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  1. I heard that a Democrat has already blamed the Republicans for the Philly train wreck. When is it going to be time to eliminate Democrats from holding office? 🙂

    I know, wishful thinking 😀

  2. Buck, on the vaccination issue. I’m not an anti-vaxxer, as I have said. I have had more than my share. Dale did bring up a valid point about how they have changed over time. This I feel is part of why there are problems. It has been long ago that a CDC whistleblower came out and said that blacks had a 347% higher chance of becoming autistic from the MMR vaccine and those results were hidden. That, to me, is the difference between being pro-vax and pro choice.

    I haven’t had a flu shot since 1988. I haven’t had the flu since after that last shot. I spent 10 years working in a hospital since then. The CDC came out last year and said that ’14s flu vaccine was only 18% effective, yet, this was stated after Big Pharma made their billions. Want to bet that the democrat who is pushing this bill has some money invested in Big Pharma?

  3. I guess the infrastructure was not available to put a governor on the train to limit its speed. I figure we can blame that one on……Ted Cruz!

    Be interesting to find out what the hoople engineer was doing as he doubled the speed. Similar to what happened in the Bronx back in 2013. At 225th Street, there is a damn near 90 degree turn which has been there since the mid 1850’s going to high school and college, I passed it every day, a truly wicked turn which follows the shoreline. The engineer of that train seems totally excused by the NTSB despite the fact that the black boxes on trains he drove show that he liked to speed. But, his undiagnosed “Sleep Apnea” caused the problem, not him. This one can probably be blames on Marco Rubio since Chuck Schumer said finances were not made available to put automatic speed controls on the train.


    What you want to bet the engineer here will get a pass too?

    There is something terribly wrong with the railroad system. When you do your taxes you may notice a series of special rules for railroad workers and retirees. Why? Several years ago over 600 workers on the LIRR lost disability, tax free pensions due to fraud. Well, I just found out that they all got them back! seems the onus was placed on the doctors they used to create the fake claims at their request I might add.


    • I have read that AMTRAC received over 1 billion in 2014. I’m betting that it’s expenditure will come under some heavy scrutiny. I also heard that they got more than they had asked for from the Feds. Laughably, any arguments that it’s a money issue would fall flatly on Obama. Leave it to the Democrats to quickly take advantage of the deaths of Americans to add to their agenda. I’m wishfully thinking again 🙂

  4. http://www.newswithviews.com/Duigon/lee302.htm


    • This is old news to the Twitchy crowd. They have been all over this stuff. Microagression, trigger warnings, safe rooms. It’s hillarious to follow those threads. Here’s Katie Pavlich’s trigger warning. Hope this works right: https://thisistwitchy.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/katietrigger.jpg?w=210

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      So by being passive, or ignoring someone it’s being labeled aggression, punishable by law…people spend an awful lot of time figuring all possible angles to gain control. I guess it has its roots in “Passive-aggressive” behavior. Probably one of the most effective forms of aggression especially towards someone looking for a fight. Even by not responding to a taunt is considered aggressive behavior because it pisses off the other person even more.

      It sure works on me.

  5. What would a day be without some doom and gloom. Today’s subject, the debt bubble. Those who are better at economics than me can share your opinion if you would:

    The central banks… by us adopting a debt-based economic model, which demands that cash be borrowed from the future in greater and greater amounts to sustain what we have here, have created an alternative universe which would not exist. If we did not have access to all of these funds that we’re borrowing from the future and inflating this debt we would not have the lifestyle that we have now.

    It’s created a population boom… a population boom has risen in tandem with the debt. It’s incredible.

    So, when the debt bubble bursts we’re going to get a correction in population. It’s a mathematical certainty.

    Millions upon millions of people are going to die on a world-wide scale when the debt bubble bursts. And I’m saying when not if…

    When resources become more and more scarce we’re going to see countries at war with each other. People will be scrambling… in a worst case scenario… doing everything that they can to survive… to provide for their family and for themselves.

    There’s no way out of it.

    They understand where this is going… Let’s put this into perspective… The world’s central banks, by going negative [interest rates] they’ve turned the entire financial system upside down. That’s how desperate they’ve become. They’re charging people to put cash into these institutions…

    It can’t work. It’s not how it’s designed to work.

    So, that should tell us all how close we must be to this moment.

  6. Is it just me or does it seem improbable, at best, to read 800 pages in 45 minutes?

    Is it all being kept secret because they have something to hide? They also will not answer certain questions? Naw, I’m sure we can trust the government to keep U.S. citizens best interests at the forefront. SMH


    • This TPP issue has me quite concerned about numerous things. Since it’s all a big secret, it can’t be good for the people. I’ll venture to say that it will result in a massive redistribution of wealth. No telling what other crap Obama thinks he can get away with.

  7. You gotta love it…….at the Camp David Summit…..4 of 6 of the big boys are not going to be there….one of them going to a horse show. So, now it gets returned. The indifference and the lack of respect being shown back to him……sending low level envoys and he is trying to pave the road to a nuclear Iran….and the other states don’t want it.

    It is going to be interesting….to say the least as to what unfolds in the future. It will be an Iran dominated middle east.

    • dale A Albrecht says:

      I don’t know if it was written here or I saw it somewhere else…but wouldn’t it be interesting if the nations that are going to be most upset with Iran when they gain a nuclear arsenal put aside their difference with Israel and balance the power that way. Maybe the guys with the big bucks, Saudi’s and the UAE make Jordan Syria and Egypt take a part of THEIR territory that was part old Palestine/Judea and create a permanent State for the Palestinians. That just might get some resemblance of peace for awhile.

  8. @ BF…..you say ” If we did not have access to all of these funds that we’re borrowing from the future and inflating this debt we would not have the lifestyle that we have now.”

    D13: You are correct….it would be better than we have now.

    YOu say ” Millions upon millions of people are going to die on a world-wide scale when the debt bubble bursts. And I’m saying when not if…”

    D13: Why? I don’t believe that at all but I am basing my feelings on economics….where are you coming from?

    • What I am thinking is the Wiemar Republic on a grand scale. If value collapses, everything else follows. The question is can central government intervention occur fast enough and harshly enough to prevent total collapse? Rioters will be shot, no option!

      This is in fact one of those apocalyptic scenarios. The cities have a three day food supply on hand at best. If money becomes worthless, barter will occur but barter is a one on one proposition it cannot possibly occur on the scale that is necessary to keep supplies rolling in.

      • displacedokie says:

        The was a survival/prepper book called “Patriots” (it’s kind of a survival book written into a novel) by John Wesley, Rawles that uses this exact scenario. It was the author’s first book so the writing isn’t great but the story is pretty good, the scenario is realistic and fleshed out well, and prepper tips are good and cover many levels of preparedness, environments, and budgets. I definitely would recommend it for pretty much everybody here. It would be interesting to read some SUFA members’ take on the stuff in it- SUFA book club, lol.

      • @D13, I didn’t type that, it was part of the article linked. Your answer is sensible, I reckon.

    • What about economics do you believe that a debt bubble won’t happen?

      • There are bubbles every day…..but I get the gist of what you are talking about. I have to fall back on what I see on a daily basis and what we, as a family, review when it comes to economics…..the key is still currency and inflation. The other key is devaluations.

        If you are talking about the United States….let us take a look at reality. We have a staggering debt…and it is getting worse. Global economics will not respond like…let’s say, the US housing bubble…..not in an electronic age. It was not supply side economics that caused the housing bubble……it was the machinations of Congress…Dodd/Frank..and the GNMA…..this was an intentional machination to create this situation….It did not happen accidentally.

        Fast forward to now…..ok so what happens if we have a bubble on debt? There is not enough money, collateral, or whatever in the world that can cover world debt now….when the world went off collateral based assets, ( meaning gold or some such acceptable medium ) in national treasuries to back debt…..nothing matters anymore.

        What do you think would happen to China if the US suddenly said…..ooops…..no interest money for you……Do you think that they are going to come over here to repossess anything? The answer is no. When faced with reality, who do you think the world is going to trust even if there is a sudden devaulation in US currency?

        So to answer your question directly……is it possible there will be a global debt bubble burst…..I do not think so at this time.

    • Sorry BF..I did it again,……….this was intended for G man…….see what no Dr Pepper does to one?

  9. Back to the train wreck and 24-7 news coverage.

    What do you engineer types think it would cost too outfit a train with a GPS system which would sound a beeper as you approach a lower speed limit or if you exceeded the posted limit? Keep in mind that unlike a car GPS, this would have to be constantly upgraded for track work etc.

    Thinking back to my youth again and one of those anecdotes Charlie disparages. A friend, Marty Caprallian’s Dad had a ’62 Pontiac Catalina, loaded. One of the features I loved was a primitive cruise control that sounded a buzzer if you went a few miles above the setting. No computer, no taking the foot off the gas but if the rpm went above what you set, Bzzzzz. Seems that fifty plus years down the pike you could incorporate something old and something new for a couple hundred bucks per unit.

    • I have a better idea…….take the Amtrac taxpayer subsidy away. Turn it over to private investment…and let the people who use it….to pay for it. Use the taxpayer subsidy to do the great infrastructure rebuilding that everybody says does not have enough money ( which we all know is BS ) …and let the public funding of AMTRAC go. HOw about that?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I got a kick out of reading all the “left” oriented commentary the last two days about our “crumbling infrastructure” and of course the particular issue of “trains”.

      Seems many on the left are suffering serious “train envy” issues relative to other nations and their “bullet trains”. Some trying to claim a modern 200 mph train could make the curve the Amtrak train missed. Physics be damned apparently.

      My comment: TRAINS are a 19th Century means of moving people over long distances. Time the world accepted that fact and let passenger trains go the way of the stage coach.

      They are not much better when moving people within a city. It is time to focus on their replacement technology.

      • dale A Albrecht says:

        dematerialization….just think of the trans-gender foul-ups that’ll occur.

        I used to listen to the old members of my family, RIP. They created quite a sizable amount of land holdings that 100% is still in decendents hands and they were just lousy immigrants in the late 1890’s. They had the best relationship with banks…..NONE. My parents followed that ideal. However, my Father said that after 1969 no matter how much he made in salary as a executive at IBM his standard of living stayed flat after that point. They did no more or less and traveled just as much but stayed flat. Now for us folks that started working in ’70…assuming employment by a business, not your own, the buying power at that time on 10-12K is roughly the same as what you can purchase today at 100K-120K. An illusion of wealth, but just treading water and most likely sinking for most folks.

  10. More fun economy stuff:

    I’ve seen no headlines reporting on the results of Federal Reserve Bank surveys in Philadelphia, New York and Atlanta all finding that in response to Obamacare, few — if any — full-time jobs are being created, part-time jobs are the norm, and higher costs for health insurance are being passed on to employees.

    There it is. Two mysteries are solved at once. This is why we see only part-time jobs being created and why consumer spending is weak despite lower gas prices. Obamacare is wrecking the economy. Who says so? The Fed. Who did they ask? The only people whose opinions matter: employers.

    Lastly, how can the media justify touting 223,000 jobs created without mentioning that in the same month we hit a record low for Americans not in the labor force? Some 93,194,000 of our fellow citizens of working age are not working. That’s the record for the most-ever not working.

    This article slams the MSM, rightfully so.

    • dale A Albrecht says:

      Because the MSM and the politicians can get a better quality of product than those folks in Colorado courtesy of the DEA.

  11. Colonel — what’s going on with Texas!? No state income tax of trusts but Texas doesn’t allow for a self-settled spendthrift trust?? I thought Texas was the land of the free…

    • Well, I actually asked that question last year. We have several trusts in place that protect and move assets around already…..In my opinion, a self-settled spendthrift trust….that is, a self-settled trust that is an irrevocable trust in which the grantor is also the primary beneficiary is a great way to defraud creditors. I am sure that there is a way to do this properly but I would think that a liberal thinker as you are would be against this type of trust since it would allow the wealthy to protect assets from future creditors and ex spouses, etc and still be the beneficiary.

      However, since I would fall into that category now, cool beans for me. But, there are so many ways now to set up trusts, transfer in between them to move money and assets around for distribution, to minimize capital gains, and estate tax issues, to create new basis for long term stocks/bonds……etc.

      Nowm in checking, I noticed that of the 50 states and territories……only 14 allow the self settled spendthrift trusts…….but to answer your question on freedom…..allow me to expound…..Texas is very proud of its thinking in trying to eliminate the fraud that is or could be rampant in things. For example, in our insurance industry, the issue of Workmen’s Compensation…eliminating the lump sum awards, adopting loser pays on lawsuits, putting ceilings on awards, and things like that have significantly lowered insurance pricing and directly saves the State, its citizens, and business’ that were being strangled.

      There are many other things that Texas has done along those lines….which is why we have no income taxes on trusts, personal, or any other. I, of course,would like a self-settled spendthrift trust…I would benefit greatly…..but I see the fraud side of it. Besides, like I previously mentioned….this type of trust, while simpler, is not really needed.

      • Now, if we could only get rid of the franchise tax that Granny Annie put in……

      • “I am sure that there is a way to do this properly” — yes, yes there is. I routinely work on these.

        “against this type of trust” — depends entirely on the situation at hand. If you are talking about a ‘fraudulent conveyance’ then yes, I am absolutely against it and even those states allowing self-settled spendthrift trusts do not permit this.

        There are really two issues at hand with using these trusts — one being the beneficiary of your own trust and two avoiding state income taxes. I’ve always been a bit surprised that out of all states, Texas doesn’t permit both.

        • Not a fraudulent conveyance……but where, in anticipation of defrauding creditors, exes…..this is where I feel that being the issue lies….however, when you look at the boiler plate issue….I have to admit I am a bit surprised as well but if there is no income tax anyway….it seems a bit redundant UNLESS the issue is to keep creditors and exes at bay….but I can see your point….it is interesting. I wonder what the actual emphasis on this is ……think I will look around on this one.

          • Violative of public policy – same reason for the majority of states (or, more succinctly, protection of creditors rights)

            Oh I agree about anticipated creditors – I would never agree to represent someone that wanted to put the bulk of their assets in such a trust. Most, if not all, states allowing for it put a cap on what percentage of one’s net worth can be transferred.

            • That is very interesting……since we do not have it I was wondering if there were caps on it….I do have a question….those states that have these types of trusts…are they tax free?

              • The ones I deal with have no state income tax. There may be one or two that have a low tax rate, not sure.

  12. By the way…….GMan…since you were bashing Texas……With all needs met…

    Texas Legislature’s 2015 Session Begins With Budget Surplus, Says Comptroller Hegar
    By Ryan Poppe • Jan 12, 2015

    One of the jobs Glen Hegar, Texas’ new Comptroller of Public Accounts, has is to estimate just how much spending money the state’s lawmakers will have over the next two years. This time around, a large unspent surplus from the previous administration has given the comptroller a little more breathing room despite a continued drop in oil prices.

    The 2013 estimate by outgoing Comptroller Susan Combs was off, giving legislators an additional $7.5 billion in 2015, and bringing the grand total lawmakers have to spend up to $113 billion. And Hegar said this estimate by his office does account for steadily declining oil prices. “These lower prices will likely lead to a significant slowing in oil exploration and production, and thus has dampened our overall economic forecast for the biennium,” he said.

    But the surplus helps offset what might otherwise have made things difficult. Hegar said over next two years, the Texas economy should continue to expand, but at a much slower pace than seen in recent times, unless there’s a reversal in the decline of oil prices.

    Talmadge Heflin, with the conservative think-tank the Texas Public Policy Foundation, said they were happy with the comptroller’s estimates. “It seems like a very strong economy going forward even though it’s a little less then we have seen in the last couple of years,” said Heflin. He said that still should leave three to five billion dollars for the tax cuts that the Republicans would want to pass in 2015.

    Isnt a balanced budget great?

    • Balanced budgets are great! I have no problem with Texas Colonel, I have a problem with piss poor reporting.

      • The reporters must have moved in from California and are accustomed to not telling the whole story. 🙂

        • LOL…now you did hit one major truth…..Californians are moving in leaving a state that was oppressive…only to come here and want Texas to become….oppressive.

          • Unfortunately a standard liberal trait. Ruin something to the point where you cannot stand to live there anymore then move and do it all over again. Hence, my comparison to French WW 1 generals. It was not the machine gun which broke up the mass infantry attacks it was the lack of Elan, spirit in the troops so, let’s do it all over again! Little more of the elan thing this time! Watch DeBlassio in NYC who is destined to be the General Robert Nivelle of urban mayors.

          • dale A Albrecht says:

            Cancer is a very hard disease to cure….unfortunately I believe there will be a heck of a lot more cross state line migrants heading your way. Especially to states that have water.

      • Speaking of reporting, did you catch the story about the NY cop who shot the guy attacking the other cop with a hammer? If you saw the video, the shooting cop was within feet, maybe 6-8 feet, shoot 4 times, hitting the guy 2 times. This is much more typical of how police shoot under pressure. Luckily, the 2 stray bullets didn’t cause further human suffering.

        • I saw that….and do not understand why the shooting policeman was running and trying to shoot a handgun at the same time…..He fired several shots when stopping and aiming….would have been one shot.

    • We’re running a surplus in CA as well but the Dems still want to raise taxes.

      • A surplus of debt? I know you mean deficit, but…..:)

        • No we have a surplus of cash over expenses. Yes we still have debt from previous years but due to Bown’s tax increase and the slightly improved economy we are actually running a surplus. But I have faith that the Dems in the legislature can solve that problem.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Seems like a pretty large “error” by the former comptroller. I suggest someone look into the new guys calculations a little harder.

      I saw this scenario years ago in Idaho. No surplus, then a huge surplus…which got spent, then the projections failed. This created CUTS to balance the increased spending against the reduced revenue.

      • Agreed however, this instance is not that there was no surplus…..just how large it is…..but, the person that predicted it earlier used oil prices at $95…..the reality is that the oil went much lower….BUT….and a huge B U T…..this surplus is assuming that oil will rise over the next two years to $65.

        Also,remember this for Texas….Governor Abbott has the line item veto that is vote proof. I suspect that despite th rosy prediction, Abbott will do what he believes in….conservatism….we will continue our rainy day fund and he will line through superfilous spending……we still had a surplus but one that was predicated on $95…….this one is predicated on $65 in two years. It is not lost on me that this is accounting……and when you try to pass a TWO year budget with caps…….it can get creative.

  13. Do Liberal in politics ever stop telling lies? These one’s are whoppers and the result, more control over law abiding citizens, what else. Really thinking wishfully now 👿


    • displacedokie says:

      I read about this on another site. I wonder what their goal is bringing it up with a republican controlled congress. I mean, I know their goal, but you think they’d save it for when they control congress. Maybe I give their intelligence level more respect than I should.

      • I not so sure a Republican Congress means anything, considering that both Obamacare and immigration got funded this year. The claims are complete nonsense and more importantly, it’s none of the governments business what we purchase if we can legally purchase it. Maybe it’s time to ask that we ban cars, which kill far more people. Go back to horse and buggy and save the earth from the other fraud they profess 😀

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Good to see you are still kicking. And hopefully safe.

        When out of power the goal is to place the OTHER in a box where you can ridicule them with absurd accusations that fit the narrative you create with propaganda.

        Thus the R’s will be accused of voting to allow school children to be killed or for putting guns and ammo in the hands of criminals. Just as they are accused of trying to starve children for voting to reduce the “escalation” in CHIP payments.

        So sometimes the goal of legislation is nothing but political gaming. But it does set the stage for actual policy or legislation down the road.

        • displacedokie says:

          I figured it was one of those “look what I proposed” type things that congress critters from dark blue areas do to drum up more votes or donations come campaign time.

  14. Trigger Warning for VH! No reply necessary…just go to your safe space and chill. 😉

    Cecile Richards ✔@CecileRichards
    Put simply: a 20-week abortion ban lacks compassion & it lacks respect. #StopTheBans #HR36

    • It also lacks science…

      • ……and you lack compassion and respect. Besides I thought it was up to the mom to decide, so you really have no say so in the matter. But if a mom doesn’t have it figured out before twenty weeks that she doesn’t want her baby…it just sucks.

        • How do I lack compassion and respect? It is up to the mother to decide, so why impose some arbitrary date certain which lacks any scientific basis?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        That is a very odd statement, to say the least.

        How is there NO science in such a policy?

        • I didn’t say NO science, I said it LACKS science.

          But regardless, as we’ve discussed in the past, 20 weeks is a completely arbitrary moment that doesn’t take into consideration whether or not that particular fetus is viable. I’ve long argued for a viability standard.

          • displacedokie says:

            I’d say 20 isn’t quite arbitrary since it’s about the time that you can find out the sex of the baby. I do think it’s more an attempt of incrementalism by the pro life crowd. In reality, it all comes down to when you think life begins and that’s it, no amount of arguing or compromise will ever work because they are mutually exclusive positions. I still don’t get how this isn’t a state issue, anyway….lookie here I just fixed the problem without even stating my opinion on the topic, once again illustrating the brilliance of the 10th amendment.

            • YUP…….Here (((( DP))))) have a Dr Pepper.

            • “it all comes down to when you think life begins and that’s it”

              You want to propose legislation for a total ban, fine, that’s at least a legitimate argument to make. A 20 week ban is arbitrary – why not a 19 week ban? why not 21? There is nothing about 20 weeks that would apply across the board to warrant such a move.

              • Why not- no ban at all? Because that is the only law that would make any sense if one is actually claiming women’s rights.

                If I remember you and Jac’s discussion it was based on No abortions, except for the mothers life after viability-that isn’t what we have-so what you are arguing is that we should just stay with what the courts decided over 40 years -science be damned- Which in practice is no ban at all.
                As far as science-a new report was released not long ago that was based on the survival rate of pre-mature babies-per that study babies born as 23 weeks have a high survival rate and those born at 22 weeks isn’t high but they have survived. So why should we stay at 24 weeks or if memory serves me the actual court allowable was 27 or 28 weeks based an an argument that isn’t relevant to what is actually happening.

                So your question why 19 or 20. Lets change that to why 24? Why per science should we stick to that arbitrary number?

              • Not ban at all would be a legitimate position to take as well.

                Basically I take umbrage at any arbitrary date certain. To me I can think of 3 legitimate positions. [Actually, 4 now that I think of it (Mathius’ proposition of it being based upon brain function).]

                1) Full ban – no abortions, period.

                2) No ban whatsoever.

                3) Viability.

                I like #3.

              • Your current choices are 20 weeks or 24 up to 27 or 28, to the best of my knowledge, depending on the state, both or arbitrary. Neither is based on viability. Or that’s not completely true, the 24 to 28 pick has been proven to be after viability. So pick one

              • The point I’m trying to make-we have discussions about how it should be-then we have discussions like this one that is about actual policy-about the reality of current law-these are not the same conversations and the same arguments don’t always apply. So you talking about a possible new law being stupid because it’s arbitrary isn’t relevant because the old law is arbitrary.

              • Why do I have to choose one of those? I choose a law based upon viability…

                If I’m being roped in to choosing either 20 weeks or 24-28, I will choose the latter.

              • Well, I can’t change the fact that our world requires we make decisions-but I wouldn’t say you are being roped into anything. If you care about the issue and if you have a stand-than you will make a choice-even taking no stand is in it’s self a choice.

                In the end, IMO, the right choice is picking the one that is more closely based upon the stand you’re taking. So if viability is your stand-than picking a date that allows babies to be killed after viability is the wrong one.

              • So Buck, you picked the later date a date that babies are viable by your definition-so maybe you should think about whether your stand is really viability or just standing with the Cause.

              • No – you are roping me into making a choice between the 2 choices you want. I would choose a 3rd option – viability.

                And the reason I would choose the latter is because it is the only choice of the two that does not cut off a woman’s right prior to viability. By going with the later date it permits more woman to make this choice before the point of viability.

              • Note – there is no clear cut date certain of viability. Rather, the age of viability occurs sometime between 22 and 26 weeks. So 24-28 weeks is a better fit than 20, which would effectively cut off the right of woman between 20 and up to 26 weeks.

                See the problem there?

              • What I see, is you saying having a bill that kills babies before viability is okay. Thought viability was your cut off date.

              • Obviously , I meant After viability

              • And No Buck, I’m not roping you into anything-those are the available choices. Haven’t seen any democrats wanting the change the date to 21 weeks-have you!

              • But I do not believe women should be cut off BEFORE viability, which is exactly what a 20 week ban would do.

                Again – this is why I am proposing a different law based around viability.

              • V – I don’t want the law changed to 21 weeks either!!

                How many times can I say that I do not support ANY date certain. I’m not sure what it is you’re missing here…

              • Well, I’m in the same boat because I don’t know what you’re missing either 🙂

                But I’ll try one more time-you don’t get to make these decisions all by yourself-they are made through our legal process-so unless you become a member of Congress and get a bill passed you have to decide based on the choices given you-which right now are 20 weeks or leaving the law unchanged, which recent study’s show would allow abortion after viability.

                The fact that there is no date positive is true based on viability but there are dates positive that show babies have and can survive at 22 weeks-so why wouldn’t you want the law based on no abortions after 21 weeks-if viability is your stand. Why the hell would you stand with a current law that allows them wayyy past that date.

              • Again – I wouldn’t want the law based on 21 weeks because that has nothing to do with viability, which can and does sometimes not occur until as late as 26 weeks. As a result I will stand with the current law over cutting off a woman’s ability to make the decision for herself.

              • I just have to ask-on what knowledge do you claim that viability does not occur until as late as 26 weeks? I mean “the can and does sometimes not occur” argument isn’t a stand against abortion after viability it’s a rationalization to allow them.

              • From wikipedia (admittedly not the best source, but I am at work and knee-deep in tax forms at the moment)…

                “The limit of viability is the gestational age at which a prematurely born fetus/infant has a 50% chance of long-term survival outside its mother’s womb. With the support of neonatal intensive care units, the limit of viability in the developed world has declined since 50 years ago, but has remained unchanged in the last 12 years.[8][9] Currently the limit of viability is considered to be around 24 weeks although the incidence of major disabilities remains high at this point.[10][11] Neo-natologists generally would not provide intensive care at 23 weeks, but would from 26 weeks.”

                To add…

                “There are several factors that have an impact on the chance of survival of the baby. Two notable factors are age and weight. The baby’s gestational age (number of completed weeks of pregnancy) at the time of birth and the baby’s weight (also a measure of growth) influence whether the baby will survive.”

              • And sense you just keep saying nothing has anything to do with viability-what does-how is one to decide viability-what do you base it on-if not whether or not babies have survived outside the womb at a certain gestational age? Then what


              • Facts and circumstances based on medical evidence.

              • So now we’re talking about some percentage of babies that can survive -so it’s okay to kill viable babies if only 50% of the babies could survive. But most of those babies are denied medical treatment based on your statistics , who knows how many could really survive. And the new studies that have been done are making doctors question whether they should do more than just palliative care when babies are 22 or 23 weeks along. Because hospitals that are actually trying to keep them alive are having good results.

                But all these facts and figures-really don’t mean much-if babies have and can survive at 22 weeks-than some of them are viable and you do not know which ones. SO now the definition has changed and it’s Chance of survival-Nothing like claiming the right to kill someone because they Might Not survive instead of what has been promoted as the inability to survive. That license to kill-just grows stronger and stronger every year since this evil was passed. Chance of survival-justification of murder by anyone’s terms.

              • I’m surprised you don’t agree with my viability framework — as medical advances are made the point of viability would be reached earlier, causing abortions to have to be performed earlier.

              • Really, well, we’re there-it’s been proven babies can survive as early as 22 weeks outside the womb-but somehow it’s still okay to kill them based on a new arbitrary definition of viability. Wasn’t the definition arbitrary enough to begin with.

                I really have to wonder what medical advances will convince you- if babies actually surviving at an earlier age doesn’t do it. I do now, I suppose understand why you insist that you stand on viability, you were using a different definition. A definition based on allowing people to abort viable babies-but I guess that definition makes about as much sense as the original viability argument makes.

              • V – I feel you aren’t reading what I’m saying. I support a law based on viability, not an arbitrary date certain of with 20 weeks, 24 weeks or 28 weeks. Viability would’ve determined by the doctor based on his opinion of the facts and circumstances of that particular situation.

                Now, what for purposes of the law would satisfy a definition of ‘viability’ would require input from doctors.

              • Buck, let’s just let it go for today 🙂 I do understand how you would like things to be.

              • As always, we shall agree to disagree.

            • Problem not solved. I don’t see the murder of innocents as a states rights issue.

              • Hey V, we agree!! I don’t see women’s rights as a states rights issue either 🙂

              • Woman’s rights-sure woman have the right to decide who has the right to be born and who doesn’t-who gets to live and who dies- woman get to make this decision for all of us -excuse me but I see nothing sane in that idea.

              • You say potayto, I say potahto.

              • Really, VH….and why not?

              • Because no one has the right to kill innocents just because they want too. Being a state law instead of a federal law doesn’t change that fact. You might as well tell me the state has the Right to proclaim we can kill all babies born of illegal aliens or because there black, or they have green eyes.

              • Unfortunately Buck is coming from legalistic point of view and VH is coming from a moral. In the case of abortion, they are mutually exclusive.

                Now of course Buck would argue that is not true and I would argue it was. There will never be a one size fits all to this argument. People are aborting for sex selection in Asia and for that matter here too.

              • You are correct — I disagree that legal and moral are necessarily opposed on this issue.

    • Call it karma or God’s justice-but when ever I would get mad at someone, my momma would tell me that everyone gets what is coming to them eventually.

      • an added note-her use of the word everyone, usually settled me down-I knew I wasn’t perfect nor exempt ?

  15. Has anyone noticed on the film of the policeman that chased and shot the man with the hammer…..look at the pedestrians……LOL…no one cares…..

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    Debt, debt and more debt. None of us know just how much DEBT has been incurred by various Govt. entities. And I believe that is on purpose. The last number I saw from anyone connected to the data was a total of around 170 TRILLION. But I doubt that number is reliable either. Because of the methods of accounting and reporting.


  17. Hey Buck……was just listening to a young lady that has failed a test twice to become a nurse and is suing because she was stressed and cannot take tests like this without the instructor being present to answer questions……

    Now, in getting my Masters…..I was stressed and could not sleep well and was worried that the professional panel reviewing and grading my thesis……..

    I think you and I are entitled to sue…….whaddaya say….class action?

    • Ummmm…yeah…because I wasn’t stressed at all in the run up to the bar exam…

  18. Question…..you now have Iran that has seized two ships in international waters….and has fired “over the bow” of said ships in International Waters…..There is no enforcement of International Waters…..International Waters are supposed to be patrolled by everyone…..so…what to do now? What would any of you do as a POTUS.

    • Well, not like I really know-but doesn’t allowing Iran to shoot at all these boats make the area more unstable than it would be if America was telling Iran to stop or else. The else being whatever was necessary if Iran didn’t back off.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I would be standing before the UN asking them what THEY were going to do about it, since they don’t want the US to enforce international law. Put the freakin heat on the hypocrites.

      Then I would order general escorts and the next shooting incident would be met with shooting back. This is the actual purpose of the US Navy. To help secure shipping lanes in international waters.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just like the reflagging during the 80’s. The Navy did take it to several Iranian assets and staging areas that were interferring with transit in international waters. They were small assets though. It did quiet down though when the information that we were supplying Iran with arms during the Iraqi/Iranian war and an Iraqi pilot shot and hit exocet missles at the Stark in revenge for the death of his brother by those arms. Today it will end up being a bigger cluster F!!! even with all the duplicity that went on at that time, because it has continued unabated.

        They may reflag, but what happened when a Marshall Islands ship was seized. No it wasn’t a US flagged carrier but we do handle by mutual agreement their security….so in the long run nothing will happen.

      • The UN is a joke and serves no useful purpose. I was part of the UN peace keeping team in Bosnia. We were soecifically told NOT to interfer in the civil war even if it meant annihilation of a group of people. LIke the 26,000 people slaughtered in front of us for three days…while we did nothing except watch…. The UN iis a joke and cannot be relied upon…It will be the US that will enforce the strait……just to keep Russia and China out.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I did not say they were of any real value. I said I would hold them accountable and ridicule them to shame and back. It is time we had a POTUS who stopped kissing their backsides and put the fire to them.

          If they are going to exist and if they are going to play their stupid games condemning the USA then the USA needs to fight back.

          Then go on about our business of securing shipping on the open seas.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            How many people caught that immediately after the big broo haha in the Arabian Sea concerning the Iranian ships heading towards Yeman, they turned around and headed home very quietly. No real pronouncement that this occured by the media. Just subsequently two ships or more ships fired on, or seized in international waters by Iran.

            I believe that Iran is weaponized NOW and has been and all this negotiating has been a diversion. They do have an awful lot of smart people and assets. Undoubtably scientists from Pakistan, Korea assisting and Russia supplying materials. European and US companies through subsidiaries trading high tech material and just being winked at. It has been at least 10 years since the national intelligence assessment said they have no intention and are years away…no big deal then, OK so why the continued crisis for the past 8. Its been all a serious bit of stagecraft to convince the world that something is being done when it is a fait accomplis already. I’ll bet when the time is right it will be announced and a woeful shrug of we lied by the ayatollahs, but then what’s anyone to do about it.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          It’s a deadly game of brinksmanship and the enemy is off handedly Russia and an increasing amount of aggressive stance against China. But our foreign policy is actually forging closer ties between those two.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Today Obama said he wasn’t going to draw a “redline” this time with the alleged chlorine attack in Syria…OK..but then also says today that there’ll be an iron clad guarantee of security for those nations afraid of Iran going nuclear. That sounds like a pretty wide redline with a center median down the middle. He’ll leave it dangle until he leaves office and will let his successor get shellaced hoping it will be a Republican. I still feel that accounting for all our actions covering the past 35 years, despite all the bellicose rhetoric, Iran is actually an ally of the US.

      • Dale…I do not know why this progressive movement thinks that they can win by being nice…..it is impossible. And I will also disagree with you on another point. We owe no apology to any nation….none.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I don’t think in any way I said we’re being nice….I said, I believe that we are being very duplicitous and giving one impression while pursuing another goal. That is to keep Russia out of the area and unstable especially in their now lost southern muslim territories. All the countries that are coming apart or were taken apart by us and our alliances were client states of Russia, Iraq, Syria, Yeman, Egypt, Libya. Why did the administration so obviously keep quiet during the fraudulent elections in Iran when the people were ready to revolt and we remained silent and unsupportive…yet goad and push and betray, encourage revolt and use direct warfare as needed in all those other countries I mentioned before.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Something to consider when arguing the abortion issue.

    Our laws really do not ban murder. They establish definitions of murder and assign criminal charges when murder occurs.

    Why do we sentence murderers to prison? The only real reason is to protect society from those that murder for the hell of it. We claim “justice” is somehow served by imprisoning a person. But is it justice or simply a version or “revenge”. You kill we put you in prison.

    For those that murder but are not habitual killers, what is achieved by sending them to prison??

    Think of this another way. Prison time is a restitution to who?? The taxpayers pay the price of incarceration. The same taxpayers want the person imprisoned. So is it not Society that is claiming restitution rather than the family of the victim??

  20. What knucklehead decided that for Raven 15-03, an appropriate shooting target should be a soccer mom! And who decided that, despite owning 31 million acres—48,000 square miles—the military now needs to skulk around off-base because it would be more realistic to operate amongst the “civilian population,” also known as America?


    • A realistic military training exercise took a deadly turn in 2002, when a Moore County, North Carolina sheriff’s deputy pulled over what he thought was a suspicious-looking truck and shot two soldiers, killing one and wounding another. The soldiers were participating in an exercise similar to “Jade Helm 15” known as “Robin Sage” and had believed that the sheriff’s deputy was playing a role in the operation, too.


    • If my memory serves me correctly, these target designs were initially asked for and ordered by the DHS some time ago (and yes, I posted links on the subject back then). The reason for DHS’s request was desensitization. Seeing marines use them is a little strange, but not a surprise. Remember, these exercises are supposed to be “realistic”. Maybe that’s why some people are expressing concern over some of these exercises. I’m not all that concerned with the military, I’m far more worried about their civilian leadership. One of the things that I have been mentioning on some other CT sites, we don’t have enough military members to enforce a nationwide martial law plan. The could isolate, but not really do much more. I’m sure they have plans that may state otherwise, but for now, I’ll stay with that ideology (It helps to keep people from panicking, as there are some that may be on the verge). For the record, if I were asked to shoot at a picture of a soccer mom with a manicure, I would be uncomfortable a little.

      • Your memory serves you correctly. DHS even had targets with children holding a hand gun. I was quite upset when that all came out.

        Concerning the JH 15 and other RMT: I’m not worried about the enforcement of martial law….yet. In my opinion that’s not what Jade Helm is about. Rather the desensitization of the military and the acclimation of the citizens having a military presence around.

        I don’t trust their civilian leadership either.

        • Rick…as I said below…get past the target. Just you talking about it tells me you would hesitate……we have faced children with hand grenades before and women with automatic weapons. Think about our Western type of thinking….women and children are emotional soft spots……you cannot have special ops troops reacting on emotion.

          • Colonel

            I understand your point. And maybe I would hesitate, I don’t know. I’ve never been in a real situation. I used to shoot practical pistol (and shotgun) competitions. And there were hostage situations set up. I won’t lie…..I shot a lot of hostages in those competitions. I would keep practicing and try to do better in the next shoot. But, I would tell everyone I knew that if they were ever a hostage they better duck when I start shooting. LOL

            The example of the sheriff that shot the two soldiers……that is a concern of mine. Also we all know that accidents happen. Why subject the population to the possibility of an accident?

            I don’t trust our government, obviously. I also don’t think our military would willingly fire on innocent civilians. But you have to remember…..it did happen in Germany. And I don’t think it’s impossible for it to ever happen here. Mr. O is a nut job. I would not put it past him (or someone else in the future) to try something.

            If something were to happen on U.S. soil, I believe we would have civilians and soldiers fighting side by side rather than against each other. Maybe these RMT’s could involve the civilians as a supplement to the military? If civilians wanted to participate…..have them assisting the military in some way rather than having them as the target?

            • Yes sir,,,,,very fair question which is exactly what we do on the border now. We, the State of Texas, have organized the border ranchers into a real effective civilian fighting force….we armed them, we have given them all GPS devices, we have given them radios on classified frequencies. We have taught them how call in for support if needed. We have taught them how to observe and isolate and report. We have issued each rancher and their employees, Army Ranger Handbooks FC 21-76, Proponent ATSH-R with updates….and taught them reporting techniques and how to communicate to air assets. We have also told them them to consider themselves weapons free on their own property.

              In addition, in Texas, we have put the DPS ( Department of Public Safety ), the Texas Rangers ( not the baseball team ), and the local police forces on the same response frequencies as the military. ( I have never understood why, when you have a common purpose, everybody has their own frequencies )…..then you need a central coordinator to translate to three or four different enforcement agencies….when we have a situation, it is handled with in a TOC ( Tactical Operations Center ) with all agencies on the same frequencies as the military so coordination of all units can occur simultaneously…

              This was all done on State money and we did not clear nor ask permission nor do we share information with the Feds. We give them the after effects. We found that if we shared information with them, somehow, the other side always found out.

              Homeland security hates us with a passion…..but there is no love lost that way either. The Department of Immigration (INS), Homeland Security, and ICE are not trusted sources. We have, however had good luck with the FBI….but we only inform them on a limited basis. I am sorry to say that the Federal Government does not know how to defend anything and they certainly do not know how to defend a border.

    • Oh, Marines are known for fighting the enemy and are damn good at it. They are not however known to be strong on the common sense side of things. Only those who are not laden with good common sense would release photo’s like that, explaining it’s a “realistic” exercise. But, it’s the marines. 🙂

    • Something interesting about this photo……no combat stances on the target range…no identifiers on the uniforms…..

  21. Another example of a lack of professional ethics in the Left Wing media. http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/abc-newsman-george-stephanopoulos-donated-75k-clinton-foundation

    Then again, it’s only a matter of time before they have lost all credibility anyway, so they might as well speed up the process.

  22. I wonder….all you conspiracy theorists…when is the last time you have been to a commercial firing range? I can go to any range in this area and buy almost any type of target…I can buy targets that have Obama on them, or Biden, or Pelosi or space aliens, monsters…all kinds of identifiable targets…

    You can still buy Bin Laden targets, George Bush targets, Clinton targets…in football season, we buy and shoot up our rivalry teams like OU or Texas A&M….

    I don’t get it….we buy hostage targets all the time…with a bad guy looking over the shoulder of a good guy or female or child…we constantly train our Spec Ops on hostage targets….I do not understand the hoopla.

    • Most of the targets you mention are fun stuff. Who wouldn’t want to shoot at a target of Obama (or some other hated politician). Same with sports rivals. I like the hostage targets, it’s good for training for hostage situation. Soccer moms and pregnant women who are not dressed in camo with a Rambo bandana, well, I don’t see the fun or usefulness of such things. In fact, I can actually lead to accidental shootings of completely innocent people, like the 12 year old with a toy gun shot in a park not long ago. I don’t see desensitizing law enforcement or marines or Federal agents as necessarily a good thing. It’s creepy and can lead to mistakes. When the cops and feds are brainwashed into believing everyone is their enemy, what good can come from that?

      • That is what training is for, G man….you of all people should know this…think about it…when we are in a war environment, like Vietnam, when women and children were quite often combatants, whether forced of not, we were not prepared for that….a newbie in spec ops has been trained for the enemy…..but not trained for hostages. Think about the hesitation when a pregnant lady pops up with a bad guy behind her……you have been through it….put your training hat on…..a one second hesitation….the soldier dies. How many times have you run Hogan’s Alley? And, since warfare is shifting back to insurgency….training is imperative.

        • As I said, I have no problem with realistic training (Hogan’s Ally was great when I did it years ago). The pregnant lady with the bad guy behind her is totally acceptable and realistic. The soccer mom with a fresh manicure is pushing the limits of reality. But once again, it was DHS who originally ordered such targets, not the DOD. Frankly, I just don’t see a soccer mom ever being dumb enough to point a gun at a marine, do you?

        • Well, if the soccer Mom is drawing down on me then, I guess, I would shoot her.

  23. So, let me ask all of you…..just exactly what problem do you have with these type of training exercises? Because they are conducted off reservation? If you are a civilian pilot as I am…do you know how many MOA’s are out there? We fly through and around MOA’s constantly…..fighter jets are training…air drops occur…..take a look at Nevada and the amount of restricted air space is there. What is the difference? Do you realize that cars and trucks get “targeted” all the time? Especially in Wyoming and North and South Dakota?

    This exercise, Jade Helm, is even bringing back Vietnam Veterans simply because of their training in counter insurgency. I have even put my name in for consideration. Also, do not think for a minute the various civilian agencies have not been notified. They have and when a military convoy moves…. The State troopers of the respective states are required to monitor and block off convoy routes…a military convoy does not stop…it keeps moving and if it goes through a city or town, the law enforcement will have the traffic lights in sync and have the routes cleared of civilian traffic.. That is one main reason military convoys move at night. I am sure all of you have seen some convoy movements….

    Do not panic….civilians are not going to be kidnapped or used as hostages…we have OPFOR for that. And this is not a precursor to martial law for 2016. Any civilian buildings that are going to be used has already been cleared ahead of time. By cleared, I mean notified.

    Relax folks…..

    Oh, and don’t fret over the Texas Guard being called out…the State Guard…what a great training exercise for the State Militia…. They get to utilize surveillance techniques against the pros.

    • I don’t have any problem with the exercises at all. I think there is too much hoopla over the Jade helm 15 issue, but, it does make for some entertaining reading. The military trains when not fighting wars, that’s not really news. I think a lot of the hoopla is more about the distrust of the Federal government and Obama than any issue with the military. Obama’s purges hasn’t exactly been seen as anything good. Like I told Rick, I don’t see anything martial law, nor do I think it could be enforced countrywide. I did read a paper from an MIT student who figured it would take 25K troops just to enforce martial law in Seattle Washington. So, no, I’m not concerned about military exercises. Some of what they are practicing is a little creep, like what I mentioned above, but that can be excused as just some poor decisions.

      I do have a question maybe you can answer. There are some reports that DHS, FBI and DEA will be working with the Special Forces during Jade Helm. Is there any truth to that?

      • Good question and since my border area is going to be part of Jade Helm….I do have access to the training guidelines…I am not involved with Jade Helm….but I do have access…if not classified………get back to you on this. My guess is yes…since the exercise is on American dirt….my guess is yes because, even in martial law., civilian participation is normal.

  24. By the way…..I might add…….as far as our two borders are concerned…( Mexico and Canada ) realize this……there is no reaction plan nor defense plan in place today to protect our borders against invasion. None. In 2010, this administration offically stripped the military defense plan and, as present, there are NO military units assigned to protect the border in the even of any type of insurgency invasion or insurgency action. There are no longer QRT teams available for response. The only response that is left in place is the United States Air Force but there are no ground troops in which to direct any battlefield situation….ie: calling in airstrikes.

    • From Conspiracy theory thinking, just not one just yet. Under the guise of an exercise to give realist training to Special Force’s, which would leave them none the wiser. So, looking at the JH 15 map, SF goes into New Mexico and Arizona under the cover of dark and marks certain communication towers and other important strategic things that they would under a real world pre-invasion scenario. Two month’s seems a decent time frame to complete this. They also go within the population and mark key buildings and communication sites within urban areas within the corridor of the planned invasion scenario. Once complete, and all other areas of the exercise are accomplished, home they go, celebrating a successful exercise.

      In the meantime, all the GPS marks have been inputted into a computer somewhere for future use. The above exercise plans however, were not part of the initial exercise plans, but were added under secret orders after the exercise has already begun. Nobody would have a clue that they just set up a corridor for a real “invasion” of several hundred thousand illegal immigrants who are well armed and ready to take orders from their Messiah, King Obama.

      Now that’s a conspiracy theory 😀

  25. Personally, I think we should stop these, well I don’t think of them as people anymore, I think rabid animals-but we should make up our mind are we gonna actually help or just prolong the agony. This is just unacceptable and embarrassing for the US to have it’s ass kicked by these animals.


    • It seems that our marines are more concerned with soccer mom’s with fresh manicures. Apparently they are a much more dangerous threat 🙂

  26. You go Zo!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      What is wrong with her thumbs??? Never seen such an abnormal pair of ELONGATED thumbs.

      • Joan Rivers had the answer to that 😉

      • Obama had emergency surgery at the mayo clinic! His entire Left side was removed. Now he only has his “white” side BWAHAHAHA! That’s so stupid, I heard that from a left winger too!

    • I like Zo! What is sad it that Mooshell can be such an inspiration to the black community, instead, like her asshole husband, chooses to be a divisive race whore. One should ask “what the hell is she really trying to accomplish”? If it’s what happened in Baltimore and Ferguson, the two are winning. It’s a shame we have this kind of human waste occupying the Whitehouse. George Jefferson has more class than both of them combined. They must think Archie Bunker is a real life person living in every white neighborhood these days.

      • The problem is they are creating new Archie Bunkers every day. It is one thing for us here to dissect the problem, identify its roots and then propose solutions. Most folks are so dumbed down today, they just see what is going on, ask WTF is it with these “people” and dump everyone in teh same category.

        Wasn’t kidding a few weeks back when I said POTUS has set back the cause 60 years. With the shrinkage in population due to abortion, unfortunately they will be irrelevant in a few years.

        • I think we’re heading back much further than 60 years! But I agree with the thinking. Of course, the question should be asked, are white people under attack now in the US?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Used to hate “All in the Family” Nothing was ever resolved in any fashion. Unlike the “Honeymooners” that also dealt with contemporary issues of the day, heck a coldwater two room walkup apt. The rich guy was the sewer guy. They alway had some solution at the end. Never on All in the Family. Is that not still the case in real life over the issues showcased in tha show? Now the point most people feel is that Archie was the only bigot on the show. Far from it, Norman Lear was showing that bigotry and racism come at you from ALL races and stations in life and political points of view. Michael was just as big a bigot as Archie was in his way. Now…as smart as he was he never got up the gumption to leave the in-laws house and that meal ticket.

          Understand I grew up in an “Ozzie and Harriet” and “Leave it to Beaver” type environment and style neighborhood. Much less the writers, film lots and actors lived and worked all within a few miles or in the neighborhood. Writers from several shows used to come and observe school situations. Across the street from the last house in CA was an NBC outdoor film lot. Some old sets from Bonanza and Little House on the Praire started filming there. Environmental activists eventually got filming shut down through court action. There was nothing but wilderness and mountains from our street to the ocean. Unfortunately NBC said they had to sell because they could not use it anymore. Michael Landon came around trying to get a petition to block the court order. Anyway the enviro’s were a front group for a developer and now the whole area is wall to wall mega houses. in a major fire zone. We used to play as kids in the old Warner Bros lot. It ruined your impression of film….its all a facade. Nothing is real. It was still fun climbing around in the Ivanhoe castles and old west forts evading the watchman in the little red pickup truck. Also with a shotgun loaded with rocksalt….fun times

          • Dale….the sad part of being set back to the 60’s….the segregation today is the same or worse than it was….the attitude today is horrific…..this entitlement mentality. It is segregating our country worse than anything in the 60’s. This great society experiment is a miserable failure…..Europe is getting away from it. We need to do the same.

            Nothing will change, however, until personal responsibility becomes the norm. i have seen the liberals using the term disenfranchisement…….but when asked to prove it…they cannot. This “great society” has created the disenfranchisement…..it is designed to keep people in poverty.

  27. I find it quite interesting that I can go to a CT site, read, might learn something about the economy, the Bible, or about silly stuff and enjoy the people imaginations. It’s an interesting crowd to say the least. Then I go to this site: http://samuel-warde.com/ which claims to be a 24 hour news site for discerning Liberal’s. Sadly, the CT sites have a better understanding of reality than these phukheads. Add the National Memo and their clueless commenters and we have a brand new conspiracy theory 🙂 Left Wingers are proof of an alien invasion from some far off planet Idio, and there form of politics is called Idiocracy. They are known as Idiots on their own planet, that’s why they don’t like that term, because they are trying to not allow their true identity known. You should all go and read some of their IdioNews articles, at least for the enjoyment and education of reading nonsense that makes most conspiracy theories look like Pulitzer prize winning works of art.

  28. @Buck, don’t mind me, I’m ranting 🙂

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day

    As all this angst continues to grow, as you watch all the efforts to tear down the various institutions and norms that formed the foundation of the USA you need to ask yourself; WHY do they want to destroy these things, WHAT is their end game?

    Then remember that when order is destroyed and replaced with chaos, that is when a NEW ORDER can be more easily created.

    Are you sure you know which “new” order will replace the one we have???

    • Well, the “New World Order” that the political elite have mentioned comes to mind. But that’s just conspiracy theory. Until the theory part goes away.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        “The New World Order” is in fact real. The problem is not that such a thing exists in the minds of certain people but that the Conspiracy people blow it out of context and often out of proportion.

        They also fail to recognize that there are “competing” new world orders. The Greenies are not trying to get the same result as the Rockefellers were when David used this phrase, thus freaking out every nationalistic paranoid in the country.

        The “New World Order” is not even a World Govt. per se’. It is, however, dependent upon a Global view of politics and how we all function. It demands reducing “nationalism” in favor of “global citizenship”. One reason the Progressives hate the PATRIOTIC nature of so many conservatives. Patriotism is a “nationalistic” trait.

        I have held off discussing the January issue of the Economist, which I still have on my shelf. Because I wanted to see how many of their predictions and concerns came true. There was on major “FEAR” and/or “CONCERN” expressed in many of the articles. It was the RISE OF NATIONALISM which could undermine global economies and solutions to problems like AGW, Sovereign debt, terrorism, etc. etc..

        If you think about it, this struggle between globalism and nationalism is at the heart of most politics these days. It is the ideological divide that lies beneath the other divides we see.

        So when you look at Mr. Obama and question his patriotism it is because he is a globalist. He may love the USA and even consider himself a patriot. But in reality his patriotism is to a much broader concept, not a nationalistic one. He may love America but he LOVES globalism far more. And in his particular case he may actual dislike America and would feel no great pain if this country simply became another piece of toast in the bread pudding of the world.

        • With Obama, he probably loves globalism Because he hates the USA.

        • I find this whole discussion confusing-the left seems to be for globalization when it comes to open borders and such but against it when it comes to jobs going over seas. And the right’s stances confuse me too.

  30. For Gman……answering your question about DHS or FBI or CIA is involved iin Helm….

    Not tactically, but the DHS will be administrative.

    • Thank you Colonel! At least some of these over-imaginative folks got one thing right, LOL 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I do not know why but I have never liked the invocation of D”Homeland”S it smacks of “Rodina” and “Der Vaterland”. Aren’t a lot of the actions that have flowed out of the department identical to the actions of those two despotic states. I would have prefered a different middle word, like National.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        We already had a Department of Defense and the FBI along with the obnoxious National Security Agency.

        I’m with you on this one Dale. The Name should be sent to the dustbin of History. There should be a law prohibiting its use in any future legislation or nomenclature of Federal, State, or Local Govt agencies. 🙂

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    Just attended, endured is more like it, a two hour lecture w/question period on why there is no Constitutional Right of “Individuals” to bear arms. Our right to bear arms was only to assure that we had guns to form a Militia and that it is a “collective Right” linked to the Militia. That the Second Amendment is obsolete because there is no longer a “militia” let alone the need for one.

    Was thinking of Buck the whole time and how he would be cheering.

    The sad part was this is a renowned “law professor” in Idaho. He has taught at all three Universities and is used by many to consult on issues, like the second amendment.

    One of his claims is that the stand your ground laws in Florida have “caused” a “shoot first and ask questions second” mindset. That there is a “racial overtone” to the laws because fewer Blacks have used it successfully to defend shooting somebody than Whites. He admitted that about 30% of those who tried to use the law as defense were previously convicted of violent crimes. But he ignored the data showing that gangs were trying to use the law to justify killing their opponents. And that is why fewer Blacks are successful in using the law.

    He reversed the affect or purpose of the law. Claiming the law is used to shoot people when the law is used to keep the State from prosecuting for self defense because you did not run. He stated openly that he supported returning to the “run” rule of self defense.

    And this guy was presented to the audience as an “objective” person who you “will not be able to tell if he is left or right. He is right down the middle”.

  32. It amazes me how many people say the same thing…”If you have nothing to hide, what’s the problem?” Well, It’s nobody’s damn business!


  33. Going to put up a new thread to keep the chatter going 🙂

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