats Rental Income as INVESTMENT not as a business or trade. I had a lengthy discussion on this point during my audit last year. Especially since management and maintenance of my rentals is MY full time job. I have no other job or business. The answer was it is an Investment unless I qualify as a Real Estate Professional. Then it becomes a “business or trade”.

                The issue during the audit was my expensing costs associated with finding other properties. They said that unless I was a Real Estate Professional, these expenses were not allowed. Because they are simply the cost of new investments. Meaning they are only deductible if I actually purchase the new property.

                I qualify for ACTIVE investment in that more than 50% of my time, etc is spent managing and maintaining the rentals. Just not a business or trade.

                Don’t ya just love diving into the IRC?? I figure it must feel like dumpster diving. 😉

              • Just A Citizen says:


                If you could SAVE me some money I would gladly come back there and buy you a steak dinner. Hell I might even bring the steaks. Ya got a place we can butcher the beef without getting the neighbors upset?

              • The general rule is that rental income is a passive activity, yes. However, the code and regs demonstrate the exception as I just laid out. Nowhere that I know of does there exist a requirement to be licensed as a Real Estate Professional. Again, not my specialty so I may be missing something here.

                If you qualify as active management, then the rental income should not be subject to the 3.8% surtax from my understanding. Whether or not the cost of new investments is deductible is another question entirely. Based on what you are telling me, and without diving back into this dumpster (I tend not to dumpster dive for free ya know!), it seems to me that the rental income is not subject to the surtax.

              • Don’t bring the steaks — long trip to be carrying steaks….I know quite a few excellent establishments for a good drink, great steak and fine wine.

              • JAC – not sure if you’ll see this but take another look at those Regs. From my understanding if you satisfy the two tests I cited to, you would be considered a ‘real estate professional’ and NOT subject to the surtax.

                Have a great weekend!

  12. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Obama floats idea for compulsory voting in Cleveland. Citing money swaying voters and takes a swipe at States putting in voter ID laws. He neglected to say that he personally raised at fund raising $742M in the last election cycle, 67% of what the DNC raised.

    here is a view of the countries that have mandatory voting and the consequences.


    • I have a colleague that lives in Belgium with mandatory voting. He goes into vote, takes the ballot, does not mark anything and leaves.

  13. I’ve been reading that very soon whites will not be the majority in this Country anymore. I have to wonder what is going to happen when people realize that the same problems still exist-they simply don’t have the white man or racism to blame anymore.

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    I know this is an old story but I still cannot describe the anger I feel towards those two cops and the jackasses trying to defend their murdering that man.

    All it takes is some dope to call the cops on your handicapped child and two cops like this and you have a dead kid.

    Guess what you shit for brains Cops……….. mentally handicapped people do not follow your instructions just because you got a uniform on.

    Sorry folks,


    • They can back peddle, use a night stick, a tazer, any number of remedies. Guns were not called for.

      • One of them obviously couldn’t back peddle-I was surprised by this admission-I would think just a good cop and especially a supposed expert in handling this type of situation would have considered the possible need for a path of retreat.

        I have to say that I have noticed incidences where it seems like the police involved help create the bad situation by not thinking. I also wonder if in some situations they are given enough information about the call so they will be better prepared for what will most likely happen.

        • They both had a retreat path. A screw driver can be fatal if lucky but not likely. The guns should have never left their holsters. Once one officer shoots, the the other will automatically follow thus the fatal nature of the incident. This was a totally unnecessary shooting.

    • Why is no one questioning the judgement of the mother?

  15. Interesting-are these the radicals that leftest need-was surprised by the talk about depression-and a little heartened by her waking up to the extremism.


    • http://www.truthrevolt.org/videos/bill-whittle-criminal-arrogance-hillary-clinton

      This is much more useful. Let’s have some fun with it.
      Will Hillary Rodham Clinton be charged under the US code mentioned in the video?

      • Nope

      • Oh, I thought that was rhetorical 🙂

        Of course not, the higher up one goes in the government the less likely any of them will be charged with anything. Funny, that’s not how it works in the real world.

        • I will say no as well, but, if Obama wants to throw her under the bus, Eric Holder may be called upon. Basically, if Obama “doesn’t” want Hillary to be President (or even a chance to be one), he has some serious power to wield. I think I would rather see the latter, at least the rule of law can be upheld for a change.

          • I have no doubt that Obama is willing to throw her under the bus-and is doing so at the present time-but I think he will do this while at the same time trying to hide the fact that he is doing it. So pretty sure he won’t go as far as siccing Holder on her unless he can make it look like he was forced too.

            • This would be a no brainer for Obama. Just leak a few more details, call his buddies John Boehner and Mitch McConnel and when they demand justice, he will have his “it isn’t my fault” moment.

    • Offhand, knowing nothing of the case or the attorney but having dealt with literally hundreds of attorneys in court I would say he is probably a totally obnoxious prick that certain judges were just waiting to slip up. And, he was kind enough to do so.

      • From my reading up on him, I doubt that was the case.

        And even if so, absolutely amazing that he action would get this result whereas the hundreds of other attorneys who have provided extremely ineffective counsel to death row clients don’t even get a slap on the wrist. Seems more likely to me that the judges were waiting for him to slip up, however innocently or minor, simply because he was effective at his job.

  16. I have a question-the democrats are filibustering the Human Trafficking bill because of the Hyde amendment-now the Hyde amendment allows abortions in the case of rape, incest, and life of the mother. Wouldn’t most if not all pregnancies resulting from human trafficking fit the definition of rape?

    • Doing so would result in a real burden to many of these women who are already facing a lot of unknowns and difficult times. For one, would the woman have to report the rape? Somehow prove she was raped?

      For another issue, this is a bit different from the Hyde Amendment in other scenarios as this deals with a victim compensation type fund and does not represent funds raised from taxes (if I understand it correctly).

      • I do not believe reporting the rape is a normal requirement of the Hyde amendment-and if I am right and I think I am-also no one mentioned having to report the rape in the discussions of this bill-Which I seriously believe they would have after the 20 week abortion ban disagreement-that only leaves in your first point the idea that the woman would be burdened somehow-I also think this is highly unlikely-I am adamantly against abortion and I would not stand up and try to argue that a woman who has been forced into prostitution and is literally a slave wasn’t a victim of Rape.

        As far as your second point-need more information-but don’t see where it would make any difference where the funds came from-it would make sense to me that if there was a question about how these funds could be used, actually having the Hyde amendment attached which states only in case of-would make the expense going towards an abortion-more likely.

        • 1 — I honestly don’t know how the rape exception works. Is it enough for any woman to simply say she was raped and that’s the end of it? I don’t normally condone lying but…

          2 — The difference is that the argument for the Hyde Amendment is that taxpayers should not be forced to fund abortion. If the fund does not derive from tax dollars, if it is in fact a completely separate fund, then that argument doesn’t apply.

          • I need to go back and reread the Hyde amendment-but I’m pretty certain that is exactly how it works. Which is one of the reasons I argue that abortion on demand on viable babies is caused by these exceptions-even in the case of the mothers life when the reasoning it is based on isn’t really the life of the mother. But that’s a different conversation.

            Okay, I missed the point of your second argument the first time around. So where do these funds come from?
            Anyone know before I’m force to go looking? 🙂

            • Not 100% sure but from my understanding the funds are derived from somewhere other than tax dollars.

              • Looked it up-the funds are from fines imposed on the traffickers. Will think about this more tomorrow-must sleep.

              • Let me know where you come out…

              • I will-need to look at the Hyde amendment again, it is a little complicated when it comes to when it applies. I know it applies to medicaid, and something about going through appropriations-not sure how that works. And supposedly there are some other laws that come into play that were written to go along with the Hyde amendment. I’ll post it-in case anyone wants to read it.


              • Forgetting all other instances for a minute, why in this case, where the fund is derived entirely from fines imposed on the traffickers, should it apply here?

              • Well that is one of the questions I am trying to answer. But it has lead to another question that I don’t know the answer to yet. Is the distinction based on the difference between fines and taxes?

                I see words about federal funds, no specific mentions of taxes-I see an apparent difference between federal funds and state funds- and between private funds and federal funds. But where does it make a distinction between taxes and fines.

                I also see the line about appropriations-can only tax money be appropriated?

                Then we have the Mexican City policy which makes it illegal to pay for abortions in other countries-I don’t know but I’m assuming human trafficking may lead to actions in other countries.

                I also see that it was the clear intent of this amendment and the other bills passed- to stop Federal monies from paying for abortions.

                And last but not least-just because the amendment doesn’t have to be attacked doesn’t mean it can’t be.

              • attached not attacked-too much talk about rape.

          • Well crap, I’ve gotta go-carry on

          • the abortion exception requires two doctors to agree that the reason for the late term abortion is true and that it follows the law. So yeah the woman can lie-unless you think there is some way the doctor can prove she hasn’t been raped or would even try.

            • What if there are no medical signs of rape?

              • I think your asking the wrong question-Would the lack of medical signs prove the woman wasn’t raped? Not to mention in the normal course of events, if the woman had been raped it was several months in the past-5 or 6 months ago.

              • The lack of medical signs cannot prove the woman wasn’t raped, but it could lead to doctors not to agree that the reason (rape) is true.

              • I think you’re giving my use of the word “true” to much weight. I do not know the official language used-just the basics-so I used true to cover the spectrum of exemptions.

  17. http://www.inc.com/erik-sherman/starbucks-ceo-howard-schultz-trips-over-race.html

    Ahh, if I only had the nerve and money, I’d hire seventy five actors to stand in Starbucks and hand out bogus applications for the KKK. Would be a hoot on the 6 o’clock news.

  18. Thought I would paste this here and get some opinions. Her/it’s comments show a severe racist tone to the point of hatred. I asked her what she would like to do to fix the problem of “blacks”, bring in the military and wipe them out? This is her reply (What is a Celt?)


    No. Wow. Scratch the surface of a Marxist/Anarchist – and the lust for violence and bloodshed ALWAYS oozes out.
    I propose a change of heart and mind.
    I propose that EVERY-ONE drop the Luciferian insanity that “We are all alike underneath/Race doesn’t matter”.
    We have centuries of real world, every single day verification of the demented fraud ands FAILURE of “racial integration”.
    Acknowledge the horrific mistake.
    The only people who want “integration” are those feeding off the Beast, or those authors of White Genocide.
    I believe in Freedom of Association.
    People naturally, healthily segregate according TO Race, since Race is merely extended family. Blacks want this; they merely want Whitey to pay for their existence. They’ve got ten very used to a lifestyle they would not ever be able to create on their own. But They are not my natural problem. I don’t care about Negroes at all. I care about my own People. (which does not include YOU, given your cavalier and despicable approach to race) I don’t want o e FORED todealwith ny-one I choose not to associate with, and ILOATHE having my resources 0 time, energy, and money, being confiscated for the benefit of racial competitors/predators, who will and DO kill My People for NO REASON AT ALL, EXCEPT RACIAL HATRED OF WHITES.
    Each to their own. Racial Divorce. Part Racial Mongrelization Company for good.
    ALL of the “racial problems will evaporate IMMEDIATELY, with total segregation. People will be able to survive, flourish or fail on their own terms. Those who are already mongrelized can choose to set up their own society. But those who choose to live as we are will be allowed to do so, free of the Multi CULT-I enforcers. After all – if “integration: is so very de sirable – why does this social engineering need to be FORCED by guns, laws, and jackboots?
    Free association is TRUE freedom. Capiche?

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celts

      Bill O’Reilly called it the “culture War” for a reason. T’aint the “race” McGee, it is the culture or lack thereof.

      It is awfully easy these days to hate a culture where the primary proponents are people like Al Sharpton. I grew up in a very mixed neighborhood in the ’50’s where blacks though unofficially segregated in their housing to some extent, freely mixed on the streets, in the schools and in the stores/restaurants. Outside of their skin color they were no different than the Irish, Germans, Jews, Puerto Ricans, or Greeks in the neighborhood.

      There were very few problems. The aim of the country back then was very common sense and not government driven. Common sense told you that to succeed you had to adapt. To be accepted by the dominant culture you had to become part of that culture. The “diversity” discovered at the tail end of the ’60’s and the Balkenization of America started driving wedges between ethnic groups for political reasons.

      My mom’s view of walking on the street circa 1964 and being passed by a group of black kids going to George Washington High School was certainly different than it was 20 years later when the “we” broke down in society. When the eldest was a Platoon leader in the Army ’98-’01 he would tell me that he had to explain to his black troops that there was no “back of the bus” in NY, Chicago and Boston in the ’40’s or ’50’s. They really did not believe him. The propaganda was so effective.

      Denise the Celt just buys into the propaganda from the other side. Just as dangerous. Funny, the bride is also of Celtic extraction and has the same name! She however taught for eight years in Red Hook Brooklyn, home of the largest Public Housing Project in the US.Conservative to a fault sometimes, she does not have a racist bone in her body. Go figure!

      • She was a troll, just trying to change the subject. She needs to put the crack pipe down and get a life, LOL. Reading your link, I noticed it mentioned Scotland. My ancestors are from Scotland dating back to the 1600’s. I’ve always enjoyed reading about the history of that area, thanks for the link 🙂

        • Fascinating tracking the movements of people over millennia. At the NYC St. Patrick day parade, there were two bands, one from Galacia Spain and the other from Coastal France. The reason? They are of the same Celtic heritage as the Irish!

          Been putting off the $ 99 DNA test. Want to figure out where the slanty eyes and the red highlights (back in the olden days) in my beard came from. Probably have more of the basic Asian blood than Pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The Mongols invaded and conquered much of eastern Europe. I’m sure the seeds got planted then. Plus they held the Rus for some time. Those areas have changed hands so many times cross-pollination had to have occured

  19. Caught this one the other day.


    Those old sergeants I had back in the ’60’s were not terribly far off the mark when they regretted the loss of the brown shoe Army. The one that used to win wars rather than settle for a draw.

  20. Operation Jade Helm, a lengthy NorthCom exercise has Texas as a hostile State.

    D13, do you know anything about this?

    • Texas as a hostile State….

      makes sense to me 🙂

    • I hear it has to do with them reasserting their original boundaries.


      • Just A Citizen says:

        Same old theories under new “girly man names”.

        There was one very important thing in this article. An insight into what our Govt has apparently decided our ‘Foreign Policy” is all about. Notice it is not what we have been told about, maintaining stability, aiding democracy, or just opening up trade. It is much GRANDER in its ambitions and if it is our Goal, explains some of the things we see. While others seem to violate the goal. From the article:

        “In a word, the success of future strategic initiatives and the ability of the U.S. to shape a peaceful and prosperous global environment will rest more and more on our ability to understand, influence, or exercise control within the ‘human domain,’” according to the white paper.”

        Got that? “Our future strategic initiatives” designed “to shape a peaceful and prosperous global environment”. Our strategic goal is to “shape” the entire world to our liking.

        Anyone else realize just how BIG a task of INTERVENTION this requires? And all the things that can be wrapped up in that flag. Like maybe Global CO2 emissions?

        I have asked the hard core Greenies over the years how many lives they are willing to expend in a WAR to force other nations to meet their Environmental Goals. I usually got a lot of sputtering. Now and then one would admit the obvious. “Well we need to cut the Global population by 50% anyway”.

        Who wants someone who thinks like that anywhere near the POTUS Chair, SEDEF, SOS, etc, etc..

        P.S. I wonder if the Generals devising these training and tactical exercises realize the goal they are working for is being undermined by their Commander in Chief. You have no chance of “shaping” the world to our liking if you are NOT THE HEGEMONIC power.

        • Interesting hypothesis. I see it as getting people used to having the military on the streets and in their lives, on US soil. Practicing the extraction of those who are political enemies, the reason for the night time helicopter us (SWAT like hits, when people are most vulnerable).

          I just read that FEMA will with hold Federal funds to States who do not play the Climate Change game. I also read that Russia is ordering the “employers” are to provide safety equipment in case of nuclear or chemical attack (gas masks and other equipment).

          We got issues that we are not being told about. Russia acting much worse than during the Cold War, the division within our country that could explode at any moment. WTF? Do you remember our nation being this much of a clusterf@#k?

          • Example:

            Nothing makes sense for investors any more …

            Massive expansion of the money supply — yet the dollar grows stronger every day … and inflation is virtually non-existent…

            War, terrorism and geopolitical crises spread like wildfire — yet gold and silver collapse …

            The economy stagnates, pessimism abounds and the American Dream is all but dead — yet the stock market booms…

            All this has left millions of investors dazed, confused and scrambling for answers.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Yes, several times.

    • Know nothing of it….give me 24 hours.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day, well MY thought. If you have followed my discussion about “taxes”, or if you have done your own, you know that the “system” doesn’t treat those of us who do the right thing very well.

    That is if you scrimp and save, invest, delay expenses, and plan for a retirement that does not burden Govt, you will get scalped. You look around and see the more irresponsible doing as well or better, because your taxes are going to them via “credits”. As Romney said, the Rich and the Poor are doing pretty fine, it is the rest of us who are getting hammered.

    That doesn’t include how those of us who honored our mortgage debts after the 2007 crash were stuck with TWO bags of crap. The loss of asset value, and the increased taxes to pay the bailouts for the Rich and Unemployed/Poor.

    So here is my thought, actually a bit of confession. I find it very hard to not fall into the trap of getting even or fighting for MY OWN benefits. In other words, if not for the work I have done on my principles I would be screaming for Tax Breaks, etc, for ME and to hell with everyone else.

    This is the feeling and resulting reaction that fractures our Society. This is what creates laws filled with carve outs and special subsidy, that in effect UNDERMINE the very concept of Justice.

    The modern “liberal” howls about equal treatment of Gays, about 4% of us, but have no problem administering UNEQUAL treatment under the law to the majority of us, based on nothing but our income or personal values.

    This creates a second question/notion. Why doesn’t the 14th amendment apply to ALL LAWS? Why should any citizen be treated differently in any aspect of the law from any other?? Answer………They should not.

    • This leads to my thought of the day. Recently, Obama spoke about mandatory voting. Basically, I see this as his desire to pass a law that all citizens must vote. The result of not voting could be a fine (tax). I found this quite interesting that something of this nature would require a legal identification card, which of course, he is opposed too. Which leads me to believe that Obama is as mentally ill as Hitler 😀

  22. Just A Citizen says:


    In case you didn’t see it, go back to our discussion about the 14th amendment. I posted a link to Natelson’s work on the meaning of “privileges” as used during the 1700 and 1800’s.

    Basically, it means “an exception” to the law. This would be consistent with my argument that it is not the marriage license itself that is subject to the 14th, but the various property and tax laws that then discriminate FOR the married couple over anyone not married.

    One gets automatic right to inheritance, the others have to file papers. One gets automatic tax breaks others do not. Although this is changing again.

    Got to run for the weekend but would love to continue that discussion one of these days when you have time.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Have fun folks, Gotta run…………weekend road trip.

    Bro in laws birthday and visit Son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

    Go Zags.

  24. Interesting report from the Manhatten Institute……..obamacare through the state exchanges 49% higher than the private insurance it replaced.

  25. Just A Citizen says:


    A little funky variables but it does show the differences. Perhaps some assumptions need to be rechecked.

    • Are military included in these charts?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        No. Military is almost never included in any Got employment of jobs data. If it is included it is usually identified within the data or graph..

        Many exclude the post office as well, because of its unique category.

    • The real question is how many are associated with the ACA that do not get included in the cost of insurance. This would reflect the true cost of the healthcare. Note that the vast majority of government workers associated with the ACA add no value to my doctor visits.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I don’t think we will ever see an accurate cost for the ACA. There are to many parts and to many programs. Some costs are pushed to Medicaid and others moved from Medicare but then some new taxes into Medicare.

        We will have to look at the combined “medical program” costs, including payments to states to get a handle on the Fed’s portion. Then each State will have to be evaluated separately to see what changes happened there.

        I still maintain there is not way the actual “cost of health care” is going to decline from the ACA. In fact it should rise. Unless the Govt starts imposing restrictions on reimbursement and/or services provided.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    Now for those wondering who has been lying to you, check out a different breakdown of govt jobs. Notice that the only drop in govt employment from the level in 2009 was in state and local. The fed has declined since the census, but is still higher than when Mr. O took office.

    It should also be noted that govt hiring at state and local levels is now on the rise, as tax bases start to grow again. Oh, State and Local govt accounted for about 19 million people in 2010.

  27. Just A Citizen says:


    Re; fines vs taxes and appropriations.

    Depending on the legislation that authorized the “fines” they could be dedicated by law, thus in the budget but not mixed with other money.

    Or they can be mixed with other sources of funds, including taxes and then appropriated accordingly.

    Many of the fines I am aware of are kept in the records as “fines”, not taxes, but are still appropriated by Congress. Even if allocated by law to certain items.

    For example, Fines could be earmarked to Trail improvements. But congress could decide to NOT APPROPRIATE the full “Fine Fund” to Trail work in any given year.

    Why do this?? Clinton was the first I experienced doing this. By keeping the fund in the “bank” it creates the appearance the Govt has ASSETS on the books. Even though those assets are obligated for some future date.

    This is the same thing they do with Social Security and Medicare. The POT of funds not being spent counts toward ASSETS, while they underplay the liability.

    Wish there was a straightforward answer but as with all things Govt, …… IT DEPENDS.

    • Thanks, no questions right now-gonna have to think about this for a little while. 🙂

  28. Khameni just announced that any negotiations with the U.S. are non binding because Iran or any Muslim nation can break any deal because they are Infidels.

    • Just remembered a word from my one and only attempt at sociology. It is the word that neither Charlie nor Matt nor even Buck can probably wrap their heads around but explains perfectly what it is like trying to deal with these Moslem folks.

      noun: ethnocentrism

      evaluation of other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards and customs of one’s own culture.

      • I did a double major in history and anthropology/sociology- I am more than familiar with the term. I wholeheartedly agree that it perfectly sums up many talking (or perhaps criticizing is a better word) Muslims and Islam!

        • Just so we all know open and out front what we are dealing with. Ever see “Lawrence of Arabia?”

          • Of course

            • I always loved the scene where the guide takes him to met Faisel and Faisel shoots the guide. That’s what got me to read “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” and a few other books on the Arab revolt. Couple that with the beginnings of the Vietnam war at the time and I got a real lesson in that ethnocentrism thing. A Few early Special Forces handbooks on insurgency didn’t hurt either.

              • Ummmm…..have I missed something….you read Special Forces handbooks on insurgency…..were you with 5th Group?

              • I don’t understand why people are getting so upset at the cost of health insurance under the ACA…and the ever increasing deductibles of the health insurance under tha ACA. They were warned. I do not understand why people are so upset at not being able to keep their doctor and/or their plan. They were warned. I do not understand why people are upset at the cost of health insurance in the states where the exchanges were formed? They were warned. I do not understand why people are so upset that the cost of health insurance through state run exchanges is 35% greater than the cost of health insurance in those states that rejected the exchanged. They were warned. I do not understand why people are so upset that decreases in health premiums never happened. They were warned.

                And now, these same people are upset to the point of rioting because obamacare premiums are going to rise another 18% by September 2015. They were warned. Why are people becoming upset that by the end of December 31, 2015, it is forecasted that the majority of the doctors will not be accepting Medicare and Medicaid. They were warned.


              • Uh oh…….that posted in the wrong place….so sorry.

              • Colonel, No sir, would love to have been, just picked them up along the way and inhaled the knowledge. Thought it might come in handy some day.

                Still learning. Recommended T.R. Fehrenbach’s book on Korea, “This Kind Of War” to a Korea era vet the other day and passed on my copy. I scanned it first since I had not re-read it in over 20 years. The guy nailed it. Anyone who officered in Vietnam should have read it, that and Bernard Fall’s books too. If we only paid some attention to the people we fight and their belief systems.

                Here are some Fehrenbachs quotes circa 1960:


                The wonderfulness of this internet thing then led me to research the author who, like you was a life long Texan and Army officer. I discovered that he wrote a History of The Comanches and their demise as well as a history of Texas. God help me, as if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I ordered both of them up from Amazon for $ 22 bucks. Next up, will be his history of Mexico if I live that long.

                Getting this straight. Was AFROTC in college ’64-’66 planned to make it a career. Medically disqualified in 67, Enlisted in the Army, OCS option in ’69. They surprisingly found out about the AF and I was disqualified from a commission there too. Did my time as an EM though, Combat engineer in Missouri. Later was allowed to take a commission in the NY Guard until I moved from the state. Now, some crazy Dads encourage their kids to be all state baseball, football or basketball players because they couldn’t. I encouraged mine towards the military. Would not have been upset if they did not serve but surprisingly all three took commissions, Army, Navy and Air Force. Two are still drilling reservists. All have greatly benefited (which they admit on their own) from the experience.

                After WW 2 I know my own father wanted to stay but he was pushing thirty, had been married for over three years and had not seen my Mom for all but a month and a half of that time. She did not go for it. His stories though, mostly about the men he served with and his experiences led me to believe that everyone should at least try it out, especially if you have an interest in people and the human condition in general. There IS NO CIVILIAN EQUIVALENT.

  29. During my research on the Trafficking bill-I came across this-I think it’s a legitimate question-why aren’t they just strenghtening the current program.


  30. Wow-Pelosi and Reid disagree on an abortion issue.
    Or-they should fix the physician deal but is this the right way
    Or- even why does the Human trafficking bill codify abortion language but the language in this one doesn’t because the language expires-won’t the language in the other one die too at some point.


  31. WWIII is getting closer everyday the way this idiot in the Whitehouse is going.

    • The Nuke genie has been stoppered in the bottle since ’91, a quarter of a century. These youngish assholes plus some older ones seem to have no friggen idea what they seem hell bent on unleashing. With the shrinkage of the nuke stockpile down to a few thousand small yield warheads and no more MIRV’s. There actually is talk of a “survivable war” .

      Why don’t these people all just go and watch:

  32. On the Beach……great movie

  33. Just watched a news clip of John Kerry from Friday last. He was suddenly sadden that Iran is not following the “rules”……really, Kerry Baby….you are upset because Iran is not following rules? Unbelievable…..these guys really do have their head buried in the sand. You better get ready…….even if Iran actually agrees by month’s end….do not expect them to keep it. They will NOT……

    Be ready, Kerry Baby, there will be a huge mideast nuclear arms race when Iran gets the bomb. AND, Kerry Baby…..do you not see the Shiite/Sunni war about to begin in earnest?

    • This entire administration is a National Embarrassment and causing far more problems than we should be allowing. The way I see it, we are not far away from me thinking that we need to let our military remove these bums and start over with some fresh and less corrupt faces with a lot more rules on what they can and can’t do.

      • Don’t even think that! As Junior and I discussed last week, when the revolution comes, there will be NO way of controlling it.

        We got lucky once but always remember the French Revolution and the ensuing “terror” were supposed to be like our revolution. We were uniquely blessed in 1776-82 then again after 1861-65. I don’t think the Deity feels that way anymore.

    • It is so sad for them, the BeBe speech made people pay attention to the negotiations for the first time. 5,000 reactors is NOT reasonable! Now, folks can see the whole thing was nothing but a house of cards from eh beginning as is the entire Obama foreign policy.

      God help his successors, it will take more than twenty years to sort out the mess he left plus beau coup American lives I fear.

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