Open Mic/NFL Draft 2015

It seems to be a good idea to just discuss whatever comes to mind or ongoing events in real time as we have been for quite some time.  While it can be fun to write or just pass on an interesting article, it’s difficult to maintain a lengthy discussion on just one subject.  This is especially true when events like the Baltimore riots take place.  Here, once again, we have riots in mostly black neighborhoods after the death of another black person, this time, when in police custody.  Both have somethings in common.  Both occur before the facts are released, both have nearly 50 of the same internet social accounts involved in some way or another.  This is pointing to someone or some entity pushing the buttons to get the violence rolling.  Could this be sanctioned by Obama or his Administration?  Didn’t Obama basically say that Congress isn’t likely going to send the needed funds to the inner cities, or redistribute the wealth?  The answer will come when a whistleblower comes out or the alternative media investigates deeper.  Right now, most of the conspiracy sites are focused on Jade Helm 15.

For now, another event that can give many of us a mental break from all the insanity, the NFL Draft begins with the 1st round tonight at 8 est.  Enjoy the circus and Go Dolphins  🙂

draft 2015



  1. 😎

  2. Greetings, amici! Come on, you know you all miss me! Enjoy my attacks on St. Hillary and Backdoor Obama … but yous might have to choke down my support of Bernie Sanders! 🙂 Hope all is well by yous …

    • 🙂 I knew when I heard about Sanders running that we would hear from you. Hope life’s treating you well. I reckon you will be voting in the primary this year and maybe in the general.

    • Hey Charlie! Glad to see your still kicking! Sanders doesn’t have a chance in hell 🙂 As far as Baltimore, the chickens are coming home to roost and the reality of the failure of liberal democrat political control is in your face, EPIC FAIL. It’s not over either. PEACE 😀

    • I miss you Charlie. We might as well vote Sanders in… at least he’d tell the truth.

      • He has my respect for telling the truth but Not my vote 🙂

        • All, yes, he is the ONLY one who will tell the truth! But, alas, the Dems (who are really Republicans in drag) will shoot him down financially (if not physically) should he gain some momentum … I will VOTE for him … yesterday I donated a whopping $55.00 to his campaign (I’ve tossed away wayyyy more on my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills) … but I’ve become a hockey lover now (team play–no celebrations after EVERY SINGLE PLAY) … I also lost 91 pounds, but have put back 22 because I started lifting again–it’s a curse. Ralph Nader says the right and left have an opportunity to join and upset the two party system … all they need is a billionaire (or two) … come on, I know between all of yous, there’s gotta be at least a few billion in there somewhere! 🙂 Have a great weekend. I’ll try and revisit … been busy … new books, etc. … Go Bolts!

          • Not a curse to replace lean muscle with fat! Lean muscle is more dense and weighs more than fat. Do you know your other numbers? Body fat %? Visceral fat?

            • Also lean muscle, in addition to obvious strength benefits, will increase your metabolism and make your body more efficient – even at rest – as lean muscle burns more calories than fat.

              Pay attention to your protein intake, water, fiber especially. Measurements are sometimes more relevant than the scale. You will notice inch loss as your body is changing.

              Keep it up! We need some good commies in this country.


    I wonder how many lawsuits will follow as a result of this poor choice by the Mayor of Baltimore (if it is true)?

  4. Then the NRA VP continued with a statement that has since been proven to be true in both Ferguson, Mo., and now Baltimore, Md.

    “I also think, though, that what people all over the country fear today is being abandoned by their government. If a tornado hits, if a hurricane hits, if a riot occurs that they’re going be out there alone. And the only way they’re going protect themselves in the cold and the dark, when they’re vulnerable is with a firearm. And I think that indicates how relevant and essential the Second Amendment is in today’s society to fundamental human survival.”

    Then Durbin turned to the chief and stated “Well, Chief Johnson, you’ve heard it.” He continued, “The belief of the NRA is the Second Amendment has to give American citizens the firepower to fight back against you, against our government.”

    When LaPierre went to comment on the maligned statement by Senator Durbin he was cut off.

    The Baltimore County police chief responded, “I find it to be scary, creepy. And it’s simply just not based on logic. Certainly, law enforcement across this nation is well-prepared to deal with any natural or man-made disaster that will occur. And, frankly, I just — I can’t relate to that kind of thinking.”

    Baltimore, according to the chief, is prepared to deal a crisis such as the one that is currently going in the city.


    • Many of us predicted this long ago, no surprise really. just one more example of the fraud called federal elections.

      Hope you and yours are doing well today!


      US workers are getting sent to the welfare roles, where they can be controlled. The rest will just be killed.

    • Come on, VH…he cannot stop it. Someone here will have to explain to me how he is going to stop it…..He cannot throw out the votes…..However, you do not have to ask for proof of citizenship….you just ask for a specific picture ID…that is what we are doing. We require picture ID at voting places and if you do not have one, you will not vote….also we did this the last time…..and no one said anything and one of the reasons why…no one can prove disenfranchisement.

      • First of all States shouldn’t have to defy the Federal Government to make sure people who aren’t supposed to vote don’t.
        Second, while States can I suppose, defy the Federal Government, many won’t and some will even try to help people vote illegally.
        Now I don’t think anyone should be able to vote in a State who isn’t a citizen-I certainly don’t think they should be able to vote in a National election-but if they have a voters registration which is supposed to show that they have a legal right to vote and an ID-which the left is giving them-asking them for an ID isn’t gonna stop illegal voting at least I don’t see how it could-and most states aren’t even asking for that.

        • Here in Pa, one must have a State ID/Drivers license, which requires a State issued birth certificate ( I had to send for my long form to get mine when I moved here). When I voted in the recent local elections, I was asked for my ID. I would like to think that a majority of States are mostly the same. Like D13 stated, disenfranchisement can’t be proven, and I’m sure I could wipe out the whole issue with a 2nd Amendment argument 🙂

          • Here in CA they plan to automatically register anyone that gets a DL. Considering that illegals can now get licenses, I doubt that anyone will be checking for citizenship.

        • VH……….You said “First of all States shouldn’t have to defy the Federal Government to make sure people who aren’t supposed to vote don’t.”

          Read your statement very carefully….I am unaware that there are Federal Elections anywhere…..other than through the State. It is a State issue despite the elections. Whether the elections are State or Federal, the vote taking resides within the State and resides within the precincts or whatever jurisdiction is under your local control. Your state is the first line of defense to an intrusive Federal Government. In order for this to happen, you MUST elect the proper State representatives. It is up to you, to change the state and you start doing that by the down ballot elections. When only 12% of registered voters participate in local elections, you ask for trouble.

          The second thing that makes it pretty easy…is what the Feds have done in the last 6 years. “Selective Enforcement” as practiced by the Federal Government, actually set the precedent. The Federal Government would have you believe that they ALONE have the only power to selectively enforce law. This is poppycock at its finest. States have the same right to selectively enforce, if they choose…..and THAT INCLUDES selective enforcement of Federal Law.

          Now, let’s look at one other thing. Texas, openly defied the Federal Government, and instituted picture ID in the last elections. What happened? Nothing at all… Federal Troops, No FBI…and the votes were counted in the Federal Election. We will still have picture ID and the types of ID are spelled out EXACTLY what will be accepted. In addition, the Texas Attorney General says that the objection based on “disenfranchisement” is not proven and unless said can be proven, the objection is baseless. The Attorney General went on to say that if there is a “proven disenfranchisement” , then it is up to the State to fix the problem….not the Federal Government.

          So, VH….it can be done but not without hard work,,,,it has taken us, meaning the State of Texas, about 15 years to get turned around and headed back towards independence. We are not there yet but headed there as fast as we can go. There are bumps along the way…but we will get over them.

          Another example is just recent…..The U.S. Supreme Court this week heard arguments in the same-sex marriage case that could lead to a landmark decision requiring all states to acknowledge the unions. But don’t count Texas out without a fight. State lawmakers are considering at least five bills designed to block same-sex marriages, currently illegal in the state, and some state leaders say they’ll battle to bar the unions regardless of any Supreme Court decision.

          Texas Gov. Greg Abbott released a statement Tuesday reaffirming his opposition to same-sex marriage. He said, “Texans — not unelected federal judges — should decide this important issue for their state.”

          “The leap to assume that Texas moves with (a Supreme Court ruling) is just that — a leap,” said state Rep. Cecil Bell, a Republican from Magnolia who is an author of four of the five bills. “History is replete with cases where Supreme Court precedent isn’t immediately embraced and in some cases isn’t ever embraced.”

          In 2005, Texas voters passed a referendum banning same-sex marriages. A federal judge last year ruled the ban unconstitutional but issued a stay on his ruling as the issue moved through higher courts.”If you’re a government actor or official in the state of Texas, you should exercise extreme caution before making a decision based on a U.S. Supreme Court decision,” Saenz said. “States have the right to defend their laws.”

          The sovereignty of states is not something to be taken lightly,” Bell said. “It’s something intended by the framers of our Constitution.”

          D13 says: The whole issue here is State’s rights. A State should be deciding things that affect the State…Now, before anyone gets their panties in a wad…..the demographics has shifted and the issue of gay marriage is evenly split in Texas right now….it will probably pass but it will be passed by state voting and not any court anywhere else.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      It’s time that we in the US have international voting observers, like we so arrogantly provide to fledgling democracies. And your finger gets dyed to prevent multiple voting. I always remember Daley’s famous request to the Kennedy election “Tell me how many more votes do you need”? Here is a case where nobody was discriminated against including the deceased.

      Like after 8 months of court wrangling and recounts in 2008-2009 only to have at the last minute a box of ballots show up all for Al Franken and he is declared the winner by 312 votes. Where in all other counts he was behind.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Copied from Cornell law

      Amendment XV
      Section 1.
      The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

      To me the operative word is CITIZEN, not resident. Pretty much in future court clarifications from the time the 15th was passed the State can not discriminate against voting an equally qualified person of one race etc over another. since expanded to include women, 18 year olds and “self-defined” persons. But the Federal stance that you do not have to prove citizenship or an id at the poll to prove who you are is pure over-reach and BS.

  5. Al Sharpton hanging with the Mayor of Baltimore. What else needs to be said about poor decisions by democrats.

  6. At first I thought this bill was a good idea-Just didn’t understand the significance of taking a vote on whether or not Obama could do something he is already not allowed to do.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Many of us thought it a good thing, given it had some Dem. support.

      But then it turns out it flips the Constitutional requirements on their head. Giving Congress the right to veto but ONLY if POTUS agrees with their veto.

      Frankly, I think the law UNCONSITTUTIONAL.

      • Kinda like discrimination laws-we pass laws that pretty much nullify our Constitutional rights and then try to pass new laws to reinstate our Constitutional rights.

    • This is the “illusion of choice” smacking you upside your head.

  7. First surprise in draft, Todd Gurley to Rams at #10. Good pick!

  8. No doubt this is a very sad case-but I’m curious who believes this woman had the right to have this baby killed at 36 weeks.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      She had a “civil” right to do so. She is the guardian who determined that the awful life the child would have was not worth living.

      We can disagree with her choice, but it was her choice to make. I am assuming here that the father agreed with the decision.

      The article is a little to much condescending for my liking. As you say, a very sad and difficult decision. To claim she killed the child because it “would be different” is grossly misleading and avoids recognizing the trauma the child and parents would face.

      Does the parent of a child have the right to kill them rather than have them captured and tortured by Comanche warriors, or ISIS?

      • By civil right, I assume you are talking about personally liberty of the individual or rather not necessarily based on governmental law. So a mother or guardian has the right to do what she feels is best for her child up to and including killing the child. And with your example you seem to be saying this right remains after the child is born.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          By Civil Right I meant “legal rights”, as in those conveyed by Govt. As opposed to “Natural Right”.

          So in my example, is it a right, an obligation, or some other moral/ethical principle at play?

          In both cases they are children, not adults. The parent is doing what they feel is the best course of action. Is that not within their responsibility as a guardian? Even if the result seems extreme, they are acting in what they view as the best interest of the child.

          This of course brings “motive” into the discussion. The lady aborted her daughter because she felt she was sparing her child a miserable life. As opposed to those who choose abortion simply for convenience.

          • No, I don’t believe a parents responsibility as a guardian extends to killing their child-I see no difference between killing a child at 36 weeks than killing a child at any age. I do however agree that there are rare extreme situations like your example that might justify killing another person but I do not believe there should be a written law that allows it. When really extreme situations arrive they should be handled in a court of law and ones peers should decide if your actions are justifiable.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I was not proposing Govt laws to address the rights and responsibilities of guardianship.

              The example I used goes to a critical question. If killing is “justified”, per human values, under extreme conditions then that is an exception to an otherwise hard moral rule. In this case “no killing of innocent”.

              If we can find one exception then we have to ask whether others exist and under what conditions. Those that would also be considered extreme.

              Then there is the other argument, which is that if the killing has no affect on you it is none of your concern. The parent who kills the child to prevent its torture has violated the guardianship responsibility, and the law of “not killing innocent”, however there is nobody to hold accountable. Because the parent is almost certainly dead as well.

              The parent with the defective baby is the only one that has the direct connection and is the only one that should make the choice. If the child is killed who else is harmed besides the parents themselves?

              If we agree that a parent having such an abortion should not be sent to prison then what is the point of “outlawing” such abortions?

              • “If we agree that a parent having such an abortion should not be sent to prison then what is the point of “outlawing” such abortions?”

                Great question!

              • Boy, you got me with that Comanche warrior thing. Haven’t thought bout that one in a long time.

                I am uncomfortable making calls on things like this. Right now, we know a couple with four children, the youngest with Downs. A sweeter kid you have never met and damn near as bright as any other kid her age. Her health problems are minor. Of course none of this was known before she was born, only that she had Downs. Parents are very religious and decided to go ahead with the birth.

                I think if you take out the religious component including the after life and the final judgement, there is no longer any problem with anything. Always thought this. If however, you are a believer, then there may be some justification but it is something that I think you will be called on to defend beyond this world. It is a free will issue.

                I have known people, relatives of mine who have, many years ago, eased a terminal family member over with a larger than required dose of painkiller. I think I would be comfortable, standing at the Pearly Gates explaining that one. Hopefully I will never have to. As with children born with severe defects, I have been blessed in not confronting that and I give thanks every day for it.

              • SK — “I think if you take out the religious component including the after life and the final judgement, there is no longer any problem with anything. Always thought this.”

                Are you really implying that an atheist cannot be a moral person? That religion is a necessary component of morality?

              • Buck,

                Ever hear the New Testament quote? “It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to gain entry to heaven.”

                It is not impossible, just much. much more difficult. There are really bad religious people and really good atheists but both are within the minority of their respective beliefs.

                I assume you already know but the “eye of the needle” is not a real needle but rather the small entry port through the walls of Jerusalem that an outside sentry could squeeze through.

              • I agree with you that “really bad religious people” are a minority in the group of religious people.

                I couldn’t disagree more with you assertion that “really good atheists” are a minority, however.

                In actuality it is simply the fact that “really bad people” are a minority…

              • “I was not proposing Govt laws to address the rights and responsibilities of guardianship.”

                In my opinion that is exactly what you are doing-you are saying that if we agree that there might be rare instances where killing an innocent child isn’t gonna lead to a jail term than why shouldn’t people be allowed to kill their children under the abortion law.

                “If we can find one exception then we have to ask whether others exist and under what conditions. Those that would also be considered extreme.”

                We can certainly talk about it-but if someone kills anyone in our current system of laws it goes through the legal system-except abortion. Why is that? Is it that as long as the baby is in the womb people will do things to the child they would never do if they had to actually see the baby. Does the fact that the doctors and all their tests are wrong more times than people realize have any effect on this Right.

                “Then there is the other argument, which is that if the killing has no affect on you it is none of your concern.”

                You can’t be serious!

                “The parent with the defective baby is the only one that has the direct connection and is the only one that should make the choice. If the child is killed who else is harmed besides the parents themselves?”

                The child is harmed and so is society in general-it effects our cultural norms at the very least-I mean lets be real you could try to argue that crime in general doesn’t really effect anyone except the people who are personally involved-and that wouldn’t be true either IMHO.

                Hopefully I’ve answered your question. Now I have one I would like to ask you.

                If we need to discuss these rare and extreme circumstances of when it might be okay to kill an innocent child. Why aren’t you “proposing Govt laws to address the rights and responsibilities of guardianship.”? We already have one that addresses children in the womb-and some of the extreme circumstances aren’t very extreme.

              • One more thing-why do people believe it’s so compassionate to allow a mother to kill her baby in the womb-in this case an 8 month Baby-Compassionate to who- In reading the article the woman spoke of it taking hours for the baby to die-that she had to wait for it to stop moving to know she was dead-how friggin easy was that on the mother-and what about the baby-was it in Pain all these hours-was it moving because it was in pain. So where is the compassion in this situation? If society wants to deem killing babies Okay-then they should bring their evil into the light of day and wait until the child is actually born and any problems can be verified-instead of hiding the deed behind the walls of a woman’s womb.

  9. I read this with an open mind but also with a grain of salt. He covers the police misdeeds but seems to leave out or ignore the misdeeds of the citizens-there must have been some. But it is still infuriating on so many levels.

    • VH, this is what a war looks like. When there is a “war” then people fighting it act like their fighting a real war. It’s not police work anymore. I liked the article because it puts some light on why the black community is acting as they are. Frankly, can anyone blame them? If the cops treated the people in your neighborhood, including you and your kids as described in the article, you’d be pissed off too. I know I would. The solution is simple but will never happen, stop the drug war. Arm the law abiding citizens and let the people OD all they want, until the drugs disappear. They will.

      What we should all be asking is “do we really need a war on drugs”? Or is this just all BS to keep the Prison Industrial Complex wealthy? We don’t even need to legalize the stuff, just stop fighting the war. This is a much bigger issue than can be written about in a small post 🙂

  10. Now after much reading-I find I can not see any possible way that the case involving Mr. Gray in Baltimore will not go to court. I don’t know if the cops are guilty of murder-but I am fairly certain they are guilty of something very bad. What exactly-we will have to wait and see.

    • It won’t matter. Whatever the decision, there will be more protests and likely more rioting and looting. I think that the black community are fed up with how the cops treat them. This is far bigger than Freddie Gray.

      • Yes, I imagine your right-but it’s also about more than the cops mistreating them.

    • I do not condone the rioting and looting. I do condone peaceful protest. Neither of which is the solution.

      • So what is the solution?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I would begin by ending the drug war. Then I would gut the political leadership and reduce it’s size and scope, remove regulations that hurt business start ups, reduce taxes to the minimum needed to maintain the infrastructure. Retrain the police. Stop arresting people over stupid shit. That’s a start. 🙂

          • BREAKING: Freddie Gray’s death ruled homicide; probable cause found to file criminal charges – @ABCNewsLive

          • And how do you go about getting that done?

            • How? Let’s start by getting rid of the corrupt politicians and the stranglehold of the Liberal Democrats and their policies.

              • My point is that you criticize the protestors, saying that this is not the solution. I would posit that protesting is vital to change the situation – it raises awareness and garners support.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                I’m not against protets, but let’s look at this particular stuff as a whole. When are they going to protest black on black murders/violent crime? If black lives matter it seems that protesting a far bigger problem would be in order, yet not a peep. Maybe more of that would give them some legitamacy in more eyes .

              • I wouldn’t say there hasn’t been a peep about “black on black murders/violent crime”. You choose not to listen.

                But protesting one problem doesn’t negate or otherwise marginalize another completely different problem.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The enabler of the liberal policies are the leaders of the “classes of people” they pretend to be helping. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP. They are the ones to be gotten out of the way. Just think of the vast amounts of money that have been poured into the war on poverty to having it worse than ever. I will lump the blacks into the migrant groups to this country. Involuntary at first for most, but not for the past century and a half. But what other immigrant group has stayed or condoned to be placed in the perpetual underclass. They certainly aren’t gaining any personal improvement. Does one wish to live the way altogether to many of them live. Ok life deals a bad hand, stop the excuses and clean up, hike the pants up from below their asses. Forget the history classes and get an education that does improve your life. You wonder if every quickstop is owned by a Pakistani or Indian.
                I was just looking through a directory of universities that have a very diverse student population. Compiled by a black author. I will disregard universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Ivy Leagues etc because anyone who gets into those schools is pretty darn competative and graduation rates were pretty equal across the board. The jist though there was a high amount of funds available in all schools for those that couldn’t afford the tuitions. The ranking of graduation rates however showed whites consistantly high. Asians embarassed everyone almost consistantly, Hispanics somewhat lower and sometimes the lowest. But the black student body generally had significantly the lowest graduation rate.

                Based on MSM attention and European opinions I find the 1st chapters in this PBS presentation most enlightening.


              • gmanfortruth says:

                I will post a rather contraversial opinion later this evening . Buck won’t like it, I don’t think JAC will like it much either. But it’s coming. : D

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                If the issues in Baltimore are race and bias driven, then isn’t the administration condemning itself, seeing that the liberals and currenty have had black administrations of late.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                They can’t see the problem because it’s them

              • Dale A Albrecht says:


                There were only 2 Republican mayors of Baltimore since 1900. Those two held office 2 terms each, like Grover Cleveland, that were separated by other mayors. The mayor that preceded the current one was convicted of crimes, but she worked hard to lessen the charges and penalties because she did not want to jeoporadize (sp) her $80,000/annum pension. And is considering getting into politics again. I guess like James Curley of Boston.


        • Buck, let me add one more thing that is important. All of us need to realize and accept that blacks are different than other races beyond skin color. The same applies to Latino’s and to Whites. Inside the skin we are the same, but that is where the similarities end. I came to this conclusion many years ago. Until those differences are understood, things won’t be changing anytime soon.

          In addition, those Liberal Democrat policies that have been in place for half a Century in many big cities needs to be investigated and the ones that are failing need to go away. Unfortunately, this isn’t likely to happen, because the Lies about racism and the hatred of the 1% will always give the Left a bullshit excuse. Blacks will continue down the same path and more cities will burn. They will be Democratically controlled cities with a long history of Left Wing policies. Add that to the constant propaganda of deflecting the blame away from the problem and placing it where it doesn’t belong will just continue to make matters worse.


    This would have solved the gay marriage issue long ago.

  12. Two weeks after I called it, Rush mentioned yesterday that Jim Webb should be watched. If Hillary is wounded and bleeding, Cuomo, Sanders, Warren and O’Malley may jump in. If they do, they will, like the Republicans, knock each other off in the primaries leaving Webb last man standing!

    Might be a great race!

  13. What a nice end to a productive day! Checked my trail cam at the fox den (after 5 days) and was surprised to have 657 pictures on the chip. After review, I will be able to share some wonderful pictures in an upcoming thread. To my amazement, it seems that Fox and a groundhog are willing to share a home, something that shocked all of us. Then, I got to see the birth of a calf out in the pasture. Quite a cool day in the country 🙂

  14. I wonder where, in the rush to judgement, these policemen that have been charged…are going to get a fair trial? Nowhere in Maryland…that is for sure.

    • It’s going to be hard to get a conviction if you ask me. I haven’t been watching the TV much the last few days, but I haven’t heard anyone mention that it’s 3 black cops involved, not just us crackers 🙂

  15. My apologies to Dale on getting this post typed. Things got a little crazy in the evening around here and I completely forgot. So, without further adieu…..Buck asked how to fix things within the black community and I gave some smaller ideas. Now, those ideas are just part of the overall repair job. One larger idea, which Buck may not like, is to completely overhaul the welfare system and put a time limit on how long a person can receive them. If a large family needs some assistance AFTER the able bodies are working then give it to them. Limit how many times welfare can be raised for kids, as in two. After two kids, no more money, and still a time limit, no exceptions. Much more can be added to this.

    Next, let’s do something to hold black men accountable for their children they make. NO MORE of having five babies with five different women and not being financially responsible. Condoms are cheap.

    Next, get government OUT of people business, to every extent possible, including the Feds. Government is a BIG part of the problem and NEVER the solution.

    Let’s put some common denominators together concerning the Baltimore woes concerning the black community. Frankly, I’m fed up and tired of the “it’s the whites fault” bullshit. I’m not going to just sit back and let it slide by anymore either. Baltimore has a 100% Democrat run government and has had so for decades. That’s common denominator #1. The Baltimore educators are union card carrying Democrats teaching kids, many of which have no father in their lives. Don’t tell me the system needs more money, the system needs better teachers. This is common denominator #2, the education system. I didn’t see one white politician in Baltimore during all the recent problems, all of them were BLACK. Common denominator #3. This includes the HoR member who has been around for a long time. Add them all up and you have the problem. Black, Democrat, useless leadership and a poorly run education system adding to the problems. This is where the beginning of the fix needs to start.

    Last but not least, when a riot begins, the cops need to pound hard to stop it, with bullets if need be. Rocks can kill, shoot the little thug in the knee. Fires can kill too, shoot the little thugs in the knee. I can get on the roof of a building and put 10 people on the ground in short time, I’m sure the cops can put a couple up there and do the same.

    I’m sure that a lot of this won’t be liked, but fixing problems isn’t always easy. Let’s stop ignoring the real problems, which is what’s happening when the pundit’s and politicians blaming these problems on racism, white people and other financial fairy tales.

    • Let me also add, the black community needs to step up and police their own communities. If black lives matter, then they should matter when blacks kill blacks, which is a much bigger problem than white cops killing black thugs. If they want their voices heard, then legitimacy is a great way to open up more eyes and ears. Stop the ignorant “hands up don’t shoot” bullshit, because it was based on a lie. I personally won’t listen to people who can’t deal with the facts, and ignore them in far too many cases. This is part of policing their own.

      The next part is a big neighborhood watch program, WITH armed citizens, that walk their streets at night and chase the thugs off. Four or five adults walking the streets and telling the thugs to leave the neighborhood could be a peaceful way of stopping the killing and other crimes. Blacks need to take some responsibility to get themselves out of the crime infested shitholes and turning them into peaceful prosperous neighborhoods, with JOBS to be had.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Do you see the fascism ? Do you know where a fascist government can go? If you recall, I don’t keep my money in a bank , other than what is needed to pay the bills. I hold cash.

  16. Baltimore has the second highest spending per capita in the United States on education… ain’t money.

    • Agreed, money isn’t even close to being a part of the problem.

      • It’s the attitude and behavior of the “misdirected children” that is the problem. Then that problem hurts the children that aren’t “misdirected”.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          It’s a correctable problem, brought about by 40 years of liberal policies and education. Don’t expect anyone on the Left to admit or call for change.

  17. I was watching a little while ago and there are calls for thousands to rally today and tonight. Ok, cool enough but then there are the calls for everyone to exercise restraint if the rally’s turn violent. Some of the black leaders are saying that some looting and burning will be normal and that it is a normal process of revelry. REALLY? You are going to have to explain that one to me. I noticed that Buck seems to back protests and protesters but I really believe that he means peaceful ones. I lived through and watched intently the marches with Dr. King……they were peaceful and no riots. Some of the black leaders this morning were saying and I quote…” those days are past.”

    Then I watched the same leaders now saying that the use of the terms “thugs” “radicals” and “looters” are now discriminatory terms. And any black, which they said, included Obama and the Mayor of Baltimore, have committed black and black crime by linking the burning and rioting to “thugs” and “radicals”…..they are just misguided youth. So….now, for misguided youth it is ok to loot and steal. It is going to be interesting to see which cities turn out this nationwide protest.

    Now, Gman may like this one because I will be joining the conspiracy crowd on this one…but I personally feel that these rally’s across the nation, if they actually exist are being called just so cities will respond with police and National Guard….which the cities should respond with this type of force….and the minute looting or burning starts…exercise complete and decisive control. Violent protest is not and should not be acceptable. So, if all of these persons wish to rally…ok…do it….but do not become violent. AND…one rock thrown is violence….there is no acceptable rocks being thrown.

    Now….you have a bigger problem….you burned Baltimore….you burned LA…..Watts riots…..most of you on here do not even remember those….and you cannot look it up on WIKI…that is hilarious how WIKI described it. Those areas of the past, over 40 years ago….have NOT and will NOT recover. Who in their right mind will rebuild in a neighborhood that burns down and loots? I certainly would not.

    But be that as it may, I am taking bets….First, second degree murder has no chance of sticking. Secondly….I do not even think that Manslaughter will stick. What now, if none of those stick? It sure appears that riots and mayhem is going to happen either as a celebratory issue or because lesser charges happen. AND, with a change of venue, which is likely to happen, what if a judge throws out the murder charge because the City or State attorney cannot support the claim? What if it does not measure up? What then? Are we at the point now that we begin to sacrifice people because of political whim?

    Those of us that lived the 60’s see a parallel…..and now you have black leaders saying that returning veterans are to blame…..shades of the 60’s all over again. Nothing ever changes.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I was thinking about how black leaders may be colluding with Obama to get to a point where martial law is called for. But it’s still too early for that. I will guess the the cities will be ready.

      As far as the black leaders, a 10 year old can see thst they are a big part of the problem, right behind democrat politicians and the left wing media.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Had a real nice addition to the discussion and it went “poof” before I could upload it. I’ll try and recreate it and post it later. All about the failing education system

    • I read a long article the other day-talked about how elected officials, especially black elected officials had a real big problem-because if they wanted to get re-elected they had to appear to be on the side of their constituency-that they had to convey their support of not just the protesters but the rioters too because anything that made them look like they were on the side of the system would mean the end of their political careers but they still at the same time had to appear to be protecting the city..

      So we get “misdirected children” and “it’s only property” sound bites.

      But in actuality, making it clear that rioting is unacceptable and will be stopped and harshly punished would make their protest in my opinion much more productive-if they allow the “misdirected children” to burn down the city-their issue will be lost in the carnage and anyone when lives in the area will pay the economical price of the destruction. Which will lead to more of the same problems.

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just tossing this quote out…reads like our leadership doesn’t it…..

    “We all know that light travels faster than sound. That’s why certain people appear bright until you hear them speak.”
    ― Albert Einstein

  19. Can’t say anything because anything coming out of mouth right now would be horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I’ll lean on my actual God and my actual strongly held beliefs and pray for control and pray for them.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      No reason to feel anxiety over this. It is really just Satire aimed at political arguments. It is in fact nothing but the general view of most people who support abortion as a “woman’s right”.

      They are just taking the “religious” argument being made by some on the gay marriage issue and turning it onto the abortion issue. That they miss the entire point of forcing “others” to participate is lost on them. Because despite their constant claims of relying on “reason”, most of them don’t understand nor could they make a “reasoned argument”.

      They are simply rationalizing their point of view by trying to twist other concept to fit their “desire”.

      Don’t pray for them. Destroy their arguments with Reason and Logic itself.

      • What I was feeling would not be defined as anxiety. But I think I will do both pray and try to use reason and logic-Prayer helps me control my anger so that I can be reasonable as much as it will hopefully help them.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Then don’t let me deter you………..pray away. Inner peace is required for sound thinking.


  20. Just A Citizen says:


    My response to your last comments and questions:

    You: “I was not proposing Govt laws to address the rights and responsibilities of guardianship.”

    In my opinion that is exactly what you are doing-you are saying that if we agree that there might be rare instances where killing an innocent child isn’t gonna lead to a jail term than why shouldn’t people be allowed to kill their children under the abortion law.

    Me: You are taking my comment about “civil rights” out of the context in which it was first offered. You originally asked if the mother had a “right” to kill the baby. I responded that she had a “civil right”, as in a Govt. Law right in the USA. Which she does.

    This is not the same as a “Natural Right” or even a “Human Right”.

    The question you are asking therefore needs to focus on what we consider “Natural Rights” or the area of “morals and ethics”, which in essence is tied to “Human Rights”. What you are really asking is whether the “civil right” should exist. That requires discovering the correct core moral principles on which our “civil rights” should rest.

    You: “If we can find one exception then we have to ask whether others exist and under what conditions. Those that would also be considered extreme.”

    We can certainly talk about it-but if someone kills anyone in our current system of laws it goes through the legal system-except abortion. Why is that? Is it that as long as the baby is in the womb people will do things to the child they would never do if they had to actually see the baby. Does the fact that the doctors and all their tests are wrong more times than people realize have any effect on this Right.

    Me: In my example of extremes I am not talking about “civil rights” or “govt. law”. I was raising the point relative to human or natural rights, morals, and ethics. So what our current legal system requires is not the point. It is whether “humans” allow certain legitimate killing of “innocent” people under certain conditions, without condemnation. This would be a “normative” approach to discovering what humans consider “moral” rather than using dogma or reason and logic alone to create them.

    My other examples are not just extremes but based on real life. And when they occur a “court of law” is NOT involved. They represent violations of what we claim is an “absolute moral principle”. Well if it is truly an absolute why then do we as humans sympathize with and agree with the examples. We will call it sad and all kinds of other kinds of things, but in the end we also “rationalize” the killing of the innocent child in order to spare it a perceived horrendous death or future life. Not all children were killed by the Comanche. Some were taken and raised in the Comanche way. Yet killing your child to avoid capture was considered the “noble” thing to do.

    You do raise a good question with regard to whether killing is allowed in the womb to avoid the obvious repugnancy of killing a child who has been born. I am guessing that for some that is true. For others it would not matter. Those are the ones that scare me more. However, the correct answer is that going far back we humans have recognized “persons” within the “law” as those who have been “born”. While we have also recognized the unborn as “babies” most “human law” was never extended to the unborn, but limited to “persons” which was defined as “those born and alive”. Since the abortion industry was not invented when those early laws were written I doubt the laws were to “hide behind the uterus wall”.

    But again, there are many instances of humans killing innocent children for extreme reasons beyond the atrocity of war and violent crime. So is our absolute moral standard wrong, are there justifiable exceptions? If there are then do we need a “new” moral standard or do we simply write off the extremes as extremes and thus not applicable.

    Let me interject here there are a few differing notions about how philosophical absolutes apply. One is that the study of morals and ethics, as well as epistemology, applies to the “norm” or the “general average” of humans. The other is that they MUST apply to all situations. I am taking the more restrictive absolutist approach as it is more in line with your arguments on abortion.

    Now lets take your example to explore your claim. Until recently such a baby would have died within weeks of birth, if not a few days, or hours. It is only our medical advances that allow this child to stay alive without possibility of A life. So if you “force” these parents to allow this child to be born, “who” is responsible for keeping this child alive? Who has the “authority” to “force” these parents to keep this child alive?

    You: “Then there is the other argument, which is that if the killing has no affect on you it is none of your concern.”

    You can’t be serious!

    Me: I am very serious. When one starts proposing “man made laws” to impose moral standards then we need to address the proper role of society vs. the individual. Otherwise we get what we have today, where man made laws violate basic moral standards.

    Who are you or who is anyone to interfere with the Parent/child relationship? Who are you to force your feelings upon the parents who must deal with this situation? It in reality has NO AFFECT on your or anyone beyond the parents involved.

    You: “The parent with the defective baby is the only one that has the direct connection and is the only one that should make the choice. If the child is killed who else is harmed besides the parents themselves?”

    The child is harmed and so is society in general-it effects our cultural norms at the very least-I mean lets be real you could try to argue that crime in general doesn’t really effect anyone except the people who are personally involved-and that wouldn’t be true either IMHO.

    Me: Yes, that is your opinion and consistent with your view that this thing you call “Society” has some claim upon free people. However, society is simply the result of people living together and its culture is the same. There are many societies and many “cultures”, some of which conflict with “your” opinions. So how do you resolve these conflicts? Do you simply discard the others as wrong and yours as right?

    The “legal” penalties for violating “core moral principles” should be consistent with those principles. This includes freedom and liberty. It is not proper to compare the killing of unborn by the parents and the killing by violent criminals.

    We do not incarcerate people to “protect” our culture. We do it to prevent others innocent people from being killed by psychopaths. What is the real threat of an accidental or deliberate killing by a one time perpetrator upon Society or the even more nebulous “culture”.

    With respect to other killings, lets look back at our more “natural” laws. In cases of accident or flames of anger, where habitual criminal acts are not concerned, it used to be up to the family affected to determine the proper response. But “killing” for revenge or in the name of “justice” was not allowed. “Servitude” was often the punishment. Sometimes it was “banishment”. In some cases it was death if the killing was deliberate and premeditated.

    Today we have codified this concept in our manslaughter laws. Except we have screwed up by jailing such people. Thus COSTING your Society even more, instead of allowing the family to impose and thus gain the “restitution” due, resulting from the killing.

    The key principle here is that those harmed are due justice and restitution. Society has no claim. I submit that society or the “culture” of a society is not affected adversely by not putting people in jail for accidental killing or dealing with extreme cases such as “ending” life before or after birth when faced with the extremes we have discussed.

    Now let us investigate your assertion against your own standards. If Society has some authority to claim an abortion of a deformed child as “illegal” then Society must bear the cost of keeping that child alive. Society has now been given the authority over the individual. Where does Society stop in deciding what it has authority over vs. that of the individual? Hint, it won’t stop because the only mechanism for Society to enforce its “culture” is through Government. That is when culture becomes a fixed point deserving of some special treatment.

    Now that Society is responsible for the invalid, Society must pass laws taking the income from healthy members to support the invalids. You have now sanctified the STATE and THEFT because you felt it your role to interfere in this decision of others.

    So where is the greater “negative” impact on Society and our Culture? In allowing a parent to make these horrendous decisions without our interference, or in imposing our will upon them?

    You: Hopefully I’ve answered your question. Now I have one I would like to ask you.

    If we need to discuss these rare and extreme circumstances of when it might be okay to kill an innocent child. Why aren’t you “proposing Govt laws to address the rights and responsibilities of guardianship.”? We already have one that addresses children in the womb-and some of the extreme circumstances aren’t very extreme.

    Me: I do not see “guardianship” as being from the realm of “Govt. Law”. It is more of a “reasoned” explanation of the proper role of parent and child. As opposed to another view that claims children are the parents “property”. The concept of “guardianship” is consistent with the principles of “individual sovereignty”. Within this context it addresses the proper role between a trustee and beneficiary where the rights of each individual are paramount. It exists because of the reality that some humans cannot make rational decisions for themselves.

    With that said, if we are going to address the question of abortion as an issue of guardianship then I have no problem using “Govt. Laws” to codify those relationships. As long as the law is consistent with the common law and the historical concept of “guardianship”. This would mean that each abortion would have to be reviewed in its own context. Guardian laws do not include “concretes” relative to specific actions. They deal with the general concept of “acting in the best interest of the Beneficiary”.

    You mentioned going to court to resolve these cases. I point out there that such “court” actions are usually occurring only where there is “dispute” over the decision. So once again, who are you to dispute the actions of a trustee when you are not directly involved? If you have no proper role then neither does the STATE.

    NOW, let me ask you a very pointed question.

    Are you going to support putting women in prison who have an abortion? You don’t get to put the finger on the Doctor and ignore the mother in this. She is equally part of the killing.

    • Okay, I’m gonna go back and reread your post very slowly and try to connect all the dots to figure out how all your arguments fit together in determining how they should actually be implemented or applied to our society.

      As far as your question-Yes, I would put some woman in jail for having an abortion-But your question is no different than asking me if I would put anyone in jail for killing another human being-it would depend on the specific case and the details would effect what punishment if any they received-that’s when motive and empathy and all that comes together-one can have compassion without condoning an action. What I wouldn’t do and I don’t think society should do is give people the green light on killing other people, to actually encourage them to kill other people-Lets look at self defense -well we have an exception for self defense-so lets say we pass a law that says you can kill someone in self defense all you have to do is get an eye witness to sign a form that says it was self defense and unless someone comes up and specifically challenges that supposed eye witness account you are free and clear-no questions asked, no investigation-just bam-someone’s dead and it isn’t anyone’s business. Would you pass that law?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        We do have laws allowing the killing of others in self defense. So that is one “justified” exception to “no killing” that is codified in law. The HOW of that law varies by State, but it is generally the same result.

        My comments include some differing concepts, so don’t be surprised if you get confused trying to connect dots.

        The key point is to build from the bottom. First comes the Base or Core Moral principle, then the others and eventually the “law”.

        • I’m gonna make one more point before I let this go-These two things are not the same. Abortion is a license to kill-a Self defense plea is a defense IF one kills-totally different concept.

      • VH- how would you determine which women should be sent to jail and which would not?

        I thought in the past you stated you did not believe women should be thrown in jail. I am sure I am mistaken, but if not and your view has changed on this, why?

        • My view hasn’t changed-based on women being taught for years that killing their unborn child is A-okay and taking into consideration the reasons that a woman would go to the extreme of having a back alley abortion-I believe in most cases leniency would be warranted-but that doesn’t mean that every case would or that there would be no consequences. An example-a woman who had an abortion simply because she didn’t want a child would do it.

          • If you truly believe abortion is equivalent to killing another person, why should there be leniency? Would you extend leniency to any woman having an abortion for any reason other than the simple ‘I don’t want a child’?

            • Why is there leniency in any case of people accused of killing people-it depends on many factors-Some people kill and get 7 years some get 30-some get off. Is it reasonable to demand that every reason and basis for every case be listed-I don’t know and no one else would either-it depends on the evidence presented in the trial.

              • So you would want a trial for each and every abortion?

                Who would be charged?

              • Now that is an interesting question-one JAC has been alluding too all day-is there any exceptions that could be proven during the legal process that would make it acceptable for a DA to claim no charges should be filed.

                I can certainly see plea deals being made-and maybe something weird that stopped a legal abortion that the woman could prove would have killed her or caused her permanent physical harm. But other than that no, I can’t really think of any reason that should be an exception that would make a trial unnecessary if the woman was pleading innocent.

          • Also, in those cases where you would extend leniency to the woman, what about the doctor?

            • I would listen to the evidence and base by decision on the facts in the case-But I would probably be much harder on the doctor. The main but not only reason being his participation keeps the practice going and would in most cases mean he was guilty of numerous illegal acts.

              • Why would you be harder on the doctor? In my mind they would be equally culpable. If the woman gets leniency because it was justified, shouldn’t the doctor get the same treatment?

              • I already gave you my main reason-but Maybe is my answer to your question-hate to sound like a broken record-but it would depend on the evidence in the case.

              • Now Buck I have a question for you-this all started based on the case of the abortion of an 8 mouth along baby, which we have agreed is a viable baby-you seem to agree that the woman was justified-so I want to know if the woman didn’t know the baby had these problems and had waited a few weeks and given birth would you agree that she had the right to kill or have the baby killed after the birth and why?

              • This is a truly gut-wrenching case.

                It seems clear the mother acted not because she decided she didn’t want a child afterall, but solely out of a desire to save her child from what she perceived to be a life of suffering. Even you seem to acknowledge this is a case deserving of leniency and the mother shouldn’t be sent to prison (I would hope you wouldn’t force her to go through a lengthy trial to ‘prove’ her case).

                Had the baby been born, unable to ever walk or talk, having to experience constant seizures, etc…Would the mother be justified in killing the child? I don’t know, but would lean towards yes. The intent here is not malicious but one of compassion. I don’t think prison would do any good here.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Wow, I just discovered something about bank accounts. Namely transferring money from you savings to checking account: There is a FEDERAL law controlling the number of transfers from savings and that allows/forces the banks to charge extra fees and even convert your savings to a checking account.

    Anyone think this might have to do with controlling the exodus of money from the banks in order to make sure their accounts don’t crash??

    “What is the limit on transfers from savings accounts?
    Federal Regulation D limits transfers from a savings account to 6 per monthly statement period, including:
    •Online, mobile, and text banking transfers
    •Phone transfers, either using our automated banking service or speaking with a banker on the phone
    •Transfers for Overdraft Protection coverage

    If the federal limit of 6 transfers from a savings account is reached, additional transfers may be declined for the remainder of the monthly statement period.

    How can I transfer money from my savings account if I reach the federal Regulation D transfer limit?
    You can make an unlimited number of transfers or withdrawals from your savings account in person at a Wells Fargo ATM or banking location.

    When can I make another online transfer from my savings account after I reach the federal Regulation D transfer limit?
    You can make another online transfer from your savings account at the beginning of your next monthly statement period as shown on the top of the account statement. Exceptions to the statement period may apply.

    Is there a fee for exceeding the limit?
    An Excess Activity fee will apply for transfers from a savings account exceeding the federal limit of 6 per monthly statement period.

    To learn more about the federal limits on transfers from a savings account, please see your account agreement.”

    I also learned recently that storing cash in a Safe Deposit box is “illegal”. Funny how the Federal Govt seems to hate CASH, the very thing they are charged with managing for our benefit.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I know about the online limits of the transfers from one account to another, but being a Federal Law that’s news….geez.

      Yesterday I was in an antique store looking at some things and in the back room was a really cool safe. It wasn’t for sale given that it would have prohibitive costs to move. As I looked back at the room in which the safe was I realized that whole room was a vault. I asked the owner about it and also questioning if the building had at one time been a bank. She said the building had never been a bank and the original builder and owner distrusted banks and kept all his money and valuables in his own vault and safe. This is in a building from the 1800’s. Doesn’t change does it.

      • I knew about this too-not all the details-also didn’t know it was a Federal law-the bank’s explanation at the time was that they didn’t allow people to use a savings account like a checking account-so if you made to many transfers or withdrawals in a month you could either agree to change it to a checking account or they would close the account.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          What I see in the transfer limitation law is that it was put in place by the government by a suggestion of the banks themselves. Limiting you from using your own personal savings account as “overdraft” protection of your checking account. Your official overdraft account is a “line of credit” with which the bank can charges its fees, like a credit card.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          May I add a cynical comment that goes in line with today’s mentality “it’s not our fault” the government makes us do it. Does anyone really think guys like Dodd and Frank really are that deep of thinkers. No, they go with who pushes their buttons and pays for their retirement.

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    Question. One that some on the left are asking which I think is valid.

    WHAT specifically is the difference between “excessive celebration” or “partying out of control” and “Rioting”??

    When does a celebration end and a riot begin?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      A celebration is an event devoid of destruction of others property without their expressed opinion ( college kids burn a couch in celebration, with the permission of the owner).

      When it crosses the line into someone else’s rights, it’s no longer a celebration.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Why is burning something in the street a celebration, even if the couch owner agrees?

        And if that is the criteria, then what about the demonstrators who were burning their own stuff, or abandoned trash, in the streets?

        Does the fire on “public” property mean anything? How about interfering with the rights of other to travel along “public roads”??

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I didn’t say ” in the street”. Although I think that’s where it may occur, it should occur on private property, better?

      • Gman,,,,,apply the following principle to your explanation “A celebration is an event devoid of destruction of others property without their expressed opinion”…..

        A college rivalry football game in which the winning team wins a National Championship and the crowd pours onto the field and tears down the goal posts. Under your definition, it is now a riot? Or will you “selectively” decide that it is just college kids having fun?

        • Interesting point. I was thinking of college kids when I wrote my answer. As far as the goal posts, I haven’t heard of anyone being charged or even arrested for taking part in bringing down the goal posts in celebration. My conclusion is that bringing down the goal posts is an expected part of the owners who host the big game and they condone the action. Basically, implied permission. 🙂

          • WOW…..what a stretch on that one…thinner than piss on a plate, my friend. So, in every college, there is an implied authorization to rip down goal posts if a big game is there? LOL?///ok.

    • First off-why is this a question that needs answering-what difference does it make- once they start destroying property and hurting people-riot would work.

      But if guess if you wanted to make a distinction for clarity sake-The only difference I could see is motive-a riot is the intentional and often planned destruction of property and sometimes people based on anger and I suppose hate.

      The other is more likely drunk people out to have fun who have gotten out of control. Not sure which type would to harder to control.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The reason for the question is because many on the “LEFT” are accusing White America of a double standard. When black kids take to the street and burn trash and break windows it is a riot.

        When white kids do it we call it an “over zealous” celebration.

        Now, the accusation is false on many levels. But it does create a legitimate question regarding what WE view as a legitimate RIOT vs. vandalism and “excessive” celebration in the streets.

        • When white kids do it we call it an “over zealous” celebration…..interesting, but is there something that you could point to where, in the same circumstances, did not result in an even exchange?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            The criticism goes more to the media coverage. As in the lack of the word “RIOT” in the news story when it comes to Sports related “riots” that are referenced as something else.

            The reality is, for what I have found, is the left is taking only selected headlines and comments and then only from selected stories/events. There is a deliberate effort afoot to make it look like the media and society are applying a double standard when in fact they are not.

            Because many of the sports related celebrations that involved destruction of property and stores were called riots. As in “Celebration turns into riot” type coverage. In some stories words like “mayhem” were used. As in the celebration turned to mayhem when people started pushing over cars and breaking windows.

            The other part of the lie being pushed is the “response” as you say. The POLICE were there in RIOT GEAR and did in fact do battle with the people when it got “out of hand”.

            One of the most obvious distortions was the Duke campus celebration of the national championship. Some of the left wing sites showed piles of benches being burned and asked why this was not a riot. Well it turned out the University had “organized” and “approved by permit” a Bonfire if Duke won. Right down to the benches to be allowed to be burned and how many could be burned at once (no more than three at a time).

            • Recent Example: When Wisconsin beat Kentucky!!!!! the Cats fans went crazy. Not sure this was approved like the Duke situation.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Wow, a perspective I was surprised to find published on a self proclaimed “left” site. Not a lot of reader comments though.

    This gets to what I have felt is the underlying issue. It started in the late 60’s with the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam. It has been continued with the like of Jackson and Sharpton, and all their ilk.

    It is why I see the cynicism of the Anarchists and leftists like John Stewart so destructive and obnoxious. When you remove hope you allow despair to take hold. When despair is in control the people no longer control their destiny. They begin acting like caged animals.

    I do have one disagreement with the author. MOVING away from these areas is a positive that is needed to force them to change. It is likely necessary to save themselves from their “friends”.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’ve been trying to think of a way to say that very statement….this quote comes to mind…

      “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”
      ― Albert Einstein

    • You said it…..I am beginning to be a firm believer in that despair and idleness breeds this type of behaviour….creating a welfare class has destroyed individualism. I would like to be proven wrong….but I do not think anyone can. It is a great excuse to justify violence but we are a victim of our own stupidity and that stupidity is the Great Social Experiment that began in the 60’s when you rewarded idleness.

      I would pose the question to cities or states. It seems to me that people want to judge how great a city or state is on the “entitlements one receives”. So, let me ask on here……Is there anyone that believes this?

      • Nope. I’m learning this lesson at the family level with my son in the Challenge program. You take a bunch of spoiled kids (mine included) ….who are ‘entitled’ to their cell phones, video games, etc…who have decided that electronics are more important than academics or being productive….strip them of all that…concentrate on academics, physical fitness, leadership, community service, job skills, etc…these kids are thriving, proud of their accomplishments, eager now to add to their accomplishments. They don’t realize it’s happening, but they gain self esteem, confidence, and a want/need to continue in a positive direction. Break it all down, everything ends up individual. These are teens learning these lessons. Why can’t adults grasp the concept?

      • Buck might.

        • Ummm…no.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            You don’t get it??

            Sure you read that correctly?

            • I thought Kathy’s question related to the Colonels question as to whether anyone believed that.

              I’ll let her clarify.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                My mistake. I am the one w/ reading issues apparently. Didn’t line the boxes up correctly.

              • Correct! Generosity of the taxpayer for helping the poor, downtrodden and perpetually oppressed is not a requirement for a states/cities greatness? I’m actually very surprised. You love to give other people’s money away!

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    “The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the Prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced”
    ― Albert Einstein

    Please feel free to expand this thought to the “war on drugs”. Reading the rap sheet on Gray, it was lengthy, mostly all revolving the possession of a controlled substance. The current charge was to be possession of a switchblade (illegal in many states). Why when an equal size normal knife is legal. I quess legislators watched “West Side Story” or “Rebel without a Cause” to many times. One of the last times I flew in Europe was just before 9/11. As the agent in Gatwick was going through my carry on bags, I remembered I had a “riggers knife” in my computer bag. I normally send it through in my luggage going in the hold, but forgot this trip. The knife has a full extension of 11″ completely opened. The agent handed it back to me and said it wasn’t big enough and I boarded…go figure. Was possession of the knife by Gray worth 1) the time and aggravation of the police and courts, only to be just another line on his sheet and 2) worth his life, regardless of who or how the death was caused…….confiscate it like they do at school or used to, and send him on his way.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    During the POTUS debates the moderator asked JAC whether he supports Israel. The candidate responded”

    “Israel needs to make it’s own decision regarding it’s future. Is it going to return to the boundaries established by International agreement or is it going to continue its pursuit of the Zionist nation believed to exist thousands of years ago.

    If it is the former then the US stands by to help resolve the conflicts with its neighbors and to work with the rest of the world assure its survival as a Nation State. If it is the latter then Israel is on its own and must deal with its own defense as it deems necessary.”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Except in ’48 4 nations around the “internationally” agreed upon borders of Israel decided to wipe that nation off the map. They lost despite the best efforts of Europe and the UN to aid that cause, by placing an arms embargo on the warring parties, so they could swage their guilt over the Holocaust by ultimately thinking they could say, “Well we tried” They assumed with the overwhelming edge the 4 islamic nations had, mostly armed by Britain, Israel was bound to lose.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You mean the nation that attacked Britain then took territory not promised to it? The one that poked its four new neighbors, provoking them to attack?

        I guess I am not sure what you mean by your comment. Are you saying the USA should stand by Israel despite that nations constant violations of International agreements and laws.

        Do you want the USA to be party to Zionist expansion?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          This argument goes back for over 3 millenia. Pick a point, everyone is right and everyone is wrong. That area has been a geopolitical maelstrom throughout the history of man. That said, there has been posed the “Nuremburg” laws as the governing international law about taking land by force. Who’s to enforce them. Judea sure as heck was NOT arab or Islamic state and that only by possession after conquest. One of the things the late King Hussein of Jordan said after the 6 day war and the ’70 expulsion of Palestinians from Jordan was to say about the palestinians gaining a homeland one has to look also at Jordan. Or as a large area was called trans jordan. Much of what was historically Palestine for both Jews and true Palestinians included much of what is currently Jordan, parts of Syria, Lebanon and Eygpt. Jordan was NOT about to give that land up. Now, Britain did a lot of very duplicious crap from WWI onward concerning those territories and mandates. In fact the whole M/E which we as a world are painfully still paying for. And especially the US by stepping into Britain’s role as the dominant world force after they ceased being an empire in everything except name after WWII. My overall feeling is that the only countries that should be involved in this are Israel, Jordan, Eygpt, Lebanon and Syria. Those countries or parts thereof incorporate the once Palestinian/Judean lands. Everone else should BUTT out. To the victor goes the spoils as cruel as that may seem. We just might get some peace for once. And I really mean for the US, Russia, the EU, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and all the countries that use in reality a small regional beef as an excuse for creating a larger conflict. My god, its over a relatively useless piece of land and in reality an arguement over 35 acres of land.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    Regarding the “attitude” displayed by the YOUNG Attorney General yesterday who charged the Baltimore police.

    “To the young people… is OUR time”??? Really???

    Arrogant angry young African American determined to exact a pound of flesh JUST BECAUSE. The is how I felt listening and watching her. Not saying it is right, just how I felt.

    Notice the left wing sites CHEERING this new “PIT BULL” and “HERO”..

    Lets take one claim. That the police broke the law by arresting this fellow. Why? “Because he broke no laws”.

    Bull puckey young lady. The cops arrest people all the time who have not committed crimes in the absolute. Their job is to detain based on what they see or suspect, given rules of conduct, and for the prosecutor to decide if a law as violated or if the prosecution would succeed.

    Cops cannot arbitrarily arrest people. But “running from the police” has and is deemed enough to detain someone, as the law requires people to comply with police orders. Like it or not that is the way of the USA. Her claiming otherwise is a display of obvious POLITICAL ACTION disguised as “justice”.

    She has tried to set herself apart as a new generation POLITICAL hero. She may have just sealed the fate of this neighborhood in Baltimore. I see UGLY coming when all these charges don’t pan out.

  27. This doesn’t surprise me in the least:

    An interesting question. What happens if and all police are Federalized under the DOJ?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      What do you mean IF?

      • OK, WHEN. or maybe it’s already happened and I missed it 🙂 What I do know is that IF/WHEN it does actually happen, a lot of current cops will toss their badges and walk. Are you saying that it’s already done? If so, I’d like to see some evidence. 😀

        • Just A Citizen says:


          There are somewhere near 50 local Police Depts already operating under DOJ supervision.

          The State and Local PD’s are dependent upon Fed funds. So they are already adopting Fed. Standards, from the near 50 cases, in order to assure the Fed money does not stop.

          And very few old “cops” have resigned over this take over. The take over, or control, is growing. These cops are not going to resign en masse. They want to keep their job and to retire on big pensions with 20 years or less service.

          • Yes, now that you mention it, many departments were having some troubles and the Feds stepped in. The number is still relatively small, and likely warranted in some cases. I will say that it’s so nice to live in the country where the police are rarely seen. I actually email a State trooper periodically with good wishes. Really nice person and does his job with a good attitude. I can’t say the same of Youngstown Ohio, where I left 5 years ago.

            Interesting times we live in 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      So lets ask the underlying question and deal with that instead of the likes of Sharpton.

      Should there be national standards for the behavior/operations of “police”?

      You know, kind of like our National “Rights”.

      If so, then how do you implement such standards?

      If not, then how do you address egregious violations of “Rights” by police within a State when said State doesn’t seem to care?

      The most obvious and dated example of this was the State enforcement or complacency in outright Racial bigotry and crimes against Blacks back in the olden days.

      Today that is the violation of our rights in brutality and unwarranted killing.

      • Stop the war on drugs and outlaw “revenue” generating by police. Eliminate stupid “tickets” for having a burned out bulb in your car. Reduce government to “community needs” only and lose all the bullshit regulations.

        On a different note, how do you think the Hawks did in the draft? I was pleasantly surprised by the Dolphins draft and quite happy 🙂

        • Just A Citizen says:


          My Hawks did not do well. I checked on their picks and could find only Three. Their first pick was in the Third Round. They picked up one Wide Receiver and two Def. Ends. Both late rounds.

          The past two years they traded away draft picks to fill holes to make a Super Bowl run. Now they are going to pay the price. They need some new young guys. They needed a Pro Bowl level center. They need some Pro Bowl guards and Off. Tackles.

          They need some young FAST Def Backs with skulls of concrete.

          • They will still be good this year, likely in the NFC title game again. Miami is still trying to build a winner, I thought they had a good draft and offseason overall. Their defense will be even better, and the offense should take off under the second year of the system. I look forward to the season, it helps to take a break from all the other crazy crap we always deal with 🙂 Should be a fun season, I’m already setting up fantasy stuff and getting ready to win some championships and make more money 😀

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I will be pleasantly surprised if the Hawks are in the NFC title game.

              The WEST is a killer. Watch the Rams and Cardinals. The 49r’s still have the talent if the new coach can get them motivated and organized.

              Due to their success the Hawks have fewer draft picks and get the tougher scheduling. I guess that is the NFL’s attempt at creating parity.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Why not at least attempt parity in some way in sporting events. Hamstringing and making the better team play without shoes is not allowed. But well coached strategic games are more fun to watch than a blowout. But you know, some teams seem to make the best of the better draft picks, better coaching and good ownership. The top teams always seem to stay there regardless of limited picks and tougher schedules. And there are some teams that can’t seem to get out of the cellar, ie Browns and others regardless. And then still others despite what appears to be at an advantage can not seem to get over the overbearing meddlesome owners. ie Jerry Jones.

  28. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’ve started reading the writings of Valerie Straus that are published in the Washington Post. She has been writing about “Common Core” testing. The national federal standardization of testing to to validate and compare the level of student compentancy across the nation. This is some scary and damning stuff. We can see the fallout already by the scandal in Atlanta and the ever increasing number of states leaving the program and those States that remain are instituting an individual “opt” out program which in NY threatens to fall below the required % of students taking it of suffer Federal consequences..

    I will say that when I was in middle school the grand experiment on “NEW” math rammed down the students fault ruined most kids on mathematics for quite some time. Its purpose was to make Algebra in the 9th grade easier to understand. The outcome is that we wasted 9th grade unlearning the weird new math concepts. I am many othere never really got over this experiment until getting out into the workplace where the lightbulb was switched on. It would have been better off to start algebra in the 8th grade and far less damage would have been done.

    I’ll leave with this quote from Einstein who I believe was a pretty smart guy…god knows when he said this…regardless it was a long time ago and still holds relevence

    “It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry; for this delicate little plant, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom. Without this it goes to wrack and ruin without fail.”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      “A society’s competitive advantage will come not from how well its schools teach the multiplication and periodic tables, but from how well they stimulate imagination and creativity.”
      ― Albert Einstein

      What I see happening in our schools and the Federal Dept of Education is unfortunately the pursuit of a one size fits all approach to learning. In this age we have the capability for variety that was unobtainable in the past. Today we have the means to print every book different if we choose to do so, but instead the “government” and the teaching is demanding uniformity. To what standard I ask. Dumb it down to increase the rating of those of lower capability or lose those at the top, but fulfill as a side affect the pharmacuetical companies dream of all children being diagnosed as having an attention deficit problem requiring medication.

      I always likened teaching to the way Wayne Newton approached his audience. he rarely would sing a song to completion, but he would go from song to song until he sees that everyone in the crowd has relived a fond memory by one of his tunes. A good teacher can reach all levels of students in a class if they so choose. It takes skill but can be done.

      One of the objectives was to close the gap between groups. The NY results are showing a narrowing of the gaps. Unfortunately the gap is narrowing due to the lowering of the higher groups scores.

  29. Spent the day in Marshall, Michigan near Battle Creek yesterday. Felt that earthquake, too. Felt it enough that I started being thankful that I was at the very back of an auditorium where I could bail to the outdoors quickly if needed. Lasted a solid 15 seconds or more. The large projection screen on stage was visibly shaking. I could feel it from my feet right up to my knees. Everyone in the auditorium was wondering what it could be but others in the same building didn’t feel anything. Strange how much goes through your mind in just a few seconds. First time for everything. Don’t need to feel that ever again.

    • I was gonna ask you about that. I’ve never felt a quake and hope that it stays that way 🙂

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        They happen all the time, you just do not notice them. However, your animals are a good indicator of a pending or imminent quake. They sense the shocks before a quake. If they scatter, pardon the euphonism, take off like a scalded cat….one is about to hit. I assume you live in a wood frame house. rarely will they be damaged like you see in Nepal, Italy, Turkey etc. Wood is very flexible, stone and brick is not. Wood may tear but not collapse.
        Your hanging lamps are a good seismic shock indicator. They start swinging without apparent reason, it usually is not a ghost playing games. If out about town and the buildings are stone or brick faced and you sense a quake the safest place is in the center of the street believe it or not, but watch for that bus coming. They don’t feel it. Tall trees with shallow surface root structures are succeptible to going over. Fault zones are pretty well documented and should be available in just about any geologic survey office.

        With having lived for many years in CA and Italy one becomes aware.


    I’m not sure what all this means, but it doesn’t sound good.

  31. Another interesting tidbit after watching the pundits, back leaders, and msm streams on education….claiming that education in the inner cities is the main culprit although I am hearing black leaders saying that black culture needs to chonge towards the families. A whopping 74% of black children grow up in a single parent house hold. This is unbelievable if true. But back to education…….

    As it stands, Baltimore is the second highest expenditure per capita on education in the whole United States. But,let’s look at the United States alone.

    The United States spends more than other developed nation on its students’ education each year, with parents and private foundations picking up more of the costs. Despite the spending, U.S. students still trail their rivals on international tests.The United States spends more than $11,000 per elementary student and more than $12,000 per high school student. When researchers factored in the cost for programs after high school education such as college or vocational training, the United States spent $15,171 on each young person in the system — more than any other nation.

    Spending, of course, only tells part of the story and does not guarantee students’ success. The United States routinely trails its rival countries in performances on international exams despite being among the heaviest spenders on education.

    U.S. fourth-graders are 11th in the world in math in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study. The Program for International Student Assessment measurement found the United States ranked 31st in math literacy among 15-year-old students and below the international average.And it’s not as though all spending on education is public. Public spending accounts for 70 cents of every education dollar in the United States. Parents picked up another 25 cents and private sources paid for the remainder.

    The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development — which groups the world’s most developed countries — writes in its annual report that brand-new and experienced teachers alike in the United States out-earn most of their counterparts around the globe.

    Ok, so where do we go from here? It does not appear that education dollars are the problem.

    • D13 if those education $s are tied to teaching some PC topic, then yes the $s are the problem. Here in CA, every subject is required to highlight contributions to the that field by the LBGT crowd or by some other minority. Of course the strong Jewish contribution in physics is ignored. We have consultants that are hired to review all materials to see how many times the constitution is mentioned thus allowing the district to claim more funds. These education $s often come with strings attached. Each string demands time out of the 180 days/yr students are in class. So the hardcore subject related learning takes a back seat to the PC crap that some politician is pushing.

      Add to that the concept of not making a student feel bad. Everything must be positive so failure has no consequences. Write a paragraph on XYZ, get your ideas on paper but ignore spelling and grammar. Can’t read, move on to the next class, failure will hurt Johnny’s fragile ego. If you have low expectations and do not set challenging goals for the students, you will get mediocre results.

      Then add on top of that a curriculum that is watered down, or distorted from the fundamentals. The current methods of teaching arithmetic come to mind. It is no wonder the students come out confused and incapable of actually do it.

      I went to a small town school (160 in a 4 year HS). We had limited equipment in the science labs, a small library, and other limitations. Our local junior high as more and better equipment in their science room than we did in the whole high school. But that did not stop us from getting a reasonable education. 50% of my HS class went to college.

      A judge in SoCal just tossed out the tenure protection rules for bad teachers. Theoretically, they can now be fired. Gov. Brown and the union are working hard to “fix” this. My grandfather always said, ” A bad teachers is always overpaid, while a good teacher is nver paid enough.”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sir….the spending on education is not the problem. More spending will not change the problem to the better in the least. What is needed is that we need to pack up the SEIU and the union leaders who keep pushing for higher wages here to China and India. We also have to push those people to want more “STUFF”. This country all in all is not competitive due to labor costs and the “educational” system pushed students into easily offshored work like computer science. One can work anywhere. Take the Disney issue today. Why did the even bring the programers here on visa’s. My work went to India. Rightfully so because the job was in a maintenance mode position. No new invovation required. The company would be stupid to not out-source it. We were actually able to get 9 people in Slovakia (part of the EU) for the cost of 1 me. They did an excellent job. Even they were deemed a financially liability the other year and were gone. The work went to India. A good movie to watch is “Outsourced” Its a romantic cultural comedy with serious business overtones. Even the Indian companies are under pressure.

      You pointed out the MacDonald’s automation. Why not. I’ve heard that the fallout in Washington State is accelerating with their $15/hr mandate.

      The operative word here is “hope” If there is no hope despairity sets in and the whole thing collapses eventually. 1st college students stayed in school due to no work at the pay they deemed they were worth. They got an advanced degree. And then another. Now a company can get and set job requirements so high at a low wage it pushes those of us with a zillion years of successful business accomplishments but lower “collegiate” degrees , out, because we were working since ’70 and our degrees were reality not theoretical.

      A few months ago on an article on NPR some educational think-tank was doing a huge mia cupla. Most schools including community colleges have eliminated the trades from their curriculum. There is a huge demand for plumbers as an example, unfortunately dealing with shit, but they’re high paid. Even during the bad times contractors rarely charged < $40/hr if they were in a company that supplied the tools, trucks insurance and the owner hustled the jobs etc. As individual charged around $25. They worked steady if they were good. The guys that worked the steadiest and hardest and best were hispanics. They did not undercut prices. They charged more usually.

  32. For BF…you might like this. Texas has a State Militia that is not part of the Texas NAtional Guard. Because several people are worried about this Helm operation and view it as a precursor to martial law……Governor Abbott has ordered the State Guard to monitor and watch all applications of Jade Helm and follow the training exercise wherever they go to ensure protection of Texas citizens…..there will be no detainment of civilians and there will be no takeoves of buildings that are not already designated as part of the Helm exercise. The State Guard will intervene. And, I might add, the Texas State Guard is as trained if not more trained that the Helm forces because over 85% of the State Guard are veterans and the majority are combat veterans.

    And I might add, these Walmart takeovers are NOT TAKEOVERS….they are empty Walmarts scheduled for demolition after the Helm exercises are over. They have been leased. In addition, the public is well aware of the Helm exercises and where they will be….you have seen pictures of late night clandestine operations. They are fun to watch, actually, Because the newspapers and media know where the exercises are going to take place and civilians always get to watch the explosions and things.

    But since we have an additional militia, which I doubt many of you knew until now, they will be monitoring very closely.

    • Sorry BF…this was meant for Gman,….I had a brain fart.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        This is for BF…..

        “Nationalism is an infantile thing. It is the measles of mankind.”
        ― Albert Einstein

    • I was aware of all the Texas related stuff. The Wal-mart stuff has more stories and the demolition one you just raised is the first I have heard that one. One of the 5 stores was just built a couple years ago. I’ve heard reported by the MSM, labor issues (unions), plumbing problems (bullshit), reopening in 6 months (original Walmart story), paying the workers for the first 2 months, then they can collect unemployment for the last four until stores reopened (another walmart person said this). If Walmart were going to destroy the buildings, why not just say so and state that it will take six months to prepare? They haven’t at this point. Odd, quite odd!

      • And you could be right…but I have already talked to three people that live in west Texas and have been by two of the walmarts……there is nothing in them, there are no trailers behind them….and they even looked for new electronics and wires and poles….( in West Texas, they bury cables but no fresh dirt is to be seen…in addition, the utility boxes and phones boxes located at the back of the Walmarts had no apparent work done on them….they looked for antenna arrays…none found.

        There is nothing odd about the Walmarts…..if they are used, they are leased, I am sure. They were not taken over by force or by domain issues…this I know for fact. However, if you are right……we have a State Militia that is going to be very observant and their sole purpose is to make sure no civilians are arrested or cars taken over or homes….

        Now, I will tell you this about Jade Helm…..cell phones will be intercepted but not by anyone listening in. Computers are going to moniter voice print. Burners will undoubtedly be used and the practice exercises are going to test the ability to follow burners by voice print.

        Also, the Texas National Guard has provided some OPFOR….but you are not going to see power grid shutdowns, cessation of phones, or any shutting down of civilian transportation or support…you will not see takeovers of radio stations and tv stations as the alarmists are worried about.

        We, Texas, is doing our part of observation with our own armed militia.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I’m not one who is concerned. Seems to be just an exercise which are common. The Walmart issue is alittle odd, I originally thought major renovation as a test, just curious, how high is the concern of an ISIS attack ? I’ve heard some rumors , nothing substantiated,

          • There is a little chatter out there….not very much. We do know where there is a training camp sanctioned by the Mexican Government…but I can assure you that we have it under control and they know it….but we cannot stop the training camp without invading Mexico and I would be ok with that. I would love to create a D Zone of 10km.

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    Another good story on the Baltimore situation. As in the evidence of the root causes.

    Outrage alert: A few times the story falls into the trap of “blaming others” as in accusing some faceless entity of destroying the area “on purpose”. But other than that, it describes changes that accumulate and act to destroy a neighborhood or town.

    • Yeah…like the hurricane at New Orleans…..the story of intentional blowing up of dikes to flood purposely the minority neighborhoods.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Bingo, my Texican friend.

        Happy Sunday to you Sir. Hope all is well.

  34. Another education issue…..they were interviewing a teacher from the inner city of Baltimore who said….it is not money. I am paid very well, but there are no kids in class. No one makes them go to school…and they openly defy the teachers and we are not allowed any form of discipline…..why do you blame us for wanting to leave?

    • Family. Like all things, change must begin at home. Want to see the biggest difference between blacks and whites, heck, blacks and almost all other races? The family unit structure.

      Several years ago, our company put together an “African American Initiative” (very politically correct). Basically the black population is under-represented in our business both from a customer and distributor aspect and we decided that needed to change. I went to some of the early informational sessions where statistics were presented on the obesity and health struggles that were so much greater within the black community, along with under-employment and/or unemployment. Figures were astonishing in how much worse blacks were compared to every other race.

      We are now seeing some of the benefits of this Initiative coming to fruition and as some people have had success and risen through the ranks, they are doing trainings and speaking out about their backgrounds and situations. I’ve had the good fortune to hear from some of them and they’ve been very upfront about how different their upbringing was, the expectations of them as black children/teens/young adults, the languaging that was used by everyone around them that were in “leadership” roles, including mothers, religious leaders, teachers in their black districts. They were never encouraged to “be” something, but were always told how useless they were because of their skin color. By other black people. If they tried to do better, even something like work hard in school, they would be belittled – by their black friends.

      Our company never allows any political, religious, or other divisive language – all are welcome – but a few weeks ago was at an event where one guy was telling his story and he sorta “went there”. At the end of his presentation, he said he now realizes that “All Lives Matter” and the need to get the word out and affect change might seem insurmountable with all that is going on, however, he said if one little black kid from inner city LA can change, others can too. He added in a few other direct things but it was incredible.

      You throw together a single mother, multiple kids, poverty, gang influence, and liberal politicians working hard to keeping it that way, and you effectively have a whole segment of the population that has been deprived of their very future. They have no role models to show them how to change, how to get a job, how to be a family unit. Thought it was sadly hilarious to see Rep. Elijah Cummings walking around with a bullhorn telling the rioters that “Change will be coming yada yada yada”. Good grief, this corrupt moron as been representing Baltimore for two decades! This is exactly what he’s built!

      To fix? Removed the obstacles that are holding them back from being responsible citizens and family members. No more Affirmative Action and tie welfare for able-bodied adults with requirements for work study, volunteering, or other training to teach them how to move forward with their lives. The liberal Great Society experiment is a bust.

      And that is my rant.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        But it was a GOOD Rant!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Kathy….sort of a related story told from a different perspective. The Catholic Church in my parents neighborhood in NY was very active on sending food aid and cast off clothes, shoes etal to those needy people in Africa. A visit from a Bishop from one of the areas in Africa asked to please STOP. He went on to say that it was being counter-productive. For all the free clothes sent you put out of business a tailor or shoemaker or store just trying to sell goods, Food same thing. Free food put the farmer out of business. They couldn’t compete with FREE. The constant aid just exacerbated the problem.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Same as in LA (not Lower Alabama) in the 60’s. The teachers were paid extremely well to serve in the inner city. Well above the going rate. It was hazardous duty pay.

      A comment on the “over-zealous” comments and what is or is not considered a riot. Every graduating class generally had some sort of night on campus where some overzealous behavior was tolerated. The class would clean it up come morning and everyone went about their business. The year I was to matriculate, the school and the police said that the normal pranks would be allowed, but one step over the line and there would be immediate and severe consequences. The warning was very direct as a result of the civil unrest in those days.. Needless to say many kids went with more intent than simple TP and shaving cream in mind. If you listened around school during the day, it was a very good night to be elsewhere. I went to the beach. Anyway it did get out of hand and an enormous amount of damage was done to the school. An upper middle-class school mind you. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Several hundred students arrested including the student body leadership. The school took a stand that all “seniors” would pay personally whether you were there or not an equal share of the damages before you were allowed to get your diploma. Nobody got lawyers, except those arrested. Nobody’s parents cried that this was unfair. No insurance was invoked. You sucked it up and handed the principal cash or check…no Visa yet. It was very well known through the grapevine who did the bulk of the damage… a former student who had been expelled actually shot up big plate glass windows. That’s what brought the police in like a ton of bricks. The baseball fields and all the watering systems were destroyed by a junior that had been cut from the team. the school theater by NON seniors of disgruntled wannabe actors. The principals office was destroyed and he was actually a very nice and fair guy. The student body president got a very rude awakening. To pay his bail, his father sold his beautifully restored classic MG. It was the kid’s pride and joy. Back in those days < 18 the titles and insurance were in the parents name. So his father sold it for just enough to cover the bail. Then bailed his son. The car was worth close to $14K, but as a lesson the Father sold it for a couple hundred.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    Ya’ll might find this interesting. I was doing some digging to find the facts about the accusation that RED States, like Idaho, get more federal funds than they collect. That this is unfair and the Blue States should demand their due.

    Now this is 2012 data, so obviously dated. But Idaho shows 7.622490 BILLION in federal tax collected. For a per capita rate of 4,776.81/person. Take that Texas.

    The interesting part of this is the State expenditures show Federal contribution to total spending at around 36% of the State budget.

    And the TOTAL State budget…….. that is money expended including State and Federal funds, is……………wait for it……………….about 7.2 Billion in 2014. Which was an INCREASE over 2012.

    Federal funds within the State budget are a little over 2 Billion in 2014, out of a little over 7 Billion.

    This is strong evidence that my claims about how these LIARS are spinning the numbers to denigrate Red State fiscal policy. They must be including the Federal dollars spent on Federal programs within those States. Money spent on National Forests, Military Reserves/bases, National Parks, FBI, Homeland Security and of course, Indian Reservation support.

    In short, eliminate Federal ownership of land in these States, give the States the land and watch the Federal expenditures drop dramatically.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Here is the latest budget data for Idaho, so you have actual numbers.

      Don’t get excited. Idaho does have Property Tax. So I don’t know why it doesn’t show in the table of Sources.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      JAC…I was reading those graphs that you just commented on and was left scratching my head about the red vs blue states. I didn’t comment on SUFA because it would require more digging.

      Question, I had alway thought as a territory was set up it was obviously “Federally” owned and administered. Upon Statehood being granted said public lands became State properties. Aside from Texas, as a whole…National Parks, Indian reservations to name a couple of excluded examples. Now this BLM issue, isn’t that mostly land that probably was never claimed by the State and left under Federal administration because cynically speaking nobody wanted it thinking it was worthless? Like Nevada. Just a question.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        There is some truth to your statement, but as usual it is also more complicated.

        Lets get one thing cleared up first. The transfer of Federal lands to State ownership was not “automatic” with granting Statehood. There are actual charters adopted by Congress setting out the rules of Statehood. This has always been a bone of contention with the western states. They were not granted Statehood on “equal footing”. The Fed reserved much of the land from the beginning. Then doling it out as it saw fit and eventually locking most of it up in Parks, National Forests, National Grasslands and “Public Lands” (BLM).

        And the concept of “not worth anything” would not apply today. So you see, the Govt interrupted the “timeline”.

        Not all Federal Lands were made available to either the States or to private entities. There were numerous “acts of Congress” which gave Citizens a chance to get land. Some in just the past couple decades. Some of these fall under what we learn as the Homestead Acts. There were several, not just the one that settled Oklahoma.

        There were other programs like the “Timber Allotments” granted in northern Idaho, and the Railroad Grants to get railroads established wherever possible. In the Intermountain States (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah) the Feds granted certain Sections to the States at Statehood. These sections were to be used for Roads and Schools. Many still refer to these State Lands as “School Sections”. In Idaho they are managed to “maximize the long term dollar return to the School fund”. They may exist in other States but I am not as familiar with them.

        If you look at the maps you will see this change in Federal policy from granting all land to the States at statehood changed when the western States were added to the Union. Most Federal Lands in the mid and eastern States were actually “acquired” by the Feds after Statehood. When land was turned back or acquired for Parks or Forests.

        Many of the homestead or granted allotments were abandoned as they had to be developed and an economic return shown for a certain number of years. That was not always possible in the late 1800’s. But would have been if they had the technology we do today. This is how the Fed Govt messed up the normal development process by interrupting the affect of time. We often forget how sparse the western populations were when granted Statehood, compared to eastern and many northern/mid western States. Then the Environmental Movement grew and along came Teddy Roosevelt.

        So in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Congress decided, based on Progressive Ideology, to set the remaining lands aside as either parks or national forests. The BLM lands were the stuff left over, which was largely grazing lands subject to either open grazing or had been used by particular ranchers or cattle “associations”. Congress later gave the BLM authority and responsibility to manage these lands, as it had previously done with other agencies. This is the first period in American History where the “management” of Federal Lands, by Federal Agencies, replaces the policies of “land disposal”.

        A little history here for those not knowing. The “National Forests” were first organized under the Dept. of Interior, and if left there would have been managed by the BLM. But due to the corruption in the Dept. of Interior, particularly regarding crooked land deals, Teddy, at the behest of folks like Gifford Pinchot, got Congress to move the National Forests to the Dept. of Agriculture and place them under authority of a NEW Agency called the United States Forest Service. Gifford Pinchot was a dyed in the wool Socialist/Progressive from the Bismark school of political thinking. German Forestry was the model Pinchot used to establish professional forestry protocols in the USA. His most famous motto was “for the greatest good for the greatest number in the long run”. On the surface it seems reasonable, but it is European Socialism to the core.

        Ironically, the creation of these parks and forest reserves came in response to the increased “economic value” of those federal lands in the west. Many feared the “timber barons” would denude the west as they had done in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. And of course the Northeast before that. Paul Bunyan had to be stopped.

        So in reality, the argument that these lands were of little value is not completely true. It was them suddenly becoming valuable that caused the Feds to permanently remove them from the chance of being sold or given away.

        As for some more modern history, Congress from time to time has released additional Federal Land for Private acquisition or for State ownership. One of the last big deals was land surrounding and within the city of Las Vegas. It was with these land deals and some insider information on planned Federal Highway locations that Harry Reid and his family made millions.

        The State of Alaska has still not claimed all the land Congress released to it with ANILCA. The State has the prerogative to decide WHERE and WHICH lands its wants. It was recently working to acquire land to allow the city of Ketchikan to expand, for example.

        • Arizona is a “federal-land” (public-domain) state, which means it was the federal government who disbursed the land to private individuals. Any unclaimed land was first surveyed, then granted or sold by the government through federal and state land offices.

        • Nevada, like other western states, is a public land state; that is much of the land is owned and managed by public agencies. Only about thirteen percent of Nevada’s land is in private
          ownership, less than any other state.

        • After annexation by the United States in 1845, Texas retained control of its public domain, unlike other western states, and continued to distribute its OWN land.

          THerein lies the difference.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            And that difference exists due to the unique history of Texas as an independent Republic before Statehood. It never had to deal with Territorial Status in the way the rest of the west had to.

  36. Here’s a counter argument on Baltimore-what say you SUFA-I look at the arguments about the drug wars and although I can see that some of the consequences of these policies create problems-I’m not at all sure getting rid of them would solve the problem or if it would just lead to those in high crime areas having to find another way to make money- in other words I don’t believe the drug wars are the root cause of the problem-I think they are a consequence of the root cause-so what do you guys think is the root cause?

    • Not sure I ask that very well-what I’m thinking about is kind of a historical timeline of what went wrong and a cause and effect type thing. We talk about many reasons why there are problems but something to sort of connect the dots would be helpful.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Until people figure out that blacks are a very different culture than others, not will change. I think statistically , and culturally, black are far more violent, maybe that is the root cause that needs to evolve, because it hadn’t in 270 plus years.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I’m a “Kraut” and my ancestors have been known to raise just a tad more than over-zealous celebration and sow vast swaths of destruction upon mankind. I do not accept your premise in the least.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            That’s is why the issues will not get fixed. We descendants of Europeans can’t accept that blacks are culturally different than us. All changes must start at the root, which is the culture. The fix isn’t that hard, but it must start at the core of understanding.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I think the article I posted earlier by a person who lived in that particular area of Baltimore pretty much refutes the claims made in this story.

      On the other hand I must repeat one more time the statement made to me by a DEMOCRAT from the Chicago area in the mid 1970’s. “Welfare is a small price to pay to keep those folks in the cities from moving out.”

      At the same time the Republicans were pushing for Enterprise Zones and other strategies to revive the sense of “community”. Now one statement by a Democratic Party operative from Chicago surely did not reflect the views of all Democrats at that time. Especially in the west. But I have come to believe over the years it pretty much described the viewpoint of the Democratic Party bosses and leaders in the Big Cities back east.

      How often we forget that one of the most racist cities in the US was BOSTON back in those days. Another DEMOCRATIC PARTY stronghold. Run by WHITE NE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS.

      • What were enterprise zones?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Jack Kemp was a major proponent of this idea and was pushing hard for it during the Reagan Administration. He later ran for President against Bush Sr. but did not win. To bad, he would have been a good one.

          His idea was to create zones within the inner cities to “entice” businesses to move back to the blighted areas. Tax breaks, low interest loans, and special tax treatment for everyone located within the zones. He recognized that the only solution would be the partnering of local residents with new businesses and new residents to build NEW communities.

          it had mixed results but did not take off, because in my opinion it was sabotaged by those who did not want it to succeed. Most of these were on the left. How do you get a Republican program to succeed in a Democratic controlled City?? Especially one where the economic plight of the ghetto made for good election fodder.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Here is a brief explanation and history. Kemp did not invent the idea, he was simply the most vocal proponent during that time. Notice the evaluation at the end of the article. See how some authors concluded they were just benefitting the big corporations? That would be your standard left wing academics, influencing mushy minds.

          All the rhetoric you see today is not new. It has simply been repackaged and given a glossy cover.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      All in all I agree. It’s a consequence. Legalize drugs and you will still have all the other consequences of drug use without the means to pay for it. Now, in my old school’s drug use was very high. Excluding alcohol, that made it worse. The use was derived from boredom and looking for a new thrill. This is within a group that could at a whim fly to hawaii for the weekend, go to Mexico, long before the mobs went to Cancun and visa cards, as examples and do anything they chose to do. The OTHER extreme is out of despair. The apparent idea of no hope, no where to go….why not, I’m dead anyway. Slow suicide in my opinion

      As I’ve said before, I have never been accosted, mugged robbed or any victimization from crime in the US. I am thoughly aware of my surroundings at all times though. In Amsterdam, in the span of 1.5 months 4 attempted muggings. None were attempted by the Dutch, but all by “migrants”. They did not make drugs legal, but don’t waste time arresting for drug use or personal possession. Crime related around it is dealt with. In the UK however the police in a small rural community where I lived they told the people do not bother with alarms etc, we DO NOT have the time or man power to respond anyway. But they WILL aand did prosecute severely those that attempted to defend themselves or property. So does Holland. The dutch I worked with and knew were shocked that I defended myself. They said that if I had hurt my assailent, I’d have gone to jail…mostly due to that person was an unfortunate. I guess they rationalize that submissive behavior as a TAX.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Now let me take a shot at your challenge to connect the dots. To me what is missing is the catalyst that caused one path to be abandoned and another created. How did the Black community move from Hope in the mid 60’s to Despair by the early to mid 70’s??

      I am going to go out on a limb here, basing my comment on my own personal experience and not data or “studies” of social behavior.

      In the mid to late 60’s the radicals were active in the Universities. Professors steeped in Socialist and Communist dogma and rhetoric were becoming more prominent. Dominating some schools, like Univ. of Wisconsin.

      These “intellectuals” wanted a Revolution. They saw injustice everywhere and wanted the System Destroyed. This is when the Alinksy Rules for Radicals and other such writings arrive on the scene. A major part of this propaganda campaign was convincing YOUNG Black Men to rebel because WHITEY has kept you down. He has his boot on your throat, etc, etc., etc… One example of this propaganda, which was addressed here on SUFA some time back, was the claim that BLACKS had been disproportionately drafted and killed in Viet Nam. Despite this not being true it became true in the minds of many young Black men. After all, it fit the narrative they had heard from the intellectuals. It must be true.

      The sad part of this was how the “anti- Viet Nam” efforts and the efforts to gain full Civil Rights for Blacks was actually UNITING whites and blacks across the country. It was becoming a YOUTH movement. Then along comes Mr. Hayden and others. Drop acid, drop out, make love not war, blah, blah, blah. The drug culture combined with the despair being perpetrated by the intellectuals destroyed the positive forces of the “Youth Movement”.

      Who was left to solve problems. The same old guard along with the new Radicals created by the Socialist/Communist intellectuals.

      Another personal anecdote to fit my story here. I had several really good friends in Jr. High and High School who were “black”. My granny lived in an area where black/white was about 60:40. I could walk through and even play with my friends in these areas in the 60’s.

      Ten years after graduation one of my best friends came to our first HS reunion. He started going on and on about how the “coaches” were “racists” when we went to school. How they would never let him and his brother on the football field at the same time because they didn’t want TWO BLACK BOYS on the field at the same time. It did not matter that our Jr. Year his older brother and another Black Boy were on the field at the same time. Only that they and he had to share time with White Boys. My classmates and our team mates were befuddled. None of what he was claiming was ever seen by any of us. We asked him how he came to these strange conclusions. Here is the piece of evidence…………He said “My Sister” explained it to me and showed by brother and I how they had been discriminated against the whole time they were in High School. The Sister was the oldest, she had been in college in the mid to late 60’s and had fallen in with the SDS and Black Panther crowds.

      We had to explain to my friend that the coaches did not put him and his brother on the field at the same time because neither could block worth a shit and both were more prone to fumbling than any other running backs we had. Fasted guy just wasn’t enough. It was a bitter pill for him to swallow but our old coach did something that killed those years of indoctrination by his sister. My friend commented at Coaches house that he had lost his Sr. Yearbook. Coach went out to his garage, found his own and LAST copy of that yearbook and gave it to my friend with a big HUG. He told him how much he loved coaching him. Coach was a little teary eyed over the whole thing. Now it was my friend who was befuddled.

      So lets recap. Radicals trying to force a Revolution deliberately sabotage an entire generation. Drugs, apathy, hate, cynicism, you name it they were trying to spread it. Not to mention irrational theories like “Social Justice” and other philosophical garbage. Then one segment of this Revolutionary movement becomes militant, Black Panthers and the SDS. Just like the middle east today, how do you recruit new members? You have to spin a narrative that WHITEY simply HATES BLACK PEOPLE. That they have no chance in life because they are BLACK.

      You know a few of these people, the young radicals and militants. Alinksy is just one. The good Reverend Wright is another. Along with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton etc. etc.. Which explains to the audience why I have such disdain for these people. THEY DESTROYED THE HOPE of an entire generation.

      While the whites of that generation did not fall into complete ruin like the Blacks, they were in fact detrimentally impacted. It is evident in their continued radical rhetoric, the years of psycho drugs to deal with depression and every latest mental issue. It is reflected in a “liberalism” that lost its “moral” compass.

      I want to add another thought to this story. It was during this period, late 50’s to the late 70’s that Ayn Rand becomes a major figure on the philosophical scene. If you take my story, watch a little History Channel and then read Ayn Rands essays on the issues of that time it will all make much more sense. One of her essays was about the despair and lost minds created by the left wing intellectuals. Her conclusion was that their minds had been so muddled and filled with nonsense it was no wonder most had decided to simply drop out by numbing their minds with drugs.

      Now obviously not all of us growing up in that period succumb to the blight. Especially us “country folk” or “hicks” later to become the beloved “red neck”. But I do believe the impact was large enough that it set us back in many critical areas. And “integration” of the Black people in America was one of the biggest casualties.

      Here is another sad thing. Those young White Liberals of that day? Many don’t give a rip about what happens to the Black Folk in Baltimore or Detroit or anywhere else. Why? Not because they are White or the others are just Black. But because the militancy, the rioting, the irrational violence and constant harping about victimhood has killed their empathy. Like the story of my best friend. The narrative does not mesh with the reality of our youthful experience.

      I find myself feeling the same way. I cared for a long time, even tried to help when I could. But when people keep telling a story to rationalize their situation and you know it is NOT TRUE based on your own experience, you eventually become numb to the complaining.

      It would be interesting to see a Poll of people over 60 to see how many really care about the conditions in Baltimore. I am guessing most who still do care are those same “lefties” who helped screw it all up in the first place.

      One last thought on this whole “drug war” garbage. Excuse me but the War on Drugs was created in response to a generation killing itself on drugs. Not outright death but killing their brains. Drug use was growing dramatically along with Welfare roles. Again think of those radicals who wanted to destroy the system. Those who actually cared, those who wanted to help out the ghettos that were becoming burned out and drugged out nightmares decided to go after the drug trade. The war on drugs was a response to an actual problem. Maybe we want to change now, but it was not created to “destroy Black men or Black communities”. Its purpose was to save them.

      If there was injustice in this it was not in cracking down on crack, which put young Black Men in jail, but in the disparity of sentencing of Whites and Blacks for the same drug crimes. In hopes of cleaning up the Black neighborhoods we created greater sentencing for use of Crack cocaine than for the powdered form, which was more prevalent in the White neighborhoods.

      Now that was certainly one of my greatest efforts at running on and on yet. So let me use Occam’s Razor to help create the summary.

      The catalyst, the DOT, that starts the downfall is the Leftist Revolutionary Intellectuals that took over academia and became intellectual elite in the 60’s. The second DOT on the line is the MILITANTS created by the Radical intellectuals.

      These two dots mark the place where the time/history line of Martin Luther King diverges from the time/history line that we know today. The point where the line of Hope and Dreams is replaced by the line of Drugs and Despair.

      • I’d say you did a good job of connecting those dots-I read this article earlier-went back and looked and yes sir in was happening in the late 60’s. Liberation theology, promoted as a form of Christianity. And it’s still around today.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        When growing up in LA the black area was Watts. It was adjacent to USC and the Sports complexes and museums in LA. Granted it was poor and a bit shaggy, but neither was it a slum. There were other much deeper socio-ecomomic problems going on. Law driven and extra-legal State and City enforced….the leaders harped and harped about why don’t you move on and up blah blah blah….you don’t want to live there over and over. That will get in-grained to NOT care about your neighborhood and it will spiral down even more. Not get better…..then the drugs…..the old spanish areas in LA and those around Echo Park were the best places for very good dining and relaxing in the park. It changed especially around the park into a war zone. What it’s like today from that stand point I do not know.

        What is Hillary’s mantra “never let a good crisis go to waste” from Alinski I believe.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Question is….did the developer and city government as good as the apparent intentions were, make this a DIY project? Maybe the solution is those that reaped the rewards were outside the area and all and all had no vested interest in the neighborhood. People are less likely to destroy something they really sweat over to make and be proud of.

      I believe a few decades ago NYC tried that approach to get buildings back on the tax rolls and had better success. The city may help with some critical skills lacking or provided the training but the general thrust was the people themselves rebuilt the neighborhood for their benefit….elsewise a major developer may come in and “gentrify” the place and displace those currently there.

      Different method same results, a neighborhood reborn

      SK…you may know about this…

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Sorry mis-stated my conclusion….different methods….different results. One a continued derelict community and the others reborn.

        • Hmmm, you need to put this together with JAC’s post about Enterprise zones because Jobs seem to be the most needed commodity of any community.

  37. The comments have hit 200, which is when I like to do a new thread. In the morning, I will put up an Open Mic that will have about a dozen pictures in it. IF the pictures slow up the loading speed, please let me know and I will begin a new thread. I am very thankful for my SUFA family, even when I don’t always agree, you all are the best! All of you are why the USA is a great place to live! 😀

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