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Going to continue to keep things running smoothly.  Thought I’d put in another pic from the trail cam.  This one is new!





  1. Just A Citizen says:

    May 16, 2015 at 12:27 am (Edit)

    Just attended, endured is more like it, a two hour lecture w/question period on why there is no Constitutional Right of “Individuals” to bear arms. Our right to bear arms was only to assure that we had guns to form a Militia and that it is a “collective Right” linked to the Militia. That the Second Amendment is obsolete because there is no longer a “militia” let alone the need for one.

    Was thinking of Buck the whole time and how he would be cheering.

    The sad part was this is a renowned “law professor” in Idaho. He has taught at all three Universities and is used by many to consult on issues, like the second amendment.

    One of his claims is that the stand your ground laws in Florida have “caused” a “shoot first and ask questions second” mindset. That there is a “racial overtone” to the laws because fewer Blacks have used it successfully to defend shooting somebody than Whites. He admitted that about 30% of those who tried to use the law as defense were previously convicted of violent crimes. But he ignored the data showing that gangs were trying to use the law to justify killing their opponents. And that is why fewer Blacks are successful in using the law.

    He reversed the affect or purpose of the law. Claiming the law is used to shoot people when the law is used to keep the State from prosecuting for self defense because you did not run. He stated openly that he supported returning to the “run” rule of self defense.

    And this guy was presented to the audience as an “objective” person who you “will not be able to tell if he is left or right. He is right down the middle”.

    • I really feel sorry for you. To have to sit quietly and listen to this blowhard must have taken some extreme patience. Kudo’s for keeping quiet (much less staying). I would have got up and left.

      First, he thinks he can predict the future by claiming we will never need a militia again. In fact, localized militia WILL be in great need in the event of a lengthy power outage. Lengthy being 3 days or longer over a large area.

      Second, stand your ground laws. Of course the “victims” of stand your ground shootings are a majority black, it’s because violent crimes are committed by blacks a majority of the time. Claiming that the defense of gang bangers was being used was the result of defense lawyers actions, I doubt a gangbanger would even understand the legal defense it warrants.

      I think I would have issued a formal complaint at the earliest possible moment for being misled by the claims of “right down the middle”.

      Your brain is forever scared 👿

    • Ahhhh…the run rule………Well, I hate to opine….but the run rule here is……don’t run away, you will just die tired.

    • So per this guy-we have no right to defend our property or ourselves-our actual right to life depends on a police officer who isn’t there.

      I always think when I hear this type of crap-that is a person who has never experienced any kind of danger or even the fear that their lives might be in danger. Or they have the money to hire guards for themselves and their families.

  2. Perfect example……this man had nothing to hide but still got screwed.


    When the government starts to steal money, things can only get worse!

  3. A non CT view of Jade Helm 15. D13, you may be able to add to the reported change to the exercise. http://libertyunyielding.com/2015/05/15/why-is-jade-helm-15-play-spreading-way-out-into-west-texas/

    • Wow….where do you dig these people up. If this author is actually a retired intelligence officer….she should have never had the position.

      First…..the pictures of the night drop at Bragg……very interesting since the ONLY airborne troops at Fort Hood are 74 Paratroopers assigned to C Company, 2nd Squadron, 38th U.S. Cavalry Regiment. Fort Hood is home to III Corps. This unit is a small unit for long range recon. Charlie Company is the only Army Airborne unit on Fort Hood and the training requirements remain the same as other Airborne units. To maintain proficiency, the Soldiers are required to jump at least once a quarter……at FORT HOOD…..not Bragg. Charlie Company only jumps from Chinooks and most are static line jumps.

      The rest of her article is clap trap. First…all cities and law enforcement have been previously notified and the training schedules provided which identifies the area, the date and the time and type. If she is a true intelligence officer, a quick glance at her map would tell you what is happening. Second, the headquarters and TOC center is located at Camp Mabry in Austin…..Second, the Houston Gulf Port, complete with deep water ports and rail junctions, would be a major taget for insurgents that needed to set up logistics. Houston is also home to NASA and coastal defense air assets as well as rapid deployment forces. Also, inside her circle that takes in Victoria, which also has developed deep water ports and is close to Interstate 10 and also has a major rail junction for heavy transport. Interstate 45 from Houston and Interstate 35 from Austin are MAJOR thoroughfares. Interstate 35 runs all the way up the heartland.

      Back in the 1800’s, take a close look at the Texas Fort Trails. There were cavalry posts along a line through Texas….including the Big Spring area. If you will look at those locations, you will see that they covered every major route that the Indians and Mexican Bandits took during their raiding days. They tie very nicely into the major border towns south to north. ANY major invasion through Mexico into Texas would follow those routes because of terrain.

      In addition, the ranhes out in the Big Spring areas are larger than little 100 acre plots…the average ranch out there approaches 50,000 acres or larger. Anything smaller would be considered a hobby farm. It has been a long time practive for ranchers to be paid a stipend for the use of their land. Fences get runover, dirt roads get rutted and destroyed during exercises….and the public knows about this….always has and always will.

      From Big Spring to El Paso, where another major route is established from El Paso to Las Cruces, New Mexico. NOrth of Las Cruces is the Alamagordo missile range and white sands is located. If I were leading an insurgency group from the South, I would immediately secure that route, isolate the missile range and its technology and, I might remind people, there is also a major electrical grid located right there. Not to mention Fort Huachuca, home of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM)/9th Army Signal Command which is very close in Arizona. Fort Huachuca is also the headquarters of Army Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) and the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) and the Electronic Proving Ground (EPG).

      AND, I will reiterate…..the TExas NAtional Guard is not monitoring the exercise…..the TExas STATE Guard is…..

      • Wow….where do you dig these people up?

        Actually, this site don’t delve into conspiracy theory, they are mostly news pertaining to liberty issues. I was surprised to read about JH there. I think her main point was doing the exercise thing off of military installations. That was one part I thought was worth a discussion. Your input was great! For the record, there is no one except the Left Wing media that’s claiming there will be an invasion of Texas. As far as the Guard, I knew is was the State guard and only as a monitor. I was taken aback when Banderos on the Fox’s Five show said the governor had the guard called up to monitor it. This is how very bad information gets spread, the media. It’s a shame that FOX is so uninformed they would make this mistake, I guess “stupid” in the media is contagious 🙂

  4. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/amtrak-speed-control-system-installed-but-wasnt-turned-on/article/2564542

    “Experts have made clear that Positive Train Control could have prevented the tragedy in Philadelphia,” Schumer said. “It is simply a fact that insufficient funding for Amtrak has delayed the installation of PTC, and to deny a connection between the accident and underfunding Amtrak is to deny reality.”

    “Due to PTC’s complexity and the enormity of the implementation task,” the an association statement said, “and the fact that much of the technology PTC requires simply did not exist when the PTC mandate was passed and has had to be developed from scratch, much work remains to be done. Despite railroads’ best efforts, various technical and non-technical challenges make full development and deployment of PTC by 2015 impossible.”

    As one can see, the Democrat’s remain clueless when it comes to reality. Their answer to everything….throw money at it. They truly are Idiocrats.

  5. U.S. personnel overnight killed a key Islamic State leader in raid in Syria, the White House said Saturday morning.

    The U.S. team was based in Iran and killed leader Abu Sayyaf and his captured his, Umm Sayyaf, said National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan.

    Based in IRAN? Boots on the ground? HMMM, seems things have changed quite a bit this Spring.

    • The 413 “key” leader we have killed. I understand without the key leader, they took Ramadi yesterday.

      people who fight for something have it all over people who fight for nothing. Wonder how we are going to assimilate the 5,000,000 or so Muslim refugees that are going to land on us soon? Detroit ain’t that big.

  6. I’ve just read the introduction and I can already see that it’s HER attitude that needs adjusting. She is determined that White people and their institutions, even when she agrees with them, are not gonna make her White which is obviously something she believes is really bad and no one even herself is gonna convince her otherwise.


    • One totally evil person. With less than two years to go, both of them are pulling out all the stops and seeing just how much damage they can do before they go.

      • Yes, they are doing a lot of damage on so many levels.

        Just her statement, as hard as they tried I was still uncomfortable-We are all uncomfortable when we enter new situations for a variety of reasons but unless the people are intentionally trying to make me uncomfortable-I do not blame them for my discomfort.

        And if she is so worried about being contaminated by the evil, greedy white man-maybe a less elite school would have suited her better. Funny how she went to all these elite schools, became a lawyer, supported her husband in becoming the President of the US but tells everyone else they should be less successful and go into social work. Like it doesn’t take both to actually be able to help people. Where oh where would all those social services get there donations if it wasn’t for those evil, greedy rich people.

    • I think that at some point, a line is crossed by Left Wingers that moves their ideology into a mental health issue. Maybe Liberal’s are just mentally ill but has to cross that line before it’s noticeable. 🙂

    • Same in NYC now.

      • You know, I agree with Eric Holder on one thing-zero tolerance is not a good thing IMO-it takes common sense out of the equation. But if anything should be punished it’s willful disobedience but the teachers and principals should have the ability to determine the why when problems occur so they can hopefully help. But a classroom without discipline isn’t a classroom and students who willfully cause trouble are hurting every student in that class. And allowing a student to intentionally disrupt the class is hurting that student as well. And I’m personally tired of the assumption that the only reason these kids are being punished is because their black, while all their new policies are actually discriminating against the white and asian students, while hurting ALL the kids in the process.

        Read that article about white supremacy it said black children couldn’t do this and couldn’t do that, most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read-but I’m thinking the problem is that some of the black kids, like Michelle Obama are afraid they are gonna act to much like white people. This still sticks in my head-a black child said in an interview, not the exact words but close-“When people have make you a slave, I’m not gonna accept anything they put before me.”

        • And that, makes a lot of Goddam Sense!!!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Sort of related on classroom discipline, We really never feared the school when it came to following the pretty laid back rules when in secondary school….what you feared was a note that was sent home and the wrath then received from your parents. That was far worse than anything the school could throw at you, even for fighting. Unfortunately, today the parents call their lawyer, because my Johnny couldn’t possible have done that or it wasn’t his fault. The zero tolerance rules could have been the only recourse schools had. Then it became absurd. Trivial events became national fodder.

  7. GMan, did you catch the news that Garo Yeprimian has died? RIP to one of the best. That was the good ol’ days.

  8. Wow, that’s what I call having an opinion without actually having an opinion-no thinking required just close mind and support the Cause.


  9. Hmmm, they’ve added some stuff to this bill when they redid it, that I wasn’t aware of-like it even more than I thought-though I doubt it will pass with Obama in office-he after all thinks one should be able to abort babies even after there born alive.


    • Hopefully, parents will stand up and tell these whackballs to go pound sand.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Becoming an androgenous society….no individual identity….maybe the west should consider embracing Islam. That would end this behavior quickly.

  10. Seems extreme to me-fire one employee it cost you a fortune in time and money-so what now-you simply can’t fire anyone.


  11. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Way back 40 years ago there was quite a bit of racial tension at the San Diego Naval Base. Also in the areas that the fleet sailors hung out on liberty. It actually came down to violence. If a black sailor was brought up on anything all he had to do is call racism and Admiral’s heads would roll all the way down to the accusing party….The off shoot of that was the blacks totally abused just about every rule that existed. A chief would just watch it go by knowing his career was finished if he did anything. The next sailor who came along, white of course, no matter how squared away would be be found in violation of something. This caused so much hate and discontentment it did blow up.

    Even the city police force said they can not handle it and if the attacking perpetrator happened to fall on his weapon and expire NO investigation would occur. That is how bad it got…..In the Navy’s wisdom they put the women’s quarters well away from the men’s barracks but to go between the two meant going through an area with lots of bushes and terrible lighting. If you were going through the area it usually meant that you were picking up a date and had cash in hand. Lots of muggings and rapes ocurred. 100% were Black on whomever was the victim. One night the hull tech’s sent one of their least fearsome looking guy down the road. Hull techs being the steel construction guys. Real hairy knuckle draggers. When the Shore patrol got there the perp’s were beaten within and inch of their lives, and roped to the fenders of a couple cars like a tagged deer during hunting season. The muggings and rapes stopped immediately and it was not because of greater SP or police patrols….I personally put two guys in the hospital “blacks” being given a general discharge. They were through at 0700 in the morning. Decided to have one last drunk at the enlisted club. Got drunk and disorderly. Two rent-a-cops thought they were going to be handled without much trouble. Both officers were almost killed by the two drunks. I was on SP and saw it going down and stopped the attempted murders. I did use appropriate force. Needless to say instead of being out in the morning the two got 20+.

  12. @ JAC and everyone else. Just spent some rainy day time to finally see the inside of Sandy Hook Elementary School. My first time to see these pictures and it was quite revealing. The flood damage to walls and doors was quite visible. The classroom pictured didn’t have enough chairs for a typical. Phones were noted in one classroom and the chair neatly tucked in under a table, 4 chairs in all.

    For a relatively affluent town, the inside of this school had more fire code violations than the average trailer park drunk’s house. Black mold was visible, boxes of papers and whatever piled up above the windows in many rooms. Despite the claimed accuracy of the pee wee shooter, the brass layouts were that of a scatter gun just spraying bullets. Live rounds on the floor, meaning the gun malfunctioned. Several pistol rounds were expended, they must have missed, because Carver said they were all killed with a long gun, on the day of the shooting (that’s bullshit).

    The so called AR-15’s bolt assembly looked like it hadn’t fired a single round, while the barrel clearly did (it don’t work that way folks). The 40 cal picture showed a malfunctioned gun, far more feet away from a suicide victim.

    The fire hazards, filth and clear evidence of flooding from Hurricane Sandy is damning evidence of foul play by Obama and his crony’s. Those who torn down the school HAD to sign lifetime gag orders that prevents them from discussion of what they saw, or didn’t see.

    The Fed’s have awarded Newtown 50 million bucks to build a new school, that costs about 7 million to actually build. Estimates say that the so called families of those shot will be splitting around 300 million. Money is a very good way of shutting people up.

    The FEMA documents have been attained that show that the practice for the “Exercise” was on Thursday, the 13th and the live exercise was on the 14th. LifeFlight choppers were never called, period. More to come.

    • Oh, since this is likely making my buddy JAC just shake his head 😀 (Love ya man) I have another wonderful piece of news for him. The picture, of which I posted as a nice little exercise tweet, could not possible happened at the time of the tweet, 9:40am because the first call didn’t even get to the 911 center till 9:35am at which time, it was considered a medium level “unwanted person” call (all of this a foia request that was finally adhered too, of a year later). The picture, noted as the annual evacuation drill, was from Dec 13, when the Fire Dept parking lot was empty. When looking at photos of the line of 15 kids, the several pictures had kids lined at different intervals and in several pictures had parents standing (and one sitting by her car) just watching. This pic was in the school parking lot, where the EMS weren’t even allowed! How the hell are parents standing around in a place off limits to EMS?

      All the cars in the lot on the 14th, except one, were parked facing the same direction. After they were removed, a picture of the same lot showed that it, a) had no oil stains, b) had no handicapped parking spots properly marked. Asphalt don’t tell lies, politicians do. 🙂

      Why would 19 cops walk through a small hole in a window, when one could have simply pushed the door open and let them in? It’s all in their reports.

      Oh, I was one class from being a certified incident commander! The failures of this so called murder are beyond reproach. There is no way EMS don’t get to the injured after 45 minutes, ever, in a school, unless the shooting is still going on. Life Flights are an AUTOMATIC phone call and part of the emergency checklist, in even a potential mass casualty event. These idiots should have so many lawsuits filed against them it’s ridiculous, but, as of now, only one has been filed, this year, demanding better school security. It has nothing to do with the incident.

      The temp on that morning was 28 degrees, yet not one person is seen with cold air breath. Parents came, with fresh coffee (documented), porta potties were in place and an electronic sig, telling folks to sign in (a part of all exercises, especially FEMA run ones) was on site from the beginning (because it was in place the day before). NOBODY can find out why the porta potties were there or when ordered (money talks). People showing up and responders had typical FEMA ID’s hanging off of them coinciding with exercise documents and rules. In the real world, this won’t happen.

      I could go on, but why? The paid government propagandist’s are going to continue to play the 2 party faux political game to keep people at each other, amongst all the other dividing bullshit. With that said, one more tidbit of info, Rupert Murdock, that rich guy that owns FOX news, is one of many who have donated a million bucks to the Clinton Foundation. Different teams my ass!

      • I’m not going there but I am still waiting for someone, anyone,to explain where was the officer assigned to the Colorado High School and what did he do that day? Like the RR engineer in NY and now in Philly, he seems to be getting a pass, never even saw any interviews of the guy.

  13. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I sure hope Yellowstone NP does not do anything to the bison that gored a stupid tourist who was doing a photo op 3-6 feet from the animal. Last week there were all those headlines about black bears chasing tourists in Yellowstone. The bears certainly didn’t have to run very hard, in fact I’m sure they got bored and moved on. Those cows of tourists couldn’t have run if their lives depended on it. The park service should let some natural selection occur. The human race might improve with having stupid genes removed from the population..

    • I think some natural selection would be a good thing nowadays.

      • Too many people don’t realize that wild animals are quite dangerous when confronted. Just simply walking up to a cuddly little fox kit can get ones ass ripped apart by momma! Momma’s are amazingly mean when needed, including a whitetail. Speaking of the latter, saw our first fawn yesterday, still wobbly. I really love Spring, the renewing of life’s wildlife is a happy time 🙂

        • Spring is my favorite time of year. Haven’t seen any fawns yet, but any day now. We have a lot of whitetail. Only get an occasional fox though.

  14. This video should promote an interesting discussion. It was a video “test” I guess one could say of a white guy and a black guy, both exercising the same LEGAL right in Oregon.

    First, I wouldn’t open carry an AR-15 in public without a really good reason (a political march promoting the 2nd Amendment being one of the very few). Many are going to say these people were idiots for doing so. I would tend to agree. I can agree with a cop simply asking questions, and when the person starts explaining his rights , telling him they are being recorded and reciting case law, only an idiot cop wouldn’t see they are being set up to look like fools.

    Pa law is quite clear on the matter, the police have NO lawful right to even ask questions much less for an ID. AS for the video, the experiment probably garnered a much bigger result then they ever imagined. Let’s remember, being stupid is not a crime, nor is being black. One wouldn’t know it when watching these so called professionals.

  15. More fears about the TPP (and a hint about what’s in it):

    As one of the most densely populated nations on Earth, Japan has long feared for the future of its food supply. Currently, the island nation has to import 60% of its food from other nations, a ratio which has been maintained for years with strict tariffs that prevent the nation from losing the rest of its domestic food supply. But now, many are concerned that the looming Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty could threaten these farmers, and may very well be unconstitutional under Japanese law.

    Over 1000 citizens filed a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court on Friday, on the grounds that the free trade agreement would violate their basic human rights. The lawsuit is being led by former agriculture minister Masahiko Yamada, and cites a very specific article of Japan’s constitution. “The TPP could violate the Japanese right to get stable food supply, or the right to live, guaranteed by Article 25 of the nation’s Constitution.”

    By all accounts, the trade agreement will mostly benefit global corporations, and the plaintiffs claim that if it passes, it would likely destroy their domestic farming industry. In addition to food supply fears, the plaintiffs suggested that the TPP would also hurt food safety, and could increase the cost of medicine, further infringing upon their “right to life.” Japan would be the second largest economy in the TPP, and if they fail to sign onto it, it could derail the treaty before it gets off the ground.
    – See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/1000-plaintiffs-sue-to-keep-japan-out-of-trans-pacific-partnership_052015#sthash.tlZH1C7F.dpuf

  16. Stephen and Dale……………………..are any of you getting the same feeling I am about the racial overtones today? In my opinion, this is the worse I have ever seen racial divide and that includes the 60’s….

    It is plain to see that the social programs and the Great Society Experiment has created a different atmosphere and design than the 60’s ever saw. You guys with me or am I just being melodramatic.

    • dale A Albrecht says:

      Sir…I do not believe you are being melodramatic. I firmly believe that if Martin Luther King were alive today he’d not be taking any part in the racial devisivness occurring today. I also believe he’d be called an “Uncle Tom” by those most likely claiming that they have the racially different best interests in mind. “Trust us” they say we know what’s best for you. I do not want in any way to forgive those parties that enacted the “Jim Crow” laws that our country lived under for so many years. That was State enacted and State enforced racial laws. After 50 years of the “great society” and the “war on poverty” the situation is still unresolved and in my opinion un-solvable. when it comes to the blacks in this country and being made worse as every day goes by. My firm believe is that most people really do not care one lick about racism or are truly of that ilk. The very programs that were supposed to fix the problem in fact achieved the exact opposite….Now why the difference of achievment? Where I spent the formative years of my life MOST of the white kids came from broken homes. This was in the 60’s. Kids being raised by now single mothers or fathers. You did not have to be reminded or have your parents have close contact and support of your scholastic career. You knew that if you wanted to maintain your standard of living you had no choice but to excel in school and achieve success in life. Down in the inner city….if you really wanted to get out you had to again work hard. The opportunity was there. Now if you wanted to stay and make something of the inner city neighborhood that to could be achieved through hard work again but after a while why bother….you’d probably be a target of robbery fairly routinely and also lose your business on a fairly regular schedule by being burned to the ground….That said there have not been many migrants into this country that DID NOT suffer discrimination, up to being rounded up and placed in concentration camps….but then everyone else seems to have gotten over it and moved on. Deep down if you receive something for free and you can not justify it rationally you will value it less. That to me is one of the big problems. Crack….another big issue. The biggest though is the leaders of the failing groups. They are the most at fault. I’ll even go as far and say look at the “indian reservation” set up. Here we have allegedly soveriegn nations being administered by the BIA and a whole laundry list of government agencies. They do not in anyway control their land and mineral rights. The government manages the health care and it ranks amongst the worst. They hold the revenue from the oil and minerals etc in trust, and I’m sure minus expenses and what have we seen the money has been stolen and unaccounted for by the government much like SS trusts.
      The chinese and asians were probably the most disriminated against in this country and one of the reasons for the draconian immigration laws enacted in the 20’s. How are they handling that legacy….they’re suing Harvard as an example for racial quotas because they discrimated against the “BEST” qualified students.
      I said in an earler posting that a Catholic Bishop from Africa came to the church that my Mother was associated with. He flat out said that all the charity you are sending, money, food and dry goods are NOT helping. For every box sent it puts a person who is trying to get a tailor or shoemaker shop going get put out of business. Free trumps a price sticker. Free food beats a farmer.

      The racial and gender demographics always are used especially since the 60’s by government agencies and activists to redistribute. All in the name of social justice. If you are female you should have at least 50% of the wealth, if not somehow you’re discrimnated against. tack points on if you’re black or asian etc, it’s used to justify entitlements as though you deserve an exact percentage of the nations wealth. I still do not understand that the government stating somehow that being Hispanic is a race. It’s a cultural base of spanish. The Philipinos I knew in the military spoke spanish and english NOT philipino.

      The more the government and activist stress and push the more devisive our nation will become whereas most folks just want to be left to do their own thing and reap their reward for their labors.

      Is that enough for now?

      • Yes…….it is enough because saying more will just mean a longer response. I have never seen it like this before…..and affirmative action clearly did not work….affirmative action created substandard performance, created segregation worse than the 50’s and 60’s…..it ran the brightest and greatest away from here……

        • I certainly agree. I’ve never had a problem getting along with people of color, still don’t when I run in to old friends. Being born in ’65, I only know from what I have read. I would also agree that MLK wouldn’t have nothing to do with this mess. Obama and the Democraps have taken this country back since before my time began. The failure of left wing political ideology are as clear as day, yet, both the left wing and the black community can seem to understand this.

          • dale A Albrecht says:

            I’d add only one comment. It is not limited to the left. The republicans in power are pulling the same crap. I do not mean guys like Cruz, Paul etc. They hold a seat but wield little power. McConnell, Boehner are cut from the same cloth as Pelosi, and their disquise is being unmasked.

        • dale A Albrecht says:

          What is needed is to see MORE of those Mother’s who whacked their son up the side of their head and told him to get off the street.

          When you have the “black lives matters” protesters at Dartmouth during the Kentucky Derby race stating that the derby is a racist even and were disrupting a party. Then calling the Black, Gay student body president an “Uncle Tom” for attending. Now that group is getting a petition going to have him removed. go figure. I’m sure he told one of the rich white, preppie protesters to get a life and get involved in something they actually knew something about. Those protesters were insulted.

          I helped a black student who was studying pre-med with a spanish translation project. The professor deliberately chose the essay by Jose Marti about racism. The jist of the essay was that racism has no boundries. All cultures have used it. All cultures have experienced it. All races have used it. All cultures and races have used slaves. Including Free Blacks here and in Africa. When she presented her translation she was literally booed and driven off the podium by the other black students in the class. I know this young lady who was very smart and articulate is now a physician inspite of the bigotry and bias of her own race. The essay was deliberate by the professor and if college students don’t get it. heaven help us.

          • One thing about the head slappin Mom. She certainly appears and talks like a very caring mother who is trying to raise good kids. However, the kid was there despite that. Call it what you like, but the culture is not something I can get past when it comes to the cause of these types of actions.

            I recently read an article about how the “experiment” of trying to assimilate the black culture into the European white culture has been an utter failure. Basically, the authors claim that only 10% of blacks have become successful and have integrated well with the majority white culture. He also claimed that bringing them here was a mistake and Lincoln should have sent them back to their homeland. In the end, he claimed his article wasn’t about skin color, but about DNA.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              What I find so amazing is how the Europeans got and continue to get such a pass on the “slavery” issue. Not even talking about the Arab/Islamic slave traders who brought the slaves to the coastal markets. Or the rival black tribes who captured and sold their enemies. If the estimated 12M blacks brought to the New World by the French, Portugese, Spanish and British, < 1 M actually were brought here. The estimate is between 600K-800K. The vast majority went to the Indies for the sugar business. The difference between the number brought here and the subsequent # after the civil war was breeding like cattle. It was one of Virginia's major cash businesses. Heck…the most dangerous jobs did not go to slaves to perform, they cost money. Those jobs went to the Irish and Chinese. They were cheap and expendible.

              I have found the bigotry and racism in Europe is still a major issue inspite of their rhetoric. That is to just take the pressure off them and divert it towards us. Just ask the Colonel again his impressions of the genocide that went on for years in the Balkans. Not even discussing the UN culpability. Lets count the times in OUR lives for many of us here on SUFA genocide and pogroms, racial and religious in nature has occured in Europe and Africa. But the news is Racism in America.

    • I actually think that things are much worse. Racism used to be a result of ignorance. Seriously, if you talked to people who discriminated, their reasoning was all bogus BS passed down generation to generation.

      I think we got over most of that in the 70’s and ’80’s but since that time, people with a modicum of common sense see that the culture has become one of dependency and entitlement. That can be tolerated just so long.

      Whatever the power structure does , A. does not work and B. is never enough.

      Think back for a moment to the Gulf War and Gen. Powell. That man set blacks up as true equals in this country for the first time. There was no denying his gravitas and competence. Everyone respected him and saw in him the truth about hard work and perseverance. Having worked in Harlem though, at the time, I must say that the folks there were not as enthused as the rest of us were. Didn’t see any of the bling working locals suddenly sign up for CCNY. There is also the downside among ghetto dwellers that Powell was not a real black, his folks were Jamaican. (a whole other story)

      The election of Obama was supposed to be a watershed moment. Yeah! racism is over!!!!
      Obviously a majority of the electorate fell for it, I did not see that nor do I now. Powell was a New Yorker from the South Bronx. Obama is a half white elitist with absolutely NO family ties to slavery, west Indian, African or American from Hawaii of all places. He is and was a fraud and a poser with severe mental issues due to whacko parenting. Guilliani hit the nail on the head and obviously has no more delusions about running for office, “Obama hates America”. It is in every pore of his body. Rev. Wright’s church was exactly where he was and wanted to be all those years.

  17. For those of you who don’t follow closely Texas politics, a forthcoming scandal is brewing based upon claims of The American Phoenix Foundation, headed up by ACORN nut-crusher Hannah Giles and her husband Joseph Basel.

    Giles and Basel claim to have amassed over 800 hours of damning undercover videos, of both Republican and Democratic Texas lawmakers and lobbyists, doing stuff that wouldn’t make their grandmas very happy.

    The undercover op, according to Giles and Basel, is to expose rank hypocrisy, systemic corruption with the added cherry on the top of showcasing inappropriate relationships between Texas lawmakers and lobbyists. Boom.

    In other words, it’s House Of Cards stuff, in real time, and on steroids — and the legislatures and lobbyists are already starting to sweat what is forthcoming.

    One thing I’d like to underscore from the aforementioned is that it’s not just Democrats getting outed in their videos, it’s Republicans also.

    Matter of fact, the impetus behind this undercover sting at the Texas State Capitol came via Hannah’s seeing some big time conservative dipsticks (whom we all know and regularly watch on Fox News bashing Obama) at parties in DC, after her ACORN fame, hanging out and making out with chicks other than their wives while they “championed the cause of conservative/family values.”

    Yes, my friends, this will be a bi-partisan ass whuppin’.

    Grab some popcorn and a Coke because this is going be a good house cleaning.

    Looks like there’s gonna be some fireworks down in Texas folks!

  18. dale A Albrecht says:

    Buck….I’ve got some good wines that you should try and find in NY. Or get on the winery’s distribution list. Their production is generally gone within 3 days. They have 2-3 releases over the year.

    • I’m listening….


      • Does New York drink real wine?

        • 2007 Olivier Leflaive, Dents de Chien, Saint-Aubin 1er Cru,
          2008 Domaine Michel Cheveau, Vers Cras, Pouilly-Fuisse,
          2007 Louis Jadot, Pernand-Vergelesses

          These are my top three…I am a White Burgundy freak.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Actually out on Long Island there are some vineyards that are making some killer white wines. Not at all the religious sweet wines from the mid hudson

            • Long Island has some wonderful wines – I try to get out there at least once a year.

              Colonel — white burgundy is good (I’ll give you credit since, really, what does Texas know about wine!?); Sancerre is better.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Yeah…but you notice they were all FRENCH.

                The vineyard I get wine from is “Epoch” wines from York Mountain CA. The core vineyard was founded by Ignacy Paderewski way back at the turn of the last century. The reds are very good. They are just starting to produce one white. I do not bother trying to find a store or restaurant but get the wine direct from them during their releases. A case of wine will generally set you back $850-$900 from them.

                I liked the white but there are so many other wines to choose I will order any of the Reds. They are well recommended.


                Made a great, if I say so myself, Seafood Gumbo yesterday. The base is a fairly standard gumbo but toss in 1 lb of 21 count shrimp, 12 oz sea scallops and 8 oz crab meat.

              • Haven’t heard of it but will check it out.

                And yes, both those whites hail from France – nothing wrong with that! I never discriminate with wine and will drink from all over the world.

              • AHHH Look in your rear view mirror……..do not stumble, we will catch you. New York is the third wine producing State with 3% of the wines….Texas is gaining ground at 1.8% almost 2% of the wine produced in US………we are very quietly moving up….

              • But Colonel…are they any good?? I think you should some me some of Texas’ best…purely for scientific purposes of comparison, of course.

            • I have always preferred April Wine myself 🙂

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Was reading some of the reviews and awards won by some of the Texas Wineries. The one disconcerting thing was some were judgings at Livestock and Rodeos. Doesn’t the overriding perfume of the event affect the nose of the wine? Wine judging at livestock shows and rodeo’s. The crowd sure has changed since the last rodeo I attended….just having fun….going to sample some wines that can ship to NC.

  19. There is an interesting list floating around of about 500 CEO’s who have retired since late 2014 or going to retire this year. If this is true, does anyone find that to be a bit odd?

    I can post the entire list, but it’s long, as you can imagine.

    • Yes, there are several but what I find even more interesting…..they are dumping the metals. Gold, Palladium, Platinum, and silver….and they have been dumping it in small amounts. Want to know what they are beginning to hoard? I will let you guys research it…….

      • Probably US dollars

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        They are pushing stocks as being a better “return” on your investment. But you have to be an active participant to not have it vaporize. The Central Banks are forcing countries that have a debt crisis to liquidate their gold reserves. Gold can be confiscated as before and an artifical government price be placed on it. How long did it stay at 32-35 dollars/oz.

        US dollars are being pushed but that can be printed adinfinitum and without someone to buy that debt why go there. Don’t you lose in the long run due to inflation.

        I’d buy food producing stocks and land. If not water rights if available to the common investor.

        • Actually…no,on the stocks…..most of the big boys seem to be parlaying right now. Getting rid of their stocks……There is an awful lotof stuff out their to investin other than stocks…but the big issue right now is what the basis in their portfolio is……but higher capital gains are just over the horizon…..somewhere around 55 – 65% is my guess

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Buy companies that are developing automated food services for firms like MacDonalds,etal

          • How about just spilling the beans? If they’re telling future, let’s hear it! 🙂

            • LOL…….If you remember in the 90’s, the feared bubble burst on the .com’s…..many fortunes were made.. land is always a great investment.

              Howver, there is one disturbing trend out there…..many many 401(k) plans are being converted and they are being converted in two ways….First, they are falling for the “gold” transfer…….this is a pig in a poke because the Merrill Lynchs, sachs, etc. do not own the gold. They do not have it in their vaults. They are moving money around in the things they own…..for example, Merrill Lynch and Bank of America own the sweep accounts and 401(s) are being transferred into those accounts. This bubble will burst first.

              In looking at the differing economies around the world…inflation is setting in for a long time. Russia and China both have problems……the best thing that is happening because of the threat of nationalization, greenbacks are going to be on top for a long time….but paper worth is not. As soon as the Fed raise rates……Boom! You better be liquid or totally protected.

              Investments are still going to be ok but the dividends are going to be small.The taxes are going up and trading is going to be difficule because of the tax burden that is about to go into effect in 2016. Unless changed by then,,,,,,money is going to become very tight and very controlled and cash will be King.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Or to be more to my nature of being a cynic…..buy every bit of distressed property in the inner city areas that area racial ghettos….a flood of Federal money is coming and you’ll make a fortune.

        • Here is the problem…..Even if I had a billion…NONE of it is going to inner city…None. In order for the inner city to be built, the POTUS is giving tremendous tax breaks so private companies will go in…..however, the POTUS is finding it very difficult to entice business….who wants to have one burned down?

          The Federal money may not get there. You can invest all you want but who is going to build….even CVS has changed its mind. Ii is not worth the risk.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I was not thinking rationally last night. Not that I do anyway. I personally would not invest 1 thin dime in those areas. It’s different if you are the developer who is putting it back together. Job’s done you go home to the suburbs with more money than what you started with.

            Didn’t Einstein say “The definition of idiocy is…..to keep repeating the same experiment and expecting different results”

  20. “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone. It’s often meant we have stood neutral between different values. And that’s helped foster a narrative of extremism and grievance. This Government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach.”
    UK Prime Minister David Cameron, last week.

  21. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Don’t passenger trains have a “deadman’s” switch so that if anything happens to the engineer/driver the train will stop?

    I always used one when offshore on my boat. Just so if anything happened to me, like falling overboard the the engines were disabled and I would not be left 24 miles offshore and waving bye-bye to the boat.

    • That would be turns when going to fast it seems. Nobody has mentioned the engineer was disabled prior, was he? Just wondering, haven’t heard anything.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        All quess work at this time and friends supporting him. Unfortunately, I do not buy the cracked windshield is the cause of him going 2X the speed on that stretch of track, which I’d bet is a run he’s very familiar with. Cracked windscreen is not going to distract you for so long you accelerate to that speed. It is not like a Lamborgini that is 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and a completely inverted power to weight ratio. The reflex is to back off. The train unlike your car is on a track and there is no need to steer. Just throttle control. Being Amtrak and a government controlled entity they will whitewash it and blame the Republicans. Not the New haven or Hudson commuter “private” lines that will be different. The lawyers will line up.

        • I’m not familiar with trains much, but are they computer operated and can they be hacked?

        • HMM, Let’s try this again. Are these train computer operated and can they be hacked, like several airliners have been recently?

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Pretty mechanical instead as far as I know instead of the fly by wire airplane technology. The train traffic through town here is very manual and very heavy. All switching is manual. I’m sure though that in a major area a central station controls the switches electrically. But there has been NO report of a switch being thrown midway while the train is passing over it.
            If I remember correctly back in the good old steam days, there was a safety valve. Exceed the pressure and it would blow off steam. Engineers on trains and ships then would wire down the valve to gain a few more pounds of pressure and speed for that record and bragging rights. Lots of explosions.

            A train throttle today on the diesel electric engines is a big rheostat allowing more or less current to flow.

            • You want safety…..get the government out and let private enterprise handle it….and the only people that should pay for it are the riders…..

              So, lets take a look here.

              Amtrak has cost the government over $45 billion in subsidies over the last 44 years, allowing it to finance the upkeep of unprofitable routes, overstaffed trains, and the mismanagement of its food services.

              The bipartisan Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2015 would subsidize Amtrak by an estimated $7 billion from 2016 to 2020. It passed the House by 316 votes to 101 votes on Wednesday and is now headed to the Senate and, presumably, President Obama’s signature. Amtrak has been operating without official funding authorization since the previous bill expired in October 2013.

              Despite generous taxpayer subsidies, Amtrak has run operating losses every year since it began operating in 1971. Although these losses are declining, in 2014, the railroad reported what it described as a “strong” result, with an operating loss of only $227 million.

              The operating loss is unlikely to continue to decline due to the losses in Amtrak’s long-distance routes, which bleed about $600 million annually. After factoring in depreciation and other expenses, Amtrak lost a total of $1.1 billion in 2014.

              The railroad’s food and beverage service has been singled out in recent years by both government watchdogs and Congress for its wasteful use of government subsidies. Amtrak lost over $900 million from 2003 to 2013 on food services alone.

              The $1 billion in annual subsidies have not covered all of Amtrak’s expenses, and the company has incurred an estimated $1 billion in non-federal debt. The 2015 bill authorizes $625 million in federal funds to pre-pay Amtrak’s non-federal debt as the railroad has been unable to renegotiate favorable terms to result in savings.Base pay may already be substantial, but regulations and poor oversight allowed employees to pocket $185 million in overtime pay in 2013. The management allowed employee misconduct and wasteful business practices to thrive, even as at the same time it hindered plans to make train stations accessible to the disabled to comply with the Americans with Disability Program.

              D13 says: So, we have a passenger rail system primarily for the Eastern Seaboard….that is totally inept, sucking tax payer dollars….As stated above, when the freight rail industry was on the ropes, the Feds deregulated it and turned it over to private enterprise….it immediately became profitable. Do the same to Amtrac….and let the people who use it, pay for it. I do not want my tax dolars subsidizing what politicians want because they like to ride Amtrac for free.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                When it takes 2X the time and more in cost to travel from, for example Raleigh to Portland Maine, traveling by train will never encourage people enough to use that form of transportation over flying or personal car. No checked baggage, 1/2 day layovers, self transfers in Boston from one station to another….BS on that.

                Plane 1 stop at Dulles no transfer and you’re there in hours, providing there is no inflight emergency.
                Car is 2.5 tanks of gas each way and also much less expense than the train.

        • Agreed! First instinct is to back off the speed, maybe not hit the brakes but back off. This guy will walk like the guy that dumped the train in the Hudson on a similar turn doing double the limit. Apparently there are special rules for train engineers who get an “out of jail” card.


      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Maybe in this case they’ll call him a terrorist and all insurance will be voided. Look at how hard Lufthansa is fighting the fact their co-pilot commited suicide by flying into the Alps and they’ll somehow evade the responsibility by claiming the government laws of privacy concerning medical issues. And then the government will not be held monetarily liable.

    • Fox has been running a story on a security expert that claims he can take partial control of an airplane. Some were saying the German flight could have been saved if ground control could take control of a airplane if needed. If so, then how do you protect the system from hackers/terrorists taking remote control? I think any safety system put in is as likely to be used against them at some time. Same goes for the trains.

      Put in a driver and co-driver behind a security door. It will work great until they hire one crazy individual. All plans require sane, professionals at the controls. The sad thing is there is no sane plan for dealing with the insane. The “professionals” all end up saying everyone is a little crazy…..

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:

    For those that care…the plane that disappeared between Lithuania and Sweden is NOT a twin engine passenger jet like that shown all over the headline news. It’s a single engine bi-plane used primarily as a utility plane or on agriculture work like spraying.


  23. Good Grief, Leftists already calling the handling of biker shootout in Waco Texas racist. I guess to Liberal’s everything involving white people is racist.

    • LOL…good riddance….let the gangs kill each other and we just cleanup.
      This shootout ranks among the most stupid. This “gathering” has been announced for months….the Waco police, Texas Dept of Public Safety……all aske Twin Peaks restaurant not to allow nor hold the event. The police said there would be trouble as rival biker gangs would be there.The restaurant declined the request so the police did the next best thing. They surrounded the area, set up cameras and the like. Had off duty policement inside and outside….not to mention a huge police presence in and around the restaurant…..so the shootout started between rival gangs after the big knife fight. Knives were used first, so biker witnesses say….but who the hell cares….

      The only people that did not think anything would happen are in the White House. Soyou had a shoot out…..Several killed, some by knives, tons wounded and so far 195 being booked into jail…and their bikes confiscated.

      The whole thing was contained and over pretty quick.

  24. This is what public education in a police state looks like: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/mother-arrested-son-3-unexcused-absences-school/

  25. In today’s corrupt political environment, this should not come as a surprise: http://www.nationaljournal.com/congress/why-some-male-members-of-congress-won-t-be-alone-with-female-staffers-20150514

  26. Stumbled on this article. The site seems to be a bit dramatic and tilting toward overboard but this article makes sense.

    As the President’s chief attorney made stunningly clear, redefining marriage is not — and has never been — the end goal of homosexuals. Silencing dissent is. And you can’t silence dissent without punishing speech and belief — which is apparently what the government has in mind if the Court rules in the Left’s favor.

    …… it goes on to link silencing dissent to an attack on religious freedom, coming up with this conclusion:

    As horrifying as Verrilli’s revelation was, the Solicitor General might have done us a huge favor. No one has made a better case for Congress’s Marriage and Religious Freedom Act than the Obama administration just did. Under the bill that conservatives plan to reintroduce, it would be illegal for the government to discriminate against individuals, organizations, and small businesses who believe in natural marriage. The same institutions that Verrilli vows to hunt down — child welfare organizations, private schools, religious universities, relief providers, abstinence groups, military religious contractors, adoption agencies, and political nonprofits — would be spared the government’s crackdown.

  27. At Buck………………………Well, they are pretty good and have won some fame over California wines. Hell, my son was married in a vineyard in Granbury, Texas. I was standing there looking at the grapes trying to figure out how to scarf some of them down during the ceremony….but I was too busy dodging a fire ant bed. My son and his bethrothed are free spirited, to say the least……and got married bare footed in Woodstock type clothing……

    And before any of you wise asses say anything……..he did not get that from me. I am NOT into barefoot weddings and peasant clothing with a wreath of flowers around their heads, being married out in a vineyard. But each to his own……I sort of wish my daughter would have done something like that……but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…she had to have a traditional church wedding with the reception at the country club…….glad I only had one daughter. But I was wearing Army Dress Blues with saber….( Yes, and for you replica folks..it was an authentic cavalry saber worn by a relative while riding for Bedford Forrest and Jeb Stuart. )

    I also wore a Cav Hat……It’s not a fedora…it is a stetson and it has been around since before the Golden Age, but the Cavalry hat lives on. Most people outside of the Cav community don’t know much about the Stetson because it technically isn’t written into any regulations. It is worn by Cavalry Scouts (19D) and Air Cavalry across the Army, and some Cavalry units allow all members to wear it (1st Cavalry Division, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, etc.)

    It’s not something we are allowed to wear all the time. It’s worn to Change of Commands (when a new commander takes over a unit), beer calls (a social gathering at the end of the duty day where we all go down to the O-Club and drink beer/socialize), dinings in and out, military balls, weddings, hails and farewells, and when we damn well want to.

    Your hat is not properly broken in until the first beer call when it is turned over and filled to the brim with beer. At that point, you have to down it all before it soaks through and you get extra points if you take it all in one go and don’t come up for air. Well, there aren’t really points you just won’t be harassed as much. If you have a ball before a beer call, then you break your hat in with the grog (a far nastier compilation of alcohols). If you’re an alcoholic, you do it at both.

    The crossed sabers are the branch insignia for the cavalry. In a cavalry division, many branches will put their own branch insignia above the crossed sabers (to distinguish them), or use their own branch insignia in the case of the infantry, artillery and MP corps. Only the Air Cav and the scouts keep just crossed sabers.

    Whenever you wear your Stetson, you can also wear your spurs. Silver spurs are earned on a spur ride, which varies from unit to unit. It can be anything from a test of endurance lasting several days, to a test of knowledge. Most units have a mix of the two. Golden spurs are earned in combat.

    The spur is turned upright on unmarried Soldiers and down when they are married. This is done, supposedly, as to be less painful to the wife (I will let you figure that one out).

    Ok..back to wines…….actually they are pretty good and, to my surprise, there is an international market that wants Texas wines…….( without the worm, of course )

    • Please supply video of yourself typing comments to post at SUFA. 🙂

      My daughter was married barefoot also, Waimanalo Beach, Hawaii. Simple white tank top dress. He wore a white button down and Khaki shorts. The only guests, us 4 parents, started with flip flops, shorts and Hawaiian shirts. By the time we got to the ‘alter’, a quarter mile walk through sand, we were also barefoot. Flew home and had a reception of 150 people…all dressed in shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Darn wedding still cost 5 grand!..not including airfare!

    • Talk about going off on a tangent.

      By the way, my only takeaway from this, is that you are a closeted liberal hippie…very interesting…

      • Hey, I am the Master of Tangents…..I wear it proudly…….as a matter of record, my nickname in the army is Captain Frag….This stems from never operating out of an operations order….as a commander we can evaluate the problem before us and issue what is called a fragmentation order..in other words, what we see on the battlefield always dictates the next movement….but I carry a reputation that a 5 paragraph operations order is extra toilet paper for me….even if there was no reason to change the original operations order, I did it anyway…..It was always funny to see my higher ranking officers start shaking their heads in the briefings when I was part of the field command structure….The only thing that I ever kept out of the operations order were frequencies for air support..and command frequencies………….so……………I can see a connection, wines to vineyards to experience in vinyards, to wearing unirform, back to wines…..you cant see that? No wonder you are a lawyer…

        • Oh I see the [extremely loose] connection. But that doesn’t make it any less of a tangent.

          Now…about delivery of that case of the best wines Texas has to offer…

          • So, how do I get it to you? I can’t handle bringing it to you….that means I have to come North…..I might catch the some liberal disease up there.

            • It’s a risk I’m willing to take…you can always deploy your velociraptors?

      • Now, addressing the closeted liberal hippie…..so, in your left leaning fashion, my wearing of the uniform and being a colonel is a clever disguise to my true self? Interesting…..I wonder…never “dropped” acid (LSD), not even a single puff off a marijuana cig, do not drink beer, like White Burgandy wines, never had Mad Dog 20/20 or Blue Nun wines….never drank ( and this is for the oldies here ) Cherry Sloe Gin….did not burn my draft card..but would help the ladies off with their bras during the burn the bra times..Of course I took liberties when helping….I was a horny college kid at the time….sheesh…never used the word “pig” except in reference to the four legged walking bacon kind….Never cut class in college and graduated with 3.85 GPA and a 4.0 in grad school….never made a reference to “the establishment” and I always listened to people over 40…..

        All of that, and I am still a closeted liberal hippie….

        • And…I do not own and never did own a pair of rose colored glasses….

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I’ve been looking at the wines grown in Texas. Quite a wine tour. Honestly I had no idea that the industry existed to that extent. The soil should be perfect. The trick now is to find wineries that can ship to NC. Found one that has a pretty good selection. If they taste as good as their write-up, the wines should be pretty good.

          It’s been obviously a well kept secret

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      So Robert Duvall was in uniform in “Apocalypse Now” At least with the hat.

      geez Colonel…I hadn’t heard or thought of Cherry Sloe Gin in what seems like a lifetime. I wish I had kept my draft card and induction notice. “Greetings from the President of the United States…You are ordered to report for induction” etc etc. Yellow envelope with a big black eagle in the corner.

      As the song goes…”Those were the days” as sung by Mary Hopkins. I now can also envision you hanging out with Alice Brock up in the Berkshires.

      • I not only have mine, I have the NYC subway token still stapled to it! I beat the draft, I enlisted!

        Actually a typical Trynosky US Army interface.

        Knew I’d be drafted, wanted some time, lose girlfriend or nail her down, sell car, sell motorcycle etc. Went to nice recruiting Sgt. “Sure kid, we can do that. Sign here…….. we got you 180 days delay and you are RA!” Two months later, mid-December get a draft notice report Jan 29th. Go see Sgt. “No problem kid, you are already in must be some kind of glitch. Go see him two weeks later, “things are fine kid, don’t worry” . Get a phone call on the 27th of January, “we got a problem kid. If you want your schools, if you want OCS, ya gotta go and ya gotta go tomorrow.” Drop everything, go our for a wild night on the town with girlfriend, blow the bundle on “The Top of the 6’s” at Rockefeller center, give my ’61 Valiant away and help the old man drain the tank and crankcase on the bike before storing it in the apartment house basement.

        I don’t think my Dad ever stopped laughing about me trusting the Army. He, a PA native had been in NYC less than a year when WW 2 broke out. After Pearl he tried to enlist and was turned down, awful sinuses from a thrice broken nose and the flattest feet you ever saw. Married Mom the next month. Drafted by a PA board a month later. Brought his 4F card up to PA, they laughed, promised him an operation on the nose (which they later bungled) and arch supports. Saw Mom three years later!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I had a college deferment in hand. I went in on my own hook later and got what I wanted out of the military.

          My Mom hated the idea that I went in right up to the day she passed away. They never visited anywhere I was ever stationed. I tried to explain to her that she never would have met Dad unless it was for the military and WWII. He never would have thought of electronics unless it was for radar school. He wound up being on the engineering team that built the 1st IBM tube computer in the early 50’s

          • I had finished my senior year in college when the lottery came out…I figured that I would have a pretty good chance to miss the numbers in 68…..but my number was in the first group….and enrolling in a Masters Program at that time would not stave off the military….so, my friend and I decided to enlist ( I did not want OCS at that time ) so we volunteer to get what we wanted. At the end of the basic training, a couple of Special Forces sergeants came by on a recruitment trip. They sure looked dapper in their Berets, bloused jump boots, looking buff, and wearing all their hero badges and ribbons…..So, they were asking for volunteers and my friend and I ( his name is Rick ) decided to volunteer for this unit figuring that the training, which was to take up to 1 year, would out last the war….everyone thought that the war would be over by then……….well, 14 months later….here we are getting off the plane at Cam Rahn Bay…..two hours after that we were getting off the UH 1 chopper in Nha Trang…5 months after that we were getting off the UH 1 chopper in Ban Me Thout….thus started the Vietnam career…..I made it back, Rick did not….

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              My lottery # was 32…..The lottery was fine except one thing. A change to be fair should have been that each year if your pea should go back in the barrel. Those guys that had 360 forever just waved bye bye…next year they might have drawn 2. But personnel with our numbers went with the 1st day draft.

              • Such interesting times. The experiences were worth it all. Got totally pissed at Charlie and his pals on Facebook the other day. When I have actually done something and have had the real experience, to be dismissed as if I made it up or as if it didn’t count…well, I’m just too damned old to put up with that shit.

                Going to dinner on Thursday with HS buddies. This time, will be with a left of center majority. One guy in particular, Bronx boy from a five story walk up, made it good on Wall Street, lives in the Hamptons, Democratic functionary out there has a 40 ft. ketch and beat the draft. Dunno what’s gonna happen if he starts spewing the shit he spews on the internet in person. Can’t stand people who forget their humble beginnings pretending they were born to the purple and because they chose the money route instead of the service route think they not only know it all but have the right to run the world.

              • Stephen…when you deal with people that get their information off Wiki…you have to expect that. Persons with no experience simply are not qualified to engage in dialogue unless it is to ridicule and tear down people that have been there. If they want to talk philosophy……it amazes me how they feel that they can…but they can have an opinion.

                Here is the mindset that I simply do not understand. Bush is blamed for the Iraq war……how convenient is it that basically all credible intelligence sources all over the world came to the same conclusions…..weapons of mass destruction and a nuke program were there. Bush takes it to the House and Senate and got over whelming support to engage….so engage he did. Then the next thing we hear is how all of the intelligence data from all over the world was tainted and that Bush did it. This is the type of mindset there was.

                Of historical note…..we watched convoy after convoy going into Syria in the dead of night carrying….what? Lo and behold……years later…..Syria has a huge stockpile of chemical weapons..to whit………they still have. They have not been destroyed.

                Alos, of convenient note as to the Iraq invasion…..Hussein was violating every no fly zone and every rule……which was also presented to Congress along with the intelligence data….

                Here is a short transcript: Both the House and the Senate have now voted to authorize war-making powers for President Bush, who heralded the chamber’s vote as a resounding message to United Nations and to the world that “the gathering threat of Iraq must be confronted fully and finally.”

                The resolution – which authorizes President Bush to launch a military attack against Iraq if he decides it is necessary – was approved by the House Thursday evening and the Senate followed suit shortly after 1 a.m. Friday.

                In the House, the vote was 296-133, with a majority of Democrats voting against the resolution.

                In the Senate, the vote was 77-23, with 21 Democrats voting no, joined by Independent Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont and Republican Sen. Linc Chafee of Rhode Island.

                Because the Senate approved the House-passed measure without changing a word, it now goes directly to President Bush for his signature.

                So, with all that support…….Bush is blamed but that is the mentality of progressive thinking…it is either a lie or false documentation was presented…..so, in the future, this is what you are going to have to deal with…..

              • Good points Colonel. Read the bio Bernard Fall’s wife wrote, brought a lot into perspective for me and reminded me of what went wrong in Viet-nam which has been repeated over and over again since. The Bush blame thing should certainly not be for initiating the war, but for screwing up the peace.

                I cannot believe that when Paul Bremer became our Ambassador and disbanded the entire Iraq civil service and Army, I didn’t snap to immediately. I’d read enough on Georgie Patton to know how we de-nazified Germany without throwing the place into chaos. Iraq was a recipe for disaster, sooner or later.

                There is a piece about ISIS in this month’s American Legion magazine. Talks about the mistakes of throwing the Baathists out with the bathwater (sorry for the pun, couldn’t resist) but does not mention the Arab Spring at all. I wonder just how far ISIS woudl have gotten in Libya if Khadaffi were in full power or in Syria/Iraq if we had not degraded Assad’s ability to crush them?

      • Yep..he had the hat on correctly…..funny though…..I never saw anyone surf anywhere in Vietnam…..but I was only atNha Trang for 5 months before moving inland.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I think a long road trip will be in order. Only a few of these wineries can ship out of State. I’ll sample those first.

  28. Im filling out a survey for my neighbor who is working on his junior term paper. He chose to write on racism. Looks like he ended up working on human rights though. Help me out with ideas on these two questions….

    Do you believe acts/laws such as The Civil Rights Act or The Bill of Rights really protect our human rights? Y or N

    What is the impact of a global economy on human rights for Americans?

    (geez, we can’t agree on these things as adults and he’s trying to tackle them as a teen )

    • woops…please explain on the first question

    • First, the question in it’s form is unanswerable because the Bill of Rights is a separate entity versus and LAW that Congress passes. The Bill of Rights is to limit the actions of Government, which can only be a good thing for human rights. The Civil Rights Act actually limits the citizens in there actions. They are opposites. The Civil Rights Act violates human rights, because it takes and individuals freedom of choice. The Bill of Rights protects ALL citizens from violations of human rights. The question can’t be answered as presented. It must be divided. 🙂

    • Civil rights act is a Yes No answer. Protects some rights for some people for others not so. Others are deprived of the right to lease property to who they wish, serve who they wish, associate with who they wish. In athletics, male sports teams have been eliminated due to title 9. Under a limited sports budget, if you have to field a woman’s team for something, the money will have to come out of some other club/sport which may be male or the male club/sport may be dropped.

      Bill of rights, currently is a yes. Our right to own firearms would have been long gone without the 2nd amendment. Australian and Canada, in many ways quite like us and not European have severely curtailed firearms ownership not having a 2nd Amendment.

      Now, I will issue a caveat on the Bill. Court interpretations can have a chilling effect. Again, on guns, it has been argued in the court that “people” does not mean people as we know it that somehow a “well regulated militia” is the National Guard which did not exist in any way, shape or form at the time of the Bill’s adoption. A revisit, by a future court, could totally destroy the protection. The famous “Congress shall make no law establishing a religion” clearly meant to stop the favoring of one “Christian” sect over another. The meaning was expanded judicially rather than modified through legislation as it should have been. Let us be honest here. Other Faiths, not sects were so incredibly tiny at the time as to be a non-issue to the founders and I daresay had the Federalist Papers proposed a ban on public mention of the deity,in the 1780’s, they would have been run out of town.

      The ADA has mainstreamed many Americans yet it has played havoc with schools, forced NYC to install elevators to the subways which become money pit urinals and allowed drunks and druggies to cash in. Intent, for God’s sake INTENT must be the determining factor on all these things not some nebulous, shape shifting cloud like “living” interpretation of the Constitution. Want to change it? Don’t like what it says” There is an Amendment procedure and it is deliberately hard.

      Hope the above helps.

      • Thanks guys. Many good points. My first thoughts went to limited gun rights and limited religious rights too.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Get him to question the premise of what constitutes human and/or civil rights.

      That is the first step. The answers to the questions will come faster if he has a sound handle on the definition of rights first.

  29. Just A Citizen says:


    I must assume you are cheering Mr. Obama today for his action to stop the militarization of the police.

    Just one more of his polices you have asked for, he must be your brother from another mother.

    • The damage is done, nothing to see here. The program has accomplished the goal, but because his Sandy Hook fiasco has failed to get the gun control he wanted, might as well neuter the cops that him and his ilk have started a war on. Liberal’s are poor planners and fail to think far ahead. Their narcistic nature leads them to failures that they think they can overcome, trying something else, that will fail. Obama is a failure and a liar. Apparently, you haven’t figured out the latter too well. 😉

      • Let me add, that if the LIAR n Chief had one lick of honesty about his words, he could RECALL every single MRAP armored vehicle and every HUMVEE, as under the program used for the police departments to get them, the Feds maintain ownership. The cops can paint them, maintain them and use them, but don’t own them. Actually, it’s a great way for the Feds to preposition armored equipment throughout the USA and not get noticed (they got noticed anyway).

        My opinion, it isn’t the fact that the cops have all this stuff, it’s how and when they use it. I’m totally OK with their use during these silly riots. I’m not OK with it’s use during the Boston Bombers search (you’ve seen the pictures). Two different events, one of which was serious overkill. Had the Waco cops used one during the biker gang issue, I would have been fine with that. To use them to do a SWAT team raid to fulfill a warrant for not paying some fines is something I’m not keen on.

        Police in military gear are not necessary under a vast majority of police duties. That should simply come to an end and let’s get back to doing what police are supposed to do, keep the peace. Instead, they are playing revenue agents and playing army.

    • I am still of the opinion that Barry and Co. knew exactly what would happen. That’s why they circumvented the DOD. At first I actually thought that Hillary may have been stupid enough to just go along with it. However, after reviewing her sordid history, I could easily believe that she knew as well.

    • The gun running by this administration has surpassed not only the Iran arms deal…of the 80’s but combined with the Contras of Central America, and the operation in Mexico….the number of weapons is slightly less than one half of what this administration has supplied Syria.

      • Also, I can’t wait until the story breaks that the State Department and the WH….knew the outcome of Benghazi prior to……the outcome of Benghazi.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          All the BS by this administration makes Nixon look like an amateur….These issue do not gain any traction is in affairs like benghazi, syria eta…the opposition wants to do more. NSA…same deal they want more surrveilence powers.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Nixon just did sneaky spying on only the DNC and McGovern. Todays administrations do it on everyone, phone, email and banking transactions, and the only loud noise made once was by Feinstein when she discovered they collected her stuff also. And it goes NOWHERE.

        • Perhaps you would expand on this: knew the outcome of Benghazi prior to……the outcome of Benghazi.

          • What is to expound upon?

            • You said the story breaks-what story?

              • Well, here’s a story-seems logical that it would take more than 24 hrs. but it’s still seems like an unprovable assumption, not a slam dunk. Is this what you meant or is there something else I don’t know?


              • VH…..when the story breaks….means when the truth is known…and I think that will be sooner than later…..you will see and understand that Benghazi was inevitable and the State Department knew it and the POTUS knew it and Benghazi was set up to fail….and the contingent there…..sacrificed. It is very simple to figure out……all you have to do is compare the embassy requests to the actual…

              • I was already convinced that they had let those men die-was angry that they didn’t give them extra security prior to the attack and horrified they did nothing during the attack-but that word Inevitable, my thought processes just hadn’t gone that way. But is was, wasn’t it , just inevitable.

              • VH and D13, Maybe the most important question is WHY was Libya attacked to begin with? The US engaged in bombing a sovereign country who were not a threat, in any way, to any country who engaged in the such actions. WTF? Stevens and the others were murdered. Benghazi shouldn’t be the question, what should be the real question is being ignored. Bait and switch and the sheople fall for it!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I’m just going to take a wild quess here. Would you suppose that our government was setting up shop in Benghazi with the “Rebels” prior to the demand that Qaddaffi must go and the reason for that, was he obviously objected to that action and was going to remove the rebels in that city. The EU and west threatened him when he started to take action against the insurgents in Benghazi. Wouldn’t our government take action against an armed rebellion here?

          • Lol…….interesting perspective…

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              With the instant EU and US violent attack on Gaddaffi and he had not yet done anything to the “rebels” in Benghazi. What were we protecting there? It now to me is obviously NOT to protect the sweet crude source of oil to the EU. production is down approx 3/4’s. I think it begs the question.

              So Hillary is begging the State Dept to release her emails that she only provided off her server…re-dacted prior to her sending them. If they show officially that “SHE” knew nothing, I’d believe it because she was an incompetent SOTUS. I also believe she should be served with an arrest warrant by the DOJ for by-passing Federal Law concerning State business. Obama also because he’s supposed to be the most computer literate POTUS yet. I always as a habit look at the source of any email I receive. He had to know she was operating outside the law also. That makes him an assessory.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Before I forget the “public” reason to attack Libya was on humanitarian grounds to save lives. Just how many were killed and continuing to be so with the turmoil there and the migrant problem trying to get to Europe…..10’s of thousands? And the EU is only now trying to put into place a rescue and interdiction program of those boat people. Sorry, something else was cooking in Benghazi at that time that the West did not want uncovered.

  30. Apparently armed robbery is quite profitable……as long as you are one of the ‘legal robbers’.


    • It’s becoming an epidemic of sorts. But it’s being noticed and at some point the people will say enough is enough and put an end to the theft. Maybe 🙂

  31. Lots of articles about the IRS scandal at NR today-Gonna post a couple I found interesting or the most interesting 🙂


    • Just A Citizen says:

      This is a good article that reveals the point at where most scandals/controversies arise within an agency. That being where the political appointees meet the professional bureaucrats.

      But one very KEY piece of information was missing. WHEN was the regulation adopted that used “newsworthy” as a criteria and WHO was responsible for that regulation.

      It may date back several administrations or it might have been adopted right after this administration took office.

      Note: During the Bush administration the IRS was directed to “prioritize” review of charitable religious based groups seeking to provide aid to Katrina victims and other aid to homeless, etc. This Political prioritization caused delays in the review and approval of other applications. However, these delays were in terms of a few months, not a full year or more. And it was due to staffing of processors, not added scrutiny.

      Another note: The Tea Party cases go beyond just added scrutiny or elevating the cased to Washington. The nature of the questions and delayed approvals reek of deliberate harassment.

      • Yes, I would like to know when this rule came about-but it is still very evident that once it was sent for this “review” they used that excuse to full advantage.

        Not sure how I got to this page originally-had to go back to history to return-but it’s several articles by the same author over a long period of time covering the IRS story-you can just scowl down to each article. They are quite good and informative-I particularly like the last one-“Tea-Party Applications Reviewed by IRS Chief Counsel, According to Testimony”

        Hopefully this link will take you there.


      • When any govt agency shows bias against a political ideology, we have lost the govt. Stopped being fooled by the bullshit going nowhere. HRC may be thrown under the bus, just to prove a point, but that’s not even likely. The Fed’s are no longer the allies of the people, wake the hell up!

        • AS I said long ago, the Patriot ACT will be renewed with no changes. They DON’T CARE about public opinion because they claim to know better. I hope you like being slaves. http://personalliberty.com/senate-intelligence-chairman-to-constituents-i-dont-care-what-you-think/

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Gman…you jumped in and asked the same question I’ve earlier started asking about Libya. The wests reaction to his “uprising” in Benghazi and his subsequent speech for them to butt out or he’d sell his oil elsewhere got an instant UN resolution to take him out. To fishy and it stinks like last weeks garbage.

            • We are in agreement! As far as I’m concerned, the actions against Libya by the US and others was a clear violation of human rights and International law (not to mention our own laws). Glad to have an ally 🙂

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Under the cover of the UN…..All the contradictions of Ruwanda response, of the Balkans and the sickening response to genocide. Yet the action in Libya is odd, when NO action had yet been taken by Gaddaffi.

              • AS a war vet, I thought what happened was sickening. I’m all for self defense and having a strong military. I’m not for attacking a country that is not a threat. While I’m not happy about the second war with Iraq (which the Left is focused on) , the actions with Libya should put Obama in jail for life.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Several strings of thought in this post but they do all relate…

                But they were given the blanket approval of international law by the UN. And we know how Obama likes international governence.

                No reflection on our brethren from Texas….but I really do believe Johnson with all his errors and lying about Vietnam saw the errors of his ways and died a heart broken man. Not for losing power, but by the cost to the nation his policy caused.

                Our current batch of leaders do not have a moral bone in their bodies and I do not believe lose a nights sleep over their actions and calls for more war in the world.

                While in college I was in a speech class. The professor asked that NO speeches be given out of concern, 1) for the veterans in the class. 2) the wounded veterans in the class 3) for those that didn’t come back that we all knew. 4) the protesters and 5) for those that still were in support. of the police action. I defied her and gave one anyway. I got a A plus and standing ovation by all.

                I attended a conference at Annapolis quite a few years ago where one of the quest was one of the Colonel’s who served directly under General Giap. The Marines in the panel and audience were incredibly hostile. If you looked at this man, you’d think he couldn’t have fought his way out of a wet paper bag. But he went into great detail about their history and were going to fight until death anybody that kept them from their nation. The last thing they wanted to do was fight us because they still thought of us a “good” but fight us they did and defeat us….I think our Colonel said, after looking at them, you knew there was NO way we were going to prevail in that country.

                I am very proud of the service to this country that I did in the Navy. But when our group saw the crap the Carter adminstration was pulling in Iran a full year before the Shah was forced out and the months leading up to the absolute set-up at the embassy, I got out of active duty. Every analysis that we sent warning the administration about what was going on was killed only to be proven true. So my conclusion is…either they were a bunch of idiots (true) but also a party to the whole fiasco going on even today. With all the same advisors in place how can you have any other conclusion.

  32. Noticed a few articles complaining about a lot of immigrants from the Middle East, so many that people are concerned. So I have to wonder why these Muslims, ones who helped us aren’t getting visa’s. Also noticed that the doctor in Pakistan that helped us-in jail-American prisoners in Iran-see no evidence we’re doing anything to get them back and a Nun who wanted to testify about Christians being attacked was denied a visa to just come testify when other people were given visa’s but they all just happened to be non christian-people thrown in prison in Mexico-nada

    So just what the hell is going on-why does this administration seem to be adverse to helping our friends but holds their arms wide open to our enemies.


    • All part of the de-stabilization of the country. You can expect millions upon millions after the Iraq and Afghanistan governments fall. We already have tons of Somalians for some reason or other.

      They bring with them their culture and their religion and there is no attempt at all to mitigate for assimilation, in fact, quite the opposite. After Viet-nam, we brought in a great number of Vietnamese and Cambodians however we split them all up. Later, as they became established they started moving to be close to each other but by that time they were fairly well versed in American culture. This will NOT be the case this time. Our children and grandchildren will be paying the penalty for this wonderful friggin mosaic.

      The POTUS really hates this country.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The last time I drove aroung the I 495 loop around Boston (2 years ago) I though I was in a third world country. It used to be a working-middle class area due to being between Worchester MA industrial area and Boston. But now the roads were a wreck, buildings more run down and the people in the stores were mostly the M/E type of from Africa. POOR communication capabilities with those of us not from the area.

        I used to plot on a map the cross connect boxes that the telcom companies have all over in the neighborhoods. The number that were labeled as destroyed by vandalism surrounding Boston on rte128 / I-495 extending up into southern NH were more clustered there than any other place in the country.

  33. Just A Citizen says:


    Here is some of that revisionist history by the left, re.; The Iraq War.


    I find it insulting that the same Dems who supported Clinton’s attack on Iraq for the very same reasons as Bush’s war suddenly flip sides when Bush makes the move. The argument that the Bush administration falsified or twisted the intelligence is equally stupid and nothing but propaganda in itself.

    Odd how all these people, like Krugman, forget the real issue was not whether but when Bush should act. The debate was over whether to allow the UN inspectors more time because they were not finding stuff, but Iraq was playing games.

    If there is a hind sight that is accurate it is that Bush should have done more to push for more inspections absent Iraq manipulation. Perhaps a single missile strike on Saddam’s fancy house would have convinced him to cooperate. Then again maybe not. But that was the real bone of contention at the time Congress approved the action.

    And I will never forget how the Dem leadership voted YES then IMMEDIATELY started criticizing and undermining the Administrations war efforts. Then they have the audacity to complain about Republicans criticizing Obama during his attacks on Libya.

    Oh, one other thing. Hope all is well with you and yours in the great Republic of Texas this fine AM.

    • Doing well,sir…doing well. Watching how the left is trying to spin the Waco incident. Really funny…..they hate it because Texas Law Enforcement knew it was coming, planned for it, and the only dead…..bikers. Law enforcement asked the restaurant not to hold the rally….they declined and now they are closed. The left is still upset that the only people that died in Garland…..terrorists. Law enforcement knew about it, prepared for it…..game over.

      And back to Waco…….I find it pretty funny that 140+ white guys arrested…..and Waco is still standing…no fires or looting…no cars burned….and just exactly where are the news stories about the racist attitude of arresting only whites? Where is Al Sharpton?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Sharpton is trying to spin his daughters shakedown of NYC for her distress and pain of a sprained ankle then goes off an climbs a peak….if she was so clumsy to twist her ankle on a crack why didn’t she trip off a cliff and save us from any more of their extortion

  34. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Why does the administrations continued proclamations about their strategy in the M/E is working and a success, sound like, look like and feel like Westmoreland’s comments about winning in Vietnam and that there is no way that the enemy can replace their losses against our superior firepower. Just before the TET offensive and requesting for 200,000 more tropps on top of the 500,000.

    • “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      Little Joe Goebbels

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Ain’t that the TRUTH (no pun intended)

        What bothers me the most when trying to engage the younger set, usually you’re met with blank stares about the issue and the subsequent comment…”why should I care, it doesn’t affect me”

        Those our age are already set in our philosophy and morality and usually end up in very active debate up until the name calling occurs. If the case is proven we may change our outlook. The young are indoctrinated to have no moral or philosophical baseline. This is a generality but holds more often than not.

        • I too, have noticed that very thing. The young folks just tend to tune out the Politics until election time, and then listen to whatever they are told by the ones in power.

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So the FDA is planning on banning Trans-fats entirely. OK, lets see the accuracy of their dietary recommendations

    1) eggs are bad for you…..after several bad, good, bad, good gyrations it’s determined they really are good for you. Just eat within a balanced diet context.
    2) Animal fats are bad for you…No fat diets drive your body to conserve fat. Businesses switch to approved vegetable fats and corn syrup to compensate the BAD label on fat.
    People are unhealthier than ever. Now they say fat eaten within the context of a balanced diet is good. …my bet is that their good science was driven more by political activists like PETA and vegans and anti animal slavery groups.
    3) Fear of the outside and getting injured….arrest your parents for allowing you to go to the park and play….cut physical fitness activities at school in fear of lawsuits.

    Ensuring the food is what it says it is is vital, like no mouse parts of Jimmy Hoffa’s in the hamburger.

    I honestly can not remember in historical archives the mass diseases ripping through the food production system. Like the billions of eggs that get destroyed because a few people get sick. The millions of poultry being killed to stop the flu. If you got you stuff from local source, you knew Bob down the road produced and sold the eggs. He won’t stay in business long if his animals get sick or he miss handles the product. My uncles delivered their milk 2X a day. In the morning and then after the evening. Once the law forced them to hold the milk for a week they shut down the operation. It created a worse product. My Mom’s parents raised turkeys during the depression for extra cash. Not only was the turkey live in the morning, it was dispatched, cleaned, defeathered and wrapped and delivered to the client by the end of the day. And that was NOT a store…to the end user.

    The FDA is forcing this production method of massing the animals and single source processing..the claim…we do not have the time to inspect the little guys and are ultimately forcing them out of business.

    BST, Steroids, and the hits keep coming

    • When will the US be called NAZI America?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just leave it at Facist States of America….the perfect marriage of corporate interests and government. I believe it’s said that Henry Ford really admired Mussolini. Who was it that said what’s good for business is good for america? May be a misquote.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The only thing though is that the corporate business practices have poisoned the well abroad. Cuba, Philipines, Indonesia, Venezuela just to name 4.

          I never could understand the embargo agaist Cuba for 50 years plus when we did business with Russia, China.

          • It is part of the legacy left us by the “sainted” JFK. That’s about all it is. According to my dumb as a rock sister in law, the hope and change with this character were right up there with the hope and change of JFK.

            Only a man as warm, sweet and dedicated to all good things as BO could possibly call back JFK’s embargo. A new day has dawned and all the world is at peace. Time to sing with REAL Cuban sugar………

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Ah…like I surmise….the corporate interests got hoisted on their own practice, the unions lost their interests and mob. Three biggies that influence the government.

        • Not sure the appropriate way to address this is to blame the States. This is a Central government issue, with the States getting screwed along the way. The Politicians in DC have proven, quite often, that they are really on the same side and only vote for the big bills a certain way dependent on their reelection status. JAC has mentioned this today, but fails to see the two party system is a fraud. Both are equally money sucking monsters that need destroyed and buried, to never be allowed to return again.

  36. A perfect example why we need to mostly eliminate governments and re-establish a social management system where the people have the power, not the assholes who don’t understand freedom: http://personalliberty.com/d-c-s-new-concealed-carry-law-just-as-unconstitutional-as-the-old-one-according-to-federal-judge/

    • This nation will NEVER allow the people to gain that power. Now that government has that power invested in itself, they will NEVER GIVE IT UP!

      • Nice to hear from you old friend 🙂 I miss your no nonsense approach to things. While I somewhat agree, I still have faith in the American spirit (and I think Christians are getting pissed off). Those who LIE talk the loudest. Those who just want to be free, shoot the straightest. Let’s hope we don’t go down that road.

        Today, Cleveland Ohio is on the verge. This is going to be a long violent summer for those in the inner cities. One more reason to make more bullets 😀

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Hey ya ol’ Georgia dog. How the heck have you been?

        Is this last season of baseball? How is the boy doing?

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