June Weekend Open Mic

Good Morning SUFA  🙂   Keep the conversations going.  Recent topics include:  To metric or not to metric, why are so many kids having mental problems, and what are our educators doing?  Then there are subjects like: why is a college professor asking the Fed’s to test West Coasters for nuclear exposure (to which the Fed’s have declined)?  New warnings about Pacific seafood.  The Conspiracy Theory world is still very abuzz about Jade helm 15 and all other military movements (you would be amazed at how many people actually film and forward this stuff).  It is nice to see people starting to pay attention to what’s going on around them instead of being focused on the Duggar stupidity and Caitlyn Jenner’s science experiment.

Here’s a small taste of my effort to be more politically correct 😀




  1. I will be away for the latter part of the weekend to attend a graduation party on Saturday and walleye fishing on Lake Erie on Sunday. Thanks to Smart phones, I will still keep up as best I can! Have a great weekend and remember, if someone says you offended them, see above! 🙂

  2. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-06-04/meet-nsac-us-governments-shadow-spy-agency

    Since most of us are considered National Security Threats, we should be aware, Big Brother is watching 🙂

  3. gmanfortruth says:

    D13, prelude to war would be an attack or emminate attack by a foreign nation. The “war on……” is bulldookie and nothing but propaganda to brainwash people into believing and approving of govt actions, which over the last few decades hasn’t been very moral or ethical.

    • Define attack….and yes, I am going somewhere with this…..

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I have contemplated this quite a lot. An attack is one that results in the loss of life and is a foreign nations government making this choice.

        Cyber attacks may qualify, with proof that’s Iits a government action. This is a key issue for me, because I don’t think we need a full blown nuclear war because of the actions of one idiotic teenage computer wizard from Russia or China.

        Nations fight wars, tribes fight wars. Idiots fight wars, maybe that’s what needs fixed, idiots being elected in fixed elections.

  4. Just A Citizen says:

    What a “good” PROGRESSIVE Society should look like!


    If this was in fact from a student it shows some serious lack of knowledge about pre Nazi Germany as well as the Nazi regime.

  5. .

  6. Just A Citizen says:


    You must be slipping. You asked the global warming question once before. My answer created a firestorm of criticism and accusations about me loving big govt. and being a closet Statist… LOL….

    To your questions:

    I believe there has been Global Warming in my life time. That is changes in weather patterns that are “warmer” than they were when I was young. I believe that man has had some impact on the temperature. And as I stated before, based on the science presented by “skeptics” this man caused affect is much smaller than portrayed by the pro AGW crowd. But even they claim that there has been an affect.

    WAR……….. I am thinking that given the modern times we live in we may already be at War. But we don’t seem to know for sure who is attacking us nor how to respond in a way that will make it stop. I am referring to the “Cyber War” that seems to have broken out a few years back.

    So lets talk “shooting” war. I have found over the years that it is very hard to create a list of criteria that sets a trigger for going to War. There is the obvious “attack” or threat of “invasion by arms”, which is the same as an attack. Both of these are uses of FORCE against us.

    But what about economic impacts caused by the Cyber attacks or disruptions in trade caused deliberately for the purpose of harming our economy? At what point do we justify War over these things?

    I fall back to one key thought. Is the impact caused significant enough for me to ask OTHERS to give up their lives in order to respond. And if need be, is it great enough to actually force others to give up their lives. If the action threatens our Freedom and Liberty then would we not individually “fight” to preserve that freedom? If we would risk our lives then it would appropriate to ask others to do the same.

    If the threat is not enough for me to lay down my life, then it is not worthy of going to War. If it is, then War we will have.

    Of course the ultimate test of when to go to War is when the “population” is willing to support the War. This includes an honest discussion about the potential cost and “duration”. I found it interesting that Americans were never told “how long” WWII would last. They were told and prepared for the “sacrifices” to support War but not how long. And despite our being directly attacked and the atrocities of our enemies, our leaders were growing concerned with the public’s waning support for the war after only three years.

    To some this would be a tactical or strategic issue about how to wage a war. But I think it should also be a consideration is when to go to war. If our population hasn’t got the stomach to deal with setbacks and possible long time frames then perhaps the threat is not great enough to justify war. Even if it is for many of us, it takes a nation to support a “successful” war.

    Now you have me chasing small rabbits. I believe there are subversive elements in our Nation and around the world who have been trying to erode public confidence to the point where support of war would be nearly impossible. Bottom line, short of a direct physical attack or threat of invasion I am not confident that American Citizens are prepared to support a prolonged or even a short but VERY COSTLY war.

    So lets address the rhino in the room. The cyber attacks on the USA do not justify a shooting war in my view. They do deserve a strong and very poignant response. This may require shutting down China’s communications systems for a short period. It definitely requires an increase in US military “buildup” and placement in the Pacific. The tiger needs to understand it cannot keep this up and if need be we “will shoot”.

    We may not like it but there are those in the world who respond only to the old way of doing international relations. And that requires showing them that they will be destroyed if they do not behave. Our problem at home is not letting this power corrupt our behavior. Which is to some degree what I think has happened. We should use that threat of power only in “retaliation”.

    • On WAR….

      Iran firing on and stopping ships in international waters is grounds for war. This was an action by the state military. Contrast that to the 9/11 attacks. The vast majority of the attackers were Saudi citizens. I think it can be documented that various Saudi “Princes” have funded those terrorists and it was a Saudi policy to export terrorism/radical extremists. We had grounds for war against the Saudi’s but Bush chose to direct us in another direction. It is taken as an undisputed fact that Iran is the largest sponsor of terrorism worldwide. So what are the grounds for war? I think it’s just when someone deciles they have had enough and declare war.

      I also think economics play a huge part in all this. Russia’s economy depends on oil and natural gas sales largely to Europe. They react to losing trade and influence to Europe as a threat.

      We accuse China of manipulating their currency. If we had agreements where the yen is valued as ten being worth one US dollar and they decide to print an extra billion yen and circulate it on the world market, our deal has been undermined. We, of course, are also manipulating our currency as is nearly every nation. Sanctions, blockades and economic warfare can all be grounds for shooting wars.

      I suspect Bush did not attack the Saudi’s because of our economic dependence on oil imports. That dynamic is changing. Slowing imports from Canada is a delaying action. Obama seems to want us fearful of disrupting Middle East oil, even though it might be to our economic advantage as well as reducing many conflicts.

    • Sorry about the warming question being asked again….

    • So, what is the difference on firing a torpedo vs computer attack if both are designed to cripple or destroy?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The difference, assuming the computer attack was designed to destroy and not just irritate or gather intel., is that a torpedo will probably cause human loss of life, or at a minimum loss of property.

        The nature of the computer attack becomes the key question.

        Lets deal with the simple. Hacking computers to shut down electric grids, over heat nuclear reactors, halt shipping, etc. is similar and deserving of a strong and immediate response in kind or MORE. I do not subscribe to tit for tat. You punch me I hit you with a bat. You hit me with a bat and I will put a cap in yer ass.

        As I said, we are probably in a non shooting war with several players. We are in a shooting War with certain Islamic fundamentalists and their allies.

        Let me offer this “strategic” suggestion. The “if I am elected President from the SUFA partay”.

        1. Basically implement the “libertarian” view of foreign policy ASAP. This may take a year or two but make it clear to everyone and do it.

        2. Double down on military build up with emphasis in “defense” and the ability to deliver “overwhelming and devastating” power around the world in a moments notice.

        3. Immediately build up internet and computer network DEFENSES. Along with this RETALIATE against all attacks on our computer systems. And by retaliate I mean TAKE OUT.

        Now my hope is to have item 1 win the day and peace to reign. But because I have studied history and see the world in living color, item 2 will do two things. It will put the world on notice that withdrawing as the “police” is not creating a “vacuum” which will allow others to try and exploit our “good nature”. And of course if the world decides they want to revert to 20th century behavior we will accommodate them, per their request.

        Item 3 is obvious. We need to respond to the attacks that are growing in number and severity.

  7. Just A Citizen says:


    Wanted to comment on Mr. Obama’s latest comments the other day. About the USA engaging others with “respect and as equals”. Notice the use of “equals”.

    There is the exposure of his ideology……….. we are nothing but equals with EVERYONE in the world.

    So does this mean we are simply EQUAL to Saudi Arabia or Myanmar or Sudan or ?????

    Now think for a minute what such a statement means. The one nation in human history that was formed around the concepts of freedom and liberty of the individual is no better than, is the same as, is noting but equal to all the countries in the world who are run by oppressive regimes and treat their citizens as “subjects”.

    In other words, the concepts of individual sovereignty are no better than those of collectivism and totalitarianism.

    I am sure many will say, “that is not what he meant”. To which I say, how do you really know? Take his entire body of work and rhetoric. Take the stated views of his Progressive supporters and the radicals that comprise his inner circle. You will find this ideological theme. It is possible they do not understand the rationalization of oppression their ideology represents, but it is there if only they would think things through.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The restoration of “rights” should be AUTOMATIC.

      The Govt. should have to make a compelling case before a JURY to withhold rights once the sentence is completed. The Citizen should not have to go begging to have them restored.

  8. I believe broke the story about PEG and our education system earlier. Here’s and update:

    SAN FRANCISCO – After Pacific Educational Group received criticism from this website, a St. Paul teacher and “The O’Reilly Factor,” among others, the company peddling “white privilege” training for public school employees wiped its client list off its website.


    Want to guess what I think about these companies that try to hide stuff?

  9. On War,

    We, the USA, have been at war with someone or other for most of my life. It needs to stop.
    All troops, ships, planes, tanks, small arms, bullets, etc should be brought back home. We should focus on defense and protecting our borders! A ‘shooting war’ should only be declared if we have been attacked or eminent threat in a traditional way.

    Cyber Attack,

    We should meet cyber attacks with an equal response (actually greater). For instance, if China breached our security and stole data, then we should breach their security and shut down their entire internet.

    Global warming — Nope, nada, ain’t happening.

    • http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_BORDER_PATROL_HELICOPTER_SHOOTING?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2015-06-05-23-45-33

      “Global warming — Nope, nada, ain’t happening.”
      So you are a denier? Global warming is a true, documented event. It started around 1860 and we are still in that “warming” phase. Maybe leftists should blame it on the Civil War?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      We do not need nor is it a good idea to “bring everything home”.

      Our forces can remain on the various bases around the world without engaging in war.

      Unfortunately, their presence is still needed to deter action by bad actors. That and an understanding that we have a Govt. willing to use them.

      As I offered above, stop using them as a tool but maintain overwhelming superior strength.

      • JAC

        Why would it not be a good idea to bring everything home? We are not the World Police Force. Should not our own country and citizens come first?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Rick, I agree with you. We can project our power anywhere in short time. Unless invited, bring the all home.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          In the near term we need to keep our people stationed where they can respond to true attacks more quickly. No matter my ideology, there are others who would use our absence to create serious problems for the USA, both directly and indirectly.

          Oh, and we do not have room for all our stuff in the USA. We are the World Police Force, like it our not we have been and much of the world still looks to us.

          So if we do want to pull back we need to do it in a strategic way so as not to create more situations like the Middle East and Ukraine.

          Our short term game should be to get our use of the military under control. That is use it for retaliation against real attacks and not to manipulate or control others directly.

          If we are to withdraw to a defensive position we need to do some heavy lifting on the diplomatic side, and start acting per our principles. As the world adjusts we can start pulling back some.

          But make no mistake, as long as there are major players who want to do us real harm we need to have military assets closer to them. It is only the threat of our force that has kept some from going off the charts.

          • Our short term game should be to get our use of the military under control.

            Yes, for the defense of the United States, not the rest of the world. Honor our treaties, keep the Navy moving as usual, GET OUT of other countries business (like Ukraine). Stay if invited, bring the rest home.

            But make no mistake, as long as there are major players who want to do us real harm we need to have military assets closer to them. It is only the threat of our force that has kept some from going off the charts.

            Pure speculation with not much to go but opinion. The reason we have enemies is because we are in everyone’s business. We destroyed Iraq and several generations with the use of DU in our bombs and shells. WE bombed Libya, which I still think is an illegal use of our forces, We’ve stuck our noses where our noses don’t belong, THAT’s WHY we have so many enemies.

            I do like D13’s idea, equal trade with all. NO trade deficit’s, no more Imperialist actions.

          • JAC

            Let me give you some background other than I’m just some guy who chimes in here and there. I’ll admit that I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Never really been into politics. Always tried to live my life by a good work ethic, helping others, and being honest. I had always assumed that there were more intelligent people in politics/government that had the best interests of US citizens in the forefront of their mind. Obviously, I was wrong.

            When the enemy put a man in the White House, I started paying attention more to what was going on, not just in the US, but the world as well. Apparently that time was too late. You could say I (and maybe others) am a day late and a dollar short.

            We are already at war even though most of us don’t know it. The enemy in the White House has divided the American citizens. Blacks vs. Whites, Dems vs. Reps, Blacks/citizens vs Police, Rich vs Poor, Homosexuals vs Heterosexuals, Religion vs Religion, etc
            He has brought in millions of potential terrorists, not only from Mexico, but other countries as well. He has shipped them all over the country. He has driven us into financial despair. After traveling the world making secret deals with enemy nations, and straining relations with allied nations, the stage is set.

            Russia is making their move. China, North Korea are making their moves. Iran is still stalling, then they will make their move. The US will soon be in chaos like we have never seen. To put it bluntly, shit’s gonna get real. Our military is spread across the entire globe. We need to bring everyone and everything home immediately. We need to get our own affairs in order and get back to the America we once were. The America that everyone looked up to and respected. Then, and only then, we can deal with the other major players.

            • We need to get our own affairs in order and get back to the America we once were. The America that everyone looked up to and respected. Then, and only then, we can deal with the other major players.


            • Just A Citizen says:


              So lets assume you are correct and the USA is going to shit pretty quick.

              Where do you want all those troops and hardware? The troops who answer to the PRESIDENT?

              Over there or over here?

              Personally, if the White House was being run by the enemy I would rather the military was stationed on the other side of the planet.

              • I am hoping, actually counting on, the military not taking direction from the enemy. When ‘it’ hits the fan it should be pretty obvious what is going on. I keep thinking that I can’t be the only idiot that sees what is happening. Then again, I just don’t know…

              • Let’s put into perspective that our military numbers have shrunk considerably under Obama. I’m with Rick, I want them at home. I don’t see most following the illegal orders of a disliked President. The Oath matters and part od that Oath is to defend against domestic enemies. There are 10’s of thousands who follow the alternative media (the MSM just says what they are told). One thing to add. Obama is a narcissist ego maniac. These types of mentally ill people have a habit of Underestimating the enemy (in this case, the American people). That is always a recipe for disaster.

                While a vast majority of the sheople have no clue what’s going on around them, there are 10’s of millions who do. Others will awaken quickly in the event of a major problem. Of course, with all the CT’s out there, and so many scenario’s being talked about, I’ll stick with what I have said all along. The American spirit will rise up and squash any idiotic move by the corrupt Federal govt. My biggest concern, which has been consistent, is a lengthy power outage.

    • LOI

      Maybe I should clarify. I don’t believe the little blip of existence for humankind has caused global warming, climate change, or whatever else they call it. I have read ‘proof’ from both sides of the debate and have arrived at the conclusion that I can’t trust or believe either side.
      Should we take better care of the planet? Of course we should. Should we cut down on pollution? Absolutely. I was appalled (and still am) when I first heard about all the plastic in the oceans, the space junk that’s in orbit, etc…

      The Earth may be warming. It wasn’t too long ago that we had a mini Ice Age, so in comparison to that, it has warmed. But any warming or cooling, in my opinion, is part of a natural cycle.

      • Very good sir. I have become very careful in how I phrase things concerning AGW. A skeptic questions, which is always good when it come to science. If someone is a denier or believer, then we must be talking about a religion?

  10. So, I was walking through the mall and saw that there was a ‘Muslim Book Store’.

    I was wondering what exactly was in a Muslim bookstore so I went in.

    As I was wandering around taking a look, the clerk stopped me and asked if he could help me.

    I imagine I didn’t look like his normal clientele, so I asked, “Do you have a copy of the
    U.S. Immigration Policy Book regarding Muslims?” The clerk said, “fuck off! Get out! And stay out!”

    I said, “Yes, that’s the one. Do you have it in paperback?”

    Thanks LOI 😉

  11. @Buck, How Obama is trying to take guns from innocent law abiding citizens: http://www.wnd.com/2015/06/vets-told-they-can-buy-back-2nd-amendment-rights/#TGOQiFgWXMmeisfV.99

  12. Hillary Clinton on the attack about republicans. Trying to disenfranchise voters….when asked about it and where the proof is….to which she answered that it is common knowledge. And this was a CNN reporter……asked again where is the proof and asked for on example….to which she replied, next question , please.

    There is no proof ….and then she was asked about her diatribe with Kasich who said, in my state you have 30 voting days…..why in hillary’s state….there is only one day. Asked if she could explain it…the interview was over.

    • Since Hillary is barely talking to anyone about anything and certainly nothing of substance-you would think she would be better at pushing the purely emotional crap.

    • Saw a facebook post on telling the big lie. Repeat it often enough and loud enough and people will start to believe. How many liberal issues does this describe?
      Global warming
      disenfranchise voters
      hands up, don’t shoot
      Repug war on women
      Repugs are the 1% who don’t care about the poor

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Just when you get your hopes up that We the People are growing smarter along comes a simple story that reveals the “ideology” that has been crammed into people’s heads.

    The article is not the story here. It is the commentary that follows. One point of my own for the dolt who uses military research as a rationalization for “public ownership of the internet”.

    This “reason” can be used for your cell phones, calculators and even the computer on your desk. But if we want to use the chain of innovation as proof of ownership then she has a big problem. The technology that allowed the Govt. to develop the internet was discovered/invented by the PRIVATE CITIZENS of past generations. Maybe she should be paying the heirs of people like Tesla.


  14. Just A Citizen says:
  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Dismiss the information, due to its source, at your own risk.


    • Not going to dismiss the source but this is a wish list for Soros if there is a WWIII…….in fact, this what he wants….he stands to gain. First of all……do NOT engage China in anything economic….they do not play with others at all……And it certainly will not be With Russia. Soros will be dead and gone before he sees anything close to this article. Obama is doing his best to destroy the USD but he will fail. Engaging China in talks is not necessary because of our debt…..which is something that the Progressives and the Dems missed in their debt building. If you reach any type of agreement with China, you are inviting war….they are languishing economically….let them die. China will never open their banking to join anybody…they have proven that already. China is about to devalue their currency by 25%…..foreign investors in China housing have been hamstrung….and Soros has a stake in it.

      As far as our rhetoric with China…let them spout off….those little island strongholds are already targeted….let Japan have at it……..

      The progressives and the Dems and the Dems in republican drag have actually handed us a pretty nice weapon……an economic one. Most of our debt is foreign owned….a war with the U.S…..will be detrimental without military options.

      With our debt and trade imbalance…..simply even up the trade and never have trade deficits…you can control the world.

    • “Soros noted the SDR system is coming up for their five year review, as reported in ValueWalk, and there is a possibility to include the China’s renminbi. “Although it is not fully qualified, the qualifications are generally more flexible than believed,” Soros said.”

      So Soros thinks we should bend the rules-sounds like what Obama has done since he became President-course with Obama I would say broke the rules. Also seems like when old Soros speaks up he is more interested in his own success than he is of any specific Country’s success. And I have to admit that I would be more likely to do the exact opposite of anything this man said. 🙂

      But since I don’t like to shoot myself in the foot. Why exactly doesn’t China qualify? And if the qualifications can so easily be bent why do we have them? And why wouldn’t we insist that China do what is necessary to qualify? And what was this supposed breakthrough in climate-per my memory that agreement couldn’t be called a breakthrough by any measure.

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    Should every citizen be AUTOMATICALLY registered to vote when they turn 18??

    This is MRS. Clinton’s latest proposal, one adopted recently in Oregon.

    Would this not require a Govt agency to have the records of everyone living in the State, including their Birth Date and Soc. Sec. number??

    How would this agency deal with those sent to prison as felons who were under 17 and then turned 18 while in jail?

    How would it handle citizens vs. those non citizens living in a State. The primary source of data for minors is SCHOOL RECORDS. And these do not include “citizenship”, at least normally.

    And why not extend this to the DRAFT registration. Why put the monkey on the backs of poor young men when they turn 18. Why not just REGISTER them AUTOMATICALLY???

    • It’s just one step closer to casting your vote for you.

    • No.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Why not?

        • First of all…..please explain this….. “And why not extend this to the DRAFT registration. Why put the monkey on the backs of poor young men when they turn 18. Why not just REGISTER them AUTOMATICALLY???

          Am I detecting sarcasm? Or is this a true question.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            It was both, but the question is aimed at the likes of Hillary.

            If voting registration is automatic then why not draft registration? If you do not register you are violating the law. So why not make it automatic??

            • Two part answer…….I would be against both voting and draft legislation. Sometimes you confuse me….but I would have thought you were against any “involuntary” servitude…which is what the draft would be..BUT, what does automatic registration of voters exactly do and the next step which I firmly believe will happen once automatic registration is in place….would be automatic voting. I can see it happening really easy that if you registered (and no one has said how you would register), but I can see the Progressives and democrats forcing this registration and forcing you to register as a republican or democrat…and once registered, why is there a need for a vote? Hell, just register as either party, get on the list and you dont even have to vote. Registration is your vote.

              NOw, let ne throw this out…..if you make it that you must register to vote……then that same registraion automatically registers you for a draft….in which you must serve two years.

              What is the difference?

              • Just A Citizen says:


                No need to be confused. I am against BOTH. The draft in its entirety and automatic voting registration because it simply perpetuates a LAZY, IGNORANT and DISHONORABLE population.

                Citizenship carries privileges and obligations. But in a Nation of free people the “decision” to participate should be individual in nature. But then I don’t think everyone should be able to vote in any election either.

                The concept of automatic registration I believe is linked to the Progressive’s stated goal of a “democracy” rather than a “Constitutional Republic”. At least it goes with the rhetoric. Their “practice” is not the same, but you get the idea/

                Automatic registration is also an attempt to make this a societal decision and action. And as many have noted. Once those names are registered they are part of the game, dead or alive.

                I raised the draft registration because I see no difference. Yet the left wants voting registration made automatic, so why not all other types of registration, including the draft. And that includes all the girls as well.

              • Ok…I did not think you had crossed to the dark side….

              • “it simply perpetuates a LAZY, IGNORANT and DISHONORABLE population.”

                I disagree. Having a registration process is simply unnecessary. The gov’t already has the information it needs on both scores. Why, in the case of selective service, do we require individuals to register? It makes no sense.

                Similarly, in terms of voting, I don’t see a reason for registration; the records are already there. If you are eligibile to vote, go vote; why require a separate registration process?

                Moving on to the issue of registration, voting, voter fraud and voter ID. I was thinking about this last night a bit.

                What if we abolished registration and required an ID to vote — the ID so required would be a NATIONAL ID card that was issued to all citizens FREE OF CHARGE upon turning 18.

              • Why registration is needed……One vote in the district one resides. A National ID card would be a disaster. The fed’s just don’t have the credibility to run a national program with the efficiency needed for such a silly thing. Remember, the STATES run elections, not the Fed’s. Me thinks that the left (like yourself) would like to see this changed.

              • For national elections at the very least.

                Not clear on your point: “one vote in the district one resides”?

              • District= where one lives. Why should a person who lives in district one vote for a person in district eleven. That’s why registration is important, to keep voters, voting for those they are eligible to vote for, and can only vote ONCE (unlike the lady in Ohio who voted for Obama five times). There’s already enough questions surrounding the legitimacy of voting. What I don’t understand is all the hoopla over the ID issue. One must have an ID to do most anything in the country. I’ve never had an issue voting, didn’t in the last local’s.

              • I provided a compromise on the voter ID issue; you refused to accept it.

    • I’ve thought about it and I cannot come up with even one good reason to automatically enroll people to vote. But I can come up with numerous reasons not too.

      • What are the reasons not to?

        • First- time and money-why should we have to come up with some system that clears every person in this country to vote when a large percentage won’t vote.
          Second- some states have voting by mail-a large number of unused ballots just floating around.
          Three-poor people being paid to vote
          Four-the government screws everything up
          Five-why encourage people who don’t care enough about voting to register to vote

          • A few thoughts:

            1) I don’t see automatic registration as being a costly (either in time or money) prospect. Sure there are a few logistical issues to resolve, but nothing I can think of that’s pose a huge problem.

            2) Automatic registration doesn’t mean simply mailing a ballot to everyone.

            3) Again, registration doesn’t mean voting. Any issues with voter fraud can and should still be dealt with.

            4) That’s a catch all complaint to say govt shouldn’t be doing anything. It lacks any specifics and not even sure how it’s applicable here.

            5) I believe we should’ve making it easier for people to vote, not harder. Automatic registration may be just what we need to get more people to vote.

            • Can they at least have to show id to register?

              If registration doesn’t mean voting, then why register?

              • You need to be registered in order to vote. Clintons proposal from my understanding is simply that all citizens should automatically be registered.

            • Make it easier-I keep hearing that-what exactly makes you think it is so hard now? And just how easy can you make it before the rules are moot?

              • It is VERY hard, everyone knows that. The poor people are so confused by things like knowing their address, when they were born, where they were born, their middle names, how to spell their names etc. Personally, I think they should just let everybody walk in off the street and vote. After all people are honest, right?

                The Federal government itself says that there is only roughly 1 percent fraud in food stamps which of course means that 99% of people are decent and honest. There are almost as honest as those 99.5 percent who used to regularly vote for Joseph Stalin in the old USSR.

                So, don’t worry, 99% will honestly vote, the government says so!


              • Also Stephen…..dont forget those tough life decisions….like which tv to buy with their EBT card and which cell phone to get…and how they hate to stand in long lines using EBT cards…it is really tough on them as they go get the government free rent…I mean after all….the lines.

              • Now, now Colonel, let’s not exaggerate. You have to sell the benefits at your neighborhood grocery to get the cash for the HDTV. But of course there is no fraud. The following story must just be made up to give Muslims a bad name.


                Cripes! Fake Chinese cigars?

            • The easiest voter fraud occurs by voting under another’s registered name. Like a dead person’s for example. No, registration does not equal voting, but it does make fraud easier.

            • Automatic voter registration would never work. People move to different cities , States etc. Stupid costly idea that the government would screw up anyway. Besides, it’s up to the States to control their elections, not the Fed’s. Most kids that turn 18 are still living with mommy and daddy, they could be relocated within month’s. This is typical Progressive ideology, control the people and MAKE them do as they are told. I still can’t believe Hitlary is still a candidate, she has no morals or ethics and is corrupt to the core, always has been.

            • No sir…voter fraud exists…..I have listed several times where Republican victories in down ballot races were turned around by mysteriously finding votes….Voter fraud exists in greater numbers than a government sponsored investigation that says only 1%. Houston being one of the worse

              We, Texas, instituted picture ID and it is amazing what has happened…..a surprising number of HIspanics did not turn out to vote, which tells me they are illegal immigrants, or aliens….not “undocumented workers” which is the most liberal bullshit I have ever read.

              By instituting the voter ID, the last two elections, there was no drop in elderly voting…as a matter of fact it increased….( I doubt because of the voter ID..I think it was just an inrease in older voters turning of age to fall into that category )…but the point is….they still got a picture ID and they still voted. There was NO drop off of the black voter nor the asian voters. The only drop off……Hispanic voters.

              I have asked several times….can anyone PROVE that voter ID disenfranchises? And I mean, real proof and not some article from a liberal or conservative rag saying so. I went onto Huffpo sometime back asking the same question….the only response I got, besides viral name calling…was..no one offered any proof other than talking points…and the fact that I got dropped from Huffpo…

              • I could barely get a comment past the moderators 😀

              • They didn’t kick me off-but they put many of my comments into moderation, by the time they released them, they were two or three pages back-so I doubt many people ever read them.

  17. This whole situation was so badly handled it just blows the mind. This girl obviously has some problems-maybe she was raped, maybe she wasn’t -but with all the talk of triggers and safe places just for talking about things that bother people -making a sex tape after a supposed rape is out there and shows that whatever the truth in this-this woman needs actual help, not some stupid college professor encouraging her to carry around a mattress for college credit and for her thesis for goodness sake. She couldn’t make a move without being reminded of whatever wrong she believed happened to her. Carrying that mattress for College credit goes against there whole stupid idea of triggers being bad. Now a tape with some really weird instructions for when you should watch it without You being guilty of raping her too. I feel like I’m either looking at a nut case that just loves any kind of attention or the next person I’ll read about who has committed suicide.


  18. http://thehill.com/policy/finance/244220-rand-paul-demands-white-house-release-trade-deal-text-immediately?utm_source=Liberty_Headlines_Is_Giving_Your_Site_Free_Traffic_for_Now&AID=7236

    Just kind of curious as to what authority this fast track issue has to change the Constitution? As written: [The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…

    So, someone explain how these changes are even close to Constitutional WITHOUT an Amendment?

  19. And with each wrinkle of bad news, the idea of a national egg shortage, which was once uttered as though it were a mere apocalyptic musing, is suddenly looking like a real possibility.


    • This is nothing new…it has happened before……to eggs, catle, turkeys,pigs……all have had their rationing times. We lived through the mad cow disease where all cattle sales to several large entities almost stopped. Then it was over with the second calf drop. In the 70’s we destroyed hundreds of thousands of turkeys. So, it wont last too long.

      • Bad thing is that prices will go up, not only for eggs, but anything that is made with eggs. And it seems that when the supply of goods are limited – prices go up. But when the supply goes back up, prices never seem to go back down.

  20. Hmmm-seems non-citizens don’t have to vote to make a difference.


    • VH – I’d be curious to see where you (and others here at SUFA) stand on this case.

      Should only ‘eligible voters’ be represented?

      • Only legal citizens should be represented. Voters is a non-issue, as it’s a choice to vote.

        • The case from my understanding is about changing it from “one person, one vote” to “one eligible voter, one vote”

          Eligible voters would encompass everyone eligible to vote, regardless of whether or not they are registered to vote or whether or not they actually vote. But it would exclude anyone not eligible to vote.

          • Eligible voters would encompass everyone eligible to vote, regardless of whether or not they are registered to vote or whether or not they actually vote. But it would exclude anyone not eligible to vote.

            Makes sense as long as eligible voters are US citizens. The way some places want to change the laws, California being one where illegals are being proposed to be eligible, voting should be limited to legal US citizens. Not that it matters much at the Federal level, since the whole two party system is a sham.

            • What about children?

              • I thought about them. Then I thought of VH. Then I thought of abortion. Then I thought the Dem’s would have to try and outlaw the woman’s choice to get more representation in Democrat strongholds. Then I laughed out loud and said “that’s just silly”. Then I thought of amnesty. Then I lost track of the question and thought, kids of US citizens should be counted in districts for representation purposes. Who cares, Federal elections are a sham anyway, so none of it really matters. Wanna make a bet it ends up Bush vs. Clinton in 2016?

              • Wait…I’m confused by your rambling….

                Should children be counted or not?

              • I agree with one eligible voter, one vote. I’m not making the connection where kids are involved at all.

              • Currently districts are based on population so that each Representative represents roughly the same number of people.

                The suit challenges this system in favor of redistricting so that each Representative represents roughly the same number of eligible voters. As a result, children (among others) would not be represented.

              • Thanks, got it, just making sure I’m not off the wall. I’m guessing you’re not in the one eligible voter, one vote crowd? Why?

              • I’ll answer with a question — why shouldn’t a child be represented by their government?

              • You don’t play fair, you’re supposed to answer with an answer. My answer is unless you’re talking about some serious domestic abuse then it is the responsibility of the parents to represent their children. Not tryna be rude but!…. I seriously can’t believe you would even frame a question like that. 😉

              • Our government should represent all individuals living in the country; each representative should therefore represent each individual living within their district.

              • Fair enough, I concede. I immediately went into mom mode trying to keep govt out of my family. I still believe in one eligible voter, one vote.

              • I don’t feel it has anything to do with ‘keeping government out of my family’. The government (through representatives) makes decisions that affect everyone living within a representative’s district. Shouldn’t that representative be tasked with representing everyone in their district?

                Why do you believe the representative should only be tasked with representing those who can vote?

              • Shouldn’t that representative be tasked with representing everyone in their district?

                Now you’re forcing me to micro analyze this, which I try hard to stay away from because I usually end up with a headache. In the abstract, yes, gov’t should represent every person. But that is a “black and white” statement Mr Wala, and you know it. There is not a candidate out there who is doing it for the kids. The kids have no political views nor do they have money to contribute, nor power or influence in campaigns. The parents are legally responsible for their children and (supposedly) advocate for them through their votes. From a candidate’s viewpoint, voters get them elected. Why would a candidate want to represent someone who isn’t going to cast a vote? That’s not how they think. They may pander to that crowd (no voter id) but that crowd doesn’t affect them in an election.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Your understanding is just a talking point and it is FALSE. Combine that with your other statement:

            “The suit challenges this system in favor of redistricting so that each Representative represents roughly the same number of eligible voters. As a result, children (among others) would not be represented.”

            Both claims are absolutely FALSE. One person, one vote has NOTHING to do with representation. And EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the USA is REPRESENTED by someone.

            This fight is over CONTROL of the Political Party affiliation of various Districts. It is about CONTROL of the House and Senate.

            Furthermore, the notion that an elected official can ACTUALLY represent everyone in a District is ludicrous. Such a thing is impossible with the large number of people in each Congressional district. They may be represented on paper but the chances the elected official actually represents any citizen’s views or desires is virtually impossible.

            • As I clearly said, FROM MY UNDERSTANDING OF THE CASE.

              “one person, one vote” and “one eligible voter, one vote” is a simplistic phrase that, you are correct, does not get to the real root of the issue, which I believe I better summarized in my back and forth with Anita and G.

              I stand by my other comments. To add though, you are absolutely correct that the issue is one of control and political power. Regardless, I don’t believe such a change in electoral jurisprudence is warranted or should occur.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Why not?

                Shouldn’t the district be based on Citizens rather than those plus all the illegal and legal Aliens?

                Regardless of how the Districts are drawn the others are going to be represented by someone.

              • I can understand disallowing illegal aliens from the count, but not legal aliens. Yes, regardless of how districts are drawn, those not counted will still be represented by someone, albeit not equally.

                Why make this change now? What changed from the past to warrant the departure from settled law?

              • Just A Citizen says:


                “Yes, regardless of how districts are drawn, those not counted will still be represented by someone, albeit not equally.”

                Why are they not represented “equally”?? They have a representative just like everyone else has a single representative.

                And why should legal Aliens be counted? They are not citizens and do not participate in our Govt. nor in elections.

                Why not make these changes now? It is only recently that we discover how the “illegal” population is affecting re-districting. And as the left pursues some COURT ORDERED method to change the way we have been doing it, then why not by Citizens who are 18 and over at the time of the census?

              • The idea is that each representative represents (approximately) the same number of constituents.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                How does the proposed method NOT meet this criteria?? All Congressional Districts have relatively the same number. Except rural states with only ONE Congressman. Montana lost one to California so One Rep. covers about a million people.

                Or by “constituent” do you mean the must be of the same political party! And if your going to use party affiliation then it seems those who can vote would be the most appropriate means of apportionment.

                The only way to have all Districts with equal numbers is to eliminate State boundaries. Is that the next step?

              • If you count only eligible voters there can be a large discrepancy between district population (eg, certain area having high proportion of children and legal aliens). If you count all people you correct for that sort of discrepancy.

                I would include all people in the district as a representative’s constituents.

  21. @D13, I’m hearing that the helicopter that was shot at was shot at from INSIDE the US border, not from the Mexican side. Can you confirm or deny?

    • Yep….I can confirm that the helicopter was shot at from the Mexico side…..Because it was flying a well known drug route……however, in this instance which is not reported because as everyone knows, the border is COMPLETELY safe…..the chopper returned fire and low and behold….there was no more fire from the Mexico side. Also, we are using the “bird dog” approach that we used in Vietnam……the chopper flies low and slow hoping to draw fire while there is a drone trailing the helicopter by 1,000 meters and one thousand feet higher (No, this is not classified)…..the drone spots and traces the origin of fire…and gps coordinates are routed to an automatic unmanned weapons system…..boom-bang-…..no more autofire from the Mexican side.

      But…you must remember that the Mexican border is completely reliable and safe…..there is no problem down here….none whatsoever…

      And one other thought…..very interesting why, very quietly, safe regions of Mexico have suddenly been put on the no travel list of the State Department……so far, 6 consulates have been closed in Mexico…and warnings are being given out now in touristy areas….do not go out at night, even on the beaches….your safety cannot be guaranteed even on Hotel property.

      Mexico is reeling from the lack of tourist dollars now. If anyone wants to go, now is the time…..every thing is very cheap because of the lack of tourism……that is, everything is cheap other than the airlines.

    • When the freedom of speech is stifled, then we have much bigger problems than this. Read this yesterday after getting home. By the way, caught ONE lousy fish, a 29 inch, 8 1/2 lb walleye. The lake basically died after 7:30am. It’s early in season. July and August will be much better.

      • Seems that all of our constitutional freedoms are under nowadays. And I always say that a bad day fishing is better than a good day working. 🙂

  22. http://libertyunyielding.com/2015/06/07/new-york-judge-its-racist-to-expect-teachers-to-know-things/

    Proof that minorities are simply not as intelligent as white folk? The Judge thinks so.

  23. @ VH…..I actually got an email to change the name I used…the same as here D13thecolonel…….I was told by Huffpo that my comments were not going to be released from moderation unless I dropped “the colonel”……..so, I said no and voila…I have been blocked or removed or whatever they call it.

  24. It is going to be interesting the rest of the day to see how the truth is reported at McKinney..you know, where the pics are showing a policeman keeping a young girl on the ground wearing a bikini……..WEARING A BIKINI? Are you serious? The media is playing this up using the BIKINI as a reference to police brutality.

    So, we shall see if it is properly reported. I know the real story,,,,but I want to see how the response is on this site and on other reporting.

  25. When reality don’t fit the left Wing agenda, just lie: http://dailycaller.com/2015/06/04/noaa-fiddles-with-climate-data-to-erase-the-15-year-global-warming-hiatus/

    These idiots are truly laughable.

  26. BOOM! I love Mike Rowe, Michigan man to boot!

    Hey Mike

    Your constant harping on “work ethic” is growing tiresome. Just because someone’s poor doesn’t mean they’re lazy. The unemployed want to work! And many of those who can’t find work today, didn’t have the benefit of growing up with parents like yours. How can you expect someone with no role model to qualify for one of your scholarships or sign your silly “Sweat Pledge?” Rather than accusing people of not having a work-ethic, why not drop the right-wing propaganda and help them develop one?

    Craig P.

    Hi Craig, and Happy Sunday!

    I’m afraid you’ve overestimated the reach of my foundation, as well as my ability to motivate people I’ve never met. For the record, I don’t believe all poor people are lazy, any more than I believe all rich people are greedy. But I can understand why so many do.

    Everyday on the news, liberal pundits and politicians portray the wealthy as greedy, while conservative pundits and politicians portray the poor as lazy. Democrats have become so good at denouncing greed, Republicans now defend it. And Republicans are so good at condemning laziness, Democrats are now denying it even exists. It’s a never ending dance that gets more contorted by the day.

    A few weeks ago in Georgetown, President Obama accused Fox News of “perpetuating a false narrative” by consistently calling poor people “lazy.” Fox News denied the President’s accusation, claiming to have only criticized policies, not people. Unfortunately for Fox, The Daily Show has apparently gained access to the Internet, and after a ten-second google-search and a few minutes in the edit bay, John Stewart was on the air with a devastating montage of Fox personnel referring to the unemployed as “sponges,” “leeches,” “freeloaders,” and “mooches.” http://www.washingtonpost.com/…/daily-shows-jon-stewart-bu…/

    Over the next few days, the echo chamber got very noisy. The Left howled about the bias at Fox and condemned the one-percent, while the Right shrieked about the bias at MSNBC and bemoaned the growing entitlement state. But through all the howling and shrieking, no one said a word about the millions of jobs that American companies are struggling to fill right now. No one talked the fact that most of those jobs don’t require an expensive four-year degree. And no one mentioned the 1.2 trillion dollars of outstanding student loans, or the madness of lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back, educating them for jobs that no longer exist.

    I started mikeroweWORKS to talk about these issues, and shine a light on a few million good jobs that no one seems excited about. But mostly, I wanted to remind people that real opportunity still exists for those individuals who are willing to work hard, learn a skill, and make a persuasive case for themselves. Sadly, you see my efforts as “right wing propaganda.” But why? Are our differences really political? Or is it something deeper? Something philosophical?

    You wrote that, “people want to work.” In my travels, I’ve met a lot of hard-working individuals, and I’ve been singing their praises for the last 12 years. But I’ve seen nothing that would lead me to agree with your generalization. From what I’ve seen of the species, and what I know of myself, most people – given the choice – would prefer NOT to work. In fact, on Dirty Jobs, I saw Help Wanted signs in every state, even at the height of the recession. Is it possible you see the existence of so many unfilled jobs as a challenge to your basic understanding of what makes people tick?

    Last week at a policy conference in Mackinac, I talked to several hiring managers from a few of the largest companies in Michigan. They all told me the same thing – the biggest under reported challenge in finding good help, (aside from the inability to “piss clean,”) is an overwhelming lack of “soft skills.” That’s a polite way of saying that many applicants don’t tuck their shirts in, or pull their pants up, or look you in the eye, or say things like “please” and “thank you.” This is not a Michigan problem – this is a national crisis. We’re churning out a generation of poorly educated people with no skill, no ambition, no guidance, and no realistic expectations of what it means to go to work.

    These are the people you’re talking about Craig, and their number grows everyday. I understand you would like me to help them, but how? I’m not a mentor, and my foundation doesn’t do interventions. Do you really want me to stop rewarding individual work ethic, just because I don’t have the resources to assist those who don’t have any? If I’m unable to help everyone, do you really want me to help no one?

    My goals are modest, and they’ll remain that way. I don’t focus on groups. I focus on individuals who are eager to do whatever it takes to get started. People willing to retool, retrain, and relocate. That doesn’t mean I have no empathy for those less motivated. It just means I’m more inclined to subsidize the cost of training for those who are. That shouldn’t be a partisan position, but if it is, I guess I’ll just have to live with it.


    PS. The Sweat Pledge wasn’t supposed to be partisan either, but it’s probably annoyed as many people as its inspired. I still sell them for $12, and the money still goes to mikeroweWORKS. You can get one here, even if you’re not applying for a scholarship. http://profoundlydisconnected.com/foundation/poster/

    PPS. If you’d like Craig, I’ll autograph one for you!

  27. @Buck: Wait…I’m confused by your rambling….Should children be counted or not?

    Sorry, at the time of my rant I really hadn’t thought about it much. Took a ride to visit my Mom and came home and bingo! I do in fact have an answer. As far as government representation at the Federal level, NO, children should not count. They are, as Anita stated with great clarity, represented by their parent(s). They have NO vote until they become 18, therefore should not be counted for the sole purpose of redistricting.

    The law has made voting and government an adult issue. Until the voting age is lowered, I’ll stand by this ideology. Now let me ask a question. If you believe kids should be counted, would it not be realistic to say that a parent would then have an extra vote for each child?

    • I believe there is a distinction to be made between who is permitted to vote and who is being represented.

      We have made the decision to restrict voting to adults but I don’t believe it should follow that, as a result of that decision, our representatives should only represent those adults. There remains an obligation to represent all. Remember, the decisions made impact more than just those adults…

      • Yes, and technically, if the parents represent the kids and the parents vote, the kids are being represented, through their parents vote. Since kids can’t vote, they shouldn’t be counted for redistricting, IMHO. Of course, it’s not up to me anyway. I doubt that there will be any major changes on the issue regardless of the SCOTUS decision. Gerrymandering will still exist, cheating will still exist, corrupt politicians will still be the majority and the kids will still have no say in anything. Their parents do that for them, often with no results.

      • Eagerly awaiting the outcome on the Chimpanzee case. I will not settle for 4/10ths human!

  28. Here is a neat little story, that has a link to the Federal Register section that is the subject. It sure reads like an attack on free speech and an attack on the 2nd Amendment. Opinions: http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/nra-state-dept-rule-change-gag-order-firearm-related-speech

  29. http://www.thedailysheeple.com/disturbing-infographic-americas-prison-population-numbers-keep-increasing_062015

    Police State reality. Does anyone here see this as a problem? This should not be a reality in a free country, but………

  30. Interesting factoid. The last time horse racing had a Triple Crown winner, Bruce Jenner was on boxes of Wheaties cereal. Now, Bruce is Caitlyn and “American Pharaoh” (aka Obama) won the Triple Crown handily. 😀

  31. @ Stephen….what the government will not do….The going rate for sales of EBT cards is .80 cents on the dollar. In Texas alone, it is estimated that 35% of EBT cards are sold on the black market for cash. ( Black market defined as any store that will pay .80 cents on the dollar ). The government knows of this and will not stop it.

    Add to this the following. Individuals using EBT cards to purchase food and then goes outside and sells the food to others…or using the EBT cards and max them out with food and them wheel it to he parking lot where others are waiting and the food is divided up among illegals.

    Add to that, the Federal individuals authorizing the EBT cards to persons not eligible for them and receiving a kick back of .25 cents on the dollar.

    BUT…according to the government……THERE IS NO FRAUD.

  32. Had to go to the vets today-while I was there a man came in with a very large dog, a breed I didn’t recognize. My dog who had been basically ignoring the other animals coming in-immediately jumped up and didn’t attack but took a decidedly defensive stance. The man proceeded to tell us that his dog was a full blooded wolf which he had taken from a wolf den when it was just a pup-that he was friendly and slept with him every night. I proceeded to tell him to back his wolf away from my dog. He then proceeded to the counter where he regaled everyone with stories about his wolf and how he was great and friendly -the wolf on the other hand growled at my husband who happened to be close to him. He then told us how you couldn’t hit wolfs to discipline them. All I was thinking at the moment was -do you have enough strength to restrain that beautiful but dangerous animal if he decides he doesn’t want to be restrained-I’m thinking No.
    I really wonder about people some times.

    • 😮 Cool that your dog had your back like that. I would have told him to back his wolf off too. I mighta put the f word before wolf though! 🙂

  33. http://sonsoflibertymedia.com/2015/06/a-woman-is-dead-because-the-constitution-is-ignored-again/

    New Jersey again. Can’t read and comprehend the English language, just like Chicagoites in government.

  34. Now we have OSHA putting their two cents worth in-if OSHA pushes these policies -it is now basically law.

    “Restricting employees to using only restrooms that are not consistent with their gender identity, or segregating them from other workers by requiring them to use gender-neutral or other specific restrooms, singles those employees out and may make them fear for their physical safety,” the DOL said. “Bathroom restrictions can result in employees avoiding using restrooms entirely while at work, which can lead to potentially serious physical injury or illness.”

    The document also says a separate bathroom for a transgender individual is not acceptable.”

    Yet, as an actual woman my FEELINGS or SAFETY carry’s no weight. What makes me the maddest is that conversations about this began with providing them with safe facilities now giving them a separate bathroom isn’t good enough-I can accept and agree that using the restroom they would be naturally assigned could be dangerous-but to pretend that a separate bathroom is a problem but men being allowed into a woman’s bathroom is okay and in no way dangerous is insane. I accept that a very small percentage of our population may need special treatment but to make this stand based on ignoring the sexuality of the other, at the least 99% of people is based on nothing but feelings and a denial of reality.

    Then we have this:

    “The DOL warns that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Department of Justice (DOJ), DOL, and “several other federal agencies” interpret the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to apply to transgender individuals to allow them to use restroom of their choice.

    For example, the Army was forced to pay a transwoman damages for not letting her use the ladies’ restroom, even though other female employees repeatedly “reported discomfort,” by the Office of Special Counsel and the EEOC.

    The guidance also states that employers have a duty to protect all employees “from any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site.”

    The civil rights act means men who simply want to be woman have to be accepted as women-I must of missed that part of the civil rights act-reality and truth being subjugated for wants and desire.

    And I have to wonder where in their little report, real woman,men, and children are protected instead of coming in second to the wants and desires of people who may need consideration but should not have the power to wipe out the rights of the other 99%.


    • So yet another decades old law is being perturbed to mean something the writers never even considered. We have seen the telecom laws be bent to cover the internet. The clean air was bent to cover CO2 and AGW when CO2 is not a toxic hazardous material at concentrations in the atmosphere. We now see them trying to bend more laws to restrict first amendment rights with respect to publishing information on guns. Even today Obama said that Congress intended to cover subsidies for those on the federal healthcare site despite the comments by Gruber that it was blackmail to get state buy-in. So the written word no longer means what is says, it means what I want it to say as long as you are a progressive.

      The the answer to the facilities issue is to tear out all public restrooms and rebuild them as unisex, i.e. an outer common washroom with small solid door stalls off the washroom. Even this does not address all the security issues. Plus it means spending a lot of money to satisfy a very small percentage of the population.

      • Not just the decades old law -does anyone believe this actually falls under the purview of OSHA

  35. Ok, Buck….a National Picture ID….and a precinct number and location where the recipient must vote……cannot vote anywhere else. Cool?

    • For the most part I don’t have a problem with this. So long as the ID is provided free of charge and so long as there remains the possibility of mail-in and absentee voting. And, from my initial proposal, automatic registration.

      Not sure if the precinct number and location should be printed on the card; it would require a new card to be issued anytime someone moves or polling location changes…

  36. A big Happy Birthday to Life of Illusion! 🙂

  37. http://www.newswithviews.com/McGuire/paul256.htm

    An interesting look at how trade treaties have changed the world over history and who may be behind the TPP.

  38. I had the opportunity to really sit and listen to all of the diatribe yesterday and last night about the incident at McKinney. Here is what has been gleaned so far.

    1) A private pool party in a private neighborhood.
    2) Reserved for weeks for that particular day.
    3) The pool and facility had been posted for three weeks.
    4) Security had been pre-arranged with guards.
    5) The pool and surrounding facility is fenced.

    NOw you have the following happen:

    1) The word of the party gets posted on a flash mob venue.
    2) A local DJ in Dallas, known for inciting things, gets on the radio with rap.
    3) The rap music is very violent saying that the neighborhood is a “white enclave” .
    4) At a nearby section 8 housing, a non resident of McKinney gets together this young mob.
    5) They crash the pool party uninvited.
    6) They would not leave when asked.
    7) They jumped fences and punched local security guards.
    8) They pushed a couple of young kids in the pool and knocked down the mother.
    9) They were drinking alcohol and using dope.
    10) Police were called and if you watch the film, the weapon was pulled when three teenagers approached the cop.
    11) The cops weapon was out of its holster for less than one minute when backup arrived.
    12) The cop is NOT a trained SEAL Team Member as reported.

    NOw, here is what is going to happen…..Cops are scared to do their duty. All the residents of that McKinney neighborhood to a person said that he cop did all he could do and it kept escalating because of the use of a bull horn that was brought in by the mob. People are going to start taking the law into their own hands….it is a very good thing that I was not there,,,,it would have ended differently.

    Now what is happening, every time I see a group of young black teenagers there is no benefit of doubt. I will be on alert.

    There is no question in my mind that this was planned to try to have someone shot.

    • It is so nice to hear the truth and some facts. Just to give you an idea of how things get twisted. Today is a monumental day in Upper Manhattan, The High Bridge is being re-opened to foot and bicycle traffic after being closed since 1960. The bridge, originally built in 1845-1848 in the style of a Roman Aqueduct (later modified) was part of the Croton Aqueduct system bringing fresh upstate water to NYC.

      For the past week I have heard story after story of how it was closed in the ’60’, ’70’s or ’80’s and the reasons given are primarily structural.

      FALSE, a few reporters did their homework. Back in the day, the West Bronx and Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan were heavily Irish. Those were the days of “West Side Story” The Bronx and Manhattan gangs (AKA Juvenile Delinquents JD’s) used to meet in the middle of that bridge and have it out. As we got close to 1960, the cast of characters involved got more diverse, Puerto Rican gangs from the Bronx arrived as did Black gangs from Harlem. The City fathers decided to shut the bridge down, for 55 years!

      Today, thanks to the work of Guilliani and Bloomberg, the hood is safe enough to have re-opened the bridge. Bronx kids can now use one of the greatest public pools in the country (built by the WPA!) on the Manhattan Side. The media, for obvious reasons I think is not focusing on the crime that shut it down because we seem to be entering a replay of that era with the current Mayor. The media likes him!

      Enjoy the link! I grew up on that bridge (in the daytime) and in the pool.


      • One other thing….the young girl that was pinned and not charged andnot arrested was on the local news saying that she had a right to be there and she had a right to the pool even though it was a private party and even though she did not live there.

  39. Man vs. Moose. PS. man lived.

  40. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/06/08/mckinney-texas-black-lives-matter-protest-march-and-something-very-familiar/

    Now you put all this together and what do you have-Bull Shit at a major level. This is a pretty diverse neighborhood and they are all supporting the actions of the police-obviously the black grievance committee and the Black Lives Matter bunch are all gonna come out and scream racism if black people are involved in any confrontation in any way -no matter the facts or circumstances-and these marches pretty evident that the Black Lives Matter group is an American hating group of bullies who think black people shouldn’t have to follow the rules-big or small. Doesn’t look like the black neighbors in this community agree with them.

    • One more thing-it is very encouraging seeing this neighborhood stand together to fight the crap being sold out there- while being Threatened -I hope and pray they are protected and don’t have to pay too big a price for their courage. I’d pray for no price but they are already being harassed as we speak.

      • Remember, this is Texas. EVERYBODY owns a weapon. I know people do not want to believe this but homeowners associations actually protect themselves well……I would be willing to bet Buck’s Coffee Maker that there will be roving patrols of the homeowners asociation tonight all armed. Vigilante justice is alive and well.

    • The black neighbors in that area do not support the mob rule,,,,,,

    • This is typical of the current agenda, claim racism where none exists. Claim police brutality where none exists. Texas is not immune to none of this crap. I would not be surprised to see crap like this in all 50 states this summer. Let’s put this into perspective and lay blame where it belongs, with black thugs who act like lawless shit for brains. The blacks need to clean up their communities before it gets much worse for everyone. Like the good Colonel likes to talk big about Texas, we don’t take shit in Pa and we have more than ample firepower 🙂

      • But can you shoot straight?

        • NOw, I am sure you are referring to rural PA……..not inner city PA

          • Rural, of course. City folk are quite weak in the area of marksmanship. Cops are the worst. I haven’t met too many folks outside of the highest trained specialty forces (military) that have a high degree of marksmanship skills. There are a few who are do competitive stuff that can shoot well, but for the most part, I’ll take 50 deer hunters over 50 inner city cops anyday!

        • Most assuredly! 6 deer, 6 shots last fall. I also have several competition trophies and an Excellence in Competition Medal (USAF) for handgun. I was the #1 rated Combat Arms Technician in the Tactical Air Command in 1991. Marksmanship training is my specialty, just not a high paying market for those of us who live within the law.

    • The biggest joke around our schools are the “sensitivity classes”……everybody just rolls their eyes and yawn.

    • I blame the parents for allowing this. My parents were active (as were my friends parents) in what went on in my schools. When bussing became an issue (desegregation), there were many meetings that took place. The original plan to bus many of us out of our local schools was squashed. Basically, the School system wanted to bus half of those in our school system (99.9% white) to the schools in the school system across town (about 65% black) and bus the blacks to our local schools.

      To make a long story short, it was killed because the parents wanted their kids in schools in their neighborhoods, because that’s a BIG reason they moved there. AS it turned out, it ended up being a volunteer program (I was going into 7th grade that summer). My school gained about 50 blacks. Great people, friendly, smart and fit in like they were there all along.

      Over the years since, there is now 2 High Schools (versus 6 when I was in). Both are war zones.

      • Someone is going to have to explain to this poor old Colonel who knows nothing,,,,how a private pool is racist.

        • In Marxist Leninist dialectic, all property is jointly owned by all. So if the bulk of people is white honkey Mo Fo’s it is obviously racism. Anybody with an IQ below 42 can see that!

        • Someone is going to have to explain to this poor old Colonel who knows nothing,,,,how a private pool is racist.

          It is not, but……next article!

  41. To put this link into perspective, it’s from an email from a political action committee. It talks about negotiations with China. Quite interesting: https://422770.content.nlgrid.com/wf/webmail?rp=ZTI1bGQzTnNaWFIwWlhKZmFXUTZNVEl6TkN4MWMyVnlYMmxrT2pJMU5qVTBmUWV5SnVaWGR6YkdWMGRHVnlYMmxrSWpvaU56YzNPVEE0T0NJc0ltNWxkM05zWlhSMFpYSmZkWE5sY2w5cFpDSTZNVE0zTlRJMk1UazNNeko5

  42. Why would anybody with a working brain believe this nonsense being spewed by the Republicans? This is such bullshit, it boggles the mind that idiots fall for this circus: http://personalliberty.com/clinton-email-scandal-affects-state-department-funding/

  43. I am in the process of slowing reading and savoring Fehrenbachs, “Comanches” . Showed me that I absolutely knew nothing about the American Indian.

    Makes an excellent series of points about the total failure of Spanish Colonization. Beside the fact that they, more than any other nation tried to bend the natives to be little Spaniards, Spain was the most bureaucratic of all European Powers,. The bureaucracy had strangled the ability to act decisively or quickly. So, while they may have bludgeoned their way through the Native cultures South of the Rio Grande , North of that line they were totally unable to defeat the Indians. By the time a decision was reached in Mexico City, it was way too late.

    Great example of where we are headed.


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