An Epic Drought

Thought I would add to the normal open subject forum to discuss the current drought and it’s possible effects on the population of those States being affected.  Looking at the US drought situation there are about 55 million people effected by the current conditions.  Looking at the picture below, it shows the severity of the situation.


AS you can see, California is in some dire straights, with Nevada not far behind.  Water is essential to human life in so many ways, the future may lead to some very unwanted actions by the residents effected.  For the sake of this article, let’s assume that this drought continues to worsen at it’s present pace.  The darker colored areas will grow and the number of people affected will grow with it.  I have read that the Colorado River is no longer is no longer flowing to it’s final destination.  Lake Meade is at it’s lowest level since being filled.  If there isn’t enough water to maintain the population, what will happen?

I’ll venture to say that some people will pack up and move on their own.  Between the politics and the drought, enough is enough.  This will be an insignificant number, so the real problem will grow.  Let’s assume that 38 million people will find themselves with NO WATER at all this date next year.  It would be next to impossible to truck in fresh water and that high speed train Moonbeam wanted so bad won’t haul any.  Now, it’s has gotten to the point of a State of Emergency.  When the State leaders ask for help from the Fed’s, this is where I begin to cringe.  Why you ask?  Because of all of the Executive Orders that are current and written to deal with such emergencies.  I won’t include them here, as they are numerous, but, they give so much power to the Fed’s the people will not have any choice’s in the matter.


I’ll add some of those EO’s in the remark’s section, but they will effectively give the Fed’s the power to forcibly relocate the population and CLOSE the effected areas to all people.  This is not any conspiracy theory that I have read, although the Jade Helm 15 map includes all the States involved.  This could lead to a humanitarian effort larger than any operation ever undertaken.  While I would certainly be against any forced type of movement, it would take the combined efforts of the military and many alphabet agencies to pull this off.  It may also be why UN vehicles are being seen all over the Southwest.  To conclude, this drought could become a serious emergency if it continues.  Let’s pray for rain that could positively affect the situation.



  1. All subjects are open for discussion as usual, just though I’d focus on something that could lead to some very interesting times.

  2. Not to be facetious but, how is the water situation in Mexico? Seems if it is ok we could ask for a voluntary repatriation of the illegals and hand them a bus ticket back, post drought.

    Is it not funny that people are surprised when we have weather? Be it a hurricane Katrina or Sandy or Connie back in the ’60’s it is like it happens for the first time. Few years back, we had one hell of a drought here in the Northeast. That was a recurring thing which seemed to happen every ten or fifteen years. Was actually a proposal at one point to run a pipeline over the George Washington Bridge in Mayor Koch’s Administration to provide additional water for NY. Never got done but two years later it was suggested again in reverse, NJ reservoirs were way down. Going to the range three or four years ago, you could see the bottoms of the reservoirs for the first time since they were built. Last year they had to open the spillways!

    Since society more or less relegated God to the back burner there is an awful lot of hubris out there. Like we could do something about weather or volcanoes or earthquakes or something.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      If you read closely the articles about the current drought in California. It says the worst drought since the early 70’s. I remember the water issues. back then and the massive fires in the Santa Monica Mtns in the early 60’s. The fires jumping across what now is I-5 and traffic flowing under it. The fact that CA has done nothing to mitigate it’s always present water crisis,expanding agriculture and doubled population the west is in serious issues. And as T-Ray says, Moonbeam is spend 100B on a cool fast train. Seems that a far larger crisis is at hand. The nation will suffer this stupidity and self centerness.

      • There is no doubt that the current water crisis could have been avoided. It is definitely man made. Brown in his first stint as Gov. stopped the dam building and other water programs that his father and earlier governors had started. Once stopped, the environmental groups made sure they never started again. Also the legislature spent all the money on mostly give a ways to the unions and “poor”. We passed a bond issue last year to fund water infrastructure but the democrats in the state legislature have not allocated an expenditures nor are they willing to fast track any of the projects. Fast tracking cuts off the incessant suits by the NIMBYs and environmentalists. They passed such legislation for the new Kings arena here in Sacramento so I guess we know their priorities. The train of course is full steam ahead.

        Locally we have plenty of water for this year. Our local water agency is even selling some of their excess water. This is partly a defensive move as we anticipate that if the situation gets worse, government will begin confiscating the water rights. Folsom Lake is about 30% full which is low for this time of year but still lots of water.

        A couple of weeks ago, I drove down to Sonora and crossed New Melones Reserv. It is very low and looked more like a river (Stanislaw) than a lake. (They let out thousands of acre feet recently to flush a few dozen trout down stream.) The other SoCal reservoirs are also low. The northern reservoirs are similar to Folsom. Many of the rice farmers in the valley are letting there field lay fallow and sell water for $700/acre-foot.

        In Sacramento, many corporate buildings still have green lawns. A few are browning out so you can tell who has shut off the sprinklers. They however risk fines as the city has a green lawn requirement. Desert landscaping is not allowed. Lawns can be reseeded so to me they are an easy sacrifice. More distressing are the trees. Unfortunately in the city many planted shallow root trees that require surface water. It will be a good year for tree surgeons.

        Here in the foothills, I have mostly native oaks that are deep rooted. However, I can see that even these are stressed. My fruit trees will require water. It looks like I lost about 9 trees this last year and will need to collect some firewood. I have yet to water them this spring since we have been getting rain about once every 2 weeks and it has been relatively cool. I will probably start watering this weekend mostly to check out the system.

        Last spring, someone mentioned in the paper that it would be a good time to dredge some of the reservoirs. The silt could be sold as top soil and may actually contain some gold. As with many good ideas, it has gone nowhere. The inability of government at all levels to actually respond to a crisis in a positive manner is mind boggling. There is more than enough money in the state to solve our problems in the long term if only we prioritize. In the short term we are screwed do to lack of planning.

        We will survive this year but if the drought continues in to next winter we will be in serious trouble. At that point I expect government will cease the rights to all water in the state and start doling it out to their favorites. Ultimately ag will be the big loser. Don’t expect the fish to lose their water rights though.

        • Great input! Just curious, do you live in the Northern part or Southern part of the State? Maybe just give a map color to give us a better idea of what it looks like from the maps perspective. Things could get very ugly there.

          • I live just 4 mi from Sutter’s Mill, about 30 min east of Sacramento and 90 min from Tahoe.
            We are in the darkest part of the map but not as dry as further south. Snow levels in the mountains above us are/were under 10% of normal so this is the worst year in the last 4. We have had some late spring showers with a few inches of snow in the mountains which have helped. However, all of that will go into the ground rather than run off to the reservoirs.

            The 70’s drought was followed by a flood year. When we moved here in ’92, they were just coming out of a drought. The rains of the winters of ’92 and ’93 were large as I remember heavy run off but no flooding. A few years later we did have flooding. So it is feast or famine here.

            • As a youngster, in 1976, I visited Mom’s family in Knightsen California. Did some travelling up to Lake Alpine, very beautiful country and still a favorite memory of mine.

  3. This is Dales from the previous post, like to do a follow -up.

    Several strings of thought in this post but they do all relate…

    But they were given the blanket approval of international law by the UN. And we know how Obama likes international governence.

    No reflection on our brethren from Texas….but I really do believe Johnson with all his errors and lying about Vietnam saw the errors of his ways and died a heart broken man. Not for losing power, but by the cost to the nation his policy caused.

    Our current batch of leaders do not have a moral bone in their bodies and I do not believe lose a nights sleep over their actions and calls for more war in the world.

    While in college I was in a speech class. The professor asked that NO speeches be given out of concern, 1) for the veterans in the class. 2) the wounded veterans in the class 3) for those that didn’t come back that we all knew. 4) the protesters and 5) for those that still were in support. of the police action. I defied her and gave one anyway. I got a A plus and standing ovation by all.

    I attended a conference at Annapolis quite a few years ago where one of the quest was one of the Colonel’s who served directly under General Giap. The Marines in the panel and audience were incredibly hostile. If you looked at this man, you’d think he couldn’t have fought his way out of a wet paper bag. But he went into great detail about their history and were going to fight until death anybody that kept them from their nation. The last thing they wanted to do was fight us because they still thought of us a “good” but fight us they did and defeat us….I think our Colonel said, after looking at them, you knew there was NO way we were going to prevail in that country.

    I am very proud of the service to this country that I did in the Navy. But when our group saw the crap the Carter adminstration was pulling in Iran a full year before the Shah was forced out and the months leading up to the absolute set-up at the embassy, I got out of active duty. Every analysis that we sent warning the administration about what was going on was killed only to be proven true. So my conclusion is…either they were a bunch of idiots (true) but also a party to the whole fiasco going on even today. With all the same advisors in place how can you have any other conclusion.

    • I was involved in the tail end of the catastrophe called “Model Cities” Johnson was broken because he was unable to carry out his domestic agenda. His sadness over Viet-nam was based on his total loss of credibility which destroyed any chance to move his policies at home. Guns and butter was a farce as Jimmy Carter later found out when the bills all came do at the same time.

      Had we all read Bernard Fall’s books on Viet-nam before diving in the way we did would have been not only helpful but a Godsend. Had we listened to the bloody French, even Le Gran Charles!. It is interesting I think how we, the US and the West, wooed Egypt away from the Soviet Union. Perhaps it took the death of Nasser to bring that about, I don’t know, but it got done. One of the real foreign policy successes I can think of. We had enough in common with Ho to be able to deal with him before the excrement hit the fan. Big question will always remain, could he have been the equivalent of Tito in Yugoslavia in the Far East? A “neutral” communist. Time to revisit the novel, “The Ugly American” by Burdick and Lehrer.

      I fall back on paraphrasing FDR’s statement on Somoza regarding the Shah, Quadaffi and Assad, they may be SOB’s but they are OUR SOB’s! Much better then them being independent or Soviet aligned SOB”s. There is also the issue of Franco and Tito who moderated along the way and did finally produce something akin to a democracy before they died. Too bad Tito never prepared for a succession.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Ho repeatedly said that you can not have a socialist agenda like he wanted unless you also have a strong economy. They did not want to fight us, but did because we lumped ALL communists into one bucket forgetting that there are socialist and communist leaders that were not like Stalin, Mao and the Korean leaders. Greece and Italy have swung back and forth between communist, socialist and more conservative governments forever and they stayed withing NATO. Tito stayed neutral. The world stood by and wrung their hands over the Pol Pot Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia. Who put a stop to it Vietnam. Not the UN, Not the US, Now the UN is demanding that the Khmer’s should be a legit part of the Cambodian govnt.

        Tito jammed together a false country called Yugoslavia. Very much like the false countries of Africa that are based on the european colonial boundries. As long as those boundries are in place there will be NO peace in Sub-Saharan Africa. Yugoslavia was made up of to many formally independent countries with nationalist goals when and if the glue that bonded them together disappeared. Read “Paris 1919” all the issues that were still active in the late 1990’s and early 2000 were alive and well and genocidal if given the opportunity.

        Peace and war at the same time…Guns and butter..can not co-exist. To cross into war and the killing that surrounds it, a moral boundry has got to be not only breached but justified. Our moral threshhold is virtually non existant today as it also ran at times in the past. Nobody F!!!en cared about the 100’s of thousands the Japanese slice and diced in China and Korea with their vegematic’s. Only when they pushed into areas that conflicted with British and US interests did actions take place.

        The findings in the Civil war and up through WWII the soldiers in the front line had a very poor % of actually shooting, much less to kill. In otherwords the kill ratio to bullets expended was very low. Both sides had this except the psychopaths that are everywhere. The services response was to break it all down to reflex….DO NOT THINK. DO NOT RATIONALIZE.

        • Nice analysis. Yeah, Yugoslavia was interesting. Had a chance once to see a bond issued by the kingdom of——,——-,——–,——-,——,beautiful printing. Absolutely worthless. It could all be held together but only at the point of a gun.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Yes Johnson died a broken man….a total loss of credibility on all fronts. But he made choices based on retaining POWER and advisors. The same stuff is happening today, different people and they just keep going without missing a beat. And I’m not chosing sides. Go from Carter onward.

  4. Humans have in all history migrated towards water, water being so fundamental to survival.
    It is an explanation for the rise and fall of ancient civilizations whose mobility was inferior to the needs of such migration.

    We do not suffer such lack of mobility today.

    Additionally, ancient civilizations all existed within what is called the Malthusian Trap, population outstripping the ability of nature to provide resources. This has been the situation of humanity for thousands of years up to the Industrial Revolution.

    Prior to this time, man merely exploited the bounty that nature provided, but did not add to the bounty.

    The Industrial Revolution established the human ability to increase the economic goods within society beyond what nature provided. This broke the Malthusian Trap.

    Today, we make barren deserts productive (Las Vegas), not because nature has provided its bounty there, but *because man created the bounty there*.

    Thus, worry about “how will drought effect people” is merely a local phenomena, not a societal upheaval.


    If you want to get rich in the future, Jim Rogers has an opinion.
    He says “provide services to water, but for god’s sake do not try to own water”

    He explains the difference. Building some means to take water where it is in huge oversupply, but few people to areas where there is water shortages and a lot of people will make you rich.

    But if you try to own the water source itself, you will be hunted down and killed.

    Water is the single most important determination of civilization. I travelled around the world a couple of times and I have seen whole societies that disappeared because the water disappeared. People can survive recession and war, revolution and famine, plague, but they cannot survive without water. That ends the whole story, no matter how smart you think you are.

    We have to move or it becomes very expensive, but you have to move because you got to have the water.

    There are great opportunities in water. I haven’t found one that is publicly listed as of yet. I am sure there are several, I am just too lazy to find them. But I would love to find water plays that are substantial and serious.

    The problem with water is that you can’t own it. Because if you do, when the crisis comes the politicians will hang you in the public square because you are exploiting Man’s God given right to water. And they will curse and scream at you. But if you find a way to solve the water problem they will build a monument for you. You will be very, very rich. But for goodness sake don’t own the water because if you do they will take it away from you, torture you and execute you.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The Californians in LA did not kill the farmers in the Owen’s valley because they owned the water. They simply purchased it from them.

      It is true that ownership of water, like anything, can be overturned by Govt. bodies serving desperate people. But that requires overturning the very laws that allowed civilized existence to this point in time.

      If one thinks about it the Govt. has been “taking” the water rights, property rights, under guise of the Endangered Specie Act. Wonder if the Govt. will continue to favor snail darters and other aquatics when millions in California need water to drink.

      One other thought. Did the industrial revolution really break the Malthusian trap or did it simply move the trap door?

      • Isn’t the EPA wanting to take control of water in a much more controlling way? I will research, but I think this is in the public comment stage.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          This Admin. is using EPA for some rule making but other agencies are also involved. The ESA was used by US Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service to establish “minimum flow” requirements for various fish species.

          EPA has been primarily involved with setting “pollution” standards on water. This include storm “runoff” which allows them to claim authority over barn yards, parking lots, etc. etc.

          EPA’s other rulings are on “what constitutes” those waters being regulated. This is where the Colonel and others have run a fowl with the EPA claiming stock water ponds and tanks as “part of the riparian or water system” of larger streams. EPA’s authority used to be pretty much limited to navigable waters. They then extended it to smaller tributaries and then to seasonal tributaries.

          You should also realize that EPA does not unilaterally set all standards. It sets regulations or makes “determinations” based on what other agencies do or claim is needed. Any federal action that requires Environmental Assessments or Environmental Impact Statements usually requires EPA sign off on the mitigation measures included by the lead agency. The “lead Agency” is the Govt. agency that is proposing a project or management plan, or the agency given lead responsibility for the planning and environmental study.

          Bottom line, you can’t just blame or focus on the EPA.

          • Bottom line, you can’t just blame or focus on the EPA.

            Sure I can. That’s because (I had to go back and get more info on the subject) it is still unresolved. This is a good story to explain what I’m talking about.

            • I think this thing is in the “delay” stages because of all the hoopla. It will be snuck in as a rule when people are paying attention to something else. Typical Federal actions.

          • Actually, I think blaming the EPA is exactly what is needed (along with the Messiah, of course):

            In late March, U.S. Senators John Barrasso (R-WY) Jim Inhofe (R-OK), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Dean Heller (R-NV) and 26 other Senators introduced legislation to stop the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from taking over all private water in the United States. The “Preserve the Waters of the U.S. Act” prevents the EPA and the Army Corp of Engineers (Corps) from using their overreaching “guidance” to change legal responsibilities under the Clean Water Act (CWA).

            “President Obama’s EPA continues to act as if it is above the law. It is using this overreaching guidance to pre-empt state and local governments, farmers and ranchers, small business owners and homeowners from making local land and water use decisions,” said Barrasso. “Our bill will stop this unprecedented Washington power grab and restore Americans’ property rights. It’s time to get EPA lawyers out of Americans’ backyards.”


            This article has a good amount of background info on the subject.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              This article restates what I already explained. Oh, and this effort started with Clinton. This Administration has just continued that effort which was somewhat subdued by Bush. I said somewhat. Bush did not put a clamp on the EPA, his Admin only dampened the efforts slightly.

              Part of that was because the COURTS are implementing the Environmental Agenda via rulings on litigation against Federal and State agencies under the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and Endangered Species Act.

              • Background:

                In May 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) issued draft guidance on “Identifying Waters Protected by the Clean Water Act.” This guidance document, which was sent in final form to OMB on February 21, 2012, significantly changes and expands what features are considered protected under the Clean Water Act. It makes substantial additions, such as a first time inclusion of ditches, ground water, potholes, gutters and other water features that may flow, if at all, only after a heavy rainfall.

                Where does this article do anything but make your statements appear to be nonsense? Where does it say Clinton or Bush. If the background begins in 2011, it says no such thing that you claim. Only one agency is involved, the EPA. No other alphabet agency is mentioned, other than the Army Corp of Enigineers. Maybe your reading a different article or something, or just getting old 😀

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Once again you prove the old adage about leading a jackass to drinking water.

              You are citing an article on ONLY THE LATEST manifestation of the EPA rules. It mentions the original “limits” of federal rule. It does not address the history between the original and the NEW proposal.

              And it does not address the OTHER Federal Agency jurisdictions and authorities over water.

              It does not tell the story of PRIOR attempts by the EPA to change the CWA rules to include regulation of ALL TRIBUTARIES to Federal Waters. The first major effort to do so was under Clinton, by the Algorians. Another such effort was made when the Dems took back Congress during the Bush administration.

              The CWA was revisited every ten years. Each time the Dems and Enviros would try to INCREASE federal authority over water via new CWA legislation. When that failed they would try to use EPA rule making.

              • Once again, Mr. know it all failed to even read what was presented. What has happened in the past has no bearing on what is happening now. Basically, you claim is that they always do this type of power takeover, yet even they state it is because of a couple recent court cases. Just because they have done something in the past, it is not the cause of what is being done now, maybe you should check your love of government a bit, your protectionism is blaring.

                Let me rephrase just in case you did not understand what the EPA claims is their reasons for this action “the results of court cases”. At least that is their excuse. Frankly, I think it’s just more of a power grab which is typical of this administration. I’m sure such power grabs have occurred before, but that has zero bearing on the current rule.

                I liked the first line and phuck you back!

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Note the fourth paragraph. See how the definition of wetlands was being proposed for expansion to include all wet areas as “federal waterways”!!

          Further down you will find the discussion of Clinton and Gore’s role in proposing the new standards and increasing efforts to regulate “private land” under the guise of reducing “pollution” so that our kids can swim in clean water.

          Oh yeah, please take to heart the DATE on this web page.

          But then you have already declared that history has no bearing on today so maybe you should just skip reading this at all.

          • JAC I have already agreed to the past actions. Now, if you read what I typed, you will notice that the ‘REASONS” given for this action. You are bloviating about what we all know, the continued efforts by the Feds, regardless of left or right controlled, to get greater control. Their current excuses are court case results, as they stated. That is all I said, I’m not sure why you felt the need to go back to the days of past to explain the obvious. The difference today IS “court case results”. I know you love to show your vast knowledge about the world, but the past actions that failed have little to do with current events, other than their trying again and basing it on an excuse which I’m sure you are in agreement with. Time will tell if it gets through. If it does, not a surprise to me. Just more government control that is unneeded. Many of us call it tyranny, you likely call it success.

      • JAC,
        Look around you.
        Absolutely the Malthusian Trap has been vacated.

        Does not mean it can’t return.

        All we humans have to do is fall into global socialism, and Malthus wins. The advent of free market and trade was the undoing of the trap, but the undoing of the free market and trade will reattach the trap.

        I do not see global socialism occurring. It’s deprivations are so extreme that people will halt its progress before disaster hits. Like Sweden, whose people have woken up, and is undertaking, over the last 20 years, to undo its socialist system, piece by piece.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The major thing that over came the trap was the advent of fertilizer production. This was the result of not just the industrial revolution but massive Govt. expenditure. Expenditures made by a “socialist” Govt.

          While I agree with the desire of free markets, for several reasons, we should not ignore the role “Statist” policies played in getting us to where we are today. It is not all “negative”.

          • JAC,

            “The major thing that over came the trap was the advent of fertilizer production.”

            Actually, no.
            Hans Hoppe did an entire series on economic history, demonstrating the Malthusian Trap and its relief.

            Hunter gathers are the most subject to the trap, and as such, population increase put a huge constraint on this society. Every new mouth to feed reduced the ability to feed the rest.

            Agricultural revolution merely extended the breadth of population, but again, since it is merely man extracting directly from nature, this, too, eventually runs into population constraint. Your fertilizer sits here.

            Only when men began producing “man made goods”, taking otherwise dormant and useless materials, like goo, and manipulating them into goods, like fuel, does man add to his economic bounty beyond merely what nature provides. Things like computers, oil, cars, electric light, etc. are not manifestations by nature, but by the wilful production of humans using their intellect.

            Gov’t expenditure produces no benefit. It is merely a redistribution of the production of society. For Gov’t to spend, it first must take. At best, it is zero-sum, but it never is zero-sum, for Gov’t has its own costs in such taking, hence, it is always *a drag* on the economy.

            Do not ignore State policies. You have to pay attention so to understand that ALL GOVERNMENT ACTION is punishing and deprivation, and never a benefit, no less the Mob stealing your money even though that money may benefit a few in amongest the Mob and its supporters.

          • To clarify by example, your fertilizer is utterly useless unless it reaches the crops.

            It was the advent of the tractor that magnified crop production, which is a consequence of easy and cheap access to fuel, and so on.

            Fertilizer on its own, without the capital goods of machines and other inputs, would indeed expand the capability of your food growth, *but will hit a limit quickly* by your limited ability to walk your field.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Tractors were already around when fertilizer became limiting. And the fertilizer solution came from air, not simply by gathering what was readily available.

              Your tractor on its own would not have avoided the trap of mass starvation caused by depleted productivity. Of course at the time a massive expansion of agriculture could have delayed the crisis as well. But that would have been temporary.

              Once again you seem to desire an argument over something that does not require argument. I am not wrong but then I did not claim you were either. Just that you need to acknowledge the total picture. And part of that is that “socialistic” Govts. were responsible for some of these major advances which allowed humans to continue population growth and tech. development.

              That is not to say it might not have happened under free markets but that it did not happen that way.

              • JAC
                Humans have been using fertilizer for thousands of years.

                “Your tractor on its own would not have avoided the trap of mass starvation caused by depleted productivity. Of course at the time a massive expansion of agriculture could have delayed the crisis as well. But that would have been temporary.”

                That is the fundamental brilliance of the market system. It is constantly reinventing new capital goods that expands the productive capability of people. Every aspect is created, used, reviewed, improved, creates, used, reviewed, improved, over and over again.

                There is a fundamental process at play that enables us to grow more food on less land, which has absolutely defeated the Trap in this matter. No less the same in all areas of the economy. We have more lumber, and more trees, as another example.

                Gov’t is NOT responsible for anything of this and is the greatest threat to its continuation.

                There is NOT ONE THING GOV’T has done to “improve” society. EVERYTHING it does degrades society.

                Every “advance” you pretend exists has come with a far greater cost in other areas of society. It is not even a zero-sum game, it is a massively negative-sum game.

                Every dollar gov’t takes is at the cost of the market using that dollar to expand productivity.

              • I was wondering what the hell he was talking about myself. Don’t fret, to the Statist, everything happens because of government, without them having been around all this time, we would still be living in mud huts and teepee’s. Next this you know Socialism invented log cabins and sex. 🙂

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The free market will rape and pillage resources just as fast if not faster than any government regulating rules, socialist or otherwise.

              • Dale, while in some cases a free market might attempt to do so, the same free market also understands that being conservative and planning ahead is vital. The greedy would get sent packing after they were no longer able to produce. I like to think that American’s are smart enough to survive without the government. Maybe people are simply to brainwashed to have that same confidence.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Sorry Gman, I have to totally disagree with you on this point. I’ll not argue with you until later tonight. I’m heading out to dinner. But I am in a very combative mood today and I need to chill with some fine dining that I didn’t cook myself and a bottle of wine.

              • Enjoy your meal and wine my friend, I’ll be here later and we can debate, nicely, of course 🙂

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The invention of chemical fertilizers were a by-product of a thrown away experiment by James Watt. It wound it’s way until IG Farben in Germany created the virtually unlimited nitrogen based fertilizers most known today and the eliminating of the finite natural fertilizers an example like the need of guano shipped from South America to Europe ceased. There is only just so much S!!t to be had.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Exactly. Nitrogen from Air.

              This effort was pursued because it was feared that humanity would soon suffer a major die off due to crop failures. The guano supply had been virtually exhausted, along with other sources.

              And……….first Bismark then Hitler funded the project. And……….as with most great projects funded by Govt. there were negatives created. Like the Chlorine and Mustard gas not to mention the nitrogen needed to make “gun powder”.

              Farben, et al was credited with “saving humanity from starvation” while being charged with “war crimes” for the Govt’s use of its discoveries to kill massive numbers of people.

              But that does not change the fact that the advent of synethic nitrogen fertilizer was a major contributor to the continued increase of the human population as well as our lifespan. Never said the only, just that it was perhaps the most significant at that point in time.

              And of course, that Socialist Govt’s funded the discovery.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                What would be an appropriate comment here…”no good deed will go unpunished”…ying yang..every thing balances out….

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Let’s not forget the JEWISH connection to this either. The irony is utterly hard to believe.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Some back up information.

              Note the graph showing predicted populations without the Haber nitrogen process.


              • Just A Citizen says:

                And some info on Farben for those who want to understand.


              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Having a great home made smoked cheese and meat appetizer… soft shelled crab dinner…chocolate cake with walnut brittle amarone cherries… a FRENCH Chardonney…topped all with a “rock and rum” The twist that makes this this cocktail is the cardamom bitters….one of the patrons asked me if I was the guy a few years ago that won the bordeaux wine blending contest sponsored by a major vineyard in CA….I couldn’t deny it.>>>a good evening, but i still want to argue….maybe tomorrow

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                JAC…I know I should know this by past postings…but…what is your backgroung and where do you live regionally in the country? One of my favorite old programs was “Connections” a BBC production that traced the roots of a modern item such as a GPS and went back through the inventions that brought it into being. Perspective is a mathematical invention of the Renaisance artists.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The trap door just got moved. The theory still holds true but extended to another “not of nature” set of rules brought on by the industrial revolution.

    • That’s reasonable 🙂 Let’s look at the drought situation like a typical politician would look at it. Since they (politicians, especially the Left Wing) seem to think they know what is best for people and like to dictate there lives, I see this as a possible situation where these idiots would take action when action isn’t necessary. As they would likely say, we have too many poor people there that just can’t jump up and move. I can see Obama issuing an Executive Order calling for a National State of Emergency and ordering the relocation of a large number of those affected. This would take months. Obama could enact many of the other EO’s to see how they would actually work in a real world situation. If this would envelope several States, it would give Obama cause for cancelling the next election OR fixing it. I put nothing past these lying pigs.

      Hope today finds you and yours doing well. 🙂

  5. Just A Citizen says:


  6. Saudi Arabia is currently advertising for eight new executioners. The executioner duties are to dispense justice as directed by the Saudi Sharia courts. Specific duties will be amputations and beheadings.

    Evidently there is a dearth of executioners in the kingdom. The current force simply cannot keep up with the demand. Beheadings are way up. So far this year there have been 85, compared to a total of 88 in 2014.


  7. I bet the Left will be pissing and moaning over this:

    I can hear the racist screams already.

    • Gman,

      A long while a go, in posts about the upcoming “collapse”, and explained what “collapse” meant, not being an over-night “suddenly its gone”, but a staggered series of defaults of government on their assumed obligations, moving goals posts for services and benefits being the first things we’d start to see.

      Most people will not recognize this as the beginning phase of the Great “Collapse”, but hopefully SUFA will…

      • Fair enough. Things will get much worse as water costs go up, which is inevitable in the Southwest. I wonder how high they can go before it starts hitting the news?

        • Gman,

          Not high at all. Water is one of those foundational economic goods, like oil, whose price rise or fall can lead to systemic changes in the economic price of a lot of other goods.

          Americans use a boat load of water (neat pun, huh? 🙂 ) and it is unlikely Americans will reduce their consumption of it, so the noise about the price will rise quickly. The quick and typical solution will be governments subsidizing the price so to placate the masses, which of course, only adds to the demise of the State.

          • I was speaking of those in the drought stricken areas, where water conservation has been mandated (Arizona is in the crosshairs of this as well). I see some hefty fines and higher water prices in this area. I have heard of thefts of water already taking place. Just curious, if the drought continues on it’s current direction, how long before the government steps in and makes some moves, whatever they may be?

            • You still have to enforce whatever regulations there will be. What force does the government have??? The Army? no……The FBI?….doubtful….you certainly will not get the local law enforcement to do anything against property owners….

              Trust me on this…..the Feds and the Progressive left have no idea of what they have created…..they are very successful in creating a massive underground that is swelling…I am not talking about anarchists or “freedom fighters”…I am talking about property owners, business owners…..

              If you remember, about two years ago, I wrote a small piece that in the future…perhaps the near future….water is going to be worth more than any gold as a hedge….We have been very good at stopping the EPA that wants to regulate deer shit around natural springs. Land owners in Texas…especially west Texas are building stock tanks at a pretty fast pace….Everybody is drilling water wells and steady clip….( rural areas )…..Water is becoming a vary valuable asset…..and trust me again on this as it will not pertain to just Texas… will have landowners meeting the government at their gates…..armed, in Texas and Oklahoma. Actually, we have become strange bedfellows.

              One more issue…we discussed this recently ( within the last year I think ) of the Feds trying to regulate the course and water of the Red River….it meanders around..a whole lot of hoopla and a whole lot of press….have not seen anything of it lately because the gov did not have the muscle to enforce their asinine position and everybody just sort of backed off. There were no bank accounts confiscated, no assets seized, and no possession of the parts of the river…..Oklahoma and Texas had their agreement on the flood courses of the Red River…in place decades before the EPA or the Federal Parks.

              Today, at this very moment, you should see the Red River… is out of its banks big time..It has widened by almost 1/4 mile…….but this August it will be back down again and possibly new channels cut from this latest….it happens every three or four years. But again, Texas and Oklahoma will have its agreement and nothing else said……Other than Texas?OU football……we do get along with out neighbors pretty well….( football aside, of course ).

              Long story to a short ending….you will have to fight the Fed… question about it.

              • Long story to a short ending….you will have to fight the Fed… question about it.

                I have no doubt that you are correct. The problem I have is that it’s not the way things are supposed to be with a government that is supposed to be limited. I think it’s safe to say that our Constitutional Republic has been infiltrated with socialist’s and psychopath’s who need to be brought back down to earth. I know I may be somewhat radical at times (if not all the time), but isn’t the evidence clear that what we have and what we should have are far apart? How to fix it? That’s the 64,000 dollar question.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          One thing…raise the basic rate per unit in CA from $2.35/unit up. My rates are 10X that and we have plenty of water. After the 1st summer in my old house and “watered” a traditional victorian landscape, I said the hell with that and switched entirely to a NATIVE landscape scheme. The only water used was my personal consumption.

          • I don’t water anything for the most part. I may hit the garden some if we have a long dry spell, but usually let it grow naturally. WE really don’t use much water at home. Cleaning dishes, bathing and some for coffee and cooking. I have a well and it’s never gone dry. But still, we are conservative because it should be a lifestyle, not a change in lifestyle because of drought! 🙂

  8. When Free speech and reality comes together, it can only be funny. Then again, Liberal’s will not likely laugh all that much.

  9. This is worth a good head shaking. I wonder how people can support this woman? She’s got more baggage than the Atlanta airport and has accomplished zero of substance , unless leaving Libya in shambles would be considered good:

  10. Speaking of Libya, Guess the Gulf States and others in the local area are tired of Uncle Sam screwing things up. The French and Italians are to provide logistical support. Not a mention of the big “O”.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Perhaps everyone cheering on the efforts of the Arab World to address all these radicals should consider the long game a little.

      Just WHO is going to rule the new Caliphate?? The Persians were on their way but now the Arabs are expanding and fighting back. To protect their own sovereignty alone or to protect their power while expanding it?

      The dominoes are not falling in a neat single file, but flying about wildly.

      • I know this is gonna sound like I’m being a jerk-not my intention. But why should we consider it. I keep being told this is none of our business-They are no danger to us-let that part of the world police themselves. So seriously, Why should I care?

        • Good question. Makes one wonder if this whole ISIS thing wasn’t planned a long time ago with the full agreement of the US government. They want perpetual war to feed the military industrial complex. UNTIL we the people tell them (government) that their family members must participate in the military action, then it will never end. Once they have skin in the game, they will shut up and stop the wars.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I was not aiming my comment at you necessarily. It was aimed at those who are now cheering about the Arabs organizing to put down ISIS in Libya and in other places.

          Much of the cheering that goes on in the news and on blog sites is devoid of long term thinking. They now cheer the Arabs not realizing or deliberately ignoring that the Arabs, Turks and Persians are fighting for control of the Islamic Caliphate. They want to destroy one but don’t seem to realize they are just supporting another. ALL OF THE SAME STRIPES.

          Frankly, I would side with the Persians. But that would require some long term planning and efforts to reduce tension, modernize Iran and then watch the new found wealth undo the Theocracy.

        • VH, unfortunately we have let things spiral out of control. If they can pull it together, God Bless them. JAC, why the Persians and not the Turks? Seems as if the folks in Tehran aren’t going to give up their attempts to wipe out the Sunni.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Because I think the Persians are “more civilized” and “trustworthy”, than the Turks. That is assuming history is any guide.

            The issue with Iran is the Theocracy. I believe that as Iran grows more wealthy it grows more Democratic and eventually throws off the Theocracy. I see a long term potential for Iran and parts of Iraq to return to their “Persian” roots instead of the Islamic Caliphate.

            Then again I could just be overly optimistic.

            • Back during the fall of the Shah, there were a large number of Iranians in the US going to school here for various Masters programs. A number who were taking City Planning were in my agency as interns. They all told me how they merely “threw in” with the Ayatollah and his boys. Iran was well educated and civilized (thanks to the Shah!). As soon as the revolution was accomplished, the intellectual class would naturally assume its democratic leadership role and the uneducated, unwashed religious fundamentalists would go back to their mosques.

              Hah! As Bobby Burns would have said “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men
              Gang aft agley.”

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Did you ever follow up on them when they returned to Iran and found they were executed? I know people who out of duty to country and family returned only to be murdered.

              • Never did. Just know that there were executions. A whole bunch never went back. There was this really sharp western educated guy in Gucci loafers and Armani suits who was their spokesman in the UN. Was on “Nightline” all the time during the hostage crisis, spouted the most beautiful convoluted BS I have ever heard. He was recalled and executed for being a counter-revolutionary. .

              • JAC, the theocracy is the reason I’d probably be tempted to go with the Turks, However, like the Japanese in Asia there is a lot of 100 year old bad blood out there with them rather than 2,000 year old bad blood.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Glad to see another old person with insomnia…have to stay up just so i don’t have to get up at 4 AM…I’d rather sleep through untill the street cleaners go through at 7

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The fact the US turned its back on the people in IRAN when they took heart and looked for support against the theocratic regime and the instigation by the US during the Arab Spring” only to be shot. It will be a long time before we see the young stick their heads up in Iran. There is something else going on with Iran and the US not publically avowed but going on for many many years.

      • Well I say that we should take off, and nuke the whole damn site from orbit! Its the only way to be sure……..O:-)

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      They also forget that the US role in Libya was supposed to be “to lead from behind” not take the forefront. France, Italy Britain were to be leads. They ran out of ammunition and supplies after a few days and had to come to the US hat in hand….they will do no better than us on a solution.

  11. There is hope.

    When the yellow bus no longer feeds the gov’t schools, the State will unwind.

  12. Race relations in America, in a 4 minute video from NYC. I wonder what the threats at the end mean (or just talk)?


    Are we heading towards a cashless society? It wouldn’t be hard for the psychopath’s in DC to do this. It could happen almost overnight if they chose to do so. Cash might be called King now, but the King’s head may be heading towards a guillotine. HMM, I can see this happening in the near future.

    • So how can central banks and governments ensure rapid money supply growth and velocity if consumers have the option to hoard cash? Some of the “best minds” in Keynesian thought, like Kenneth Rogoff, have a solution to this. They are floating the idea that paper money should be made illegal and the evidence shows governments are listening. If you outlaw hard cash, and make all money digital, there is no limit to how much borrowers can get paid to borrow and how much savers get charged to save. This would make it unprofitable to hoard cash, and compel people to consume and borrow electronic currency as fast as possible. Money in the bank would become the “hot potato”: as soon as it hits your bank account the race would be on to move it to the next person’s account. Whoever gets stuck with the money when the music ends pays a fee; that would be some increase in velocity! And vastly negative real interest rates would force the amount of leverage in the economy to explode.

  14. Tyranny has many faces:

    Natural News has heard from dozens of readers who tell us they are making preparations to flee the state if SB 277 is signed into law. Mandatory vaccines at gunpoint are “the last straw,” according to one mom who wrote Natural News about her concerns. “All these state senators voting for the bill received campaign donations from the drug companies. They sold us out to the corporate interests. There’s nothing else we can do but leave…”
    Learn more:

    • Yes gman it is tyranny. Even very small children decides what to put in their body. All my kids found some food the did not like and rejected it. I look at controlling what goes into your body as an intrinsic right the same as the right to life, i.e. God given.

      Big pharma has created many good and helpful drugs but the greed in the industry has pushed many marginal and sometimes harmful drugs as well. Most of my wife’s medical problems are the result of modern drugs so I am well aware of the harm they can do. Too many drugs that show only marginal results get approved. Virtually all of these complex chemicals have negative aspects.

      • As I have said, I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but I’m a pro choicer for sure. This is nothing short of tyranny and it should be challenged in the State Supreme Court, which it likely will.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Or…the potential side affects are far worse that the problem the pill is suppose to take care of, maybe.

        T-Ray, My ex-wife was definitely poisoned and diagnosed as her condition as fatal within a year. This is by a team of medical department heads at the University of Vermont Medical Center. They refused to approve a second opinion. We went to Mass General on our own and a team their knocked it in < a week. her problem was due to the combinational affects of medications given to her after our accident in '84. I firmly believe in the keeping it simple approach when it comes to medication.

        • Ten years ago my wife was dying and diagnosed with Lou Gerhig’s. She fell and hit her head and as a result was in a coma for 2 weeks. During that time all medication was stopped. When she came out of the coma, the docs wanted to restart all the meds and I said no. Only if indicated. Well there was no indications. In fact, she was the best she had been for years and certainly not dying. Then after six months of good times, things started going bad again and they restarted some of the meds despite my observations of the harmful side effects. She steadily got worse but nowhere near as bad as before. Finally about 3 years ago, I had enough and weaned her off all of the bad meds. Unfortunately the damage had been done so little improved but the steady decline has slowed. Hence my distrust of big pharma.

  15. This is not justice. This is padding the pockets of the ruling elite. I would like to know where all these fines actually go and why nobody is facing jail time. If anyone has faith in this unethical government anymore, you might want to see a Shrink:

    • (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained more than 100 pages of previously classified “Secret” documents from the Department of Defense (DOD)and the Department of State revealing that DOD almost immediately reported that the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was committed by the al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood-linked “Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman” (BCOAR), and had been planned at least 10 days in advance. Rahman is known as the Blind Sheikh, and is serving life in prison for his involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and other terrorist acts. The new documents also provide the first official confirmation that shows the U.S. government was aware of arms shipments from Benghazi to Syria. The documents also include an August 2012 analysis warning of the rise of ISIS and the predicted failure of the Obama policy of regime change in Syria.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      pocket change…only used to continue the illusion of our government in action to protect you the citizen….

      • You can never give the government one single inch. It would be OK if they stop with that inch, but, as we all know it doesn’t stop there. If we give in on one right, such as allowing the right for them to only look at certain emails, you just know that’s only a prelude to them looking at all of them.

        We can already see what allowing SOME executive orders with shady Constitutionality issues get us. Now we have a President who considers that it is his right to pass them out like Chiclets. And thinks the Constitution does not apply to him at all.

        This is the most lawless Bastard ever to BE President. That is, until Hillary comes to power. 😛

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Speaking of an inch becoming a mile…..I believe when the government was selling the income tax back in the early 1900’s they said it would only be 1 % and only on the top income earners. They could not envision it being any higher. Hah and double hah…or the other old saying about not letting the camel get its nose into the tent..

    • Remember back to the Enron scandal and all the hoopla about Bush letting his friends off. Well they went to jail. Now look at all the scandals since. The big banks, BP, and all the others have settled for fines. No one has been prosecuted. Where did all this money go? Some of it went to the home refinance programs constantly being advertised on the radio. In the case of BP, some was doled out to Gulf Coast residents. In other words, it went to buy votes. What other slush funds did this money go into?

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:

    34 million cars recalled due to faulty air bags cause by who knows for what reason…Humidity???? 5 deaths and 100 injuries caused by airbags inflating with excessive pressure???? get a grip. How many deaths or injuries would have occured if the air bags wre NOT there???…..000000147 as is…the world has to focus on what is important.

    • Ahh your logic is making my head hurt! If you are old enough, you remember that the purpose of airbags was a passive restraint for the folks who REFUSED to buckle up. Then they discovered the SOB would kill you if you did not buckle up and we got buckle-up laws. Typical deranged, danged government interventionist bullshit.

      The Lawyer industrial complex is smacking its lips over this one. Probably see a commercial tomorrow, “If you or a loved one was injured or got a boo-boo from an airbag, call Ginzberg and Murphy now. You may be entitled to a significant cash award. dial 1-800 GOTAWHORE”

      • Damn……I dialed 1-800-Gotawhore…….Nancy Pelosi showed up…..

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I remember all those times and the debate on mandatory seatbelts and the eventual air bags laws. Back in historical times I was at a dinner party at my folks house in NY and one of the attendees was an executive from Chubb Insurance. We got talking about the seat belt arguement. I said that it was the insurance business that was pushing it so they would not have to pay out as much for injuries. I said they should put an incentive clause to use a seat restraint. Have proof of having worn the belt (bruises etc) and you get 2X the medical coverage stated in the policy, Or do the opposite, negate the medical portion if a belt was not worn…..He flat out said it was not in their interest to pursue that policy, it would dig into the profits and it also was easier and cheaper to lobby for the government ie police to enforce the use of belts.

        In 1954’5, I remember my Father taking the seats out of the car and drilling holes and bolting in aircraft seatbelts. I’ve used them always since that time. To not use one is shear stupidity. I do disagree with the airbag though. I have never had one deploy since they’ve been mandatory in cars. That said I have never hit another vehicle or been the cause of any accident since I’ve been driving starting in 1967. In the accidents that I’ve have been in the seatbelt was the savior, because the collisions were from the side or rear due to careless, reckless, inattentive or drunk drivers.

        • Our first seatbelt car was the ’66 Dodge Coronet. I was a religious user because a good friend went off the NY Thruway when he fell asleep. The area, just North of NY was where the Southbound lanes are about 100 feet higher than the Northbound. He took out a couple sections of guardrail and bounced end over end down the mountain. Both doors got popped and were ripped off. He wound up upright. Both he and the car had bruises all over, not a square inch was unmarked. It was a ’60 VW bug with seatbelts. Nobody rides with me without them since.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            My ex-mother in law used to say to me …go..go why aren’t you driving ??? her daughter my ex would say to her….”buckle up” and wel’ll move

  17. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Having a great home made smoked cheese and meat appetizer… soft shelled crab dinner…chocolate cake with walnut brittle amarone cherries… a FRENCH Chardonney…topped all with a “rock and rum” The twist that makes this this cocktail is the cardamom bitters….one of the patrons asked me if I was the guy a few years ago that won the bordeaux wine blending contest sponsored by a major vineyard in CA….I couldn’t deny it.>>>a good evening, but i still want to argue….maybe tomorrow

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The Rev. William Barber of Goldsboro, North Carolina, said the campaign extends beyond pushing for a living wage. He called it a fight for racial equality, noting people of color are disproportionally working in low wage jobs.

    Cut from a headline of the protest at Macdonalds headquarters. Just a few years ago the “BLACKS” in Raleigh were protesting against the Hispanic immigration into the area. But they are taking our “Traditional Jobs” If Macdonalds is your idea of a living job…your in trouble as a group. We’d actually seek out a Macdonald’s that had Hispanics as the core work group because they provided the service as expected. generality but we have two McD’s withing 1 mile. One you wait until hell freezes over and the other 180 degree different. Keep pushing for a living all expense life style in fast foods and you will be that much sooner unemployed and made obsolete through automation.

  19. Its good to talk on here again. My boy just finished his Freshman year at Southern Tech. But he is still intent on going to the Marines after graduation and going for Force Recon. I am not bragging when I say he is a single minded individual who is just the kind who can make it too.

    His cousin is already in Navy SpecWar and Kory is a lot like him. They both will die before they quit.

    Things are going OK in GA, at least in my neck of the woods. But I am worried as hell about the Nation as a whole. We seem to me to be on the fast track to hell both Socially AND Fically.

    I firmly believe that we will be years, if ever, recovering from Obama, and we are totally screwed if Hillary wins in 2016.

    Its plum disgusting to see how absolutely STUPID this administration is. But I’m sure not letting Congress, both sides, off either. Gentleman and Ladies, our government is in full drunk with power mode. And they’re only going to get worse. I’d say that it is time to change the whole damn apparatus out, but being a sane and reasonable person, I know it won’t ever happen.

    We are so screwed. 👿

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I came in from a great dinner out in town and was greated with these headline…Embittered Moroccan leaves family for islamic state….Minneaplolis man joins jihad….middle class australian goes to syria to fight for ISIS…Dutchman life morphed fromm disc to jihad….lonely man finds home in islamic state.

      This is not a conservative browser….just my normal homepage

      This was exactly the string of “world” headlines on the eve of the votes to renew the Patriot act….

      • I am of two minds about the Patriot Act. On one hand, we can certainly use the Security in this age of crazy ragheads and wannabes blowing up or shooting people just to watch them die (or maybe they just want their 72 virgin gay men. 😀 )

        But on the other hand, we sure as hell can’t trust the government to not run amok until we have no rights at all. For that is their ultimate goal. And that is PLAIN!!

        Our rights are already being trampled on daily. And Obama, for one, is already going after both the first and second amendment as hard as he can go. We desperately need to stop this trend right now.

        • If we have people that want to go play with a bunch of barbarians, let them go and never let them come back. We don’t need them here and we don’t want them here in the future. Once one is brainwashed, it seems irreversible. See most Democrats if you want to see the effects of brainwashing (most believe in global warming, except we haven’t warmed in 18 years). See what I mean 🙂

      • It is not as common today as it was 50 or 40 years ago since music is so different and so fragmented but do you remember the crowds of screaming, adoring kids who would swamp the police when The Beatles or The Stones arrived? I never understood the “need” to do that to be “part” of something. The Beatles arrived in NYC before I ever took my first psych course but even then I could see that there are a whole lot of people who like in “Star Trek” need to subsume themselves into the collective like the “Borg” to feel not just important but to feel anything.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          About 10 years ago I was at my favorite restaurant in Raleigh. I lived local and generally would be there when they opened at 5. Anyway the place started filling up with mobs of spandex clad middle aged women that spandex should never had touched their bodies. It was a hideous scene. What was worse was the conversation. It was worse than any men’s locker room talk I’d ever heard. It was down right repulsive. I asked the bar tender what was going on and he said there was a Barry Manilo concert later. I got so grossed out I asked him to box my dinner sell me a bottle of wine I’m heading home…he begged for me to stay because he didn’t want to be left alone. Even the rest of the wait staff stayed hidden until they had to wait on a table. As I was leaving I walked by the loudest grossest group and quietly asked if they brought a box of spare panties with them, after they shed to ones they had on and threw them onstage or to change. Can you imagine the response….That was the same mindless psychotic adoration like you saw in the Germans eyes with Hitler, with kennedy and Clinton.

    • Rebel, We are only screwed if we lay day on our stomachs and take it in the backside. I don’t do things that way. You don’t do things that way and I know lots more folks who don’t plan on laying down either and that number is growing daily. Obama has made a lot of people wake up to reality and delve into the history of governments. They are murderers and thieves, nothing more nothing less. We need a reset, big time. A whole new system designed on the premise of management not rulership (my word). This group needs pulled out, investigated, charged where need be and tried. Those who have actually engaged in trying to represent and haven’t broken any laws can go home. Put an end to lifetime benefits and make strict term limits. Fail to uphold the Rights of people or not uphold those laws that remain, life in prison with no parole. You want gun control, don’t say it, if you do, off to prison. Want to be politically correct, don’t, off to prison, don’t like Christianity, don’t go there, off to prison (this is all for politicians, not the average citizen). NO new laws! The States can handle the laws. NO more alphabet agencies, goodbye top the power hungry EPA and DHS! The States can handle that and the Airports can handle security without molesting people, it’s called profiling. I can go on, but you get the gist of my ideas, as rebellious as they seem 😀

  20. Dale A Albrecht says:

    As Barnie Fife would say..headin to the big city tomorrow…got to get to sleep. Only 109 miles and its Raleigh. Big city …hah….rush hours is a time to relax compared to LA or DC or Boston.

  21. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Barney Fife….and the other spelling error DISCO

  22. Was a little surprised by this– but I’m leaning towards -“bad because it has subjected American companies and employees to unfair competition and cheap labor.”

    Now I assume you guys are gonna tell me why you think I’m wrong. 🙂

    • That’s nice, I guess there is hope. It would be something if Republicans could possibly communicate their concerns to their elected Republican representatives who have still not gotten the message.

      I’m having fun with the Bernie Sanders supporters. Despite being a strong populist on many issues, he supports amnesty. I keep dropping the following bomb…..

      Excess labor/ goods leads to lower wages/prices. Shortage of labor/goods leads to increased wages/prices. Totally confuses them.

  23. Just A Citizen says:


    “JAC…I know I should know this by past postings…but…what is your backgroung and where do you live regionally in the country? One of my favorite old programs was “Connections” a BBC production that traced the roots of a modern item such as a GPS and went back through the inventions that brought it into being. Perspective is a mathematical invention of the Renaisance artists.”

    You probably don’t know my background because I have never given a full picture of it. But much of my working career as a “professional” was in the natural resource business with both the federal govt and the private sector. Some of that was “political” in nature. That is why I often post more history and details on these issues than many others. I have wanted my opinions or arguments stand on their own, not wanting to play the fallacy of “appeal to authority”.

    Ah Connections……….. it was one of my all time favorites. I even got the kids hooked on it and we would gather round the tv when it was on. It was teaching much more than just about the specific gadgets or events.

    As for location, I currently live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I am a Westerner. The REAL West. Born, raised, lived and will die a Westerner. While I have been across the great Pacific, I have only ventured east of the Great Rocky Mtns three times. I do plan to make at least one more journey that direction, to see more of this country and to visit with a friend who is holding a chair for me on the porch of her lake cabin.

    • Real west? There is a fake west?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Some call it TEXAS. Just another “mid” Southern State to we Westerners.

        • Ahh…but when people went west…it was not Texas…….we do not consider ourselves to be Western…nor Southern…..and we certainly ain’t yankee……We just want to be a Republic and left alone.

          • Had to listen to a diatribe last night from an old friend who recently visited his step son at Shepherd AFB. He does not understand you Texicans at all. As the Wizard of Oz would have said, not no way, not no how. I am so tired of explaining to people that Texas was an independent country for a decade before joining the US. The rules are a little different.

            The more liberal folks jumped in talking about how “we” should let Texas go. I said be careful what you ask for, you might just get your wish. This was followed by more BS until I pointed out that Texas has everything they need. For some reason, that shut them up?

            I can never understand that everyplace I go that I am told people are nasty, French Canada, South Carolina, Texas, France, I always find warm, friendly people. Used to tell my daughter who did not learn, that the old Will Rogers standby, “I never met a man I didn’t like” is pretty true. Just gotta meet people half way.

            • Hi Stephen…..most people have no concept of Texas…..much less us Texicans that brag about their state and I am right up there…and probably get on some nerves…..but what the hell. As you stated, it was a Republic before it became a State…in order to become a state, Texas retained most of its Republic rules…..for example, no Federally owned land….and one of the most liberal weapons rules….residents can own anything from a bb gun to a tank. We can own automatic weaponry as well as silencers. But……..we like our autonomy and people who move here from New York and California are amazed at the freedoms that Texas has and tries to change them to the same things they just left. But it does not work usually.

              Anyway….if you can get a good picture somehow of the Red River….look at it….its flood stage is so above normal, right now, that huge tracts of Oklahoma land….now resides in Texas as the river decides borders. Texas and Oklahoma have a great agreement on how to handle the changes on the course of the Red……despite the best efforts of the Feds to regulate it…we pay no attention to the Feds.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Colonel….It’s interesting on how Texas is compared to most other States. The one State that will surprise everyone that actually retains a very free mindset when it comes to gun-rights etc is Vermont. They also were an independent republic before joining the US. The State was formed out of pieces of NY and New Hampshire by land speculators and force of arms. Ethan Allen was the strong arm of his brother Ira’s land grab. That is why the Green Mtn Boys were able to take Ft Ticonderoga so easily. Besides being sneaky.

                Even though VT is exceedingly liberal now because the old guard is passing onto their reward they still stick to the constitutional gun rights. How long that will last who knows because there are so many private scholls up that way and NY’rs and CT and Mass folks send their kids there. They then brought all their foreign ideas in and are supplanting the independent can do spirit that made the State. VT has < 500K when I was there and it's hard to resist the pressure from NY especially when tose folks do NOT make their money in VT. But vote. Maine has also now fallen within 20 years of my leaving there.

                Just hope it rains in CA so those folks stay put, and Moon Beam scraps the fancy rail system and puts in desalination facilities to take care of the human populations personal needs.

      • Got one here in New Jersey.

    • 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Go east of the Rockies and it’s just a bunch of flatlanders until you reach the Allegany’s and the Appalachian’s…..Texan’s don’t fall into any regional bucket except being a Texan and proud of it.

  24. Seems these people complaining don’t like being forced to go against their beliefs.

  25. I haven’t had a chance to read all of this thread yet, but my first thought is……..don’t live in a DESERT and expect to always have water. sheeesh

    • There was even a song……………”It never rains in California” 🙂

    • It’s becoming a desert in many areas in California. The gist of the article more lies with what happens when there is not enough water to sustain the lives of 59 million people. It’s a short read, but the question is important.

  26. OY VEY! More secrecy from the Fed’s. Does this drought really require Federal action? That’s the question of the day!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      It’s so amazing the lack of urgency the Californians (today) have when it comes to personal water use. If the article is correct the daily per person water use in Palm Spring is +6000 gallons per month. That is mind numbing. That is 6X-10X more than my personal water use and I do use modern sanitary facilities daily.

      Granted I’m sure their water system is privately owned and fed by the aquafir coming out of that valley from the San Jacinto Mtns….but still it’s a mindset.

      Someone said that the Colorado no longer reaches its mouth. Many years ago that was also true. The farmers in the Imperial Valley and CA took so much water barely any reached Mexico which has all the rich delta land at the mouth of the colorado. There was almost war and the US commited to a guaranteed flow to Mexico. I’m sure its a percentage though. But now Phoenix is pulling water from the Colorado. They didn’t before. We always could tell when LA started pulling water from the Colorado…..your lawn would die.

  27. You can’t make this stuff up if you tried:

    The act of sleeping in a room about to be breached by a SWAT team constituted “criminal” conduct on the part of the infant. At the very least, the infant was fully liable for the nearly fatal injuries inflicted on him when Habersham County Sheriff’s Deputy Charles Long blindly heaved a flash-bang grenade – a “destructive device,” as described by the ATF, that when detonated burns at 2,000-3,500 degrees Fahrenheit – into the crib. Merely by being in that room, Bou-Bou had assumed the risk of coming under attack by a SWAT team. By impeding the trajectory of that grenade, rather than fleeing from his crib, Bou-Bou failed to “avoid the consequences” of that attack. – See more at:

  28. When adults become mentally ill, can they be put in mental hospitals legally? Because these school administrators in JERSEY are batshit crazy:

  29. Well, It appears that I owe SUFA an apology. So, I am very sorry, SUFA, for misreading the winds and facts as it pertains to Iran backed Al Qaeda now known as ISIS. About two or three years ago, I posted a map and paper trail to how much influence that Al Qaeda (ISIS) was going to have over the ME and North Africa…..I posted that within three years, that Al Qaeda and its sorority patrons ISIS, et al. would be controlling the governments and countryside of 5 countries. I even outlined a control zone and the area that I thought was going to happen. I was wrong…and I am sorry.

    I said that Iran backed Al Qaeda/ISIS and its affiliates would control the Euphrates river basin and that Syria and three other North African countries would fall. I wish to offer my sincere apologies……..I was wrong. Iran backed Al Qaeda/ISIS and its affiliates now control NINE countries and the Euphrates River basin from the Turkish border all the way through to the Persian Gulf. I must also apologize that I did not think that the Tigris River Basin would also fall…..The Tigris River Basin is now 90% under the control of Al Qaeda/ISIS. The only part of the Tigris Basin that is not controlled by Al Qaeda/ISIS is what the Kurds control. Perhaps I should mention that the oil that is being sold on the black market as now shipped up river to Turkey and that Turkey is doing the money laundering and selling of the oil for Al Qaeda/ISIS.

    And now, apparently there is a release of documents from the WH showing the direct connection between Al Qaeda/Isis and Iran….which we all knew anyway. That said…….

    • How hard are you laughing?

    • No apology needed, just try not to hurt your shoulders 😀 Let’s see if I can timeline this. First, Obama has decided that Assad is no longer wanted as the leader of Syria. While the reasons are many, we have a clue, it’s about money. Then, chemical weapons were used and Assad was blamed, but because the alternative media exploded and revealed the truth that it was the US funded Rebel’s who actually did it (and later admitted), Obama’s line in the sand was shoved deep in his rectum. Shortly there after, ISIS is born. Born from the US funded Syrian Rebels.

      The new US funded and armed boogiemen went on a nasty rampage, including beheadings, attacks on large numbers of Christians and just plain old barbarianism. Americans, for the most part, aren’t buying this bullshit and still don’t want war. Eventually, ISIS , funded and armed by the US, will overthrow Assad and Obama and his brothers will finally achieve what he always wanted. Yet, despite all the calls on the MSM, still ain’t buying the bullshit. The people don’t want war, period. Obama, is losing again. The military complex is losing again. The only way war will be allowed by the majority is for another direct attack. I doubt that an attack by ISIS will get that job done. The people are sick of war. If the elite want one, it will have to come in the form of a nuke. WE don’t worry about the barbarians over there, we have plenty here in our inner cities.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        You forgot step one before Obama decided Assad had to go after dithering for years. As one of Hillary’s 1st acts as SOTUS, met with Assad and she came out of the meetings like Chamberlain and Hilter’s meetings and stated that Assad was a progressive leader and the US can work with him. This was a jab at Bush’s policy that was keeping Assad at arms length if not being down right hostile towards him. Just like her famous “reset” of US Russian relations after the US got frosty when the Russians started grabbing countries that formerly were parts of the Russian Empire and had gained independence. So where are we NOW? That is a rhetorical question.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Or lest we forget the Obama administration opening up and lightening the restrictions on the genocidal government in Mynamar…just read the news today and the massive rescue efforts by the neighboring countries concerning the refugees trying to escape that country. Our government answer has been well we’ve done plenty by giving a thousand visas. Just like the very limited and almost impossible to get visas by the Jews and others targeted by Hitler for extermination…I’ve read diaries by friends who did manage to get out but also their stories of the family and friends who were not so lucky and were sent to the camps for the final solution. Even though there was plenty of time leading up to the actual war starting in ’39. Then it was to late.

  30. I really couldn’t believe it when all the claims of racism started flying over how Waco was handled compared to Ferguson. So lets compare the white people who were involved in Waco are either dead or in jail-in Ferguson, well we know how that was handled.

    • Liberal’s are mentally ill. There is no other excuse for their thinking. It’s time to just realize this fact and rid our nation of these incredibly sick people. They are killing babies at will, lying about everything and becoming violent when they don’t get their way. Know your enemy!

      • I keep looking in the DSM-5 for the diagnosis code for Liberal/Progressive Thought Disorder. But I’m not finding it? 😀

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          It’s simple….It is not what the majority of those of us on SUFA believe, because the spectrum is very diverse…we here just try and discuss the differences in an adult manner without resorting to personal attacks which lead no where. We may succeed on mofifying others views but the bottom line is what you personally experience, touch and feel and live drives our comments and beliefs. It’s all real from Buck in NYC to D13 in Texas to JAC in Idaho and T-Ray in CA… is that our experiences can not be changed. The future is ever changing. Does mine or any one elses opinions on SUFA cause others to believe that all of us do not have our countries best interest and hopes in mind?????

          Regardless how wrong and misguided some are….(joke… cynicism….0430 AM)

  31. Just came inside and caught the butt end of an argument about Iraq. The Left claim the US lost the war, and for the life of me can’t figure out that stupidity. How can a country invade, remove the evil government and then leave the country to the people who live there, then be called the losers? I really think Liberal’s are mentally ill. There is no other reason for their thinking and beliefs that I can think of besides that, because REALLITY isn’t close to their thinking. WTF? It’s time to rid this country of these people. They are sick!

    • Had they said, “Winning the War but losing the Peace” they would have been correct. Just cannot believe that we let Paul Bremer fire the entire Iraqi Civil Service and Army. Today he blames the rest of DC but it was his, on the ground, call then. There ought to be a penalty, some justice for the dead.

      • I’m aiming a few posts towards VH cuz it’s an anti abortion protest, you should check it out. I know many don’t like Infowars and such, but even they see the light of day when it comes to the Left Wing!

  32. Research is fun!

    and, the guy who is apparently responsible for launching the great man-made global climate change hoax apparently has no scientific credentials (though he was against teh Viet-nam War)

  33. @VH, Infowars did an anti abortion protest today. Here are some of the insane things these people do:

    • Let them march-the more people see what this particular group is all about-the sooner they will go away.

      • I’m listening to a rebroadcast of an attack by the left wingers. All being recorded. Talk about losers, it’s definitely the Left Wing. These people are nothing but violent pigs!

        • Note – I am not approving of their actions here in the least. But let’s not pretend that pro-lifers have never acted as ‘violent pigs’ in their protests…

          • This would be the first protest of this nature I have actually seen. What I have heard is typical Liberal bullshit about how women don’t have access to the healthcare ect in a capitalist system. All of which is total bullshit. All I hear on Left Wing sites is how great Obamacare is, yet now I hear this nonsense. Utterly stupid. Can you provide some video of the otherside (pro lifers) acting like pigs? I would like to see that as well. Remember, I’m a-political on the issue of abortion. My problem lies with those who lie and abuse others by trying to suppress free speech. It’s very evident in this occasion who the antagonizers are.

            • Ummm…violence from pro-lifers….gee, that’s hard to think of…

              Harassing women trying to get an abortion
              Throwing rocks through windows of abortion clinics
              Bombing abortion clinics
              Murdering providers

              • Yea, there are some nut cases out there. Can’t argue there. But they are not the mainstream. VH is totally against abortion, but I just don’t see her blowing up clinics, do you? 🙂 How long has it been since that was happening? A couple decades? I can’t recall a recent abortion clinic explosion. I do recall some rocks thrown through a Democrat office at one time, only to find out it was a false flag incident. I’m not up to date on protests that don’t make the media (even the alternative media). Maybe you should watch the videos of todays events and see for yourself. I was kinda thinking that I’m glad I don’t do protests 🙂

              • Black Flag® says:

                I too am against abortion.

                If society cannot protect its most innocent from murder, how can anyone expect they will be protected from murder?

              • That’s my entire point — there are not cases out there…on both sides, especially on this issue.

                Yet for some strange reason you try to link this group and this particular incident with the left wing at large…I wonder why that is.

              • BF – that’s all fine and good. You are entitled to your views on the matter. But I imagine you don’t go around harassing women and doctors, vandalizing clinics, etc.

              • These are very rare instances, sort of like the anti-Muslim violence thing. 1 is never equal to 100 though all 101 incidents are wrong. Dr. Tiller in Kansas probably should have been charged like Dr. Gosnell in Philadelphia. Because you are a practicing physician with a license doing things that Governor Sebalius approves of, does not excuse you when you act like Dr. Mengele.

          • I heard a new term for pro lifers, a massaganist. (sp) Can anyone help on what the hell this new term is?

            • I don’t do protests because I’m allergic to jails 🙂 Not my thing at all!

            • Are you saying misogynist?

              • I’m sorry, but what the hell is that? I’m not a political activist on the subject, therefore I’m apolitical. I’m fundamentally against killing any unborn babies, human or otherwise.

              • It means -someone who hates women

              • Oh MY hell no! I have a great admiration of women, in many ways (minus the x-wife). If not for my current circumstances, I would be dating and hoping to find a good woman to spend the rest of my life with. For now, just have to take care of business.

              • Wasn’t saying you hate woman! That’s what misogynist means- which is what I think your word massaganist is when spelled correctly. Although this word is usually used to criticize men-the pro-choice people love to accuse pro-lifers of hating woman so I can see them adopting the word.

              • I wonder how a psychologist would evaluate my continued mistake of writing woman when I mean women. Could it be I take these issues personally 🙂

              • I didn’t even notice 🙂

              • OH MY, Now I’m laughing at myself. Misogynist is what they were saying. Now I see the pronunciation. Tells you how up to date I am in the city world, LOL 🙂

              • Hell, I thought a “massaganist” was some one who liked massages. That should give ya’ll a good laugh!

              • If a female police officer is a police person then should not a woman be a woperson?

              • Black Flag® says:


                That’s the problem, people raised in government schools can’t understand definitions.

                It’s like niggardly. It has NOTHING to do with N****r. But use that word today, the Political Correctness Police will punish you, like the idiots they are.

              • Be nice now Flag, I was having a good laugh 🙂

              • T Ray,

                🙂 I suspect in the near future you would have to say itperson-unless you knew the woman/man/other well enough to know their personal choice of pronoun based on their gender choice or lack there of and their preference in a sexual partner and who knows what else.

            • Black Flag® says:


              Ah, don’t worry. The Leftist Red baiters play this game all the time.

              If you are against your money being stolen to fund government schools, they say “You must hate kids”. No, I love kids, I hate my money being stolen.

              If you against your money being stolen to fund government sick care (it ain’t no HEALTH care), they say “You must hate sick people”. No, I have compassion for sick people, I hate my money being stolen.

              The Left, like Buck, are intellectually impoverished, a disease caused by their own leftist policies.

              • I like Buck, because he’s at least nice and easy to understand, mostly. I have no use for those who want to steal from me to give to others, shit, I’m not even close to wealthy, financially, but I’m damn wealthy in my heart and soul. If those on the Left knew what I make a year, they would be asking why I’m not on their side. I know a few on the dole that make plenty more than me. But I’m happy! I’m making my own way and actually loving the life I have. I don’t want what other have. That’s where me and them have issue. They want to take, I don’t!

          • Buck, the problem folks are called Red Guard of Austin, who are a Communist group that follows the teachings (or just the actions) of Mao. Not what one would call a good ally if one is peacefull

            • Where did I say I approve of their actions? I’m sure you politically agree with others whose tactics you disprove of.

              • You were clear that you didn’t approve, no question there. I’m just putting out info to clarify. AS I said, I’m not one you will see at protests or rallies. We all have seen the results of Tea Party Rally”s, no problems, and they kept things clean, unlike many of some Left Wing rally’s, who made a big mess, kinda like pigs, LOL!

  34. Buck says:

    May 21, 2015 at 9:28 pm (Edit)

    That’s my entire point — there are not cases out there…on both sides, especially on this issue.

    Yet for some strange reason you try to link this group and this particular incident with the left wing at large…I wonder why that is.

    Because of the Left is always trying to suppress free speech, free religion, the right to bare arms, etc. Political correctness is all left Wing and it is the suppression of free speech. Sorry Buck, but going on a Left Wing site like the National Memo and trying to carry on a respectful debate with the left is impossible. Your ilk don’t want to hear the other sides view. I actually read at Left Wing sites, simply to learn what is being written. Not impressed with the brainwashing at all. Some stuff is so far beyond reality it should be considered conspiracy theory. JMHO!

    • Sigh.

      And the far right sites are so much better? Your own rhetoric (at times, not always) is so much better?

      • I speak honestly. I see the Left as anti freedom. If it is not obvious too you, I can help you see the light 🙂 If my internet will work, this is my 4th try at a reply.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I’m having really odd internet problems, may have to continue tomorrow. 7 replies and 6 have died

        • Last from phone, this is a test.

          • This is getting spooky! 2 of 9 posts have made it, had to go to phone fore one. All other sites work fine, I feel a hacking going on.

            • Had this problem once-turned out I was trying to re-enter too quickly. Might be your problem. So just close down the site and re-open-see if that works.

            • Actually my internet connection was going off! I have satellite, no bad weather anywhere. It would suddenly go offline when I was almost ready to hit the post comment button. Maybe it was some big UFO’s that crossed in front of the satellite out in space, or maybe an asteroid or something. Just something that has never happened before. I’ve lost connection due to bad weather, not the case tonight.

  35. I say looking at the big picture-they say generalizing. I say you are refusing to look at the consequences-they say no, your generalizing which makes your stance biased.

    I say grrrrrrr 🙂

    • Stop paying their game. Stick to your guns! I’m always saddened when I see a road kill of a pregnant deer or a new fawn. I’m always on watch for wildlife when on the road. Just saw our first fawn a few days ago, still wobbly. Too bad the Left don’t care as much about a human egg as they care about sea turtle eggs, we wouldn’t be talking about this.

      • In this instance we were talking about gay marriage and the LGBT lobby. I just found the use of the word generalizing defined as being biased interesting. I can certainly see the possibility-but if one doesn’t look at the whole picture-just refuses to acknowledge the consequences based on it’s biased to do so-where does that leave us when the consequences raise their ugly heads.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Generalizing can certainly be biased as you are assigning a behavior or trait to a larger group based on a smaller group or individual.

          However, looking at the “whole picture” is NOT Generalizing. It is taking a broad and long range look or evaluation.

          I see Kirsten Powers is coming out with a new book on how the Left is destroying free speech. Can’t wait to see them go after another of their own.

    • A short video well worth watching…

  36. Well, hopefully today I will not have the strange occurrences as I did last night. It seemed that as I was about to hit the post button or at the same time, my internet would cease to be working, then it would come right back on. It’s a government conspiracy I tell ya, has to be. Because if it’s not that, we have some big UFO’s flying around blocking the satellite reception. Or maybe it’s a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy because I did not have sexual relations with that (ugly) woman. 😀

    On a serious note, I will be putting up a new thread sometime today for the Holiday weekend. Hope everyone has a good Friday!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Yesterday evening when driving back from the big city…which I’ve totally decided I’ll avoid for awhile. The weather was heavy storms all the way, up and back. However a few miles from home you looked ahead and saw a string of cloud shapes that were attempting to look like funnels. A few actually reached the ground. I turned to a local channel on the radio and instantly it was alerting Tornado conditions. Yup. It is a fairly normal condition here like the midwest, you just want to be aware. I’ll take any storm, natural disaster, earthquake you name it, but one that scares the hell out of me are tornados because they can be so random. When you see a forest that looks like a bush hog went through turning everything into kindling wood including the center out of a housing development. Even out on the water they occur and are very dangerous to be around.

      I did find though that a lot of people from N/E had to be moving to the Raleigh area. There were also driving rain and thunderstorms. With the sky gray and the road spray coming up from the traffic, and the wipers barely able to keep up, there was NO horizon and zero visibility past 5 hash marks on the road. Would people slow down…No they increased speed approaching 85 mph and no lights on. That was so typical of the Mass/Boston area. The more congested and hazardous the conditions the speed went up proportionately… I got down east here it was the exact opposite except the storms…people put their flashers on and slowed town and many pulled off to wait it out. Sanity prevailed.

    • Isn’t that odd? I was having trouble with my internet yesterday as well. Solar flares? 😉

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Hillary yesterday, “I want my emails released as well, and the sooner the better”.

    Today, State Dept releases first batch of Hillary’s “State Dept. emails”.


    As the DNC tries to portray the emails as “nothing” and “Hillary is wonderful” and as the Media eats up this line of crap, let us not forget the reality.

    From the current CNN story on the State Dept. dump.

    “The roughly 300 emails, about 850 pages, are part of the 30,000 that she turned over to State from her private email server, which she used almost exclusively to conduct both private and public business during her time at State. They reveal a range of correspondence from Clinton, everything from policy briefs to scheduling requests to friendly exchanges with staff.”

    See that group of words? “that she turned over to State from her private email server,”.

    Any questions??

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Despite the obvious attempt to avoid all scrutiny, nothing will come of it at all . The Repbs will play pattycake until time has passed and it becomes a vast right wing conspiracy. The DOJ is useless, talk about a corrupt core of so called law enforcement people.

      All this because people legitimize it and accept it every two years, you get what you have asked for, total corruption and NO repercussions

    • Yes, I have lots of questions! Why is she not in prison? Why is BO not in prison? Why is the other phuk head not in prison? Why………uuuhhhggg, I can’t say that here. Getting pretty fed up with all the government people.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    SK, and Dale, and of course SUFA

    While I often allude to Iranians as Persians it is important to realize that it is not a complete and simply comparison. There are “Persians” in that area we now call Iraq. Along with Assyrians. There are a multitude of “people’ within the modern State of Iran, not just the “Persians”. Some are descendants of Mongolians. Another ancient group living in both is the Babylonians.

    We think of these as ancient empires but the name for them derived from the particular tribal groups that created those empires.

    Turkey is not all “Turks” so to speak. Hittites are among those from the old days in the modern Turkey.

    The other day I read an article by someone in the Middle East discussing the Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria region. I found it interesting that the author used two “historical tribal” names to describe the people within the region. This would indicate that people in that regions are still identifying along those ancient groups.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Jac….the media and people like things simple that fit between commercial breaks. What a bunch of mind numbing pap….I will follow this with an observation

  39. Well, well, well……isn’t this special. Obamacare insurance to rise an average of 51.6% according to the Wall Street journal, with the lowesrt increase at 30.4% in Maryland to 74.9% in New York and the rest falling in between……with the State’s having to come up with the difference…..

    The States that opted out of Obamacare are expecting a 6.4% increase on average. The failing is being blamed on the younger crowd NOT signing up. Not only can you not keep you doctor, your rates are going to skyrocket…..and that was warned.

    Doctors are refusing Obamacare by the thousands…..with more and more doctors also not accepting Medicare and Medicaid. Blue Cross and Blue Shield is reporting a loss of $141 million directly from plans sold on the Exchange.

    Oh yes……and there are 31 million people still not covered….gee…..seems this was all predicted.

  40. Going off to DC tomorrow for the last Baptism of # 6 grandchild. Happy Memorial Day to all in advance. Posting a speech by Oliver Wendell Holmes delivered on Memorial Day. Bit long, but worth the read. He apparently had one hell of a combat record.

  41. One of those “good cop” stories that never quite seems to make it to Page 1. My old neighborhood and Grammar School.

  42. The English language lost gender based articles such as, der die das in German, a few centuries ago so we in general do not associate gender with nouns and titles. Most such words are genderless in English.

    The use of “-person” as a suffix by the feminist crowd has been a pet peeve of mine for some time. The word “man” has 2 meanings, the male of the species homo sapien and the male of the species homo sapien which are differentiated by the context in which they are used.

    The suffix “-man” however is genderless. It means the “one who” not the male who. So it is perfectly correct to call a member of the police department a policeman regardless of sex. This was just one example of controlling or altering our language for political purposes.

    Need I expound an the use of marriage as well?

    • Proof reeeed….

      The word “man” has 2 meanings, “a member” of the species homo sapien and the male of the species homo sapien which are differentiated by the context in which they are used.


  43. Dale A Albrecht says:

    It is 0340 on May 23, 2015. I have just walked in from being out on a pub crawl in our small city of New Bern NC. Close to 12 hours in duration. If I’m writing on SUFA obviously I made it home in one piece…no driving..anything in town I walk….I WILL FLAT OUT SAY REGARDLESS OF OUR OPINIONS, ALL VALUED AND HONESTLY GIVEN…..THERE IS HOPE FOR THE FUTURE OF AMERICA. it may have skipped a generation or two but the oung folks I ran into tonight were generally well planted in their beliefs and very frustrated as to the “you need to do this to succeed” the girls were generally were very well into what was going on and how to survive….the guys were CLUELESS. I do have hope though…..I ran into two SARS instructers in the crawl tonight…one was purely classromm an the other was been there donethat like jumping out of perfectly good helo’s in the middle of the atlantic……They talked about a guy they knew that actually had #1 in the draft way back in the 60’s. I was 32 but # 1 really. Later in he evening I actually ran into the guy. He owns a mortuary group and will be leading the ceremonies at our National Cemetary here a 1100 on Monday. Besides Antietem and Arlington, New Bern was # 3. All union soldiers killed in the Civil War in the Carolinas were buried at the end of my street. All the confederates were buried at the other end…….bottom line is the town has a great sense of history…immigrants all and they gave a overwhelming confidence in the ultimate survival of the US and we at no time discussed Left/right MSM politics.
    People,that I had work for me over the past years in the historical restoration never opened up in any way as to their dreams goals and aspirations. Tonight I saw all that come out. Owners of one bar or restaurant frequented the place around the corner….they all exuded the goal of thet we all succeed or we fail together. I will say that they did not endorse BAD places and had very excellent critiques as to why one place will fail or not….

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