A Pictoral History of the Growing Police State






  1. Will it just get worse or will more people stand up and say “NO MORE”?

  2. Well, I will pop up here on this thread….we finally put enough pressure on Fox News and they are now showing the pictures we gave them on the border…..the pictures of children under the age of 18 crossing the border with marijuana bundles on their backs…the pictures of kids and adults crossing the border with AK 47’s and other foreign made weapons….pictures of the trucks coming across the border IN FULL VIEW OF FEDERAL BORDER AGENTS loaded with drugs and not being stopped.

    When they pass the Feds and get past the 3 km designated “safe” area….we pick them up but we have to turn them over to ICE and we take the pictures of the same people we just handed over being turned loose. EVEN THE ONES THAT HAD THE WEAPONS. These are not the exceptions…..the normal crossing the border people looking for work has dwindled so far down, the criminal element has taken over.

    So, here is a problem that I will pose to anyone who wants the job. It is 0300 hrs. ( that is 3 am to those of you not familiar with a 24 hour clock ). You are on a known smuggling route 15 miles west of Del Rio, Texas. Infrared monitors has given you an advance warning of “something” coming your way. You have the latest and greatest technology in night vision goggles and binocs. You have access to drones with night vision capability. YOu have megaphones and loud speakers available and you are blaring out pre recorded warnings in the following languages: English, Spanish ( both Texmex and Castillian ), Chinese, Russian (3 dilects ), Arabic (5 diaects ) and German…it takes approximately 9 minutes to broadcast this warning : Stop !! You have entered the United States illegally. You are being observed and recorded. Drop everything that you have and raise your hands, palms out.

    When the broadcast starts with Spanish, then English…..and the orders of the recording are not followed, the other languages kick in.

    Now, here is your dilemma number one. You are in charge and the infrared showed huge bundles of drugs and weapons being carried. Instead of following orders, they melt into the immediate surrounding area. Make a decision.

    Dilemma number two: half of the perps do wjat they were told to do and the other half melts into the landscape. Make a decision.

    Dilemma number three: You approach a group with known weapons (night vision confirmed the weapons) but you do not see any. Make a decision.

    Dilemma number four: Shots are fired in your direction from behind immigrants (there are NO innocent immigrants because they broke the law getting there but we really do not want to shoot mothers and babies). Make a decision.

    Dilemma number five: You confront a weapons bearer. He/she does not fire but drops his weapon and runs back to the border. Knowing that he will be back the next day with more weapons…..make a decision.

    Now, you are a rancher. Your foreman calls in after patrolling your border fence. You are on your own PRIVATE ranch. Your border fencing has the required signs posted in English and Spanish very plainly stating: “You have entered the United States on private property. Trespassers will be shot.” ( Yes, it is legal in Texas to use that type of language on private property and legal to shoot without warning). Your foreman has informed you that your fence has been cut and there are tracks of an ATV present. Make a decision.

    One last issue: You are the same rencher and the foreman has informed you of the same situation sans ATV tracks. Your foreman rides up to your line shack and it has been broken into, you see the remnants of one of your cattle on the ground that has been killed and butchered…you know that there are people in your line shack, but the wounds on the carcas indicated gun shot…..Make a decision.

    Have fun!

    • Ok, ladies, you can play also….these are common everyday scenarios….I haven’t even thrown a curve ball yet. I am curious as to how each one would pursue this or answer this…

    • Black Flag® says:

      You are in charge and the infrared showed huge bundles of drugs and weapons being carried. Instead of following orders, they melt into the immediate surrounding area. Make a decision.

      Let them go. You have their stuff

      Dilemma number two: half of the perps do wjat they were told to do and the other half melts into the landscape. Make a decision.

      Let them all go. You have their stuff

      Dilemma number three: You approach a group with known weapons (night vision confirmed the weapons) but you do not see any. Make a decision.

      Surrond them, and proceed with caution. Individualize them, seize the weapons and let them go

      Dilemma number four: Shots are fired in your direction from behind immigrants (there are NO innocent immigrants because they broke the law getting there but we really do not want to shoot mothers and babies). Make a decision.

      False dilemma. They have broken no moral law. Either you are on the rightful moral stance or you are not. Work to separate the two groups you face

      Dilemma number five: You confront a weapons bearer. He/she does not fire but drops his weapon and runs back to the border. Knowing that he will be back the next day with more weapons…..make a decision.

      Let him go

      • Not quite that easy…when they melt into the countryside..they do not drop weapons or drugs.

        Well, I expected pretty much of that….your idea is to let everybody go so they can do it again…Ok….I have your perspective.

        • Black Flag® says:

          You have no knowledge whether they will or will not do it again.
          You are making up a fantasy tale to justify immoral response.

          • Nonsense BF…I have the stats on my side. The non violent ones we fingerprint. The violent ones receive what they dish out. this border is dangerous and it has changed significantly.

            No fantasy about this at all..those situations that I listed are not hypothetical.

            • Black Flag® says:

              You pretend knowledge you do not have, motives and actions of others in the future.
              It on such pretense grave evil manifests

    • Black Flag® says:

      Now, you are a rancher. Your foreman calls in after patrolling your border fence. You are on your own PRIVATE ranch. Your border fencing has the required signs posted in English and Spanish very plainly stating: “You have entered the United States on private property. Trespassers will be shot.” ( Yes, it is legal in Texas to use that type of language on private property and legal to shoot without warning). Your foreman has informed you that your fence has been cut and there are tracks of an ATV present. Make a decision.

      Fix the fence

      One last issue: You are the same rencher and the foreman has informed you of the same situation sans ATV tracks. Your foreman rides up to your line shack and it has been broken into, you see the remnants of one of your cattle on the ground that has been killed and butchered…you know that there are people in your line shack, but the wounds on the carcas indicated gun shot…..Make a decision.

      Call them out, seize their weapons and let them go. You have their stuff

    • Now, here is your dilemma number one. You are in charge and the infrared showed huge bundles of drugs and weapons being carried. Instead of following orders, they melt into the immediate surrounding area. Make a decision.

      Neutralize all perps. confiscate all drugs and weapons

      Dilemma number two: half of the perps do wjat they were told to do and the other half melts into the landscape. Make a decision.

      Neutralize the half that does not obey, take the rest into custody. Confiscate all drugs and weapons.

      Dilemma number three: You approach a group with known weapons (night vision confirmed the weapons) but you do not see any. Make a decision.

      Neutralize all perps. confiscate all drugs and weapons

      Dilemma number four: Shots are fired in your direction from behind immigrants (there are NO innocent immigrants because they broke the law getting there but we really do not want to shoot mothers and babies). Make a decision.

      I have the best technology. Take the women and children into custody. Neutralize the rest. Confiscate all drugs and weapons.

      Dilemma number five: You confront a weapons bearer. He/she does not fire but drops his weapon and runs back to the border. Knowing that he will be back the next day with more weapons…..make a decision.

      Let him go. Confiscate the weapons. After the above procedure is followed a few times, he will not be back.

      Now, you are a rancher. Your foreman calls in after patrolling your border fence. You are on your own PRIVATE ranch. Your border fencing has the required signs posted in English and Spanish very plainly stating: “You have entered the United States on private property. Trespassers will be shot.” ( Yes, it is legal in Texas to use that type of language on private property and legal to shoot without warning). Your foreman has informed you that your fence has been cut and there are tracks of an ATV present. Make a decision.

      Neutralize all perps. Confiscate any drugs and weapons. Call the local peace officer to report the incident.

      This is an armed invasion on our country. Do we just let them invade, or do we protect our country?

      • Black Flag® says:

        They are not invaders, hence, your prescriptions of death and violence will absolutely lead to more death and violence upon the innocent.

        • Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not in charge, then. But our border would be secure.

        • We consider them invaders if they are armed. We do not know if they are terrorists are not and we are not going to ask them if they are…we will assume they are.

          • Black Flag® says:

            They are not invaders as they have no interest in seizing the State. They are merely black marketers.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Flagster, I have not one problem with immigration. I Do however have some questions as to who is coming and why . My questions are suspicious of the Feds, something is amiss and the Left is leading the way. Trust isn’t something I just give out. 🙂

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Start by ending the drug war and legalizing the stuff. The war is the problem, not the solution. The guns??? Probably self protection, we have plenty here and they don’t need to smuggle them,

        If one what’s yo end immigration of this nature, build a proper fence, with some serious voltage, control the flow of entry.

        That solves all the problems, nobody gets hurt, the ranchers can stop worrying, the drugs can be imported legally and the guns can be turned in at border control points.

        As VH says, what good is it to catch them to begin with if they will be released?

        • Just asking your opinions…..I will tell you what we do later….just asking, if yu were in charge or faced the situation.

          Contrary to what BF wants to say,,,,,there is no moral issue.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            It’s difficult to judge those situations in a educated way because I game never experienced that scenario. I would most certainly defend myself. As a land owner, I would protect my land according to the threat and have good insurance for damage/ loses.

            But without experience, I have no real answer.

          • Black Flag® says:

            So says the man who affixes his bent moral compass to dictates of his masters.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Sir….I will not dispute in anyway your experience and knowledge in the border issue. Or should I say war. I’d go along with BF and his open border philosphy if the conditions were open on the other side. That said…..

            I find the Federal government actions so completely contradictory it makes my head hurt. If the global terrorism threat is SO bad why go so far out of their way to open our borders. Come for jobs, humanitarian I don’t care but it’s the criminal element that is getting to be more prevelant. Now in your experience is the threat MORE today and worse than like in the 70’s? I’m not saying there isn’t a threat, but I will use examples of my travels in Italy. Terrorism was very real and a constant threat. It was made up of many parts. 1) the mafia 2) cultural ie M/E vs Europe 3) internal political, communist like the Brigada Rosso 4) just plain labor issues and 5) separtists movements. All were present and you had to be very aware of where you were at any time. Just a couple years before I started traveling through Rome there was a Palestinian attack at Leonado de Vinci airport. The terrorist with machine guns and grenades opened up in the terminal area. Indiscriminatly shooting and killing. When I went through there was no serious security affecting your person like today, but a cat walk above the open area with seriously armed police or soldiers with the guns pointed down at you. It was discreet but if you made a bad move, they’d ask questions later. Kidnappings, kneecapping, open session on Police, Rocket attacks, bombings of restaurants and hotels, drive by shooting, a shootdown of an airliner….I found the 70’s much more intimidating than today. And here in the US highjackings to Cuba. Now I do not travel to the M/E and while I was near there before I had restricted travel as to where I could on my oun go. There were lots of tours sponsored for military personnel to go to Berlin, Russia, Eygpt etc. Told flat out do bother to sign up for personal travel to those areas.

        • I didn’t exactly say that-I was just pointing out that it was a big part of the equation-and would figure into how I would handle the situation. Not that I know how I would handle the situation-I just know that my agents safety would come first.

          • Black Flag® says:

            Indeed, gunning down whomever comes across your path on the errant belief of “protecting your own” is to the morally twisted a ‘good thing”.

            • Curious BF, if this didn’t occur at the border-if citizens of this Country are caught with lots of illegal drugs and weapons-and the police ask them to drop their weapons and these criminals refused to do so-and even fired at them-how should this be handled. Should the cops just let them walk away-should they just stand there and be shot?

              • Black Flag® says:

                “and even fired at them-how should this be handled. Should the cops just let them walk away-should they just stand there and be shot?”

                How should men being fired upon by other “citizens” respond?
                Why does a “border” change this?

  3. And to Gman,,,,,in Texas, we will confiscate your vehicles, home, and bank account if you are caught running drugs. I have no problem with this. Where is the problem in your eyes?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      My problem is when it’s taken, no charges filed, no conviction, just theft. If they want the money, get a conviction first. That’s not hard. There are too many stories of law abiding citizens being ripped off without cause or charges being filed. That should be a crime, except when one works for the government, it is not.

      • Well, you are correct…and we do not confiscate until a conviction is rendered…..but we do tie everything up until then.

        • That’s OK! There are far too many police departments who simply stealing “revenue” based on idiotic, unnecessary laws passed by those elected, for the sole purpose of collecting revenue. It’s not much different than putting a 35 mph sign in the middle of nowhere to catch people speeding, a rip off. The death tax, a rip off. Eric Garner basically died because of revenue gaining. The desire for government’s, of all sizes, to take from the people is insane and really needs to be stopped.

          But, after looking at those pictures above, we are so outnumbered by the jackboot thugs the governments employ, it isn’t likely to end peacefully.

          • Yeah, but most of those pictures are very old…Kent State and marches in the 60’s……not very many people will pay attention to these.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              It’s an interesting look back and see how far the police state has come. From bayonets to armored vehicles and fully auto weapons

    • Black Flag® says:

      Since prohibition on drugs is immoral, the seizure of property as a response to drugs is immoral.

  4. Black Flag® says:

    Why no Clinton.

    Any moron who says this:
    “[t]here’s something wrong when CEOs make 300 times more than the typical worker”

    …while as a speaker Ms. Clinton is paid, on average, $300,000 per talk; as a speaker I am paid, on average, $1,000 per talk. As a speaker, therefore, Ms. Clinton is paid 300 times more than I am paid!
    Is “something wrong”?
    Is the market for speakers rigged unfairly in favor of famous and politically connected speakers such as Ms. Clinton, and against obscure and ordinary speakers such as me? Is Ms. Clinton part of a nefarious network of greedy speaker-insiders who profit unjustly at the expense of myself and other more-typical speakers by manipulating the speaker market? Should government intervene into the speaker market to remedy this 300-to-1 ratio in speaker fees? Would the amounts that event organizers pay me to speak go up if government ensures that Ms. Clinton’s speaker fee is pushed down?

    Anyone who is as insane as she would continue to destroy the nation.

    But, so will all the others.

  5. For all the burger flippers and french friers……you want $15 bucks…….go for it. The dollar menu will disappear…..you will be paying 10 bucks for a happy meal….but I wonder how many mom;s that have 3 and four children are going to drive up to their local McDonald’s and order a fast food lunch for 40 bucks?

    Everybody seems to have lost the original issue of fast food restaurants….they were originally established to feed people at reasonable prices……and now, you have a union movement, to raise wages,,,,ALSO…the whole issue behind cheap fast food was filling a gap where young people could work over a summer and make a few bucks…..

    All of a sudden fast food is being turned into permanent job status? LOL……not a problem for me…I will not buy fast food.

    • And, just like the franshise owner in California and the one here in Fort Worth,,,,,they simply automated everything the could and laid off half of their employee force……

      Except for the franchise owner in California that automated is now having a problem with the City in that he did not get a permit to automate? REALLY?

      • Black Flag® says:

        Those that do not understand min. wage laws consequences will not understand that as the forced wage rates rises, more automation of jobs.

        When the cost of human labor exceeds the cost of machine labor, machines win.

        • Yep……that is the way it is….the realty. And,,,,an interesting issue I just saw onthe news…the media was interviewing a protester with their perfectly painted signs and their Tshirts…..here is the question…..” If you get what you want and they raise the price to pay for your pay increase, and the people stop coming because they refuse to pay the exorbitant price, what will you do then? The answer, if people stop buying because the price goes up, then they are just as guilty as the store would be for raising the prices.

          THAT ia the mentality you deal with.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            As stupid as it sounded back in the 90’s, one of Kramer’s (seinfeld character) was to open a pizza place. Except the people made their own pizza. The restauranteur just provided the space and makings. That was a humorous comment of the wages in NYC.

            Several years ago while still living in Raleigh NC the “black” population was the most active and vocal against the hispanic migration…..their montra was ‘but they’re taking our traditional jiobs” McDonald’s burger flippers, custodian for hotels cleaning toilets….if that’s the aspiration heaven help us. Every hispanic immigrant I’ve known has been 1) usually a skilled worker or craftman. 2) if they struggled due to education limitations, they got it and moved onto better work. The daughter of an ex-girlfriend (from Colombia) kept telling her Mom…”shut telemundo off and learn english better” I got the mother through school far enough that she became a paralegal.

            I knew several relatives who immigrated to the US back in the late 1800’s. I NEVER heard them speak anything but english. Their answer to me everytime I tried to get them to speak their native language with me was “Why? we’re american now” They literally would not talk about their life in Europe, nor did they keep and records or photo’s at all. My Great Grand Mother had to be in her 30’s when she came here in 1898. Her parents were obviously older than that.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      More left wing ideology. The end result………many more people on welfare, very few fast food joints.

    • I’ve thought about this long and hard. These are the jobs we took in High School and college. The figures on youth unemployment are telling. The Youth are competing with adults who cannot find any other work. hence, the call for higher wages in the fast food industry.

      So, here is where I think the free marketeers clash with reality. Widgets are cheaper from China, Viet-Nam and Malaysia but the unemployed widget makers in the US?

      Move, re-career, do something else. Really, What? Along with the importation of millions more unskilled workers and the importation of hundreds of thousands more skilled workers who will work for peanuts under the H1B Visa. That visa comes with the very real threat that if they complain about wages they will suddenly be “excessed” and returned home, So, what else are our surplus to the economy workers to do with themselves?

      • Black Flag® says:

        As you are economically ignorant, you do not understand the dynamics of what you preach and pretend your cause/effect, ignorantly, has some validity.

        No business in the US can hire widget makers at the price offered in China. The law prevents this. But you blame the free market, not the government who made the law.

        You are the victim of your own stupidity of your own supported policies.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Start by blaming NAFTA. Thanks to Clinton and Bush, we have this. Between taxes and regulations, it will only get worse.

        • You love to knock me on economics and guess what. You are right! I understand what you are driving at. I understand you could probably outsource 90% of jobs in this country and import enough minimum wage surplus labor from SA to do the rest. You of course would be overjoyed. 300,000,000 or so of your fellow citizens would not be.

          When I first studied psychology, the soft science, I was impressed with Gestalt.

          noun: gestalt; plural noun: gestalts; noun: Gestalt; plural noun: Gestalts

          an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.

          Like Newton’s third law, it is applicable to a whole lot more than the science that fathered it.

          So, the simple analogy. Society is the hub of an old spoked wooden wheel. Rather than radiating from the center, coming to it from the outside are the spokes. One on those spokes is called economics. Others are called morality, religion, Civic Virtue, patriotism, respect, toleration, honor, etc.

          What you do not get my equally ignorant friend is that a wheel with one spoke ain’t taking you very far.

          Not a rich man, I did plan fairly wisely and can weather retirement and the storm. If necessary, and my health holds up, I can get back into the day to day as a consultant. But those other things I listed beside the “spoke” of economics will guarantee that I will fight you and your ilk tooth and nail till the day I die. In your own way you are merely a 180 degree deviant from the Socialist, wacko one worlders out there who also see “economics” as the sole spoke to their wheel. Economics is not the be all or end all of life, hell, it ain’t even the fun part of life unless you are Uncle Scrooge. How’s your Money bin # 5 going?

          • Black Flag® says:

            “You love to knock me on economics and guess what. You are right! I understand what you are driving at. I understand you could probably outsource 90% of jobs in this country and import enough minimum wage surplus labor from SA to do the rest. You of course would be overjoyed. 300,000,000 or so of your fellow citizens would not be.”

            Because you are wholly ignorant of economics, you tend to be stuck on ignorant premises. You really should get a couple of courses in economics before you slobber

            You pretend that if one side of an economic trade has “labor”, then your side has nothing.

            Yet, to trade, both sides need something to trade. If low-priced labor goes one way, and they produce goods for you to buy, how do you think you have stuff for them to buy for you to buy their stuff?. You equally must be producing “something” for them to want to trade with you.

            Because you are a one-dimensional thinker, you can’t conceive of the economics of the situation, regardless of all the stuff I have so often presented. It is as if you are a brain of concrete, unable to learn a damn thing.

            Economics is not the be all or end all of life, hell, it ain’t even the fun part of life unless you are Uncle Scrooge. How’s your Money bin # 5 going?”

            As typical, you confuse “economics” with “investing”. Such ignorance.
            As Mises said to his wife: “I am an economist, and we will never be rich”.

            Economics is the end all be all of human action in society, because it is about HUMAN ACTION.

            If you wish to understand human action and its consequences, Economics is the study.

            You do not want to learn this study, but you believe your slobbering has some validity.

            • Look, you have your “last man standing” take, and I have mine.

              You feel you can stand apart from the Common Man and I embrace him.

              You are a know it all and I am a seeker of wisdom.

              So, while I may seek you out readily from time to time to answer technical questions and will give you full credit for your knowledge. I do not buy into your sense of humanity.

              I stand by Gestalt and raise you one………

              • Black Flag® says:

                You are quite confused.

                You believe “humanity” must be forced, and “seeking humanity” must go into realms of fantasy and beyond the laws of economics.

                You are not seeking humanity. You are seeking Peter Pan.

              • I said seeker of wisdom.

                One’s love of fellow man should come from something known as “enlightened self interest” for those who do not accept the Biblical precepts such as “do unto others” or “love them as I have loved you”. .

            • By the way, I have been called a lot worse.

              • Per BF you can protect your own as individuals but not as a Country because government is evil-there is no talking him out of these positions.

              • V.H.
                The contradiction that rages in your head is that you confuse people with a fiction called country and a country with a fiction called government.

                You cannot discern any difference between any of these things.

              • Perhaps, but my statement remains a truth.

                You are confused between what ought to be and what is.

                You have a distorted understanding of Economics.

                You believe economics tells you what you should do.
                So when you see businesses move their production to China, this creates a conflict to you because you believe they shouldn’t do that because it is not what “you would do”

                But economics is a neutral science. It does not tell you “what to do”.
                It explains the consequences of what you want to do

                If you want to raise taxes for whatever reason, economics will tell you about other consequences.
                If you want to raise prices for labor, economics will tell you about other consequences.
                If you want to restrict trade, economics will tell you about other consequences.

                Your problem: you want to do these things, but avoid the consequences, and since economics tells you “Sorry, you can’t”, you blame economics, not your perverse action or understanding.

                You rage against low cost labor in China, which takes low cost labor out of the US.
                Yet, at the same time, you demand people should be paid high wages in the US.

                So want both things. Low cost labor AND high cost labor for the same labor. In your screwed up brain, you can’t see the contradiction of your demand.

                You raise the price of labor locally, and jobs leave. You cry, demanding they come back.
                BUT! You will not accept low prices for labor, and do not take the jobs. So the jobs leave, and you cry again.

                You are a guy who believes driving a car means you push down to the metal both the brakes and the gas, thinking you are making good progress forward.

  6. Black Flag® says:

    I am no longer in the Oil mine (now part of “Conventional”), and though the current job is fantastic, with far more benefits then when I was in the mine, I still miss the mine once in awhile.

    • How does that work BF? Is that a private enterprise or a government project? No slam on you if you work for the gov..heehee

      • Black Flag® says:

        Private of course.
        There are a number of business units in the energy company: NG, Conventional, Mine, In Situ, Heavy, Offshore….

  7. @ Dale……Open borders would be great…if it were reciprocal. They are not and that is simpy a reality. The other point is also that if we practiced open borders then everyone would follow our lead. This is not so…and it never will be so….and to continue that philosophy will only lead to disappoontment and failure.

    Bf’s argument derives from natural rights and ignoring laws because, in his views, any law that violates a natural right is immoral and anyone who follows the laws of the land are never going to be correct…what else would you expet from an anarchist…..but I like BF because he is consistent and his answers were almost exactly what I expected him to say. I absolutely do not take offense.

    However, we, the United States, like it or not, are a Nation of Laws. It is from this premise that we operate. Now to answer your question:

    Years ago, in the 80’s and even 90’s, the main culprit of border crossings were immigrants looking for work..especially during the farming season. Starting about 1996, things started to change. ( You need to familiarize yourself with the ruling parties in Mexico, because it plays a direct role..National Action Party (PAN), the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). This is extremely important because as the party goes, so goes the border.

    In the 80’s and 90’s. it was quite simple to go into Mexico…the party in power actually stopped the “mordida” or practically eliminated it. You did not have to bribe the Mexican authorities to get into and out of Mexico. Also, you used to be able to go to any border town walk or drive across the bridge and shop and party. You cannot do that any longer, The control of Mexico has changed hands and the mordida is very very much in place. People who have been to the border years ago remember it that way…do not go to the border today. You actually have a 50/50 chance of survival in daylight hours and 75/25 you will die in the night time. . The shops are closed..the restaurants are closed….if you do go across the border, your chances of surviving in Tel Aviv are greater than the border towns today. It is dangerous. There are literaly Mexican towns that have been evacuated along the border with its inhabitants either killed or forced out. The cartels have taken control of the border and are openly working with known terrorist groups abroad.

    Drugs are NOT the main source of income. As a matter of fact it is not even first. Gun running South to North is now 21% of the income. Human trafficking is 34% of the income and drugs make up the rest….By human trafficking, I am talking about the children sold into slavery and prostitution and the kidnapped girls as young as 9 years old being brought up here….and the issue with me is…..THERE IS A GODDAMNED MARKET in the US for prostitutes and slavery….mainly in Detroit, Chicago, New York, Boston, and Atlanta. My point is….it is not the same any longer.

    It used to be that the border lakes where anglers have been going for ages are just now getting back to being safe…If you recall the jet ski couple that made all the news. It used to be that fishermen were stopped on the US side of the lake and robbed at gunpoint. That does not happen any longer. Why? Because we did not turn our backs on it…..we have armed gunboats patrolling the rivers and lakes now…..it solved the problem…..but at what price….freedom.

    Try to travel to Cancun, Puerta Vaklarta, MOnterry, Cozumel, Acupulco… the normal touristy areas. It used to be that you could rent a jeep and drive all over and look at Aztec and Inca pyramids and sites…..you cannot do that anymore. YOu better go with a tourist bus as there is safety in numbers. You used to be able to walk with your wife on a Cancun beach at night…you cannot do that any longer. As a matter of record, there are signs warning the tourist that it is not adviseable to walk at night. It is the same all over.

    Now you have armed gangs on the border and the Federales are in their pockets.

    The immigrant looking for work is not the majority of border crossings any longer…as matter of fact it is not even half any longer. What has happened is that family members are kidnapped in Mexico. The cartels kidnap a family and then tell other family members that if they want to keep their family alive..you better do what we say. They become “mules”.

    Ranchers were having their houses burned to the ground, school buses stopped on rural roads, women raped on the US side….fences cut, cattle stolen….Until two years ago….now it has changed because of the Texas National Guard and the fact that our governor supports closing the borders. It is unfortunate that the Feds do not enforce the law.

    Morality means nothing to me in these conditions because there is no morality coming forth. These cartels and the gangs have crawled out of the sewers….and if you want to beat them…you do not turn your back and hope it goes away. You must make it non profitable or at least cut into it…..This is why California is pissed….the bad guys are headed that way.

    Sorry for the long answer…….but ignoring the problem will not make it go away….opening the borders will only be worse. Texas and New Mexico have a decent handle in it. We have stopped the border crossings by about 80%…ranchers can get out on their land now, rafters can go into the Big Bend Park now…..but you still cannot cross the border,,,,it is not adviseable.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sir….I’ve seen the shift on our border. I grew up in the SW in the 60’s into the early 70’s. As a 14 year old I went to Mexico on a mountain climbing expedition. Only a few of us. Hung out afterwards in San Felipe in dirt floor cantinas. My Dad did a lot of work at White Sands. We’d visit, back and forth into Juarez, no issues. Tijuana no issues. Our border issues have severely changed. You or I do not begrudge anyone from striving for a better life, it made our lives richer also. On our border it is a whole different animal. This is what I do not understand about the #1 responsibility of the feds is to PROTECT our nation. The administration has forfeited the game. Thanks to you and your team for caring.

      In the mid 80’s my ex-wife (now) and I were offered protection by the FBI and the DEA because of the stand we took against a corrupt police force and the Colombian drug dealers coming in from Quebec into VT. We made national news and Time magazine.

      You and I understand econ 101. Up until the 80’s I’d go whereever. Better work, pack and move. However, once I got “retired” due to age and salary expense and the job went to India. I understood. But, I said I’ll go to India, I’ll go to Bratislava, China take a proportional cut in pay. Impossible. Visa restrictions. The recession was global and countries protected their own 1st. To do what I did at a minimum now requires a Masters and preferable a phd. There is a glut of them running around and 35 years younger,,,who is going to get hired. I feel less abused traveling in Europe than I have felt in this country for many years. Our government DHS, TSA etal are just a bunch of bumbling idiot amateurs.

      Legalize drugs….naivete at best. Maybe those that live in big cities feel it to some degree but try stepping over OD victims in Amsterdam. Avoiding automatic gun crossfire in residential areas. People having puked their life out on the sidewalk Dead!!! and people just stepping over them, including the police. The people were so callous. FYI drugs are not LEGAL in Holland. They just do not go after use of “brown” drugs. Mary Jane and Hash. Legalize it but prosecute severely the crime surrounding the support, ie theft B/E you name it. Health issues do not ask me to pay for it. Geez, I can not imagine the health issue caused by your adiction to Dr. Pepper (joke). Besides the funerals of friends returning home from Vietnam, I attended more from drug OD’s and alcohol abuse. The high school I went to kids could do just about anything they chose to do and afford it. Like let’s go to Hawaii for the weekend as an example. You’d talk to kids on Monday and ask what did you do? “oh man I really got some good shit” Yah great but what did you do? “Oh man I got so fucked up” Yah but what did you do?…FYI They’re dead now. Me I went diving, rock climbing, car racing, surfing…dangerous sports but I remember every minute of those adventures to this day. Instead classmates in CA…Dude I got so wasted.

      • Or the inevitable at the party…” Dude..this is good shit ” as he was smoking his oregano laced with bleach…..OR….the purchase of octogon lense glasses, amber color, smoking some brown (hash) and looking at the moon. THe effect was like a pinwheel….and these people are in congress today….lol.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Only congress….try the last 2/3 presidents

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            maybe 3/3

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              There was a routine that Bill Cosby did many years ago about drug use. By the date about LSD use. Advocates would say, “it really enhances your perception and personality His retort was, “But what if you were and A–Hole”

  8. They’ve really got this internet stuff and advertising down-I find it a little creepy-Looked up lawn mowers at Walmart earlier today and now almost every site I go to pops up an advertisement for lawnmowers from Walmart.

  9. Funny how their hate and racism is so front and center but we’re the ones who are racist.


    • Thinking the other night about how we are “voluntarily discorporating” . That, by the way is an old Robert Heinlein term from “Stranger in a Strange Land”.

      Back around 1966 or so, we decided to become inclusive and introduce Spanish into every facet of out lives. Suddenly everything was translated. I like millions of others, considered it merely a minor annoyance to be tolerated. Of course today, it is big time, Civil Service people are being refused hiring and promotion because they are not bi-lingual. I have to read the Spanish ads before I can get to the English, the box in the store usually (or so it seems) has the Spanish side up and I have to turn the damned thing over looking for English. Let’s not even get into the robo answering machines with the Press 1 stuff.

      Funny part is the WHY?

      In ’66 I was a fairly street smart kid in a very integrated neighborhood in an incredibly diverse New York City. Everybody got along just fine in English. Older people still spoke German, Spanish, Greek, Yiddish exclusively but there was no shortage of people to help them choose Rice Krispies in the store. Hell, “Snap, Crackle and Pop” were universal concepts. Nonetheless, we have proceeded to create a second national tongue and the operative word is “Create”. Of course this locks in people and prevents their joining the mainstream. But nobody cares.

      I could understand the dumb Canadian move with French because of that whole Free Quebec thing though that too was pretty stupid.

      Those of you from other parts of the US who are old enough to remember the pre bi lingual days. Was there really a need, even in the Southwest?

  10. POLICE STATE ALERT! (This is how I will cover this kind of stuff) The DHS has put in another AMMO order for……guess how much…..64 million rounds of 5.56mm ammo.

    These dicks couldn’t shoot this much ammo in their dreams in fifty years, much less in reality. This is bullshit. (I don’t even have a gun that shoots the ammo, but know lots about it and the guns that shoot it.) If the US Army ordered this, I wouldn’t post it. If the US Marines ordered this, I would not post this.

    • Is this the real meaning of upcoming military exercise in the SouthWest called JADE HELM 15?

      “Joint Assistant for Development and Execution along with Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.”

    • I always love to go and grab flags that are being mistreated….I even pull them down from places of business if they are torn and ragged….and then replace them with a new flag at my expense.

      • I know the feeling. Daughter lives in the middle of a bunch of farmland. Their flag is currently sporting the Stars and Red Stripes…every white stripe is gone. I keep wanting to replace it for them and never get around to it. They’ve been there 3 years and this is the third time it needs to be replaced.

      • Black Flag® says:

        Indeed, blind allegiance to a fiction supplants reality of property D13?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      She was being a “reactionary”

    • Methinks it had less to do with the flag and more to do with her taking their property and refusing to return it when asked…

      • I am sure that you are correct. Some more of that “discretionary” application of law. Disregard the law that governs the treatment of our flag and prosecute the person that took the flag. Simple statement of our society today. It is ok to obey laws and/or rules when you want to….and disregard them when you don’t.

        • Don’t forget that SCOTUS has ruled laws prohibiting desecration of the flag go against the first amendment.

          It isn’t about ‘discarding the laws that govern the treatment of our flag’ – that law, while still in the books, cannot be enforced.

          As to the ‘person that took the flag’ – ummmmm…didn’t know you supported theft.

          • Nobody should have been arrested for anything. Like I said , freedom of speech works two ways. All the owners of the flag had to do was promise not to walk on it. The police overreacted. The bigger issue is why we have Americans who seem to like to disrespect they very symbol that allows them to have free speech. Our colleges suck, our education system sucks and our politicians suck. This can’t end well.

            • Are you hearing yourself?

              “freedom of speech works two ways” — I didn’t realize taking someone else’s property can be classified as exercising one’s freedom of speech…

              “all the owners of the flag had to do was promise not to walk on it” — Really?? The owner of the property couldn’t do what he wanted with his property?

              • There is no claim to ownership within the article (I am not going to assume the protestors bought it, you may if you choose). The protest was on public property (a State University) which was on it’s third day. One protest deserves a counter protest. No charges were filed, but the point being that when someone does something the Left doesn’t like (Like refuse to cater pizza to a gay wedding) these people get death threats and in some cases, their lives ruin financially. Frankly, the little brats are lucky they didn’t get their asses kicked.

              • Of course the article you posted to doesn’t make any mention as to ownership of the flag. Why am I not surprised??

                She wants to counter-protest? Fine, go for it. But you don’t get to steal someone else’s property to do it.

              • She didn’t run away with it, she just picked it up and played keep away for awhile. She could have gone to the nearest biker bar and told them what was going on instead and probably not have been involved with them at all.

              • G – she took their property and refused to give it back.

                If this was anything other than a flag, I’m sure your feelings would be different.

              • Here is one of those little anecdotes that Charlie was so fond of running me down for.

                During the Vietnam War protests, there was a demonstration with the usual anti-war bigshots in San Francisco if I remember correctly. Allan Ginsberg headed a crowd of speakers and “guests” representing the “beat” generation. One of those present was Jack Kerouac, acclaimed author of “On the Road” and a beat icon.

                Small American flags were distributed during the rally and they were to be part of a burn-in. Kerouac got wind of this and quietly, with good humor, went through the crowd collecting and protecting those flags.

                Meant something to him.

                Yes, Ginsberg did read “Howl”.

                If truth be told, during the anti-war and attendant anti-American demonstrations of the late ’60’s there were people on the other side from me whom I greatly respected and there were those, whom I would have gladly put up against a wall. Your freedom ends where mine begins.

                Regarding the “flag” issue in general. I have given this one some serious thought over the years. As Americans we have a short history, we have no Westminster Abbey, no Runnymede, no Kings nor trappings of nobility and we come from the far corners of the earth. Flag burnings in countries other than ours seem to be no big deal and they are not.

                That flag, that piece of cloth is our nobility. Knock the US as much as you would like but one cannot argue that the country and its SYMBOL, the flag, represent, as Ronald Reagan would say, “The last best hope for humanity”.

                I’ve had friends argue that other countries are as good or better to live in , Sweden, Australia, Tahiti, Canada, Switzerland but the historical facts are (note the use of the word facts) none of those places would be around except for the Americans who served under that flag and died for the principles enshrined in that piece of cloth. It was the thing that united the grandson of a former serf from the steppe with the sheepherders grandson from Sicily.

                There are laws and there are laws. There was a law about lunch counters for white people and being in the back of the bus. When enough people decided that these laws should not be, they went away and the courts, happy to uphold suddenly became happy to strike down. The mere fact that a court can reverse itself without legislative mandate negates the validity of the law. Maybe not 100% but certainly well over 50% for anyone willing to be objective.

                The shame of a situation like this is that the young woman was alone, that there was no one willing to assist. I, personally, will have to remember this so that in the event I should be a witness, I react rather than “think” about it first.

        • Colonel — forget that it was a flag for a moment.

          Let’s say that a group of protestors in a demonstration against X, had made a banner which they proceeded to throw to the ground and stomp on.

          Would you have a problem with this?

          Now, let’s then say a bystander walked up to the group and took the banner from them. Does that bystander have a right to do this? Now, the police come and request the bystander return the banner to its owner; bystander refuses.

          Where do you stand?

          • The bystander is just picking up the trash being left behind by the protestors, whats wrong with that? We shouldn’t be littering Ya know 🙂

          • Buck, I cannot forget it is a flag..and I know all the leftist arguments about it is only a piece of cloth..a symbol. ….that is the issue with me. Could care less about signs and banners. I could care less about targets with Obama’s picture on them or Bush’s picture on them…..go to any gun range and you will see a variety of targets with faces and caricatures…that is ok with me,,,don’t care. Although the Obama administration tried to take his caricature down at the rodeo in Fort Worth….during the bull riding competition I am sure that you are aware of the clowns and the barrel and there was a “dummy” propped up with a broom stick and a picture of Obama on it and the bulls would gore it and know it down.

            I do care about the flag and I understand that it was personal property and the SCOTUS ruled that the abuse of the flag is protected free speech….and the law is still on the books.

            I understand all of this….I also understand that you and others will consider it theft….if I ever see a flag being mistreated on public property…I will stop it. I will interfer and I will take the flag. ( And, yes sir, I understand what I am doing and I understand that it could be considered theft. ) I do this now,….if I see a worn and tattered flag flying on any flag pole anywhere, I will stop and talk to the owner. I will go and buy a flag to replace it, if necessary.

            I will also stop and pull down any flag that I see flying over the American Flag or the flag flying upside down. Even a flag that is not properly lit at night. It carries meaning to me and I am prepared to take whatever arrest that would come with it….however, the police do not do anything here on it…….and, as I understand it, no one is pressing the issue…meaning no theft charges were filed. Great…..

            I do not expect you to understand nor agree with the symbolism….that is fine. It means nothing to you….ok, I get it. To me, it is something important and I am willing to take what ever punishment would be meted out.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              To me you should be equally protected by the law of free speech by protecting said flag against abuse or destruction.

              I was raised like you and taught the proper way to handle and treat the flag.

              We have lost all resemblance of common sense in our nation of laws. It’s just a machine.

  11. Hmmmm-Who knew that woman are more protected after 21-Bet they didn’t cover this at their “bully” conference-seems more educational than discussing the way to ………………


  12. Russian inflation likely to increase to 44%….so sayeth the gurus.

    • The little I’ve read about this has Putin blaming the Russian government for the problems, which surprised me since I’m so used to the US or sanctions being blamed for everyone’s problems. But isn’t Putin basically the Russian government.

      • He is…..but he lives in a dream world….he wants the old “cold war” back. You must look at history….he was a political Colonel with the KGB at its collapse. If you will look at his government and look at the bio’s that are his government, you might be surprised. See where everyone was schooled and trained. Also, take a look at his rise to power….he is quite interesting.

        • The main problem with his economy is that he is old school. He does not understand free market at all….AND…with the fact that the largest economic base in Russia being the black market ( free market if you will ) and with his decades old ideas of devaluing currency…is the kiss of death. HOWEVER, when you do the currency thing, you now control the people. When you have hyper inflation…..people fall in line. They cannot afford to o anything else.

  13. Dale A Albrecht says:

    FBI has finally admitted that their forensic analysis and testimony on hair samples for hundreds of cases was flawed or in error, with the majority in the direction of the prosecutors case gaining convictions. Over a period of 20 years prior to 2000.

    Trust us, we’re the FBI and have the best….yeah right.

    Prosecutors withholding evidence because it ex-honorated those accused. served < 24 hours.

    Massachusetts crime lab chemist falsified drug tests compromising tens of thousand criminal cases. The damage she caused to peoples lives is incalculable and she got only 3.

    • This should not come as a surprise. We have more people in jail than China. It’s a very profitable business and prison labor is cheap. I think we all know which companies use prison labor by this point in time. The Prison Industrial Complex is just as evil as the Military Industrial Complex, almost.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I’m not surprised…just disillusioned. Been that way for close to 20 years. I believe for every case where a conviction is obtained by false or concealed evidence, said prosecutors and officers involved should serve that time imposed on the victims. Not hand slaps. That just might clean up the system.

        Did you see the opening scene of “The Blues Brother’s 2”. Joliet is now a privately run prison. Business…

        Ongoing scandal in NYC detained accused persons held for years at Ryker’s Island for lack of bail and many charges are for minor offenses. No trial scheduled. I guess that is one way to have someone serve time without the trouble of trial and conviction. Gross violations of the 6th ammendment.

  14. Report card time…Rubio for the win. Common Core says style trumps substance.

  15. Anybody interested in the list of captured weaponry on the Texas border. That is weaponry coming in….not going out.

    • Bring it.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sir…sorry for my long meandering response to your long meandering response last night, it was late. I am truly confused by the actions of our national government on opening up borders in obvious contradiction of the evidence.

      I alway laugh when Europe chides us for human right violations for profiling etc. They are just much more adapt at it than we are. A few years ago in Milan, while waiting to board, several really nice female agents just cruised the crowd. Sometimes they’d stop and talk to you in your language after determining your nationality. Over time everyone was talked to. Then they’d move on. When the call came to board, one of the agents took the mike and while pointing at people, saying you, you, you to about 1/2 dozen people….follow me. Only one ultimately was allowed to board. In the UK or any flight to the country you were warned against any comments about terrorism especially even anything about the IRA. Evenb if it’s talking about a news article in “The Times”. Your life will be very inconvenienced if overheard.

  16. Caprtured Weaponry since November 2014 .Texas border…

    Unclassified: (4) AK 12 Russian made assaut weapons and it shoots NATO rounds as well as their own., (2) Saiga 12’s. Russian made shotgun., (19) AKM’s Russian made assault rifles (replaces the AK47). (3) Russian made RPG7’s. and 112 rounds of ammo to fit , (14) Russian made MON 50’s ( like our caymore mine ). (2) 5.8x42mm QBZ-95 Chinese assault rifles. (2) Israeli made 7.62×51 Galil 52 rifles. (1) Bofors AK5 ( Swedish )

    • I am happy that somebody is doing something about our border. My hat is off to all of you, Sir!

    • Looks like Russia is doing a lot of supplying. Keep up the good work.

      • You have to understand something…..it is supply and demand….it does not matter if it is guns or people or widgets. There is a lot of money to be made in weaponry. Everybody runs down the United States because we sell guns and defense weapons and offense weapons…..when we get out of the market or curtail it….someone else will ALWAYS fill the gap.

        The United States did not invent the weapons market. It existed long before us. The Chinese and Russians are now putting out weaponry faster than the speed of sound. It is highly lucrative. Keep a very close watch…the minute the US does not sell an air defense to Poland….the Russians will…..

        Iran is the new hegemony in the ME now. It will be supplied by the Russians…..with the US pulling back, the Russians and the Chinese will be in a bidding war over there. Allegiances will change. The balance of power will change…..it is changing now. Iran will be the big kid on the block over there supplied and controlled by the Russians…and the rest of the ducklings will fall into lock step.

        • D13
          “Iran is the new hegemony in the ME now.”


          Yeah, right. Only those filled with dogmatic nonsense could quip this.

          To the north, Russia.
          The the west and east, American vassals.
          To the south, American carriers.

          Military budget $11.096 billion by SIPRI (2.5% of GDP). Per capita or percentage of GDP, this was a lower figure than for other Persian Gulf states.

          One has to have a serious brain haemorrhage to make such a declaration, D13.

          • Just watch, BF, just watch……I stand by it. Oh, and I might add……watch Africa extremely close.

            • Extraordinary geopolitical changes would be necessary.

              Hell, Iran can’t even get enough fuel and energy for its own current needs, and you pretend its a hegemony?

              Yeah, wait …. for centuries? decades? Nah, you’ll long be in the grave and so will your great-great-grandkids before Iran becomes “the world police man”… if ever….

              They’ve had their empire. It bankrupted them too. They haven’t the desire to walk that route again.

          • Also, BF…our carriers do not even play in the big game any longer. No one,. including Russia and Iran is even scared of them and the vassals…they will fall by the wayside, one by one unless we do ONE thing economically.

    • The AK-47 has made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the most widely spread weapon in the world, with 100 million Kalashnikov rifles currently in use. 5. Military and special forces in 106 countries around the globe from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe are now armed with AK-47s.Dec 23, 2013

      The M16 is the most commonly manufactured 5.56×45 mm rifle in the world. Currently, the M16 is in use by 15 NATO countries and more than 80 countries world wide. Together, numerous companies in the United States, Canada, and China have produced more than 8,000,000 rifles of all variants. Approximately 90% are still in operation.[5] The M16 replaced the M14 and M1 carbine as standard infantry rifles of the U.S. armed forces. The M14 continues to see limited service, mostly in sniper, designated marksman, and ceremonial roles.

      They win!

  17. FINALLY………………..Texas has sent an open carry bill to the Gov. He will sign it. We can already carry shotguns and rifles…never understood the hand gun conceal.

  18. Hey All – Tuesday morning I’m headed out for a much needed vacation. Not sure if I’ll be able to check in tomorrow (quite a few projects I need to wrap up at work).

    Be back towards the end of next week!

    Don’t tread too far to the right in my absence…you’ve already gone a bit far as it is!!! 🙂

  19. Happy Monday Folks 🙂 Looks like a rainy one here today, which means a break from the outdoor work. The first thing I here on the news is that 6 more people have been arrested because they were supposedly communicating with ISIS. The first thing that came to my mind, sometime in the future, someone in DC will start the “DHS spying and the Patriot Act is working” as it’s intended mantra. They probably won’t mention that they can be held indefinitely under the NDAA or that the FBI had been egging them on for some time to do these things.

    After some coffee, I had another thought, ISIS is Stats sponsored and trained, and I will simply say that my feeling is that it’s the US who is the sponsor. This would include all the videos and internet recruitment. While we haven’t seen the endgame yet, the simple arrests are enough to gather support for the unconstitutional laws mentioned above. Now, I also added the info D13 provided about who’s coming across the border, the weapons in their possession and that members of a known terrorist organization has been released.

    Now for some fun stuff to ponder. The 5 Walmarts that suddenly closed are blocking all views from outside and being guarded by police. No permits have been issued that would normally be required for a major plumbing repair. My guess, major renovation that all stores may under go, but these are being used as a promotional gimmick.

    More from the CT world. Jade Helm 15 is still garnering a huge amount of attention. A surface to air missile battery popped up in Texas and economic collapse is still a hot issue (see Flags comments a few days ago). A terrorist attack on the electric grid in the SouthWest is being brought up a lot, in conjunction with Jade helm 15.

    That is your morning news today 🙂 Have a safe and prosperous day!

    • Surface to air missiles are nothing new to Texas……take a look at FT Bliss……that is where they are…..in El PAso.

    • someone in DC will start the “DHS spying and the Patriot Act is working” as it’s intended.

      Because leaving them out there as free range plotters is such a good idea. smh.

      • If our Federal govt didn’t fund, arm and train them, and probably tell them what to do, we wouldn’t need such arrests of mental midgets who are likely the target of the recruitment, then have their hands held by the feds all the way through the process, just to be arrested and made a big deal of by the MSM. I bet that the FBI were directly involved (as in contact) with the individuals long before they did anything wrong.

        • Watch the press release on TV now.

          • Watching.G, your hatred of our govt has unintended consequences. It’s turned you into a terrorist sympathizer. You’d rather leave them to do their dirty work, then to have the feds watching them. Where’s Plainly? This is exactly the argument we got into on your blog. Ask me, these wanna bes have voluntarily renounced their citizenship, hit them with everything NDAA has to offer.

            • Ship them out of the country and NEVER let them back in. Of course, they can just come back through Mexico and your beloved Government will let them in. So which part of this situation is wrong, your beloved government letting terrorists in or my hatred of the corrupt government not willing to ship them out? The answer is a NO BRAINER! 😀

              • The answer is neither.

              • So you would rather the Feds handle things as they are. Considering the banner job that the Feds did with the Boston Bombers, even AFTER a warning from Russian intelligence, you have faith in them. Odd way of thinking.

      • ROFLMAO! These people wanted to LEAVE the US, the FBI should have helped them on the plane with first class tickets and tell them they would never be allowed back in the US. Now, our tax dollars pay to feed and house them. How incredibly stupid to NOT ship them to a far off land.

        • NOPE! It’s called gathering intel. . Leave that net out there, babysit 24/7, and get the bigger fish.

          • Sure, let them meet up with the Al Sabbab terrorists let in this country by your beloved government so they can just blow shit up. Instead of just shipping them off. Your brain is turning to mush by your love of government. But I still like you 🙂

            • Sure, label me G. I just love this govt. Mhmm.

              • I have not labeled you at all. I know you have trust and faith in the Federal government, why, I do not know, but that is your choice. I don’t trust them, as I see them as corrupt. Let me give you an example. The Iraq President claims that the US is dropping arms and food to ISIS. OUR government is concurring, claiming they are accidents. Hogwash! The US AF don’t make these kinds of mistakes, they drop the stuff exactly as they are told by their leadership. Yet, the MSM has everyone believing that the military just messed up. If you believe this absolute LIE, then there is no saving you from yourself 😀 ROFLMAO!

        • We should just have a public call to everyone that want’s to leave. Put them on a plane and wish them well. And NEVER allow them back in.

  20. Why isn’t this being shown by the MSM? Shouldn’t the people know about these folks?

  21. You cannot make this stuff up…….want to know how the UN goes?

    Iran has been ranked among the worst countries on Earth regarding equal treatment for men and women, but that didn’t stop the United Nations from voting to give Iran a seat on a women’s rights panel.

    In January, Iran will begin a three-year term as a member of the executive board of the U.N. Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, known as U.N. Women. The panel began operating in 2011 with the mandate of promoting equality for women worldwide.The Islamic Republic garnered 36 votes from the U.N.’s 54-member Economic and Social Council, well over the 27-vote minimum needed for appointment to the panel.

    In Iran, women are legally barred from holding some government positions, there are no laws against domestic violence, and adultery is punishable by stoning, making it wholly inappropriate that Iran assume a leadership role on women’s rights and welfare at the U.N.,” Power said in a statement.

    The World Economic Forum’s most recent annual “Global Gender Gap” report placed Iran sixth from the bottom among more than 140 countries regarding gaps between women and men in political empowerment, economic participation and opportunity, education, and health.

    The U.N. also has given Iran a seat on the executive board of the U.N. Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, and the Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

    There ya go ladies………what else needs to be said?

    • Sounds like Hillary needs to run her flap trap at the UN…income inequality and all that.

      Who died and put men in charge anyway? Thousands of years of men in charge and look where that got us. 😉

      • If not for men in charge throughout history, mankind would be extinct 😀

        • Please! Women would be far less willing to go to war. But we can shoot a mean 12 guage, field dress a moose…we won’t starve. Palin, Pavlich, Loesch. Barnhardt.. BOOM! I even have a pretty mean shot, and I only shoot once a year or less. !

          • Anita,
            Certainly women can be (and are) far more violent then men.

            95% of women beat their children. Imagine, a full grown adult pummelling a small child. Only the most violent mind would think “this is a good thing to do”.

            • Your 95% includes slaps on the hand too. That’s not beating by any stretch of the word. You can keep your man card though.

              • Yeah, slapping a kid is justified in your bizarre mind.
                That is bullying someone who can’t fight back. You wouldn’t dare do that to me because you’d get one right back, but a kid…. that’s cowardly.

          • “But we can shoot a mean 12 guage, field dress a moose” Great, I can teach a 7 year old to shoot a shotgun and field dress a moose, but it still takes “MANPOWER” to get that 1000lbs of meat out of the woods 😉

            • DUDE! We got that moose skinned, quartered and on the pack mule while you’re still looking for your sharpening stone.

      • The world was a better place, and historically, the end of Western society started when women got the vote.

        Biologically, women are weak; when they are with child, they are completely vulnerable. They cannot obtain the resources for their own life, let alone the additional resources for their children. Thus, they become wholly dependent on men to provide these things.

        When they can apply State power and force to seize these resources, without men in their lives, it was an easy transition for them to do so. Of course, they did not attribute the evil of the State into affairs of all humans, they were sort sighted.

        With the rise of the State to supplant the position of males in their lives, society began to crumble as the State rose and males pushed aside. But the State rises with all its evil.

        Women got what they wanted, no men. What they also got was a murderous evil monster that seeks to slaughter them and their children.

  22. http://personalliberty.com/government-is-theft/

    Black Flag will like this article 🙂

    • Not just BF…..

    • Legal plunder.

    • It is articles like this that cause damage to legitimate debate over these issues. This is done by passing the lousy arguments onto the citizens who then repeat them. Then one day someone happens along that actually understands the system and destroys their arguments.

      The results are the citizens look like stupid rubes in the media or at some local meeting. They are thus more easily dismissed.

      While some of the basic concepts are valid, the description of how govt accounting is handled and outright false claims that there is no National Debt are destructive.

      It does not matter if the Fed creates credit instead of money. Some day some body can make claim on the credit. Which means real money can be demanded.

  23. To understand Russia.
    My bet few will understand what is being said, even though what is being said will give great understanding.

    • I think it an error to assume that Putin can be explained totally by Dugin.

      One is a philosopher and the other would like to use philosophy to justify returning to the Russian Empire.

    • Nicely said! Mr. Millerman nailed it perfectly. Solzhenitsyn was the absolute darling of the liberal left when he came here until he opened his mouth. Then it became quite clear that he was both an enemy of Atheistic Communism and an enemy of ethnocentric, one size fits all, humanist, bullshit. He then became a non person and his return to Russia was all but ignored.

      Couple articles back I talked about my High School History teacher and his take on Russia as semi-oriental and not to be judged by western standards. This piece was slightly different but still in line with a clear thinker from fifty years ago.

      Russia’s relationship with neighboring states, some former SSR’s must be understood and respected. Their view that the West cannot really be trusted in dealings with them is I fear totally accurate. What Putin did in Georgia after Bush’s mistake was a bow shot. The Ukraine, because we ignored the warning was a broadside.

      Forget the KGB stuff. In judging Putin’s moves, one must look at Action-Reaction, Action-Reaction. Putin is not willing and Russia as a whole should not be willing to play second fiddle to anyone. The way I understood Reagan’s approach to Gorbachev was “equals” and possibly partners not as lapdogs or “colonials” to the super sophisticated West.

      The part which said in effect that “Diversity” is a lot bigger than a gay wedding was particularly good. All of our protesting as to what liberals we are should be judged by how tolerant of diversity (the big kind) we really are.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Our liberals are so hypocritical on their stand of “Diversity” given that they mobilize in an instant to destroy any opposing thought to their own.

        It was a pleasure listening to an interview where the interviewee didn’t waffle or duck or quibble. He knew his stuff.

        Can anyone believe gaff # 2 by a high ranking official on the Holocost, with Obama being the 1st. The Poles should be deeply offended by the FBI directors comments. At least we should be tearing into France for wholesale shipping Jews to the camps and then getting a pass afterwards. Getting on the Catholic Church in Rome for standing by during WWII on the genocide issue. Being cynical I think the administration is trying to precipitate a situation where we will “LEAVE” that area, by request.

        • Dale,

          Re: The Catholic Church and genocide in WW 2. You got to dig a whole lot deeper on that one. Rolf Hokuth started the whole thing with his ’60’s play, “The Deputy”. It went on to things like “Hitler’s Pope” by John Cornwall. As they used to say, “Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”

          There were major instances of Antisemitism in the wartime Church and there were Cardinals and Bishops who were sanctioned for it. But the lie that the Pope was in on it and secretly cheered on the Nazi’s is just that, a lie. Here is an interesting article


          ‘Bout 2/3rds down they talk about the issue being stirred up by the “liberal” Catholics in their ongoing war on “traditional” Catholics. Never thought about that before. However, it makes a lot of sense. When the charges started in the ’60’s it was the same time as Vatican II and there sure as hell has been a war going on within the church ever since.

          The new Pope, (a Jesuit!) the guy that apparently needs a PR Flack for getting quoted/misquoted with gems like “Atheists can go to heaven” leads the “liberal” group. Looking at church attendance, membership and the fallen away Catholics who have gone Pentecostal, those liberals have really done a bang up job in the past 50 years in following their Protestant cousins into irrelevance and ultimately oblivion.

    • Intersting..I have read Dugin’s workquite extensively…….

      BF and JAC and actually anyone else that would like to chime in….I would like a definition:

      (1) What is the American Political Elite in your definition, and (2) What is the American Elite.

      IN reading Dugin closely, there is the use of both. So, before the discussion of the understanding of Russia….I believe they are one and the same but….I also hear a difference in the example above.

      • Political elite? Our Royalty, Madame Hillary, any Kennedy, Any Bush, Anyone with old money. New money is acceptable if you tow the old money line. That’s where the Clintons, John Kerry and Senator McCain come in. Lindsay Graham is however only a wanabee. .

        American Elite? People with money, Bloomberg, Paul Allen, Bill Gates, Buffet, Steve Jobes, Wozniak, etc. Intellectuals and authors, The New York Times in toto. Professors, particularly in level 1 universities. Talking heads on television.

        The two may cross over.

      • The political elite are the long term stooges who do the bidding of the elite, passing laws that ensure the elite are protected. Many politicians will enter this list as time goes on, it is very lucrative.

        The elite are the wealthy who own the political elite.

      • The Bureaucratic class are the political elite.

        Many theorists do claim it is the “rich”, that is, the economic elite, but that review I believe is superficial. The bureaucrat shuns the lime light and is more than happy to let the economic elite take the hits as they are obvious targets. This is not to say that the economic elite do not benefit from the bureaucrats, it is to say “who pulls whose strings”.

        The bureaucrat runs the government. No matter who is elected or not, the government meanders more or less in a straight line regardless of administration changes.

  24. Just for fun:

    If you could choose to live to a 1000 would you?

    Not no, but Hell No!


    • Absolutely!

      Though I am always amazed by people who are just waiting to die…. huh, V.H.?

      • Not waiting to die-just don’t think I would like the world that would be created if people could live that long.

        • Rather bizarre.
          People alive are better then people dead.
          Longer you live the more you know, the better things get.

          It’s like claiming “I don’t like the world of adults, we should all die before we leave childhood”.

          • I would love to live longer, sans the health issues, and being a bit younger. It would be interesting to watch humanity destroy itself from afar, which is where I live and plan to stay here.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The next installment “BF defeats MacLeod in Highlander VI”

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The story is that Connor MacLeod discovers there is one more immortal to defeat. BF chooses a debate in economics and philosphy instead of the ritualistic duel with swords. This goes on and on and BF wins when MacLeod’s head explodes.

    • Nice they referenced Heinlein. Seems that he once mentioned we would have to develop a new way to store information in our brains otherwise we would all go crazy.

      But it is the ultimate opportunity to go off-planet!

      Also a great opportunity to put my earliest vision of “Social Security” into play. You Draw your benefits from physical age 21 to about 40, then work for for the rest of your life until rejuvenation at 80. Then start all over again. Forget the free money crap when your knees don’t work right anymore.

  25. WOW…….I stand corrected. The US Navy has just moved a carrier group along with missile cruisers into the Arabian Sea……its mission…………..to intercept Iranian ships heading to Yemen.

    I have to admit that I am totally surprised by this move.

    • Or it could be to protect them from Saudi jets. Obama wouldn’t want to screw up his negotiations now, would he?

    • You spelled escort wrong

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      This battle group movement is so rich. Last week the government says that they will not send ships or assets to remove the remaining 2-3 thousand Americans in Yemen after the embassy bugged out, claiming it’s far to dangerous to do so. But today, they’re moving the TR battle group to confront the Iranian ships. Uh huh. I’m sure they already have told the Iranians the groups weapons are locked down in the armory. Also the news states that there are 9 warships ships in Yemen waters already. The civilians should have easily removed been removed a month ago with NO fanfare. This is another example of this administration being pushed into an action it had no intention of doing. Causing Obama to say this group movement is a separate issue from the nuclear talks and have no bearing on one another. Embarrassing

      I do hope the action does not turn into another USS Stark incident, where the very weapons that could have defended the ship with NO problem were locked in the safe position so reporters helicopters would not be shot down. All caused by the Commander in Chief (Reagan) not telling the commanders in harms way that they were double dealing arms to the Iranians. And to add insult to injury, court martial the Captain.

      I think Anita in her sarcasm is right.

      I wish the administration’s would just learn to say NO COMMENT instead of blathering something to say something. I have no doubt that when the Admiral calls DC for futher orders the phone will not be picked up.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Nope….more unauthorized blather yesterday on the reason the TR is going. Today a clarification went out. The battlegroup is only there to protect the freedom of navigation, NOT to confront the Iranian ships. I very seriously doubt with this administration that we will see a replay of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  26. http://jewishworldreview.com/cols/williams041515.php3

    NO DOUBT the Left ignores reality. Good article! 🙂


    As I’m trying to keep our little insane asylum running effectively (LMAO), WordPress has changed a lot of the format stuff to make all these articles happen, which means I’m going to experiment somewhat on the upcoming article. The next article will not have pictures, as I’m trying to keep it short on the home page. The article, is just a start, as is all posts here. I always welcome other subjects to be brought up! I will try and change articles when the comments hit 200 or so. It helps with the loading process.

    All who have access to this blogs back office and can and are willing to write articles are more than welcome to do so (I would like a courtesy heads up if possible).

    A little interesting info…..Today I checked the sites usage and where it comes from. We were seen by 8 foreign nations and one that caught my eye. It was a visit from the European Union. Lets keep talking! We may be the only sane people in existence left, ROFLMAO! 😀

  28. More corruption: http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/04/obama-pentagon-caught-in-major-cover-up-of-mass-murder-of-us-troops/

    Now it’s military officers. This rare, but money talks!

  29. Interesting from an old piece by Attaturk. Nice if some modern leader, Muslim or otherwise would have the courage to say it now.

    O nation
    I am Kemal Mustafa
    If my thoughts and beliefs are not of this day and age
    If my wisdom isn’t still the most authentic mentor
    Then let my tongue cleave to the roof of my palate
    I apoligize

    Forget everything I said
    Destroy and shatter the statues you have built of me

    If freedom isn’t still the supreme value
    If you’d rather have slaves stay chained

    Forget everything I said
    Destroy and shatter the statues you have built of me

    If you see no sense in living a civilized life
    If you want to be sent back in time to the middle ages and wish to put a crown on the head of a man who spits into the face of art

    Forget everything I said
    Destroy and shatter the statues you have built of me

    If the pain of war violence was not enough
    If peace at home, peace in the world has no meaning
    If to be awarded requires an arms race

    Forget everything I said
    Destroy and shatter the statues you have built of me

    If you miss the fez and the veil and prefer to light the night
    If you’re still hoping to find healing from a dervish, a sheik or an amulet

    Forget everything I said
    Destroy and shatter the statues you have built of me

    If you say women should not be equal to men and should be covered in black sheets to flee from the wrath of bigots

    If you say you don’t want to see our women and daughters to get an education just because you believe this is their fate

    Forget everything I said
    Destroy and shatter the statues you have built of me

    If freedom and democracy is too much for you to handle
    If you have a longing for the sultan of the Sultanate and are still not able to determine the significance of being a nation
    Be servants, stay on the path of religion and wait for şeyhülislam to lay down the law for you

    Forget everything I said
    Destroy and shatter the statues you have built of me

    -Musafa Kemal Atatürk

    Neat guy, one of my heroes.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I do hope to be able to visit Turkey or at a minimum Istanbul someday. The sad part is that the EU in it’s holier than thou attitude is continually pushing Turkey away. But it’s getting to be such a mess now, I wouldn’t go near the area, even with turkish family escorts

      • I think it is equivalent to BF’s piece on Putin and Russia. “My way or the highway” seems to be the watchwords of a very self-important, smug West. The next 50 years or so ought to be interesting. I see all the old alliances falling apart. Egypt and Turkey might do well to throw in their lot with Russia.

        The friggin insanity we have unleashed in Libya and the three, four, five way civil war we encouraged in Syria are going to haunt our children for decades and decades.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          If Turkey pulls out of NATO that will get very interesting concerning the Dardenelles. I have yet to figure out our countries grand strategy, unless it’s to create havoc and enemies that do not need to be. “Wag the Dog” comes to mind.

          You still see the reminants of Britain’s to this day. They still are in play, even though they’re limited in their military mean. They have us.

          • If I were the Russians and wanted to make life interesting, I would patch up any and all differences with Turkey, bail out the Greeks and guarantee my entry into the Med.

            Then I would pull the stops out with my generosity to the Egyptians and guarantee access through the Canal

            Next, I would bail out the Spaniards, make buddy buddy with Algeria and Morocco and guarantee my access to the Atlantic.

            Quietly, shhhh, I’d let it be known to the Israelis that I have their back cause the US sure does not.

            Payback is a bitch. Mahan would have loved it!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Yeah…so what, what did he have to do with his great great great grandparents….Unless he did the ancestry.com dna test and found out that he was related to Michelle O. Now if it was Vanessa Williams that would be a different story though

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    No wonder CA has not conserved water with rates like this. Eastern NC has plenty of water and I, with the exception of < 6 months gone over 1 unit of water usage in 20 years. You get an equal bill for sewer with the city assuming the water all goes down the drain. One unit water $26.00 and then again for sewer. 1 in 1 out

    clipped from a news article about tiered water rates being unconstitutional

    San Juan Capistrano's 2010 rate schedule charged customers $2.47 per unit —100 cubic feet, or 748 gallons — of water in the first tier and up to $9.05 per unit in the fourth.

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