T.G.I.F April Edition

As short note to start a new thread. Rick’s recent commemnt made me think of a good poll/question:
Is Obama Incompetent? Yes,   No,   Yes/No   Please explain if applicable.



  1. I will answer later. But, I would like to say that Rick has hurt the feelings of Wookies throughout the universe. However, they are not offended as they no they are the smarter of the two 😀

  2. Just a few links, with a quick review, for consideration.

    Chase wants to get rid of 100 billion in deposits. (Talk about setting up people for an IRS investigation). Add this to this: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-23/largest-bank-america-joins-war-cash

    All of this combined and we may be seeing the beginning of the war against cash. The conspiracy theory about a cashless society has been floating around for quite some time. My thoughts are that in a cashless society, people would be forced to use banks to pay bills and buy food. CONTROL along with profit for using the banks services (at a higher rate than today). The ideas running through my head about how control might look like are horrifying. But, I will digress and see how all of this progress’s.


  3. Lmao! As I said long ago, the 2014 elections meant nothing. Nothing at all changed, it’s all just babble. I loved reading the comments, quite telling about the failure of the elections to accomplish the change the elections were supposed to mean. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Different faces, same results. Both are on the same team: http://eaglerising.com/17668/squishy-and-weak-senate-republicans-lead-the-way-in-confirming-loretta-lynch-as-attorney-general-real-conservatives-outraged/

    • Just A Citizen says:

      What a bunch of BS.

      No single congressional election is going to cause the kind of major changes needed.

      And if you do not win said elections then don’t expect the changes at all.

      The 2014 elections could have had an impact if the right people won. But they did not win. Many lost in the primaries. Others lost in the general.

      I am growing very tired of all this cynical Anarchist rhetoric.

      • Republic controlled Congress after 2014:

        Obamacare= FUNDED
        Immigration reform= FUNDED
        Eric Holder with tits= Confirmed

        Democraps might as well be in control, it would have been exactly the same!

      • You watch, the Patriot Act is coming up and all the anti-Liberty stuff will fly through like it has wings!

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Your argument amounts to “the sun isn’t hot enough so the sun doesn’t work”, when the sun has just risen above the eastern horizon.

          • Nonsense, you simply refuse to accept the reality that is. I guarantee there will be no significant changes to the Patriot Act concerning the unconstitutional collection of data from the NSA. Liberty is screwed again by the republicrats.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Of course there won’t. Because the Sun has just risen.

              Your argument remains the same.

              • In other words, you got nothing when it comes to this reality:
                Obamacare= FUNDED
                Immigration reform= FUNDED
                Eric Holder with tits= Confirmed

                The two main issues that got Republicans elected and this happens. LMFAO! Your brainwashed by the illusion of choice, when the facts prove it’s an illusion. The Patriot Act is next and then what? Are you still going to be fooled by the illusion? Or will you wake up to the reality that is slapping you in your thick head 🙂

              • I wish you would quit being so condescending. Do you really think that JAC is fooled? To run this country there has to be a system. Because the system has been infiltrated doesn’t mean that we support the infiltration. THAT is your disconnect. Most of us here agree with JAC. Most of us here believe in our system. A little credit where it’s due, please.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          It will even be strengthened. We will be inundated by reports between now and June 1st on the threats against the US and the leakiness of supposedly secure systems, implying we need more controls and surveillence in place for your safety. Obama will be left clean, because on Friday the government released an old news NSA wiretap report, with Obama saying he wanted changes to the Patriot Act but nothing came out of Congress. Over the weekend though,
          1) Now comes a threat of a planned attack by ISIS on US territory being treated seriously by the FBI.
          2) Todays news the White House e-mail hacked by Russians. Russian threat to peace implied to freedom loving democracies.
          3) Raising spectre of China’s villany of their expanding influence in South East Asian waters.
          4) Iran and Yemen requires no additional comment

          What more do the people need to be convinced to call your representative and demand action. It will continue until the votes in Congress are secure.

  4. Just A Citizen says:

    Rick……….. perhaps this is the Great One’s end game. Then he truly would be a Grand Master.


  5. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Thought this quotation is appropriate to many of our discussions of late.

    “To err is human, to forgive is divine….but this does not make it desirable to make as many mistakes as possible”

    Roger Williams 1603-1683 theologian and founder of the colony of Rhode Island

  6. Really don’t understand their method here-for years they have argued that woman Need Abortion that it is a necessary medical procedure. Now they are promoting abortion as something frivolous-a fun day at the spa-an extra unnecessary extravagance.


  7. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just read something today that was very interesting. I read George Washington’s farewell address to the nation. I’ve always caught bits and pieces to use in a debate on one political topic or another but never read the whole thing. I decided to do so, because in town today and over the next couple days they are re-enacting Washington”s southern tour. The portion he spent here in New Bern. The speech read and comments by other dignitaries prompted me to read more.

    Besides reading the letter I saw that the “Farewell Address” is read in full on an annual basis on the floor of the Senate. Obviously it is read for traditions sake, but not understood and comprehended by our leaders over the past generations. I wonder if attendence is mandatory?

  8. Is Obama incompetent? Yes and No. I think he is still pushing US imperialism like past President’s. In areas where it seems that he is incompetent, I don’t really think he cares what we (or I) think about him. His arrogance and narcissism is troubling, because these are the types of people who clamor for power. He likes to “rule” over people, very unlike past Presidents. I think he has taken numerous steps to weaken this country. He has done great harm to the military. Vets don’t trust or like him. There is an evil side to him, that we haven’t seen yet, but we will. He seems to support Muslim’s as much as he seems to be disliking Christians. He appears to me as week when around other foreign leaders, but I think that is a ruse. Here’s the part that is quite interesting. While most President’s would just be playing out their last couple years in office, many of us are still questioning his end game. I don’t recall this being the case with past President’s, most just try to get along and work with Congress. That, in and of itself, should be cause for concern. This should be expected with a person who’s past is clouded in secrecy.

  9. Less violent, compared to what?

    500 years ago, your odds being killed by another man (not including war) was 15% (that is 15% of deaths were by murder)
    Today, it is 0.5%

    Even if you add in the worse wars in human history (WW1 and 2), the risk of death by violence only goes up to 1%.

    Today, though, the world is more violent then last year.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Statistics are beautiful aren’t they. Can be used to prove anything at any time. Travel to a higher risk area and the percentage will obviously go up…but, I will have to agree with BF’s statement. The odds are pretty damn miniscule and even lower when confined to an act of “terrorism” The global controls that alleged free government are putting in (for your safety) to police suspect activity, are huge compared to the actions taken by the very same governments during far more dangerous times of being a victim of an attack or highjacking in the 70’s.

      When you see people terrified about going out to a MacDonald’s in a little podunk town in PA just the other year the goals have been accomplished. The government in my estimation also is doing nothing but accommodate the demands of the majority of their constituancy.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      BF sir…even though I generally agree with the stats you posted here. As I said stats can be misleading depending on the argument…but if 500 years ago you state that to die by another’s hand was 15%, probably based on the population of the time not todays population, and that is not including war….OK…but the other week we were talking about the breakdown of society in the aftermath of some event or events. Your argument was that it doesn’t and we all generally pull together in these cases. I believe a 15% chance of being murdered is a pretty good example of a breakdown of society no matter what the cause. Recovery from the pathegenic plague deaths in the 14th century which europe was just recovering from 150 years later which places the timeframe 500 years ago from today..

      • Dale
        “probably based on the population of the time not todays population”

        Exactly. Yesterday is not the same world as today.

        As Hans Hoppe explained in many essays and his books (Democracy: The God that Failed), historically human society was singly a consuming society, not a capitalist society. It consumed the Earth’s bounty and did not add to it.

        Since the Earth’s bounty, land-animals-crops, was essentially a static situation, for one man to consume caused for another man a loss. It is the hunter/gatherer society that is extremely violent.

        When capitalism rose, men began adding to the bounty of the Earth. One man’s gain, in trade, became another man’s gain. Though plunder still occurs, rarely does death occur. It is better to keep a man who can produce alive so that you can continue to plunder his production, but not enough plunder to kill him. Deadly violence goes down.

        As the quip states, Either goods cross borders or armies will.

        Again, today is not yesterday. It is true that today, humanity is now capable of wiping itself out, the ability to deliver death to billions of people in minutes.

        Yet, at the same time, the odds of you dying violently has never been lower, ever, in human history.

        It is a paradox that yesterday, there was no capability whatsoever to deal death to such a degree; humanity could not be at risk en masse, yet, the odds of you dying violently was quite high.

        Interesting flip, not? Trading the likelihood of the extinction of mankind for the highly unlikelihood that you will die at the hands of another man.

        • BF

          I have to admit…you have some interesting perspectives.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          By the time we were discussing of 500 years ago, and change, most of the world was beyond the simple hunter gatherer stage. Trade was a major fact of life. The world was coming out and recovering from a collapse of society as they knew it by 1) the multi-hundred year decline of the Roman empire. Society was reorganizing into smaller states. 2) The series of catastrophic events that hit every society that “conducted trade” was hit with the plaque causing hundreds of millions of deaths. Europe, M/E, Asia. The Church was impacted and grave doubts about God, and religion as it was, giving rise to the reformation. From the Christian perspective. The ME was extremely hard hit. You had at the same time the Mongol invasions compounding the situation. Yes out of that, the world reorganized into a structure we recognize today, the renaissance, banking, credit etc but in the biggest sense trade and “global trade” had existed before. Took a hit and re-emerged bigger. “All roads lead to Rome” is not a misnomer.

          My argument is that if hit hard enough “civilized societies” will collapse and degenerate and become a dog eat dog world and it takes many generations to recover. Some areas collapsed down to the individual, others down to the Lord in the castle on the hill, blocks and families within a city, some to larger states. But all eventually recovered and installed new laws of society such as the Magna Carta as but one example. But the general decline and reformation into what reasonabily resembles the world today was a cycle of 1000 years.

          • “By the time we were discussing of 500 years ago, and change, most of the world was beyond the simple hunter gatherer stage. Trade was a major fact of life.”

            No, it was not a “major” fact of life.
            95% of the people farmed. The vast most of these people made the things they themselves used. Trade was base, and did not measure significantly until the Industrial revolution


            Simply put, until there were things to trade, trade was small. The Industrial revolution created “things”, and trade began to blossom.

            “All things lead to Rome” was not a statement of trade, it was a statement of political power. The root of power was in Rome, like Washington today, and like today, if you want something, you go to Washington/Rome to plead the politicians.

            Nowhere in history has your claim been shown (ie: dog eat dog). Even in the Plague times this did not occur.

            It is this Hollywood mindset that keeps making people believe otherwise.

            Society may “decline”, but you have to define what that means. Each society declines differently and rises differently, however, there is no example of society that has tumbled down into massive, systemic social chaos (do not confuse social chaos with “revolution”. Revolutions are political upheavals, not social upheavals.) There are sociological reasons for this.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:
              • Dale,

                I think you are confused between “trade existed” and the amount of trade that was fundamental to a person’s life. As my link suggested, trade in history was marginal and of little impact on the day to day life of a person up until the Industrial revolution and beyond.

                Whereas in 1600 you’d live pretty much on your own production for your wants – there was not a high level of division of labor (low specialization) back then whereas today, you live almost exclusively on trading your very high division of labor (specialization) for your wants.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Trade existed in a far bigger volume than you contend. Of course it took off exponentially with the industrial revolution but so did the population of the world. Cause and effect. Needed goods in one place and manufactured or grown in another has been ongoing for millenia.


              • Black Flag® says:

                I’ve provided the work that demonstrates my position. Trade, as a subsequent of society, barely changed for 1,000 years before the Industrial Revolution.

                Yes, population DID explode AFTER the Industrial Revolution, as humanity moved from a primitive economy to the high division of labor and the effect of massive production of goods.

                The Malthusian Trap, as it is known, was a reality for humanity until the Industrial Revolution. It was broken by the Industrial Revolution.

              • Black Flag® says:

                “Economic growth began to falter by the end of the 13th century, owing to a combination of over-population, land shortages and depleted soils.[BF: Malthusian Trap]”

              • Black Flag® says:

                Addendum: The Plague reset the Malthusian Trap by eliminating masses of humanity.
                This is the only solution to the Trap prior to the Industrial Revolution – mass human death, hence the consistent repeating of Plagues, etc throughout early history.

                After the plague, a resurgence of prosperity but only because the draws upon Nature were lessened by fewer people.

                Only when men began mass production did this trend stop. Even if one includes the Spanish flu, after the Industrial Revolution, the population grew consistently and without any interruption, and continues so today.

              • Black Flag® says:

                As a percentage of goods, prior to the Industrial Revolution, nearly 90% of the wants and goods an individual obtained were obtained by himself and his direct effort.

                Today, less than 0.01% of the wants and goods you obtain are done so by your direct effort (make yourself). 99.99% are obtained thru trade.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                For another days discussion we’ll get into Malthus. My contention will be that, yes through many of the things you note, the trap has been set back or broken by the Industrial Revolution” The calamitous end effect will be more devastating than any localized famine or war or pandemic in the past history of man. Partially because mans needs today are for the most part not produced by himself but by others and except for guys like G, do not have a snowballs chance in hell to survive by their our hook.

  10. Dale A Albrecht says:

    In the last topic I posed a question about Ray McGovern….He’s being touted as an activist former CIA employee who is coming out after retirement against the actions in the M/E by Bush, Obama and Hillary etal. The claim is he was a high level briefer of intelligence to the White House until his retirement after 27 years of faithful service. Even given a commendtion for his service in ’08. Now being both held up as an activist and whistleblower and being even arrested for his apparent anti Hillary stance….the press asked him about his being like wiki-leaks and Julian Assange. His retort was the the MSM could be more like him. In other words be more investigative and stop mouthing the party line. You’d think that after 6 years of being stonewalled on so many hidden things by the administration and that administration going after so many reporters etc it would be a RED cape irresistable to a free press, or at least a sizable portion of them…….

    anyway to cut to the chase …

    Mr McGovern’s career was almost in it entirety in the following group within the CIA.
    In the Clandestine Services pursuing activity or activities of the US government to influence political, economic or military conditions abroad when the role of the US government will not be apparent or acknowledged publically.

    So is McGovern a true activist against the policies of the US in the M/E or still performing his duty to influence the true agenda of the our government over its actions in the M/E and elsewhere?

  11. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The Government releases a re-dacted 6 year old report about the un-warranted surveillance on phone conversations of the American people, covered under the “Patriot Act” Timed in such a way to proclaim another Bush’s fault activity. Our leader says that he has pressed for legislation eliminating such activity but nothing was passed last year. On June 1st the “Patriot Act” expires, but there is pressure to extend it again due to other domestic FBI activities and crime fighting tools will be eliminated.

    Now isn’t this all smoke and mirrors anyway in light of the powers granted to the administration by the NDAA?

  12. ” When your beliefs conflict with facts, then it is time to change your beliefs”
    Dennis Praeger 4.23.15

  13. Interesting how technology is marketed ‘for your convenience’, and then used against you.
    Would anyone like to wager on an iris scanning data base being set up from this?


  14. This was my reply to JAC on the last thread. I wanted to post it here as well since it is basically my answer to the question for this thread.


    I agree with your analogy…to a certain extent. I’m just saying that most of what he is doing is on purpose. It all started with his ‘Apologize For America’ tour. He has aligned himself with the enemies of the USA. He has worked against the allies of the USA. Everything he has done is the exact opposite of what someone would do to help the USA.

    You are correct that we don’t know what the end game is supposed to look like. I can’t decide if he is trying to help Russia or Iran the most. Maybe both since they are both enemies of USA.

    I also don’t think he is the mastermind behind all of this. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but I believe he is just part of a larger group that is trying to destroy this country.

    As far as the ACA and Stimulus roll out…..why do it right when he can do it half-ass and screw things up even more?

    And, no I do not like Kerry. I thought he became irrelevant years ago and here he just pops up seemingly out of nowhere. smh

    • I left out the “puppet” part on purpose. Mainly because I was trying to just look at Obama the individual. I also think a lot of the incompetency was on purpose to suck more money from the treasury to pay his friends to fix the problems he probably wanted to occur in the first place. I still can’t get over the reaction to his winning in 08 by so many people. That is where the “worship” issue came up. It has since changed , but the memory still kinda haunts me. There is something inside me that say’s that he is evil, far beyond what he has shown. The conspiracy theorist in says we ain’t seen nothing yet. The normal person in me say’s we will have a new President who will just continue down the same path, regardless of political party. We shall see! 🙂

    • Rick, you should like this, but take with several grains of salt 🙂

  15. Good news for nature lovers 😀 Later this morning I will be placing a trail cam at a Red Fox den. The fox, a female, has 2 newborn kits! I will set up an open mic thread and share some pictures later this week. Hopefully, I can get some nice pictures of the kits, which happen to be some of the cutest little critters in nature. Happy Sunday SUFA 🙂

  16. Wow. James Freaking Carville. Of all people. Here’s an excerpt, as quoted on Amazon.com:

    “Ideologies aren’t all that important. What’s important is psychology.

    The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows. All you have to do is lay out enough silage and they come running. That’s why I became an operative working with Democrats. With Democrats all you have to do is make a lot of noise, lay out the hay, and be ready to use the ole cattle prod in case a few want to bolt the herd.

    Eighty percent of the people who call themselves Democrats don’t have a clue as to political reality.
    What amazes me is that you could take a group of people who are hard workers and convince them that they should support social programs that were the exact opposite of their own personal convictions. Put a little fear here and there and you can get people to vote any way you want.

    The voter is basically dumb and lazy. The reason I became a Democratic operative instead of a Republican was because there were more Democrats that didn’t have a clue than there were Republicans.

    Truth is relative. Truth is what you can make the voter believe is the truth. If you’re smart enough, truth is what you make the voter think it is. That’s why I’m a Democrat. I can make the Democratic voters think whatever I want them to.”

    ROFLMFAO! This couldn’t be truer! 😀

  17. http://libertyunyielding.com/2015/04/25/new-jersey-man-denied-gun-permit-because-of-crime-he-was-found-not-guilty-of/

    I do not now, nor will I ever support licensing of any kind for buying/owning/conceal or open carry of guns. The above link, which shows the legal requirements in New Jersey, just to buy and own a gun, which I see as completely unconstitutional. No, let me repeat, no law should interfere with ones Rights that are Constitutionally guaranteed. Shall NOT infringe means just that. The politicians in Jersey who passed these laws should be jailed for violating the citizens of Jersey of their Civil Rights and natural rights of self protection. There is my rant for the day 😀

    • Yup. Ripe for a Constitutional challenge on the federal level. Need buckets of money though.

      Three interesting cases, four counting this one in the last few years.

      1. Colorado resident arrested as he moves back to NJ for having weapons in trunk and no NJ permit.

      2. PA concealed carry holder arrested because she was stopped by cop and admitted she had a gun in glove box.

      3. 72 year old teacher arrested THE NEXT DAY after being stopped by a cop and admitting he had a genuine 1730 antique flintlock pistol in his glove box. Cop let him go, police chief over ruled the cop and had him arrested.

      To my knowledge, as a NJ resident who owns a mini-van, there is NO legal way to transport a firearm to a range in this state. Laws were written when there were no SUV’s or Minivans and requires locked in TRUNK.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        This is a clear case of disenfranchisement, where’s all the Liberals screaming bloody murder?

        • You of course, are kidding. What are there now, 42 states with must issue, concealed carry? yet, if you follow the media, it is the best kept secret in the world.

          • Not at all. To get a CCL, must have an ID! What is the difference in requiring an ID for one Right and not another? Isn’t that what the Left whines about concerning voting? Why is voting more important than the Right to bare arms and defend yourself and your family?

            I think voting is not a natural right, but, since self defense requires equal arms….you get the point. But how often do you here the Left screaming about the ID requirement just to buy and own a gun (as in some NE states? Nope, not a peep from the hypocrites.

            • No, no, you miss my point. Here is a highly successful program about 30 years old (started with Florida) where the weeping and gnashing of teeth among liberals could be heard from LA to NYC. Roving vigilantes! Parking disputes settled with a shootout! High Noon in our Streets! Yet, none of that happened. The incidence of illegal use among CC Holders is like .0002 percent.

              Side benefit, crime came down. So one would think that the major media who seems so fond of statistics (when they go their way) has not uttered a peep. Even when the issues of arming teachers or school security comes up they seem to be unable to link those issues to the successful CCH program.

  18. OK, here is one I’d like comment on.

    Saturday morning a friend’s 30 year old son overdosed on heroin. We knew this was coming for the past ten years. Junior was a piece of work. Does not make it easier for the family though.

    I have this theory that the reason J. Edgar did not go after the mob was because of cold calculation. He more or less felt they were, in their own way, self-policing. There were people and places they would not sell dope and competition by free lancers was actively discouraged.

    When Bobby Kennedy (that SOB) pushed him into it, a long period of mob destruction ensued. I suspect the smarter ones went legit and left the hooples like John Gotti behind to get picked off through their own stupidity. The drug business opened up to anyone interested which more or less led to the cartels we have today and an anything goes drug scene.

    I’m not going to get into legalization here. Right or wrong it is not the issue. I am also going to exclude the ’60’s and the drug culture that came about then. Merely made more customers available. Just want to know your varied opinions on the Feds looking the other way and the reason(s) for it.


    • I grew up in a mob heavy town, Youngstown Ohio (known then and now as Little Chicago). Believe it or not, there was much less violence back then and our neighborhood was mostly crime free. The biggest news came when the Feds started arresting them and eventually, the mob was gone. That created a vacuum, which was taken over by the violent thugs that kill each other almost every night. The town changed from relatively peaceful, to a crime ridden shithole. From a time when the few murders (like the gunning down of Jack Tobin) was rare and violence was talked about in other cities, to a mixture of black on black crime, robberies and political corruption to what is now mostly black on black crime, home invasions, thugs attacking weaker victims like the elderly and mass political corruption.

      Youngstown went from a town with mob influence similar to Chicago of the times to a violent town heavy on black on black murders, much like Chicago today. Life in Youngstown was better when the mob was around, but the feds don’t like professional competition and post birth abortion is an un talked about reality in the black community.

  19. Baltimore Mayor mis-speaks. Watch the guys expression on the left in the video. http://dailycaller.com/2015/04/26/baltimore-mayor-i-wanted-to-give-space-to-those-who-wished-to-destroy-video/

  20. In the CT world today. A new AARP commercial, about roles changing from caring for a child to caring for the elderly (actually a good commercial) has a strange part to it. It seems the background (TV or radio) announcement is saying that the government is declaring martial law, The President wants people to remain calm and at home and the government is monitoring the outbreak (I think this was happening in Los Angeles). What an odd thing to have in the background of a commercial.

    • Most of the laws discussed shouldn’t be laws to begin with. Can’t be in a public park, paid for with tax dollars, after dark. This is in response to crime I’m sure, but still, public property such as that should be open to law abiding citizens 24/7. Making it a crime is ridiculous, but that’s NYC.

    • Last election, CA passed a new law to reduce certain felonies to misdemeanors. Misdemeanors involve only a citation like a traffic ticket. Among the crimes was property crime below $1000. So the resourceful crooks merely stole a calculator and used it to total up their basket full of goodies thus never shoplifting more than $950 at any one time. If caught, it is a simple ticket. If successful, it is lucrative.

  21. http://godfatherpolitics.com/21927/did-the-white-house-just-admit-to-illegally-killing-two-american-citizens/

    This poses a question that should be asked. Is it legal to kill US citizens without a trial IF they are claimed to be part of Al Qeida? This is very questionable IMHO. Opinions?

  22. Teens throwing rocks at cops in Baltimore, live on tv.

  23. We really need to do this here!

    NOW IN CANADA, every time a new regulation is enacted, an old one of equivalent burden must be eliminated. Can we do that here?

    Thankfully, regulatory transparency got a considerable boost Thursday when the Red Tape Reduction Act (C-21) received Royal Assent and became law. Minister Tony Clement, who has championed the bill, can be proud that Canada is now the first country in the world to require that for every new regulation introduced one of equivalent burden must be removed.

    C-21, has been operating as policy for several years already, which means that the costs of new rules must be quantified and equal or greater costs removed. It essentially caps the cost of rules coming directly from regulations. Government rules can also come from legislation and policy so the one-for-one rule is not a cap on the cost of all government rules. Still, it is a very good start.

    Why is this so important? Regulation, both necessary and unnecessary (red tape), are a huge hidden tax on all Canadians. The latest estimate from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business suggests that regulation costs $37 billion a year. To be clear, not all of these costs could or should be eliminated. But Canada’s small business owners suggest that about 30 per cent of these costs, $11 billion, could be eliminated with no negative impact on human health, safety or the environment. This number seems reasonable given that British Columbia has reduced its regulatory requirements over the past decade by over 40 per cent with no one arguing the cuts had any serious negative impacts.

    (Via Against Crony Capitalism).
    Posted at 2:30 pm by Glenn Reynolds


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Our leaders do not read the bills they pass anyway, do you think they will go back and seek out past regulations to eliminate….it’ll never happen.

      Great idea though. My compliments go out to Canada.

  24. Wow, wonder who the other people standing with the Mayor are-I mean Farrakhan-I was giving her the benefit of the doubt about her statement until I read this-Farrakhan speaks of nothing but violence.


  25. I kind of like the idea of the BLACK Mayor doing nothing,….the BLACK Police Chief doing nothing…..a 45% BLACK police force doing nothing.

    The mayor saying give them the room………block off the streets and let it burn. Great leadership…….

    The gangs apparently have joined together and are appearing to go after the police and territory…..LOL………………………………………….

    You have two choices….let it burn or bring the guard in….armed.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      A little like what Mayor Yorty (democrat) said during the 1965 LA Watts riots. Surround the area and I’ll not risk anyone to go in. a let it burn attitude. It is interesting to note that Watts was one of the few areas in LA that Blacks were allowed to live. Even inspite of the Civil Rights act passed in ’64 California was one of the States that actively tried to circumvent the law. Governor Pat Brown (democrat) was the current “moon beam” governor’s father.

      I believe that this all will not turn out well and will prove to be a very hot summer indeed. I just hope that cities and neighborhoods that have had good relations amongst the people stay that way.

    • In hindsight, this was easy to see 6 1/2 years ago when the Left started throwing the race card around for all the wrong reasons. All levels and areas of Left Wing media are guilty. All the Left Wing politicians are guilty. It may be just the beginning, but it was inevitable. When you keep telling one group, over and over and over that they are being treated differently because of their skin color, the brainwashing takes it’s toll. Add that to the way many cops act towards minorities, and nothing good can come of it. This is on the shoulders of the Left, in it’s entirety.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Hummm…reminds one of the “Yellow Press” and it’s false or misleading journalism that embroiled us in all to many conflicts. Read the difference between the NY Times reports of thousands of bodies floating down the Fear River and the reality of < 2 doz deaths. The riots were more a creation of and fanned into flames by the MSN of the day. The end result was the State legislated Jim Crow laws. The reporters were not even present and stories were created from whole cloth. History knows who was directly behind the perported events but the press was an active particpant and enabler for the ultimate results…..what is the end game today?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          End game = chaos. I’ll let you use your imagination where that might lead us.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            In general or overall?….more restrictions on individual liberties for ALL instead of one class or race….how’s that?

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    Enjoy……….and THINK……….. 🙂


    We should not feel frustrated in our inability to answer the question: “What is Govt’s proper role”? Many have tried and nobody has found an acceptable answer. Even those who claim NONE.

    • Interesting article, considering recent events. I have answered the question (it wasn’t NONE) in the past and hold to that premise. We don’t need anything near what we have as far as government and could live quite peacefully with about 98% less. There only needs to be a few common laws, not the 2 billion we have in this country today.

      But I digress, because I would have community management, not government. No law making ability, no police force with tanks and machine guns, and no 2 year long campaigns spending billions of dollars. The divisive media would not be needed. I could go on, but I think you remember my old stuff 🙂

      Happy Tuesday ! Baltimore is burning. Not even a black mayor can stop what the Left Wing has done to the minds of young blacks, who were already in danger.

    • To add, the media is claiming that the events are anarchy. Anyone who knows anything about the anarchist movement here in the US knows this is the furthest thing from reality. It is only called anarchy to make sure the people call upon the corrupt government for action. Total psyop. What hogwash.

      • Let us not forget, the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore are in response to the actions of the State. The racist angle is because of today’s Left Wing feeding these people with bullshit constantly.

        • Please explain to me, without linking to subversive web sites, exactly where the State is responsible for the Baltimore issue. We already know that the Ferguson issue was not as it appeared….no one was shot in the back with their hands raised. I find it extremely hard to believe that a person was arrested and then his spine severed in route to the jail? You have a Black administrstion in the White House….you have a Black administration in Baltimore.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            No links required. Neither of the riots were not the reaction to one incident, but to long running issues with police actions. Police action, is nothing more than actions on behalf of the State, aka government. Whether it’s the revenue generating BS as reported in Ferguson, or the oft reported mistreatment of minorities in high crime areas, it all comes down to how the State thugs treated the citizens. This is a problem in far more places than just Baltimore, and those places are likely ready to explode. The looters are just thieves taking advantage of the situation. The issues of the two dead blacks at the hands of cops is nothing more than the match the lit the already flowing gasoline.

          • When you saw that video out west where the guy who stole the horse was stomped by half a dozen cops and I do mean stomped, makes you wonder. I understand the heat of the moment, momentary passion, fight or flight and all the rest of the excuses but, these are supposed to be pros. I don’t think you would tolerate this from your soldiers.

            The same with the take down of the cigarette seller in NYC. The oft repeated mantra in the City is that he was “resisting arrest”. The video shows quite clearly that he was arguing with the cops, offered no physical threat and worse, when viewing the whole video it is apparent that there was at least one non-midget cop present who was as big as he was and could have literally confronted the guy and probably ended the stand off. The Munchkins though, especially the heavily tattooed Munchkins who probably have serious issues with their masculinity turned it into a debacle.

            This us vs. them shit has to stop. Shoot the looters and arsonists if you have to but remember how the damned thing got started. One screw up by cops in Philly, LA , NYC Newark, Chicago this summer and we will be back in 1965.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              This has been brewing for a long time. When you add up all the separate issues, police actions/ abuse of power, governments using cops as revenue collectors, which hits the minorities the most, and the constant left wing mantra that whites are racists, it’s easy to see why this is happening,

              This is also a scream that Left Wing policies are a major failure. Some may see this as a overall failure of government as a whole, with plenty of ammo to support that position.

  27. See, it is all white privilege now. The black, mayor, police chief and cops cannot undo 400 years of racism. They are only pawns of the white power structure.

    Watching the “coverage” last night. What do they teach these “journalists”in school anyway. One would think and possibly hope someone would have googled “Race Riots, 1960’s”. This is such an instant replay for those of us who were around for it the last time.

    Best part, with unrestricted abortion and the hidden eugenics of modern times. The 12.2 % black population in the US is shrinking into irrelevance. Anybody want to guess when it will totally be ignored?

  28. Interesting on the pics now coming out in Baltimore…..the agitators holding the megaphones are shouting and reading from a transcript….

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Headlines: “Baltimore burns”, “Baltimore in Chaos”, etc., etc..

    Can anyone tell me, based on the news stories, how large the area is in Baltimore that is affected by the “riots”?

    Can anyone tell me how many people are involved in the “riots” relative to the total population in the area affected??

    • I see your point-been reading off and on for two days and I couldn’t answer those questions based on the media reporting -But I did just find a map that shows the where and compares it to the 1968 riots.


      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Could this be any more damning of the results of the “Great Society” 47 years later and there is NO changes to the condition of the peoples of these areas, unless worsening.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        What a load of crap, from within the article: “You’ve had 40 years of the war on crime,” he says. “It was a conservative backlash to the civil rights movement, and it backfired.”

        The war on crime was a war on the rising violent crime rates in this country. AND the rising violence and despair in the ghettos due to Crack.

        • Yeah, I noticed that stupid statement-plus did you notice that it said that the damage was less because the political structure was on their side so the only problem was their anger with the police- Now he was talking about the differences from 68 to now supposedly-but I couldn’t help but think that the reasons he supposes are real convenient when one looks at their arguments about Ferguson vs Baltimore-no white majority to blame this crap on-so what’s the problem in Baltimore.

          • This has nothing to do with the events of ’68. A vast majority who rioted don’t know crap about those days. This is new. It’s part of the Socialist plan of chaos. Don’t fall for all the bullshit on TV.

        • What a load of crap, from within the article: “You’ve had 40 years of the war on crime,” he says. “It was a conservative backlash to the civil rights movement, and it backfired.”

          Correct. It has nothing to do with politics.

          The war on crime was a war on the rising violent crime rates in this country. AND the rising violence and despair in the ghettos due to Crack.

          Hogwash. It’s always been about crime, the drug issues were part of the problem. Crack was a minor player in the big picture. Meth, Heroine, and all kinds of drugs played a roll. Crack is nothing more that cocaine that has been made into something smoked. While very addictive, no more addictive than meth or heroine. Your understanding of the “ghetto’s” is flawed.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            You apparently have little understanding of why the Black Leaders of these communities asked for greater law enforcement back in the 70’s and 80’s. Crack was in fact part of the epidemic they were fighting.

            You say hogwash then restate my argument. Maybe your smoking a little to much whacky tobachy yerself.

            • Don’t smoke the stuff. This isn’t the 70 or 80’s, if you haven’t noticed. Those requests are so far out of date they are not relevant. But, you may continue to live in the past (better times, I would agree), however I live in today’s world. The 80’s are so far behind these days I’m surprised you would even bother making such a statement and claim it relevant. Getting OLD maybe?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The photos that were headlined on my internet news headlines showed burning police vehicles and cries of woe. The film had a little wider field of view than I think intended. Driving past the burning vehicles was a normal stream of traffic with people dutifully stopping at red lights waiting for them to change. And also to mention there was NO cross traffic. If this was a war zone as bad as portrayed I seriously doubt normal traffic would be going by, much less observing the traffic lights. People were calmly standing around with their iphones taking pictures. NO police in view at all.

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Not an unrelated comment on the issues being discussed here, but first I really want to compliment the people who participate on SUFA for their adult and professional dialog, whether you agree with a premise or not.

    I’ve been researching the background of a lady I knew when I was much younger. She was an old family friend originally from New Jersey. She was not in the Vanderbilt league but quite wealthy. She and her husband in 1920 built the Wellmont Theater in Montclair NJ. It was one of those grand theater’s that very few remain much less being used as intended. The theater was restored between 2000-2010. The website I was reading talked a little bit about the history, but mostly focused on the new venue and what was being offered in the future……..the comments that followed were instead of praising the restoration effort, were the most vicious, vile, and hateful, gross, racist, I’ve run out of adjectives, about the “gentrification” and the displacing of the “free spirited” community by the rich and on and on and on. The photos I have of Mrs Wellenbrink show that she was one of the elite upperclass people of the world. The dresses were on par to anything worn by Rockefellers, Morgans, Vanderbilts. Her art collections in the Met. Her global travels were announced in the papers. I seriously doubt if H.H and Anna would have invested and built their theater in a run down bohemian neighborhood.

    My point is that one tries to invest and rejuvenate a neighborhood and your labeled a racist.

    Just compare the film of the 1st Rocky movie. Not a wealthy neighborhood, just a working class area. The last film in the series showed a burnt out wreck of a neighborhood, with all the businesses that were there GONE. All lost in one generation.

    • I’ve probably said this before but when first hired to work in NYC’s Neighborhood Preservation Program in ’73 I was highly enthused. Got to work in my own neighborhood no less.

      Remember my Dad at the time telling me, “A neighborhood can go up, it can go down,what it cannot do is stay the same.” Had delusions back then that we could arrest decay and keep it “just so”. Dad was of course right. The old “hood” is now far beyond my price range. In the scheme of things though, I’d rather have the yuppies there with the geography intact than have the vast swaths of vacant land the South Bronx and Central Brooklyn became.

      NY City council is about to decriminalize the broken window quality of life crimes like public urination, aggressive panhandling, public intoxication etc. As Dad said, “a neighborhood can go up, it can go down what it cannot do is stay the same”. Amazing! Lessons learned no more than 20 years ago already lost and forgotten. Guess the murder rate will be heading back north of 2,000 in a few years.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Years ago Charleston, SC had a very strict policy…..broken window, they fixed it immediately. Graffiti on the walls, repaint it immediately. Reasoning was, broken window not fixed, I guess its ok, lets do some more. Same with graffiti. Add a bit more nobody will mind. Before you knew it the place was trashed. As your Dad said, it can go up, it can go down. It will never stay the same.

        This just brought back to my my mind something my Father observed when he was young while watching a circus parade. The lead elephant took a dump, and crazy thing was all the following elephants seemed to dump in the same place as they passed. Before you knew it there was a real manure heap.

        • Good one!

          When I was running buildings. I had an SOP with the supers, no graffiti was allowed to last a day. If it was on brick, we’d paint it over then eventually steam or pressure wash the whole thing off.

          Another bit of guerrilla war, Used to have the same “artists” tag buildings repeatedly. Started writing VERY uncomplimentary things about their bathroom habits, mothers and sex lives right under their tag. Amazing how quickly they moved on! Nothin like making a fool out of them in front of their buddies.

          One beat cop I knew hated the way the kids looked up to the dealers with their big cars, and bling. He thought they should be put in striped overalls, handed a broom and bucket on wheels chained to the bucket and forced to pick up dog turds. Masterful! Ridicule works, just ask any DI.

    • Dale,

      “..but first I really want to compliment the people who participate on SUFA for their adult and professional dialog, whether you agree with a premise or not.”

      Precisely the reason I continue to read and participate (somewhat) here.

  31. Just A Citizen says:
  32. Does anyone know the race’s of the cops that arrested this man-I’ve read some and no where have I seen the word White used-I have to wonder why that is.

  33. http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/professional-protesters-who-incited-ferguson-violence-doing-same-baltimore

    LMAO! Professional protesters equated to anarchists. The ignorance of the media and there love of being slaves to the government never ends.

  34. The data mining firm that found between 20 and 50 social media accounts in Baltimore linked to the violence in Ferguson, Mo. is now reporting a spike in message traffic in Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City, with “protesters” trying to get rides to Baltimore for Tuesday night.

    The firm, which asked to remain anonymous because it does government work, said some of the suspect social media accounts in Baltimore are sending messages to incite violence. While it is possible to spoof an account, to make it look like someone is one place and really is in another, that does not fully explain the high numbers.

    HMMM, Obama trolls hard at work 🙂

  35. In the CT world, some interesting things being reported. In Texas for example, the Governor has ordered the Texas National Guard to monitor the upcoming Jade Helm 15 military exercise. This action, IMHO, is rather unique: http://libertyunyielding.com/2015/04/29/jade-helm-15-exercise-gov-greg-abbott-orders-texas-guard-to-monitor-video/

    Speaking of Texas, reports are saying that there is a lot of concern about an ISIS attack, especially at the PANTEX facilities. This comes from an anonymous Texas Ranger and can only be verified by someone with actual knowledge (D13) of what’s going on. In same report, it claims there may be enough ISIS members to take over a small town. Not sure this would go over to well with the gun owners in that town, but damage and deaths could certainly be possible.

    We sure do live in interesting times. 2 people shot during a march in Ferguson in support of Baltimore last night. Interesting question….what would happen if well over a hundred cities would all riot at the same time? Answer….US military boots on the ground, martial law and some really ugly times for America.

    • Gman,

      In my investigations of Jade Helm 15 I have discovered a wide range of theories. Aztlan, in my opinion, is the most intriguing. The maps are identical.


      • gmanfortruth says:

        Yes, I saw that one as well. So far, I see it as a military exercise only, until I see something different. Not close to home, which means I can just watch. The theories are entertaining. It’s interesting how things have evolved to having conspiracy theories BEFORE the event, I would like to here from D13 on the ISIS issue. I see that as more likely than the other stuff.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    We, and others, often state the fact that We The People are responsible for the corrupt and highly partisan Govt we have today.

    Well in case you were having second thoughts, here is a PRIME EXAMPLE of what, and WHO, is the problem.


    Two key points:

    1. Notice the quick dismissal of the need to discuss “first principles”.
    2. The ends justify the means.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I’ll have to read the article when indoors. From your points, the quality of politicians that we are given sucks. And when some vote “the other way” because they’re not up for reelection is a prime example of ‘same team” mindset. Claiming that those actions are acceptable is BS,

      The Clinton’s are beyond corrupt. I’m ashamed that people are even considering her for Potus. This country is sinking to new lows. Voting in federal elections is a total sham.

    • Read the comments. As much as it shouldn’t, I always still amazed that so many people have such a low moral baseline. How anyone could support Hillary is beyond me.

      • It all came home to me in the ’64 election. First there was LBJ lying through his teeth on Viet-Nam and running those God awful anti-Goldwater commercials.

        I still had a bit of the born and bred blue collar democrat in me in those days and had been enamored of Camelot. I supported as a teen Bobby Kennedy for Senate until I actually heard him say “Sometimes the end justifies the means”. We have been living with that ever since.

        Compare Obama, Clinton etc. to Richard Nixon and Watergate. Love or hate Nixon, if you are in the least bit objective, you realize what he actually did falls far short of what these other clowns have done. Yet, “the end justifies the means”.

        Here are the commercials. the DNC says that they only ran them once. Maybe that’s true nationally. but they were run locally in NY quite a bit.


        There is another great one about tearing up social security cards. Can’t find it.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The other notorious ad in Johnson’s presidential campaign

          The sad thing is I know some people from NY who were involved with it and are still very proud with it’s creation and outcome. “The means are justified by the end” Oh and they say Vietnam is Nixon’s War.

          • I blew the link above, something else I was working on. Right after the “Daisy” is the “Ice Cream Cone”.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Missed the ice cream cone ad….Guaranteed these ads were shown more than once even though the DNC and NBC say otherwise. I got it they were sublimital cuts at your favorite movie theater.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      “Maxine” Headroom…..at least she’s got a decent hairdresser traveling with her. Geez, she was a discredit to the nation when she was SOSUS

      I believe she has principles that she can not allow out of the bag. She’d make Obama in reality look like a conservative. Anytime a candidate has to keep going back to the handlers and packaging agents to recreate an image, “maybe this one will work” We’re in big trouble if that lot gets back in.

  37. “…the Left fighting the Left over the failed policies of the Left….” Well there you go. Baltimore is the Great Society.


  38. Just A Citizen says:

    As I was staining balusters while listening to the radio today I started wondering about the DOJ’s increased attention to “civil rights” cases. Of course the majority of this interest has been over “Black” people who’s rights were apparently violated.

    And the fact that “Black” people play a prominent role in this Administration and the DOJ in particular is certainly not lost on local folks.

    I even heard one community leader in Baltimore make the statement he “trusts” Eric Holder and Holder’s replacement.

    My wondering was about the impact this new behavior by Govt. is going to have on the people they are supposedly representing.

    On one hand the “Black Community” will feel that the FEDS are their protector, that it is the FEDS they must support because after all, it is ONLY THE FEDS that care about JUSTICE. And by FEDS we know they will think DEMOCRATS.

    But on the other hand, the DOJ keeps coming up short with prosecutable Civil Rights violations or in the case of Ferguson, even an indication that criminal charges were justified.

    So how long before the effort of Holder, Obama, et al. to create the Federal dependency backfires, because NOTHING has changed? What happens when the local rabble rousers realize that the DOJ keeps coming up empty and these “obviously bigoted cops keep walking free”?????

    Who gets blamed next? How do the Dems keep the blame game running?

    Well today we get our first clue. You condemn the ENTIRE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. Of course the Dems are the only one’s who CARE ENOUGH to address the inherent racism, bigotry and injustice of the justice system.

    I wonder how long they will be able to make that work for them before the commoners realize it is just the same pig dressed up nice with a bow?

    I also noticed how Hillary and the left are attacking the “justice system” rather than the particular laws themselves that cause black men to be arrested at greater proportions. The affect of this rhetoric is to destroy confidence in JUSTICE itself. That is any justice under the existing systems.

    Which of course means WE NEED TO REMAKE THE JUSTICE SYSTEM. Soon coming to a political stump near you………..”We need comprehensive justice system reform”.

    The PROGRESSIVES will never run out of the need to reform, because each effort creates the need for the next effort. Progressive “reforms” may be the only truly SUSTAINABLE thing in the Universe.

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Until WE can ALL over come the affliction of Cognitive Dissonance little will change.

    This combined with Confirmation Bias has made it very hard to get anyone to look past their nose, or pre-conceived notions.

    • Maybe having an open mind and not discounting anything unless proven would help. I try to be a very open minded person, believe nothing, listen and read. That don’t mean that issues can’t put to rest as fact, it means a lot if evidence must do that. Lack of evidence is damning and keeps the issue “OPEN”.

      I was tasked to investigate a few wrongful discharges of weapons when in Saudi during the first gulf war. I always did so with the beginning thought that the person was innocent, until the evidence proved otherwise. One case was the firing of one round from a M-60 E3. The young E-3 was looking at a Court Martial. I proved that the young man could not have shot one round, unless, and I mean unless, they could prove he took a single round from the belt and shot it.

      Long story short, the Commander didn’t Court Martial and ended up with a minor offense that was dismissed in 6 months. The evidence didn’t fit the crime. So, with that said, you now can see how I look at things. If the evidence don’t meet the claims, epic fail! I shouldn’t need go further my friend 🙂

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    For those who may wonder why the DOJ has responsibility for policing State and Local police forces, here is a clip from the DOJ website. Note the three primary laws used to justify the Dept’s actions.

    I am not as yet aware of any SCOTUS rulings regarding the Constitutionality of said laws themselves. For those who are a little younger, you may not know how Kennedy sat on his hands over State discrimination in Alabama because he did not feel the Fed Govt had the authority to dictate to the States. It was his younger brother, Bobby, who hounded JFK to intervene. Eventually rationalizing the use of the National Guard when George Wallace refused a FEDERAL order.

    So under a Federalist system, should the Feds have authority over the State’s policing policies and procedures? Should the Fed’s be able to enforce “Federal Rights”? Or do such things even exist? Oh, so many questions.

    “Description of the Laws We Enforce

    The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, 42 U.S.C. § 14141, allows us to review the practices of law enforcement agencies that may be violating people’s federal rights. If a law enforcement agency receives federal funding, we can also use the anti-discrimination provisions of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which forbid discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex or national origin by agencies receiving federal funds. We may act if we find a pattern or practice by the law enforcement agency that systemically violates people’s rights. Harm to a single person, or isolated action, is usually not enough to show a pattern or practice that violates these laws.

    The Section has investigated dozens of law enforcement agencies nationwide. In our investigations, we typically meet with law enforcement officers and other members of the local community. We hire police practice experts to help us review incidents, documents, and agency policies and practices. These experts also help us to develop remedies, and to assess whether corrective steps have fixed the violations of law.

    The problems addressed in our cases include use of excessive force; unlawful stops, searches, or arrests; and discriminatory policing. We have looked at bias based on race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, and sexual-orientation. We have also addressed unlawful responses to individuals who observe, record, or object to police actions.

    Results of Our Work

    Our settlements and court orders frequently require:
    •increased transparency and data collection
    •community-police partnerships
    •steps to prevent discriminatory policing
    •independent oversight
    •improved investigation and review of uses of force
    •more effective training and supervision of officers

    The reforms we obtain create models for effective and constitutional policing nationwide. They provide significant, systemic relief, increase community confidence in law enforcement, and improve officer and agency accountability.”

    NOTICE: There is no discussion of WHO polices the DOJ. Hint: The people who gave the DOJ this authority in the first place. Any chance those people who are using the DOJ as a political pawn will cut back the agency’s authority???

    • I don’t recall any authority given to the Feds in the Constitution to do any of this, do you?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        “Congress may make those laws needed to carry out the authority and power vested in Congress” or something to that affect.

        Thus one of the problems of broad authorities and “court interpretations” which can grow broader or narrower with time, depending on the Judges political views.

        In your view did Congress have the authority to pass the Civil Rights Act??? Or perhaps you agree with the authority but some of the details are unconstitutional???

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Have to run off to class for four hours. Back after that.

        “How to assist with medication” class, required by the Govt. in order to use Medicare funds for my Son’s care in our own home.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    My message to the folks in Baltimore who think they have been abandoned.

    When you allow yourself to be convinced that the whole world is against you, every person you see will be against you.

    When you decide that everyone who disagrees with you is a racist, the whole world will become filled with racists.

    Those who are looking for insults will find them everywhere.

    One more thought. Bragging about “GANGS” guarding against riots and honoring the “GANGS” for working together is not a great testament to the principles and moral values of your community. Just sayin……

  42. It is now becoming a possibility that the dead criminal everybody is rioting over may have done it to himself. This is getting to be much like the Mike Brown case. The Left Wing media and a half century of Left Wing politics in these areas is blaring loudly “EPIC FAIL”.

  43. When you’ve been taught to look at everything through skin-colored glasses, well, that’s what you’ll see.

    • How very well stated. But I think there is more to it, that does explain many of the haters.
      Some of the media, greed or whatever motivates them. Supposedly there are ten thousand peaceful protesters who get almost no coverage. And then there is the mayor and the looters who I think feel guilt and lie to deflect blame or those feelings.

  44. You’ve all seen video of that mom that was out there whacking on her kid to get the heck home and out of the Baltimore crap. I certainly understood her emotion and if I saw my kid – or probably any kid I knew for that matter – I’d do the same. Well of course, the progressives just don’t quite see it like that.


    • A small child reaches for a hot burn on the stove. What do you do?
      1) Softly say “No, hot burn”
      2) Reach down calmly and take a hold of the kids arm and move it away from the burn and then explain why that is not a good thing to do
      3) Scream “Don’t touch” followed by a stern lecture
      4) Swiftly smack the kids hand away while yelling “No” showing fear in your voice and actions followed by a stern lecture.

      Your actions in 1 & 2 are too slow to prevent the injury although the child has learned a lesson but by possible permanent injury. Action 3 may stop him but may not. Only action 4 is the sure fired way to prevent the injury.

      That teen did not want to hear what his mother had to say. He was too into the crowd mentality. He was reaching for the hot burner and she smacked his hand away.

      • T-Ray,
        Utterly wrong.
        My daughter has never put her hand on the stove, nor did we have to yell and scream or smack her.

        You are stuck inside a bizarre concept in your head. You cannot fathom that discussing life with children does not need violence.

  45. There is a new thread posted to continue the discussion 🙂

  46. gmanfortruth says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but those on the Left have a problem talking about it, unless they are pushed, but often change the subject to keep the raca cards flying . I do read left wing rags often to get a better understanding of the mindset.

    Blacks need to start policing their own, hard and fast if they want out of their situation. Burning down drug stores and senior centers because they are pissed at the cops is just going to hurt their community for years. Utterly stupid.

    It’s now more us white folks fault as it is the newest generation of Germans fault for the Holocaust. The Progressives are trying to start a race war with their race pimping BS.

    This has taken race relations back fifty years. I have always said that the Left are the true racists, and wanting blacks slaughtered in a race war would likely prove it.

    Many like me are trying to expose them for who they are , and they keep helping by getting caught, more later.

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