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thNNSIHJVMThis is a day early but we needed a new thread to keep things going smoothly.  My best wishes to all the SUFA mom’s on their day of appreciation!



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  2. The first official job that Loretta Lynch does is to investigate the Baltimore Police….really?

    Well, what the hell…..those RINOS in the Senate walking lock step….what else to you epect.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I was caught off guard by the quickness to 200 posts in the last thread. I wanted do a short article on the Top Secret trade agreement called the Trans Pacific Partnership. Having this being done in secret bothers me. Add to that, the idiots RINO’s are going to allow it to be fast tracked with simple majority votes, no amendments. I believe, since the beginning of the new Republican majority Congress will prove once again that voting doesn’t mean squat in Federal elections. But, what should concern us all is the secrecy of a simple trade agreement. I don’t recall any such agreements in the past being so secretive. Usually, that means it’s not good for the people.

  3. OOPS….expect.

  4. Just A Citizen says:


    Wanted to continue this a bit.

    “The term is red lining and it is insidious. I can, as a frigging expert (hear that Charlie!) lay out five reasons for the deterioration of the Bronx and Central Brooklyn and redlining is one but only one. Good property owners and prospective property owners were denied refinancing on multi-family buildings that they had owned for decades. The lack of financing forced many to sell far below value and take back purchase money mortgages (a whole other disaster). In multiple cases that I tracked, owners were denied refinancing one day only to have their phone ring the next with an offer to buy the “distressed” property for dimes on the dollar. Collusion between the bank mortgage officers and real estate speculators. Buy me a beer and I will clue you in on who.

    There is NEVER a one size fits all solution to a problem.”

    You are claiming that banks colluded with realtors to REDUCE the Bank’s income and profit in the long run.

    A bank will make far more on the interest of a 30 year mortgage than the discount on the base property caused by cutting off lending.

    My experience with Red Lining was more about risk of the loans and thus “income” based than race. Yes, many of the poor in those areas were black. But not all.

    This makes me wonder if the practice had different motivations depending on who was doing it. Also that different people would find ways to profit from it.

    Oh, and the real moral of the story is that when you eliminate the Risk of lending you will get all kinds of bad results. The effect of Fannie, Freddie, FHA and even VA was to reduce or eliminate risk to the Banks of making loans to people who would not have qualified under Free Market conditions.

    • No you misunderstand. Best example I can give is the Chief Mortgage officer of the old Northside Savings Bank in the Bronx, denied a modest re-fi on a balloon mortgage that came due. The owner whom I knew well had used this mortgage as a piggy bank to do upgrades on his properties. The mortgage was on a 95 unit building is an ok part of the Bronx. He also had two other properties mortgage free 42 and 35 units respectively. Being an absentee owner he came up to NY to do what he and his father had done several times before over a thirty year period.

      The day after he was denied he received an unsolicited phone call from a broker who said that he heard he was in trouble and could find a buyer for the buildings. The dufus sold. The buildings were all sold and flipped within a month at6 more than double the price. .

      Years later, when Northside merged, the CMO wound up working for that broker.

      The Banks were scared shitless by the neighborhoods ethnic change and decline. It was quite common to turn down refi’s where the borrowers had been good customers. This forced the good guys out, brought the bad guys in.

      Funny thing is, even in the absolutely worst neighborhoods you will find good buildings and good owners with good tenants who have good track records yet when red-lining starts, these folks are treated as if they just landed from Pluto.

      During the Koch, Dinkins and Guilliani days, the City was the lender of last resort along with a bank consortium. City put up half, bank half and at least half the loan had to be for rehab. Heard the above story many, many times.

      Not that you know them from Adam but Houlihan- Parnes, Levites Realty, Murray Stark and Northside savings bank can probably take about 80% of the credit for the destruction of the Bronx. This is NOT to absolve the meddling of the City of NY with Rent Controls and HUD with its Neighborhood Conservation programs of the ’60’s and ’70’s which started the ball rolling and made what followed possible. .

      • Should point out that NY is not Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, LA or Spartenberg. What we saw was peculiar to NY though I expect that even though there were different variables, similar things happened elsewhere.

        Next time, regarding small homes, we should talk blockbusting. Stable neighborhoods generate small to no profit for banks and brokers. If you create instability, homes go on the market and the money flows in.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        It is not clear how your example has anything to do with redlining. Various bankers have been caught over the years pulling this stuff where no red line existed. So I don’t understand how the “red line” related to the obvious scam and conflict of interest by the banker.

        So why didn’t the property owner just go find another bank? Could it be because Govt. rules limited the number of banks?

        Since you were in the business I am sure you remember that after the S&L fiasco the banks wouldn’t let you refinance rental property any longer unless 100% of the refi when back into the property. Were these great owners also using the loans as an ATM??

        • Catch 22. The area was redlined. I guess I am not being clear.

          Statistically, you can pull up anything on census tract basis. Arson, crime, school performance, income, race. The banks used to do this and decide where they would not go. Regardless of track record as an owner, if you were in the wrong place TS.

          Now, insurance made it more likely they would lend . However NYC and State had stiff rehab criteria for insurance on new loans (SONYMA). Freddie/Fannie had much weaker standards which were easy to get around. Put cheap windows on the facade, steam clean the outside and 50 year old boiler/plumbing be damned, you are ready to go!

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    Continuing on my tribute to the ladies at SUFA.

    A Spartan woman who loves the outdoors and can fend for herself.

    • You have us pegged JAC! I’ve done something similar to this pic right in my yard just last summer. It was a real throwing axe though, only about as long as where her hand is on the handle. I did pretty good considering. You have that cheesehead figured out too! Now VH…I have a mental pic of (oh boy V…look out! ) a hybrid version of June Cleaver/ Laura Ingraham…sweet and smart! V. you’re gonna have to give me a better idea if you don’t like what I came up with. 🙂

      • Not even gonna try to describe myself-just think less sweet and less fancy-I’m more of a blue jeans and sweat skirt kind of person although getting all dolled up when the event demands it-is fun. 🙂

        • I don’t see any good reason in getting all dolled up. I wouldn’t even get dolled up if Jesus came to visit. He can lose the robe and put a pair of jeans and tennis shoes on and have a seat at the firepit. No need in wasting good money on dresses and things, when, I can put a nice steak dinner on the grill, or put a tune up on the boat motor, or gas money for a roadtrip is always more important! 😉

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    And then there is that Cheese Head Badger with the shoe thangy!

    • LOLOLOL! Oooh, I see some that I don’t have in that pile…….

      My shoe collection doubles as my weapon collection. Never let a good shoe go to waste.

      Had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Thank you SUFAites and JAC for the good wishes!

  7. This is the kind of stuff that get’s my blood to boiling: http://www.wnd.com/2015/05/homeschoolers-interrogated-on-guns-vaccines/

    I hope they win every penny!

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    Seems I remember commenting about the CDC and medical “Professionals” claiming patients cured when they cannot tell us, 100% certain, how Ebola outbreaks occur.

    Now we find out that cured is not cured after all. Yet the patient was released and moved about in public.


  9. @JAC and Black Flag. A different thought on the issue. I just turned on the TV. All I heard was about killing terrorists and this 60 year old traffic cop who whacked the two in Garland Texas.

    I want specifics about how a traffic cop, off duty, could manage such a thing? I’m saying it isn’t possible, because it certainly is, but where is the specifics about such an amazing story? How far away was this person, how many bullets did the bad guys shoot etc. What the phuk! I SMELL BULLSHIT! I know this because of my expertise in shooting. One guy, shooting two heavily armed men with vests on, is not something I’m willing to simply accept, period. Including a traffic cop who is 60. I’m calling bullshit on the whole “official story”.

    Sorry D13, I’m not buying this UNTIL the details come out, when that happens, I’ll be cool with it all, because it is possible.

    The MSM isn’t even trying to get specifics, which is insane.

    • Ya know, Gman, I was kinda thinking the same thing. Not sure I believe the official story either. But I think I’m ok with it. You see, I’m wondering if there is a little psychological warfare going on with this as well. Imagine this scenario….they have the private security, increased police presence, SWAT teams with sniper(s) set up. (Possibly because they were tipped off by Anonymous, and they acted…..possibly because FBI already knew, and possibly neither. (We may never know) Anyway, the pedophile worshipers pull up, jump out and start shooting. The sniper(s) take them out with a head shot each. But at the same time this 60 year old off duty officer pulls his firearm and is shooting as well.

      Now which scenario would be more demotivating to the bad guys?

      1) We were ready for you (the pedophiles) and were heavily armed and took out your two nut jobs. or

      2) We downplayed this perceived threat (not really) and some senior citizen who just happened to be strolling by pulled his side arm and took out your two nut jobs.

      While the former is probably closer to the truth, the latter would have more of a psychological effect on the pedophile worshipers.

      Just some of the crazy thoughts that go through my head. 🙂

      • I have no doubt they were ready and likely had a good idea something could happen. There was chatter leading up to the event, and the event itself is a big bulls eye. But I stand by the smell of BS for now. I do so, not because of any conspiracy theory, but because I know marksmanship and I know that cops aren’t very good at it. If it comes out that he was a competitive shooter, then that’s all that needs to be said. Just recently a video of a women being shot by a cop was shown. The distance was less than 20 yards, the woman had a gun, the cop fired 6 shoots, only two hit the woman. She lived. .

        • You are correct. The safest place to be when a cop is shooting……is right in front of him! 🙂

    • Not a problem…… I am not selling…..everybody will believe what they want….it does not matter. You like conspiracy theories….ok. Everybody thinks they know what went on….informants, tip offs, and the like. Ok. Swat teams with snipers set up…..Swat teams in basements….ok. Go for it. Nobody thinks that the Texas Law Enforcement is prepared for these things because they are ridiculing a 60 year old off duty traffic cop as if he is not a trained individual. If you do not want to believe in the training of the local police all the way down to the rookie..ok as well. Being prepared for such trouble is now looked at askance because no one wants to believe that an Ex military Army Ranger who is 60 years old supplementing his retirement income can make head shot in a period of 15 second from 40 feet away….with a Glock. Ok…..cool. I am wondering why it took 15 seconds.

      Sp, the next time it happens in Texas and the result is the same, I guess it will be tip offs and luck insteadof training and preparedness……sigh.

      • It does not matter much and I am surprised that the left wing media is not all over the issue that….our Governor said yesterday….every Texan needs to be prepared. Every time you go to a mall or theater,be ready to defend yourself because the US government cannot do it. They are too busy sucking up to ISIS.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          D13, glad to here is is a veteran. To me, with my training, that’s makes the whole story much more acceptable. But I must be honest, Texas don’t do much all that different than anyother State I’ve lived in. I know you are a proud Yexan snd like to talk it up and all, but I lived there for awhile, the people are mostly the same as where I live now, except the dialect is different.

          I’ve trained an competed with cops and Feds and military from all over, no Texan ever stood out as exceptional, most competitions were close. Sorry to drop this on you, but folks in Pa, Michigan and Ohio pretty much do the same stuff you talk about. It’s good to be a proud Texan, but Texans really are only special in theory. Reality has a much different view of things.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Let me add, folks from Texas turn sissy when the snow flies up here. They should to hunting this skinny critters down your way. 😀

          • Been awhile since you been here….I see. But, yes….I am a proud Texan and reserve the right to brag. I also like the fact that the last 12 years has turned this State more independent. But…tell you what…..you keep the snow.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Regardless of how it all came down….the job got done, period with efficient and effective dispatch of what was required to handle the situation at hand.

  10. Just A Citizen says:
  11. Happy Mothers Day! This goes to ALL the Mom’s out there!

  12. Usually these things die down after awhile, but this one isn’t. This is showing the distrust of Obama and his cronies. http://thehill.com/policy/defense/241527-jade-helm-war-game-sparks-fears-of-texas-takeover

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      You have no reason to fear the war-game, they’re routinely held. Besides they will be non-intrusive and held in remote areas away from population centers. But then…they go on and say look at the economic gain, hotels, food and gas purchases…
      “Look Look Daddy….there’s a DQ lets stop”. Uh Huh

      If I’m not mistaken, don’t forces usually depend on their own supplies in most real combat situations? Unless it’ll be like Napoleon and his armies when they were like a pack of locusts and didn’t really rely on long supply trains.

      Not commenting on any CT, but Is Mexico really going to attack? A game practicing against a huge influx of migrants, by the Border Patrol and INS would seem more in order. But that’s another scenario that we know won’t happen.

      • I’m not concerned with this exercise. Funny how things can get spun, but, there are lies still being told, like “Jade helm 15 was announced in March”. It was never formally announced. It was “uncovered” and then it was originally denied. However, lies coming from DC are a daily thing, so no worries 🙂

        A little whisper coming from the CT world, the Trans Pacific Partnership will open the border with Mexico, completely. That’s just a whisper. Another whisper, is that Obama is using California and those States involved with the exercise to PAY OFF the National debt. Of course 1200 troops won’t do much if that happens, which it won’t. But it is funny. Oh, an Mexico annex’s Texas. That’s part of that silly whisper. Funny stuff 😀

      • I guess that everybody has forgotten the military exercise 7 years ago……where civilians lined up to watch several things including the “blowing up” of down town Fort Worth and the water gardens……lol.

        What I am finding funny…….and laughing at the pundits….is the fact that Abbott says ok…and sends the State Guard to monitor and the Pentagon is having a fit…..so is the White House……Why are they having a fit? It is the Governors business and noe of that of the Pentagon nor the White House…….

        I will repeat….these type of exercises have been going on for decades. The Southwestern power grid and Hoover dam have been “attacked” so many times it is becoming boring.

        • dale A Albrecht says:

          Honestly, like the Colonel says….these exercises go on all the time. New Bern gets attacked quite often. Usually a crowd will congregate at the park to watch the landing if during the day. I’m sure someone someday will run up the Confederate Flag and create an opposition. They’ve even launched helicopter attacks in the middle of my old residential neighborhood on a dairy. Air training ops are constant and they do have to throw some more realistic training in. The other night the Corps sure as heck ran some helicopter night training on downtown.

          • Yep…we have three staging grounds at Fort Hood for te exercise…..two staging grounds in El Paso and one just newly created temporary at the old Ft. McKavett…….If you take a close look at the Texas Forts Trail. you will see some very strategically placed Forts….

  13. Where are the hair-on-fire Republicans incensed over the imperial presidency of Barack Obama? Firmly in Obama’s camp! The self-proclaimed party of the Constitution, the family, and God seems only too happy to sell out all three to its prime constituencies: Wall Street and K-Street. Buchanan admits the painful truth: “Fast Track is the GOP payoff to its bundlers and big donors.”


    • I have no problem with Obama negotiating the trade deals or with Congress giving him this fast track legislation. Normally any treaty would only go through the Senate which can add amendments but requires a 2/3rds vote to approve. This forces it through both houses but with a simple majority and not changes. The part that is troubling is the presidential veto. Should congress reject the pact, how can the the president veto negative approval? Congress can override the veto only with a 2/3 vote. The fast track should be written that his submission to Congress is his tacit approval. If Congress rejects it, that is the end of it.

      • Trusting a man with not one lick of economic intelligence to negotiate a trade deal (why do we need this to trade with people we have been for over a Century?) is rather brave of you. Me, I wouldn’t trust Obama to negotiate a blow job from a ten dollar hooker 🙂 Not to mention that there is no plausible reason to keep a trade deal a secret, unless it wasn’t very good for the people. We have seen the effects of NAFTA, who was negotiated by Clinton. The “their on the same team” mantra is screaming very loudly this year so far.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        And that is why you should OPPOSE the fast track as presented. Just like the Iran approval legislation, it turns the Constitution on its head.

        • If the fast tracking changes the Constitution requirements, wouldn’t fast tracking be illegal? Seems to me a 2/3rds requirement to approve a treaty is somewhat set in stone and only an Amendment can change that. But, silly me, I still believe that Congress must follow the Constitution, they apparently do not.

        • Yes, I would prefer we simply follow the Constitution. If Congress wishes to weigh in prior to the executive negotiated deal, then they should do it with a non-binding resolution spelling out the terms they will accept. This could be passed by both houses. It requires no presidential approval but does give him and the other treaty participants a sense of Congress and what the limitations are. Any negotiated deal should then be voted on by the Senate under normal rules. If the House wishes, they could vote on a resolution of advice to the Senate. It would have no authority but would possibly provide guidance.

          The fast-track legislation as I see it is to set down the congressional terms and conditions in advance in exchange for an up or down majority vote (no amendments) by both houses later. Unfortunately, somehow the president has veto power should they disapprove the final deal. I do not see how the president can veto a negative vote. That would be like the president offering up a budget which gets voted down and the president then overriding that vote. Why would Congress give up the power of a no vote?

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Because there are many in Congress who want a King. As long as it is their King.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Question…..given that both Mexico and Canada are a part of this proposed new trade agreement….does that not override and eliminate NAFTA? Seeing that Canada passed legislation stating for every new regulation passed, an OLD one as onorous(sp) must be be retired. What I see in this is a continued, piece by piece the destruction of national barriers to create the perfect BF world. Eliminate ALL migration and work restrictions in ALL countries and I’d buy in, but we know that will never happen in most of our lifetimes except here in the good old USA.

      If it’s true having a part of this trade pact, if a sovereign country that passes a law that may in some way impact the bottom line of a company elsewhere and the get sued for the loss….that says the PEOPLE will absolutely have zero say in the governence of their country by their elected officials. NOT THAT THEY LISTENED ANYWAY.

      I can see negotiations of a arms treaty being secret until time reviewed by Congress and voted on. This crap of YOU HAVE TO PASS IT TO SEE IT, like the ACA has got to stop.

      The Preamble to the Constitution is an introductory, succinct statement of the PRICIPLES at work in body of the Constitution….Principles being BF’s constant manta.

      “We the people of the United States…..” etc. are the most important words in the Constitution even though they are NOT used in court.

      An informed public is the surest way to insure a enduring republic/democracy. To take that away will insure guesswork, supposition and an unlimited amount of grievences on all sides of the issue and tear the country apart.

  14. Happy Mothers Day Ladies!

  15. Meant to post this on VE Day forgot. Love to watch it get a warm feeling each time.

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    Happy Mom’s day SUFA ladies.

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    I forgot a tribute to one of the first ladies of SUFA. Mad Mom’s rule!

    • LOL! I’m friends with MadMom on FB – she would be honored with this look!

      • Whatcha got for Richmond Spitfire, JAC? I’ll send her over when I see you post something.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          You missed it the other day. Go back to the posted article before this one. Had one for Spitfire and V.H. that day.

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    And of course, let us not forget our SUFA lady patriot serving across the ocean:

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    And last but not least, SUFA’s Mom of moms………. Miss Judy, and friend.

  20. Dale A Albrecht says:

    For all the hype about the early 1st named storm coming before the official opening day of our hurricane season, as if Mother Nature has a set timetable…It sure is a bust. I have three different types of weather monitoring, old, newer and the most modern systems. All three have been stable and not indicating measurments that normally come with real tropical storms etc. We’ve had a few showers and just a couple gusts of wind…..and we’re supposed to be right in the thick of it NOW.

    So I guess “Mother” nature was in a good mood today, her day. She should have stopped by for some barbecued/smoked ribs.

    • Weather happens!

      Actually this winter reminded me of ’69 when I was at Ft. Dix in basic. Seven of eight weekends we had snow. We “fought” through the mock Vietnamese village in 15 inches (one of the high points of my life) After Easter it went to 90 degrees and stayed there. Went down to Philly to catch a flight for Leonard Wood. Wore my winter greens and overcoat. Got off the plane in St. Louis. 94 degrees.

  21. Saudi King not showing up for Camp David….sending low level envoy………this is significant.

  22. But the real culprit is government tax policy and faux “free trade” deals that give multinational corporations breaks and incentives to take their manufacturing jobs to other countries, while burdensome regulation, high taxes and Obamacare destroy jobs that would be created by U.S. small businesses.

    There is collusion between the globalists in government and the large multinational corporations to destroy the middle class and turn America into a Third World backwater of government dependents. This policy is endorsed by the leaders of both political parties.

    I’ve been doing some research on TPP and what has been leaked. This repeats much of what is being reported on that subject, although this article is mostly talking about the “food stamp” program.

  23. Another example of the sterling education our children are receiving-I guess as long as it’s on the teachers syllabus it’s okay. Cause you know you simply can’t do performance art, if you don’t get naked with your perverted teacher. Wonder what’s next?


  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I guess by the news that the leaders of the M/E that will be most affected by the “treaty” with Iran the west is jamming everyones throat, are not at all happy and very diplomatically snubbing the summit Obama is having. It is abundantly obvious that they had NO say and it affects them the most….Now, do I believe that Obama cares one iota….NO.

    Just like the trade treaty.

  25. Dale A Albrecht says:

    More cracks forming in the EU. Clearly the British voters are NOT happy with the heavy handed EU dictates. Especially by appointed administrators not elected. Greece continues to borrow money to pay off creditors. Isn’t this a dog chasing its tail. And now Poland has voted pretty much against the ruling parties ties to the EU. by handing them a 20% drop in the assumed 50% plus margin they were expected to win by, forcing run-offs. and the left’s two parties combined had only 4%. Obviously the political analysts and pundits globally, are using a ouigi board.

    The thing I can never understand is that the EU has chosen, Brussels, as its pseudo capital. A country that is/was close to civil war between the Walloons and Flemish and had to bring in an outside leader to govern. And now 25% of the population identifies itself as Muslim and has the highest birth rate.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    I urge everyone to read this article. Then think hard about the implications.

    Two points off the top of my head.

    1. Mexico and Malaysia criticizing the US? REALLY?????

    2. 400 police officers charged by DOJ with “civil rights violations”.


    • My first question is to question the 400 police being charged. We tend to be pretty on top of police state stuff and I don’t recall many links on the subject. Actually, considering the amount of video’s put up of excessive force, I don’t recall ANY civil rights charges being filed by the DOJ against any of the cops involved. I could have missed a few, but not 400. Is this another Obama administration whopper? 🙂

      You could have warned us of Mr. Maddow’s face gracing the page to the right of the article, my eyes are now further scared 😀

      I asked a quest a day or so ago about the fast tracking of the TPP treaty. If treaty is the proper term, the Constitution requires 2/3rds of the Senate to consent to the said treaty. Outside of an Amendment, how can they just change the 2/3rds requirement? I don’t think they can, which nobody is really talking about, because if the TPP is allowed via this process, then the whole thing could be later ruled unconstitutional because it didn’t receive the proper consent. Your thoughts?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I agree. But someone has to gain STANDING in such litigation. Who is going to sue over the trade agreement? They would have to show some “harm” from said agreement.

        And, I am not as confident this SCOTUS will uphold the Constitutional primacy. They could say Congress willingly gave up the Senate Veto for “THIS PARTICULAR” agreement.

  27. It seems that Obama is accused of lying concerning the Bin Laden killing, so one writer states. What’s bad, is I believe the writer.

    • Sy Hersh again! While this is probably true, it was also probably done to give the Paki government “plausible deniability” . So as usual, Hersh gums it all up again pushing his agenda.

  28. Lawyers for the Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray have filed a motion demanding that State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who brought the charges, recuse herself and that the criminal charges be dismissed.

    That the prosecution of the six officers is based in politics, not facts, is evident by the speed with which the charges were brought.

    Police officers, as much as any other American, deserve due process. Barring one or more confessions by the officers under suspicion, an investigation of this nature normally takes at least several weeks in order to be thorough.

    Mosby, on the other hand, brought charges like she was Speedy Gonzales overdosing on caffeine.

    The motion to recuse her from the case cites her numerous connections to people who would benefit from a guilty verdict, including people who will serve as witnesses and the attorney for the Gray family. The motion also alleges that she and her husband, a city councilman, personally benefited from bringing the charges.

    Read more at http://godfatherpolitics.com/22291/baltimore-police-want-prosecutor-off-case-charges-dropped/#R7Qv0WECXlHW2Feh.99

  29. A new warning out concerning ISIS using #Londonattack.

  30. I was wondering where Title lX came from since I’m hearing so much about it recently. Interesting reading if you have the time.


    • For fun-lets add the definition of sex to the discussion: I’m not aware of this law being changed by the legislation to include gender identity so just why is it that the Prez. can just tell schools that they must include it.

      3. Either of the two divisions, designated female and male, by which most organisms are classified on the basis of their reproductive organs and functions.

  31. gmanfortruth says:

    Patriot fined a million, lose a 1st round pick next year and a 4th in 2017. Brady suspended 4 games. NE Patriots legacy forever tarnished for cheating , twice that we know of. Brady should be banned and Zpatriots should lose much more IMHO, I hate liars and cheaters. 72 Dolphins still best ever, period.

  32. Black Flag® says:
    • Just A Citizen says:

      Hersh’s article has already been refuted by others close to the story.

      Now lets presume it is true. How does it substantially change anything?

      • Black Flag® says:

        Hersh has a reputation of accuracy, whereas his detractors do not.

        The US gov’t lies? That the Pakistani’s are duplicitous? As are the Saudis?

        • Just A Citizen says:

          And you think that is NEW news???

          As for Hersh, this reputation you claim he has is already tarnished and this may blacken it for good.

          He is not the only one with intimate knowledge and connections within the area. The others are calling bull shit on his story.

          • Black Flag® says:

            Yeah, whatever. You are a blind patriot, so can only expect that from you.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              From the American Spectator

              “A decade ago, Hersh was one of the most respected investigative journalists on the planet, having broken major stories from the My Lai massacre in 1969 to the Abu Ghraib scandal in 2004. But more recently, his reports have become less and less credible. He’s claimed that much of the US special forces is controlled by secret members of Opus Dei, that the US military flew Iranian terrorists to Nevada for training, and that the 2013 chemical weapons attack in Syria was a “false flag” staged by the government of Turkey. Those reports have had little proof and, rather than being borne out by subsequent investigations, have been either unsubstantiated or outright debunked. A close reading of Hersh’s bin Laden story suggests it is likely to suffer the same fate.
              Read more at http://spectator.org/blog/62682/thoughts-seymour-hershs-claims-about-bin-laden-raid-media-reaction

              Sandy Bergen also took the story to task this morning, citing numerous conflicts with eye witnesses. Including the claim that only a few shots were taken. Bergen himself and others saw the compound afterward, riddled with bullet holes in several places.

              And this is “Whatever” to you, apparently.

              • Black Flag® says:

                Yeah, it is.
                Heresh has ruffled the feathers, so the detractors are out.
                Yeah, “eye witnesses” who were part of the operation to assassinate a prisoner of the Pakistanis. Yeah, that’s your proof.

              • While nothing at all will change, another Obama lie would just add to the long list of lies. We can’t ask the Seal Team 6 members about this, they are all dead, except for the guy who pulled the trigger on Bin Laden. He CAN’T talk about many details because they are likely still classified and he would be breaking the law. There have always been questions about this event, many some can be seen here: http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2015/05/11/u-s-officials-panic-about-seymour-hersh-story-then-deny-his-claims-using-jedi-mind-tricks/

                With the story being politically expedient for Obama’s reelection, the whole story always stunk of bullshit. Since when does the military and Feds care about the Muslim funeral of an enemy combatant and the most wanted man in the world (hint, they don’t, it was a lie). Considering Obama’s love of droning terrorist’s, why didn’t he just do that INSTEAD of using boots on the ground? Boots on the ground means lives on the line, unless of course, there were no lives really on the line as the report states. The event and the events surrounding it are dubious at best. The storyline never lined up to reality in a war (especially the bullshit about following Muslim tradition and dropping him in the ocean).

              • OH, let me add, Seal Team members generally are well trained enough to shoot PEOPLE not BUILDINGS. Plus, those bullet holes could have been from previous events, so that’s kinda lame.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              No Flag, eye witnesses that were allowed to see the compound AFTER bin Laden was long gone.

              See Bergen’s comments this morning.

              • dale A Albrecht says:

                I really don’t think it really matters how the intel was gathered. I’d like to think if Pakistan was wanting to discreetly have him removed we’d create some cover story…..my sincerest wish though that the really big lie is that he really isn’t dead and was captured and evacuated and the intelligence services are performing a “Vulcan” mind melt over and over even though his information was obsolete within days or weeks.

  33. I’ll guess that this is just normal preparations and nothing at all unusual. BUT, when the government puts in a large order for “portable morgues” it makes the CT world go nuts. Here’s the report and the 4 states they are heading. VH might not like this: http://www.consciouslyenlightened.com/?p=956

  34. In a news conference Monday, Garland Police Chief Mitch Bates said SWAT team members, not a traffic officer, fired the final shots at the suspects seconds after the attack began. It had previously been reported that a Garland traffic officer with a service pistol had confronted and killed the suspects.

    According to Bates, that officer wounded both suspects seconds before Garland SWAT team members used assault rifles and duty pistols to shoot at Simpson and Soofi. Both men died at the scene.

    Now this is what I had always thought.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I wonder why they did not say “fatal” shots, instead of final shots?? It also says they used rifles and service pistols. Pistols don’t fit the sniper scenario.

      Despite the new information the fact remains that the off duty officer shot both of them.

      • The only way too actually know who fired the “fatal” shots would be to match bullets to guns, if the bullets can be retrieved and are intact enough. That’s expensive and not needed. It does put to rest the Hollywoodesque story of the past. Good shooting by all!

      • Wait for it….it will change again.

  35. More on the Republican’s fast track legislation and TPP. Apparently, they are not calling TPP a ‘treaty”. http://freedomsback.com/phyllis-schlafly/lets-get-on-a-pro-american-track/

  36. All of this stuff going on……………………………………..and the border is forgotten.

  37. D13, what are these military vehicles and what are they used for?

    • Never mind Colonel, these are unarmed missile launchers.

      • Also, the man said he was in Texarkana, Tx……it is and has been a military site for weapons and ammunition storage since WWII. It is called the Rdd River Army Depot. It is the primary maintenance facility for tactical wheeled vehicles. There is approximately 20,000 acres.


        100 James Carlow Drive
        Red River Army Depot
        Texarkana, TX 75507

        Red River Army Depot is located in an area commonly known as the Four States Area. The Depot is situated in Northeast Texas, Bowie County, approximately 18 miles west of Texarkana, 170 miles east of Dallas and 150 miles west of Little Rock, AR. Texarkana is unique as it is divided into both Texas and Arkansas. The states of Oklahoma and Louisiana are within an hour’s drive and many RRAD employees commute from all four states. Texarkana is the largest city near RRAD; however there are numerous smaller communities near the Depot. Although the military population in the area is small, the support from the community is overwhelming.


        Originally, Red River was intended only as an ammunition storage depot. However, no sooner had the first trainloads of ammunition begun to arrive, than the demands of World War II caused top defense planners to take another look at the new installation. A good labor market, excellent transportation facilities, and the installation’s nearness to the great southwestern training areas and southern ports were reason enough to expand the depot mission to include general supply storage and tank repair facilities.


        The depot’s vast industrial complex has the capacity and capability to completely overhaul and re-manufacture combat systems and tactical vehicles. The multi-function capability fully supports the ongoing joint transformation. The mission flexibility and responsiveness of the workforce, equipment and facilities provide the depot a competitive edge within the defense industry. Additionally, personnel supporting the combat and tactical vehicle missions possess a wide-range of core skills that are essential to supporting the war fighter. As evidenced in recent operations (Global War on Terrorism & Operation Iraqi Freedom) RRAD quickly shifted effort to meet changing combatant commander requirements both on the industrial complex and by deploying teams world wide to improve near term readiness and provide for the long term sustainment of our combat and tactical fleets. RRAD technical resources include the capability to design, fabricate, and manufacture a wide variety of items, from specialty parts to unique prototype weapon systems and vehicles.

        Conduct ground combat, and tactical system sustainment maintenance operations, and related support services worldwide, for US and Allied forces and friendly nations in support of the Warfighter. Be an active and viable partner within our community and the Four States area.

        There ya go……And I might add….a huge employer and has been for decades.

        • Thanks Colonel. I’m investigating (further) the feds ordering around 1000 portable morgues and the 4 States where they are being shipped. Seems they expect a lot of dead folks down South.

  38. Senate Democrats deal a setback to President Obama, rejecting a proposal that would expand the president’s powers to negotiate a comprehensive trade package.


  39. I’m surprised we haven’t really talked about the trade agreement-it’s been brought up but not discussed. I’m not sure what to believe. Sessions has a problem with it. And although a couple reps. have written a letter declaring that it doesn’t open up the floodgates of immigration or give the President, present and future and the other Countries involved to make changes without Congress’s approval. I’d like to know why these words don’t mean what they say:

    “o Living agreement: to enable the updating of the agreement as appropriate to address trade issues that emerge in the future as well as new issues that arise with the expansion of the agreement to include new countries.”

    I’ve personally found that the meaning of words can easily change and these wouldn’t even need to be changed.

    I’m also gonna attach an outline of the agreement-which brings up another question. Why is this stuff Classified?


    • I’ve been bringing the subject up for some time now, including the “fast track” issue that the Democrats stopped today. There isn’t enough info about this “trade agreement” that is for some reason classified and secret. The secrecy is beyond acceptable and anyone who accepts it is nuts. Just more tyranny coming to America to screw the people.

      • Just a small part of the screwing we are gonna get: http://www.uncommonwisdomdaily.com/paying-for-tpp-with-higher-drug-prices-20522

      • The best I can understand the Fast track authority thing isn’t unusual-They’ve been using it for years for trade agreements-to my knowledge it just means Congress can accept the agreement or not but they can’t amend it or filibuster.

        I just don’t understand why they are talking about a vote based on an outline. Unless they all get to read the actual agreement but we peons are left in the dark. Are trade agreements normally classified?

        And what does “capacity building assistance” mean-lots of talk about helping countries meet the high standards-that sounds like giving people lots of money. Then you add in the comments about climate and my radar goes off.

        • Anything Obama wants and is hiding it, can’t be good at all for the people, period. At some point, the people are gonna say “NO MORE”. What happens after that is anyones guess.

        • Contrary to the opinion of some, here is how it works.

          1. Sign fair trade deal
          2. Abide by fair trade deal
          3. Partners in deal cheat
          4. Don’t complain they may get upset
          5. Import wayyyy more cheap trinkets
          6. Export raw materials food, energy etc.
          7. Middle class continues to slide
          8. Middle class loses more jobs
          9. Expand the social safety net
          10. Consolidate more political power
          11. Reward the fat cats
          12. Fat cats contribute more.

          Repeat as necessary!

          Mike Savage today was talking about how unusual it was for the lib dems to shoot down the trade pact and the Pres. He then went on to try and explain how being a Conservative or even a Capitalist is not the same as being a Corporatist. Personally, I’m glad for the explanation. I have long felt that what is good for Goldman – Sachs is NOT good for the rest of us. Getting to the point where if …….nah, can’t say that, might get arrested.

          ‘Nother great old right wing quote from days of yore, “What do you call a country which exports raw materials and imports finished goods?” Give up? A Colony!

          • Good morning, sir. I am not a believer in trade agreements. Why are they necessary? If you want to trade something….do it. I have no problem with using trade and raw materials as a bargaining chip. I have no problem with not trading with somebody….and I have no problem with not making trade equal. If you have something that somone wants…..take advantage…it is your strength.

            If you do not have trade agreements…no one can cheat.

            So…how about that?

            • I like it!

            • dale A Albrecht says:

              It’s to logical and simple. I’ll never work. One of the reasons besides Japanese protectionism that the US car manufacturers didn’t make inroads into the Japanese market yeras ago was the US did not want to make right hand driven cars. Market to limited. We also refused usually to make smaller appliances, cars etc.

        • VH…you only classify documents when you need to hide something.

    • Obviously, Mitchem is overstepping his authority. So what I am wondering is why if all the churches in the area are Christian-are there any Muslims in the area -if there aren’t -why did this even come up?

      • Good question. Maybe that’s a big reason for the push back. In the US, people are free to practice their religion freely, they are not however, free to push it on other people. This isn’t really about religion, it’s about attacking Christianity.

        • How, pray tell, is this about attacking Christianity??

          • It’s a common way of removing it from society. The article was a bit vague, so things could change, but if all the churches (as was referred) are Christian, then it would seem that Muslim’s have no or very little presence in the area. I’ll guess, that this Commissioner is a little to busy on social media about his views and is now getting the attention he probably wanted (considering the courts ruling in the other counties case). The most important question should be, how many Muslims attend these meetings and how long has this been going on (and are they residents). You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that their are fanatics out there who do this kind of crap. They go from place to place to bring stupid lawsuits on the subject, even though not one Muslim has ever been to one of these meetings (except to make cause for the lawsuit) Yes, this is an attack on Christianity, they just can’t lop off heads so easily here, we shoot back 🙂

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    The Founders understood that any Govt’s function depends on citizen acceptance. Once the people no longer accept the relationships and traditions it becomes a free for all as everyone fights to get hold of the stick.


    Note: Pay attention to who criticizes this argument most vehemently and how they argue against it. I’ll bet the farm you will hear “Civic Duty” and other “patriotic memes” thrown around as to why we must accept the Courts rulings.

    Buck in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……………..

    • It is too late in the day to get into how wrong Huckabee is on this score.

      Yes, SCOTUS and the Pres are two co-equal branches of government. But, briefly and inartfully put, SCOTUS provides a check on the other branches – the Pres does not have the right to simply refuse to comply with a court order. To do so would warrant impeachment.

      That being said, I do agree that this would require Congressional action and, absent such, SCOTUS would have no real recourse. Except maybe contempt of court, but again, no enforcement powers.

      • You don’t really believe Obama’s amnesty program has stopped, do you?

      • Who provides a check on the court?

        • Congress — can overturn a decision

          • Buck is correct, however…….who can enforce the will of congress. Congress cannot order the FBI nor the Army nor anybody into enforcement. All it can do is administrative argument. The only real enforcement power that Congress has……it controls the poketbook.

            • Congress also has subpoena powers and can hold someone in contempt, and even throw someone in jail.

              • Yes and both the AG and the IRS lady should have been cited and jailed.

                It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that “feelings” matter more than anything else. There was a time, back in my youth when a congressman or senator might actually call out a SOB liar as a LIAR. Not anymore.Feelings matter so much and the fear of offending that F—— SOB liars continue to lie, are never called out and are merely emboldened to continue. That in turn leads to the charade down in DC we call our national government.

                If all you do is worry about offending someone then you are about as useful as a used pile of spit.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            You describe a THEORY that has long died, victim to ideological partisanship.

            You claim ignoring the Court is impeachable. Yet those who have ignored the court were not impeached.

            • The fact that they were not impeached does not mean that impeachment was not an available remedy…

              • Just A Citizen says:


                As the article stated, the only time impeachment has been used is when a POTUS is not popular and the opposition is in charge of Congress.

                Johnson defied Congress, they impeached but he was not convicted.

                What is theoretical is not important. What is actually able to be applied, that is what matters.

                As I stated, the founders understood it would only work if everyone agreed to the rules. That did not last very long or we would have had several Justices, Congressmen and Presidents impeached by now.

                Is something really available if it can never be used to effect?

              • dale A Albrecht says:

                What was that country in South America early in Hillary’s tenure as SOSUS. Their Supreme Court ordered the removal from office the President, because he was trying to do a Hugo Chavez and stay in power beyond one term. Their constitution stated one term no matter how long and that’s it. No coming back for seconds. Change the constitution and that would be OK but the people would not approve or go along. Hillary and Obama got all upset and kept demanding he be returned to office, even though that country and their courts were following their constitutional law.

      • Works for me-lets start impeachment. Because per my memory, Obama ignored the Court about the oil leaks a long time ago. Now we have the immigration situation. Not to mention all the laws he just Ignores. Refuses to support in court cases. And just makes up.

      • I believe Andy Jackson proved it!

  41. A few days ago, I posted an article which I totally agreed with but I questioned his assertion that Pam Geller’s event was no different than Selma-this is his explanation of why that is true-I find it compelling.


    • Just A Citizen says:


      The self righteous just don’t understand that such “speech” is of a deeply visceral importance. There can be no caveats, no equivocation, no claims of a “smarter way”.

      When you claim someone has the right BUT it was wrong to provoke someone or to mock someone’s religion, then you have acknowledged that the threat of violence holds authority over the right to speak out, or draw pictures.

      The arguments that Ms. Geller’s function was wrong because Muslims don’t like it is an admission that speech has become victim to fear of vengeance.

      These arguments are rationalizations for arbitrary power over the Rights of mankind.

    • Fun part is they make excuses for the poor third world benighted (great word!) Mohammedans for being so ignorant as to lop off peoples heads but Ms. Geller, well, she is from the 1st world, is white and gasp, A Jew! Biatch should know better!

      One of my sons (the AF Major no less) the other day said the contest was too in your face, too provocative. The culture has really got to the kids. Trying to formulate a short, sweet reply to him. Any ideas anybody?

      • SK, That’s why we have Free Speech in the Constitution, to protect speech that may not be liked. I thought it was an event that required people to pay to attend, which makes it “not” in their face. The kids are becoming brainwashed. That will quickly change when the bullets start flying and civil unrest is widespread.

      • Ahhhhh….he is a mere MAJOR………the 2lt of field grade….PLUS he is AF….no reasoning until he reaches LTC…….

        • Mentioning your comment would be incendiary. He’s a pretty good officer though. Have had chances to talk to his Sr. NCO’s over the years. They like him.

          Back when he was in the sandbox a few years ago, he had a female CO, Academy grad, up for full bird. At Christmas, she went through this whole whacked out, over the top Christian thing which was pretty offensive to a lot of folks. Captain Joe (at the time) wrote home and asked for Hanukkah decorations including a Menorah. One of his 12 on 12 off, nights he set them all up next to the Christmas Creche. Next morning was fun because she was fuming but couldn’t do a damned thing.

          For some strange reason after that, he kept getting invites from the Rabbi Chaplin to Jewish events.

          • dale A Albrecht says:

            We used to like having diverse religions represented in our commands. They would cover for us and we for them seeing that the religious activities did not overlap.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Simple. Ask him WHY he thinks it is “too in your face”. If the answer is because it offends the Muslim then ask him how the FEAR of offending is not in fact stifling free speech.

        If the position of those being offended is ridiculous then their offense deserves ridicule. And since the Geller event was private and behind closed doors, how did the art work “offend” anyone who did not attend.

        If our reaction to murder committed due to cartoons or rhetoric is to claim in essence “they were asking for it” then WHO is dictating what is or is not allowed speech? The person speaking? Society and its moral/ethical standards? Or perhaps those claiming to be offended, or in this case cold blooded killers.

        Political speech is SUPPOSED to be PROVOCATIVE.

  42. Just A Citizen says:


    A little info on the guy pushing that lawsuit against the Catholic University. I knew I had seen that name before. He was all over the news many years back with his tobacco litigation.


    • May the Lord protect us from self-righteous know-it-alls with Tenure!

    • Represents everything wrong with our legal system. Guy has no standing that I can see. Represents some delusion of righteous grandeur he has.

      Case should be thrown out, with prejudice, and court costs awarded.

  43. I get so tired of waking up, reading the news, and getting pissed off before 7am! My beef today goes straight to the Obamas. Between her royal hein-ass at Tuskegee and his royal hein-ass at Georgetown…the jokers in Madison now, Baltimore, New York, Ferguson…I’m just going to start praying for a rainy summer… that way maybe cities won’t continue to burn. SMH!

    • Good Morning Anita! 🙂 I put things into perspective a long time ago about what is happening in the inner cities and the protests. If blacks don’t care enough about black lives to police themselves in their crime ridden neighborhoods, then frankly, I don’t care either. If they want to get all pissed off when the cops kill a black criminal (Ferguson) and riot and burn their own neighborhoods down, then they need to police themselves and keep the thieves off the street. It will have no affect on me, I don’t live anywhere near a big city.

      In the second activity, many have shown to care after the fact, so I can have empathy with them. Now, here’s one for you too think about. Many of the same social media accounts were involved in both riots (there were around 50 individual accounts). Twitter was a buzz with tweets of two cops caught inciting the violence in Ferguson. This is a common tactic of the State who desires more control. Never let a good crisis go to waste. If there is no crisis, invent one. There was a lot about the Kiev riots that had events of people playing both sides.

      Baltimore. Black Mayor, black police chief, more black cops than white cops. Democrat’s have been in charge for 40 years. Do the math and see if you can find them core problem. SMILE and have a great day 😀

      p.s. the Obama’s are…………never mind.

      • Here’s an example of why I simply do not care if they kill each other: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-05-12/face-baltimore-you-wont-see-news

      • Our PD and FD have gotten the message. I’ve seen two posts on our local FB page in the last week… the cops pulled up randomly to a field full of kids playing cricket..cricket?…they got out of the vehicles and joined in. Another cool thing…the high school seniors have to complete a project before graduation. Two of the students’ project will be this afternoon. A march from our PD to the high school..students, cops, and residents…followed by a town hall at the high school with the chief and others, discussing police brutality. Also saw a post saying that our firemen were at a certain gas station giving $5 gas cards as random acts of kindness. Credit where it’s due.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I did not disparage the police or FD, they are a different problem. I’m specifically talking about black thugs and democrat policies, as well as some other government actions that got caught.

    • You could wake up later. probably the only good solution.

  44. Dress codes came after my school days, but I never liked them and felt they were an unnecessary burden on the poor (notice there was no whining about this issue, unlike getting an ID to vote). But the ACLU seems to be reading a different Constitution: http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/aclu-idaho-school-district-gender-based-dress-code-unconstitutional

  45. Interesting……..Hispanic BBQ owners want to host a “White Appreciation Day”….just one day. The owners said that you have a Black Heritage Month all month….and you have a Hispanic Heritage month…..all month……..what is wrong with a white appreciation day…..we should appreciate all Americans.

    Well, it seems that the Justice Department says it is discriminatory and will investigate any filings of discrimination against the owners for observing a White Appreciation Day.

  46. This “triggered” some memories-I grew up with little sayings:

    “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

    “People can only hurt you if you let them.” Was even a part of a song, I suspect we all know- “People can be so cold, they will hurt you, and desert you, they will take your soul if you let them, so don’t you let them” James Taylor

    “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

    Totally different attitude-Now we have Day Care for College students.

    Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/e/epictetus149126.html#G5QtwjF5Sel5Rw9l.99


    • didn’t mean to post the brainy quotes -it’s the other link I’m referring to. 🙂

  47. I love the part about Bruce Jenner. This is proof positive that “Professor’s ” aren’t all that smart. http://lastresistance.com/11618/black-professor-barely-reprimanded-for-horribly-racist-tweets/

  48. Here is how the Chicago Sun-Times reported it.

    Moody’s Investor’s Service on Tuesday dropped Chicago’s bond rating two more notches — to junk status — turning up the heat on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to raise property taxes and on the Illinois General Assembly to approve a Chicago casino.

    “It is irresponsible to play politics with Chicago’s financial future by pushing the city to increase taxes on residents without [pension] reform,” Emanuel was quoted as saying in an emailed statement.

    The decision to drop the bond rating that determines city borrowing costs — from Baa2 to Ba1 with a negative outlook — comes just days after the state Supreme Court unanimously overturned state pension reforms and placed Emanuel’s plan to save two of four city employee pension funds in similar jeopardy.

    The rating applies to $8.1 billion in general-obligation debt, $542 million in outstanding sales tax revenue debt and $268 million in outstanding and authorized motor fuel tax revenue.

    “Based on the Illinois Supreme Court’s May 8 overturning of the statute that governs the State of Illinois’ pensions, we believe that the city’s options for curbing growth in its unfunded pension liabilities have narrowed considerably,” Moody’s wrote.

    “Whether or not the current statutes that govern Chicago’s pension plans stand, we expect the costs of servicing Chicago’s unfunded liabilities will grow, placing significant strain on the city’s financial operations absent commensurate growth in revenue and/or reductions in other expenditures.”
    Moody’s noted that the “magnitude of the budget adjustments” that will be required to solve the combined, $30 billion pension crisis at the city and public schools are “significant.” Chicago’s tax base is “highly leveraged by the debt and unfunded pension obligations” of the city and overlapping governments, the rating agency said.

    Democrat policies in short, screw the elderly!

  49. Can’t have a day when those “elected” folk don’t break a law: http://personalliberty.com/report-gifts-travel-funneled-to-lawmakers-by-foreign-government/

    • There should be added an exception for religious belief, but otherwise, what’s the problem?

      • Well, it’s not the governments authority to dictate this, number 1. Unless their powers within the Constitution have suddenly been rewritten. In addition, as someone who knows firsthand the dangers of vaccines that haven’t been properly tested, we, as free people, should never be forced to put anything in our bodies by government edict. Frankly, I think that politicians who propose such things should be……..NEVER MIND.

        For the record, I’m not anti-vaccine, but I am free choice.

        • Technically the federal government isn’t dictating anything – they are simply making conditions for the receipt of certain grants by the states…

          Also, insofar as you see it as the government forcing you to put something in your body, easily avoidable by not sending your child to public school and, in the process, endangering my child.

          • I n promise that I will NOT have any kids going to any schools, LOL. However, if your child is vaccinated, then why worry? It seems that the scare of measles was, um, just a scare, nobody died. The Swine flu scare was all bullshit, admitted as such by the CDC (which really pissed me off, because I saw people get very upset because they couldn’t get the vaccine, when I worked at a hospital. Over which I found out there was not 1 case in the entire area).

            But, if your investing or wanting people to invest in Big Pharma, you would most certainly love this kind of stuff!

            • Nobody died so who cares?

              • Maybe it’s no longer the threat it was way back when, we have a better healthcare system now. But once again, if your kids are vaccinated, why do you care?

              • If your still concerned about your vaccinated children or child, then you don’t think the vaccine works. If it don’t work, then why put it in her body and chance other problems? Mexico just had to suspend a vaccine, as I have posted. Dead kids are not healthy kids!

              • You do understand the concept of ‘herd immunity’ I assume?

                By the way, sorry to hear about your daughter – must have been very tough. My sister had a few epileptic episodes when she was very young.

              • Yes, I have heard of the herd immunity thing, which should keep the very few who are not vaccinated just as safe as those who are. Things always works in circles. Either the vaccines work, or they don’t. That is simple science.

                Thanks for your concern. She is in her twenties and still dealing with it. Sorry about your sister, she was lucky it didn’t last. I know I’m going to catch hell from a few folks, but the crap they put in the stuff called adjuvants are the problem. I have no doubt it is THE CAUSE of the incredible advance of Autism ever since the Feds removed Big Pharma from the court system and developed a special Federal court. Right now, it’s just opinion, buts it’s winning in that special court and a whistleblower came out and spoke on it.

              • OH, a concept is nothing short of theory. Concept is not fact, or it would be called fact!

              • Herd immunity only works if most people are vaccinated. Yes, it should operate to keep those few unvaccinated from getting the disease – the problem is more and more people are not getting their kids vaccinated out of unfounded concerns and fears.

              • OK, so your saying that one kid is vaccinate and 9 are not, the one vaccinated has the same chance at getting the disease? Sorry, but the HERD crap is Big Pharma crap. Either the stuff works or it don’t. In the service we had to get special vac’s when going overseas on special assignment, ALONE! I’m starting to see the herd mentality of bullshit. Can you explain that?

              • The vaccine is not 100% effective and it is not claimed to be. Herd immunity is not some conspiracy theory. I’m not sure what it is you are looking for me to explain; care to clarify?

              • My whole objection was government mandation. I guess you support such draconian things? That’s what it seems.

              • Yes, but as I said, subject to health and religious exemptions.

          • All my kids were vaccinated. My youngest daughter developed Epilepsy after age 3. Now, she wasn’t born with it as far as I know. There is no family genetics from myself or mothers side of family. I’m not saying it’s the vaccines and I’m not saying it’s because of what was in my system (Gulf War Syndrome). But…….

          • Just A Citizen says:


            “technically not requiring anything” ……….. oh what bull dookey my lawyer friend. But true to your profession.

            Take away a man’s ability to decide for himself, then hold him hostage to your whims when he doesn’t want to comply. But that is not “technically” requiring anything.

            Tell you what. I’ll offer a compromise. ELIMINATE the Dept of Education and all federal spending for schools. Reduce federal taxes to match the savings made at the federal level.

            Now the States can deal with the issue.

            It also seems you missed GMan’s point when you jumped from “harming my child” to “herd immunity”.

            You stated that a child not immunized should not be allowed in school to threaten your immunized child. But if the immunization works your child is not in danger. And if it is only partially affective your child is still in no more danger than they are from environmental exposure. The real danger of children in school who may be infected is that they expose immunized children who then carry the virus home to babies and others not immunized.

            The concept of “herd immunity” is to reduce the rate and magnitude of spread by having immunized people intercept the vector of infection. More vaccinated less spread in number and speed of epidemic spread. It is as you say, a purely mathematical calculation. But it is not related to the issue above, about exposing immunized children to those not immunized.

            If herd immunization is working the few children not immunized would pose little threat to anyone if they attended a public school. Up to some mathematical threshold where the number not immunized is so large it overwhelms the others and the infection spreads beyond the school.

          • I was going to comment on this, however, Gman and JAC pretty much covered it……

        • The problem as I see it is if the kid gets sick and I mean really sick, who gets to pick up the tab? Not that it would hold up in court but turn down the vaccination for ANY reason, religious or otherwise and sign a release absolving society of bailing your sorry ass out!

          Not terribly different from the extreme sports people who climb the friggen glacier in the winter, get stuck in an avalanche and then yell “Help! Save me!”

          • Look into how hard it is to finally get a hearing into the Federal vaccine court. The hoops that are needed are enough to make people give up early. Then go back and check out how the Stocks went up when the court was signed into law. If this law goes, the stocks will skyrocket. Gee, wonder who benefits from that?

            • dale A Albrecht says:

              The thing I really do not understand about this vaccine debate, is There were vaccinations back when I was a tyke and starting school. The principle was KISS, one disease one vaccine. Measles, chicken pox mumps easy, you stayed home. Now most of the time Mom was home back then. The nasty stuff like polio there was no hesitation. You got rheumatic fever and by god you were quarantined with signs on the doors. TB the x-rays were given at least until I left public school. There was NO dodging it…..now I believe the big issue is that the vaccinations are like a one stop shop, now, they will never cover all possible reactions ergo more weird things are going to happen. For those that were in the military vaccinations were mandatory. Partially due to the close living conditions and god knows the health of the command on entry and where you’ll be heading. I had 85 guys under me at one time. Everyone had to get the shots. Now instead of spreading them out over 3 months, we got them all at one time, assembly line fashion. Needless to say, I had 85 very sick recruits. The corpman were court martialed, because that was not the way they were suppose to do it. But they tried a new efficiency methodology. Now when you went overseas, depending on the country or region, you may get a whole other menu of shots and vaccinations. I still keep my shot card as a souvenir

          • Just A Citizen says:

            The parents and insurance companies, and sometimes the health care facility.

            Without socialized medicine the cost of bad behavior affects you in only a minor way. And in a Free Market it might not affect you at all.

  50. Just A Citizen says:

    Here you go, the national divide summarized in a mushy left wing piece. Notice the word used to describe the difference between citizen and tax payer. It is “antagonistic”. Think about that for awhile. Specifically, what or whom is this antagonism aimed at?

    Please make sure to read the comments. If you don’t understand the left wing Progressive thinking it is revealed pretty well here.

    Another note: Notice how often the lefties have to quickly jump to an insult against those who put forth a well made point. Direct insults and projecting some obnoxious quality upon the author. Makes me think we should give Euthanasia more serious consideration.


  51. Black Flag® says:

    Further Confirmation of Hersh and Why bin Laden Was Murdered

    Why did Obama order Osama bin Laden murdered? The Pakistanis bargained for his death to avoid their own embarrassment. However, it suited the U.S. also to silence him or they would not have agreed. This was an easy concession for the U.S. to make to Pakistan. He would not be around to tell the world that the Pakistan ISI had known where he was for 5 years and kept him under house arrest. He would not be around to reveal that the Saudis were paying the bills. He would not have a soapbox at a trial. Obama would score big political points. Bin Laden’s death took the spotlight off Saudi support for al Qaeda. It took attention away from his own connections to Saudi hijackers who crashed into the Trade Towers. Remember that 28 pages of the Senate report on 9/11 are still redacted and they point directly at Saudis. They probably point to key Saudis living in Florida who helped organize the attacks and who fled the country. Hence, although the U.S. had waged a 10-year war on Afghanistan based on the excuse that the Taliban had not turned over bin Laden to the U.S., the government when it could lay its hands on bin Laden decided simply to murder him instead.

    On August 7, 2011, R.J. Hillhouse published an account of bin Laden’s killing that coincides with that of Hersh She firmly thinks that his sources differ from hers. That would provide independent confirmation of both writers if both her and his leakers tapped into the same accurate source of information. That would provide confirmation of Hillhouse’s story (which is essentially Hersh’s story) if Hersh’s leakers learned the story from her leakers. If both his and her leakers turn out to be the same, which she thinks very unlikely, it means that, although there is a renewed effort being made by these leakers to get the story out, where the two stories agree there is no additional confirmation.

    The main reason I suggest that her earlier report provides confirmation of Hersh arises from something she said today in an interview, which was

    “my understanding was there was great concern with the security guys … Everything that I’ve written on national intelligence, [that] was the first time I ever had a [former] senior member of the intelligence community signal me to basically go black … I’ve never been waved off like I was signaled to [then].”

    She was strongly warned by a high U.S. intelligence official to drop the matter and say no more. She says that because of this she destroyed her notes with her sources.

    While some lesser intelligence sources wanted to leak the details and set the record straight, the higher officials did not. There are indeed a number of lower-ranked CIA operatives who think that their outfit, the government and the nation are damaged by false scenarios and wars based on phony intelligence. But those in the top echelon wanted to cover up the true story of how bin Laden was found, what happened during the raid, and how is body was disposed of.

    The fact that she was strongly waved off tells us that the government wanted to cover up what really happened, which is what she had reported but which was not widely circulated or accepted. The government wanted to tell its own fabricated story. This obvious inference is what supports Hersh’s allegations of various government lies and what supports the Hillhouse-Hersh version of the truth.

    A 2012 account of the episode in a BBC article says “Pakistan was not tipped off in advance about the raid…” That was the official U.S. story, designed to shield Pakistani and Saudi Arabian intimate knowledge of and connection to bin Laden’s compound at Abbottabad. Most stories focused on the details of the preparation for the raid and the raid itself. There was much confusion over what occurred. The accounts raised the question of why the unarmed bin Laden was murdered. No satisfactory answer was ever given by the U.S. government.

    Even though the White House conceded that bin Laden was unarmed, it still argued that the SEAL killers acted properly because weapons were nearby. The story became this: “The latest account, which could not be verified by the Guardian, claimed that Bin Laden was shot in his house when the commandos saw he was within reach of an assault rifle and pistol.” The White House spokesman said “I think resistance does not require a firearm.”

    This story, which persists to this day, is a weak justification for murdering bin Laden. Clearly, the intent and instructions all along must have been to kill him on sight.

    Bin Laden was ordered killed to keep him from talking about his captors, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. It was to avoid embarrassment and having to deal with the captive through some kind of judicial proceeding. When the U.S. played up its own role in finding bin Laden and played down the role of a Pakistani informant, one goal was the same: keep the spotlight off of Pakistan. Another goal was to keep Saudi Arabia out of the picture. A third goal was to score points with the American public over a victory that was American.

  52. Just A Citizen says:

    Just read some comments on another site about how Americans were opposed to the war in Iraq and Bush ignored everyone. Also read about a 19 year old student from the Univ. of Nevada telling Jeb Bush that his brother created ISIS. Lets see, 19-12= 7 yrs old when the war started. Yep, she sure knew all about it because…………………..

    For any of you reading here who have forgotten already, let me remind you how little support there was for the war in Iraq. From news story March 24, 2003:

    “Seventy-two percent of Americans interviewed in a new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll conducted Saturday and Sunday favor the war against Iraq, while 25% are opposed. Roughly the same number approve of the job President George W. Bush is doing.

    The percentage supporting the war is just slightly lower than the 76% approval registered last Thursday night — the day after hostilities began — but remains significantly higher than support levels in the weeks and months leading up to the beginning of hostilities. Approval levels for the concept of war had been running in the high 50% range in the months leading up to last week. Support increased to 66% on Monday night, March 17, after President Bush made his “ultimatum” speech in which he pledged military action if Saddam Hussein did not leave Iraq, and, as noted, jumped to 76% on Thursday night.”

  53. Just A Citizen says:

    Worth the time to read this. Offered in the spirit of finding solutions.

    Summary: Eliminate public prosecutors and return to Common Law practice of Private legal action.


    • Good article.

      Makes me think of all the American citizens in prison for victim-less crimes. If my neighbor is smoking a plant, how does that harm me or anyone else? How is that wrong or a ‘crime’ other than the fact that a group of people have said that it is wrong? Why is it perfectly acceptable for one citizen to be in possession of a substance because he/she has a ‘permission slip’ (or prescription) while it is illegal for another citizen to have the same substance because they don’t have the ‘permission slip’?

      Seems to me that a lot of laws nowadays are simply for someone else’s benefit rather than the prevention of harm to someone.

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