A Tyrants Desires In Real Time

This article, with Life of Illusions suggestion being a big part of it, will focus on something that was said during the lead up to the 2008 Presidential election.  I am rather unfortunate to have been “in touch” with what was said since it was said.  Here it is:

This is the whole speech given by Obama, stating he wanted a National police force as strong as the military.  I actually sat through this whole thing again, because I’m sure this will be posted:  http://www.factcheck.org/2008/11/obamas-national-security-force/   The last line in the Factcheck article is this:  Does that sound like a force that could kick down your door in the middle of the night and haul you off to a Gulag or concentration camp? You decide.

Yes, you decide if the SWAT raids are doing exactly what the question asks.  You decide if the attack on the police departments, small and large, are not an attempt to Federalize the police force.  Think about it!  While Factcheck claims it’s about AmeriCorps. the whole idea of AmeriCorps being a police force is absurd on it’s face.  However, the DHS isn’t:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Department_of_Homeland_Security

Listening to Obama’s speech above, and the many, many historical connotations spoken, it’s a very small stretch to see an endgame to what is currently going on when it comes to our police.  McKinney Texas is just another example of how the MSM is playing a major role in this.  Here’s your chance to see the future, as told by Obama, as it’s happening.


Going back in time, here’s an article from January: http://www.wnd.com/2015/01/obamas-promised-civilian-force-its-happening/



  1. More stuff to keep the joint going smoothly. 🙂

  2. http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/new-black-panthers-nation-islam-arrive-mckinney-keep-peace

    Just what Obama and Soros have ordered. Will McKinney Texas burn?

  3. It’s also Bilderberg meeting time in Austria. 150 of the most powerful and wealthy people have a not so secret meeting, one that doesn’t make the MSM news what so ever. I do find that at least a little odd, because if 150 top Congressmen were meeting in secret with heavy security, or 150 banking CEO’s etc (you get the point) it would make the news and the media (who is not allowed in) would be asking questions. Nothing about these folks though, it must be a secret: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/the-bilderberg-group-founded-by-a-nazi-and-counting-the-agenda-of-the-nazis_062015

  4. Saw a commercial this morning, basically to garner support for the Trans Pacific Partnership, which nobody seems to know what’s in it. Can anyone else hear Nancy Pelosi again?

  5. @ Stephen………..put on your old timers hat……….Do you see the parallels to the 60’s happening? I don’t think there is anyone this blog that remembers the 60’s except maybe Dale….But the black chick in McKinney showed her butt last night in an interview….the supposedly innocent 14 year old that was taken down…

    Do you remember the forced issue of Section 8 housing? Where they took surburban neighborhoods and forced building of low income housing? Where they moved mlitant blacks into areas on purpose to force integration and protests?

    Well, the “INNOCENT” black chick in the bikini that was taken down screwed up and admitted last night that they were paid to show up and paid to disrupt. The DJ that inflamed everything on the radio and twitter was moved down to Texas three months ago. The section 8 housing that is several blocks away from this conflict has 14 new arrivals from Chicago and New York whose sole design is to disrupt and create civil disobedience. THey admitted last night that they are going to go around to all suburban communities and crash all the pool parties they can…including private pools on private land.

    Do you remember how we stopped it the last time? Well, get ready to stop it again.

    • Hey, the conspiracy theory stuff about paid protestors is generally been up to me to take badgering from the nonbelievers. What’s up with this 😀

    • I remember the 1960’s rather well. I remember discussing “power to the people” with a wanabee Black Panther at Manhattan College in 1967 who thought that he could use his ghetto crap outrage against me, a kid from NYC! I remember, after he calmed down my final comment to him. “If the people get the power, you might just find yourself hanging from a lamp post”. As a disclaimer, there was nothing racist in my comment merely talking about the probable results of a street uprising as he proposed.

      In a “revolution” the revolutionaries with 12.5 % of the population are going to go down fast.

      Back in ’70, when the hippies started their crap in lower Manhattan, construction workers who I assume were probably either vets or the Dads, Uncles, Brothers of serving soldiers finally had enough. You may have been pre-occupied at the time. This is what happens when you just can’t take it anymore.


      • Yep…I was rather indisposed in 1970…enjoying an all expense paid vacation to the once popular French Indochina….

        But, as you know, the young people today have no concept of what is about to happen and it will happen…..all this racial crap and political correctness crap will be coming to an end through vigilante justice….it happened in the 60’s..gonna happen again.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I remember the 60’s all together to well. Unfortunately most of the 50’s also. I am so glad that I was out of public schools by the time forced integration was brought into play. In a 3 year high school there were 4400 kids. Class size limitations…what was that? It didn’t matter because if you disrupted the learning…bye…bye. Non-school related stuff was not allowed. You did that on your own time. There were NO security guards. NO metal detectors. NO reason to bring weapons to school. Bullies got taken care of by someone tougher. The school didn’t mess with you. Your parents did. We had I think just about 3 kids in that whole population were of color. One was from Sri Lanka and she went into a life of philanthropy of trying to help people advance back home. The neighborhood was white. Bussing came in the 70’s and the school became 1/2 black. NO local resident went to the inner city. They went to private school. The neighborhood did not change except the police cordon around the school when busses arrived to return the inner city kids back 70 miles. The police lines were from a demand by the local business owners who started getting robbed during the school turnover. The school now has become a charter school and actually reflects the region within a 25 mile radius. The local neighborhood still is mostly white. So NO itergration took place. It’s hard to afford a multimillion dollar residence. The one continuing legacy though is that the area now still has one of the highest crime rates in the valley. I’m sure stopping racial profiling and being PC is mostly responsible. Whereas back when we were there crime was very rare…..only the Manson family and that’s another story.

  6. Everything is backwards in Obamaland.

    By Todd Starnes | FoxNews.com

    For nearly two decades, the U.S. Army has provided an honor guard for an Independence Day celebration at a Baptist church that predates the founding of the nation. But this year – that tradition has come to an end.

    Officials at Fort Gordon say they will not be able to send an honor guard to a July 5th service at Abilene Baptist Church because it violates a military policy banning any involvement in a religious service.

    While the Pentagon won’t allow an honor guard to set foot in a church, they have no problem allowing them to march in a gay pride parade.

    • Just defies logic does it not-but I guess an honor guard at a church is actually honoring our service men -on the other hand at a gay pride parade they are honoring people F***ing in the streets.

      • ROFLMAO 😀

      • VH, I see you are starting to get to the end of your tether……..

        • I don’t know Stephen, at the end of my tether or just speaking truth to power. I just know I am tired, angry, and sad. If I really believed that the majority of the people marching in these parades represented gay America-I wouldn’t just want a few reasonable distinctions in law to retain religious freedoms, biological parenting rights and to acknowlege that there are real and needed distinctions between the sexes-I would want restraining orders to keep them away from me and my children. If I was gay, I wouldn’t want these people representing me and I sure don’t see them as any representation of my friends, family members, or acquaintances.

          I’m angry that they are trying to ostracize, not just the Church but actual Christians from the public square by claiming they can’t have their Rights if- our rights stand-which is Total BS-all you have to do is actually support Freedom.

          I’m sad because the LGBT is making me less loving and compassionate and at some point maybe even fair-if they keep over-reaching. I”m horrified that they are ignoring the huge deal it is for someone to actually mutilate and or castrate themselves-acting like it’s just a medical procedure-lets not do any honest research-lets stop any idea of psychological help, lets push for children who aren’t even teenagers into life changing decisions before their old enough to know the cost.

          And I’m really tired of the idea that people in the gay pride parade can run around naked, doing sexual acts in the street BUT a Christmas Tree or Christmas parade is a problem.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            The hatred, division and overall dislike of others who want to jam their lifestyle down everyone’s throats will eventually pay a hefty price, not for who or what they are, but for their ideology. The race pumps don’t represent nblack America, no more than the LBTG activists represent the gay Americans. What the two activists are doing is causing undo hatred.

            The anti Christain crowd will eventually be ignored.

            • It is very doubtful they will be ignored. There will be a price to pay but everyone will pay it-which is a real shame because the majority of people do not hate individual people based on their race, ethnicity, or some other measure. Show me a beautiful smiling child and any bias I have due to life experiences melts away. But there is a mob mentality in man and you combine that with anger and frustration and it never ends well.

              • Whatever is going to eventually happen will not be pretty. Do not know what will be the trigger, major war, major terrorist attack, total collapse of the economy but whatever it will be, the rats will be sent scurrying back to their hidey holes for another century or so. Unfortunately what happens will be beyond anyone’s control. Doubt that the good Lord has much patience left with us so we may just squirm on our own for a few decades. I feel bad for my kids and my kids kids.

          • VH….you are entirely correct….all this racial crap, LGBT, gay pride stuff, etc….is fast becoming the new “chicken little” syndrome. Hardly anyone is paying attention to it now and it gets a hardy laugh out of me…..especially the racial stuff….tired of hearing it.

    • Every now and then it comes together for me.

      Couple weeks back my former classmate and still friend started ranting once more about separation of church and state. A nice catholic School educated boy through college he is a militant atheist. He threw out some Jefferson quotes about the “wall” of separation.

      Do you guys follow along on this one.

      There is a difference between faiths (eg. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu) and sects (eg. Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Sunni, Shiite etc. )

      The intent of the framers since there were basically NO competing FAITHS in the country in the 1780’s was not to create a wall between the faith (Christianity) followed by 95 plus percent of the nation but to prevent one sect (Quakers in PA) (Episcopalians in Massachusetts) (Catholics in Maryland) from demanding taxes, membership, deference over other sects.

      The entire argument, going back some 60 years is fallacious. As my late father might have said, get your head out of your butt for a moment. Had the founders, in the Federalist papers proposed that there be a separation between FAITH and GOVERNMENT, in the spirit of the times (1780’s) , they would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town.

      Anybody agree?

      I think this is another example of how the misuse of language, deliberate or otherwise skews an entire debate.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I agree totally. The language of the 1st Amendment says nothing of a separation, it simply disallows the Fed’s from making laws concerning religion.

    • Just a matter of time till those crosses in the cemeteries come down.

      • This will be fun at Military cemeteries…….if there is such a movement, they better bring along a good supply of body bags…..There is not one verteran that would refuse to pick up a weapon and stand a post to prevent this.

  7. Pick a conspiracy theory, any conspiracy theory, whether Sandy Hook, Boston, JFK, RFK, you name it, and at its root you’ll find evil.

    People in those social and economic groups I mentioned – the middle-class, upper middle-class, and lower upper-class – have led pampered lives and tend to be very naive when it comes to evil.


    One of the male’s primary functions is to protect the family and the community from outside aggressors. When a man studies the evil involved in a conspiracy, such as Sandy Hook or Boston or the Vince Foster murder, he soon realizes that his country is being attacked, and now, if he’s a real man, he is obligated to do something about it. If not, he’s a coward, and short of being called a homosexual, calling a man a coward is the worst insult you can hurl at him.

    So what do most men do? They take the easy way out. They deny the evil by denying the conspiracy. By refusing to even look at the evidence, no one, not even their own conscience, can call them a coward.

    The more fearful a man is of losing face at his own lack of moral courage, the more aggressive he becomes in attacking those who present evidence of conspiracies. This fear is so powerful that many of them actually believe the lies they tell themselves.

    It takes courage to confront evil. And of all the qualities that run the gamut of human emotion, courage just might be the rarest of all.

  8. ,

    • Hi BF-at this time I don’t think people are all that worried about an actual attack on America-a little concerned about lone wolf attacks but more concerned about future attacks if ISIS is allowed to grow-Your opinion on that possibility.

      But my main problem with doing basically nothing-is the moral question-Are we allowing what is basically a genocide of people who don’t conform to the extreme beliefs of ISIS?

  9. He’s worried about over-population-really-have a few ideas for you-Close your borders-quit encouraging the Country to allow whoever gets here to come on in-read the other day, lots of immigrants being bussed to California-quit wasting water -let the little fishes fend for themselves-quit wasting money on a train and invest in finding new ways to get fresh water.

    Don’t know what his fix is for this Over-Population but him just using the words gives me the chills.


    • Back when I studied Urban Planning I remember that if the five Boroughs of the City of NY all had the same population density as Harlem (before it burned) then we could fit the entire population of the United States in the confines of NY City. So today, throw in Westchester County.

      Governor Brown the former almost Jesuit ought to take a lesson from Paul Erlich’s “the Population Bomb”. Big reading in the ’70’s and totally off the mark.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just have Oregon, Nevada and Arizona close their borders and not let any plane leaving from LAX etal landing permission. Population issue will be resolved asap.

  10. Ethnicity vs race

    I have a problem distinguishing between these two-If anyone knows what is the main point of distinction?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Caucasian is a race. Italian, Polish, Scottish are ethnicities of the Caucasian race.

      • Need more-I’m an American is that an ethnicity?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Looking at it your way, your an American ( your ethnicity) Caucasian ( your race).

        • Funny thing about that. If you meet someone in the US and talk to them eventually, talk will turn to ethnicity. I’m Polish, German, Irish etc. Yet, if you go overseas and meet someone, you never hesitate to answer “American” to the same question.

          I think we are all more or less proud that our forebears left the lands of their birth and give a nod to them by saying what country they left (and who we would be if they hadn’t) but there is no doubt where our allegiance lies.

          And now, from the expert. Pay particular attention to the fourth paragraph, the left certainly does.

          Theodore Roosevelt on hyphenated Americans:

          “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all.”

          “This is just as true of the man who puts “native” before the hyphen as of the man who puts German or Irish or English or French before the hyphen. Americanism is a matter of the spirit and of the soul. Our allegiance must be purely to the United States. We must unsparingly condemn any man who holds any other allegiance.”

          “But if he is heartily and singly loyal to this Republic, then no matter where he was born, he is just as good an American as any one else.”

          “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English- Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian- Americans, or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality than with the other citizens of the American Republic.”

          “The men who do not become Americans and nothing else are hyphenated Americans; and there ought to be no room for them in this country. The man who calls himself an American citizen and who yet shows by his actions that he is primarily the citizen of a foreign land, plays a thoroughly mischievous part in the life of our body politic. He has no place here; and the sooner he returns to the land to which he feels his real heart-allegiance, the better it will be for every good American.”

          Addressing the Knights of Columbus in New York City – 12 October 1915

  11. As a parent-if my child does something on school owned property or while at school-it is their business-Not at school-my responsibility to handle. If my child’s outside activities causes some king of confrontation that occurs at school-then they have the right to handle the confrontation that occurred at school, nothing else.


  12. You know as a woman-the issue of rape is frustrating because it is almost impossible to prove and I do believe many rapist get away with it-but these new policies are in many ways WORSE. They certainly aren’t helping woman. They are unfair to men-and by what logic should Schools handle legal matters. All these kangaroo courts-from colleges and state civil rights commissions. or whatever they are called -need to be outlawed.


  13. Dime Piece Girls!

    “Notes: “#Dime Piece” is urban slag for a good looking woman; a “10”, or dime per se’.

    Tatyana Rhodes, age 20, is using her promotional party business to include several young ladies as “Dime Piece Models”. Notice the ages as listed on the previous event promotional material:

    pool party – make it clap

    “Ages 19 and Under” – which is entirely accurate considering it appears Dajerria Becton aged 15, the young lady who was in the video wrestling with the police officer, is considered one of Tatyana’s “model dime girls”.

    {Below: Dajerria Becton 15, left – Grace Stone 14, right}

    DajerriaBectonpool party – grace

    In addition, some of the other party members: Jahda Bakari (13), and Grace Stone (14) were part of the same promotional party group.

    Combined these young ladies were promoting, and selling tickets for, Tatyana’s next event “#Make It Clap Pt.2″ as noted in her promotional flyer.

    Disturbingly “Make It Clap” references two exceptionally sexual and suggestive urban connotations: One urban definition is “twerking” a sexually suggestive dance where butt cheeks create the auditory reference. The second is a sexual position where the male activity provides the sound. “Make It Clap” where “it” is a young ladies posterior.

    Teens: Jahda (13), Grace (14) and Dajerria (15) along with promoter Tatyana (20) being the “Dime Piece Cookout” reference for the June 19th “Dime Piece Girls” event.

    Troubled yet?

    pool party coordinator 4

    pool party – make it clap 2

    Sexual exploitation is the real story being concealed. The fact that Tatyana’s mother, LaShana Burks, is also involved adds a particular unease to the exploitative mix.

    LaShana Burks obviously has no issue with her 20-year-old daughter organizing parties where 13, 14, 15 year old girls intermix with teenage and much older gladiator males, during her “make it clap” parties. The same type of young adult males who were present at the “Dime Piece Cookout”, turned pool party fiasco, last Friday.

    However, Mrs. Burks is apparently not alone; after all – the families (fathers) of Grace, Jahda and Dajerria have appeared together with their daughters on national television defending their “Dime Piece Cookout” behavior, and subsequent participation in the “Dime Piece” event(s).

    The social media of the aforementioned teen “Dime Piece Girls” is so profoundly vulgar in graphic sexual language and imagery, we intentionally refuse to show or link to it. Personally we find it difficult to believe their parents accept what is being advertised by their teenage daughters. However, we are forced to admit, there exists today a sociology of thug-life and culture that accepts behavior historically defined as lacking virtue or morality.

    It would be profoundly interesting, before they get too far in retreat, to put Tatyana Rhodes and her mother LaShana Burks back in front of a camera and ask them to explain to a national audience what the verbiage of their promotional events reference.”


    • VH….I wish you could see what is happening in McKinney today…..I have a very good friend of 40 years that lives in McKinney and they are now patrolling their streets. They have magnetic signs on the doors of their personal cars describing themselves as McKinney Neighborhood Safety Patrol…..By the end of the week, the people living in the neighborhood will have little colored plastic bracelets when they are going to the neighborhood community centers. No one will be allowed entry without one…..In addition, each car is going to have a sticker in the lower half of their windshield identifying them as a resident of the area.

      Happened faster than I thought.

      • It will be quite interesting how the race pimps deal with this. They are beginning to have issue with gated communities, so if they just leave with no fanfare, it’s a good model to follow. If not….lock and load! 👿

        • Oh…I am quite sure it will be lock and load…the first night the patrols followed three cars full of young blacks…took their license numbers…..lo and behold, they were rental cars from Enterprise. One of the cars drove back to a Hampton Inn hotel three miles away. Obviously professionals. But the guys in the neighborhood patrol were shining bright lights on the license plates and taking pictures.

          The information was taken to the McKinney police and they smiled and said thank you….keep up the good work. They also said they would take it from there and to call 911 the next time they see this…..neighborhood watch programs are what they want….then they are responding to a call.

          • That’s how things should work! Unlike some, I don’t believe that it’s the police departments job to protect, and fro that matter, engage in preventive policing. Self protection is a personal responsibility. I’m all for neighbors uniting for the common cause of a safe neighborhood, heavily armed if need be. Let the blacks kill each other in the inner cities, eventually, they will run out of their own to kill. Those who are left will make the needed changes to keep the same thing from happening in the future (I hope).

      • Very happy to hear it-am disappointed that the department heads threw the cop to the wolves to protect themselves-figure there was a little coercion applied in this situation-hard to fight against sensational headlines when a 14 year old girl in involved.

        • Oh, excuse me, she’s a dime piece girl-seriously where are the feminists, I’ve pretty much disowned the present day feminist but calling a child a piece of anything is a feminist issue if anything is.

  14. @ JAC…….sometime back, I noticed that you took some time to write about the duties and integrity of being a policeman. You had mentioned that despite the issues of today, you felt it necessary that the police should uphold their promise and oath, so to speak. I believe that your point was/is that anything else is unprofessional. Now, all of a sudden, we are seeing rising crime in some cities from 30% as high as increases of 180%…

    Since the police cannot actually respond anymore in some of these cities because they get bottles and rocks thrown at them…their answer is to back off and let the criminal element have at it. Some police chiefs are saying, let the communities handle their own problems and we will sweep up the carnage.

    I stayed kinda silent on it…but I am really on the verge of agreeing with some of these police chiefs….Everything now is going to be a set up for this young black crowd…..like McKinney where these teens showed up party crashing…..the only person suffering is the policeman that resigned…..I wonder why the teens were not arrested for trespassing and inciting a riot. Why were the teens not arrested for throwing bottles and pushing young kids in the pool. We are letting the roaches control the trap.

    I realy do see vigilante justice coming back into play…..we patrol our own neighborhood very closely. We are all armed to the max…and we follow strange cars that come into our neighborhoods. Our homeowner association has set up walkie talkie relays all through our nighborhood so instant communication can happen. It is a shame that it is coming to this but it is……so, I see it as a community effort now.

    • And I might mention ( you may have seen it on the news ) but these young black leaders are saying that crashing pool parties is ok because it is racist to even have them. These same young black leaders are saying that anyone who has a pool in their own backyard perpetuate racism. I don’t get it….but I noticed that since the issue in McKinney has happened, Cabellas (a well know sporting goods store in Frisco north of McKinney) sold out of ammunition in 24 hours. I just recently bought another 3,000 rounds of various ammunition….I see race issues coming.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Sorry I missed your question this morning. I took a one day road trip, over to Montana and then down the Clark Fork River to Sandpoint and back home.

      I do recognize the “forces” out there that are trying to undermine support for the police and to create chaos for some “other agenda”.

      I recognize the risk that is now growing to the police.

      However, my comments the other day were aimed at the rhetoric being thrown around by those police chiefs and others in Law Enforcement. Their rhetoric amounted to a rationalization of the “bad behavior” by cops and backed up with threats of not doing the job they are paid to do.

      You know as well as I do that if new barriers get in the way of your mission, you find new tactics to accomplish that mission. You don’t simply declare your feelings are hurt or exaggerate the real threats and abandon those you swore to protect.

      There is no doubt that there are times when pulling back is justified. But that was not what I was hearing nor what many are still spreading around. It is more like the teachers and firemen threatening a community with a strike or not getting to the burning house if the taxpayers do not pass some new tax levy.

      When the public started to finally complain loudly about police misbehavior the immediate response was “well we just won’t be enforcing the law anymore”. I also say that the spike in killings in Baltimore and other locations recently were not the result of “reduced law enforcement” nor even the “pre-emptive enforcement” some claim will be reduced. And rightfully so I might add.

      The increase in killings came to quickly to be cause by a “soft strike”. They were most likely due to an emboldened criminal element which is linked to that agenda I mentioned above. I warned everyone about this possibility of growing “black” violence when I was still living in Oregon. I could see a growing disdain and visible anger, soon after Mr. Obama was elected. Especially when he and Holder started using the rhetoric of veiled “threats” to make things right.

      I fear you may be right about the citizens having to take care of themselves. But I still say the Police have a responsibility to take on the hard job they signed on for. If they are only going to sit back and clean up the carnage then they can stop taking the paychecks supported by my taxes.

  15. Couldn’t read this without it bringing backfond memories of my son’s chilhood, my little gymnast, never found a surface vertical or horizontal that wasn’t meant for climbing, flipping or doing a hand stand. Brought a smile to my face reading it, perhaps it will bring a smile to yours.


    • It is good you do not live around here, you would be my wife’s best friend. Can’t think of an issue the two of you would not agree on.

      As a teacher, she’s been on the kick about boys getting the short end of the stick for the past decade or more. Just got an E-mail and link from my son. His best buddy has a pre-K kid with some issues. He is pulled out of class and goes to several therapists during the week. The therapist gave him a little cartoon blunderbuss sticker on a paper the little guy did. The school sent home a notice telling Tim and his wife in no uncertain terms that they were a weapon free school! This in Virginia!

      • It’s a small world perhaps I will meet you and your wife some day-real friends are hard to come by. Friends that agree with you is a Plus. 🙂

        If I was your son’s friend I would tell this school in Virginia, as an institution of learning- I expect you to know the difference between a real weapon and a piece of paper with a cartoon sticker attached.

      • Cut him a break, he’s into history. Blunderbusses, matchlocks, flintlocks, cap and ball….

        • Alas! It looks like an evil gun. Say did you folks know that is illegal to sell a toy gun in NYC that even resembles a real gun. Could be in the shape of a .38 in fluorescent green or orange paint but if it looks like a .38 or a flintlock pistol or a Luger it is VERBOTTEN!

          Guns in pink shaped like 1950’s space ray guns are currently still allowed but there is a growing chorus in the City Council to just say no to any weapon which suggests violence.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            What are all the schools going to do with their history books with all the battle photos and graphics. Have they been cleansed?

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    Interesting how so many condemn those who actually have lived under Islam when they themselves explain how the religion foments violence and barbaric behavior. Perhaps it is the lefts’ constant desire to blame all social ills on lack of some welfare net that causes them to make the same knee jerk claims about hose poor people being driven to kill people. Because after all, it is our fault. Even if those who lived there tell us otherwise.


  17. Interesting article about something some of us have been saying for a long time, the Republicans are no better, not much different and just as corrupt as the Democrats. A little story from Judy’s neck of the woods:

    This is precisely why America is in such trouble. First, because all the politicians have one goal in life: Spend as much money as possible. And, of course, their attitude is: “Who cares? It’s other people’s money.”

    Second, all the politicians are bought and paid for by giant billion-dollar corporations, lobbyists and lawyers.

    And the third problem is there is no competition. There are only two parties: a moderate Democratic Party and a communist party filled with radical Marxists who want to destroy the economy, kill capitalism and redistribute wealth. Unfortunately, the Republicans are the moderate Democrats. And the Democrats have become out and out socialists and communists. There is no party that cares about the citizens, taxpayers or U.S. Constitution.

    The corruption at the Federal level is quickly creeping down to the State level. The two parties should just unite and call themselves the Republicrats.

    • So, start a third party but in order to do so, you cannot do the very things they do or you will be a hypocrite. In order to get a third party started, you cannot ask for special rules to break into their club. You cannot claim that they have a lock on everything and demand special treatment to get into fray….third parties have been talked about before but then you hear the complaining that you can’t get one started because the machinery won’t let you. Then you demand special treatment in order to fight the big boys so it will be fair and the minute you do that…..you crossed to the dark side.

      • I’m afraid that idea is a decade late and several billion dollars short.

      • Watching CNN yesterday, they had a new to me segment on politics. A CNN’er asked a Daily Beast and a Yahoo news reporter questions on Jeb Bush. Bush was shown being supportive of Obama’s slow response to ISIS. “An “Our shores” view on foreign policy being so refreshing”

        I saw this last cycle with Romney. The liberal media will soft pitch the RINO/soft Repug candidate and crucify any and every credible conservative. I cannot see any third party making an impact against the old media machinery. The new media has power but is to diversified. The majority of American get most of their information from the three networks.
        Researchers have shown Hillary has so much support simply because she is so well known. She can win the Democratic primary for being well known even by negative coverage. The masses see her face & know her name and thus they vote. Doesn’t matter if the reports were all about emails deleted or any of the scandals.

  18. d13thecolonel says:
    June 10, 2015 at 8:53 am

    @ Stephen………..put on your old timers hat……….Do you see the parallels to the 60’s happening? I don’t think there is anyone this blog that remembers the 60’s except maybe Dale….But the black chick in McKinney showed her butt last night in an interview….the supposedly innocent 14 year old that was taken down…

    Do you remember the forced issue of Section 8 housing? Where they took suburban neighborhoods and forced building of low income housing? Where they moved mlitant blacks into areas on purpose to force integration and protests?

    I think the question we need to ask is not what we learned from the 60’s, but what progressives might have. G! started this out with Obama’s stated desire for a police force more powerful the the military of nearly every nation. And this was during a VERY peaceful time. Trevon, Ferguson, Baltimore and now McKinney get massive media coverage. Obama has blatantly incited racial tensions. In Ferguson, paid outsiders were documented organizing the protests, agitating violence. In Baltimore, a black man dies in police custody.
    Six officers are charged, three white, three black. And yet it’s still portrayed as some racial driven crime. The police are ordered to let them riot and destroy.

    We see our society moving toward taking sides and staking out territory, preparing for war. Some are planning where they will go and how they will respond if you challenge their “right to be there”. So what if you own it or are a member and they just want it. Class warfare is moving toward real war. Obama wanted the biggest army in the world, but for it to be domestic to the USA. The more people fight, the bigger his army and the more power our government gains.

    • Since McKinney is sorta in my backyard…..some vets are going to lend a helping hand to the neighborhoods of McKinney………wait…..we are “advisors”……yeah, that’s the ticket.

    • If they were ever dumb enough to try it, it would be over in a very short time. Let’s face it the whole thing is racial politics wrapped up in class warfare. For 60 years now they have time and time again dredged up something that legally ended 150 years ago.

      I think it fascinating that the huge gains made in race, post Civil War were brought to a stunning end in the era of the Woodrow Wilson progressives. I was shocked and amazed to see photographs of the integrated, color blind United States Navy during the Spanish American War. Then, Josephus Daniels became Sec. Navy and basically discharged all black sailors. Even the great paragon of all things liberal, FDR when he was Sec. Navy, surely aware of what had happened, did nothing to reverse it. By the 2nd World War the very memory of having black sailors seemed to have disappeared!

      Last week O’;Reilly Legends and Lies show did the one on the black Texas Rangers post Civil War and their record. The marvelous record of the 98th and 10th Cavalry was lost by the time WW 1 arrived. In less than 20 years their magnificent performance at Kettle (San Juan) Hill had been erased. Outfits like the 369th Infantry earned their proverbial spurs again in WW 1 yet the memory was deliberately squelched inter-war and the whole thing had to be done over in WW 2 by folks like the Tuskegee Airmen. Five short years later, by Korea, again there were the lies about black soldiers being capable and qualified for combat or technical training. In the run up to the 1960’s things looked pretty bright I think but post MLK and Malcolm X, the Dem progressives yet again pulled the rug out from under blacks by manipulating programs and rules to ensure their dependency.

      I’m going back to the Teddy Roosevelt quote above. It is as relevant as it was 100 years ago. He may have been a Progressive but he was a very different Progressive from Wilson and his Democratic buddies. If Teddy were alive today he would no doubt expand it to African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans.

      “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English- Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian- Americans, or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality than with the other citizens of the American Republic.”

      This is what we must guard against and NEVER fail to attack!

      • Correction: 9th and 10th Cav, never was a 98th to my knowledge.

      • The liberals are loosing the war on poverty. They can’t/won’t admit it’s a failed social experiment like communism or socialism. So instead they double down and up the class war. And progressives seem to have this plan for expanding every part of our government until we are socialist (with a small s).

        • gmanfortruth says:

          One day those who supported the Progressive politicians Will be crying the blues because they screwed themselves. The AFL-CIO is now a prime example out West. They agreed to a higher minimum wage, then said “Oh Shit” when they realized the effect.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        People do forget that the armed forces had become integrated….then along came Wilson, one of the most racist people that gained our highest office.

  19. So Obama is going to send 450 more “adivisors” to Iraq……

    Hmmmm…..Dwight D Eisenhower sent advisors ……
    John Kennedy sent advisors
    Lyndon Johnson sent advisors……
    Richard Nixon sent advisors
    Gerald Ford sent advisors

    Lessons are never learned…….never.

    • It’s a real bitch. Too bad O’Reilly steps all over Col. Ralph Peters when he is on and never let’s him finish anything. Peters is one of those guys who seems to always get it right (like Hackworth did). Last night he was spot on about the “advisers” being nothing more than a smokescreen for not having (or wanting) a plan. Peters had Obama’s number from the get go.

    • I really do not think that this will happen…much less the communities standing still for it. It is voluntary tied to grant money. Most of your affluent communities raise their own money anyway…they tried this in the 60’s and 70’s and it led to “white flight” from neighborhoods and the blacks that took over those neighborhoods turned them to trash. It will creat that again.

  20. LOL…two Cabella’s stores in the metroplex and all the ammo is sold out including shotgun.

    • Not to mention, 41 AR 15’s and another 15 AK 47 replicas…..5.56 ammo gone…..7.62 ammo gone, 22 long rife ammo gone, 9mm istol ammo gone, 270 Wincester ammo gone, 264 Magnum Remington ammo gone, .30 cal carbine ammo gone, .40 cal gone, 45 ACP gone…..222 Winchester ammo gone, 243 ammo gone,..380 ammo gone.

      HOWEVER, 38 cal and 354 mag still left…..who the hell shoots those anyway….

  21. Big argument on the local TV about the fact that the teens that do not have access to pools in their respective hoods have every right to go to private communities and pools. On of the “black activists” asked where are the community pools in the poor neighborhoods and the public pools? To which the answer was………………..boh Fort Worth and Dallas had open public pools at one time 18 of them run by the respective cities. They were closed down because of the violence, drugs, vandalism, gangs, thefts of the cars in parking lots, civil disturbance…….etc etc. There are no public pools anylonger run by cities because the budget to keep them open was becoming exorbitant.

    And, very specifically stated on the TV………community pools in neighborhoods are private and you do NOT have a right to them.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Youngstown Ohio used to have huge public pools, I went to one often as a kid. All closed due to exactly the same reasons you posted. There is a common denominator, blacks are destructive and violent, period. More later.

  22. Well….they have 450/400 that chambers in Ruger….600 express for pistol 900 grain that pushes out at 1950 fps…that will stop an elephant…there is a Holland and Holland Nitro express Paradox 12 available that will shoot that ammo for sale for a mere $16,000 bucks…want me to pick you one up?

  23. Oh wow……………the new strategy taken by the President for Iraq…….set up mini-bases called lilly pads in key positions all through Iraq…..

    Really…..new strategy…..putting on my 1970 hat…..seems that we set up firebases in strategic places in South Vietnam…….it did not work then either.

  24. The kid (me) made it big time the other day.

  25. Good look at shipping (BDI and SFCI) and what the economy is REALLY doing. http://thedailycoin.org/?p=32314

  26. After all, what’s a voter to do? That’s a question that inevitably comes to every article pointing out there is no difference between the parties.

    The answer — though apparently unacceptable to the masses — is simple. Don’t vote. It only gives legitimacy to the process and allows them to keep up the charade another four years. If everyone sits out the election, the elites can no longer run the con that we have a representative government.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I have a different idea, one I think better.

      WRITE IN the name of who you think is the best person for the job. It can even be you if that is what you think.

      If you cannot think of anyone then write in “none of the above”.

      I am pretty sure that a significant number of write in votes, even if for a thousand different people, would get more attention than not voting.

      In fact, large numbers not voting just caused the party’s to ramp up their Get Out the Vote campaigns and fuels the money raising and partisan mania.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Your last paragraph is proof of the problem. Tho only real change will come when the Political Criminal Ruling Class is wiped off the face of earth.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          If that is the requirement then you have to accept that it will NEVER happen. So I guess there is no longer a need to be informed nor involved. Because there is “nothing that you can do”…………..

          • I can surely do what is the only option….Keep pounding this into the thick headed sheople, every day! Those who don’t get it will be slaves, which we are anyway now. Just a thought, can you do anything these days WITHOUT somehow paying a government for the “freedom” of doing it?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              If there were no Govt, what could you do without somehow paying someone for the freedom of doing it?

              • Answer my question first!. I don’t mind paying people for things I need, I DON’T NEED govt stealing money on every transaction. Now Sir, Please answer the question presented.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              I am free to think, to practice my religion, to own a gun.

              If you are willing to pay people for what you need why are you opposed to paying govt for those same things?

              • You are free to think, just don’t do it out loud or on social media. You could be charged with a hate crime or lose a job. Just ask those that have. You can practice your religion, quietly, once again, in public may cause a backlash, like violating some 1815 local ordinance you never heard of 🙂 Yes, those two, for the most part you are free to do and require no taxes. You can own a gun, and receive ownership without taxes. To shoot it, you’ll need ammo and or ammo parts for reloading. Those will require taxes. But keep in mind, not all people are free to own a gun. Don’t dare travel with one in some States, your ass will be in the pokey.

                I don’t have issue with some taxes, like for road maintenance. However, when everything is taxed, fees applied, or requiring a special permit, then we have taken the government thing to far. I know you like government, me, I have no issue with local government and some of the taxes incurred. At the Federal level, NO MORE. They are incompetent, corrupt and no longer represent the people. Why would anyone with a brain want to give them their hard earned money? So that some high ranking politician can order one of the alphabet agencies to attack them because of their political leanings? Or allow millions of non citizens in to take their job? I can go on, but you get it, I hope.

  27. Just A Citizen says:
  28. Just A Citizen says:

    Saw a very interesting and curious advertisement on TV last night.

    The gist was that the DEMOCRATS have been undermining our “NATIONAL SECURITY” for years. CHINA is our new threat and the DEMOCRATS are falling into China’s strategic trap.

    So the solution???

    The “CONSERVATIVES” in the USA need to rise up and write their representatives ASAP to pass the trade bill that Mr. Obama is wanting to get passed.

    So if you do not support this legislation you are NOT a conservative, NOT a patriot and NOT desirous of stopping China from taking over the USA. Got all that!

    I am guessing this ad. was tailored to the Conservative target because “regionally” speaking the audience would be more “conservative”.

    Did anyone else see the ad in more “liberal” country and did it change the focus to target the “moderate” or “reasonable” Democrats??

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I saw the ad, or one similar. I turned the channel. How the HELL can anyone support anything they can’t read? This iis a prime example of how F-ing stupid the powers that be think the people are. Sadly, I agree.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Was the ad you saw also targeted to “conservatives”??

        • Yes, by a conservative organization. American Action PAC I think.

          • Forget where I heard it, probably Dennis Praeger but the expression “Capitalism is not Corporatism” is very apt and ought to be beaten into the head of every republican with a large hammer. I sent my E-mail to Bohner this PM and told him that the 44 who ignored him finally did the right thing. Glad to say that my Congressman, Scott Garret basically did the right thing too. There will probably be hell to pay over this.

            It is more and more obvious that we are on a fascist path with the “internal Security Forces” that we need to keep us safe from Arab teens that the FBI sets up. Couple that with the gov’t being at the beck and call of Goldman Sachs (whom I have a real thing for) and the rest of Wall street.

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh the propaganda never changes.

    Today the left wing blogs are touting the DEMOCRATS victory in defeating Mr. Obama’s trade bill.

    I wonder how that would have turned out if not for all the Republicans who also defected their leadership’s orders??

    The historical reference is the Civil Rights Act. Note how the Dems today ignore how the R’s were required to get that legislations passed.

    Perhaps the Colonel and SK are correct, we are simply re-living the 60’s, only in Digital Techni-Color.

    • Nice point. Let’s see if this stands or if the vote was just for home consumption. Will they go back, fiddle with it, call it new and improved and trot it out again?

      All good things come from the left. Everybody knows that. If it is not from the left, it is either ignored or they lie. Nixon gave us the EPA anybody ever mention that on the left? It is one of their favorite things, better than butterscotch syrup on vanilla ice cream yet it “exists” without a history. He also lowered the voting age, ended the draft and opened the door to China yet these items often mentioned are rarely if ever attributed. Let’s not forget title IX either.

      42 or 43 states have right to carry and shall issue yet it is the best kept secret in the world.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      LMAO! These idiots are so stuck in the faux left/right paradigm. They just follow whom ever they see and hear on the MSM. Your right about the propaganda, it has destroyed a once great nation.

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just met my new doctor at the VA hospital today. The previous one retired the moment she realised she met all the requirements to move on to the rest of her life…..anyway, the nurse on reviewing my records saw that the my tetanus shot has reached its 10 year expiration date. Not a bad idea to keep that up to date….except she went on and said that the shot is not just for tetanus, but includes a couple more. I asked her why and the heck would I ever need those others for…totally uncalled for at my age…she said that’s the way it is now…anyway I walked away without my booster. No flu shot either…don’t even remember the time I had the flu last, if ever other than playing hooky….FYI….the appointment was a 1500 today and I got called at 1500. No waiting at any time. Can wait for the facility to keep building out to be a full hospital. The building is built, they’re just expanding inside and realigning patients.

    • WAIT…………..your appointment was at 1500 and you were called at 1500? Ummmmmmmmm…………………….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      ******thud****** (the sound of a falling body striking the floor) CALL 911…..D13 is down………quick….DR PEPPER………

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The facility is really working hard to perform the job they were tasked to do. FYI and that did not mean going through the doors and then waiting for hours. The nurse did her thing and updated test data…stuck her head out the door and the Dr was finished with the prior appt and I went across the hall. Dr did his thing…mostly bringing himself up to date…discussed action plans and progress….Made appt for next year unless an emergency comes up…..I have never in my life encountered such an efficiently run health facility. The VA needed to take not only the strain off of the patients by making them do really long travel from eastern NC but within the next couple years the facility will be a full blown hospital…I have yet to run into a veteran and patient that has not had great praise for the center. Praying it doesn’t change into a bureaucratic nightmare.

        • Sent your comment off to Jr., a VA guy tasked with sorting through the messes.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I hope that the VA doesn’t do to the Greenville center what happened during a period of time with the roman legions. They scouted around for the legion that was best and then reassigned all the legions leaders to other armies. Unfortunately all that it accomplished was making the best legion just like the worst army. Broke the sprit’d’corp of the good one and there weren’t enough centurians to make a dent in the rest.

            Now the center has had all the people well trained to be extremely helpful and correct. Never have had a bit of bureaucratic run around as of yet, nor heard of one. Granted all the major surgeries are done up in Durham next to Duke or Richmond for now but the plan is to keep expanding the capabilities. When the personnel say they’ll take care of it they do right then.

  31. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I really recommend reading DuBois’s writing on the Wilmington race riots at the turn of the 1800’s into the 1900’s. The tactics used by the democrats then are being used today. The end result was the implementation of government imposed segregation, ie the JIM CROW laws. The MSM of the day, the NY Times and Heasts yellow press were very culpable in the end result…much of their reporting was LIES. The tactic was divide and conquer.

  32. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’m thinking of starting a fund drive to raise money to purchase bicycles or exercise bikes and send them to our representatives in Congress….I think it would be money well spent.

  33. Seems there is quite a hoot going on in Dallas. Haven’t heard enough to give a good comment on it, but it has been going on for quite some time.

  34. Obama’s treasonous attempt to strip Congress of all power and to vest all power in the Executive has been blocked today. This was a major accomplishment for retaining some semblance of a democratic/republican process. Obama’s attempt to have all power vested in the Executive would have allowed him to do whatever he wanted, selling favors to the highest bidder without any accountability whatsoever. We are living in the age where corruption is just so bad, they really do not give a shit what the people think any more. They consider us too stupid to realize that they are stealing everything.

    This is not Obama by himself. This is the UNELECTED underbelly. The audacity to even submit such a proposal is legally treason. Congress has NO AUTHORITY under the Constitution to delegate its powers in such a manner. Our real crisis is they get to do whatever they want and then we have to PROVE after the fact what they did was unconstitutional. This is all ass-backwards. We need the Constitution to be restored as a NEGATIVE RESTRAINT upon government, not a free-for-all shifting the burden to the people to prove they have any rights at all.

  35. I would like to hear from our resident Progressives………..the POTUS, through HUD, wants to FORCE integration into affluent neighborhoods………is this what you had in mind?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Obviously I am not one of the resident progressives. Years ago Bernie Sanders when he was mayor of Burlington VT by virtue of allowing all “students” attending UVM to vote in the local elections. Anyway the waterfront had deteriorated and mostly unused to its fullest potential. Beautiful location. Plans were put into place putting in marinas, restaurants, shopping in the abandoned brick buildings and facilities. New high end condos were to be built. The the cheapest was to be around $600K. Sanders was insisting that sections within the high end housing was to be for low income people on assistance. The housing was the same but people who were to live there couldn’t live there unless the government 100% paid the costs. Anyway the developer refused to do such a thing. They made a counter proposal which said that they had land further up land, still within the city. They would build at their cost the housing units and then turn them over to the city to do as they wished with them. The city refused the offer. The rest of the time I lived in VT the waterfront was never refurbished and remained derelict….I’m sure today the waterfront is refurbished, but I’ll bet there is NO low income subsidized housing within the the development.

    • Unfortunately, I can tell everyone from growing up in Youngstown Ohio, that where blacks go, neighborhoods turn to shit. In, my young years, they destroyed the East side, moved to the North side, destroyed it, then the South side took it’s turn. Now, as I type this, it’s the West side that’s going to shit. Maybe this is what Obama wants for this country, shitholes for neighborhoods full of crime with nobody armed to defend themselves. Sounds like treason to me.

  36. OH, and the armored car incident in Dallas……….do not jump to conclusions. As it stands now, it is not a terrorist attack……it is one man that is pissed at the Dallas Police and blames the DAllas police for the loss of his son in a domestic dispute. Apparently, this individual has a history of domestic violence and disputes……got his hand on an armored car, some automatic weapons, and rolled up to the police headquarters, opens fire and tries to get away….the armored car has been disabled by tire spikes and a .50 cal sniper shot through the engine block. The police are trying to talk the lad out of the armored car. THis is all there is to it. Now this brings to mind something…..an armored car with regular tires? I wonder why you go to the trouble of making a car impenetrable and then put regular tires on it? Solid rubber tires seems to the normal thing to do to prevent tire spiking…….as well as the apparent front of the vehicle does not have a layer of armament on it to prevent a .50 cal disabling shot into the engine block. Even an armor piercing 50 cal would not go through 2 inches of Kevlar and an engine block. Oh well….the lad deserves being stopped.

    Now, in watching the pundits…..INCLUDING Fox News…….they want to blame something. So, in watching the pundits….they have taken this issue and have turned it into a discussion of ‘”what is wrong with our kids today”……not what the hell is going on with the standoff of the armored car.

    I got tickled because even CNN was spinning a story of the kids today not having any respect for authority or older adults. MSNBC was spinning a story saying that we, the US, are raising a bunch of wimps for children and they blame “helicopter parents”……( actually there is something to this )…….never let a crises go to waste, I guess.

    • Turned off the pundit’s. I’m sure more will come out about this guy’s child problems. The Left will cry for gun control and some Lefty will want to outlaw poorly armored vans. The interesting news is that all those bullets flying around, no one seemed to get hit.

  37. Not 1 but 3 and it’s still not good enough-sets him apart from everyone else.


    • If it weren’t bad enough that there are people that want to change sexes, now we have one that wants to change races. There is something wrong. People are losing their f-ing mind. Nobody believes me when I say it’s a government conspiracy, so, for the sake of not going down that road, I’ll just blame JAC 😀

  38. Just A Citizen says:


    Once again you make a generalization about me that shows your lack of understanding. Or are you just trying to channel the Black Pirate?

    “I know you like government, me, I have no issue with local government and some of the taxes incurred.”

    Yeah, I post here every day how I “LIKE” Govt. I am so in like with Govt. I have never posted a critical comment nor proposed abolishing agencies or revising the Constitution to reign in runaway Federal power. Nope……….not me.

    • Possibly. I may see you as a Statist, not because of your words, but your actions. I have no goal in debating you, I figure your set in your ways and will do as you have done for decades. If the last election did not prove how idiotic it is to vote in Federal elections is to you, there is nothing I can say to change your mind. The Republicans took the Congress and shit on their voters and proved me and many others correct, they are all on the same team. When this totally unconstitutional Fast Track crap gets voted for by the HoR, which it will, it will further prove the point. You have no answer that has legitimacy except to vote for more. Silly, yes. Brainwashed, likely. A Statist, likely.

      • There are 44 Republicans who did the right thing. the positive effect of the election was to make the democrats realize just how much danger they are in associating with the big “O”. Had the big “O” been riding high, the dems would have been all on his side on this and that of Goldman-Sachs.

        Interesting political things happening . Saw a commentator the other night actually say what I have been thinking. Hillary is LBJ and Bernie Sanders is Gene McCarthy. There is a Bobby Kennedy out there somewhere waiting in the wings. Warren? I was damned sure it was going to be Cuomo but he self destructed. People in NY are actually making fun of him because of his over the top reaction to the prison break. He has totally alienated the unions without picking up any right of center support in exchange and everyone sees him in the bag for the real estate lobby in Albany. The guy is toast, thank God.

        • SK, As I have reminded JAC, Immigration- funded, Obamacare-funded, Paul Ryan has morphed into Nancy Pelosi, Boner is a traitor right along with McConnel. The only reason that 44 Republicans did what they did wasn’t for right or wrong, it was for reelection. All of them have 3 priorities, getting elected, getting reelected and getting rich.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            So all they are concerned with is getting elected……BUT ELECTIONS don’t matter!

            • To the average person, nothing has changed in DC but a few faces. The results are no different had the Dems remained in those seats they lost. You are certainly entitled to believe otherwise.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                I know for a fact it would have been different. To say otherwise defies reality and any semblance of common sense.

                Do you think Obama Care would pass today with the House and Senate composition??

              • They funded Obamacare, that is all I need to know. They funded Amnesty, that is all I need to know. They are working with Obama on a secret trade treaty, THAT is all I need to know. Which part of nothing has changed as a result of the last election is so difficult to grasp?

  39. http://www.thedailysheeple.com/michigan-police-seize-kids-from-family-for-camping_062015

    You can’t make this crap up. No wonder “authorities” are getting shot at all over the country. I think it’s long past time for the government and their agents to GET OUT of peoples lives. That includes the constant theft of their earnings, which is no longer reasonable.

  40. We shouldn’t have a day without some conspiracy theory stuff to think about. Here’s one from Michigan, Anita country. It’s an email sent to a CT site, thought I would share:

    My husband is an Army Reservist in Michigan. He is home this weekend after training at Camp Grayling. He know that I am writing to you but please don’t use our names. His unit is training in the processing of Americans into detention camps. He was told by his CO that they would be processing American actors posing as American citizens. Part of their training was the removal and disposal of dead bodies. My husband said he will not participate when the time comes to do so.

    There you have it. CT 101 for the day. Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

    • TCH TCH…..now. For years and years the Texas Army National Gurad has hurricane drills. We go to gulf cities and actually hire civilians to be disaster victims. We even have them screaming and yelling and pulling on first responders….we have hundreds participating and actually have them tagged and transported to a MASH.We even have designated civilians become belligerant so they have to be subdued. The hardest thing to do in a disaster drill is handling people. In these drills, we have engineers, air assets, ground assets, and combat assets.

      In this Jade Helm exercise, we have 150 troops to act as civilians and terrorists. It is easy to secure ground but it is not easy to engage the administrative assets.

      So…pick another CT…….I think you should stay with the civil situations where these blacks are being moved into districts for the sole purpose of upset and being funded by Progressives…..

      So here is a theory for you…..they traced the “bikini girl” after she gave a boggus name. She does not even live in Texas as several of the “teens” arenot from TExas and do not live here permanently.

      • LMAO.:) CT’s are fun and entertaining. I’m always amazed at the imagination of the human mind. AS with ALL CT’s, they should be taken with a grain of salt or two until some info or something happens that was called for by the CT crowd. Here’s the newest one and it’s about Texas 🙂 The word is that Texas is going to have a problem with the electric grid tomorrow at 1800 hrs.

        Now, as far as the bikini chick, do you have any sites that are reporting this for me to get more info? This would make a great article on what the heck is going on with these riots, because they seem connected.

        I hope you and yours are having a great day 🙂

        • OH, do you know of anyone that has gone AWOL recently?

        • There was a black kid on TV that was instigating a lot saying that whatever the cost is going to be worth it and that private swimming pools in communities and personal swimming pools at homes should be opened up to the under privilege as atonement. This kid claimed that he was President of something…..cant remember what……and that they were going to stay in and around McKinney until they got satisfaction. It was in conjunction with this interview that the kids that were trespassing and creating public nuisance were not even members of that neighborhood,…and “that more like her” would be brought in.

  41. Here is a good example of a cop who was right to shoot, but could he have shot to wound instead of shoot to kill?


    I’m not a fan of shoot to wound. I wouldn’t do it in most situations. But, could cops do a better job, since they are trained professionals, and just shoot a person in the leg when the distance is less than ten feet?

    • No……if you pull a weapon, you better have the intent to kill. The days of “wounding” are great for hollywood movies but not on the street or battlefield.

      • That is my feeling as well. But, all circumstances are different. If I suddenly find out I’m being attacked by a teen that is Autistic, I’m not likely going to shoot to kill. Normally it’s a double tap, two to the chest. Number 3 is a head shot.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Most of the time you would never know if they had Autism if they were physically capable of posing a threat.

          How do you identify one type of Social Maladaptive Behavior from the next when the person is standing there screaming at you or looking dazed and confused?

          • When another adult close by yells out that information. That was what I was thinking. A relative or a teacher or anybody that may be possibly trying to chase the teen down and get him back home or to school. Just having a heart 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The solution to these stupid killings is to give the Cops tools that can restrain without killing the person. And then train, train and train them to use them effectively.

      My LE friend and I were debating the proper response of police who killed a mentally retarded person because he was holding a knife and refused to drop it. The person was 20 feet or more from the cops when they shot him.

      The LE officer’s rationalization was that during training they were shown how a “trained fighter” with a knife could close 20 feet on the run before the cops could pull their weapons.

      This is true, for a trained and skilled person. Not necessarily a mentally challenged person, who in this case was known to the cops. However, when dealing with normal and healthy people it is possible to side step a man running full speed at you, knife or not. The problem is that “training” has not been designed for two or more cops to coordinate a takedown of such a person. Because of the “fear” for being injured by the knife, or flagpole, they shoot first.

      Maybe we need to get some Rodeo Clowns to help these LE officers with how to avoid a charging suspect.

      • Well said and it seems that everyday a new video supports your points!

      • Rightfully so…..You are citing extrememe examples, my intrepid friend…not the norm. Most LE personel that I know….do know the difference pretty easily. I am totally against the police being hamstrung with non lethal means. I have seen and I am seeing the effect of non lethal measures being used on the border and it is a joke…..a frigging joke.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I am not talking about bean bags and fuzzy music.

          I am talking about chains and bolos, maybe nets. Or heaven forbid, extendable night sticks that can be used to take a charging lunatic to the ground.

          I have no desire to hamstring either. But the reality is that to many cops are shooting when they do not have to. My Cop friends tell me far to many of the young ones are afraid of their shadow. So they reach for the gun more quickly than the older cops. And as you say, once you pull the gun be ready to kill. So they do.

          • ” My Cop friends tell me far to many of the young ones are afraid of their shadow.”…….Good point and I have heard this also…..our homeowners association is meeting tonight with our regular beat cops…..We have invited them to an organized block party to say thanks to them and discuss any changes in our patrol times and routes because we are beginning to see strange cars in the neighborhood…in the middle of the night.

            But, I wonder if you would see things the way I/we do…..when September gets here, with the start of school..comes the start of fall (even though it is still 100 degrees here). Halloween stuff starts popping out mid september….we even celebrate Dia de Muertos as part of a Texas/Mexican heritage……yes, you libtards, I did say HERITAGE….and it is exclusive, so live with it. After Halloween (All SAints Day), comes Thanksgiving with the yard decorations and such….Yes, you libtards, it is a TRADITION,,,,and it is exclusive, so live with it. Then, after Thanksgiving comes the Christmas season….and it is CHRISTMAS, a tradition and heritage and it is exclusive, so live with it…it is NOT Happy Holidays….it is Merry Christmas. Santa Clause, Frosty the Snowman, Reindeer…Ho HO Ho..Candy canes and egg nog…Norman Rockwell stuff.

            But, here is the problem we do have…we get cars driving through in the night knocking down or tearing up all of our neighborhood stuff. Sometimes, even stealing the Christmas lights and decorations or smashing pumpkins or knocking down our Dia de Muertos skeletons.. And, in the last two years, it has become even more brazen and the crap starts in the day time. Now, here is where we are going to differ with you and even with the majority on here and this is where I see a huge problem. We have had this argument on here before….especially with BF and myself.

            Many of you say it is not worth a life to kill someone over a string of lights or a stolen yard implement. I say differently. I/we believe in personal property and the protection thereof. It is not the cost of a string of lights…..it is the principal that WE HAVE THE RIGHT to protect personal property and I do not care if it is a glass of lemonade. It is a mindset that is creeping into society that we have to accept things on a progressive basis. What happened to the mindset that personal property is just that? Personal….if you stole a horse, you got hung. If you stole a man’s hat you got shot….if you cheated at cards, you were shot or hung on the spot.

            Besides, what is wrong with extendable batons….our LE carries the 26 inch retractable. They are great weapons and deterrent.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I doubt we see things much differently. Although I would not kill someone over a string of lights I sure as hell might hold them at gun point until the cops arrived.

              Your issues with vandals is not unique.

              We were discussing the Cops propensity to shoot to many people when they do not have to. That is a different issue than protecting your property. Which by the way, the threat of a shotgun blast or well tossed “rocks” to the side of a passing car seems to deter many of the younger vandals. Guess they don’t want to have to explain the damage to Dad.

              I hid some small boulders in bushes along the street once to stop the smashing of my mailbox and driving on my lawn. I heard the sound but did not catch the culprits. Just found some car parts on the morning. Never happened again.

              By the way, many of those killing infractions you mentioned have been overblown in the movies. With the exception of Horse thieves and Rustlers. Those were hung pronto.

              • Ahhhh…forgot about the rustlers….they swing nice in the wind.

                I know we were talking about excessive police shootings but everyone is acting like this is the first time. This type of police activity has been happening for decades….cell phones and technology bring it to the forefront now.

                I got on the rabbit trail because of the mindset. That cop in McKinney may have been wrong,..I am not going to say that yet….and the whole media is focused on the cop………………No one is focused on the tresspassing kids. and the pushing of people around. THey are all worried because it was a teenager in a bikini…..and the bikini seems to be the focus….

                I got on the rabbit trail because it seems that things have to be “accepted”..it is just teens…..no, it is not just teens….it is teens breaking the law.

                But wht the hell….I am just one person….there is no gray area with me.

  42. http://clashdaily.com/2015/06/hillarys-uberwhite-relaunch-fail-the-lefts-champion-draws-no-black-brothers/

    I think Hitlary isn’t going to do so well, based on her little crowd.

  43. By the way…..just saw an interview with Alan Combs…….he even agreed to the killing of the trade bill…..if Alan Combes agrees with you,.,,something is serious.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Maybe he is against it just because he knows many RHINOS are in favor of it.

      If nobody has had access to it how is it that so many have definitive ideas about it?

      • Yes…Alan Combs is an ass…..always has been and always will be…..however….if he agrees to anything that is the polar opposite of the POTUS…….that is almost akin to the second coming.

        Dont think for a minute that congress does not know what is in the bill…….they know.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I know they know. At least the “leadership”. Just making a point with sarcasm.

          • YOu need to forgive me right now……I am still dealing with estate matters…..brain is trying to do multiple engagements. I did not even recognize your sarcasm and I usually do…..I need a “swat and follow” vacation….

            • Just A Citizen says:

              No worries. I agree on the need for shooting some golfs.

              • Pesky little critters…those golfs. They fly left when you dont want them to,,,,then they fly right when you dont want them to…..they go straight when you dont want them to….They are very good at hiding in sand and tall grass..

                They do not like the smooth bent grass of green and will try to run off the green when you dont want them to……YOu try to send them home to their little safe haven hole in the ground…and they fight you.

    • I really don’t like Combs too much, he is simply towing the line with the majority of Democrats. As JAC said, nobody knows what’s in it. To me, if a trade agreement or a treaty is a secret, something is very wrong with it. My opposition is based on it’s secrecy. When the government hides things from the people that would normally not need hidden, something is amiss. Not to mention I don’t trust Obama or John “the new Nancy Pelosi” Boner. I also question the Constitutionality of the “Fast Track” legislation the RINO’s are trying to pound thru.

    • This is a rare opportunity for the left and the right to work together on common ground. When Ann Coulter and Bernie Sanders agree and for the same reason (exporting jobs) , I expect frogs to fall from the sky!

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    Sunday thought of the day. Involving once again the star of the show………IRONY.

    The radical left will immediately launch into a denigration of traditional views on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution when someone from the “Tea Party” or calling themselves “Patriot” points out how Govt. is over stepping its authority.

    Yet it is these very documents which have created the “Cultural” norm in the USA that caused millions to accept the votes of a “majority” to decide their future. If not for our view that a “Constitutional Republic” along with its “Representative” government was desirable and acceptable, there would be open revolt on many issues, taxes being one of them.

    Taxes are described as “theft” by the Libertarian and various tribes of Anarchy. The left howls about how we live in a “democracy” and therefore taxes are not theft. They are “the cost of maintaining a civilized society” they say. I will not address the issue of “civilized” here. But Oh the IRONY of claiming Society has a right to decide how much of my property they will confiscate, a power granted to them by the very documents they denigrate when it doesn’t fit their purpose.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      There is a great deal of evidence that we are no longer a Constitutional Republic. I would also argue on having a representative government, because elections have been monopolized. When that occurs, they tell you who you can vote for. As we continue down the path of fascism, things will only deteriorate for ” we the people”. The President is a proven liar. The agencies he controls do so at his whim, and his agenda. They are used to attack those who disagree, as has been posted here quite often. Only one major event is needed and Obama will have followed the footsteps of Hitler. And the sheople are so stuck with normalcy bias they refuse to see it. Blind to what is happening right under one’s nose is no way to go through life.

  45. Just A Citizen says:

    Another, more controversial, thought for the day.

    CIVILIZED = White privilege and/or White culture.

  46. Wow-some unanswered questions in this little article-like did Rosie tell her to get pregnant or did she just want her to be willing to do so at some future date. Course if she wanted her tubes tied and didn’t do so because of Rosie’s desire to adopt another baby-maybe she thinks that takes away her personal responsibilities to HER child. It doesn’t-but that doesn’t mean Rosie and her wife aren’t just as much responsible for this child’s creation.

    So many things here that turn my stomach-where to start-she’s making sure that their on board with the pregnancy so she can just have an abortion if their not. Their not the kind of people she thought they were-I wonder what kind of person she thinks she is. She feels like she’s a dog having puppies-I’d say a machine producing a product-should have realized that orders for products can be cancelled or never picked up-but then I guess you knew that because you had the way to dispose of any unwanted product as a standby.

    Then lets look at the fact that whats wrong with the child isn’t that serious and is fixable-but a huge number of babies with this problem are aborted just because.

    I’m assuming its too late for an abortion-or maybe now she’ll get a late term abortion based on the child being “disabled” or emotional distress. Or maybe the child will be brought into the world-part of the unanswered questions in the article.

    But one thing is for sure – the only Victim in this mess is the Child.


    • Rosie O’Donnell is a Left Wing Liberal Progressive PIG.

    • Don’t you just love it. All show, nothing but show.

      • Well, the show and presentation would have been very different if the child had been healthy and Rosie had adopted him. We would hear how wonderful and giving the surrogate mother was to give them the blessing of another child. How Rosie and her wife loved this child from the moment they knew they would be his mothers. Blah, Blah. Blah.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          So if Rosie has a wife, what does Rosie’s wife have??

          • LOL…….BOOM !! and another liberal head explodes somewhere.

          • Trust me here, I have some married gay friends…they both have wives. Husbands are irrelevant. Or were you saying that Rosie’s wife has a bulldyke? (Sorry, not PC)

            Computer problems here. Or as I have come to realize…blessings. I decided to not replace my fried laptop til the weather turns cold again. Keeps me off my ass and on my feet….enjoying the great outdoors. Big week ahead..daughter is ready to deliver granddaughter #2 and son is graduating the academy Saturday. Happy days for me. I’ll be lurking on this tablet. 🙂

            • Congratulations on the family achievements!

              • 😉 Your turn now.

              • Oh, I have one and a second due in August! Haven’t I shared? I love being a Grandma! Evan (daughter’s) and another boy coming (oldest son’s). I’m so fortunate that both families live close and I get them one day/week!

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Happy, happy, happy. 😉

              Was just making a point about the definition of “marriage”. Part of which was living in “matrimony as Husband and Wife”.

              If there is no Husband or Wife in the relationship then it is NOT A MARRIAGE.

              And a man cannot be a Wife nor a woman be a Husband.

              • If Bruce Jenner can be a woman and the white lady at the NAACP can be black, anything is possible!

                Comes down to language, always language. The warning for US was when Bill Clinton said, “It all depends on what the meaning of is is.”

                He who controls the language not only controls the debate but wins the argument!

              • Gotcha! All very true.

                SK, You and your posts about language are always on my mind when the Jenner issue comes up, and now with this NAACP business you have more ammo. Read somewhere recently that with all this crap in our face these days, there should be no need for groups like ACLU, NAACP, NOW, etc, cause now everyone can be equal. FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST!

              • The fake black person has quit the NAACP

              • But will the fake Pocahontas quit the Senate?

  47. Read this and then think about how it fits in with our past discussions about the rightness of wrongness of sacrificing one to save a thousand.


  48. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-06-13/writings-wall-texas-pulls-1-billion-gold-ny-fed-makes-it-non-confiscatable

    I’m gonna make a call that Texas may change it’s mind. There is word they have been threatened. More to come as things play out.

    D13, is there any military person AWOL in Texas? Are they looking for one?

    • Not to my knowledge on the AWOL…..checked the State records and found nothing.

      We already have a huge mint in Fort Worth that prints 50’s and 100’s.

      It would not surprise me if Texas builds a storage facility for gold bullion…why not? Anybody that owns gold and does not have it in their physical possession is going to lose it. THese “chits” that are passed out that says “your gold is being stored in a New York Depository” has not bearing on your physical possession of it.

      By the way, there are private mints all over the this country….I buy my bullion from Texas Precious Metals…..there seems to be plenty of silver and gold available thorugh private mints. I also buy from GovMInt.com…..they are reliable.

      But, if I were a State that had deposits in New YOrk……pull ’em out. NOW !!!

  49. http://sonsoflibertymedia.com/2015/06/pentagon-approves-20-percent-cut-to-veteran-pensions-and-vets-speak-out/

    WE, the taxpayers, don’t complain about how our service members receive for their service. While I have an issue with politics, I don’t mind a few tax dollars taking care of our vets. With that said, Bill Clinton and a Republican Congress, made changes to the military retirement system that was a big reason I chose not to make it a 20 year career, because I would have had to go 30 years for the same money.

    If this is approved, I see lots of young men and women leaving the service. Just one more nail that this administration is hammering in.

    • Yes, there does seem to be a concerted effort to destroy the military and the police department-wonder what we will do when people with the necessary abilities no longer apply for those jobs.

  50. There is a new thread up folks!

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