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I can almost see Black Flag saying this to JAC  😀


  1. Starting the day with a laugh is always helpful 🙂

    • Actually, this is ending up as serious. However, this is as it pertains to surface runoff. I tried to find some information on whether or not, like in Mexico, if the state owns subsurface rights as well. We have a spread in San Miguel, Mexico…..and we paid 50,000 bucks to be able to drill a water well…even then, we can only pump so much water. The permit is good for ten years.

      In Texas, we own our minerals unless we sell them…water falls under minerals.

  2. http://www.prisonplanet.com/conspiracy-theorist-arrested-after-calling-sandy-hook-shooting-fake.html

    Rights? What stinking Rights? You don’t have no Rights around here.

    Apparently, being stupid is now a crime.

  3. Indeed!

  4. Just A Citizen says:
  5. By now, everyone should know the story about this cop shooting an unarmed black man :


    I’m going to beat a drum for a moment, so bare with me. I have been harsh with cops who I see doing wrong and have posted those videos. I have also supported some cops and others in their actions resulting in a death. There is actually a website that only covers these issues. But, speaking of the above story, it is imperative that we the people always question the official story, no matter the event.

    I have questioned many official stories, including the 911 attacks and most recently, the Sandy Hook shootings (or fake shootings). I, as a nobody with a little knowledge of how things work, can rip huge holes in both events, with little problem and support everything I say with facts. But I’m a conspiracy theorist because I don’t blindly follow a corrupt governments official story. However, if not for someone filming this cop shooting the guy running away, the cop would not have been charged in the matter.

    The message is simple, always question what any government claims to be the official story, until the necessary evidence is presented that supports the claim. This may be, now, more than ever, a necessary action to get control of these out of control governments, at all levels.

    This brings me to another issue, which is the police taking an action against people to raise revenue. I am of the conclusion that this is appalling and should not be tolerated by any society. It’s just another form of theft. I’m not very surprised that the sheople have been mostly silent on this issue. Shameful. I am lucky for the most part, these are not issues that I have to deal with locally. Do You?

    • To add to this story. There is one thing missing that should be considered. Did the man who was shot threaten to kill someone during the struggle with the cop, such as his childs mother, who is demanding child support, which is why he had a warrant for his arrest? If so, would that warrant the cops actions?

  6. French Unions are on strike in France. Here’s one of the comments from the article (it sounds so much like what we have here)

    These guys say “we want to work less and have more money”, and you pretend I’m ignorant ?
    I run a business in France, and my customers take my products and ask for copies in foreign countries where labour is cheaper.
    Then all these french people crying in the Streets will run to buy the cheaper products made in foreign countries. The concequences are unemployment in my company. And who will they blame ? Me !!!

    French don’t want to work, want to buy products from cheap countries only and then don’t understand why they will lose their job…

    If we want to improve France, we don’t have to change our politicians, but have to change our population


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The strikers in France are protesting the austerity actions taken by the “socialist” government of Hollande. On the other hand just a few years ago they voted Sarkozy out of office for the same thing and he was the conservative leader. Just the other week during nation wide elections the people overwhelmingly voted conservative. Schizophrenia worse than ours.

      When France went to the 35 or less hour work week several years ago it was SUPPOSED to help the unemployment problem. Current admitted rate is 10.4% The country has to 1st get rid of the laws that generally make it impossible for a compant to get rid of an employee regardless of the companies economic position or employees performance. Used to to work with many companies in France very upset that we could not get “their “communication” telecom companies out after the allotted time. Also when the workman hit his 6 the tools were dropped and they’d walk out. They were safe and the government sanctions and fines had a worse bite than an irrate customer.

      Back about 7 years ago a co-worker and I were asked by our corporate management to analyze and compare the costs of our business to do business in Europe to the US. We broke down the costs and overall it was 4.3 X more in Europe than here. The overwhelming costs were dictated by law and could not be touched. In other words the bulk of the difference was “social entitlements”

      • I am not surprised. When I traveled last year to France and Italy, the tour guides!!! were complaining about Socialism, the Muslims and the Gypsies. Not necessarily in that order.

        The one thing I honestly do not understand and I wish someone would explain (hear that BF/JAC) is why, with the prohibitive taxation, the quality of life over in Europe is as high as it is?

        If I were to hazard a guess, I suspect it is because Americans steal and cheat much better.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          One item for sure is that the EU in general has a GDP larger than the US. By all measures EU 16T-18T USD and the US 16T-17T USD. In general the EU spends on their military as a percent of GDP around 1.4% and the US as a percent of GDP 4.06. Japan only spends as a percent of their GDP around 0.8% on their military.

          In the EU the population is mostly of european ancestry. Example even in the UK the vast majority are still from the isles. Some relatively low percentage of asians, pakistanis and Indians and other.

          In Europe I think due to the relative like-mindness the people generally care about their homes and neighborhoods regardless of the economic status. I have never seen slums in the EU like you do here in major cities. I like the Rocky pictures because Stallone shows the transistion of the original neighborhood. The last film showed a burnt out destroyed neighborhood with very little if anything to commend it.

          I’m rambling, but where we lived in the west valley in LA in 1960, Ventura Blvd actually turned to dirt. Within roughly 15 years 4 generations of buildings went up. Starting at zero and farms to high-rise office buildings. Most european countries or cities have laws that prevent urban spread. People generally stay compacted and the agricultureal land mostly stays. The only folks that lived out there were the farmers. Here people keep spreading out and abandoning the center.

          Generalizations understand and my personal travels.

          Bronx anyone in 1979/80…it was a war zone

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The first step to address your question is to know how you measure “quality of life”.

          To me the USA quality of life is far greater, but headed in Europe’s direction.

          For someone who believes they should receive free health care then Europe would have a higher “quality” of life.

          So first explain what you mean by quality of life.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            There is a misnomer called free health care in Europe. It is anything but free. Nor is it all inclusive. A friend of mine from Sicily who live here, sends 100% of her income back home. Covering medical expenses not covered or the wait-time is to long, so she will pay for them to go to Switzerland as an example. Tuitions, Rent or mortgage and food when they are unemployed.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Unemployment in Sicily currently runs aroung 35%, Underemployed around 20%

          • They certainly don’t have the amount of “stuff” that we have but despite having three TV’s I too complain about too much stuff in my home. They seem to have all the essentials, do have the health care thing regardless of the attendant baggage and eat well. Public transportation is reasonably priced and very effective. So my question really comes down to with all the drain on incomes because of taxation for public services why does it seem almost as good as our lifestyle.

            I would ask the same about Canada. The eldest keeps harping on their Public Sector including single payer but they live pretty well. I would think their heating bills are pretty high compared to ours. The Canadian dollar makes us look like schnooks too.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              The answer is easy and I think you know it already.

              Tax like hell, redistribute the money and then only look at people getting health care, food and shelter. Thus the Scandinavian countries always rank high on “quality” and “happiness” indexes. But then look at pictures of them when not showing off for someone. Very few happy, happy, happy faces.

              Life for them is comfortable for most if not all. But it is not flourishing in the sense we Americans think of it.

              Ignore things like freedom, liberty and the ability to create your own destiny. Which might include have all that “stuff” the Europeans do not have.

              I have traveled extensively in western Canada and it fits the same description. Folks doing OK but many not happy about the interference and confiscation by the Federal and Provincial Govt.s. Some of Canada is also moving away from their “socialist” past, with less controls of economic factors.

              Perhaps the bigger question should be, how long can either be sustained. Europe taxes like crazy, we use printed money creating a tax on future generations. Of the two ours is most at risk from a monetary, economic standpoint. Because of massive debt and the need for inflation. Much of Europe is in this boat with us.

              Europe is also at risk of revolution fueled by thousands of years of tribalism and “memories” of past atrocities. The US could slip into another Civil War, although I think that more remote than the strife Europe is going to continue experiencing.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                JAC…Many years ago my Father was involved with a contract computerizing Canada’s healthcare system. He asked a question of one of the administrators about how do the people handle the obvious pitfalls of any system that is a one size fits all. The administrator replied that the Canadians accept “mediocrity”

                Everyone I worked with globally “except” contractors were salaried employees. When I was teaching in the UK, when 5:00 came around, if there was one person around it was only because they tripped on their way out the door. I swear by 5:01 the revolving door wiffed the last person heading home. There was NO way you could get anyone to come in off hours for training or anything.

                In 2002 I was teaching in Toronto and the employees of the company were constantly complaining about the taxes. One guys was talking 63%. He made far less than I did here and I was about 1/2 that tax rate.

                One way the Sicilians avoid property taxes is to NEVER fimish the home. There is always some portion incomplete. They use any method to screw the government in Rome. It took two years for me to get the tags on my car to be transfered from Firenze to Catania. That was even with the help of my landlord who was a Carabinieri.

                During the time Aldo Morro was kidnapped, the police and military crackdown was tough. If you had a car from another province, especially from mainland Italy you’d be quaranteed to be stopped with machine guns pointed directly at you. Some friends came to visit me and they were from DC at the time. Lilo’s family was from Messina and he spoke Sicilian. I was taking them out to dinner and I told them we were coming up to a road block and do not be shocked what you see.. Please do not speak any Italian, Sicilian at all. I had my id and was just going to show it to the officers and they’d wave me through as being one of them. As we came around the corner here was a tank sitting in the middle of the road. The barrel was pointed point blank at the windshield. I started my routine and the officer went to wave me through and my friend spouted off in Italian. Needless to say they were rudely removed from the car and his wife was subjected to a very thorough search in the street. I’m sure her husband did not get any treats the rest of the vacation.

                Now ask me if I’d live there. NO. I’d love to because the overall cost in Sicily is such that even with a fixed retirement income I’d live far better than here. Especially food wise. Now I’d NEVER let my “American” nationality be known. You’re considered rich, no matter what and most assuredly be robbed…..Here in the US I’ve never been the least bit accosted, burgled or anything. In the span of one month in Amsterdam, historical downtown at that, 4 attempts. The thing that saved me was situational awareness of what was going around me and also not just rolling over.

                Racial or cultural bias is huge in Europe no matter what our press or government says. We have problems but are nothing compared to the powder keg with the fuse lit in Europe. Their media reports all about the racism in America but DO NOT really report their issues. But our problem are big and blown bigger by media sensationalism but they are still aired for all to see. Just look at the mix in Europe of people comapred to US. There the mix is generally other europeans, not racial diversity. Here, we’re much more racially diverse in fact much more than just about anybody in the world. Problems yes but have done pretty good all and all.


        • SK
          As JAC said, what is your measure of “better life”?
          Certainly, if you can consume without having to pay, your life is GREAT! Any INDIVIDUAL measure of such a condition, however, does NOT measure the SOCIETY you are creating.

          You can live off your credit card for a good while. Under this condition, your live is GREAT.
          Do you believe, however, this is sustainable?

          The West has been consuming its savings (excess productivity) for decades. It is a miracle that is ignored; the awesome productivity of previous generations. The living generation has grown up in this plenty without understanding how it came to exist.

          The West (this is not merely a European condition) has consumed all the productivity of its parents and now consuming the future productivity of its children.

          The reckoning is just beginning.

          • You and I both believe that the day will come when a little voice from the crowd will suddenly blurt out, “The Emperor has no clothes”. Much longer in the coming than I thought it would be.

            Your take on comparing the collapse to come to the Wiemar Republic? In terms of economics please…..

            • Like Weimar, no.
              There is no case in modern economic history where an advanced economy has fallen to hyper-inflation sans losing a major war.
              There is no major war going on in the West, regardless of how bad the West wants one, let alone losing such a war.

              The collapse will be more along the lines of the fall of Rome. There was no “day” or “month” or “year” one can point to that determines “this is when Rome fell”. It occurred over a period of a 100 years, a steady decline until one day people realized Rome was not around. Rome was not around for a substantial period of time before such a realization, akin to watching your child grow up until one day you notice they’ve grown up.

              Western collapse will be a series of stages, all surrounding the supremacy of the Centralized State.

              There will be a series of staggered defaults on the payments and services provided by Centralized government. This is happening now.

              There will be “moving goal posts” of access to government loot. Retirement ages will be raised, “means tests” will be applied, more restrictions of access, all leading to the eventual ending of such “social services”.

              The Federal governments will do less and less more often, and with that, transfer political power to the next lower levels of government, who initially will not be able to absorb such services, which will themselves transfer such social services to the next lower governments, until such services are provided (or declined) by local civic governments.

              As such, the federal political landscape will fracture into smaller parts.
              There will still be “United States”, but it will be a change from “THE United States” to “THESE United States”, and inside the States themselves, will organize to more county and city jurisdictions exercising primacy over the State itself instead of the current other-way-around.

              • I was frankly afraid you would say that. Agreed!

              • A wonderfully optimistic view of the future 🙂 I hope you are correct, I really do. Would love to live out my final years just enjoying hunting, not HAVING too! In the mean time, I’ll just keep prepping for the worst and hoping for the best 🙂

              • Gman,
                Yes, continue to do your plan.

                My presentation is superficial in that it cannot describe the unknown consequences of such a retraction of government largess.

                There will be huge losers.
                They will themselves act in some way.

                Out of the near infinite options of action, all will create further consequences and so on.

                Within this range of consequences, severe shortages are possible, severe violence is possible, severe political upheaval is possible. Collapse of social order may occur, maybe local, maybe regional…. all which will affect many individuals in potentially severe ways.

                The overall meander will be to a more localized political system, but the path is long in time and may have many deep potholes. To get to the destination, you must still be alive.

                Preparation for severe consequences may not guarantee success, but any preparation improves the chances of success, even if it may be unnecessary.

  7. Will we ever learn, no we never learn……Russia and Belarus signed an agreement three years ago pretty much ensuring that Belarus is in puppet status. Today it is confirmed that Russia and Belarus have signed a defense treaty and 7 Russian Armored Divisions are now stationed on the Ukranian Belarus border and are conducting joint war exercises.

    In addition, Russia has sent envoys to Lithuania and Latvia warning them against aligning with NATO and the United States. Nine mechanized infantry units are now stationed on the Lith and Lat borders as a reminder of the old cold war.

    The United States and Poland are conduting their own war games utilizing aircraft and mechanized units. Russia is violating Finland air space to the point that just recently there have been several near miss incidents. Denmark has registered several complaints with the United Nations on the same thing as has Poland. Russia denounced the United Nations saying that they have no control over airspace.

    Can anyone old enough to remember say……………………..cold war revisted. Ukraine will be totally in Russian hands by 2016….bets anyone?

    • I happen to agree!

    • The one thing I have read about Russia, is they have continued to build bunkers for their citizens. Here, the US has done nothing to protect it’s citizens in the event of nuclear war. Our infrastructure has been mostly ignored compared to other nations like Russia and China. Either this is incredible arrogance or part of the long term plan, but it falls in line with predictions of the US population being under 70 million by 2025.

      • ROFL Seriously, GMan? You just leaped from conspiracy to all out crazy.

        • You should educate yourself on these things, which you haven’t. It’s out there. The facts are undeniable, these things are written and are all over the place. I don’t necessarily go with predictions, but one is by a CIA front site. Their reason is the economy, which might or might not be better than just a quick exit. Would you like the links, or can you get away from all the election stuff long enough to hunt for it 😀

    • You are getting back to one of my favorite new topics now. I don’t think I’d blame the Russians in particular.

      After sitting there quietly since the USSR collapsed and being generally mocked and made fun of by successive US and other western governments the bear stirs. I have to keep getting back to spheres of influence, our invasion of the USSR and of course our meddling in the border states which logic, if nothing else, should have told us must remain neutral for the foreseeable future has brought this all on. Both the Bush and Obama Administrations I fear have at least tacitly accepted that a nuclear war is survivable. No more MAD for them.

      Alfred Thayer Mahan the brilliant Naval theoretician was a particular favorite of Captain Murphy, my ROTC instructor in college. Murphy was a mustang from WW 2 who took his commission after WW 2 and retired a lowly but very bright Captain. 100 years ago, Mahan laid the next century and then some out, very clearly.


      • Just A Citizen says:


        I always get a kick out of the Socialists/Communists/Anarchists who go on and on about the US muddling around in Central and South America.

        The whole Banana Republic, etc, driven by nothing but corporatism, blah, blah, blah.

        Thanks to our Blue Ribbon Education System, most people do not realize that these efforts to control the Central American countries along with the Caribbean countries was linked to the Strategists concern over German Power being projected to the Western Hemisphere. The Americas specifically.

        I am not saying this paranoia was handled properly but the take over of certain countries was linked to the fear of Germany becoming a player in our arena.

        Which goes back to that basic question of “what is the US interest” that justifies such actions.

        • Can you say “Cuban Missile Crisis”? Seriously, it is the sphere of influence thing. Didn’t TR threaten to go to war over the Venezuelan debt crisis to Germany?

          I guess you can look at it two ways. The French mucking around in Mexico taught us something about European Imperialism in the Americas and of course there is the issue of our “interests” commercial and otherwise.

          I think it was Philip Wiley who I remember first postulating both the paranoia of Russia and the fact that it was caught between oriental and occidental and therefore highly unpredictable. Always looked at it that way since.

          Great writer, out of fashion now, but wrote one of the scariest Nuke war Sci-Fi novels ever “Triumph” . He also coined the word “Momism” back in the ’40’s I believe to describe the little boys that never grow up because of ……Mom. Bit of that going around now. He also was head of Civil Defense but resigned during the Kennedy Administration around the time he published “Triumph”. His attitude was “why bother?”

  8. Way to go VA……..in the last 6 months, you have managed to miss 894,000 appointments. Mine was one of them.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sir….fly into Greenville, NC. The VA clinic there is really good. They’re building out to be a full hospital. They have yet to be outside of 2 minutes one side or the other on my appointments. And it doesn’t mean that you go in and then sit for hours waiting to see your physician.

  9. Courtesy of our friend Charlie, here we go again.


    Of course, they mention nothing about all this deep drilling allowing the Devil and his minions escaping Hell! A much more serious concern I might add.

    Perhaps you guys in the mining business know better but I always thought the rock formations in Pensy were worse than most for radon anyway.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The worst is starting in Westchester County NY and up the Hudson due to the granite. Then follow across NY from Albany. PA has relatively sparse and low levels

      • Thank you. Did you read their article? Frankly, I would think the topography of PA with the mountains almost standing on end and the stratification would lead me to believe that nothing could make it worse or better.

        I guess that this is just another attempt to have us all freeze together in the dark except, of course, for the Commissars.

        • dale A Albrecht says:

          One of the reasons Radon became a health issue, is once people started seriously sealing their houses up to save energy it trapped the gases. Without proper ventilation in high radon areas it became a problem. Common household chemicals dido. My folks had a house in Westchester for a lot of years. Under the house was a granite slab. The house was a modern house well sealed. Surprise came when they had to have the house teated for radon to sell it. Apparently it was off the charts.

          My house in VT had tons of granite around it and the foundations were 3 ft thick cut granite. The monitors never registered.

          PA has been for years been instructing people about venting their houses and wells, but for methane from other energy sources, like coal. Radon is from uranium which is also present in coal. My advice…learn to sweat again like the sheriff in that old southern movie from the 60’s and wear warmer clothes in the winter. I may be an idiot, but usually still wear shorts and sandals outside when its in the mid 30’s.

          I’ve always prefered leaving my houses quite open and only closed them up when it got seriously cold up north or very hot down here in the south. While growing up in So Cal, we never had central AC. Only one small wall unit in a great room that had an open beam ceiling and no attic. Italy, NO AC and NO central heat. You moved the heaters room to room. New England NO AC ever. Obvious heat. In NC I keep the AC during the summer set so it acts just like a dehumidifier and set just below the outside temps. Leave the windows generally open for the river breezes. Saves tons of energy and money on utility bill.

          There are plenty of accredited or should I say discredited academics who are bought and paid for by their advocacy groups that they find data to support that groups agenda.

          I always try and find out WHO paid for the research. Rarely will someone if they value their gravy train go against the people who fund it. Eggs good, eggs bad, good again. Coffee, fat…..the media is lazy and most refuse to do their job and truly investigate. Whatever grabs the headline today to create hysteria.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            SK…the foundation that funded the study in the WP article was John Hopkins “Bloomberg” School of Public Health. Founded by the Rockefellers but changed it’s name after an endowment of $1.1 B from Michael Bloomberg. I didn’t realize Bloomberg was a democrat until he sought election in 2001. His actions sure confirmed his true affiliation though. Seriously weakened term limits in NYC politics.

            • Well term limits are interesting. They were passed by the council during Guilliani’s terms to PREVENT Rudy from seeking a third term. In my lifetimne, both Robert Wagner, Ed Koch and Bloomberg had three terms. The other turds on the council merely play around with offices, they leave the council, run for state assembly while the assemblymen then run for council. The limitation is only on NYC not the state. Hell,. Rockefeller and Cuomo the elder could have been governors for life.

              Bloomberg eh? Sounds like him. He became a Republican because there are always 18,000,000 democrats running in NYC. After the first term, he became an “independent”. He had a handpicked successor in the first lesbian mayor, Christiane Quinn who was a acolyte of his. He cleaned her up but she was a lousy candidate and got knocked off by DeBlasio who has an openly lesbian wife if you can believe that.

    • I remember the radon gas issue when I was a kid growing up in NE Ohio. A naturally occurring event, and like Dale said, being trapped in houses due to houses being insulated better. There wasn’t any fracking going on in a big way back then and Climate Change wasn’t yet a big hoax. I guess the Enviro-nuts needed a new problem to blame on fracking. WE have lots of fracking in these parts of Pa. I don’t know of anyone who has a water issue that is not uncommon or caused by fracking.

  10. Dale A Albrecht says:

    date to remember April 12, 1975

    • I am re-reading all of Bernard Fall’s books starting with the bio his wife wrote. I read “Hell is a very small place” during the War but not the other ones till after. Wish I had read them sooner.

      Everything the guy says is relevant to today. Everything. We have no clue who or what we are dealing with.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Dale, SK

        I watched an interesting interview the other night between Megan Kelly and a retired General who was in charge of intelligence under Mr. Obama.

        One statement struck me in particular. He said he thought the American people would support a long term war if the leadership of the country showed them honestly why it was needed. That Americans would have supported staying to finish the job in Afghanistan and Iraq if the “leaders” had done their job of showing why it was needed. And of course, in his view it was needed as part of a broader strategy.

        Given our behavior since the 1960’s I am not so sure he is right. Hell, even going back further than that. Americans love to do things in a hurry then move on. Even the Revolution was wearing with folks at times. The Civil War had to end when it did or the political support in the North may have forced Lincoln to sue for peace.

        During the Viet Nam period the Govt Leadership constantly explained why we needed to be in Indochina. Most people shared the fear of Communism’s spread. That is until the new wave of College kids started dominating the scene, along with the anarchists and communist radical groups.

        It did not take long for the “leadership’s message” to become lost and replaced with “hell no we won’t go”.

        The General’s premise is a key point which must be addressed. If Americans do not have the guts and will to engage in long term (decades) war then we need to simply withdraw. Because there is no way in hell we can wage war against the ideologies opposing us and win in a period of 10 years or less.

        Not unless we are willing to lay waste to our enemies where ever they exist. But we already know that Americans have little stomach for the Kahn Solution.

        • I supported that war even as the last troops were being lifted from the embassy roof. What I did not fully understand was the unwillingness of the American Government to go all out. After reading Fall, whom I highly, like super highly recommend, I understand that what we did, the way we did it was never going to work. Flash forward forty years, think of Pakistan as Cambodia. See what I mean?

          The knock on Fall was that he was anti-war. Not really, why would an anti-war guy go back and back again until he got blown up. He loved this country, hated totalitarianism but understood Vietnam and by extension the third world. he is the guy that got me thinking last month about ethnocentrism and how we judge others by our own standard.

          • Pretty insightful…..you and I and probably a handful of others, remember the mood of the country back then that actually gave birth to all of this crap we have now. I wish that people could really see how destructive this progressive movement is today. It really is destroying the United States…..Destroying the that one human quality we should never ever give up. That quality is integrity. I doubt anyone in the progressive movement knows what it is. And that…..is scary.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Integrity in our national politicians..what’s that? They for the most part have no concience or shame.

              Didn’t the AG of Texas who is leading the lawsuits against our leaders “immigration” or lack there of policy, say something on the order of depending on how the court rules will determine if we are a nation of laws or not.

              • Gentlemen, the turning point for me was sometime in 1964 when RFK was running for the senate in NY. Family were all democrats as I thought I was. Mr. Kennedy responded to a question with an answer that still riles me. “Sometimes the end justifies the means”. That was the end of the democratic party for me and I believe the end of “integrity”. There’s a lot of rotten shit that happens in this world but if you fight it using similar means, you have not just lost integrity, you have lost your soul.

                Even though few noticed, the Harry Reed comment on lying about Romneys’ taxes “he lost” says it all. That man is so far into the dark side, he’d give Darth Vader a run for the money.

                I was still naive enough in ’68 that when I woke up one morning to find RFK had been shot and sat at the kitchen table with my Dad, he, one of the kindest, most gentle men that ever walked the earth commented that we had been saved from the most “evil” man in the US.

                Anecdote time. Dad was a bartender at the Hotel Astor Bar on 44th and Broadway, across from the NY Times building. He worked nights. The Astor, some may remember, was a world famous watering hole like Harry’s. A man of incredible discretion, he only hinted to me, usually loping after the fact, things he had been told by reporters, Senators, Congressmen, Business leaders and various dignitaries. He had a very low opinion of the Kennedy’s from old man Joe on down. Dad was there from ’39 to when it closed in ’67 with of course time off for WW2.

              • Speaking off integrity, specifically in the military. This two star demonstrates just how low you can go. Glad they nailed him but he still draws pay. I will never understand the argument on the A-10. I know that technologically I am eons behind the curve but low and slow with high loiter time is still the way grunts prefer it.


  11. Just A Citizen says:

    I am reminded of the outrage against the Montana judge who issued a light sentence for sex crime. Wonder if we will see the same thing in California?


  12. Died: June 12, 1972, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
    Education: University of Chicago
    Books: Rules for Radicals, Reveille for Radicals

    Recall that Hillary did her college thesis on his writings and Obama writes about him in his books.
    Anyone out there think that this stuff isn’t happening today in the U.S.?

    All eight rules are currently in play.
    How to create a social state by Saul Alinsky:
    “There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the
    most important.”
    1) Healthcare– Control healthcare and you control the people

    2)) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

    3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control– Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)

    6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.

    7) Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

    8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

    Does any of this sound like what is happening to the United States?

    “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

  13. Dale A Albrecht says:

    If I remember correctly Hillary was offered a position with Alinski’s group due to her thesis.

  14. Watching the C-Span coverage on Appomattox and had an inspiration for my Southern friends.

    The argument over the display of the Confederate Battle Flag still goes on. But the reality is that the issue was settled 150 years ago.

    During the surrender, Brig. Gen. Joshua L. Chamberlain was tasked to collect the flags and weapons of the defeated Army of Northern Virginia. Chamberlain, no friend in any way of slavery or of the secessionist South, ordered the troops from his brigade, lining the road, to “salute” by coming to the Carry Arms position. He honored the men who served those flags for their gallantry and their honor as an era ended. The flying of that flag, to this day, under the proper circumstances is no less an honor to them.

    The event, in Chamberlain’s words:


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I like to travel to Civil War battle fields and visit the exact spots that commanders and troops fought that were from the areas that I’ve lived or have personal connections in one way or another. It is very illuminating to actually stand where these people fought and see the view of what they were seeing. I was with a decendant of Joshua Chamberlain for a number of years. Joshua Chamberlain being a great professor of rhetoric at Bowdain, and she was one of the most engaging and caring teachers I ever knew. I’d love to take her on a journey retracing the battlefields of her ancestor.

      One way the government tracked the eagerness of the people was through the sale of war bonds. For example after Iwo Jima they really dropped off and the government got the message to hurry up and finish this thing.

      • Supposedly WW 2 and WW 1 were financed through teh sale of Liberty/War Bonds. My mother-in-law actually always called US Savings bonds “War Bonds”. Wonder how long anything like Viet-Nam through today would go on if they had to sell bonds to pay as you go?

        • All they have to do is kill a boatload of Americans, blame an enemy and the people would fall for it. Nothing new, is there? They fell for 911, fell for the Gulf of Tonkin, would have fell for the false flag against Cuba, had JFK ok’d it. Don’t worry, the next one isn’t far away, just don’t know who the blamed enemy is yet. Russians? Chinese? NK? Iran? Tea Partiers? Veterans? White males? Shit, their all on the potential list.

          • Listen to Lincoln re: fooling some always and all sometimes but not all all.

            Don’t get me started on 9/11, I was there at the site afterwards and have a good layman’s knowledge of explosives.

            Couple years back I jokingly said that the only way it could have been laid out was if fake phone co. workers were in the building 10 years laying det. cord disguised as phone cord. That, by the way is a pretty neat idea. Would have had to start after the ’93 garage blast.

            • 911- Building 7 baffles me to no end. I’ll leave the two big ones alone because I’m not quite smart enough to call it. I do have my limits, LOL. But the question about going back to war, one nuke , say in Chicago, blamed on ????, the people will scream for blood. I will not do such a thing, based on what I have already posted today. I have lost trust in the powers that be, totally.

              • The damned thing burned all day. no water pressure, no sprinklers, no fire fighting. The NYC Emergency response center and the Mayor were in that building. By the way, as Guilliani later admitted, not the best choice for a location.

              • Re: WTC7
                “Burned all day”
                Ridiculous. Put a spoon in a fire “all day” as see if it melts. It doesn’t. Time has no effect. A fire at 800C is still a fire at 800C after hours, and it is irrelevant if the melting point is 1200C. Put a cup of water under 90C heat for two weeks, and it will not boil.

                This is the idiocy of ignorance of “what effects what” and the myth-making that ignorance manifests.

              • Thought you might like this report. Makes one go HMMM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0qdLoobkUI

              • Unfortunately I do not have the photos any more of the 2000 fire at 97 Fort Washington Avenue. Not a lot of “I” beams involved, the building was six story brick and timber mostly but I beams spanned wide openings. The ones with nothing above, after several hours of fire deformed. The ones with weight on them from above, deformed to the extent they failed. Did not melt, merely sagged to the point where they no longer held the weight above.

              • http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/dubai/11426605/Watch-Huge-fire-engulfs-Dubai-skyscraper.html

                Did not fall down.
                Do not compare a small non-sky scrapper building with a sky-scrapper.

              • SK,
                In all the 100+ history of sky scrappers, there have been exactly 3 which have “fallen due to fire”, happened on the same day, in the same city, even though there have been dozens of sky scrapper fires all over the world that had fully engulfed the entire building, some for days, not merely smouldering for a few hours.

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Methinks the “murder” charge against the policeman in the now famous video just got blown up. Between the police care video and a new witness it is pretty clear that the standard of “murder” cannot be met.

    That does not eliminate wrongful death, manslaughter and “use of excessive force”. But if “murder” is dropped to a lesser charge watch all the Squawking Jays line up in front of the cameras.

    • I asked above, but will do so again. If the black guy said he was going to kill his childs mother, did the cop have the authority to protect the community with lethal force?

      • Just A Citizen says:



      • Guy is running away, gets shot in the back. You have his car, his address, his friend in the car and the entire police force. C’Mon, the cop F—– Up his life but that is they way it goes. No sympathy here. You or I as a civilian in a traffic dispute, acting the same way would be charged with murder. Hell, even if the guy punched us, knocked us down, took a shot at us and missed after dropping the gun then ran away as we fired at him it would be Murder 2. The “planting” of the taser is just icing on the prosecutors cake.

      • It was just a question, that I actually got from the mouth of an ex-cop as to reasonable cause to use lethal force. All I saw on the video was a killer cop shoot a man in the back. The cops have been having lots of bad publicity lately, not sure why a cop would do something as idiotic as shooting a man in the back who is running away. Especially an un armed black man, Geez, what was he thinking? He would have gotten away with it too if not for the video.

        Now, I’m concerned that more white cops will be attacked. Or, just white males knowing barbaric nature of some people.

        • The excuse I give and always will is combat stress. You hunters know it as “buck fever”. The heat of the moment, the adrenaline rush makes bad decisions for you.

          • SK has the mentality correct here.

            The root mindset of cops is that they can deploy lethal force at any time they want.

            They are trained to do this to a point it is almost automatic. When stress appears, the human brain shuts down the cerebral parts of the brain in favor of the “fight/flight/freeze” instinct.

            A cop is trained, over and over and over again, to suppress the flight and freeze, All that is left is the “fight” and they are trained to apply maximum force.

            The training did its job. It is no excuse for the murder, however.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The “Psychology of Killing” 15-20% WWII 55% Korea, 95% Vietnam for those actually on the firing line. Do not think and evaluate….shoot

    • It was without question murder. There is no justification for the cop to shoot whatsoever.

      If you could not justify such an action yourself you cannot justify this action by that cop either.

  16. I have taken the time to read everything available on this site. Quite interesting. I will throw in some c&p’s just for fun: http://sandyhookjustice.com/

    If you have a closed mind, don’t bother to read anything in this link. If you are an open minded person that can actually think around all the propaganda your fed, read away.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yep, just an example…………..of low information conspiracy.

        Here is the actual “front page” for Dec, 13th.

        1) Notice not a single story on the shooting.

        2) Notice there are several articles to the right of the line written by the same person. All of which occurred AFTER Dec 13th. One of them in 2013, a month later.

        People who clip web sites as some sort of proof need to do their homework on what is actually on the site, how it works and who dates them…and when.


        • I actually went to THEIR archives. Not any other site. This is what showed up. If THEY changed THEIR site to appease anyone, I can’t claim knowledge of that. Notice I didn’t post a picture or anything that could have been photoshopped? I just went to a media website, went to archives, looked at it and posted it, as is. I can’t photoshop, which, I will admit would be fun, but not into it. Notice also, I posted the link to the article, because I saw an anomaly as well. Did you read anything I linked too? If not, why are you talking about it?

      • 1. The claim of exactly 26 Christmas trees lined up beside the firehouse (Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue) on December 14th.

        2. The claim that News 12 Connecticut chopper footage shows people walking in circles/recycling around the firehouse.

        3. Six children at the end of Gene Rosen’s driveway.

        4. The claim that Gene Rosen has worked for FEMA.

        5. The claim that the shooter, AL, never existed.

        6. The claim that Sandy Hook Elementary School was not an operational school/closed for an X amount of years/Wayback Machine doesn’t show snapshots.


        Let me repeat in a more peaceful manner. Nothing, not one thing in your link was ever suggested in the link I provided. Again, maybe you should read the stuff first before making a fool of yourself 👿

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Doesn’t matter. Suggesting this shooting was a hoax is moronic and inexcusable.

          You can throw all the little devils you like.

          • As only a Statist would imply, well done 🙂

            • Just A Citizen says:

              As only a RATIONAL person would imply.

              • See the above picture, top of page, BWAHAHAHA! 😀

              • Come on JAC, Answer the question I asked Anita. WHY? Why wasn’t one Life Flight called to the scene? Why wasn’t one EMS person in the building within at least 15 minutes? Why didn’t ONE qualified person, by law, allowed in there, before EMS to determine death? Why NO LAWSUITS? Why did all the video of someone being chased into the woods (which I watched live , supposedly) being ignored? Who did they chase out there in that video? Then it just goes away, imagine that.

              • No answers? It seems a rational man could answer these questions, whats up?

        • Wow. My link may not mirror your link, but it does put considerable reasonable doubt to your link.

          • Your link does nothing of the such. It doesn’t disprove 1 single thing in the post I linked. Remember, I’M, as in ME said that the school was likely closed. I provided no link when I said that, for a reason. There is no mention in the link I provided that mentioned that the school was closed. That tells me you really didn’t read what I presented, just went with what I posted earlier to JAC. Your link is garbage and old, which only deals with the idiotic conspiracy theories floating around shortly after the event. Come on Anita, I’m no fool, don’t play me as one, you didn’t actually read beyond looking at the opening page , did you? You couldn’t have, because if you did you wouldn’t have posted that drivel you posted.

            • Why the hell are you getting so uptight? I didn’t read your entire link, no. I did download the first chapter and read it entirely. Then went on a search and came up with my link. The link I provided is current up til April 9. 2015 with still more links on debunking the entire conspiracy. So just admit it. For every link you put up , there’s another link to dispute it. End result, who knows. Maybe go ask the dead kids friends and family. There’s links on my link to their words too.

              • I’m not uptight at all. Thank you for being honest. Now, when you have some time, read it ALL. I say this because I have extensive training in mass casualty scenarios. I was THE safety officer for the biggest hospital in Youngstown Ohio till 2010, because of that training. That was NOT a real event, or, it was so poorly handled that there should be multiple huge lawsuits going on. There are none! Please, read the whole thing and see for yourself. Add more shortly! 🙂

              • Don’t bother. This convo already hit a brick wall.

              • Anita, the man doing this is retired. He was paid to consult after Columbine and worked for Florida as well. He’s a well respected police officer and consultant, retired. He’s pissed because it’s all wrong. Nothing about that event makes rational sense. Let me ask, because this is proven, why didn’t one EMS person get in the building? Why didn’t life Flight choppers even get called to respond with trauma doctors? These are things that auto accidents get without the need in many cases. Read the data, open your eyes. The evidence is so blaring, it’s sad that no one is paying attention. Why? Want me to post the MOST recent video of a government hearing that was cancelled in Connecticut about the FOIA lawsuits? Why aren’t the killings that day part of the FBI stats?

                WAKE UP PEOPLE

              • Oh, did you know that of all of the kids who performed at the Super Bowl, the Sandy Hook Choir, no longer exist in that town? What’s the chance of that happening? 26 kids magically leave town, with families, yet the census is the same. Want more?

              • How is it that a picture of a Sandy Hook victim, ends up in the hands of a Palestinian not long ago? Plastered all over every TV set about Israeli atrocities over there?

              • Why is there two sets of stories about the two kids who went to the hospital that day? Two ambulances report it, one child each, yet another cop claims HE took them in the back of his SUV?

              • G – you really are jumping off the deep end here.

                By the way, on your claim of the murders not being in the FBI tally – http://www.snopes.com/info/news/sandyhoax.asp. Not to mention all the other claims being debunked.

              • And here’s one on the pic of the boy that surfaced in Peshawar…http://www.snopes.com/politics/conspiracy/peshawar.asp

              • G. Many of your questions are answered in my link.

              • No, I did not read every link above. The view I am about to express is my opinion.

                Much like any argument with two different sides, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Do I believe this was planned and executed every step of the way by the government? Ummm, no. Do I believe the final official story of what happened? Ummm, no. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Some sick person, or persons, saw this event as an opportunity to further their political agenda and career. As they say, “Never let a good tragedy go to waste..” or something like that.

                Gotta go……I’ll finish this later..

              • Snopes? BWAHAHAHA, a small group of Soros funded left wingers in California who start a website from scratch and magically they are experts. OY VEY! Here, one quick search of crime stats for 2012. * The source of actual data on this Newtown, Connecticut crime rate report is the FBI Report of Offenses Known to Law Enforcement for the corresponding year or years. Arson numbers are reported inconsistently. Zero values may indicate the data was not available. The projected crime rate data displayed above was generated from the trends and crime data available from previous years of actual reported data. In this case, the Newtown crime report data for 2015 was projected from 13 years of actual data. The last year of actual available crime data, as reported above, was 2012.

                Number of Murder/manslaughter= 0 (that is ZERO)

                How can this be? Is it a crime to report false statistics to the FBI? (honest question, I don’t know). Was there NO DATA on the 26 people killed at the school? Not even the adults?

                Why did the State of Connecticut need to pass a law, within days, to deny access to children”s death certificates?

                Are many of you Gruberites? 😀 I’m joking, mostly 🙂

                Why did Obama sign an Executive Order prior to this incident, that effectively allowing propaganda in the US? (had you read the stuff in my link, it was there).

              • You constantly do this G – you post this insanity and immediately treat it as gospel but anything anyone else posts refuting those claims is bs…

                Snopes is just one of literally hundreds of sites refuting these claims. Google is your friend! Use it!

              • Why did Obama sign an Executive Order prior to this incident, that effectively allowing propaganda in the US? (had you read the stuff in my link, it was there).

                Correction! I goofed, went back and found the real info. Obama signed HR 4310, the dreaded NDAA which, in section 1078, lifted the ban on propaganda that was in place since 1948 under the Smith Mundt Act. Sorry for the misunderstanding 🙂

              • He didn’t read my link either.

              • Buck, I’m bringing forward information that the MSM won’t. I’ve added another link that supports the claim (it is only a claim, based on reasonable doubt, one I hope is really true). I don’t have any faith in Snopes, because I have read their background, and they aren’t qualified to determine truth from fiction. At least that’s how I see two people sitting in t a room making up shit then claiming its fact.

                Anita, I copy and pasted from your link. I did not read all the parent/teacher conference links. You have already admitted stopping after page one. Try continuing 🙂

              • OH, Buck. Just for the sake of clarity, all the info in my fist link comes from a retired cop and professional consultant on school security. His word and credibility FAR exceeds anything the people of Snopes EVER had. Let me add, A hearing was cancelled, which was scheduled for March 31, of which people were subpoenaed and required by law to attend. It will be rescheduled for April, because the emergency that the States lawyer had was that he was riding a bike for gun control 🙂 No kidding. The questions being asked at the hearing, 7 of them, are about the pictures and videos taken from inside the school on Dec 14, 2012. These pictures have not been released, I believe it was agreed to by both parties involved in the hearing. The pictures, according to the person who will be asking the questions, show a school that is a filthy mess not suitable for use by children or adults. From what I have heard from Halbig, is that there is proof of flooding, asbestos and chipping lead paint.

                This isn’t over yet. It’s actually fun to see how this guy has put all of this together. If you haven’t read my main link, then your missing a lot of viable information that leads to my questioning of the official story. Like, for example, cops taking lunch into the school (a crime scene), porta potties being delivered within hours (if they can eat lunch in the school, why not use the bathrooms too). I still wonder why Anderson Cooper did a supposed live interview in front of a green screen (which I watched LIVE and seen it for myself). The same thing (his nose disappeared) happens all the time to weather forecasters, as they will have hands disappear all the time. Why did Conn pass a law about denying death certificates of children within days? What happened to the choir? They no longer exist in Newtown, all 27 of them, that sang at the Super Bowl. Why no pictures of the inside of the school showing all the spent brass (at least something that isn’t all bloody). Why weren’t any EMT’s allowed in the school for the first hour? Why were no trauma choppers called in? These are questions that should lead to lawsuits, like every other school shooting has had filed. Not ONE lawsuit filed, none. This alone should be cause for questioning the story, at least for a person in your profession.

              • Why were two parents, coming to the scene in the first hour, pictured carrying fresh coffee? Would any parent who has a child in a school that is being shot up stop for coffee on the way to the school? How was a newspaper person allowed to go to a hot scene before the building was officially cleared as safe? Why was she allowed but not EMS? Why was there NO attempt by any EMT personnel to save a life? Why has there been no friggin lawsuits!?

              • The pictures of filth in the school I mentioned. I did a little research of the area, there is no major creeks or waterways that could flood. There was, however, Hurricane Sandy, two months prior.

              • Ummm, never mind. LOL

              • Exactly, Rick. You’re probably right, though. The truth is somewhere in between. 😉

  17. This would be rather cool if it could happen. http://rt.com/news/248473-transplant-head-body-canavero/

    Now, if a doctor can figure out how to pull peoples heads out of their asses, maybe the world could solve more problems 🙂

  18. Just A Citizen says:


    -14 after 2 rounds!

    Thought the kid showed promise last year but this is something….so far!!

  19. The bad old days for people who weren’t there. Hope the photo comes through.

    Iron lungs in a polio ward, undated.

  20. First deer of the new year hanging in the barn! 🙂

  21. Not one American in a million discovers that he lives under deception and illusion and that he is victimized by the power of repeated words and phrases. Our lives and property are plundered simply because we don’t know that we don’t know. Our thought system enslaves us far more than would a conquering army.

    I have wondered for years why only a few people have escaped the net, while millions never do. There is apparently some gene or filter that allows a few people to see truths and overcome their conditioning. It grants them the courage to stand up to the crowd and to resist the ridicule and oppression that comes with opposing conventional wisdom.

    The creation of the mass mind and/or mass consciousness is the secret weapon of the ruling elite. The more one’s mind is immersed into the crowd, of course, the more one loses his individuality and independence of thought. The more we become a part of the crowd, the more dependent we become on authority. And the more dependent we become, the more defensive we are when presented with new information contrary to “conventional wisdom.” Simply stated, the crowd syndrome inoculates us against reality. Yes, I believe that the psychological phenomenon of group consciousness is a created strategy for population control. It certainly appears to be an ironclad protection system for the elite, who by all definitions are the natural enemies of the people.

    What exactly is group consciousness? Group consciousness is all the teachings of “brotherhood” in all of its forms and expressions. When our dominant thoughts center on the group rather than our own ego or individuality, we have been psychologically integrated into the mass mind. Therefore, we are necessarily dependent on the system. This is a subtle and sophisticated people-control strategy that allows unseen authority to manipulate the masses at will. It is, on the other hand, hyper-individualism that escapes the mental system along with authoritarian control.

    • I have greatly reduced my internet presence. I do love that the collective knowledge of man is at our fingertips. I have contemplated canceling the internet subscription and tossing the smart phone in the trash. But these are good tools to have. So I guess I’m not ready to escape the net just yet.

  22. As long as people post from Wiki, Snopes, Science Technology, Daily KOS, MSNBC, CNN, FOX….etc……..it is dubious at best.

    Follow the money……..follow the money….follow the money.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      We should question all information, but neither should we dismiss it out of hand.

      Wiki is a special animal because the public can change it all the time. For many non political things it is a great and pretty accurate source. Although you can find conflicting claims in the same page, by different people.

      On the more political stuff I love to watch how the pages change with time. If a page is used very often to defend one side, the articles are edited to fit the other side.

      Which of course means that the “political powers” are monitoring the web and making changes as needed almost daily, to make history fit their own narratives.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        That’s the problem with electronic textbooks, or books in general. They can be modified or deleted at will, for all. It’s easy to “burn” books now

        • I was thinking about this a while back, i.e. the ease at which history can be changed. I had heard a tidbit on the radio about the Branch Davidians at Waco, TX. The “fact” was stated that the Davidians set fire to the compound. But, as I remember, it was the tear gas that sparked the fire. I know my memory is not what it used to be, and my life was pretty turbulent back then, but that got me thinking. How many people tend to forget small facts over the years then hear different “facts” years later and just blow it off as remembering incorrectly? Also those who were not old enough (or born yet) to remember just rely on what they read or hear on the radio?

          I also read an article about Google considering prioritizing their search results by the content of “truth” in the sites. My question was who get to determine what the “truth” is?

          Strange world we live in. It seems the truth is not really true and the facts are not so factual.

          • The truth is what a few want it to be. Those who cannot accept anything but the official story will wake up one day in bad straights, only to wonder what happened. How many tv interviews has someone been crying “how could this happen”, after a bad storm or some other bad event.

            Which brings up a recent event, involving politics, in which the Obamabots were mentally crushed by one Dr. Gruber. They couldn’t handle it, so they just called HIM the LIAR and disregarded him. Just one example of “the official story” 🙂

          • The “official” version is that they set the fire.It has been proved many times using thermal imaging by the FBI and ATF. This is one of my few exceptions to not believing conspiracy theories. It falls into the category of the victors writing the history.

            I believe the local sheriff said all that had to be said when from the beginning he pointed out Koresh could have been taken any day while out jogging. No matter who ultimately lit the match, the feds get full credit for the body count.

      • Give the left the credit that is due Colonel. “Facts” to them are inconvenient and when they get in the way of what they “think” or how they “feel”, the facts have to go. In many ways it is like the moral equivalency thing. The Nazis and the Americans are equally bad because of Abu Grahib. Somehow the fact that the former acted on company policy and the latter was because of a collection of morons in power at the wrong time in the wrong place never enters into the debate.

        I am well into a book by one of you Texas folks called “Comanche” the history of the destruction of a people. The Author Fehrenbach, wrote that masterful 1 vol. history of the Korean War, “This Kind of War” back in the ’60’s. The Comanche book is fabulous, the guy writes history like prose and his descriptions of the high plains are almost lyrical.

        It is a book that Charlie should read. A good overview of the Amerindian, warts and all yet sympathetic to a lifestyle that had to end. So far it is playing out a lot like the Comanche s in “The Searchers”. Will keep you posted.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The Searchers was based on the story of the Comanche abduction of Cynthia Ann Parker. Who later gave birth to Quanah Parker, considered the last great Comanche chief.

          When your done with that one another good read is Empire of the Summer Moon, by S.C. Gwynne.

          • Gotta get through the 1,000 page Fehrenbach “Texas” book first but will follow up. My Dad was a real western fan, all his life . He was off on Thursdays and Fridays. He’d drag me along to any western playing in the neighborhood back when in NYC there were theaters every few blocks. At ten, I saw “The “Searchers” . I knew then that it was something far beyond the normal western.

            Probably have seen it 30-40 times. Always get something new out of it. This thing is as much a classic as the Iliad or the Odyssey. It is a morality tale, a story of redemption, vengeance and righteous indignation. One of my sons is in it as deep as I am to the point where he surprised me a few weeks back by giving me the musical soundtrack. The weaving together of “Lorena”and “Bonnie Blue Flag” is something that can bring a tear to your eye. .

            If you are a fan, exactly who do you think Debbie’s father was?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Not that deep into the movie myself. But I do have one bit of trivia for you.

              At the end of the movie the Duke lingers in the doorway. It was a tribute to an old friend whose widow was the old lady in that scene. It was not part of the original script, Duke adlibbed it and it became an iconic shot of another great Ford movie.

  23. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just love the editing of our headline news, online. Headline “FDA pulls drug due to rick of death”. The photo attached is a shelf of “Aleve” Now you open the article and find it is about a new diabetes drug by Astrazeneca and nothing what so ever to do with an over the country pain reliever aleve.

  24. @ JAC……the Masters……………………..it is very interesting watching the pundits this morning and how everyone is looking for the negatives on Spieth…..I especially love the way that the ESPN commentators were disecting his swing, his choice of clubs, the fact that he does not drive the ball well……he cannot possibly keep this up….and not a single one of the commentators plays the sport…..not one. The female commentator was the most interesting because she was critical of the fact that his average drive yesterday was only 285 yards and that is not what champions do….according to this lady who does not play golf.

    What she obvioulsy left out is that he hit 14 of 18 fairways in regulation, 15 of 18 greens in regulation and his putting average per hole 1.83 putts per green. His up and down average is 98%, when he misses a green. He hit the ball less distance but placed it for his second shot. So what if his average second shot on a par four from dead center was 185 yards insted of 140 yards from the rough….THAT is how the Masters is won.

    She also forgot this: Spieth, who turned pro after his freshman campaign at the University of Texas, easily earned enough money to become a Special Temporary Member early in 2013 and became a full member with his John Deere Classic victory.

    With his win, Spieth became eligible to compete in the FedExCup Playoffs and he currently occupies the 12th position in the FedExCup standings. In addition to his victory, Spieth has five other top-10 finishes on the 2013 season including a runner-up showing at the Puerto Rico Open and a sixth-place finish at the AT&T National.

    A two-time U.S. Junior Amateur champion, Spieth burst onto the PGA TOUR scene at age 16 when he entered the final round of the HP Byron Nelson Championship tied for seventh and went on to a tie for 16th after an even-par final round.

    He made seven more TOUR starts as an amateur over the next two-plus years, making five cuts and finishing tied for 21st at the 2012 U.S. Open to earn low amateur honors.

    The only question for Spieth is………….can he handle the pressure, at his age, of the Masters…….that is the question.

    D13 says: Do not play against the other players…..play the course and the weather….and play your game, Mr. Spieth. Golf is a game to be played…. it cannot be conquered and it is individual. Do not lose sight of that.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      That last statement is the key. I remember when I first broke 90. Outside the par 3’s I don’t think I hit a green in regulation. But I had been practicing two key things. My irons inside 150 and putting.

      I was getting my short iron shots close enough to one putt most of the time. Making up for my inability to hit the fairways off the tee consistently.

      While Tiger has had other issues, I think his losses started mounting due to his constant attempts to hit long every time. The guy had great accuracy with his mid and short irons but was getting himself in trouble trying to outdistance everyone, like when he was 21.

      As you say, play the course and stay within yourself.

      My daughter had a good golf joke for me this past weekend. Two men playing and one doing very badly. The other offers his advice because he “knows what the other is doing wrong”. Finally at about hole 12 the first says “OK, what is it I’m doing wrong?”

      The second replies, “Your standing to close to your ball after you hit it!”

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        That is rich….

        I know a guy in CA that plays a deadly game of golf. After getting the ball anywhere around the 150 yds from the cup, his next stroke will put it within a few feet of the cup, if not in it.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Whew……… a three stroke swing in one hole. The kid looked a little tense on those last three. Hope he keeps it going tomorrow.

      Round three was far more exciting than one would have thought.

      On the funny side, Lil JAC was watching with me and after hearing one of the commentators he said, “That guy sounds like he is from Africa or somewhere like that.” I said, “Yes son, he is from South Africa.” To which my wonderfully NOT PC son announced, “Then that would make him an African American”. I could only agree with him.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    In other words, the radicals are slowly losing ground in the abortion fight so they must find an “emotional” trigger to regain the support lost. That “emotional” trigger is getting people to focus on the poor woman and not the poor child to be killed.

    Now that aside, there is some very interesting results in the polling data being reported.


    Warning: Don’t assume that Kos’ interpretation of the polling data is accurate. They have twisted the conclusions in the past. They are after all a self proclaimed propaganda machine. This does not detract for the nature of this information, however.

    • After reading the Kos, I feel violated 😀 Moving on, I think that the people in this nation are heading towards the right of the political spectrum (as we see the spectrum). I think it will be almost impossible for a Democrat to win the next Presidential election. I have my opinions on that, and a few concerns leading to that election, but, let’s just watch and see how things unfold for awhile. Don’t worry, I’ll continue to be my fun loving self and touch on the “CT” side of things periodically. It does provide entertainment during bad weather 🙂

      By the way, did you happen to check out my links about the Sandy Hook stuff, or did you just blow it off as most people would do? I won’t be offended if you did blow it off, as I expect it most of the time.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I dove into that cesspool back when, and wasted ten minutes providing you with a link to show why the date on the web page was irrelevant. The responses are always the same.

        So NO, I am not going to waste anymore of my life on that irrational stuff.

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:

    On a lighter side. I’m going through photos and clippings from my Mother’s side of the family going back into the 1800’s. Clipping unknown date about being handicapped…..

    Boss: “You’re an hour late getting home with those mules, Bill.”
    Bill: “I know it. You see, I picked up Reverend Davis on the way home, and from then on the mules couldn’t understand a word I said.”

  27. Dale A Albrecht says:

    For the brethren in the Big Apple….is it just a bit of a coincidence that the guy who recorded the Garner incident was arrested for allegedly selling drugs to an uncover police officer and just made bail after spending months in Rikers Island. Maybe you all have more information but being who I am I’d be just a bit skeptical of this being NYC gunning for the person who caused them so much grief.

  28. No drama this time….this time will be different….whatever. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The wizard has spoken.

    IF we have an election in 2016 this will be our new dictator, errr…. President.


  29. What about my goat? Can we file jointly? Hey, don’t judge me! We want equality too!!


    • I thought that group was in favor of taxes. Why all the noise about trying to get a better rate?

  30. Jac……all I have to say…..balls of cast iron…..21 years old and a Masters after finishing second last year……balls of cast iron….and 40 miles of par saves….

    • Just A Citizen says:


      As Justin Rose said, “I thought I saw cracks in his armor, but every time I put on the pressure he responded”.

      I can’t remember when a large lead was attacked by so many great players and yet he was the last one standing. AWSOME display.

      • Well…he IS a Texan….

      • But you are right……he made 40 miles of saves…cool as a cucumber…..and the more that he made his par saves..the harder Rose and Mickelson tried to put the pressure….and he shrugged it off….amazing young man. And with this Masters win……it is a confidence builder.

  31. So Hillary announces, and not one peep here, ROFLMAO! That just show’s how important that event was. Most of you should be jumping for joy! What were her accomplishment’s again? Anyone, Beuhler? 🙂

  32. Do you consider healthy, clean eating to be a priority in your life? According to the ‘psychiatric officials’ who want to add healthy eating to the extensive list of mental disorders, you have an eating disorder. ‘Orthorexia nervosa’ to be specific.

    We first told you about this back in February of this year, when major news outlets began pushing the term ‘orthorexia nervos’ non-stop in declaring healthy eating a mental disorder.

    Read more: http://naturalsociety.com/officials-label-healthy-eating-as-newest-eating-disorder/#ixzz3XC4JJlR6

  33. I bet Moonbeam is licking his chops at all the carbon taxes he can rape the people of when this becomes reality: http://www.naturalnews.com/049338_desalination_global_warming_California_drought.html

    Just one more thought, Fukushima.

    • This one sentence buried in the article displays the Greenies lack of actual environmental understanding, and their duplicity.

      “When water simply falls out of the sky, consuming that water is ecologically sound. ”

      This sentence is only true, within the context of the Green definitions, if you remove all the people who migrated to the USA from Europe. And removing any water from a system, regardless of its source changes the ecosystem. So how can it be declared sound?

      Answer: It cannot. This exposes their true nature, which is a hatred of fossil fuels.

      • I agree. I think the whole climate change crap is just a bunch of brainwashed idiots who have zero idea of how nature works (do any of us?). But at least those of us here have some pretty good people who are quite smart on the subject, which really helps, at least in understanding things. The facts don’t help much in the debate though, they are too far gone (zombies) 😀

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In going through the photos and papers from my Grandmother I came across this letter….

      Dear Cousin: Your Uncle Joe has a new job at last. The first time he has worked in years. we are rich now, $17.25 every Thursday…..We went to Sears and Roebuck for one ot them fandangled bathrooms like you rich people have up north. It came and we got her up all right. You should see it. Over on one side of the room is a big long thing like the pigs drink out of, only you get in it and take a bath all over at once. Over on the other side is a little white gadget hanging on the wall called a sink. This is for light washing like hands and face.. They also sent us a roll of writing paper, but its kind of cheap, so that’s why I don’t use it. It tears so easily. But over on the other corner, wow! They got a thing you put your foot in and scrub it, till itgets clean. Then you pull a chain and get fresh water for the other foot….Yours truly cousin….. PS Two lids came on the damn thing, we ain’t got no use for, so ma is using one for a bread board and we frame “Grandpa’s” picture with the other.

      My Grandmother may have just copied this or it may be a real letter, I do not know. But all the houses they had all did a transistion to indoor plumbing. The paper used regardless was the catalogs that came free or corn husks. The rich folks had at least 4 holer’s. Christ I didn’t even know at the family homestead they had a bathroom upstairs in the mid-80’s. There was only a basic clean up washroom as they came in from the barn. The washtub was the bath tub. Grandpa got the 1st go at it while it was fresh. Middle of the kitchen….how times have changed in 2 generations (counting from me back) A photo from the 80’s was the kids of the immigrants (those still alive) all jammed into the outhouse like we all did in college, but with a phone booth.

      Needless to say with having known the generation that was born here in the US post 1900, and the stories of the depression and all, rationing during the Wars I and II, and seeing the phases of the utilities in the houses, still extent, I’m very frugal on electricity and water etc.

      • In 1952, My uncle Pete, in college on the GI Bill at Kutztown State in PA and married with a kid was living with my Grandmother in Macungie on the farm. He installed the bathroom, the toilet, the hot water heater. First ever! She never used the toilet preferring the walk.

  34. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Anita…how close are you to Port Sanilac? My Great Grandfather and grand-father on my Father’s side was were born there. Where my Great Great Grand Father came from and when I do not know yet but his name was Jochin (Joe) Albrecht married Maria (Schroeder) GGpa was born June 6 1974 there. Married Anna Behn also from Port Sanilac in 1900. GFfather born 1902

    • Ah! The shoreline in the thumb, huh? Nice. It’s a beautiful scenic trip along the water. I’d be amazed if 1000 people live there. My kinda place. Big with divers, I hear, several shipwrecks in the area. Sadly I’m in the concrete jungle, on the southwest end of Metro Airport. Back a few dozen years I could have made it there in under an hour. Close to double that now. Also like Ports Hope and Austin at the tip of the thumb.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        623 at last census….I’ve never been to Michigan, one of the 4 U.S States I’ve not visited.

        • Wow, I was being generous with my estimate. If you find yourself on a roadtrip here looking for scenery, skip southeast Michigan entirely. I’ve pretty much got the lower peninsula covered, the northern 2/3 are beautiful. I’ve only crossed the Big Mac twice, just to say I’ve been to the UP, but I’d like to explore the UP more. JAC’s area is at the top of my bucket list.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Aren’t there some new rural areas in Detroit now?

            • Not to my knowledge, Dale. I’m about as rural as you get around here. Population 20k. There is one more small town on the way out of Wayne County. Population for SE Mich 4.5 million, about 4 million too many for me 😉

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I was being just a little facitous, but isn’t Detroit bulldozing areas that have been totally abandoned and some open space is being generated? So you are saying if I want to see asphalt stay southern MI, but quite rural further north.

              • Duh. I wondered…they’re not making any more land. LOL Yes, Detroit is slowing making a comeback. Just got rid of the emergency manager after a couple year stint. Entire blocks of homes are being demolished making way for urban farming. Much better aesthetics than scrapped out abandoned homes. Dean Gilbert of Quicken Loans is buying everything in sight. Other money is following. There is sort of a reverse white flight going on with this new money. The thugs have thugged themselves into the suburbs and the many white hipsters are moving into downtown lofts and apartments. Illitch is building a new stadium for the Wings to go along with the fairly new Comerica Park and Ford Field. New mayor and new police chief. Still hate to go anywhere near the D but it has come a long way in a short time. Yes, you got it. Picture your hand, scratch off the lower right quadrant and your roadtrip will be beautiful.

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The French have just announced the 1st conviction, imprisonment and fines regarding the “Tax Fraud” involving The Swiss bank portion of HSBC. promising more to come……where are ours as promised by the IRS and DOJ 6-8 years ago?

    • Never gonna happen Dale, never gonna happen.

      The man himself:


      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        You’re correct I fear…isn’t he going around and scoffing up the failed mortgages with a new group and making another fortune?

        Like the vengence the DOJ went after Enron and the big bad energy company…sort of the same issue except the obvious tie-in and endorsement with the government agencies and congress with the mortgage meltdown.

        Did I say that right?

        • Couple new books out on this. he was in up to his neck. He had a club, “Friends of Angelo” These were VIP’s who got better deals. While it is not a whole lot of money on the surface, two of the beneficiaries were Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.

          I have a friend whom I went to High School with who teaches Communications at Fordham U. Mozila is a grad of Fordham and throws them a building from time to time. They give him degrees and kiss his ass. Funny thing is I went to Fordham’s traditional rival Manhattan College. There were these two brothers who graduated there in the early ’40’s Jim and Jack Houlihan. About seven or eight years into my employment with NYC I realized that these two clowns with their mortgage company and “finders fees” paid to bank Officers who clued them in on distressed properties were responsible for much,( I’d say most )of the Bronx burning in the 1970’s. They too have their names on Manhattan College buildings and were champion alumni being honored every second year. Bastards should have been double tapped.

  36. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So do the people here on SUFA think that the american people will buy Hillary’s “I’m just one of you guys” common person low key approach this time? $53M in the bank and she preaches inequality and they produced nothing, and used up oxygen and expelled CO2

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Not knowing or studying higher education cost in general, I can only go from experience. While attending CSU in Fort Collins, Colorado the out of state tuition and dorm and food was around $3300 per year. Today, using the same criteria the student has a bill for app $33000 per year. I use a rule of thumb that everything that has not been greatly enhanced over the past 45 years has a cost of 10X-11X more. Roughly the impact of inflation.

      While in CA I paid a student fee of $50.00 and all my books etc. At a UC campus in 1970 a fee of $600 was for the first time imposed. Today, that fee at a UC campus is 22X per school year, the rate in ’70. That is NOT including room and board, books, health insurance etc. That can drive the costs from $34.7K-$58.8K depending in state or out of state. That is so far above the apparent rise of cost due to inflation. Is the education that much better, I don’t think so.

      • Dale,
        The increase is a matter of economics, supply and demand, and the ratcheting effect.

        Since the GI Bill, the number of degree holders has sky-rocketed. The consequence we see today is the same as with the forced government education scheme – high school diploma.

        Before government enforced schooling, job requirements were generally based on aptitude. After government schooling, and the influx of high school diploma’s, the requirement increased to “having a diploma”.

        With the GI Bill, the influx of degrees, the requirement increased to “having a degree”.

        Now, since job prospects require such a degree, the demands on college and university enrolments have increased. However, the supply has been relatively static, hence, cost increase.

        To defray such costs, the government is providing “loans”, increasing the influx of money to pay for these costs. In a free market, the increase in price would have increased the supply, lowering the price, but since there has been an increase in money via government and not earnings, such an effect does not occur. The supply remains static since the price is being paid, and since the supply remains fixed but the demand for degrees increases, the price continues to rise.

        The consequence: people getting jobs that cannot pay the debt they incurred in getting the job.

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